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you okay before we go and start our class will go to over to our chart project does anyone have more dates and sources Kathy may 1857 first testimony page 141 first TM right one teeth okay 21:41 141 and it's when sister why he talks about the church being in the Laodicean condition that's the first time she's saying it was her first fighting five okay within that it does say the danger of God's people for a few years past has been a long okay so she's actually pointing back as well so I'll just labeled laude SIA will Odyssey end condition oh thank you okay Larry I think you got some yeah I have five well okay I'll just put the dates and then we'll go through a verse nineteen nineteen familiar one nineteen nineteen nineteen fifty-seven another familiar one 1957 1959 1959 1977 1977 another familiar one 2001 okay so 1919 we all know it's the doctrine of Christ it was August 9 1919 August August 9/9 interesting a lot of night and then the next one was 1957 questions on doctrine yeah it doesn't have a specific date so but that's linked with Frieda you got Leroy's room all these individuals who put this book together okay and then the next one I found variant in 1959 I'm gonna read it it's from the National Council of Churches okay which is directly linked with the World Council of Churches and so the seventh-day Adventist Church does hold voting membership in several of our program units an addition has non voting for associate membership in other units now listen to this in 1959 the General Conference of the seventh-day Adventist Church sent a total of six thousand seven hundred dollars towards the support of these program units to which it has one relationship or the other this amount was divided as follows twelve hundred for the broadcasting and Film Commission one thousand for the church world service in Asia and four thousand five hundred for foreign missions so this is a economy like what that commendeth see yes so come and go that way remembers this proves that they are because this letter was written January 29th 1960 but it shows that in 1959 they sit all this money to them okay would you mind sending me that document sure so that we have a source for this so senator the next one was 1977 that is that the General Conference of a seventh-day Adventist Church presents a gold medal to Pope Paul the 7th and when you look at this medal all the symbolism on this but I'm not going to go into because it's way too long it's a big article but it is it looks just like the papacy this medal that they give it as clouds it has lightning bolts as a angels and as Jesus without a crown all kinds of symbolism gold medal like like gold coin okay how do you print out a spell that metal da L M et al mu da on metal um hope there's another metal but I didn't have time to find the second one okay thank you so then we know 2001 is spiritual formation and that's in September okay eighteen sixty three twenty five twenty twenty five twenty reject it and you found that in say the page again and 323 343 349 okay anyone else proud of you guys today if you find more tomorrow that would be awesome once we're done with this here gonna clean this up and make a nice line again because it's getting messy not enough space okay yes but for those who are here like myself um what is exactly these homework assignments okay so what we're doing is what I said was the following that often we do state that the church sort of has went into apostasy and we give dates but often we don't know like where do we find that when people look for it what's going on so the project we're doing is that we're creating a chart called desolation of Jerusalem and we're looking for all the dates where we usually mark or where we see that the church has gone in apostasy and we want also the sources so yeah we can actually show it then to people prove it yeah and we're not only looking for dates where we see apostasy but also in really a Miller's tech dream we see how he's trying to the flood which comes in with the false coins he's trying to stop it we know that in this time period there have been people who are who have tried to stop the desolation of Jerusalem like somebody like Andrea's and for example so if you find dates where something like that happened we will also place that on this chart so yeah thank you very much for the participation so what we're doing in class is that we are looking at our history again and we are looking specifically at the development of the midnight cry message so so far we've went to 2014 we looked at s verse 7 verse 9 and what it did to our lines what changed we saw that beforehand we had a big line reaching from 1989 911 sandy law to loud cry Daniel 12:1 and Ezra 7 9 helped us to understand that we take this history here the merits and replace it under the Protestants meaning all the symbols we have in here started to come in here and we've started to see all the numbers and symbols and stories being added into this time frame from 9/11 to the sandy law and we saw since 2014 starting to yeah using extra 7 9 now adding all these lines how the light exploded and yesterday we spent time with that we showed how this is 2014 is October 22nd 1844 we have the third angel arriving in October 22nd 1844 as well as we see that the middle writes understand the work of Christ or the sanctuary and they saw how Christ was now ministering in the most holy place we see the most holy place being open we saw how in Ezekiel 1 verse 1 the fifth day of the fourth month can be placed here in 2014 is midway and we should expect a temple or the most holy place to be open and we see that happening in the year 2015 and so yesterday we went over here and we saw how the most holy place was opened and what what opens the most holy place for us what was the punchline of that if you recall okay as for seven verse nine yes but what do we always use lines it's different lines we use all the stories which help us to locate symbols which we see in the most holy place therefore we can when we study these lines and put them line upon line together we can see the most holy place just for an example we use the story of Samuel and how Sam U is called in Samuel 3 and he is called Samuel Samuel which we see is the midnight high or we already knew this is the midnight cry so we can place Samuel here and we know from ly that Samuel was a judge a priest as well as a prophet so when we look in the most holy place and we look at the Ark of the Covenant we see the rod of Aaron which is the priesthood we see the law of or Moses writings which is Moses was a prophet and then we see the law of God the two tables of stone which is a judge so this is just a brief example for those who were not here how we take those lines those stories and how to explain the most holy place to us so we looked at that yesterday and today I and I told you that brother Noel had drew this picture it was because of this experience here we had at the camp meeting the walls of the vineyard in 2015 and this was quite a profound time to be part of that experience it was really cool and I told you guys yesterday that seemed like we were that we've forgotten about all of these things the way how the Lord has led us today and we need to review this time period and bring it back into our memory we went to if you remember and recall we went to the quote where my talks about that the Jewish people didn't accept John because they didn't accept John they didn't accept Christ and therefore they were not benefited by what Pentecost and then she like does a parallel to the middle-right line it says those who did not accept the first angels message rejected the second and could therefore not be benefited by the midnight cry it's interesting that she doesn't say the third angels message but she always addresses here the outpouring of the Spirit of God so and what does she say about the midnight cry what should have let the people to understand where were the people going into in October 22nd 1844 with Christ the most holy place so she says the most holy place would have shown them the way into I sorry the midnight cry would have shown them the way into the most holy place and we see that those Protestants who did not accept the midnight cry message they ended up staying in the holy place and ended up praying to Satan while those who moved with Christ in the most holy place continued in this history and were established and later uncreated to church so we see the midnight cry in our time period starting in 2014 and we see how it shows us the way into the most holy place by these lines and yesterday I repeat it one more time we see how people reject these several way marks we see how people now start to say from 1989 to 9/11 they're rejecting these messages therefore we see how they reject this time period here from 9/11 to 2014 where the foundation was being laid we see people disregard the old truths as well as the messenger chosen in this time period which leads them to cast away the foundations which also nine nine eleven is one of them and people say now 9/11 is a type it's still to come in the future we see this happening when you reject the first you reject the second and you will not be part of the midnight cry and we're seeing when the midnight cry comes and swells into a loud cry people are leaving the ship they're disregarding now public evangelism their undoing espera seven nine and what was done with the lines they're not believing in the lines as we saw yesterday a lot of lines were needed to be understood in order to see the most holy place and people today say that we place the lines above the Bible so they even disregarding line upon line which tells them or which concludes that they cannot look in the most holy place they do not understand it and in 2016 we already talked about the mistake of the middle rights as well as a mistake in our time period and how it's designed to cause an experience where God's people have to go through and we see in 2016 as soon as we understand that the king of the south is not just a Sunni Union the USSR but Russia itself and that America the king of the north had only conquered the territory of the king of the south only coming up to the capital but not the complete king of the south this mistake was discovered in 2016 when the Lord removed his hand but right in this time period we understand that the king of the south is Russia people come up with a paper saying the king of the south is America so we're seeing even here those people are also starting to reject the experience in this time period so what we were going to do is now we don't have finished looking at the most holy place and the fact that had as well as then we continue and look at the light which came out in 2016 we're going to look at Daniel 11 1 2 15 or 16 in a brief way and then for the remaining classes I have this week we will look at the messages from 2018 as the climax of the midnight cry for us so you have the paper with the most holy place there's the second paper I gave you this paper shows different studies which were done I think people can also download it down from the notes and there in the back there no more notes if people need so this paper was the conclusion we came to after the camp meeting we went into we had a trimester and we went into studying those subjects further so at the bottom where you see the two angels and the Ark of the Covenant this is this year you have the angel one at 9/11 do you have the other angel at the Sunday law and interesting is when you study you see that their wings are actually I think ten cubits the widths they're off if I remember correctly and we already have the number ten here and I told you yesterday don't those sticks that they are actually going this way the way how it's depicted in the picture but at the walls of the Wynyard camp-meeting we like to draw it this way because it showed very nicely the joining of the two sticks the priests and levites excuse me God's people in 11th hour workers by that time and okay so when you have what is this here the Shekinah glory and what is the Shekinah glory the presence of God well what else does my say who lives here who has a seat there no one knows that's where God's throne is isn't it just Shekinah glory his presence it is his throne the mercy seat so when you when you understand that this is his throne this brings us to Elm White's first vision this is just a brief review and I think we're familiar with it when you have Elm White's first vision she's in heaven and she sees the tree of life but how does the tree of life look like somebody know yeah you just have to look at the picture so Elm white sees a river and then she sees the tree growing on one side but then on the other side as well and somehow they're connected on both branches so branches reach over the river and they are connected so if you guys remember where does this river start yeah don't be shy Salo the throne of God so when we have mercy seed as being the throne of God in the most holy place we can connected with the throne of God in heaven and from it comes the River of Life so that's why we have this River here in the middle and then we see how you see it in the picture there the Tree of Life on either side of the river so that's what we conclude it is you have the most holy place and then you can take this picture of the Tree of Life and put it underneath as well my personal personal thought is that this year can depict also the the Jordan because it sort of is Ray 'el Israel is journeying to what country the promised land but what did they have to do before they were able to enter the promised land cross over what the Jordan and I suggest to you that since we this is the crossing of the Jordan right at the midnight cry time period and we see how on this side of the river you have two priests eating from the tree of life the the good fruit the good message and then on the other side you have the Levites eating from the tree of life as well then the third picture we have there what symbolism is this or what chapter in the Bible is this what Indonesia I'm not sure if it says the night or a Zechariah chapter 4 I think it's Zechariah 4 so we have a candlestick with seven flames and we did back then we didn't and I think it was in the year 2016 then in the spring where we did an entire study on how this does this candlestick look like and for those who went to the sanctuary the other day you see that it had always like a blossom and then like an almond in there and then always three at every one every branch okay so you have the burning lamp and what is a lamp his word so when you see the candlestick and you see a lamp what would you suggest this is or what would you think this is you have seven lamps seven burning lights which by the way we're never to do what never to go out okay so the burning lamps they produce light and what is light truth so you would expect that there are seven truths right so when we do a line now we should see seven way marks with seven truth which are never to go out and maybe it doesn't completely line up with the upper line but I suggest that this is 1989 nine eleven midnight the midnight cry the Sunday law and the close of probation Daniel 12:1 and we see how what happened in Samuels story what happened to the candlestick funny it went out because of the lack of Eli of also working with his sons so some of the light went out and I suggest that it's as a priest it's our duty to keep these way marks or the truth about these way marks burning but since 2014 we see the shakings and we see how some people distinguish a light extinguish thank you but our job is to do what we can do it and keep it burning so I think this is a very important and this middle one I suggest is what brother Jeff before years left was pointing out to the between midnight and midnight crab we have this Menace a manifestation of the power of God does from relation 8:1 this fire coming down and here we have as you see in your picture we also have these two trees Zechariah 4 which actually feed the the candlestick so we placed them at the sandela in 911 feeding these lights as well so just for you to explain the history of 2015 beginning of 16 a little bit of what was going on with these papers was really interesting study back then I don't remember all the details but it was really nice okay this being said any questions or thoughts then we'll move on and we'll start with Daniel 11 and I'm honest Daniel 11 is very deep so what we will do is we will do just a summary of all the things we will not go into the very details however trying to understand Daniel 11 makes me now understand better now why Ellen White says that your eyes Smith's book is a helping hand because you are a Smith he actually does the summary for us from this entire history he takes verse by verse and he somehow summarizes it in a way how it's quite understandable so that helped me a lot however I know that when you go more into the details you find amazing stuff as for example sister Tess has or brother Thabo and brother blessing okay so let's read Daniel 11 verse 1 if somebody could read it whose turn let's say we start with you sorry just a Bible verse nutter I swear yet sorry also I'm the first aired area to need ever eyes good to confirm and to strengthen okay where do we place this verse on our way mark on our where do we place this verse on our timeline 1989 since Larry gave the answer he can explain now why so we said Daniel 11 1 is the time of the end what do you mean by that this is in the first year of Darius the Mede and if you do some research you'll see the next what do you mean by its typifying 538 so it is 538 okay what happens in 538 booster riots he's a Meade from the kingdom of the me meets in the person so what happens in the year 538 Babylon is Falls why how now you can take over I understood that Daniel 10 one eight nineteen order and we used to use that to kill time of the envy not only a point of time but a period of time that was my honor said okay so we're not in 798 yet or 1989 we're still 538 what happens there and who takes over so the rides becomes king in 538 Babylon has fallen in he becomes king however we often connect Danny 11:1 with what other verse and Tanisha already was referencing it 10:1 so sister Carol would you mind reading revelation Daniel 10:1 in the Bible and then maybe brother Theodore can explain us why we do this connection of Daniel 11:1 and Daniel 10:1 but we read first diverse and then we will have brother Theodore help us in the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed unto Daniel whose name was Bill to Shazzer and the thing was true but the time appointed was long and he understood the thing and had understanding of the vision okay so it is important to understand when we start a chapter Daniel 11 where we had in history we saw that Daniel 11:1 points us to the riots the first year of his reign and then we always connected this with Daniel 10:1 which is the third year of Cyrus so now we can have brother Theodore explain what why are we doing this well Daniel 11:1 is just it's referring back to years previous mm-hmm - when Daniels having the vision so he's having the vini vision two years after Babylon has fallen mm-hmm and so when it says it's in the third year of Cyrus in chapter 10 that's just the third year that Cyrus is king of lands so when Babylon fell on October 13 539 Cyrus was he's the nephew of dereyes the Meade and Cyrus was the general of the army so he's the one that actually overthrew Babylon and both Cyrus and dryer already Kings Cyrus was king of Persia Dreyse was king of media so in Babylon fell de rious took the title of king of Babylon Cyrus didn't until two years later when drys died then he took that title so there's different ways you can count Cyrus as rain you could say his reign as the king of Persia his reign as king of Lance where his reign as king of Babylon so he had three different titles that were used so the one that's being used here in Daniel 10:1 it's talking about the third year since Babylon fell or the third year of Cyrus as king of lands that make sense it's sort of if I can summarize a 538 / 9 you're suggesting depending on what calendar you look at the rise takes over Babylon Cyrus was the general taking down Babylon but the rise takes the primarily the throne with cool ruling with Cyrus though that's not cool yeah so Dhiraj is actually king of Babylon there yeah Cyrus is not king of Babylon until dryest dies dies so when it says in the 3rd year of Cyrus king of Persia what year is that the 3rd year since Babylon fell so didn't start a year 536 right Daniel 10:1 536 because it's in the spring so it's so why do we have two dates and we mark them both at the time of the end well there's actually two different periods that are being marked the 70 years for the Bab Babylon and the 70 years of the captivity so did a few years apart so this is the 70 year for Babylon if I'm not mistaken right yeah it's 70 years for Babylon yep and that's the one from Jeremiah 25 Jeremiah 25 yeah I can't remember the verse that's okay 11 the other ones in Babylon and this is the 70 year captivity yeah so that's the end of second chronicles 36 they're like nine I can't remember in verse 21 onwards 19 to 21 and talks about that seven years 25 11 and second chronicles 36 21 and onward 1999 on earth yeah it talks about that whole thing it's actually the same as the beginning of Azra chapter 1 and second chronicles 36 repeat the same verses okay so I hope everyone got that we have two different dates two different Bible verses mark them both at the time of the end reason being or reason for that is because we have two time prophecies I'm under 70 years of the supremacy of Babylon which comes to a conclusion when Babylon Falls and their eyes takes over marking the time of the end as well as we have a 70 year time 70 year time period of the captivity of God's people in Babylon coming to an end 5:36 when cyrus takes the throne understands his mission and leaves the captive or lets them free which is the reformed line of the three decrease does that make sense is it some point enough that way and this I suggest points out or establishes the point sustained Tunisia was before making mate before it is that the time of the end is not necessarily always at a point in time but a period of time okay so we have now we understood now Daniel 11 verse 1 verse 1 we connected it with Dan nail 10 verse 1 and we know that we're located at the time of the end so sister cat excuse me sister Cassie would you mind reading now prophets and Kings page 556 prayer had been offered in the first year of Darius the median monarch whose general Cyrus had rested from Babylonia the scepter of universal rule the reign of Jiraiya is honored at Badr to Hamlisch sent the angel Gabriel to confirm and to strengthen him Daniel 11 1 upon his death within about two years of the fall of Babylon Cyrus succeeded to the throne and the beginning of his reign marked the complete 70 years since the first company of Hebrews have been taken by Nebuchadnezzar from their Judean home the Babylon it is just an my quote to prove to 70 years of captivity ended when Cyrus took the throne Daniel 10 1 which is time of the end and she connects it with Daniel 11 verse 1 so we are at the time of the end let's move on now to Daniel 11 verse 2 and Julia would you mind reading verse 2 in the Bible because I don't have the Bible verses in this setting of notes and now I shall be the truth behold they shall stand up yet three kings in Persia and the fourth shall be far richer than they all and by his strength through his riches see Chester all against the wrong operation okay so now I think Gabriel gives this vision what sorry explains his vision or talks to Daniel so he just showed Daniel where he's located he's located at the time of the end and now in verse 12 a two he tells him now now that I told you where you are located in history now I tell you what is truth and what is this truth what is going to come three kings is that true four kings four kings are supposed to come so and what there's a disk there's a distinguished distinction sorry I'm struggling with the English this morning there's a distinction this morning okay it's early in the morning we're all tired I know so there's a distinction between the three three first kings and the fourth King what is that distinction far richer and what shall I do stir up the realm against of critic against stir up against the realm of creature I must apologize okay so we're at the time of the end and we connected Daniel 11 1 verse 1 with Daniel 10 verse 1 and we know that Cyrus is ruling he's at the time of the end now we want to count 3 Kings so we have Cyrus here who is the king of excuse me after Cyrus can be seized would be the first one then who comes after can be seized false murders murders it's the second one the third one is to rise and the fourth one a hash of eros whoa I don't know sorry aah eh you like this something like that okay those names throwing up but it has severe his name was also sexist art x-axis sorry I believe that was the x-axis sexist the grade those names for me up but that was the guy with Esther right the book of Esther okay so and this is the study now where we saw the last four presidents of the United States just to remind us we had those four and this guy here he's steering up the realm of Grisha so he is a far richer and he stirs up okay and we lined up those four presidents with whom or wait let's read first quote from breadsmith shaquita would you read the first paragraph the angel of the city that he's good in the first year derives to confine and distribute and turn to the teachers in the future three to three kings shall stand showing its and in Persia to say that means to rain three kings for entering in Persia was burned jobless for the immediate successors of Cyrus these were can be seen son of Fighters murders and imposter and Darius okay so we we see the three kings and Tanisha would you mind reading about the fourth the board shall be far richer than Babel the fourth came from Cyrus with certain ease more famous for his riches than his generalship I'm conspicuous in history for the Magnificent campaign he organized against Alicia and his failure in that enterprise he was to spare of all against the realm of Krisha never before had there been such a levy of men for warlike purposes never has there been since his army according to Herodotus who lived in that age consisted of five million two hundred and eighty-three thousand two hundred and twenty men and not content with staring off the eastern door he enlisted the Carthaginians of the West in his service who took the field with an additional army of 300,000 men raping his entire force to the almost fabulous number of over five million and a half as Earth sees look over the last concourse he is said to have blacked out the thought that in a hundred years from that time not one of all those men thank you so we see how historically we see those four kings can be seized force murders their eyes and circuses and we see that circuses in history was the guy who stirred up all the realm of Grisha and Grisha existed or Grisha was several states or kingdoms within creature and he's staring up all these kings and states and he brings as you see he brings up immense amount of people to war against Grisha but what happens to his army they fail and he pretty much loses everything and this is also the story where you have the 300 Spartans the 300 Spartans they face this army of circuses so just to remind us we line those up with with another history and those were the first for Roman rulers and the question is why can we do this so before we say asked why I suggest what are the four Roman rulers we mark here line upon line if you remember the study under the four last precedence which came up in the Year 2015 after the most holy place was open up Pompeii is the first one I think this way then who's Julius and then Augustus and Tiberius okay now that we have the names now we can ask the question why can we line these two lines underneath each other repeat in enlarge that's what I know so these are the next for mentioning in this sequence 1162 22 it's an interesting thought yet we have the first we have four kings in a medium Persian Kingdom pointed out and then when you go from then the 1115 slash scuse me 16 and onward you see the history of the Roman rulers Pompey onward to Tiberias somewhere in the 22 the leak though is there - okay so so we can line them up there was another thought I had because we to put a third line here and what is this line about what country the US where does design start 1989 time of the end and then we see three kings coming and then there's something special about this fourth one what king is here so we have Reagan cut like this with an A en okay one person slowly our our thank you Reagan who's the next month push it says senior brush senior then Clinton yep and then Trump yep yep that's not the question she asked she asked who was after Reagan and that's why I answer yes senior the answer was correct the teacher messed up so as we have two rulers here Cyrus and the rise we can see also two here at the time of the end mark 1989 we have two the switch or the transformation time period of Reagan and Bush Senior and then Bush Senior he continues from 1980 or 1989 onward to Clinton comes then Bush jr. Obama and Trump and in 2015 we were in this time period where we didn't know who would be the next president but based upon several lines like for example the French Revolution and we're seeing that the populist will become strong again in America just as in the French Revolution and Trump being a published we strongly suggested that Trump would be the next president of the United States okay so this is the next line we put Medes and Persians how many horns do they have and Bible prophecy - we see it they also have two arms I kind of think that's need but you have the meats and the person's two horns so it's a two horn power and therefore we line it up with the United States which is what a tuned horn power which you can see I think here on the chart where we see republicanism and Protestantism the two horns of the United States therefore we take the line of the Medes and Persians and we line it up with the United States however we know that symbols have more than one meaning and we know that there are several powers typifying the United States what is another power typifying the United States friends the two important power revelation 11 and another one which is on the board Rome so how is Rome typifying the United States okay because of both being a republic great another another witness how we can line the two up what did Rome do persecute whom God's people right the breaker of die people will read about that later on in our study and who at the end of this world will persecute God's people Rome again but Rome uses we looked at it and when we looked at the mistake in our time period who is Rome using in our time period to persecute God's people the United States so therefore we can line these free up and we see the Roman words that you have Pompeii Julius gases in Tiberias and what was the what was the way marks we marked with Tiberius what happens in his yes thank you thinking ahead here we see the cross in his time period and we see Tiberius was he liked know what is the word we always use vile thank you so taking these two lines we knew that the president whoever would be now we know it's Trump would be far richer than they all he would stir up the realm of Grisha we said the cross as the son-in-law which would come in his time period where he's ruling and he is a very by a person he's not very liked so do all these characteristics fit with Trump yes we can see that he's far richer it's just google it and you see that he was a richer than George Washington I think he was but well we see that he's very rich buy real estate we see clearly how he's tearing up richer Krisha being what Russia not quite globalist whose Grisha are representing in the Bible the world creatures typifying the world and yeah in our adage so we see does Trump stir up the world I say yes he's doing a pretty good job with death and then we say he will bring that's a new law and we see that he's a very by a person so we see that all the characteristics we see of the last four presidents they actually fit with Trump however we see another line which probably was not that common but I've seen a few speakers to it so we see that the USA is a two horn power therefore we can line it up with medium Persia we see that the who is the USA is the military power of the king of the north it's going to persecute God's people therefore you can line it up with Rome but what else is the United States friends okay yeah I'm not going to go to friends and not of symbol though Israel what was Israel the glorious land so the United States is the glorious land therefore it took defies what the glorious land in the ancient time right so do we have several kings in the ancient glorious land was the first one who was the first king of the United States of the Israel so the next one David and then Solomon and then Solomon's son Rehoboam just put J H what happens under his reign thank you separation of the kingdom basically the kingdom is separated and it doesn't exist in the in that way anymore okay what that's a good point it's been a while that I looked at the study but I think what was pointed out is that when Tiberius comes there's problems with in the rain and the country gets shaken as well as with circuses and when you have Rio p.m. that's when you have civil or the separation of the country and when you come to Trump Trump will and the country of the United States and open up the you know United Nations the Kingdom you have a switch between the kingdom the one dies in the next comes and with Solomon the Kingdom is still okay but with his son when he starts to stand to reign he's stirring up all the country by doing it even worse than his father did with the taxes and then he's producing this anger between the people and then the country gets split it's broken it's not existing anymore you're not seeing it points but I think the the point of the money throws the whole thing over to me because of your saying we went through this the far richer you're richer you're making that point all the way through but then doesn't the Bible say that Solomon was the richest so it's still that doesn't fit them I agree with you so you would be right in that incidence if we look at the symbol of just Farva Church Solomon would be the one far richer however there is a there is a characteristic about this this guy here as well so Augustus what happens in the time period of Augustus taxations what happens in the time period of Obama Texas you guys must know better than anyone and what does Solomon do Solomon raises the taxes due to his amount of wives and their requirements for their temples and everything he raises the taxes immensely which causes this guidin to do it even worse and split the country so when you say far richer yes Solomon is far richer and could go over here however you see also how Solomon fits here due to the taxes and I think brother Marco in this study because he's been doing this study he shows how there is there's also something with the taxes going on this this presentation I think would go a little bit better than if we did lean on the points coming up to that one that's far richer lean on taxes lean on stirs up lean on vile okay because when you get through those three and you've leaned on the whole time far richer then ik then you add in Israel it kind of throws it off okay because there's other ones match fine to me but to me that that one just makes the bottom line just I don't believe it then because I know that did Solomon was richer and we've gone through this whole time right and so rich or richer richer but now no this line doesn't we're gonna make it fit in different way okay thank you for the input yes it's good Jason and then we'll go on with suliman's is that a Sun on Windows wouldn't he be Richard the same amount er yeah because that's not what the Bible says I know we're under state law the Bible wrong you know what I'm saying mama no he wouldn't be logically because taxation doesn't drive well so I I don't agree with Sam he's taking his dad's money or when his dad had to spend the money that's why I'm saying I just the Bible doesn't say that RH was was Richard sorry okay Larry yeah I see a pattern and we already know that patterns are significant in this message and services was Richard Tiberius was not known as being the richest then we have Trump being rich again when she's known to be rich and then now it's back to not known as rich so I see a cabin as we put those four lives together it's correct that there's a pattern based upon the force you put up there but that pattern doesn't match any timeline because those are all different orders yeah it would be actually this you know this you would be like this this yeah so Kathy and then Bob okay then brother Bob um I'm looking at at this this whole thing is realizing that we know that not only do through symbols have more than one meaning but we know that within one one of the time period in history when we look at way marks who different histories as we look at the lines we know that there are certain characteristics that might be in one that are didn't another so they don't have to be in all of them in order for you to put your stamp of approval on it and so there's enough justification by looking at these different histories and seeing through other characteristics that they line up the way we have it presented on the board although when you actually look at the one opponent of being who's the richest it couldn't want to throw it off but but that's not the overriding factor that that's leading us to even come to these conclusions I wasn't arguing a point though the point I was making when I'm going back to what you're saying then Bob the point I was making is not that is that we should present it better than this we should not lean so heavily on that one if that if we're gonna present it in this order okay because it would be easy for someone to find holes in it and my point was is that hey look that may be true and I see the other patterns and I'm not arguing this alignment what I was arguing is is that the the the far richer doesn't fit so we shouldn't be a hammer and that one is the big reason for the all these lines we know lining up that's my point is it doesn't make sense then yeah would it be better to state it in a way where we see we want to see our line the United States right we want to understand the time we live in and we see other lines countries contributing to contributing to the understanding of our line and the line of the Medes and the Persians up here contributes the characteristics of furniture and that it's staring up the line of the Roman emperors contribute the cross as being the person being vile and then here we see this line contributing that this kingdom is split and it all comes together here Trump would that be where it's better way to state it is what I'm saying look at Solomon one is what okay Pam and and everything first and last Washington the rich richest yes yeah and you're right but that again goes back to my point it makes the bottom line duh not not flow right but yeah I mean we can of course when we see different characteristic go after precedents we went in and we started to see even more precedents typifying this last precedence as George Washington or even the First World War Abraham Lincoln with civil war what was this guy will doe with Winstone in the First World War Wilson Woodrow Wilson the st. Rose the world and in the Republicans we understand that they all go down with Trump so those are characteristics which all go in then yep just oh sorry yeah go ahead Rick and then there you know we attributed a lot of these things to personal wealth but it could just be national wealth to you know yes and what is Trump's slogan he says make America great again right so there we have something like that Larry you're just a mile up again in the correct order now to see if we have pattern first one should be writable correct you should be the first line yes so then the next line would be what Tiberius I think this is OK and then Roman okay so this by Barry's bredrin and I think it's the veteran from Africa and Thabo they even extended this study where they even show how you have another line of Roman rulers before Rome was a republic or before they started to have these precedents when they were a republic and then you see actually Pompeii being the last one so they even take lines where where you have even more and then you see how several guys sometimes can be at different places but it's far beyond my understanding to go into all of this I think the way you just explained it each one of those lines develop characteristics and when you put all those lines and then you bring us down to the United States you see that all those characteristics you can take one characteristic from one line and went from another one from another line that it all that all represents in the fullness of what we see in Donald Trump that's the best way you explain it okay praise the Lord it's just air ELISA okay don't worry so all these names we know names in a Bible important because names have meaning and they contribute often to contribute to our understanding so does somebody know what sexes means or sexist had the by name of what his law his title was what the great circus is the great so this x-axis is a great king what does Tiberius mean Tiberius means son of eber and that's not we know what T BER is it's a river in what city in Rome so the T bar is a river in Rome what does we hope you mean we real we are go on sorry free of the people right and wasn't he designed to actually make the burden of the pupil lighter again and they asked him are you gonna have the same yoke as Solomon had or are you gonna lighten it so you were supposed to make them free again what does Donald Trump mean ruler of the world a descendant of a drummer or a trumpet maker okay so we just put for simplicity we put a rule of the world and there's a little sentence which i think is quite nice doesn't mean it is correct but I'll just read it to you conclusion could we say that the last President of the United States is a great king or presidents a son of Rome because we know the United States is the military of Rome which will bring the Sagna law he frees the people because he's a populist and he's the ruler of the world which win will bring the final wall upon war upon the world which should be a warning to God's people so I think that this study is quite profound so we have 15 minutes left and we're starting the next verses I don't know how far we get into it but it's like a new chapter opening up a new chapter let's read verses three to five and I think Bob it's your turn or Carol didn't you read right okay so Bob we want to read Daniel chapter 11 Daniel chapter 11 verses three to five okay and a mighty king shall stand up and shall rule with great Dominion and do according to his will and when he shall stand up his kingdom shall be broken and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven not to his posterity nor according to his dominion which he ruled for his kingdom shall be plucked up even for others besides those the King of the South shall be strong and one of his princes and he shall be strong above him and have dominion his Dominion shall be a great Dominion okay so um in verse 4 who's it talking about now I extended a grape so we will read a quote in a minute where we see that success is so to speak the last great king of media Persia and then we will see how Alexander the Great comes up the that's Alexander the Great come immediately after sexist fails to invade Grisha know how many Kings are in between 9 your eyes miss points out that there are nine kings in between I'm putting 9 here which month which ok I don't know how to go about this but so when we have 9 Kings between circuses and Alexander the Great why doesn't the Bible tell us about it they don't interact with God's people that's probably a really good answer and I suggest in verse 2 we read that gaper says now I will show you the truth so I know mmm no it's not what I know Daniel 10 verse 21 sorry Cathy would you read that Daniel 10 verse 21 but I will show thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth and there is none that holdeth with me in these things but Michael your prints okay what does this verse say I should will show you what the truth dad which is noted in the scripture of truth so the way how it sounds to me is that somebody is just pointing out the important things doesn't mean that there are more things but it's just the important things which Daniel are being giving here so I suggest when we go and enter into Daniel 11 and we see that there are actually nine kings in history between sexes the gray and Alexander the Great we don't need to be worried about it because we are told previously that the scripture will note that what is important to us and we see this as an importance to us and this continues to be important however when Alexander starts to conquer does he conquer also media and Persia yes because we see that here in Daniel 2 right media Persia is taken over by Grisha so when you have nine kings and then Alexander the Great comes along and he conquers the last King the ninth king what would Alexander the Great be the tenth how does he get nine here I Smith yeah do you know what the number is is that I know that some say it's ten but I'm going with nine because it fits perfectly likes end up being a ten counting saying Houston dies including Xerxes the dollar we counting our departed anus I'm not sure I'm you're the expert on that well I don't I've never seen the nine or ten here I just go with your eyes miss he says they're 9 in between and an Alexander the Great comes along and he he conquers medium pair shy he would be the tenth but we also have like if you're saying from Xerxes we also have part exert seas which gives the decree like there was a statement that they don't interact with God's people but our taxis does mm-hmm I would just think the argument why we go from Greece is because Greece is now being introduced with the battle I don't think it has to do with who interacts with God's people it's just weird since Greece is now there because they battle Greece then we go to artx we go to Alexander the Great okay and so that's why they would do that leap but also I'm not sure about this number I have to figure that out tomorrow morning you can enlighten us more on that okay do you want to read the quote from underneath Daniel 11 3 2 5 from Erasmus see you north yeah ok it's the first one on page number 2 yeah the facts stated these verses plainly point to Alexander and the division of his empire see chapter 88 Xerxes was the last Persian king who invaded Grisha and the prophecy passes over the nine successors of Xerxes in the Persian Empire and next introduces Alexander the Great having order overthrown the Persian Empire Alexander became absolute Lord of that Empire in the utmost extent in which it was ever possessed by any of the Persian kings that's from Frodo page 477 his work his Dominion was great including the greater portion of the then-known habitable world and he did according to his will his will led him in BC 323 into a drunken debauch as the result of which he died as the fool diet and his vainglorious and ambitious projects went into sudden total and everlasting eclipse the kingdom was divided but not for his posterity it was plucked up by others besides those within a few years after his death all his posterity had fallen victim to the jealousy and ambition of his leading generals not one of the race of Alexander was left to breathe upon the earth so short is the transit from the highest pinnacle of earthly glory to the lowest depths of oblivion and death the kingdom was rent into four divisions and taken possession of by Alexander's for ablest or perhaps most ambitious and unprincipled generals Cassander lysimachus Seleucus and ptolemy thank you so we see Alexander is this great king in history which stands up in verse four after meets in person the kingdom is descending Grisha is ascending and Alexander the Great is the first powerful or no the first reaching king who actually unites Greece under him and he is creating a huge Kingdom but as he's standing up it says he will be broken or he shall die so to speak and his kingdom will be divided in how many parts and four and what are the generals who divide their Alexander grades Kingdom and for we have Cassandra Lysimachus Seleucus and ptolemy so they're not in the right order in terms of directions on the heaven we will dig into that tomorrow morning however we see why does why does Alexander the Great died because of drinking so let's read the next quote Clayton it would be your turn Christian Temperance and Bible high gent easier to subdue kingdoms than to rule his own spirit after conquering nations this so-called great man fell through the indulgences appetite a victim of in temperance so indulgence of appetite a victim of in temperance and as stated he was he died because he was drinking too much so tomorrow we'll go into it a little bit more but who does Alexander the Great represent at the end of the world Trump or the United States what does Trump not do he doesn't drink he doesn't drink either does any of his family interesting or core so then what time I expect about him yeah no no drinking oh wow that's good I'm not gonna make any of those points I'm just making the direct correlation because she just brought it up yeah yeah so I think it's interesting because beforehand I think was a Pam or somebody suggested maybe it's not the far richer is maybe not his personal wealth but the wealth of the oil was Rick but but maybe the wealth of the kingdom so I suggest maybe the same here so if Trump personally is maybe not drinking but maybe the night-night nation itself is drinking and what is this nation drinking false doctrine the wine of Babylon so let's read in closing revelation 11 s 17 and their verse - Rick yeah something - yes please with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication okay so even though this is past those are the kingdoms in the past in the Dark Ages the kings of the earth somehow the whore made always the kings of the earth drink her wine the wine of Babylon and their drunken and that's why they let her rule her and we know that that debt in 1798 the papacy received its deadly wound but we're seeing how who what chapter is it where tyre sings the song of harlots honey I say yeah but you know what story I mean right so and she's making the kings of the earth being subdued to her again and we're seeing how the papacy already sings again the harlot is singing again and offering to the wine to all the kings of the earth again and we are seeing how the United States since the time period of the Pioneers already is starting to drink this wine we see how the first horn thoughts the horn of pan Protestantism and we know that since 9/11 the Horn of repper republicanism is falling we're seeing how the United States is drinking that wine and it's starting to get dizzy in 1989 we see how Ronald Reagan forgets who the Antichrist is he forgets the role of the Pope or he has a misunderstanding of who the anti-crisis means starting to side with the Pope so we're seeing how they're starting to be drunken and I suggest Alexander the Great being Trump or the United States gets drunken and because of his in temperance II because of the drunkenness it will die I'm know that in Bible prophecy the kingdom of the United States will so to speak die to make room for the Kings to rule the world to give their Kingdom for one hour to the Beast does that make sense okay so I think we're close here at this point and then we'll pick up tomorrow at this point and we'll go into this history pen would you pray for us I say a 23 verse 15 thank you