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look can you give us a synopsis of where we'd got so the conclusions that we've made from Monday yes and then comparing that I've been looking through what that means and we came to the conclusion that the ravenous bird is a man he's been called to execute counsel that East is the same as a far country I think you first 11 chapter 46 I think we're locking that man to Saurus there we go - yeah well the first few verses was talking about Baba and their God and serving them and then the remaining verses I was talking about the true God and let into you know remembering the former things of old showing us in from the beginning oh whoa what I had yeah I found a quote oh yeah we didn't talk about and then I found quote about the very last verse where it says I bring near my righteousness he shall not be far off in my salvation shall not tarry and the bursar family spirit prophecy was lacking in that unto Christ coming to his people bring them salvation hast wrought Tanisha okay um Isaiah 46 we place in the period of darkness because in its historical setting cyrus came in 538 BC which is the time of the end the end of the 70 year probationary time for lack of a better expression given to the Babylonians we used verse 11 of the chapter to determine where it is placed on the line we saw that the verse was predictive and on that premise we put it prior to the time of the end where the fulfillment is me where the fulfillment is made anyone else know fill in some gaps or express it in their own way so what we want to do a couple of things from Isaiah 46 but one of the things I wanted to do was to see how we approach a story and begin to bring it on a line and hopefully when we were doing that you could see the logic that people were doing we're picking up execution and drug and trouble we'd seen many things here that were also seeming to point to 9/11 someone had seen some prediction about what was going to happen or they thought it might be a prediction here about this history but if you let the history if you let the original history the literal story guide indirect you you can at least make a primary application I'm not saying there may be a place or there may not be a place for making a secondary application I'm not evil I wasn't even looking at that but prime area primarily we have to be here can we all see why in the darkness do we all understand why there has to be we wasn't here and since all the being wasn't here okay you won't hear that when we did it on Monday we know yeah like to darkness - let me ask you questions you see that we've been these darkness or you see we'd be somewhere else in this chapter you ask me what verse are we here in between the darkness yes I'm asking you you tell me a verse where you might be somewhere else you're 13 verses or any of those verses going to put you somewhere else yes so can be the verse y'all need to start from that one so just go B's verse while I'm not gonna be here I'm not seeing anything in verse one okay that's I'm asking you for a verse I didn't want to enter any particularly but if you want to go to verse one I asked if I should start from verse one well we know because you've all we are to be stopping it okay have you pick a verse where you where you think is not in darkness that's not in darkness like you've jumped a little many years that is you know so you're in verse nine remember the former things of old Brian God and there is none else I am God and there is none like me tell me you're gonna place that if you're not here is darkness where you gonna place that then you explain why the words former things of old that brings to mind the old paths and I would put that at 9:11 it could possibly be before some time before 9/11 here yes so when that passage is being spoken yep service is already destroyed Babylon yeah is that what you're saying the foundation have already been laid that's what you say and you're approaching the reign of the Ryan is that what you think the owner can be seized or false Moody's is raining when first night I don't need the full history but if Versailles is approaching I live in your past Cyrus yes so tell me how you if that's the case then yes so wait 47 chapter 47 verse 1 where are you they the downfall of babylon babylon falls at 9/11 I'm just thinking of the second angels missing you put badlanders are falling the rain of derailleurs okay yeah I don't know exactly but I know all the Babylon I'm that what is it you don't know sir you don't know exactly you don't know that about one doesn't fall it the rain that derive you know that yeah yeah but I'm thinking of the second angels messages yeah but you've got it placed incorrectly on the line and 911 is the riders otherwise yeah they'll back here so in chapter 45 cyrus hasn't come yet you agree with that bullet right check with chapter 25 verse 1 if you rent if you read 25 46 45 yeah so the chapter before Cyrus hasn't comes yeah and the chapter afterwards it's pre 9/11 yes so you think that you're gonna pull up a random verse in 46 and place it near the reign of the riot or for smoothies can you see that's what you doing okay because you're doing that I mean I don't think I'm kind of I don't think he's causing any injury only way you put chapter 45 here yes verse 46 nine here and then hope he's over in chapter 27 back again no I didn't say that you see I was saying that which chapter 40 so we look at 46 yeah we all put it musics but you have to use you have to put place 26 in this right place you agree chapter 47 is time in the end yes so you can read chapter 45 is before the time with the end it would probably have to be yes okay so that's why you say you've got 45 yes dr. boogie boy okay then you've got verse 9 yes then you got chapter police and you're jumping back and forth yes and that that is that wouldn't be correct then so I yeah I wasn't because when you look at the Book of Daniel not all the chapters iron systematic whole order so I didn't apply it in a systematic fashion with Isaiah hates my question you think he's legitimate in this context to jump back and forth no okay so yeah I was doing that so if I'm doing that then can you do right for you guys yeah dr. 4546 yeah I acknowledge that yes okay yeah I probably do anything else we went to through what is on the board and we came to the conclusion there should be before the time of the end but if we see all the symbols like you wrote down most of them pointed us to 911 before at least in my understanding how do I know now what is the primary application because you said 15 minutes ago or 10 minutes ago in a foundational or primary application it should be before time of the end tell me which one you want to pick up I send you a question tell me which one of these you want to pick up which one which is the one which is most obvious for me would be in fact verse verse 9 because it says remember the former things of old that's not a teasing she says remember stop ok yeah that's okay but if we I immediately made a connection connection to Jeremiah 6:16 I'm just wondering ok I agreed that it makes sense before when you're placing Jeremiah 6:16 what does Jeremiah 6:16 say should I return to you ok you shall return to if you're acting with a paraphrase where you want to read it on it mine now saith the LORD stand ye in the ways and see and ask for the old paths where is the good way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls but they said we will not walk therein so you tell me what that verse means how your understanding that verse that we have to that we are adding this have to return to the old path which are our charts you can show these charts that the old Park you say yeah and the people say we don't want we don't want them walking those paths but if we would or if they would they would receive rest so why is that 911 because of the rest it's a refreshing it's a conditional clause it says if you did this you'll get this no yeah no so why is that place it in 911 I agree that you can develop a logic to say it can't be after 9/11 usually if you put the rest here because if you're going to if you're going to comply with verse with 616 here it's a bit light but what it could be anytime before that could Nick that's correct that's correct so why do we mark it why do we normally mark it as - I'm asking your wife unless you're gonna say you cuz everyone else does which is probably unfair upon your face let me let me ask you this question so it says standing in the way did say that's not that yeah okay so what is a way a path so what does that mean to you apart what is that path because because that's not a path is it okay what doctor do you have to standing so you're saying a path equals a doctrine let let let Jonathan do it please what what doctrine is this like this keep Sabbath what which doctrine the charts everything which is on the charges do all third the name was named the doctrine so we need to go to 25 20 well do and how you going to get to all of those what's the methodology you're going to go to and go down that it says we have to return this means sorry what was the question what's the methodology that you can do to return I think is it returned you say okay no a return but your meals rules rules and what's minutes rules the foundations that the Foundation's okay it's a methodology now I asked her what the methodology is which is the methodology is the rules no we can't say rules his methodology was it's a specific method or using the specific methodologies the rules I'm saying what how did these rules do that line upon line why is it line upon line my understanding is Jeremiah 6:16 and Isaiah 28 discovered 616 this window proof texting so you're saying you're gonna do it through proof taxi so what is proof texting just like one word in the scripture with one word in the scripture or the whole verse with the verse or a whole chapter with the chapter could be just one word could be they could be worth two word phrase to phrase verse to verse chapter to chapter no so if you start doing chapter to chapter that story to story okay so you're gonna say the methodology that you're gonna use these line upon line in that sense yes okay so this part is line upon line you're gonna say or the methodology to do it and then the doctors that you need to go back to you go back to dating and you line upon line methodology could do that so 616 read it again let's say if the LORD stand ye in the ways and see and ask for the old for the old okay have you got to the old path yet or is he saying wherever you are you need to go to the old path because you're not on there yet are you on the park okay so the implication you're not on the path you need to get onto the path yeah because I have to ask and see okay so you're not on the path he says get on the path and when you get on the path what's going to happen where's the good way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls okay so so you're not on the part you're gonna get on the path and when you get on the path what will you find and what is the rest I'm gonna go the rest is a refreshing I said 28 which he wants to take us yeah so are you gonna make weight where you're gonna place the rest than the refreshing you're gonna place that in 911 when I was doing on the probe no he didn't say that it says read the backend again it is you will find rest for your souls so when you got on the party you haven't got restful refreshing this is when you on the pot then you will find it because the party's a journey you agree with that okay so there's a sequence you've got a B and C what a find approach okay so you need to find what he's be booted on the path beyond and c55 the rest so I'll just put rest get to so Isaiah 660 Jeremiah think you're here you're not even on the path yet agree with that and we've just said all of this path stuff he's all lined up online okay yeah I'm Mary sorted between that directions it's the shamela you tell me Wade is line upon line methodology introduced into a reformed line which way mark do you do that they'll probably be no probably is this tell me what it is I'm gonna say 911 so populate before 9/11 this movement doesn't understand line upon line time of the end at the time of the end yes so back here yes okay so I'll say increase of knowledge the increase of knowledge but the increase of ice you go back into our literal history 91 92 you'll see this just soon after that there was a document that was pull out and she's a violent online methodology with three days Daniel 11 verse 40 to 45 so where you're gonna place Jeremiah 6:16 now you're not even on the sparkle yet you're not even here at the nucleus of knowledge because he's telling you back here why don't you do something and I'll take that not here he's telling you to do what to get onto the path and he's to get on the path then you walk here you'll get to some rest because you'll never you're what his rest actually mean like take a break you've actually arrived at your journey's end here not here yeah you're resting here you've arrived this is the arrival point not back here but regardless of that 6:16 is right back in this history and not a 911 because line upon line methodology was developed in the increase of knowledge but you thought said you bought a six sixteen to prove that it would be here because you say the proof that you used to be here actually brings you back to the same point here okay so whatever we the list we you have written down there is actually not some of it may be predictive of what you could achieve but it's not we're not hearing those vote in any of these verses in chapter 46 how do you why don't you take us this Jeremiah 6:16 because just how I serve 46 is water no no but you bought it you bought it from somebody in this chapter you put it from verse 9 yeah so what was it in verse 9 remember the former things remember the old parts that's what you had that's how you did it yeah you know so I'm saying God is here in the period darkness he says remember the form of things if you're going to use Jeremiah 6:16 Jeremiah 6:16 has to be here it couldn't have been 9/11 what are you supposed to be walking on a path well it's a path even look like it's two parallel lines isn't it by definition it's line upon line the fact that that's the symbology of the path if you zoom out what is a path look like just look like a singular line and when does the line begin the time at the end Jeremiah 6:16 he says get on to the line by 911 the lines already sorted out all the works been done you've arrived at your journey's end original question why do we put it here I don't know why white people put it there and I'm doing the same I agree with that yes yes I know I know it was a rhetorical my original question was how do you find a primary application because I'm not even saying there's a secondary one I'm saying if there was because I haven't thought about whether the secondary I'm not so even suggesting there is I'm saying you should read the chapter and it has to be in this period here okay I read the chapter maybe you the whole class T okay but we all put it at 911 yeah so what do we do that we don't do the mistake with another chapters well in practice it is if we practice it often enough then we begin to I don't know I don't know what the science is I give some guidelines one of the guidelines is you go and check what story you you're reading and then you see what was happening that literal story so that's one thing the second thing you do is you're going to the spirit of prophecy and if it's so Isaiah you find out where Isaiah was ministering what was going on you have to get all the historical context then you place it in a certain history and now we've got enough information using what methodology or what what's what yeah I think it's methodology it's up here what do we use over and over again to cross-reference histories properly this wrongly and their 46:1 not not that I must be asked a different question or sorry how did you go about cross-referencing histories accurately now accurately seven thunders it's the seven thunders now opens up and gives us the ability to go I'll say any history but it's not literally only history to go into the histories and then you can place things because it's a delineation of events in a specific history so once you can do that you can go into the reins of the persian kings and the persian kings are going to tie you back to this history jumping into our history and now you can know time with the ND cyrus so you go into the story and you see it's can be seized or derailleurs it now gives you ability to lock a chapter or a story into a place in the reformed line so first you see what's going on generally then you see when the Prophet was ministering then you see where does that history fit on a reformed line and and the way you do that the easiest way is with the seven thunders I thought I think we did this in class maybe we did and I can't do this off the top of my head but if you've got the Old Testament how many books in the Old Testament in the Old Testament how many mistakes you should know you must have taught the children this okay so out of these 39 books you can take one two three four five no limit here that one two three four five so the first five books is the Pentateuch Moses you can take all that out because that's Moses those how things are put together then you've got Joshua judges Ruth first samuel second Samuel kings and chronicles so you've got all of that and that's takes you up to at least if we didn't get the first time you takes you up to saw yeah so you go from the entrance into Canaan to Saul so you've got all of that history and then you've got the Kings first King second Kings first Chronicles second Chronicles and that takes you to the division maybe slit maybe further into that and then what then for the most of the most of the rest of Testament Malachi Zacharias how guys F&I her back so all of this which is the vast majority in the Old Testament is only a small amount of history it's mostly focusing on this time period here and just before that is essentially it's about their captivity and the captivity now prophetically is well-defined because we've got we've got the last seven kings of Judah which is the seven thunders you got semi kings of Judah 70 captivity seven kings of Persia and that's over half the Old Testament so once you can locate those seven thunders where they are on the reform line then we can do that now half the Old Testament is all sorted out for you so if you were to go to mayhem and miker and Jonah all you need to do is find out where they're located in that particular history check there's seven thunders and most of the time there is there's a number of seven thunders by the time you get to the division of the kingdom where you're at Solomon you get real boom Jeroboam and then you get the two kingdoms there's number of seven thunders in that when that in those histories to the seven thunders really opens up a lot of light and he helps us to locate things properly yeah delineation of events in the reformed line so from the time of the end to the close of probation you'd have seven thunders you can count them and then you can put Kings they're Persian kings Roman Kings Judean kings Kings from the northern tribes when you start doing that it helps you to place all the stories in the correct position and then once you do that you've got the key to unlock what those passages are dealing with to me that's the easier way to do it I don't say correctly but that's I think that's how we should be approaching it and you don't get caught up in all the intricacies like you know looking at just in singular words anybody got back ties air forty-six I think it's only about three or four stories really in the Old Testament you can clap them all down to three or four stories you've got the story of Moses which is reform light you've got the story of Noah which is a reformed line but if you just took the first five books most of it's just about the Exodus mostly and then you've got some stories about judges then you've got the Kings and a lot of that is as I say seven thunders and then the rest of it is the Babylonian and neither Persian captivity at least I was there 46 so we said that the half the chapter up to about verse 8 is all about these Babylonian idols so what's that got to do with anything why talk about Babylonian idols 22 the Sunday what is this Sunday no isn't that the great honor but we're here speaking about captivity speaking about their captivity for me as a 46 one identifies I guarantee identify judgment because it says they are burden to do be released your carriages work and believe them they are a burden to do we release and it says their idols were upon the beasts so if their idols were comic beasts that means that they are having rulership over them so it's speaking to them the nations are the beasts being in captivity to this power visit I was just gonna pick up the word captivity from verse 2 I said in darkness as well they stooped they bowed down together they could not deliver the burden but themselves are gone into captivity whose call into captivity first one is I think there are two different captivity that are being portrayed in between verse 1 ok verse 1 Bell bowels down niebo stupid their idols were upon the base and upon the cattle your carriages were heavy laden there are a burden to the weary beef words verse 1 talking about mr. Anthony sure it's not talking about you but you could tell us what it was talking about I'll get for me personally the reference to Bell takes my mind to Jeremiah 50 verse is 133 just tell me what this what verse one is talking about before we go anywhere else now that's what we should be doing perhaps that's why I'm only doing it perhaps if you don't we do that I'm going to guess what I find so funny is that you're gonna get to tell me what the verse is actually meaning but you're confidently going to take me to another Bible verse to explain what the verse is meaning I was giving you two that Bible verse because you're trying up in my mind so I can speak confidently about it because it came readily to mine so what would the other verse would the other verse tell you what verse what he's talking about I wanna think it's somewhat connected but based on the other verse God was punishing the idols of Babylon when he caused the fall of that nation but in this I think it's suggesting something else sister taste what's worse one thing because if you connect it to the end of chapter 45 he's talking to Israel they'll bow down niebo stupid their idols were upon the beasts and upon the cattle your carriages were heavy laden they are a burden to the weary beasts okay but even before we get the only detail stirred what's the gist of verse one if we could draw a picture what does the first one look like let's do that let's draw a picture sister Sara what is the picture of verse one look like there are beasts okay so we've got some beasts so a base different reason is the cattle so we've got a beast and we've got a carriage okay so you've got an idol upon the beast everybody agree with that so all the parties you say you've got idols and drawn beasts and carriages why there aren't beasts and carriages for before we do who are who they are why they are baseball something free something how the person doesn't mind they'll take offense that's for the camera hi brother / mandir was watching one of your videos an organization then you made a comment about william winners rules that you don't really understand them persist but sister white says it's simple so why are you saying it's hard to understand and I don't want to conjecture at this point so could you please explain yourself so other rules hard or not so how comes how comes we're not getting the Rose the hint because I always place if the rules are simple how do we get such a messed up reformed line and he wasn't like one of you I mean it's like the whole the whole of FFA doesn't understand rules I'm not the only one but if they were simply they wouldn't take much studying I mean your honor to study doubt shall not kill much good you everybody knows what that means but we've got these rules and everybody says they're simple and I'm saying they're simple they can't even do what bored people that I communicate with that's not that's not the first person and I've got three people around s xx three it's the sue Miller and these two other people that said this simple what's my problem I say why would God require us to study the rules if they were hard I can understand that quick if they were difficult to understand why would God ask us to study them I don't know what you just say are you saying that there is you're difficult I'm saying they're easy so why wouldn't he just are you mister easy I'm saying it's hard me I'm saying it's like everybody's saying it's simple you're saying it's simple these other people are saying it simply you heard what the person said it's simple what's your problem and I'm saying if it were so simple how come 20 people couldn't get it right because we've all studied the rules I don't even get Jeremiah 6:16 correct and there's a relatively easy verse and now I'm saying let's do Isaiah 46 don't get don't get upset anybody but I said I said eyes you don't need to cuz this simple Isaiah 46 1 my sister says I'll take you to Bell somewhere else I'll say just tell me what the verse means because I've got no idea what the verse means but I'll go somewhere else and then I say ok let's do it simply let's just draw a picture here's a picture so I'm saying tell me what this verse means and then someone says do you want us to tell you literally and I'm saying people are mocking me saying the rules are simple because I thought we're supposed to do a plain reading of the word and if unless we can prove it's not literal then you have to take it symbolically you have to approach the Bible as though it's literal it's one of the cardinal rules and I'm saying I don't understand these rules everybody says they're really simple and how'd you know how'd you know it's figure 2 no but you don't even study the words in the verse people are saying I don't even know what the verse says but I'm gonna go somewhere else that can't be the way we're supposed to approach it why is there so many callings at 9:11 no no I'm not doing 9/11 I'm doing Isaiah 46 1 and you and straightaway you're saying you saying I'm gonna argue with you because I'm not gonna go back 3,000 years I'm gonna go back 16 years to 9/11 and as I 46 verse 1 was not 911 it's 3,000 years ago that we've done work me and we gotta have it verse 9 you agreed verse 9 he's not 911 you greedly that ya know thinking about wondering why because we were called to go back to the old past when I saw that was 9/11 I've just proven it's not have a knife there just prove it - it's not 911 it could not be 911 if you believed it was 911 you were wrong you made a mistake reevaluate we can we can go through again would you agree I say Jeremiah 6:16 are you on the part or you're not on the top I mean I can see Jeremiah 6:16 are you on the path you're not that you're okay just agree so you're not on the path when does the path begin so you're not at this time at the end you can see that it's just your green you see so you're here you're not on the path Jeremiah 6:16 cannot be 9/11 the words direct you to that okay so we're here let's look at it literally what's what's he saying isn't at the whole point so what are the rules of grammar you've got a chapter 13 verses what should you be looking out for the first verse is going to tell you the theme and what's the purpose of the first verse yes so this verse is took talking about what and the usefulness of idolatry and what is the use of what is the usefulness of idolatry it's worthless because if there's such good gods why can't I even function why can't I carry themselves so before we tackle anything about the intricacies of that and identify what a beast is and what a carriage is we should at least understand the tone and the and the whole point of the of the chapter doing wall ah showing the uselessness of false gods you mean pre 46 yes this whole section yes remember all of this I notice I say here anyway his this is where he gets difficult when you do lines because if you're gonna say he's here technically he probably would be but he's pre captivity so he's warning everybody so you know there's not much difference between Isaiah 7 in Isaiah 28 it's just one long story not story one long discourse it's like I'm not saying litter on the same day but it's it's all predictive of what's about to happen Isaiah 7 it's it's do we know Isaiah 28 is pre 723 it's pre before the hosts sheer so when you start seeing the context of that then you begin to see what Isaiah is trying to do to the odds of people because Isaiah 46 it's over a century in them in the future and you can never already got all the problems even though they were not literally in captivity their practices had already shown them to be captive to their idols off so they were already worshipping idols and God was here know declaring what their state is and where it would lead them to do we know Cyrus isn't even born yet yeah when 46 is written in Isaiah is not even straight Cyrus is not even born so ganush trying to show his people the uselessness of idolatry not only that but they're already in captivity he's treating them like they're already in the seventh year captivity isn't he so once we can understand at least that much of the thought of Isaiah 46 then you can start looking at some application so one the application that you would go would B is what he's a beast it's a nation so what nation would that beast be is that Babylon is the beast Babylon I know but I've just got one in my picture he's that beast Babylon so Babylon scary in Belem niebo there's Babylonian God what you saying who's the Beast the one beast just give me a night what I think that it is Babylon that is in I mean I know that bill and Eva are I got what I believe that family will have no power so it is the Babylonians that are doing whatever it is that they're doing it's the face Babylon is the idol Babylon no you didn't make an application you tell me what your application was because of their burdens being on the beasts that to me shows captivity whose captive of whom dinesh the beasts are captive of the Babylonians doctor okay so I'll ask the same question again named because Berlin is the base that's babylon babylon is captive to the idol I know that doesn't make sense in my brain it doesn't to my brain either no more so who's the Beast a sister teri said he's Israel is it whatever nation is it's not the Babylonian nation okay that's what there was seen I know but you don't let me here ask my question the way I want to answer so we'll make it Israel who's the idol you want to make it doctrine hey whose doctrine so this is Babylon then so you saying Babylon is controlling Israel and all the other nations yeah so that would be an application sister a Tunisia you wanted to take this way now you're not going to say you're scared you said it makes sense to you which Merce was it I was going to Jeremiah 50 verse is one three two three four that's okay yeah my 15 verses one two three coming up so really you're not gonna read it for us the clarity among the nations and publish instead of the standard publish and conceal not say Babylon is taken fellas confounded mera dock is broken in pieces her idols are confounded her images are broken in pieces we're out of the north there come up plummets up a nation against her which shall make her land desolate and then shall dwell therein they shall remove facial depart both man and keys what the connection I just knew that the bell would have been destroyed through the destruction of Babylon that's why my mind Wendy verse 3 and to read it now you're very clever loop what's verse three the nation coming from the North against Earth I don't know you have to say what is that well I was in you go nice and easy let me have a look okay pick them out what do you know say people have any what have you got have you got em you've got little subheadings in your Bible okay so you got that meat you've got so it's a judgment on Babylon so if it's a genuine Babylon the whole context is what's going to what's going to happen but if said verse one the word of the Lord spake against Babylon against the land of the Chaldeans by Jeremiah coffee so he's predicting war the burden of Babylon the doom gloom message to Babylon so what's verse 3 saying out of the North judgment come upon whom on this room go back to verse 1 go back to verse 1 unless you've got written a really clear reason the verses normally follow on one with another and this is a clear break and often most of the Bibles are pretty good on that if you get a Bible that subheads things that makes them dad they've done a pretty good job most of time you said to be careful but it'll be really unusual for them to take the chapter and say to prophecy concerning Babylon as an example verse 1 is clearly telling you to babbles about to be destroyed then two from verse three to have some something that's odd and the reason you said Israel brother Jonathan was what why did he say Israel in verse three give me the word that he be he used to get to say Israel north north yeah so everybody knew I didn't even need to need him to explain it because if you're not careful that was the conclusion you're come to that this must be Babylon is going to punish Israel so now you've jumped history's you've jumped you've gone back 70 years and already you should have warning bells I think that's doesn't sound quite right so sister Sarah whose verse three four out of the north who is that that's me to Persia can we see that just without knowing the verse you know the history has to be made of Persia so where are you now Jeremiah 50 where are we on the line rather Jonathan so we're here at a time in the end yeah okay so what do you want to pick up you verse three says what king of the north or from the north and in Isaiah 46 it's east say it's got east and north so why is it north in one place in the east in another what why did we talk about the North where you're gonna get this whole North stuff from over and over again the place that we always go to Daniel 11 so if he's from the north what's that telling you me the perjuries me the perches King to the north and we already I think we did we make did we talk about this when he becomes the king of the north did we talk about that in class any class I thought we did anybody I thought we did so before he's gonna take down Babylon no I next it hanging for people to think about but the conclusion we did come to he's already the king of the north before you take down three territories that's demonstrable you thought that but I'm not saying when they become clean laws but it's before they take the under three territories so do me to perjure take down three territories how do you know and then that sister Alyssa the media purge you take down three territories first I'm going to ask you the question Isaiah 46 the kingdom comes from there okay so the east they literally came from the east but now in Jeremiah says they're coming from the telling you what no no the east means something symbolically why would he be called from the north who comes from the north and who's their king no the king king of the knotch so me the perjuries okay see if the king of the north so I was it the king the north now the king of the north has a habit has some obligations before he can rule what does he need to do by mister take three territories good we got we got enough history to know that so I'm asking you wait did you just say before it becomes king at all no he's king and already then he takes our territory becomes king everything I say I could rest that yeah yeah be thank you because they catch me at my work no that big under character so before he can rule supremely he's got take down three territories where do you find me the third you taking out three territories that was my question okay so this is road next a bit it down Cyrus had to expand westward and northward yes further sorry Cyrus westward towards the Aegean Sea tearing it from electriss-- the three reasons Daniel say that Daniel three verbs yeah Daniel 8 say squat watch he was divided she was sharing westward northward and southward that's verse 4 so we can say that it has to take down 3 see it's got all the characteristics of looking that's why it's nothing nice in Jeremiah 50 okay so we've got God's people and in this darkness What's it telling us they're already in captivity to Babylon yes yeah let's pick up a couple of another point not natural they're in spiritual captivity and when you come to our reformed line we're here and we're in spiritual captivity you're in marine captain verse 13 but what we've got we've got verse 13 here I bring near my righteousness he shall not be far off my salvation shall not tarry and I will play salvation in designed to Israel my glory why we got the fall of Babylon second angels message here what's that saying who did that one cuz Thomas said the second angels message a few times second angels message Babylon he's fallen because we want to place it here as opposed to here where did where does Babylon fall here or here verse 13 where does Babylon forward it says chapter 47 and verse 13 you picked up verse 13 because he says whoever did that that's 47 but why verse 13 that's 646 13 righteousness Tama picked up from righteousness here it is verse 13 righteousness so where does Babylon fall here at time at the end or here at 911 timeless vision I'm Dan Harris Nick yep this because you're starting chapter 46 saying it's Israeli captivity to Babylon and you're putting that on a line based on Cyrus coming against baboon it's kind of two separate mysteries where you want to place Cyrus yeah where'd you want to place that I might say something different yeah this is pretty captivity exactly then why is he talking about Cyrus he talked he said he spoke about Cyrus long before Cyrus was even born so the ravenous birdies at Babylon coming against Israel at Cyrus coming again yeah yeah oh I will treat you in the car sloth on Monday okay okay yeah what's verse is that verse 11 is verse 11 the ravenous bird from the east the man that executed that you will hear the second half of it as you said when you came in you said it's not a hungry bird you said it's a hawker of motive price this is this is neither Persia many different comes out here what I would say is I wouldn't look in the verse there may be closer but don't even look in the verse of the clue if you just look at step back a bit and you see what the context is the context of 45 chapter 45 says thus says the Lord to the is 92 cyrus whose right hand I have Holden he talks about the prediction that Cyrus is going to come and do something then chapter 46 he's gonna do a number of things one of them is to show the futility of idol worship because God's people love idol worship and he says I don't know why you love this so much because the people that that these this idolatry here that you love so much is about to be destroyed by the wild man from the east because the wild man from the east is about to destroy this nation and then in chapter 47 it explains how that's going to happen I'm only saying that just from tight we haven't you read all the details of that me you could you can make Cyrus you know this righteous man who yes Brazil so would it be an attacking swoop in bird I think we had wild in there some somewhere it's this crazy bird and if he's from the east it definitely has the same has characteristics of Islam right there a symbol could have more than one meaning the meter proto represents the USA Islam I mean I just play that I just made a general so that you can you because he's got all the characteristics that is then does that we know in the Dudley form like he's not he's not Islam in that story not not in Isaiah 46 you know Isaiah 46 he's made of Persia yeah this is some people that he's gonna swoop down and just destroy this place you back on track or still lost in the context 45 is a prediction that Cyrus is going to come on the scene 47 is a prediction that babylons gonna be destroyed and justice in Jeremiah 50 wherein Tanisha took us contextual you can see that he's talking about the destruction of Babylon and it determines when the comedy stroyed partners going to come from the north to destroy them so he's jumping back and forth he's talking about cyrus and then he's going right back into the history barry and then then he's talking about cyrus again chapter 45 you for referring to that chapter 25 he's going to refer to cyrus and he's gonna show if utility or for idol worship specially babylonian idol worship because that nation isn't gonna survive it's gonna be destroyed by cyrus okay we've got a few minutes cyrus was home made a Persia made a perjuries home to Han base yeah so these two horn beasts is gonna do all then they come and bring down Babel and destroy Babylon yes so let's make an application of that thing we're here at the time of the end and this kingdoms going to come and destroy Babylon who's that Kingdom that's going to come and destroy Babylon it's France everybody agree with that not the United States ok which history Mitarai history yeah Meeta Persia is going to come and destroy Babylon it comes and destroys Babylon at time of the end cyrus 538 536 so I'm saying that story what's an application of it will go with middle right history 1798 what power is now going to come and destroy Babylon so some people are saying France and I presume you're saying USA who says France why st. Francis that okay so you're saying there's Babylon and France is gonna deliver a deadly wound so therefore it must be France this when Tanisha do I think what she just say what happens in 1799 right they elect a new pope who's ruling now go about that leap parties only $17.99 I thought because they had come after the papacy and they would then be a power okay so this is me that this has been an argument in conservative Adventism for a long time so let's make sure we it will get this correct you start counting kingdoms for me from number one the beginning that don't tell her she should know it's come on excuse me I'm sorry okay I'm sorry sister and Tanisha and atheistic France atheistic France six head six kingdom a Leslie that's what everybody's teaching this is what conservative actors and Adventism teaches I could show you documentation from you know make the books at heart I don't know what they teach in our days but Hoffman it's certainly used to teach that really yeah okay let's see this lady the sleeve is Babylon medo-persia yeah this is the next empire in Bible prophecy yeah so this is Mystery Babylon which is who from what time period and who comes after Mystery Babylon which nation rises up after that new ways to me the Persia is who united the United States United States that bring down Mystery Babylon in 1798 the next Kingdom they receive that's what kept it time of the end haven't you okay friends has a different role it does it never becomes king of the north the king of the south and we've seen the line it's always the king of the north so everyone here is the king of the north that's what probably Johnson say or at least a church - yeah attached it is you're not saying it I know it is but the only point is the United States and Daniel 11:40 say no did you say Danny Lee Levin I'm saying Babylon medo-persia let me stop you fer you said these are all king of the north then you said maybe I say yes and but then it's the draw King in the north you know safety rope King in the north you're gonna fixed on that position now what you saying I'm saying if it comes to the United States or the threefold Union they are somehow its default it's a three-fold enemy it's not one entity anymore it's a three-fold entity why sign over that what you're trying to avoid saying because to do that's what you're trying to avoid saying you're trying to avoid saying no I can't avoid saying that this is whom that's king of the north you know what you're trying to avoid saying the United States is king of the north can everybody see that's what he's trying to avoid say and what are you actually believing that the United States it's attached to okay no it is demonstrated that it was okay because they need philosophical problems it's LA yeah it's part of the king of the north because we're today we know the king of the north is the papacy but we know the only alliance and that's why I said it's attached to the king of the north 1798 and then you said that the Adventism believe that it's atheistic fries isn't that correct 1798 88 years in France in 1798 that was correct I asked you know the sixth head was you said modern right and modern Rome is the eighth head of the sake Babylon medo-persia Greece pagan Rome papal Rome the United States the United Nations modern Rome so I shouldn't have assumed that you knew that I'm sorry I assumed that you knew I didn't like that so you do know so number six yes six head is not atheistic France and many conservative Adventists believe that it was when 1798 the city had a Bible prophecy who did the deadly who wounded the papacy the nation rises to France when you say nation he talking about the nation of France United States according to a great controversy that's I mean there's a key to the south in the king of the north but so how can us see the USA beat both how come the USA USA be both the king of the north and who's the king of the south then in that history 1798 this is happening then you have to listen to a cinema teacher in 1798 France was a new manifestation of satanic for it was the Beast that came up out of the bottomless pit stop day if Cyrus a satanic power okay carry on Oh then the United States because of the principles of its constitution it is the power that really kept the principle of church and state separated is what kept the papacy at bay and therefore in revelation 17 the one is it's the United States not France that's not a problem she knows that my problem is 536 when this Romulus birth from the east comes who is that the United States on the east welcome the USA be they eat from the east because that just spoils everything I mean in terms of reference Paris that was going to deliver God's people and the United States was an asylum for those people were under twelve or twelve hundred years twelve sixty years of religious persecution know the United States is open as an asylum it's a deliverance for for God's people then that was being persecuted by the papacy so we see the deliverance dear so typifying also the desire is coming in allowing the rebuilding of the temple right under your net okay since you got the do I go in now [Laughter] so Kingdom that revelation 12 if he done now typify dear by this ravenous bird and as we read it says that he would bring deliverance to those people in verse chapter 46 because France did not deliver God's people what Cyrus is wrote was his job function victory decree that's right Daniel ten that's a Bible verse here okay it's fun well you just tell that's what are they stay because you're never cool the degree or function in between the decree why did you want to make a decree that's his prophetic responsibility' revelation 12 was the purpose of that to help God's people is that his only job to help God's people sorry sister deliver is that his only job what he does a job no the job is to punish Babylon people do agree with that yeah it's got two jobs yeah punish them so that's the same as Islam in a sense I guess yeah so great what's that videos about this exciting was an image so Cyrus has got two job functions Toby what's the job function of the United States in 1798 brother Mario the job function of the United States in 1798 time of the a what's his job function he's at all or more deliberate she's out well how can he take over from the kingdom of the papacy punishes her let me get come on video okay my sister you take over no he was asking you when he said America you know state's job function is to help guys how does the United States punish the papacy but weaving from willingness or by their constitution the separation of church and state completely messes up her system that was not punishment what was it that wasn't killing her what was it has she not done that yet actually not done the punishment yet would the United States defrost gates like nice thanks what do you are the United States doesn't punish no I asked the question don't know I said do they yes they I said what was the punishment by preventing her from the London throne who took her off the run France did who took France did in the literal sense with the Pope of the unity3d Belshazzar off the throne murmuring Cyrus which is the United States no but the Bible the Bible say that it is Cyrus that will say to God's people and even might say what that they should go it is everybody's happy you know but it is Cyrus that was the general that to Belshazzar everybody's happy that Cyrus kills him even though whoever the person was Cyrus kills him and sorrows delivers yeah so my question is in 1798 who killed Babylon Cyrus 1798 iris de France the King of the South but they data weren't the papacy it's the USA how's that run out time I was Saved by the Bell Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we weren't asked to pray that you would be with us bless us and guide us Lord as we study your word we want to ask and pray that you would help us to study reverently but with joyful hearts please guide us and bless us in our continued investigation of these truths in Jesus's name we pray I mean