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you amen I kind of sensed yesterday that I might not get through my material and then providentially something came up where I don't know that I'm gonna get through my material but I'm gonna lay out some things and I don't mind participation at all and I'm not I'm just on this particular presentation as I lay things out if you see a date or a name I don't I'm not too worried about spelling but a name of a place and you want to correct it go ahead I don't mind putting the dates if I get two dates here correct correctly up there but I'm gonna try to move through this kind of quickly I got an email from I mean everyone's important but I don't want to explain the priority why I would put a priority on this but I got an email from someone yesterday saying and it was Kathleen are running around we're trying to get everything done before we leave and then in the past few days we realized that when we get back that we're probably gonna have to leave again in the period of time before we were going to leave again so now it looks like we're just leaving for a couple months so we're trying to get all kinds of stuff done and in the car I get this text from this person and this is the person I'm putting the priority on and they're saying can you tell me simply you know briefly why we're understanding that probation closes for the priest on November 9th 2019 and all I can do at this point is is text your back saying now I just give it away that it was girl all right didn't want to do that that now I can't do it simply all right yeah so I said I can't do it simply you just you need to go watch Tess's presentations and follow the logic through so they they email back after that I guess it was emails but it was on the smartphone and said well we've watched it but you know I guess they didn't recognize that that was the conclusion so when I got home my email I said look at I'm trying to finish some notes but if you want to watch tomorrow morning I'll try to do a summary of it to give you kind of a point of reference as you go back and look through her presentations one more time and I kind of wanted to have a summary while I was gone with with the students that were teaching here but that got turned a different direction so looks like I have to try to do a summary of that plot about why Tess's presentations demonstrate the probation closes for the priests on November 9th 2019 I'm going to try to string it out to where I can bring my conclusion into it and actually do that today but in the meantime there's another person that has a priority in my mind and they haven't been watching them at all and so they're kind of struggling with it so I started writing them an email a couple days ago and as I'm writing that email it's not on Tess's presentations it's basically on Theodorus presentations as I'm writing the email knowing that I'm that I don't have the ability to put the graphs in that everyone else does on their Microsoft Word or wherever I haven't mastered that so I have to write it carefully enough to try to visually explain you know the the steps on the lines and so on and so forth and in doing that I was telling Kathy last night in doing that where you're trying to wrap your mind around how to explain the significance of these way marks how they fit in history blows my mind how airtight the more than what I understood already and I already I was already settled on the the Ezekiel what's went on in Italy and afterwards in this movement and on Josiah Lich but as you go through and you start trying to explain it for someone in a very detailed fashion where they can get it from reading it it just it's even more thorough it's as thorough at cells in you know what what the part I'm talking about that I was amazed at is whether you get it or not as far as I understand no one ever recognized that in the fifth trumpet as illustrated in Revelation chapter 9 that there was two 150 year periods okay couple years ago maybe less than that maybe more than that theater is showing this to me in Canada he had seen it and if you know revelation 9 1 through 11 or 12 the 5th trumpet you'll know that there's twice in there that five months is expressed so once you go to that history and you see that yeah there is two 150 year periods as he's been teaching then you see that those two expressions of five months in revelation 9 they're addressing those two periods but the Millerites never got that okay so that's part of what I'm trying to explain one level of that in these emails I'm writing to this person you should go into the history that Theodore has come to understand you realize these aren't just good histories to mark the conclusions of these periods of time they are absolutely consistent with the whole theme of revelation 9 there it's about revelation 9 is about the political and military struggle between Rome and Islam and every one of these dates that he's come to identify are their political struggles or military battles between Rome or Islam or internal between Islam and Islam so they're consistent with the whole theme of revelation 9 and long before any of us we're building a great deal of weight the 126 whatever it was a couple years ago up in Canada where he and I set in the room and he went through this with me he'd already he had already noted and I'm not trying to praise him at all but he had already noted the to one hundred and fifty year periods but also a one hundred and twenty six so I'm just saying all of this was in advance before we were building any weight on the hundred and twenty sixes so when when you get to Italy and you begin to see these same periods of time come to light you realize that the Lord has been that it isn't something that's just happening here and now and that the the structure of that history that the way marks that mark those different periods of times it's absolutely profound and the and so to with with what tests brought to light so I'm gonna walk through this correct me on dates or places but 2004 the foundations begin to be laid you if you want to mark it at nine eleven okay but we understand this by 2012 your you've had a summary of the message here at the beginning and a summary at the end and then in 2014 the end of a ten year period that has ten major presentations in it tape 2012 Habakkuk stables but 2014 you have Ezra seven nine opened up and this changes everything because the day that I saw that I shared it the next day and that night bronwen's going through the Bible looking for every place the Bible says first day of the first month first day of the fifth month so within you know forty-eight hours it's opened up that now this structure of Ezzor 7/9 that begins on the first day of the first month and goes to the first day of the fifth month that we're on the verge of recognizing that these periods of time like 120 days is a what do you call a time pattern okay we begin we didn't label it then but it changes how we're relating to to prophecy in a profound way and then in December of 2016 we have meetings and wells turmoil - montes tumultuous meetings in wells you have the the people in the UK at those meetings and they're there to promote themselves and lift themselves up we have I'm supposed to be speaking all day long it it's time for for lunch on Sabbath and these guys come in about 6 or 7 of them and they want to protest everything that's going on and they just want a few minutes so everyone out starts eating and they're just going to give us their protest real quickly so that we can hear their protest and then go eat lunch ends up we have to stop the meeting that their protest meeting because everyone else is done with lunch and they're setting out there in the auditorium waiting for us to start again it just goes on and on and on and some of these characters you know from the UK they're there they're pushing their agenda so you can you can see that the the UK people that are in this movement they're getting scattered right right there so--but anyway you got to go out and finish your presentations we go out and finished our presentations and we go over to reach out with - and Kimberly are living and they begin to tell us what they're seeing in Daniel 11 and they didn't have the conclusion about Russia but they laid out a logic that allowed the people that were there in that room to recognize for the first time that the king of the south was Russia okay so it's at this point that we begin to see that we missed the who the referent what the King of the South was in Daniel 11 verse 40 and in this time period back in this history I'm gonna I don't know if it's 2015 and I don't know that I have to put a date up here but in this history we're already having in this room struggles about whether we should whether we should actually say that we think Trump's going to be elected or not you know we have all the evidence that the the next guy that gets elected is going to be far richer than they all are but the Clintons may be Driggers in Trump so you still have that toss up because the Clinton's got all this secret money that they've they've siphoned off from all their political maneuverings through the years so who knows who's really richer but we're somewhere but the point is we're seeing that the next president of the United States is the 45th President of the United States and is going to be the last President of the United States and that president is going to transition into the leader of the United Nations we're seeing it all back in here okay and then we come to here and the Lord opens this up where we begin to look at Daniel 11 and at this time in this time frame here once Daniel Elevens opened up from what I understand it's in here that sister test begins to look at these histories in the histories and I'm given the summary for the person that I'm speaking about the history that she ultimately gets led to his histories in the the breakdown of Alexander the Great's Kingdom and she finds the very from what I understand the very beginnings of the struggle between the king of the south and the current king of the north even before we see the classic illustration of Alexander the Great's Kingdom divided into four parts and then going down into simply to that struggle with each other so she begins back here looking at this stuff and this here the other day I said this is the arrival of the midnight cry and someone said now you know really if you're going to do it it should be back here at Ezra 7-9 that's why I make making this point you know where where the midnight cry message comes to the surface it's probably open for a little bit of discussion but I agree Ezra seven nine connects us with one of the key passages of Samuel snow it changes everything that we're looking at in the prophetic narrative and what happened here wasn't the midnight cry it was the Lord removing his hand because the Lord removed his hand from a mistake on this chart which was the fullness of the year understanding and here he's removing his hand from our understanding of the king of the south and it's going to impact our prophetic message the same way the understanding of the fullness of the year impacted the Miller right message so when we get to to this point here which I haven't thought this through fully this is this is the point that the people didn't quite see even though they watched sister Tess's presentations when we get to this point where this is being presented in our history and it's identifying November 9 2000 19 by the way before I forget it we all know that that we're in here that sister Tess has the this this illustration you remember where she has 2019 down here and then she has these lines that are coming from certain way marks that are the you know two hundred and twenty years before 2019 and all these prophetic numbers 490 years before 2019 and she's taken the history at the beginning of those time elements and saying they're going to impact 2019 and one of them was the impeachment of Andrew Johnson said Johnson and but we know students a prophecy if if that impeachment process back there is actually speaking to an impeachment process of Trump that because the the presidents of the United States have become prophetic way marks and you get to bring all every impeachment process that happened and bring it down there she's using one that has a specific date Johnson was in Peach in 1868 and a hundred and fifty-one years later brings you to 2019 and 151 is a prophetic number but if you're going to bring that impeachment and say that this is going to be implemented on on Trump then you can also bring the impeachment process of Bill Clinton and the almost impeachment process of Nixon and when you bring those elements together Johnson Nixon and Clinton it's amazing that you can see in what's going on with Donald Trump right now all of those elements can be represented and as soon as the election yesterday was passed Donald Trump has told sessions give me your resignation and I don't know this I had this is getting me off course but I don't know if you saw it but one of the the the the firestorm that has started over that okay he had a very tumultuous press situation yesterday needs and so he's removed the press condemned credentials from the guy that's the CNN main guy that is agitating so there would be the beginning of shutting down the press wouldn't it okay I mean but I as I understand it if I was him I would remove that guys dentals - so so you gotta wonder about the info war that we're in you could even make the case if you want to be really a conspiracy person that they're in it together that the CNN a guy is agitating things in order to give Trump the the premise of starting this shutting down the press but the only reason I'm saying that is that's one of these histories that sister white brings not sister white sister test brings to 2019 that the first thing a dictator is going to do shut down the press so we're seeing some Inklings of that but in this firestorm and Trump has nominated someone to replace sessions and it's someone that has already been very zealous to defend Trump against the the accusations of Mueller and the Democrats so the Democrats are going crazy over it and you know that if you have in a public place if you have a fire alarm many of the fire alarms in order to make it go off you got to break some glass glass so one of the head headlines is a break the glass moment and it's about the this diss that went on yesterday and we know that in 1938 you had you are 80 you are 81 years before midnight on 2019 and that's the night of broken glass so these things in the past month have been breathing put and been put in place if you're willing to see you can you can see and let me give you an example of that before I get back to this narrative for this these people a couple few days ago some of you would have seen it the theater has to know about this but I was telling Cathy about this once the once the adore extended out the Samuel snow line and seeing that william miller's the apology and defense was written and was published on these dates of course bonded to the extension of the 391 in 1845 the fact that it was a when Miller wrote it and when he published it and it's on the line of Samuel snow and the Samuel snow line that we already understand is about when Samuel snow is writing these publications and they're getting published that was our point of reference with Samuel snow now we discover in the structure of these 126 150 s 391 s that in that very history Miller's writing and publishing an article which is his apology in the defense in 1845 it's not only the time element that locks in Miller's publication it's the fact that it's about a writing in a publication it locks it into the whole theme of that line that we've already recognized so I asked Theodore and he didn't do it initially but I asked him again if we talked to a couple of times a kopeck he Oldtown the date of of Miller's publication where he references that he believes that the Day of Atonement will be in the autumn no because we already knew that from over the past couple years that Samuel snows the man that brought the midnight cry but the first point of reference to the development of that message was William Miller in 1843 writing this article about the fall feast my point is this Theodore's went back and sure enough it connects to this complete line you got Miller at the beginning you got Miller at the end and you got these these writings and these publications in the Samuel snow line but my point is is if you wanted to see it you could see it before you even knew it I knew it I knew that once we've seen Samuel snows publications and then Miller's publication at the end and we already knew Miller had started this baby you're at the point now we're at the point now to where you can begin to recognize prophetic truth before you even have the evidence to support it okay so that's part of what's happening as this message gets brought into clarity I believe the people that are going to be the spokesperson spokespersons for the Lord in this coming crisis are going to have to have a prophetic aptitude then when they're thrown into that crisis they can read the signs and correctly nail them down as they're being confronted by kings governors and rulers okay so we've known that would happen we've been handling that concept that God's faithful priests are going to get thrown into a persecution and they're gonna have to be able to not only defend the truth but they're going to have some element of saying this is what's coming it's not just you're not just in the courtroom saying well this is what's happened you've been represented by Daniel and Joseph and these other biblical characters you're gonna say this is what's happened so far but you old King you're about to come to your end okay based upon God's Word I don't know if that if you're going to do that but you're gonna have have the ability to project in the future what's about to happen based upon God's prophetic word and if you're willing to see it we're getting to that level in a very rapid fashion so for those persons that I'm speaking to I won't go into the detail but Tesla's presentations who are not supposed to go out in the public okay at the second Italian meeting Permenter asked me if I would be if I'd have a problem if she came and presented it but the reason he wanted her to presented it here is because he wanted her to present it in front of me he wanted me to evaluate it with him he hadn't heard it all yet either and so we were going to do that and before and went out in the public we were going to see if it was if we thought it was true or false and four or five six presentations into it him and I had a brief discussion and we realized hey they're already putting it out on the web it's already going out so we now you can't you could stop it but if you stop that then everyone that had watched those first five or six would assume it was erroneous or that that we were in rebellion trying to shut down the truth so we were in a place where we just had to let it go okay which we did and we seem that we believe that was the Lord's providence the Lord wanted it not just to get presented here but he he wanted to get it started going in the public arena the second witness was right here and in place as well okay so we've seen the profit at second witness being the confirmation of this date from a totally different perspective from the calendars and the time element that Theodore is giving testimony to here so what what sister tests was presenting here this is where I'm gonna try to summarize it even though these brethren say they have watched it was a few things number one that Donald Trump has been typifies by historical figures the presidents of several of the presidents of the United States George Washington Abraham Lincoln the first Republican president Trump's the last Republican president once we begin to in this history look at the fact that the King of the South was Russia not the Soviet Union then we began to recognize from Daniel 11 and then other passages in scriptures that this history had been illustrated by other political and military struggles and way before 2018 we had already recognized that what got opened up here among other things was a triple application of prophecy a triple application of prophecy being a prophetic principle that we came to employ for a number of reasons through the years but we we came to understand that because of a triple application of prophecy that the 1st and 2nd World War were typifying the third war and that Trump was going to be the president during the third world war therefore you also can bring these World Wars into our history and you can begin to see that the president was it I was blow this one was it McKinley who was the president during World War one Wilson okay will I know now I remember how I can remember that one I got a mental cute Wilson all right Wilson typifies Trump Franklin Roosevelt typifies Trump but one of the things as we begin to gather the information that a a triple application of prophecy that the First World War and the Second World War are going to identify the third world war there's many things that came out of out of that one of them is is if the in the First World War the seventh-day Adventist Church of pasta sides against the truth and in the Second World War the seventh-day Adventist Church of pasta siding against the truth and not in a minor way in a in a historical notable way okay the the seventh-day Adventist reform movement is born from the apostasy of the Adventist Church in World War one and the seventh-day Adventist reform movement is big enough in the world now that it has two primary branches I mean that they're not even in unity anymore but it's it caused a big schism in Adventism but with those two witnesses you know that when you get to hear something the seventh-day Adventist Church is going to relate to this the crisis of the third world war in a less than positive fashion okay and also you can see that in those wars there were drafts that took place they begin to draft people and this allows you if you're willing to bring the Civil War into it and you can bring the Civil War in without even dealing with the first and second world war because the Civil War is the first republican president it's the end of the twenty five twenty and 1863 and a number of other reasons why you can take Abraham Lincoln and associate him with Trump but the draft was also an issue during the Civil War it's like the motivation for James White to seek to get Ken did with the government in 1863 so that the Adventist youth particularly his son would not get drafted okay so that we began to see that there were elements in these wars that were speaking to our history and one of the elements that was in the first world war and the second world war is that in the first world war there was introduced a new type of weaponry that was a major subject of World War one chemicals you know gases okay and in the Second World War there's a new weapon introduced that brings it to conclusion nuclear bombs okay based upon a triple application of prophecy when it comes to the time a period of the third world war you're going to see some kind of different warfare that takes place okay now I'm I went there to lead into Tessa's presentation is as she laid out these lines beginning in a history from the crumbling of the Alexander the Great's Kingdom she took a history that is not specifically marked in God's Word but a history that you can very easily see once it gets laid out is illustrating the struggle between the king of the south and the king of the north and one of the things that she took from that history is four four battles okay oopss I'll spell it wrong probably and I don't care if I sell Oh spelled it wrong her class this one asked ulam okay what I the reason I did that little thing about the triple application of prophecy and a new type of warfare is that in this history she goes and shows that the key the key element of all four of these battles was the elephant elephant and they're in all four of these battles so she's lined up online she's developing this history at the beginning of the king of the north and King of the South struggles and one of the things that's being put in place is that there's four battles and an agreement with what we understand that there would be a a new type of warfare in World War three because there was in World War two and World War one in this beginning history the the thing that was the catalyst for victory of defeat was elephants all along the way okay so she's developing this line upon line and I know that all of you know that this in this room and the persons that have asked me to do this summary have watched it as well so I don't fully understand why they don't already know this but I know that I had a desire to restate this stuff after I left with the classes that took place after I left and then that got turned aside so I'm restating this because I just kind of conviction that I'm supposed to do it not only for them but for the record and it's just restating it simply and from how I would do it I know I'm gonna miss some stuff so it's sheep that she lays out this history line up online she ends up having four lines for us to consider the first line she has developed a history and in the center of the history she marks a distinction between east and west and she does the same thing with the second line where she shows that the way marks on the second line paralleled these way marks but there's a breaking point in East and West and a breaking point in East and West so once she's put that in place then she's going to take this line and bring it under this line and do the same thing here and we end up with four lines right this being the beginning of this history the end of this history beginning this history end of this history but where she's leading in her presentation is to have four lines and these four lines are going to have these four battles right one of the things that she shows is before this battle there is a some type of Alliance some type of connection between the two antagonists the king of the north and the king of the south of the subject of this so there's a way mark in these lines that she marks here I'm gonna put it right there this is that way mark this is that way mark and this is that way mark and it becomes it's not the it's not the the most important thing in there but it becomes something that is kind of a current issue she's saying that when we get to our history down here that this first battle is going to be Epps's and that this would took place in 2016 and that this way mark was fulfilled on November 9th 2016 when Trump was elected and November 9th becomes a big subject in this line but right here she's pointing to in these other lines some type of alliances formed between the king of the north and the King of the South and in the terminology of the 21st century and the Trump stirs and the Democrats this is the collusion that's referred to that takes place before the elections in 2016 and she makes the argument that the one time that we know but by the historical testimony that Donald Trump was in Russia was for the beauty pageant in 2013 and he was there on November 9th 2013 okay so as we approach the elections I was making the point about this that if the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives and they can bring impeachment they're already talking about it but if they didn't take the House of Representatives then perhaps what took place in Russia on November 9th 2013 that the Russians have some kind of information that they can blackmail or they can expose or whatever Donald Trump to produce an impeachment maybe it's both but in any case that was one of the way marks that was being marked I want to put it in the record because the only time he was in Russia was November 9th okay and then he's elected on November 9th and as we showed yesterday there's some in Brazil or at least one in Brazil that suggesting that tomorrow there would be the next strike of an information war and and this is the part i reaiiy know but I'm a little bit hazy fuzzy on given the details but in this history of our time period she begins to weave in the development of the Internet and not just the Internet but then the ability to use the Internet as a tool to gather information and then not just gather information but to bring in algorithms to actually break down and categorize the different classes of persons that are engaging in the internet determine what their weaknesses and strengths are and then subliminally began to need them in theory to buy the products you want to sell but it's always more sinister than that it's not - just for the purposes of selling people commercial entities it's for the purpose alternately of leading people to your political persuasion so she she brings this whole development in and she marks what happened in 1989 with the internet do you remember it's that's when the internet is invented okay so what happened in 1989 okay and I'm doing this on purpose this ought not but I told you this was a part I'm a little bit fuzzy on this is part of my simple summary for my my friends to see why probation closes for the priests on November 9th 2019 the internet which is going to be the avenue that this different warfare comes into our history because what her contention is is the warfare down here that's about to take place is an info war and that you would have info war info war info war info war and why am I saying it like this because her line up online showed elephant elephant elephant elephant and with the triple application of the world wars you're going to have a new type of weaponry in the third world war just as you did in the Second World War and the first world war so over here 1989 they say this is the beginning of the Internet and this is going to be the avenue that the info war is going to be conveyed upon but we know that on November 9th 1989 this reform movement was born because it identifies the collapse of the Soviet Union and the historical marker that it uses to mark that was the bringing down of the Berlin Wall on November 9th so the beginning of this movement is on November 9th 1989 with the bringing down of the Berlin Wall it pardon me at midnight and the one of the things when I began to teach this message that I would get flak over but I never backed down from it but I can tell you where the weakness is is that I said in verse 40 there was a wall that came down it was the Berlin Wall I said in verse 41 there's a wall that comes down the wall of separation of church and state when the Constitution is fully overturned at the Sunday law and then the weak point for the people that want to fight it was I said in verse 42 when the nations of the world are conquered the wall of national sovereignty is removed and that's a more obscure term but if you go into globalist writings it's their term in an order for them to take control of the entire world the wall of national sovereignty has to be removed so I'm just wanting you to know that the purpose of that was to establish the the line of truth and Daniel 11:40 245 and the logic was in order for papal Rome to take control of the world it had to conquer three horns the he relied the Ostrogoths and the vandals in order for pagan Rome to take control the world had to conquer three geographical areas the East the south the pleasant land so my argument was when pagan Rome takes control of the world three geographical areas when papal Rome takes control the world in 538 it's three geographical areas but it's portrayed as three horns therefore when modern Rome and Daniel 11:40 245 takes control the world its three walls okay so so if you're thinking that it's after the fact that we're trying to make the case that this movement was born on November 9th 1989 we may not have understood all the dynamics of it but this is the very way mark that we pointed to and what what tests pointed out also was something that we've come to understand as priests you do not begin to function as a priest until you're 30 years old so when she draws her conclusion then on November 9th 2019 that we are at midnight then this movement now is 30 years old but at 911 not 11 9 but at 911 this movement is 12 years old and when Jesus who is our example in all things and who is the high priest that will be joined by 80 priests here at raffia okay and this is the things we began to discover in December of 2016 that there was this the King Uzziah is gonna go into the temple and he is going to want to offer an offering when he's not qualified to do so and that this was the Battle of raffia being typify din history and that there would be the high priest and 80 priests that protested that activity we're seeing that Christ is our example a priest doesn't begin till he's thirty years old and Christ when he was twelve years old goes where he goes into the temple and his parents lose him for three days and when they finally find Jesus they say you know why'd you ditch out on us and he says I have to be about my father's business and his father's business was that he was a carpenter and from 9/11 onward the work of Christ is to build the temple of the Lord he will build the temple of the Lord because he is a carpenter and over this period of time this 18 years brings you to exactly November ninth 2019 you're exactly thirty years old and what my presentations were I had hoped to get to is that it's at this point that you begin to serve as a priest you're also going to be the offering but the priest the work of the priest begins here when the thirty years old so when tests plug that in to her study don't miss it because it's saying that this movement from November 9th 1989 to November 9th 2019 is brought into history that the two-way marks that mark the 30 years are November 9th and that what we've understood as our call to be priests requires that were 30 years old before we begin to function as Greece and it all fits everything that we've been understanding but at the external right here the internet is born and then she gave us a history about the development of the IP addresses and that was a threshold or where they begin you know doing their algorithm information gathering and doing their thing and she suggested that leading up to the election in 2016 which would be here that men such as Steve Bannon were employing these internet tools to determine what Trump needs to say to bring the emotional response of his audience to the surface and that that was very believable because that had already been documented out in the press over and over again that Obama did the very same thing one of the frustrations of Hillary Clinton is that Obama refused to give him give her the program that he had used in his two elections to put him over the top and she wanted to access that very whatever-you-call-it algorithm tool all right so that was part of their frustration so it's already going in history before Trump's arriving but it's the story that is woven into this history the external about the elephants about the new warfare that's going on so when you get to trump down here if if I can put Trump down here this is the line of Trump you have this question mark about what went on in 2013 on November 9th he gets elected in 2016 on November 9th and he's the last president and you can factor in as Tess did that the point of reference for the beginning of the United States can be recognized as the day that the pilgrims see the glorious land and the day the pilgrims saw the glorious land the beginning of the story of the glorious land is on November 9th 1620 the contention is what we're understanding is that in 2019 on November 9th and this was the election of November 9th and this is we still don't know what took place in Russia with Trump on November 9th and 2013 but the contention is from her lines that at this point in time a dictatorship is going to come into place and at one level then you've reached the end of the United States you know there's still prophetic history that goes all the way up to the Sunday law it's a progressive fall but if you have a a dictator and sister White says active despotism will return in the definition of despotism is a dictator if you have a dictator the Constitution is null and void and do we have any evidence that Trump would do that and if you're going to say X is the evidence that's not my point my point is is that Trump is the last Republican president and the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln and in the midst of the Civil War he took away habeas corpus all right which means you instituted martial law and you've become a dictator okay you had because of a crisis he did that very thing so if the first Republican President did it then you have prophetic evidence that it happens again and you have the spirit of prophecy saying it's going to happen so what I'm saying is at one level if this is what takes place on November 9th 2000 19th in the history of the United States with the pilgrim pilgrims begins on November 9th 1620 and it goes to here November 9th 2019 so the history of the United States begins and ends with November 9th and the history of this movement begins and ends on November 9th at that level I know that we're not to this Sunday law over here these two histories they correspond in the same history I don't have them lined up up here but they're the same pointed time that this reform movements 30 years old right where the dictatorship comes in place so my summary for my friends that watched it but didn't get it includes the Infowars that have been Illustrated and in these four lines she puts together this how do you say the spell say this battle ask ulam and been a been a victim or she shows our typifying raffia and Pinilla now we had come to understand Rafi and Pentium from Daniel 11 back here in 2016 this began to open up that what we had missed about the king of the north was that before the king of the north is fully swept away there were other battles we thought November 9th 1989 was the end of the king of the north are not the king of the north the king of the south that the bringing down to the wall marks the end of the king of the south and prophetic history but what gets opened up here when the Lord removes his hand is that there's still some battles between the king of the south and the king of the north and the King of the South doesn't come to his end until this battle here Pentium which we have previously and I'm still stuck on it marked as the midnight cry but what sister test put in place is that this battle here is raffia and this would be November 9th 2019 yesterday I shared a a thought from a brother in Brazil where he's expecting something to happen tomorrow on November 9th 2018 and that we are already from tests understand that on November 9th 2016 the first information war battle took place with the election of Donald Trump on that date so this is still when we've got 24 hours to check this one out so we don't have to be real dogmatic one way or another it's just an observation at this point you can see you can see with the environment since the election two days ago when their day ago whatever it was I mean if if the Russkies have a bomb to drop tomorrow would be a good day to do not a not a physical bomb an info bomb if they have one to drop tomorrow would be like a a good time to try to to bring about the beginning of the civil war here in the United States that's what they're trying to do is divide this country but we're talking in football this is pertaining to that under on net faith they called the info bomb Moab ok the mother of all bombs anyway that that's this is part of the logic that November 9th is couched in these four battles with different weaponry because this is the third world war that raffia is midnight and raffia is November 9th 2019 this is the logic that tests put in place we already understood that trumps the final president when you get to trump you begin to see that November 9th is stamped all over Trump and probably this perhaps the strongest evidence or the strongest part of Tess's presentations that ties us together is when she lays out the lines of the Russian Revolution the French Revolution and what I'll call the German revolution although I don't think it's typically called that the time of Adolf Hitler and then lines it up with our history because when you take the German Revolution French Revolution Russian Revolution as three witnesses and then you put our history below it the November 9th that pop up in those way marks are amazing on how they line up and it was it was that part it was the French Revolution in my mind that was the the hook that allowed us to segue right into Theodore's material because when people when he began sharing it and you know and he's he's hard to follow because he understands it and we haven't grappled with it at all at the beginning of his presentations if you wanted to have a little bit of resistance to one but you had you had had you'd followed Tessa's material and you'd settled he had a certain amount of confidence that her lines are strong enough that you could receive them then you could go to the French Revolution and notice that that way mark that lines up with this way mark in the French Revolution took place on the French calendar on the 9th of Thermidor and so Contessa's presentation at that level who is giving the justification for grappling with more than one calendar ok so that was there but what was there for me when I brought it in my the hook that brought me into this environment to build the Pont essence presentation is that when she does the French Revolution she says it's from nineteen the first part is from 1989 de 1789 until 1794 wasn't it ok and she calls it the the reign of terror and I'm going oh no I got that I have a problem with that because the reign of terror is basically a year now it's the historians well it can mark it when Robespierre takes control or they can mark it when the blood begins to flow but the reason that I even dealt with this year long period is because it at one historical application it began on July 27th of 1793 and it ended on July 27th 1794 it was only one year and that was the reign of terror in chess is saying the reign of terror is four years so I'm coming into the classroom and I'm saying July 27th means something it means something and Tess has already laid out in her presentations how the papacy moved from one seat to the next seat and it moved from its seat in Italy in Europe in the sea to the earth in the United States in the time period of Ronald Reagan okay when Ronald Reagan employed appointed an ambassador in 1984 okay so she's put that in place and I'm looking at the the beginning of the American Revolution which corresponds with the French Revolution and I'm realizing the State Department was formed on July 27th and I'm seeing July 27th July 27th July 27th that is the the key that brought us into the consideration of what Theodore is going to lay on top of Tesla's information so one of Tessa's presentations is that she shows the diet of spires that there's a decree given and that was in 1529 and 409 90 which is a prophetic number years later based upon the fact that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning over here when this 490 concludes you should expect some kind of decree this is the kind of things that she also was bringing in this is the 490 she did half of for 590 because we're accustomed now with breaking these prophetic numbers in half the 2520 we divide into 1260 and 1260 and she could went back to 1774 which was the First Continental Congress when Daniel 11 was opened up the Brethren in Africa discovered evidence from the Scriptures and from the prophetic illustrations in history that when we reached the the approaching Sunday law there's going to have to be a Constitutional Convention okay that's an agreement with the fact that the Sunday law comes from an amendment and have an amendment you're gonna have to have a cost to tional convention so when you take this number 245 and it takes you back to 1774 which is the first Constitutional Convention then you can see here the idea of at least a constitutional crisis at this point a crisis it may be unnecessary as a student of prophecy to demand that at this date there's a constitutional convention but it would still be within the realm of prophetic application to say that the constitutional crisis that produces a constitutional convention comes at this point so I'm not trying to make perfect applications of these but they seem to have a relevancy in 1799 220 years before 2019 Napoleon becomes a dictator in France and Napoleon among other things there's so many parallels between the polling and Trump Napoleon is the one that takes the Pope off the throne and Trump's going to be the one that puts the Pope on the throne 1774 isn't the concept it's the First Continental Congress okay there's the Constitutional Convention of 1787 okay I stand corrected but but it's still all good because that's what they're there for is to come together in 1774 and begin working on the Constitution as long because the siege of Vienna when Sullivan the Magnificent starts the Ottoman Empire Islam restrained they get held back at the siege of Vienna which is at the beginning of this 490 so you not only have a decree here but you have Islam being restrained thank you okay 1868 is 151 years before 2019 and at this point you have the impeachment of Johnson for firing his war secretary we already know that Trump has a headache for getting rid of Kobe but he just got rid of session and who knows he might be on the verge of getting rid of Rosenstein and if he gets really aggressive he might get rid of Mueller okay so you can see that it may already be in place that element or it may be just happened with session or it may be something even workstream but you also know that Nixon resigned before his impeachment because he was clandestinely trying to get information out of the Democratic Party okay so you you see that element here that you know that the ruskis or who are on Trump's side supposedly are are getting into the Democratic Party's website and who knows what we're gonna hear about this recent election a couple of days ago there's probably more of that foolishness to come to light on one side of the story or both sides of story and then you have Bill Clinton's impeachment for perjury and perjury based upon him not being willing to admit his immorality okay so I you know you here's a billionaire that that is hanging out with the women that at the beauty pageant the world beauty pageant you don't you within how many times does he be married is this his third marriage okay so you see it's not outside the realm of logic to think that there might be some kind of dirt on the man along the morality level just probably not as Extreme as Clinton but but the point is is perjury immorality obstruction of justice attempting to get information out of the Democratic machine as a republican and firing someone in your cabinet you can see that maybe that has something to play here so I'm gonna put impeachment do you think that there's a possibility that now that the Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives that they might bring impeachment charges against him okay this is the kind of stuff that is coming to this date in connection with this and saying that your thirty years into this movement as a priest your probation closes at midnight November 9th 2000 19th I'm seeing that for my brethren that watched it and didn't get it this is the kind of reasoning that that she was putting in place and the follow up the other reasoning that's coming afterwards did nothing but strengthen it okay the World's Fair the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 is a hundred and twenty-six years before and it wasn't really a Sunday law it was there was a Sunday closing and to me the bottom line of that wasn't about the Sunday it was closing it was about the Catholic Church taking the ascendancy over apostate Protestantism in the United States insane you may profess to be Bible believing Christians but the fact that you're keeping Sunday proves that you're in submission to us and adventism has used that for years they've had printed track after track called Rome's challenge it's that very history from 1893 and I would contend that that history starts in 1888 with the Blair bill and it leads to the Chicago World Fair but I'm gonna put Catholic ascendency here and ascendency and but what I mean by that is this is where they're gonna put pressure on Protestants to wake up to who's really in charge in 1909 which is a hundred and ten years before what happens in 1909 the General Conference session sister White's 81 it's been shown that this is midnight and there's all kinds of elements in the General Conference session of 1909 that say midnight midnight midnight and we're saying this is midnight for the priests for the priests pardon me not in 19 this is the one I referred to earlier in 1938 which is 81 years before this date you have the night of broken glass in Germany that's why this this headline yesterday was so amazing to me yeah brick it's something to do with breaking glass about the what's going on but their meaning fire alarm but the night of broken glass 81 years before this date took place on November 9th 1938 81 years later brings you here and this is where the persecution against the Jews reached the physical level they were already getting they're already getting put in a bad light but the persecution changed at this point against the Jews whatever that means for us that's the implications the priests go into a different kind of persecution here and we've already put in the record the christ is our example and that midnight he gets arrested ok so this is this isn't new it's just another line of thought and 63 years before which is half of 126 you have crew chefs midnight speech okay crew chef at midnight what it wasn't on November 9th was it it was just at midnight just at midnight but it was known as his midnight speech what he did is he brought all the dirt out on Stalin in the Soviet Union Stalin was understood to be a hero everything good about Stalin but Khrushchev finally brings it all out and some people point to this event as the the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union but it was a big thing in the Soviet Union and the satellite states history but the point is is it here a cult leader Stalin is exposed for all the the dirt that he did behind the scenes is that is that okay way to express it it is is Trump a cult leader I mean I I don't know about the actual definition of a call but I would like I'd like to have all the profit from the hats that gets sold with my mega honor okay there's there's a certain there's got to be a certain amount of occultism there so cult leader that's the story Khrushchev leader of the Soviet Union at midnight sixty three years before which is half of one twenty six has one of the most important speeches in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the speech is him bringing all the dirty laundry of Stalin the main hero of the Soviet Union he brings it out they didn't know I mean when you talk about Hitler at that point people didn't realize Stalin murdered more people than Hitler by far it was it was a much greater bloodbath but it was kept totally secret okay that secret of what took place in Russia behind the scenes was exposed at midnight by Khrushchev the leader of Russia is about the dirty deeds it took place in Russia to break the glass and buy a senator from Connecticut by the departure of sessions and the replacement of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker as a slow kind a kind of slow motion Saturday night massacre and they break the glass what was the Saturday night massacre was that the the night of broken glass was that on a Saturday night or is that a different massacre okay anyway it doesn't matter I got to get done thirty years before thirty being a prophetic number and if you're not following on the internet why I'm putting these numbers these are all prophetic numbers that we've been grappling with time patterns and we're pointing to the history that starts these that brings us to here the 31 is what it's right here it's the collapse of the Soviet Union as marked by the bringing down of the Berlin Wall on November 9th and pointing to 30 years later where the priests are going to begin to serve as priests break they break the glass moment democracy is under attack that's the one I read that's right so I get so Berlin Wall the wall down and then 15 years before because half of 30 it's 15 brings you to 2004 the foundations are being laid and I don't know what that's speaking to here but it's up there and the one that she did not do in her class was 2,300 years and if you go back 2300 years it takes you to the into this history to the the very first time and I forget if used to do your SEP 23 hundred from takes you back to the year 281 when for the first time the king of the south and the king of the north declare war upon one another that's why I didn't take a guess at it that's why I said how you do it I I'm not I haven't figured out the fullness of the year yet but in any case it goes back to the date BC where Tess's story begins the first time that these king of the north and King of the South that are not directly identified in the scriptures but are there in history from the break break down of the Alexander the Great's Kingdom the first time that they declare war with one another and it would tell you that the King of the South and the king of the north have some kind of problem that's going to take place at this point and that's an agreement with what we understand about this being raffia and who loses we do the unite we're not always there are some people here that aren't from the United States the king of the north the United States loses this one it's going to win the this one here if if winning is the right way to say it okay because this is the third world war this where nobody wins from this point on but anyway we've already had that we've already understood what raffia and Pinilla represent and along the way we've come to discover that there is a battle that precedes raffia and that's the logic that others what brother Jordan is doing is he's trying to make a case for tomorrow 2018 but other people that are following this message I've already put in place that there's a battle that precedes raffia and they didn't do it because they saw Tessa's presentations it was already in the record before Tessa's presentations in fact in Italy Tabo says you know there I've been looking at at this history in Daniel 11 he says and I think I think there's another there's another battle that we've we've missed in there I don't want that you know I haven't been one that's focusing on that history so I think that's interesting and then maybe the same day maybe not but while we were in Italy then I had a walk with Parminder and he's telling me about how he wants tests to come over here and do this presentation in front of us and it wasn't it wasn't him I was thinking it was parameter so that was part of the story but Stephen from from Ireland is telling me the same sort of thing that he's seen he's seen another step in here before raffia so I got to two inputs on that that and it's and it's coming to light in Africa too so it's already in the record so when she comes in here and she's laying up these laying out these four battles it's not just her work other people are seeing it so something happens before raffia and her contention would be if I'm reflecting the right is that it's it's got to be elephants all the way along okay it's it's something about it has to be information more information war information war and you heard the the logic of Jordan in Brazil yesterday why he thinks it's got to be tomorrow yes yeah the fact that no we've went through in the past and other presentations if you haven't noticed from 1989 to here every major way mark takes place with the Republican president okay it's back here the collapse of Soviet Union its Reagan and it's Bush the first 9/11 is Bush the second okay so these these way marks take place with elephants just to say the broken night or the broken glass night was on the Wednesday so you have the mix of the week there at night and what is also interesting a few days later November 12 Nazis find a Jewish community with 1 billion rights marks to see it sounds to me like all these sanctions you know okay I'm gonna bring my study to a conclusion now in six minutes all right I've developed a scenario I put everything that that I would have thought about this had I not did this brief overview for our friends has been in the public record more than once if you return to these notes okay I'm saying in this history here that midnight to the midnight cry and the midnight cry I'm gonna put as 7:18 2020 that in this history which is the history of the cleansing that is marked in second chronicles 29 that in the scriptures we're taught that in order to be a priests you have to go through a seven-day cleansing process those references are in your notes and on the eighth day you begin to function as a priest you can check it out and it's in that story read on when they begin to function as a priest fire comes down out of heaven on that offering in the story of Moses tabernacle and then the next the next verse tells us about the offering of nade a band a by you and their slain okay so that's part of the story too but before you get to the the priests functioning here Moses is going to set up the tabernacle and he's going to consecrate the tabernacle tabernacle I'm saying being different than the priests there are two lines of thoughts in there and when Moses sets up this tabernacle and I'm saying that this is in seven days to here over here there is a manifestation of the power of God that drives everyone out of the tent even Moses it says after that the offering the priests are going to begin and the offering is going to have a manifestation the power of God and I'm saying the manifestation of the power of God here is October 2018 where we've been for the last six weeks that this is a an internal manifestation of the power of God that's marking several things that in the story of Solomon it's marking when the the Ark of the Covenant brought in which I'm saying is a symbol of the atonement that this is the time you you you have to have secured the experience of humanity and divinity and kamat combined to begin here to function as a priest in this history and that when you begin functioning as a priest in this history that this is when the the seventh seal is opened and and this manifestation of the power of God I am NOT saying is the latter rain I'm saying that this is where the offering is illuminated it's the in sign that's going to draw the Levites and begin to awaken the Neth anims to the circumstances of this history right here okay see so that's what I've been laying out and you can see the references in your notes on page three R it says cleansing you'll cease not all but you'll see references that in the scriptures that when someone was going to be cleansed of sin or cleansed up a blood issue or cleanse or leprosy it was what I meant to say first in leprosy or a blood issue that they were to be cleansed for seven days and then on the eighth day they were to come and show themselves to the priests okay so the if you have leprosy in the Old Testament there's a cleansing process that you go through and it takes seven days to complete that ritual but when you're done with that ritual on the eighth day you come and present yourself to the priests so this is the seven one combination that has to do with cleansing okay but when it's talking about preparing the priest it's not calling them cleansing the priest is talking about them being consecrated and it takes seven days for the priest to be consecrated and on the eighth day they begin to function as priests someone's going to come here that's been cleansed that needs to come to a priest and present himself you got to have a priest in place but you have to have a temple for the priest to operate in and it's seven years that Solomon builds the temple from here to here once it's built the Ark's brought in there's a manifestation the power of God marking unity marking the atonement and it also says seven and a half okay it's taking you right here but once it's built then it begins to function and when it begins to function Solomon has a prayer here and at the end of his prayer fire comes down out of heaven on the offering saying that this is revelation eight one through five the prayers of the saints are noted then fire is cast down in an early writings page 81 you have william miller's dream and you reach a point in time when the dirt brush man cast down those jewels into the casket and they shine ten times brighter than they did at the beginning and for me to take the expression cast down those jewels or cast in those jewels and tie it in with revelation 8 one through five may seem a little bit like i'm pulling something out of a hat but it isn't because william miller's dream is directly connected with the seals it's got sealed terminology all the way through it we've identified that through the years not till the until john weeps does the line of the tribe of judah begin to open the seals of the book that sealed with seven seals and is not till miller weeps until the dirt brush man comes in and when the dirt brush man comes in or the line of the tribe of juda what he says did John or Miller is come and see so at the end of Miller's dream when those jewels are being cast into the casket in Revelation 8 1 through 5 this fire is being cast to the earth and that fire is the fire Pentecost if you would upon those people that are in the upper room waiting for it and you will see passages of these temple dedications of Moses and Solomon in your notes that I'm out of time to deal with but I put it in the public record over over again I will remind you that the half hour now that we're grappling with our month day in a year is seven and a half takes you to right here and if this is midnight for the priests and if this is midnight cry in the line I'm not gonna say for the priests I know the midnight cried be over here but midnight midnight cry at that level then this is also the cross this Jesus is the first fruit offering that is typifying us he's the priest probation closes right here for the priest good bad there it's closed this is we're told that you can't bring in the harvest until the first fruit offering is offered this is the first fruit offering this is Christ on the cross therefore this is 27 ad and this is 31 this is 34 and the date here between these two dates if we're going to put a date on it is March 18th is that what it is 14 March 14 but in the Julian it's March 1st okay from here probation closes progressively for both the Levites and the Neth anims and you have another when you get to the Sunday law in this way of expressing it here you have another number 8 and you have the first fruit offering that is 2 loaves which is the leaf Levites and the priest together but the difference here this first fruit offering you just cut it down and you bring it and you wave it before the Lord this first fruit offering that is the wave loaf offering has to be gathered in processed and cooked and the leaven it's the only offering in the Bible that has lemon in it it has to be thoroughly cooked too to destroy the leaven because at this point here no more sinners are going to come into God's church for them to come in and be part of this first fruit offering the sin has to be baked out of their life that's one of the elements of that offering that we've marked through the years and then this is the the close of probation for the Netherlands which is also progressive I'm saying that this story here from midnight from this way mark to this way mark me in the number eight it's it fits absolutely airtight into what we're understanding about this history if your understanding is that in the past six weeks the Lord has opened up the light which we would call the midnight cry that was typifies by the midnight cry of Samuel snow then you've had a manifestation of the power of God in this movement before midnight and I'm saying you're gonna see him in another manifestation of the power of God right here in the center of this when fires poured down out of heaven upon that offering as was the case in Elijah's offering and Moses is offering and Solomon's offering and that it's about illuminating the offering as an ensign to draw people to them it is not the latter rain in terms of this being early rain latter rain history there's still a manifestation the power of God I think I've put it in place so my point is for my friends I don't know how you watched it and missed it because sister Tess did not mark November 9th 2019 as the close of probation for the priests she let her studies to the conclusion and without saying anything the class came up here and began doing it for her we all saw it we formed the conclusion for that certainly that's what she was teaching but she didn't openly express it and maybe you didn't see what happened when the class came up here when she finished because it didn't get recorded but my point is is all of us it was a problem it was a problem it caused shaking for some people I know probably still is a shaking if you don't get the logic it doesn't cause you a shaking if you see and say oh that's just another interesting prophetic study I'm gonna go home and continue on as as before not a problem but it was a problem it's been a problem ever since that point in time ever since you know what if this is if this is really your life changes I mean if you think it's real it was what I mean to say your life changes that either it either changes in a positive powerful way or you're gonna go into a a gloom and darkness where Paul says you're you're looking for I think it's Paul a fearful confident condemnation you're walking around waiting for the close of your probation on the wrong side of the issue but you see that you have 366 days before it's all over and you know in this movement that your character has to be settled before the door closes so it's scary stuff so when it hit here it causes shaking I don't think the shaking is over and as I said a couple days ago I think it only gets worse from here on out so that's my summary of this this I finally finished my presentation but I really didn't finish it like I wanted to but I'm Lord willing Lord willing just for those people in this class I'm writing an email to a friend and basically what I'm trying to lay out for them is this 391 and if I can get it written before I leave I'm hoping I can hand it out to everyone on Sabbath and the purpose of handing it out on Sabbath is I'm hoping it's it's it helps simplify things but I also want feedback immediately on the things that I said that I'm that I'm misrepresenting whether it's a date or a name or whatever so hopefully we'll get that done but my plans don't seem to go the way I planned anymore all right should we pray Heavenly Father we we believe that probation is about to close just a little bit over a year we believe the history that's taking place in this country and the world agrees with that understanding and we also believe that this particular ministry here has been employed by you to be a point of reference to send this message out far and wide on planet Earth and we understand that the time that this ministry has been in place doing this work that there has continually been attacks brought against us from the outside from the inside so for me I assume the attacks are only going to escalate from this point on I ask that you'd continue to use this ministry the people that are here working to uphold this ministry in a way that's consistent with your honor and your glory that the message that comes out of here will continue to be one that sanctifies your people around planet Earth glorifies and honors you we thank you for the privilege to participate in this sacred work we ask that you would finish the work that you've begun in each of us that we might be part of that offering that's lifted up in the and then very near future we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen