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I meant when we were looking at Zechariah and Haggai we saw that there was a three-fold work that they did there was a rebuke because God's people had become lazy the Samaritans had been hindering the work and it allowed that work they'd allow that hindrance to happen there was a call to repentance and those a call are required to come out of Babylon I'm still getting communications from people because either they're not watching the class or they still have a misunderstanding what it means to come out of Babylon so what do we understand that to mean when Zachariah is giving the call to come out of Babylon what does it mean who is he speaking to we can too there's people that were literally in Babylon he's calling us to come to physically different place okay so in the literal history he's talking to people who were in literal Babylon telling him to come out from that country back to the glorious land the sins of their fathers over four generations in be illustrated in Ezekiel 8 and all four of those counterfeit worship services are associated with Babylon we have to come out of the sins of our fathers it's not that we are Babylonians but it is part of the story that we've adopted Babylonian worship practices what else does everybody silence mean that they don't know well that they don't we share sister Cathy get out of the world the end of the night of it stop your worldly practices start becoming holy that's what it means to me since the Sherman oh that's fine unless you have three for nature it's not the physical Babylon it's more like a mental state of mind okay so it's a mental state of mind it doesn't mean to me that we have to leave the offices churches but because we have the job to work in the churches we shall share the message with the church if they keep okay but it doesn't mean that we now have to quit our membership thank you Thanks what you're saying it doesn't mean to click your membership of the church from adjacencies de Broglie I mean all the time in Adventism Oberlin they should come order false doctrine because there is so many false doctrine in our maintenance a lot of these people in that in that settings so God wants to pull them out of that pile of tree oh you're gonna pull them out that false doctrine you're gonna give them a message for them to come out of that forest message you hang on maybe I'll create problem for you but you can solve it in response to what brother Jonathan said I don't think it's a call out of the seventh-day Adventist Church I think it's a call into the church triumphant the church triumphant is Ephesus in relation to the seventh-day Adventist churches which is Laodicea and disdain Laodicea is to put yourself in a position where you're going to be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord and lost for eternity not a call out it's a call into message on first angels messages the beginning of a testing period that's going to separate two classes of people so say that little bit slowly cold to come out of Babylon follows follows the first angels message and the first angels message is the beginning of a testing that's going to separate two people so the Lord's entering in a covenant with a new group of people he's calling you into that so let's just address that issue there so this is the time at the end so you say and you're saying it's the first angels message and then you say it so this is a start and you said following this first angels message there's a call to come out that we say why you smiling you could say the call it come out comes out at the first but the the second angels message is a declaration I guess if you want to call it that the first has been rejected okay I didn't hear what you shouldn't begin you could say you could you could see it at the first the car to come out at the first I mean so okay so let's just run through that because we've done that before this is the time at the end this is 1798 revelation 17 verse five the woman who's riding the beast her title is Mystery Babylon and this is the 1260 the wilderness so you've got Babylon here and this church is revelation two and three here this is fire Tyra the fourth church so her job title is Mystery Babylon what's her name and Amy's Jezebel is that 2:22 I think it's 2:20 so this is Jezebel and after the fourth church you get the fifth church which is Sardis and so I just means a number of things but one of the things it means it's called or those who come out I'll just say that simply if you check the definition it means to come out so in that literal history where is this geographically 1260 this is Europe and where is this geographically the United States we know that according to the 2300 day prophecy it's split into two portions what the two portions of the 2300 days is split in two 490 and 1810 so the 490 specifically for the Jews than the 1810 specifically for the Gentiles it's it's the fundamental understanding to know that first the church then the world that when judgment comes or not just judgment because the 2300 days is a story of what what's the theme with the 2300 days restoration atonement means to bring two parties together to restore their relationship so the theme of the 2280 the restoration restoration first happens with the church then the world and connected to restoration is judgment because the everlasting gospel creates two classes of people it's a double-edged sword judgment and restoration so the 2300 days there's going to be a restoration and when you come out of Babylon and go into the glorious land this is the 70 year captivity coming out of Babylon when you go into the bill rieflin so I think someone's already mentioned that when he said the literal so what is the first angels message brother Nathan if you're coming out of Babylon and going into the glorious land what's he saying what's he saying to his church cuz his church are in Babylon and they're gonna come out of Babylon and they're gonna go into the glorious land you go from dietary to Sardis bositis means to come out so what's the first angels message come out of it's come out of Babylon so sage message is to come out of Babylon so we already know that because if we did seven thunders and 1798 to 1844 seven thunders we can connect those seven thunders using the 2300 days take you back to seven Persian kings Cyrus Darius artaxerxes and Syrus time of the end 5:38 536 and he's going to now give a decree or a call to allow God's people to come out of Babylon so you connect that time at the end in that history to the time of the end in this history so we know that the first angels message is a call to come out of Babylon we get that straight from Cyrus's decree when he says you're allowed to go so when they all go how many people go how many people leave Babylon a remnant where we get all the theology about the 10th and the remnant so this call to come out of Babylon that you're referring to is here but there's two calls to come out of Babylon because the one we're picking up here is the one from Zachariah and Zachariah isn't here Zechariah is later on as you've identified in the history of the second angel so one thing that we must ensure that we never fall into the trap off to think that there's a two-tier priesthood we're apt to do that and the reason we're apt to do that is because we have servants and we have wheat we have Jesus and we had the 11th through the 11 disciples we have Jeremiah and the precious over and over again you have these two groups that identified you have the ark and you have the builders of the Ark and you can coalesce all of those things into the second and the third angel and because we don't understand how parables work we because we're not used to them we want to separate them into two different things but they're the same things and they have to run concurrently the second is an experience the third is a work so we've discussed this extensively in our class so Zachariah is here Zecharia has got a number of jobs to do one of them is to tell people that they're lazy and then they need to repent so who is he speaking to when he makes that accusation or that assessment okay we know it's the Jews but which Jews is it these Jews that were in this history or is it these Jews let me do let me redraw that and I want to do it this way I'll do it in a schematic way I'll put the first angel and the second angel and I'm saying there was a call here and there was a call here I'm not trying to say the call is when the second angel arrives but just make it like a thematic idea there's two calls when Zachariah is here and he's talking about people being lazy and repent repentant or they need to repent who's he talking about this group this group we've got so we've got different answers okay where is a Cariah which country is he in so he's in the glorious land you agree with that yeah he has to be in the glorious now because he's telling people to come out of Babylon later he's in the glorious land and when he says you've been lazy you need to build what is he what are you supposed to be building the temple and he's saying you've already made a start but you haven't followed through with it so which group of people is he speaking to when he says you're lazy and you need to get your lives in order it's the first group here so he's rebuking these people for not getting their lives in order and he's with them he's with them in the glorious land in Jerusalem can we reel together on that so when he says come out of Babylon now who's he speaking to now speaking to a second group so his message he's talking to two different groups and if you don't see the distinction between that you act to make a mistake in the prophetic application so under the first decree of Cyrus what they already accomplished before Zechariah even gets on the scene if already they've already laid the foundation and because of the work of the Samaritans they began to become discouraged the Samaritans went to the Persian kings and essentially forced them to stop doing this work they restrained them and they should have just carried on under the first decree they should have carried on but they did it and that's what he's saying you made a good start I've added the word good in and now they've been hindered in their work so they've already begun the work the foundations were laid now they need to have made now they need to build so he's rebuking these two steps is to this group and his second one is to this group now if you're not careful you're going to start saying that Zechariah so who is a Cariah today that's right us are we all Zachariah this is the problem that we face are we all Zachariah are only some elite group of us who have it together that we're the way they're zacharias and we're saying to the rest of you you're all bad people where do we all agree that we're all Zachariah if we don't if we don't accept that we fall into some strange ideas it's all about having different roles at the same time you can express it simply it's the combining of the messages that that concept of combining the messages really runs deep it's not just 1840 in a 444 you combine the first and second the empowerment the first rival a second and you get to 9/11 it's much deeper than that so I'm saying that we're all Zachariah and here Zakaria saying you need to get your house in order so there becomes begins to become an awareness that we need to sort out these two things we need to begin building and we need to sort our lives out but this call here to come out of Babylon is this movement it's the church triumphant it's all of us go into the people who have remained in Adventism and we're telling them to do what join the church triumphant join us come and join in the work and in connection with that call what does the rious do signs a second decree to actually allow that work to happen so there's some empowerment there's some additional help that these people are given for them to do that so we want to make it clear this is not about leaving a conference Church this is about a concept of separating we have it here the sins of our fathers because we identified here Babylon is the sins of our fathers so just one of people still daren't get in clear in their minds we've already left Babylon haven't we the church adventism the SEM de vente structure is in captivity to Babylon and each and every one of us in this room whether you're good or bad you've left that church you have left that churches in bondage everybody okay with that yeah we could fully we've already gone there before but if you were to go to Matthew 23 what what is that what is Matthew 23 we know when it's happening it's just before the cross Second Temple cleansing verse 38 he says your house is left unto you desolate what is the purpose of Christ in saying all that he said in Matthew 23 it the subject the whole chapter is like the woes what's what's Christ's mission there to warn whom which juice to warn them what I don't think that's his personal so I don't think his purpose is to warn those who have rejected him the judgments about to come because he burst of the egg says the judgments already here it's too late by Matthew 23 it's already too late anyone else who's he's taught Jose speaking to inverse twin in Matthew 23 chapter 23 threats the leaders he's talking to the leaders and who's watching right the congregation are watching my understanding of chapter 23 is that this is a call for the congregation to separate from the leadership they need to separate from the leadership and they need to join Christ Church which is just about ready by the time you get to the cross the church is fully functioning and they're gonna they're gonna have to leave and before he leaves the scene he wants everybody to know that the conference structure is not a place that you should be residing in anymore because before that what would he say when he healed somebody says go to them you know essentially you stay in that system because if he had got fit if he started collecting people too quickly what would have happened right they would have stopped him if he had grown too powerful too strong too quickly they would have put a stop to his ministry before and he wouldn't have had the time to develop so he had to be in what do we call that theme between I was gonna say the first in a second sorry hiding he has to be in hiding and he's hiding isn't that they don't know who you are it's that is that to a degree but you're not a threat to the property you're not a threat to the system so he can't be a threat to the system he has to tell people just take it easy you know you can collect a few disciples here and there but you can't make thrusts against the structure but by the time you get to Matthew 23 the dynamics have changed and I'm suggesting at a basic level if this was 911 and this was the Sunday law what would this marker be me the midnight cry and without going into all the intricacies this is 27 this is 34 and this is 31 and this is where Matthew 23 is so there's a clear call here the the conference structure their house is desolate at that point it's fully collapsed because here in 27 that house is his father's and now that house is theirs and what's been what aid what's helped Jesus to make that statement what's happened because in three days he's created and the other churches and he the church triumphant Ephesus he's created that church in three days in hiding and now it's about to be exposed just historically the cross you've got Pentecost now the people are going to start pouring in when they start pouring in persecution and fury is going to now be leveled against the church Sawyer's gonna be doing that work but now the church is able to withstand that pressure because it's triumphing it's fully it's arrived if you could use that concept so hopefully that's clear about what Babylon is in the call-out above and it's not for you and me to stop going to the conference Church in fact it's not which is what which is crazy what people are thinking people think this is a call to stop telling going to the conference Church in helping our brothers and sisters I mean this is G opposite isn't it cuz who's he speaking to people who are in the conference structure so hopefully that's clear so we've tackled this issue about the I don't want anybody else wants the answer 23 verse 203 okay I won't then don't have to I'm gonna take this out we've we've dealt with the sin it's the four generations we've dealt with the leadership hopefully if we don't we addressed the issue of the leadership they do not go through a three-step prophetic tested message and they're gonna have a close of probation as a group I think that's been a misconception that we've had soon as they failed the test they're not long they're no longer leaders back here even though the Lord allows them to keep the reins of power because David isn't ready and so here they died they're not the leaders David is but when David takes the throne at nine eleven what begins in the literal history there's a war that begins and who's David fighting against it's the house of David against the house of saud the souls already dead so it was already dead but his house hasn't quite finished dying yet so there's a war of attrition and the house of David grows stronger and stronger in the house of Saul gets weaker and weaker because who's David fighting against Mephibosheth yeah so mephibosheth here's the nominal SDA church they're hindering the building and who's aiding and abetting the conference structure mephibosheth who's helping him Abner and what is Abner that's his title but when he dies what does David say Abner died as a full dice so Abner is a foolish virgin yeah because he wants to come onto the side of David and so the nominal usda's conference structure nominal SDS and the tears are in collusion they've been in collusion since 9/11 and that's why it's been tough going so far but as soon as he dies there's a watershed moment and all the ten tribes are going to do what they're all going to come over to the side of David so hopefully we've addressed this issue that the leadership don't have a reform line of themselves because they lose their jobs they just are considered by God by the third angel as rank-and-file members yes even though they still think they've got some kind of job function so I don't want to make them priests or Levites because it depends when they come on board some of them could be like Nicodemus already reowww restraining that persecution that's going on they could be priests and they could be leave as we don't know so don't think that's an issue and we dealt with this bit here so I just want to address this we've got 90 11 midnight the cry I took out midnight I've just called it the cry then we've got midnight in midnight cry and we all clear that there's a difference between this midnight and midnight cry on this one and why we're retaining them yeah so this is the experience that the priests are going through not this this is the binding off of the close of probation for the priests but we want to put keep that reference point there as we progressed to the Levites yeah we're here in that red dot 2017 and there's a phrase that's being used now prediction before midnight and it's prediction before this close of probation are we okay with that so that's why we've given that that that term and I'm saying that if you go back into Miller right history and called this way mark here October 22nd then this one would be August and this one would be July and when you get that structure and you lay them one atop of the other and then you go back into our own history I think you begin you'll begin to see that they do actually match up we've actually gone through that experience july samuel snow begins to deliver a message that probation is going to close here very few people get on board but it begins to gain traction and by the time you get to august everybody is fully on board the thing with Miller right history that's different to our history is we you have those way marks they're all internal way marks because what's happening in the world on august of 1415 I don't think there is any I've never heard anybody go back into the cycling history and say there was this huge event that happened that triggered or aligned with August the same with midnight but in our history we have different dynamics all of our way marks every single one is connected to an external event so we have major external events here in 2014 and how could we just give a synopsis of what those major events were what happened in 2014 even if we don't have all the details how would we describe that nobody knows sorry in the world the external event in the world this big thing that happened in 2014 so we know 2014 is a way mark sorry color fateful started so the Caliphate has started to be formed so the way I would normally express it and I don't know two weeks ago when elder Jeff said can I take two minutes and he put it into some board work at the beginning of a class he actually laid it out there don't he would notice that we've got 1989 and we've got midnight this midnight is this one here so I've put raffia and here I put 2014 and I'm going to put a break here because I'm saying you've got parallel histories going on and this day is this is 1979 because this is a 10-year proxy war between the king of the north and the King of the South in Afghanistan which is connected to the struggle that's happening in Europe and the whole of this dynamic is being repeated here and who was this okay we've got 10 10 years what is 10 a symbol of so 10 equals what test is out what people just said yeah what else is it a test of I'm sorry what is it else a symbol of Rome not a remnant that would be a tenth sorry I'll put rebellion or n and I put rebellion and I'll also put enemies no I put enemies with Rome I'm not sure if that's what what you make move to take enemies Road right yeah I thought they looked wrong it's because I'm so disrepair you so ten can have a number of different it can mean number of different things so I'm saying this ten is the test that comes upon the leadership to see if they're going to get to 1989 and pass the test but by this time it's it's it's already a done deal the leadership can't pass the test we know that because they've hit the fourth generation and they it's too late for them but this history here is we've been repeated here so we've got the number ten we all know that it's not literal yeah this is not 2024 so this test is for whom who's been tested who was tested here leadership of the conference structurally divest EA's so I put leaders who's been tested here has to be the same yeah the leaders are being tested who are the leaders someone said something please the priest how many of them how many priests of the leaders sorry all of them it's a trick question we're all leaders because we're leaders of what leaders of the church this triumphant grachi leaders of the conference structures all by the way if you didn't know it's just that they don't recognize that yeah just when David was anointed at the time of the end what was he anointed over there wasn't it the twelve tribes it was 92 the king over the 12 tribes by the time you get to nine eleven only two of them recognized it but I time you get to hear midnight midnight cry everybody recognizes it yeah oh they all recognized it so I don't know if that makes a difference to you but we're the leaders of the conference structure the whole thing they don't accept it so what do we do when they don't accept it do we force our way into it which in okay so it's up to you because there's no force is there bumpy Johnson's see what happens exactly so like David after other we don't bother we just say we'll just stay over here and Hebron we'll do our little thing and when you're ready because they're going to come to us aren't they they're going to come they're going to say you know you know that's the thing we're gonna have to try to bring the Evite's in they're just going to come of their own volition and the calls made they see the writing on the wall then they say okay we'll come over to David's I so 2014 there's this test that begins because here we're marking the prediction that probations about to so here we are in 2017 I put waiting here are we waiting for anything yes or no what are we waiting for brother the battle we're waiting for the Battle of midnight what you're waiting for anyone else we're waiting for the end of the terian time where do you where you going to mark the end of the terian time will give me a hard marker which one so will so you're saying the Terek time means here we're waiting for that yeah anyone else we're waiting for the prediction before midnight because that's what that waiting was when we wrote it on the board we're waiting for the vision before midnight because we've got a model at the moment that says prediction before midnight is in the future and we're waiting for it so Jason I'm saying the same thing we can saw in the message with the same whites so my question is while you're waiting why you just not getting involved why we delaying and so that's the work of organization and I'm saying it's because these two issues we're lazy and we're not doing our job properly so we could be waiting for that but what we're not waiting for is the prediction the predictions already been made here 2014 there's a development of truth but the predictions already here so people ask all the time what is their prediction before midnight and I'm saying it's already here we're already in the prediction or we're waiting for is everybody to see eye to eye and I'm not saying that there isn't a development of truth some extra information but the prediction itself has already been made no it can't be fulfilled to the fulfillment is here because it's a prediction of this fulfillment it's a cry as brother Johnson said Jason said this when everybody sees eye-to-eye on the same thing that's where it begins yeah and now it's reached its culmination everybody's fully on board mr. taste it has different layers so yes it's a prediction that Rafi is about to happen as I said it's a development of truth so from 2014 there becomes an awareness that the codes of probation is about to happen so it begins there and there's gonna be an increase of light what is 911 for the church what was not what was not what was the purpose of 911 I think you know we've got our message become so complicated sometimes we we forget some of the basic things if this is 911 and Sunday law this is ad 70 and this is 80 66 because we've refined our model so much we keep on pushing ad 66 to different way marks and we end up if we're not careful saying oh this is rubbish this is you know this wasn't the true thing and the the phrase that's been used nowadays is this is a type or it's not perfect and I think all of those are incorrect terms because here you can go to Psalms 48 and 83 and it's a clear marker that at nine eleven the Kings were ready to do their dastardly deed but nine eleven is the angel coming down that bring it that brings the latter rain and nine eleven lines up with 1888 and Ellen White says we know that the test is almost upon us because of what how do we know the test is almost upon us because the angel of revelation 18 who lightens the earth with his glory has already descended she's saying that in reference to 1888 so this is the warning that the Sunday law is about to happen this is fundamental to our message I think but since 9/11 what has happened we've refined and refined and refined our message in many different ways you know the 2520 are the truths and then we've also developed this whole theology that talks about two groups in Adventism the priests and the Levites and that's forced us to get this Sunday law and bring it closer and closer and closer to us but all of that is just a refinement of a fundamental truth that there's relationship between this event and this so when we when we bring this and I'm going to change that to 2014 and they're gonna change that to midnight it has all the same characteristics so that's why I'm saying 2014 is the prediction that probations about to close did we know everything in 2014 for sure we didn't but in 2014 it's not a coincidence that there's a proxy war that's beginning here this ten-year proxy war that was here and we should have seen that but we didn't because up to 2014 what's the what's the rule that we're using now I know we're going to say line upon line but I want to use a different phrase what's the rule that the Miller rights use that controlled their reform line day for a year so the mineral rights use day for a year and what do we use why couldn't we figured out everything at 1989 why did it take to get to 9/11 for us to figure out what's happening sorry sorry repeat of history so we began with the repeat of Miller right history and then we expanded that to say its repeat of every history so up to 2014 or we've been doing he's seen how history repeats so when an event happened what would we do we'd have to wait for the event to have happened because we don't know it's about to happen we don't know that the 2520 is about to explode upon our desk and we're going to be faced we're going to be forced to confront this issue in 2003 do we we know about the charts but we don't know the 2300 days ago so the 2520 is going to be an issue so when it becomes an issue when we begin to see this 2:25 20s but there's only one remember we did that in class the other day it's this theme to themes then what we were forced to do go back and understand what the 25 20 years but we can only do that once it's happened and this has been a recurring theme in our reformed line because if we're dealing with repeat of history the history has to have happened then we see oldest of the repeat and that takes you to 2014 but after 2014 what we're now doing now we're predicting we're predicting before the events happen and it's and it's caught people off guard because people are saying you cannot predict things and our argument is that's what prophets do don't they Isaiah 46:10 you know who the true God is by what his ability to predict the future based upon the events of the past so I'm saying by 2014 so this is trying to address this the testes question like she said about Russia by time you get to 2014 our stories complete everything sorted out and now what we need to be doing is using those stories to start making predictions about what's about to happen so yes obviously levitating 40 that were your oh yeah yeah it's the glorious manifestation of the power of Christ Carol God what is the glorious manifestation for us what's so glorious the work sister she met the incarnation right the message is used to say it's the second and the third glorious manifestation is God's the new through the second angel we're going to become righteous I shouldn't even really say it become righteous sorry some say something yes so I'm going to take all this out we're not waiting for PBM PBM is already here or we're waiting for is some refinement of that and for everybody to get on board and also what we're waiting for is what what how do we know 2014 was a way mark that's internal how do we know it was a way mark because there was an external event so this marker here we have to have an externally vain some events get the Caliphate where the started the Caliphate the proxy war widows dip all centered around the struggle between the king of the north and the King of the South because it's about to escalate and so sister test was saying about Russia so what happens in 2014 was Russia so we haven't we haven't kept our eye on the ball we've been really lazy everything was already there let's go if this is 89 there's a war cold war between the king of the south and the king of the north to the north king of the south and I'm just gonna say it at this level between the USA and Russia which we used to call the USSR so we know that and the battlefront is where where's the battle being taken is Afghan and also Europe isn't it both because in Daniel 11 verse 10 this week Daniel 11 verse 10 make sure ate his first team but his sons shall be stirred up and shall assemble a multitude of great forces and one shall certainly come and overflow and pass through then shall he return and be stirred up even to his fortress so verse 10 if you pick up the phrase overflow and pass over pass through what we connecting that phrase with they really know that it's a verse 14 verse 40 years 1989 so verse 10 is what geography Afghanistan or Europe never really know they've really agreed with her so she said Europe okay both so the king of the north goes to Afghanistan to the fortress is that what you say which is Afghanistan takes Afghanistan but doesn't go further into Russia because it's on the border and they did the same in Europe probably Jonathan you say no oka joined an opinion so here's Russia and there's the battlefront here this is Europe and there's another battlefront here which is Afghanistan I think he's defamed not expand because the king of the north is gonna start constraining him just rather think are you happy that it's on two fronts first okay so these both of these things happen in then in 2014 what do we begin to see in February and March of 2014 we see Russia does what it invades the Crimea so in 2014 you begin to see of Russia entering back into the warfare that had already been addressed and sorted out decades ago so if we had be on the ball and we had understood what was going on we could have seen in 2014 Russia is coming back into the ascendancy what is the Crimea yes and then a year later after the Caliphate has been declared been formed by Isis 2015 September Russia begins to aid in a bit the Syrians publicly but they've been doing it for a long time before that so at the latest by 2015 we know that Russia is back on the scene so it becomes active Bible prophecy the Syrians that they publicly do I think they do their first airstrikes in 2015 there were people a long time ago in armour in a movement that were saying that the king of the north goes into Egypt twice they were saying that a long time ago and you know because we took forcefully off and 1989 was so fixed as being correct in our mind nobody was listening to that so people who were D already had two clues that Russia was going to come back there was going to be this second attack so even though we might understand more about Russia in 2016 we had all the information back in 2014 the events were teaching us that and we're just overlooked the Bible verse we went to Hebrews chapter 8 that was it that was just revision so I've taken most of that stuff off that we've already discussed to tidy some loose ends up Hebrews chapter eight we tackled verse 180 181 yes is everybody was everybody reasonably okay with that yes I think was it than that I think it was the next day or maybe the same day afterwards looked at that we started in the afternoon class so I know many people don't come to the afternoon class and then these many people on the videos watch the afternoon class compared to the morning class so I just want to briefly make this small observation before I do that you tell me what did we pick up from Hebrews 8:1 what conclusion or observations did we make what were we saying about that so I'll begin that by saying the 81 weeks ago elders yeah without actually explaining it he said this was a symbol of the Incarnation and he kind of just said it as a statement of fact without giving you know any strong proofs of that so what did we learn last time what do you learn last time about 81 in the Incarnation and what it means the implications of all of that okay okay so we are not using it but I want to I want you to run this through the logic of that not just as not just a conclusion so the people who didn't pick it up the first time because the the whole point is that the ink it's gonna be the incarnation but just what was the logic of this eighty-one and what it means how do we go about doing that I'll be Jeff one argument for me is that at the big level at the Sunday law the insides lifted up but we're talking about the priest so we're talking about midnight and in the Battle of raffia you have the activity of Ptolemy's going into the temple and seeking to accomplish a sacrifice in there and the priesthood resists him and the Lord strike them down but you have a second witness to that in the story of Uzziah and Uzziah wants to do the same thing he's also a king of the south and in that story the high priest Azariah and 80 priests protests that so it's illustrating a protest against the beginning of the persecution that's going to be brought by the king of the south a protest that's typifying a way mark of sunday off therefore the protest of these 81 priests is the ensign and i'm saying the high priest represents the divinity the 80 priests represent humanity that are lifted up as an ensign at the Battle of raffia but they have to have that experience before anyone else like you were mentioning that here on earth there's a temple being built and as the priests of the temple we're the ones that are officiating and handling the investigative judgment which makes us the high priests 457 538 what 538 is up bc-ad yeah yes and so if you do the math this is 81 and what is that only you're not sure because it was in your notes you just said I don't I wasn't sure no someone else she's put it in her notes we did that what is that teaching us so this is the end of that history which brings you to the beginning of the 2300 days which is October 44 which is 1798 one two three one two three yes October 22nd 1844 for the priest is what way mark midnight so here's midnight so here we can put midnight here I'm going to take this and drop it underneath so we've got midnight and this way mark is what time of the end from the time at the end to midnight is 81 so you've got a structural way of understanding this 81 so we could we know it's going to take you to midnight for the priest and October 22nd is not just midnight it's also the Sunday law so we could do that which is why for the Adventism it's a Sunday law where the ensign is lifted up for the world so we're making two applications but the 81 is bringing us to the close of probation here to Mina oh you don't like timer there I'm fine yeah so that's that eighty one that you've got Ezekiel chapter 9 how many men do you have six it's five and one six men who's the one man so it's clothed in linen sorry this is Christ he's a third angel isn't he yeah he's going around see these people fearful easy work hopefully the mission he is the one that selects seals or buys so this is the third angel and I heard the fire the destroys of Jerusalem angels which angel Matthew 13 the servants yeah I'd say he was the servant selecting the people which angel there's no and there's not an angel in Matthew 13 she's talking about Matthew 13:24 2:30 a beloved wheat and tares you've got the wheat that is you've got the householder you've got the servants who want to do a job and God's G and the householder says to them wait because who's going to do the work 25 the pride in the guests are not Matthew 13 you can say servants sorry I said the word servants but I meant to see fried Angus so Matthew 25 do you don't even see the bride they do what's the point you're making I don't understand the point you're making please they're all they're all on the same side basically 501 B 5 I'm seeing as as in the five virgins and the wise which would represent the the brides that burn five virgins our guests right the Brody's in the house say that's there to get some that it's the bride the one this is the bride the bride is the church yeah he's not the church he's coming into the church okay who's the fight what angel is it okay second he's that we say in my notes what you had said according to early writing this one 18 that the third angel the sealing binding of the thirty angels the work of the five men what's he got in his by his side with the other side he's got a soul and what these gone so just by proof sexy you know they're the same person because they both got swords yeah and that's not a weapon if we come out of human beings and make them into plants what does that sort of work they turn into a sickle yeah so in Matthew 13 needs of the Reapers and who does the work of bringing in the harvest what angel the third so they're just to say that they're just two different symbols of the same angel because it's got to fold work so we could go to the wheat and we could go to the servants the wheat or a symbol of what us but what is it what is it symbolizing our experience the growth that we go through as the rain is poured upon us in God's timing in our ass and the servants are representing who us not not some elite force not some select few of us it's all of us because if you run this the the phrase service how aren't we all required to be servants of God because you're gonna be servants of someone servants of say to the servant of God so we're all servants and we're all wait so I want us to become familiar with this concept that we represent both at the same time so if you do that here the eighty and the one because the one is the high priest so what does that make will do the 81 is that what does it make all of us we're all priests aren't we cuz they're 80 priests so we're a couple really comfortable with that because it's been around for a long time now they're all priests but what about this one high priest are we all the high priest so this is where we begin to become uncomfortable and I think it's maybe it's because it's new to us so we need to acclimatize ourselves and accustom ourselves to understanding it but it's the same methodology that we're all this and we're all this because it's showing you us showing us our two different roles so if we're okay with that that's what we that's what we began to pick up from Hebrews 8:1 he says this is the sum of the conclusion of the matter and I'm saying the conclusion is the first seven chapters because number seven is what perfection or completeness it bring you do completeness it's all his whole messages all packaged in the first seven chapters but also specifically the seventh so the conclusion of everything that he's saying is that you have a high priest in heaven which is the Incarnation and he's new cross-reference that to Melchizedek and Melchizedek has no authority to be any kind any king or priest does he he just does it of his own volition that's the argument that pulls develop in isn't it so he says for that to happen there must have been a change in the law when did the law change ray why is he saying at the time of the end no think a babe I she saying at the time of the end are you best to me you can't think that way because it starts okay go back to King's sword what's the law he was made King and the lorries when he dies his son becomes king so there has to be a changing the law when was the law changed which was time with the aim so God changes the law at the time of the end maybe even David doesn't fully understand what's happened even if even though he may have been aware that he's been anointed to be king because I'm not sure if he actually knew that I mean like we have a direct text that tells us some you said by the way I'm annoying you came she tells us and she tells us that he told them that it was to be secret because he was fearful and she said that it was inspired because before the years after his anointing before he started doing whatever and that from that point on his experience with God became different so she tells us so the change in the law is a time at the end we're okay with that even though nobody recognizes it and I'm suggesting even if they be did I'm not saying he forgets but you know if your experience doesn't match up with your theology you do begin to forget what's what's true and what isn't so we've marked the changes our law at the time at the end even though no one knows it the hard marker comes at 9/11 I agree with that because now he begins to rain and then it's fully verified at the cross so in depending where you'd want to put the cross for that to happen so 8:1 the Incarnation is a symbol of God's people here on earth receiving the incarnation at midnight yeah but they've already taken that role before that event they take the role at the time of the end and this is what people struggle with do they want over they don't want to use the word incarnation anyway and if they did they want to put it to midnight so I'm saying this event happens way before that so we tackled all of that then we spoke in the class about the hezonia and the marais visions so when you have the Marya vision what's attached or connected to that the Maria and the Marah so just so that as a refresher third they're all on the same page what is the Marais vision so you see Christ and the Marah is the experience that you have yes the experience that you have and where do you pick up the Marah from it's in Daniel chapter 10 because in Daniel chapter 8 only speaks about the Marais so why would it do that why in Daniel chapter 8 are you already seeing the Marais not the Marah because I don't want to say Daniel 8 is 911 but it's back here but Daniel chapter 10 he certainly here at midnight we've got markers for that yeah the easiest one to see is July 21st he's midnight and he's fasting for 21 days that's one marker and the other one that he understands everything he's completely understood his whole message so you had two markers there so you're at midnight and it's that in that passage that chaptered that he sees the Moriah vision or he has the Marah vision and the term Marah comes from what looking glass and what is a looking glass because in the English it seems to be there's a bottle or a piece of glass that is dark and you look through and you can't see clearly if we're not careful we begin to have that kind of imagery but we know that's not the case a looking glass is a mirror so we did this in the class over this one here raffia raffia this is raffia this is July 21 if this is October so I'm sorry I've just jumped out of a priest's line to the line of Adventism so we're at the adventism scale so this is October so this is 1044 and this is 744 so if he's having the Marea through the mur our experience and the myrrh are by definition is what the looking-glass sorry a mirror we'll call it a mirror so what's Daniel doing he's looking at a mirror and in the mirror what do you see a reflection of yourself but we say he's looking at Christ so I'm making an argument that in Daniel 10 he's actually looking at whom he's looking at himself and he can't believe what he's seeing and this is in connection with Hebrews 8:1 and to I did get the verse but if you can try - he's ten - what what's intensive real sweets oh that's the 21 days yes if that's what you meant sorry so I'm just gonna leave that for you to think about the in Daniel 10 he's looking at himself because by Daniel 10 the Incarnation has occurred and it and the humility that his experience experience in physics is the character traits of Christ compute complete and utter humiliation when a drop down to verse 10 speaks about the first Covenant and the New Covenant verse 10 for this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws in their mind and I will write them in their heart and I will be to them a god and they should be to me a people Hebrews 8:10 sorry 18 so hebrews 8:10 this is not original language Paul is quoting from we're sorry she's not quoting from Galatians because he was quoted from Galatians Galatians is his own work so it's Jeremiah chapter 31 and I'm going to say is verse 33 there's a range of verses but I'm gonna pick up jeremiah 31:33 why would I pick up jeremiah 31:33 let's read the verse there I did I read the verse I just read it yeah it's putting the laws in their mind and writing them in their heart and if we were to go to by going to them while you're walking into a new heart okay-dokey explicitly says it here in verse 10 but this is the new heart that he's going to have so here's a heart and the old heart looks like this he has a foreskin attached to it what's his equal weight what we say isn't it that's why so we've got here a heart which is calloused and we could go to Jeremiah chapter 4 was it chapter 3 OS yeah I'll go for 3 to 4 I think it's verse 4 that we want there's a call to cut the callous away and what is Jeremiah called this callus that's right the foreskin so coming back to Hebrews and Jeremiah Hebrews 8:10 is now talking about receiving the law in your heart and it cannot happen while your heart is callous so something has to be cut away from that okay with that concept why why is your a my 31:33 important what why is that without even telling you what the verses mean Sarah because this is 1831 to 1836 so my understanding of how we should be approaching scriptures is to get a framework to see where to place things and then see the symbology to understand what it's trying to teach us so there's been a lot of - enough throwing a lot of argumentation arguments in our movement to understand where we place repentance when we place repentance in the reformed line and people are placing it different in different places and I've seen if you put it in the wrong place it affects your experience so if someone told you as you're growing up you're never going to amount to anything what's the likelihood that you'll never amount to anything you won't so if you start putting repentance in the wrong place on a line you're going to have a corresponding experience that's going to put repentance in the wrong place and if you put it in the wrong place everything that follows on goes out of sequence so this is to me it's an extremely important issue of where to place repentance in our reformed line and the first clue that we have for it if we're thinking about Hebrews 8:1 through Hebrews 8:10 - takes you back to Jeremiah 31 to 33 is it takes you back and it gives you an anchor point but it's at the formalization of the message that this experience happens so everybody have I lost anybody by that it's everybody know what I'm talking about what it's right so I I haven't introduced repentance into this story but what I have introduced is there's going to be a covenant that it's going to make with the house of Israel after those days and he's gonna put the laws into their mind and write them in their hearts and he will be to them a god and they should be timid of people so there's this work that God is gonna do in Hebrews 8:10 and the question we would want to ask is when does that happen there every Adventist every Christian is looking forward or hoping for that experience they claim it that they've had it but most people don't experience it this is what we would call being a born-again Christian which is an oxymoron because there's no other type of Christian is there the definition of Christian means you're born again by definition you can't have a fake Christian and this we're going to talk about Terim false prophets so hebrews 8:10 talks about putting the law in your heart and we wouldn't know when is that going to happen because I think many of us have this concept but it's going to be in the future because you know that once this happens at whatever level it's a call to stop doing sin however the way you you wouldn't conceptualize that so where would we placed this on a reform line he's quoting from jeremiah 31:33 and jeremiah 31:33 through symbology he's taking she'd ly taking you to the year 1831 to 1836 Riis a formalization of the message it's not evenly we haven't even arrived at the empowerment yet so that's why it's it's crucial for us to understand where to place this and put it in its right place because once that happens then it changes intellectually what we should be thinking about ourselves so if I were to say to you you need to be having this experience back in where is this in our history 1996 so there was a call to do this in 1990 six people get confused again between the movement and the man the movement and the work of the ark and the builder they're different they should still be following the same plan now I'm not saying in 1996 you all of you had supposed to have that experience cuz some of you weren't even born then but it's showing us a template of how salvation works that we can now apply to ourselves an individual level so the practice of 1996 as a for an individual doesn't really make any difference because 1996 is a way mark in a framework so if we have the framework here and here's 1996 and here's the time at the end and here's the close of probation now you know an individual level where this should be happening and what should precede it and what should follow it that's one point that we want to pick up from this passage and the other point that we want to pick up which is dealing with this issue of a three-step prophetic testing message is in Hebrews 8:10 people bypass people ignore the first part of the verse it says for this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days so we want to actually try and understand what those days are and what they mean to poor and what they mean to Jeremiah and what they mean to us so we'll try and briefly address that tomorrow let's pray Heavenly Father as you begin to try to begin to finish off and close the work that you have begun with your people help each of us Lord to be recipients of the grace that you are pouring out may each of us be able to see and discern what these truths mean to us Lord many people are listening to these messages the truth that you are wanting to share with your people and have already decided that they're full of error and worse Lord they're blasphemous help us Lord who are kneeling before you to be able to go into these truths and understand for ourselves what the experience that you want us to have whether or not the incarnation humanity and divinity being one is an experience that you require of your people or whether it's commonly devised fables may each of us make her decided stand on where we are in this controversy in Jesus's name I mean