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I mean we're in Hebrews chapter eight yesterday and we read from chapter verse ten for this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws into their mind and I'll write them in their hearts they should be and I will be to them a god and they shall be to me of people but I want to back up a little bit so if we begin from verse 6 that's an actual break in the chapter but now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant which was established upon better promises if that first covenant had been faultless then should no place have been sought for the second for finding fault with them he says behold the days come saith the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah not according to the Covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of egypt because they continued not in my covenant and i regarded them not saith the lord but this is the covenant that i will make with the house of israel after those days saith the lord will put my laws into their mind write them in their hearts they'll be to them a garden they should be to me a people they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying know the lord for all shall know me from the least to the greatest and oh yeah we'll go to the end for I will be merciful to unto merciful to their unrighteousness and that and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more in that he say it's a new covenant he has made the first old now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away Peter says of Paul's writing they difficult if everybody agrees with that why they why he's writing so difficult is it because he's a complicated writer or is he because he did brilliant makes it difficult white his writings complicated he speaks like Christ didn't let make it let's just go to second Peter 3:15 just to see how Peter describes it second Peter 3:15 an account that the long-suffering of our Lord is salvation even as I beloved Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him has written unto you as also in all his epistles speaking in them of things in which are some things hard to be understood which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest as they do also the other scriptures unto their own destruction what does that mean to you what about if you're an earnest learn the secret of the truth his writings difficult then are they hard to be understood you're only seeker for truth that's right this is classes so they're two classes so my question is if you're on the good side he's writing hard to understand so there's no down to my question okay so you agree with sister shamila so I presume everybody finds the scriptures easy so that means you're all on the bad side thing if you're gonna make that statement if you're gonna make that assertion because the unlearning of the wicked the ones who are not wise unknowing it means not wise so that means we're all wicked then so everyone's a tear however you want to describe it if you find his writings easy yeah so ignorant is the opposite of being wise we're going to take that prophetic you said yourself there are two classes so the two classes there must be a wise class who and who are learn learn it and if you're going to say that it's the learning that find it hard that means the other ones must find it easily this is on the B was the word rest mean nobody else Miller French to wrench or to torture so they they get his words and they torture them pervert when he says you you wrench it's not a spanner wrench ways with the wrench okay twist you pull it out of its context why is he's writing so difficult we stalking boy and they discovered well I said that there's there's an element of not only this writing necessarily but instead of profiting places to learn if it means we understood in the context of what is going to occur and what God's doing at the very end of time because there's a lot of things that even a few months ago for you a couple years ago we didn't understand but we're understanding now and did it mean that we weren't trying to understand it at that time is because God has a time and a purpose for everything and I see him revealing these truths to his people now here at the end of time okay I think there are two reasons at least two reasons why he's writings are difficult to understand all those answers were correct one of them is something that we've already discussed it's this theme between the church and the world and the church and the world so I'm just going to do it that way not gonna explain it any further because we've only up spoken about this before and this throws everything out of kilter the church Adventism could never have imagined that God would now look at upon them at the end of the world and think they're totally lost and undone and he's going to consider them not through retribution but through mercy that they're as good as the world because you know we can say it in so many different ways this is Babylon another way of expressing Babylon we're worse than Babylon because we're voluntarily gone into the world and committed whoredoms with the world so this is taken everyone by surprise and it seems to be taking our church by surprise and I think it also takes some of us in the movement by surprise so that's one of the things that makes it difficult to swallow what Paul is teaching if you don't see that theme running through his epistles summer things just don't make sense so the the church in the world in the church in the world do you understand what that means sister I wasn't going to progress because we've already done this this is them this is us this is later seer with the world and this is Ephesus with the world by the way you know if we take the Scriptures as read linearly when does Paul begin his ministry if we're going to bring it to an end time application if you just took it all sequentially where would we mark the beginning of his ministry he calls himself the apostle to the Gentiles yet we know that so where would his ministry be be Sunday Lord is everybody okay with that yeah because he comes into ministry in a t-34 and a t-34 is the division between the gospel going to the Jews and to the Gentiles that 490 in the 1810 and half of his epistles after the New Testament I don't mean literally half who's he directing who's his target audience obviously it would be the Gentiles with the rain that I'm talking about the half sorry the Jews so we say Adventism closes his probation when at the Sunday law so how can you begin to Adventist and trying to induce them seduce them invite them to come into Ephesus when it's already too late so that says that's a complication about this the whole way he frames this so when we read his writings if you don't understand how to repeat in a large or combine histories together you're going to come to all strange doctrines and one of them is that after the Sunday law what is there hope for there's hope for SD ace because the probation hasn't really closed if you follow the Ministry of Paul sequentially so they want to go into further further into that if people can conceptualize that anybody struggling with that idea that it's it's an it's a difficulty that you have to address we're in the book of Hebrews it's two Hebrews what is the point of writing to Hebrews after the 34 ad there's no point if you can say 34 ad is the Sunday law so then you have to start doing fractals and then you have to start combining things together it becomes complicated so what White's apparently seem a simple line that we have sudden becomes complicated and there are people who are saying our line is very simple and straightforward and the methodology you use for one example can be used in another example and it just can't be does that make sense so if you were going to combine that work where would you place a d-34 in our line sorry midnight midnight cry can we see why that would be we'll take out we'll take out no we'll do Sunday law we've got nine eleven Sunday law close of probation so if we just use that as a template for the priests what would this one be for the priests this would be midnight and this would be okay I'll cool it yeah I'll just call it that then ppm and then this would be 90 Levin but for Adventists the whole church what would this marker be this would be Sunday law I call that midnight cry so then this would be midnight cry french-english midnight cry and the game this would be ninety eleven can you see how depending on the point that you're trying to make how you would use the lines so you could see that it would be this line here 27:34 and yeah we'll go with seventy here that this would be at this scale where you go to the still going to the levites and now you're introducing the Gentiles into the story so it's not that straightforward to say that you can just take things linearly give one more example when you go to Daniel 4245 yeah do everybody notice Daniel 11 if you're not careful you would assume that all of this is happening sequentially some of it is and some of it is not so let's let's run this sequential e I'm not going to read the verses because we're familiar with it so what would be the first event verse 40 yeah so I'll call that one a and 1 B because you've got to date 1798 1989 but this is not just 1989 is it this is going to take you through midnight through midnight cry and 41 would be number two yeah so this is the United States and this is Russia and France what's 42 the world I put ww worldwide and what's 43 just the world it really agree with that so what's 44 so this is the message and this one 45 what's happening there but there's more in the verse than this coming to his end maybe we'll read that then and he shall plant the tabernacle his Tabernacles of his palace between the Seas in the glorious holy mountain yet he shall come to his end and none shall help him so it's not just COP coming to his end can I say that there's a fight yeah between the king of the north and who the glorious holy mountain and if you run if you run that back to Daniel chapter 2 this glorious holy mountain is what okay it's a stone kingdom yeah it's a stone that's cut out that grows so we could put the stone and can we put the church triumphant so you can see progression in verse 45 so if we start running this linearly or sequentially we're going to get into problems you know big problems because we identify this as the close of probation but we know that the close of probation is what so a progressive it's a progressive thing so if we go to these verses in particular where did these begin so right back here everybody cannot see that if I ask somebody they could they would tell me why they see that Grover Richard - years you begin to have his power over the entire world so you mean a world into context there's you at least you can Li see 911 in that and then then the tidings are decent out of the North that brings you to time again so you're saying these ones here these verses are sort of the messages I'm sorry okay just these one yes okay I thought you said something else before so tidings out of the eastern North knows oh yeah do you bring in 43 ounces so you wouldn't you want to drop them further back yes you do as well so you and bring them at verse 40 yeah yes so sorry so you want to bring 42 to 45 beginning here and they run through is that how you saying that yes everybody agree with that no do you remain a fence for your case I was looking at verse 43 but when he said he should have power over the treasures of the gold and silver know with all the precious thing is in Egypt and the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be it steps out I'm saying as the the progressiveness well you at least you could see a part of it because when the kings of the earth starts and you know come into the picture so when the kings of the earth start coming into the picture in 911 in a picture so that's the earliest you gonna see them at 19 I said I could see them there yeah that's the earliest thing you can see there in 911 probably not before that or after I think it may be before if I haven't really in my brain I always just thought of 911 is something like I see them I don't think about 1989 so before we're their elder Jeff make his point let's just go to this board for a second because we discuss this if you remember because we were braced on we didn't clean up this board if you go to Isaiah 46 verse 10 it's not on the board Isaiah 46 verse 10 visitors didn't don't come to afternoon classes they're maybe not aware of this what do we show from Isaiah 46:10 what we saw it was a repeat and enlarge yeah we saw it was a message that was given in in the darkness in the captivity predicting future punishment upon Babylon at the time of the end yeah so this is the destruction of Babylon when you going to chapter 47 at the time of the end and how did we break down first ten verse 10 you know you're worrying me verse 10 looking at verse 10 declaring the end from the beginning and from the ancient times of things that are not yet done so we've that we did a kite we did a chiastic structure on this and repeat and enlarge so someone quickly run through that the sequence of the verses begins with that's right and and beginning a new times and not yet so we saw it was repeating in large and we can do this and we can do this so when it talks about the beginning and the end a biblical definition of what n means it's not any kind of end n means not yet and then we picked up the phrase not yet and we ran it through revelation 17 and it and it applies it's using the number of different verses but not yet in revelation 17 is the future - revelation 17 we've got that we remember that so when we said it's the futures revelation 17 revelation 17 is head number 6 is everybody keeping up yeah so you'd not yet sorry let me that's not the correct way to do the graphic so I'm saying end equals not yet bring revelation 17 it says it was is and not yet and there is is number 6 and so not yet by definition his number is number 7 so we pick that up so Isaiah 46 verse 10 it's talking about the history when you get to the seventh kingdom not the sixth so we did that then we said what when he talked about the end we're saying this is the end of the world and the end of the world begins where at the time of the end so what we developed was a logic that said here you can see the seventh kingdom coming into focus at the time of the end using the proof texting from Isaiah 46 verse 10 so let me just take some of this out them is extraneous so we see the ultimate or the end of Isaiah 46 right here we have the Sunday law the seventh kingdom has come this is the ten Kings and we know that national ruin is preceded by so we have to see a connection between apostasy and ruin so we mark in the ruin of the sixth Kingdom here at the Sunday law and it's preceded by national apostasy and we said perhaps it's the blue laws is that 19th supposed to be there so we've made that connection but we're teaching now that the seventh kingdom or the transition from the sixth of the seven happens before that and if we're going to run through that logic I'm saying that the seventh kingdom begins at 1989 so we've got 1989 here we've got the seventh kingdom and so just going through this graphic we've got seventh kingdom in 1989-90 11 midnight cry and Sunday law and what we can see is a cascading fall of the sixth kingdom as you begin in 1989 and go all the way to the Sunday law and what we did is we connected each of those four way marks 89 to Sunday law which was ruin with apostasy so you know there could be other apostasy but we marked 1982 a 1982 is what Ray when united states sent their ambassador to the US and then what we saw was this event here becomes the apostasy that leads to the fore so that's what those red lines are you see this cascading so 1989 becomes the apostasy that leads you to 9/11 9/11 East arms 48 times 83 the 9/11 becomes the apostasy that brings you to midnight cry and midnight cry becomes the apostasy that leads you to the Sunday law it's not coincidence that it's the seventh kingdom and he happens four times so we only began to scratch the surface of this so if that's correct then 1989 the time of the end is where you begin to see the Kings assembling together because right here plus or minus year George Bush is gonna stand up and say we already have the New World Order it's already here the New World Order by definition is the one-world government we see it going into effect here at 9/11 and we can again see it at the midnight cry the midnight cries is a is the one that we pick up specifically why do we pick up that one specifically why do we target the midnight cry I've got solid here what's the reason for that I'm using the logic of Daniel 11 verses 1 to 4 the transition from whom either Persia to Greece that's where you when you when you overlay that on this line you know that this one is the real market where you really transition from six to the seventh Kingdom so I don't know if that was the logic that you were using to say that this worldwide when he begins to take control takes you right back to verse fourteen ldj I never was in that class where you did that I don't have a problem with the logic that you set forth in degrees or something that has been taught all the way through that in verse 40 it's the story of the beast the dragon and the false prophet they're all there in verse 40 the king of the south is the dragon the king of the north is the beast and the chariot ships in the worst matter of false prophet but symbols have more than one meaning so to defend my answer earlier on in that story you also have the that healing of the deadly wound and based upon the fact that pagan Rome had to conquer three obstacles and papal Rome had to conquer three obstacles modern Rome and those verses has to conquer three obstacles and those three obstacles are finally conquered by verse 43 and verse 44 the tidings out of the east and north is the third angel's message and the third angel's message the way we're understanding it now can probably be marked at the prediction before midnight as arriving so verse 44 is back there in verse 40 at minimum at the prediction before midnight so I what I didn't understand what he was saying if that's what he was saying I get that logic but one of the things those verses symbolized is the three full conquering that precedes the complete restoration of modern Rome so if we understand the work of progression whenever white uses the phrase perfect perfectly fulfilled how do we understand that what do we understand that phrase means perfectly fulfilled sorry complete is that how everybody understands it completed so I would make the assertion that 9/11 the second angels message was fulfilled and if you understand this phrase perfectly fulfilled as to mean complete or come to its end and you understand this in the nature of progression I would say that in ninety leaven the second angels message was fulfilled perfectly and what I mean by that is that if we're not careful we end up doing this if this was Miller right history and this is our history and we have revelation 14 verse 8 in Revelation 18 verse 2 we end up making the second angels message two different things because she says the fall of Babylon here was incomplete or not perfect and this she'll be perfectly fulfilled at the end but I want to suggest the the way we should be approaching this is the second angels messages a singular message that spanning two dispensations or at this scale just single dispensation dispensation of Adventism and it's only a singular message it begins here and when it begins is it a perfect message is the second angels message perfect was it perfectly fulfilled in millerite history it has to have been otherwise the Miller rights could not have gone through a reform line they didn't do its perfect work it could never have accomplished anything for them because then you couldn't have a third if your daddy has done half of its job he has to run its course and do this work perfectly but when she went out the white talks about it wasn't perfectly fulfilled but it will be she's talking about the beginning and the and the end it's not talking about a repeat it's talking about a continuum when she spoke clearly it means it'll become to its end but you need to have a beginning and I'm saying all of this and this scale is the perfect work of the second angel now if we jumped scales back to our own history and say this is not Miller right history but this is 911 and this is Sunday law you have the same dynamic the second angels message is perfectly fulfilled here at 911 but it's work isn't complete until you get to the Sunday law and you might argue that it might even be further on which I think you can develop an argument to actually take it to close of probation but just leave it at that level now what people want to do is make these two separate things why would they want to do that because they want to introduce the concept of typology that this was one fulfillment and there's a second fulfillment we should know better than approaching our reform line in that way because to do that destroys the concept of progression sisters Cathy be similar to when when the progression goes as far as live when we plant something and at each stage they're perfectly and as we have progressed through time we know that the Miller right period was it was perfect but in our time that will be the end and it will be perfectly fulfilled as as when the corn is fully ripened they're always perfect at each stage but then this is the climax of the perfection of God so could I use the word maturity it comes to them it comes to maturity this thing that's been progressively moving across or moving through history the reason why this is important to understand is because when if we can make the case that the one-world government here begins here at the time of the end and progresses through until you get to it it comes to a place where it becomes mature or its completion and the work of the message ties out the eastern North have the same effect and this war between the king of the north and the glorious holy mountain the stone also comes to its perfect fulfillment you can see that to understand these verses sequential E one after the other brings you to gives you problems so is everybody agreed with this at that level disregarding those verses now if you drop back and go to the beginning of Daniel 11 when we talk about raffia and pallium what are the verses that we're going to pick up now that are going to mirror this see so much out the verses to me I've got 1798 89 midnight and midnight cry sister this step if these are sequential yeah behind everybody else does I guess I will okay my Daniels has been in class but but I think verse 10 if I'm remembering the evening to this fortress part correctly let's go back to here so we've got verse 789 rubber it it I was trying to do this quickly with everybody just this is what I make a point I don't want it's not it's not an education to go through the verses so I'm just expecting people to throw out the answers 15:13 Sunday doe so if you're not familiar with them you can put them write them down and and you know go over that again so this Sunday Lori's what what verse are we in when we bring up come up back to these so this is 41 and this is so there this is all 40 so people are coming up with the idea that when you run through these verses and it's all sequential that teaches us that when you approach any Bible story for instance so I'm 23 or these verses of endtime prophecy Daniel in the first few verses that are repeating a large of these verses that you can run things sequentially and that's the way you're supposed to approach our reform line but the problem with that is everybody agrees that there's a sequence here 1 & 2 but what not what's not being considered is all of these and if you come under the misconception that you're going to take these verses and just run because you can run them sequentially but everything else must run sequentially you come to wrong answers wrong conclusions because I'm saying if you do all of this 42 43 44 and 45 all begin here at one B and run through concurrently in their different ways as the message progresses but this if you're not careful would lead you to the conclusion that you can just run away and do things sequentially all the time and every time whenever you approach any problem so just wanted to make that point clear because it's still it's still confusing people that you can run things sequentially and when you do that we address this at the proxy school you get to the place where you're going to start moving the work of the second angel you're going to move the work of the second angel from 911 to some time in the future let's refresh our minds what's why people finding Paul's writings difficult yeah but that's not what we just said the specific thing that we say so therefore okay so that's what I want to show by this if you're not careful you just always keep things in this linear fashion you can come to wrong answers Paul he's the apostle to the Gentiles he comes in at 911 sorry at Sunday law but he's also approaching Jews Hebrews so you have to understand that you take two lines and you're going to lay them one on top of the other that's one problem the other problem that he has is that he needs to heard tell Adventists that they're all lost and Adventists just don't believe that this is nothing more than the latest scene message it's nothing more than that if we wanted to just say really briefly and he's got one other problem and this other one for me is the one that's the most hardest but I find it hard to deal with the real I find it hard to deal with is because it's new the whole concept of the whole idea in Hebrews 8 he's talking about the covenant new and old now we could express it in many different ways but when he's talking about the covenant the thing that makes his right is difficult I think is that he addresses this at two scales were two levels what are the two levels that he's addressing this issue of covenant with or at not old anew not first a second he's going to deal with the new and old for sure but who's he applying this to okay so there's people so I'm going to say people are the individuals who else is the applying this to or what else is applying this to the church or a system because in Hebrews eight he's talking about verse thirteen in that he say it's a new covenant he has made the first old and now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away and this is what makes his writings difficult I think because when it's the individual he's talking about the nature of man and how to deal with the same problem where the law is embedded in the heart or in the mind but when he talks about a church he's going to deal with it in a totally different way and this is what confuses people so in Galatians chapter 4 he's gonna do the same thing isn't he bring Galatians chapter 4 how at which scale is he approaching that when he speaks about we're familiar with Galatians chapter 4 not enough to for me to just make some comment ok we'll go to Galatians chapter 4 do I'm gonna read all the verses from verse 21 verse 22 for it is written that Abraham had two sons the one the bond made and the other a free woman so who's the bond made Hagar and the free woman okay what state are we at Hagar and Sarah what's that what are they symbols of church when it said he had two sons so what are the sons they're Ishmael and Isaac and they talking about the church or talking about the individual so he's introducing this concept over and over again about the issue of the church and the issue of the individual his focus is not going to be on the sons his focus is on the women because he's making a point in Galatians 4 about this system but he he was born of the bondwoman was born after the flesh and he of the freewoman was born by promise okay so that's verse 23 what does it mean if you're born after the flesh who you born after the spirit not not in the literal we understand that he's talking about the sons here yeah so what does it mean if you're in the flesh or you're in the spirit sorry if you made righteous or not this is he this is Romans chapter 7 and chapter 8 you're either in the flesh or you in the spirit and if you're in the flesh what kind of mind do you have carnal your carnally minded and can't and being Karli minded is death you have to be spiritually minded so here when he talks about the people who were born who were after the flesh or after the promise this is talking about an individual level what covenant you're under Old Covenant New Covenant so I could put old in you if we're happy with that and in Hebrews chapter 8 he's gonna make this distinction between the old and the new yeah but on an individual level this is talking about the law in the person's heart so when we introduced this thought here we've got a brain and we've got a heart these are just symbols do we and that we understand that yeah we'll draw a little picture that I've drawn before but just to refresh her our minds so here's a mine a brain with the brainstem and I'm saying this brainstem goes into the heart like that and I'm going to say that this is here he's the same as a person and the brain here becomes the mouse and from the mouse is a tube that goes way into your belly yeah so if this is your belly what do we say the belly was a symbol of because that's where the overflowing water gushes out from Gus is out of the belly yeah and we know that this statue he's belly and thighs are made of brass so you've got the same material so I'm saying if you did the same material the thighs become a symbol of a belly and what does Abraham do when he wants to make sure that his servants going to obey Him he just gets your hand and tuck it under my thigh because the thigh is the symbol of the belly but in that context of what is it a symbol of it's a covenant they're going to make a deal you're gonna make a deal because we're he's supposed to make covenants in the thigh remember the thigh isn't the thigh yeah we understand that the thigh is the belly in the belly as the heart and where do you need to make covenants in the heart and we would call that the new covenant new covenant is right in the law in a person's heart does that hopefully that makes sense so at this level here the new covenant is talking about the law in the heart Greco with that if that's the case what's the old covenant is your covenant law new covenant law so all about location isn't it about geography not about philosophy you know we have this argument about what the glorious land is is it geography or philosophy King this house the same thing is it communism or is it Russia these things should have been dealt with and rest with if they were a long time ago and they should have been settled it's all about geography not philosophy and this issue becomes a major issue in our movement now when we start saying the gospel is connected to law because it's not about law it's about geography what about geography so the New Covenant is the law in your heart so what's the old covenant it's simple it to me it's as simple as that it's the law in your mind or the law in your heart sorry did you say the same okay I want to make the I want to push the point that they're not the same that they're not the same that they're different faculties of a human being and under Old Covenant let's read a passage this is it's not in your notes I'm afraid this is desire rages chapter 69 preacher 86 no no not 69 it's not 69 it's you see if I can find it I don't know I don't know what were to pick up I should find it for reasonably quickly hopefully okay yet 50 sorry chapter 50 desire of Ages chapter 50 yep 456 will begin at 455 beginning of the chapter chapter 50 amongst nays so I want I'm going to is the bits begin the chapter 55 point one and I'm gonna skip verses 1 & 2 paragraphs 1 2 it's all about the spies trying to track Jesus and attack him so we're looking at fifty five point three so we're gonna see when the Bible talks about output then I'll write the laws in your mind and your heart it's going to show us the sequence here in this passage so what is the ceiling its intellectual and spiritual so I'm saying if you're not able to read if you don't have the intellectual prowess to read you're never going to know who Jesus was and then you could argue where you can hear it from someone of course I could understand that if there was no one around you this is just a parent example and all you had was a book if you didn't couldn't read the book you would never learn about Jesus yeah you could have some kind of built-in sense about him a law unto themselves and sell about Gentiles but you wouldn't ever understand that you have to have an intellectual understanding first to understand who Jesus is because otherwise we don't need to go to the world do we because ever the whole world is worshipping God in their own little way but they're not worshiping God perfectly and you're not where she's been perfectly you can't have a good relationship with him it's a dysfunctional relationship so we're in this passage 55.3 four five five as I say for your four fifty five paragraph three my teaching is not mine said Jesus but his that sent me If any man witness to do his will he shall know of the teaching whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself so all I want to pick up from that is not the issue of the will but it's the issue that if any man wants to understand the teaching he can understand it and that is intellect the question of these Cavaliers no it's not carefully as it's Covina's the question of these Kabyle is Jesus made not by answering the cavil but by opening up truths vital to the salvation of the soul so this is the point that we want to pick up the perception and appreciation of truth he said depends less upon the mind than upon the heart so I just want to stop there so she's distinguishing between mind and heart mind and heart the two separate faculties of us and sometimes Ellen why even the scriptures are going to just conflate the two and just make it all mind sometimes she's going to distinguish between the two so I'm making this distinction this stomach between the mind and the heart the truth must be received into the soul I've already discussed the subject to the soul for me I don't like talking about the soul and doing the word study on it because the soul is used differently in many different contexts and in this context what is the soul being used as its heart sometimes the soul is used as the entire being and sometimes it's used just as the heart if you can if you can understand that you'll begin to see why there's a connection between the heart and the entire being which says man became a living soul because they are connected but it but I didn't want to go there truth must be receiving to the soul it clay into the homage of the will if truth could be submitted to the reason alone where's reason the mind pride would be no hindrance in the way of its reception and pride resides way in the heart but it is to be received through the work of grace in the heart and its reception depends upon the renunciation of every sin that the Spirit of God reveals and I'm gonna say reveals where in the heart man's advantages for obtaining knowledge of the truth however great these may be that what's that mind doesn't matter however clever you might might be or what school you went to will provide will prove of no benefit to him unless the heart is open to receive the truth and there is the conscientious surrender of every habit and practice that is opposed to its principles so where's the habits and the practices in the heart that's why Ellen White says it was all heart work with Jesus it's always about the heart to those who does yield themselves to God having an honest desire to know and to do his will the truth is revealed as the power of God for their salvation these will be able to distinguish between him who speaks for God and him who speaks merely from himself we've discussed this issue before over and over again distinguish between him who speaks for God this is God against who man see she for a man whose breath is in his nostrils that's what it means and he speaks melee from himself the Pharisee had no had not put their will on the side of God's will they were not seeking to know the truth but to find some excuse for invading it Christ showed that this was why he did not understand they did not understand his teaching if you don't have the law here what are you not able to figure out his teachings can we see that if you don't have the law in your heart you don't have you don't know if it's from God or it's from man so let's run through it through if you had a man and the law was here is this man saved not saved so let's give him a let's give him a title wicked will be agree with that wicked and the wise the vile so let's make him a tear or a false prophet the prophets of bail now remember we went to the people on Mount Carmel and what are they unable to do distinguish between who is God and who is man and she said if you're not able to distinguish that where is the law only in your mind and that's what I've said for a long time now if you're in that group and you can't figure out who is who you are a tear by definition and if you want to understand what that means you part of the Omega now you might not be part of the Omega in geography but you are part of the Omega in your understanding and your relationship to God or man can everybody see that logic it's I think it's self defining that if you can't see who God is and who a man is it's because you don't have the law written in your heart so only wheat can identify wheat isn't that can you see that connection now either we can identify wait because the tares can't identify anybody now if you if you can grab hold of that thought now you can see what Matthew 13:24 230s teaching that these servants can identify who the wheat and the tares are all that is saying is this not who is good and who is bad if you run it through this logic what is that saying what are the servants able to identify say true to never truth and error who speaks for God and who doesn't speak for God people have turned that into a criminal offense it's a criminal offense to actually understand the message is from God or if it's a message from man but we all know I think he's John chapter 10 it says my sheep hear my voice so now it becomes a criminal offence to be a sheep of God is it a criminal offence to be a sheep of God depends who you're asking it depends who you're asking because he can be from your own house from your own brethren should it be criminal offense she said if you step out of that and you think about the conference structure is it a criminal offence to be a sheep of Jesus it is because you're going to get disfellowshipped if you claim allegiance to Christ you're the parents of the blind man you're going to say it's got nothing to do with me it's because it's a criminal offence to be part of that group now when that concept of that idea comes into our movement now you can begin to see that these Samaritans are as much anomaly Adventists as they are the tears because these people who begin to accuse are the ones who say you know what we don't want anybody to be saved we don't want people to have a new covenant experience because we prefer the old okay so just to summarize why we went here at the individual level when we speaks about the older New Covenant I'm saying it's all about law and that's fine but the law needs to go through your brain this is not a real brain remember this is the mind it goes through your brain into your heart just as it goes through your mouth into your belly this is the symbology of Ezekiel two and three in Revelation 10 that's where it's trying to teach us the the symbology that's being used here is the mechanism of entering into a new covenant any thoughts or any comments anybody want to add anything to that spiritual things fantasize spiritual things when you were saying about the wheat can only the lead off okay brother Bob and mr. Texas I thought and I'm gonna cancel on a question is is the covenant with death that people are making is that holding at the Old Covenant could lead to death because it's only holding on these truths and their mind is that the governor of Justice talked about Nicaea oh yeah I believe so yes how'd you get it from your mind to your heart unless a I don't know I don't know I can give you word pictures so what will do the will do the word picture there's a summit here that's blocking this so you're going to go to Isaiah 6 or you're going to go to Jeremiah 4 or you're going to go to Matthew 13 the and this theme comes up many many different places but we just go with those ones Jeremiah for Isaiah 6 and Matthew 13 there's a blockage there's a blockage in the heart and what needs to happen is this blockage which is expressed as gross fat and foreskin three different three different things all meaning the same thing sister Tamina they need to be cut away so all these things need to be cut away because the law will come into your brain it's going to come into everyone's brain at some time or another so when it when these truth comes into the brain here it passes through and if there's a blockage here we'll never enter into the belly and this is this experience here Christ talks about this even if we were if we were to go through this passage really slowly how you get it into your heart what what in that context that we just read from fifty sorry from chapter fifty desire of Ages what was the problem that these people were having pride and what is pride mean in this context they're saying we've gotten the truth we understand everything and we don't need your version of the truth we don't need you to explain that we're lost people I would suggest that's what that pride would be some kind of spiritual pride that they have a they have the truth and they're not willing to see it from anyone else sister Tamina did you have your hand up sister olivine brother Richie it's because there's somebody wrong substance is raining how I will that this is the blockage okay so this pride is supposed to find them they've got this truth and they're unwilling to listen to anybody else so they but by default it had to have gone into their brain why would have had to gone in because what's everybody got eyes and ears having eyes they cannot see so I'm saying this is the eyes this is the ability to see having ears they cannot hear their ears and they're not the inability to hear so when you talk to people it all goes in hundred percent retention everything that you've ever experienced always goes into your brain you know we've got infinite capacity in our in our brain our problem is recall but the point I want to make on that is when you speak to people everything goes in and this is the message that we have it's a double-edged sword you have a destroy people or you redeem them depending upon their response so if they're unwilling to change they'll never get that I know you had your hands up just wait one more point so to get rid of this fat this foreskin this thing that's gross you need to have a knife yes so let's let's read Jeremiah 4 because he's going to tell you what that knife is so sister all have been said circumcision and I'm saying that's not the point I wanted this to see about what the knife is so we're in the Isaiah for so as therefore for is the knife Jeremiah Jeremiah for for is the knife but I want to go one verse back for thus saith the law to the men of Judah and Jerusalem break up your fallow ground and so not among thorns and that takes you to hosea hosea chapter 10 3 verse 12 hosea chapter 10 verse 12 so this is this plowing it's the knife that cuts into the soil and you know and I like this the symbology that's been brought to view here just that there's the graphics of that if you plow a field you know and the brother Tyler was plowing the field out here while ago and it's straight lines it's furrows so I often do a picture of a tractor which is running across the fields and it's in straight lines and you can show that you can show that imagery from Hosea 12 so 10 12 and you run these lines this way so it's a willingness to accept the the line upon line methodology is what cuts away this fat this foreskin which is thin and it's not moral sin it's prophetic sin the ability to get rid of this problem the willingness to do that is accepting the line upon line methodology and once you do that this law goes into your heart and you begin to have a response to this law which is a moral response by the way you know if we'd to about this you know when baby says that I lo-ove I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee if you run all of the passages that are connected to that theme because they they're used in winning Miller's rules I'm saying this really badly you'll see that the way William Miller uses those passages which talk about the law hidden in your heart he's not talking about the Ten Commandments he's talking about the whole Bible it's the whole scripture that he's referring to which is all prophecy so I've got a sister all the vain brother Richard then elder Jeff a brother Bob that's got social for people surah nisa story growing here that being what which is what she's dealing with from the mind so I want to say it's unwillingness and it's also a rejection of the line upon line methodology because when Ellen White's going to do that in Christ table class and she's gonna take it morally I've think and I'm saying if you take this as it runs it's not more its line upon line that's the thing you have to contact you have to understand all that morality and make it into a symbol constantly in bondage or Richard I was just seeing in the picture that you're painting is that foreskin is preconceived ideas also especially about the reformed line in the work of the plowing that happens between 1989 and to shoot this you have to do more than just chew the message you have to swallow it and you know that's part of it what makes me go into the belly but when the when the spirit brings the correction to with what we've always understood our preconceived ideas about repentance and things like that it's showing that if the knife of the ploughing that that correction of repentance being from 9/11 but rather being prior to 9/11 it shows that understand the line upon line is the method that God is using to do that heart work and if we reject that truth about repentance being prior to 9/11 then improve that we are not allowing this period to do the heart work or the plowing or showing us you know there's repentance before baptism we missed it so we can chew all day long and it looks good but whether or not we accept that truth is what shows that you into the heart look the passage you brought through desire beige is the last couple sentences they it's really succinctly that the Pharisees did not put their will on the side of God's will and then it goes on to say they were not seeking to know the truth but to find some excuse for evading it and that's right that's as Christ showed that this was why the day did not understand his teaching ldj I like your illustration and you're claiming that the line upon line methodology is what cuts that blockage out between the brain and the heart but I'm saying that this message now has reached a point that the people that are rebellion against it are people that are professing to use the line upon line so how he's got this out how is it that you're making that claim knowing full well that some of the people that would be rejecting that claim are professing to use they were not seeking to know the truth but to find some excuse for evading it if we go to evangelism 613 paragraph 1 e V 6 1 3 paragraph 1 so I'm gonna she does this is 1897 so this is 1888 . she's going to make her defense her argument is between the church and Wagner and Joan's that's but I'm going to bring this into a movement level if we can if we can follow through with that evey 6 1 3 paragraph 1 so I'm going to what will read the passage if you want you to understand it properly you'd go back to 6 1 2 I'll read 6 1 2 but we won't comment on that it's 6 1 3 that I want to read for us to understand the subsection is false teachers misplace prophecy so that's what that's what the subtitle it's not alan white statement it's what they compilers have said that is in our day as in christ day there are many there may be a miss reading and misinterpreting of the scriptures if the jews had studied the scriptures with earnest prayerful hearts their searching would have been rewarded with the true knowledge of the time and not only the time but also the manner of Christ's appearing they would not have ascribed the glorious second appearing of Christ to his first Advent they had the testimony of Daniel they had the testimony of Isaiah and other prophets they had the teachings of Moses and here was Christ in their very mist and still they were searching the scriptures for evidence in regard to his coming and they were doing unto Christ the very things that had been prophesied they would do they were so blinded they knew not what they were doing I'm saying this is what's happening in our movement now so she's going to go on about this and many are doing the same thing today in 1897 because they have not had experience in the testing messages comprehended in the FIR second third angels messages there are those who are searching the Scriptures the line of fusion line upon line methodology for proof that these messages are still in the future they gather together the truthfulness of the messages of the line upon line that there's a first second or third angel but they failed to give them their proper place in prophetic history therefore starter in danger of misleading the people and that's what's happening now people are being misled the people have been misled of the people who had tears you and I with tears and were being misled because we are unable to distinguish between who is God and who is man when I call people tears or part of the Omega this is not some death sentence this is a call to get out of an Old Covenant and entering to a new which was the purpose of this message in the first place I don't know why people say if I say you're all tears that you're condemned to death it's not a condemnation of death now if you're a false prophet and you rejected these truths you know if you if you reject the gospel you can't be brought back again but most of us are not in that condition that in that situation therefore such you in danger of misleading the people in regards to locating the messages they do not see and understand the time of the end or ways to locate or when to locate the messages they of God is coming with stealthy tread but to suppose heed wise and great men are prating about higher education they know not the signs of Christ's coming or the end of the world and if you applied that a movement level that's exactly what's happening here people are using the line upon line methodology to prove that it's all in the future and you need to distinguish between the voice of God and the voice of man because the voice of God I'm saying is telling us that these events have already inspired elder Jeff tamina statements that they do not see the signs of Christ's second coming those people that are doing that are downplaying or rejecting raffia and the things that are being revealed is coming but you asked you said I don't know why people when you say about tears but the answer is the original argument I've heard is how can a tears change to a week art isn't that filled sewed with two different types of seeds what justification do we have for suggesting that a tear can suddenly become a wheat plant the tamina he's gonna okay why didn't wanna comment lady says they do not they know not the signs of Christ's coming or the end of the world I'm saying the sign of Christ's coming can we understood but it has been raffia but I'm saying the sign of Christ's coming is 911 it's the Incarnation it's the Incarnation that they cannot see just that that's at the level that we're talking about but if but the sign of Christ's coming this is revelation 18 coming down bring in righteousness and they cannot see that this is happening so elders yes question is I'm saying we're all tears you're all tears and we have statements that say it a cannot become a week so I say in this silly way when we say a tear is a tear in the way is waiting they can't change it's not to have this individual experience that's transitions from the old and the new there's that thing to consider there's also this church system to consider but I don't know if you're a weak or a tear until you open your mouth so I suspect you shouldn't speak because you start speaking and you tell me what you're believing then I start knowing what you are because the third angel can't go in with a scalpel and literally go into your heart and understand what's going on because out of the mouth what happens the hearts because it's out of the abundance but yes the mouth speaketh it's when you speak then I know that you're a tear before that you can be in hiding and you've got an opportunity to change I don't know how to conceptualize that it except to say in a silly way that these I don't say these two types of tears but there's a progressiveness there's a progression and most of us all of us will all start our journey as tears don't we because we all start our journey as lost and undone all of us know the law but it hasn't done a work in us so when we say that once a tear always a tear and once we I don't think he's speaking in in the in the context that I want us to see it that in our experience in the Covenant that we're in all of us are in the bad place and we need to transition from one place to another just like you do from here to here because if you're always you're all tears in this situation how do you ever transition from one place to another part of the complication of no I won't know we'll leave that there because I wouldn't have time to do it does anybody have their hand up assistance with these messages yeah reading someone's heart because Christ someone people will use that someone says I don't wanna watch the videos anymore I don't want to watch videos I'll work it all by myself you're not reading it heart did they've stateand what's in their heart they've told you what their belief system is that's how you eat the heart when people speak straight let's pray we're running out of time well I tried tidy those thoughts up tomorrow Heavenly Father we want to thank you and we want to praise you Lord as we begin to try and understand the issue of how those covenants work on the individual in the corporate level it's this overarching theme that I think makes Paul's writings hard to understand and Lord as I've tried to understand these things and spoken to brothers and sisters Lord this seems to be the issue that's confronting this movement at this time how can bad people build a perfect Church Lord help each of us not to continue in this existence of depravity and sin but may each of us accept the truth the methodology that you have given to us to clear away the sin problem in our hearts to cut away the fact and to allow the truth to enter into our hearts that we might be saved in Jesus his name we pray amen