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so unless anybody's got any more comments on Isaiah 46 the chapter will diverse itself I'm pretty much done there all I wanted to do the purpose of going to that chapter was twofold first of all to just to do a simple exercise to see when we go to a Bible passage some Bible words whatever it is how do we go about constructing those things upon a line and when we did that obviously that all the board works rubbed out you can see how we began to make mistakes in our methodology about locating things welcome my sister so I didn't say hello to and I think the braid people were approaching the problem was very complicated so I think we should have just seen in a very simple way you go to chapter 45 chapter 47 and it's tucked in between those two chapters you so you could see what was going on so when we did that we could construct the light out I keep on looking back because I keep on thinking it's there and it's not so then we started talking about who cyrus represents sorry to the medon persia through a king of the Medes and Persians the Medes and Persians are symbolic of the United States and we can begin to make an application of this history into 1798 so there does everybody feel confident that they could do that that you could take this history these chapters I understand first of all where you are and then get take you take yourself for someone else to 1798 who couldn't do that yeah just just generally not in it wouldn't be any need in any detail so I just want to make sure how would we hold you go about doing that the methodology it's everybody not everybody feel confident how to do that so we've got the destruction of Jerusalem would be here so that's the destruction of Babylon we okay with that and this is Isaiah and Isaiah is way it's way back down here this is Manasseh and this is Isaiah is iah so this is Isaiah and we're saying this is in the period of darkness before their captivity we know that it's right at the beginning of this history so here we'd have Zedekiah and then you'd have 70 year captivity we've got 70 years just doing this in the generic sense I know it doesn't hit from Zedekiah I'm just using that as a no approximation then Babylon is going to be destroyed yeah so this is chapter 45 Cyrus were rising up chapter 47 the prediction of Babylon and verse 46 verse 11 calling a ravenous bird from the east so his ravenous birdies home Cyrus so we're here we are at Cyrus so how do we get from here to 1798 how would you go about doing that sure you had your hand up you didn't have your head up you didn't he didn't show up oh right because of the twelve six thousand to seven years representing a twelve sixty okay so we need to make that connection so we're going to take the seventy years equals the 1260 anything else 25:20 how what what what would that do the 2520 is here 677 so it wouldn't be the 25 20 that would do it so follow Bobby lines you can find fault with me okay so you're gonna mark this event here which is Cyrus which is the four as the deadly wound nothing this 1260 being parallel to the 70 does this mean that we have the seven Persian kings as well could this be so the seven Persian kings are here oh no not not the Persian kings dad the last Jewish King sorry for my license acidic I'll say you got here question so we'll do this the 1260 is 1798 to 1824 and you've got seven thunders so if we went this way well prophesy with this business to test after seven kings of Persia since the 20 hundred days that would pick up the 2300 would link these two histories together and we know that the 70 is typifying the 1260 so we can make that connection so that's how we'd get to 1798 so this history would teaches about 1798 and Cyrus is the king of the Medes and Persians and his symbolized has been what or the nation a sheep yeah so we've got a sheep marked here and what have we got marks in 1798 again another sheep this one's a baby sheep a lamb and this is revelation 13:11 and this one is Daniel it's right Daniel 8 versus shout out louder 3 and 20 I will okay with that so remember that so Cyrus is so powerful he's going to represent two things would he represent a deer and a destroyer so we've got a destroyer and deliverer or a restorer yes restorer he's gonna restore God's people he's gonna deliver them and this group we're going to three restore and deliver and then he's gonna do destroy as well where you're going to be restored back into I didn't hear what you say yeah so I'm gonna say he gets restored back to the glorious land we've got the glorious land marked here yeah so the role that he has here is the destroyer so he's gonna get this he's gonna destroy Babylon here and he's gonna then if we're gonna take all this symbology and bring it over to here what we expect him to happen here in 1798 the same thing and who destroys this is France but he's also a deliverer and who's gonna deliver so remember how we're making these connections together so is that good yeah I mean understandable is obviously good because it's correct it's right yeah yeah I mean I mean do we were understand we can all do that yeah I want us to try and become familiar so if I were to raise that and I would ask someone to come up they'd have been able to do this so it's connected with the seven thunders normally would go backwards we've got seven thunders connects to the seven Persian kings and seven Persian kings I have three decrease Cyrus to rise artaxerxes and you got three angels messages one two three so we've done that and let's address brother Jonathan's question he wants to God he wants to have seven kings and he wants to put them here like this the merrier can you do that yes I'm only phrasing it that way here not saying he wants to he's asking the question that so this is I put a J here for do dr7 Judean kings seven Judean kings because the seven Persian kings and I'll do the same here you've got seven Persian kings here so we've got that one in with load overlaid on the top we're about this one how is that going to work he wants to get this and he wants to put it here look you've got 777 777 because they see 70 years isn't it here they've really agreed that 70 years yeah can you see how he's just getting this and bringing it over this way can you do that is that valid he's asking a question if you're going to take this and bring it here if you can take this and bring it here why can't you take this and bring it here why can't you do that I don't know what that means the seven horns so she's trying to make the Seven Kings seven horns of Daniel 7 I'm just asked him what about doors yeah but you're asking what about those to see if you could do that yeah so she's making seven Judean kings I ask you now you're offering a solution to his question yeah so you're not asking I'm asking if it could work yes you're asking is this solution good she's offering a solution and then she's saying is it a good solution so that's what I said trying to manipulate your words and you say is he saying so that everybody understands what she's saying seven you thinking seven horns that's what she's approaching yet brother Larry that's what I came up with I turned to Daniel Daniel chapter 7 and you got the seven nations they're gonna side with the papacy and take down the three I'll she'll either lie on the Vandals would give you seven kings nation's horns okay she said she's not saying she's gonna say she's asking yes or no sister teri can you do that well the only thing that matches is the number you couldn't match motives for actions so the only thing that matters is the number that matches yeah that matches is the number no III had two points in my mind is first of all the 1260 is a time prophecy and the end is so after it our seven kings so at the end from the beginning maybe we're seven Kings before the 1260 and the other one has remarks M ascetic higher at the Sunday law and we know 538 there is a Sunday row was my thinking can it be that there's maybe can we mark Takai at 5:30 and therefore there's seven that make sense say he's got a Sunday law here and you're gonna make he's gonna say this is a Sunday law so he's gonna track this and bring it here that made sense to anybody I just didn't badly for him okay so let me read this to you the special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders was a delineation of events which would transpire under the first and second angels messages so we'll stop there so we're starting off here aren't we first and second angels messages so once we do that we go to seven Persian kings and why would he why would we go to seven Persian kings what's the connection it's the three decrease but it's not just the three decrease so you've got three decrease I don't know what that means because it's in the Bible it's all affecting God's people because this is affecting God's people as well it's all God's people so we've got seven thunders and the connection is this 2300 days to 20 hundred days what happens here what King is this art exactly so what's he gonna do he's obviously his decree yeah what's he's decreed gonna do that's right gonna finish the temple so the temple is restored here yes and what's happening here in 1844 sorry say thing it's the restoration so we're connecting these two histories up by the 2300 days through restoring the temple and you've got three decrease that do this restoration you've got three messages that do this restoration so you've got all of that tie together so that's how we've got this structure here connected to this structure then we've gone to seven thunders here and then we notice that there were seven Persian kings so that's the seven thunders so we're happy that this is this yes then we went we found that seventy years is the same as a 1260 so there's a call here to do what to come out of Babylon and who comes out I know it's cause people but there's a forward that they're going to come out a remnant so it's a remnant that's going to come out here so now you go to Revelation what where'd you go for here to here revelation what the revelation why would you what would you okay know what revelation 11 13 say don't read the verse just tell me the principle okay no but we've already got okay so we've got the remnant here and you've got a definition of a remnant 11 13 but what's the verse that's coming because this says a remnant is doing what coming out 11:13 he's not about remnant coming out where do we find the remnant coming out someone someone showed 12 12 17 so this is revelation 12:17 and this is the fulfillment of that remnants coming out of Babylon 4 and it comes out of Babylon dream that comes out of Babylon how do we know they're coming out of Babylon here 1798 have you ever think how do you know there's a remnant coming out of Babylon here right I'm not saying where they going I'm asking how do you know there's a remnant coming out of Babylon we could establish the remnant how you'll be coming out of Babylon but a Bible verse Bible verse it didn't say Babylon natives it so I'm asking how he knows coming out of Babylon let me ask a different question where they coming out from out of okay they're coming out of Europe remember that was coming out of Europe so now we're saying not coming out of Europe they're coming out of Babylon so now we're saying Europe is Babylon so a Bible verse revelation 17:5 the woman that rides the Beast is Mystery Babylon on her forehead so this is Babylon comes by two names actually may only come by one name who title is Mystery Babylon what's her name that's know that's her her job role her title is sorry Jezebel where's that verse it find it for us 17 okay so that's here we've did that before did we revelation to 20 to 20 yeah so this is her name is Jezebel her title is Babylon and her her role in life is a mother can we see those three characteristics so we've established now this history is intricately linked with this we've got multiple evidences to tie them together it's a really strong connection between the two so we've got a remnant coming out of Babylon and we've got a remnant coming out of Babylon so this remnant that's coming out of Babylon here brother Larry where they go into to rebuild the temple now where they go into not why they would Lawrence land they're going to the glorious land what is the glorious land that they go into Jerusalem well we some in a land back here yeah you're going to Promised Land Israel Israeli so they're going to Israel yes okay so now we're here you've got the remnant coming out of Babylon with Babylon brother Larry yeah with Babylon the geography after the 1260 is in there brother Bob Billy if you look in geography is certainly not a tallit is the whole of Europe yeah yeah revelation 7 verse 2 17 verse 2 he's first two it might be one yet verse two with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the habits of the earth have been made drunk so it's kings in the plural not just one king she sits upon all the seven okay so this is Europe Babylon his Europe so if you're in Europe here and he says come out of Babylon where do you need to come out to to the wilderness now you're in Babylon and you need to come out of Babylon here and go into the glorious land the glorious land is the land of Israel so here you are in Babylon and you need to come out and go into the glorious thing you don't need to go into a church you need to go into a tool and the glorious land so in 1798 God's people are going to leave Europe and go where to America so America is the glorious land what church is this one 1260 church in the wilderness good now they're up in Seattle so what what what dispensation of the church is this this this remember or number now you can't ask me you tell me you obviously don't know but don't say is it that's right so this isn't Ephesus okay sister Sara this one here because we suggest bail we suggest the bail to 20 right by carries that okay see such America's she's marked to 20 years ago so this is number four by Tyra we're okay with that and so this church that comes out of Babylon and goes into the glorious land he's what church number five Sardis and brother riches run aside this mean has number of means but what does it mean one that we wouldn't think of is a remnant remnant so my sister said the red ones so the red ones that is that is the it is the strongest definition of it coming out so you said remnant did you say yeah yep so it's remnant the red ones the escaping ones or those that come out or those that remain so why would we go for those that remain what would that mean those that remain because what happens to the rest of them it's right there were what she was drunk with the blood of the saints they've all been killed this is the remnant that's got left over yeah so Sardis means the ones that are left over the remnant why would they could be called the red ones like the red one I don't know either I was gonna say cause they're all blood spattered but I don't think that's the reason I maybe they're washed in the blood know who these people are washed in the blood but this is the remnant Sardis means the remans of those who are left over those who escaped escaped out of Babylon so we've done that so this you just refreshing a review of what we've done so if they're coming out of Babylon sister Susan they're coming out of Babylon who told him to come out Plus brother Jonathan did you catch that nope okay brother Larry at the back who told him to come out of Babylon yeah the Sheraton Roma Jason the first angel so an angel comes down from heaven and says come out of Babylon revelation 14 verse 6 but it doesn't sound like revelation 14 verse 6 that's right is it I thought the second angel says going to Babylon not come out of Babylon Revelation 14 verse 8 you agree yes yeah like what does that mean Babylon is fallen what sense to to come out I'd go to Revelation 18 verse 4 which we would not normally mark as a third which when a market is a second Larry the first angel has all three angels contained in it doesn't first think you've had all treatment agony and and in in verse 6 it says it's to preach on unto them that dwell on the earth and that every nation kindred tongue people and they're gone maybe I'm stretching but in Revelation 12 you're going to the earth the earth is that worldwide okay so we get we did cover that in previous classes so it's a bit unfair to so what was the question yeah who said who done to come out it's the first angel okay but it's not really the first angel it's the third angel isn't it it's the third angels message come out of her my people yes sister Michelle you know the question I was just saying if you said it's the first but not really the first is the third I was confused with that terminology the third angel is the engi that brings judgment right yes so why are you saying it's the first if it's really the third because the first angel arrives in 1798 not the third angel third angel we normally place in 1844 because you have one two three that will be the third angel here and you've got a one here which is 1798 so it has to be the first stage was that's the only angel you've got in 1798 there are no other angels is the first birthday herbage in the Bible says that it's third but it is the first we said the Burbidge which verse would you know where it says in which the revelation whose sister come out of Babylon I know it's mercury no that's not in the third angel that's the second angel 14:8 we did it's difficult we did we're just reviewing what we voted that are not teaching at the moment sister Shambhala something I said and I was I've always understood it to be the other angel of revelation 18 is it is a repeat of the second and their first thought 18 for yes although that is the second angel know which bit isn't you've got four verses sorry yes all of us for I mean the mercies one two three and four that is the second angel 18 for that's the second age of 18 one eighteen three second angel 18 two second angel 18 choose the second angel isn't it he says babylon exponents yeah okay so that you've got to the second angel three the second angel boys a second angel and what's one you can have to say this is a good idea not you okay that's the first how could that I could verse won't be the first when he says the age that comes down is the one that says about no nice no okay the first verse when he's the third so I'm say I'm saying that verse four third angels message come out of Babylon and it's the same situation that's happening here 1798 they're coming out of Babylon so talk to address system is your issue question is that the first angel and the third angel have all the same characteristics they both addressing what issue the issue of judgment it's all about judgment I keep coming back to brother Johnson's question can we do this thing here and the answer is if we were going to do that here first of all we know that the seven thunders are what under the first and second angels so you have to in this history here we've got the first and the second so it works here it works here and does it work here you have the first and second angels in this history so Craig what can you want to put a number two sister on Tanisha what can't you want to put a number two kink you got Manasseh Zedekiah what were you gonna get a number two sister olive a king anybody want to disagree with that spell it CH by a pronunciation is joy a king who'd you wanna put it there this is a kid not kin okay you tell me why sister share sister Terry so we've got Kim or King because Daniel doesn't he mark the second angel so this is Daniel one one I'm saying down you one one who's the second angel we Daniel in the hope Daniel himself have a thing sister other thing why kin that's not going to be enough for most of thinking in this room and all the people of words you can't say it's re either DK Ezekiel wipe it twice okay No Ezekiel yeah what's easy what proof is Ezekiel nonce it was top of a second sister Terrace she's right you tell us why she's wife because the second Daniel suffers okay so you're saying Daniel is the first and Ezekiel is the second skin can you tell us why that is why Stan you the first and they seek to the second is the one is to olivine of bubble Eric rubber Larry because it's inverse to what book what zekiel to think you're one to Daniel 1 1 and then we see Daniel 1 1 1 2 okay so we'll stop there for a second name Jeremiah is that what you've been is history didn't think that was the answer you wanted Nate wasn't the answer I wanted but we'll go with that to begin with okay so that's why he saying Ezekiel but his equal doesn't you know it's about key yeah so we've got that what maybe does mafioso what is all that mean every question would say hey let's go to the verses they really reverse while and tell us what that why would that why they did that yeah third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon unto Jerusalem visited okay so before I think before I do that lists out the names of the kings the last seven the bastard joyas okay Kim King Zedekiah okay so let's put them in order the first second and third yeah that's the order of their rains for a second third okay so in Daniel one one who is the king Kim okay just a test easy q1 to your brother Luke Jeremiah 1 3 johor your king you came also in the days of chocolate Kim the son of Josiah King of Judah unto the end of the 11th year of Zedekiah the son of Josiah king of Judah unto the carrying away of Jerusalem captive in the fifth month okay so he ends with Zedekiah so you've got verse 1 2 & 3 the first King the second king and the third King so Julia Kim is connected with Daniel and joy akin needs with Ezekiel and the kairi's with Jeremiah and his the first he's the second and he's the third so at the most basic level were saying that the second angel the king here would be joy a kin is that okay everybody agree with that then it gets lit you're gonna let's just get away with that that simply it's not me not even that me out quite at the RTA I just put one with Manasseh and now I've got one with Kim and no one's going to come object to that you're objecting brother Larry I understand it seems wrong something seems no your idea right it was her idea and I second dinner duty base you could have that yours well I got him it's him okay you tell us how you gonna reconcile this how am I gonna reconcile that it was your play I have to study somewhere I guess remember taking on another line well in a line of the Kings I know we place Kim at 9:11 and Kim would be if when you look at him to 911 and did you also have the first angel there'd be empowered thinking arriving it's nice on first and second time do they not help you what did he take site-19 11:1 white and power great oh I see I see I see a different way off they're not just the same way.not and hope that it up these are coming back to sister olivines so we're not saying it's kin we're saying it's kin so we've got kin tied up with easy you're gonna tidy that up more evidence 1 begin with force my fourth one that's midnight so that's the second angel we know the employment of the second name delivery it's back there but it's just team night with one a 1e does anybody know who she's talking about yes no we talking about he begins at easy care begins at midnight one like that way that he Ezekiel yeah is midnight begins at midnight sister Sarah you agree with that see kill begins at midnight do you know what she's talking about yeah you understand that so we've got the fifth day of the fourth month we have that correct now you're gonna say this is what II to II even though you know to E is the first day of the fifth month yeah okay so we let you off with that one so now and then you have the to unlearn things of kin okay so we've got Ezekiel which is we've tied up with kin here yeah and Ezekiel comes in on the first day of the fourth month and it's tui what Frankel are you looking because didn't you say this morning we're looking at April July August October Sunday law and 911 midnight midnight cry in the right line August you have the the midnight cry and she said this was the empowerment of the second angel so sister olivine has got this one in this one squish them together and say and said that all of this is to e because this was to a so she's marking this as to e so she's done that so you got 1 e 2 e what happens it said Akaya is it like some kind of a pronouncement that's going to happen to him as to what executive in judgment so this is e so these three are the lines of the YZ 1 e 2 e 3 E so we've got consistency here so you know that your higher kin he's marking to e there that's good so one more bit which is a bit of an obscure truth that some people if you didn't read Chronicles and Kings you wouldn't pick up the jerk in isn't 92 times first time by hope which nation who notes in the first time now he is the southern tribe or nation because his father was taken oh well yeah so he's owned that's what you made yeah he's dad's gonna go off to have a fight and he says you're the king okay something happens to me and then when he's father dies the Egyptians come back and they say you're not going to become king who's gonna take the throne who's gonna take this road Joey has then the Babylonians come and say you're not going to become king it's gonna be Jo Kim Kim and then after Jo wake in the babylonians gonna make Joey King yes so we've got Joey akin where this one here where's this jerk in here this one here c2e reoccur with that one that's what she's dis marked so he's going to be made king by his own people and what he vent happened to trigger that off he's dead went off to a battle and what happened he died why did he die what's the background of that story the archers kill him so we got archers what else do we have he's disguised and what else wise even their rebellion so we got rebellion we've got hypocrisy disguised hypocrite and the arches kill him so the arches are a symbol of is then hypocrite is not a Matthew 25 he's not a sorry there's not a thing that the true version has you are a virgin go you're not just think about the little you your I've reverted no you're not so he's not a virgin and he gets killed by Islam why because he's reason rabadon's disobedience all these are characteristics of what way mark 9/11 so take all that out so here we've got July a kin to a yeah so he's made King here then he's thrown off these I don't think is even match the rules he's anointed as the king and he gets taken off and then he becomes the king here and what's the time span between these two dates ten years he's eight he's 18 so we have all the characteristics that number two is Joya king should always happy until I thank you this is great just like so what difference does it make you could be anything oh you've got to sit in the front here which right can you not see don't say all of it and gives you that you need to you need to do that what sister this it does get the phone okay so we've got first set we've got seven thunders and we've got delineation of events under the first second angels messages so now you'd have to demonstrate the pre 1260 that you'd have a first and second angels messages here so that's what you'd have to demonstrate so this takes you to you'd have to have a 1 a 2 and a 3 here so you have to do that to be able to create a structure this way so that's one thing you'd have to do then you'd have to show that the history here was the typification of this history they have to do that and then you'd have to get this history and be able to drop it underneath so you have to find seven way marks or seven thunders with an everlasting gospel that all proceeds the 1262 do all of that if you were going to do this and bring it here so I'm not saying you're wrong to do that I'm not and I'm not saying you it was in your position I'd I'm not I think it's wrong to do that and there someone can really stretch their minds to get that to work I'm not sure how we'd go about doing that but I would say that if we did it if we did this we've got six 77 and 1844 now we'd bring in sister Tess is 25 20 and what do we have here seven thunders seven Judean kings and on this side you've got seven thunders which is this is 1798 and this is 586 so this wouldn't be 220 so what I'm saying is you can develop a structure this way which is a chiasm now for no megha and that's how you'll get this but if you wouldn't do that you'd cut this and bring it underneath I don't think you can do this what you what you wanted to do not that you wanted it but you're asking the question and they should can go back in here and find that and I don't think you can and the reason I don't think you can is because 1798 itself is a wall of 25 20 the 25 20 s persecution or punishment or treading down and if I could express it this way that the her zone and the Marais has themes about them and what's the theme of the her zone sorry okay I'm going to say it's the problem and then I say this is the solution and I'm saying when you start thinking about it this way you realize that the HOS owned is dealing with these time prophecies and the Moreira is dealing with the solution to this time prophecies or the solution to the problem so this is persecution or punishment and this is restoration and if you think of it that way before the 1260 is just a continuation of punishment that it doesn't seem to be a restoration because the restoration is what what creates the restoration sorry the reformed line then the reformed line is the revelation 14 6 and 7 is the everlasting gospel so it's the gospel that's that's doing this work here this work of restoration so 1798 begins the work of restoration the solution begins here and it's all done by 1844 so this history here in this context would be the marais and the punishment would be these 25 20 and I don't think it tucked in between here somewhere which would be this history if you're going to do that would be some kind of solution that's happening because it's just a continuous punishment and it gets sorted out at the end just like it doesn't Daniel - Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 11 or they all end with the restoration they all have this theme about them the problem which is punishment rebellion sin and then it gets solved at the end not in between because you'd have to have a gospel here now don't think we can see that up to 1260 because what's happening here is a constant degradation of the affairs of God's people because one more point about that if this is the gospel we're talking about this is number four what is this number that precedes it number three in the third churches Pergamos which is compromised so at a time when the church is compromising it's not being restored because he's about to get punished we're here which is here that's here yes because I'm using the twenty five twenty years one the hoes own isn't just a twenty five twenty I'm saying the hezonia twenty five twenty it's a 1260 mr. 2300 days it's all those time prophecies which are all some form of punishment so the her zone is the seventy years ozone is at twelve sixty two twenty three hundred to 25 2000 dozer has owned you can have those themes with them so the theme of the 2300 day to the theme of restoration but it's still a time period with God's people are being punished and they're not being restored the restoration hasn't begun the restoration begins here in 1798 it doesn't begin before that even though the theme with the 2300 days is gonna bring you to restoration so we had the handout just came to my mind as you were saying and I get that and we have to find everlasting gospel and we reform line before 1260 and you were saying that's not the time for there's punishment but on the other side during their seven Jewish kings this time that was also spell compromise and all that stuff and they were getting about to punished I think we find and we find a reef or an everlasting gospel in that time period so yeah as i said i can't think of off my head walk that would be okay which is why i said you have to find that okay so it's we should study it maybe there is something yeah that's why I didn't draw it out when you send it the text you look distressed you lost too much the Mari yes can you go more into that I don't know where our skin oh I understand the concept with the 2300 dance being a part of it as long as it's a part of the 2520 well then with the Myra doesn't it begin with that seven years they wanna meet the seventeen seventy weeks and this 70th week it's that same theory is that the Amar'e so at a broad level the 490 Daniel chapter 9 is the her zone and the last week the restoration is the Marais yes so normally we mark than the rare as a single appoint and and it's correct to do that I'm not saying it's not correct just that the other people because we do this is it the eighth day so we have nine eleven midnight and midnight cry wears them a revision we do know you put them a revision on this we put it here why she's wasting a rare vision it's not a manifestation of you carry it's nothing so how are you waking it midnight what's this a face what you can date so date the date because this time setting I don't understand what you mean by date that day the middle right history cycle oh sorry yeah six to twenty first let's say my deliberate that's not you what's this day no the one for midnight because after yeah what's this thing I know if I'm asking what this thing is this is the 19th yeah this is the 21st yeah yes this is the 21st so if you go to Daniel 9 how long's Daniel been fasting for 21 days spins you hear they've got 21 from here to here is 21 days so you've got 21 days the 21st so if he's been if he's 21 days what day is this 92 what day is it though he says were seven nine so this is the first day of the first month so this what day is this that's sissy right here he's been fasting for 21 days it's the 21st now it's the first day the first month I'm jumping from jumping from one thing to another thing quickly I know that if this is the first day the first month so 21 days later takes you to the 21st day of the first month I've jumped calendars back and forth back and forth I know it's like gives me a headache sister shimmer does that make sense this is the 19th of April and I think the maple is that versa the first month this is the 21st of July but according to Daniel chapter 10 verse 1 and 2 3 maybe it's 21 days so 21 days with means this is the 21st day in in 1844 to twenty eight twenty first day of July but I'm just picking the 21st day then I'm going to go back to biblical reckon it's the first of the first month so this must be the 21st day of the first month so that's why this is midnight so we put them a rear-vision here normally so at that level it's just the point in time similar point you see Christ and they have an experience you have the more our experience yeah but another level if you're going to if you know come out and look at this in a really small scale then where would you place the morale because it wouldn't be here would it where would you place it because all of these lines would just collapse into a singular point let me do that for you 1798 1844 what happens in 1844 the third angels message comes third angels message is running through history and then what happens no less a personage then is going to do what and to come down with the little book revelation 10 so this is 911 but it's not revelation 10 its revelation 18 revelation 10 revelation 18 same angel so you've got these angel comes down and it's Christ now this the person is the Christ and Christ is the marais vision so you can put them away right here so the marais vision is their very end when everything gets sorted out gets sorted out in a single point in time but as you get into that history that singular point becomes a period of time so that's why we placed the marais here and everything that in this history is the her zone so what perfects character the Marea under his own stir his own does it by definition he has to because you've got to keep your character sorted out before midnight is to his own vision this how would the problem fix the problem going to be the solution at one level at one level the Marais is all in this history another level it's right here yeah everything has been sorted out wide time you get to midnight peering at a point depending on how you gonna view the problem so by the time you get to here what happens to Daniel what was that you what what did he feel about himself here what did he have that he said about himself he had comeliness where he's coming in this like cool handsome suave sophisticated he thinks he's something here and then all of it gets stripped away here which is the solution that he needs yeah so I've just made it so negative but it's not negative at all because this man is perfect from back here 89 he's perfect all the way through definitely by 911 so he doesn't have any sin dis coming us whatever it is okay so we sorted that out what is the Marais vision anyway face-to-face encounter with with Christ yeah so when you have this face-to-face encounter with Christ 911 isn't it it's a revelation 10 revelation 18 a mighty angel no less than a postage of Christ tomorrow is the experience where you have but I'm saying when you get the Marais but that's what I'm saying no that's this that's an end cause and effect I'm saying when do you see the Marez because if this is the her zone and this is the Marais I said when do you first have a glimpse of Christ here and then you have an experience so what is it about this if we're going to say it's a glimpse of Christ could you have a glimpse of Christ back here we know that by definition we did and her zone is what punishment how did you get people to be punished nations have to rise up to do a work do we see a nation rising up here for 9/11 what nation is that it's right it's land doesn't punish kings of the earth what nation is falling the United States is beginning to fall and what nations is beginning to rise is to rise the fall of nations so you've got the rise and fall of Nations here what you're having this history here if you have nations rising and falling so you hold up a zone here and the marais you have the zone in the ring so even though we compartmentalize them here correctly so you have to still realize that you've got the Maria and the her zone doing what running concurrently concurrent parallel it's everywhere you look they if you don't understand the subject of concurrent running you have problems what's the difference then between the Mari Daniel everyone that we can in the process at the end of the process but there has to be a difference though why because the experience at the end is more warm talks more of a punch I'm sure you gonna say it comes to its perfection here far as it fries so I'm saying when it says it comes to its perfection perfection means what completion does it mean better I that's why I am asking what's the difference why is it that we please please such emphasis we're here yeah depends who you ask I'm placing my chambers is on this one you placed in my services on this one Tomas can you why you doing that experience in Daniel 9 is a precursor to Daniel 10 it's the same he hadn't an encounter in Daniel 9 and his comeliness was turned into corruption after his study which brought on his prey well you mark that at nine eleven so why not why am I taking this or then she's just giving you the answer so you shoot sister Terry's mark in Chapter nine at 911 fans to do correctly and what's his experience there at nine eleven what's he trying to do he's what trying to understand what's he doing here I think verse four he understands so if you ask him what the difference between this one is in this one is that here he doesn't understand fully but here he does he's born here if you want to he's grown up because brother Larry said yes I'm maturity there he's trying to a 911 but at midnight he says he has understanding he has matured in his understanding yeah yeah so this maturity his understanding of what the vision of what but what's he looking at he's right Christ so if you looked at some stars now over here at 9/11 you know they're all little dots not very exciting you put a telescope to them a good telescope here you know you see those pictures of NASA that they've got you use the word like you're flawed or you're standing or yeah it just takes your breath away because what you thought you saw here and you saw the very same thing that you've seen here is something that's totally different you see in you see in its glory in its completeness but it's the same thing that you've seen so it's the same experience that you're having in fact I've just marked it here and here but it's a continual it's a continual experience of falling dead every time you see some glorious truth until you get that you think it can't get any better than it is now the organization the nature of man can't get any better than this can it because we're saying this is a completely drug once we've done this the church time Prince ready and invited time we get to hear there's going to be this great revelation of everything that we've already been studying and we're going to see it in a light that's so clear to think this is amazing it's the same thing because we're not teaching anything different all I'm doing here is the same thing that sister teri is doing when she did the Passover in the foot washing or she's conveying let's go look at Daniel 2 7 8 11 and you just take the different themes we're just picking one of those themes and we're looking at it and you see the implications of what it means but it's just one theme but when we get to here and all those seams all those themes overlaid properly and understood clearly then we're going to realize what our message was really about because this vision of Christ here what you actually think is going to happen here you're in your bed at one o'clock in the morning and you see an angel at the bottom of your room or you see Christ what is this my rear vision that you're having where you find in it where are you finding it sister Terry in the Bible and he's really Bible verses that you haven't read know who because what books are you supposed to be going into down in Revelation how many burn and me chapters are that all together yeah 34 so you're going to go into these 34 chapters and we've all read them before so there's nothing new Under the Sun so when you come here you're not reading some new verses you just looking at the same verses and you're saying I didn't see in that light just like perhaps just perhaps when we did this morning we go to Hebrews 8:1 what is this high priest what's it all mean and if someone says oh by the way so 81 the Incarnation and you look at the implications of what that means you think I'm humbled into the dust hopefully you did think that if that is truth because you haven't looked at those verses that way before and the implications of that are frightening so when we get to midnight and we understand the implications of what's actually happening the high calling that we're expected to have and how small we are I'm going to be looking good so in closing I'll ask one question which is as basileus as that yep let's have a go at this one then this is the Marais vision and what experience you have in the Marat what is the morale definition definition the Marat is a okay what is a looking glass it's a mirror so here I am me and here what am i doing let's pray Heavenly Father we want to thank you and praise you for your goodness and mercy lord please be with us please guide us and direct us into the most holy place experience that you have always desired your children to being as we consider the truths Lord of the experience that you want us to have besides all the intellectual juggling and manipulation of numbers which are designed to settle us into the truth so that when we see through that mirror we see you in your full glory and honor this is our hope in Jesus his name I mean