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Publish Date: 11/6/2017
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
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let's pray amen I want to read from review and Herald February the 18th 1890 review and Herald February 18th 1890 I want to just take selected portions and we'll begin paragraph one the title of the passage it's a passage that most of you have already read I'm sure we're familiar with it or not a new passage how to meet a controversy point of doctrine before I begin reading people are wondering why I'm taking so long marie-anne during around getting nowhere I think people as individuals aren't realizing that there's twenty five plus people in this class which most people can't ever see when they've got it if they're watching on the video and I don't know how many people watch the videos you know hundred plus people and everybody has got their own preconceived ideas thrown thoughts their own prejudices even preconceived ideas and I'm trying to address people's eye thoughts ideas concerns when I get feedback both in class and through emails etc and so when people think why is he taking so long it's a straightforward point for many people who are listening to these presentations these studies walking through it's not straightforward so for people who are watching even in this class there are still people who don't believe but don't have confidence in what's being taught so I don't have a problem with that I just want to make people aware that it's not a straightforward thing and perhaps unusually perhaps be blunt familiar to labor at a single point until they can come to some kind of reason position on that instead of just skipping along than doing some so if he's reading I'm not advocating one above the other I'm just saying that's what's happening for those who aren't aware of it so we'll beginning paragraph one again I don't want to read everything we want to understand the time in which we live we do not half understand it we do not take we do not half take it in so that's all I want to pick up from the that first paragraph how do we understand the time in which we're living what is the time that we're living in sorry very Ain someone's sister Cathy you said something called summer last days I mean it's very specific we're living in the time of the end Daniel 11 verse 40 Part B the time of the end begins in 1989 1989 is a preparatory work for the seeding to occur acts 3:19 we should really have B be able to pinpoint what it means when we need to understand the time in which we live in because half of us don't understand it we don't have that clarity for some reason she's going to tell you exactly what it means in the next paragraph when Christ came to our world Satan was on the ground and disputed every inch of advance in his path from the manger to Calvary so we understand the battle formula we understand the reform line of Christ even if we don't understand the intricacies of it we understand that it was a reformed line that we had to understand to make application to our own time and Satan is underground what does that mean he's on the ground does that list does that just mean he came and test his Christ three times on three specific issues or was he on the ground for the whole time in person or in the person he's in the person of whom the church and and judas primarily most of time the state don't get involved how many times does the state get involved with Christ in fact the state protected him over and over again they protected him even to the very end they tried to protect him but it was the church's insistence that they get involved paragraph five oh how Christ longed how his heart burned to open to the priests the greater treasures of the truth but their minds had been cast in such a mold that it was next to an impossibility to reveal to them the truths relating to his kingdom these truths are not through these priests obviously not asked this is the conference structure that she's referring to the Scriptures have not been read a right the Jews had been looking for the advent of the Messiah but they had thought he must come in all the glory that will attend his second appearing because he did not come with all the majesty of a king they utterly refused him but it was not simply because he did not come in splendor that they refused him it was because he was the embodiment of purity and they were impure he walked the earth a man of spotless integrity such a character in the most in the midst of it degradation and evil was out of harmony with the desires and he was abused and despised he spotless life flashed light upon the hearts of men and discovered iniquity to them in his odious character so these people know that he was doing that to them did they have an awareness that there's a problem between them and him and what he's doing is he's just condemning them all the time you say no anyone else for me oh I'm saying that I believe that they they were because they have a conscience I believe that their conscience was disturbed more the reason why they wanted to get them out the way when Jesus was reflecting a perfect character anyone he came into contact with was was um being the contrast was there they they had to recognize it they ugly refuse him Midway into the paragraph were read that and there are two reasons why they utterly refuse him the first reason is what so they don't understand prophecy the second reason is what because of his purity they feel what they can feel condemned in his presence these are the two reasons how do they address the first point the first point that they're going to miss read prophecy how do they how do they deal with that how does the church deal with how do i opponents deal with the theological arguments that we come right put in the future so they say they make up a moral attack of him and they're all carrying around their Scrolls open them up and checking everything so how did you express it LD Jeff counterfeit message counterfeit message brother Larry they also say your own learn how do they address the second problem this man is holding in front of them and he's condemning them in their presence how do I address that issue it's so that's what they're going to do but how do they resolve the problem human beings have to resolve internal conflicts so that you can go to bed at night and you can wake up in the morning you can eat that you don't just wither and die you have to be able to internally resolve what you're doing it's called self justification you have to be able to justify what you're doing so how they dress the second problem Abraham seed I want to suggest you it's throughout the four Gospels over and over again they accuse Jesus of something and this is how they're gonna resolve that internal conflict they accuse him of blasphemy so here's this man who's claiming to be what came in to be God or God's angel or God's messenger or the Messiah I'm not even sure if they understood the Messiah to even be God wherever role you want to give him their say in what this man is blasphemous so do you think the subject of blasphemy is a component of endtime prophecy because when you begin to read those Gospels over and over again that's what the subject matter is they're going to either develop a force message a full gospel the force concept of what's happening they're going to turn him into a warrior king so they're going to do it through all these different mechanisms but him æneas person they're gonna say to claim to be who you say you are is a blasphemous statement both subjects so how do you think blasphemy is going to operate in our history you cannot live a sinless life Church thing it's like when there are statesman statements like we are the third angels no we have to judge people or whatever this is somehow ourselves on the same level with God because everybody says the need to deal with the same problem all Adventists understand that you said mr. Church on everybody believes the church triumphant what they don't like to hear is that human beings like us can take these supernatural roles the roles of doing things to people the no human being apparently have a right to do and not only have a right but also have no ability to do because human beings don't have the ability to do hardly much do they brother Tyler say it please that statements like where the third angel were the ceiling angel we can identify wheat and tear there's profits amongst us you know these kind of things become red flags for the structure just for the structure in internal even internal even we have I guess we see it more internally right now than now DJ I think the question that might summarize your answers the question by what authority do you do these things paragraph seven in Christ's divinity and humanity were combined divinity was not degraded to humanity divinity held its place but humanity by being united to divinity which stood the fiercest test of temptation in the wilderness the prince of this world came to Christ after his long fast when he wasn't hungered and suggested to him to command the stones to become bread so this concept of humanity and divinity were combined how do we understand this because this is Christ a claim to fame isn't it this issue of humanity and divinity all Adventists understand that two thousand years on but at the time they don't and they identify this concept of divinity and humanity as what blasphemy so blasphemous statement to suggest that this is even possible how did yes the times that I've looked at the many many places where sister like talks about the combination of humanity and divinity she identifies a secondary definition to what that represents this is the combination of humanity and divinity does not sin because it has to do about putting away sin also any other thoughts humanity and divinity combined what does that mean to you and I you and me Christ in you the hope of glory Mary yeah why we not why do we not by default go to Revelation 10 Jeremiah 15 he killed to just that's what we preach is NIC our default position is that humanity and divinity is the eating of the little book but maybe we haven't conceptualized what that actually means that what we've been talking about for years and years is Christ in you the hope of glory this is the argument that I haven't in John 6 over and over again this is the issue that they're having to deal with isn't it so I don't know if we really believe this humanity and divinity combined if you claimed humanity and divinity combined what would you be accused of blasphemy so they don't use a blasphemy today they use concepts like you must be part of the holy flesh movement thinking that you can never do sin now you're immune from doing sin these are all the arguments why would they bring these arguments to support their position it's the only reason you're doing it otherwise you'd say I accept these truths I read revelation 10 Ezekiel 2 it told me to do this thing so I'm just gonna go ahead and do it so why would people resist this why would they resist the implications of what this means why you resisted the implication of what this means or maybe you don't get it the problem that Jesus has with this group of people problem that we have is in Christ's divinity and humanity were combined is this the experience that we claim to possess as a movement if you can only go for it as an individual I'm asking as a movement is this all is this what we claim yep and when do we begin to eat this book I said I was gonna really pre-empting but they said by saying don't say 9/11 because it's not 9/11 right from the very beginning we begin to do that how do we know some justification for that is it's a refresher we just with look we've already done it in class sorry an increase of knowledge so go with the increase of knowledge you know people say this message is so complicated and then when we break it down and make it simple people say it's so simple it can't really be the it can't really lead you to a place where you're going to put away sin put your way of sin must be some other story some other mechanism but it's been in built into our message the increase of knowledge now you can graphically represent the increase of knowledge in many different ways you can do them as waymarks but you can also do it as a sloping dotted line that you've seen over and over again in the reformed line yes so when you do it as a dotted line where does it begin at the time of the end 1989 but if you did it as a way marker singular line where would you put it then 91 92 and then you go back to Miller right history and it takes you to 18 16 18 18 so you got 18 18 yes 18 18 I I don't see I brought one with me I should have done it could someone bring me a prophecy school note a booklet or something prof school booklet notes I think it should be in there do that we fine no not this one hopeless the camp meeting note I just got I just want to check something that's it yep it's here I got it I've got it thanks so there's a nice logo on here that I'll doing my the bad graphics what is this teaching this graphic okay the charts in the Ten Commandment are the same thing LD they simple of a covenant relationship so they are they on the on equality in the same footing yeah this is the terms in what is a covenant briefly in colloquial language it's a contract or a deal or an agreement between two parties and in this context what's the agreement the deal right to be you have to speak up because because we're speaking went forward you have to you have to be in agreement you didn't say that you can say Greenman the first time billion so if you if you follow these rules if you believe and practice them what will happen to you you'll be saved you'll be as people yeah this is the mechanism that you'll be saved by keep those laws and you're going to be saved I don't know why people have an objection to that but if I say that people are going to start emailing me so you don't be saved by keeping the law but that's what that means the terms conditions the terms and conditions of our agreement is if you do this you'll be saved it's that simple but there are some caveats to that because you've got to keep the law in your heart we're okay with that if I said keep the law in your heart not in your mind not here but here I think most people would agree so what we're saying about this this is the mechanism of salvation the problem with this now is what if there's no morality here it's these charts that we're talking about isn't it and now we're saying something totally different we're not saying because you can't read them here don't lie if you don't lie put it in your heart you're going to be saved so we're okay with that point on the thing we don't do this on the on the logo it doesn't say 46 but I think people already know that it just has some lines like this what are these two charts representing us I'm sorry what are they not represent were they okay so you've got the 43 chart and the 50 chart so I don't know if you've noticed the loge I didn't see this someone pointed it out to me it says 8 these others no mistakes don't we we always said there's no mistakes 1842 1854 1843 1850 so I don't if you've noticed that embedded in this logo is 1818 yeah 1818 he's embedded in this logo and why would they do that the person who did that why would why would I think it's a he okay so Deuteronomy 18 18 what's the a real familiar with Deuteronomy 18 18 you have to go to verse 19 as well what's the thrust the emphases of that passage sorry you have to be louder infidel class sending a prophet like unto Moses Moses is gonna come back on the scene this prophet is going to have all the authority that Moses had and what happens if you don't listen to him you die your blood you retain and you will die if you disobey and what makes this person a prophet God's going to tell him to do what he's going to say you need to eat these words why put into your mouth you will regurgitate back to the people verbatim so embedded in this logo if you like the logo because it's everywhere now is Deuteronomy 18 18 18 18 is the year 18 18 it's the increase of knowledge but the increase of knowledge begins at the time of the end the eating of the little book has to begin back here in 1989 the little book is the combination of humanity and divinity howdy Jeff from what you're saying but I just realized that maybe everyone else already understands it by what you're saying there Deuteronomy 18 18 is the promise that the Lord is going to raise up a prophet like unto Moses and therefore Moses is the Prophet that puts in place that the two tables of the Ten Commandment so I mean it's it's pretty airtight that connection that yeah amen these these these tables here who made them right he did not who make the tables because it's the combination of humanity and divinity Moses makes the tables and God writes on them it isn't that what we teach about these charts isn't that what other white teaches you tells you about these charts God's hand was in the writing she says these pictures just the graphics were what she said they had this heavenly a she says it these heavenly kind of not texture but look about them and then she commands people to do what to stop the chart making business it's not making this chart make him because when you make charts they're graphics look ugly because they're not divinely inspired there's a lot in this logo then many things in this logo in Christ's divinity and humanity were combined we teach this but we teach it at an intellectual level and we know that the ceiling is what settling into truth intellectually and spiritually so next paragraph those who would overcome must put to the tax every power of their being they must agonize on their knees before God for divine power Christ came to be our example and to make known to us that we may be partakers of the divine nature how by having escaped the corruption that are in the world through lust Satan did not gain the victory over Christ he did not put his foot upon the soul of the Redeemer he do not touch the head through though he bruised the hill Christ by his example for his own example made it evident that man may stand in integrity what is the word integrity mean let me finish the paragraph men may have a power to resist evil a power that neither earth nor death nor hell can master a power that will place them where they may be over where they may overcome as Christ overcame divinity and humanity may be combined in them Ellen White has a really neat way of structuring her sentences her paragraphs if we just she has I think a divine signature the way she puts these things together she has a leading sentence and a closing sentence an introduction and the vining off and in the middle she gives all the details of how it all works so I asked what is the word integrity mean wholeness soundness witness what as well its soundness me it sound strong solid why I suggest that soundness means there are no rotten parts there you can you can see a fabric from a distance and it looks good a toaster you get what you begin to notice you begin to notice the flaws and integrity means that it doesn't have any flaws someone said something I didn't let everybody finish the point anybody got any comments to make people throw comments out so this concept of integrity means there's no rotten parts she got an Apple which looks really nice from a distance when you pick it up you begin to see small bruises on it that Apple does not have integrity Christ by his own example may the evident that man may may man may stand in integrity what it may mean man Christ made the evident by his example he made the evident sorry someone said something through his sinless life he made it he made what evidence but he sinless knife life wouldn't in and of itself make it evident with it what's what's the evidence evident at the back of that he took on our nature it was a combination of humanity and divinity that combination is what makes he evident and what do people do with Jesus his nature what do they lift up they lift up his divinity and what do we keep on doing to our nature we keep on lifting up our humanity so the whole problem the weights being approached is different so when we get people I'm gonna say maybe like me who start approaching this and say maybe we should start getting a balance in our thinking start talking about divinity if I said okay we're gonna have a class talking about the emergency eating a little book August 11th 1840 the role of radical Islam everybody would have any disagreements in this class but if I start saying let's talk about divinity and the ability to be divine to take on the divine commission of doing not the divine Commission to be saved the divine Commission to do things like brother Jonathan said we claim to be able to do or claim that we should be doing people accuse you of what blasphemy and it's prevalent in our movement and I don't even just mean the people who oppose us in our own movement the people who claim to be on the right side of the argument raffia Panem all of that stuff they're looking forward to organization they're struggling with this concept that we want to talk about divinity and it's kind of like this no-go territory no-go area so Christ by his own example may be evident that man may stand in his in integrity this argument is gone his race to Adventism three decades long before it at the age of us were ever born what was the nature that Christ came in and my response has always been it doesn't really matter what nature he came in as long as you believe that wherever he came in he was an example to us and the principle thing that we do know about his nature he was a combination of the human and the divine and if we could just take that concept he was a combination of the human and divine and his example makes the evidence proves that man may stand in integrity when we still then that holy ground that's what about all we'd need to do and I think it's far more fruitful ground to investigate our own humanity that investigating Christ humanity because it's like talking about someone else third party let's talk first party do we have to delve into his nature I'm pretty sure we have and I have done that occasionally but this is the approach that I've taken we can talk theoretically about Christ all we want so it doesn't really help brother Bob you know point it out in the passages we've read but you go to 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 4 and you can lead up to it for 1 verse 4 talks about it no bike by you know by these exceeding great and precious promises that you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped in the past times the corruption is in the world through luck though we're told that and then in Matthew 11:28 and Jesus is talking and 28 to 30 he's talking about yoking up with him we have to yoke up with with with with him with his with his divinity any more comments now I may have a power to resist evil a power that neither earth nor death nor hell can master what does it mean can master does it mean that they can't copy it the word master here means overcome hopefully we can read that into that word it means to overcome it doesn't mean that they can mimic it or produce it they can do it it means that they can't overcome this and what does that mean what is earth a power that neither earth death or hell is this all literal combine literal what can it be literal would you have a flick round when we speak then again because the earth itself eyes we know it can't do anything the earth the planet doesn't do anything is there such a thing there's a hell such thing as the hell so you know whatever she's talking about is figurative language so what does it mean a power that neither earth nor hell nor death can master can overcome can resist can stop anybody it's poetic language so you can give a poetic answer which means no one can say that you're wrong earth sees you they say so you can't dictate cuz he's just oh yes Earth days humanity hell is the demons and Satan and the other one is your own personal the right personal fears or our weaknesses I forgot what the other one was how did you say earth Helen what earth death and hell okay so humanity human beings cannot stop this happening demons cannot stop it happening do we believe that demons can't stop this happening yeah so I've heard plenty of people in this message say can't wait to get to heaven because Satan won't be there to tempt us and if there's no temptation there will be no sin there'll be no problems so if you I don't know if you've if you think that if you if you were to say that statement oh you heard someone what are they saying go put your hands up yeah so the powers of demons can stop this happening they can stop you resisting evil they can stop you overcoming to have that ability if you think that the reason we're doing wrong is because we're surrounded by Satan in these influences you sat without something sorry yeah I'm sorry bank repeat it what you saying you don't remember sister she Miller okay principalities and powers she says yes this is this is demon and death we're saying that is what yourself your own weaknesses your own frailty even that's not going to stop you doing it I don't know if you assent to these truths do we really believe these things so we've got human beings we've got demons and we've got ourselves nothing no matter how you want to describe those three things can hinder that process and have a power to resist evil a power that no one can stop them from experiencing or having rather Jonathon the question what does this little word man you may have because she repeats that joy mother down she says the power that will place them where they may are you asking what the word may means or I know what dowhat may means but it sounds to me like that so you have an idea you tell us what you think I don't really have an idea but it sounds to me like they're the power is there yes we just don't know it that the power is there or we don't know how to so just be activated we spoke about the conscience in the last class and what damages conscience or why does the conscience work properly bad information and the other one is the more obvious one because the bad information I'm glad we remember the bad information because that's the one people don't fully understand about conscience it's the other one that they is you know what you know what's right and what you don't do it and people say when you know what's right you don't do it your conscience says that's bad and it happens again and it's voice it becomes quieter and quieter to the fact to the place where maybe it might not even speak that's how most people conceptualize what searing conscience is is so it's not just having bad information it's not believing the information that's in front of you and we all have this idea that if you don't live in the light that you presently have what will happen you won't get any more like so you can't live in a situation where you've got truth in front of you and you can just without impunity ignore it and say I don't like your being delivered in this way I wait for the next bus to come along so is that what you're suggesting rava Jonathan men may which means it's available so this power is available but there's two problems one of them is you don't know it's available because no one's ever told you and the other problem is what forever Jonathan what's the other problem how to use it I mean if I don't know that it's available first up north of the wall I need to know that it is available and then maybe how I okay I'm suggesting the first one is you don't even know that it's hanging there waiting for you to pick up you don't know that it's available and that the other problem is anyone else you ignore what so if I say the power to resist evil is Daniel 11 verse 40 what are people going to say to that response though that solution they're going to say what yeah it has they say that is not the way there's no power in that so when it says they may have power the reason they're not going to get that power is either no one ever told them or when they tell them this is the way walk in it they say they doubt we they're saying this isn't the way when they say we will not why they say we will not they don't believe this is the way to get to the place that you need to go to the toilets lack of belief they're not believing that this is the right way to do it does that address your question about may so if you had the correct information do we have the correct information by the way yeah so we believe we've got the correct information so how comes we aren't experiencing this then if you've got the correct information so we don't we don't want to change and we like where we're at and they still choose not to anyone brother buff any much brother book I think that you know the very fact that someone would even step out and think that even though we know it's available and and and we understand what it is is because of the persecution that comes with it I think that there's others people are wanting to not go there because it is it's not something that the widely accepted people want to make sure it's accepted first you know and then they're going to get involved I'm talking about us when I'm saying this because we all say we have the truth so we we know it's in this book in this book rover boogie we know what the truth is and it says make man men may have a power to resist evil so whatever it is I'm saying this power is the thing that you need to resist evil and I've slipped in to change the word power to what I gave it as Nick Daniel 11 verse 40 do we believe Daniel M in verse 40 is the power to resist evil put your hands up if you're not sure so some people are not sure some people aren't saying yes actually we don't we don't really believe our message it's all an intellectual exercise so for me it's a new concept Daniel 11 verse 40 not not Daniel 11 verse 40 but the concept of and I know we have always spoken about divinity and humanity but how it is no broken down without the Incarnation is being presented and the concept to that it is prophecy Daniel 11:40 that gives you that victory it places my mind in a place where I'm saying huh so you don't believe it no I do believe it what it is it is a slow realization that you're just waking up to a reality that you did not know was there and then you're waking up to it and you're like Zakaria you're in confusion you're like where am i we said what are you saying I'm for real I feel like I need to know akima ties myself to understanding what is this you waking up out of sleep your climate izing yourself yes and all of those are definitions of believing they stand they sound like you're dragging me backwards to make me believe this thing that sounds like total unbelief for me that that's how I feel like this was there all alone I never saw it I know it is here what do I do with it I want to move forward with it what oh okay no I understand that so what I'm saying is you knew the truth you knew Daniel Evan verse 40 that that's just a symbol of this or this whole problem and you never ever believed that that has power to save you to transform you because now you've woken up and someone says by the way didn't you know that that is the solution to your problem you said no I didn't know that and now you're going to say okay sounds reasonable I believe it another people are saying that sounds crazy don't believe that and I'm saying the people having these discussions are not people outside of this movement the people in this room people under on the right side of the argument not the Omega because we already know we don't even have to discuss any of this they don't believe us on rafia you know our arguments are different we don't not issue about the church the church don't believe it's our 911 there are many things we could argue about that this is this is an internal argument that now we're being challenged do we actually believe that the everlasting gospel was a three-step prophetic test this is what I'm asking do we believe that this power is the truth that we've been teaching or understanding for a long while for the Nathan's sister Cathy he remained in Christ where he could where he was able to but then on what makes mention that it took him seeing Christ upon the cross for in order for him to understand that you know Son of Man must be lifted up so he could draw all the world unto Him so the point that I just wanted to make is that some people can't see the truth of these things but self hasn't been crucified yes so there's you know there's a conflict going on that you know we're trying to understand you know just just what what you know the words of Christ so if I can distill everything the use that you've just said Nicodemus is under conviction but like Thomas someone who doesn't have enough faith to follow the principle believe because it's written he doesn't believe that he has to see with his eyes so I'm not having a go at Nicodemus he is what he is each of us are who we are we are what we are but if you're going to use that model then you're saying the Nicodemus and you know that if you go to John chapter 3 he's not even converted he's running through this whole reformed line and he's not even converted and what's he doing at the peril of his own reputation he's protecting the movement in his own little way he's hammering a few nails in keeping the the floodwaters back so that Christ can do his thing and he's not even a converted person because he's under conviction it's only when he sees if you I'm not even saying saying you're correct but if you just go with your logic when he sees Christ on the cross he says okay I'm I'm fully brought into this concept now he's willing to go through everything now he has integrity because before he has guile so now he has integrity and I'm gonna say a simple level now he's a converted person born-again how everyone described it if you're gonna bring a moral framework into it so we can have plenty of people today who don't believe this message they're under conviction this is the true message and they're waiting and waiting to see something and these are not Levites these are priests and if you're in that condition you cannot be experienced this you cannot be experiencing this men have a power to resist evil because you're looking at these things and you're saying I feel convicted that they're right but they don't have power over you to change you and you're going to wait and wait to see something and I'm not saying you're going to die if you do that you may or may not die but I want us to recognize Nicodemus is in a bad place he's not doing what the other eleven disciples did regardless of all their idiosyncrasies they looked at Jesus especially Andrew and John when they first saw him in John says this is the Messiah they didn't ask he's wearing the wrong clothes he doesn't have a sword or a crown they just accepted it by faith and say this is the Messiah we're going to run with it and Nicodemus wouldn't do that so this movement is big enough for lots of different groups of people and you have to decide if you want to be a Nicodemus that you stay convicted for a long time and jumping at the last moment because it's risky to do that it's a real risk or you do like those disciples if from the very beginning you say I'm a fully paid-up member I'm going to really believe in experiences sister Kathleen and sister shamila dad you hand out before dinner I think I'm sorry sister Kathy I'm sorry what did you say she said I went around in this movie for a long time no one ever told me that Daniel 11 verse 40 was the power and then waking them out waking up out of sleep and I'm getting there I'm believing it and you say I think that's what you and you'll say that's a cop-out what a cop-out the definition he does know what definition means cop-out you're avoiding the you're avoiding the subject you're hiding from it I think you're making excuses we do that as human beings we like to have excuses why we are not coming up to the highest form as God would expect priests to be and that we're gonna have to be and I think we'd like to excuse ourselves away is that what you're experiencing no what you say you're saying that that truth that you're speaking about you didn't think it was that truth that can have this power you told that truth was about the events that happen outside in the world existential things outside but no one ever told you that those things actually change you internally and you're waking up to that someone else had their hand up it's just a similar one I was showing God's people waiting for some change to take place a compelling power to take hold of them but they will be disappointed for they are wrong they must act they must take hold of the work themselves and earnestly cry to God for a true knowledge of themselves the scenes which are passing before us are sufficient magnitude to cause us to arouse and to the truth home to the hearts of all who will listen the harvest of the earth is nearly right so I think we haven't taken a record for a fight once I wanted every excuse me one t26 one well that's what miss you say my understanding is that like you're sick actually real quickly saying it that were waiting for something change a great change to take place over us but we haven't we haven't taken hold of the work it says they must act they must take hold of the work themselves and earnestly pray to God for true knowledge of themselves I think we haven't even been able to see our own sinfulness let alone take hold of the truth I think this the sin is still there that's why the truth hasn't taken hold of our hearts it's in a thing sorry it's in a thing it's not a thing but it's just the we haven't been able to grasp a true understanding of what sin is that's what I understand I don't think I have truly understood what sin is and that is something that is creating a barricade to allow the truth to come home and excuse me truth to come home to the heart it hasn't come into the heart that's what the problem is just quickly read the passage again because I want to make a credit in that so there everybody listen because that passage is in contradiction to this passage paragraph eight men may have a power to resist evil this one that we're reading here just least one paragraph it's saying something different to what eat it first read that I was showing God's people waiting for some change to take place a compelling power to take hold of them but they will be disappointed for they are wrong they must act they must take hold of the work themselves and earnestly cry to God for a true knowledge of themselves the scenes which are passing before us are of sufficient magnitude to cause us to arouse and urge the truth home to the hearts of all who will listen the harvest of the earth is nearly right okay so I know it's difficult to do when you don't hear in front of you she's setting up a dynamic sister purposes the way of a present and a future thing so what's the present one that she's picking up people can memorize something remember some of the comments that she made okay so it says work present work I'm asking what's present presently they're waiting okay okay I'm not that's gonna work I'm asking okay so yeah I could just put waiting you guys what you if that is that what you say waiting okay so I'm gonna take that out because the whole purpose that this is what change this is the subject of this is change what's in the future what if you say it's gonna happen in the future power this power in the future and there's a harvest in the future and what are the people they want to everybody wants to have a change yeah and what's going to change you according to this passage that the people are believing the future power is going to change you not the present not the present work that's what that's saying that's different to this passage here because here she saying that they must take hold of the work so the work is already the work is not the power and the power is not the work because the power is in the future and the work is in the present that's why I set it up that way so this word power here it can't be this word power here let's let's let's break it down that's why I'm trying to Dutch yes let me do it then men may have a power to resist evil is that present or future so this passage is saying this power here we agree with that so that's why I'm saying there's a contradiction so you'd have to go back and check all the context of that and I haven't checked the context but I'm pretty sure I know what it is what is this power that she's referring to here this is coming in the future ladder Reynders but I think what if you didn't work it out once she's Tony I think most people would agree with that so this is one of her classic statement she says don't wait for the latter rain to straighten your character out because it needs to happen in the present so this work would be what this would be the former rain so you need to reason overcome evil or have this experience with this present work and not this one that's that's what this argument is but in this passage when it talks about they may have a power if we were going to combine these two together what would the power be it'd be the present day work and without getting into the intricacies or even whether in look whether we are in the latter of the former rain what is the present they work for us Daniel 11 verse 40 to 45 isn't it so I just picked up one verse verse 40 because it's the most important one I would suggest so Daniel 11 verse 40 is the present work we're supposed to believe it accept it teach it and that is what his power to do what to change you it's this power not this one so I think if you get this passage in that passage you've got an integrated proof takes to show that a prophetic gospel is what gives you power to overcome so waiting for that would be waiting for that future power would be fatal I mean I'm gonna take that rain out because that's the context he's using it in but the context that we use it in is what had what do we frame this as we take that array now what what do we call this time period the the binding off rate for the binding off to sort out the problem and who believes that here everyone's going to say no we're going to say it's not all is that's not our theology that's their theology but sister all they're being saying she's waking up to the reality that Daniel 11 can actually change you here so if we had had this class she would have not woken up and what would she have been believing the binding officers gonna straighten her out and if you believe that what the ology are you into you're into the Omega theology you make Authority theology you know when this argument first arose one of their arguments was this do you believe like a few couple of people over in Europe are the Omega against this monolithic institution the movement in comparison that's that was their argument and if you look at it you say was crazy now we've got all the power we've got all the money we've got all the numbers and the few people over there without any infrastructure anything you think they're going to come and topple us because that's what the Omega is going to do not so it's gonna succeed but that's its purpose and that was their argument and it's a fallacious argument why is it fallacious because where is the Omega brother Tyler in the Omega the people who already apply this is how you be there may be more Omega than there actually are right not righteous but the on the correct side of the issue that way what people haven't realized that they think the Omegas a couple of people over there it's not you Meghan is this belief system the Ellen White tackles are over and over again that you don't want to do a present work you want to shift it to the future however you're going to develop your theology whether it's deliberate or accident that you're doing that you always come to the same place if you're not going to do a present work if you're not going to see this is not raffia is it this is Danny Lee there were 40 to 45 years Rafi is over here and we think by studying raffia everything's gonna be okay and and this is this issue came up a while ago when raffia or de binding-off became the hot interesting topic because people think they're going to be saved by the binding off message someone has to stand up and correct them and say either by the way we're in the second danger not the third I hope we all know that and maybe we should be focusing about second angel theology not third angel theology and second angel theology is all of the stuff that we've been doing the Foundation's again that all tied is all sort of that I'm saying the present work is verse 40 the future works verse 41 and you just said 40 to 45 I think it's verse 40 yeah I said that because of my lack of integrity my vote to do this I stick to my own guns basically because I stick to a didn't or stick to my own gun because we all know who's voting did why okay let me ask this question because I think I would why verse 40 why can't I be verse I only DEFCON said because it was his premiere someone else has they know it's not is it okay well go with that good Sunday long anyone else okay because your probation is already closed before the last nine months or so where did we as a movement where did we say we were okay in but is that what you said in between we say we're in between versus 40 and 41 yeah so with I mean we got way we it's for a long time maybe we were like Zachariah you know oblivious to what we're saying so if I were to say you're in Christ or you're out of Christ which is the good place to be and we don't even good easily st. you because is the destined to be out of Christ so this movement should it be in Christ are out of Christ in Christ Christ is what in Revelation 10 what is Christ what's the symbol for Christ in Revelation 10 okay this is the point wanted to pick up it's the little book yeah because most we were going to default to say it's the angel and they're going to separate it they're both symbols of the same thing they've both a symbol of Christ and you're supposed to eat it yes so if you're eating Christ you must be in Christ and Christ is the book and the book is words and words the sentences and sentences of verses so you have to be in a verse you can't be between verses because you're in a crack some way yeah so if you're between 40 or 45 40 and 41 I'm suggesting you're out of Christ and this movement could never been out of Christ it has to be in Christ so we're in verse 40 so we've tidied that up and so when do we get to verse 41 that's right 13 lays out why 40 is the work because it deals directly with prophecy but the problem with that response is it's all prophecy prophecy here prophecy it's prophecy everywhere ford Iran which is the future work is proper say 42 it's all prophecy we understand that but it's specific components of that prophetic message specific components about verse 40 hours I'm not in labor at that point anymore do you really believe Daniel 11:40 is to do what because speaking to people they don't believe it and if they did believe it why they're not experiencing it so if you believe something you put it into practice so why we're not putting it into practice now sis that was question for use this is your mother if you believe it why you're not put into practice it's direct question to you I said I want to comment you believe it like you said you just did why you're not putting it into practice I tell you what the other people say the other people say I put it into practice tomorrow but not today oh and why are you not putting into practice I'm not trying to suggest you haven't I'm not I'm saying this is the theological discussion between you and me it's not personal so that would pay I'm not attacking her old saying she hasn't or she's sorry doing sin and all this kind of stuff just a Taylor theoretical conversation why are you not doing it I just say ldj then brother Nathan so when Christ sent up a disciples to preach Christ establishes kingdom in the future a white knight why you've met why you mention that what's that point well I think a person can John realized pretty quickly that this is the Messiah and the work that Christ intended to do with him happened pretty quickly where appear denied him at the end and they could be miss even past that at the cross so you see examples okay so you're saying it takes how did you frame it takes people some preconceived ideas so a Bundy's sister Kathy's gonna put her hand up and say that's a cop-out cuz you just said what sister all Avengers say she wasn't excuted but sister Kathy said that's a cop-out maybe she's wrong oh yeah yeah I'm gonna say she's right I'm just saying Rick daddy was amazing that is because it's the same it's it's maybe more articulated or better articulated but it's a safety that sister olivine side takes time to get used to this well settling into the truth where Nicodemus is on the other end of the scale so it's just making the point that it's different for each individual and you may have a mention before that some people have five talents others have Ravi Johnson I want to make that an excuse but I think that's a practical example to understand what it means to be fourth part of the fourth generation of the Adventism become wise what explain what you say I'm saying like okay I need later copper oh I just read it right use your word I'm just saying I think that's a practical example or we for I experience it to understand what it means to be a part of the fourth generation we also degenerated prophetically and morally that we actually do not know anymore how to practice that were either obviously believed bring into practice and in a person's life let's speak morally when would that happen did you get the life in order with the theology when does that disconnect become connected conversions or conviction it's it's before since before baptism by bite so by the time you get to baptism the theology and the experience are connected yeah but we're in a place in our reformed line baptism was like long time ago you know I do you think about the movement you think about an individual so baby sister Kathy's right he's like a old a cop-out maybe maybe it's wrong I don't know but what I'm saying is where because I'm dominant dominant and this is not personal with anybody I'm not trying to pick out a single you know single out people but we're actually not following our own reformed line in our own experience that there's a there is a disconnect and the reformed line says this shouldn't be a disconnect and I said don't even think about reforming just go it morally and you know morally the disconnect gets sorted out by baptism you cannot be baptizing people who have got a theology that they're not practicing or living because you're not allowed to baptize them are you that's what you've just said isn't it I think yeah you can't you can't baptize people who don't practice what they preach Daniel 11:40 gives us the power to overcome sin so to speak bring another point I'm just saying as saying that's a practical example to understand what it means to be a part of the fourth generation of Adventism so I don't want to blame the church just there's someone who same condition but we always think or say how we are we are we're in the fourth generation of Adventism but I think that's a practical example that we say it's out for something that we don't believe yes what you do in the meantime while you're de preconceived ideas are getting batted down you've been confronted with all these problems you waking up out of sleep or especially do in the meantime since this you Miller I want it and we'll talk to that one first brother Tyler what you supposed to do in the meantime define Mean Time in the at the same time what especially at the same time while you waking up out of sleep and your get your preconceived ideas all sorted out someone's teaching you that Daniel 11 is the salvation message which basically in the meantime at the same time Robert Tyler it's a it's a hard it's a hard example because you should just once you are convicted about it you should just do it the theory that's the theory of you do whatever the truth is you know if the true says don't send them you don't say if it says believe this and you believe that or what you call it because you're waking up a state you've got preconceived ideas to sort out I'm suggesting maybe my question is not a good one while you're sorting yourself out the sorting of yourself out is what angel first and second angel you're supposed to be doing a work you supposed to do this work which is the work of the third angel we've got a happy which we got from Adventism is that you're not supposed to do anything until you have your life in order and this thing is pushed pushed and driven into us that don't tell someone to do something that you're not prepared to do yourself is that a good position to take you're not prepared to do it done till someone else to do it is that how we is that what our reform I even teaches us it doesn't but the church says practice what you preach and then go and share it and we're not supposed to be doing that there's a feedback loop that when you share this message it has an impact upon you but regardless of that it's two separate things and you can't wait to get your life in order before you're going to start preaching does everybody agree with that sister Kathy I think you had your hand up anyone else the grill disability that concert because it's a it's a really important thing though people come and bring to the forefront over and over again and think we buy into that too readily how many people built the ark we don't know but it's a lot of people did you think people got paid to do that job well they're all voluntary laborers so if I were to say to you the Ark is the temple just another symbol of the temple and the first temple was built by what kind of a labor or voluntary labor the second temple was built they were paid and they were paid high wages which temple was more perfect how many temples are they how many temples are they it's only one temple to repeat and enlarge its repeat and large story did not two temples only one temple so you know the temple is built by voluntary workers and also paid workers who do it for what reason do you got the free will people good the other people hire them what's he doing it for Bill see Luke he's doing it for money and everybody's gonna know four thousand three thousand years down the road who's the best architect who's the best builder has ever been here on that planet Earth Hiram I mean his name is embellished now in sacred history the best builder that ever was and what's his what's his driving motivation fame and fortune and so yep yep he creates a whole I mean so I'm not arguing about a man is not worthy of his labor but original premises the the temple the sacred building should have not been constructed by filthy people shouldn't be done for money should have been done in the freeway and the example was say in the history of Moses but when Solomon comes who's had this really bad education doesn't know his left hand from his right hand he is a really bad person bad King he's gonna design a system where he's going to get people to build it for money because he's going to use a worldly system to get his temple built so I'm not talking about I'm not interested about the morality of that that wasn't the point I'm trying to make the point I'm making is which temple was the better temple they're the same temple his corruption did his corruption get imprinted upon those stones so you've got a corrupt worker building what kind of a temple a perfect temple so this concept about I think I asked you to look at it a while ago you have the bride and you have the guests so who's the bride in the story that we've just spoken about I'm suggesting oh there it is the second age of this experience the third is the work so I'm just going to take that off I'm suggesting this that the arc equals the temple equals the movement and the movement is the church triumphant so there are people who are constructing this thing and some of them are good and some of them are bad the church triumphant is going to be constructed through the work of organization so coming back to the story of Noah I think we have license to say that there are people who built that Ark and they were paid to do it so they own it all for the wrong reason I don't know how rich Noah was we had the ability to finance that project that's right they make they must have brought in three little free will offerings they must have done all of that but these people are building a perfect arc and these people are doing it all for the wrong reason this filthy lucre going on and they don't believe you know there must be some kind of superficial belief for him for them to even do it the voluntary workers why they there why they sacrificing time Indian and or an effort they must have some kind of belief that Noah's sounds convicted so I'm going to go with it so that the driving motivation is fear so they have this truth locked in and embedded in their mind but by and by they're going to falter and wave and come off because they really don't believe it in the heart and then you get eight people who end up doing that brother Tyler the original of what do you do in the meantime maybe this sounds crude but you're saying just be a filthy hiram and in work that's kind of what I just heard you say yeah it doesn't matter that you don't fully understand it or you're coming out of preconceived understandings you might be a good worker or a bad worker studio work yep and if your name is Noah and someone says I'll come and work for you and you know he's doing it for the wrong reasons what do you do you pay him and say work on one condition that when he does his work he has to be someone hold it it has to be a perfect work so he has to be committed to building the project soon as he doesn't you know if he goes to work and he's stealing nails you're going to get rid of him but as long as he's doing his work it doesn't matter about his motivation because everybody's welcome as long as you're there to build the project to meet this this whether you're in the leadership position like Noah or whether you're one of the workers it gives you Liberty you can now relax and say as long as you follow the rules everyone's welcome to participate some people do it for free and some people do it for money it doesn't matter what your motivation is everybody should have who built that Ark should have got on the ark we obviously know that but it doesn't matter if they don't all those people did Noah waste his money the Lord's money Titan or whatever the hell we've got his money was he wasting money telling these bad people to build because without their help it wouldn't have got constructed when you start thinking about the implications of that you know as it was in the days of Noah so shall they be at the end of the world there's there's so many things we misunderstand about that story so when we see how our own movement is operating and functioning the organization aspects the financial aspects of what were actually constructing there's room enough for plenty of taste to be in this in this room just as long as you don't rock the boat because as soon as you found stealing nails you're gonna be fired but if you just carry on plugging away you can be here for the wrong reason doing the right thing all the time it makes no difference just as long as you stick to the project I want to skip down to verse 16 no verse 15 oh no I don't we're way past time I'm sorry I lost track of time this close is prey on a positive note about Noah and his wisdom and foresight Heavenly Father we want to thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray Lord as we consider the work that we're here to do today Lord whatever our reasons for being here may each of us do a faithful work that we would put in a peg cut a piece of wood put it in place into this movement that is sound and without faults we know it's your hope Lord that these workers us are saved but even if we're not we know that the work that you have accomplished will be brought forth to the end father be with us and bless us with these thoughts and ideas in Jesus his name I mean