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you Kathy would you mind praying with us this is mercy towards us we thank you for the great light that you have been shedding upon us we ask for your presence with us to give us a standing and comprehension of these truths and that we would continue to walk in the light that is shining and looking to the day that's coming as you prepare us we ask these things in Jesus name Amen good morning so has anyone found some dates for our desolation of Jerusalem chart okay you have the date two days present connect okay December 1844 Ellen White's first vision okay 1844 yes mission 1884 June 1818 84 so I put a little bit back those are last all condition yeah do we know the actual date on December do you have two sources for the two of them early writings page 13 what's the shortcut the G s am a M 457 perfect somebody else somebody else find eights no one did the homework except for Kathy okay we'll try it tomorrow again okay yesterday we started to look at the development of the midnight cry message in our time period we talked a little bit about the stones how they work who'd out here in its time period from 1989 to 9/11 and then how they were laid as a foundation from 2004 onward to 2014 and then we looked at 2014 being this big turning point in our message and we looked at the lines and saw what s was seven nine to study about so7 nine did with our lines we saw how we beforehand we had 1989 9/11 sandi law and the love cry in Daniel 12 verse one and then through X 479 we took this portion and we laid it line upon line in this way and this is the way how we get the midnight cry and midnight which technically comes after the sunny law that's how we move it over to before the Sunday law okay then we went on and we looked at 2014 shortly where we saw that the binding off was coming up and also the opening of the most holy place and then we moved on to December 2016 where we saw that the Lord removed his hand over a mistake and that's when we went to our notes God's hand and we looked at the mistake of the mineral rights and we saw that they expected Christ to come back in the spring of the year 1844 but since Christ didn't come there was a disappointment but what was the result of the disappointment why was this mistake just because we went there was the sign to happen what did it cause what was the experience what did we read in the quote if you turn to your notes it's the long quote starting at the bottom of page 1 and then all of page 2 and a little bit of page 3 2 classes what else a shaking Larry okay calculated to reveal what was in the heart somebody else have something revealed that true feelings what happened to those who were disappointed and their heart was not purified by the message what did they end up doing they went to full and complete darkness and this other group what did they do yeah Dave who had an experience who were said they went and studied again and as they research what does God do party more light now he gives them more light he removes his hand and now the mistake is explained and how do they reason that the mistake how do they explain a mistake same evidence as the use before they're using now to set a new date so we're going to finish the notes we're going to look at mistake of the middle rights or yeah finished looking at the mistake of the mineral rights then we will look at our time period and our mistake and what I decide to do then is since it seems like that we don't really remember of the history which we went through I want I want to go back to the opening of the most holy place for the rest of the class so let's continue reading now on page three the hand removed Angelia would you read the first paragraph party oh yeah I forgot about that go ahead and make that comment no no no it was you you started talking now you got to finish talking we know that our line is the perfect line and so how do we explain or how is the mistake repeated in our line and communion I talked about this to them morning after class and that is the Millerites mistake was perfect it was perfect because God hid the mistake purposely as she just mentioned two men among these these things to bring these two classes of worshipers so it was a perfect it was perfect it was an experience which was designed to happen so people would reveal their purposes their motivations and where they would had to soon we need the same today as well and it's on my notes here in the first point what I also wanted to say is it seems to me I gotta be careful how I worded because it might come across bad but it seems to me that the Lord is leading his people and the people need to learn to trust the Lord in such a way that no matter where he's leading them they just follow and I think we see that already happening with us mm sorry 2014 because what was the second subject which came up after seven verse nine and public evangelism so is it natural for us to stop doing public evangelism as a church no it isn't because we're told to do it right we were told to go outside of the church and evangelize and suddenly we were told not to do so but stay within the church and how do we argue what do we argue we argue like Moses had to do what it was once required from him not to do but Moses learned how to listen or recognize the voice of the Lord so he just fought sorry Thank You Abraham you see it's early in the morning only one corrects me really so Abram just listens to the voice of the Lord and follows him and so we need to learn to listen to the voice of the Lord just the same way it's Abraham did and that's what the muroids did except for a few who go into darkness but those who listen to the voice research again they received more light and I think it's the same with us we're seeing public evangelism we see the importance of the lines more and more and we're coming even here where we are starting to say we need to consider time setting again which seems craziness to the church but we gotta go wherever the Lord is leading us okay and Julia would you read the first paragraph of the handba moved in the notes while the bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept in at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps in every 25:57 in the summer of 1844 midway between the time when it had been first thought that the 2300 days would end and the Ottoman is of the same year to which it was afterward found that they extended the message was for place in the very words of Scripture behold the bridegroom cometh so there was a cry coming now saying that behold the bridegroom cometh when were they originally expecting the bridegroom to come spring right but he delayed is coming and now when did I recognize the new date for him to come okay maybe bad question like when do they recognize not the date when he's supposed to come but when in the summer or what do we call this way mark midnight or midway so midway midnight between what so this is April 19th October 22nd and what is this time period the tearing time or in the language of Matthew 25 what started here sleep when do you go to sleep at night so this is the night at sunset so we have the Sun setting here then the night starts and midway in that night we hear the cry behold the pide come cometh so I'll just call this Midway I want to write it correctly anyway okay and now and wide goes on and explains the the mistake so to speak shake weather would you read that sorry about at one point we talk about the tarrying and recently I was doing some others study and the word teri when you look at the word it it talks about several other words and the other one that comes up majorly is to abide okay you can think of all the scriptures and the things that we know about abiding in Christ just to stick with it wings or to abide we need to be connected with Christ to apply to know that he's protecting awesome and then to be connected with him so does Terry time is not just that they're waiting around you know that they're actually they're actually you know building their relationship with the Lord yeah I might comment on that and says that the wise virgins they had a different sleep than the foolish virgins they were in researching they were searching their Bibles yes ok shake I don't would you read it was a discovery that the decree of artaxerxes for the restoration of which formed a starting point for the period of the 2300 days when into effect in the autumn of the year BC 457 and not at the beginning of the year as had been formerly believed reckoning from the autumn of 457 the 2300 years terminate in the autumn of 1844 so what changed now what changed in their understanding how did they understand it 2300 years they understood the spring the beginning of the year therefore the 2300 years would terminate at the end of the sari at the beginning of the year in spring but what changed now what did we just read was not at the beginning of the year but when in the autumn so that means we have did you want to say that okay so it's like marking either the beginning or the empowerment of an angel so what are they they are starting to mark now the fall and when they started 2300 in the fall when would they terminate also again in the fall and while they were studying this what other subject were they studying in the Bible the sanctuary what's connected with the sanctuary the cleansing day of atonement what is the day of atonement tenth day of the seventh month what is that it's a feast day right everyone the same pager is it just too early so they were also studying the feast days and when they saw that the 2300 and in the fall it reminded them of their studies of the feast days and what feast is taking place in the fall the day of atonement on the tenth day of the seventh month and what they did they expect on that day Christ to come because Christ was gonna more Daniel 8:14 was cleansing the sanctuary as we read in the first quote we read on your paper so they they started to calculate then when they saw this is the first day of the first month they just have to calculate what would be the tenth day of the seventh month and they came to the date October 22nd 1844 okay so that is the mistake explained and you see they we didn't go in all the details but we see how the same evidence is used they're using the same methodology the same evidence to come to the conclusion of October 22nd 1844 Peter just a point about the confusion that the Millerites had they were saying that the decree was sometimes they would say it was given in the fall mm-hmm of 457 snows original argument was that that was when the decree was issued which didn't make any sense but we still find that repeated that sort of language people will say that the decree was given in the fall of 457 the decree was given before the first day of the first month in 457 mhm it just went into effect now and why it's always very clear in her language she never makes that mistake of saying the effect was given 57 she will say went into effect cheese is another expression - I can't think offhand but that confuses people and many Adventists have no idea even if they know about the 2300 days they have no idea about the details 457 and so they're easy targets for people attacking Adventism because they will show that you know carting Xerxes 7th year wasn't in 457 right based on his how he counted it and so they get really confused about it so many Adventists who rejected the 2300 days in the 70 weeks do so because they don't actually understand how it how it commences mm-hmm this movement has clearly defined how that happened in 457 thank you thoughts questions so what was it that got them to to start focusing on their previous studies of the feast days or of all the seasons I think what they understood was that the first coming of Christ or the spring feasts were perfectly fulfilled at the first coming of Christ so they came to understand that the fall feast would be perfectly fulfilled at his second coming and as they were coming to the history 1798 they already had some tokens of the second coming like the earthquake of the dark day and so on and yeah I think Miller when was it 1842 when he wrote the first time funny third of may 1840 to 1843 where he explains the feast days okay so let's read an tanisha you want to read history repeats so the mineral rights thought this to be the fulfillment of the parable of Matthew 25 they understood that there and that their living fulfillment of prophecy Matthew 25 that's why they call this also midway midnight the behold the bridegroom cometh we see that they they understand they're living this fulfillment of Matthew 25 so this parable we know from Elle white is getting repeated in Tunisia I am often referred to the parable of the ten virgins fighting cool more wise and by food this part will has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter for it has a special application to this time and like the third angels message has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth to be until the closer so what will happen to the parable of Matthew 25 it will be repeated to the very let her so what does it mean to the very letter every detail so but are there not differences between their midnight cry and our midnight cry I suggest that the very letter is that we see the same structure and the same sequence of the events rather than every little detail because I think sister Tess has showed also that and brother Phillip I think he showed it in his presentation quite clearly that when you see the patterns every pattern has still some it's of its own characteristics so we have also our own characteristics for our day in age yet though we follow the same pattern as the mineral rights did because people will come up and say oh in October 22nd 1844 you have a great disappointment but what we do we say we will say we're a line of success and we won't have a great disappointment so their characteristics even though we have the same pattern but there's some slight characteristics which are different in our time okay so the parable will repeat therefore we will know that it will repeat in our time since we're the last generation so what is our main message for the middle-right service Daniel 8 verse 14 what is our main message Daniel 11:40 2:45 so let's meet Daniel 11:40 2:45 and after and after time of the end the King of the South greeted him and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over he shall enter also into the glorious land in many countries shall be overthrown but the DOE escaped out of his hand leaving Edom and Moab and the children of Ammon he shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries in the land of Egypt shall not escape but he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and of all over all the precious things of Egypt in the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps but tidings out of the eat and out of the North shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth his great fury to destroy and utterly to make a way to make away many and he shall plant the Tabernacles of his palace between the Seas in the glorious holy mountain yea he shall come to his end and none shall help him thank you so this is our main message Daniel 11:40 2:45 which we are preaching since pretty much 1989 the question is just why is it Daniel 11:40 2:45 why is it not other portions of the Bible or of Daniel they all come together and Daniel everything else everything else has been fulfilled so Bob would you read the next quote as we near the close of this world history prophecies recorded by Daniel demand our special attention as they relate to the very time in which we are living and what time are we living and the fulfillment of Daniel what are prophecies of daniel excuse me with them should be linked the teachings of the last book of the new testament scriptures which is which book is that or what book is that revelation so we see here daniel revelry revelation must be connected same as many has led many to believe that the prophetic portions of the writings of daniel and John the Revelator cannot be understood but the promises plain that special blessing will accompany the study of these prophecies the wise shall understand verse 10 was spoken of the visions of Daniel that were to be unsealed in the latter days and of the revelation that Christ gave to his servant John for the guidance of God's people all through the centuries the promise is blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written there in Revelation in 1 verse 3 ok so we see here that the visions of Daniel demands special intentions because we lived through them however when are they being unsealed because we know Daniel is a sealed book what does she say in this quote in the latter days okay let me that's all I wanted to point out so Heidi would you read the next one the world.the stared with spirit world is stirred with the spirit of war the prophecy of the 11th chapter of daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies we take place okay so our mind tells us first that Daniel is important the prophecies we're living in those fulfillment of these prophecies they're being unsealed in the latter days and when we go through the Book of Daniel we find in Daniel 11:40 in the latter days at the time of the end and if we just read that almost all of chapter 11 has been expelled except for the last verses and now she says soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in these prophecies will take place what troubles are these and what chapter do we find the troubles yeah when Michael should stand up and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was but we know everything is progressive so these troubles they are starting already a little bit beforehand like like a foreshadow yeah so when a theatre would you read the time of the end where my it speaks about the time of the end no such message has ever been given in past ages Paul as we have seen did not preach it he pointed his brethren into the then far distant future for the coming of the Lord the performers did not proclaim it Martin Luther placed the judgment about 300 years in the future from his day but since 1798 the Book of Daniel has been unsealed knowledge of the prophecies has increased and many a proclaimed the solemn message of the judgment near thank you so often we say things in this message and we take things for granted like for example that my it says time of the end is since 1798 but can you show me quote where she says that 1798 is the time of the end I couldn't find any and I'm asked several people they couldn't find any either I think it's important for us that we go back look at things we're stating and really get down how we come to these conclusions for example we read in Daniel 12:4 but Thou O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased so what happens at the time of the end knowledge shall increase the the book is so to speak unsealed so we see here an increase of knowledge and when my tells us 1798 Daniel's unsealed and the knowledge is increased we know that 1798 is the time of the end so yep Larry you have it I'll get it for tomorrow yeah you have to send it to me I I looked so many hours and I couldn't find a single quote that's cool so when we come back now to our message Daniel 11 verse 40 when was that's blue let's take an black again when was what happens in verse 40 obviously it starts in 1798 what's have what what happens in verse 40 at the time of the end shall the King of the South push at him and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over what is starting to be fulfilled in of that verse because we can mark this verse now but at the time of the end 1798 in how many parts do we cut this verse into Part A and Part B what what are we considering Part A as being part a deadly wound okay I don't read anything of the deadly wound in this verse I don't read anything about friends in here either okay we see the King of the South push at him who's him king of the north what does it mean to push against to war against so we see here the King of the South has a fight versus the king of the north and who wins the King of the South wins that battle so how do I know who is the King of the South and who is the king of the north previous verses okay so when Daniel speaks of the king of the south and the north I think in starting in verse 5 how do I know who is the king of the south and who's the king of the north ok first Letran spiritual so who how do I know literally who's the king of the south and who's the king of the north ok so Daniel what nationality did Daniel have he was a Jew so when he would explain some things what is his point of reference Jerusalem so I'm not a very good drawer but if that is Palace and then down here you have Egypt when you have Jerusalem here this is where Daniel is standing spiritually not literally because he's in Babylon but this is his point of reference is Jerusalem who's now in the South Egypt so we have Egypt here and who's in the north wrong because what country was up here Assyria so Syria is the king of the north however we know or have references that Babylon is the king of the north how does that work where's Babylon load located and this on this map in the east so we have Babylon here and what is in-between here a big desert so when Babylon came to conquer Jerusalem how did they get there they went up and came from the north as well as szura used to be the king of the north because they were located in the north but who conquered Assyria Babylon and then Babylon becomes the king of the north so what I'm suggesting is that whoever conquers the power of the king of the north becomes the power king of the north whoever conquers the king of the south will become the king of the south so when we trace through the history of Daniel 11 we see how in media Persia conquers Babylon they became the king of the now north then Krisha then pagan rome and then papal rome and so we see how through the long history of Dany 11 how the king of the north is always represented by a different country so when we come to verse 11 sorry verse 40 in Daniel 11 what do we have to do now we just have to see or trace the history who is now the king of the north and who's the king of the south in this time period who is the king of the north papacy the papacy was was never conquered in that sense so we have the king of the knife north being the papacy and who is the king of the south friends how do we get King the king of the south being friends what happens in Revelation chapter 11 come to my understanding is the characteristic of Sodom and Egypt and see how those two each nation those symbologies are applied and in that time it was France that fitted that particular description and we basically over lead that account with the information of okay so we see a two horn power in revelation 11 which we see or look at as friends because we see the French revolutionary or the history of the French Revolution with all its characteristics and we see one of the horn power is Egypt and we see Egypt is the king of the south and one characteristic of Egypt was what atheism they put themselves above God and we see that friends in the light is that 1800s right this is 1800s okay the late 1800s Rises and declares that there is no God and no Bible 18th century thank you because I always get messed up with that so we see France meeting the characteristics of the king of the south as well as Napoleon actually goes and conquers also Egypt in history so we have them having a battle and we see the king of the south friends wins this battle but the king of the north is not completely conquered so now we come to the second part of the verse which is and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter into countries and shall overflow and pass over where do we mark this in history 1989 on November 9th just a few days ago so what happens on November 9th that we mark this as a fulfillment or partially as a fulfillment of Daniel 11 verse 40 the fall of the Berlin Wall so what does a fall of the wall have to do with the king of the north in the king of the south so the king of the north was there a change taking place in the in a in the kingdom it had somebody conquered the king of the north in this time period from 1798 to 1989 no so we see the king of the north is still there it's the papacy we also can see that I suggest that the king of the north was not fully conquered here because we see in the verse how the king of the north comes back at him so king of the north is still the papacy what's about the King of the South who is the king of the south now Russia ok so we see the king of the south go through a change so how can we make now the King of the South Russia suddenly atheism so when we see the about this time period here the early nine 20th century that the way I have said we see the bull Bolshevik revolutions and if you trace the history of the beginning of Russia and and its state after they abolished their royalty you see that they use the same principles and on the same ideas as atheistic friends uses however we see also that friends goes out and tries to conquer what country on the other side of Europe nope Russia but there's Napoleon succeed who conquers me the Russians win right so I see even if an in the literal if you look at the ballots you see how Russia basically wins the battle against friends and when Russia conquers friends what does friend Russia become the king of the south so we see a change in the king of the north and the king of sorry in the king of the south from France to Russia so now we have the papacy here against the king of the south which is Russia atheistic Russia and we thought that Russia or what was the name of Russia in this time period still Sunday at Union what is the the code for it the USSR we thought it was the USSR the king of the south how did we come to this conclusion it's the answer is in the verse itself honey okay we see the king of the north coming against the king of the south with three things it's like whirlwind with chariots with horsemen and with many ships and what do we consider this to be okay what is the military might so the horsemen and the chariots are a symbol in Bible prophecy prophecy for the military and what our ships for economy so we see actually when the king of the north comes against the king of the south we don't see literally the Pope go and war against the USSR with the army but we see he uses military and economic the Pope just does what he always did he uses other kings and their armies to do its purposes so who is the king of the north the Pope using as a military power you use a with Ronan dragon and as in the economy who you who does it use also to use a cause the USA is governing the world economy so we're seeing how the king of the north actually takes hold already 1989 when this time period of the USA it becomes the military power of the king of the north so he comes against USSR and it enters into countries and I suggest that was the point where we said the king of the south is the USSR because the USSR was what yes so I don't know how to draw it cuz I'm really bad but we have just several countries which make up the USSR and this is the Iron Curtain and here you had the east and here you had the west and what was the primary symbol of this of this division the Berlin Wall I suggest this is Russia which was the head of oldest and here to here we have Berlin and the wall was the symbol for this separation which was going on so in verse 40 when it says here that the king of the north enters into the countries we thought that the King of the South was fully conquered because the Berlin Wall fell and now the West or the USA just took hold of these countries and took the territory so we thought that the King Daniel 11:40 to 4440 was fulfilled but there was a mistake and the Lord removed his hand in December 2016 and when the mistake or let's go back to the millwrights when we see here this mistake but a Larry pointed out that was a perfect mistake what was the designed experience again for of this mistake the revealing of the motivation of the people who's really on board and who is just there because of the fear so to speak two groups are being developed and the ones who realized the mistake and are sad and they go and search again and they find the evidence so this is what happened when we went back to Daniel 11 verse 10 it's on the notes if somebody wants to read it wait we are at Nathan surgery by the end of this week we will going to look at Daniel 11 1 to 15 and we'll go through the history however we see here the battle between the king of the south and the king of the north and we see here that they clash but where does the King only come to only the fortress or jason says the neck where do we get the neck from I say I ain't so they're both histories which showed us that there is a conquering going on but it only goes to the capital or the neck and we realized or in 1989 what happened was the king of the south fully conquered no it only went to the neck in Russia the capital is still alive and then when we go through the history of Daniel 11 then we will find that Russia will actually come back and there will be two more fights between the king of the south and the king of the north Russia and the United States being the army of the king of the north and these two we call mafia and pinion does it make sense and I'm suggesting that this mistake which I think was a perfect mistake once it was developed we saw shakings within this movement and I think we're in the in the exact same experience as the middle rights are with their mistake okay this is we're done with our notes but I want to go back to now is the opening of the most holy place yes oh sorry Bob yes I just wanted to bring out one point come on Age 3 of the notes where we read the actual version Daniel 11:40 2:45 yep and when you read denge 11 birth board we know we splitted into Part A and Part B yeah and we just got done making the point that the USSR was a group of countries yeah and the plural and at what the verse describes in Part A right we shall enter into the countries plural yeah that's why we thought it the King of the South was so USS knock I know we're not getting into the details of heartbeat of that verse but we read Part B of that verse and the way you have it written it shows the second part says and he shall also enter into the glorious Landin and it says in many countries shall be overthrown and there were countries the second time it's mentioned countries it's only supplied word he hasn't so long to the text and that also control a lot of people off yeah that is verse 41 I believe yeah that but yeah the country the countries there is different than the countries in verse 40 breath yeah that's the study of 1011 40 to 45 okay so um to our history excuse me as for seven verse nine we looked at how it changed our lines and I don't say that in a bad word I'm just saying the Lord gives us more lines more light and we're starting to see also fractals so we had the line like this then we took the line from here the experience of the middle rights and laid it underneath the experience of the Protestants and head here line upon line which caused us to have your midnight and the midnight cry which the Millerites experienced in this time period and then we started to actually only focus on this lines on this this this time period and you would see the speakers just using making lines and placing 911 to the sanella and there we would put all the history starting to put all the stories of the Bible into this short line and I think what it has caused is that we were so focused on this that we forgot about this and I think that is the work but the Parman is doing at the moment he's trying to take our focus from this and say this is good but don't forget about this that's how I conceived his work he's doing at the moment and only by doing this doesn't mean that he's moving anyway Marx it's just refocusing us again so once this was done we saw that this was the first day of the first month we went on and we could do the same but we won't you can do that in your own study we took all the first day of the first month and laid them over here we placed the 120 here we took all the 120s placed him here the first day of the fifth month the 70s the tenth day of the seventh month and we started to put all the numbers in there and we had story of the story coming into here and by placing other stories in there we had more characteristics which we could look up and put them back in here also we came to find the priests and levites the cleansing of the temple the first aid day then the second eighth day and then we realized okay whatever we have in this big line or we can factorize it into this part down here and it's how we came to understand that the close of probation for the priests is at midnight which we now understand to be the Battle of raffia so this is just a very brief overview how we came from a message of line a big line like this how we came to our fractal the priest doesn't make sense okay so I want to go back to this point here because it seemed like we've forgotten about this point so when we understood midnight to be here we realized this was Samuel snow in Boston in the year 1844 when he first preached the midnight cry message and what day in the Jewish calendar in the Hebrew calendar carrier reckoning would this be fifth day of the fourth month so what we typically would do again is we would look at the Bible verses where we see the fifth day of the fourth month and it brought us to a seeker one verse one so let's go to Ezekiel one verse one and let's read that I think Pam it's your turn yes please okay so we see it's the fifth day of the fourth month we know it's midnight Boston and then what happens in this verse two things we marked what happens to the heavens the heavens are open and what does he seek you'll see visions of God so when you look at the visions it is the Marah vision so there are three different types of visions or three visions which are three Hebrew words which in the English are being translated as visions what are these three the Mara the moiré and Asha soul so in the right in the time period of 2015 14 15 we're studying the differences between these these types of visions and we come to the conclusion the chancel is the prophetic time periods with a prophetic history the marais its appearance of the Lord in the Mara it's the experience you have when you see Christ and we see that it takes place at the fifth day of the fourth month which is midnight and this is when the heavens are open so when the heavens are open this reminded us of another Bible verse in Revelation so let's turn to revelation 11 verse 19 and then Fredrik if you would mind reading in God in heaven and they were seen in his temple the Ark of his Testament and their lightning voices and thunderings and an earthquake and great so we we connected these two Bible verses and said when the heavens are open you see the Temple of the Lord and when you see the tempo of the Lord you see in what department what does John see the Ark of the Covenant so the Ark of the common covenant is in what department the most holy place so when the heavens are open you can look into the most holy place and then what day does it take place fifth day of the fourth month and this is where you take part of the marvel vision the experience you have an experience as you behold or look into the most holy place and I'm suggesting this is what happened in 2015 without I and I think as we went through this history we didn't even really recognize how important this history was so this is not my thought if you remember we did studies the 225 twenties the first 25 20 ends when 1798 and the second one 1844 and in between we have 46 years the building of the temple so by recent studies the last couple years we realized that the twenty five twenty can be seen an outlier time period as as what prophecy the 1:26 William elders dream so we saw that there are also two 126s so when would the first one end at the time of the end the time of the end is for us would 1989 and the second one ends when 1844 sorry excuse me 2014 which tells us that we could mark 1844 October 22nd in 2014 so there's a logic to do that because what arise in October 22nd 1844 the third angel this is what Ellen White says and after the great disappointment Hiram Edson walked through his field and what does he see the sanctuary right the sanctuary is opened so we see the heavens as open the sanctuary is open and I suggest it's the most holy place because they are they understand the day of atonement which took place in the most holy place so this happens after 1844 so when we have 2014 and we have October 22nd 1844 marked there what should we expect the arrive of the third angel as well as the opening of the sanctuary the most holy place and I think this happened shortly after 2014 in the fall of 2015 when the sanctuary was open the most holy place was open now we're going to read the quote I handed out of paper and we'll read that quote now Jason you want to read it no Larry too long many live with horror at the course of the Jews in rejecting and crucifying Christ and as they read the history of his shameful abuse they think they love him and would not have denied him as his heater or crucify him as the disease but God who reads the hearts of all has brought to the test that love for Jesus which they profess to feel all heaven watched with the deepest interest the reception of the first angels message but many who profess to love Jesus and who shed tears as they read the story of the Cross derided the good news of his coming instead of receiving the message with gladness they declared it to be a believe they hated those who loved his appearing and shut them out of the churches those who rejected the first message cannot be benefited by the second neither were they benefited by the midnight cried which was to prepare them to enter with Jesus by faith into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary okay stop here we know this quote very well in this message before we come to this portion in the previous paragraph what does elm wide compared to three angels west messages with she says those who did not receive the message of whom not in this quote the one before we should all know it by heart maybe John do you remember that I should have put it in there I'm sorry so those who cannot be benefited by John well those who didn't accept the message by John didn't accept the message of who Christ and then could not be benefited by what when at what mark Pentecost so now she is comparing it with the middle-right history and she says those who cry over this history they didn't do any better in their history and she says John is de where those who rejected the first angels message didn't receive which one the second and then couldn't be benefited and here I think it's okay but we always would say the third but does she say the third angels message what does she say in this quote the midnight cry and when she talks about Pentecost in the midnight cry what did these two things do she says it in the very sentence we just read which was to prepare them to enter with Jesus by faith into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary so what are these messages designed to do to have a change of dispensation you go now into the most holy place most holy place if you don't receive this message you won't receive this message and you won't add up in the most holy place and what happens if you don't get into the most holy place if you continue to quote yes we won't read it because of time sake but we know that the Protestants end up preaching to Satan right here in this time period because Christ is moving he's going the next apartment and the people who not move with him are left behind so we can of course put this on the large scale but let's go down into the fractals of the priests we see if we don't accept this message we won't be benefited by this message needed by the midnight cry starts here which has this change or gives us this change we're just a or helps us to understand the change which is taking place in the most holy place and I suggest this is what we're seeing people actually doing we're seeing how people since 2014 since we go through the shakings how they deny this message here they're cutting out of the stones also the messenger which was chosen and time period and since they have problem with this they're neglecting 911 saying 911 was just only a type they're rejecting the message of Christ this message here and of course when the midnight cry comes which is this entire history up to even 2018 we haven't we will speak about that later they will not accept any of these messages and what is coming on in these messages oh we have public evangelism we have fractals coming in we have the most holy place which shows that how important the lines are cause deadlines will show us the way into the most holy place we have the mistake of daniel levin being explained we we are having time setting and when you look back or when you look to these people were leaving the message they don't accept any of this they're denying everything once they leave and it's just what Ellen White is saying if you don't accept the first angel you won't accept the second and neither will you see the most holy place and this is where you have to be if you want to pass the third test and we know the third test we're in the third test since since 2014 does that make sense just to show the importance of the we always used to look back and point out these things but somehow we didn't look right where we're standing but I think a change is taking place now we're realizing how we walk really on holy ground since many years so in 2015 we have the camp meeting of behold the bridegroom cometh in October 2015 and their brother injured unfortunately is not here with us today but I think he's going to watch the video he had a dream and somehow he dreamed that what do I do I'll take this part off because I have to do a summary later on and I don't want to have to draw everything again so there some of you who remember do you remember destroying some do right this is the opening of the whole most holy place in a very simple fashion but this is a drawing brother Noel did at that camp-meeting and I think it's a profound way mark so what we're seeing is or what brother Richard saw was and I'm not as good okay so don't hold me accountable to my drawings but we have an angel located at 9/11 and we have an angel located at the Sagna law and it seemed to him that they're looking inward this direction and what do we have between 9/11 and the Sagna law the midnight cry they're looking into the midnight cry midnight cry and when you look at the work of the Holy Spirit we have three steps with sin righteousness and judgment and what I'm doing right now is I'm just presenting it the way how we looked at it in 2014 I'm not neglecting the disregarding the fact that by increasing light we might know more today about where to place things and and so on so my it in the quote we just read is said that by faith we're to look in the most holy place and I think by faith this is looking into the most holy place and what was being developed in this time period so it's three steps sin righteousness judgment 911 midnight Christ's and a law we have two angels 911 we know that there is an angel at the sandy log we know that there's an angel coming down and in the middle we have the midnight high but when you look in the most holy place of the temple of Selma you had two big angels standing next to what the Ark of the Covenant so I'm trying to draw this now so we have the Ark of the Covenant in the center and interesting is the dimension of the artwork 1.5 and 2.5 oh sorry I've never presented that so I'm a little bit like nervous okay so 1.5 and 2.5 equal what if you add that up for and what does the number 4 remind us off in this time period we came to understand it it's the binding off and how did we understand the binding off by midnight midnight cry and we let laid over revelation 9 and we saw Constantinople it took four years to come down and we are starting to realize that the number four besides also other symbols is a symbol for the binding off the primary symbol and we see how this arc has dimension of the four but however if you want to go one time completely around it you have to do it times two which equals what eight and we realized that in this time period here you have the binding off for the priests and then from the midnight cry onward to the son-in-law you have the binding off of the Levites which makes up number eight then in this time period I've told you that we're starting to look into all these numbers and these dates we're putting in here in the stories and one of the stories we looked into was also Samuel and how Samuel is being called and when Christ or God called Samuel in Chapter three well how does he call him how often does he call him he says Samuel Samuel and that is a symbol for what doubling which is the midnight cry or what we understood by that time to be the midnight cry so we see that Samuel is located at the midnight cry and Samuel and white speaks of Samuel as being what three things a priest a prophet and a judge so when you look at the most holy place what do you have in the Ark you have the law of God we're just judging you you have the and we just saw it yesterday forever went yesterday needs to give perfect answers now we have the rod of Aaron which is what the priests and then beside we had the role of Moses the the books which is what but who was most Moses a prophet a prophet like unto thee will I race unto them so we see how we see a prophet being established here at midnight cry a priest the priesthood is being restored and also we see the Covenant sorry the the two tables of Joe the two tables of stone which are judgment the laws however how many laws do you have on this side four and on this side six these have to do with what the Sabbath or it was considered to be the Sabbath what I need to say is in that time period we were also studying billion and the strikes of Islam at all of these way marks we see at 9/11 Balaam thank you Balaam then here at midnight cry he will strike again that something we're considering now with the study of his CQ at the moment and in the Sagna law and at the midnight cry what did we say where is Balaam at he's between two walls right and we considered the Sabbath is a wall and why talks about the wall and then she says the Sabbath and marriage are what twin institutions so the Sabbath as well as the the marriage are two different are two walls so we started to see that the Sabbath is a law is a wall which will come down here I'll curse of the son-in-law so marriage we consider the midnight cry that there will be some kind of law about marriage and at that time we considered it to be homosexuality but I think it even goes further because I think they will even get rid of marriage completely but so we're seeing the Sabbath and the marriage and then this was considered as the Sabbath and this year as marriage an interesting is when Ellen White goes to the invision to the temple in heaven and she sees that the law of God what does she say it was folded like excuse me folded like a book so when you fold a book what do you need in order to fold it binding okay yes I'm looking for another one okay in order that I can bend something what do I need for those who are mechanical talented Hinch is that a turning point just I think this inch is a turning point yeah okay so you need a turning point is the midnight cry a turning point so you have a turning point here where you meet see the law of God being folded the two temple and two tables of stones what else there's one thing we're missing in this in this arc mana so in this time period yeah as I said don't hold me accountable for my drawing and I'm not sure maybe the manner was in this side in the rod on that side I don't quite remember but we see Joseph we also study the history of Joseph and we see that this is 14 years because we see this to be the 14th day of the first month the Passover sandy law where the Lord goes through Egypt and we see you can divide it by seven and seven seven good years seven bad years and in the seven good years what were they collect the food and so they would have plenty in the time period of the seven bad years and what was considered in this time period was that the manner remind reminder you were to collect it here in the seven years which are good good years where you have plenty so you can go through the famine which is about to hit the famine for the Word of God okay so you are starting to see we're not done but you're starting to see how Ezra 7 verse 9 made us focus on this time period and how it started to add all the numbers all the stories into it and however this was needed otherwise you cannot see something like this you're starting to see already how many lines and stories we're putting into this this picture just in order to establish it can you see it so we're seeing how line upon line all the stories show us by faith the way into the most holy place and this is exactly what the midnight cry does which started to come to us in 2014 shortly after we see the the opening of the most holy place another thing is was above the the Ark of the Covenant the Shekinah glory and I suggest that is the midnight cry because that's where the jewels of William Miller shine 10 times brighter I will come back to that as well to that light when you consider how the art looked at maybe some if nose notice that yesterday there was something on top of the the Ark what was that okay there were cherubs yes a crown yeah so we have you have like a crown and I suggest that the midnight cry a crown and wife considers the crown to be also as an ensign we see the in sign being lifted up here but we see also Christ wearing a crown at the triumphal entry as well as because it's triumphant in your triumphant when you're having victory which a crown is assigned for and also when he goes to the cross what is he wearing a crown of thorns so we see several times a crown marked before the son-in-law I suggest at the midnight high then you we have also we need to carry the Ark right and what you use to carry the Ark two sticks so I think we consider that the sticks are actually this way however we like depicting it that way why what two sticks are being joined in this time period the priests and the Levites are being joined in this time period from midnight to the midnight high sorry sandela we typically say midnight righteousness annular the two sticks are being joined and yesterday the lady who gave the tour she said the mo of the the high priests did what on the day of atonement in front of the Ark sprinkle of blood how many times seven times but interesting is that before he went into the most holy place and did the seven times and there what did he do before he entered the veil he sprinkled blood seven times so we see here a doubling as well as again the joining of the two sticks and then the veil is taken apart and you see in the most holy place and I suggest that is something what happened in 2015 and we didn't really fully recognize that we're in the fulfillment of prophecy we're repeating all the lines although I remember at lunch brother Jeff talking with another brother saying this might very well be it and he suggested that this is the midnight cry message and as he put it in the record at that camp meaning it's his second presentation that camp-meeting he also calls it the midnight cry message but however we somehow forgotten about it okay so when when the Holy when the high priest goes into the most holy place what is on his dress ephod and you have bells right the most high priest wears bells so what's considered we never figured out really truly what the pomegranates signify but we had for the belts we had a theory and it was the following that when Samuel gives a message he was told sorry go ahead I just realized that when I said that on the day of atonement he just read it he just he didn't he just read he just wore a white robe without the belts and the pomegranate so we about daily fought no he didn't so I'm just going to put it in a record how we demonstrated or how we conveyed it back then I still could be true because as we consider him to be in the most holy place we can also lines or lines where we show that he is in a holy place but I'll just put it in so what we considered is that Samuel when he gives a message he was told that his message will tingle the ears of people and this was considered to be the tingling comes through a noise when you have a bell because it tingles and then it was suggested that Adesanya law which is here you have three times in the Bible you see how the message tingles the ears of people and first there was a Manasseh which we can locate at 911 so we can put a bell here Sam Samuel which we can put at the midnight cry was considered that his message is like a a bell and then the next or third time was with Zedekiah Kim and chin at the Sunday law you have a bell I'm in the hole most when the high priest is moving around you hear him with those bells a message that tingles the ears okay we're almost done what we saw is we went to Exodus 33 let's turn there in closing Exodus 33 we see in verse 11 how the Lord speaks unto Moses face to face and it speaks right to the study we did in this time period about the marais the three visions and MRA when you actually see Christ face to faith which causes the Marah the experience there off and then you read onward from verse 12 to the end of the chapter and what you see in this chapter is that Christ says that to Moses that they shall go Moses just says I won't go we won't go if you're not with us we need your presence and then Moses is asking and in verse 16 we see that there is a separation between God's people and the heathens and we will point that out in a second but then Moses goes on and he asked for the Lord to show him his glory and the Lord says he will pass before him and will show him the glory but in verse let me see verse 21 or verse 20 let's read it and he said thou canst not see my face for there shall no man see it and live and the Lord said Behold there is a place by me in thou shalt stand upon the rock so Moses stands on the rock he's standing on the foundation and a shout to come to pass while my glory shall pass that I will put the in the cleft of the rock and I will cover thee with my hand while I pass by so we see that Moses now is in the hidden he is in the cleft of the rock and death this is exactly a study we do where we see that from 911 onward we see the hiding time what story are we using to mark the hiding time Elizabeth as well as a study brother Tyler did about or what is her name again Abigail who comes and is in the cleft of the the hill so those are studies we did previously and then when you see Moses is asking for the glory of the Lord you see it's in this time period and the Lord will show I show you the glory while in this hidden time period and we're seeing that in 2015 we're still in the hiding time period and the Lord is showing us his glory these messages he's showing us his glory here with this picture and then he says in verse 23 and I will take mine hand and thou shalt see my back parts but my face shall not be seen so what part do you see the back so why would you see the back because he's ministering right on the ark and when you look into the most holy place you see how Christ does the work here and what work is he doing up there intercession why I suggest it's the judgment of the living because that's what the Day of Atonement is about the judgment of the Living and he's doing that work and while the judgment of the living goes on in heaven or the judgment of the the faithful ones the day of atonement what takes place here on earth and Wade says there is a special work to take place about the purification of the church and this is what is happening since 1989 the church is being purified it's cleansed sorry we're almost done so we saw in in verse 12 we saw the Davises separation and this brought us back to Genesis 15 if you remember at camp meeting we spoke a little bit about Genesis 15 I think Jeff did in his presentations and this is where Abraham enters into a covenant with the Lord and if we recall this is another story we just studied in this time period Genesis 15 apron is commanded to do what if you remember if you would have enough time I would go through the chapter but he's told that he needs to take a certain amount of animals put them on the left and a certain amount of animals and put them on the right and then Abraham was to go and walk through those animals and then God would walk through those and it was an old tradition of somebody entering into covenant with someone so we've seen Genesis 15 is the entering into a covenant with Abraham and interesting is the amount of animals which would be on the left or the parts of the animals because some of them were to be divided if you add them up it was ten as well as on the right side and by the studies we did we realized that you can mark a number ten in this time period as well as a ten in that time period and this is the midst where you go through and you enter into the covenant with the Lord and while he's entering into a covenant there is a burning lamp going between those sacrifices and the burning lamp is right here the midnight cry it's the Shekinah glory an interesting is in Genesis 15 at the beginning you see that the Sun is setting and I'd red hand falls asleep and all of this happens and we see that 911 which is 18 April 19th 1844 can be considered as sunset and then you see this covenant being entered too as well the number 46 is a covenant or is the token for a covenant and yes that was pretty much it in a very fast form however I'm hope that you see how the lines which people accuse us of that we put the lines now above the Bible I suggested 2014 extra seven nine opens the way for us to understand and put all these stories into our timelines put all the numbers all the symbols in here and it causes us to have so many lines that by faith as Ellen White says we need by faith enter into the most holy place we see how the the lines open up the most holy place and by faith we go into it and this happened in the year 2000 415 which now is three years ago and somehow we recognized it but we didn't fully recognize it and I think we need to be more careful and more cautious of tracking our own history what is happening because we're seeing we're repeating by the very a letter that history is repeating and there's another page which we're looking tomorrow a little bit before we move on because this opened up a whole bunch of more more stories which we later on in the following trimester walk through and tomorrow we will briefly look at these Nathan yeah that's - okay you want to pray letting these things slip by us and not recognize the song times that we were living in that she would open her eyes and - increase our faith that we may follow you where I read the word we asked for you got some protection and all that we do today and then our minds would be stayed on me all this in Christ's name we pray