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comment Isaiah 46 we know that there's an interaction between Babylon and Cyrus sorry season leader Persian and second if it's on the board that leaks on the board so we know that the Medes and Persians are symbolized by a sheep how do we know that that's Mary a Bible verse need a purchase of the Sheep Bible verse no no no one flesh stuff Daniel 8 first no verse Jonathan neither perjury isn't cheap Bible verse to prove that she he's giving you the chapter Daniel chapter 8 memorization that's the Sarah verse 3 and but for those two you don't know who that's talking about brother Larry verse 3 talks about a sheep but it doesn't tell you who the Sheep is verse 20 now you eight verses 3 and 20 ties it all together so we know that we know that this this story is around the time period of Manasseh yeah so we can only figure that out but with when we do Manasseh we have to remember that this is not Manasseh time at the end this is not a seven thunders Manasseh did you understand that or do we do anymore I'm talking about if I say it's not a seven thunder Manasseh similar you all some what I'm talking about explain it there clarify it please you're not talking about the Manasa which was who had been taken captive by the Syrian yes which may last am I talking about it's not coming to my but it's someone's son baby that I haven't mentioned person name so maybe I'm asking do they agree that is some another Manasa I'm not sure of the context okay there's only one when that is the same and that's that we're talking about the one that gets taken captive yes the same person there isn't another Manasa what I said it's not the one seven thunders the white saying is if we get if we just use this model here because he's on the board seventy years back takes you to Manasa to Zedekiah weekly with that here is seven kings of Judah yep so if you're gonna run through this history sequentially where's the time at the end it's not that straightforward to answer that question they should have some context but in the context of Isaiah 46 Wednesday's where's the time at the end nope Isaiah 46 in context of Isaiah 46 where's of time at the end time to the end it's the end of Babylon so we haven't given a date but it's this one here yeah so this is the time of the end and Isaiah is looking here and preaching down to that history yeah so in real life he's standing here in this history here I put Isaiah here he's in this history and he's looking forward to this point here that's where he's pointing to so in that context he it's not in the history of Manasseh as a seventh under because Manasseh would be the time at the end if you're going to put one history on top of the other but we're looking at this history and then we're going to see the prehistory before that does that make sense we already demonstrated that because where is this chapter even in this reformed line we look in the dark because we had all these answers before bricks here in this darkness yeah so here this is the I guess the technical darkness but the darkness goes all the way back until you hit another reformed line so Isaiah's here and he's in the period darkness and he's looking forward so we established that and we're saying that I said that Cyrus he's going to come and do what we're gonna come and deliver God's people and he's a sheep so we understand that and we're going to make an application that the Medes and Persians are who why we're going to make them the United States this yeah look verse 11 and that animal is a wat which is a lamb isn't an animal it's a sheep it's a sheep it's a baby sheep so you connect the sheep yeah the fact that they've both got two horns is nice but they're both sheep that would be the connection so what's the role of Cyrus he's Cyrus the anointed so he's going to service the shepherd so he's going to deliver God's people that's the role that United States are gonna have they're going to deliver God's people but the United States did not deliver a wound to Babylon in 1798 they don't do that role but Cyrus does that role so Cyrus has got a dual role Cyrus is a what to Han power medo-persia similar in revelation 13:11 and I've been held another beast coming out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb does that mean it was a lamb or a sheep because is he actually a sheep or is it like a sheep so was Jesus 30 when he was baptized or about 30 you know the wording says he was about thirty being about thirty so was he thirty or the about thirty you don't think he could have been 31 there have been 29 okay help is this gonna just say about 30 shower at the birth when you find it Luke chapter 3 verse 23 Luke 3 2 3 and Jesus himself began to be about 30 years of age so who was he 30 or Z about 30 so he could have been 29 31 could be 28 it's about 30 about 30 sounds like he's going to turn 30 I'm just asking it are you telling me he's not 30 he could be yeah pastor - oh he could have been 29 yes so he can become a priest at 29 years old when he begins to fulfill his role as a priest so he says like and Jesus himself began to be like as 30 years of age that's the Hebrew excuse me the Greek yeah but I've asking you do you think he could have been any kind of age not 30 so you're not gonna dispute that so let me ask you a different question maybe $20.99 30 okay so do this calculation what calculation is gonna do no okay what what what what what day is this gonna be okay how many years is that sister shamila about 30 exactly 30 so what's this the history of it was to do with the pagan no pagan one he's the subject Christ Christ is dead long ago okay well good we'll go with that one Christ finish it off sister Halloween oh sorry this is story the Antichrist right how long did the Christ minister for 30 years Minister Ravi Jonathan however the Antichrist Minister for Reno yeah yeah because counterfeit priceless and copy a counterfeit because quite could have been twenty nine thirty was somewhere that Jesus's ministry was what is it say that I think I read it somewhere in a spray the prophecy Bible with Bible books Jesus Daniel chapter go into chapter why would you tell you the book Daniel 9 verse between 24 and 20 servant that's good enough in between 24 and 27 or so in the midst of the week week is seven yeah yeah so we got three and a half yeah so this could you can calculate that in canoe it could be 29 or 31 you sure I mean this they in this they could be going no don't be exact an exact 30 but Jesus wouldn't be exact 30 why is the word about there I don't know okay but wherever the reason it is not to say that it could be a different done but yeah I can see you know it can be 30 now based on that example that it has to be 30 yeah why else does it have to be 30 anyone else priest has to be 30 years old another example Josie okay why we'll be going there I can't remember why did we go there oh yes because it's the similar cities that is is it a lime or does it just look like a lamb use it lamb light yeah so I'm just saying yeah if it is so let's go to Romans 8:3 mr. sister Terry for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh so it says likeness I don't know if anybody couldn't maybe you could do it citizen whether is that likeness the same as the like in Revelation is it the same word is that is that a Greek word there likeness is the same word that's in Revelation are just interested doesn't make a real difference 3667 is that the same one that's in six six four in Revelation meaning really the last number is different now maybe what's the meaning of the word what does it mean tell us the definition in appearance or character in appearance of character and this one means resemblance so sister teri when it says Jesus was I read the verse for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh so does that mean he came into him professor he just looked like sinful flesh my daily was is that it's simple flesh is the nature of man it's not sort of like something that looks like it it is it so I'm saying when he says he looked like a lamb like beasts it was a lamb and I just wanna think it was another job but they came to my mind okay what about the concept or the idea of the image of the beast what does image mean copy and is it a stretch to say a copy means like it's like it looks like this thing so could we do that that's my question how do we approach these verses that when it says about like looks like image of the beast which is a copy which is like so okay we have I'm pretty sure but I think we've done this in class the Beast sister Sarah what is the Beast revelation 13 revelation 13 oh wait 17 will go with 17 min sorry Kingdom which one papacy so you can say this is the papacy you're going to say if we went to revelation 17 what head number is this bye everybody if someone disagrees or don't understand say so we'll explain it because if no one says anything it's just those five and no one objects I'm just going to put five and think you all know what she's talking about if you don't know what she's talking about then just say yeah okay so this is number five so image of the Beast he's home okay put a title first before head number through the image of the beast sorry papacy United States I'll do about three different answers for different houses is that is that I asked hope okay then I lost what they okay I'll go back to this one what is the Beast would you you weren't happy with that answer so if I said what was the base what would you put here if I said who was the base what would you put it I said I wasn't being tricky is this what is the image in the basement where you wouldn't we could give a different answer then you have to change this things okay okay so so I'm going to say to say papacy I cannot leave the papacy if it's an image that looks like Papa C's there I see one can I change it to image of the papacy so it's not exactly the papacy but the image of the papacy so weak so papacy anything Road yes I say is this copy of the papacy around at the moment yes so you've got which which city is he is this thing livening which thing a copy of the papacy I don't know about City I don't know the exact location but I think it's being set up in the USA so is it so you're gonna have two papers is now one in Europe and one in America so you have two popes no a copy of the papacy so I didn't think it's the same so it's not the papacy no an image of the papacy so they're gonna have the character I'd like to know the person whom it is that's what I already said it's the armies of Rome so I'll take that out yeah so who is the image of the beast church and state okay you can give me different answer there we somehow the same question but it's the same I'll give you a second give me a gig take a second take a second before you answer they lost someone else then thinking me of a change the next answer image of the base this is the on the main said something you're saying this is modern Rome anybody else anybody else have a different answer my sister Sarah oh no no don't you record with us oh we don't need a spirit office tell me what you think it is you can read the car yourself and give me get what you see he doesn't but tell me who you who what what the image of the base is right you know you saying so some people say more than Rome is something the same you need the United States I would go with my Jim Rome as well I'm just going with someone else Terry anyone else from the Tyler we're just image of the beast yes what the head number do you want the head number yet bad number yeah okay so we've got three people things are doing that okay hey number now seven of Jonathan eight rubber Barry right 8c saw the v7 relating for the leak I guess my question is after one month we need to give our company we've got this discrepancy she don't be on the same page so that's that I'm telling you off sister Derek with six this is number six back to words I'm sorry I didn't mean to put you down like velvet either seven you can never never go brother Tyler I'm not missing you're probably gonna say five it can't be five that's getting really bad see buddy okay so you switched to switch to switch to wait who put who said us eight okay so if you've got a beast and you've got a copy of it yeah church and state that's squirrels no no you got to state you said modern right my heard you say modern Rome yeah I would accept that okay so the base of the image of the Bates are they're the same thing can we do that yeah based upon Jesus was about 30 years old the lamb looks like the Beast looks like a lamb Chuck Christ was created in the likeness of sinful flesh River it's like or not like it's the same thing do you agree with that yeah so in this story here what is this entity church or estate so I've got the beast as a church so the people who said the USA what is the USA a church or a state so they've got this as a state so explain how a church can equal the state it's a rhetorical question because it can't yeah you can't have a church equal to state they're not the same thing so if you put that it doesn't work so what is more than row mature sure estate so if I put I'm going to take the word papacy out and I'm going to call this papal Road what is papal Road but your estate has become a state now you put rope here so I think put Roman there okay brother Kenneth it only a church it wasn't a person was only a church it was never as the state in the sense that it has its own military power it always needed the help of a state so you're saying papacy paper ropes all the same thing modern Rome so it's all Church is that what you mean by that statement at least I would say the type of role they acted like a church in in the past they wanted to be a king but the King to European nations I see so you want to change this one so you're saying I find the fifth kingdom is European nice yes if there's two answers oh you're saying that the fit is thing I mean the fits not necessarily the Beast okay so these goes number five day yep but still nations as well as a combination you've got to have a corrupt Church in a corrupt state so a woman rides the beast if you leave if you're going 5th Kingdom then you're looking at revelation 17 yeah and there's a woman riding the beef okay what if you're on the roll carry on so tell me what the Beast is here I'll scrap all of that a woman riding the beast in Revelation Matane so it's the state power that she's controlling so tell me a definition of a beast the beast the european nations if you if you're looking at the fifth kingdom looking at the beast yes 55 beast beasties state and church and church and the image of the beast same only it's a different church do we agree with that silence made you all agree no I didn't repeat myself sister teri didn't work he just putting it up here the she repeated herself and you did does that mean you disagree repeat again she says the definition of the beast is not only this stuff it's a state and a church that's what she said she said more than that by just simplified it then I said well what's an imager that me she says it's the same thing why is it the same thing because we just did it here the Beast is the image of the Beast that the same thing there's an equal sign somewhere everything on this side you have to do on this side see you have to do church and state so I'm not sure what you're objecting to that be sure you agree that you can put an equal thing I was just saying I didn't know why it was there why was being repeated because they got me here yeah okay so now she's going to define what state this is oh who said it wasn't the same church so these are different churches tell me what church this one was Church Telmo Church this one is hottest in churches everybody agree with that people and he said this is the papacy and this was positivism which one is which sorry papacy Protestantism where are you so you're in revelation 17 is the terror yes so what does this look like in revelation 17 this state pause so this is the Beast and what does this look like a woman ordered woman this is the woman what does this look like in revelation 17 which one you you did six seven and all this heads same place revelation 17 because this is number five no because we've got heads here okay so what's this one is it that animal or a different one is it okay Biden but it's a beast beast of revelation 17 and what any one is this one I guess it's all the same based isn't okay so he said I'll do that it's the same beast and what woman is what church is what woman is this one okay just to say because he's showing it showing the judgment of the beast and that's the whole history isn't okay so it's the same one then what's the difference between this one and this one it's the head numbers you can tell meet the hint okay so you say this is number five head and this one here so what head number are we on that okay so let's go to 17 verse eight I think if people are watching this video this is just a a good dry aggression but it's the digression of where we were going but I think it's useful just so that we can clear up some ideas eight now we're not going to go to eight we'll go to ten there are seven kings five are fallen one is and the other is not yet come so we've got past present and future and where are we here in the present five six seven I have to do one two five like that yeah we okay with that so we're here in this history here oh then we'll go to verse 11 the beast that was passed was then what you say is not is not next Shelby so it's not here it's here we've got number eight and I can put Shelby so in the history of the six what condition is the beast in so it's dead so we know when we get to this one here we've got the church in the state can't be number six head because the number six heads you don't have a beast so we can lock that one out and it tells you this beast when it's going to come up number eight so are we okay with that now if you put a six or a seven there can't be six or seven has to be eight that clear is there an eight head by the way there isn't an eight head so this is teaching that whatever this is number eight it says he's of the seven which means it's a copy of what it's a copy of another one one of those ones that have already existed and if we say it's the Beast and the image of the Beast is number four and the Beast was number five then this is number eight you know that a is the copy of number five you agree with that so if it's a copy is it the same thing copies and image it's like it's all at one level it's identical isn't it because it has all the same characteristics what's the difference well how do we know it's not the same which birth did we go to to that before it's not the same beast it's a different beast yes because we've got beasts and image of the beast but I want to change that I want to call it old beast and new beast is it fair to do that don't call it an image of the beast call it a new beast can we do that why can't we do that to sort of a what so you've got the old and you've got more than you Revelation chapter 17 verse 8 the Beast that thou sawest was a life and is not alive and shall ascend so is it the same beast it's the same beast so it's not an older than a new beast but it's the same beast and what's he gonna send out of so so it's a new manifestation so it's a same beast or a new beast it's a new manifestation of satanic power so it's a new beast it's the same beast but it's new it's the same beast but it's new what makes it the same the same characteristics sorry the first but I mean why would it be the same and yet different it's the same because it's the same characteristics because who's driving this engine same Church papal Church is driving it so it's the same because following the same principles why is it new yeah but why is it you sell the time period it's new because it's a different state it's new because it's a different state it's going to get different partners to do its work but it's the same because all the principles are the same it runs on the same same principle same thing and it's the same church so when we think about the image of the beast it's the same thing that's happened before it's nothing unusual or different so the thing that tripped some people up is they wanted to say that this was the USA and this was Protestantism is that incorrect or is it correct I asked you questions I don't know if or what no what you say no T correct or incorrect okay it's correct you think it is correct it's great because this image of the beast is gonna go from local to worldwide they're going to make their own image of the beast and once that set up they're going to say everybody has to copy our model so that is a correct model the United States and Protestantism because when the people did it when whoever said the state here I said who is the state I can't remember answers people gave hope they didn't put the USA here today because you can't be the USA this can't be the USA because this is the USA and Protestantism who what's this state the United Nations this is the ten Kings thankings that rule with the whore for one hour so where's the because you have held the arrow for the egg is up for the April 5th this arrow here yeah all I was just saying is when we look at the state is it I'll take the arrow out because it might confuse people I'm saying this is a combination of church and state is a mini version if you like of what's about to happen on the worldwide stage it's a progression Bravo Tyler the reason that revelation 17 is tricky sometimes because you can't separate the seventh from the because without the seventh you don't have any in terms of they rain one hour with the Beast think anything that is the image of the beast so the seventh is there really isn't an eighth it's just all the seven almost all but what is this maybe it's about representing what is the seventh take its United Nations on its own and its own engine yeah so that's a subtle difference it's the United Nations on its own but we've got here USA in the USA is number six so it's a bit of juggling and a bit of trickery to do that but if you literally take me correctly it has to be number eight because number eight is the resurrection of the beast and the Beast by definition is not all of this stuff it's the combination of church and state so when we say and we start counting down and we get to number five we always say it's the papacy we all know that that's not correct it's not right to call it the papacy because their heads are just this bit so this is the European Kings this is the this is Protestant them three these are the ten Kings and this is Protestant America so it's all Kings ten kings of Europe you know they're not ten of them this is ten Kings and tanking this the same thinking thanking searcher is identical sister teri sorry it doesn't employ he says he does yes so when you've got Babylon right here who's sitting on Babylon the woman you sitting on me the Persian she sitting on Greece so that's why I'm saying this is just a church that you've gotta consider you cannot say that this is the papacy all the way through in one specific context at number five is the papal Church because I number six the base these days and the base by definition is the church in the state joined together so when you get to number six when you get to number six what does number six look like what's number six look like right ahead revelation 13 what is number six look like with two horns and there's something about these two horns is what separation of church and state which is the Constitution it's a constitution that keeps swap dead or in fact kills it kills the Beast you cannot have a beast when you have a constitution so in the time period when the six head is ruling where America is ruling it won't allow a beast to exist and he won't now a beast to exist because the Constitution forbids it so the so to create a beast or do you have to do you have to do you have to kill and destroy the Constitution that has to be removed now you can get to a situation or a scenario where you're going to have the ability to produce a beast or a Basecamp be may and when you make this beast it's not just going to be some random beast it's going to be the same one that gets razor that was killed originated this is Daniel 11 verse 40 he said not pay pussies gets killed and now it's going to come back and it's going to kill back it's going to take revenge so it's the same person that what it's doing this work does that make sense which meat doesn't make sense this is a complexity about this thing parables are really powerful but they also give us a headache because what you've really got is seven separate beasts essentially and if you can conceptualize it that way so the woman is she going to sit on the sixth head and create a beast which is a combination church and state in time period of the six the answer is the answer is yes and everybody's just said you just know because I told you it was no because I told you it and the Bible tells you when you're here the Beast is dead but the woman sitting on this head sitting on the base you've got a church and state relationship going on so we have to be able to explain that and how do we explain that but you can if you don't forget your question how do we explain that she's riding the beast church and state so you have a beast there but the Beast is dead so the question is do you have a beast let's just a bliss that you have a beast the Beast is there but it's dead agree with that when you're at this stage here you have a beast what's the definition of a beast church and state come together ah yes okay why is the piece the combination of church and this is what wrote this is the complexity of revelation 17 because they're one level the base in and of itself is just state and one it's the woman but as you read through the chapter if you if you kept those definitions straight it wouldn't make sense no I that's what they're saying mix is the same if you have that cuz that's how you were taught in church so and number one you've got the woman writing a government and when the woman writes a government you have a piece that's doing what that is a lie okay with that and you guys all the way through until you get to this one the woman is riding the beast but this piece that she's riding is dead but she's still riding it you're still sitting on it does it make sense at that level just the text what doesn't make sense that she can sit on a dead beast okay so that's okay is that the issue is is that what the issue okay so we'll attack of that we're hacking the woman be riding Babylon so if you go back to just you know standard evangelistic theories that Adventists have they'll call the papacy what they'll say papacy is nothing more than this person here who's this person not the Pope sorry who is it yeah and his name is Dave God they even the fish God they'll say the papacy is nothing and they think they tell you it is they've got the robes and if you get that if you do the graphics right it just looks like a up you know an upturned fish literally so papacy is what it's they gone dressed up in Christian God or paganism dressed up in Christian God it's the same thing so once you can conceptualize that that the papacy the papal Church is nothing more than the pagan Church just in the different guys then you can go back to 1 2 3 & 4 because it's the same Church all the way through it the church dresses up as a Babylonian person made a Persian person Grecian person and then the pagan person and then eventually it changes its clothes and wears a christian garb but it's the same one all the way through we can conceptualize that and we agree with that so if you can agree with that then hopefully this won't stretch stretch your mind too much where do you begin this story with the beasts you begin it at number one and you end with number will go with seven because there's only seven heads goes from one to seven has to be severed because it's complete so you've got the Alpha and the Omega you could do so many things but this is the how much of the story is this the full story yeah when did the when does a problem begin at the beginning and how long does it continue for all the way so what kind of a problem is this it's a con it's a continual problem and it happens every day so it's a daily problem what is daily order daily 3 church or state Church though being it's not that easy to conceptualize it but this is church sorry we'll do the air religion yeah but she's qualifying that because sometimes you think about church in maybe not right way but it's religion so this woman is this religion and she starts up at number one and ends up at number 7 so the woman equals what she's been around for how long since the beginning so she is the this is the daily is the continual she's been around forever in the day so when you go back into Daniel chapter 8 and you start making the distinction between the day the end of transgression of desolation that's just a moot point because there is no transgression of desolation she just got the daily running all the way through but at some point in history the daily changes garb it looks different so we give it a new name yes although I don't think we could find a verse to show us that because that would be 538 and I don't think we've got a verse to show us that because what we want to see in Daniel chapter 8 and in this theme that it is a continual it's the same thing that's punishing God's people all the way through it just begins with the people of the prince and he ends with the flood and that's Daniel chapter 9 verse 26 and 27 the punishment begins with the people of the prince I think he says and then he ends with the flood so does that ask you a question it's the test the woman is not the papacy the woman when you take a snapshot or snapshot of her she's the papacy because it depends when you took her picture so they took the picture in revelation 17 when when you were here at number five and so what color is the woman gonna be wearing what's her outfit it's gonna be scarlet and who's her partner the European Kings and what religion a day will become Catholic so what's their color coding scarlet that's why it's a scarlet colored Beast revelation 17 it's just a snap shopping hit snap shot is history here at number five and basically all looks red so if you taken the picture when it was number one what would it look like it looked like gold if we're gonna use because it would be a convenient thing to do this it would look gold she'd be wearing some golden apparel and it would be a golden clad Beast and then it would change it all the way through but we've taken a snapshot here snapshot here and then why did we take the snapshot at number five why not earlier you could that you could have done it anytime you wanted to because God wants to teach us something doesn't he what does he want to teach us yep that number five it's number five that's repeated and when it's five is going to be repeated as what eight so number eight we said it's church and state yeah church and state church and state and we okay with what we've done so far so now we'll add one more complexity to it because the church and state how many states are there two UN sorry not UN USA and the UN number 6 and number 7 they coexist at the same time they live together so you have a three-fold Union one two three threefold Union because what's so special about number five that you never had before besides two armies it's a three-fold Union so that's a list of unique characteristics about number five are put three threefold threefold do we know what the threefold Union is for number five yep it's these seven here Western Europe the Germanic tribes and then the Byzantine Empire what most into Byzantine Empire on the east Constantinople in the seven European Kings so there's a three-fold Union and you have to have that dynamic happening in the time period of the 1260 otherwise the papacy would have been killed because if their deeds had just had one army the six bits of warfare that six whoa particularly the six would have gone in and attacked it through Spain or vice versa so it has to have both and then we take those characteristics of both of those armies and then plug them into end time history yeah so on the West how many kingdoms you got protecting the papacy on the West 7 but we're going to say 10 because it because it you've got the beasts head 10 horns we already understand that to remember get plucked up but the symbol of 10 is this symbol of support so at the end of the world you've got the symbol of 10 10 Kings who does Islam in Bible prophecy attack does he attack the 10 kings these ones here it doesn't it attacks the singular one which is pagan Rome on the east so that singular one would be who at the end of the world the United States so that's why you see this struggle between them in the United States who at the end of the world is going to destroy the papacy the 10 horns the 10 horns do four specifically France when you go back to 1260 but the fraudster then becomes a symbol of those ten by the way we're done Isaiah 6 verse 13 Isaiah 613 remnant was a symbol of a remnant 10 revelation 11 verse 13 11 13 should remember that why will 11 13 13 11 talking about the same power yeah same power do agree with that once France once America and what does it say about France how big 10 so what's that telling you what Frances it's the remnant of the ten that's why I'm saying we can put 7 but it's 10 it's the remnant of the 10 the remnant of the 10 is going to sort out the problem and who's going to sort out the problem at the end of the world the USA is gonna come and punish and destroy the papacy because who is the United States to haunt power symbolized by Isaiah 46 Cyrus Cyrus was France France the remnant is going to come and punish the papacy which is the role that United States is going to have so yes I don't know why we say armies because he's only one army and that was a facetious point we say armies because it's not going to do the job by itself it's going to get everyone else involved in saying we're all going to come and fight so does everybody get all those loose pieces tied together just one other point we develop the theory that says Cyrus at the time of the end punishes Babylon it has a two-fold role it kills and it's the benefactor for God's people then if you go to 1798 you've got two powers that do that France and America so America is the benefactor but at the very end America does what it does the work that Cyrus does it kills Mystery Babylon brother Tyler brother Jonathan Oh what would say that the the question I I didn't hear if you said the United States kills the pips here at the UN conspiracy in the United States has to because it's a symbol of France but France in the time of the end 1798 did that work that sorry starts but it was France it was two separate powers but at the end of the world America takes a boat rolls on it up but in revelation 17 16 says but the ten horns are gonna hit yes it says that it says all ten but I'm just using this symbol of revelation 11 with France in the original history for the beast the beast in the image of the meats are gonna they're gonna get the same problem and we know who should actually destroy this beast power who should it be who should be doing that work Islam Islam should be doing that they're the whoa that was designed and created to sort out people who make Sunday laws because that's the purpose of trumpets isn't it trumpets the purpose of a trumpet is to punish Rome when it makes a Sunday Lord that's why the four trumpets come and punish Pedro and they make a Sunday Lord and that's why the three trumpets throw the two trumpets are verse five and six punished the papacy when they makes a Sunday law and there's one more the seventh whoa when modern Rome makes us something wrong so what so Israel should be doing that work but they failed in their duty they don't do their job so someone else has to finish that work off the price did the in that history and America will do it in our history but America is if it typifies friends France France is just a tenth of ten verses all ten horns no I agree America is gonna get the whole world to do this job for it look are you saying America the engines are - so to speak - yes yeah but isn't it the same principle them that we teach when we say America because the premier king of the ten Kings King of Kings so therefore if it becomes the premier king of the ten Kings then it has command over David Cameron yeah because America is a tenth part of the city yes now in that history only the tenth did a fraud but in the end the world this tank is gonna get everyone to do that let's have a look Isaiah 46 verse 10 so how would you approach this verse what is this verse mean declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and they will do all my pleasure so what are the ancient times I want you to define 18 times for me you saying alpha reach TechSoup would you like to use seven when the ancient people lived what else can we define it in the verse itself you said yet a couple of people beginning that's right the beginning show me how you do that occurring the end from the beginning and it says ancient times from ancient times the things that are not yet done so we can see that the things that are not yet done is the end and ancient times at the beginning and what you just done to do that is a repeating in March okay so I there 46:10 is a really simple example of repeat and enlarge so show me how it's structured yeah and to close this yeah and from the beginning separated by into closes so what's this one and beginning it's just a comma yeah ancient times things that are not yet done see that's repeating a notch and a chiasm 12 on top of it so you've got a repeated enlarge and a quieten who said it was a client success that's big that it doesn't do them in order it goes from outside in ends not yet yeah so the Bible is defined exactly what it's saying so if it says not yet not yet equals what the end and ancient times equals the beginning so when you go to revelation 17 and we looked at a couple of verses what they're kept on site talking about in the future what was the phraseology it's different in different places so it says yet is we have shall be a sin anyone any other ones are wielding 17 just give me the phrase to the future one it's at least three if not four verses that do this not yet it's not yet do you mean is that verse 12 for the I'm not right now I'm just okay as well well says I've received no Kingdom as yet as yet means okay said so I guess that's enough you can see you've got exactly the same phrase here as you've got here so if you're going to line upon line or proof texting what do you know about revelation 17 when it says past present and future what is the talk when it talked about the future when is it speaking about he's speaking about the end by definition you don't have to guess you don't have to say well I think it's at the end because we've run out of head numbers or anything like that by definition he's talking about end so can we see that yeah so we've picked up the word end with proof text it in the verse itself by doing by under by recognizing you've got repeating enlarging the chiasm the chiasm is just is just a nice deep but it's a repeating large so you have defined that not yet equals the end and so when you come to this history here you're in the place where it says not yet which is the future but now you know that the future is the end but if you come back to here if you're at the head number six which is the United States when this number six begin 1798 so we know that 1798 is not the end don't we how do we know it's not the end because we've just proven it here we've just proven that the future is the end and the future happens under what head soon as you get from number six you get to number seven where you can put seven and eight I don't mind but it's not number six that's the point I want to bring up so the end is when you get to number seven so just that we round at time just that as a casual thing you could you could if you if you really dug this out we could prove this show this then when it says the end he's talking about the end of the world and the end of the world is the time of the end not just in the time at the end is at the end because you can't say in the time at the end using this meaning because if it was in the time of the end where would you be here from six to seven but seven and onwards is defined as being the not-yet history which is the end I don't if we can see that connection the space between five so if we're here five six seven this is 1798 in 1798 is called the time at the end because that's the end of the world and Ellen why it's going to tell you we are now living in not at in the time at the end she's going to get all that history as a singular thing call it in but if you have Proust Texas correctly which we have Isaiah 46:10 what is it teaching you that we're here in this history are we at the end of the world we're not at the end so you've got a conflict between Daniel 11 and Isaiah 46 verse 10 and revelation 17 you can't be at the end until the seventh kingdom but then you said something about the time in the end which is 1989 so there's a conflict there as well that for as long as well does every understand that because Daniel 11:40 says that we're at the time at the end not in the time yeah at the time of the end is here but we're not in the time of the end yet hopefully our otherwise Ezra Peters said we're not in the time no I said according to this this I'm saying there's a conflict going to Ellen White where you'd read it we're in the time at the end from 2098 we're going to this understanding we're not so how do we resolve that issue that brother Tyler's just throw out when does America begin to rise up know biblically prophetically 1798 where you might time at the end but it's rising up long before that 1776 so it's been around for a long time so when it's talking about this end and we're thinking about the concept of the time of the end I'm not saying you have to we have to study this a lot deeper but we can begin all I want to show us is that using repeating in large the way we've just done here by like letting the Bible define itself in this specific way you can begin to open up and that's what I wanted to do is just open this up this this thought that using this and bringing it back into this history then you can begin to see that the time of the end isn't just 1798 there has to be something more to end time prophet here than just this 1798 and we're in the time of the ending some kind of generic sense and so then you have to understand what this event is here when you transition from the sixth to the seventh and when is that because it's not Sunday law but this is midnight cry this is when that transition happens so you have to see this transition that America is going to go from the sixth and to the seventh so like you in about 10 seconds we're just going to get all this together and when you go to 6 7 & 8 6 7 & 8 what's that speaking about this 6 7 & 8 because we're going to say its United States the United Nations and this beast power so we've got three fold Union that's how we would normally do it but what we were beginning to understand when we think about the number 45 what is these three things talking about one president who's going to take three roles the role of a Republican the role of Alexander the Great this dictator who's just stomps on everybody and what the bed partner of the papacy so you can begin to see that these three fold unit isn't just three people it's actually three entities it's actually one person who's going to take on three roles so there's a lot that we could talk about and unpackage but yeah all I wanted to see show you is that if you go and let the Bible do what it's supposed to do interpret itself it opens up a lot of avenues that sometimes you wouldn't maybe think about and the implications of what those mean then we've taught us for a long while at the time with the end of these two events happened 1798 1989 people think you're making it up but it's all there to be discovered still if we're willing to allow the Bible to do what it wants to do hopefully that didn't make too much of a computer into your minds let's pray Heavenly Father we want to thank you and praised you for your goodness and mercy as we try to conceptualize and understand the work of the papacy the work of the kings of the earth to support her may this understanding settle deep within our minds in our hearts so that we might make the adequate preparation that we need to to be able to stand at the end of the world lord I ask and pray that you would be with us bless us and guide us directors father into a closer understanding of these truths is on a prayer in the name of Jesus I mean