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Publish Date: 11/7/2017
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
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let's pray I mean when a welcome brother Larry and his wife to visit enough for a short while I just want to tidy up a few loose ends from yesterday study just read a couple of statements three statements we're going to read all saying the same thing first ways taken from Christ triumphant page fifty five point two CTR 55.2 CTR fifty five point two the next ones 95.5 this is about noah dark building noah was commanded to build an ark for the saving of himself in his house it he stated noah have i found righteous before me in this generation and it is also stated that Noah walked with God Noah did not stop to question we've brought this issue up about what it means to be a Christian what it means to be in the service of God and I've suggested that the definition of Christianity is obedience without question in fact that's what the gospel is when you have received and accepted the gospel you're to obey without question so and if anybody has any comments on that but we've spoken about it in class already whether you speak about morality or prophecy the requirements are all the same you have to obey without question yeah in homework he didn't stop to question if he's not questioned God told him to go somewhere and he started going he didn't say let me stop and ask you something so it makes sense he doesn't stop take a break and say let me think about this so we discussed this in class before and nobody overly objected which was good I think he was isaiah chapter 118 says come now let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet etc I'm saying the only people who can come and reason with God to discuss and say is this reason the ball not education this is not about information gathering this is about the reasonableness of the request because what God asked our to do was it reasonable I'd say it wasn't reasonable it's not reasonable in the middle of dry land somewhere where there's no water to build a boat when there's never been any rain or anything it's an unreasonable request so when he says come let us reason together I'm not it's not about education it's not a science lesson it's about questioning what God tells you to do and if we're Christians we're not supposed to be Scarlet colored yeah our sins are supposed to already been washed away so I'm contending that the only people who can ask questions of God as sinners people who are out of Christ and this is the theme we've all spoken about this already as well this is the theme that Paul develops in the New Testament we've gone to Acts chapter Romans chapter 3 verse 9 and I think Rome is chapter 11 I think he might be verse 20 something I could check that up in a moment and he's going to develop the argument of what one of those particularly Rome is 390 because we focus a lot on that what is his model that he's made you need to read it up we should I'm hoping we're familiar with that because we've spoken about nothing what is the point that he's making there's no difference between who seventh-day adventists and someone who's in Babylon they're in exactly the same position when God looks upon them when you enter into a reformed line he seasoned the same and likewise when you come out of that system and you go into another system what also is he saying phillipians I think chapter 3 verse 2 what's he saying there you see you're doing the contracts right once you converted you're the same say if I were to ask you the book of Philippians who's he writing it to look at Galatians who is he writing it - it's not Gentiles and it's not Jude it's a combination of them of them because he's just writing to those churches and those churches have got both both classes of people so he makes this emphasis that there's no difference between Jew and Gentile either way whether you're lost or whether you're saved if when you think about it's actually an unreasonable model especially the first part because the Jews had had plenty of opportunity plenty of evidence but God in His mercy decides just to ignore all of that and treat them as though they'd never had an opportunity before it's in His mercy that he treats God's people in this fashion now a walk to God and did not stop to question will then happen so the old world think what will the inhabitants of the old world think of me if I begin to build this boat upon dry land he believes just what God had told him and he commenced to work upon the light and plan that God had given him so this is what we want to read he had to employ many carpenters to help him in this great work of building so that's the other point I want to pick up but we I mentioned yesterday that he might sound like I'm just making it up he had to employ many carpenters to help him in the great work of building and there's another group of people there were many of these these carpenters not all of them there are many of these who were believers at the time so some people don't believe but they're going to be employed to do this work but the largest part of the Noack world were unbelievers and they made a great deal of sport of Noah they ridiculed the idea of building a great boat on dry land pickup that he employed people next one CTR 95.5 is on the board same idea there are those who will be like the men and women who helped to build the ark so there are men and women who help building the ark they hear the truth they have every advantage to become people of moral worth yet they will not choose the good society but the corrupt there is an influence that is not heavenly they were gathered to their side and unite with them and although they act a part in the preparation of the truth that is the fit of people to stand in the day of the Lord they will perish in the general ruin like Noah's carpenters who helped to build the ark god help you that you may not be of that class so this is letter 36 1887 so without even going in there if it was a letter to somebody who's she writing to what class of people is she right or she's writing a letter to someone as banty so she's writing to an adventist so let's go back into that there are those who like who be like the men and women who helped to build the ark so they're Adventist people like us Adventist who were helping to build the ark I'm saying the Ark is this movement we're not the movement where the builders of the movement want to make this distinction there's a difference between the guests and the bride between the builders and the building the workers in the building the priests Levites and Nathan Eames and one level are just the workers or the helpers they're not the building itself God has purposely made this distinction to teach her something whatever it is he's meant it he wants the teachers it's probably not just one thing and I think really beginning to scratch the surface I don't claim to have any great deep insight in the reasoning behind that but I want this to try and explore to a slight degree which we've already begun to do wise is why they're this why there is this deaf why do we need to understand that that would really discuss this if you have thought about it why make this distinction mr. Brogan's probation would be different through each card when you say each part you need the priests Levites and Nathan Eames each class all builders and the building s so I'm suggesting the builders are the guests I'm saying I'm saying you've got the Ark you've got the temple you've got the bride who's associated with the bride know that the other group these are the guests and the temple are the builders and the Ark in this context of the carpenters obviously they're the buildings I'm saying there are two groups what why is there this think there there is this distinction that's being made for all a you had your hand up it seemed to view that the Ark is what carries us through and so we're building something larger than ourselves and that thing that's going to carry us through is what our faith is actually in the reformed line the line is what sets the standard so you put the line hit and the teacher the or the presenter the presenter would be the temple builder so that's what you think yeah and the bride would be those that are getting the information from the the presenter but the the line itself is is not an individual it's everyone's building on that same line hopefully or the Nathan ldj thank you right he made a point that idea that the brighter the Ark of the temple that they're perfect and themselves while the other class has in any scenario like the guests there was one guest we didn't have the wedding garment on the builders that we're building unrighteous therefore the wrong motives in carpenters that didn't believe no that's a statement you're making yeah saying the fielding is perfect but the chair started so if you pull into this I did it into this cottage you just say it sorry to me like you agreed with this you said the other day I said this this and this so I'm asking you have you bought into it do you accept it if you've bought in is too strong a language for you yeah okay I'm gonna say something outside the scope of what you're saying but it fits for me and it's something that Tyler recognized last week that now the present truth testing message has turned upon organization and it isn't an accident that as the work of gospel order is being taken up in this movement that at the same time the discussion of the nature of man is being brought up and we're looking at how man's nature is organized and how its organized properly so you have the large temple and the human temple that are both under an organizational work so all I'm saying is these two themes about the the temple and the builders or how everyone expresses the bride and a guest appears to be coming into a prophetic significance now that's larger than we realized anyone else so if I were to do the reformed line of the priests does everybody accept that yeah so we would do one two three something like that what we say midnight is we're saying this is the close of probation and what's happening here if this is the close of probation what is this what is midnight cry then if this midnight is the closure of bation what's happening in this history but but what is happened you've already closed your probation seven last place I'm not saying you're wrong on this scene what just briefly what people saw so idea that's right the levites what's happening to this group there's nothing to do in levites perhaps of that group during the midnight yeah so you could probably take your time with trouble there's seven plagues anyone else would they be the inside they do the lifting up for them so would they be lifted up in this history you're saying yes yeah seems to me okay so this if we're happy that this is the close of probation what we now do is we start overlaying upon this another line and we're going to take the Miller right line and overlay on this onto this one so this event here the close of probation ends up becoming October 22nd so you've got October 1844 and then what you're going to start doing is start filling in the gaps beforehand yeah so this would be 1798 this would be April 44 so I'm going to put April 14th or here everybody it's okay with that yeah I'm not trying to do anything funny or it's just making sure that we have clarity on there in the large group like this it's straightforward it's nothing new so we know in the millerite history there are two major events that precede october and one of them is July 44 and the other one is August 44 we're okay with that so when you go back to the middle write history and you ask them what do these what happens at these events we know that July 44 is what what happens there this is Boston and August is Exeter so we're familiar that this is the camp meeting in Exeter and this is the evening meeting that he has in Boston so they begin to understand that this event here is midnight and then this is I'm gonna I'm not going to I'm gonna call it the cry so here's midnight and here's the cry midnight he said of calling it midnight crime he's going to call it the cry but they call we call this the midnight cry they don't really call it the midnight cry they call it the cry so we've got midnight and the cry so I think we've all accepted this this is where their people begin to have divergent views of what's going on I'm suggesting that we're here we're in between July and August does anybody else having a different opinion on that what are you placing then what event happens at midnight for us okay so before we do that I'm just I'm just trying to fish out before I'm giving you my reasons with with people or with people's current understanding is I was thinking we're on our lives in between midnight in the crack just 2014 in my mind I'm marking that is Midway okay so you're here in the same place as I am anyone else in a different place actually silent means agreement right I don't know yeah you already stated that so without proving it I'm saying this in the agreement we brother Richard is 2014 so there's presentations to discuss the reasons why but if that's 2014 we're in 2017 and we're headed to the cry so this Terry didn't quite say this in her presentations at the prophecy school but the issue of the foot washing and the issue of the supper that they're about to have I think are all connected in this history and they're edging us towards this cry so my understanding is we're using the phrase nowadays called prediction before midnight PBM and I think there's some kind of misunderstanding at least in my thinking about what that actually means so this is when it this is where it begins to become problematic first of all I wanted to see that we've got two Midnight's here so unless you're careful it can begin to become confusing so there are people in our movement who have seen for the last two or three years events that look like midnight they look like midnight anything I'll wear at midnight but we're not at midnight where it would past this event and this cry has all the same characteristics as midnight because it's the midnight cry we split them up into two separate waymarks but they're the same way mark essentially because one's the midnight and one's the cry so people are calling this I'm saying it's the cry people are saying that this is PBM so the first thing that confuses you if you're not careful is Midnight's already happened and now we're saying we're predicting it but we're actually predicting is the close of probation we're not predicting midnight we're predicting the close of probation so one is to see that does that make sense this this is for most of us he's a little obvious and you may not know why I'm going there this midnight and midnight cry this is actually borrowed from a different fractal if I can say it that way I was going to a different line but then you might confuse you this is this is borrowed from a different fractal this is not the fractal of the priests do we agree with that do we understand what I've just said yes this did the this terminology is incorrect terminology for a priest it we should be scrubbing these off but we're keeping them there so that we have a reference or an anchor point to understand our placement the priests in well in reference to the Levites and then the Netherlands because we want to keep some kind of framework going so we have some kind of order but this terminology is incorrect terminology to this history because you can see you've got we'd like crying a midnight cry does that make sense so the very terminology means not a prediction before midnight when you think about it's a bit strange I'm not trying to change it I'm just explaining what I think people may be struggling with and I know they are because I've spoken to people about it so this technically is to prediction before the close of probation for the priest whether or not it has further implications down the road I don't know some people think it does some people think it doesn't so this prediction before midnight that's set here if you go back to Miller right history what's the difference between midnight and the cry midnight midnight cry right something just around Tunisia location still feel similar to Midnight's were you saying that midnight cry should not be there at the end and the cried should be there or both of those at the end should not be there okay so you by her question you can see that she's got I've arrived confused her now but I'm just I'm just writing I just got on the board what we're currently teaching it is not and I don't think I said anything out of sync with what everyone else is saying but there's a confusion at least it's just that Sherman is mine and if he's in her mind I'm sure it's in other people's minds what I'm saying is that if we did a line that stretched out to hear all of these things lose their visibility we'd have 911 we'd have midnight and the midnight cry and Sunday law and if you stretched it out a little bit more you'd have 911 the midnight cry and the Sunday law this is where we've been for many years then we develop this then we through fractals understood that we've got two firstfruits the priests and the Levites so what we've done is we've taken these tarnished terminology and just brought it up and put it here but when you when you bring these up these way marks here and we still kept their titles when you come to the line of just the priests they're not the correct titles to place here that's what I'm saying it's not that this isn't midnight this is midnight in this framework but it's not midnight in this framework yeah that's that's it's July and that says October July all the same nitrites the two Midnight's because this is not midnight for the crease this is the close of probation for the priests we're just borrowing the terminology here okay place it somewhere be a 3-1 combination you're looking at you have three you mean you you would back up the three that you have the top line there this one would be backed up this way well so the priests have their line and the Levites lying somewhat overlaps it yeah and so you're getting it essentially when we did a 3-1 combination in the past you would have had like the fourth has the second right and the first and the third with it but the three the three and then the one okay and so what you're getting for the Levites is a repeat of the first three that you saw at that that point they're just after the close of probation for the priests so you understand what I'm saying I thought what you say I understand why are you saying it because it seems to me the confusion is is that that the three one combination isn't being taken into account that there's this repeat for the Levites but I've no I'm addressing is if you never had any Levite this line would be correct and they've had any Levites you couldn't use your terminology you in common that's why I'm saying right you don't call it midnight mean like that's my whole point no because I wanna stand what if we do that we'll lose our bearings we want to keep our bearings to know that their stomach happening here the reason I don't say that funny the reason why I'm saying that is I think we did this in the prophecy school if this is 27 27 is 9 11 this is 31 3:31 is what I put the midnight cry and this is 3434 is the Sunday law so no midnight cry is the triumphal entry I understand that but it's in 31 here according to Matthew 23 38 it says your house is left unto you desolate this is the Jewish house is left unto them desolate the stomach that happens here outside of the priesthood that's why we want to try and keep this terminology so we keep our bearings it's not just about the priests there's other things that are happening what happens in 31 with reference to the priests if you go to John chapter don't return there John chapter 2 from 17 to 20 what has christ committed to do to build to build his temple in three days yeah remember the logo that we had yesterday 46 and the 18 and 18 and 40 53 he's going to build it in three days and they say it takes 46 years to build a temple so you get that 46 and you put a cold in between them and he suddenly becomes a Bible verse for six what book what's Ezekiel 4:6 a sorry maybe I've got the wrong book Ezekiel 4:6 as what day for year isn't it one day is one year so that 46 that they're going to argue with him he's gonna use it back against them and he's gonna say three days he's three years why does he do that why is he explaining it that way some of someone wasn't happy with what I said the other day of a separate thought Ellen White says he purposefully spoke it in this way to do what sorry so they couldn't understand anything else what did he know they were going to do with those words no Tyler they were going to use it against him he's deliberately setting up a framework so that he's going to give his enemy's ammunition to come against him and he already knows it he could have said it in a different way so when the court case comes up they don't have anything they don't have any evidence against him so he has to manufacture evidence on their behalf because they're not even clever enough to do it themselves so he's going to manufacture the evidence so he says here's the evidence do you need to prove me to be guilty so you think about the implications of that as we head towards midnight and we know we're going to end up going to court you know what's happening and you're feeding your enemies all the information that they need so by 31 so I've had I've digress now by 31 he says he takes three days one two three twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty three years one two three in three years what's going to happen bigoted we've destroyed their temple and he's gonna have built another one so they've built a temple so you get this lady seen temple and the temple of Ephesus coexist in parallel kingdoms and here the church triumphant has been raised up so brother Larry said the ensign is lifted up the church triumphant is raised it's fully erected and now all that happens is people start coming into it first the juice then the Gentiles so that's what that is I said all of that is that's why we want to keep this terminology so we understand the implications of what's happening there but that wasn't the point I wanted to make if we're here and we're at midnight if you go back into ok so this I'm not going to do that this becomes problematic because what I'm now doing is without trying to teach it assuming things assuming that you know things there's a break that happens here between this history and this history I'm saying this is the former rain and this is the latter rain there's a different experience that happens between these these red marks and I've discussed I'd not the other person other people discuss the relationship between what's happening here so Ellen White will tell you and I think we ready sister shamil already yesterday when we said we had a way mark didn't we and we said present and future and what was in the future power and what was in the present a work there was working the president power and effusion says don't work right for the power he's supposed to get everything sorted out in the and this framework here is exactly the same framework that we've got here this is 2014 the problem is we're having all of this discussion getting your lives in order where the wrong side of the way mark were at the wrong side yep people are aware of this I don't mean they're aware of all the technicalities people ask we're aware that it's too late to sort things out because we're hard up on the midnight and we've been doing it for 16 years and things are still going wrong so without an understanding of this issue that you have to separate the workers from the thing that they're building you end up having a hopeless model because we've all blown it except for a select eat a sex fewer who are Enochs I never want to say that there aren't any Enochs because it would be sorry yeah I mean it would be you know a judgement I don't have the ability to say that there aren't any Enochs because it's just that just at that level it's against council so we know there are Enoch but we're saying for the most of us it's hopeless and the problem with that is that let's go to Zechariah 4 verse 1 before we read it where are we if we're in Zechariah for one rej you're in the closing scenes of the investigative judgment based upon Center White's commentary on chapter three anyone else okay so we'll go back to the original history briefly we've got three Persian kings Cyrus Darius and art exactly's that de reyes is not the Duras in the Book of Daniel we all know that just in case people are watching because that comes up it's not that de rious it's not to rise the mead it's a Persian derailleurs who can't who loses like decades later so we mark Cyrus Darius artaxerxes the three angels messages the three degrees so we're here at the second and I'm saying this would be de rious and we'd have to put art excerpts is all the way back down there so after de Reyes comes who's the King that comes after Dirk's is so I'm gonna put Xerxes here here at midnight so we're in the reign of Darius and what do we know that's going to happen in this rain during his reign so he's going to give the second decree that's why I've lined it up here second degree so this is the temple is always going to be completed and finished so I put the temple here and when I've got temple I'm saying the temple is finished the completion of the temple is done in this degree but it's not done at the very beginning so the role Zechariah and Haggai is to complain oh no what was what stay of ministry what's their role because they've got multiple things that they've got to accomplish they've got aroused their people tell them work harder anything else what else did they do sorry okay so they've been the cooler people out of Babylon - what else one more thing that comes to my mind sorry Ellijay look your application brother Larry wake him up wake him up okay so we've gone to Zakaria for one so there's a three-fold work that they've got to do the first one was build and I'm gonna put lazy they've been lazy all of this time why have they been lazy what's gone wrong okay fluency a fluency but the a fluency was the by-product of them getting sort in their own house up but what was the root of all of that good sorry they came out of captivity and they were on a mission they were gung ho really focus on building this thing and then something happens the enemies so who are the enemies the Samaritans so this building and this laziness this affluence the root of all the problem is not any of that it's not the laziness the money or they get distracted it's the Samaritans I supposed to merit ins si am a RIT I ano the Samaritans so I'm saying it's the Samaritans that are the root of the problem so they've got a bill the other thing they've got to do is there's a call to come out of Babylon and the other one is remember what we just said a minute go I'm just rewriting I'm just writing what with what we just I'm going to say that's that one maybe they stand up and say you people are what sinners get your life in order so that that's the three-fold work of her guy in Zachariah repent obviously they're not they're not getting these people's insane we hate you get out so yes it's a message of restoration on all three fronts if you get on to the right side of it so we'll put repent I don't know make me sound negative that the purpose of them is to restore it is to be helpful so I'm just going to say enlisted in a general way because I don't want to prove it we're not here when this is happening we're further on down the line we're not at 9/11 when Zechariah and Haggai beginning to build in ministry but neither are we at the place where the temple has been built so I'll ask the question where I'm not asking for you know I'm not going to try and go for a definite definitive answer that we all agree on where do we think the temples completely them built vise assist at midnight only Jeff DBU people yeah whatever that might be anyone else ppm okay so so we're saying it's either one of these two it's just a Terry cilix PBM she didn't say that was me BM swear she said ppm or something else so if you go back to Miller right history what's the difference between midnight and midnight cry the fanatic certain are rejected here or they leave they leave but I don't say their objective I'll get in trouble they leave here yeah so the midnight cry the triumphal entry and the way it's going to call this the living testimony so you have markers there that indicate that it would probably be this way mark here but I want to say the same thing but maybe in a different way brother Tyler that's what I wanted to say midnight I want to I want to say it this way it's one man it's a lone voice crying in the wilderness only one man has got it what's he got he's got the prediction before midnight so he's already got it but that's not enough so it's going to take him then three weeks or whatever that number is 25 days for it to be not one man but multiple people so it stretches from not a singular man and what's he doing he's giving a a cry he's given a cry but this cry here isn't a singular cry so it's not a one-man cry it's a war so United cry everyone's on the same page it's allowed doing that makes it loud is everybody's doing it right we've got beer then why did that the verbage was changed from midnight cried a loud cry for us perhaps yes but I can use repeat what you say this before what yes they're not all on the same page I forgot the phrase that used here they're all on the same page everyone's United so I would say that the temple would be built here and it's a temples built with PBM here you got Zechariah and Haggai standing up and the temple hasn't been built yet now their ministry stretches it's not just a singular thing that they're doing it stretches over a period of time so I don't want to go into where we would place 1 2 & 3 at which events but all I want to say is that they're coming in here and it's this one that we're looking at or focusing on number 3 because that's what we're dealing with the same problem and they've come in here between midnight and midnight cry between 2014 and PBM they've come it's somewhere in this history and they're saying to everybody what you're all sinners so we're all sinners here and the temple is just about ready because they've already begun to build the temple if it's finished here they've already begun to build the temple haven't they this is the sixth year of Darius but when Zechariah and Haggai come up they come up before the temple is completed and when they say you need to start rebuilding what do they do what are the people do obey or disobey they had to have to have obeyed because by the time you get to here it's already done yeah that's all I'm trying to suggest that when they say build stop being lazy people start listening in the neighborhood and they start building and what makes that happen what changes from before-and-after just it's on the board the know us on the board here what changed for them not to build they were lazy to build the Samaritans the Samaritans the Samaritans are always the problem they're the troublemakers they're the ones that are preventing it's not that they're not there now it's just that Zakhar Isis Oh louder please pay attention to them anymore because they've begun to lose their strength in the literal history derailleurs just cuts them down with his message not literally obviously cuts their their objections so they're silenced in fact they're now in fact what they talk to do to help them remember the carpenters are all helping everyone's helping to build the ark whether you're good whether you're bad so now I'm saying this to all you Samaritans in this room you're now commanded to help build the ark so you have a think about that and you have to do it to put your money your time and your effort to build the ark and you don't even have a choice about it because it's on pain of death that you're gonna do that sister Bromley so who the Samaritans historically because we need to go to history to understand who they are today so with that I wanted to do a short study on this but we'll just jump into it who are the Samaritans they come from which part of the gland just from their names from Samaria so who are the who lived in Samaria the northern tribes either the ten tribes so the ten tribes are going to be taken by the Assyrians 723 721 they get decimated and their religion becomes corrupted by the time you come to Christ's timeline then our total enemies absolute total enemies and they've worshiping on Mount Gerizim and they met worshiping on Mount Moriah and the Jews won't have anything to do with them so they better read it we know that their relatives and they've got a corrupt religion so we know that in the original so an application now so you're saying their nominal yeah so I'm just writing on your question no me no Adventist what do you mean by a nominal Adventist okay I'm just gonna call it the SDA structure is that what is that that's what I understood you to mean so is the SDA structure stopping us from building the trying to throw the me know I was going to say that the Samaritans there were only some of the northern tribes left and the Babylonians have been brought in for the different Assyrians had been brought in and they were there was intermarriage between those people so they were not pure like just pure jews like you you just say like me I just said they were pure dues are you pure Jew what's your definition of a pure dude you got a choice you could be opposed you or you can be a Samaritan you see you I'm on pure angel okay you're pure hurry up so they they were mingled so it's a mixture of you see a mixture they're mixed multi-city so normalized Ventus they're not causing us a lot of problems who's who's causing us the problems who stifle in our growth test we've seen the enemy and the enemy is us but they will they will stifle us they will be the one that goes to the after the temples built yeah okay so I understand your point but I didn't want to go down that where we gonna get to here because maybe they will maybe they won't oh well I want us to just identify that sister olivine said she's not a tear is that what you just said I don't know what everybody else you say because we should go around and ask each other ask ourselves ask it at whatever are we there so we're coming back to this point here the temples fully built here and Zachariah is saying you need to get the temple books that they've begun to build the temple and the things that stopping them is a Samaritans so they get kind of silence temple built temple building can begin now is this temple building that's going on perfect of course it is you've got people who are having all these characteristics which are not good characteristics they've got a problem now if you've got a theology that says okay we need to put sin away and it's these slow progressive steps but we all believe in creation kindness but it takes time and someday somehow it's all going to happen the problem that you've got is you've got a hopeless condition if you think that you are a temple because the temple is I'm suggesting about finished we're almost there temples all about constructed and you've got people just think in the literal if you're building the temple the foundations are already laid you have to start putting blocks in place so have the blocks been have they already started being put into place so if they're starting to be put in place and now we're going to switch because now I'm saying where the stones in the building we're not the building where the stones in the building some stone must have been put into place when that stone was put into place remember it was cut and quarried so when it's put in place though it must fit there's no work to be done on that stone so say there was no mistakes that when it was pre cut preformed it's now just slotted into place so if someone's already be put in place the problem is if we're all doing sin we're not managing our own personal lives how do we reconcile these two things together and I'm saying the reconciliation comes in this issue issue here there's a corporate organization but you need to organize I think as some elder Jeff said your own personal life yes we need to organize the nature of man so that's why I think it's important to see this thing I'm certain that the subject of Haggai and Zechariah is going to become more and more important as we begin to understand what they're teaching so that was just this bit about the sinners I mentioned a little bit about the Samaritans so it's no surprise that 2014 the Samaritans begin to leave because that's when the temple begins to be built temple begins to be built here in the time period the latter rain and we the workers are just out of sync with I didn't read for one and the angel that talked with me came again and waked me as a man that waketh out of his sleep so without being precise being vague in this history here from midnight to the cry from 2014 to PBM God's people are waking up waking up out of sleep and we wake up out of sleep we have no idea about what's going on we don't understand how the sanctuary service operates do we know you don't understand how the sanctuary service operates you can't walk through it and die way and loss it's in the sanctuary because that's how you'll say to the sanctuary if you're waking up you don't even know the mechanism and the process of salvation you're in a hard place so Zechariah is representing God's people at different levels what did what the two levels he's representing them as if you're waking up out of sleep you're the second angel you've got some kind of experience whether it's good or bad but now he here he's saying it's making a call isn't he saying you lazy people get your act together he's saying I'm not lazy I'm out of the system so who is he third angel combination of the third and the second always it's the same array they have to run concurrently so just one more thing I mentioned this at the Prophet is going there's been a lot of misunderstanding on this issue so I just want to briefly Cara fie it this one here the call to come out of Babylon so let me ask you are you all of us where then you how can i phrase this I'm going to take all of this out because I've done on this cymbals can have more than one meaning so if you if you cut if you don't see that you're going to stumble so this is the Mediterranean Sea the Dead Sea and this is the Jordan River Jordan Valley so this is Israel and over here is Babylon and Syria would be up here so what I want to ask you is where are you today where are you which country are you in got choice three so you're in Israel everybody agree with that so that where you place yourself today in Israel or in Babylon everyone agree with that okay so you're saying we are in Israel so I want to ask another question number two Zachariah is saying what come out of Babylon so who's he talking to can't be talking to you Kenny Kenny No yeah you have to follow the rules can't say spiritually if you don't follow the rules you come to wrong conclusions we are in Israel so at this level who are we Zakaria so we are saying to someone to do what to come out of Babylon so I'm not sure why people don't see this but people are saying I'm teaching Zakaria said you need to come out of Babylon and who's in Babylon gods I've just put his people Revelation 18 verse first of all come out of her my people okay so if you go back to the little history how many people are here this is the remnant oh by the way for the visitors because it's already filming only to watch with the class did remember we did about the remnant Isaiah 613 remember did that in class all the students need it know it because we did yesterday but for the visitors we picked up the tent and this is our do we did we do it in the morning class or an afternoon we did it in the morning class so this is our this is my reasoning to say you get one to six if you remember that it was a bit of a trek and there was another passage we found yesterday as well this is in revelation 11 verse revelation 11 13 but by the way that's a chiasm there because we've got 11 13 and we've got 13 11 because what's revelation 13:11 a sort of beast coming up out of the earth so this is the remnant not only United States is a remnant but I'm going to put you in revenue she's revelation 12:17 the remnant are going to flee into America it's the glorious land so you see a remnant here and in 1113 it talks about France to home power and it says that it is 1/10 and it's 1/10 and you know that's all that's left of all the kings because it's a remnant here so just for the people who are visiting just Rachel just wanted to tell you that we saw that yesterday you've got chiasm there it's remnant 1/10 is the second witness for 1/10 being a remnant still what I wanted to pick up but there's more you could pick up in that story so you've got a 10-10 6 13 and 11 13 so just coming back here there's a remnant and this is the great mass of people so brother Larry wants to change that from God's people to the church so we're saying Adventism is where Adventism is in babylon this is Paul's argument there in the world that the same thing as the world they are not Babylon they are not Babylon they're just holding captive to Babylon ok so we'll make that point clear there is a Cariah and exact ira priest I mean literally I think he is yeah so here we are Zachariah where the priests and all of us are all good now because we're all Zachariah when he said you sinners repent who was that that was me talking to who sorry no these are the temple builders East for talking to me speaking to you I'm saying you're all doing sin you need to stop get your house in order this is not that model you know we can talk privately and I can say you're really bad and you're wicked God doesn't like you get your life in order he does like you but when it comes outside of this and I'm talking to another group I'm saying this people are beautiful pure and clean don't ever say anything about bad about anybody in this room yes that's what God does isn't he God can say Wiki things or bad things about his people but when anyone else does there he says you have no right to do that so that's what we're doing here this we canceling out this were canceling out none of us are lazy none of us are sinners we're all hard-working righteous people because now we're talking to who a group of people that need to come out of Babylon so if people are thinking I'm saying that today if you go to a conference church and you're a priest you need to stop doing that form your own fellowship and separate from the church and leave them in there Maya at the simple level you're not understanding me worse than that you're not actually understanding your own reform line which is okay I'm not trying to accuse that your space once said but I just want to clarify that it cannot be that I'm telling this movement to say stop going to a conference Church and leave them to die it's not that because this movement has already done what if only separated I mean if you you've already we were the people that the foundation were the ones who are now busily in construction of the temple how can we say that this is a call for us to come out of the churches we've already left if you haven't left you need to I don't know any trees to repent or something it's back place where were the stones that are gonna make up that temple be quarry from them if you do that you're gonna have to build another model onto that and so I'm going to avoid that answer that question but all I want to say is that the call here to come out of Babylon is the call that you need to come out of this structure here into this movement here it's not a call to say we the priests need to separate why we do not make that call that we need to separate because we already separate we already came out of Babylon under the first decree we only came under the first did came out under the first degree sister she Miller the words God's people above Babylon you're not saying that God's people are Babylon but they're in they're not in they're not off Babylon but they're in Babylon it's like saying be in the world but not so am I saying the remnant is Israel you didn't object to that one uh-uh I'm saying the remnant are the remnant live where they live in Israel they're not the same thing that's why I said if we what a stumble will stumble I put a circle around Babylon so I've separated them and he says come out of Babylon so I'm trying to be precise on my language and my graphics that they're not Babylon it's the SDA church it's God's people who are in Babylon and they need to come out so there's a call that's being made to come out of Babylon is that call yet I'll just do this and then let you speak are we making the call yet we made the last camp meeting cleansing that the priests would you mean the cleansing of the sanctuary temple which temple which temple we made this temple just tell me what you make like this so this here you've got the temple which is the movement and you've got people who build it when you said this sanctuary or this because they thank your example yeah what is that this one that needs cleaning so we've got a corrupt building the knees cleaning movement but us individual cells is not the building that's this this does not need cleaning builder who builds a temple carpenter who builds an ark this even people are stumbling on this issue that you cannot have an organization with sinners in it we'll make up the movement so there's nothing wrong with the the movement itself is just can sinful people who are committing sin be partakers of building this movement yeah no I've just I just proven that they can I gave you CTR fifty five point two 95.5 we didn't read that one no you can did you just cast out demons so good and bad good good and bad are in the making of this perfect building this perfect sanctuary Daniel 8:14 is not just a cleansing the sanctuary it's a restoration it's restoring it back to its original this is the rebuilding of the house of David a must 911 acts 15 I can't remember what verse if we can't juggle those two concepts we're going to make grave mistakes and the great mistakes are you're going to make is you're going to lose hope in your own life which is what Satan always wants to do you lose hope when you have a misunderstanding of the gospel brother Larry for the Babylon and God's people it seems to me that the literal the ancient history of what happened was that God's people were literally in Babylon and they had to be called out of Babylon with the decrees to come back to rebuild the temple and that was over the course of you know people people weren't obedient right away they stayed in Babylon can she get Esther and and all the story that goes along with that and so when we say it now we should be able to see that without calling the church Babylon we're calling them out of their captivity so I don't think that should be threatening it's the same thing that Paul he's developing he's Paul develops his team the church and Babylon are in the same lost condition so there's going to be a call I want to change the word call to what to cry there's going to be a cry to the Levites to come out of Babylon and so that's I've rubbed it out that's why I've put midnight and I've scrubbed off midnight crying I just put the word cry so that cry is still future and the reason it's future is because we should haven't straighten some things out if you want to invite people to your place you have to have a place for them to live and at the moment we don't have a place for them to live so we're not calling them out yet so all the interaction that we're having is with priests when we come to this and look at it spiritually which were supposed to when we make an application it's not about geography now it's not about which church you go to or which fellowship you go to a review home church or any other it's not about days it's it's a misunderstanding of what's being taught if that's how you're thinking we have to get out of this literal thinking that if you're part of the structure you're not part of the structure it's determine upon where you fellowship or what it means or what it looks like to go into the church and talk to a rebellious nation or go into the church and start marking people or however you want to stress express it is equal 9cq to this calling of God's people out of the church is not what we're doing today is not what Zachariah is doing because he's talking to the Levites so I'll put L here for Levites these are the Levites they're going to be called out of Adventism so if you can see this call and you can tie Zachariah with 2014 PBM I'm suggesting that when all of us come together as a singular voice internally which will be connected with an external event PBM this will be the way mark where we will again go to the Levites and we'll call them we just shout to them and what will they do become of their own volition you don't have to bend over backwards and bribe them in and all this kind of stuff they were just coming by themselves and it's different to the dynamics that we find ourselves in to different dynamics Church ask you to come and preach do you go and preach there yes if we're not if we're not minute if we're not evangelizing to them what do you think I mean I go and preach so I'm asking because anybody think otherwise conference Church told you to go and speak would you go and speak I don't need you come you could ring up a church to say I'd like to preach it your church this Sabbath I don't think operates that way so they'd have to come and ask you okay you go there and they say oh you seem clever do the a why program this afternoon that's what you mean your question in brother Larry's question is the point I'm trying to make I'm not trying to tell you what to do about geography which church is supposed to go to in which you're not supposed to go to and what you're supposed to do everyone needs to make that decision for themselves have based upon their own locality so I'm not trying to tell you where you go to a conference Church or not I'm saying when I spoke about Zachariah and I'm saying there's a call to come out of Babylon people are misunderstanding that and I'm speaking to people are in this movement and they're coming up and asking does that mean we need to stop going to a conference Church and I'm saying you're misunderstanding the prophetic symbology because you've already come out of the conference church it's not about attendance it's about your state of being which doctrines you're gonna hold to because all of this is the sins of our fathers aren't they yeah you go from literal to the symbolic everyone okay with that so we had a bit of a diversion because I wanted to clarify for a number of weeks now well two weeks into the protocol this issue here about the call out of Babylon so hopefully at least everyone in this room is on the same page in there's not a misunderstanding of what I'm saying I'm not saying stop going to church it's not my business whether you go to church or not you have to decide that upon your own locality the reason I'm bringing this up is because it's people are now saying that there's a message that's coming out I really say that this movement or from me that is an opposition to an open letter that was published in 2015 around the same kind of time since about two years ago that we said there's fanaticism in our movement based upon a misapplication of Ezekiel chapter two and three with people were saying we're not supposed to go to the churches until sometime later on midnight which is what the fanaticism was and so there was a statement that said this is fanaticism we need to go to the churches today that's what I call has been since 9/11 and so when I start saying there's a call to come out of Babylon people are saying are your standing the contradiction to an established principle and then say I'm not it's because people aren't understanding prophetic symbology because a person who whoever is going to say that it's not about that person per se whoever wrote or whoever would write whoever thinks if someone is really already on the message if you're on the message you're already shifted countries you're already living here you're not in there so just making sure that we're all on the same page on this issue it's an important point I put any questions I thought someone had their hand out that's what I thought yes so I'll try that question out she's saying if you develop this model that the call prediction before midnight isn't even for us anyway it's all for the levites what do we think oh yeah I agree with that at the basic level it's about the leave I expect the call that took place at 9/11 took place in conjunction with a major prophetic event so I think we should expect some kind of prophetic prophetic event at the prediction before midnight but it's also lifting those people up as an ensign not just to the Levites but to the political structure of the world the Adventist Church all I'm saying is there's a whole lot of things happening there and it's hard to just isolate it down to one statement ok so let me try and if i underst let me think what your question was you tell me if I'm wrong so every time you put away mark what are you saying sorry it's an event so we want we want to make sure that we understand that so when we mark PBM it's not just some internal thing that you know we get our house in order or something happens when we figure something out there has to be an event so one of the one make sure we understand that and if we're thinking about it's the prediction before midnight prediction before the close of probation it's going to be a major event so I think we should all be in agreement on that issue we're beginning to I think beginning to see what it may or may not be so that's one point if I can read into your question I think you're saying this the cry that's being made or the call is it not so much just for the leave ice because it might be other people as well but is it for our benefit or is it for their benefit was that what your question was so let me try and make it a bit more pointed is this prediction before midnight is this some kind of thing that's going to give us an experience to sort ourselves out so we say oh look we've become more holy we've become better because we've understood the cry or is the cry just for outside people people who are on the outside doesn't help us at all obviously there's going to be some benefit you know if you help somebody you get helped yourself but if I can compartmentalize it is that the cry is made for outside people the Gentiles the eleventh-hour workers and the Levites if we can make the SDH strapped to the church here the Levites because that's who we're recruiting to the whole of the structure and if you get on the wrong side of us our cry is punishment if you get on the right side of us our cry is a lifeline to salvation same for the for the Church of the world so when we think about the SDA church I'm saying in Levi's if you want to think foolish Levites and genuine Levites is about Levites so there's a double-edged sword or double-edged cry for them and there's also one for the world because when we start putting in the three lines when they begin to overlap so they're going to begin to overlap a PBM so the question is is that Christ at their benefit or for our benefit is that the point is that the point you're making we're an ensign then we are its Christ as revealed in his people that's what's lifted up if I've you lifted up I will draw all men unto me that's for the if it's a major event and we're lifted up everybody but would that not be there's a plowing that has to be taking place and that's not for the Levites I don't think that was her point the question that she's asking it was not is the only Levites because there's this overlap for all three only Jeffers made that point I think we won't agree you agree on that there's a call to the world there's a call to the Levites whether they're it's a plan or the rather the first the point she's asking is is that cry for our benefit is it for the benefit of the priests or is it for the benefit of outside people so are we saying we all need to know midnight so we can make some preparation so that cry is going to say oh it's predicting before midnight now you need to get yourselves in order sort yourselves out is this is this for our benefit is that cry for our to help us to help us to have clarity or midnight or something out again what we're saying before about midnight Miller history from midnight to midnight cry you have this message being given the men that cry just marks the point where everyone is unitedly giving that message and that's why it has the power and it goes further because everyone gets it now they've accepted it or understand it so by that definition it would just be the effect of the COS being you've you figured out the message and yes so how do you I think those people that give the PBM it's detrimental to them it's it's beneficial for those people that hear it but it's going to bring on the greatest persecution of 6,000 years of sin that those people that give that that cry so I mean maybe that's what they need to ultimately live for eternity but you need to be prepared for that crisis before it hits Cathy I just this is just a an observance that I've been seeing lately and I don't know if it means anything probably doesn't but I see that the emphasis that they've put on this PBM May because we are so close to it it's the same emphasis as they put on like the twenty five twenty instead of trying to see the entire picture they've taken a piece of it and now that that's all they're focusing on it says PBM in the movement us us and speakers and I know everybody everybody it's areas and I I'm wondering if if it's a something that the Lord and his timing won't reveal it to us I'm kind of confused on it so when you say it's an observation when you say in his own good time he will reveal it to us what will he reveal to us PBM prediction before midnight and there's been so many different things thrown out that it might be so I just don't know it's just my that was just the thought I had I see they they put that same emphasis on the twenty five twenty when that came out and and let go of the Daniel 11:40 two forty five and they just focused on that and maybe we just need to keep going on tire picture and then it will be relocated with what I've just drawn here so I'm gonna take that out I know we've run out of time I just want to make one point without its properly explaining it if we develop a model that says this I call this the cry if we develop a model just with these sticks these way marks like like I've done and I'm saying we're here we're going to end up getting into problems because what we're doing is we're here and we're waiting so if you understood what sister Cathy was just saying or maybe if I understand it took correct me if I'm wrong not just her but everybody she's saying we're here and we're waiting in God's good time he's gonna reveal to us this yeah but oh you didn't say that's one make you talk I'm seeing that people are waiting for that but that maybe that's not our job no I said that but we're waiting for this information on this and when God is ready to reveal this information he will reveal it to us yeah so is that correct model because what see when does the revelation happen let's go to Miller right history Rick Miller right history and this is July and this is August so I'm kind you know all the preamble when is the information revealed to the movement in July here he reveals it and everybody says can't hear anything don't like that so it's already revealed here and the people are waiting around and he's saying I've already revealed it to you what you're waiting for so he's going to goes from Boston to Concord to Exeter and by the time you get to Exeter Bates says everybody take their earplugs off and listen to this man now because he's giving you a message that you have me not list into for a while so Bates is waiting Bates is waiting for this great thing and why was he waiting so I'm not saying anything bad about base but Bates who becomes a symbol he's rejected Boston now he may have rejected it in ignorance he may rejected it maliciously I'm not trying to make that moral imprint on him but it's already there and he's saying we're still waiting for it so if we think we're waiting for something maybe we're not fully comprehending what what it what PBM is about and if that's correct I'm saying PBM is here it's already here now I'm not saying we it doesn't need refining but we already know what it is it's already here and all that this is marking this future one which people look are calling PBM is the cry of PBM now I don't want to start changing terminology insane because if I start doing that people are going to get confused if I say no PBM is the past so I'm still trying to keep to the terminology PBM is here in the future but you have to conceptualize that the predictions already been made we already know midnight yeah I've run out of primacy this last point I'll put the event that helps he didn't help sir okay I think she's mean there is an event here that's what she meant there's an event that's going to mark that and that with a cry which is what I think only Geoff said every way mark has to be an external event it has to be an external event so hopefully that cleared up some points bad people for the wrong reason are helping to build this movement and we should be thankful to them we should thank them not condemned them not persecuted not saying what are you doing here without their help Noah cannot build the ark let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness your watch care and your loving kindness to your people lord help us to have clarity on the time period in which we're living so that we might understand the work that you have us to do as we like Zechariah wake up out of sleep we realize that we're in a place in the situation in the condition where we should not be but the fact that we're waking up feeling wretched and sin sick is not an indication that you have not taken care of us and that you have not foreseen these events help us Lord to understand line upon line the experience that we're now having and have the confidence that you are in control in Jesus's name we pray I mean