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we'll recap what we said yesterday but before we do that we're speaking about those carpenters who were building the ark we've got Christ triumphant 55.2 95.5 there was just one more that I had which we didn't get a chance to read this was reviewing Herald December the 11th 1900 with you and Herald December the 11th 1902 calamities earthquakes floods disasters by land and sea will increase God is looking upon the world today as he looked upon it in Noah's time he is sending his message to people today as he did in the days of Noah there is in this age of the world a repetition of the wickedness of the world before the flood many helped Noah build the ark who did not believe the startling message who did not cleanse themselves from all wrong principles who did not overcome the temptation to do and say things that were entirely contrary to the mind and will of God the first to parrot passages from Christ triumphant what woody we pick up from that what thoughts and ideas did we pick up about those workers sorry they with inlet for filthy lucre yeah yeah there were competent workers because you would have hired good people but they're in it for money what else did we pick up or maybe I do we do we need to reread them uh oh I just read the sentences from the two of them he had to employ many carpenters to help him build so to help him in this great work of building so that's that point there are those who will be like the men and women who helped to build the ark they hear the truth they have every advantage to become people of moral worth yet they will not choose the good society but the corrupt they will perish in the general ruin like Noah's carpenters who helped to build the ark god help you that you may not be of that class and now this one many help Noah build the ark who did not believe the startling message who did not cleanse himself from more wrong principles who did not overcome the temptation to do and say the things that were entirely contrary to the mind and will of God so these carpenters are helping these workers are they nominal adventists is that I don't even think I don't need your happy with that terminology or maybe you don't even know what that means these people who remain in the conference structure that don't actually sent to these truths they're not partakers of it they sort of say we reject the 2520 with nothing to do with you is it that class no so it's people who actually intellectually assent to what we teach the we agree with that so you've got this truth these prophetic truth and what's it doing to them absolutely nothing yeah so they've every opportunity to be saged but they're not going to be saved so you want to ask what is the why are they in that situation that's right they don't believe they're not choosing what don't they believe it's the passage right here they many help Noah build the ark who did not believe the startling message so what is it well it's belief me because every Adventist believes that the Sunday Lord's coming all the ones I've ever met you know them like you if you've been around a long time you've met thousands of them probably some vicariously but you know they're all got the same point and everybody knows even if you're not an Adventist that where are we in the world in timeframe everyone knows are at the end of the world you know you don't have to be in Advent you don't even have to be a Christian to know that so everybody knows we're at the end of the world and everybody knows if you're an Advent is that the Sunday Lori's here cuz the Pope is doing his activities or whatever so what is it they they don't believe they do not believe the starting message so I understand how you read this passage when all the element is know they were at the end of the world the whole world knows that unlike Noah they don't have a reference point it well it didn't sprinkle one day and they said I'll look maybe he's got a point so what is it that maybe some of us and not believing the art could say them what is the arc yes the message brother Luke being spoken to by the law so don't believe no one that's right have you been raised up as a prophet so they don't believe Noah and you say they don't believe the message what is the message sister on the beat see they don't believe the message what is it they don't believe there's gonna be a Sunday law soon right they don't believe that this message is the everlasting gospel elder Jay okay they don't believe they have to have a character prepared for the seal of God before probation closes the shut door message because shut door message is saying you have to be ready before this door shuts okay so I'm gonna say before so it's an issue of timing so that they don't believe the sequencing of these things so if you're in the days of Noah what would that equate to when you see it you believe it yeah you know god yeah I got performed those miracle and how all the animals lined up in just the right quantities and I'll light up a got in the arc and then didn't change their minds they should get on here that wasn't his message his message wasn't for 120 years some animals are gonna get on the ark that wasn't his message what was his message it's gonna rain so when they say when I said when we see it will believe it when they see the rain then they begin to believe and isn't that what we teachers Adventists when the Sunday law comes what we're gonna do we're gonna start getting ready Ben yeah sorry and it's too late and we really don't believe that why would you not believe that is it a logical step of thought processes to say I don't believe you have to get ready before is that logical no why is it not logical my sister okay so what you're talking about morally about putting away sin but we were supposed to be putting away Singh since 1844 so so why is it not logical what they're believing what the future is gonna be you're taking your life in your eyes I haven't had victory yet so they must be must it must be in the future when the rain comes that's gonna fix me because I've been trying I haven't been able to do it this far okay because we're all talking about morality so we don't like this prophetic gospel so if I say the Sunday laws here and we're here what's the church's problem that we have overcome in this movement sorry it's the so if no one ever told you there was some event that was to precede the Sunday law what option do you have but - you have to wait until it happens you can't make adequate preparation that's what the fundamental problem with adventism is and I'm suggesting in the first place you have to make a preparation is mentally before you can even make any spiritual ones intellectually you have to work out what's happening and this idea that you put away sin every single day and it's unrelated to a sequence of events I think is just plain wrong you go to a normal event is they won't say Amen they said that's heretical because you need to be put in a way sin everyday regardless of whether there's going to be a Sunday law or not it isn't that what most Adventists teach so is that the Advent message to say stay ready anytime you want to is that what we were supposed is that what we were raised up to do so have we got into that mess so we say in our marker is 9/11 and 9/11 is going to do what what's it doing for us right so 9/11 is the preparation the is the premier marker that you know that the Sunday law is going to happen and without this you don't have any option but to reject this issue here that you can't make preparation beforehand because you don't know where you are it was a Sunday look could happen any time couldn't it could happen in the hundred years can happen in 50 years in 50 years in 80 years everything one in this room is going to be dead almost certainly maybe perhaps one one of the children wouldn't be in 80's 90's we're all going to be dead in this room so we don't know how to get ready what it means to be ready without markers we agree with that principle so if we believe in that so we read those three statements let's just have a quick review of what we said yesterday we spoke about a Zechariah and before we spoke about a Zechariah we've made this difference between the structure or the thing that we're building that Ark the temple the bride the organization and we're separating that from the carpenter's to builded the guest the presenter and the people I'm sorry this was the lines she had one two three four five things here and we're trying to make this separation this distinction so he came here to Zachariah and he's got a three-fold message I just put Zachariah but how guys his contemporary they've got very similar things to build the temple because we've been lazy we've not been doing it we're sinners and we need to repent and there's a caller required to come out of Babylon so I spent some time dealing with number three because there's misconceptions in the movement on that issue so is everybody okay with that it's call out about the call to come out of Babylon he's not a call to us yeah because we were already out of that system that mindset so when it says to come out of Babylon who's this a call to primarily call to the Levites so what does Babylon mean to a Levite how do we how would we express this you know what Babylon is for it well it doesn't mean that in Babylon in their minds yeah I'm trying I'm trying to understand how you conceptualize that they're already in Babylon that they need to come out of it okay so during captivity there in Babylon what does it mean to come out of the captivity that's I guess that's what I'm asking okay so you're just talking about you know the practicality of there in this place come out what does it mean that they're in that that you're saying come out of that what do they need to come out of brother Jason brother Larry teacher come out false teachings Judaism in the passage we renesis from all wrong principles so we're going on the wrong principles we need to find right principles ldj they're under traditions and customs that have been handed down through the four generations of Adventism okay so I'm just refreshing our mind we can say we're mean refreshing is nothing new this I'd have been out being in Babylon is the concept that we've been speaking about for a couple of years now the the the generation of a Forgione the degeneration over four generations yeah it's the sins of our fathers we could call it that do you agree with that so can I put here babylon babylon is what I want to put in equals you tell me what Babylon is sorry they're not confusion it is the classic definition of it but in the context of the flow of what we say now sins of our fathers traditions and customs yeah false doctored I want to put sins of our fathers so I'm going to put sins of our fathers because if I put customs and traditions sometimes when I give examples people think like this is my sideways backdoor route to having a go at people like I've used this as a platform to attack and it really isn't so in your family you could have a custom to say every Friday when you're gonna open Sabbath you have an ice cream treat yeah something silly you have this treat so that's a custom now I would contain having an ice-cream treat on Friday afternoon just betoken Sabbath is benign in and of itself but what's the big deal but it's breaking health laws as you're breaking health laws it becomes a moral issue and then if you could have sent to that logic so when we talk about customs and traditions in reference to the four generations or the sins of our fathers we're talking about something specific aren't we because we're not talking about these Adventists hundred years ago 50 years ago said if you have ice cream on a Friday you know it's a good tradition to have that's not what we're talking about is it we're talking about some expose if ik so I want us to understand what is it specifically do we're talking about when we say the sins of our fathers what are these sins that we're telling them to come out of is it that we should stop eating cheese so what sins are we dealing with over there II uh I'm not asking I'm not asking specific why do you think you know what specific ones could I come up with I just look over our to be an all new concept or idea okay so which we have to stop killing profits is that what you say the message yeah so we have to stop killing profits that's a sin and what is what it doesn't mean to kill a profit reject a message so killing profits I'll put just messaged a we have to stop killing messages brother Tyler anyone else Oh DJ I don't know how to express it but they're they're prophetic tests though the ones that are demonstrated to us in the history our way marks that they filled when there's image of jealousy or 1888 or 1919 so we'll do 63 the other one you say so we'll go with these ones is everybody understand what those four dates are off the top of their head who doesn't anyone else so 1863 is if I say it this way your rejection of these charts would that be a reasonable way of doing that okay so it's not just a wholesale rejection you didn't say let's just throw the charts away there's a theme or there's a banner that's going to identify what the specific rejection is in this history so 1888 what's 1888 sorry Blatter reign 1919 new Christ's doctrine of Christ and 57 so 63 the ballot for 63 is the 2520 so what we're identifying is this sin that our fathers have done when we sort talk about doctrine the issues with to deal with prophecy yep so 63 is a twenty five twenty now is the twenty five twenty moral or prophetic it's it's a prophetic right both depend on how you approach it it's a tricky issue but classic understanding of a twenty five twenty sopretty prophetic issue what makes it prophetic time events way marks yeah 1888 would you be say about that is everybody okay with that it's the latter rain yes let's bend if okay let's do the rest of their own spend a little bit time on this one 1919 elder just said is the new Christ so I've put the symbol of Christ here what does it mean a new Christ okay they didn't want the prophetic message any longer and they just want Christ alone without the prophetic message anyone else did they do you agree with that understanding or you didn't know what it meant what book is that second if you knew a little prayer yeah doctrine of Christ I've got the picture of Christ it's doctrine of Christ and it was because you have a new book the word that's a new Christ new new things are written so if you can encapsulate what is that what is the book teaching of this new book so I'll put a new book here so how do you understand what this new book is it's obviously about Christ because it's called the doctrine of Christ what he's new about this book what's it doing what's the crime what's the scene okay so change it so what's he changed from them to what does that mean because most people who are denote the note I don't know the difference when an Adventist in a Protestant because we're both protesting Rome we're protesting with protesting yay so I'm trying to understand how you see what the difference is what it changed here sister Kathy Oh DJ okay so I'm just going to ask you are you certain that that's what they do they the reason is because I actually don't know if they did that there but I'm just taking it as if you know that for a fact okay so I won't put that day because I don't know to a factory if that's what they were doing Oh DJ the prophetic element out of the gospel okay so I'm gonna put prophecy there at the Bob there were many places that are that are pioneers when when the Lord was opening up dr. William Miller that they could actually look and see that they were fulfilling prophecy know the Advent movement they were fulfilling prophecy and what I see um that book did with w w Prescott was that he basically whitewashed and removed all of the all of the evidences that prophecy was actually fulfilled in the Miller right time period be completely that's how I see he he got rid of prophecy because he he completely ignored that and and and and trashed all of those ideas so what so what if they did that what difference would it make because this is about Christ I mean I also get it rid of your history so you know you say well you know that was just of bad history lots of technical mistakes or whatever crisis leave and come if you could trash in history but what difference does that make about Christ the doctrine of Christ what does it mean the doctrine of Christ no you just said that already understand that they're going I'm asking so what if they get rid of the way mark so what if they do that what does it mean the doctrine of Christ what is that what is that I mean it sounds kind of like kind of like Jesuit Catholic strange title to me what does that even mean but doesn't it just mean we need to focus on Christ Christ as our Savior Christ is the one that does everything like in your own strength it's it's not a bad thing to say in Christ alone so so why is it so bad if you trash history you don't have to answer I'm just so what we'll pick that up I saw a couple of hands 57 what's happening in 57 so you saying this is the new book the first in the last book and we're going to do that we are created that the first and the last book you've got an alpha maker so these two are tied together so what's in 57 so we've got questions and doctoring questions on doctrine and this is Freda is it f just R EDA so that's just an acronym for the three authors of the book questions and doctrine what's what's what Harvey this book doing it's just a just a brief statement it was already said today this is the rejection of the spear prophecy it's a reception of Protestant salvation theology profit is a sunny Oh anyone else which is founded upon the wrong understanding of the nature of Christ so since the Catholic it's obviously I heard someone's voice Oh sanctuary message it's a rejection of the sanctuary so we've got reject the sanctuary and when we say to reject to the sanctuary well is that what they reject him was that what what is it at the sanction of the century that they're actually the high priest the high priest yeah in the atonement the atonement is complete at the cross or not the cost that was that big issue that they're having there isn't it no yeah they really know that you're told man when you become one with the father is it at the cross or later on that's what makes Adventism a cult because I Adventists don't believe it was all sorted out of the cross they believe it happen took another 18th centuries or whatever so we've got the rejection of sanctuary and the rejection of sanctuary means to go back to Protestantism and the summer said the nature of Christ I forgot what everything to say anyone else okay so in any of this can you see adultery or lying or stealing or cheating none of that kind of stuffs going on the Advent is lie cheat and steal more today than they did yesterday no yes they were that they were better off before a 1950s Adventist tonight a 1950s Adventist family 1940s 1930s were they morally less corrupt than we are today sure they were you don't agree are you agree we agree with that we're more more morally corrupt than they are we agree with that so how comes they're in darkness and we're not no we're not in darkness yeah we're in the grill not just we I mean adventism is now the light of God is shedding he's being shed upon adventism this this light isn't just being said shed upon us it's being showered upon the whole of Adventism isn't it whether they accept it or not the latter rain is falling on everybody and they just call in it fanaticism so they're in light they're not in darkness what's their sin going to John the light came and they did what they no no they said they preferred sorry they perceived that they preferred the darkness so Adventism isn't in darkness today like they could not have been bigger we cannot been done because we were in darkness what we're saying about God what we're saying about the birth of Christ and about Herod and about the priests and the generation of vipers if we would develop that karna theology that there in darkness we don't even have a message so if I were to do this the time of the ade and we say this is darkness I think we would agree with that this must be what this must be like and who's receiving all of this light Adventism must be the whole seventeen million of us but we prefer to live that way than this and I'm asking sorry yeah they love darkness a key which verse thank you so they prefer living like this but who are the better people morally you know in the 1920s and 30s however bad your family relationship was you wouldn't divorce it'd be scandalous and now it's the norm on any moral level you can go on these people were better than the better than us there's a degeneracy so are we okay with these four steps they're all prophetic and what could we say about the title of over all of this we've marked it here babylon babylon is what sins of the fathers so we've marked that so I've asked what are the sins so what's the title of all of this scene so if I ask you what's the definition of sin you're going to tell me transgression that worked lower later are these people transgressing right the moral law but they're not committing adultery and they're not lying or stealing or cheating they're not doing all of that so now we've just got some new terminology and now we've got something called prophetic law I can say that because no one put it on my list no one says in 1863 someone committed adultery and that's what sent us into a tailspin if you if you if that's what you're going to make the definition of adultery but that's not a working definition when we talk about morality is it that's spirituality that's witchcraft but if you wanna call it adultery yeah okay so we've got that if we're happy with that let's go back to this latter rain brother Tyler what's 1888 okay so that's range rejected so my question so I'm gonna get this here and I want us to think about the latter rain and I'm going to put reject so you're saying the problem is there's rejection of the latter rain so who's rejecting the latter rain sorry so we've got you say in the leadership so the leadership rejects the latter a and that's what the problem is it's right the laity is that what you mean the laity I think there's an e in there brother Larry seems counterintuitive that aren't Jones and Waggoner ultimately rejecting that's counterintuitive it seems they're given the message but they seem to be rejecting the message why's that counterintuitive because if they're giving it you know they were receiving it sorry if you're building the ark you think you would be building the Horde right so it seems counterintuitive like if you've got a hundred people building the Ark Italia even were getting saved it seems so what straightened your counterintuitive nough straightens a person's counterintuitive nurses say history well Ricky Jones and Waggoner I look back and say okay no III understand what you're saying I'm trying to make you shuffle you along a little bit okay so you said it's counterintuitive and I'm saying what straightens your counterintuitive nurse out you're saying if you looked at that history it looks counterintuitive to say let's blame Jones and Waggoner so but you want to blame them you're blaming them and you're saying it doesn't look right to blame that's not counting to ative means so what brings you to the conclusion to straighten your counterintuitive 'no say okay i'm still going to go with this i would say just go back to Christ rather for 55.2 95.5 because just because you're building the ark doesn't mean that your limit rephrase it you're building the ark and it's almost certain you're not going to be saved to doing it the odds are stacked against you it's almost certain that you're not going to make it by building the ark because the odds are not there yet history there seems to be the case and yes what you said but when I pushed it you too so when you say you look at history what do we call that mines lines it's the line upon line methodology that's going to help you to come to an understanding of who's actually rejecting the latter rain so if you go to anybody who's anybody that's dealing with the 1888 message they're going to develop a theology that the blame comes upon these two people these groups and they're going to target the leadership and they're going to say what we need to do now is we need to repent yep the whole church needs to repent and say sorry for what we did there and then when we do that what will happen God say okay we'll reset the clock yeah corporate repentance 1888 Study Committee all of that all of that so the leadership ever have any hope and except in the 1888 message no why not the classical authorities never going to accept it over and over again we already know that the problem is the wait Ellen White is a prophet of God approaches the problem she expresses it in what kind of a language like you've got a chance yeah if you get your act together you've got a chance now and she's warning them you've got clear warnings in 84 86 that's gonna happen that sorry 88 is gonna happen the two warnings that she gets gives maybe I'll try and find the passage tomorrow 84 she says there are already people in the church who were studying the third angels message in connection with William Miller's rules so that's her first salvo to the leadership who just who's she talking about when she says that people study in the third angels message using William Miller's rules Wagner and Jones she has to be talking about them she's saying they're already here four years before then two years later she says if God sent you a message like he did to the Ninevites what would you do what would you do it's a rhetorical question because she knows what they're gonna do they're gonna reject ya so who's Jonah right Lauren Jones to say to you people she's already pre-empting the people giving them warnings that 1888 is about to come and the leadership have got no hope because they've already we fall short here in 63 so they've got no hope so the rejection of the message by the leadership isn't really the problem and they and the lady just gonna follow suit so what did the leadership do to make sure the latter rain isn't going to be accepted by Wagner and Jones cuz they've got a really nice strategy right who's the them so who's the them Wagner Jones they're together at the room and then why you have to separate the prophet from the messengers so they do that effectively they send her away so it's a separation of the spirit of prophecy that causes the rejection of the latter rain by these two men without Allen white they've got no hope the church effectively broke that so you know today if your three conquer and divide exactly so today the problem that the reason why we're rejecting our own message is because of what sorry we've separated the profit from the message so you've got people today say I mean like today not not back then but today they say you know what we believe that the power of the ten virgins is the peril of Adventism we agree with 9/11 1989 we believe everything what what have they been separated and disconnected from just did it here there are the messages do they've been separated from the Prophet everyone who leaves this message you know I'm saying leave this message but that's only because I'm here saying that if they were standing there what would they be saying I left a message yeah so the only connection you have to be on the safe track is you don't disconnect from the Prophet I don't know saying hey main because maybe we don't understand who the Prophet is as the Prophet is not the spirit of prophecy yeah so if you disconnect divide and conquer so adventism if you're listening because everybody agrees here it's not the rejection of the message by the leadership by the wholesale laity it's the people within the messages itself who get influenced so the leadership have a part to play they break this up so 1919 books of a new order now with separated prophecy from from what so from the message so brother Bob saying what they're going to do is you're going to trash all the history from 1798 to 1844 they all know that is irrelevant that you can be saved without that isn't that what they're saying you can be saved as a Christian without knowing all of that history so who agrees with that you can be saved without our understanding your history protestantism sister be the only one who believes that they could actually be saved without understanding 1989 Rafa Jonathan believes it Jonathan somehow maybe see already okay let me tighten my question up in this room in this message do you believe that you can be saved go to heaven without understanding or accept in 1989 I mean if I rejected than I reject truth because you just use it as a philosophical argument now you're gonna say you can't get the heaven if you eat cheese because if you got it's only choose new eat cheese its rejection of information a rejection of a law so you can't go to heaven on that basis so your beak weighted 89 with cheese at the same level because it's just a philosophical argument anything you're saying sister Terry oh you were responding to him only yeah oh sure he went to hand up sorry you speak a little bit louder if the reformed line is the ark and the builders didn't get on the ark then it seems to me that if you reject the reformed line then you can't get on the ark does that make sense yes okay and can you eat cheese as you're going along I don't think that's focus so I'm gonna say that's a yes you can eat cheese and get on the ark it's okay it's not a problem because if we elevate cheese eating or we denigrate the Ark and put them on the same level you can see in that that simple story it becomes foolishness that story doesn't mean anything if we do that but that's what we do in so many subtle ways we're going to bring down the prophetic message that Ark a couple of pegs down and we want to get the reformed message and put it on a platform so it becomes this lehigh important thing and we put them on the level and we say you need to do both to be saved but their story teaches you otherwise and I think that's what you've just said but you didn't say in such a strong language elder Jeff well your diversion into cheese kind of lost what I was thinking but I want to argue against Jonathan based upon the the passage it says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the Lord's teaching and leading in our past history and experience I would argue that even the 11th hour workers their salvation is going to be based upon them recognizing that as Protestants they have a historical record of what Protestantism was even though it isn't any longer and they're going to have to recognize that this church triumphant is a repetition of the Protestant Reformation they're going to have to to recognize in 1989 even if it is in a in a less direct way than we are to recognize it if we because if you take that passage we have nothing to fear and reverse it it means we have everything to fear if we forget these things and so this Protestantism I'm just trying to put a reminder for myself probably Johnson let me ask you the question let me extend this line out here and we're at the Sunday law us Sunday law and here there's going to be a call Revelation 18 verse 4 for the people to walk come out of Babylon we agree with that this is not I'm not talking about progression just is not not the splicing of the two snakes this is simple basic understanding yes so this is the us Sunday law and this is 18 verse form and there's a call to come out of Babylon you agree with that so now I'm going to put some thoughts and ideas that we need to understand with with that history I'm going to take this out and we'll put it here so here's the Sunday law and this is 18 for which is the cry come out of her my people so when you say to a person in the world because your neighbor you say did you hear about that law that just come out you need to come out and join our fellowship yeah and he's gonna say who are you what's this fellowship and you say by the way you need to be a Christian and then I'm gonna stew under teacher had to become a Christian I'm gonna show you how to pray because he doesn't know how to pray he's an atheist you gonna teach him how to pray what to do you gonna say you need to repent Oh is he gonna be doing he's gonna have to do all of those things before he can be fully on board so here you are and I'm gonna use this arrow here to identify your neighbor that you're calling in so he's gonna come into this fellowship so I'm asking you what does he look like easy this person knows nothing about the Christianity you know he's heard of the Bible to the how many books it's got there's no anything about John the Baptist about baptism you have to teach him all the bcs of christianity no no I'm asking a specific question because if you're gonna say maybe then you're saying it is if you're going to say it isn't it is not okay so I'm going to say this to people so if you're gonna say is or it's not one is and one is not so I'm still we're still gonna go to the same place I'm saying this person can he be in this condition you're going to teaching the ABCs cause if you're saying you don't want to say that he couldn't be that means he is I'm asked you the question because I want to understand how you think what condition this person is in based upon the logic that you said a moment ago because he doesn't need to understand anything okay the reason you're having to think about it is because you have the mind of a nominal Adventist no it is because a normal Adventist from the structure says that when this person gets called here you can go to some hardcore atheist who doesn't know anything you're going to knock on his door and say let me give you a Bible study about what's happening in the world today and he doesn't say I never knew anything thank you for teaching me this I'll join your church he stumbles and falls it's got get his life in order and as you go through you know it's gonna make is going to make it through that's the model of what Adventism teachers and we now know that that's incorrect how do we know it's incorrect did that models incorrect there is a plowing going on only those that receive the former rain will receive the latter rain so if we're in this history and this is this this is a line of the Gentiles this is you so don't get confused that this is you if we're going to say only those who would form that receive the latter rain I want to ask you in this line for these Gentiles where would you place the latter rain would you place it at a or for our at B for that Gentile Sunday law Sunday law is always at United States because then we put Co P for universal that's right BC so Sherman it's going to put the latter rain beef for this person I'm gonna offer 1/8 of balance ok ok so we need to be certain about what we're talking about I'm not tell me then for anybody off not badly no one's gonna make it no one's gonna Bend yeah hey ok so no Sunday line I'm looking at the chart down here at the bottom and which crew where we 2017 so this Sunday law that you have up there is the cry right there is that where we're at up there no no this is the us Sunday look this isn't this is this is the light of the Gentiles this is the line of the priests ok so we're done the end of it we're here ok I took that 18 4 and I brought it back up here so it's higher up so we couldn't see it so I'm asking where is it I'll be ok ok so you'll say correct sister Tess is good so the latter rain is here you didn't receive the latter rain he's blown it what is this history here between Sunday law and the close of probation for this person what do we call that now the binding off now you think about that in reference to us so this line here I'm going to take this out liner the priest this is the binding off rather daunting so this is the binding off however way you want to square this you know everything has to be sorted out before the binding off so just at that simple level if it has to be sorted out before the binding off this gentile has to be sorted out before the binding off so that means he has to have learned everything about Christianity before Hank you cannot be going to the world here and saying let me teach you what it means to be a Christian they really have to understood not only what Christianity is but also what the message is all about however they going to understand it to whatever degree so I'm not saying they have to understand it's the same degree but you can't go to a virgin person here and say let me teach you about the lines let me teach you about what's happening in the United States about the Sunday law they have to have already known because what produces righteousness in a person if we're going to talk about all these sins it's a prophetic message that's what's going to purge sin out of a person's life if you want to express it that way if you're going to combine the moral and the prophetic they cannot join the church triumphant with sin because this is the third step isn't it yeah what would you put here three what this is for the Gentiles sister schmear yeah everybody know that this is 3e the reason I say that does everybody know that because if you look on the charts that we produced we conflate the subject matter and we normally Brio put three here we put a 3a yeah this I'm saying this person was you giving the message the messenger it's not the line this is the line of the entire work if I just did that here because Jonathan here is gonna speak to these people and they're gonna and he's gonna tell him to come out so they're gonna come out and join couldn't join before but it's because now he's gonna harvest them and he's gonna do that under third step but this is 3e and I'm saying based upon the logic that we've now developing on our lines he cannot be getting ready here and that's how Adventists teach endtime prophecy he said what is this three here if that's three II the first angels message is not a point in time second angels message is not a point in time the third angels message is not a point in time it's a period of time so I'm just saying that 3e is this it's this history so that's three you've got put a 3a somewhere before that I'm not addressing just just run it Rachel we understand that point that he made that everybody who joined the church triumphant has to understand what's going on and you can't do it by the time you buy time they get they call they have to have done that and brother Larry said it's to do with the plowing any questions so this disconnect here in the alpha they're going to disconnect your history and say you can just be saved independent of all of that information what's going on here pretty much the same thing but they're now added to it yes so what are they added to here that they've done that they didn't do here they're rejected the sanctuary and what does that mean the rejection of sanctuary what impacted that does that have to reject the sanctuary his holy place of ministry and he's most holy place ministry when you start playing around with that what does it affect the day of atonement so it's the rejection of the day of atonement and what is the day of atonement sister on to me so it's the day when you're investigated it's going to get destroyed the blotting out of sin is going to get destroyed anything else that H and D human and divine so if you read if you reject the day of atonement what is the purpose of the day of atonement theology all about anyway it's about at the very end sorry oh yeah so so the human today of atonement is all the sins are going to be blotted out which means that all the things that you were doing before have to have been dealt with because you can't carry on doing sin through that experience so this issue here about the human and the divine the rejection of the sanctuary message the rejection of the day of atonement says that you can carry on doing what you carry on doing sin all you want because it's just a daily addressing of the problem if you do sin just take a lamb and you carry it over and over again there's not an end to this mess that's what this is an attack upon so and the nature of Christ we've got the nature of Christ which is dealing with the justification because you have to you have to justify your behavior and if you're not going to put away sin because you don't have a day of atonement you're gonna have to justify that by adjusting Christ's nature but everybody says well okay so let's go to Hebrews chapter eight we've addressed this before so just wonder it's just a refresher one second checking something we've already we've already discussed this before yes we went to Hebrews 8:1 the conclusion of the matter is what what did we say before the conclusion of the matter race everybody agree with that sister teri this high priest who is it brother Larry where's the high priest it's Christ but throw the Vey well I think that I'm sorry brother Bob it's quite human and divine yeah so you agree with that yeah so you're the high priest no did you said that I'm not very pleased what did you mean sorry I mean that Jesus our high priest is represents humanity oh so you're saying it's that one yeah you say that lame that they're their cross to represent you know the false nature of Christ but I'm thing that they understand Dan the nature he took on it so you're saying it's Christ it's just all I've been saying it's not Christ you saying it it's a man it's you it's me it's ass when is this work going on okay so let's do when this work is going on then so let's do this 1798 to 1844 what is this revelation ten seven thunders every day okay with that one two three messages takes you back to where 4:57 because it's the 2300 day prophecy 457 and this is art x-axes de reyes cyrus where you want to begin this point here this is time at the end and this is time at the end one two three decrease so this date is what five it's right here 538 what's your question sisters your mother so her question is when is this happening so we need to put it into a framework yes I've really every understand her question we need to put it into a framework to answer the question of who this person is because some are saying it's Jesus and someone's saying it's not jesus is a human being yeah so we've got 457 538 what is fourth song it okay because I'm gonna rub that out and make it a little bit bigger and we okay with that framework now we've gone from this to this using the 2300 days seven thunders seven kings three steps seven thunders was the delineation of events that were transpiring the 1st and 2nd angels messages so here we are 457 and 538 this is the time at the end for 57 is the third message so what would that be 1844 which is what way mark which is what way mark what row mark do we call that so close the probation so this is the close of probation so we'll do it for the priests for the priests this is what 1989 and this is midnight this is midnight so what do we teach and I've refuted this in many subtle ways that happens with respect to this movement at midnight we become the church triumphant so I've argued against that as you as I could I'm saying you can you can mark it all the way back to here because it's gay it takes a long time to construct a building but by the time you get to this point here it's being made what it sorry an ensign so it's been made manifest yeah so we went through that logic because sister she Miller the other day said you know when I had all these midnight so if you've got midnight and midnight Jesus why you got all these Midnight's cuz I said this is October she said why can't you just get rid of it and why did I say I don't want to get rid of it because I want it as a reference point I wanna keep it as a reference point because I want to get two lines and keep them together I want to get one line which is a line of Adventism priests and levites and I'm gonna get another line which is just a line of the priests and I'm going to keep them together so we have a reference point a checkpoint so I've briefly quickly go through that logic we had three points April August October this is the Miller right line April August October and this is the midnight cry and the midnight cry was the living testimony yes so but now we know it's not just do August you have to factor in July so now you know that the living testimony is being developed from July to August yeah and this is now the triumphal entry which is 80 30 120 seven-thirty 31:34 so this is the midnight cry and we okay with that and I'm saying the midnight cry and midnight just two points which are helping to define in greater clarity what's going on in this history so I'm going to collapse all of that up and I'm going to say it's here so this point here is this point here which is the living testimony or the ensign you got a reference for that or you just remembering it I was just saying it off the top that's right yeah it's a living testimony yes so I've got living testimony and sigh and what's so special about this point here compared to all the other points before it they're sealed all this history they were hidden so now it's manifest revealed who are they reveal to primarily the Levites so the Levites are going to look at this group of people here these priests and what they're going to say we never saw you before do you look really nice you look really good because what have we become let me I don't even say it that way because that's the incorrect way weeks what did they see what did they see that we've become this okay so here's the humanity and the divinity what is the humanity bit what we do we do it is us yes what is the divinity bit that we always what we taste we they teach that we don't teach the hope of glory we don't teach the holy spirit so what it's a little book isn't it it's the little book it's standard teaching it's revelation 10 seek you to Jeremiah it's the eating Deuteronomy 18 18 so eating of the little book that's why you go all the way back to here because you eat the little book here so it's the combination of the human and the divine began here when you began to eat its we going all the way through has it been getting better no if you round it in divinity when it's combined cannot get better it can mature I can't get better and there's a distinction between the two but now what happens here it's just been made manifest yeah so 538 to 457 and sistership - question is when is the reference point for this and what's the Bible quote Hebrews 8:1 and this was 81 and elder Jeff reminded us a couple of days ago that this was what no incarnation I'm fine but the point that was made it was the incarnation because I was saying 81 it's midnight I said that and he said is that 81 in fact I didn't even go to 8 when I just said let's read 8:1 and the reason I did that was because 8:1 is the conclusion of the last seven chapters the conclusion of all of this is we've got priests but specifically it's the conclusion of chapter 7 which is the Mojo Sadiq priesthood by the way when this Christ become the remote become milchester dick when is he pick up that priesthood know is right from the beginning there's a nice Ellen White quote which I'll try and remember to bring tomorrow it says right at the very beginning he was the priest of Melchizedek from the foundations of the world through the great controversy right from back to Genesis he's always been that why does he have to be that because what's the argument about the Godhead what's the argument that the God hid people had they've got different arguments that Jesus is what he is it's not just that he's authority to do what he's done what he does he's based upon what sorry no sorry he's given from the father that's his claim to fame is his authority to do anything was based upon his relationship to the Father that that's that's the nub of what they teach and what and what how does that refutation happen in Hebrew 7 what is Melchizedek stand upon his own righteousness he stands on his own two feet says I don't need a father to do what I'm doing to be the king of peace to be the high priest I don't need to have a father and that's why Jesus from the very beginning is the priest after the order of Melchizedek because when he starts in deceiving as a priest at the fall he says I take that authority upon myself not because I'm the son of God because I am God I am the key in my own right so you can stretches all the way back there it's not just from from 27 or from his birth okay so we've got 81 so let's do this calculation 538 takeaway 457 and you know what the answers gonna be obviously 81 so we've got 81 we've got Hebrews 8:1 what's the conclusion he says 8:1 it says now of the things which we have spoken this is the Sun this is the conclusion what does a conclusion mean wasn't that the word conclusion we don't use the word conclusion sorry and the binding goal that's what the binding of the definition of binding of looking at any dictionary it means the conclusion let's bind off let's wrap this up so the conclusion of it is taking you to here the binding off is what on this line what's the conclusion that you now have an N sign that's manifest we agree with that you take that and you overlay Hebrews 8:1 Oh who's he's talking about then who's a living testament in the ensign who is this this is the priest so if you're the priest are you a Levite no we know that they're of the same tribe but you're the priest this is the household of Aaron yes you're in the household of Aaron are you the household of Aaron is out what kind of priest you are how do you know okay because chapter 8 comes after chapter 7 and he says this is the conclusion of chapter 7 that Jesus is the priest not after the order of Aaron after the order of nachos a day so in Melchizedek Priesthood does he have like I'm the high priests and we've got all these little minions believe me the student that's a that's a disrespectful way of saying it these are the priests Polly beneath me you've got a structure high priests normal priests is that how he operates the only test of me that we have about Melchizedek is what it's one man to singular man so he fulfills the roles of all the priests so the priest wherever the job function of the priests days he does this this and this some things a high priest would do and something a normal priest would do but normal priests ease of the son he's a son of Aaron we okay with that but Melchisedec has to do everything he has to do all the good work and all the dirty work if you like it we can express it that way so if we're a priest here in 457 at the close of probation at midnight at the end of 81 then this is just not some kind of normal priest only because in our minds in this movement we've got this idea that there's this two-tier system you're either going to say it's me the priest and we've got the high priest if we dare even say that and I don't think many people would they'll just say it's the Prophet but what we normally say is I'm just a priest but Jesus is the high priest yeah under priests he's a high priest he's the boss and I just do what I'm told but this is not teaching that this says when you're a priest here at midnight you got to 81 what kind of priest must you be you must be the priest after the order of Melchisedec and we already know that because who even gave us the right to be priests with the wrong try we the law got changed when when did the law get changed okay who's the king King Saul Saul is the king he's gonna be ditched and who's going to take over David and David is not allowed to because it's Jonathan that's going to become the king after him so there has to be a change of the law when did the law get changed 1989 the first anointing of David soon sir gets anointed Samuels already broken all the rules nobody may even make nobody may know it but the rules have already been broken you go and read Hebrews chapter 7 it seems to allude to the fact it seems to allude that the law got changed when in 31 and 31 is here looks like the law got changed here but it didn't it had to have got changed before just by the understanding the line of David we can see that so our claim to be in priests doesn't on this line doesn't begin at 9/11 it goes all the way back to the time of the end so they had the law had to be broken so now the ability for us to become priests to become the leaders of the church because we weren't fit for purpose in 1989 we had to wait till 9/11 so when I put 9/11 here we had to wait for 9/11 when Saul actually dies but this priesthood was way back before then so the priesthood that Jesus has is a priesthood here and this is the line of the priests us so when you put three lines on top of one another we just did David we just did the line from the Persian kings and we just did our line and then we took a middle right line actually because that was closed operation time at the end so there's three and then we take Hebrews 8:1 we take the 81 incarnation we start bringing the 1909 General Conference into all of that because we understand what 81 means it brings us at this point the sum of the matter is this that this high priest who he's doing war he's controlling the day of atonement isn't he you know that's his main function in life he might do other things you know his main function is to officiate and control the day of atonement depending on what he says how he says when he says he's going to be taken or officiating over that event and it's not Jesus in heaven it's here on earth human beings who have achieved who have successfully navigated through all of this by the time they get to here they're now recognized as fulfilling the role of Hebrew eight Hebrews 8:1 and if you if you find all of that hard to stomach because it sounds like blasphemy it was engineered designed however you want to look preordained to sound like blasphemy because I didn't make it up or what I'm doing is getting line upon line putting them on the board and saying that's what it looks like to me what does it look like to you so we run out of time tomorrow we'll try and do a bit more about Hebrews chapter eight because we want to understand why you have to disconnect morality and prophecy why they had to do this in 1989 because it's a satanic attack on the gospel if you if you don't disconnect it sorry 19 19 19 19 we'll do it tomorrow we'll do it tomorrow I'll repeat it in 1919 they've got the new book doctrine of Christ and I've got prophecy here meaning their disk and that they're gonna disconnect morality and prophecy you don't have to worry about Miller right history you can be saved just on your own in your closet on your room anytime you want to yeah this is this panic attack let's pray Heavenly Father we want to thank you and praise you for your goodness and mercy Lord as we delve into territory that even a short while ago would have seemed to be forbidden ground may each of us as we contemplate not just the nature of Christ but our own nature take off our shoes because we stand upon holy ground Lord we know that the discussion of our Lord and saviors nature is such a study but even as we a contemplate our own humanity maybe we realize that this is a sacred task that you have given us to do Lord be with us bless us and help us through this day Jesus his name I mean