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let's pray amen do we have any more comments to make on Isaiah 46 so there's no more comments I'm happy to leave that now you expended more than your one one a secret one to Jeremiah once we and empowerment good question so when you ask that question are you asking it in reference to this structure here or why there the ease or both between one and one year how do we see that okay so you're asking about this are you happy that Daniel Ezekiel Jeremiah you've got no one in chapter one diversities one two and three it's a nice observation but wouldn't be what wouldn't be a proof that they're related to the first second third ancient messages so I wouldn't say that this would be a primary proof but once you know that you've got three steps three books three prophets are alive at the same time to me it doesn't seem like a stretch when you see the order of the kings joy Achim kin and Zedekiah one two three the last three kings and then you see the orders that they come in verses one two and three I think it's a nice tidy observation as opposed to just the other option you've got is either its truth or it's a coincidence I would suggest and if you if you stumbled on this that this is like coincidental and you went stand on that then you'd have problems with Amos 911 so if you were to ask the average Adventist about a moss they'd say well it's all good when to a mosque is ministry by the way chapter 1 verse 1 the words of Amos who was among the herdsmen of Toccoa which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah and in the days of Jeroboam the son of joash king of Israel two years before the earthquake but maybe we would work well maybe we'll just have a look at that no I just said I said I went back to a hug they asked before we even go to 911 let's go to a mosque find out when a mosque is ministering so historically where is he sorry okay so it's after the split so he's time when you have Isaiah there's an earthquake anything else Oh famous one one sorry I said the words of Amos who was among the husband of Toccoa which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah and in the days of Jeroboam the son of joash king of Israel two years before the earthquake so where we placed in this what's the relationship with it was enjoyable as well our whole day why not somebody else walk upon this earth I'm just checking something so I make any comments when he says Jeroboam what Jeroboam is this your bone two second Jeroboam and in the reign of Jeroboam what you're about what you're about to doing anyway what's he doing was he famous or anything particular you have to be louder I'm sorry that's Jeroboam one while is beginning things going well in the northern tribes I think it's going world in the southern tribes so if you check he's actually things that go pretty well in the north and the south so everything's going well so this is the time when Amos is beginning his ministry so if I were to do this so David Solomon this is the southern door then who's who's what king is this jonathan napela Jeroboam okay this is Jeroboam one at the beginning and now we're going to Jeroboam two that he's the split so I know this is real ball one and this split is here so Jeroboam 2 is here and here we are is with a moss and here we are with Isaiah and what King is this one oh sure yeah oh she so I didn't if we know how many kings this is do you know that you see seven kings so they see seven kings where were you going to place a moss if we took even if we took that out and put it on the line where would you place a moss in one one sister she mother I would want to guess great no I don't wait to get on with you some reasoning skills Oh between somewhere between jawbone to and how you share wouldn't it no he says he's the East Minister here yeah Jeroboam yeah somewhere between I'm Marty here yes I couldn't see what you were it there yeah that i lost the desire to make seven king seven thunders where we famous you're about to honoree for life what way mark is that sister isolation and money good she said climate the ain't why would you say 9/11 because I was thinking of Isaiah and his vision why you same time with the what's the last exciting time in UK that brother Jonathan seven thunders seven kings the first one would be the time at the end and the last one would be close of probation yeah so Amos is the time at the end oh yeah you could market different ways you can lock that save my brain like that midnight cry then that would be what why do we market a midnight cry tell me I remember that but doesn't I didn't say that I know why we do okay sister why would we do that why would you mock what brother Jonathan is saying is that we had this seven kings of Judah and then he's gonna do this seven kings of I'll say Israel and this he's gonna mark as midnight cry why do we do this and I'm changing this how we do this changing it what well he's putting a midnight crying I'm saying time at the end this one here is seven kings of Israelis from Jeroboam to Tuhoe share so that would be that way what marker is this one here Sunday though and this one it's a close of probation I think I can't remember close brace one second Advent will pour close of probation I can't remember it it doesn't matter even if we've got a mistake why do we did what could we do why do we do it different ways who is this a symbol of Gentile you're sure why that's a symbol to the Gentiles okay I remember there's another white court but I never found it it says what Israel can be let's find that one then posture Kings 298 if I said that King was home say it the whole shear it's Hoshi area the Prophet is Hosea this is oh she did I get that right so she just the case great wrong province and Kings I let it go from 297 paragraph three prophets and Kings to nice and I think this is the one that you've heard are you looking for so before we read it 297 paragraph 3 what we're saying is here in this line the 7 Kings here become a symbol of the Gentiles and our primary reason for that is how many tribes is this one and how many tribes is this 110 so this becomes a symbol of 10 the 10 toes the 10 horns of Daniel 7 the 10 horns of revelation 17 the 10 horns of Revelation 13 the 10 horns of Revelation 12 so just on that premise you can begin to see why you would even contemplate doing that yeah so that's that argument well when we come here these are God's people as much as anything else so these are God's people and these are God's people so you can also get those seven kings and you can use them there's a reference for a time at the end either one so I chose to use them as the reference to God's people as opposed to the reference to be in Gentiles yeah okay so maybe we should if you if you haven't seen why or it's not made sense so we just have a quick diversion so this is just the test where everybody's thinking is to see if we're all on the same page so I think we're done there how did we do this sorry though that I did this is somewhere else 742 723 677 1798 538 1844 1863 said we understand 1 2 3 4 5 6 all those seven days and the relationship between them which ones are you not sure about I know the days well I'm not sure okay so sister ELISA you don't have to explain them just tell me if you understand them or you don't understand them okay so we've got 25 20 year we've got 25 20 here we've got how many years here 19 46 46 and 19 and this becomes 65 this becomes 65 yeah 65 years comes from Sin City Miller Bible reference right there without looking hey mr. Cerra without looking for the Duke the 65 years wait the Bible verse for that first okay so you start the first thing because this baby so he's that more familiar now yeah it's just a 225 20s so this 25 20 here what do we normally symbolize it as what's the theme of that and this one you're gonna say is gathering yeah probably I think that you you've heard that why is this one the gathering Kingdom and okay what does it begin with in 677 the destruction of Manasseh yeah okay there's a cap take that he was taken captive and and and then what see what happened to him sorry what happened to him after you went to Babylon came back home so we could Suika corey gathering or restoration because he's taken captive innocence or then you could go down and i'm not gonna give the history you taken and restored taking and restored taking and restored so this whole theme you can keep receiving restoration and it finalizes culminates in 1844 the restoration of the temple yeah it's restoration of god's people so this is the theme of restoration and you say this is the southern tribes so this one is a symbol of scattering and why would we say that was the primary logic that we've got the discovering I've given you the structure of it here yeah there's everybody catch that the 212 60s and you ask any advent is what these 1260 is for and it's for what this one here sorry why now you told me what happened and by whom because they got taken into wilderness by the papacy and I'm asking why not by whom and not what why is it happening hey actually the nominal in Venice returned okay yank something when you actually novel in Venice were they gonna say no Jess I'm saying no I said the 1260 all that all Adventists know that 1260 is what punishment that kind of scattering some kind of thing so we know that we know the papacy is going to come and scatter you gonna run and flee to the wilderness so that was that but now I'm asking the question is why why is that happening just thinking about this one because I think you don't even understand this so I'm not asking about that why is it happening you've got to be loud if you're speaking no you can't do that yeah further or wise its course as to I said that this was the best thing I could do for his people something along those lines that at 12:16 punishment okay so let's go to this one here 1260 same one yes we the same place and we've got a doggie life from this 1260 to this 70 yes so look so this I'm going to switch from the 1260 and going to the 70 we've got 70 here we'll come back to the 70 here is he said at kya this is which priests re which prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah his Jeremiah Jeremiah third angel yeah so by the way Jeremiah third angel how does other white talk about his writings disparate prophecy so you know what Ellen White is when she when she begins a ministry in 1844 this is the third angel which is why she's joining with which two men Wagner and Jones Jones and Waggoner so she joined with them because she is the third angel yeah so she's the third angel what a day then a third angel yeah we yet we could say for a second but they're the third angel because she's divinity and their humanity they're going to come by together so here's the third angel and he's warning the gods people to do what they're not going to not in anything yeah repent get your life in order and do they listen so what's there 74 and no you keep on telling me what it is and I keep on asking what it's for so it's punishment because of war rebellion yeah so this is rebellion so you come back to the 1260 why do all those millions of Christians die sorry because of because of why they're being punished for rebellion so this is a rebellious people that God is going to punish so the paper sees what in God's hand wrought so he's that he's then a tool that God's going to use to punish God's people that's right yeah so there they go too far and they willand they say where the sword that does what shakes the who not not shakes in that way you get sore and you shake it that way yes who shakes the saw saw it's a sort who sakes who shakes the saw saw circular saw not sword so if I had a saw this is my sword I'm doing this who's shaking the saw me I'm shaking the saw so when the saw turns up and says by the way I'm doing all the shaking yeah then what am I gonna do I'm gonna put it in this place so that's what happens with the saw in the hand of the Lord when it begins to boast itself the Lord's going to punish it and give it what right here gives it a deadly wound some people say that the deadly wound of 1798 wasn't a real wound and why they say that they say it wasn't real because it was how does it say like unto that's it like unto he looks like a deadly wound was it a real deadly wound yes how do you know because you go back into history line upon line methodology always straightens your preconceived messed up ideas up because here this babble does it translating from Babylon to me to Persia for real it totally does so you know it's a real death so now Babylon is going to be punished here because it boasts itself the papers is going to be placed because it boasts itself depending if the papacy to remain humble did she would have survived everything would have been okay so we're here what's the purpose for this and then what's the purpose of this and what's the purpose of all of this so we should have known that the 1260 is is due to punishment because that's the theme of this line here we will okay with that so my question is if this is the line of gathering or restoration it has this theme of restoration and this has this theme of scattering but we're going to change it to what punish then now I'm asking brother I remember why we've been doing this sir laughter lines who's being punished brother Jonathan we're here because people are split do you tell me who's being punished here this history these 25 20 who's being punished through trials okay so this one here is the two tribes yeah that you say and you say the people who have been punished all through these history at home so the ten tribes are not any longer lost people are you asking me or telling me ask you you've really all said okay because you swirl ten name okay let me ask you this question they'd trumpets this is for brother Larry that's an arrow trumpets are directed at whom not why not by whom but who are they pointing at a trumpet gets pointed out at home that's by is that me the trumpet row the 2520 which is this scattering and gathering brother Jason who's that pointed at okay so I put God people agree with that brother Johnson yeah yeah I'm waiting brother John's because he was his question this is for everybody obviously so I'm asking who is this twenty five twenty directed at and you're saying the two tribes he said the southern tribes are two tribes and they're the two tribes God's people yeah so that works so I'm asking who is this directed at and you're saying the ten okay and so that must mean that they're God's people as well no you can't say like because you agreed with that okay so you still want to hold to that I've got an Adventist mind as well I assume we have a better answer but I mean they changed the northern tribe state they they changed everything they they try to counterfeit the the sacrificial system way after this here I'm saying they are here I'm making an application that they are so I believe that they are God's people all the way through should be but they don't get restored okay brother Liu you agree with that so Terry okay good God's people so you're happy to put the 10-day okay sir oh sure okay so don't come unit 1798 though you know I said these people come in at 18 for me for I don't know what you mean by coming but if you come in means end so that they come in at 18 44 because that's what that light shows are coming in whatever they're coming in - yeah so that that means that they must be coming in in 1798 then you have to redraw that picture okay it's not going to come in because you're going to say I'm going to stay here come in the phrase it used year you have used and I'm going to point it to 1844 and you're gonna say yes or no yeah so you have to work the same way here they come out so when say in and out I put you out in I'll say in favor or out a favor and then if that's what you meant but if we said that they're coming into favor they're coming out of favor in and out in and out all the way to us okay so this one do they come out of favor yes here and are they coming into favor no so what's 1798 marking if it's not marking they're coming into favor let me ask a different way I'll change this to come in and I'm gonna change it I'm gonna call this come out would you happy with that yes so what's the in now coming into that's right construction company is a punishment and this teaches you they will come in coming out of punishment so we've got a structure to the rules so is that correct so let me ask you another question tucked in here somewhere probably around here is 27 to 34 yeah timeline of Christ Christ is going to come to earth and he says you can't go to the Gentiles did you say that can't come to the Gentiles but you have to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel so before we do that one somewhere along this time period they're going to settle down this group these people have already settled down when they live where they settled what tat what town it's nestled in Jerusalem where these people settled in and really know that by their home Samaria is a country and the town I'd escaped the titles of the places I don't think we could say Israel we could say Judah because I suspect Samaria is part of Israel so I've got Jerusalem and Samaria two cities so we're coming to the line of Christ and whose Christ's going to minister to brother Jonathan the Jews okay because you've got the 2300 day prophecy which is gonna take you to which year if you split it into two pieces 34 so you know all of that 34 490 1810 everybody okay with that cuz he's gay so he knows that by making sure that everyone else knows that before I skip ahead everybody okay with that so this is 490 this time period was exclusively for the Jews good let's go to Matthew where do you want to go this one of me Matthew no only for the Jews are you going to the Jews where we're going don't look for if you don't know Matthew 10 so we'll go to Matthew 10 so by the time you get to Matthew 10 he's got all 12 disciples so that's verses 1 to 4 so he want to avoid this and he's going to name all the disciples verse 5 these twelve Jesus sent forth and commanded them saying go not into the way of the Gentiles and into any of the city of the Samaritans enter ye not what has he just done there what what principle the rule is that what structural rule is that one that we talk about all the time no no not that right we Pete and enlarge so he's repeating in the large in so if is repeating in large then you tell me what a Samaritan is I think he says that in other places as well but I'm okay if you don't want to make it a repeating in large because the Gentiles you're going to be technical at what now then white will say they're the Greeks can't remember what chapter in Matthew is when the Greeks come up she says this is the Gentile world so you're not allowed to visit the Greeks and you're not allowed to visit the Samaritans but here this history is exclusively for the Jews and the Jews are God's people so if you don't want to take this as a repeating enlarge if you just relating this to separate groups you know that the Samaritans are what they're not they're not the people so right here talk somewhere into this 12 is this 25 20 DS people who are scattered these ten tribes these Samaritans because they've lived from they come from Samaria as their capital city so their Samaritans and they God's people at this point in history here they're not so you're already beginning to see sister teri had problems before because she can't take you to 1798 with this theme so she saw that and now you're seeing here that the Samaritans who are not God's people if you're going to point them back here because it Samaritans leads 10 that they're not God's people why because the Assyrian King when he deported them he filled it with people from all over Babylon so that's in second Kings 17 and he's feeling it and it tells you with people from color all the different places and by 677 here's completely just mix them up that's what Nina that's why I'm ill have begun with 677 he said that was the last of the deportation of the Sumerians so that within that 46 years okay so you've got this history here right history these are the Jews because people's not the Samaritans then you're going to go from by time you get to 31 you've got the 12 disciples you've got Ephesus that's the seedbed of the Christian Church and all the Gentiles going to come into that church which was created by these tribes this people we agree with that so as you stir as you go along this theme is going to go from literal juice to spiritual Jews so now the spiritual Jews spiritual Israel you can go to Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum or pergolas is Constantine he's going to compromise and then God what's gonna gonna what he's gone gonna do in the fourth Church Thyatira punish whom spiritual israel who is spiritual Israel it's the line of this people here goes from literal to spiritual yeah goes from literal to spiritual it's this group here so this 1260 here that we're I just mentioned who's being attacked spiritual Jews and the spiritual Jews were created from the literal Jews in this history here so this 10:00 isn't 10:00 who is it it's the two it's two themes that have been applied to one group of people what is the theme of punishment and one is the theme of restoration I didn't understand way to put the ten-day why did you put the ten there 7:23 ten tribes okay so here a 9/11 all these leaders what happened to them they died so can dead people walk along a reformed line no so they get kicked off the reformed light into the wicked world below yes is there not on the line so you bring that over to here 723 when they get kicked out and they go into Assyria then on the line the punishment is only for God's people so to speak okay because this is not to twenty five twenty it's two themes and the theme of the 25 20 s to punish God's people because of their sins and the only people that you've got left is the remnant so when I draw this line and I go to here Zedekiah and you'll see me do this many many times when you get to here this line stops and what is this whole line about it's a picture of God's people so it's a picture of God's people God's people are all unified here then they split and here it stops so who are God's people after this point here it's only this thing in the line and from that singular line Zedekiah it's going to go all the way from Zedekiah into the time of Christ into the time of the Christian dispensation so this line goes all the way down to the end of the world this line gets stopped here so these people get kicked off the line because if you're going to make that ten there what are you saying about this line it continues the line would continue we don't have it with that we don't have that line continuing so they get thrown off the reform line just like the leaders did here they get thrown off so when we spoke about it this morning you can't say when is the close of probation for the leaders because then or even the leaders it's based upon a false premise because we still think there are leaders somehow or another but if we realize where the leaders now they are just they've just been they haven't been fired they've just been demoted so they've gone back to be part of the laity you could say that they've been retired so they're going back into the pews now and now they've got the same opportunity that everyone else has got this idea that they that the leaders have their own separate reformed line have their own sequence and they're going to close the Probation corporately at some point I don't think he's sustainable so in the same way here these 10 tribes they get thrown off the line here and they're not part of God's people here so all of this punishment is the being apply to this group so this is the this is the life remember I said they get punished and they get restored punished and restored remember we said that but you're all happy to say this line here is punishment and restoration and it's not this line here is restoration and this line here is punishments all those punishments that were coming upon them was this line and you know that's correct because if this was the line of punishment and restoration all the way through what would have had to happen here because we got--we mark here between 1798 and 1844 God's people would have had to have and restoration so you used to try and find where they get punished here somewhere between 1798 and 1844 date down there is no punishment that's happening because this is the line of punishment if you like we could draw many arrows down here because all the punishments hit in this way and all the restorations here in this way and after 1798 by definition there cannot be any more punishment so once the punishment stops all you've got now is restoration for 46 years which is how long it takes to put a building together sister teri okay what a gathering should be ten tribes okay no can't you say okay good for you to ask means right there I've heard it said before when I've studied it that one don't know when you heard I was saying the northern is yeah it was ten there's brother Jonathan said and two is the southern kingdom okay so yes I'm not trying to I don't know who said that or what study you did yeah but I'm only trying to explain it the way I understand it and to see there's a reasonableness of it there's no ten tribes on on the reform line so on the line of the twenty five twenty which brings you to a reformed line there's no 10 the 10 are not part of it this is Terry for the southern tribe was scattering gathering scattering gatherings so that's different from punishment gathering because now you're saying there is no punishment restoration punishment restoration but there's gathering gathering I tricked you yeah when I said that cuz I took notes I tricked you because this is not the line or the class said scattering gatherings gerenuk and I did that but it's I can't do that because if it was that can you see the problem here because it's not like a continuum is it it's discrete points and the discrete points are way marks so you have to go to a way mark and say they were scattered and then gathered scattered then gathered and they were scattered and gathered but the question is when you say they who is that they it's these tribes here so they were scattered and they were gathered each of those things so that's technically correct but this line here is not teaching that this line is teaching that continually being gathered all the time and this is showing that they were continually scattered all the time continually means at discrete points but if you make that a number 10 it just doesn't make any sense this has to be the number two for the part of the reasons I've spoken about already which you know themselves are enough reasons to show you that it couldn't be number ten but the other point is that this line shows you that they were scattered here and at the same moment they were restored they were scattered they were restored like that and this is the one that you were struggling but when you see this is number two you say here it is they were scattered and now it stops they could never be scattered anymore because the line doesn't extend any further so all that can happen is a restoration it explains middle-right history helps me to understand that castles are kind of symbolic my mouth for a long time but when hacker Christ called him Israel you know always just kind of like you know there is about like technically they're not there Judah but I understand how he's referring to them Oh Israel and I would have gathered you because they're scattered and related to the southern tribe that like that seals that for me the last thing says Ephraim it says within three scoring five years Ephraim shut your shot Ephraim be broken when does that happen at the end what yes Ephraim is broken do you intend 22 dr. point I made not by 677 that was it so you need to go back into the history not you but we have to go back in history it begins here but they don't finish the job until they get to 677 677 they come back and when they punish the north they come into the south yep I'm next point even after 677 if you remember Hezekiah is Passover he invites people from the north hmm comb-over and if I Patel's you that those persons that came over were from the ten tribes I'm just saying it in context with the restoration as you're bringing of the two teams it's not a lot from the northern tribe that comes but what still that's why he makes reference to them as Israel because shattered within Judah those two tribes you really have persons but let those idolatrous practices and said that they were reformed and also you have just science Passover as well which he issued he called also people from the northern tribe if you go back to Hezekiah this is second chronicles 29 into 30 and where are you in that history when that's happening Hezekiah is just before a - a there's no good way to put it I went for a dot somewhere and where you work where you want to put the dot you only put the dot here no good have to be this one here in that timeframe in this one yep so it's right there he's before 723 can I come back to to the question at the beginning why do we mark now the 10 vibes okay or if the so they're Gentiles my definition Matthew 10 verse 6 they're not God's people when they were kicked out of here where did they go in to see a series what babbling the king of the north yeah so they're going to get thrown into the hands of the king of the north and they get assimilated into the king of the north the king of the north is Babylon so these 10 tribes going to Babylon so the Babylonians so when you get to another Babylonians now we're going to think about public evangelism so now when we when are we going to start public evangelism I'm going to start public evangelism we're gonna just take the midnight cry here so that's when they begin to come back in because now these are the symbol of Babylon symbolized by the number 10 the enemies of God's people so does that make sense conceptually before we read the Spirit prophecy quote yeah okay so we're in spirit prophecy quote what we're about to read I think I've given you at 2 or 3 already in all of this that they get thrown off a line they get taken into Babylon never to be returned ok so I guess yes yeah but there's many others we could go to desire of Ages we could actually go to I don't know where's the story of the Samaritan woman woman at the well know in Bible verse John four we could go to John four that'll be another witness so there's many places you can go to show that that the Samaritans are not part of God's people then other whites will make desire of Ages that's a commentary on John four where they've got this rival temple at Mount Gerizim they're gonna mush it themselves there's there's lots of places you can go the temple press it's the Sree the time preceding the captivity of the ten tribes of Israel was one of similar disobedience and similar wickedness God's law was counted as a thing of naught and this opened the floodgates of iniquity upon Israel the Lord had a controversy with the inhabitants of the land Hosea had declared because there is no truth no mirc nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood touches blood what does it mean by swearing oh sorry 297 paragraph 3 PK prophets and Kings what does it mean swearing does it mean four letter words yes so it's not this is not four letter word this is this is given out yeah the the prophecies of judgment delivered by Amos and Hosea Oh Shia so now in Amos when the same time period were accompanied by predictions of future glory to the ten tribes long rebellious and in penitent was given no promise of complete restoration to their former power in Palestine until the time of until the end of time time of the end if you like they were to be Wanderers among the nations and if someone wants to find that Bible passage I find it they were to be wanders among the nations but through Hosea was given the prophecy that set before them the privilege of having a part in the final restoration that is to be made to the people of God and the clothes of Earth's history when Christ shall appear as king of kings and Lord of lords many days the Prophet declared let me see if I can find it it's right Thank You Jose so we'll just read Hosea 9 17 my God will cast them away because they did not hearken unto him and they shall be Wanderers among the nations he has been because revelation 18:4 says my people so those people are the ten tribes Edom Moen and Ammon yes and God has always had a people in Babylon always Romans God counting them as the world want him aside the world in order to show mercy yes so that's where Paul that is seen from to be not that historical setting and what happened I miss thinking about the implications of what that means until the end of time they would have wonder is among the nation's but through the for it through Hosea was given the prophecy that set before them the privilege of having a part in the final restoration that is to be made to the people of God at the close of Earth's history when Christ shall appear as king of kings and Lord of lords so we just read Hosea what to 7 3 9 17 and that she's going to quote from 3 4 and 5 many days the Prophet declared the ten tribes were to abide without a king and without a prince and without a sacrifice and without an image and without an ephod and without teraphim afterward the prophet continued show the children of Israel returned and seek the Lord their God and David their King and David their King and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days so when they come back what are they going to do seek the Lord and David a king over Luke who's David their king but spiritually he's dead yeah so it has to be spiritually what's your middle name David hey David it's not mr. nakanishi who's David which one you asked you tell me what he is I asked you who he was but I like I'll do my questions today so we said something message message they've been missing to drop or jump in here a future please take it anyone else no Jesus Jesus God anointed here today and here and here and here we got anointed here this is your mother sorry time of the eighth who gets a night at that time to the end David so who is that okay Oh rubbish a city scrubber Jason and they shall seek the Lord their God and rather John brother Jason their King and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days as their three four to five in symbolic language Hosea set before the ten tribes God's plan of restoring to every penitent soul who would unite with his church on earth so the ten tribes are going to do what unite with with the church and they're not the church the blessings granted Israel in days of their loyalty to him in the promised land so back here the blessings that were promised them which they rejected and they rejected all the way through until here he says enough rejection and scattering you what's going to happen it's going to be restored at the end the two sticks will be joined together so the promises here are going to be restored back down here thousands of years later yeah that's when the Gentiles the ten tribes begin to be restored back out of those ten Kings who become a who is singular Kingdom that was got here here they are that seven years and seven kings it's the seventh head which is the ten Kings and he's gonna make sure that we understand that I put 10 K next to each one of them because these are the ten Kings these paintings are a symbol of these tribes and they're going to be restored here begin to be restored and it fully restored by the Sunday law can we join together and it's the same ten Kings revelation 17 that's the point I want to make Jason northern yes in symbolic language Hosea said before the ten tribes God's plan of restoring to every Penniston soul who would unite with his church on earth the blessings granted Israel in the days of their loyalty to him in the promised land referring to Israel as one to whom he longed to show mercy the Lord declared I will allure her we read about seduction before didn't we would you agree that sister shamela alluring his seduction so they got seduced it's reducing bad because God's seducing the people amen and bring in and bring her into the wilderness and speak comfortably unto her and I would give her her vineyards from dense and the valley of Achor for a door of hope and she shall sing there as in the days of her youth and as in the day when she came out of the land of Egypt and he should be at that day says the Lord that thou shalt call me is she my husband I sister Olivia six the olivines I thought you've got a new name for your husband we're gonna call brother Mario a Sheena and she'll call me no more Bali Bali for I will take away the names of Balaam out of her mouth and they shall no more be remembered by her by their name in the last days of Earth's history God's covenant with his commandment keeping people is to be renewed and we could go on and she just she's going on and on so this is the general application that we normally bike and it's right that one here that one here is pre the scattering so I think I've got legitimate didn't this is the close of probation so you've got seven kings from Jeroboam two to close operation so this would be time at the end Sunday law you can have an application see all the kings but normally when applied differently but it's still a valid application God's people and even though theoretically you're going to get that and you're going to bring them down here you could say they were God's people but the themas of the 10 the 10 becomes a symbol of rebellion and not a rebellion it's a symbol of the enemies because how many spies go into Canaan ten and its gets split ten and two and one of the ten want to do not only rebel against God that's right kill they want to kill they want to kill the people I don't know stop between them okay I've said I said with 10 and I said the 10 you want to kill the truth yeah yes isn't it legitimate legitimate to write the northern tribe is that dotted line that goes through and then drawing it as a two sticks at the end you don't do that anymore I don't think I ever would I think what help if I'm working to draw it if I did here H and I put Zed here I sort of have him coming out and doing this joining at the end I think the problem with the schematics is you if you're not careful he gives a kind of a false impression that they're part of God's people here and fundamentally they're not I say part of the graphics here can lead you down the wrong Rock like down the wrong track but they they will become God's people but when they become God's people at the time as they're becoming cause people it's not like you've got God's people in the world because the world is just destroyed at that time by the time they're all everything's all done and dusted so I just wanted to say and as to say this because I thought it was interesting to hopefully you found that so yeah I'm not gonna take it down so you've got some hopefully path and benefit in seeing that it's the number two that's been applied to all of them to both 2526 to things with one Oh we were in I must yeah let's go to this back got a few minutes I must nine and why did we go to Amos time what we were looking at the beginning of Johnson that you thought said oh it sounds a bit funny at the beginning what were you saying seemed oh this this yeah you said those this looks a bit vague so I'm saying this you go to Amos 911 see the problem is you have come out of Babylon and I know you kind of keep on saying that you haven't you say lucky white Adventists mind now presume what you mean by that is not your clean Adventist - your corrupt and Ventus mind when you sit when you say that and I'm saying it can't be in between you have to be one of the other now if I take you to Amos 911 and I'm just going to say in that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David what does that mean not if you I'm asking you you're asking me how did you what do you do with that verse now what is this verse mean to you you can read the words but tell me what it means the application tell me what it means I would understand a certain day the tabernacle is set up so you're saying tell me that tell me the punchline of what that verse ii say in real life not all that raised up tablets tell me what about 911 what about 911 what happens at 9/11 don't lose the word David and don't usually a tabernacle but you've got to put them in to your statement what happened to 911 I'm asking you what your understanding goes up a tabernacle of David I want to know what you think that means but put it into the statement at 9:11 what happens that's quite so you tell me I want you to tell me what it is so then I have to interpret or the tabernacle that's what I'm trying to figure out well you live in the real world you're in this movement you know what we teach about 911 and what I'm trying to find out what you were sent to and how and what's that restoration to look like set aside he set aside his church in order to renew sister she Miller tell me what these verse wings the houses they got use the house of David I want to know what you think that means restoration yeah I want to know what's gonna get restored God's people brother Larry I thought priests are gonna get baptized sister teri 911 the church front fence braced up so if we didn't if we weren't gonna do all this 911 stuff this verse means nothing you'd agree with that you have no reference point to understand what the tabernacle of David was yeah and the reason you wooden is because other than if you've got a moister if you've got emotional reading of it normally is the other way around because this is a New Testament quote it's quoted in the New Testament does it tell you in your anywhere in your things but you already know that I'm asking does it say there's a most 911 in your Bible does it cross reference it to a New Testament passage no okay Acts I say tells you in your Bible yeah okay so let's go to acts 15 so the problem is now if it's acts 15 without reading it I'm assuming Paul speaking here verse 11 we said 15 15 okay I'll go with 15 15 because I want to make it a doubling okay so now you've got a doubling in the book of Acts and you've got nine eleven in the Old Testament now what's Paul talking about here Oh who's read who's writing after the after they held their peace James answered saying men and brethren okay so this is James speaking so not Paul this is James is that correct okay so James is saying this what's he saying who's he talking about David's dead yeah but you but who's he speaking about which church is he speaking about us no Adventists aren't gonna be alive for another thousand years two thousand years context is that it's pork sorry it's talking about Ephesus isn't he talking about the church that's right there in that time so this is the Council of Jerusalem so they're arguing what does it matter what they're arguing they're arguing about the Jews and the Gentiles and what their latter than what they're not allowed to do so that's all fine now James are going to stand up and say you have no this argument about all the technicalities have had to be saved but what we read this cussing is war the church triumphant that God is going to raise up out of the ashes of later seer which is those Jews in the present tense example so in the book of Acts he's using it that way and in in Amos he's again making some comment that it's going to be raised up so just come back to Amos 9 in that day when I raised up the tabernacle of David that he's fallen then close up the breaches thereof and I will raise up the ruins and they were build it as in the days of old when is that this prediction it's right so this is this now we're here in real that's what Amos is talking about isn't it they've come out of captivity you're going to be restored the house of David is going to be reestablished so unless you have some kind of the reason I mention all of this is unless you have some kind of anchor point the spirit of prophecy doesn't really help you much because she make some general application and the church is clueless about what's going on because they use the historical critical method and I'm not knocking that but you've got no anchor points to where to place this now we could do a lot of study and look at the words and look at the Deaf tabernacle of David and we could do it the hard way you can you we could do it the hard way but only if you have pre knowledge if you've got the keys you could go into these verses and there you can interrogate them but what gave us the keys in the first place line upon line and part of line upon line is the Miller right history which creates 911 for you so you go to milling right hitch when he creates 911 what I mean he creates 911 I mean 911 becomes a subject to Bible prophecy from typology to restraining and radical Islam so now you've got 90 11 now you can turn 9/11 into a symbol and now that symbol is going to be used as a key to go to dozens of places in the scriptures probably hundreds if you think about all the combinations of 9/11 that you could come up with there must be a lot much more than than the 10 or 15 that we could probably just between us now brainstorm and put on the board there's probably a lot more just that we don't understand what those verses mean so when you come to this one and you says let's just randomly pick any Bible any Bible book and it's if God's 9 chapters you go to verse 11 I'm contending that that verse should be nine eleven but we don't understand it or some connotation that's connected to 9/11 this one's an easy one to see so this approach once what there was established upon line upon line methodology then we get those days and we make him into symbols is the same methodology that with you hearing down u1 1 uzq 1 tune Jeremih 1 3 and I think that is sound eschatology it's a sound way of approaching the Bible and if you go in outside of this group that's call it fanaticism absolute fanaticism and people who come off this message as we spoke about this morning are prepared to understand who God is and who man is sooner or later they do the same thing because they're going to go to a place they're gonna say Revelation 18 verse 2 they're gonna prove it by just the words and how Ellen White uses that verse and where they're going to place that and Mark that to the future because they're not going to stick to the rules I'm saying the rules that we've got a proper rules they're not just made up we didn't just say oh look verses one two and three three kings three angels messages I'm I'm suggesting this is a sound way of applying to studying the Bible and anybody that you would ask would we say that's crazy the reason they said it's crazy is because the King James is not inspired and what they mean by that is not that the Bible isn't inspired what would they mean what do I mean by that statement that they make pagination the chapter and the verse breakup is not was it was not inspired it was just meaningless and if we were to believe that how could you go to Amos 911 and how could you go to acts 1515 you know you just couldn't do these things you've got to Bible verse you're talking about the same thing and you've got a doubling and you've got 911 where after the 911 days are doubling and this year and we don't even look at the words you know I didn't even start I didn't even ask you what the words mean I mean I did because I wanted you to say how you approach it and the reason I did that is because you can approach that verse built upon a pre knowledge that this is 911 in the captivity and that's 1999 yes historically but that's all it would because historical grammatical mythology says it's just there in the past and it'll have some spiritual moral application that the in the future but they're not gonna lock it in into time like we are forced to do through line upon line because if you say it was in that specific history it has to be our history so you're smug you've made at the end of the seventy and you're going to tie in because she says they were verily in captivity as the other group which means they were like them it's not real it's just the same kind of general thing but they're not going to say they would not say that Cyrus is the time of the end like we do and bear all of our weight upon that and then the same thing in the book of Acts and then how we're going to apply it so I guess that was a longer answer to your question and and that everybody's got to be persuaded in their own mind but for me this is a sound way of understanding Bible we've got three kings we've got three Bible verses they're all in sequence they're in sequence and you can show when you go into the histories of all of this that they're marking the apparel empowerment Joachim you can mark as the empowerment I think we saw that their acquired definitely is easy one to see because this is where they get punished they get the nation's destroyed when he comes into his reign and Joey akin how do you make that two e how do we do that sorry yeah that what that one was a bit harder it's all here but maybe we'll have a quick review maybe I'd like to have a review on that when we come together on Monday when we come together on Monday we'll have a quick review of why their days yeah let's pray our Heavenly Father we want to thank you for your goodness and mercy we thank you Lord that we can take time together to refresh our memories and to go over some of the fundamental truths that you've taught us over the years and in doing so Lord we can refresh our memories our minds we can also refine our understanding in that we might have a clearer understanding of what these things mean continue to bless us and be with us for the rest of the day in Jesus's name we pray army