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you amen the other day once I brought up something that Stephen had sent into Theodore and myself primarily the Theodore about the prophecy of revelation 9 the 150 years followed by the 391 years and 15 days and we've been dealing with taking these 390 ones and the concept of possibly laying them up on top of one or not another and line up on line and therefore one of them's 391 years and 15 days and there's other ones that instead of being 15 days it's six months half a year however it might be expressed so Stephen and in Ireland began to think about what happens if you do that and I pointed out that if you just take 1840 this is one of his initial thoughts and you have 6 months 6 times 30 is a hundred and eighty if you treat it as a year day principle and add 180 years to 1840 you come to 220 okay so we talked about that briefly we didn't make a big point about it but he and Theodore have been fine-tuning that and Theodore now has evidence 2020 hits Theodore now has evidence that on July 31st 2020 when the elders escape to make an inquiry from Ezekiel its passage that's here and that Islam is going to strike the United States here on July 18th 2020 okay so we're gonna let him deal with that I don't know I've to top my head he'll deal with that probably tomorrow morning but when I leave I got for teaching this class I'm going to teach till Thursday and then I'm taken off and I have three persons that are going to be substituting for me and two of them are coming home from Nebraska so I want them here when Theodore lays this out tomorrow morning so as they follow up on my studies they they've watched they've watched it so it's in there they're not going to necessarily go that line I'm going to try to if they're willing they don't know that I'm going to ask this I'm going to try to ask these three persons to carry on dealing with the connections between the presidents and the the revolutions that Tess opened up and take that a little bit further down the road but I don't want them not to you know see Theodore put this in place so the logic of this is a part of the logic of this is that as of today we're saying in theory that in July 18 2020 Islam is going to strike the United States one more time and therefore when that happens then the people that have been kind of tacitly watching what this movement is proclaiming are going to wake up to the fact that hey the methodology that they've been using prophetically works when Theodore was doing Ezekiel if you remember these elders escaped and that was connected with not strongly but there's a connection there with the word escape that Edom Moab and Ammon escaped out of the hand of the papacy so these elders that escaped might be referring to the nether names Edom Moab and Ammon well I thought that was part of the fire yeah they inquire ain't coming inquire of the Lord where was the escaping well there's escaped even he is in another Ezekiel okay well guess what really that was the escape you comes and tells them the destruction okay there's an escapee in this one it just says that sir of the elders of Israel came to inquire of the Lord and Sabri for me so that's an inquiry okay inquiry and I'm not I'm not putting any dogmatic I'm giving you a brief overview who I'm not going to deal with this this morning so but that's still the logic is there where there's just an inquiry and it's not those that escaped that there's people that are going to come here and and have an inquiry and the basic logic would be well they're going to ask questions it's how did you get it right in advance okay they're going to begin waking up to this methodology being correct whoever that is okay whoever that is and that that's my issue that I'm raising here we're understanding that probation closes for the priest at November 9 2009 teen so is this prediction that we're making now what is going to be the the thing that draws in the Levites or is it the thing that draws in the net the nihms or both okay or are we mistaking the assumption that these elders that are come to inquire here are either of those okay so but but in any case I'm gonna put some things in on the board this morning before we get into the notes the notes I'm using says conclusion but in the cam meeting I had notes that said conclusion and it started with Joseph Bates presentation on Zechariah 13 but when I came into this class to continue on and this I cut that out because I had presented it so the notes I will be using it says a chosen generation conclusion and it starts with seven and one and if you don't have a set of these raise your hand one two three four okay we need six sets and I'm not going to start into these notes right away so we got time to print them so everyone can have them once we do start but what I intend to do here and this would be like it'd be similar to what I just did I was remembering the story about the escapee coming to tell Ezekiel that Jerusalem was destroyed and I mix it up with those that came to inquire of Ezekiel so as I go through this next presentation there's there's some things I haven't looked at for months or even years so I'll be open to any correction along the way that between November 9th 2019 in July 18 2020 is 252 days so that's one tenth of a 2520 that was found out yesterday in church yeah I'm gonna let you do all of that there's no I'm not saying there isn't a bunch of strong evidence for this my my point is is that what we're understanding about November 9th and 252 days to July 18th and the implications July 18th Islam strikes the United States again based upon what we've understood in the past I'd say that has to be the midnight cry in the big picture not the midnight cry for the priests but the reason that I'm saying that before the Sunday law when we begin to understand Islam and this is the part now that I'm doing this on purpose so I'm going to go through some things that we have looked at over the past two or three years and remind this of them because now there are dates involved we're gonna have to grapple with where the the way marks that are established by these dates fit in and some of these things were I'll say they were left unresolved because we were moving fast and we didn't have enough information base actually probably to put him together but I'll get to my point about Islam in a second about why I said this would be probably based on the past information would be the midnight cry but is r79 first day of the first month 9/11 then we'd see the hundred and twenty days that bring us to the midnight cry and then over here the Sunday law that's the way we used to teach it I still don't know how why that's a problem it'll be very difficult for me to change that because it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks okay but based upon is r79 here there gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month so to me I want you to see that one of the real important points here is that Jerusalem is the midnight cry on Azra 7-9 because Jerusalem becomes a to me a really important point of reference and for some time now I've been emphasizing if for those that will receive it that when you get to this way mark you've got two Jerusalem's you got to look at you've got the the Jerusalem that is the seventh-day Adventist Church coming to its conclusion and the Jerusalem that is Ephesus that is the the church triumphant right here at the same point in time one's going down once coming up that being said we know that Jerusalem is fully lifted up as an ensign over here at this way mark the Sunday law and that the seventh-day Adventist Church comes to its full and complete conclusion right here okay but in any case this is Jerusalem so when we began to have these lines opened up to us by the Lion of the tribe of Judah one of them was numbers 22 and in numbers 22 you have Balaam who's a false prophet riding an ass who's a false prophet the ass is Islam and Balaam is the United States that's how we understood it you have two false prophets in the story everyone up to speed on that right and here we've seen Balaam getting turned out of the way and what we understood by that was Psalms 48 that the kings of the earth had gathered together because they wanted to destroy Israel wipe her out from being people a nation if you connect that with Psalms 83 but Psalms 48 but they get turned back by an east wind they get turned out of the way and in this story of Balaam Balaam gets turned out of the way by this ass so at that point in frustration Balaam strikes the ass so we were seeing Islam turning them out of the way here and the United States striking back the United States being the false prophet Balaam striking back against Islam the false prophet the ass and then Balaam continues on and here the ass is going to see the angel again and he's going to crash Balaam into a wall but it's the wall that's in the vineyards and it's two walls okay so he's between two walls in the vineyards and we never I don't think we I never heard anyone resolved fully what vineyards was maybe someone came with some very clear the stay at the Lord's but to me vineyards Judah God's people are his vineyard okay but its vineyards in the plural that are in this narrative here where the ass is gonna crash Balaam into the wall so there's the leasing inference that you might read that he's in he's in the transition time from the priests and the Levites that they were both vineyards okay and that would be here yes vineyards produces wine so it should be doctrine it could be but if you go the story that the story is the parable of the vineyard and if you go into the parable of the vineyard his people are his vineyard so I that times this one I'm not I wouldn't argue one we're enough this is a this is something that was left unresolved but the point is is here where Balaam gets his foot crushed something also we never resolved exactly what that meant he's between the vineyards plural but he's between two walls okay and this time we're kind of mean to understand that the two walls are these two way marks a wall in a wall and right here the ass crushes bay limbs foot and then Balaam strikes the ass again so we were seeing Islam here and then the third strike we were marking down here and here when the ass sees the angel this is numbers 22 we should probably should go read it to get more specific detail but the ass falls down and not falls down but he that minimum boughs down and the ass is gonna speak here after he gets struck a third time and we had many references to speaking that put this at the Sunday law okay you've got Zechariah speaking after he's been through Elizabeth's pregnancy you got the nanny United States speaking as a dragon so when the ass speaks here in response to Balaam striking him for the third time we put that there but he fell down here and this is this is the end of the United States is the end of the sixth Kingdom of Bible prophecy so you can see this falling marking the fall of the six kingdom the beginning of the seventh Kingdom so when we're looking here at what's represented by the United States being struck on July 18th 2020 that's after November 9th 2019 and as Theodore already pointed out that's 252 days in between the two and 252 is 1/10 of the 2520 and Theodore can show you the 252 s going through history repeatedly and they're marked there they're marked they're not just a you know a casual I'm going to cut this history here their mark 252 is definitely a symbol of the 25 20 just says in fact let's say it this way the 252 is 10% of the 25 20 and we've already come to accept the premise that the 126 is 10% of the 1260 but that premise is actually false the 126 is more accurately 20 percent of the 25 20 the 25 20 is the primary point of reference so when we see 252 it's 10% of the 25 20 and 1260 is 20 percent of the 25 20 cards 5 percent ok I went the wrong way thank you anyway you get my point right so the fact that that we've already come to recognize November 9th 2019 and now the calendars if I can say it that way are identifying July 18th 252 days later that Islam is going to strike the United States and the reason that we're drawing the conclusion that Islam is going to strike the United States is this is derived from using the prophecy of revelation 9 which is about Islam ok the the 5th the 6th trumpet so so my point is this then we have the the prophetic mandate to figure out is this July 18th 2020 big picture midnight cry we're saying in 2018 is midnight cry for the priests the midnight cry in this picture this is 2019 s over here you follow me okay because there came a point in time as the Lion of the tribe of Judah opened up these things that we began to recognize a midnight and this midnight now is what we're identifying is 2000 ov ember 9th 2019 therefore if Islam is going to strike on July 18 2025 if I was forced to say well what does that mean and I had to apply it without any opportunity to really dig into it I'd say that was here based upon past history and that's what I passed studies that were I'm not arguing were unfinished that's my point where with penny and B where is Concord Lexington and Boston ok that's that's my point is that I'm trying to just put some basics in because I think we have the responsibility to sort these things out ok so I understand what you're doing because this is how we used to do things but we would then have to say that that Sunday law that's the Sunday law on the baseline correct but then that means this midnight cry is this is for adventism this line here is for adventism because Sunday laws the close of probation for adventism in in its complete way right because that's the final test for Adventist I don't know if ok okay well the priest is a smaller line earlier so but yeah so instead the Sunday law just put close of probation and then that would be consistent with what we teach but we we were saying that the Sunday law is to close the probation but as a symbol it isn't it just happens to be that the close of probation completely for seventh-day adventists is the Sunday law in a sort of simplified way and the point is what's your point well the point is that's when we say that this is a Sunday law in the big line that is the Sunday law and the big line but that big line is a bigger line then it doesn't end with the Sunday law it ends with the second coming right sorry is that so just to clarify it that's the clarify what the which which line that is what way mark it is even though we calling it the Sunday law within the line it's actually a close of probation right for Adventism we call it the Sunday law but check check we call it a Sunday law because from the very beginning we've identified that it is the close of probation yes yeah we've always said we beam myself primarily that this Sunday law is marked by the definition of when you are forced to observe Sunday and persecuted for keeping Sabbath this is the Sunday law and at that point your probation closes and the only one that's held accountable to that light at that point in time are people that are Sabbath keepers yeah okay so so making confusing just putting close of probation above the Sunday law and that would me no thank you if I disagree with with some of the ideas that are going around that you make it clearer by adding all kinds of pieces of information up there this has been in the public record oh I know for a long time and this is where I started with Ezra 7-9 first day of the first month I was just telling you how it got laid out he leaves Babylon he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month and we came to understand that seven days later the decree is being put in force and that decree is typify in October 22nd 1844 and October 22nd 1844 was followed by a great disappointment and that disappointment was typify by the disciples being disappointed after the cross so all of that went into the identification that the Sunday law is what October 22nd the cross and the appointed time of the vision is pointing to the Sunday law in the United States and the United States the glorious land of Daniel 11:40 45 is one of the primary subjects so to be identifying the Sunday law in the United States as the Sunday law in the United States is is not a problem even if other form from my mindset even if other people are not just you other teachers are struggling with it if you if you can't hold the concept that this is 9/11 in between there's the midnight cry and the Sunday law then you need to go back to the beginnings and get that concept in your head because this isn't the big line of the world the big line of the world ends with the close of probation for the world yeah and the point is it's just a matter of labeling the labeling helped clarify some things that we were having confusing the lines we were confusing the lines at times and the labeling we just refined it a bit that's okay I'm sensitive because when we started this school I've watched people come in to this school and refused to accept the established labels and they end up going off in darkness and we we at this school watch them come in and begin to real able and redefine labels that were in place so my argument is is that part of the confusion is the relabeling i think that you could hold to calling this the sunday law and just make sure that you're defining that this is a sunday law in the United States where probation closes for seventh-day adventists and you wouldn't have to jump through all those hoops and I'm not but I'm not doing the big line little line at this point I'm trying to walk us back through some of the concepts we begin to understand about Islam so that when you do your line tomorrow we have that in our head and and we can begin grappling with that is what Parminder did and it for me it clarified it made it way simpler for me but maybe for other people it's not and every time I heard Parminder do something like that that challenge something that I thought yeah I would go up to him and I'd say are you saying what I taught right here was wrong and he'll say no it wasn't wrong it's not okay so it just depends on the context on what you're teaching it and the context that I'm teaching here today I think this works yeah there's no doubt it works okay yeah that's not that's not a problem I'm saying it doesn't work all right so the one point I want you to get in your mind if you will is that we're understanding that July 18th 2020 Islam is going to strike the United States again and if what we understood initially about Balaam story that it was at this way marked this way mark and at this way mark okay if that's what we understood and if we at what we understood that the first strike was here there's two more strikes coming and therefore we need to determine if July 18 2020 is this one or this one or someone we are another strike we haven't recognized before okay so I wonder I'm BRE putting that in your mind but if you haven't visited Balaam for a long time but maybe we had some misconceptions about Balaam maybe we were I'm not even open to that that there's some change in to be done I believe George was showing this because this has been opened up recently it would be the first strike the midnight Christ right yeah and I'm not I'm not trying to solve that today I'm trying I have just some concepts I'm going to put in place the eye and I don't mind if you throw that out there but I'm I'm I'm not expecting to I know I don't know if we would even want to try to solve that until Theodore lays it out for us one time where we can see his logic for upholding July 18 2020 and thereafter July 31st 2020 so next point maybe there's some things that we need to rethink about these three strikes of Islam maybe not but also and this is one did I you'd be nice to go back and look at the notes but I didn't do but we put the first four trumpets arriving here in 1989 and then the fifth trumpet here and the sixth trumpet here and what I mean by that is not forget we didn't spend much time with the first four trumpets we did we did go through them and get their characteristics nailed down but I'm not remembering those on so much off the top of my head but the hundred and fifty year prophecy of the fifth trumpet we put in here and we had a second witness for it with Elizabeth being pregnant and in hiding for five months so when we got to here we were at July 27th 1449 and we we struggled with that for a while I remember that part and we finally came up with the conclusion that this is from 1449 to 1453 that being that the 391 year 15 date time prophecy at the beginning is going to illustrate the end and at the end of that 391 year 15 day time prophecy you're at October 22nd 1844 and sort of but you're also at August 11th 1840 where the the time prophecy itself ends but the sixth trumpet which which where that time prophecy is found doesn't in until October 22nd 1844 so you had four years at the end of the sixth trumpet and the argument is is that you're going to illustrate the end from the beginning so you're going to have to have four years at the beginning and these four years were very they fit but they caused some that caused some blank areas all right I don't know if link here is the right way to say it but I'll tell you what I mean and when it's all said and done we're saying this way mark here that's 1449 is midnight right there one with me and that this history here from this way bar to this way mark is 449 to 453 right because what happens in 1453 the wall of Constantinople is taken down so you've got you've got evidence 1453 lines up with this way mark but you got a problem what's the problem and nobody that maybe call it a problem it's a problem in my mind what's the problem pardon me well I don't know if that's that's a problem the problem is is that in the middle of these four years 14:51 mohammed ii decides he wants to conquer Constantinople and history records when he decides he wants to do that when's he want to do that at midnight okay so now you got your getting confronted with is midnight a point in time or is it period of time if you can buy it a period of time that you don't have a problem putting Mohammed right in the middle of this history waking up at midnight but we got to that point and I don't know that we ever finalized that but you you see that you see that the thing that I'm saying is that this history begins at midnight at one level but it's in the middle of these four years that Mohammed 2 wakes up at midnight and tells his vice-president or whatever he was I want pardon me this year that he wants to conquer Constantinople which he does and and how do they do it new weapon yeah new weapon from who from where pardon me was it from Germany I don't know not not the weapon I'm talking about the weapon maker there's a weapon maker that has he's the best cannon maker in the world and he's in roams losing the war and he goes the Roman Empire said let me build you a cannon though to hold off the Islamic cords and they're saying we ain't got the money anymore we're about bankrupt and he's starving to death so he goes to Islam and says hey I need some money can I make you a cannon so that's part of that story so we're beginning to see in here weapons are part of this history and maybe you know we're starting to speculate it oh well that means that Islam is going to get a hold of some nuclear suitcase bombs from the Soviet Union you're starting to see a weapon builder from an outside source getting connected with Islam and I'm not suggesting that but that's where your minds going in this history and then we have to come to grips with where do we place 1842 1844 do we put the 391 years across here of this prophecy or do we keep it in here and identify this as 1840 August 11th 1842 October 22nd 1844 and this is what we ultimately settled on if I remember and there was reasons for doing it okay because October 22nd 1844 typifies the Sunday law okay so it this history from the midnight cry to to the October 22nd 1844 is a glorious manifestation of the power of God is not the midnight Friday here going to be a glorious manifestation of the power of God so that's where we were at but here in the recent weeks just in the recent weeks we've come to understand that the time prophecy that is associated with the beginning history here the 391 years and 15 days that this is a prophetic symbol that has at least at least seven witnesses in the scriptures maybe more it's one of those things that is opening up so now I think we'll have to grapple with is there a 391 point something the weight of evidence would be 0.5 even though this particular prophecy was 15 days you remember that there's two periods of 150 years or two periods and there's this 126 years and in 391 years to the next period of 150 between the 250 so there's 126 and a 391 dividing the two periods of 150 years I could lay it out tomorrow just simply okay what do you say and I don't know how this is going to help us at this point but in this history of the fifth trumpet a long time ago Theodore identified 202 150 year periods the one we identify is the prophecy that we called the first woe the the military activity of the trumpets is what we call the woes this the fifth trumpet begins with Mohammed it goes all the way to 1449 but there's the military activity of Islam is this 150 year period but Theodore found it but this the fifth trumpet is much longer than 150 years and he's found in that history that there's another 150 year period that is specifically marked in history and now he's telling us there's 391 there's 126 years between the 250 year period 26 and then a 391 that connects the two so there's 126 plus 391 that connects the two periods of 150 you connects them or spans them spans that spend so it goes when the 150 ends there's 120 speakers there's another event and then there's 391 years and then the 150 years okay so 150 years booked this history here is more complex than you would think at face value and and he's he recognized that I mean he showed that to me a couple years ago at least so when it comes to the 390 one year and a half we've we've taken time I I know I have to show that in this history that you there's an hour a prophetic hour a prophetic day a prophetic year and a prophetic month and you can put you can find them you can find passages in the scripture that are talking about a month and show that that month is this history or talking about an hour you can show that so we've been grappling with the fact that in this history you have the time prophecy of 391 years and 15 days but that was before we actually understood that there was really going to be a time element attached to those so we've never went back in that I know of into this and grappled with how the 391 year 15 day or half year prophecy would impact our understanding okay with the with the wall of Chi I'm saying that until a better light comes in as I remember it where we stood is that midnight was 1449 July 27 14 49 the midnight cry was 1453 but the midnight I was also 1840 and this August 11th 1840 if you want the day month and this is October 22nd 1844 so that's where that was at but now we're getting confronted with the element of time so there may be some fine-tuning that has to take place on that stuff but in the meantime when we started grappling with the walls the two walls what did we come to understand the two walls were marriage and Sabbath and the obvious place to put them of course would be just like this why because this is the Sabbath and and what does this what does this sitter white called these two institutions they're twins okay so we began to see that this wall was associated with marriage and this with the Sabbath and this led us into the nation that typifies the United States which is France and so we began to see that the two horns of France that typify the two horns of the United States were Sodom in Egypt so if you if you're going to make the case as it is it opened up that these two horns would represent the two horns of France the two horns of the United States which one would be Sodom Sodom from here Egypt here why would you put Egypt here sister Karen because right here the six kingdom of Bible prophecy is all over the glorious land in Daniel 11 41 and now the six kingdom of Bible prophecy is the subject and it's Egypt he shall stretch forth his hand or you shall enter also into the countries and I forget how it goes right now the first 42 43 of Daniel 11 so this is where we began to to see what like in the Adventist Church what we see in the Adventist Church we believe they're going to accept the Sunday law down here those that haven't been sanctified by the truth Advent it's that's easy to show in the scriptures many shall be overthrown Daniel done verse 41 you take the word overthrown it's talking about seventh-day Adventist ok many seventh-day Adventists get overthrown at the Sunday law in the United States just by running the word overthrown alone you can show that but what was going on in Adventism is we're opening these things up gay pastors but that wasn't it it was sort of close but women's ordination okay so we're starting to see that that the established hierarchy of the family in the scriptures is it's being corrupted within the Adventist Church they're starting to open the door for wouldn't women's ordination and we're seeing this coming in advance of this where they're going to be overthrowing it to Sunday law so we're we're we're recognizing all these things but now let me back you up where's the first Sunday law midnight cry there's a Sunday law here why why do you say that sister Karen it escalates where's your point of reference through upholding that great Connor versus justice if the reader would understand how the Sunday laws are to to be introduced he but has to study the history of the early church and then she goes into where what history to the first Sunday law which was who Constantine when and she tells the history of Constantine and the progressive development of Sunday exaltation and Sabbath desecration and it reaches a point over here where you're at 538 the enforcement the Sunday law by the papacy so we were marking this way mark as 3:21 the first Sunday law and this one is 538 is everyone remember this lodging is it you thought it was 331 I thought it was 321 well 3 2 1 ok so what do we call this this up in this regard all these can be connected with that the Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast this is the image test and this is the mark test everyone remember all that when we were getting to this level where we were looking at France with its two horns of Sodom and Egypt we were comparing this horn with what horn of the United States Protestantism appositives already been overthrown in 1844 but what were we comparing this horn with Republic pub Republic but where was republicanism overthrown by the way we were understanding pardon me 9/11 why the Patriot Act marked it but why were we putting the overthrow of republicanism here Constitution is part of about why were we put in here pardon me you guys don't remember okay I said Protestantism was overthrown in 1844 when was Protestantism overthrown on the first day of the first month the Protestants have fully rejected the first angels message have they not first day of the first month right that's when the horn of Protestantism is overthrown therefore where is the horn of republicanism overthrown the first day of the first month it's the same place but the first day of the first month in our history is 911 that's a logic that we used if you don't remember that's the logic you follow the logic okay but it's a progressive fall wait who's the symbol of the progressive fall Manasseh right what did sister the the theologian say no Manasseh you can't start Manasseh as the beginning of the 2520 because sure he was taken in the Babylon but he he was allowed to come back so that's an invalid historical application but what does sister white call Manasseh an Ernest which means what a down payment and we came to understand that Manasseh is the first of the seven kings that represent the seven thunders yes so he's the beginning illustrate in the end what's the end Zedekiah what's going to happen to Zedekiah he's gonna gouge out and he's going to go into Babylon so if Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning did Manasseh go into Babylon yes did he come out of Babylon did Zedekiah come out of Babylon yes prophetically they come out of Babylon to rebuild the temple in the city okay so Manasseh is the Ernest he's the beginning of that prophesied prophecy and he's typifying the end which is that akai and all the characteristics are there to anyone that wants to see it but what begins in 677 one of NASA's carried in a captivity the 2520 so what's he typifying the progressive fall of the glorious land he was the king of the glorious land and he was the symbol of a progressive fall of the glorious land and that progressive fall is illustrated in the beginning of Adventism and the end of Adventism and the first thing that is conquered is the Protestant horn and it's conquered on the first day of the first month in 1844 and the second horn is conquered on the first day of the first month in 2001 is that how you remember it because I'm pretty sure that's how we taught it okay so over here we're we're acknowledging these horns there's still players but we're not denying that they've already been passed there are there at their very end okay we're where the Jew had the Jews sealed their faith when they crucified Christ yes but it's not going to be until Stephen stoned that Michael stands up right and even then it's Jerusalem doesn't get destroyed for another 36 years is that we use it okay so I think we got to come to grips with with what we understand here in this history and the reason that I took the time to go here is there came a point in time where we began to understand that the first President of the United States to provide the last president of the United States and when we went back to the first President of the United States we seen a relationship between the American Revolution and the French Revolution that could not be denied it was too strong and so we began to look at a little closer at Sodom and Egypt in France and it never proceeded ahead okay just other directions got taken but I remember and I'm sure that I have it somewhere in my notes but you need to understand I have thousands and thousands of pages of notes so I get to go in and do a search and find what I'm looking for is sometimes really almost impossible for me and but I remember and I hope someone has this so they can save the labor but there is an illustration of the beginning of the Russian Revolution and how it was typify by the beginning of the French Revolution and I remember some of the details but not all of them it's it's unbelievable what the parallel that is there in the beginning of the French Revolution with the beginning of the Russian Revolution we've already discussed a couple of those things that there's always an activity of women and the women's march upon the king of France is paralleling the women that defend the Armory in the Russian Revolution the bread March or whatever that was called and the bits the taking of the Bastille that's where they Bastille that's where they stored the weapons there was weapons captured in the Russian Revolution the King dies in the French Revolution the Tsar and his family died in the in the Russian Revolution so there's there's a connection there with the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution but the connection with the French Revolution is also with the revolution okay the the year that the Constitution's put in place here is when the new constitution in France has put it in place if you can call it that it's called the rights of man and that's what marks the beginning of the French Revolution and it was it was a new constitution for them so I'm telling you this because when these students get back tomorrow I'm going to take a few of them and I'm gonna ask them I'm give them job assignments if they're willing to do it and I want to pursue this this connection between revolutions a little bit further give see if they can't find some stuff and lay it out and I'm gonna ask one of them to take up the little bit that we know about the presidents and tie that together because I think that's also what will tie the revolutions together but it's it's partially it's connected with this history here and for me Tess's line upon lines of the revolution was excellent but it's it's still incomplete there's stuff in there that needs to be tied together and if you don't remember it part of the reason that we started down this road on the 391 and a half it's because she's she's saying that the reign of terror begins in 1789 and goes to 1794 I believe and I'm saying not so the reign of terror actually is July 27 1793 to July 27 1794 and therefore July 27 needs to be looked at and as we begin to look at July 27th theater has already been prepared to open these things up from the 391 year time prophecy let me put something into public record for those people that are watching around the globe when when this began to open up this totally different subject but I want to put it in place before I forget when we are talking about the Italian camp meeting in 2017 followed by the Italian camp meeting in 2018 there came a point in time where we identified that uh at 9/11 was it was the time in that little town that the Sabbath began and that I finished the prayer for my sermon I believe you're not the sermon but I finished it exactly at nine eleven and there's even a screenshot to prove it and everyone there knew it it just kind of wowed everyone we never thought anything about it but in our discussion it came up that I had preached for two straight hours which equated to a hundred and twenty minutes and the first time I heard that I said I can't imagine me actually preaching for two hours and then as the time passed there was some people said well we were having technical problems if you remember so we had to stop in your sermon and we had to do some stuff so I uh oh you know I don't catch anything everything anyway but since we've been discussing this in the public arena because this history of 2017 is typify in the history in 2018 which is typify in the history in 2019 and we can see that now and they're all screwing up with Samuel snows publications in 1844 and they're also being governed by Ezekiel's illustration of prophecy laying on his side and by the prophecy that's of Josiah that's in with Ezekiel and with the prophecy of revelation 9 so we're being wowed at that time but people begin to call Jonathan who recorded this stuff in Italy and I don't really know their motivation saying was it really a hundred and twenty minutes I have a hunch that it was probably people that were there that weren't remembering me speaking for a hundred and twenty minutes so Jonathan went back in and he doesn't have the raw footage anymore he's already produced it but he can't believe that that's the case he says I spoke twice on Sabbath to different presentations and one of them ends up being like 69 minutes and 163 I forget what it was when it's all cleaned up he says there's just if you put them together there we way more than that but either one of them standing alone even if we had some technical glitches it wouldn't extend to a hundred and twenty so I don't know where the hundred and twenty came up we came up with it but what was nice about it is that that we also realized that this was Sabha and that the camp-meeting had began six days before so we had this number six here and then one hundred and twenty minutes so we could see one hundred and twenty six at the beginning of this predictor of this history that was going to extend out to June 15th which was going to tie us into the next line but I'm here to tell any of those people that have a problem with what we were saying about a hundred and twenty that you don't have to have a problem about it because this took place on June 2nd is that right I think it's June 2nd or June that the next year's June 9th or vice-versa but in any case June 2nd in this history is Pentecost and because it was Pentecost in the testimony of the scriptures on Pentecost there's a hundred and twenty people that are there so the hundred and twenty there is there just from the fact that this is taking place on Pentecost so this structure is still in place even though I don't know how anyone came up with the hundred and twenty minutes I don't know where that came from so I wouldn't have put that in the record let me think before I go to the notes okay just we're marking this of November 9 for the priest 2019 yes and what I'm saying is tomorrow Theodore's gonna show us how not slipped my mind July 18th 2020 is I don't know that he has a direct dust say at the Lord that this is a strike from Islam but I agree with him because it's based upon deriving this number from the prophecies of Revelation 9 which are about Islam and 1840 the restraint of Islam so all the logic is there it's it's like the only choice there is that it's an Islamic strike so when that gets put in the record then we're going to have to try to blend in where we understand July 18 2020 and then July 31st when the elders come and make an inquiry of Ezekiel and I as as I was saying the other day Ezekiel's us this this movement the faithful people that are on this side of midnight and this movement the ones that are still left are the ones that are gonna come get inquired by or to however you would say that enquired of on July 31st 2020 okay so that's now let me throw one other thing and it's a little bit it's not frustrating for me but I'm gonna use the word frustrating so you'll you'll get my logic one of the things that's frustrating about this for me but it's not is it we're we're saying in advance now on July 18th 2020 Islam is going to strike the United States again and but because we have this other way mark of July 31st 2020 the elders coming to inquire of this movement whatever that might mean it produces a logic that tells you that they're going to recognize that that movement saw in advance what was going to happen on July 18 2020 so you know you know the the wise men from the east that came in inquired in Jerusalem in Jerusalem about what about this star and in Jerusalem they didn't know so there that was an inquiry there's certain inquiries in the scriptures that you probably put on top of that to define what that inquiry was and that's all well and good but 20/20 is after 2019 so the logic to me has always been that in this history not always been there the logic to for me is that in this history here the priests the faithful priests are getting lifted up as an ensign and that they will have been identified socially or culturally have as having some special light that begins to draw the Levites to themselves okay so perhaps this date here is what does that that because we're gonna get ridiculed big time it's only going to escalate the the ridicule we're going to get over talking about November 9th maybe this is it but there has to be something out there that was typifies by Josiah lych Ottoman Empire is going to the Ottoman supremacy is going to cease in in August of 1840 in the whole world says this is a bunch of nonsense and then he fine-tunes it says no it's August 11th 1840 and sister white says the event exactly fulfilled the prediction when it became known multitudes were convicted of the methodology employed by William Miller and an impetus came into the movement that heretofore could not have been something like that you know the quote I'm expecting not to take place in this history personally so maybe this is that prediction but maybe there's something a little bit more than simply that you pointed out the wise men were Islam but the application you were describing was a Wiseman from the SDA church yeah yeah I don't know how that's not the only inquiry in the scriptures that you can use but I mean I could I'm not trying to argue with you but I could argue there too that in that story it's the wise men from the east that's Islam so they're a false prophet so maybe this is apostate Protestantism coming to make an inquiry but I get your point I'm saying that when we start trying to figure out what the inquiry is that we're going to have to go in and take up all the lines where inquiry is illustrated and bring them together that's that's the main point yeah but there we've looked at inquiries in the past they're just not popping into my head right now a couple other ones popped into my head this morning when I was thinking about this presentation but they're not popping right now does anyone else know of some prophetic inquiries that I'm forgetting about the Queen of Sheba she's going to come an inquiry of Solomon about but we always put this over here and we said that she is Nathan UM's that are coming to to inquire about Solomon's great wealth and his prosperity Sheba's yep the seven times that's why we put it there the joining of the two sticks but so we've seen an inquiry with her wise men anyway comment okay I told brother Richard something last night now I'm gonna I'm gonna follow my own rule of thumb I'm switching gears now okay what I intend to show here now and it isn't about all these characteristics it's in this study that you we're actually going to begin to look at here I'm gonna argue that Ezekiel 7 9 gives us these three way marks first day of the first month first day of the fifth month and just by inference tenth day of the seventh month down here ok so that was recognized by Miller writes it's recognized by us but a where was I gonna go another line that we put upon that is 2nd chronicles 29 and 30 ok because on the first day of the first month in 2nd chronicles 29 they begin to cleanse the temple in the courtyard and it takes them how many days to cleanse the temple 8 days and how many days to cleanse the courtyard so we use that to put an 8 in here and an 8 in here and I think it was accurate I'm not backing away from that but I'm thinking that in order to I believe that in order to define this 8 what it means that the temples cleanse and you got to go line up on line and that in the scriptures it's going to tell us that it's it's 7 where the temple gets prepared and and it's 7 where sin is removed and it's 7 where the priests are prepared and that on day 8 the temple begins to function is the temple and the priests begin to function as priests so I'm saying rather than eight simply being marking this point in time as the conclusion of eight that eight is addressing this history right here and in this history I'm going to show I hope that there's a first fruit offering and that this eight is addressing another first fruit offering down here but they are two different first fruit offerings when is the first fruit offering of Pentecost which is the two wave loaves and this is two wave loaves right and then I'm not so sure that the two way blokes wouldn't be more accurately just put here more at a point in time as opposed to this first fruit offering which is not the wave loaf offering and this fruit for fruit offering is barley and this is wheat and I'd go so far to say that this fruit first fruit offering has two parts so you could say priests and levites if you wanted to if you want to say that this is adventism but down here it's the priests okay so using Parminder 'he's about partners but using the the logic that Parminder has been employing more than anyone else here recently I'm saying that probation closes right here at this point in time for all the priests whether they're good priests or bad priests but right here our probation closes for the Levites but it is a progressive closed that goes to here and right here probation closes for the Netherlands but it's progressive this is the harvest this is the harvest this is a progressive harvest but with the priests it's a singular harvest and that the priests are represented by the barley and they get lifted up as a first fruit offering between midnight and the midnight cry and that the Levites are going to get lifted up here as the first fruit offering but it's the first fruit offering that's typifies by the Pentecost first fruit offering which was to weigh Bluffs that were baked with leaven thoroughly baked this here is simply waiving the barley sheaf okay you cut it down and you go wave it before the Lord that's the barley in this history but here this sweet offering you got to take that first fruit wheat you got to take it you've got to get the wheat free from it you've got to grind it and turn it into flour you got to mix it with lemon and water and then you've got a baked 11 out of it before you have the offerings so it's talking about a process of preparing a first fruit offering where I don't see much of a process here and I think the distinction between barley and wheat a point in time close of probation a period of time close of probation speaks to that process as opposed to just taking the wave sheaf and lifting it up now in connection with that I'm going to try to show that in the tabernacle that Moses raised up and the temple that Solomon built that there came a point in time where the the temple or tabernacle was ready for service and there's a manifestation of the power of God that takes place and I'm saying that in if you read closely the effect that it has upon the worshipers is different than the next manifestation of the power of God because in both histories with Moses and Solomon once the offering began then there's also another manifestation of the power of God and the effect upon the people then is they're going to shout with a loud cry whereas the effect upon the people here was just a human not not a negative humiliation they were they were humbled they were awed but there is no shout that's noted there so what I'm saying is is that this here is in the story of Solomon it's when the Ark of the Covenant gets brought into the temple and there's a manifestation of the power of God that drives everyone out of the temple and same thing when the temple the tenth sanctuary by Moses is raised yes well you listen to me my sister you're going to see that I'm not going to touch the maría and Namara in this presentation because what what we used to understand about that has been it I'm not ready to go back there and stand on everything that we used to teach about it but I understand you I understand what you're saying and yes that's what happens to Daniel and Daniel chapter 10 is you get humbled into dust and so don't ever every prophet that sees the glory of the Lord gets humbled in death I'm just not gonna go there because there's more more understanding on the moiré Mara now than we used to have and it has to do more about the prophetic message than it has to do with the personal experience so this here I'm gonna say is September 2018 the reason I'm saying that is not you know I'm not necessarily for the reason you might make that claim I don't have a problem if you make that claim but the reason I'm saying September is I don't know exactly when tests begin to share her but I think was October wasn't it yes okay so she qualifies but say I'm not looking at tests as a singular a singular manifestation of this message because at the same point in time the understanding that we have about the calendars is going to arrive here in September and the understanding about the presidents is going to come into light as well and so if you're looking at some of the the time thoughts that are out there about what's happening in this movement right now if you go from 1798 to 2018 that's 220 years okay and then if you go from how does that work from 17 or 19 I guess 1996 to 2018 you have 22 years 1996 being away mark 22 being one-tenth of the 220 if you can do that and if you go from December 9th 2016 which is when the light about Russia being the King of the South is opened up in wells then you have 22 months till you get to September of 2018 now that's nice but even if you didn't have that what I'm saying is in September you can see at least three branches that I'm under conviction contribute to bringing this message into clarity you got the second witness to Tessa's presentation and I'm saying Tesla's presentation is about the king of the north it's the tidings of the north and I'm saying that Theodore's material is about Islam and it's the tidings of the East and that second witness secures what the sister Tess is saying but I'm under the conviction right now that the understanding of the president's is the the key that's going to weave these revolutions together and put it all into a package and all of these three subjects come up in September of 2018 okay so that that's my logic but you can we can argue about this I mean we can have disagreements we don't have to argue but what I'm saying is the temple the glory of the Lord is filled the temple and I could be I'm open for correction on this but in the story of Solomon it's when the Ark of the Covenant is brought in that that happens when the Shekinah comes into the most holy place that that Solomon has built and when that happens I'm saying that it is identifying the final doctrinal shaking and the final doctrinal shaking in this movement is the nature of man the nature of Christ the truth about that and the truth about that can be summarized down to the atonement when Christ becomes one with his people okay combination of humanity and divinity does not sin so I'm saying right in this very history the final doctrinal argument has taken place now the Lord is doing what George Siemens sermon was two Sabbath's ago he's saying right before you get to the close of probation before you get to the the door closing on the ark before you get to the destruction of Jerusalem then the light about the time element is opened up so I realized that the time element you can say well that's another doctrinal shaking I don't think so I think this time element is a binding off anybody that did not have genuine confidence in the methodology that was being used by this movement this will be their excuse their hook to hang their doubt on to jump ship and those of us that do have confidence in the methodology it may astound us that we've arrived at a place where we're actually identifying a time when we never thought we were going to do that and we may have difficulty managing the calendar variations but the lines that Tess laid out that was the methodology it's pretty hard to shake those of us that have been become familiar with methodology and I'm I'm actually amazed personally that as I've watched this message go out over the the past weeks and when I seen what was happening and I realized the implications of her teaching its I personally thought wow our mailing list is going to go from this amount way down to this amount and it doesn't seem like it's getting challenged at all the people that are on that mailing list they're praising the Lord so my point is is that I think the Lord had already brought us to a point for a doctrinal parting of the ways and that this is a binding-off issue more than a doctrinal issue even though I'm not denying that it's Duncan so here I'm gonna say that we could begin to function in this period of eight as priests and as an offering and Christ was the offering and he was the priest so we got a dual role that we're gonna do if we're faithful and when Christ was lifted up here as a first fruit offering on the cross he's typifying what will go on in this history and the reason for me everyone has their own reasons but for me the reason that I clicked so quickly on Theodore's material here is because he's been he's been sharing this stuff publicly for a while and in the meantime sometimes he would share this with me privately it sometimes on emails but I mean sometimes we had meetings together just him and I where he was sharing this stuff it doesn't sink in too well for me but they reached a point not so long ago but half a year ago errs whatever where I realized what he was saying about Samuel snows letters that's what tied this together for me because I realize now I can make an argument that there's a chiasm in Samuel snows history that is the center of it is Passover in Samuel snows history and Passover has its own chiasm in the midst of the week so you have a double chiasm there and it marks the beginning in March 2014 and therefore in the history of 2014 until you get to hear the beginning history was the cross therefore I had I had the proof texts I needed that if the beginning history upon two witnesses was Passover it was the cost therefore I can put the cross in here because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning so I saw that and it clicked on me and I've been using it so when when he's laying out these lines and he finally realizes that snows history is paralleling these histories of the Italian camp meetings it was already in place in my mind but my point is is 2014 you can show a cross and a beginning of a history that I'm saying concludes here at midnight therefore you have the prophetic justifications for putting a cross in there and with the cross comes the chiasm of this one week and where we started in this presentation today was at this period from midnight to the midnight cry is 1449 to 1453 so we've already understood that it is a point in time at one level but it's a period of time at another level and there's things going on in that history with Islam but also I'm saying with the priests and the offering and at this point the temple is dedicated in story of Moses and the story of Solomon then you have a prayer and the offering service then begins and then fire comes down out of heaven upon the offering in both instances this is the manifestation of divine power at the first root offering and the prayer to me is one of the keys to see the number 81 because the number 81 is midnight right lots of witnesses I intend to look at those a little bit in this presentation when we get started it into it I hope to be done by Thursday but one of the most important passages of 81 is revelation 8:1 revelation 8:1 is the opening of the seventh seal and you'll see in the opening of the seventh seal that there's going to be fire that's cast down I'm saying this is the fire upon the offering upon the first root offering but you'll notice that before that fire is cast down those coals from up the altar that there is prayer that is marked that's Solomon's prayer Moses is prayer then the fire that's associated with the casting down of the seventh seal takes place and we've taught consistently since we began to understand it that the opening of the seals is a progressive a progressive thing not a point in time so I'm not denying that the seventh seal begins to get opened over in this history but this is where the band-aids Foley off fully off and there's going to be a manifestation of power that comes down out of heaven and that's Pentecost right tongues of fire on their forehead and that's the history that takes place between midnight and the midnight cry that's what I intend to show and I intend to show that over here there's still a first root offering but it's a different first root offering when's this first fruit offering in the feast takes take place you got Passover then what feast of unleavened bread then first fruits you got three days there Passover unleavened bread first fruits this first fruits what does first fruits begin pardon me feast of weeks what's the feast of weeks how many days in the feast of weeks 49 where does the feast of weeks conclude Panta cost is Sunday law a symbol of Pentecost or vice-versa okay a Pentecost you're still in the spring feasts you're just 49 days after the first fruit offering but at Pentecost there's going to be another first root offering but it's to waive lobes so I'm saying in connection with 2nd chronicles 29 that you have an 8 here that this gets cleansed and it's a priest and an 8 here where the priests and Levites come together in 2 loaves of bread so what I told Richard last night was what I would have appreciated in his sermon is that before he started yesterday if he would have told us an overview of where he was going then it would have been easier for all those of us to follow along I said she should do that every time and I and I'm from what I understand I said I told him in your sermon you should do it a couple more times before you get to the end to remind the people of where you're going so what I did here this morning was follow my guidance that I gave to Richard is it this is what I'm gonna try to do over the next couple of days with my notes but tomorrow I intend to give Theodore a certain amount of time by a certain amount of time I mean less than an hour and a half to cover July 18th and July 31st 2020 because I want the people that are coming back from Nebraska to watch it happen so they have it in their memory banks and then I'll come back in and start through these notes that we never touched shall we pray yes and Kathy and I were checking on all of you this morning we were here an hour early and no one else was we forgot to fall back alright shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you for the light that you are opening at this time and we thank you for the light that you've been opening through the years as we approach this coming crisis we want to understand these things and we want these truths to accomplish a work in us and for us and also in this movement that as individuals and as a corporate body we can reflect the message that you've given us we ask that the time we spend in this classroom would contribute to that development in each of us we once again pray for traveling mercies for those people that are coming home from Nebraska and our friends brothers and sisters around the world that are traveling and serving in various capacities and presenting this message we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen