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I mean so yesterday we did Isaiah 46 verse 10 and we then went to Revelation 17 why do we go to Revelation 17 from Isaiah 46 verse 10 let's read Isaiah 46 verse 10 how did you jump from one place to another like that let's turn there first let's turn their eyes there 46 verse 10 declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times of things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure so we've got 46:10 here and here on the board 46:10 and we're saying it's a repeating enlarge and a chiasm so we can see the chiasm not everybody was here first of all we can see there's repeater and large hopefully declaring the end from the beginning comma and from ancient times the things that are not yet done so I want us to see that entering the beginning then we're gonna repeat it and if you can see that pattern you see that the Bible is going to define itself it's going to define what those terms mean and at first sight that may seem trivial so but not only is it a repeating enlarge you know that you're correct because you can see a chiasm everybody know what chiasm is okay so chiasm all I'm saying is this when you do when you're in kindergarten or maybe first grade you get a piece of paper and you get fold it in half till you've got a crease line you open it up and you get some paint and you blot it on one side and you fold it back squash it open it and you've got a pattern symmetry so that's all chiasm is its symmetry so I've got the line of reflection here and you can see that the way it's structured end from the beginning ancient times not yet so you just tag them together and you can see that the beginning is the ancient times and that the end is not yet yes so we can do all of that so the word ancient means what the book and it means beginnings at the beginning is just on the board yes so what is this equal nine I think sigh yep does it say something say begin and I'm not sure if it says begin I think it says begin yet says begin with the ancient men so as he could nine would define that but you wouldn't have seen the structure of that but Isaiah 46 gives you the structure ancient means to begin so wherever you're going to begin he cut any kind of work you would do it with things that are ancient every time you see ancient he's going to go to the beginning is there anything before the beginning the end is believed before the beginning sorry according to the scripture a lot of structure the verse yeah no there's nothing there it's just darkness yeah so there's many there's many things we can do with this just a simple little thing ancient times is beginning but we didn't focus on that we focused on the end is not yet so not yet equals end and I'm saying that's a definition a biblical definition of what ain't sorry what the term not yet means so then we went to revelation 17 and we picked up all of those terms you've got past present and future in revelation 17 we haven't got the verses up there but it was verse 8 I think 11 some of from about verse 7 to about verse 12 has many tenses past present and future talking about Kings heads beasts etc everybody remember that does that make sense boys am I going too fast I'm going too fast with that yes you're going too fast okay so does this make sense here what I've just done there read the verse and you've seen how it lines up so I'm saying this is a biblical definition proof text in the best place to prove text is where in the verse you proof that's in the verse it's the best place to do it itself it defines itself you can you know you can never made a mistake then because if I was in this verse and someone jumped to me 244 7 I'm saying well maybe it was 40 47 or maybe it wasn't maybe it's another place now becomes a matter of opinion but if it's in the verse itself then you know you can't make a mistake it's a really well-defined way of used in William it as well you cannot have made the mistake so I'm saying now we have not made a mistake period when we've done that we I think we can boldly say that just as William Miller would in his rules so we've defined that the word or the phrase not yet means end and where you're saying so what that's obvious it's just they're synonyms of each other but then we went to see how powerful this is so we went to eyes revelation 17 and someone throw out the verses at least one of them will go with verse 8 the Beast that thou sawest was and is not and shall ascend so I want us to see that there's three tenses there past present and future did that make sense my sister yeah drop to the end of the same verse the Beast that was and is not and yet is that make sense okay so I'm saying yet is it sounds very similar to not yeah now we could just stop there because if you see how William Miller uses his own rules of proof texting because they have to be an exact fit of the word no do we all agreed that how do we know someone else an approximation of what he's looking at when he says that that give me the two phrases approximately well go to Daniel would you be the daily under the the human okay to Daniel 8 verse 11 and all that he wouldn't he doesn't use anything like that so what's he proof tech C so when you accept the Thessalonians you see the word baby yes no he's not proof dicks in the world baby but what's he searching for now what's he searching for what's his searching for so she for an understanding God daily so he's gonna teach you if you're looking for a word you don't even have to prove text the word you would realize that because he's gonna prove text not the word daily because when he proves text the word daily what does he find if the only place to be a piss you said that okay so the word daily appears in the Bible 100 four times but wait there got this word would you mean this we're like Hebrew 1 2 3 4 that Hebrew word isn't sorry there no context my sister context okay do one person at a time I'm sorry okay he it was used as unknown name Daniel I saw he never phoned it in that context so in the 99 other times it's a it's used as a verb oh yeah I don't think it's even a verb actually adverb or adjective everywhere else yeah so he said find it anywhere else in the Bible oh there's five times it's a now in the Book of Daniel yep okay so he can't prove takes the word so now what does he have to do mister proof takes the surrounding words so when he does that you think okay so you're going to pick up the work the phrase taken away and you're going to pry take away taken away and you're going to come to nowhere basically because you're not going to find that phrase anywhere else so then he's going to he's alright yeah you're going to go to second Thessalonians which worse okay second third selling you three read that to us by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first okay bud so you pick it you're saying what is the word take away there I'll take it away falling away take it away sister weather exotic I wasn't for the verse that he went to in the phrase that he picked up the phrases taken out of the road you know his verse seven taken out the way looks nothing like taketh away so he's gonna match that up so he's proof texting he's not even proof texting the word now he's not even proof texting the literal phrase and if you guys are second Thessalonians he says taketh away take it out of the way then you've got a plug into that all of Daniels theology and I don't know how you do that it's not to me it's not that straightforward so he's gonna go to second Thessalonians and say what Robert Jonathan you looking worried bemused confused that there was that I'm just thinking yeah you're right he compared two different phrases but I'm was just thinking of you must have had some kind of understanding of the daily without knowing what the daily is huh he didn't know what the daily is because that's what he said what he says but I think like I think he knew that he's looking for like a power like Kingdom or something like that because he knew the history around the dating he knew it must be somehow okay so brother Jonathan's theory yes that men have already understands the answer he just wants evidence to prove what he believes that's what you just say no I'm let me reset my words I think he knew the circumstances the surroundings he didn't know what the daily is of course that's what he says but I think he knew he's dealing with Daniel 8 he he's dealing with powers with kingdoms and I don't think you were looking for okay so he has some ideas on how ah yeah the common sense would lead in today because it's an older group it's a softer speech that you saw the medo-persia Greece so that's what that's what you say Matt leases must be some power and I think that's the reason why he's allowed to compare two different phrases because taken away and what was it taken out of the way that's two different phrases but he knew he knew my context is he already had an understanding of it he wasn't searching for something outside of his context do you think he knows that it's a noun in Daniel in the Book of Daniel but these does reading and seeing that it is he has to see that it is unknown because he sees that the word sacrifices supplied and that it should not be there so if it shouldn't be there then I think he goes in isolation every day cause it's in italic this is that Mike is very know we all know that we all know the italicizes supply my hands he know he shouldn't be big because there's lots of supplied words what's the question is the text what's the question how did he know that the daily in Daniel wasn't now not know anything else I think if you've related to the the powers that's in Daniel 8 he's recognizing those as nations or kingdoms or whatever so therefore he knows that he's dealing with a kingdom that's that must come on the scene and so in this an interplay of the of the nation's in Danya he sees one in removed and another set up okay so if you got down that route so now you telling me that the dailies earth is a is a power or an aura Kingdom yeah in the sense of what I mean about pagan Rome yeah yeah so you tell me out of all of these which one is the daily this that all of them that's them yeah because yeah the the kingdoms that the pagan Kingdom sister teri said no no got me to Persia you got grease and then you got the daily so we know it's the kingdom and everybody said yes we agree with that we now we've got the context now you're doing that some say you tell me what Kingdom the daily was doesn't in verse 12 and it never gives you the the timeframe of that oh I guess I don't know what I'm saying wrong but it gives you that the timing when you cuz you can appear with other lines in the okay but we've got things like Miller so sister Terry I'm totally manipulating what you say you say it wasn't deliberate I think that's what you say no but it gives us contextually the time period or when it was taken away that's I'm saying it the time period it's got to be after Greece and in the time period when Paul's talking to the his vessel onehans something's taken away okay you tell me it in the Roman time period not saying it's Rome but it is you tell me what's taken away then not some external a in the time period of Rome know something stuff has to happen before it gets taken away cuz there's got to be a falling away first then something's taken away and then Jesus comes the whole idea is showing to them that Jesus isn't gonna come until stuff happens and what's taken away according to according hate at the reading them Dane Daniel what's taken away well as we understand it paganism is taken away and replaced by papal ISM but that's not Miller had to work that out that's us looking retrospect we already said he would he had a good idea what he was no we didn't say that at all what's that we who said that and a lot of people began to agree with that because we said yes we've got some contextual thing because they're all Kingdom something penny drops that's how weird it cuz I want the penny drop for William Miller where he wrote in these how do you become with to the daily the beginning is yes how proof texting works you must have heard enough kind of understanding or not an understanding I hear or whatever because it says how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation to give both it's a destroying pop it's something what it's destroying God's people so it cannot be an holy angel or something like that so first of all he's looking for something bad that's what do you read out affects these in from disinformation gives you the text so did you agree with that no I think he really did know what it was because I he's going on systematically through the Bible trying to find out the house they work out what it is in well he gone by taken away he's tried all different phrases and now he's trying his friends he's tried words he's trying phrase this is trying anything swinging the bat okay so I see that you you won't because you and II never agreed with that did you say you say Greece and I mean something's happening after Greece okay right so something's being taken away after Greece I'm not saying the day kingdom okay I'm just putting in a time frame so he has got some sort of time frame it's still that's no release okay so you said time frame say no man okay do you think it's terribly okay and you say he's something bad come on guys thirteen that's from were 13 will you read the day yeah cuz they're treading down yeah so at least he knows it's something whatever it is but it's something bad and it deals with God's people say something bad after Greece when it's taken away the taking away is after Greece doesn't seem yes what will you take away but the thing that's taking away something bad can you get that from verse 13 you can get that from the next verse verse 14 by protecting with too--this well the Johnson just said it that you know it's something bad by the very next verse noise oh I just went from diversity Selby said with per day he's gonna tread down sanctuary and treads down the house this from within the book it's stunning bad it's doing something bad say it's something bad it's kind of come after Greece because all President believes that sanctuary belongs century below in the text throttling would be a sacrifice you mean sorry the don't accept the word sacrifice for long oh ok so regardless that he says he's coming back cuz its treading down and you know the time frame is off to grace argument that's kind of how he builds it he went didn't he D is first with the boost he says and he starts like when you read his work he starts going there with historically when God's people work for the word trodden dahn where they be trodden dahn beginning and that's all he develops is his argument for the twenty five twenty basically by dealing with day with the trolly known or the breaking of the poor what they need and no not true he identifies what the host is and then he identified this he makes a distinction between them so yes he is doing or ear saying he's proof texting with universe okay so instead look at second Thessalonians 2:7 and say what what's taken away you know what's taken away but why is it let's take it away we should pay them right though is it paper broke or is not paid the road it's right man it's in is a papacy but what's taken away or am i misreading it I don't mind me swinging the first might do something funny I can pound it out away it's fear me what did I say play another way is that he's that not the same thing yes yeah so just me to 7 for the mystery of iniquity that already work only he who now letteth look at will men until he be taken out the way so who stir he he go Museum mechanism he thinks he's faking it or we think he says something great be ended up fame will eat well Larry he says it's paper ha then it must be paganism that's what he says and when you read it in his book I mean the writing what am I looking at 5:08 and then what I know on the 1850 chart this one not this one no the daily right in the bottom down says he daily the daily taking away Daniel 11:31 508 that must be it does say paganism doesn't it well I missing something yeah it should be on 1850 chart because it's got 508 538 least gained 20 to pay the rope and that's I'm missing something amusement he says she's got pagan Rome here and this is straighten it's got 508 538 paper Roman pagan Rome when you go to work he starts even if you tripping on of God's people and therefore he doesn't begin with a room he goes back historically he goes backward from 723 and he gives you his reasoning for 677 he tells you that he chooses 67 because of the captivity of - and that was the breaking of the pride of he couldn't have done all of that enough go through his work he does that he takes you to a lane of reasoning you understand that but that couldn't be older no but I'm saying then that means e to 60 in reversing second Thessalonians where would eat what would he have said the he was paganism that's what he says okay I think that's what you said anyway maybe done okay so we were in here revelation 17 just going back because we lost a couple of people and we're saying what revelation 17 we've got revelation we've got verse 8 we've got verse 10 we've got verse 11 and we've got verse 12 is that all the verses 8 10 11 and 12 revelation 17 all of them give this past present and future is here past present and future and what which one which verse gives the exact phrase not yet I'm sure one of them is 10 and there are seven kings five are fallen and one is and the other is not yet so we've got not yet and not yet there it is verse 10 we didn't need the verse 10 because we agreed that you can do a much looser type of proof texting you okay with that yeah so we know that not yet which is in the future he's talking about something that's at the end we picked up that yeah and then you have to start really getting into revelation 17 because the present is number six I'm going to fast you have to stop my sister now we're 17 8 10 11 and 12 but it says in verse which were sisters by a fallen tensor in chap verse 10 on the ball it says this five a fallen past one is present and one is yet to come 7 so you got 5 then 6 then 7 5 1 1 so the present is number 6 the present in number 6 so you know number 6 is the present number 7 is the future so they're not yet this hit this context is number 7 so soon as you do that now you can put it into a time frame because what is head number 6 let's count them Babylon medo-persia Greece pagan Rome problem with the class European nations European nations like the USA the USA comes to power when 1798 so you know when this when you're in fist this place you're from 1798 onward when the United States is ruling how long the United States rule for trick question now the United States 70 years 70 is rules for 70 years that's an interesting passage is going to do that we turned all of that upside down right away because who's that who's the kingdom that rules for 70 years there's one king it's Babylon and we just turned it into the United States which is crazy because what is Babylon sit on actually well-paid leave that yeah I'm the new agent so we're here and we're saying the end is when is the end here no because the end is in the future we've defined it here so we know that at the time at the end in 1798 but now we're saying the actually the end is in 1798 their end is somewhere down the road past 1798 and this begins to open up the logic for having to time at the ends and then we began to get fuzzy because we weren't being precise if you're gonna be precise we have to go in there and really hammer those truths out so what I'm saying is it's at the end of the world and I've put the time at the end here although it's technically not the time at the end because the time of the end who's the king at the time at the end which head are you in at the time of the end 1989 end which head number he's still at six technically but now it's transitioning from 6 into 7 so you could develop an argument to say that from 1989 America becomes or begins to become the seventh head but we've got much better markers for that happening so where we now mark in the transition from the sixth or the seventh head sister Shimer the transition from the sixth to the seventh head which way mark it's not you know this we can do it midnight midnight sister Sarah father Jonathan anybody got another opinion we're currently marking it at the midnight cry why would it not be midnight open sister test first what's the apostasy that America's done I know it's the start of the process but I don't think we would mark the end what would make appointment mock in the end when the murica actually changes if you just say it started something you know America wasn't in the paper at the beginning of the 20th century it wasn't it wasn't they said I'm not playing ball so he knows has to ditch that idea and go somewhere else so so we come back we there is a big market in 1989 so I'm not pressing that point but we're marking it at midnight and to remove that Chrysler midnight cry and you're saying that's breaking all the rules at the beginning of a process that can be open to interpretation what midnight cry could be open to interpretation is that what you mean by the definition of Isaiah 46:10 yeah holy God says he's declaring day and from the beginning and texted her light in that it is the beginning of the process and God says he's showing what the end will be from the beginning of the process there's my Christ the beginning some enjoys the end they showing you the end Sunday know why the beginning that I'm in that crime is that what you say how do you know midnight cry is the beginning that's a big base that we st. a bit bade midnight cry because we say that midnight crazy first underline United States we'd not cried the first time they look high I'm confused why it's not 1998 19 I'm sorry 1989 why it's not yeah why what he's not the beginning of what we're talking about a 7th hey yeah if the way your that's when it is a secret alliance with the papacy and that's sort of the transition period for the as I am may I could be wrong but in my mind I think that's the transition we start to move away from being ok this nation to - that's what I suggested now you have to address her question her questioning that's the look pasta see my house under Corps National ruie because that's the end of the process what would give pasta to that they did before 1989 well no I think that she's say in the beginning what I believe the beginning was in 1988 the beginning of the process the process ends at the Sunday law and that lines liens the national ruin is that what you were saying the beginning of the process begins in 1989 and that process goes that's the beginning and it goes to the end which is Sunday law and it's Sunday law then there's national room that's not the beginning because the time at the end that you asking where's the apostasy oh well apostasy Sunday law no no has to be before 1989 yes is that in a lot 1989 so what's the apostasy before that I think there's I mean then I can't say off the top of my head but I think but there's a lot to choose from I would think in in our history you can pick a lot of things potentially hello just pick one just love to take from questions on Iran beats questions on doctrine maybe like that posture silent no so let me get this clear when Italy started earlier some people that Daniel 11 verse 41 the glorious land is it the church or is it the land no I lied so it's the line that goes is causing this problem to see ok ok I will see how we're now with transition to church I withdraw I can see that's true yes what's happened what's 1982 first done whatever but there's been bassy death is that you never pasta see there it is God said he's enough opposed to seek for her he says it's enough apostasy ok so we're back in 1989 you can you now into the seventh egg and there you could you can mark an apostasy that precedes that so that's ok so now let's go to midnight cry midnight cry it's a transition and what's the pasta see before that what's the what happens at 9/11 ok Patriot Act Psalms 58 all the kings that come together is that correct no that's not that can't be correct the Kings no yes nope isn't that what we mark at nine eleven yablon the logic is not correct come on think about it I'd agree we do but he didn't make the lunch okay now look 1989 what how do we up now the seventh but what up I'm in the my right aren't we seeing that thing we say modern move number seven wait to put my by right no that should cut your logic the seventies here yes national apostasy no that's nicely between that's a really mean the kingdom come is a yes so was the apostasy 1982 and this was the ambassador okay so that's not ambassador yeah okay so let's do another one day Sunday law Sunday noise the seven ok cetera tell me what the National apostasy is what is what would the image of the beast be what would it look like yes okay so I'll say blue law is that is that what you want to go for okay what the cracking is we've said here we've gone from not yet equals the end you're okay with that yeah now we've gone to revelation 17 so revelation 17 says past present and future is that K system sure that makes sense past present and future okay tell me what head number are on my sister at the present six number six so it's head number six the end can't be by definition because it says not yet yeah so that I'm gonna put n DS here we're okay with that so when did we transition from the past to the present this way mark rather Larry what's this way mark here yes in your next yeah it's later for a while sorry that's my key Oh what was everything for so it's oh yeah 1798 time with the end okay with that so now we're saying the end is somewhere after the number six so the end must be when you get to number seven so if I were to say the end and I would say maybe the end is a time at the end what would that for sure to believe that number seven comes at the time at the end okay so I've got a model here seven comes at the time at the end this is the ruin ruin means the death so number six dies number seven comes so number six must have a pasta side before so we're going to put the ambassador so with his number of things we could have done like run Larry said if you think but we've done that one so now let's say when does you when you actually go from number six to number seven the shoe the United States is the United Nations kings of the earth have all come together these tanking is revelation seventeen they're going to rule with for one hour so we know that that's the Sunday law so I've got Sunday law his number seven so I'm asking what's the apostasy that the United States does because this is the death of the United States that's what that's teaching six dies what did the United States do to kill itself or for it to be ruined or for God to destroy it what marker would we say it did so summer said the blue laws and someone said Patriot Act yeah did that make sense is tutoring what we do in yeah okay but we teach which is what sis the testis problem was that this number seven comes in way so we're teaching now it's the midnight cry so if it's the midnight cry which would be number seven what was the apostasy that was done before that what what what did they do to ruin themselves where do they do that so you could say we would have put move this one back up to here you want to do this is that what you want to do it like that okay where else can you mark a number seven I'm sewing it all down right who said midnight so if you put midnight then you have to find a marker for that okay so I'll take midnight out then another one another way mark yep four seven okay prediction which is what the lights that they do these so hard the lights that they're gonna do yeah so what we just done there by the way look at this 82 tonight 89 89 goes to we're here yeah what year is that when's that happening can you see this spiraling out of control yeah so does that help sister Tess how you see this the United States has spiraled out of control we've put 82 we go wherever you're going to go to but at this point here we you the first time you get these seven it's just a cascade all the way down why would you pour midnight cry at that one or not you've got choice of one two three four why we pack in this one that's what the question is because our argument is that that's where you have a solid first so nila so this one is you saying it's a solid the first one off so this Sunday go yeah Larry and so that's the logical one we would look at oh this way just because we have any discussion today it's just like on the timeline you put the dot between midnight and cry so here we are that's where we are currently dealing with this situation so we're looking at that that's yeah so because we're here with this must be our focus that's what you say thinking if I'm still confusing with the 7 was a 911 but let's do that one first thinker cetera go through the verses not every single birth because of the verses in and run us through the logic of that triumphant give us the verses that you're gonna don't have to read them if you're gonna if you don't gonna read them but Estabrook the verses okay to explain thing to Mount Zion beautiful but the kings are assembled in verse 4 they pass by and they see the church in verse 5 be troubled that they taste it away those six fear takes hold of them that's the work of Islam being the pain of the woman one of its attacks thing I have explained the travail the contractions so to speak and now breakers the ships of tarshish with an east wind verse 7 which is the economic strength of the United States is broken by Islam but that's to distract Kirby because the kings have assembled in verse 4 so they haste away now so their plans are 911 er postponed the answer no I'm said I get the reversal already noted that he already knows the chapter I guess he still doesn't get it this 7 is the UN let's meet your question you used for you repeat your question Ted serve it here yeah one moment it's just one to be repeat your question what was the servant represented what does that mean represent 7 represents the seventh head you know that all right so we're saying it it revelation 17 there was the Beast I had seven heads right so you at the cemetery that's not your question is it no duh just the the seven yourself guard standing kings of the earth why are we staying there 7 Kings are or 10 Kings the number 7 itself because am I thinking I know yes I'm chugging with the I sent the kings of the earth but I I just always thought that was guess I just thought I guess I just maybe had it wrong in my head because I'm think it's what you think could the ships of tarsus audit context what do you think the kings of the earth was oh he's doing I understood enough the kings of the world I miss the United Nations and essences the morality of it okay there's more than one but in my guess on my brain thinking because of the ships of tarshish connection nets for me I just identified United States in its role and they're the ones ok the ships of Tosh's in the United States and who do you see the Kings as being insolvent booty-eight yeah I mean the kings of the earth in the United States his life there that were the ruling power but guess I just I'd never process it that way I was thinking came to the earth so my brain just always went to United States but or just Kings they wanted to have the Sun day long in my brain saying all that was United States and not necessarily worldwide because the Sunday law happens in America first and then it goes to the world so because I did that step two step process whatever I thought it had to be just United States and this songs for you so our defense will be when we're gonna use Psalms 48 is to say that it's Kings in the plural so that's the first Baca we're gonna make we say we're going to say seven and what else would we say to make it look ten Kings of revelation 17 what's special about the taking the revelation 17 is this you really think you read the verse to us I'm not sure if you what verse did you take us at 17 something that the Greeks wished was to lease not even he is the eighth and he should ease up to seven goes into the vision has that it's giving us information of the seven features of the eight and say that sorry but not the seven is seven like that not seven sorry I should have gone to verse 10 there are seven Kings five or four and one is and the other is not yet come so is the not yet come okay I would have gone to verse 12 and the ten horns which thou sawest are ten Kings which have received no singular Kingdom Kings which have received a singular kingdom yet and it's all 28 these kings what are they doing you're sending gun duel doing their own things through assembly together the common purpose so you see Kings doing a singular job and then in revelation 17 you see Kings with a singular Kingdom so it's that connection that we're seeing to go into some school gain the mix and what market is 911 they the East Wing break in the economy of the United States you just did advice read themselves 48 first like what were you doing then just now memorize I didn't make you do better how can you memorize that version of Ebates so how what would you say the Kings were in sauce wasn't my logic no no I'm gonna cut it wasn't mind you that was your logic cuz you said oh yeah it's absolutely I think you said that they singled together but that I stood away so it didn't really happen do they assemble or not so the definition of assembly they walk on back in its separate Kingdom I stood away you say they will go back to their separate projects do with that but if they talk came together we must be able to mark a seven they are yeah curry with 1989 to the seven that's just by definition we didn't even go into the history that for that one so if we did that one by deduction so the idea of saying in is the time of the end is using Miller's logic of proof texting even though it doesn't say time at the end we just say in that's how I did that one that's how I did that one but a general level you know the end is when you get to the seventh so in the days of these kings then you're not going to have the end end begins here which would be the Sunday law the end of the world it ends here but we know if we did if we just done this with standard Adventist teaching it would have brought us to the Sunday law here wouldn't it but what are we forced to do now bring it back and back and back and if you're going to bring it back and back this is what this is what this pattern is showing us so these are not just something we've made up this is what our message is so we still let me address the question why it's that one that's the hard one just myself I'm just going to verses 10 and 11 for the number seven not the number ten okay so so if this is seven kings how can there be an eight out of the seven you tell us or you don't know I don't know at this if you don't know then we'll tell you so I'm just checking if it improves if it's a genuine question sister test can you answer that there's only seven kings where's this I too are popping up from is there an eighth one at all there's not an eighth one day it's not real yeah but it's describing something that is real which is one of those seven white amber rights mr. Sherman why that number there's there must be symbolical reason good thinking it must be symbolical a symbolic reason for having a number ie yes probably Jonah said what is a number right the symbol resurrection Jesus resurrect on the eight days or an eighth day no but if you count seven is Sabbath then the next day is the eighth just assume the resurrection he kills and the other proof text besides that it's that's why that's the odds are equals in the resurrection we've got have number eight we're saying white working ways what he's a number eight other stories which happen that you're right people were so disappear s erected in the flood hate people I think there's a powerful as well about the man that was okay so we're giving you these yes thirty eight or eight okay find that 38 yeah you look but you okay White's the number eight what the Ice Age numbers is teaching the song that has a prophetic significant we're gonna do Psalms 48 where else did we go another song so I'm 83 you go to Psalm 83 brother Luke you know Psalm 83 at all you don't know it brother Mario you know that Psalm 83 no sister Sarah he knows how I make you three but you know it did she said not good enough that means she knows it but doesn't a little bit properly okay you go through Psalms 83 for us then please start from verse 1 please go just read the verses and seek win it and when something pops up Oh keep not those silencer guys holding up type you can be nicer though fine enemies make it to move and they that hate thee have lifted up the head they've taken crafty counsel against type people and control it against the hidden ones they have said come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance for they have consulted together with one consent they are considerate against thee the Tabernacles of a PITA verse 5 yeah what's that saying which means assemble so you can see that we're all together so they're all together and the reason they're all together is to do what verse 4 to destroy destroy go so you can see the similarity be 48 in here okay now we're in verse 6 so you've got 10 so you've got the taking some 83 there's other things we could have picked up but you like remembrance and all that kind of stuff you're keeping silence but you've got the 10 kings of all consulted and come together during Confederacy so Psalms 48 isn't just some you know I think you can tie them together and say here this is the Confederacy so I hope you could sort of see that anymore about this midnight cry think so we haven't addressed that question I was am i thinking it was a because if you link the National ruling was to be Sunday law I think that one yeah that's not a lawyer yeah in the story of Balaam you have him being he strikes a foot against the wall especially put it against the wall and then a last one he's fallen upon so that's when you actually when I understand that you see the penalty of that fall and his bail is literally falling he falls into Sunday love but you see that God is punishing the false prophet at the midnight cry actually you know is hurt and he's breaking in initially the wall symbolizing you know ten commandments marriage and the Sabbath you see him visually you know I mean directly he's already disobedient to God prior to but yeah I thought those are does when you're gonna go to numbers 22 yeah you picked up this one this one and in this one that we've done it's gone out the way it's book crush collapses okay did I miss something it's the east chapter 22 yeah number 22 he goes out of the way 911 yes its foot crushed to the midnight cry and at the Sun is or it just collapses so you're you're saying that answers the white you're not happy why not why you're not marking this one or this one why this one because our quiz why we not market midnight cry for the room the ruin or point big for Sunday law for the ring right that's a question question is why you don't walk in 9/11 why are you picking focus on than this one you got because if you do this model you've got one two three choice of three everybody knows this one for sure so she's saying why picking these three why this one and then you say we'll go to number 22 and she says without these two why this one why not 9/11 one could I would I would think in direct correlation to a Sunday law because Isaiah 28 we got it rises up to act because they've broken his law it's time for the lyac talking yak so that the actors in direct reference to them making a Sunday didn't the Lord act here 9/11 yes but you don't see the fall I mean it's all I get this progressive fall but I just think you see it it what for do you hate the midnight cry you should be doing this I did wouldn't work for you what Paul you see it midnight cry the first Sunday love they totally totally revealed give me something Lord midnight cry because the mirrors a marriage they be kept from me did you hear about nicknamed what do they why do we put the marriage at the midnight cry what my readers I'm married we say the covenant with God with the church triumphant is raised about 9/11 that Jerusalem is one Jerusalem is going down while another Jerusalem is going up then that's the inside with the church triumphant that is presented day after day not no not this trimester but Dimitra I missed those classes okay we're in Daniel and each time it is said that at the midnight cry is where we see the first Sun align the United States where whatever state passes its first son-in-law and then the rest up then it goes from state to state until it becomes national so Noah also I in the first ship to rise the maid even I stood to confirm and is rented in and now I will show thee the truth behold there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia and the four shall be far richer than they all and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grisha and the mighty king shall stand up that shall rule with great Dominion until according to his will when he shall stand up the kingdom shall be broken and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven and not to his prosperity nor according to his Dominion which he ruled his kingdom shall be plucked up even for others besides those does that also you a question nobody does okay we're here at 89 and let's start counting Kings 1 2 3 horse will be far richer 1 2 3 4 yeah so this is Cyrus can be seized taking the cruel day will smell this I'll just don't eat the time there is I services and we're away today ok Xerxes where are we today I have another night yeah although that's what you're saying now I'm asking where are we today he's making tough Ivan but I'm telling you yeah is there cheese I'm gonna understand okay we're here yeah but Jonathan where are we I think we're in between to be informed they were here Valerie we're here sister Terry I just heard that derives gave me second degrees today so I would say in between anyone else sister holiday okay what's the Sharia central well we you're going to tell us what you're doing it upon just tell us where we are cease your we're here okay so I didn't hear you before Larry oh you need what we're talking about I'm not file on this where are we okay I've got 1989 right okay and then I'm now going through Persian kings right so I'm gonna have BC Sports Moody's the riot Xerxes Arthur Bayless has you where is something now artaxerxes sorry that's exactly yeah so we've got these ones here our tech services and Arthur Bayliss so I asked where are we in history today that's all I asked him where we are but some people are saying somewhere here so I'm glad they were here their ice is the second to keep decree what if you want me to do that this one I don't want to go through the president makes it too easy hey I wanted to see if we understand what we're doing to me midnight midnight cry to be in between de Reyes and in the middle they your hair is likes I think so I'm a lick in between yeah this is yeah are you here sir sister Sarah Sade what Stephanie did I hope we had a baby here two three four five Maria Rosa Maria where are we okay if we come here what's this stop representing us today so I can put 2017 yes so midnight was 2014 to put 2014's that what you say I'm asking I'll put it in brackets because you asked so what King is this one this text no impose you're in Persia / lick to iose what happens under the decree of de Reyes is the test under his decree law what haven't sounded an under decree of Cyrus is decree what did they build on the Society's decree first decree the foundations and then let's go to Ezra which way are we going to go in there's rap as the Thanks you would go to X or one temple being built 6:50 will read 14 and 15 if you read that for us introspection you reach 14 are we 15 and they build it and finished it according to the commandment of the God of Israel and according to the commandment of Cyrus and arise and are exactly so even though it lists all three kings it says and they build it and finished it according to the commandment of God so wherever is there finished it in verse 15 and this house was finished on the third day of the month adar which was in the sixth year of the reign of Darius the King so I'm saying the rice is here and the temples completed in the reign of Darius yep so you know that the rious sorry you know that the temple is completely before what way mark before before midnight because this is the close of probation isn't it this one here this is the close of probation so before the close of probation the temple mr. winnings been built yeah so here's midnight and who's the king of midnight because it must be the one after derailleurs so this is vixx's here so if we're between derailleurs and Xerxes and the temples being built here it must be between them here okay so this is this is the problem so okay so wait day so let's put the presidents up remember Jonathan the president before you ask your question senior junior Obama all I want to say was Trump has two roles and the role of there is an elephant X's what is other wrong he's got a role he is his president mr. president of the 66 Kingdom the president okay rubber lid can you just explain what me not you talking about cuz I'm in struggle town how to eat I'm just getting mixed up with the fractals that's all sir so you want midnight on that scrappy if you're talking about the fractal of the priests yes but you say can't we get rid of those ones and I said no because you have to have an overall structure and this structure is going to take you to where Sunday law that community because it's the cry of the PPM but is also the primary a second time missing why do we know you went over here - right after 2014 I was in 2017 yep little dot yep put Trump is raining right now okay so two rolls Soraya's sorry so exceeds and Alexander the Great it's three three three that's what he said yesterday PP days dear three-year-olds King of Hearts public then a big theatre ship 13 is our members yeah he thinks the only person so we struggling with this now where are we we're in between the building of this sound ferry no there's no sanctuary there's no which King the way in between nowhere I was in it that way and using that model first we go with this one where are we on this chart we're in between we're here at 3 they will between transform yeah they could between 3 & 4 & 4 is between 3 & 4 for specific purpose because no before there is markedly better cream so it's marking the end of the Republic because of his laws that he and mr. terracotta conspiracy theorist it's very pleased the twisters in this class so we've got a pot report problem with this yeah I don't understand it I'm a Miss why don't they were really complain at the pharmacy school witnesses now I arguing that I I try is in the book I got the booklet here I can say the graphics but that wasn't a problem that wasn't that was no upside why why does every complain what should you've complained about now probably missed it some stuff over what'd she do complained about Newark says who else you should you complain about sister Terry could you remember now remember the king this is this is not these Kings we're talking about this is the Roman Empress which Roman Emperor we under Caligula or Claudius who's ruling today I count them give me no them this one's a bit hard to memory Julius Caesar Augustus Tiberius Caligula Claudius so cold yes he was president from so we under Claudius or we under Caligula right by the code yet sorry under four and five then between four and five let's count Julius Augustus Tiberius Caligula Claudius you got Claudius Dirk's his problem he's pretty person there it's just made it make any sense to me but you had Claudius he was doing the little goodness one which I'm the same Claudius which is Trump reign him before the prediction where were that under octopus and you were they right they just don't mention but nevermind I caught it but that's why I was thinking we had Trump in a sense would be Claudius would be Lucy he's Hiskey Trump with Claudius's oopsies I've just run through the numbers and numbers we have to hold to the numbers they will work well there I thought it was this time before he actually fulfills that role that was identify him as Claudius and then there's this prediction so that's why I thought we could still say we're weird Xerxes because of Claudius he hasn't fulfilled the role yet is that what sister ELISA saying that Trump Tom from Obama is still ruling not in month these rules may be his the laws he instituted like a bun President Obama care is still here a huge issue started under him so in Trump has to do away with those things maybe what rules is he gone this is economic plans Obama what rule does he got anomic thanks he's got what Congress what does that mean look Congress can't make a change in vain able to what stops him he has Congress had it what stops him sorry the Constitution stopping him and and the Constitution is Obama say we're under the rulership of Obama because Obama follows the rules of Bush to love Clinton a bush one you know the way back no following the same rules all night he says progression we're seeing the progressive development of the rules president on the top ruling at the moment yes a Xerxes ruling at the moment yeah they're what they call it ascension years or when we do the president know it's different because you're dealing with we're dealing with are not two different concepts I'll say dispensation are changes like that blending attrition so we're dealing with parallel we're paralleling change and that's why we are able to juggle and say in between but somebody here taught us that we are not between anything or saw the videos [Laughter] Heavenly Father as we struggle through your word the light that you want to share upon us our own preconceived ideas our own weakness and frailty lord help us to try and grapple with these things to have a clearer understanding of your word want to ask for grace we want to ask for strength and even though we may not understand everything we ask that you would please continue to guide and teach us in Jesus his name you want to ask for these blessings amen