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let's pray amen well good morning and welcome to those travelers who are back so I'm going to lay out a lot of information in a very short period of time just so that it's on the record now you have the printout here which is just some diagrams on the link to the video there will be a larger paper that's something like 30-some pages that was a rillette it'ld a paper that i did back in 2015 so in 2015 I presented in Canada the trumpets the seven trumpets and specifically focused upon the first second and third woe so I know it's going to be a lot of information I don't expect that you're going to absorb everything but a lot of these things are really important in understanding the predictions so I we're dealing with the prediction that we talked about yesterday morning an attack by Islam on July 18 2020 and there's a lot of things that somebody looking at it on the surface is just gonna think we're we're making leaps but these things have been put in place for a long time and we're just now noticing some of these details what they mean so some of these details I've noticed before but I didn't understand the significance of them so that's why I wanted that paper that I did back in 2015 to be studied I didn't really change it much except I added some material at the end and a couple of footnotes so a lot of the ideas that are here we're already there back three years ago so the first thing we're going to just do this quick review of the fifth sixth and seventh trumpet now the fifth trumpet begins to sound in six oh six and if you look in the Pioneers writings this is when Mohammed begins his imposture now not everybody's familiar with that but this is when he goes to the caves in Medina and he begins his and the way that pioneers understood it is it's a deception that it's not that he really had an angel visit him but hid that he's making a plan and so this is in 606 and Mohammed dies in and in 632 a becquer there's different ways to spell it I'll spell it like that he rises as the first caliph or successor of Muhammad and some of us are familiar with his and and we need to look at Revelation chapter 9 by the way because that's what we're studying here and he has this in Revelation 9 it says in verse 1 and the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit and he opened the bottomless pit and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace and the Sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit and there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth and unto them was given power as the Scorpions of the earth have power and it was commanded that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green thing neither any tree but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads so many of you are familiar with this but we connect this to Abu Bakr and so this is and I can read the statement here when I find it could have had it queued up I guess but how many people are familiar with Abu Becker and his statement how many I didn't see it all the hands okay so there's just a couple of you so I should bring this up some of you might remember once I I bring it up but he makes a statement regarding the the people that they should hurt so it's a decree so basically he tells them that they need to and my computer's running really slowly here he he tells them that they could there's a group of people so I can't find it here quick enough there's a group of people that they are to leave alone these live in monasteries they're peaceful people he tells them that they should not hurt the the crops but only take what you need to eat but there is a group of people who have shaved crowns and those you should cleave their heads and so he's referring to Catholics in that case so the Sabbath keepers with the way we interpret that is that the Sabbath keepers are the ones who have the seal of God's God in their foreheads and Islam does not attack them so we should be familiar with this with this decree as elder Jeff calls it so this is Abu Bakr now what many people don't recognize is that there is a period of five months that are talked about so it says in verse five and it was given to them that they should not kill but that they should be tormented five months and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion which strike when it strike with a man so this period of five months here is a hundred and fifty years so we know that Abu Bakr comes here in 632 so this period has to end in 782 now we recognize that there's a period of 150 years here in 1299 this begins on July 27th with Othman and this period of 150 years is the one that we normally recognize now what's interesting is if you look at this period this intervening period here it can be divided 908 126 years after this and 391 years this is a period here where Islam is there's a hope what we call the Crusades I guess just for lack of a better word that exists here so this period of 126 years and 391 years we've already seen as days so and this period here there's there's two different events here there's one that's on May 15th and another one on December 17th and these are 216 days apart and the one on May 15th is the co-regency of Constantine the seventh with Leo the 6th when Constantine the 7th only three years old and the other one on December 17th is a coup that occurred I'm not going to give you all the details on that it is in my notes in a little bit more detail from Wikipedia so there's events that are happening with both the the Empire the eastern Roman Empire and with Islam that are important in marking there so we're familiar with these periods or at least this period starting on July 27th and we know that this is 391 years and 15 days this is based on an hour a day a month and the year now one of the things about this this statement that they're going to to have this power with which is in Revelation 15 that the four angels are loosed which are prepared for an hour a day a month and a year and we talked about the loosing or loosening if you want to say it that way of of Islam and we also talked about the restraint of Islam and we're going to look at that a little bit five some ideas about that and how I understand this but the point here is that the first point I want to want to look at is that if we were gonna look at this our day month in a year this is the normal way in which we would write a point in time you know so we would say it's you know what time it is what day it is what month it is what year it is and yet these four elements of time that we use are to give a specific point but here they're being used as a period of time in this 391 years and 15 days and there's significance in that in a number of ways which you know I don't have time to go over all those ways but one of the ways that we can see is that this prophecy was very specific in millerite history that they pointed out the day now we have that with the 2300 days but it's it's in a different sort of way that that occurs because it's connected with the with the tenth day of the seventh month with the day of atonement but here we have a prophecy that specifically points out a day and as they near that that time Josiah which points out August 11th 1840 so you know these elements these time elements are now being used in different ways that we're going you know the day for a year a day for a month a month for a year or whatever we have all these different ways in which we can use these time bel elements symbolically which we were doing in our prediction now the other thing about this date and I guess I can do it up here but this is the 26th day of the fourth month in 1299 now when I originally had back in 2015 when I had looked at this I had noticed that the year 1299 when I looked at the biblical calendar was April 4th for the first day of the first month so just like in 1844 the first day of the first month April is April 19th in 1299 the first day of the first month is April 4th and then I looked at it in 1840 and I found that the first day of the first month on the Gregorian calendar was April 4th that is here in 1299 if I if I looked at the Gregorian calendar I'm gonna get a different date I wouldn't get April 4th but there is this biblical date and so I found that here if I go to July 27th it's the 26th day of the fourth month and the same happens in August 11th 26th day of the fourth month for July July 27th and then you would add the 15 days to get August 11th so does that make sense to people yes to Mina 79s to Julian right yes this is Julian and this is Gregorian and it's in both years to 26th day of the boy yeah so this is a Gregorian date this is a Julian date now what I recently noticed and the reason why I didn't notice it before when I go to this year 14 49 and I look at July 27th it's always going to give me a Julian date on any of my calendars so any of my material is gonna give me this Julian date and so I'd always look at July 27th and I would see it doesn't match up what I didn't notice is that if I go to the Gregorian date in 1449 that it's also the 26th day of the fourth month so July 27th Grigorian say these are the Gregorian dates is also the 26th day of the fourth month so this means that there is there's a connection here that that we never noticed that that if they had just gone here and gone to the biblical date they could have taken July 27th and counted the 391 years and then the 15 days so they could have done it that way but the other thing which I noticed a long time ago but it didn't mean anything to me is that the Julian date is July 18th for the 26th day of the fourth month so it was you know it did I mean I knew it was later on I knew what July 18th meant but in 2015 I didn't know it was Samuel snows last letter so it didn't really click I just would go and check it out and just say oh it's July 18th but I wasn't looking at the Gregorian date I was just looking at the Julian date now we're gonna come back to this but I want to to point out that what we did with Ezekiel's 390 days where we started on the fifth day of the fourth month which was July 21st and I want to look at this because I want you to see something about why God has laid these things out this way if we if we can understand it so we know that Ezekiel a4 390 days on his left side and he started on July 21st and if you count from July 21st 390 days you'll always come to August 15th unless there's a leap year in there right so some years you won't get that now we do know that there's 25 days from this date which is midnight to this date which is the midnight cry in 1844 so 390 is just 25 plus 365 so if you had a leap year it would be a different you would just come to August 14th but we know that in in 20:19 that you don't have a leap year so we use this in another place but anyway the point is this this pad here is three hundred ninety days so that he wakes up on the morning of August 15th on the Julian calendar right because that's the calendar that we use for those dates and but on his calendar it's the tenth day of the fifth month right so that's the date the Jerusalem is destroyed to the day five years later so this is five ninety-two and this is five ninety one and then we know that in Ezekiel 20 verse one on the tenth day of the fifth month certain elders of Israel come to inquire of the Lord and sit before Ezekiel so this is in 590 BC and this is four days to the day before the destruction of Jerusalem so you got one year here four years here and in 586 on the tenth day of the fifth month Jerusalem is the temple specifically is destroyed right even though Jerusalem is destroyed as well but that's really the event that's important yes - Nina no they're not lined up they're just deer lines okay so we have we have these dates and we could see here that we have the tenth day of the fifth month three times in a row and this is an important point in an understanding that this line is telling us something about the destruction of the temple right that's that's the purpose of this line so in Ezekiel even though the prophecy of the three hundred ninety years in the forty years ends with the siege the real purpose of it is the destruction of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that's why in Ezekiel 20 when the elders come and inquire of him the message that he gives them is that it's too late Jerusalem is going to be destroyed there's nothing you can do about that but it's still a message of warning to them Jerusalem is not destroyed yet it will be it's inevitable so as individuals they could be saved but Jerusalem itself will not be saved and so we definitely can see the parallels to our history and we will address those a little bit more in detail as we we go through this but the main point here is I just want you to see that that line points to by those that triple dates points to some event now when we go to this line and I'm just gonna well I'll just I'll just erase a little bit here just so it's not in our way but you know those so when we go to this line here we can see that this twenty sixth day of the fourth month is repeated three times and it's tied to this date July 27th and July 27th has come up in our history it's the date upon which Daniel made a prediction about the hundred and 26 days from the camp meeting the international camp meeting into Italy that that 126 days would end on October 13th 2018 right so he made that prediction on July 18th and that 126 days has the center of a chiasm that's August 11th so some of these things we've we've gone over and you're going to need to go over them again anybody watching this video you need to watch the videos that deal with that but the point the point being here is that we have this date of July 27th that becomes a symbol and it becomes a symbol of a prediction would people agree with that that idea that it's a symbol of a prediction now specifically here in this line what is it predicting in this top line its Islam right so when we go to this date the 26th day of the fourth month that's connected with July 27th it now becomes a symbol about a prediction about Islam so I know some people had some difficulty where I I took this this here and and so I'm gonna just go over this really quickly but we took this idea that in Ezekiel 20 that we could then go to 2020 the year 2020 and we could look at this date the tenth day of the fifth month in the year 2020 because Ezekiel 20 is about Ezekiel 2020 it's about the Sabbath and if the Jews had kept the Sabbath Jerusalem would never have been destroyed now one of the things that we see in this date the date that this is in 586 is August 18th and that they didn't really mean anything to me but when I looked at the rabbinic calendar I found that the date was July 18th that is what I did is I took the rabbinic date tenth day of the fifth month and I just wanted to know what that was on the Julian calendar and he gave me the date July 18th so I thought well July 18th is important but the tenth day of the fifth month is what I'm looking at here in 2020 yes okay some hands here okay Tamina first faster calendars I guess it was August 18 in July takes my question first okay way back okay Kate Jeff I what you looking at way marks the way I understand it and you're identifying there's simple you need a couple witnesses and you've just put in the record that July 27th becomes a symbol of a prediction and as I run through the July 27th in my mind I can see those three up there are a symbol of Islam but not of a prediction the only one that I can see or you can put weight on its prediction is Daniels and I would even have an argument about that being the prediction but the July 27th that began the French of the reign of terror and ended the reign of terror I don't see a prediction in there on July 27th when the State Department was founded I don't see a prediction in there so you're taking one modern manifestation and labeling July 27th as a prediction I'm not arguing the body I don't know my seat up but no I'm just putting it into the record that I'm not seeing the prediction part of it yeah okay that's fine so we will deal with that a little bit later just about the prediction how I understand that so the other question was just this calendar this is the Julian calendar 10th day the fifth month is the biblical calendar this if I go to the rabbinic calendar for 586 BC they have their tenth day the fifth month a month earlier so they have July 18th now when I went to 20/20 I wasn't really looking for July 18th I was just seeing what the tenth day the fifth month produced in 2020 so when I went to the biblical calendar and I looked at the tenth day the fifth month the date that I got was July 18th on the Julian calendar just like here so this is that the fact that the same date showed up is statistically unlikely it's not impossible you know it could happen but it's not very likely but considering all the other circumstances that we have here July 18th showing up in this line in 1449 on the Julian calendar and we have July 18th showing up here in this line of Ezekiel's literal 390 and 40 days his his period dealing with the destruction of Jerusalem the fact that July 18th shows up here on the Julian calendar seems significant and then you of course you know that we built from this we found for the first time that Samuel snows letters have the same structure as our prediction dealing with November 9th 2019 okay question so if you're going to look at any given date any isolated incident you have a date here if I'm just gonna pick one calendar the chance that I'm gonna find that date on that calendar is one in 365 right just you know just on a broad thing you have a year there's there's so many dates and if I pick the calendar and I'm gonna find a date that's just the statistical probability now there's other things that could narrow that right when you add a second calendar that narrows it as well and if I know that it's within a certain range of days that are possible that say 30 days you could say this is 1 in 15 chance right that I'm going to find July 18th on that on that kept by just putting the tenth day of the fifth month it's when you start to multiply probabilities on the different calendars then you start to get higher improbabilities yes so that it's going to be less much less likely that those things are going to to happen so we know that we laid out Samuel snows letters so it's really hard to say how probable or improbable that is that Samuel Oates knows letters already have this structure and we just happen to find it when we started with July 18th because the dates here are Julian dates in the line that we do for the prediction on July 18th 20 20 but in Samuel snows letters they're Gregorian dates and so the Julian dates Oh pinned up that structure to us so I know that's an another complex topic dealing with that and not everybody understands it completely but the thing that we can look at is that we have this date July 18th 2020 but this date is a Julian date so this date if I was to put it on our modern Gregorian calendar would be July 31st so technically this would be a prediction that on July 31st 2020 certain of the elders of Israel will come and inquire of the Lord and sit before us that would be the the basic way you would look at that prediction whatever that means but that's how we would look at that we would say well that's what it would be pointing to yet but that's a different line so that's that I haven't showed you yet so that's a different line that's not this line that's not this line either it's a different line so that's the line we have to we have to look at so this is going to be up here on this line so when we go back here we can see we have this 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month so the question that I had is a little bit rather involved I could just do the simple step but I wanted you to understand what the process was so Stephen Jameson from Ireland sent me an email and he was using this 391 years going from July 27th 14:49 to July 27th 1840 and stopping at July 27th 1840 no just on the Gregorian calendar that's the Gregorian date so he's just going to the same date that Samuel snow or not Sam you snowed Josiah it's used to count his 15 days and the suggestion he had was why not count six months that is we have the 391 years why not take the six months and count that from July 27th 1840 so it's kind of a silly idea I would think in some ways but he had some good arguments for it so one is this idea of an hour day a month in a year these symbols can switch places and we could then apply this six months not in a literal sense but in a day for a year sense so what he's doing is he's going to July 27th 1840 and instead of counting 15 days which is one hour as a prophetic symbol he's gonna count six months and six months if we use them as a prophetic symbol five months 150 years six months is how many years 180 right so then he would just say we're gonna go here a hundred and eighty years and we're gonna find out what dates we want now he was trying to get to July 31st and he did some strange things that didn't really make any sense but he had the right idea the thing that he didn't have the piece of the puzzle he didn't have was the biblical date so he wasn't thinking about the biblical date the 26th day of the fourth month because that's the date you want to end up on in 2020 because that's gonna be from 1840 180 years brings you to 2020 right so the date that he's going to need to land on is the 26th day of the fourth month so when you look up this the 26th day of the fourth month the date it produces is July 18th and that's a Gregorian date now we already have this date July 18th 2020 this is a Julian date the Gregorian date for that would be July 31st now some of you know about this already and it already has sunk in a little bit but when we look at this and we see this July 18th one thing we notice is that this period of 5 months or 150 years starts with a Julian date here July 27 and ends with the Julian date July 18th so you see that right now it it also ends with the July 27th Gregorian date but it ends here Julian - Julian is 27 to July 18th and then we go here we have July 27th ago gorian date going to July 18th a Gregorian date so we have the same basic idea of a structure susp an of time five months six months but they both start and end on the 26th day of the fourth month and they both produce July 27th to July 18th right so when you start to look at this structure it has to be significant now why is it six months 391 years and six months for the kings of Judah so it's our symbol that we already have no but it's just that it happens to be five months in six months and that these two periods show the similar pattern right in their dates even though one's five months and one six months so then the suggestion is well what happens on this date now if we we put this on a line here we can see the July 18th Gregorian right so this is a Gregorian date is going to be thirteen days prior to July 18th the Julian date July 18th the Julian date there's a Gregorian there's a Julian you can see it easier if you just count from July 18th to July 31st which are both Glorian but these two dates here are the same date the ones Julian ones Gregorian and so we've already have a prediction with this date and now we have a prediction with this date thirteen days apart okay Brittany at twenty sixty two the fourth month eighteen forty is a obvious eleven or July 27 its July 27th yeah I'm just going to 391 years and stopping there right yeah so this is just 391 years not 15 days yeah so just going to that initial July 27th of July 27th yep Daniel 8 18th oh wait July 18th so there's 13 days apart now at this event and this is the problem when we first looked at this I thought why are the certain of the elders of Israel coming to inquire of the Lord what what what reason would there be for that to occur there'd have to be some reason so when we look at this July 18th which is 13 days prior it gives us a reason why they would inquire of us or inquire of the Lord and come and sit before us what is that reason why would they do that what is this event marking and what would why would they then come in inquire of us okay prediction that came true okay so if we had a prediction that came true as to the date and the event that would probably be a good impetus for them to come and inquire of the Lord and said before us I would think so this event must be what what would this event be if we look at this line now I'm saying you know maybe the way I said it is not the best way but I'm saying that this becomes a symbol of a prediction about Islam that is July 27th to me every time I think of July 27th I think of Josiah Lich's prediction about August 11th 1840 that's that's the way I think of it so maybe that's not the best way to say it but to me July 27th itself is not the event that he's marking in 1840 he's marking August 11th that's the fulfillment of the event but hit the date he uses to make that prediction is way back here in 1299 July 27th and so that's why I think of it that way so maybe it's not the best way to describe it maybe there's some other way to describe it but the point is July 27th showing up is telling us it's giving us a key that there is another date that's going to be used to predict Islam and either that is going to be a restraint of Islam or a loosening of Islam and so I just want to touch on this a little bit so let's look at the first page here what's that okay you have a question yes this is the 26th day of the fourth month in 2020 right so when I go to the 26th day of the fourth month in 2020 I get July 18th but that's the Gregorian date just a regular date where before when I went to the 10th day the fifth month it produced July 18th in the Julian calendar which is July 31st on the Gregorian so these two these two predictions are connected to each other now just a note and I'm going to touch on this in a bit but we also have a prediction which is November 9th 2019 this is 252 days apart between these two predictions yes okay elder Jeff my point is that when you're identifying July 18th 2020 that Islam is going to be loosed again mm-hmm that is a prediction mm-hmm but at the same time you're giving that prediction right now okay I'm saying that way mark is about Islam mm-hmm it's about is yes be loosed it's a it's not a symbol of it you don't have any evidence if someone stands up on July 18th 2020 and gives a prediction that's yes intent but Jojo 18th is the prediction is my point and July 27th is not no nothing happens on July 27th in the in this history right July 27th is the starting date and August 11th is the prediction prediction well before the event yes and that's your your one point of reference for calling it a prediction with something that Daniel recognized on July 27th actually I use this as my my point of reference to the main thing yeah that's one of them annual but this is my main reason but yeah we could call it something else I'm not but it is about Islam but I think we're kind of doing a little bit of misdirection by not being clear that's a okay well it is a prophecy of Islam fulfilled there and we're predicting it in advance of the prediction part of it the actual propagation of prediction comes before them right yes and and the other thing about it the fact that it's connected with this prediction right because you go back here October 13th you know 2018 being the three hundred ninety one point five days this is noon this is midnight and there was this one hundred and twenty six days which divided is 63 days and 63 days with August 11th in the center and this is either June 9th or 10th depending how you count it and then it's on July 27th the Daniel says this is going to happen not recognizing that this 126 days he refers to the center of it is August 11th so the point is in my thinking is that Islam is already here in this history and so there's a prediction about Islam tied to this and then you go here and you have this 391 point five days and then you have 25 20 days leading to this prediction so we have this structure that we can we can use all these elements to tie this all together as one prediction in a sense because this prediction leads to this prediction and so that's that's where to me it's a string of predictions which we see in the story of Joseph and we see in the story of zekiel and his prophecies and we see also in the history of Samuel snow so the fact that we have a series of predictions that lead to the prediction at least in in so far this is the sort of the farthest one into the future shows that there's this structures is is purposeful yes Phillip which is that prediction or each one of those two well this is a prediction this is a prediction for this event this event was predicted this event was predicted and you and these present they already took tradition well I'm just saying here July 18th because this is the furthest that we are now and you say which of these what what is what is it predictive of on July 18th like well that's what we're trying to discover here yeah so we know it's about Islam but that's the fulfillment of the prediction it's not the prediction when the pH is given yeah that's just semantics though yes I understand that I understand the difference between making a prediction and its fulfillment what's that we have to make this distinction condense because that's the fulfillment yes and give you another prediction mm-hmm you're giving now November yeah this would be the fulfillment of an event prediction yeah okay but we in English often cloak we'll just talk about the prediction as the fulfillment when it gets fulfilled we're predicting an event when it gets fulfilled it will be fulfilled but it's not fulfilled yet it's the prediction still okay so this this structure here goes back you know one is we see this 391 in this one 26 252 is just 126 doubled I don't know if people know that but you just think about the 25 20 it's 21 26 you double it you get to 52 right now okay what we've been saying about PBM is actually the predictions before midnight yes become a four ality okay so when we come back to Samuel snows letters remember his letters we have them over here and we have here's his letters and we know it starts with hit the writing of his first letter on February 16th and the publication of a last letter on July 18th so one is we have this date July 18th and this this date both this date and the date the second day of the fourth month have shown up in our lines in our predictions right they show up there but this here we have called you know we tried to deal with this what's the prediction before midnight now we know May 2nd is the center of the chiasm and that was the first date that we used in millerite history to mark the prediction before midnight but we came to realize that these were all part of a structure of an increase of light and that the confirming of the covenant the article that's written here on July 18th is three days before midnight in in millerite history and so this July 18th this date is showing up here in these lines it shows up in this history right July 18th the Julian date for the 26th day of the fourth month and it and then it shows up again when we repeat this structure July 18th it also showed up in the literal days or basically in the destruction of Jerusalem but this 10th day of the fifth month structure that we see in Ezekiel it shows up there so the fact that we have it showing up in Samuel snows letters we have it showing up in Ezekiel we have it showing up in Josiah Lich's prophecy and then it shows up when we apply it to our time we would have to say that this is pointing to July 18th however we're going to understand that yes to me it's a question it's premature just you don't have to answer it until you look at July 18th is the 10th day ten days but from to cyllage before August 11 like a refinement after July that I'm refining it now like I don't know you're not doing no you don't know what she's talking about mm-hmm no well I know what she's talking about yeah yeah I yeah I wouldn't speak do that no no it's nothing to do about refining prediction which is originally what Stephen Jameson was trying to do with his six months it is more like a refining a prediction we're all I'm saying is that when we look at this we have July 18th now again July 18th is on two different calendars here if Islam attacks the United States on July 18th 2020 I don't know that it will necessarily take 13 days for somebody to come and enquire so it could be that this date here just is a symbol to connect us to here so that once this occurs then people will start coming to us to to find out why we came to that correct application of prophecy yes Phillip well why why do we mark for example let's say we have any attack at least now mm-hmm and you say they're the same day 26 day of the fourth month of the fourth month why do you mark it on July 18th Gregorio none not true and not Julian why do I not use the Julian date sorry why do I not use the Julian date in 2020 yeah why why do you mark be a thank you it's a free market aquarium what's the structure here oh you're tight with 26 there okay so this is July 27th and it's it's predicting this is a Julian date and it's predicting a Julian date that's the same biblical date when we go here we have a Gregorian date and the same biblical date is predicting a Gregorian date okay so that and that's always the strongest whenever you're looking at a calendar when you have a calendar that's just the current calendar that's the strongest thing that you would do now you know you could go and take off the 13 days and then to figure out whether that means anything but you know God is pointing to in this structure to July 18th Gregorian Kate Tamina I was gonna ask what your logic is to say that July 18 is an attack of is nothing better than the restraint okay that's what I was gonna go into before all these questions started okay Britney she doesn't understand the logic of why you're not relating to that prophecy from August 11th instead of you're using July 27 because there's 391 years and then 15 days leads us to August 11th and the fact that I can take this biblical date and line it up here this is Gregorian this is Gregorian so that means I can look at 1449 we get the biblical date it's July 27th on the Gregorian calendar and I can go to 1840 and look at the 26th day of the fourth month and it's July 27th on the Gregorian calendar so the 15 days would be added by Josiah which we're not adding 15 days we're adding six prophetic months what's the justification for not addressing the 15 days well because his prophecy would come short of the 360 one point five years of the kings of Judah so now we're why so what well his prophecies correct there's nothing wrong with this but we know that when we lie up to lay Josiah Lich's prophecy with Ezekiel's prophecy that they're really the same prophecy about different things if that makes sense that it's the same structure but we have Josiah Lich's end with 15 days which is half a month and we have the kings of Judah an Ezekiel's prophecy ending with the destruction of Jerusalem 391 years and six months after the dividing of the kingdom and so that six months is half a year so we have these years divided and the month divided so in my understanding there there's perfect logic in comparing these two prophecies yes all the Jeff okay I listen to you you pretty much articulated how I would answer that myself only I wouldn't do it that way I'd say he's simply using line upon line against operating on the premise that he's got enough care waymarks in each of those lines to say they're the same line so he can come to the conclusion of the 391 years and say yes force Angus know he was dealing with that 15 days but line upon line he also have the prophetic justification for going six months beyond the 391 years and that's what I was suggesting early on when this started opening up is that if you bring it line up on line the 15 days may produce away mark that's different than the six months but we should be willing to look at it and that's what he's doing it he's I think his justification is line upon line application mmm-hmm and and the logic to the thing that would be a leap to me is to say well this six months is prophetic months not six actual literal months but the reason why I can justify it has to do with this 26th day of the fourth month and the fact that I get this date when I do it that I don't just get some random date and that this structure then tells me I'm doing the correct thing that's that would be the argument there yes you can see the 15 days are symbolized here as a hundred and fifty years right so and that's what I think about this prophecy when I talk about the hour of the day the month a year these become interchangeable as symbols that something that's an hour can become a bigger period of time something that's a year can become a smaller period of time and so forth and they can be divided as well miss Brittany that didn't register so the end of the one a to use is July 18 Orion any other on your bottom line so it's the man that yeah would be the fulfillment this is Islam using this is the elders all he's saying is that six months take you to that date that is it's loaded with the emphasis of Islam mmhmm yeah so I mean my initial reaction is that's a strike against the United States by Islam but we may as we look at it we may decide something different now before you answer ask any more questions we have to go to this first page again because I have to lay this out so when you look at the second diagram we have the first second and third wall laid out and we have in 632 that's Abu Bakkar Islam is loose right that's a period of 150 years under the the first caliphate we have this now he does put a restraint on there so we could even say that he has a restraint so in the under the fifth trumpet once Muhammad dies Abu Bakr he makes this decree which it's a loosening of Islam they start to be this scorpion that hurts but they're not under a king and so when you read the paper I deal with that idea that it's not until they're under a king in 1299 that the first wall begins so before locusts normally are just so you know they don't they don't have anybody that rules them but under Othman they do and but the point is here they're loosed now we can see that there's a restraint that happens at the beginning of the hundred and fifty years just like it it does in 2001 Islam was restrained at a period which may be called the third woe and I have some things in there which aren't correct these are just from an old diagram and I didn't update it and this was some ideas that I had so what I want you to look at this so you know I kind of forgot about that longer restrain in 1299 so in 1299 Islam was not able to kill Constantinople so it was going to hurt it so they came with all these these wars against Constantinople but they were not victorious so it was not until 1449 and this is when constantine xi yielded to the four turkish Sultan's and that then because he didn't want to take power without their approval and so when he does this we find then that Islam is loosed and it's four years later that Constantinople is destroyed and I think we pretty much have established that before so there's this restraint that happens they can hurt but not kill but at the end at a hundred and fifty years they now can kill which is what they do and then we have a restraint of Islam that happened at the end of that 391 years and 15 days which was August 11th 1840 and on that date the Turkish sultan yield to the four Christian nations for protection basically in this war against Egypt I'm not sure how many people are familiar with that history and that's one of the things that people always attack is that they don't understand the history and how the Bible looks at prophecy but it's a very interesting history to study so we know that they were restrained at that point now as far as them being loosed I put this there in 1993 you know you can probably take that out this was some ideas I had I was looking at so I forgot that I actually had this diagram with that in it so I just copied it and put it in here but in 1993 was the first tack on American soil by Islam and that was on February 26th two days before the ATF came in to Waco and they had parked a a van full of explosives in the parking garage I think was the fourth floor of the parking garage in the World Trade Center and if they had the van parked 30 meters over 30 yards over where they were originally intending to park it but it wasn't available the North Tower would have fallen into the South Tower according to experts so in 1993 the towers could have come down but they didn't they came down on September 11th 2001 and it's and it's just interesting that there's this connection with Waco because we know that in April 19th Waco was burned to the ground so we have a date you know from millerite history I look at those as more as foreshadowings not as fulfillments of prophecy so I don't really mark the third wall as starting in 1993 but are whoa the third woe in our history begins with a restraint of Islam and of course that happened as we looked at the hundred and fifty years that began with a restraint and ended with a loosening and so in our history 2001 is lamb comes into history with the third woe with a restraint not with the loosening and then we know that the four winds are going to be loosed in our history and my do is that that has to happen sometime and as far as this line is concerned this would make the most sense that this is going to occur on July 18th 2020 because that's what that the prophecy is pointing to and we have just more than one prophecy pointing to that date July 18th ok another Jeff first and then ok Christine I'm 1449 so you got the loose - loose loose Oh 14:49 1993 and 2020 1993 it sounds like it they failed yeah I don't think they were actually loosed in 1993 yeah that's what I'm trying to say that all yeah just walk it was just something I was toying with in my in my diagrams and I fir thought that that was in there when I copied it blue since 6:30 - where's Islam yes that's Abu becquer so Abu Bakkar is the crazy that's a decree okay yeah so that's the decree yeah they're actually loosed and restrained in a sense there and then in 782 is the Treaty of Constantinople it's it's actually as far as I know the first Treaty of Constantinople and it's not it's not it's hard to find that one you don't find it on Wikipedia you can find it other places on books Islam listen that's not gonna be a failure it will be what it no it's not a fail there's no fail losing's there's just yeah don't don't look at it as a fail no it's its loosed in in 2020 okay so I'll dodge a few it okay so angels are holding the four winds seeking to break loose and bring death and destruction in their path mm-hmm we have taught that the third will arrived at 9/11 I know you're not arguing against that even though it appears differently on your diagram yeah the diagrams wrong side of that way mark yeah but I don't see why they weren't loosed at 9/11 and then immediately restrained and if that is the case which is a disagreement with what you're suggesting that might be worth considering if they get loosed again before seven eighteen twenty twenty big but I don't even know I don't even won't have to worry about that in order for them to attack the United States they had to be loosed that's my right 9/11 yeah I think they were loosed at 9/11 too so I'm not saying that they're just restrained because obviously you can't restrain something that's not loosed and so there is a loosening but right away they're restrained but that restraint is is not going to hold forever so it's at the certain point where the restraint is removed if you wanted to put it that way but this is just a simplification this and this was an idea I was dealing with and and the reason why I have that one there I have the third well is actually I created this as an argument against another guy who was trying to say 1993 was 9/11 if that makes any sense okay Daniel I got it play about six months but why that should be something regard to his love and my crashing business the reason I'm asking this is this the senior line we have a lot of symbols in regard to Islam John 9 at 9/11 have August 11 you'll have July 27 you have November 9 all of them are connected to Islam so November 9 it's a level 9 9/11 backwards that's something connected with his love yeah why anything is gonna happen with Islam November 9 and why it has to be 252 afterwards because if you go to 0 20 it seems that the context of everything is about the Sabbath issue so ok we are using the Zika trainee to say that that's trainee trainee and I don't know why you're saying that has to be evil of their work before November 9 or other placate elder Jeff the reason that I'm saying it has to be Islam because you've got two lines running through there three actually you've got the Miller ID history which is also the illustration of Ezekiel is talking about God's people's involvement in these prophecies but when you come to the prophecies that have 391 in them it's Islam Islam Islam but the the destruction of Jerusalem is carried out by the king of the north the king of the north is the tidings out of the North islam's the tidings out of the east he's opening up a message that's addressing both of those subjects November 9th is about more about Rome even if Islam's there than it is about Islam these 390 ones this is the message of the East and I think the structure of prophecy is knowledge that we have a a two-part message east and north Islam and Rome but we are also the the prophets that are handling this message so we've got Samuel snows history and we've got Ezekiel Lane on his side yeah but November night is the one that is attached 1591 and also its first the east and then the Lord in Daniel 11 verse 44 but Daniel numbers 44 they're both there in one verse I mean it's not separating it is just isolating two themes yeah I understand that but we are separating we're seeing November 9 is more about the king of the north and varieties more about Islam and I'm asking why not backwards because Kevin I know but it's super life is love and July 18 is super like making of the Lord because the context is about Sabbath and that's the Sabbath Sunday issue so somehow we are separating them and I think soon and why the first one is not is love and why the second one is not the care of the Lord okay well answer your question prophetic separation on several levels when we look at this line tenth day of the fifth month tenth day of the fifth month tenth day of the fifth month what's that pointing to that's pointing to Rome conquering Jerusalem among three witnesses yeah and in this case Babylon originally yeah but the thing is the point is the tenth day of the fifth month is telling you something these two tenth day of the fifth months and this one starts at midnight and then you have these tenth days of the fifth months and they're pointing to this event the destruction of the temple right so when you have a line like this that gives you that information you know that each of these are not the destruction of the temple but they're pointing to this event so exactly I just let me finish because that's what I'm trying to tell you what your problem what what you're having problems with so we know from all these structures this is the structure of Ezekiel's prophecy Josiah Lich's prophecy and the structure of the kings of Judah right but they're all still tied to Islam we knew that right from the beginning but what we didn't have we didn't have a marker pointing to an attack of lamb here that is we had some some symbols but we didn't have we didn't have a line like we have here the 26th day of the 4th months 26 days of the fourth months 26th day the 4th month three of them then pointing to the 26th day of the fourth month all dealing with Islam so that's the main point that's why I brought this lineup is to recognize that we have to take this line as pointing to Islam only but this line here we don't have that type of testimony but the fact is they're connected this 252 days connects them and there's more to this 252 days I don't think I'm gonna have time to necessarily go through it but if you look in on your second page yes I'll do some of these things in more detail as far as you can okay so so these we're just touching on this and I do want to go through this in detail in one of the prayer meetings but the second diagram where we have the death of Jacob now this is tied to the picture on the bottom of the second page or the diagram where it shows Joseph's birth 17 years 11 years 11 years which is 22 years and 17 years there's a whole bunch of detail in here dealing one and they're very very pertinent because they're telling us about predictions and fulfillments of events and how they're connected and it really helps us understand what these things mean right now some of them were familiar with but I think when it comes to the predictions we have a difficulty in we don't we don't have a system we haven't we haven't done a lot of predictions time predictions right so this is kind of new to us in a way yet we have been doing it by using line upon line and that's what we have to do in that and so when we start to lay out these lines and I'll get to your question in a minute - Mina but we have here if you look at this from the death of Jacob which ends this line at the bottom there is 250 two years till they complete their conquest of the promised land that is there's a hundred ninety-eight years left of the 215 and then there's 40 years they wander in the wilderness and there's two periods of seven years which I didn't draw in here but when they get across the Jordan River it takes them seven years to possess the land and another seven years to get rest from their enemies so that's a period of two hundred fifty two years and then there's a period of three times two fifty-two which is included in that four times to two fifty two years that goes to seven twenty three and then from seven twenty-three it's three times two fifty to three times 250 to 750 six so it's seven hundred and fifty six years from 723 to 34 AD and then there's a period of five hundred and four years which is two times 252 that pagan Rome persecutes Christians and then 1260 years is five times 252 were papal Rome persecutes Christians and this structure then there's two as per per fret prophetic mere of seven times two fifty-two from 34 ad going backwards that was Stephen Jameson's idea and the sixth 1764 years going to 1798 which is seven times to 52 as well so this is a tenth of the twenty five twenty but this structure then exists in these prophecies in in so many different ways now so I bring that up because I want you to understand about this 252 so this is a symbol of a tenth of a 2520 now I don't know if I fully understand it but we're connecting these different way marks and so we know here we had for us this is the midnight cry for the priests right because our probation is closing here but then we obviously have a larger line that disconnects to which is going to be a close of probation for another group of people so I'm not sure where you put the Sunday law in this or how we understand it on the big line I know elder Jeff has some ideas about it you know obviously for seventh-day Adventists you know this could be you know the Sunday law that it could be connected to these events but I think we will get more light on that in the future so to me now's a question in previous times we have said that at midnight Islam is being loosened and midnight fights being restrained again and then we have what test brought up with the 419 reaching to November 9th 2019 marking Islam being restrained at the doors of Vienna their siege as being a failure so what do you do you have any input no I know not yet Jeff does he mentioned in if you caught it in 632 Islam is loosed but a blue vector gives them a command you're gonna find sabbath-keeping Christians don't kill them you're gonna find sunday-keeping Christians kill them so they were loosed to bring war but there was a restraint put upon them right from the very outset okay so in the next marker in 1299 they're loose but they are restrained simultaneously because they're loose to go to war against Rome but they're restrained in the fact that the prophecy says you can only hurt Rome you can't kill them in the next manifestation they're going to be allowed to kill them so there was a there's a loosing loosening and a restraint the loosening of the four winds in 1449 I don't I don't know of an immediate restraint that is placed upon them so that that's the weakness of my argument but when you get to 911 there's a loosening and a restraint so if we understand based upon the Treaty of Vienna or the Battle of Ian or whatever it was that that's lining up with November 9th in two thousand 19th and therefore we see a restraint placed upon Islam I think we it doesn't deny that there could be a loosening there once again in that very history to where they get restrained just like they did at 9/11 I don't think that we where we can't factor that here yeah the loosening and restraint seems to be simultaneous what are we saying about November 9th and July 18 in terms of Islam is that why the previous brother who is left a movement it's done with me applying the three three woes from 9/11 onward should we need do we need to go back and consider that study again okay here here's what I would send out but but I will argue that if Vienna is November 9th 2000 19th and Islam is gonna be restrained there has to be loosed before them but the thing is there's restraints all through our history because there is events that are happening and Islam is being restrained at different times you know we can see that just in the news all the different Islam is still in the news but it's being restrained good well yeah and if you look here at this history Michael yeah when we look at this history here at the end of this first woe we have a loosening of Islam and they destroy Constantinople that's the end of the Roman the Eastern Roman Empire right so Constantine the 11th the last of the Eastern Roman emperors so when we look at this history this is paralleling this because this is starting on July 27th 1299 and ending July 27th or July 18th Julian calendar 14:49 this here is starting July 27th Gregorian and ending July 18th Gregorian so to me these histories have to parallel each other in that way the period of the five months and the six months because they're structurally the same they're both using the biblical dates here producing the same Julian though and Gregorian dates so the same thing must happen at the end of this period you have to have the destruction of Rome that's going to result from Islam being loosed okay Bronwyn in the past when we've done first date first month all that we label them when you're going through the Bible and you're finding this tenth day fifth month are you compiling all those passages together to get a picture and are you only finding two or three subjects actually doing with this Tuesday we only have two so we have a Zico 20 verse water Maya and yeah Jeremiah 52 12 talking about the burning of the temple to Temple right so this is a reference to the temples destruction because that's when it was destroyed and also in 70 AD which isn't in the Bible specifically the temples destroyed on the tenth day of the fifth month so how does that tie into what with what that is applying towards Islam lingos well but I'm not applying this to Islam so I'm just saying that this is about the destruction of the temple and this leads to this which is the seventh-day Adventist Church and now we go to Islam and it gives us this date which is dealing with Islam attacking or being loosed so then we would have to say that it's telling us the same type of thing it's taking those dates as a symbol and using it and there's there's other things because Stephen Jameson has all these ideas about this 26th day of the fourth month in ways that it can be used which I'm gonna look at and I'll probably present some of those things but the point is this this symbol is there and the July 27th and the July 18th are there and they're all pointing to Islam being loosed on July 18th in 2020 okay Tamina sorry like questions I'm trying just context what is our logic to say it's the United States is it because of 1993-2001 or something because we see a lot of attacks in Europe from Islam's yeah well that's why we see a lot of attacks in Europe so by Islam we don't see a lot of attacks in the United States by Islam okay Karen my question is we're talking about November 9 2009 teen as being the close of our probation we we have to have a Sunday log before then right no we've had our Sunday logs and 2014 we had our Sunday law this is for the priests so the priests are now getting their close of probation their close of probation comes after midnight and the midnight cry so we have the midnight cry now we had midnight in 2014 we have the midnight cry in 2018 we have our close of probation in 2019 and so we have our second half with Sunday law in November 9th 2019 that's got the line of the Chicago World's Fair you got a decree being pronounced there so yes I'm saying is he's laying up the big picture in the history of the priest so he sustained our Sunday laws past tense or you're asking doesn't our probation closer to Sunday law and yeah you could even show us Sunday law at midnight yeah you're going to have Sunday laws you're gonna have especially if you're dealing with things like persecution of of our group obviously Sunday laws don't necessarily have to include Sunday right you all agree with that so just the wrist the the mixture of church and state taking away our religious liberties is a Sunday law well that's what we've been saying kind of a denial of the distinction between the image of the beast and the mark of the beast and sister white says very plain yeah two different things yeah but we use them as as has a Sunday law in certain lines and obviously in 2014 we didn't have a Sunday law in any sort of literal sense yes Kristen have it's your question July 18 2020 are you saying Islam's gonna attack on US soil yep that's a us up the next question is on 9/11 what are the dates for 9/11 I mean 9/11 is a Gregorian date September 11 would you have the Julian date for 9/11 and the well you just take 13 days for September 11 so you'd get August 30th or something yeah I've looked at it before I don't remember that I saw anything significant but let me turn something in your cos I've heard a couple of questions on this subject that I want to go in this is about the gloriousness this is about the 45th President of the United States this is about the power that's going to force the world to worship the Beast and His image so I mean the obvious place that you put in this is the glorious land this is this is where the whole prophetic narrative is portrayed this where it's discovered I mean and they're saying that see is Europe and we're seeing 9/11 yes being attacked and in 2015 we're seeing that Europe is getting under attack of Islam we've seen a flood of refugees in Europe so I think it's valid if we ask when you're mark it's on again where is it gonna be what is it what time you may be it may be valid to ask that but this is about the lord entering into covenant 144,000 and that's based upon the Covenant of Abraham and he says you gonna judge his people he's going to judge the land where they were at and this is about bringing the conclusion the probationary time of the seventh-day Adventist Church and the United States simultaneously as the iniquity of the hammerites there you have Europe is filling - it's full but the first domino in that story is the glory Schneider - 252 tells us yes elders are Jews so that means that this is the last remnants of the seventh-day Adventist Church it's finally waking up that this movement that's been identifying these things have their head on straight so this is still in the time period of the probation of the Levites so you're saying it's back it's time though to go back to the United States again for instance after they've handled Europe a little while now it's time to attack us again I'm not saying that but I get your point yeah I'm done I'm saying they've been you know simmering all over the world but the specific fulfillments or prophecy the logic there's this is the United States for me yeah when they're loose they're loosed upon the United States I know November 9th but yeah sorry so when they're loosed their loosed upon the u.s. the number 252 tells us that it's a judgment against the United States right because that's the glorious land no the reason why they're yeah that United States is because they couldn't enter Seoul but they just on an area target yeah it is the 252 tell you that why does it tell me that did that between November 9th and July 18th why is the TV from 252 tires the judgment against the United States well it's a remnant of the 2520 which is a judgment against ya against the glorious land perhaps but couldn't it be that when the seventh-day Adventist Church comes together on November 9th that they are going to get scattered and they're going to be in a scattered condition right up until the very close of probation some of them respond to this scattering and come and ask yeah well I've thought about it a little bit just in you know how does this impact us cuz you know obviously it's you're talking about all these prophecies and then you try to think well how does this affect us so we're you know we're saying that in next year that this persecution is going to begin against this group and it's going to come from people who've less left this group going to the church creating false reports about us and then the state's going to get involved in some way so the church is going to solicit the support of the state in dealing with us and then we we start to get to a point where our probation closes for the priests so we're giving a message to people and these people are either going to accept this message or reject it and the people that have been in this message and even some that maybe are just exposed to it may be on the fringes of it in some way but those people then when they make that choice to reject it their probation will have closed no matter then we have this period of time 252 days until our next event that we're that we're marking which is the event that we're predicting and when that is fulfilled those people who have rejected the light because they're watching all the videos many of them they're watching every single video and commenting on it commenting on Facebook so these people they'll have no way even when that event has fulfilled no way that they can turn away from the darkness that they're in they're going to continue on that course but yet there will be people Levites who will come to us even though we can't tell we can tell them that seventh-day Adventist Church is not going to stand they still have an opportunity because this is still the message for the Levites this is still be for the close of probation for the seventh-day Adventist Church as far as I understand it all of these events so the that's the thing that we have to sort of you know understand I'm not great at understanding symbols and getting better at it but I think that we have to start looking at this in the way that we are but also looking at other lines and starting to look at some of the details and that should help us in understanding more clearly what it is we're predicting yeah I don't know what what we found you know I don't think it's premature I think it's going to take us time to understand it yeah but this actually helps us understand all this this increase of light is going to help us understand the other lines more fully ok Tamina just gonna point out when you say that the elders come to inquire what I say up ranks physique ill 21 thank you it was reminds me strongly of the line of the Magi swear you have to mention it's referencing this movement and you have most of the elders inquire to the measures Kaldur Jeff I'll give you the last word here there's a statement several Adventists will know but I'm gonna paraphrase it uses the work that we could have done in a time of peace and prosperity will have to do under the most forbidding circumstances crisis something along that line but if you if you look at that quote you'll find that she said that quote she wrote it the first time and the first time that she wrote it she said we may have to this we might have to do this and that first quote is saying is if we're faithful to our responsibilities then we might not have to do this work during a crisis under foreboding circumstances and then years later she writes to essentially the same statement and she says we will have to do this work under forbidding circumstances in a crisis so it was set in concrete by the apostasy of Adventism that when you get to the final work that we're entering it into it's going to be a crisis we're gonna have forbidding circumstances and the logic is is that those people that do this work are going to have to come up to speed on the message very rapidly and I'm thinking even though the source stuff is is hard to wade through with the calendars and the chronology that there's a logic there that you can't miss this 391 it is about Islam is the tidings of the East S is the tidings of the north the Lord is bringing Daniel 11:40 for he's opening up and it seems like we're we're we're not even having time to assimilate what Tess is saying and we're thinking well maybe would be a to premature like you're saying but what I'm saying is the evidence is is he's got a group of people that have been studying line upon line of methodology he's has not been you need it you need to get with it you need to pull it all together you're at the end and that's an agreement with George's sermon right before the end the time element gets opened up and there's an urgency that hits and we need to move beyond beyond you know the fact that we haven't crapped grass and grasp it but be acknowledging that this is a second witness you have the most profound thing about Tessa's is she's she's saying November 9 2009 teen who wants to hear that that's scary stuff this is the second witness to that so I think we just need to pull our boots strings up our boots up whatever the expressionism bootstraps and start digging okay let's close with prayer dear Father in Heaven we are thankful Lord for this day for the way that you have been working in our lives in a personal way but also as a group in bringing light and allowing us to see things that we don't want to see on some levels but that we have longed to see on another level and that angels have desired to see we just pray Lord that we can be faithful in our study in our Christian life and our conduct in our words or actions and that you can be with us throughout this day help us to understand these things but most of all Lord to live them and we pray this in Jesus name Amen