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Bob would you pray and also please keep sister Rachel and prayer as she has a meeting today before a pastor there Heavenly Father well thank you for waking us up to this new day or at least bless us more on your Holy Spirit as we come before you asking you to teach us as little children help us to review the blessedness and the glory that is in these truths have been revealing to your people please bless to mean as she presents and help us to understand more fully these truths that we might become sanctified by them and be with our sister Rachel I pray in Jesus Holy Name so good morning everyone first of all does somebody have more dates for our tried we're creating sister Penn okay first I'll make the correction on 1863 yep so I'm just tired of putting her away yeah I it's actually where I found it I was in froome's book the prophetic faith of our fathers and he referred to a review and Herald October 6 1853 but I couldn't find there was nothing so I'm just gonna go with 1954 okay so 1954 aha lef L e FK a comma p FF for ps4 and the page was one zero seven nine one zero seven nine point four polka forth yeah that's right started and and also there was both genius Washburn who wrote open letters against Prescott's teaching in 1919 he did it in April 18 1920 and also against the daily that was being teach their new view in 1921 so that's a positive they don't think yeah that he was fighting standing up against them okay so when was it this was in first the one against Prescott was Yemen April 18 19 20 he wrote letters 1820 I mean 1920 1927 1929 18 and then April 19th right yeah and then in April 18 19 20 18 pixel 18 19 20 and what happened there he preaches against doctrine of Christ you wrote a letter to brother palms against Prescott's teachings that he taught oh I know that the doctrines of Christ just like people know and then he wrote another letter to Daniel's okay AG generals in 1921 do we have a date it says it says December 26 1921 but I don't know if that's when elder gendell's got it but it's against the new view of the daily okay so we just have a letter against Daniels I have in a letter against Prescott right you have them in written form there right you said it's this and startling Omega and it's true genealogy an open letter to a DJ okay can I copy that sometime after class so we have the source as well any other dates yes Cathy 1980 to 1982 the SDA church signed B II M agreement and it's a the first step of the Peck you medical joining of other denominations in that the B stands for baptism mm-hmm and they agreed that whether you immerse or sprinkle an infant it's the same mm-hmm you caressed is the same whether some churches will say it that the yes the Eucharist to encourage all to accept equally the various concepts whether they be transubstantiation con some statue con substantiation for the fact that the bread and wine are symbols of the broken body and spilled blood of Jesus Christ mm-hmm so this is the ecumenical you know work and then ministry is to encourage all churches to work for the unchurched people but not to try and convert people from other churches to their churches mm-hmm so I thought that was very to me a very amazing and that's where the emerging church moved out because they're always out there beep unchurched they don't go after other people Christians already okay dia of a source like is it a book a web page or do you want it it is a it is a document called baptism baptism Eucharist and ministry mm-hmm and I have a document here that is written by the Pontifical Council for probability and Christian unity okay and it's on their celebrating the twenty-fifth year of the document and it mentions that what's happened to we have I can give you yes please sent me the document because we want for everything we want sources and then we can maybe create also besides a chart we can create also maybe a source book where people the document where people can look up all the sources just anyone else have a date ok so I'm I'm gonna switch gears now I'm going to assign a few dates for tomorrow morning tomorrow's Thursday Bob would you look at 18 50 or 55 is the Articles of etson and how James white is going against Edson or saying this is not much light I think this is a date we should have on the chart Alissa would you check in the First World War the separation between 7/11 discharge in the reformed Adventist Church and Tanisha since you are doing the Second World War would you mind checking out checking out the apostasy of the seventh-day Adventist Church within the Second World War because we're teaching there's apostasy in the 1st and the 2nd therefore there will be a paucity apostasy in the 3rd shake whether there David Gates is marking something significant in 2015 the church is rejecting and wide things like that will you mind checking that out Angelia would you mind checking out 1888 and the rejection of the latter rain there Pam do you want something because you brought already dates but do you mind looking up something else ok since you're Britta brought up these letters would you mind checking out the daily the false view of the daily coming up Rick can i ensign you something would can I sign you Conrad II the apostasy with Conrad II some some else something else can you think of any dates we normally mark what happened ok then this is your job Larry we'll give you a pass for today ok thank you our board is getting full this is great so back here to our study however view of Daniel 11 so far we went through verses 1 and we saw how we connect Daniel 11 verse 1 with Daniel verse 1 and we can see both as being the time of the end here the seven years of Bab Babylonian supremacy ending and then here the 70 years of captivity ending in Daniel 10:1 and both times the end of those time periods marked the time of the end so we know that we are here at the time of the end then we saw that there are three kings to stand up which we consider to be as can be sees false murders the rise and then sexist sexist degrade which we know from the story of Esther and since a media Persia is a to horn power we know we can line it up with the United States so therefore we have two precedents in 1989 we have Reagan and Bush Senior three more presidents would be Clinton Bush jr. Obama and then Trump as being the last one and since the United States is the armies of Rome we can line up the Roman Empire Emperor's which we consider to be Pompey Julius August and Tiberius and since the United States is also the glorious land we can line it up with the ancient glorious land where we see the kings of salt David Solomon and Rehoboam lining up with the others Rehoboam thank you and we see characteristics and here at this third one we see that often Texas is one of the characteristics and then the characteristics of the last one we take of this various lines and we see that Trump fulfills them all we see he's far richer even personally but as well as he wants the nation to make it great again and to have it far richer than all the others we see how he stirs up the entire realm of Grisha Grisha being the world we see DeBeers he is in a time period when the cross happens meaning Trump will bring in the son-in-law and he's a vile person Trump is a vile person and from Rehoboam his name means he's a free of the people and I suggest that is a populist character and we see Trump is a populist as well under Rijo Rhea we have Boehm he the kingdom is divided and we see that under Trump the kingdom will be broken divided and a new one comes up then we considered yesterday that there are nine kings in between sexes and Alexander the Great and Alexander the Great he when he stands up his kingdom shall be broken in four parts Cassander lysimachus Seleucus and ptolemy were about to enter into this but yesterday we stated a trump is typifies by Alexander the Great and there are nine kings in between and I'm still gonna do it and Tunisia wants to tell us something about the nine kings you don't have to come up but you can't do it sorry where's the camera well he's suitable great empires of Bible prophecy particularly chapters 11 and 12 give us the names of the nine things that lie between services and Alexander the Great it begins with an Tobias and it ends with Darius code imbalance between them our artaxerxes long demoness Xerxes the second sod Deanna's darius notice i treszura season human oh just read our seas and the last being as I said before Darius code amana's you find our table anus in gep page 126 paragraph 3 and you find the names of the others scattered through the twelfth chapter of the book great empires of Bible prophecy by 18 Jonas okay thank you for that explanation so we see the nine kings in between here with all their names and then Alexander comes a and conquers derailleurs and there's actually even a I don't know if the story is true but there is a story that the rise is fleeing from Alexander the Great and Alexander great comes after him or behind him and then actually he finds him and the rise is about to die and the rise announces Alexander the Great as the next king I don't know if you ever read that story but it fits nicely within that when Alexander great conquers media Persia he's the 10th king so to speak and we from where do we know the number 10th in connection with kingdoms the United Nations so that's our application so where do we get this from ten tribes okay what chapter in the Bible pretty much at the end revelation 17 where we have the ten Kings giving their power to the Beast right so number 10 we associate with with the United Nations and it's interesting when you look up the United Nations and the territories they're planning to do we see that they have ten kingdoms or ten sections or divisions so the number ten stands for the United Nations and I like senator grade is the the 10th King and I was I'm honest with you I for God because I know we always will excuse me we're always mark Grisha as being yes please yeah that's what I'm going to talk about now so Kay so I have the same question that's elicits us because we always used to associate degree agrees with the world the Dominion of the world number 10 and I forgot the way how we did it and I asked a few people yesterday and they couldn't remember either but I have a recollection that it's only a recollection that it there was a time I can't pinpoint it but when the people the work the people are coming to the temple who were the Gentiles were coming to the temple yes and at that time does where Greeks they were the Greeks and and symbolically at the time we were looking at that thing that they represented those other people of the world that were interested in in the truth yes so does which I recall yes that's something I recall as well that's in the timeline or in the reformed line of Christ he just had the triumphal entry he is now in the temple and then Greeks come and they're not allowed in the temple so they inquire of him to please come out we see that's when we marked an inquiry at the midnight cry we saw the Gentiles coming in so this is one of them I couldn't time from last yesterday today was too short for me to check like really for a solid reference but I have I have a logic which I present right now so let's turn to first Peter 4 verse 17 this is a verse we are quite familiar with in this movement so and let's start today from the back so brother Rick would you mind reading that verse first Peter 4 verse 17 well the time has come the judgment must begin at the house of God and if they first begin at us watch all the Envy not okay so we look here we see here that it's the subject is judgment and we know that the entire world everyone every human being in this world will be judged but what principle do we take from this verse normally that the house of God will be judged first so first to the American Way first the house what would be then second partly the world this is a logical conclusion we do it doesn't really say here the world it just says those who do not obey the gospel of God so how many groups are there in the world history there only two right those who obey God and those who don't obey God so those who obey God are actually called the house of God while those who don't obey it are called the Gentiles or what we considered to be today also the world so first the judgment comes on the house of God and then the Gentiles or the world and I know I know that brother Permenter has done the study where he shows that the first goes to message to the world excuse me to the house of God and then the message goes to the people to God's people within the world however I think it still works that when we look at judgment we see that first God's people are being judged and then the Gentiles the world we see as well with the investigative judgment it's only people who have professed to believe in God are being judged at the moment well then the other people be are being judged in the 1000 years or in the millennium new ok now I want to go to the next one I want to line this up now with Romans 1 verse 16 and if sister Pam would mind reading that it's Romans 1 verse 16 so here we see what do we see here where does the the gospel go first - first the Jews so we see it's consistent we have first two Jew and then the Greek so I suggest that this would be a line of thought how we see that the world is Greece or a Greek does that make sense I'm not sure if this is the main reference we used and like Ellis I've been struggling for that since a long time but I've forgotten that I didn't remember why we make Greek a greased the world but I think this is a we can take this so Alexander the Great he's he's the head of Greece Greece representing the world and I thought what was real interesting is when you study or check out Alexander the Great and his family situation it's interesting he became King in the age of 20 and his mother came from an ancient Greek tribe maloo maloo Chien something like that and his mother was connected to her name was Olympia's and she was connected to like she was some kind of priest or something she was connected to her or what do you call this in English a priesthood maybe that's maybe a way to say a group of people who were worshipping snakes and she would it was considered that she was sleeping at night with snakes so this sounds really creepy but who do we know represents this the snake / the serpent in the Bible Satan so we see Alexander the Great's mom is what a worshiper of Satan so who do we consider today a woman being a church - worships Satan it's the papacy right so Alexander's mother is what the papacy but Alexander he is what is he a woman he's a man so he represents what a state so we see here a church and state connection with the papacy and what do we say is Trump going to do he's going to bring the convene the church and a state back together the Republican horn will completely fall and we see that he will bring the sunny line which comes from the papacy essentially so I thought this was interesting and what we did was that remember I just put it here before we wipe everything out once we knew the Trump is the next president and of what political idea says he have or represent which of the two parties does he represent he's a Republican so once we knew okay Trump he's a Republican it lead us led us to do what for those who were there no generally those who went through this history where we did that study once we understood Trump to be this last President of the United States and his Republican we know we take Republican as a symbol and we go back to history and look for what yes we started to say okay if this is the last president then we have to go back to the first president which was a Republican and this was Abraham Lincoln so we considered Abraham Lincoln and what was the condition under Abraham Lincoln when he was president there was a civil war so we suggested that there will be civil war civil war what else martial law something else okay what did Abraham Lincoln do with slavery he abolished it so when we come today to Trump what does he'll might say at the end of the world comes again slavery slavery was there something else just from Lincoln I think that was pretty much so that's what those are characteristics we draw from Lincoln's presidency presidency and then we say okay under Trump we will see there will be civil war martial law and Silveri slavery so Trump will be a dictator and we say that Alexander the Great he was also a dictator he was a king and he was actually uniting all the Grecian nations under him so what we came to see now is that Trump is represented by sexist the last king of media Persia but at the same time he's represented as the first king of Grisha Alexander the Great he is represented as the person who's the strongest and he is having this expansion of his empire who makes Grisha great who else Alex ok let me I don't know how to go about this but was that extended the great very tall no he was quite he was known to be quite small and he had a special relationship with someone or something what was that okay when you see state statues of Alexander the Great when you go to maybe European cities most likely is always displayed with his horse an extended a grade is on his horse so who does this remind us of a quite small person having a great relationship with his horse Napoleon Napoleon was also quite small as well as he had a great relationship with his his horse and we see that Alexander goes out to conquer the world what is Napoleon do he also goes out to conquer the world and right in this time period we see that we also look at the French Revolution and we realized that Napoleon is typifying Trump also being a dictator also trying to conquer the world and therefore we see also the connection with Alexander the Great where where Trump typifies Alexander the Great which typifies Napoleon so what happens we suggested that at the Sun yes please sorry I'm not American so how Li Ling CE o L and please forgive me so we talked about the United Nations and when do we consider the United Nations to start away what way mark normally there are no wrong answers after the Sun illa so we'll just put it here sandela United Nations so what Kingdom would end at the sanella the United States and what we consider to be and I think brother Thabo has shared that a few times sorry he's a here it's that the United States as a kingdom from the midnight cry onward will actually go down and counter its and at the Sagna law and why is it from the midnight cry onward to somebody remember it's the story of billion bail beylin struck when at the midnight cry why is that Islam why did we have Islam there way okay so remember we had Ezra 7 verse 9 changing a little bit our lines by laying the experience of the middle rights on top of the experience of the Protestants and then we started always after that we always made a line like this 911 midnight hi Sonia do you remember this that's how people saw the line sent and we came to understand the story of Balaam and we saw that a 911 there's a strike of Islam and we see that that bill Balaam when he is on his way to give his prediction he writes on an ass right and three times there is the the the donkey or the ass makes him do something different as he wants to so the first time which we place it excuse me at 911 what does the ass do turns him out of the way so at 911 did Islam turn up turn the kingdoms of this world out of the way or the United States of what they were about to do yes they did because we can see here that there is a stretch training of the four winds which are about to blow on the world I think revelation 7 if I think this to be I think revelation 7 so there is a restraining of the four winds which is another whole can of worms where we can mark at 911 and we see also that the kings of the world are being assembled here I think this is proms 83 and even they are taken out of the way Psalms 83 and 48 I believe by the east wind so we see going back to the story of Balaam the Islam the donkey the ass is taking be them out of the way and then the next time we see what does the donkey or the ass do next when they come to the next point they're there between two walls and if you remember we already said in class that we considered the son-in-law to be the controversy between Sunday and Sabbath and the Sabbath is the wall and a twin institution is what marriage and we considered the midnight ride to be a marriage right that's what the midnight cry is about so we see two walls here and the answers in between and he crashes Balaam into what in a wall so we have here we see Islam again that's how we came up dead at the midnight cry Islam will strike again and Dan he crashes into the wall and what happens two billion hits foot gets crippled so we see here who does Bill and represent the United States so why does billion represent the United States because he's a false prophet in a relation thirteen we see the United States being the false prophet so we see here that the United States by Islam gets a crippled foot and then we see the donkey or the ass a third time at the son-in-law that's where we marked it and we see here that BLM beats the ass and then we see the angel coming I'm not going to go further into that this is the point where I wanted to get us to that at the midnight cry the foot of the United States is crippled and this marks this the beginning of the end so to speak we see now a downfall and we marked the civil war in this time period as well the martial law and slavery so I suggest that while though the United States will fall down and so to speak and as the United States at the same time as Alexander the Great it will rise up to new strength and new power than ever before but this time as the head of the world does that make sense I've that's the way how I can understand it the United States goes down here as a as its as own country but it resurrects in a sense of being the world leader as Alexander the Great was the head of the United Nations because who's the head of the United States who's giving the most money into it it's the United States so we see as Alexander the Great was the head of all these Grecian Kings we see how the United States is starting to become the ruler of the world and we see a parallel also with this ten and then being one a ruler over the tenth in the story of Israel Israel was divided into what parts north and south the North had how many tribes ten so and who's ruling the north typically the story we go to Jeroboam a hab a hab is ruling the ten tribes so he's a state power but he marries whom Jezebel and Jezebel represents whom in the in the Bible the papacy so we see how Ava may have actually a king of God King chosen by God marries the papacy and Israel being the glorious land we see this is the United States and we see a half represented in the United States who is going to marry the papacy and we're seeing things like that already happening since 1989 where we see Ronald Reagan Reagan connecting with the papacy so we see a have also the king over ten tribes we said aiexander the King the tenth king over Grisha being the world we see how the United States from the midnight cry onward has a downfall but at the same time resurrects as the supreme power of the United Nations the head of the ten Kings so when Alexander the Great though when he stands up he his what happens to his kingdom he falls into how many parts four and what does the number four represent it can represent several things the world right so if it spreads and often when you see the number four it is connected with the four directions of the earth east west south and north that's how we see also these kingdoms being divided and so he can represent worldwide so we see that this kingdom from the son-in-law onward will be worldwide the United Nations does that make sense okay one thing I forgot to mention yesterday and now I wiped it out it was at home we have a lot of fruit trees and sometimes when you plant fruit trees it doesn't always work out the way how you wanted and we had a peach tree which brought a lot of food for a couple years I've brought so many fruits that we thought this is our best tree ever and then it died so there was a little bit sad but then we found out that when a fruit tree dies before it dies it it likes to produce a lot of fruit this is like the the last effort before it dies to multiply itself however a tree and the Bible represents what a person or when we look at Daniel chapter 4 I believe who is that huge tree it's a kingdom so a tree represents a kingdom and right before a kingdom dies what will it do try produced to try to produce a lot so I'm suggesting when Trump constantly says make America great again this is the last effort before it actually dies yes please you mean yet here not July 18 2020 and you say from today we have 220 days 612 days okay however I think this date is still considered as well as the circumstances we still need with the recent light which has been coming out and I think we still need to do a lot of study of what will actually happen next year in the net following time we live in solemn times okay so let's talk now about the four winds more in history we see Alexander the Great as he stands up his kingdom is broken and is divided into four winds which can be the United States as it rises to supremacy it will or the head of the United Nations it will be the kingdom of the world and we will go back now and look at the history of the four different rulers so on the second page on the bottom you see the head title for winds and Bob would you read the first paragraph page are we on page number 2 at the bottom it says 4 wins the four wins the king of the north he was involved many times refer to and remaining portions of this chapter it therefore becomes essential to an understanding of called a prophecy clearly to identify these powers when Alexander's Empire was divided the different portions late toward the four winds of heaven west north east and south these divisions of course to be reckoned from the standpoint of Palestine the native land of the Prophet that division of the Empire lying west of Palestine would dust constitute the kingdom of the west that lying North became kingdom of the north and that line east the kingdom of the east and that lying south the kingdom of the south the divisions of Alexander's Kingdom with respect to Palestine were situated as follows Cassandra had Greece and yet and the adjacent countries which laid to the west Lysimachus had Thrace which then included Asia Minor and the countries lying on the Hellespont and bush forests which laid to the north of Palestine so Luka said Syria and Babylon which laid principally to the East and Ptolemy had Egypt and the neighboring countries which lay to the south okay so we see the kingdom of Alexander the Great after he dies is being divided into north south west and east so who what generals of Alexander obtained what territory if you look in the text so I put a c4 Cassander okay so we see Alexander's kingdom is divided and I didn't open my Bible yet Daniel 11 this is 11 this is inverse Allah chapter 11 verse 4 when we read here and when he shall stand up he being Alexander the Great his thing kingdom shall be broken and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven so this is this is how far we've got so far we see Alexander the Great as he barely established his kingdom he dies and then his kingdom is being divided towards the four winds of heaven we're seeing the four generals taking the west east south and north so now we're heading towards verse five so let's skip now one paragraph because in that paragraph your eyes Smith now explains whoever conquers the north will be the king of the north whoever Congress the south will be the south and sister Carol would you mind reading the small paragraph skipping one and then there is a small paragraph which starts with Cassandra was very soon conquered very soon conquered by the Senecas and his kingdom greed Macedon and ex2 Thrace and a lysimachus was in turn conquered by Seleucus men Macedonia and Thrace annexed this area okay so the study we're doing right now about the history now from now onward from Alexander to actually the conquering of Jerusalem verse fifteen or sixteen there was actually chart created it's called the king of the north and the King of the South maybe some of you got it at camp meeting but you can also download it online however when you have this chart down there is like a little map and you see the territories of Cassandra Lysimachus Ptolemy and all the Salukis or in the east and you see how lascivious conquers Cassander and then how basically Seleucus comes and conquers the two let's go now to verse five who won Sweden and Tunisia you want to read that verse five of Daniel 11 because that's where we hadn't it heading to now and he shall be stronger him and happen it's the minion shall be agree okay so what happens now is the kingdom is divided after Alexander dies but all these generals which were former generals of Alexander they start fighting with each other because they their torrid territory they have is not enough for them and this is a war which pretty much goes on the secular world says about 40 years but we know that the war between Seleucus and Ptolemy will last two actually many hundred years so we just read in Daniel 11 verse 5 that the south will be strong but one will be strong above him and let's read that now Sharada if you want to read the next paragraph of our notes these facts preparing a way for an application of acacia forest the king of the south Egypt shall be strong but another of Alexander's for instance is introduced in the expression one of his one of his princes and the King of the South shall be strong and one of his Alexander's Prince's shall be strong above him this must refer to Seleucus who has already succeeded have an annex method on entry caesarian thus became possessor of three parts out of four of Alexander's Dominion and establish a more powerful Kingdom than that of each okay so what happens in history actually is the following that those four kingdoms dissolve into two with the South being one and then the west north and east conclude one as well and this is then the king of the north and this is the king of the south and from this verse on as they basically make clear the territory throughout the rest of the chapter we only see then the king of the north and the King of the South till the end of the chapter so technically when you go into history Seleucus was not the first one to hold the east of its first another channel but through battles Seleucus conquered the east so when we when we talk about Rome which is the king of the north as we know how many territories does Rome always have to conquer 3 we see always 3 and this is actually I'm gonna take all of this away now this is where we're gonna start now to do a parallel line and we will see how Rome always had to conquer three territories before they started to rule so we will have oh that is not black we will have one line up here which shows as the the history of Daniel 11 and then we have another line down here which shows a parallel of the history of Daniel 11 when does the papacy start to rule in the year 538 what did it have to conquer before it is the king of the north and 538 which are what three horns right so we have three horns here sorry I'm not the best door who's which one is conquered first no no I wouldn't know either so it's the Ostrogoths in 377 you want to check it out assume it in the camera then we have the next one the Vandals in the year 407 and then the rule I in the year 476 and those three horns we see in Daniel how they're being plugged up and then this little horn comes up if you recall we see also that pagan Rome has two Congress three territories what were those three territories the east of south and the pleasant land so we see Rome always having to conquer three territories till it come becomes the king of the north I'll just do a crown put the North on and now it starts to rule so in history when we look at Daniel 11 the first few verses we see now how Suki Lucas put forth effort and conquers these three territories as I mentioned before Seleucus was after the death of Alexander the Great he was not given the East immediately but he was actually a general and this is where we're not going to get into it and this is where Daniel Evan throws me off as well and some other people are way smart about it but actually Seleucus has to flee from babylon and he takes refugee or his refuge in the south and then in the south he actually goes or separates himself again and goes and conquers the east and this this conquering of the east end we mark typically in 301 in the battle of ipsus and you have heard sistent tests talk a lot about it so I'm just making here like a needle of a compass the east was conquered in 301 battle of ipsus and from that moment on he he pretty much has to east solid under his rule however he actually goes and what is the capital of the east that's a country what's the capital of that country okay not at that time Babylon so remember Alexander the Great he died in Babylon this is where he also had his capital for his East territory so we see that Seleucus even if you go into history secretly Seleucus conquers babylon in oh I think it was three or eight 3 or 8 or 3 or 9 I'm not sure over three or eight and I put this in parentheses because we might have to reconsider if you put three or one here or three or nine is it the battle of ipsus or is it when he conquers Babylon I'm leaving this open for discussion yes sir heavy is it okay if I put - like the French do it no okay okay then we'll keep it proper BC where is it okay if I put here BC and here I then I'll put that kiss then I don't have to write it all the time BC and this is ad so all the dates here before Christ in here they're after Christ okay then Seleucus went went forth once he has to east he actually goes to the west and he has a few he has an important battle here which we mark as conquering the east sorry the West and this is the Year 286 the West and his last obstacle is the king of the north Lysimachus I was a little bit more of a struggle and this is also where we mark him then becoming the king of the north and this is he conquers lysimachus in the year 281 north so Nancy Lukas is the king of the north and when you want to get this tied up here you see always like battles yeah go ahead they're basically won yes but we want to show that there are three territories he has to conquer before he's the king of the north or when he marks this yeah these are lined up yeah so which year is it then that he becomes 281 yes it isn't 281 so when you go on the chart down here you will have all the battles listed the important ones and what happens and also because you will see that there is always the king of the north and the south they have pretty much the same names always Seleucus or Antiochus or Ptolemy but then it's the first a second a third and then they have a second name to it so all the kings names are on here too so you might want to check out the chart and do the study yourself at home it's quite interesting what's the best way to access that sure I can actually send around I can send around a link I can give Larry the link where they can download the chart and where you download it it's for free the download is for free it's just you have to proceed as a normal online purchase you have to put in your email address or something but it future is now shop the online shop but it doesn't cost anything it's a free download Bunny again so we are now after Alexander the Great Alexander the Great his kingdom was dissolved into for the East the south the west and the north and these are four generals and we're seeing now how Seleucus he's gonna conquer all these three territories and he basically dissolves all these kingdoms into the north and then his enemy becomes Ptolemy in the south so we have now the north and the south those are the two kingdoms left and from verse five onward in Daniel 11 you will find now only the king of the north and the south and this is because of this history here because Seleucus conquers all three of them and becomes now or is now the king of the north and then this struggle between the king of the north and the south starts for the rest of the journey and were to remind us maybe maybe that's good at this point this is the light which came out in 2016 where the Lord has removed his hand remember we talked about the removing of the hand and that the mistake was discovered and we were going to use the same evidence again to establish the nearly eleven forty to forty five which is a battle between whom king of the north and King of the South so we will see here now a parallel between the history of Daniel 11 as it is written and a parallel where we see the struggle of the king of the north and the south from 538 onward till even in our time period okay so that being said I'm not sure where I am in the notes now but we'll see Daniel 11 verse 6 whose turn is it to Angelia thank you yes please oh no the verse in the Bible itself in the end of years they shall join themselves together for the king's daughter of the South shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement but she shall not retain the power of the arm neither shall he stand nor his arm but she shall be given up and they that brought her and he that be gathered and he that strengthened her in these times thank you so at the beginning of that verse it says in the end of the years what does this tell us when you have an end you must have a beginning right so where would we find the beginning I suggest look in verse five because what did we just say about verse five we said we have Seleucus conquering all these territories till he becomes the head over all of them he's now the king of the north so this I suggest is the beginning and in verse five it says and he shall be strong above him this is Seleucus being strong above Ptolemy in the south and he will have Dominion his Dominion shall be a great Dominion so I suggest this is the beginning when he starts to rule and then it says and in the end of years they shall join themselves together for the king's daughter of the South shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement so we will have here a beginning of this great Dominion and then comes the time important at a point in time when this great Dominion would end and in literally in the verses we see that this is a 35 years he has great Dominion so it says in the end-of-year Stacia joined themselves together for the king's daughter of the South shall come to the king of the morph to make agreement so when the daughter of the King comes to another King and they make agreement how does this look like church and state okay when what word daughters of Kings often used to make alliance in what form marriage so we see here that the marriage takes place you know what let's just read your eyes Smith that's probably easier than just me talking here so in this up would you mind reading the first paragraph of Ptolemy accordingly brought his daughter to Antiochus he's going with her and immense dowry okay so we see her actually the grandson of Seleucus the king who conquered all who conquered all those territories is Antiochus theists and under his rule this agreement takes place and this agreement is marriage and this marriage took place in a year to 52 and it's a marriage let's put it this way how I have it here this is a peace treaty let me see this is Daniel 11 verse 5 this is now Daniel 11 verse 6 and on 6 yeah in this time period we have a peace treaty to 52 peace treaty by marriage as we see though this peace treaty by marriage won't last very long because what happens ELISA do you want to read the second paragraph of of Sam not samus no and your eyes the prophecy neither shall he it should again disgrace her and recall very nice and conceding that nothing short of his death would be an effectual safeguard against such a contingency she cost him to be poisoned shortly after neither did his seed by the Bernese succeed him in the kingdom Pleiades so managed affairs as to secure the throne her eldest son so Lucas okay so the way how I understood it what happens in this history is that the king of the north makes a peace treaty with the king of the south and this treaty is done by marriage where the South sends his daughter to the north to this one it was Antioch Theo's they get married but in order for Antioch to get married he has to get divorced first of his former wife which was laude loudest ladies thank you of course that wife didn't really like that but interesting is the he must have really liked that wife because when they got divorced she got she received quite some wealth and as also land so she she was a powerful woman off even after she was divorced and there's even I think if you trace it back she even has a city called ladies okay so he's getting divorced he's now marrying the daughter of the south Bernice and they actually have also a boy together he has so he has a son of his first marriage which is Seleucus Cullen occurs as well as he has a child a small child with his current wife but then the king of the south the old king which did that treaty he dies and when he died this king of the north he thinks oh then I'm not hold accountable to this pre peace treaty anymore because I want my former wife back so what he does is he divorces Bernice and he wants to get Lodi's back but laude is what does she do she plays there's a German expression that you play yeah you up front you're nice but in the back you have second thoughts of doing something that's exactly what ladies does she comes back but she wants to have revenge so she just kills the king of the north as well as Bernice and as well as the son of Bernice to secure also the throne for her son so when this Bernice when Bernice gets killed what is that actually when she was used as a peace treaty and then she is being killed what is this a breaking of the trade treaty and the declaration of war so I suggest that we have here here is peace a peace treaty often signed as like a contract but here we start to have war again and this is concluded in the year 246 which we will talk about in a minute or maybe tomorrow depending on how time less now we want to look at this line down here so we said there's a beginning and there is the end this is the beginning of the king of the north and it's great the minion last 35 years when we look at the line down here we have the king of the north now being whom the papacy how long is the great dominion of the papacy 1260 years or what other symbols can be used for this time period three and a half equal 1260 years between a half x equal 1260 years so from 538 three and a half times or 1260 years brings us to where 1798 this is where the great Dominion of the king of the north ends and I suggest what does he receive here the king after a deadly wound but when you receive a deadly wound are you dead technically not so the same happens here the king of the north will receive a deadly wound but his kingdom will live still so you can see here at the parallel we have three and a half times and when you have 35 years it looks much like three and a half if you can't see it so in this time period okay let me ask the question sometimes I yeah I don't say anything sometimes I struggle with I want to make it very easy for people to understand and that I like to ask question but sometimes it takes me a while to ask the correct question in this time period who is the king of the south friends AC ethnic friends so and in this time period or what is atheistic friends about what do they declare they declare war on what on the Bible or any form of religion and we see this in the French Revolution and we see that first friends under papal supremacy slaughters all the Protestants and those who believe in the revolution but we see that they also turn then against the Catholics so we see a constant war or struggle against the king of the south and the north but there was a peace treaty also in this time period does somebody know who this peace treaty was what this peace treaty was what yes and that is when 1797 so actually one year before and this is the peace treaty of Tolentino but does this peace treaty last no it doesn't last because once this peace treaty was done or made there were a lot of French soldiers stationed in Rome because if you look at the history of Napoleon the way how Napoleon got great was that he he was a no one right he was not even French and where he was from Corsica they hated the French and the French hated the Corsican so but Napoleon he started a military career and he was commissioned to go to Italy and in Italy this is where he starts to be great that's where he receives his I don't want to say his name but that's where he starts we're friends sees that Napoleon has big talents and Napoleon wins for friends the the Italian War so Italy was actually big portions of Italy were under French control so in this time period after the peace treaty there's a lot of French soldiers in Rome and in this time period there was a lot of political uproar and it was there was a riot is that what you say going on and in this in this riot a French general is being killed so when you kill a french general and you just done a peace treaty what is that that's a declaration of war we often see that killing of a person causes a war we see that for example as well in the first world war and the Austrian or Prussian prince was killed and this started the entire first world war made it blew up so we see here that the peace treaty is entered into and we see there also a marriage going on if you go into history you see that there is also marriage involved and then we see the peace treaty broken which leads to 1798 which is what happens in 1798 the Pope is captured the Pope is who did king of the north he's captured by whom the king of the south so we see the king of the south comes to the king of the north in in order to do revenge right we see there is a peace treaty the king of the south was fooled the peace treaty is broken and now the king of the south comes to retaliate against the king of the north so we see here here this is the time period where the King of the South wins so the same we will see now in this history here so we covered verse 6 this is the history of Loudy spenny's and the Antioch thieves where basically the marriage goes on and then afterwards everyone is killed and then we read now verse 7 we'll back to Rick we shall come with a normal man 20 the portrait of the king of the north and shall deal against him and shall prevail okay so when it says add but out of the fringe of her roots shall one stand up in his estate what is her branch her roots whose to her its Bernice because the subject in verse six is Bernice cuz she is the king the daughter of the King of the South who is given into marriage but then she is being killed and now somebody out of her branch or roots comes up to retaliate so what is the her branch what are her roots where's she from she is from the king of the south so we should see now somebody standing up in the king of the south coming to retaliate against what she what was done to her let me see and who is that that's actually her brother which is Ptolemy I got I got rid meatus I'm sorry I jury this thank you does name throw me off I'm Pam would you read verse eight please of Daniel 11 and shall also carry captains into each of their guards with their princes and with their precious vessels of and he shall continue more years than King and please also verse number nine number nine so the King of the South shall come into his kingdom and shall return into his own land so I suggest that the verse number nine is just a summary of what is happening in verse seven and eight so verse seven and eight give us the details and verse nine just tells us that the King of the South comes now in the territory of the king of the north and goes back but the verses seven and eight give us the details what happens in verse eight the king of the north is plundered we see precious vessels of silver and of gold being taken so the King of the South goes up to the king of the north he revenge's his his pre-broken peace treaty he comes back and he brings all kinds of treasures with him so when you look in history or common sense when a marriage how did it usually go in ancient days I know today it's not the same anymore but when of a girl was given into marriage what was normally given into marriage with her dowry that's how you say it okay so also in ancient times she was given or Bernice was given a lot of wealth precious stones or a precious silver and gold was given with her so when she died all this wealth was still up there but the king of the south comes now her brother comes and takes all of these things back and we will read the quote from actually no we won't it's too long of a quote we will just end here and tomorrow we will start from that on and just to give you an overview of where we add we are at at the right we are we're retracing the steps of the midnight cry in the past years we went over 2014 echo 7 verse 9 2015 the opening of the most holy place we're right now in 2000 2016 where the dismissed the Lord has removed his hand the mistake is discovered and this light is being opened up once we're done with this we will go into the year 2018 and we will see what is being discovered there we will go into the date sistered test has been sharing with us here recently and will will bring more context to those states just to keep us updated where we add in our our studies Brittany sister and Julia would you mind praying you touch our monies or as we study your word you look and look for truthful and credible lead us on that path that you set before I pray for all those who watch the classes Lord that you bless them and bless them understand as well bless this day Lord and bless the work of our hands whatever it may be