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their Heavenly Father or thank you for waking us up to this new day and for bringing us together please pour out your Holy Spirit upon us help us to understand as we review the beautiful truths that you have been unfolding to your people please bless sister to me as she shares the rarity of thought and give us understanding you with all those all around the globe who are studying this as well may they be blessed and we ask all these things in Jesus Holy Name Amen good morning Iran so we're back to our project of the desolation of Jerusalem we want to create a chart we are looking for all the dates we typically know of where we see that the adventist church is going more into apostasy but we're looking also for those dates where people are trying to stop the flood of false doctrine coming in and I actually have this board is filling I've decided that all the sources which are coming together I will organize them and make a folder and then it can be shared with everyone so everyone has all these sources in the organized fashion and I think this will not just be put into a chart but also a booklet will be written for the desolation of Jerusalem so have you found those dates which were signed yesterday have you found any sources and the information who wants it yeah Rick you asked about Conrad and its earliest date I could find was 18 so it's right in here 1898 karate and that's where he starts to share his thoughts when he espoused the new views so he was publicly public in you you on the daily you on the daily and that is in Germany right not sure of the location it could have been and then he brings it you know one he was body that was that was in a 9001 that's right and he brings us to the United States to the conference or have you found anything of that mine was the daily controversy yeah and it was from 1901 to 1910 and he did bring it in Prescott to check it Wagner and Daniel's and that was in six biography 246 okay so nine 1898 Conrad Republican starts to spread his new view and then in 1901 to 1909 teen oh one to 1910 we see the spreading or the controversy about the daily okay in German it's spelled wasn't I yeah okay thank you for that and that was in bio six to forty six point one so do we have is the controversy going longer like I know 1915 or something that when this Daniels cup no Prescott when is he doing it yeah Daniels was alright the last I could see I know sister white without a big July 31st 1910 telling everyone to stop using her writings don't do this any you know the controversy she was telling everyone to stop it as a distraction that was one that was July 31st 1910 you know LG white councils not to speak about the subject name the six biography to 57.5 to 57.5 okay was that all you got I have more but I concentrated on that but like in Washburn's he was still dealing with it going over it and I think it was 1920 I guess he was talking about it I mean that letter he wrote to Daniel's we were still pushing for it was in 1921 December 26 1921 so he was still going over so I think they did publicly I mean he had letters and things but I think 1910 was like the big mm-hmm so could I give you guys another assignment together just that you figure out when the the when they had the interview without right for press crud or claims that she said that they made their views right so we would want that date of that interview as well as where Prescott publicly says that the daily is Christ sanctuary service and I think it would be also good to have the quote the source where Ellen White if you remember Jeff always mentions a quote where he says that and white mentions that Prescott's and Daniel's idea of the daily is from angels expelled from heaven so if we have that quote I think this would be helpful as well to put it into the record thank you for you guys as health this is cool Bob you had what subject I was supposed to be looking at the early 1850s closing oh yeah 25 20 articles from Edison did you find anything yet I'm struggling to find them oh okay that's good I know that some of the projects are a little bit more intense so they will require a little bit more time elissa a lot of it it's not spirit of prophecy right when we go in to be after my eyes right we we don't have spirit of prophecy anymore that's good out there in to the Adventist reform movement split there's a schism within the Advent Church between 1914 and 1918 so that's the first world war 1914 to 1918 and split SDA split and it's due to Conrad II Hitler was not here and up came as a direct result of the actions of but then it was formally organized at the international level of first in Germany in between 1925 we have the formulas formation of the Reformed Adventist Church I've reformed SDA you can send that source again to me right it's interesting that as ELISA has mentioned the reformed Adventist Church had their general conference there first in Germany before it moved now also to or sometime will go already to the United States and the the General Conference in Germany was very close to the place where I grew up at in Germany so I know a lot of the reformed Adventists in Germany thank you for that that's pretty cool and Kathy 1926 63 pages and brother Cabo did a line where there was the 126 so from 1863 to 1926 is 63 years from nineteen what 1863 to 1926 is 63 years half of this one about that yeah today as of 2016-17 there's 700 million pages but the purpose of the policy was to safeguard against fraud but the major one I picked out I said it protects the organization legally by demonstrating the proper intended practice protects organization from what by demonstrating proper intended practice which means when those heretics they've got a book to say that they're not connected to us okay pretty much and the essence of it was that they they began other organizations and societies who lived of Jesus there was an ecumenical so you got to help me with ecumenical she meant and what is the document again called use it mention it in the beginning working policy zero seven five that started in 1925 that got them on the ball as far as like getting the organization 1995 isn't that before in 1926 yes it was then they did the working policy and then they created the church manual so there's a threesome okay so this does this and the church manual is 192 1932 and this does this so we have one two three okay is that all you're from and then there's just a brief summary on the official website has to not cause friction between organizations okay so romantical things can you send me those sources again okay perfect I got medical document is the documents about BOC oh yeah I gotta get that German out when I'm here read a document okay I have a few more dates since Nathan is here today we got this one so I don't know what to give to him Alyssa would you check out in the 1930s the crisis with the different Bibles that we are disregarding the King James Bible yeah it should be in the 1930s that's something we could we could we stated in the William in her second dream because if you remember in William in a second dream they not just cast out all the stones and precious jewels but also detail the casket and the casket is the Bible and we said in the 1930s there was a crisis about the Bible's so we've we would figure out that one would be great Kathy are you up for another one I would give you the crisis of where we are putting at aggradation to our schools accreditation thank you and then Nathan I would give you can I give you do you have time so I would give you the crisis we a little bit we covered it in omega series a couple years ago a year ago and we had dates for Kellogg Bellinger and the meccans if you remember if we should put those in and those are all in the early early 90s like 1901 1905 1908 I think so it's Kellogg Bellinger and Americans and I know the Meccan stay to do with spiritualism the Belen Bellinger he had a wrong view on the sanctuary and Kellogg we know pantheism so if you would figure that one out are you going to be here on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday Monday perfect then we'll do that Makin's our spiritualism Bellinger is a wrong view on the sanctuary you believe that Christ after the cross went immediately into the most holy place and then Kellogg is pantheism okay we got this covered this and J you want to check something out 1989 the moving of the capital or the GC from Washington to Maryland if we find a source for that that would be great and the 1989 headquarter thank you the headquarters were moved from Washington DC to Maryland and Ellen White had directed one's Battle Creek burned down she directed the people that the headquarters should be in Washington DC where the headquarters of the the country is so when they move it from Washington DC a couple streets over here to Maryland they moved their headquarters out of where it should have been and then Larry would you check 1996 a logo our logo changed and I think they put what do you call this is if I invent something and then I put like a seal on it nobody can use it copyright yeah I think we put a copyright on our name seventh-day Adventism would you mind checking that out the logo and copyright on our name and I've two more who wants one more you you can check or two what you want burning down of Battle Creek why that happened and when or Andrea's and when he was disfellowship that crisis Andrea's and he was the guy who he won't do his letters Pam right that's and raisin in the 50s so he was the guy who wrote the book about the sanctuary right so he's being disfellowshipped so either him or Battle Creek burning down yeah you do Battle Creek Cathy do you want to do it Andrea and Andrea isn't yeah that would be good if we know a little bit more of this maybe you want to add to this also the book of the Colts because that is a response kingdom of the Colts and then there is a famous interview in this time period to where Adventist discusses with several Protestant teachers I don't know the name if Tyler would be here he won't know but this I think this interview is important as well okay I think if we get discovered I think this is pretty much all the dates we normally mark and I know that in Tunisia and Suga read are not here today but they have pretty good stuff for our modern time 2015 and also the Second World War okay any questions thoughts then we would go back to our study of Daniel Levin our summary of Daniel 11 Larry wanted to mention something he found something out yesterday what was it again Larry coordination oh you can actually give us that one on Sunday no I meant about Lincoln my question was so if we remember that pin is not the best if we recall we were looking at Trump as the last president Trump is the fourth one and we had three beforehand and we saw Trump is the last president of the United States and he's a Republican so we can tie in the first Republican president which was Lincoln and we also had Alexander the Great both typifying Trump and then we took all the characteristics of Lincoln and lined them up here at Trump what were the characteristics again and what time period was were they living Civil War and what does he do what does Lincoln do we have slavery he abolished it and we have martial law so he becomes a dictator in that time period so to speak and we marked those then therefore at the end with Trump so now brother Larry is pointing out that Alexander great dies and also Lincoln is being assessed seen assassinated murdered so we would see okay we ask yourself the question is Trump going to be murdered however we should also look at it that these things Trump is that he's the he's a president he's a king and he represents what the Kingdom so he represents the United States so when we see that Lincoln is being assassinated murdered then we would should look at the country being murdered or assassinated so we see and we saw that yesterday was it yesterday or two days ago how we see that at the midnight cry from the midnight cry onward because Balaam is being crushed into the wall and his foot is being crippled we see that but due to Islam the United States will have a downfall and basically we'll die but as it dies it will resurrect at the same time - this today as the head of the United Nations we covered that and we see Lincoln and Alexander the Great they're playing into this because both of them are being killed he's being killed he dies because of indulgences we covered that already and I want to suggest I don't remember entirely how we did it but who is starting to rule here the United Nations which are how many kings ten kings but ten Kings do what in revelation 17 they give their power to the Beast for what for one hour so who is technically ruling it's the papacy ruling so when did the papacy start to rule in ancient time in the year 538 here we see the papacy starting to rule but what had to happen beforehand so that the papacy could rule okay that's something we cover here does this correct not the answer I'm looking for what happened in five the tail II was taken away so when you look into the hoop Hebrew when the daily is being taken away and you check out the Hebrew what does it actually say it doesn't really say taking away but lift it up and exalted and in the studies excuse me we do about the daily we say actually the paganism was sacrificed and lifted up in Catholicism and I know that in the United States you have this modern version of Catholicism which we're just very mixed with creation with Protestantism so to speak but if you come to Portugal you see actually the true Catholicism you see how they the the culture there this is really the old the original Catholicism still and you see how they have all the images and you see the churches and how they have their pagan their holidays and when you see all of that and your service you see this is actually it has nothing to do with Christianity this is actually paganism so we see Catholicism is just paganism clothed with Christianity and I think Ellen White says that in a quote we're not sure on that so we see that Daly is sacrificed paganism is sacrificed and lifted up and in order to serve the papacy the Catholicism and I suggest when here again the the the papacy is ruling supremely or over these ten Kings what has to happen beforehand the daily has to be taken away or it has to be sacrificed and I suggest if we line these two up we see how the United States is being sacrificed murdered sacrificed as a daily and lifted up and used in this time period for the purposes of the papacy does that make sense okay now I'm going to wipe this out because it's a little bit in the way for our next study now we're going to go back to our study we did in Daniel 11 we covered the first six verses where we saw how the development of having for after Alexander the grade where his kingdom is divided in four directions of the the wind or yeah the north the south the west and the east how they are being merged into two powers the king of the north and the King of the South the south Ptolemy takes over this and it's actually interesting when you look in the history he he says he's the rightful heir to Alexander because when Alexander died he actually takes Alexander's body and takes it with him to Egypt and therefore he claims that he's the rightful heir to Alexander the Great and we looked at the history of Seleucus how he basically Congress these three territories and becomes the king of the North India 281 and in the Bible it says that the king of the north for this great that Great King will have dominion and we saw this will be 35 years till the year to 46 BC and we saw that this lined up with had a papacy which is the king of the north took control we see that also the papacy had to take three horns three territories the Ostrogoths the Vandals and the rule I and then they started to rule in 538 lining up with 281 and then we see the papacy very familiar with that rules for three and a half times two it receives 1798 the deadly wound by the king of the South coming and causing that deadly wound so in this time period here we see that the king of the north and the King of the South they struggle they have battles so they decide in 252 to make a peace treaty and the way how they make a peace treaty is that the daughter of the King of the South Bernice comes to the king of the north Seleucus or Lucas great son Antiochus the second and they get married that's a peace treaty they intermarried each other but in order for Antioch the second to marry Bernice the daughter of the south he has to divorce his former wife ladies so loudest didn't really like that that much so a few years later in the year 246 the king of the south dies and this is ptolemy ii which is all a Philip Heder called Philip Hader so he dies in a year 246 and then the king of the north who had married Bernice thought oh now the the peace treaty is not so important anymore because the peace treaty or the person I made the peace treaty we have died so he wants to get rid of Bernice and get a hold of his old wife again ladies so ladies comes back and she just killed Bernice Bernice the son as well as her former husband Antioch so we see here that the peace treaty is basically broken and we saw that also here in a time period in this line down here that there was a peace treaty between atheistic friends which was the king of the south and the king of the north which was the papacy and this peace treaty was written or signed in February 1797 and the speech peace treaty is the peace treaty of Tolentino but this peace treaty gets broken a few months later in December where troops of the papal army kill a general in Rome of the French army and the general was called default I didn't mention that yes si so we see here also the peace treaty broken on in response of that of this peace treaty being broken we see that Napoleon the King of the South he comes and he just goes into Rome takes the Pope captive this is a story we were very familiar with we know the quotes from el why'd he just takes the Pope captive and basically creates this deadly wound to the king of the north of papacy so when we go back here we should also see now how the king of the south comes to the king of the north enters into the fortress and takes basically what he wants and delivers a deadly wound and we see that we see that the king of the saw south as well as the king of the north both died here but of course they are succeeded by the next generation and we see that Bernice's brother he obtains the throne now and he wants to revenge the death of Bernice so he makes the journey now to the north and he starts to conquer and I believe this is where we left off yesterday and we're going to continue reading that and let's remind us Daniel 11 let's see I think we're in verse 7 and sister Carol would you mind reading verse 7 and 8 of Daniel 11 it's unfortunately not on the papers do do you have a Bible with you Oh M it's the notes of Daniel 11 I think there should be back there should be still notes yes please but out of the out of the branch of her roots one stand up in his estate and show deal against them and shall prevail and shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods was their princes and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold and he shall continue more years than the king of the north okay so this is now Bernice's brother which is ptolemy the third like a Ritz well I don't I can't pronounce that name sorry alright you at JD's say it again you're a Jesus it sounds like you are something yeah okay okay so say it again your duties your ID treaties we can also just stick with Ptolemy the third okay Bob would you read the first paragraph of yours Uriah Smith's comment on those verses now starting out with this branch yes this branch this branch on the same roof Bernice was her brother Ptolemy you're Gigi's he had no sooner succeeded his father Ptolemy Philip philadelphia's from the Kingdom of Egypt and burning to avenge the death of his sister Bernice he raised an immense army and invaded the territory of the king of the north that is of Seleucus chol Inachus who with his mother Leo Dee's reign in Syria and he prevailed against them even to the conquering of Syria Cilicia and the upper parts beyond the Euphrates and almost all Asia but hearing this addition was raised in Egypt requiring this return home he plundered the kingdom of Seleucus to forty thousand talents of silver and precious vessels and 2,500 images of the gods among these were the images of which NBC's had formerly taken from Egypt and carried into Persia Egyptians being wholly given to idolatry bestowed upon Ptolemy the title of BG deist or the benefactor as a compliment for his having dust after many years restored the captive gods yeah just did a next paragraph describe picture this according to Bishop Newton is Jerome's account extracted from ancient historians but there are authors still acts and he says who confirmed several of the same particulars Appian informs us that Leo day ladies having killed Antiochus and after him both Bernice and her child Ptolemy the son of Philadelphia's to revenge those murders invaded Syria slew a obese and proceeded as far as Babylon from polybius we've learned that Ptolemy surnamed Fiji's being greatly incensed at the cruel treatment of his sister Bernice marched with an army into Syria and took the city of Seleucia which was kept for some years afterward by Garrison's of the king of Egypt thus did he enter into the fortress of the king of the north pole Aeneas affirms that Ptolemy made himself master of all the country from Mount Taurus as far as to India without war or battle he ascribes it by a mistake to the father instead of the son Justin asserts that if Ptolemy had not been recalled into Egypt by domestic sedition he would have possessed possessed the whole kingdom of Seleucus the king of the south dust came into the Dominion the key the North returned to his own land as the Prophet had foretold and he also continued more years than the king of the north for Seleucus Telemachus died in exile of a fall from his horse and Ptolemy the gd's survives him for four or five years thank you so we're under Daniel 11 7 verse 9 we're having those or reading those quotes so we're seeing that Lonnie's having killed her husband and you're the third her our son goes through the throne or yeah obtains the throne which is Seleucus clinicas and he's just a kid so he actually rules with his mother but when Ptolemy comes told him in the 3rd and say that again he kills ladies but he lets Sally Colleen curse Seleucus Kanako's he lets him live but who has who wins here what King the as the south or the king of the north who has the victory so we see the King of the South is down here we can parallel this that the king of the south obtains the victory and what happens to the king of the north the the kid Seleucus clinicas what happens to him exile and what does he do in exile he dies so we see the king of the north dies dies in exile and what do we know about the Pope he went taken captive what happens to him also here we see the king of the north the Pope dies dying dies in exile and there's another thing went into the fortress yes so I know that there's a lot of history in Daniel 11 and we could be drowned in that however I think we should keep it on a surface and remember few vital points and one of them is now is what Bob is describing we see here that the King of the South does what so this is the fortress of the king of the north and of course you have an entrance to that fort and what does the King of the South do he enters into what happens here in 1798 we see that the fortress is Rome not the best drawer but we also see here the king of the north as a castle and what does the King of the South do he goes into the fortress and you when he comes back because we read in the Bible that the King of the South would come to the king of the north do its work and then he will return to his own country the king of the south he's going back now but what is he taking with him honey so he's taking a lot of riches right so that's why we're going to have your little treasure box and the king of the south takes all of this back with him into his own country and from your eyes Smith we read that the treasures some of it was originally from the king of the south so what does Napoleon do when he conquers Rome by me so where's the louvre paris so he takes it from paris it did I understand you correctly so Napoleon goes to Paris and plunders de louvre yes so the point I want to make is that he actually takes from Italy a lot of the re artwork or treasures and brings them back to the Louvre so he's filling up the Louvre he's not taking from the Louvre is do I understand you correctly then yeah so he's filling up the Louvre and the Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world partially because Napoleon did all of that work yes visited the Louvre when I was in France it used to be a castle I mean it's the most magnificent building all by itself yep and it's the most visited Museum in the entire world yeah and it takes several weeks if you want to go through all the the pints Wow yeah so Napoleon in this time period he takes a lot from Rome back because in Rome there's a lot of history and there's a lot there was always a lot of artwork and so Napoleon takes a lot of this back and interesting we went to Rome this summer after in the international camp meeting to learn a little bit about the city and the prophecy there and our host he told us that it takes more than a half a year if you want to go every day and look at all the things in Rome it takes for a long time period it is immense if you want to see all the things in Rome so Napoleon takes all the official work artwork and brings it back to the Louvre and interesting is there's another guy who does that kind of stuff collecting the artwork and take it back to their own country there's another famous guy do you remember him we're talking about him lately quite a bit Napoleon did it the King of the South who did it who else it's only like 60 70 years ago Hitler Hitler Adolf Hitler his method was also to go into these other countries and take their artwork or famous sculptures or something back to Germany and there's the story we're actually conquers Paris the Louvre and takes all the things back to Germany and then you have the French bread not better than the French people come later and conquering those outwork back and bring it back to the Louvre so you see artwork there's always something going on with this conquering of the artwork and artwork is what it is images right so here we see images being taken to the King of the South territory and what did he take back images idols so we see in parallel there okay sister Cathy we're gonna skip the next quote that's and why talking about 1798 and we're just going to read the last quote these are two quotes about 1798 though a new pope was soon afterward elected the papal hierarchy has never since been able to wield the power which it before possess okay so we see here the story about 1798 but what is significant in the last sentence what's going on Larry okay so the Pope doesn't have the same power anymore after this Pope actually dies they're electing a new pope but he doesn't have the same power anymore butter butter for many years its geopolitical power because he was ruling ruling the nations politically you know and he lost his geopolitical power yes that's that's the deadly wound there the church still existed yeah their power to rule the nations was gone and that is the deadly wound and this is what is being hailed the the healing is that the political power is being given back to the paper yeah the papal Kingdom and we see that happening right we're seeing how the Pope is gaining more and more influence as a political figure within this world okay so so far so good we covered verses 7 to 9 in this time period so now we are going to verse 10 and sister Lisa would you mind reading that Daniel 11 verse 10 stirred up in the shall assemble a multitude of great forces and one shall certainly come and overflow and pass through then shonky turn and be stirred up even to his fortress ok so we see here another battle of the king of the south and the king of the north now and we'll just go in and read set your eyes miss I keep trying to say sadness no comment about it so she Quetta would you mind reading that the elder of these Seleucus first of the time he assembled a great multitude to recover his father's dominions of being a weak and ladies prince both in body and estate sort of money and unable to keep his army and obedience he was poisoned by two of his generals after and in glorious reign of two or three years his more captain capable brother Antiochus Magnus was there upon proclaimed king who taken charge of the army retook Seleucus and recovered Syrian making himself master of some places by treaty and of others by force of arms a truth followed wherein both sides treated for peace yet prepared for war after which Antiochus returned and overcame in battle Nicholas the Egyptian join and have thoughts of invading Egypt itself here is the one who should start to me overflow and pass through okay so we see the kid here Seleucus Kalina cos he is being defeated by the King of the South King of the South he doesn't have the same Dominion as he had before he's dying in exile but he has two sons and we have the first one Seleucus arañas and the second one and here Magnus what does Magna mean Magnus the great one have you ever heard in the United States of the Magnum ice cream it's like really famous in Europe you have Magnum ice cream and now you know it's the great one the great ice cream okay so first he starts rule but he's not very capable and we see in the verse in verse 10 we saw that first there are two sons and then the one son actually goes against the king of the south and your eyes Smith gives us the details that he first rules is incapable so he's being killed assassinated and then this guy is starting to rule and what does he do he assembles a great multitude and he goes against the king of the south and the now is something I want you to remember is what is the wording in verse 10 when we look in at the Bible verse itself again what does he do overflow and pass through and those should be characteristics or words we should be something that should ring a bell in our head what verse should this remind us off which we are very familiar with what other verse in Daniel 11 verse 40 do we know uses the same language as dis verse what verse would that be in Daniel 11 verse 20 better Bob you want to read verse 40 yes please so we see here this verse is a very typical verse we use since the beginning of this movement and we know that this verse is divided in two parts part a where the king of the south pushes or makes war against the king of the north and that was when 1798 Part B now we know that the king of the north comes back against the king of the south and wins and where do we mark this what what year 1989 and here we see that the king of the not North has or wins the victory and what words are being used in the Bible we see that it's it says here that the king of the north shall pass over and overflow so those are characteristics pass over and over flow and here at this point we're at this mistake where the god god has removed his hand we discovered that or we talked about that already in this class so we know Daniel 11 verse 10 it uses Passover an overflow which we normally mark from verse 40 Part B in 1989 so we've seen our parallel here where we see okay the king of the north obtains a victory and also he passes through and overflows but let me look at the verse again and he shall stir up and it shall assemble multitude of grace forces and shall certainly come and overflow and pass through then shall he return and be steered up even to where - what - his fortress so the King of the South is being stirred up to where his fortress right so here now so this is the castle of the king of the north and the King of the South enters into it the king of the south returns and then we see how the king of the north now it's his turn he comes now against the king of the south but the king of the south has his gates closed the king of the north only comes to the fortress but it doesn't enter into the fortress and this is the the marked change which this is the mistake we made which was designed to be made because we need a certain experience so in 1989 we thought we already talked about that that the king of the south was done away with and the next next event we were looking for was descended off verse 41 however we realized by this line we saw that in 1989 the king of the south was pushed back to his fortress but also here the gate was closed and the king of the north could only come to the fortress but not into the fortress as we see in 1798 so the king of the north wins a battle here but it doesn't conquer completely the king of the south this is where the Lord in 2016 removed his hand where we started to understand this so this fortress we understood to be now Russia the head or the capital of the Soviet Union the USSR and all the users are was taken those satellite countries but not Russia itself so this we see how Daniel 11 verse 10 lines up with Daniel 11 verse 40 Part B and this is 11:40 Part A now I want to do a little jump because we see that verse 16 in Daniel 11 lines up with another very familiar verse so let's an Tanisha would you mind reading verse 616 in Daniel 11 okay so we skip three verses and we're gonna go back into these verses and look at them it's a purpose why I'm jumping over the verses because in these verses we're seeing a new power rising we're now at the end of the Grecian Kingdom and we're going to see start how pagan Rome is starting to come up and pagan Rome is starting to be introduced in verse 14 so when we come to verse 16 we have the king of the north but there's somebody coming against him in this coming against him this person who comes against the king of the north is pagan Rome and this person who comes against will do everything according to their will and where are they going to stand in the glorious land so the glorious land is what country in this history part knee okay that's the application I'm looking for in the history in ancient history what was the glorious land Israel right so does pagan Rome stand in Israel the glorious land at one point yes it does we see at one point we see a rewrite Smith marks at 162 but what also 158 that the Jews started to have league with to pay pagan Rome but we're seeing the history in verse 16 is actually a little bit further in history where Pompeii comes and he conquers Jerusalem so verse 16 I would mark actually as the history of 65 to 60 - I believe BC the a conquering of Jerusalem / Pompeii is destroying thank you destroying Jerusalem and we see here he's standing in the glorious land what does standing mean you're in charge so if you remember in verse four I believe it's Alexander the Great coming up and your eyes miss comments on it and says as he stands he shall be broken means that as he starts to rule standing means to rule his kingdom will be divided and that's how history was so I suggest that here pagan Rome starts to rule in a glorious land that's how history was Pompey is conquering Jerusalem and then they have to give tribute to the Rome to Rome so this standing in the glorious land where else in Daniel 11 do we see this in what verse we lined up verse 10 with verse 11 excuse me 1140 P where would we see the standing in the glorious land 41 sister Carol would you mind reading us thank you so who's the he the papacy the king of the north comes into the glorious land so by verse 40 there has a lot of history has happened we see the papacy being the king of the north and who is the glorious land by this time the United States so if we want to line that up we see verse 41 we see how the king of the north is standing in the glorious land we see the papacy ruling in the United States or let's put it that way controlling and when do we typically mark this at the son-in-law so I suggest that everything in our history or everything in history is progressive and we know that the United States is a very patriotic Protestant nation which when it started out was very rejecting towards the the actions of the papacy of trying to mend the gap between America and the papacy however within the last I would say 50 years or a sister tez is giving even more details we see how the papacy in the United States started to turn towards each other and started to mend mend the gap between them and I think 1989 is already a very nice state to show where we see Ronald Reagan secret alliance with Pope John the 2nd Pope Paul Pope Paul the 2nd and from that moment on we see how the papacy starts to have more influence in the United States and interesting is and I think it was 2015 I could show it on here but I don't show nowhere I have it recently we've we've focused on that it's very important what newspapers are saying in the head title titles sis okay conquerors where is it so we have we have brother Dwayne in Germany as a speaker and he talks about the desolation of Jerusalem and right in this time period we have it's September 25th 2015 you're having newspaper reading Eagle where you have this hat title if you can see it francis conquers America and you see how Francis that was the time period I think he came to the Congress of the United States and you actually see a few Americans standing up and saying hey what is this about and you see even some people not even attending Congress in that time period however you see that most likely he's received well so we can see that really it's going to come true how the king of the north is going to stand in the glorious land how the papacy will control the United States and I think the conclusion or the peak know what what he called the highest point the trimix thank you that's the one I'm looking for I believe will be at the son-in-law okay so we see those two lining up however what verse was this in Daniel 11 if you remember verse 16 so verse 16 lines up with verse 41 and we see how verse 10 lines up with Daniel 11:40 be we know that verse 41 comes after 40 but that's verse 16 come after verse 10 okay after 10 the 16 come yes but no there's some verses in between right so that's why I'm getting into them needs to be some history in between and when this line if you can see that these two slide two lines line up that they are parallel to each other then you must expect that this history has whatever is in here has to be in between Daniel 11:40 be and verse 41 can you see it so we have verses 11 12 13 14 and 15 which go in here naturally they have to we have to see them also between 1989 and the Sunday law and this is what we discussed discovered in 2016 so in what two way marks do we typically mark between 1989 and the son-in-law there are several ones there is 911 midnight cry and midnight and the two we mark were we're not going to focus on 911 but the to be mark is to midnight cry and midnight and we will see two more battles between the king of the north and the King of the South before there is also the switch of Grisha being the king of the north and now pagan Rome being the king of the north and pagan Rome stands then in the glorious land we'll see the switch here but we see then before this happens there are two more battles and these two battles are called what raffia and Pinilla and that is the reason why we came to the conclusion that midnight is raffia and the midnight cry is paneer that's the history of how this was developed that there are two more belts between the king of the south and the king of the north prior to the sandal law and the next the next battle we are to expect because 9/11 has already passed the next battle we expect would be raffia at midnight and we would know that this is our close of probation so now we meanwhile we can put a date on raffia we still need to hammer out the details of how this war this battle is going to look like something else I wanted to say okay I skipped my mind so let's go now and read verses oh yeah what I wanted to come to say is also we will see that in verse 14 Rome comes up in this time period so we must expect Rome sometime in this time period to show up again so let us now go back to Daniel 11 verses 11 and 12 in the Bible okay so we see her now another battle of the king of the south and the king of the north this is the Battle of raffia and this is let me see raffia 5 this is is part of the 4th Syrian war so let us read now the comment of your I Smith Pam would you read the first paragraph under the title raffia ptolemy philometor in the kingdom of egypt being advanced to the crown not long after Antiochus Magnus had succeeded his brother in the government of Syria he was a most luxurious and vicious Prince but was at length aroused the prospect of an invasion of Egypt by Antiochus he was indeed moved with a collar for the losses he had sustained and the danger which threatened him and he came forth out of Egypt with the numerous army to check the progress of Assyria the king of the north was also to set forth a great multitude the army of Antiochus according to Olivia's I mounted on this occasion to sixty-two thousand foot six thousand horse and one hundred and two elephants excuse me so we see here the elephants this is something sister Tess has been talking about but I I don't know if she studied that I would have to go into it but it seems to me like that only the king of the north has elephants here not the King of the South maybe this is relevant for the studies we currently doing with the elephants but I just thought it was interesting they both have elephants okay thank you in the battle and tigers was defeated and his army according to prophecy was given 10,000 foot and 3,000 horse were slain and over 4,000 men were taken prisoners well following his armies there were slain only 700 horse and about twice that number of infantry okay so who wins who wins the victor who has victory in this battle the king of the south so that tells us at midnight which is raffia and we expect another battle who should win to win the king of the south which is we came to understand so the king of the south make make use of his victory no he's wasting it Jay you want to read the next paragraph within Boris you to rebelled against it but lifting up of his heart would more especially manifested in his transactions with the Jews coming to Jerusalem either they're offered sacrifices and with very serious of entering into the most holy place of the temple contrary to the law and religion of that place but these are with great difficulty restrained he left the place burning with anger against the whole nation of the Jews and immediately commenced against them a terrible and relentless persecution in it in Alexandria where the Jews had resided since the days of that vendor and enjoyed the privileges of the most favored citizens 40,000 according to used to be a 60,000 according to to Rome were slain in this persecution the rebellion of the Egyptians and the massacre of the Jews certainly were not calculated to strengthen him any human were sufficient almost wholly to ruin it okay so when you look at history we see that the king of the north had a much greater army and naturally would have win the battle but it's the King of the South who unexpectedly wins he was the underdog but he wins and by this his heart is lifted up and we therefore we can mark all these things as midnight we that's why we give the prediction that Russia unexpectedly will win because Russia is the underdog so but when his heart is lifted up the King of the South on his journey back to Egypt what does he do where should be all familiar with this story he wants to go and sacrifice in the temple the most holy in Jerusalem because he heard a lot about it but what happens is he able to do that he's restrained by who the the priests how many priests are there 81 one high priest and an 80 priests and I think we get that from 2nd chronicles 28 verse 16 so is where we tie the story together so he's being restrained by the Jews 81 number 81 which we marked already at midnight from the studies of 1909 1908 1908 or 9 to a general conference 9 where my it was 81 years and it's the last general conference she attends so we had number 89 already here and we're seeing 81 excuse me and then we see 81 also in the history of Daniel 11 being magnificant and so he is being restrained and what causes this does a king like to be restrained no so he gets angry about it and does what a decree and persecute the Jews in his country so I think brother Graham has done a study on that where he went into I believe it was the Maccabees and you get a little bit more of the history of this persecution we're not sure what all of it you can take as truth but some of it sounds quite solid and true so interesting is he's in Egypt and there are a lot of Jewish people in Egypt and if you recall the studies brother Marco has done here about methodology he explains why there were so many Jews in Egypt and why was it diaspora explain I don't - why was it procs okay so the King of the South one attitude of it in in the history of Daniel 11 was that you would always take care of the education as well as the fun factor for the people he would establish a lot of sports sport events I don't know what you call these buildings where you have the sport and things but you coliseums he would build those he would establish a lot of the education system where you have Greek education and because that was the the time period of Greek education he would establish a lot of libraries and the trading was doing very well as well so that was very attractive to a lot of people and a lot of Jewish people immigrated to Egypt and interesting was once I watched a documentary this right where it talks about all these different because of the emigration in Egypt you had also a lot of religions there and every religion would have their sanctuaries and then of course as we know it today America is very famous for having a lot of churches when you have a lot of churches what what happens you have a lot of competition going on and everyone needs to excite somehow fight that the members come to them and not other churches so this documentary was about those different centuries in this time period in Egypt and how they would battle that people would come as members to them and serve them and give the money and it's interesting that they started to have all kind of architectural wonders in those churches which were declared as wonders like you would have a flying wagon or you would have out of sculptures blood coming out or having certain sounds whatever so whatever's considered it was back then by the people was considered as wonders that's why they would flock to these churches but it was actually tricks the churches played for the people to come in and it made a lot of some how this reminded me a lot of what happened with Fatima because we know that Fatima appearance or when she was cry or we see Madonna something happening with her or all over in this time period where you have these different wonders this to attract to these certain churches so we have Egypt being a very attractive place for Jewish people so a lot of Jewish people went to Egypt and what is Egypt it's the world what are the Jews God's people so he's seeing God's people are attracted but whatever is in the world if it's education if it's a pleasure if it's a good job and what is what happens when they go to the world what does this King do he starts persecuting him in this time period so we see that also in this time period we we mark it that there will be some kind of decree where the seventh-day Adventist Church will be persecuted where we never really nailed out what it actually means but what happens but I suggested a lot of people who are interested in world tree interests will suffer the most and we know by Ellen White that we are supposed to live away from the world in the countryside taking care of our own business rather than seeking for what the world does so this is raffia we see the king of the south starting to persecute the Jews and a lot of them are being slaughtered and he basically weakens his own country by that and then Panem comes up and this is what we're going to do on Sunday we're going to look at Pentium and the midnight cry of course when the King of the South wins here it's always like that when when somebody does something to the other person the other person always wants to retaliate so we will see how the king of the north will now retaliate to the king of the south and that this takes place at the midnight cry and then we will briefly look at Pentium because we took from Pentium the word pan and traced its through different words and we will remind us of that and then please bring your notes on Sunday from which were handed out today about Luther we will go into Luther and we're gonna start looking at the dates sister Tess has pointed out in with her lines yes please I just want to know if this as far as I understand it the Battle of raffia when it occurred it was the King of the South was moved to go to war with the king of the north because of the aggression of the king of the north mm-hmm it wasn't instigated mm-hmm wasn't started by the king of the south was started by decay murder by the king of the north and that's what we're seeing now happening the king of the north is quite aggressive and that was that was the case that's why he and by the way this is 217 BC yes yeah I just wanted to mention something because you reminded me of something but oh yeah now I remember interesting is when this came out this line it was in December 2016 but interesting is that a few days later we saw the attention to start between Trump and the United States and poutine so that I thought was really interesting and do you remember this verse in the Bible I think it's Matthew 6 16 or 18 where it says whatever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven so it reminds me a lot of whatever the Lord still leads us to study it seems like things are coming true because even when we're studying of information war we're studying how cyber attacks and all these things come up more in head titles and things like that again within the last few years we're realizing more how things come true like the other day what did we have we had when the election was the other day and we're talking about the night of broken glasses and then in the head title this is like the book and last moment so I'm just seeing that this verse is really fulfilled okay Nathan you want to pray with us impressing