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you amen I ran out of time this morning to look up something and even when they were here some people figured out how to tell the difference between Jordan and Jordan the twins from Brazil I never could I gave up trying but he sent a study here within the Pat less less than a week ago to me and he he texted it which is okay and I read it but I do better looking closely at people's material on email but I went back in and reread it because he asked to Mina the other day to ask if I had gotten it which I had and so I looked at it the other day and it seemed interesting but I was going to I wasn't going to deal with it but now I'm going to just put it in the record it's Jordan that's what I thought but you said Jordan okay so the premise of this study is this okay it's real simple it was real short is that in Genesis when Noah's building the ark and I'm going to throw some stuff in that isn't in his study but in this movement Parminder has been using the building of the ark as a typifying the building of the temple you know using it to show that there's people that work in the temple in the ark that are good workers but they're going to not get on the ark ok type thing so we've been using that as a parallel passage to the work that's going on in this movement with building the temple so there it's valid to take the building of the Ark and plug it into our history so he basically identifies that there's 3 stories on the ark and then on the top there is a window and the window is mentioned in Genesis 616 and if you look up the window in the Hebrew it means light but it means double light it means noon or noontime and if you go to the lower levels it's talking about an oil or oil being pressed out so what he's saying is is that the three stories of the Ark represent the 30 years of this movement from 1989 to 2019 and when you get to 2019 you're at midnight you're at noon and you'll have a doubling of light ok yeah that that's kind of kind of a cool observation pretty easy to see right ok so in connection with that and I got a printout so maybe I can spell these things right it skips us right Heraclea someone want to pronounce it so maybe I can try to pronounce it right here a CLIA asked Yulin ask your Lum and then event him then event him are the battles that that sister test uses to lay out you know like the three elephants this is an elephant elephant elephant elephant we're okay and ASC alright so she in her presentation she's marked this first battle 2016 but she's identifying that asked ulam is Panem no note raffia and Benevento n-- is Pinilla so what Jordan is suggesting is that we're understanding that on November 9th 2019 and this of course is November 9th here 11 9 and this is 11 9 that this is midnight and Midnight's going to produce double light so he's suggesting that the double light is this Battle of Hercule Heraclea that precedes November 9th 2019 and he's suggesting that in two days the day after tomorrow in 2018 that there will be a some kind of info war attack you know that and that's what that's a context that he's suggesting it that this is an info war elephant this is a info war elephant this would be some kind of info war elephant if I'm doing that thought justice but because this is a doubling based upon the window on the arc the capstone being midnight he's looking for a doubling and he's saying November ninth in 2019 may very well be identifying the day after tomorrow and the Democrats took the House of Representatives so what I've been saying is if they take the House of Representatives you don't necessarily have to have this you know collusion information that Russia has to come to the surface in order to impeach Trump but that would only be icing on the cake right if if that does if something like that does come out so anyway you know we're definitely I don't have a problem at this point putting what is that seven it's a 18 at least for consideration but 18 19 20 okay so that I I'm just putting that in the record okay because this kind of things we're handling and I think it's safe to put in the record because all we have to do is test it out within the next 48 hours right or 72 hours so all right that okay I'm going to start with a little bit of my personal frustration okay I don't watch anyone on the internet not that it's a good idea or a bad idea or it's a positive attribute of me but I just never have and people hand me books I very rarely read them of the people they have me books about prophecy I will usually scan through it and see what it what they what they're teaching about the daily in the Book of Daniel and if they're teaching wrong I don't go any further or I'll go if they're touching revelation 17 I'll go there they're teaching foolishness about there I'm not going to waste my time so I've just had this probably incorrect attitude through the years but I have a personal relationship longtime personal relationship with Parminder and I have confidence in the guy and I've had confidence in the guy for a long time even while he was under attack for his prediction as people call it in 2012 which I wasn't sympathetic to his position at that time but I was still sympathetic that the people that were attacking him are on the wrong side the issue even though I thought he was on the wrong side the issues I've had a long-term relationship with him but always had a respect for his biblical aptitude and now that he is the pretty much the person the Lord is using to put the the prophetic message into the structure that's going out into this movement the enemies when it first started would take snippets of what he said and put him I've been told this and then put him on the web with snippets of what I said and he said the show that we're teaching different things so it was a it was been a technique to try to show that we're in disagreement but now that his teaching principles are getting put in place on a regular basis have people that are in the movement with us we're all in the same team so to speak but they come to me and they they will challenge me about something he's teaching that seems to be an apparent contradiction with something I'm teaching and it happened enough that that I would ask him I probably and I put this story in the record more than once but I'm doing it again I'll go and ask him are you teaching this am I wrong about what I'm teaching here every time I come to him every single time so far unless you want to suggest that I'm bearing false witness about this story or his response is false witness every time he says no that we're on the same page so it doesn't die it doesn't mean that I can't recognize that he's putting a different emphasis on it at a point in time I began to identify that the judgment of the Living began in 9/11 I stand on that he's teaching the judgment of living is going to begin at this the Sunday law for the priests of 2014 something along that line am I correct this came up in the last camp meeting and I seen him presenting where he was saying judgment of living begins - 2014 in the next presentation I got up there and I threw into my presentation judgment living begins at 9/11 his last presentation if you go check it out he's making sure that he and I are on the same page there he addresses it again and puts it in the context that yeah it's both you can see it both ways okay so I'm just giving you an expert on one topic where we've had you can publicly demonstrate why people would think we're at odds but you can see both of us publicly put it in the record that we're not at odds okay and then the other day Theodore wanted to start making me take a structure that I put on the board and put it in the context of how Parminder puts his harvest structure on the board and I was real short with him and because it wasn't my point and I said if I'd do it again I'm gonna do it the same way but then yesterday my daughter was struggling about something I was teaching and and after that tamina was hitting me up saying you know I can tell you're both in agreement but at the same time you're teaching something different and I don't know who which side I should be teaching she said I'm getting confused about which should I be teaching that the way Parminder teaches it or teach it the way you teach it I agree your book I understand you're both in agreement but as a student of this movement if that's what you're saying even she's she's sensing some frustration here evidently about this and so I'm gonna acknowledge that going on going in but I'm telling you that every time that I have compared notes with Parminder and we've done it for not on a regular basis anymore we're on the same page okay he's he's taking a symbol and applying it this way and when I handled the symbol I'll apply it a different way and that is not a denial of william miller's rules symbols can have more than one meaning and so perhaps perhaps there is a transition time going on because I believe in the transition time that the first messenger gives way to another messenger so forget the messengers the first message gives way to the second message and perhaps the met the time that we running into now the message it's it needs to be conveyed in a different dramatic structure to be effective something along that line but Elijah leaves Elijah comes John the Baptist comes then he leaves Jesus comes first angel arrives and the second angel comes so those kind of transition histories are specifically noted in the scriptures if you don't if you don't remember the story of John the Baptist when he's going to baptize Jesus go into the record and you'll see that he's at the Jordan River but he's by a town called Beth Barra I think Beth Barra is noted and the Jordan means the descender and it's here in this story where John's saying I must descend and he must descend and this Beth bara I hope but that may be the wrong name of the town but it's something like that it's the it means ferry crossing ok so right on that story it's showing the Jordan is descending John is descending Christ is ascending and the town thereby is the ferry crossing there's a crossing of these two messages so that's probably I believe what's going on is that the way that he is articulating the light that he's had it when him and I put our heads together it's it's the same but when I express it it comes out different because I'm in expressing it like you know now I'll take care I'll take negative credit for this I probably should have just been keeping up on everything he taught like everyone else watching all the the DVDs but I haven't done it bad on me that being said there's the old there is the old isn't an adage real hard to teach an old dog new tricks okay so I've been putting these prophetic narratives in place for a long time it's just kind of second nature in me it's pretty hard to switch over particularly when after we started this school we would see personalities come to this school that ultimately go off into darkness but while they're here one of the things we see that they manifest is an effort to change the established symbols the the lines that we were drawing and we had symbols for the way marks that everyone automatically knew those personalities would come in and they put those lines up but on this way mark they'd put a little a different symbol and start treating it like that was supposed to be accepted as the the public key identify its standard it was happening so much with some of these personalities that we began to talk about it there's some people in this room that know we've had discussions about why that was a purposeful attack against the message it was to bring in confusion and put a different put different characteristics associated with that way mark then had already been established so with that in mind you you do I do hesitate to just automatically surrender every understanding of the way marks that that I've been handling for a long time so okay that being said I want to go back to our notes and try to get through this the problem that I if I'm I wish my mom was here for this point because I can't tell you positively the problem that she was having but I think I understand it better now from the discussion I had with Tamina and before we get back to it up I remembered where I want to go before we get back to our notes so relax 2014 let me just do it different let me just start over what was causing I don't know if Bronwyn was understanding for sure what problem I was creating on what she had been taught or if she could just see there was some things that were different and it wasn't clicking for her but I think I have at least one problem that some of the people that have entrenched known on is that word and drenched it trenched themselves in parameters teachings have with what I'm saying okay and it's this evidently par mendes teaching that the Seventh Seal is opened in 2014 does anyone know otherwise am i reflecting his presentation correctly because I'm okay 9/11 and 2014 you did that at the CAC meeting he did it's 1850 also seven snows message to midnight hi okay good for him because that's my point to why I'm not going to agree with him because I can agree with him but I'm not going to agree with him but I think we're teaching the same thing without knowing I suspected that he was saying that the Seventh Seal is opened at 9/11 why would I suspect that because at 9/11 a mighty angel comes down and that angel has been typifies by the angel of Revelation 10 right and when the angel of revelation 10 comes down what's he have in his hand a book open what book is that it's the book that's been sealed with seven seals so in 1840 or 9/11 the book that's been sealed with seven seals in Revelation 10 and the unsealing begins in Revelation five six seven eight it's it's leading up to revelation 10 it's all the way open so there are people through the history of this movement that will fight that it's it's unsealed here this is the seventh seal has to be removed by here because the book is fully open I get that logic that sound logic but I'll tell you another way mark that's been put in place that I live with but I don't fully agree with that one level and it's this what we do now is we put a mark here and we put IO K right I'm okay what this I okay mean from the very beginning of this movement when we would symbolize this we would do it like this and then we would bring in a comment by James White where he identifies that the unsealing of the Book of Daniel in 1798 is a parallel to the unsealing of the book that sealed with seven seals in Revelation 5 and onward and we would say with those two witnesses that James White has put together this increase of knowledge is identified as an increasing light that progresses through history whereas we're putting it right here as a singular point in time and that's ok I get it because I get it I don't have a problem with people teaching it that way but that logic this logic here will also allow you to get to August 11th 1840 and see the book is fully open now so the seven seals been removed by here was it does what does how does Miller say it history and prophecy doth agree in August 11th 1840 did the Millerites have a complete grasp of the message no that's why why Parminder is also going to say that over here in 2014 if that's what he says the 7th seal is removed it's been removed before here and evidently gets removed again and what I would say but hey I would get in trouble for it but just so you get my point is this is this here is typifying this which is typifying this alrighty buddy I don't want to use the word typify but you get my point all right so pardon me for shadows whatever you get my point there's got to be a word that we need to discover that allows us to identify these these yeah so I'm saying when we have these lines I think if you asked someone like a Philip about fractals that he'd tell at the basic level a fractal a smaller piece of the big piece is going to have to possess all the characteristics of the big piece to really be a fractal but it also tell you that there's a type of fractals that has some variations in it okay so I'm saying that the harvest of the Levites and the Nephilim's is different than the harvest of the priests so even though these these lines can be very similar some of the lines you have to acknowledge that there is some distinct difference in them okay so the first time I heard a t1 put in the public record as midnight was by a guy named Parminder in Holland in December of 2016 I'm pretty sure that's the case and he did the 1909 general conference session identified that sister White was 81 years old and then he broke down what went on in that general conference session and showed that it was midnight and we've we've taught that every sense but we begin to see 81 s all over the place and I'm saying that this here revelation 8 verse 1 the opening of the seventh seal it belongs right here okay and that there is a justification for opening the seventh seal right here that is not a denial of someone teaching that in here is the early reign and here is the latter rain and without knowing for certain how Parminder would justify if he actually teaches it and I believe he does if Tamina said so that the Seventh Seal is opened here and it's also up and opened here without knowing his logic of doing that I'd say that that's given me two witnesses to say it's opened here and those two witnesses don't necessarily make he and I contradict one another I don't believe if you go back over the past several months maybe a year now when I've been teaching this about this history here that you're going to see me claim that when the fires cast down from heaven in Revelation eight verses one through five that it is some type of empowerment or or I'm a chain power man it's not I haven't been defining it as the latter rain the way I have been defining it is that this is the first fruit offering that was typifies by Christ on the cross and I will always not always most of time throw in there that Christ says if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself okay so what I'm saying is one of the oldest lines of prophecy in this movement that we've been using through the years is the line of Elijah okay and Elijah sister White says it's Miller so Miller's following the footsteps of Elijah going to Carmel and we've taught through the years that has you come to 1844 that what's going on in the story of Elijah is that the Lord is identifying who is the true prophet and who is the false prophet and it's at this point Protestantism comes into this history they are God's covenant people they're going to reject the message of William Miller and it's going to be exposed for all to see that they're the false prophet the prophets of Bill that get conquered on the first day of the first month in 1844 but at the same time the Miller ID Adventism is going to be identified as the true prophet in relation to the prophets a bill in the story of Elijah so what is being told as we've taught it through the years if you can move your mind out of this midnight midnight cry issue is there's a point right at the end where the Lord reveals the distinction between the true and the false false prophets and I'm arguing that in the story of Elijah that revelation comes when fire comes down out of heaven and consumes the offering which is the same thing that happens when the offering service begins in Solomon's Temple and when the offering service begins in the tabernacle of Moses time it's not the fire is most definitely a symbol of the latter rain an outpouring of the Holy Spirit but what's happening in this history is not the latter rain or the early rain incense of preparing the priests so that they can go through the time of trouble it's an outpouring that is making a distinction between them and the false priests so that all the people at the beginning could not answer a word when Elijah said choose this day whom you serve do you serve bail or do you serve God and they didn't say anything they didn't know it's this history here where the fire comes down on the offering when the people see who the true prophet is and it's not about pouring the Holy Spirit out upon the priest Elijah would be the priest it's about pouring the spirit out upon the offering Elijah would also be the offering but the point is it's not a denial that you have to have the latter rain before midnight to finish your work of character development it's identifying that it's here that the offering is lifted up as an ensign to draw all men unto himself okay so in these these calendar facts it that Theodore is bringing about over here on July 31st you got elders coming with an inquiry that's consistent with what I'm saying here in this history this fire that comes down in revelation 8 1 through 5 is demonstrating the distinction between the true and the false prophets and in the story of Moses tabernacle when the fire comes down and consumes offering what happens at in numbers tickets it's 9 1 or 10 1 what happens immediately thereafter after this manifestation of the power of God den Aaron's sons go in and offer unholy fire and what happens to them they're destroyed ok they're destroyed right then and there so there's your distinction from the story of Elijah once the fire comes down on the on Elijah's offering then the people know who the true prophet is it's Miller eyed Adventism it's the priest of this movement but in Revelation 8 1 through 5 it's set in the context of 7 judgment judgment angels preparing to sound and right here in this history hophni and Phinehas is coming in my head but that's Eli Nate Avenue by you are going to receive judgment right then and there two classes of priests so what I'm saying is this application that I'm making of the Seventh Seal is consistent with the consecration of the temple and the consecration of the priests it's consistent with with David ruling in Hebron for seven and seven and a half years and it's consistent with what Parminder is teaching if you have the ability to understand that symbols have more than one meaning I believe so then when the question comes well I understand what you're saying and I understand it to be truth but I understand what Parmenter saying and I understand it to be truth but I also see how it can be two different messages which message should I be teaching I don't think you should be teaching any message unless the Holy Spirit is directing you to be teaching and if the Holy Spirit is directing you to be teaching then he's going to tell you how to articulate your message so maybe I have some ketchup to do on the nomenclature of parm endures presentation I don't use the word but I think it means the the way how you name things to symbolize a reformed line not just a reformed line but I mean this is the time of the end this is the increase of knowledge this is the message formalized that's our norm nomenclature maybe I have some ketchup to do with Parminder x' nomenclature of his terms and all but I think we've been given evidence brothers and sisters I'm almost at the point personally I hope you are to where I can present these lines that Theodore's doing I spent time yesterday with my wife we were just talking it and explained it to her talking without a board and she was following me the distinction between the two three three ninety ones in Ezekiel and the two three ninety ones in revelation 9 and the two 150 s in Revelation 9 in the one 26 in Revelation 9 I'm getting it and I can understand the three lines in our history and the reason there's three lines in our history that begin in Italy and then are repeated in Italy and then project off in the future is because we've become Ezekiel we're laying on our sides we're giving the testimony of that message just like Josiah Lich did and Ezekiel did I'm getting it and I see that it's the strength of it is the these calendars and these and these numbers but I think the reason that I'm getting it is I'm willing to accept the fact that parm endures nomenclature and what he's presenting about harvest lines or whatever is one avenue of truth so I got to wrap my mind around that and what test is teaching is another avenue of truth I got to wrap my mind around that but there's too much evidence that I have to wrap my round about what he's teaching too and I think it can be done and I think most of you in here are younger than me so you don't have an excuse like I do okay not all of you it's most of you okay so that's my argument about why someone like Theodore when I see Sunday law over here would say I'd rather you put close of probation there I think is that what he wanted me to put there and brothers and sisters pardon me yep I challenge you I haven't looked at it I sense it's come up I meant to go look at it but I remember when there was a brother that used to be in this movement that he took the word overthrow and he laid it out line upon line in a presentation and overthrow it's talking about when you bring them all together it's talking about the overthrowing of seventh-day adventists and in Daniel 11 verse 41 it says many shall be overthrown and when you see the illustrations of what overthrow means in the scriptures those Seventh day Adventists that are overthrown at the Sunday law they have closed their probation notes the Sunday law is Daniel 11 verse 41 and there is a close of probation at the Sunday law but some people are struggling with that oh yes they are they shouldn't be but I'm not this isn't pointed at you are you guys trying to tell me that no one's had any problems over me saying that this is the Sunday law and probation closes here when you're been told no their probation closes down there when Michael stands up that you're trying to tell me that has not been an issue it has it has even if you haven't caught it okay so I'm telling you I'm willing to accept the close of probation down here when Michael stands up in a model particularly a harvest line model and I'm willing to use the Sunday law followed by a loud cry that leads to the close of probation that leads to the binding off that leads to the second coming put that whole thing in place I have no problem with that but when it comes to this model here I've also heard it said and I believe this I get it I'm not fighting this that the mistakes in the millerite history have become way marks or truths for us okay I get that but there's also it's been out there in the public arena that sister white says midway between when the mess when we first thought the message would arrive and we after our word found that it would arrive the message was proclaimed in the very words of Scripture behold the bridegroom cometh so we go to July 21st said that's Midway that's when the midnight cry message was proclaimed based upon what sister white said and therefore may be here at the end of the world we've allowed a misconception of Adventism to get put in place by identifying the midnight cry over here at this way mark when really it came on July 21st over here but because it was a misconception it's okay that we live with it because we know from the beginning of Adventism to end of Adventism it's sacred history so misconceptions can become way marks but I'm here to tell you I don't think it's a misconception we have Ezra telling us that he leaves on the first day of the first month and he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month I'm saying this way mark is Jerusalem and in millerite history that way mark equates to August 15th 1844 and when we go look at the illustrations of the midnight cry we find symbols associated with that history such as Jesus riding on an ass or or Samuel snow arriving in Exeter camp-meeting on an ass we see it Exeter two rivers represented in the term Exeter being a river and the river what's the tent over there where the finatus was going on the water town so we got water there and we find any illustrations of the midnight cry over and over again there's water is there water and luther's reform line where the midnight cry is marked yeah okay so I'm saying that this midnight cry that we market Exeter here I don't think it was a I don't think it was a mistake that the Lord has allowed us to put in place because it's part of sacred histories mistakes that become way marks and I'm saying that because through the years I've understood from the book of Zechariah that the Lord chooses Jerusalem there's a choice that's made about Jerusalem in the scriptures and it's pointing to right here because this is the perfect fulfillment of the church triumphant and I'm not denying that the church try in the church the perfect fulfillment of the church triumphant I'm defining as the point in time where there's no more tears and I understand that this happens here with the priest prior to that but it's here that it that scriptures point to as the perfect fulfillment of the choosing of Jerusalem so I have a hard time moving this way mark from Exeter back to Boston I don't have a hard time acknowledging that Boston is a legitimate way mark and neither do I have a hard time acknowledging that Concord is in between in there either but this here I think it's acceptable to say that when the light came on the midnight cry it came probably I'm open for correction at the camp meetings that we had where we began to open up Ezra 7-9 that's probably a legitimate starting point for the development of this truth anyone know a date for that 2014 okay so in 2014 as r79 is opened up and what we grasp on to is that this is the first day of the first month with many witnesses this is the first day of the fifth month and this therefore is the tenth day of the seventh month and that's where I was starting the other day when Theodore's was not saying it this way but he's saying I like it better when you use the harvest model okay and I'm saying I don't want to use the harvest model if you remember that dialogue it's for me he just wanted to close the probation there he said for me I've spent hours after hours if you could pull them all together through the years identifying that the Sunday law is the close of probation that's been the whole message I've been teaching that is the bottom line of the message so for me to say this is the Sunday law I'm my public record is that's the close of probation within a fractal here we go that's all yeah I don't yes there the light that began to be produced there I'm what I you may have watched it but you haven't been in the class the past couple days you'd not you can't know unless you've watched it on the Internet exactly what I'm speaking to but what I'm speaking to is here now when I'm getting to the point of the notes that we're going to go into second chronicles 29 begins on the first day of the first month that's 911 that's we tie that in with Ezzor seven nine and it takes eight days to cleanse the temple and we put it over to here this is eight days and I have seen some people teach this and pretty much say that right here is day 8 period don't have they don't have any commentary about what happens on day 8 it's just that you're right now you're a date and okay I can accept that but what I'm saying is day 8 is a bigger day than simply a point in time and it took eight days to cleanse the courtyard and rad you said we get to the point where we see this is the priest this is the Levites this is Christ twelve disciples this is his 70 disciples and and numbers begin to pile up here so where I go to at this point is trying to identify a hope it's the right way to say it a seven one combination that when you have this number eight you can see that in another level that this is number eight and it's preceded by seven okay so and I'm in order to have justification to turn the number eight into a seven one combination I need to be able to go in the scriptures and see a couple witnesses that identify that this is so and there's tons of them okay but before we go to these notes I want to add one more thing that we'll look for we may not get there today but I have said I'll say it again that at number eight here there's a first fruit offering it was the spring offering of barley and all it was is a wave sheaf that Barley's cut down and it's lifted up as a wave offering but down here at the at this number eight there is also a first fruit offering but these are way Bluffs but these are different these are wheat and they go through a process they that we gets harvested it gets cleaned then it gets ground then it gets thrown together with some water and some leaven and it gets baked and once it's baked then it's lifted up as a first fruit offering so there is a first fruit offering at the end of this number 8 and a first fruit offering at this number 8 in these two eights that ii chronicles 29 identifies for us but that is based upon the spring feast this being the Feast of the firstfruits y'all following me and this being the Feast of Pentecost 49 days later plus one but there's another feast that comes into this history and it's called the Feast of Tabernacles and if you read casually if you read casually when you're looking at the Feast of Tabernacles you can be led to believe that it's only seven days long but it's not it's eight days long the Feast of Tabernacles and one of the things it teaches us about the Feast of Tabernacles is that the eighth day is a holy convocation just as the first day is the first day here is also a holy convocation here Jesus is illustrating the end with the beginning okay so if you see that and you can understand understand that and I don't say that I understand it fully or perfectly so that's probably the wrong way to say that but this day here it's got to be over here because you know that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning this here you know that I'm going to show show that there's a cross in the middle of this history we've been talking about it right is there a cross here a 911 is there is there prophetic justification for marking the cross here what is it I'll give you a simple one that all of you been trained in to understanding what takes place here baptism right and what's baptism a symbol of of the death and resurrection of Christ on the cross is it not so you got you have the cross story here and when Christ is resurrected what does he do he goes to heaven and then he comes back down and breathes upon his disciples a few drops as it were before the full outpouring at Pentecost where's Pentecost in this line well for Parminder it would be here wouldn't it why because sister white teaches on more than one witness and one's a one good one is testimonies volume 5 page 214 to 216 that no one would receive the seal of God that has one spot or stain upon their character it is left to with us to remedy the defects of our character then as you go on it says when the decree goes forth they will remain pure and spotless for eternity but in there it says then the latter rain will be poured out up on them as it was on the disciples on the day of Pentecost the decrees the Sunday law it's Pentecost Parminder has been identifying this as the Sunday law so here's your full outpouring but the full outpouring is preparing us as priests to go into a time period which we call the harvest or the binding-off right and why would we need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this history we've already got the latter rain here harvest terminology is it good what's happened to Arkansas over the past few months no the the farms here have been wiped out because it was harvest time and all it's done is rain and rain and rain and it's destroyed their crops okay you don't want rain in the harvest time but this is the harvest time and brother Jeff is saying according to Revelation 8 verses 1 through 5 there's an outpouring of the Spirit here and that this is the opening of the seventh seal and brother prime vendor says no it's open here it's open here what I'm saying is the outpouring of the Spirit here is the there's a quote where sister Weitz talks about Elisha that when the fire came down on that altar the twelve stones were illuminated who are the twelve stones they're the priests of what does it mean that they're illuminated they're lit up they become a visual test a visual point of reference this outpouring here this manifestation of the power of God here it's been foreshadowed by these outpourings of the spirit but it's not to empower us to go through the binding-off it is to make the offering and ensign and so I just want to put in place that as we go through this when we get to the the 8:1 combination and we bring in the Feast of Tabernacles the Feast of Tabernacles begins with a holy convocation it's this way mark that is that holy convocation this way mark should be over here and that's what we were saying yesterday is that with this you have March 4th 2020 but in the Julian calendar and first I wasn't going to let him put that up there but then wow that is nice the Julian counter calendar is not March 4th is it what is it 14:14 arch pendants yeah March 14 this is the part that I'm wanting to get to but in the Julie arch first it's three one thirty one because this is 27 and this is 34 yeah so the julienne is even nailing the cross right okay March 14th okay so let's look at that the eighth page one of your notes and we bought most of the people in this room have read these notes in other places as we presented it through the last several months so we don't have to spend a lot of time on them Mount Zion was just before us and on the Mount was a building which looked to me like a temple about it were sever seven other mountains where's Mount Zion brother Nathan where's Mount Zion sister Ann Tunisia Mount Zion is gotta be right here right why this is where the temple is if you're doubting it go to Isaiah chapter 2 because it says it'll come to pass in the last days that the Lord's house will be exalted above all the mountains the mountain of the Lord's house his church gets lifted up above all the mountains and what is that mountain it's Mount Zion and how it's surrounded by how many other mountains seven there's your seven one combination Mount Zion is in here but it's surrounded by seven mountains I saw a little ones climber if they chose you their little wings to fly to the top of the mountains and pluck the never-fading flowers there all we're all kinds of trees to beautify the place and you count the trees right the box the pine the fir the olive the myrtle the pomegranate and the fig tree bowed down with the weight of timely figs made the place all over glorious how many trees are mentioned there how many are there what's the eighth one that's there the Tree of Life is there you know where she's at that the Tree of Life is there so she may not mention it but there's eight trees there but there's a distinction between those seven trees and the eight trees so this this hidden and my argument is when I'm taking time to do with this if some of you haven't heard this logic before I'll remind you that from here at 9:00 11:00 to midnight elizabeth is in hiding for five months for a hundred and fifty days which is also the hundred and fifty days of revelation 9 ok so this period here is hiding here we're coming out of hiding but we're being tested in this history about whether we can connect with the hidden manna because the angel of revelation 18 when he comes down he doesn't have anything his hand the only way you know he has something in his hand is if you're using the methodology that this movement has accepted and if you do line up on line you know he has something in his hand he has manna in his hand but it's hidden and in this history here we're being tested whether we can see the hidden manna and I'm saying that even though she says there's seven trees on this holy Mount which is I on you know there's eight okay and it's it's here okay at the bottom of that paragraph as we were about to enter the temple Jesus raised his lovely eyes and said only the hundred and forty-four thousand entered this place and we shouted Alleluia the temple was supported by seven pillars so where's the temple hat I'm saying the temples right here okay it's been built here but it's the story of the temple going through history so the temple is here how many pillars does it have seven notice the next quote and I'll drop to the second paragraph of the next quote from early writings 78 and 79 first paragraph people are flocking into this temple and then it says appearing to be laughed at and ridiculed I thought best to wait until the multitude were dispersed or until I could enter unobserved by them but the numbers increased instead of diminishing and fearful of being too late I hastened up my home and press through the crowd in my anxiety to reach the temple I did not notice or care for the throng that surrounded me on entering the building I saw that the vast temple was supported by one immense pillar she'd just seen the temple and it was supported by seven pillars now she's saying no it's supported by one pillar seven and one and two this was I was tied a lamb all mangled and bleeding okay all that entered the temple must confess their sins to this lamb before they enter so the tent the pillars of the temple are a seven one combination the trees on Mount Zion or seven one combination and the mountains are seven one combination so I'm just showing you the seven one combination and I'm not going to see the next page I'm not gonna spend time there this has been dealt with a great deal the seven one combination so to speak in revelation 17:5 of fallen one is and one is yet to come and the eighth is of the seven but now we know that that is identifying Satan's into the world Kingdom in contrast with God's kingdom which is the rock that's cut out of the mountain and that what's hidden in the seven churches of Revelation is that there's an eighth Church in each history and this the story of the seven churches begins with Adam and there are seven histories from Adam to Moses that represent Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea and when you get to Laodicea you've went from adam to the time of moses and moses is living in the time of Laodicea of that period of time but he's also living in the time of Ephesus when the seventh is there the eighth is there but it's hidden and from Moses you go to the time of Christ the same phenomenon is there when you get to the time of Christ you're in the time of Laodicea for the Hebrew church but you're simultaneously in the time of Ephesus for the Christian Church seven churches but the eighth is hidden so when we see the seven churches in Revelation and apply them to Christian history there's seven churches that take you to Laodicea but in 1989 the hidden Church of Ephesus appears on the scene and as we were talking about the other day just yesterday and we put this in the record before and initially people in the in internet land they had to know you know where I got my reference and I said I could dig it out but I know the person that dug it out and he will have it on his fingertips if you need to see this as Kellie Ross and Canada I told this story got some questions about it Kellie dug it out because I knew it was valid I'd read it before to commemorate the 1888 Minneapolis meetings in 1988 a hundred years afterwards in 1988 they went back to have a command military service in Minneapolis in the same place and they determined that all the leadership of the General Conference was going to have a procession into that building and they were all going to be carrying lit candles and when the Minneapolis Fire Department found out about it they're saying they told them no way are you taking lit candles into that building so they had to march in in that procession with the candle sticks removed in 8th 1988 one year before 1989 in a 1989 Ephesus comes into history because the candlestick has been removed okay but Laodicea is going to continue on and Ephesus and Laodicea they're going to be contemporaries until we get to the end of the road here in this history which we're approaching very rapidly okay so all right enough of that if you have to see that that evidence Theodore well I have Kelly's email address but Theodore probably hasn't memorized okay okay so write of how many people in this room have not went through these notes oh there are a couple people few people okay that makes it okay the the Rite of circumcision in Baptism Genesis 17 there is a there's a line of this study that I attempt to do to show the significance of people in this movement being baptized okay that's not really what I'm trying to do in this study but we'll have to take it up because it's woven into these thoughts for me I don't know where to point someone but if I was going to points to someone point to a presentation on the the need of baptism in this movement I would point to Mina's presentation at this last camp meaning go look him over they were right to the point this approach is it where I'm going from a different line and it's just as solid as far as I'm concerned but I like I like what she put together because in Genesis 17 11 what we're saying is the beginning of covenant history when it has to do with a chosen people is the story of Abraham and the sign of covenant that it's given to him in Genesis 17 is circumcision and Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning and we're the end so circumcision being the sign of the covenant with Abraham in verse 11 it says and you shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin and it shall be a token of the Covenant betwixt me and you and a token the definition is a sign and the definition of sign is a token but the definition of sign also includes the understanding of ensign okay it's the ensign that made abrams people stand out with circumcision that was what they had to do to be part of that covenant people but notice verse 14 and the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised that soul shall be cut off from his people he hath broken my covenant the very first illustration of covenant history if you didn't have the the sign of the Covenant then you're cut off from God's people and Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning okay so trying to show that the the number of that covenant circumcision is the number eight okay so verse 12 says and he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you okay so I'm saying we need to be circumcised before midnight but that when you get into this history of midnight to the midnight cry that I'm going into that part of the ensign is the fact that you have entered into the experience of a peculiar covenant people before that history arrives and it's an agreement with what I was saying earlier it's not about an outpouring of the latter rain that's preparing you to go into the great time of trouble it's about an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that illuminates the offering as an ensign to draw people in okay there's a difference I believe ok so underneath that it says from Australian Union conference record are those who have that have by baptism given to God a pledge of their faith in Christ and their death to the old life of sin have entered into covenant relation with God circumcision was replaced by baptism you can see token there is a signal a flag a beacon and the definition of it a mark a sign and sister white has just said that err she's going to say it the Lord over me that the bottom quote from evangelism Christ has made baptism the sign of entrance into his spiritual Kingdom so I'm saying the Bible identifies circumcision as the token which is a sign as an ensign with Abraham as the covenant people but that very definition is what your sister right uses to define what baptism is for his covenant people at the end of the world they're interchangeable at that level if you're following the logic ok baptism 2nd Peter 2:5 and some of you say you haven't heard this logic but if you were to take these notes and you would go back to brother Daniels sermon on October 13th at Lambert it's pretty much these notes he has some other stuff but it's it's it's the same notes ok it's the same flow of thought so you have heard it probably from that direction if not here 2nd Peter 2:5 yes yes so when Tess is in France presenting the message and and Daniels here presenting a message that clicks on the light bulb for Theodore to open up the 391 Ted Wilson is given a sermon about cleaning up shop in the Adventist Church on the day that marks the miracle of Fatima and on the day this is more significant to me than even the miracle of Fatima all those that on the day that Babylon fell and there's a locked over 13th the fall of Babylon and here he's given anyway so 2nd Peter 2:5 and spared not the old world but saved Noah the 8th person a preacher of righteousness bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly there's eight people but notice that Noah is being isolated out as the eight okay he's he's one of eight it's not just a group of eight Noah is the eighth okay but if you go back to first Peter 3:20 and 21 since which sometimes are disobedient when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing wherein few that is eight souls were saved by water see there is it's just eight in 2nd Peter 2:5 Noah's being isolated as one of the eight but the next verse says verse 21 the like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us not the putting away of the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience toward God by the resurrection of Jesus Christ so here Peter is putting in the context that the baptism is also representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ and if we in your notes if you go to Roman's so we're not going to 6 3 & 5 you can see that the resurrection of Christ and baptism being a symbol of that includes his death you can't have his resurrection without his death so baptism is a symbol of the whole process death burial resurrection but with the story of Peter it's associated with the number 8 there's the eight people that get on the ark but what I want you to see about the baptism there as much as anything else as you can see that the 7-1 combination there because Noah is ice laid it out you follow me okay all right let's do sacrifice and offering on page three I'm getting scared now about my time nearly 2,000 years ago voice of mysterious import was heard in Heaven from the throne of God lo I come sacrifice and offering that what it's not but a body thou has prepared me although I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do thy will O God Hebrews 10 5 through 7 I have that in there to make the point which we all understand I assume in this room that it is impossible for divinity to die if that causes you heartburn I'm I'm just stating what sister white says directly it's impossible for divinity to die so when Christ agreed in the heavenly Council to die for our sins it was he had to take upon him a human body so that human body could die that points also out that Christ was able to sin because when divinity and humanity is combined it cannot sin but when you take divinity away you have the option at Christ and sin but he choose not to or is your logic wrong yeah I think you're you're putting - the way you the way you're making it sound is that when Christ becomes combined with humanity because you've been humanity and divinity will not sin that it was impossible for him to sin but he could have sinned all the way through you're just saying that online is saying that in order for him to die is to Vinnie if you had to be taken away and I know I didn't say that I think that in order for him to die he had to have a human body because the human body can die and divinity cannot die I wasn't saying he was taken away you reading that into it I'm saying that okay because he could have sinned yeah I thought that would be an argument to say he could have sinned because some people say he could have not say they say he could have not sinned okay it was impossible for him to sin hey DK in any way not a problem are we all on the same page here okay so he has to take body now my point in putting this in it may seem out of out of sequence but I'm trying to prepare logic for midnight to the midnight cry so I'm suggesting that before you go into midnight midnight cry time period if you're going to be a faithful priest then you have to attain this experience you have to have a body prepared and the body that we have to have prepared is that we've settled into the experience of the combination of humanity and divinity for eternity in advance of that issue but that we are being prepared as an offering just as Christ was being prepared as an offering but Christ also is a priest and we're going to be a priest so we got to two things happening in this history and the reason one of the reasons I want to put that in place as I've said earlier past couple days more than once is it there's two manifestations of the power of God that take place one is just before midnight when the when the glory of God fills the temple and in the story of Solomon that's when the the Ark of the Covenant brought in and I'm saying that when the Ark of the Covenant is brought into the temple in the story of Solomon it's marking a point in our history where the temple is finished it's been prepared and the manifestation of the power of God that is marked in that history is identifying that God's people have attained that experience in advance of midnight and the obvious place to put that would be 2018 because there is a the unity that comes in through the truth in this history you can see it happening if you wish to see it right now and that's how we get sanctified is through thy truth and the very last doctrinal shaking of this movement if you're gonna take millerite history had to do with the nature of Christ so you plug that in we've had that shaking we've seen the parallels of that shaking with the parallels of the holy flesh movement and we've seen the connection of the quote where she says those that are studying prophecy will see that the doctrine of the Incarnation is invested with the soft halo at the end of Adventism but at the beginning of Adventism she saw that the sabbath had a soft halo it glowed so at the beginning of Adventism there was a doctrine a doctrine that represents sanctification the sabbath that's marked and at the end the final doctrinal shaking is the Incarnation which is also about sanctification Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning we've had that shaking it has arrived now the midnight cry message is coming together into clarity and now the element of time has but been put into it which we understand means that we're just before the end so I'm suggesting that when the ark comes in to Solomon's Temple in that first manifestation of the power of God that that's in October of 2018 the subject of Baptism Incarnation the subject of baptism how do synchronous divinity and humanity fine and that is what happens at baptism is it the I think the reality of it is is you're not supposed to be baptizing that you already have that a little struggle okay you think so but I agree that the baptism is is part baptism becomes an issue at a point of consideration right at this very same time it's part of it I'm not denying that but technically we're not supposed to baptize people till they've shown the fruits of that experience yeah and and I realized and I told some people I meant to say October and if you would have checked the math you would have seen I was wrong what I said the other day is that from 1798 to 2018 is two hundred and twenty years and that from 1996 to 2018 is 22 years and that from December of 2016 to October of 2018 is 22 months and for me it seems like the Lord is pulling at least three arguments together to bring this message into clarity Tessa's lines about the king of the north the 391 lines about the kingdom north and Islam and the presidents that allow you to tie the revolutions and the wars together here at the end have you checked 22 weeks that's the kind of thing Theodore and maybe you do all right 22 weeks idea this isn't something I recognize this is something the Brethren in Africa recognize 22 weeks what about 22 days okay you just took everyone off the this focus for the last six minutes by doing that but that's okay next quote it was I hope that I put all the points in place it was to the glory of God that the Prince of life should be the firstfruits the anti-type of the typical wave sheaf for whom he did foreknow he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren Christ was the firstfruits of them that slept this very scene the resurrection of Christ from the dead was observed and tight by the Jews at one of their sacred feast okay the number ain't in the priests let's put this in place we got we have five minutes Exodus 25 40 you know maybe we won't put this in place because I can tell I'm gonna say something here everything in the tabernacle was done after the pattern okay and look that thou shalt make them after the pattern which was showed thee in the Mount and Hebrews 8 2 says the same thing let's go to Hebrews 8 2 the same thing only maybe a little bit different a minister of the sanctuary and of the true Tabernacle which the Lord pitched and not man verse 5 who serve under the example and shadow of heavenly things as Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle for see saith he that thou make thing all things according to the pattern showed thee in the Mount but what I want you to see here if you will is verse 1 of chapter 8 now the things which we have spoken up this is the sum we have such an high priest who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in Heaven's and I want to argue that this is an eighty one and that the symbol eighty one has to do with the high priest and his relationship with a group of priests as in the story of King Uzziah that's going to go in and make an offering when he's not supposed to and he's resisted by 81 priests one of them being the high priests so this is another place in the scriptures where 8:1 is noted and there was a brother here at camp meeting and we went over to pick up there's a good memory for you we went up went over to pick up I can't remember a name his sister and take her to the airport right when the camp meeting was over it doesn't matter that's not the point but I ran into another brother were there in the parking lot it's a sister from from Fiji who is he like an oozy okay yes all right that that's why I couldn't remember named partially but I talking to the brother in the parking lot who does things you know like some of us do and he says as soon as I heard Tessa's presentations you know what I did he says I went in and before you could finish the sentence I said I did the same thing and you go into every reference of a chapter 11 verse 9 it blows your mind how it's speaking to midnight ok so it's one of them that is it seems to have more consistency than even what I'm saying about 8:1 I'm saying revelation 8 1 is midnight partially because it's 8 1 and here in Hebrews 8:1 it's identifying the emphasis of the high priests the relationship of the high priests to the 80 priests that are going to oppose the what goes on at raffia you followed that logic ok so in second chronicles 29 this is we've referred to over and over again but let's look at it just for the record 15 through 17 and they gathered their brethren and sanctified themselves and came according to the commandment of the king by the words of the Lord to cleanse the house of the Lord and the priest went into the inner part of the house of the Lord to cleanse it and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of the Lord into the court of the house of the Lord and the Levites took it to carried out abroad into the brook Kedron and they began on the first day of the first month to sanctify and on the eighth day of the month they came to the porch of the Lord so they sanctified the house of the Lord in eight days and in the sixteenth day of the first month they made an inn I would argue that you can take the plain reading of that and say that from nine eleven the first day of the first month if you've accepted that prophetic application until the midnight cry that you have eight days and it takes that entire period of time to cleanse the temple from 9-11 to the midnight cry and I'm saying you can read that in that passage but I'm saying if you read that in that passage then you're not using the methodology of line upon line because when you take other lines about the cleansing of the temple and the cleansing of the priest and lay it over the top it's going to isolate the eighth day okay and we have the responsibility to bring all this down to the end of the world line upon line so tomorrow that's where we're going to jump off I hope but I say there's anything I say that's prophetic so I'm it doesn't matter that I said it but I said something in church I think it was yeah it was in prayer and offering where I said this next year is going to be the roughest year we've ever had if if what we're understanding is correct then this next 367 days and this is what it what is it Tuesday Wednesday this is Wednesday since Sabbath since Sabbath the stuff I've watched going on and some a great deal of it you don't know about because it has to be kept confidential just because that's what it has to be it's it's confirming that and I've had other people say they're seeing it as well why did I say that oh the reason I said that is because I'm hoping tomorrow that we finish these notes but tomorrow's almost 24 hours a day and it seems like these last days within 24 hours there's so much that goes on that by the time you get here the next morning that you have to deal with those things that I can't promise that I'm gonna get through this tomorrow but we're gonna give it our best shot but not being a prophet just using prophetic logic I think we're on the verge of some big-time problems and if you if you followed along and test presentations and even though you can't I'm sure you can't regurgitate everything that she said but if you could see the strength of the logic that was there and if you followed on to this to the numbers here forget this one forget this one but what we're understanding about here and then here okay if you can see this and then your understanding that the Lord has opened up this from midnight to the midnight cry I'm saying Tess wasn't saying that that's what I'm saying over here then there is the possibility that what brother Jordan has recognized with the window on the ark which means double light at noon and oil then it might be identifying this battle the test book in place that comes before raffia and if it's a doubling then maybe we're going to see something that even makes things worse in the next 48 to 72 hours anyway just a thought yes yeah Suellen is having hernias hernia hernia surgery this morning so keep her uplifted in your face what was the result of what this is they were saying the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives but the Republicans gained more seat in the Senate and the Democrats are already talking about impeachment which without any secondary I would think face value without any secondary evidence all it will be is like the impeachments that tests pointed to there's charges brought but when they get to the Senate there's enough Republicans in there to overturn it but what Tess has pointed to is that on November 9th 2013 was the only time that Donald Trump was in Russia and if that is the way mark that lines up with the collusion between the king of the north and the King of the South in advance of oopss then the contention is is that they've got some dirt up on Donald Trump that they could release and in so doing it might be the kind of dirt that the Republicans that are have really never said most of them really never been Trump stirs that they might jump on it as well so who who knows what's coming down the pike the Lord does and it seems like we're getting a little bit better clarity about things in most but that's the way I understand the election results wouldn't the impeachment be more likely November nights 2019 or something yeah yeah but I know you're a Canadian so you don't pay attention but the things that happen in the Congress of the United States a snail could beat it in a race okay even if even if they're gonna start an impeachment process I mean has Mueller finished his investigation yet two years down the road I mean so I get your point but you probably dragged out shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you that you are opening this light to us here at the end of the world we understand that there are truths that are being presented in various fashions that are truths that do not necessarily contradict each other but that are still challenging some of us to follow along with we understand that there are truths that are from a point of reference in terms of calendars and numbers that is also hard for some of us to follow along with but we understand that as students of prophecy you've given us the highest calling of all time and that you've told us that we must do our due diligence to internalize these things and make them part of us so in spite the complexity of what's unfolding we trust that you're about to bring it into a simple clarity of understanding that we can give this message in unity and with power we ask that that's part of the work that you're doing in each of us now and in this movement around the world in Jesus name Amen