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I mean she devotes two sets of notes we're going to start reading from the single sheet steps to Christ if you don't have them he steps to Christ 47 paragraph 1 before we just start reading the sheet I just want to refresh our minds it's been some time I'm saying the purpose of the gospel is to take the law that's written in your mind to bring it into your heart it's at that basic level that's what I'm trying to get us to understand into teach us there's some complexity that's associated with that that's connected to the will the work that we have to do the work that God has to do so that's one point the issue of what we actually eat talks about Jeremiah 31 Hebrews 8 it says I put your my law into your heart so the question is what is that law that's been moved around inside you that's been taken in and moved from one part of the body to another what is that law okay the whole Bible anyone else his character so it's no he's not putting the New Covenant in you the New Covenant is that he moves this lore around in you I'm saying the new Old Covenant is the Lori's here so really they're the New Covenant the Lori's here it's moved places it's also here in your mind as well Lauren the mind is in is the law has moved from the mind to the heart so is that law just the moral Ten Commandments or is it more than that so we've tried to address that issue I'm saying the new and old covenant of that simpler an individual level we've got the threefold nature of man the mind the moral and the lower passions lower powers we identified that the higher powers were identified as governing reason high moral principle she mentions the contents conscience specifically the conscience is the ability to know right from wrong and it's also the inner voice that convicts us and I'm saying that the other lasting gospel is a three-step prophetic test we understand that it's identified in John 16 verse 8 as the work of the holy spirit that does what convicts of sin righteousness and judgment so it begins with a conviction of sin we've gone to thought from the mountain of blessings page 7 paragraph 2 which a paraphrase says he whom Christ pardons he first makes penitent and it's the work of the Holy Spirit to convince of sin so it's talking about the work of the first angel of the three steps in the first angels message conviction penitence or repentance and pardon forgiveness justification which is where you get baptized so they all start with this conviction of sin so we asked a question and I'm pretty sure we finish this off but just want to tidy that up just in case people didn't get that wife if we've got our own conscience is the Holy Spirit coming in there to convict us why is he doing the work of the conscience I know our conscience is not work any longer we went to we discussed about the searing of the conscience so whatever he hopefully you've either studied it or you remember what we said brother which is our conscience just a wrong information so it's gone going to improper resource and that therefore the conscious was functioning perfectly it was just going to the wrong information therefore we didn't wrong so the problem is doing the information not the conscience itself so when it's seared what is this searing it's a branding this is a branding process that's gone on and what's it been branded with if I could say testimonies to ministers 38.1 in in a poetic way it's been branded with what Antichrist our consciousness have been branded with day with Antichrist so what does that mean so we've got information that it's not the information that Christ would have us to have it's the information that the Antichrist has given to us so I know many of the visitors weren't here yesterday afternoon but that class was filmed I strongly suggest you watch yesterday's afternoon class it's a really good class sister olivine took it and if I just do a quick review of of the structure of what she what she taught the 1260 is 538 to 1798 everybody know that and we've said that the 1260 which is the last portion of the 2520 in our history is what number 126 did we discuss how we get there so the 126 takes you to the time at the end 1989 so what does 538 line up with yeah 1863 so that threw people initially when she did that but once you see that connection it should throw on a lot of lights for you that 538 80 see what happened in 538 with respect to the king of the north he had his crown or his throne given to him 200 years before but now what is he doing he's exercising his power who's exercising the power king of the north Antichrist it's going to exercise his power over who over God's people Babylon that's his title what's his name Jezebel and Jezebel's role is to do what just to seduce God's people because she's also seducing the kings of the earth but we're partakers of that yeah and what happens in 1798 she's in bed she's who has she existed she has this really nice bed with the Kings it changes from a bed of passion to a bed of bed of death she's on her deathbed so we should see all those characteristics here so from 1863 to 1989 how do we normally frame that and then we'd normally go back to 44 but we have four markers the dates are 63 88 okay so we've got the four generations in here so now you begin to know what the four generations are it's a systematic attack by whom by Antichrist by Jezebel so by the time you get to 1989 the time at the end what's happened to your conscience is sorry the information is so ingrained in us our conscience is don't know our left hand from my right hand they don't know anything now ask yourself a simple obvious question because people they don't they get I don't know why they getting confused on this issue about what the everlasting gospel is what is the everlasting gospel at a simple level maybe you don't maybe my question is that you wouldn't understand what what I'm trying to get out I'm saying we where do you think about faith or the everlasting gospel Ellen White will tell you that faith is not your Savior it's not Christ it's not your Savior what is faith it's a tool you see if you like your tool in the hand of a man that man is God that takes you from where to where from one condition to another condition and I'm saying the gospel is the same thing the gospel is just a tool to take you from state a to state B can we conceptualize it that way yeah so what state are we in beforehand we're in darkness that people are going to make the assertion that we're in a place at the beginning if I say click you from A to B that we are not law keepers and I'm saying that is just not true because if that were true that we were not law keepers at the very beginning this whole world would be in anarchy and the whole world is structured upon law and however you want to investigate that that law all comes from God could be manipulated could be abused could be used for a certain situation but all of those laws are filtered down at some level from the divine laws that were handed down from God to humanity so has anybody got an objection with that you know speeding you're not allowed to speak why aren't you allowed to speed because it's harmful you could commit murder and if you hurt somebody you wouldn't want someone to do that to you all of these laws that man has framed however corrupt and silly some of them are at some level they're all based upon divine law so I'm saying all of us are keeping law beforehand in whose strength it would all keeping it in our own strength we're all lost and undone so I'm saying here we've all got the law in our mind you know a police officer who's racist when he's got his uniform on however hard he might want to or have him desperate he might want to be to exercise his racism will he do it in obvious way he wouldn't do it he'd called everyone sir because he'd know he'd lose his job we go to this all the time so the purpose of the gospel is to take you from one condition to another and what is that condition that he wants to take you to to have the law written in your heart so if you wanted to just take that law and say it's not the entirety of the Bible it's not the whole concept it's just the Ten Commandments you already have the Ten Commandments God's people the world are already keeping the Ten Commandments in whatever shape or form they're doing it the problem is not that we don't understand law we don't know what the law is we're not able to keep the law problem is the laws tapped hearing them in the brain in the mind it's not here in the heart so what is the purpose of the gospel it's to take the law from here and move it to here and what's preventing that happening it's this so you need something to cut this away now you think about the circular argument if you're going to make the gospel moral you're saying this here millions millions of Gentiles atheists are keeping the Ten Commandments of one issue on the adultery they're happily married they're not looking at other women but it's up here so if you're going to say the gospel is the law of adultery how can the law of adultery change move the law of adultery that you're already keeping here and move it to here how can it do that you need the outside intervention to move the adultery law from here to here the adultery law will not do that so what is this outside intervention they have a lasting gospel is they it's prophecy it's prophecy which is this outside intervention that's going to get the law of adultery from here and move it to here how does it do that why don't you speed most is it most of us you don't want a ticket really good motivation isn't it it's ready so you're scared yeah everybody's driven by fear we know that the everlasting gospel begins by saying a lot fear Miller right history is the history of what angel didn't understand my question of which angel first it's only the first thing just message it's the history of the first angel we're under the history of what angel third row and the third angel history of the third angel there is no history of the second we address this briefly it's it seems counterintuitive I know first and second angels then we have the AU's repeating but the history of the Miller writes is the history of the first angel we're under the history of the third angel there is no history of the second angel there history the second angel is what just a pronouncement or an experience that you have in that history so did the Millerites experience the everlasting gospel of course they did we know that but their history the first angel in the history of the first angel is fear God all the way through so this idea of cutting away the fat is the message that brings that God brings to you that says what you need to be really scared because you're about to die if you keep this law of adultery here and not put it into your heart so if you can conceptualize the everlasting gospel in that way to me it tie these up this issue about whether it's moral or prophetic anybody got any thoughts or questions on that if you don't let's come back to the time of the end here Adventists know perfectly well so does the rest of the world that you're not supposed to commit adultery so why do you need the Holy Spirit coming to you in 1989 saying by the way in case you forgot because your conscience is don't work I'll take over and I'll be your conscience for you and I'll say by the way don't commit adultery because you never knew that before is that sustainable of course it's not what are we ignorant of what's been destroyed when we get to the time at the end okay so when we say the image of God I'm saying no not the image of God knowledge of God okay so knowledge is connected to image I agree that what knowledge of God has been obliterated that we shouldn't steal we shouldn't lie name a moral law that we shouldn't use four-letter words against God everybody knows that so what don't we know we lost the fear what why did we lose the fear what caused us to lose the fear misunderstanding of privacy we don't understand and what's our fundamental job role in life to deliver the third angel's message which is the Sunday law message we lost our prophetic bearings on that issue so we're no longer scared about the Sunday law are we we're not scared about the Sunday law because what what's one of the most dangerous things that's been introduced into adventism about the Sunday law probation is still open so you're not scared anymore so when summer stands up and says by the way you have it all wrong the papacy has brought you into captivity over four generations in the 1260 and it all begins by the way because of punishment because we come out of covenant here in 63 so there's a there's a whole thought about we're being punished here but in that punishment our prophetic bearings are lost and one of them one the ugliest things is one of the wickedest things is that probation is still open when it's all closed and the purpose of the Holy Spirit because we don't have that information is to come in and take over and aid us in that work when should that work have been completed when should they said okay all the conscience work is done because it's the first step first angels message then you go to the second angels message when you transition from the first to the second 911 911 now your conscience is supposed to kick in now you're supposed to know what yes basins about to close the patient's about to close you don't need the holy spirit teaching you that anymore and once you know that you're supposed to share it with others and if you share it with others what role are you taking whose role have you just taken what's the role of the Holy Spirit - so what's your role now you're the role you're taking the role of the Holy Spirit you've taken the role of the comforter to go to people and say by the way you've got it all wrong and the fact that you're not scared is why because your conscience has been branded with Antichrist you're all lost and undone but you've taken on the doctrines of Antichrist and it's not about morality because everybody is happy - keeping law up here if you've got the right motivation to do so so if I started paying everybody hundred dollars for doing good and finding you even if I find you twenty dollars for doing wrong would all start keeping the law really good all of us would but it's not salvation or that's what's confusing people I'm not saying it's salvation all because when God looks about looks at salvation where he sees I focused which part of your being I'll say which part of your body here now if you get tripped up on that is thinking all this that's crazy no I'm that's not crazy you go to early writings 55 and if you as a human being are looking up to the temple and you're looking at the wrong just your eye is there looking at the wrong room what happens to you you're lost just by looking at the wrong room you're lost we weren't we know we know what I'm talking about October if usually if your eyes remain at the holy place Satan's there breathing what onto you will see breathing on to you light he's breathing light upon you so they have light and light is not darkness light is truth they got truth but you've got no fruit and the fruit is all about the experience that you have here in their heart so if your eyes are in the wrong place in the most holy place you're fine you're safe so when I say the difference of salvation is where God's eye is focused where he's going to investigate he doesn't investigate your mind he only investigates your heart now this is not a call to not be educated but it is a statement to say it's not about how much you know you can know all this message and still be lost in fact some of the greatest minds in this message have been lost are about to be lost even with their with a huge amount of information because it doesn't help God doesn't look at the quantity of information he looks at where the information is so I'm not saying you can get away and not know anything but what I am saying is if you look at men and admire them I think I wish I could know all they know so somehow or another I could be saved because they're obvious going to be saved with this mass of information because they can jump through hoops and though all the all the dates and things that's not what God's looking for so that's why I'm saying the conscience is we said there's the branded so everyone's ignorant yes everyone's ignorant in this history so acts 17 verse 30 I think it's 1730 I think in 1730 in the times of these ignorance God winked at I'm not using that statement in the framework that Paul's using it because he's talking to a certain group of people in a certain situation at no you might not even people it's not Paul I don't think it is Paul yes on Athens I was read the passage and the times of this ignorance God winked at but now commandeth all men all men everywhere to repent so obviously the framework of this isn't 1989 I understand that because he's talking to the Gentiles this is post a t-34 but I'm saying whatever this is this is its pre repentance for that group of people because you're ignorant and he's saying you need to repent and you haven't done that yet so just based upon what we've said about ignorant I'm saying this is the times of ignorance and for how long this this verse has been placed as a post 1989 experience ignorant means what means lack of knowledge so you know that has to be placed here because would you get in at the time at the end I mean increase is the opposite of ignorance so to place it afterwards is an oxymoron to say the least and what is the ignorant if we're going to place it in this framework yes in spiritual darkness but on what are you ignorant about are you ignorant about any moral law no you're ignorant about prophecy and how do we get to this place through four generations through Jezebel it was a systematic attack upon God's people we don't have Jesuits in the church it's not that God's people brought themselves into captivity all by themselves and we went a whoring after her so this ignorance is the ignorance of prophetic understanding or I'm going to call it prophetic sin if you like and the primary one is probation closes after the Sunday law I'll say it this way probation closes after the close of probation and if you think that is a crazy concept because Co P means close of probation people say information closes afterwards that's exactly what's being introduced into this movement by the Omega they have developed their message to show clearly TV for them because they're going to start manipulating more close of probation is and they're going to shuffle it along and saying you're going to be investigated and you have an opportunity to be saved after that but they'll deny that if you pin them now say of course we're not saying that sister Kathy just that has been the biggest stumbling block for adventism when we were in the churches preaching that Sunday law is about to hit your probation will be ending in now that was the biggest one besides glorious land but glorious land and probation things seemed like that was where people stumble them so I don't know how you use this this job role here in America but I'll explain how we do it in back in the UK the job role of an auditor back home auditors are accountants with the not just regular counsel not like your personal accountant their accountants with specialist business training and what they do is they go into failing companies and they go and analyse what's gone wrong in this company and they do a report and they say this is a problem with your company and you're free to fix it or not they have some other roles about make sure no one cheats or anything but that's what auditors do the specialist companies that do that now ask yourself the question you've got a chairman of the board who's on you know $300,000 and his company's failing it must be an extremely intelligent person and they're going to call you an auditor who gets paid a quarter of what he does to try and tell him he doesn't know how to run the company properly so does that make sense because you're not going to lose his job the problem is you when you're so focused about or you're on the inside you can't see what the problem is in your own business all of us should be auditors and I'm saying already says he Matthew 13:24 2:30 is the servants you're supposed to go and analyze what people are saying and distill between all the chitchat all the noise that they're making and actually understand what they're saying because I can bet you when those when those plants were growing up those tears are growing up they're screaming and saying what we're not tears and the weak are saying something's gone wrong here I'm not getting properly I'm getting choked and they say we're not tears and I'll do everything to show everyone that they're not tears the auditors need to come in and say doesn't matter what you say we've found you out so brethren are all going to be saying nice things no one is going to say no one is going to say by the way the second angels message revelation 18 31 didn't occur at 9/11 I don't know anybody who's saying that but when you see their board work when you see the implications of what they're saying that's what they're doing if you sat down in the one to one conversation and say is that what you're saying that you've moved the second angel they'll say no no we haven't moved the second angel and let's show you why we haven't moved it it's like the typology or it's a second application secondary application of the first angels message they'll have some kind of reason as an auditor there's a servant of God you're supposed to be able to discern what they're saying and say I don't care what you're saying you're do major this is what you're teaching you're moving things so when they start saying the investigative judgment happens post-midnight what are they teaching the teaching there's is something wrong with your nature it's problem with your nature your sinful nature which is far above your choice and it's to me it strikes at the heart of the problem what the gospel is they've just got a wrong concept of it and they cloak it up in flowery language and each of us has to have the ability to discern you all need to be auditors and most of us are saying we are clueless someone else you take that job wrong and the problem is if you don't take up that job role what are you doing on their side you're not able to discern the voice of God the voice of man okay so there's much more we can say about the conscience but I just want to close in this one point so this ignorant is prophetic ignorance are we okay with that at what scale is this ignorant is it at the individual scale or the corporate scale so this is at the corporate scale so this is the sins of ignorance of the congregation this is congregational sins of ignorance and that's why I'm not going to try and replicate it yesterday's class addressed that issue and the implications of what that means so if you can see that that these ignorant is not an individual problem it's a corporate it's a sins of the congregation and the sins of congregation need to be dealt with in a specific way uses a specific methodology explains a lot of that issue and maybe someone could say what the what the punchline of that was because you're going to sacrifice a bullock or an oxen and the sacrifice is going to be very specific and it's one thing that's dealt with in that issue when you when you deal with the sin problem what was it it's the fat and that fat is this issue here it's the same fat same word just by word association you know it's the fat and what is that fat is symbol of not just the obstruction sorry pride or Gaddar self-exaltation it's pride the people are not willing people not willing to say actually know what I've been in ignorance we've got it all wrong and I need to repent this is not a call for corporate repentance the corporate body is in ignorance when God talks out the problem he sucks it out one person at time it becomes an individual work and that individual work is one issue but there's another corporate body that's going to be raised and if you don't keep these two things separate the ark and the builders of the Ark you come up with really strange answers if these things sound complicated I don't think they're that straightforward to wrap your mind around but at another level if he's just willing to take it at face value they're not that difficult this simple to see so any other quotes or points about the conscience you want to add to or maybe haven't been made clear what cuts foreskin out what you need to cut the foreskin out you need a knife Jeremih for the knife is a secondary symbol and what was the primary symbol of plow blade and that plow blade is going to cut through fields when it cuts through the field you don't pluck up the weeds first when you go to the fallow field you bury those weeds in the ground it all gets buried we haven't discussed this burying of the sins in this ploughing stage but it's a key component to the Gospel message that we need to understand so I just want to put in the back of your minds the symbology that's been taught they you don't pluck out those weeds and sort of store them somewhere yeah ready to do something with afterwards does everybody understand what I'm saying you don't pull out the weeds say we'll deal with them in a minute over here then we're plow those weeds are buried in the field destroyed yes they die there and when this power goes the strategy goes up and down the fields it does it in furrows or lines this furrow in or plowing sorry to say and heroin we don't only talk about heroin maybe people don't even know what heroin is but that's another concept that when you when your plow a field it smooths in the way so it's this line upon line methodology it shows you in the symbol which is prophecy that is the knife that cuts out this fat and if you're too proud to accept it you're gonna die brother Johnson is fear the only motivation what should what do you think let me ask you the question back again before people just give their own answers what does the models tell you that the only motivation is what does the model tell you tell you so the models telling you the only motivation is fear so the reason you're asking the question is because as you openly say it goes against your Adventist training because we're not God isn't interfere mongering and it's all about love and positive reasons that so you're struggling there like the only motivation is fear but the model teaches you that unless I'm developing this model incorrectly I'm saying I'm in the right history from 1798 to 1844 is the first angels message only all the way through said them you know the model teaches that so anybody else someone had a second coming the scripture talks about it being there the great event of a fearful day and it depends on which side you're on it's a bit when we're in a wrong condition before a holy God then we should fear and it is fear but that but that fear motivates us to be putting to another place and once we understand the place that God putting us that fear is removed because now we know we're in a right standing with God and then then we were actually realizing that it was out of love that he did what he did and then we're reciprocating it with love and it's not because we're not motivated by fear ultimately but it's what initially has to move us because we have to realize we're a simple being and we're sitting there how are you gonna stay in front of a holy God I agree with everything you've said except the first one word you said initially I'm say 46 years of fear there's not some initial fear that it switches to love it's fear scared frightened all the way through let me show you let me show you the model this is the model if you take this as it is and you say these are emotions and this is just information the primary motivation that that drives humanity is hatred and the opposite of that is love they're the two things that drive us who have you ever hate somebody you love them where are those two emotions going to be held where do they live here or here here okay so I'm going to put love here so if the law is here can you love the law just by just the graphics are going to show you no I'm saying it is this simple you can't love the law and the test of discipleship is what if you love the law not if you keep the law because you can keep the law up here you can tell your fingers to not eat you can tell your feet not to go you can take tell your eyes to close or with this but that's not love that's keeping law but the test of discipleship is loving law so if the law is up here what is the purpose of the gospel to get it from here into here and the way you do that is cut out the fat and the cutting out of the fat is by planning the field so once the law is now here what are you able to do you're able to love so this idea of initially being driven by fear and then being driven by love I don't think I don't think conceptually is the right model because this fear exists all the way through your experience because if you do if you lose track if you lose track of what's going on I'll switch to a silly model you start eating butter halfway into your experience you're going to start eating fat the fats going to accumulate and it's going to block up lock up this tube here again if you lose your focus of prophecy you're blocked up so if it gets blocked up the law in here will not continue to be fed it will die in the long remain here in your heart because you keep on eating silly analogy but I've seen you have to have a continual fear and that fear is the examination days coming probation is about to close and you need to get your life in order because the closer you get the harder it gets the more focus you need to be and that is a continual process of being fearful of what to happen who here in this room many of us you have been here decades ago that's right in this moving for decades or five ten years so if we started off with fear who's less scared now or the future than they were in the beginning I think more people are more scared now than they were at the beginning which is correct because it keeps the fat out but that is not s not connected with loving the law with love in a bit with obedience with experience enjoying happiness they seem to conflicting things but the model teaches the right relationship between them so I don't have to put it into my own sort of flowery words but the model shows that the fear needs to remain you need to keep that fat out and the law goats into its heart in your heart and that's therefore you can love the law sister terror Tess and and then sister yes be glad I think he's a prophetic fear he's everything sorted out they love the law they're not saying oh maybe maybe I don't love the law anymore they've given everything to God they love him if you cut them up but they'd be like this with those rocks inside says love God of course they love God they're fearing because have they got it all right is the all wrong sister to be there how do we explain that in Daniel 10 that Daniels being told I have no idea did you tell me sister Suman primarily in the sense of their pride just diagram you drawn yep this is pride line upon line pride is the unwillingness to accept line upon line and is it line upon line that will cut away the fat is it line upon line what do you think yes yes because the line upon line is the tractor plowing the field through lines and it's cutting away the fat out of the heart so yeah and it's none Willington in this to accept that and then unwillingness to accept line upon line he's saying what we don't believe your solution to the problem will enter into the sheepfold some other way that's what it's about we'll do it our way and what way is that in our own strength gritting our teeth we're going to keep the law so I'm saying what people are accusing me of I'm accusing them back do we think we're going to get to heaven by our morality and it's a crazy system it's a crazy mindset so everybody who's saying the gospel is moral I'm saying you're doomed to destruction and you need to understand that clearly it's a life-and-death message of whether or not you understand the everlasting gospel is purely solely prophetic and it does know despite to anything that's taught in the inspiration in the scriptures about loving the law keeping the law doing the law our ability to do law and the purpose of restoring the image of God back in man because the restoration of the image of God is what where should the law always have been brother Richard saying it's right here should always be knit that's what this restoration is how do you do that people are saying when you're in this history we're immoral and that is crazy when human beings are not immoral people they just need the right motivation to keep their morality going any more questions so I've avoided Daniel 10 so we say we should respect God is that what you mean what I mean is that we're saying which I think is correct and when we say that fear needs to go all the way through and reset this is this fear which motivates us to keep the law whatsoever isn't that bringing morality into say disasters feeling the fear and the feeling which drives us and I was wondering if you would let her look at this fear which drives us in connection with proverbs 1 verse 7 what I find interesting what you say these I agree with what you're saying but you're wrong so you have to tell me one way or the other I've you agree or I'm wrong one of the two I don't mind which one but you can't put both in the same sentence and they jet three-step testing process that's the first angels message fear God give him Lord the hour of his judgment has come we lined up with the theological terms of justification sanctification and glorification and justification means to be made righteous and it's a blistered the presence of the holy spirit but there is no step along the way where you can cease to have justification justification sanctification if you're at the step of sanctification and you break your justified experience we are no longer sanctified same with glorification you have to maintain that first experience at first the justification from beginning to end you can also show that in the sanctuary the courtyard the holy place the most holy place it's the blood from the courtyard that takes you through the holy place into the most holy place if you set aside the blood you set aside step one justification the other steps are meaningless system only if you're labeling it by the first second and third angels message then is the first angels message the top and the transition is the second angels message and the third will be your bottom when you actually you've got the work corrector or what is that transitional period maybe already may label it between the two I'm saying this experience has to occur all in the first angel before you ever get to 9/11 before you get to 9/11 you need to be under the new covenant conviction repentance pardon or justification that's why at one level once you've reached 911 you've arrived you're justified there is there is nothing beyond justification sanctification can be finding a number of different ways Adventists because of the way we the way we see ourselves the way we see one another we want to always go into the model of sanctification there's some kind of growth process and we are use the word process but if you go to the model there elder Jeff just gave there's no process there it's a state of being it's continually being justified so there's no growth there's no improvement it's static he's static from 911 and you set your justified there then all you need to do is remain in that justified condition and what that means on a practical level is when something comes to you a conversation and experience a temptation you make a decision whether you're not you're gonna stay justified or whether you're not gonna stay justified you're gonna stay set apart for a holy use but you were set apart for a holy use of 911 it's not some further place down the road which is what's being taught by Adventists and I use the people call it provocative language I'm saying this is biblical language this is where the dogs turn back to the vomit people in this message are turning back to Adventism to the doctrines of Adventism and one of them is the sanctification is not a state of being that it's not continual justification there are nine eleven you are who have arrived you're in the kingdom of God I want to drive that concept in so that we can have a rebalancing of what scientific ation is and fully aware and I teach and all of us should understand Matthew 13 is it mark on Luke 4 first the taste I always get mark it's like I think it's mark mark 4 first the blade then the ear then the fork on in the ear there's growth going on there's a growth of mass of experience or maturity in sanctification until you fit for purpose but that's not improvement or being more sanctified or being more justified or having your sinful nature improved in any way we've introduced evolution into our into our thinking which is the sins of our fathers and we should we should know we should know better by now someone else had their hand up because their version of if we come to just the nature of man I'm not saying that they had this systematic attack on upon the nature of man although that I don't think you can clearly identify that although that's what Ragnar and Jones were addressing is that at some level you have some willpower that can tell you to stop doing sin everybody knows that to a certain degree people will do what they're told but the problem is you can't keep the law through the exercise of the will continually all the time through your own human effort so they say you don't have the ability to do that so what you need to do is while you're working out your salvation in that way God's going to somewhere down the line sort out your nature this sin problem that's beyond your ability to deal with so they turn sin into a thing which has corrupted your nature and however they're going to put it at a physical level or a non-physical level depending on how sophisticated their argument is but it's something outside of you that God is going to sort out and he doesn't sort it out at baptism it gets sorted out later on and this is a misunderstanding of all the spirit of prophecy passages that people use to defend that position so that's why I'm saying this was taught here and the reason they thought they teach that is because it becomes an excuse it's the premier justification the Adventists have to say that probation when it closes at the Sunday law you still have an opportunity because God has to do something for you and what he has to do is give you the ability to keep the law completely perfectly in some kind of super way that you're not able to do in and of yourself if you've eaten the gospel and you get if you keep you the lock sakes I did you correct yourself because you can't eat the gospel okay we're keeping the law and we're doing everything right and we're following prophetic lines that we're supposed to do so pretty much everything is in our own palate and everything in our own power and we're doing it right we're being the wise auditor doing the lines correctly for keeping the law correctly we're then what this issue here when the law comes into your heart there's a miraculous work that's done here now we can cut away the fat but when this law enters into your heart and now you begin to love the law that is a miraculous work that is the work of Christ that is not a work that we can do it happens okay so I don't have it what you happen to justification in fact it happens before justification it happens at the formalization of the message when you receive a new heart the definition the definition of the new heart is when the law enters into you so you know and I've said you just cut away this thing this fad through the lines it's a miraculous process of how that happens it's the mystery of godliness I'm not saying it's all just mechanical what I'm saying is our part of the work is to follow all the rules all the regulations to understand these messages and then once we've done our part and the laws entered into our hearts the law takes over and he does a miraculous work that we begin to love what he wants us to love this quote that you have on the first baby miss Dobson cried so yeah let's so let's receptor Christ Oh Tyler yeah I'm saying that gospel he's a tool so my question is then is aren't you eating the gospel in in John revelation revelation 10 and Ezekiel - isn't it the gospel you're eating you're eating that prophetic word but maybe I'm maybe I'm misunderstanding look I think symbols can have more than one meaning if I get out of that hope that way but if you if you do that if you say you're eating the gospel then you're going to say you're eating morality but you get the same problem then so I understand the point that you're making that you're eating information but that information that you're eating isn't the information that's going to and there's anybody else who's going to go through the meat let me for say that answering that question let me think about it mr. Terry our heart is a soil not detractor yes yes okay sister Bromley and how you explained the gospel earlier it seems like it's a really sharp sword and so you would never eat a sharp sword they were doing work but it would just tear you out if you were to eat it as a tool when I understood yes what's in there it starts doing the work you can't stop you can't control what you digest create did everybody hear that yes no no I haven't really heard you some enough people heard so sorry Rosa Tyler okay let's let's reset to Christ's forty seven point one many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender of myself to God you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and control by the habits of your life of sin your promises and resolutions are like ropes are saying you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity causes you to feel that God cannot accept you but you need not despair what you need to understand is the truth of the will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given to men it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God its affections but you can choose to serve him you can give him your will he will then work in you to will and to do according to his good pleasure thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your reflections will be centered upon him your thoughts will be in harmony with him before we read out that we're not going to read the other two paragraphs yet you've got another sheet here and on page three there's a section called five T from five testimonies we're not going to read the five testimonies I'm just I'm just connecting the point this section here when it says in steps to Christ many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender of myself to God he says you desire to give yourself to him but you're weak immoral power she's making all of this third person because that's the Christ is a book that's used for public evangelism but steps to Christ was actually lifted out of a section that was a letter of communication to an individual and that individual is in 5t 513 which i've given in your note so just the second one the second paragraph down five two five one three says you are a young man of intelligence we can see that this person who she sprite into that's that's where this was lifted out from his steps to Christ they tidy out take the man out make you third person so I'm just the only put reason I'm saying that is because when we're gonna read from 5t it's essentially the same statement but sometimes it's expressed in a slightly different rain it's more pointed or she brings out a slightly different point so we're in steps to Christ when Aaron Karen how am I to make the surrender of myself to God what did this person want to do it he wants us to render himself to God that's the first thing he wants to be in a good place he's not happy where he is you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and controlled by the habits of your life of sin so what does it mean that your weakened moral power so the lower passions are in control this person are we happy to define moral power to talk about the higher moral powers that's as we'll define them there I'm saying primarily this is talking about the wheel it's define itself in this passage so this person is weak in willpower my question is is that true is it true that this person is weak in moral power no she says that they are but I'm saying they're not what's the problem with this person I'm going to go half way into the into the paragraph and it begins with the word wat so it says what you need to understand so I'm saying when you go back he says you're weak in moral power and you're going to say that you're not waking moral power how do you explain with that what the issue is with this person I'm saying it's a misunderstanding what this person needs is education the education that they need is transitioning from this place to this place this is the increase of knowledge you need to have some kind of understanding it's not something that's inherently wrong with you you desire to give yourself to him so he already wants to give himself to go any other comments so it says that the wicked more power but they're not why are they weak in moral power he says the next phrase in slavery to doubt so this person is a slave what's his boss's name right doubt his boss's name is doubt so what is he he lives under the household of doubt where does he want to live because he has a desire to go somewhere else doesn't he he wasn't he was to be under the Hat under the household of another slave master but this slave master is telling him what you can't leave so he's already aware that there's two places to be you ain't leaving this house or that house and his boss says you can't leave and this person's doing what he's believing him so when he's when this person saying you can't get out of my system out of my household even though this other place is good this person begins to believe him who he's doubt Satan yeah so you're under the control of Satan and it's saying you can't get out of this system and so if we say Satan and say Satan I'm saying it's all of this history here to ban the banti Christ saying that you can't even get out the system and so you're controlled by the habits with your life that's in your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections where are all those your thoughts impulses and affections although our passions and think I want us to pick up is the thoughts are all there as well so your promises are like rope Cesaro solutions like ropes town what's that showing us you said will said I'm gonna do something did you do what you said you were gonna do no what were you controlled by your lower passions why were you controlled by your lower passions because she didn't understand how the human machinery is supposed to work I'm saying it's ignorance it's not inability that's causing the problem and that's what the dif that's what I'm saying this issue about I said this is that the fathers have produced his problem people say it's inability and I'm saying it's information the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity it causes you to feel that you cannot that God cannot accept you but you need not despair think many Christians are I've met Adventists even in this movement or in this condition they want to do good and they're not doing good and they just think you know what I'm not this Christianity stuff isn't real and what are they hoping for what's the only hope you've got unless you're gonna leave did at midnight something's gonna change if you want to call it midnight you summer in the future something has to change God has to take control of you of your situation because it's outside of your control but you need not despair what you need to understand is the true force of the wheel that's the problem this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice everything depends upon the right action of the will everything depends upon that the power of choice God has given to men it is theirs to exercise so to me I don't know how people are reading that statement who are objecting to what's being taught in these classes my challenges to people is how do you read that sentence I read it how do you read this sentence the power of choice God has given to men it's days to exercise works so the first thing the will the power to choose works perfectly well it was I'm gonna say this carefully it was never damaged now I know Ellen White will say that it was affected and I agree with that here's Adam before sin his Adam after sin I've got a line and he's in two stages he lost the Holy Spirit and he's got the Holy Spirit here we've got intellect morale and lower passions I've got intellects morale and lower passions intellect moral law passion so there's some damage that's happened here when he's in this state he's just sinned he's lost his ability to actually exercise his will right here he becomes this slave that's introduced here Jesus steps in and now he gives man the ability to actually come out of that system and I'm saying he does that immediately here in genesis 3:15 the man has the ability to exercise willpower immediately that's part of the gospel there or the gift that Christ has given so when it says the power of choice God has given to men he's not given to them somewhere along the road in your life you will innately born with that just as you are with all the other faculties of the being and it doesn't and it was and it has not been damaged the conscience hasn't been damaged the will hasn't been damaged and the mind hasn't been damaged all of those work perfectly well now I know with the mind there's been physical chemical damage that's been done to us so that now when information goes in and it's stored there we're not able to retrieve it but there's enough evidence in the bell curve of each of the human race to show you that if enough people can do that and many people have got photographic memories they've got 100 percent retention they can scan pages like of like a camera and they can regurgitate what they've just read they don't have to do what you and I do go line upon line you know read those words and struggle with memorizing things so they actually teach you please she teach us that there's not something special about them because if you chop their brains up or did an MRI scan on them or a cat scan their brains look the same as ours I'm not saying there aren't some chemical differences our brains through genetic damage through sin we're not able to retrieve things properly and I think that's on a physical level not on a spiritual level then if anybody disagrees with that so the physical problems or the after-effects of sin have damaged our ability for that intelligence or that mind to work in the in an efficient way but the mechanism is all the same it works fine that's what I mean but it wasn't damaged by sin everybody okay with that so the power of choice the power of conscience the power of the mind or intelligence the filing system all works perfectly well the only thing that was ever damaged is the lower passions and I'm saying even though it's drawn this way that what happened after sin was that man became imbalanced and the lower passions came to the ascendancy of the higher powers or the intelligence only castello I use that phrase lower passions but I prefer to use lower powers only because it's a spirit prophecy term so these lower powers lower passions were take the ascendancy and dazzles being brought to view here and it doesn't need to be that way we can get we can exercise our own will and in the exercise of that will we can make decisions that are right decisions but what we can't do and she's going to explain this now the power of the choice power of choice got has given too many is there so exercise I put the word bar but you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to Gandhi's affections but you can choose to serve him you can give him your will he will then work in you to will and to do according to his good pleasure does your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your affections will be scented upon him your thoughts will be in harmony with him how do you read those last few sentences you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God its affections what does that mean and we concept conceptualize that ldj sister white comments on the everlasting gospel and the emnity she says it's a supernatural work there's this transformation that your of your heart here that you're speaking about I think that is that M natee it's the part that is supernatural that only he can accomplish but he will not accomplish it and that you are willing for him to do so but the rich kid sister Brahma whose father symbology I was gonna say it's like when you eat him food God's telling us what to eat but they tell us to eat some kill all right you put that kill into your body you have no control over how that how the kill is broken down all of that that that's the mystery of god oh god it's a total miracle that you can eat this kill this leaf and it produces energies it makes your body you know heal itself and it does all these wonderful things so that's not conceptually mr. bruckman you can give him your will to me seems the biggest difficulty because how I've understood it before is that you just give him your your will and he gives you this power to to do it and I'm realizing now that's not true giving him your will is actually doing it yourself and that's that's what I'm saying right you give him your will basically you give him the art you just do it essential to do not that you give him your will and he helps you do all these great things you have to do it yourself that sounds pretty bad is that if there's a difference there's two ways to give your will how I've always been explained it is if you give literature will somehow he gives you all this empowerment and you're gonna do right and sometimes you don't put the reality is giving them your will is just saying I'm gonna do everything right brother Tyler we've got two things go we've got the give him your will and to change your heart so you go which one which one were you good how'd you hand that for okay good yeah so just to piggyback on Bronson add the second bit is that he doesn't keep you do that you do this by giving him your will he says do something and you do it that's giving him your will and then but what she's saying is even though you give him your will but doesn't mean you're gonna love doing whatever you're going to be doing or even love God it just means you're going to be doing it and what thing happens after you give that will is then the Lord actually makes it so you want to do it you love doing it and and that's the heart work mister Lisa I don't know how to explain though we can't give ourselves we don't have the power do that yardie has similar but we can ask for that power which comes from God so going on to the previous where as a power choice God has given to man so that power of choice comes from God when if you want to however you want to conceptualize when is this power given to you so before 1989 you don't have power to make a choice it's there we say there in you or outside the tallest the tool may be there so I'm asking the question you said the power of choice God gave you at 1989 and before 1989 you couldn't choose the choice has always been there the choice has always been there but the power has not been there since 1918 the power is the information we drink that we're doing the choice is being there sorry you mean before 1989 you weren't able to make a choice because it's based on information isn't it to make a choice I mean how can you make a choice if you don't know what you're choosing I'm saying my understanding is the power is it's like you plug in something into the power outlet you start to you you work that it's the plug right the plug is the a choice and then the power is the power are you saying are you saying that you have the ability to choose but you don't know what to choose you don't know what to choose rightly say you don't know what to choose before 1980 I know but you had the ability to choose that's what I just want to make sure good yes okay so we're all on the same page so you have the power to choose right from the beginning yeah I'm talking about the power specifically the power is is power ability so do you have the ability to choose but you don't know what to choose because it seems to say if you're saying there's no power with 489 you're saying that who you don't have the ability to choose before 89 and I'm saying you do just like your conscience it's all fully functioning yes I'm just clarifying that's what you're saying you could choose but you don't know what to choose okay so what is that so that's the the phrase that's just a bra we came up you can give him your will what does that mean you can give him your will brother Richard I'm trying to conceptualize it also in a good one in my example but I think about like when I got convicted or playing sports and I loved it did all my life with it I saw what God said about it and I had to choose like the next day you know I hadn't you know stopped loving you know playing basketball but when I started to make that choice to not play again and then I began to see without really trying to tell me about that thing that I really loved so much and then I saw the evilness in it and that's like sickening you know all the the I realized their animal passions that would come up inside of me playing and so I'm thinking that's probably the world you choose it to do what God said to do and through doing that then he then he gives you the hatred that he has for those things but it comes by obedience firms so are you happy with this issue of the conscience the problem with the conscience it's about information brother Jonathan yeah I'm saying it's the same issue with the world when it says you can give him your will I think that's saying God says this is right and this is wrong so when you give him your will what you're doing here you're making a choice based upon new information not based upon ignorance so before you'd make a choice so your will is now saying I'll do this one or this one but now God is actually by the way it's this one or this one so now when it says you can give him your will you're putting your choice on the same side of God as God's choice so if God was standing next you've got to say if it was me I would choose this I would use my will to make that decision and now when you see what God's doing you're saying well I'll make the same decision as you are I don't think this is teaching how many people read this phrase to say I don't have a will or it's so damaged Lord can you get my will clean it up tidy up and make it work properly that's how people are reading that God's going to get his will and give you a bit of his will make your one stronger than it already was before and now your wills going to work properly I'm thinking I'm saying that when it says you can give him your will he's talking about information now your wills going to make a decision based upon right information giving him your choices when you give him your choices it means you make the choices that he tells you to make not your own choices because before that I think Cistercian Miller saying you're not in rebellion a human rebellion before 1989 the common because you're ignorant of that so now he says by the way it works this way then you say now we're going to put my will on his side I'm going to make the decisions that he wants me to make obedient sorry yeah the information you've learned that's how I'm understanding that that passage to me because if you read it another way it's hopeless our situation is because here's the chicken and the egg who's you know which comes first our will to ask him for help or choice we make a choice to ask him for help or he says I'm going to come to you and I'm going to give you the ability to make a choice to come and ask me for help which one is it I'm saying each and every one of us has within us the ability to make the choice to do what he wants and when we make that decision it doesn't help our heart he has to do this miraculous work of changing your heart obedience to information the right information not just obedient some beatings to information if drinking or not if I know it's wrong then I just add but I'd like to do it I just don't do it yes so you're set in your will you can give him your will your say in your will on to him it the cheeks made he says he would then work in you to will and to do according to his good pleasure once that happens everything works out well the right choice yes if you make the right choice everything works well so just the last sentence does your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your affections will be centered upon him your thoughts will be in harmony with him all you have to do is just choose to do the right thing and once you do that then the whole transformation works that God does change your heart and when he changes your heart which is the lower passions your whole nature changes so the definition of the hold of your nature isn't about your conscience isn't about your will isn't about the intellect it's all about ha so remember when we had these noble thoughts and we put these arrows here no ball means higher so there was a question where with noble thoughts go would it be here or here and so people said oh it's in the higher powers because it's Noble it must be up here but that's not correct the noble thoughts have to be in this part of our being and you don't have the ability to do that God changes that God transforms your heart so that you can have those noble thoughts let's pray Heavenly Father we want to give you praise and thanks as we try to wrestle and understand the dynamics of what the everlasting gospel is and how it works in our lives we ask and pray Lord that you would be with us how pass each to make a decision to do what is right even though we may not want to do those things even though our thoughts our feelings are crying out in opposition and once we make that decision Lord may you do the miraculous work that you have promised to help us to love to obey you to change those thoughts and those feelings from things that are ugly and wrong to those thoughts and feelings that are noble and high impure be with us and bless us that they send we pray in Jesus his name I mean