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you amen I hope you have these notes a chosen generation conclusion that starts with seven and one on the the back page of the notes page 10 we've come to understand for quite some time now that the number 81 represents midnight when we recognized the king of the south was Russia not the Soviet Union the Lord brought up some second witnesses to confirm this and one of them led us to a parallel passage where the king wants to offer on the altar and there's 80 priests and a high priest that resist him and that 81 was marking raffia and so 81 became a point of reference from December of 2016 onward as midnight so when we get to the end of these of this study here in the next few days I'm going to put in place that the Seventh Seal is opened between midnight and the midnight cry it's being opened all the way along but the fact that the climax of opening it is in this history and in the the seventh seal if you go to Revelation 8 verse 1 it says and when he had opened the Seventh Seal There was silence in heaven about the space of a half hour and I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayer prayers of All Saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense which came up with the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God out of the Angels hand and angel took the censer and filled it with fire of the altar and cast it on into the earth and there were voices and lightnings voices and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake when we became aware of the significance of william miller's dream way back when we made the connections from william miller's dream with the opening of the seals it's not until William Miller and his dream weeps that the dirt brush man comes in and begins to clean things up and we connected that with John weeping where no man no man was I'm gonna make you guys be a part back there was able to open the book that was sealed with seven seals except for the line a tribe of Judah in but when John realizes no one can open he weeps and we tied that in with William others weeping and then as the seals were opening the first four seals when they were open then there would be the pronouncement come and see and we've seen that in William Miller's dream this expression come and see is also in there so we had many hooks from William Miller's dream to tie into opening the opening of the seals but the climax of the opening of the seals is the seventh seal and if you remember in William Miller's dream there reaches a point where the dirt brush man gathers up all the Jews Jules and he cast them it's you wouldn't its you would think he'd set them into the casket and put him in order but it doesn't say that he just cast them into the casket and then Miller looks at him in there in perfect order and their chin shined ten times brighter than they originally did and here in the Seventh Seal I don't want you to miss that in verse five it says he filled it with fire of the altar and cast it into the earth I'm saying this fire is the fire that comes down upon the offering in Solomon's Temple dedication and in Moses Tabernacle dedication and it's the fire that comes down in between midnight in the midnight cry in our history and you'll notice that the fire this casting down this fire and of course what I'm saying is the clear example of this is Pentecost when the Holy Spirit's poured out at Pentecost tongues of fire are on their forehead but you'll notice that before this fire is cast down that you have two verses there that are emphasizing the prayer that takes place and in the temple dedication of Solomon before fire comes down on the offering Solomon has his prayer in place so I'm saying this structure here of of the opening of the seventh seal is going to agree with the temple dedication and also with Miller's dream so you're taking this revelation 8 verse 2 to 5 you're taking that as the seventh seal not the setting of the scene for the seven trumpets is that what I'm understanding not as this setting of the scene for the seven trumpets well what are the seven trumpets what are they their judgments against Rome for the Sunday law yes and the Angels that bring the seven trumpets in past history in response to Constantine's first Sunday law in 321 and then the papal Sunday law in 538 that's the trumpets but those are the identical agent angels that are going to bring the judgments up on modern Rome for its Sunday law rebellion at the end of the world and that's illustrated in the seven vials of the seven last plagues so I'm saying the opening of the seventh seal here is put in the backdrop of the seven last plagues probations about to close just as a note which is the what you're saying makes sense but the way that most people would look at this is that revelation 8 verse 1 is out of place it should be at the end of chapter 7 and then very uh Knopf ttan are the most people right yes I know but but but they just let me finish here so so that's the way they would look at they just say the seven seals over you ended you know that's that's it and then we have the setting of the scene for the seven trumpets right so this is a new because each of these sevens okay has a new setting scene but the reason why bringing this up because I think it's actually providentially in God's the way that these chapters ended up being done because I believe I know it is that the understanding then of these trumpets happen at the opening of the seventh seal the real understanding of them in their deaths because we're dealing with the seventh seal and we start to deal with these trumpets right now we're looking at the way that they're being understood now is an ex opening up of the understanding that affirms the pioneer understanding but also applies to the time that we're in which is in the time of the seventh seal okay so what I'm saying is that the opening of the seventh seal the opening but all the seals is progressive so I'm not denying anyone that may have been out there teaching that the seventh seal begin to open up a 911 I don't have a problem with the progressive understanding with some seal but I'm saying that between midnight and the midnight cry the empowerment that comes upon the faithful priests in that history is this fire that's cast down after a period of prayer and it corresponds with the dedication of the temple and the the cleansing and consecration of the priests and as I've taught this over the past period of time if I sense that there's a part of the Kachina people don't quite settle into and and I'm settled into it now and I want to tell you you're wrong okay and it's this that when you have seven and a half and seven years either one in the Bible you have a contradiction in the Bible David reigned in Hebron seven years or he reigns seven and a half years that contradiction is purposeful and I'm saying that based upon second chronicles 29 the eight days to cleanse this the temple you don't just leave it at that you have to bring all the other eighths line up on line to define it and that it takes seven days to purify and consecrate the priests and they begin to serve on day eight therefore with David reigning in Hebron for seven years in Jerusalem for 33 years or David reigning in Hebron for seven and a half years and in Jerusalem for 33 years that that half is identifying that the civil aspect of the church triumphant represented by the throne of David takes you to the middle point between midnight and the midnight cry takes you to seven and a half so - with the building of Solomon's Temple the Bible tells you it took seven and a half years the Bible tells you it took seven years seven years takes you to midnight 7 and a half takes you to the middle of midnight another half would take you to the end of number eight it would take you to the midnight I'm saying that that seven and seven-and-a-half contradiction about the temple is identifying the restoration of the church part of the church triumphant the story of David is the state part you got both there and then I'm saying on the other side of the number eight on the other side beginning at the midnight cry we have witnesses in X in Genesis and Deuteronomy that 70 people came out of Palestine and joined Joseph in Egypt and that story is the joining of the two sticks the first reference of the joining of the two sticks that we've recognized and we understand that the two sticks get joined between the midnight cry and the Sunday law in the typical picture not in all the fractal pictures okay this is the the parallel Kingdom history from the midnight ride of the Sunday law and that number 70 is in there based upon Ezzor 7-9 so the 70 people that are coming out of Palestine to join Joseph in Egypt are representing in our case when the Levites are getting awakened and joined to the priests but Stephen tells us in the book of Acts that there were 75 people 75 Souls that came out of Palestine into Egypt and I'm saying that that is also a 7.5 a 7 and a half and it's identified that in the middle of number 8 between midnight and the midnight cry when the first-fruit offering is lifted up as an ensign as typified by Christ on the cross where he says if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself that in the middle halfway into number eight seven and a half that that's when the Levites in this next history begin to be intellectually starting their trip to join the priests do you do you follow the logic there it's been on the board in front of people several times so I want to point out they didn't have in history if you go read your eye at Smith he'll give you the best shot on what the half-hour is in verse one okay but he tells you this isn't set in concrete okay he'll tell you the typical Adventist state you know what I'm talking about verse one then there's silence in heaven for about the space of a half hour and and the typical Adventist understanding is as sister white says were seven days ascending to the sea of glass okay so it's dealt logic is is it seven days for Christ to get from heaven seven days you know to get back to heaven there but but they never argue it but now that you've been drenched in the 391 time prophecy when there's silence in heaven for a half an hour how long is that seven and a half days right there in the center of number eight you follow me when the seven seals being open okay so I want you to see that and the casting into the casket I kind of agree a little bit with what Theodore is saying but not with his hmm well I don't even have a problem with his seven angel thing but he touched on something that I was telling Kathy this morning that I'm singing and it's this I told her I don't know if I would I did not know if I would be around for all I knew I'd be dead or you know somewhere else I did not know if I'd be around but I was sensing that as this message was developing there has to come a point in time where the message comes into clarity perfect clarity for the people that are following this message because they're going to have to have such a confidence in this message that when the persecution hits they're going to have to faithfully stand and give a testimony under an intense persecution and you can do that if you're still wondering about calendars all right you can't do it you can't do it if you really aren't sure about November 9th so if if you're going to have that kind of faith it has to come into clarity so a long time ago we began noting we've mentioned it many times here in this classroom that the Lord began opening up truce and we begin grappling with the truths pastor Ruth or our who's Abigail and David and before we get them finalized or Balaam we're off to another truth and we knew we never finalized all these things so I have always understood that at some point in time through some divine twist where there's a paradigm shift that allows everyone to suddenly see oh this is how all these things fit together that had to happen in order to establish the clarity needed for those that we're going to faithfully stand at the end and I believe I've been seeing this happen of from once I'm once test got here it followed by Theodore's information I think that's happening and in the same time in the background although it hasn't been here directly the opening up of the line of the president's is there - they're all three coming together but for me what I'm under conviction of is that we've reached that point the Lord right now is getting he's making that paradigm shift shift if that's the right way to express it where all this is going to come into clarity and I remember for myself I recognized something one day and it was it was the very day was it was in the night that morning I came over this this class and I had recognized something in the night and one of the one of the people from Alabama that's went off into rebellion was here during this time and I went to a message you would not believe what I understand it I opened it up and I didn't realize at that point in time he he wouldn't even listen to it because he was only going to listen to what his his guru was telling him off in Europe he was here for a different purpose he wasn't listening to anything that was opening up here but he he feigned as if he was listening to it but he never did anything with it but by the time I got to Canada I put it in the public record and it was a all right and it was it was out there for a while but it was one of those things never got followed up it had to do with Pinilla and I know we still talk about Pinilla Maz a battle but we don't talk about it in terms of you know Phi or caesarea philippi or upon this rock will I build my church but that was all there and then and and it got passed by and what I'm understanding now is that July 18th brings you to Panem and when it does so it brings you back to all of that information back there and that information back there that was Wow in every one had to do with mathematics didn't necessarily have to do with calendars but it included the Lord claiming his dominion over mathematics among other things not just mathematics the fact that we're where they were at when they were in Caesarea Philippi is Pinilla and all the the the meanings that can be understood from the word pan and that pan is the same place as the same prophetic places Actium and you can see you can take the IAM off of Actium and the IAM off of pan and you just got pan and act and you can see church and state there is there's so many revelations of truth from that piece of information that never got followed up on but I'm pretty sure now that this development of November 9th onward that we're seeing is taking us right back there and I'm sensing that this paradigm shift is about to happen sister Tamina are are say it again are you considering July 18 to aren't you art aren't you I'd say the first thing you have to look at that as is Pentium you don't have to say it's a penny but that's the logical first thing to say and I've already got emails from people saying well that's not out Tess understands it okay so okay that's not how Tess understands it but the first point of reference that you would have the logic there is is that you'd have to assume that based upon our original understanding and I don't want to hear about all the fractal lines our original understanding was Balaam strikes three times nine eleven the midnight cry and the Sunday law those were the three way marks we put in place and we have justification for putting them there okay not just the two walls at the midnight cry but it's two alls it's a doubling okay so we understood the second strike of Islam was the midnight cry I'm with Theodore on his on his part of his logic I don't believe those those dates are saying a prediction but I do believe there it's Islam you can't get away from it the 391 upon the three witnesses of the the days and months on the biblical calendar it's saying this is this lines about Islam and the Ezekiel line those three witnesses on the biblical kondal calendar this is about Rome there to be understood together so when we get down there to July 18th it's got to be about Islam and the logic is is it it's a second strike of Islam if we're going to learn otherwise okay but I refuse not to investigate it just because sisters Tess has said that that's not Pinilla because she never said that with any she's but she was just laying out her logic and she wasn't saying I'm positive about this and but there's some people that are tempted to read that into it but I'm sure she's not she's not that threatened by us investigating that way mark so raffia is June 22nd so we have that date also point beam what do you mean well it's pointing us after raffia to because we have June 22nd journey Oh at the same date yeah yeah yeah so there's a connection well we have two battles that are on June 22nd the Battle of pigna in 168 is also June 22nd and what does that mean well they're actually a doubling and then they they symbolize the same yeah any man Pentiums a doubling from our initial understanding to because it's also the Battle of Actium mm-hmm and what does the Battle of Actium if you remember what does it initiate in terms of rome pagan rome they're gonna rule the world supremely for how long 360 and what's 360 it's it's three and a half years okay so you can see at the midnight cry to the Sunday law you've got 360 there if Actium is the midnight cry and 360 is 363 years it's one year and in in the 391 it's the half is a hundred and eighty and from the midnight cry to the Sunday law is seventy so we've got all the all these references in there that is allowing us to see the siege and the conquering of Jerusalem okay that's that's what I'm getting at is in that history and the Battle of Actium allows us to put that 360 in there and that is the image of the beast testing time is it not and the one of the clearest references to the image of the beast testing time is in the story of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar building and an idol that he's going to set up what was the given dimensions of that idol 60 times 6 360 right there where it's supposed to be they were seeing 22 and then when you're detained July 18 and there's two doublea's I don't understand what you what was just being said there we're saying in our history July 18th is marked as an event of Islam in 2020 okay that's that's what we're identifying but they're saying that's Gregorian calendar but on the Julian calendar its June 22nd okay what explain the June 22nd in Samuel snows letters June 22nd it precedes July 18th so June 22nd is his third letter July 18th is his fourth what we're saying is that the June 22nd date which is in Samuel snows letters is the date on which the Battle of Ponemah curd or Battle of raffia in 2/7 okay and that also the babble of fitnah in 168 BC also occurred on that date following an eclipse of the Moon which is an important point but the thing is that June 22nd date is marking the Battle of raffia the July 18th date is marking the Battle of kunia right that's what I understand did you follow that I know I never knew that till right now but yeah I don't didn't need to be at that level to see July 18th we know there's gonna be a doubling and then Sunday law that's when I'm also confused I just I feel like I know that there's been a lot of patterns pulled up recently and we keep talking about them we see them and I in my own mind I can't figure out what we're what we're talking about we've got all these way Mart's what did they mean I mean what's it mean for us to see all these way marks okay first off I get to say this to her cause she's my daughter but I'm saying it for everyone the first point of reference is quit approaching this subject from the perspective of doubt it's not faith okay we have to reach the point to where we're recognizing that the Lord is opening up truth and instead of telling ourselves that we don't understand it or what's happening we got to approach it from yeah I don't get it yet but the Lord is gonna open it up and I guarantee that you have to do that if you're really going to follow along okay I'm saying I'm saying I'm saying this for everyone involved and I can get away with saying it to you you don't have to take it so personal that there's a lot of people that will be watching this on the internet and they'll have the same struggle you are and I'm wanting them to know right here and now that even if you're not understanding it all you will understand it better as soon as you start saying well the reason I'm not understanding it's probably more about me than the message I'm gonna start approaching it from the different point of view that's all I'm willing to put in the record and I'm saying that because I now when I'm what I was starting to say here at the beginning I believe we've reached the point where the paradigm shift is going to happen and it's going to come into clarity it's yeah I can see that happening based upon a cut a few things that's just taken place for me anyway I don't know that I understand it but we're at that point I what everything you just said you were not to approach the subject a but 10 minutes earlier that when we have to deliver the message to the world we can't be wavering and we do not waver it's because you know everything or what it means you know so I think it's still legitimate that when the Lord opens something up that we ask the question what does it mean because that's what all the prophets do in the Bible they're being shown something and then they ask what does it mean I don't have a problem with that and you go back Larry recorded this I said I can do this with her cuz she's my daughter ok I'm trying to put something into the public record I'm not really opposing the idea that we asked the question what does this mean so I'm saying that revelation 81 is the is the opening of the seventh seal and that the study that we've been doing recently about the priest the temple and David to me has come into a clarity and the clarity that I could not have seen before this point in time for myself is and I'm just gonna put this up here and then I'm gonna go to my notes because we have to get through these notes before I leave town I hope what we've seen happen here what we've seen happen here is that November 9th 2019 has been identified as midnight for the priests right with all the implications that that might be now the problem with this is someone like Theodore or maybe someone like Parminder or Tyler even to me it might have the temptation to do this instead of just let me make my simple point they might want to say well is this the line of the priests or is this the line of the hundred and forty four thousand or the adventists forget about that I'm not dealing with that I'm dealing with the basics and I guarantee that what we're going to lay out will fit any line of thought that you want to put up there so rather than worry about juggling the lines yes the this is midnight right but this is midnight in the the sequence of events that leads to the midnight cry which leads to the sequence of events that leads to the Sunday law not to close the probation but the Sunday law is the close of probation Jorge okay so here what we're understanding now is that July 18 2020 is something as well before four days ago let's say before four days ago most of us didn't have a problem saying this is raffia but what's led us to this date on several witnesses it's got to be something to do with Islam just got to be something to do with Islam it's coming from the 391 Year prophecy and we've understood in the past that 9/11 Islam midnight cry Islam Sunday law Islam so the logic for me is this here is Pinilla okay but I'm not trying to undermine anything that sister Tess put in the public record but I will remind you that when she was at that point in her presentations she was acknowledging that that was an incomplete plot on her behalf I was just gonna say when we have opinion Rome ruling and wrong being for the United States being the armies of the king of the north it would just make sense that you see Islam right and then by attacking the United States right Monday yeah yeah when we dealt with penny and we put a lot of a lot of evidence along that line because that was what was opening up was Daniel Levin and that time period I'm gonna I just want to show you one thing here this study that I've been trying to work out for probably over a year now so most of you probably already heard it saying that from 9/11 to midnight you have seven days and that this is day eight and the part I think no one has really been willing to settle into is that when you get here to seven then you go halfway in the middle and one of the reasons one of the reasons some of the people there that generally are on the cutting edge of studying things out one of the reasons they've been hesitant to follow along in my logic is because they see right away that the prophetic structure I'm putting in here is the prophetic structure that one of these apostate ministries put in the record a long time ago and when that when when I first started the president's study long time ago I could see this structure and the brethren from Africa started emailing me saying we heard you put that structure in the record but this is the very structure we're opposing over here and so in this classroom if we could go back through the classes a couple Y of however long ago it was a long time ago I put it in the record my understanding of that is that if there's anything that Satan would want to do to undermine the truth it would be to put a correct structure in place with the wrong interpretation of what that structure represented in advance of God's people really recognizing the correct structure and I said so I know that the guy that you're worried about he's got this ten seven three numerology and his structure and I'm doing 1073 because I'm dealing with the the 8th president being the first of 10 and I'm seeing this thing so I said back then I'm not threatened by the idea that Satan would introduce a counterfeit in advance of the truth but he's going to have a twist and we know what the twist is this particular ministry says you come to midnight and you go into this history as a faithful priest and you still have sin in your life that's a big issue we know that sin has to be done away with before there so I mean it's not a minor little twist that he puts on that false structure it is the life and death eternal twist so the fact that that Satan opened up this structure in advance of God's people said only in their mind around it never it was a problem for me and right from the start I said so so one of the reasons that people have been unwilling to go into this 7 and 1/2 bringing you right here and seven and a half for he Braun and David ruling and seven and a half of the temple building bringing you to here the middle of this period of time this number eight and 70 or 75 coming out of Palestine into Egypt is because it develops the same structure that this counterfeit structure uses out there but it doesn't produce we're not we're not deriving the same the same conclusion as they are so when I get started in this presentation I'm going to go back to where Theodore's material really allowed me to settle into this and it's in Samuel snows articles and in Samuel snows articles and in Theodore can you interrupt me briefly interrupt me to keep to keep me on track here I'm not going to do it to the to the extent that he does there for publications I'm not getting in to do when when they were written or when they were published or whether they were in the signs of the times or the midnight cry that's all relevant but this here this first publication was a temple debt education and it's telling me that at the end of this history the temple is going to be dedicated because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning in here we had the first disappointment April 19th and back here we have the Rabbinical wrong conclusion of what Passover was and for me that tells me that there's a wrong methodology that proceeds the first day of the first month the Adventist methodology proceeds 9/11 prevents you from understanding this prophetic message that's illustrated in this history because what they were identifying Passover as was wrong Passover was over here on this gate right here okay and Theodore will show that from here to here on these four publications this is number one number two number three and number four that there's a kayak eye astok structure anyway it's 76 days 77 days okay so what this did for me so you're understanding my logic is it made me realize that the center of this chiasm is Passover and the Passover is also a chiastic structure the Passover chiastic structure is 27:31 that is Passover 234 so in Samuel snows second publication at the center of this chiastic structure it is Passover and it gives you a second witness to chiastic structure but Theodore has shown not clearly enough or not simply enough probably clearly enough but not simply enough where I can regurgitate it easily that when we bring this to our history it's 2014 okay this is for us it's 2014 and what Parminder has been teaching is that from 9/11 to 2014 the foundation the temple is completed okay so now it's a now you're entering into the time period of the temple dedication okay so my argument is is that from here at the center of this chiastic structure until here at the end of this classic structure what's going to be at the end of the chiastic structure temple dedication okay the temple dedication is going to include this story here because the beginning of this period this chiastic structure you've got two witnesses that are telling you it's about the cross that begins this seventy seven days therefore when you get to the end of the seventy seven days you have the prophetic justification of expecting to see the cross you follow me because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning but you've got two beginnings here here you've got a temple dedication and here you got Passover you got the cross so down here you're gonna see temple dedication and then the cross and what we're going to go through and show is that when the temple is dedicated there's a manifestation of the power of God that takes place and when it takes place the Scriptures ancestor white tells us that one of the things that is noted is that God's people are in unity okay and that the demand of the Stations of the power of God at that time period it impacts the people but differently then the second manifestation of the power of God here here there's unity temple dedication here there's a loud cry the people shout out okay so I'm what I'm saying is based upon this structure here I had a justification now for what I've been teaching when I get to number eight in this history 911 the first seven brings you to the conclusion of building the temple Solomon's Temple is built now he's going to dedicate it then the number eight during this history the priests are consecrated and the Bible teaches on the eighth day they begin to function as priests they're gonna function as priests they have to have an offering they are the offering as well so in this history I'm seeing the cross I'm seeing this midnight 27 ad this 31 ad this 34 ad you follow me now at the prophetic level it Theodore's laid out clearly at the prophetic level we've taught we understand that in this chiasm here we know we know it's not twenty-five hundred and twenty days okay but prophetically we we apply it that way right 1260 days 1260 so what Theodore has put in the record or the Lord's put in the record through Theodore's methodology is that from here on November 9th to here on July 18th is 252 days which is the twenty five twenty which is this which produces a hundred and twenty six days leading to the halfway point followed by a hundred and twenty six days to this point you follow me so what I'm saying is is that when test is used through a very simple and clear line upon line presentation to nail down November 9th and I'll remind us again as I always do so I'm getting redundant about this tasin ever pointed to November 9th 2019 she got her presentation done and the class came up and gathered around the board and did it for her it was so clear that everyone could see it without her saying it herself okay so she put that in place upon the lineup by and line up online methodology at the same time Theodore's you're given a second witness through these the calendars in the math which which has happened and now it's take it went one step further to identify this date here and for me the further presentation I've been doing this 252 days it makes it airtight that from this point at this point is the number eight when all this is going on and that this structure is sound and that even though there's a counterfeit out there that's myths applying what that structure means that only proves how important it was for Satan to try to undermine it Bronwyn and then Theodore you have these members we learned is also 151 yep so when you have these numbers and you lay them in main structures like this will they always be just in that spot you know when we go to other lines are we always going to see that the 126 the 151 the 252 you see that 126 here and the 126 here yeah 1260 1260 but that's what I'm saying when we are now when we're applying it to our time when we only see them if we're looking on our own studies between midnight noon and night drive that's where they're going to be applied when we see them I don't know why you're asking that question but I'll answer the answer that I've already told you know because although I although ice although I recognized it what really see mated me into this here was recognizing Samuel snows history that it was here also how do you know where to put them that's my confusion they don't just stick in one spot they move around in I don't know where to move them to I didn't move them around in the head I have confident in this room anyone that is handling time prophecy if you don't realize it I'm gonna tell you how you got out on this limb you got out on this limb from the 2520 you were willing to say well if William Miller and Ellen White and James White and Joseph Bates believe the 2520 all consider it even though the seventh-day Adventist Church says it's heresy and you considered it and you came a point in time where you recognized well you understood more about the 2520 than they did because even though they could see it starting in 742 BC with a civil war between the north and the south and they could take it to 723 and six 77 in 1798 and 1844 there's no way they ever took it to 1863 but we did and we did because we recognized a chiastic structure and we accepted the premise that chiastic structures are a legitimate proof text for prophecy and in doing so we suddenly we're looking at a date after 1844 and the prophetess had told us time is no longer after 1844 and we're saying no 1863 is time and it's there and it's there because of this chiastic structure and sure enough in 1863 we got a civil war between north and south it's in the glorious land as the other was so we got led down this this road of time setting with the 2520 but what took us there was a chiastic structure it included a clastic structure so no one has really been saying that point-blank to us but you need to recognize that this some of the strength of what we've been looking at about these three lines of 391 in our current history beginning in Italy the first time Italy the second time and now taking us into 2020 is that in there there are is a chiastic structure of 6363 SiC three sixty three sixty three sixty three and it's those witnesses that are letting you say yeah I see this pattern is airtight so chiastic structures have been established as a valid prophetic point of reference so when we go into Samuel snows line and we see this clastic structure that begins at his first publication and ends at his last publication and this publication is dead center dividing it 77 77 it gives us the right to do what Parminder does Parminder takes the 25 20 and he says the first 1260 is paganism the second 1260 is papal ISM let's bring them together line upon line and we see two desolating powers in our history paganism papal ISM that hit adventism for 126 years but they're simultaneous okay but all he's done is he's saying this this large line is one prophecy but because of the chiastic structure dividing it in the middle now we have the prophetic justification for taking the first half and the second half and using them independent or up on top of each other so with this chiastic structure this starting point and this starting point is teaching that at the ending point you have a temple dedication and you have the cross so this chiastic structure of the cross is giving witness to the validity of a chiasm as a prophetic symbol but it's an agreement with the very day of this publication which was Passover give me double witness that down here when this all is concluding in our history the cross has to be there you got justification for putting it there so to speak to your question I would say any place that you can find in the prophetic sequence of events the cross Illustrated that you probably are going to be justified in seeing 27 to 34 Illustrated I've never thought about a question like that but this is my justification this here the beginning of this classic structure for what claiming about November 9th to July 18th and it just blew me away when it was 252 days because like Theodore said he you may not have caught it yesterday but he gets in your notes look at it a couple years ago he showed me this 252 cycle year cycle that begins and goes all the way through repeatedly you can't get there's more witnesses to the 252 than the 1260 the the 252 is is is it sound as any symbol for it to occur between November 9th and July 18th it has to bring all of its characteristics to this history and this characteristic is is that it's seven times it's the history of 27 to 34 it's it's divided in the middle seven and a half seven and a half and so what I'm saying is in agreement with brother George's sermon it's in this history where this the seventh sylia is fully open but we're right here we're rich we're so close to this now that it's it's it's scary that the line of the tribe of Judah is he's brought us to here this is my point but the point I was trying to make is a couple years ago when I headed off to Canada and this had been opened up in my mind and we got to Canada and we begin to you know there was a brother when we got back and we shared that here there was a brother that got in he's often darkness now he's an enemy of this message but when he got confronted with Panem while he was still here he put together like a 30 or 40 page study on pin he it was it was all good kiddo it was this subject is so big that it it is Pandora's Box being opened it's it's so big you can't wrap your mind around it but if you remember here this is like where palimony stands this is where he stands and he begins to to say I'm in control of all these numbers it it's this here that brings us to here okay so I'm still open to correction that maybe this isn't Pinilla but this is the logic that I'm seeing and I would throw into that for those of you that have a hesitation about it the final movements are rapid ones Theodore communi yeah so just to let people know what the date is in between there if you want to know it's March 14th 2020 and that date is what well I'm not particularly sure I know on the Julian calendar it's the 1st of March which is the number 31 which is the cross in the center on the rabbinic calendar it's the 18th day of the 12th month on the biblical calendar so you're just saying what is the centre date that just telling you what the centre date is so if you're going to look at the centre align our history in our history in 2020 it's what March 14th which is also March 1st on the Julian I don't need to do that well the Juliana just gives you three one which is the cross 31 that's all I'm saying about the Julian date Jesus was crucified in a Julian 3:1 Julian calendar so three one so mark three one it's also the 13th month of the biblical calendar which is the reverse of three one so I'm just saying there's a whole bunch of symbols that put the cross there that's that's all I'm saying whether that literal date March 14th in our history that would be the day that the fire is cast down so the fire being cast down is going to be the empowerment if I be lifted up I draw all men unto myself there's something that happens at that point in time yeah this is this is this is when the fire comes down and consumes the offering in this period in time here you have a prayer issue Solomon's praying you get arrested at midnight you're in prayer until this point something along that line to me know what's before you okay the Satan's fire come down in advance you're looking for counterfeits that precede the truth if we're seeing iron okay well I I know that I'm the one that put that in the public arena that the counterfeit always precedes it true but I've been kind of Wiggly on that over the past couple of years because I think I've seen counterfeit sometimes coming after the true but I agree with you that in the story of Elijah which is our story there has to be a counterfeit and that would be that I've dealt with that in in the churches from 9/11 to hear that the the interaction between this movement and those outside of this movement those churches are representing a counterfeit temple of counterfeit worship and in and it's proceeding this but it's outside the scope of this study so yeah it's there but it's in the public record too when I did that has to do with with the churches and the messages to the churches where Satan's seat is he's seated because he's he's on his throne and when they bring this the Ark of the Covenant into Solomon's Temple that's the Shekinah coming into his throne before that Satan's gonna be enthroned that's it so let's go to the notes first time because I sensed that people aren't following my my justification for the seven and a half and by the way I don't know if you got it but I gave you the knockout punch on the seven and a half today okay because if you go to not to page one but go to page seven of your notes we've argued for many many years now that the silence in heaven in Revelation eight one is marking when a significant salvation or history is taking place so you have on the top of page 7 you have the fall of Adam and Eve it says the news of man's fall spread through heaven every harp was hushed so when Adam and Eve fell their silence in heaven at the cross you can see there's silence in heaven the next one the second coming there's silence in heaven the the next one two witnesses to on the Day of Atonement there's silence in heaven so at every major salvation 'el history we've got witness that there's silence in heaven so in Revelation eight one where it says that there was silence in heaven for a half an hour I'm saying the lifting up of the first fruit offering of the priests at this point is a major salvation event the raising up of the in sign that is the church triumphant major salvation event so there's silence in heaven and revelation 8 1 but the knockout punch is it's for a half-hour and it places seven and a half right there you see it okay my head but I can't say so okay so um keep your hands zekiel three fourteen and fifteen he sits there on mid at midnight for in envision for seven days which is a half hour in silence because that's what the Istana means astonished he's he's sitting quiet for seven days so and then he has a message to give close but I'm not going there because I'm thinking with the habit I like that I mean think about Kathy no Bronwyn again then to meet it for real because she's got her finger this night so that whole space between midnight and the midnight cry is a half and it is a period of silence or is it cold all I'm saying the way I would understand it now and for me what he just said is kind of confusion confusing my issue my point is this is this history this number eight it's after seven days this history here yeah oh you're saying it's after seventh day he said astana case of silence then you have but you're putting the silence over here yeah that's my point I'm saying there is silence in heaven for the space of a half-hour yeah okay so it's a disregard that point thank you yeah yeah and it's about a half-hour yeah and if the elders are inquiring of us at the midnight cry if that's what's going on and that's when we would start speaking so if they're silent what what's that silence mean between midnight and the midnight cry if that is a space of silence in heaven but we are representing heaven ah no no no that it's that heaven is watching this event okay now but right here then you got the history of Christ at midnight was he arrested and that there's times he spoken this is he goes to the cross but very rare essentially he's silent okay he the Bible says he goes to as a lamb opened not his mouth I don't know all the implications of that but what I'm saying is the key that no one has been willing to settle into I believe is recognizing seven years that David reigned in Hebron but also seven and a half and seven years to build the temple but also seven and a half the 70 people that joined Joseph the two sticks but also 75 they just could they haven't been able to settle into that all I'm saying is this being the opening of the Seventh Seal whatever the silence is it's marked as about a half hour which is seven and a half it's not about three months or not about a day it's about a half hour okay but he'll grapple over the about so the fact that the seven and a half is marked in this history from a different point of view in connection with 81 that is revelation 8 verse 1 is is it's two things have you pointed out the 2019 - movement is thirty years old and then became like 27 ad was to publish public ministry starting with Christ did you do that I didn't test it in this presentation no but I I would do that I was once and once I have seen that from her I will do that you 1989 this movement begins it's 30 years to hear and don't miss that this movement began on November 9th 1989 ok because that's the historical event that we marked was the bringing down of the Berlin Wall so it's exactly 30 years to hear and now you're 30 years old which is that age that Jesus was when he was baptized but he's also the age you need to be to serve as a priest and here's where you begin to serve as a priest you've been tempting me for like to happen out last hours so I'm doing it now I get what you're saying up there and I think it's correct with the silence we can mark everything there but I don't think that it's for the priest because when you look through the history of silence like when Christ was in this M&E there was silence in heaven because heaven watches how do these people where the focus is on right now decide Adam and Eve for example as well and I think for the priest it's before November 9th 2019 so there have their silence beforehand but heaven watches so you can mark it there where you mark it but I think now it's the priest acting on earth they're being put in public ministry but now the silence is that heaven watch this I suggest the Levites so I think it could be but that isn't what I said that's what you inferred what I said because English is not your first language you go back and you listen you guys go back and listen what I said was whenever there is a major salvation 'el event there's silence in heaven this is a major salvation event and what you said is perfectly in agreement with that this is where the priests begin to function they they have to have already settled into the truth and been sealed before this I agree with you so I may have said that their silences for idiots for the priests but that's not what I'm talking about just saying I know you're not before you say oh I'm an ER Tyler whoever they're not they would correct me on like the fact those who are we speaking about in you yeah so you're doing that yes but that's that wasn't my point it was at my point I think it's a point in time but I even address that point when I'm addressing the counterfeit I said the difference between the the structure of the counterfeit in ours is we know you go into this history sin free and the counterfeit saying you go in with sin so if you're gonna go into here sin free your sins got to be resolved over here I didn't I didn't dwell on that specifically you're just trying to make trouble all right any okay so that's one part of our note silence in heaven I'm saying this is a major salvation 'el event but what I'm what I won't reason I jump forward in the notes is even though Phillip wants to grapple with the word about it's still seven and a half that's the best you can come up with dimensions half an hour and so you can okay so what I just want you to see that this half-hour is seven and a half and it's in revelation 8 verse 1 when the Seventh Seal is open and that's been the claim here so it's to me it's confirming the contention that I've been making about seven and a half years of he bran seven and a half years of temple dedication so on and so forth right follow that logic okay so because of this if you go to page one now I'll because I was sensing that people are struggling with seven and a half that's what these first notes are about it's to deal with the seven and the eight issue that they're in second chronicles 29 this is our point of reference how many days does it take to clean the temple eight days that brings you two here how many days to clean the courtyard eight days brings you two here and the reason I'm saying it brings you two here and that brings you to here in second chronicles 29 is what pardon me priests and Levites no okay so I'm saying second chronicles 29 taught us that from here to here it was eight days and from here to here it was eight days if you understand that say Amen what justification do you have for making that break between here to here and here to here what's your justification you just get to pull that out of the air if you don't know don't say because if you if you say something erroneous you're teaching your mind something erroneous the thing to say if you don't know is I don't know but you do know were you asking this single day activity what prophetic justification do you have my brother Jim for taking second chronicles 29 that shows the temple cleanse intense day eight days and then the courtyard cleanse in eight days and starting that eight eight combination at nine eleven and taking it to the midnight cry and then taking it to the Sunday law what prophetic justification do you have for doing that pardon me the to Passover the first day the first my words that come from Ezra's seven nine on the first day of the first month in second chronicles 29 when do they begin to cleanse the temple on the first day of the first month Ezra seven nine is what puts his structure in place right you remember now right so what is this it's Jerusalem this is when Ezra gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month yes okay so that's the prophetic justification for this so I'm saying once you you have this eight-day period from 9/11 to the midnight cry which is Jerusalem yes that you don't just say 8:00 you have to bring all the other 7 1 combinations that add up to 8 into this line upon line and it will establish that the eighth is part of all eight of them but it has its own distinct place ok so you got to see the 7 1 combination if that's what you call it since we're talking about that it's the eighth day the first day in terms of second chronicles 29 like the eighth day they are finishing the the house of the Lord is that the first day of the courtyard do we have like a parallel there no where is it no how many if it says plainly it took him 16 days that's why they couldn't do the Passover right yeah because it's both starting to 14th yes well a different line the 30 begins over here in 1989 1989 you have 12 years to 911 and then 18 years to here it's a different line you're getting 30 just on this simple math from November 9th 1989 to November 9th 2019 is 30 years but you know a priest doesn't begin to serve until he's 30 years old and you know that the Christ is baptized when he was 30 years old half an hour so yeah I thought we were all up to speed on that because we've been dealing with the 391 Year prophecy of revelation 915 which says an hour what's an hour 15 days a day what's a day one year a month what's a month thirty years that's 31 years and 15 days and then a year what's a year 360 years so 360 years plus 30 years plus 1 year is 391 years and an hours 15 days so I thought we understood that from what we're grappling with and if an hour is 15 days then what's a half hour seven and a half okay so an hour is but not a half hour in revelation 8 8 verse 1 it says and there was space in heaven about a half hour not silence in heaven for a space event or a space of a half hour ok where were we okay page one perhaps yeah but I'm going back to page one go ahead so the silence is for about how hard let's say okay in seven and a half days so it means that the silent section starts at nine and ever right or because I was noticing that you emphasize the silence from November the knife or how do you here's I don't know where you pick that up from I don't understand that don't you have this is where the silence is is in the number eight and the number eight is from November 9 2009 to July 18 2020 but don't people are getting confused with the seven days there at the beginning that's wrong do you have seven days from 911 to November tonight yes and a half day from the government the right to March 14 oh yes so it's seven and a half from 9/11 to March 14 which is half an hour which is silence that was my point so silence is also command level 2 November tonight that was my question did I understood it correctly or because I was seeing you were pointing specifically to that know them to silence no I know I know let me you may be right and she seems to think you're right maybe this is a European thing but I would lay out what I what I'm saying is that when the Seventh Seal is opened it's identifying a history that is so significant in Salvation history that all heaven stops and looks at it ok and I'm saying that we have several witnesses that this takes place one of those witnesses is at the cross which I'm saying typifies this history so in this history that's been typifies by the history of the cross there's going to be silence in heaven as they watch this unfold but I'm understanding it to be this number 8 history if there is a way based upon zechariah being dumb that you can mark silence from here to here which you can so be it but i'm just focusing on this because this is where the 7th seal is open on November the 9th and ended we're here here so the whole day the eighth day would be the day of silence yes but I'm but I'm not even making that claim what I'm saying is when I realized I already knew it was already in my notes that this is where the silence in heaven was but when it clicked on me that this half-hour produces the number seven and a half it's just another witness for me personally saying what the the arguments you've been saying about seven and a half that leads you here they're correct okay I'm just looking at it more as a as a witness that yes this is valid but now you're trying to one and a half so I say okay that's half an hour so it's silence but maybe they're saying maybe the half-hour is here no I say maybe hi far is 911 to the me way to the cross I don't get that but that's okay and put the eight on we're like maybe but I'm not there yet I intend to do that when we get to the the hebron and the temple that i'm gonna do seven and seven and a half it all I was doing is giving you an advanced overview of where we're going don't think I'm fighting you because I'm not I get that I'm just going for the next step thinking ahead you're saying this up there where you have the space up to 250 to is the opening of the Seventh Seal I get that application different application when we marked the opening of the Seventh Seal from 2014 on can you use the same and applied from 2014 onwards to November 9th 2019 use the same one what you're having near 2780 31 midpoint being cross I wouldn't do it yeah from the from the very outset I for me I've recognized that the sea the pioneer understanding or we're representing not a point in time but a period of history therefore when these seals are open they're they're representing a progressive history so I've always understood for myself that the removing of a seal is a period of time and and we've even taught in the past that in millerite history the first seal begins to be moved and removed in 1798 and the last ones down there at 1844 they're progressive in relation to themselves and they're representing progressive history but I know some people were teaching that the seventh seal begins to get removed in 2014 or whenever and I don't have a problem with that that's my point that's why I've been using the band-aid illustration you pull it off take swab but it's in this history where it comes all the way off and this is where the fires cast down this is where the illumination takes place so if the Seventh Seal began to get opened in 2014 do you understand the logic for teaching that what is it 14 arranged starts that is the outpouring of the holy spirit is that is is so it's revelation 8:1 yeah okay I can I can get that logic I'm not threatened by that I don't think it denies this I don't think this is this is the climax yeah I wouldn't have problem at that but that's what I'm dealing with is the relation of seven and one sister Bronwyn make it short and sweet please revelation 8 3 says another angel came and stood where you Jahna got angel on this diagram that you've given me down at the angel and doesn't line up with what Parminder is for teaching about the angels coming down no I I'm sure it doesn't line up with par menders been teaching in the sense that I haven't been paying attention to what he's been teaching I don't read it III have some thoughts about what Theodore was raising and I agree with Theodore that to me the opening of the Seventh Seal I realized most people put that in verse one and then they forget the rest for me the opening of the seven seals verses one through five and that the seven seals being opened and it's in the backdrop of the seven judgment angels those angels are the same ones that brought that the trumpets in past history are going to bring the seven last plagues yes that's my point is that verse one saying okay here's how the seventh seal gets opened and the first thing that you need to understand is that it's opened in the backdrop of the close of probation not simply the close of probation but the principle that national policy is followed by national ruin these way marks are representing Sunday laws at some level almost every one of them and the principle is national policy is followed by national ruin and part of this room comes from these judgment angels so this whole message is set in the context of the coming judgments that are about to take place but this time is different than the seventh trumpets when the seven trumpets were going forth it was in a period where mankind still had probation open but these is in the period when probation is closing yeah so this is an important point that you're bringing out because in the past people were trying to take the trumpets and say that their past fulfillment was wrong revelation eight is about something in the future and the trumpets are the play but we can see that that their interpretation was incorrect but the connection between the trumpets and the opening of the Seventh Seal in our history it's not a repeat of the trumpets in sort of some kind of day for a year fashion or anything like that but it shows that those histories are connected and that judgments of the past against pagan Rome are paralleling what's happening now in our history so that history is is repeated first four trumpets our judgement brought against pagan Rome yeah due to a Sunday law 3:21 then the first four trumpets come then papal Rome comes into history in 538 and passes the Sunday law now you've got the fifth and sixth trumpet coming to deal with an apostate Church that's how the Pioneers understood it so the trumpets are God's judgment upon men over the Sunday law issue and this is the history we're entering into so the backdrop of all this is judgments if you want to get down to this if you can see this history in our history then when we get to numbers eight when the priests are purified for seven days and then on the eighth day they begin to serve and then fire comes down out of heaven on their offering that immediately thereafter Aaron's sons are going to offer unholy fire and what happens judgment of God upon them so even in this history those judgment angels are there saying that this is the kind of history that we're entering into now okay this is this is judgment time okay God's destructive judgments in any case verse three is where you wanted to go then he sees another angel this angel is the one that is going to deliver the Lateran but not the Lateran message I don't want to contradict 2014 but he's good to deliver this light in this history by casting this light down on this offering he's a good angel the other guy other angels are good angels but they have a work of judgment to do this angel has a work of enlightening God's people is that answering your question and I see an 8 I think he comes down right here and the reason I think he comes down here in the middle and we'll get to this maybe maybe not losing faith in that is it in the temple dedication of Solomon okay there is a manifestation of power of God when the Ark is brought in smoke feels that no man could go in there and then the narrative goes into one of the classic passages in Scripture of a prayer Solomon does his prayer and as soon as his prayer is done now the offering is beginning and fire comes down out of heaven on the offering and here in Revelation 8 you see the same sequence you see the prayers marked this this angels going to take the prayer and mix them with coals from off the altar so they're in this history here there's prayer in this Thursday here you're getting arrested and you're getting taken to a jail in st. Louis and your husband's getting taken to the jail in Dallas and you're not going to see him again until the second coming of Christ that's the kind of crisis you potentially are going into or or maybe worse okay so in this history here is you're heading off to be an offering you're gonna be praying but now this angel that's in here in verse 3 and onward he's gonna cost cast fire down on the offering just like in Solomon's Temple but it follows the prayer that prayer is in here both in the story of the tabernacle the temple and here in the Seventh Seal sure to add to Roman's comment it aims are in verse 3 is not coming down because that's in heaven he's just standing in front of the alternative so we don't have an angel coming down and if you want to mark it somewhere I would suggest you mark it at midnight and then the casting down of the fire which is shortly thereafter is the glass yeah I have a neighbor grapple with that but he's a letch Christ get it at the altar okay its Christ but it's it's Pentecost all over again right tongues of fire on their head not I'm not saying that this is Pentecost in the biblical calendar all right I see the activity fire symbolizing the outpouring of the Spirit so we're seeing then that that midpoint is a point in that period it's the end of a period yes yes it's 31 and this is 27 this is 34 and this is Jerusalem and Michael's gonna stand up here because Stephens getting stoned and right here it's the baptism of Christ there's going to be an angel comes down here right is that what you were asking about is that is it that angel well theater are saying that angel in revelation 8 is Christ and the angel that came down 8 18 and 10 was no less a person into Jesus Christ but now we're just playing with prophetic symbolism and not playing with it but I'm I'm not worried about locking that in tomorrow we'll start into the relation of 7 and 1 on page 1 of our notes perhaps perhaps yeah Heavenly Father we thank you for the light that you've been opening up we thank you that we were allowed to be at this place and this time to grapple with these things the nearness of your return the nearness of this crisis puts an urgency upon these things like we've never recognized before we ask that you would do that very thing that I was mentioning and give us some type of paradigm shift where all these truths that have been kind of hanging out unresolved would come into clarity that we might do a rapid work of putting this messy down into the public arena that others might be forewarned of about what about what is about to take place we thank you for the high calling that you've given us and asked that you give us the willingness and the courage to fulfill this responsibility in agreement with your will in Jesus name Amen