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let us pray Almighty God and father were ever thankful of the various opportunities you give us to approach your throne ever thankful for the various moments you allow us to know that without you we can do nothing I thank you kindly for this morning I thank you for your many blessings towards us I thank you for your continued use of all of us and the nearness that you you come to us each day I ask forgiveness for our sins and as we go through your words now I ask help in understanding what is there I pray that whatever preconceived notions we may have or I may have primarily may be read may be rectified I'm not we will come to a pure understanding of your word watch over and keep us and be with our thoughts and mind I beg in Christ's name Amen okay so last the last time we met together and I don't presume this will be habitual but the last time we met together we covered the prediction before midnight from a biblical aspect we covered particular passages of scriptures Scripture that allowed us to know that it is through predicting the future that God shows himself to be God and that God distinguishes himself from other gods it is what shows the true from the false and we learned too that while the secret things belong unto God he makes allowances for his servants to learn these secret things because his word says he does nothing except first revealing his secrets unto his servants the prophets and thankfully auntie Susie reminded us of John 1550 which says that he no longer calls us servants but friends because he has allowed us to know the things that the father has revealed on to him and there are many who comfort themselves in the thought of being Friends of God but that shouldn't be a comfort of or solely because Judas was addressed as friend when it was that he approached Christ with that betraying kiss so even though we know the secrets of God there is still the possibility of us being the sons of perdition this morning I'm hopeful that we will see the the prediction before midnight within the three angels messages it's a huge task I shared it with mamita last night and I thought some about it and I said you know what probably not because I don't like venturing on grounds that are basically new I like going on grounds that have already been cut and weeded and I like to say oh that looks pretty I can probably plan to see right there but to do the work myself I'm always fearful of coming to the wrong conclusions and sharing wrong information with with people and I don't like that feeling so this morning I'm hopeful that it would be an interactive study wherever our thoughts can be inserted to allow it to be more interactive it's it's a smaller group this morning the smaller group this morning so we don't have to be shy we can share our thoughts freely and it will also help us with our assignment I'm partly tempted they just said this department as mine I said I don't know how it happened but when we look at selected messages volume 2 page 107 and 108 I do not put the power references there because there is a way of doing newsletters and when you do it you just this is the standard we are representing the references and I don't want to forget it so I always do the references that way so it says the message paragraph 3 of 107 and paragraph 1 of 108 it says the message of Revelation 14 proclaiming that the hour of God's judgement is come is given in the time of the end and the angel of Revelation 10 is represented as having one foot on the sea and one foot on the land showing that the message will be carried to distant lands the oceans the ocean will be crossed and the islands of the sea will hear the proclamation of the last message of warning - or world and we remember when Parminder was explaining to us the use of a semicolon in a sentence that has two complete thoughts and how it is that the intent of the writer is to show the interrelationship between this new thought and the thought preceding it so based on this sentence we see what that the message of revelation 14 the first angels message is related to the message of Revelation 10 okay so let's look at what Revelation 14 verse 6 says it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters the last time we had class I mentioned the rule the principle of first mentioned and Larry had a question on that he wanted to know what our reference was for that principle and Teller shared with him a quote that I have I have here along with another quote to make a point it says if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed said Jesus ye shall say unto this mountain remove here hence to yonder place and it shall remove though the grain of mustard seed is so small it contains that same mysterious life principle which produces growth in the loftiest tree when the mustard seed is cast into the ground the tiny germ lays hold of every element that God has provided for its nourish nutriments re and it speedily develops a sturdy growth Christ object lesson gives a second witness to what is Woodend here it says the gradual development of the plant from the seed from the seed is an object lesson in in child training there is first the blade then the air after that the full corn in the air he who gave this parable created a tiny seed gave it it's vital properties and obtained the laws and ordained sign and are they in the laws that govern its growth and what is basically being suggested from these two paragraphs is that the life of the plant is contained in this in the seed for it to become the blade the air and then the full corn in the air it has to derive these properties from the seed and when I hope to prove from that point is that within the first angels message is found the component of all the other message if if you're writing up a written piece and we're preparing or or assignments for a Parminder we would have an introduction and the introduction introduces our tells all the thoughts that will be developed throughout the written work and it's the same thing with the first angels message it contains all the elements of the first second and third angel do we understand that to be so do we know how to prove it what aspect of the first angels message deals with the second angel and how yes do we know how it is that to give God glory is a typification of Babylon is fallen is fallen Halloween okay to give John one to give glory to give glory in the Bible means to give thanks like the leopard did in Luke 17 verses 16 through 2:18 it means more perfectly to give luck to to live the life of Christ that's righteousness and you see this in John 13 verse 31 and 32 as well as John 21 verse 19 in John 7 18 we find the following words on how glory is given to another it says he that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory but he that seeketh his glory that sent him the same is true and no unrighteousness is in him to show glory to God is to be righteous truthful and to speak of him what is righteousness righteousness is right doing I'm according to thoughts on the mount of blessings page 18 paragraph 1 it says righteousness is holiness likeness to God and God is love it is conformity to the law of God for all the commandments are righteousness and love is the fulfilling of the law righteousness is love and love is the light and the life of God the righteousness of God is embodied in Christ we receive righteousness by receiving him and then the question is asked about what relationship do these findings giving glory to God meaning speaking righteously truthfully and speaking of God how does that relate to Babylon is fallen is fallen no from another it says I'm reading from something else I'm sorry if you if we're the first place that we see Babylon in type Tower of Babel that's Genesis 11 where it is that we first see Bob let me see that rebellion is denoted there because why were the people of Babel the Tower of Babel being built conceiving of something and they built it and they were wanting to see faster it was also a mitigation against another flood they wanted they wanted they wanted to to be safeguarded from the possibility of being destroyed if God was to allow another flood to come please I just want to bring a portion of the study bottle on giving glory to God it's a mess 16 18 19 give glory to God is to reveal his character in our own and thus make him known and in whatever way means we make known the father or the son we qualify God and that that ties in nicely with John 7 18 he that speaketh off himself because his own glory but he that seeketh his glory that sent him the same is true I know unrighteousness is in him did God say that there would be another one so far the people of o-mai denied not to say that they are going to do that or to save themselves from another flood what were they doing it was a being not disbelieving they had unbelief I'm therefore that's a rejection of the first angels message the column is to fear God believe God the purposes believe in the Lord our God and so they were not believing God and that takes us to John 16 in the 16 verse it are from seven on it said nevertheless I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I go away for if I go not away the comforter will not come unto you what if I depart I will send him on to you and when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness I'm not judge me first nights is of sin because they did not all the points that we shared before about the conditions that allowed the Tower of Babel to be built is found in Genesis 11 verses Genesis 11 verses 134 tells you the nature of the rebellion but how to know that it it is an it is rebellion you would have to read the ninth chapter of Genesis where God tells them that one they are not to congregate there were to be this first because he wanted for the land the earth to be repopulated so he requested that there be they not colonize and even in that wise they were going against the commands of God by building but the characteristic of Babylon is found in in the statements of Nebuchadnezzar Daniel chapter 4 where he says it's not this great Babylon that I have built Babylon is a nation of self exaltation or self glory and it takes us back to the thought before that when it is that we're giving glory to God we do not do so to the exaltation of self we do so to the exaltation of God so when we are called upon to give God glory were called upon to allow Babylon to fall self exaltation self glory is to be a beast and God glorification and God exaltation is to be put in its place so are not wise we can see that to give glory to God is in actuality allowing Babylon to fall Richard an analogy yes all right I couldn't remember but I remember as we were talking but only we simplified second angel but all three angels really was in Daniels chapter one two and three and the second angel to finally give glory just like you were saying that's the experience and Daniel 2 because Daniel was blessing God and he's worshiping him and he's typifying showing the fall of nations and in this particular context you talk about the the fall of Babylon is gonna lead so that whatever but that's that's one way we just came to and that's where one just seeks to exalt his own achievements and integrity top what about these are clear that the gloria month should be laid in labels for money's just Dawson is the glory of money living with us then man a very conception of himself and also a better conception of God it's and therefore is better able to give God glory the ark his judgment has come that being the last aspect of this of the first angels message ties nicely with what the third angels message speak of but one of the things I've found is that if we if we if we disregard the section of the first angels message that says worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea you see that within the first angels message is that issue of worship but the call that the first angels makes is a call to true worship and what the third discourages us against this false worship but you see that even even in the wording itself of the first angels message you see the basic foundational platform for what the Lord rebukes through the third angels I won't don't build on that but that was needful because though we're going to look at the PBM within the three angels messages it's really through the focus of the first and once we understand that the components of all the three messages are found within the first we won't have an issue with just zooming in on the first angels message revelation chapter 10 and then for all those who did their memorization there is a section that you all can say together made heaven earth and sea the top of the waters that goes all the way back to the commandments and that's Genesis 14 verse 11 for six days the lower may have an urgency rested and beyond that it takes us to Genesis chapter 1 the creation story Alisa could you read Revelation chapter 10 please he said his right foot upon the sea and his left foot upon the earth and cried with a loud voice as when a lion roar and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices and when the seven thunders had uttered their voices I was about to write and heard a voice from heaven saying unto me seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered they write them not and the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him and ever who created heaven and the things that therein are and the earth and the things that therein are and the sea and the things which are therein so there should be time no longer the voices of a seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared in his servants the prophets and the voice which I heard from the from heaven spake unto me again and said go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which stand is upon the sea on the earth and I read them to the angel and said to him give me the little book and he said unto me take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be in the mouth in that mouth sweet as honey and I took the little book out of the Angels hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten next my belly was bitter he said unto me thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and keys well hey why do we understand about this passage of Scripture in relation to the first angels message and everybody should answer because we're doing an assignment on it it's worldwide and even that component is found within the first four messages or anything else here you see he has an internal book I also opened and also you can find those components the fact that Daniels message was still until the time of the end and we are many sop quotations are we have SOP quotations that stills that the first angels messages to arrive at the time of the end when the Book of Daniel is to be opened and so therefore you see the same principles being brought on the book that is opened is open at the time of the end when the first angels message is to be given and this is one of a large I see two together Allah but also in verse six you see this engine using the very terms that brother Larry pointed on for who created the heaven of the things that bearing are the earth anything that we're in our DC those are also are the words of the first interfere God and give work to him and it speaks about you know the heavens the earth and the sea so he's using also the language that the first interview was in you can see in Revelation chapter 14 verse 7 he said as saying with a loud voice and then a blow to Revelation chapter 10 yes and if an acquire it a loud voice so we can see let's see em characteristic of Revelation 14 the Lord was a revelation thing I can see both of them carried a low voice any other question what is he crying it was three what is what is this what he's saying is it says it says and fight with a loud voice and then she says and when he had cried then the seven thunders are the divorces so what is he crying what is he saying seven thunders she's the first on second angel message is crying it the first and second angel message is it's the comment Arabic below tells you that the one that you you were asked to memorize is I mean the one who were asked to memorize when you go paragraph below that you will find the details to the question - to answer the question that Jonathan just asked so the mighty angel who instructed John was setting his right foot on the and his chosen estate this position denotes is the controversy had wax and will continue to do so to conclude I am s been working about policy darkness to reach their highest state and United with evil men will see the world and the church they receive not the local chief but the mighty angel demands he is good how old are we have his voice inside of you my daughter safety church what do we understand from this paragraph you know ally we made a beautiful point yesterday he said in her memorization of this she did so with consulting the histories relating to what's there so it's it's more securely in her mind because she has tied history with the the words that are utilized there so it's one thing to memorize and then there it's another thing to understand what you're putting in your mind what's the purpose of it being there that's not a rhetorical that's a purpose of you memorizing these these words well to say that this angel is no less the person in Jesus Christ first data and this angel Jesus Christ is involved in the closing Saints of the great controversy in that this controversy is getting worse and worse and stronger and stronger as we continue throughout history war threatened future events any other thoughts because the innervation chapter toward Christ is in the midst of the seven candlesticks so the description in Revelation chapter 10 is showing us that Christ is the one that is leading this movement also for me I found it important because she says that Satan United will with even one will be see the whole world and the churches who have not received a love of the truth and she said that in context to the first angels message because in great controversy and also from here it tells us its seeds and the engine which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth instead of face before sorry the first paragraph that we read revelation 10 is written it is represented as having one foot on a sea and only one photon Ellen showing that the message what message that the first angels message will be courage to distant lands the ocean will be crossed and the islands of this sea will hear the proclamation of the last warning to our world so she's telling us the relation of the first in the derivation of revelation 10 to the first angels message she is clearly stating that it is an empowerment of the first angel and in great controversy she says in 1840 and she gives the she says another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy and she gives us the history of Josiah Letang and she sorry bye Carrie I didn't I didn't look at my paper it's okay but she gives us the history of the fulfillment of Revelation 10 and she says great impetus was given to the message so for me it is important for us to put the histories in our mind that we may have a right concept of the first angels message we can see there that the churches were sealing their fate by a rejection of the message and one thought that i will insert quickly here is that there is something that I've observed and I don't know if you have observed it and constantly make reference to Parminder class but in it he was sharing with us that 1989 is not when the papacy was on the scene he was he received the power he needed the seat Amina the control he needed long before 1989 similarly when we looked at the history of the the rise of pagan Rome we saw that it PayPal Rome sorry we saw that it received exceed two hundred and eight years before it received it it's a great Authority right so one of the things that I've realized is that preparatory work was made for the first angel to come into history 1798 what happened July 21 1773 July 21 1773 what happened when persecution was to Isis and how was this fulfilled through the events that happened here what happened there actually was abolish so the Jesuit Order was abolished through the instruction of Clement the 15 and this work a quarter 25 years before 1798 was needful for the arrival of the first angels message another thing are a living new SharePoint Church to the abolishing majestic or that shows that there is division within that church as we can see in events additionally if you read if you read a great this is chapter 20 off of great controversy if you read this chapter you see that even before 1840 the message was within Europe if you you see where Joseph Wolfe in 1833 1837 mail presentations record the house of Congress but even before he did that if we know yes from 1821 if before he did that if we understood who Joseph was in context of location he was born a Jew in Germany and the this chapter gives you the history he left his father's house at 11 he he he lived with some Kingsman was kicked out because they thought him a heretic and then he went to england he became a protest and he was he was a Romanist at one point yes he was a priest and then because he was so candid they they live with him a heretic because he was whatever wrong he knows that he spoke out against it and then he went to England as a protester and that steady build up what the spirit of prophecy tells us is that while mineral received the message are the needed components of the first angels message God was instructing others similarly so the worldwide extent of the work was was evident even before 1840 confirming the thought of ever earth revelation 14 that it is to be preached to every kindred tongue nations and people but I understand 1840 to be hugging yeah a combination of all that preceded it in 80 days like 1826 1821 to 1840 no wolf all the dates but all the dates that are in the spirit of prophecy are pre 1840 and I want to come together and put it would not have fulfilled revelation 12 where the purposes and the earth opened its more to swallow the flood that the Jordan had cast out of its moon after this woman and these are things that we often overlook but we can see that God in these developments he is doing like what brother Richard brought out and somebody you can see forebodings with that of a king that is not going to be refueled and you can also see him making provision for the rise of another Kingdom so you can see as daniel says it is God Daniel 2 - set atop Kings and it is God that remove a key see therefore the principles they're aligned with the new urn of God are we being a prophetic word of God Larry yeah if you're looking for a quote to tie in with 1840 with the first angels message I have it here do you have one go ahead I probably do one don't you all right no this fee okay I don't - two - paragraph one paragraph one reads this the prophecy of the first angels message brought to view of Revelation 14 found its fulfillment in the advent movement of 1842 1844 in both Europe and America men of faith and prayer were deeply moved as their attention was called to the prophecy and then it down quotes revelation 14:7 at the bottom so we see that as normally well for me I was misguided in my my understanding not blaming it on anyone because if you teach something whatever I leave whatever I take from your lesson is what I hold as my understanding so my I was misguided in thinking that to show the world wide extent of the work I had to consult Revelation 10 that was my only reference not taking time and it's not that I wasn't acquainted with the first but no the wording of the first angels message it's just that I by I bypassed the sentence that spoke of the worldwide extent of the message because I had something else in mind as an as a go to as a go to but what I'm seeing especially through that pass through that chapter is that God made provision to allow us to see that even before 1840 the the the the the preparatory work was made for what happened through the works of Josiah it normally when we think about 1840 are the mighty angel of the 1840 why is it that it was given great impetus is it because it just happened August 11th 1840 but you can see that two years before and that's all the servant of the Lord deals with it she shows it as a progression so going to this spirit of prophecy great controversy you can see revelation 10 not only as a point in time what a period of time and it was as a result of the work that you said which had put in the public record before when it came to when it was fulfilled agree it gave great power to the message when we read the paragraph that follows it says after these after the position of this angel is described it says after these seven thunders uttered their voices the injunction comes to John as to Daniel in regard to the little ball and that injunction is to seal up the things that the seven thunders uttered I'm on page 2 it says these relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order Daniel shall stand in his lot at the end of days John sees the little book unsealed 1 I what I what I'm taking from it is that the seven thunders our future events that will be disclosed in their order and I'm suggesting that this is a prediction the words of the seven thunders and the word tells us later on if we look out the other section that is involved it says that it tells you what these future events related to it's as a special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders was a delineation of events which would transpire under the first and second angels messages it was not best for the people to know these things for their faith must necessarily be tested in in the order of God most wonderful and advanced truths would be proclaimed in God's order the first and second angels messages were to be proclaimed but no further light was to be revealed before these messages had done their specific work what was the message that Miller was preaching all through beginning at 1818 No 1831 what was he presenting privately right so the second Advent was this was this which he was preaching something that he was telling was this historical or prophetic that's a better way to put it was this was this end result a historical fact or a prophetic fact was this history or prophecy both a figurative delineation of events cause of this earth history history and prophecy does agree but I don't I don't deny that it's promised on historical events I would rather you not that's just saying that's what I'm saying okay so this is it's it's a prophetic event that he is forecasting and he did so he had the understanding long before 1860 he was developing the understanding that Christ would have come at the time he he he he came to that understanding it was 25 years that he said Christ would have come in but what I'm sure is that the entire history well the entire message of the Miller was founded on a prediction of what is to come relative to the second husband and in that prediction as well you see the warning that they would have a disappointment mm-hmm because the angel said it would be sweet in your mouth and bitter in your very soul you can see just the same that Christ had warned his disciples heading to because he kept on warning them but they did not take heed and she said that had they listened to them spare him bitter anguish and disappointment are the spirit here you see this angel telling John that he would have a bitter experience yet so it was predicted just thinking of the number 25 in that prediction before midnight talking about last night so how do we tie in that the bitterness part of the prediction allows the conversation point months ago oh you guys are talking last night you are there are you there okay why not I'm kind of happy that we brought up that point okay so I'm going to put something on the table it's it's a thought of of us back home last remark ministry believes that not all will be disappointed and we use somewhat snow as our marker and when we read what is here spoken in the word it said that the the billion nation of events which would transpire under the first and second angels message was what was sealed up to the Miller right it was not best for the people to know these things for their faith must necessarily be tested and one of the thoughts I'm having based on this is having being acquainted with these histories does it safeguard us from having a similar experience to the Millerites and what does the prediction before midnight what what is that to us is it a shield from disappointment the event that was closed up was closed up to the end that the faith of the people be tested and these events are known by us so I'm asking the question does it safeguard the diligent the studying because not all will take the opportunity to but will it save guy the diligent I'm the studying from the experience that is spoken of here yes Manuel I would say yes because there's a condition and this further prophecy says that events connected really close of probation and the work of preparation for the time of children are clearly presented but she says that multitude have no more understanding of these important truths so God is all full of the future to us as the prediction for us not to be disappointed you going to look up John in Revelation chapter 10 John was not disappointed because John know that inaudible can be bitter disappointed in that vision in the mirror as the menorah ain't gonna go to our disappointment and stuff so one of the thoughts that I want to quickly insert is that the prediction before midnight is more important to us than we we understand what it does for us is it it allows us to be able to see into the future so to speak get the different details to the end that we will be safeguarded if Willy from the experiences of our pie years um Larry I'm understanding you correctly you're saying that Samuel snow and history of Millerites wasn't as disappointed of others because we knew correct date but I would suggest that he was very much disappointed like all the others and that is because Christ did not come lens and so their methodology was where their that's where the disappointment of soul in our time if we believe that that history was going to be repeated say we have a prediction and say that prediction doesn't come to pass due to our methodology wouldn't we all be disappointed yes mam what I'm talking about your general disappointment where some was snow is involved is October 22nd 1844 the one I'm talking about is April 19 1844 and I'm saying that Stan was snow did not expect Christ to arrive here he had understood before that Christ would have come in the fall of 1843 and when Christ did not come then he he transferred the end time to here so when April 19 1844 passed it was not a trouble for him because his prophetic view was towards October 22nd 1844 yes he was disappointed here I'm not denying that what I'm denying is his disappointment here that's it Jonathan we know that with the history of 1846 I find it interesting it is divided into 21 and 25 the history of 1848 incentive if 1798 funnybot ecco history is you have him from 1790 to 1816 carter 1880 is 21 years and then from 1880 to 1843 44 43 here to here would be 75 here to 43 would be 75 with Bartlet border his fault will be partisan under in the 46 enter and you said 18 ship when he so you have 18 from there to 18 18 it's 21 years and then from here to April 1984 2025 and these are these numbers so question then what does that mean how the the disappointment the separation of senators snow and other people what what is that what are the implications of that are the ones who will be disappointed are they like what does that mean like are they I guess I put it in this wheat or tears imagine if no one like when we do the history of summer the line of summer when you see the steady development of the message of humor writing letters his letters especially before it's April 19 its warning that letter is same look not a triple 19 but beyond if God had not done that what would have happened just think about the implication of it if there was no one there saying if no one could see beyond April 19th what would have happened the millerite movement would have been crush on to be false because what is it that they know hard to fall back on the work that some well snow have done and they no further went in and sift through the different you know things that he had placed there that didn't and they then developed their message from that point and it shows that God makes preparation for a every crisis so you can see God doing our work on preparation for the crisis which was just before his people telling them this is the way walking in it so they would have confidence to know that they were not wrong that is why up to what 22nd also they must be themed for them it was more devastating than April 19 because no what did they have to look far beyond October 22nd April October 22nd 1844 nothing super what does that mean first Halloween applied a it's only logical or you have if you have a movement you have to have someone at the forefront that is so see it's basically guiding the the understanding so to speak and if there is no understanding within the movement you can't lean forward so the movement means advancing like there's a quotation and I was to put it here but it tells you that God makes provision for us to have additional light with within each age there is light that is given and that light has to advance and all that's being suggested is that God does not God has his people that he speaks to and from that person the others will learn what God's will is and through them studying the word for themselves they can come to an understanding of whether that is true or whether that is erroneous but if there is nothing to study if there is nothing being brought to to the masses then the advancement is just where the the light the last light was received so the importance of someone's nose understanding and what no one is seeing what we always seem to forget is that his understanding is premise on what Miller put out May 3rd of 1843 so all that we are looking at and it's going to go back to the original thought that that one seed has the air the the air and the full corn in the air in yes yes yes different kind in the air so all that I mean covered at last class Miller and his associates what his associates did was only improved on the work of Miller it was always in public reckoning but Miller's original understanding of the crucifixion was that it happened 3380 his original understanding of the termination of the the year 1843 was through rabbinical reckoning which allowed him to see it ending May 21 / 22 March 21 / 22 of 1844 had it not been through the work of Sylvester blister silage Joshua V Hinds times Nathaniel soldered Apollo's he'll Nathan whiting and others they would not have come to the understanding of April 19 1844 so the principle of God is that he he improves on the light that is generally there until the the polished or finished work it's before his people but it's always promised of the previous understanding our previous like that he has given his people and it's just a development of it Larry okay I'm trying to understand your point with April 19th and Samuel snow and those in our period who will understand the prediction before their night but on April 19th we lined that up with the first day of the first month in the Miller history and then in our history of the first day of the first month is 911 mm-hmm so we've already passed 911 so how do we understand that with prediction for midnight what we what you're suggesting my understanding of what you're suggesting is that 9/11 is this and the mere and because we are no longer here it means that we have passed what this speaks to and what I'm suggesting is that 9/11 is not just here but it extends to its close which is at midnight and we receive the PB and we receive the PBM let me leaves leaving that midnight and we receive the PBM within the period of 9/11 not the point of 9/11 but we would you help me connect some more dots in that line of thinking because of stories visions you talk about how those who were grew weary and midnight cry vision those who grew weary this in the city is a great way off alright and we understand the city prophetically all right so it I'm thinking that has to be talking about you know a level of understanding where God gives us these things and because say they expected to have entered to see beforehand so respected like you know we thought once midnight came like man that's it looking for midnight then God has given more light so I think that's simplifying what you're saying is they God is giving more light we grow weary and the guy gives more like like man we got to save you more stuff you know so I think that's a beautiful correlation to HSN also on Tunisia they experienced of 1844 with Samuel snow it should give us hope it should give us hope that God will not leave us a darkness it should give us hope that God has made preparation for every crisis that there is no crisis that we will go through our come upon that God has not made preparation for that is what the experience of somewhere snow should teach us that when we do come upon a disappointment that the disappointment has already been prepared for and if we call to remembrance these histories then it will be as an anchor to us in going forward we can rest secured with faith knowing that God has already he has already given whatever is needed and it is only a matter of time before it will come to the forefront and despair whatever darkness that is here and throughout our understanding when we see that everything is progressive and there's a series of progression I cannot be missed in Millerites history when Miller came out first he had no definite point where to put the second Advent his understanding of Christ's coming within the year 1844 as it relates to the rabbinical reckoning was only risk was only made public September 5 of 1843 r42 it's here somewhere yes 22 Miller's first recorded declaration concerning the year 1843 I'm on page 5 appeared SEC first full paragraph it said billers first recorded declaration concerning the year 1843 appeared in his early statement of faith dated September 5 1822 it was without particularization argument or evidence regarding the beginning date of the 2003 hundred years are the relationship of this longer over a period to the lesser 70 years of weeks of years it merely anticipated the the second advent in a general way as coming at the close of the 2300 days and his statement was this on or before 1843 so he was General in his understanding first as it was published September 5 of 1822 but as he progressed in understanding the Lord revealed to him what he came to the understanding of the Rabbinical termination of the year 1843 as the marker for the second Advent so it became public understanding that Christ would have come March 21 of 1840 of 1844 yes and then through the collaborative work of sylvester bliss and the others that are named there the Millerites came to the understanding that the jewish the current reckoning is more biblical and accurate so let's work its best to work with what is more in sync with the Jewish customs than that which has veered somewhat from it and they came to the understanding of April 19 1844 being a termination of the year 1843 as opposed to March and those who were looking and what we missed those who are looking for Christ to come March 21 of 1844 they were disappointed when he did not come but those who expected him to come April 19th of 1844 they were not disappointed by the passing of the times of March 21 because they were looking forward to him coming at a future date similarly with Samuel snow you know it is you bring up that point how we were taught prophecies back home not this message when they April 19 it came it like when we did the Pahlavi Bible College it was the first place events in April 19 going to church and being brought oh you were talking bit of March 21st so when when can you do your Greece's that's what is that what you are saying March 21st 1844 that is the date that was started the first that is the date no George no the Church teaches March 21st and two first disappointment on a verdict not April 19th yes it is and when so when when we started going through under like for us I remember our brethren in our group he kept on asking so what happened March 21st what about March 21st because our understanding is that the first disappointment was March 21st so we did not we were not taught within the church about April 19th and we were not we were just thought that March 21st in Millerites experienced their first disappointment because they thought that Christ would come the next one is October 22nd that is all the church teaches nothing about April 19 so when I would read like in the spirit of prophecy quotations the disappointment that she's making mention of at April 19th I always started to be October 22nd and motion Adventists believe that she is making reference to October 22nd and not April 19th so those things are things that we need to be become familiar with as well don't understand when you're going to talk to a person in the church their mindset is not on April 19 they were thought March 21st not nothing about April also Anthony shadows with this success Miller's first record recorded declaration concerning dear EP 43 appeared in his early statement of the dated September 15 1822 and we're dealing with the pretty shocked before midnight Ellen White in great controversy a great religious all evening highlight she says three years after William Miller came to his conclusion she says those words three years after we look at in America we look at the number three she she gives us the date that it was in 1821 that wolf begun doing his work of proclaiming this I mean you have 1822 Miller gives sits on you know its purpose of 1843 but those things too can be taken unclear and upon lining the prediction before midnight because it was three years after Miller came to this conclusion that would begun doing the work of proclaiming the nearness of the kingdom to come oftentimes we overlook those things and God is helping us to see that if we just run through things sequentially and not know start putting things right up on line we will miss many things and they are there is a lot that God desires desire to bring to our attention and to teach others but all previous mindset need to be you know it needs to be adjusted to see that God wants us to line up online let's look at the paragraph that is involved on page five it says pressure from opponents forced Miller's scholarly associates to study a new their position on our understanding of the Jewish year and to probe deeply into its history as result they were led to meet the first correction in their calculation which pertained to the exact time of the beginning and ending of the Jewish sacred year extending from spring to spring as far back as April and then in June and December of 1843 and in February of 1844 twenty-one months before Miller's original date expired for the ending of the Jewish year 1843 at the time of the vernal equinox in 1844 his associates and their name there came to a definite conclusion so twenty-one months before the termination of this date there was a new understanding that allowed these individuals to change their their final look from March 21 of 1844 to April 19th and it'll tell you this was a solution of Daniels prophecy this was that the solution of Daniels prophecy is dependent upon the ancient or original Jewish form of loo-loo nine lunisolar sorry time and not upon the altered modern rabbinical Kalen Jewish calendar and it tells you that this is further this is disgusting great details on the pages in their name they therefore began to shift 21 months before Miller's original expiration did they his associates the ones named there and some on name began to shift from Miller's original date for the ending of the 2300 days the March at the equinox in March over to the new moon of April 1844 before mm-hmm he gives you the sequence as far back as April then in June and December of 1843 and in February of 1844 do you see two views they're beetles when did when did some where small rat is first let up February 16 February 16 and it is in February that they concluded that it would be in April but not all came on board with this understanding if you read further in the history tells you that there were some who still did not accept the understanding that was there but one of the basic thought that I wanted to share is that the first angels message has components of the the the first of itself the second and the third angels message we saw how that is we saw that a seed has a life-giving property of the entire plant and through the seed you get the progressive stages that is pictured in the gospel first the air then the blaze and the full corn in the air we saw that even though Miller's understanding was refined improved upon by his scholarly associates what what is the foundational work is what Miller understood and we is what Miller understood and that what God allows is that he gives additional light as the need arises to the end of allowing his people or the movement to constant to continue to be young movement it no light comes in then it stagnated so for it to move on light needs to be given if we're following the light of the midnight cry for additional witnesses of this of the point of the first message having components of all the history of all the history that is associated with that point we'll turn to the Bible and spirit of prophecy in the last few minutes and last class we covered the first place that midnight is mentioned is in Exodus 11 verse 4 right but there is something very intriguing is that in Exodus 3 from verses 15 to 22 God gave Moses the seed that would have developed into the histories that followed his arrival in Egypt all the way to his exit so we are going to look at that now aunty Susie could you read Exodus 3 verses 15 through 22 thou shalt say unto the children of Israel the Lord God of your father's the God of Abraham Isaac God of Jacob are settling unto you this is my name forever and this is my memorial unto all generations for and gathers that elders of Israel together and say unto them the Lord God of your father's the God of Abraham of Isaac and change our scale I see you say I have chosen to you and see let's see that which which one to use in Egypt and I have said I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land of the canaanites and the it't eyes and memorize in the paradise of their bias and the jebusite unto a land flowing with milk and honey and Asia archon to the boys a dog shall come so are the elders of Israel unto the king of Egypt and ye shall say unto Him the Lord God of the Hebrews right with us and now let us go we beseech you these featured three days journey into the wilderness that that we may sacrifice the Lord our God and I'm sure that they cannot eat it will not let you go not by a mite and I am sure and I'm sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go not know not by a mighty hand and I will stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst of an after that we will let you go and I will give these people favor in the sight of the Egyptians and it shall come to pass that when people we shall not go empty but every woman shall follow us our neighbor muhammad heard that's a journey in our house jewels of stable jewels of gold and raiment and you shall put them upon your sons and upon your daughter I knew shall spoil the Egyptians so God when we looked at Genesis 11 the entire account I shared with you last class that God gave Moses the details of what would have transpired under under Exodus chapter 12 because that's where the Death Angel actually came but preceding that a type of the PBM you see where God detailed what would happen from chapter 11 similarly now we see that from the from the point of the burning bush because he's still having this interaction with with Christ God tells him a series of things one Pharaoh will not let you go until my wonders are are are done within the land and those wonders are the plagues and following those wonders he will let you go and he says that the people were to do something particularly the women were to borrow off their neighbors to may not leave empty and when you look at exodus 11 it says and this is God detailing what will happen yet will I bring one more plague upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt afterwards he will let you go hence and God had already said that a few were a few chapters before when he shall let you go he shall surely thrusts you out hands all together speak now in the ears of the people and let every man borrow of his neighbor and every woman of her neighbor jewels of silver and jewels of gold and the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians so here we see a reuse of of the words and prints and concept that God shared 7 just say 7 chapters before and this is this is in keeping with the thought that the principle of the seed hose all that is to develop into the into the final plant so Moses was given details as to what would happen while in Egypt when he was in the land of Midian we covered last class john the baptists how he when Christ was kneeling down he said behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world it says none among the hearers are not even the speaker himself discerned the import of these words the Lamb of God so John even when he was pointing to Christ as the Lamb of God and the implication of the Lamb of God the sacrificial lamb the sacrificial referencing that that phrase makes was missed by John and the hearers but even before that because this is roughly twenty seven eight right but when Christ was 12 his first Passover visit he was exposed to the same understanding that that John spoke of it says for the first time the child Jesus looked upon the temple he saw the white robe the priests performing their solemn ministry he beheld a bleeding victim upon the altar of sacrifice with the worshippers he bought in / while the the cloud of incense ascended from before God he witnessed the impressive rites of the Paschal service day by day he saw their meaning more clearly every act seemed to be bound up with his own life new impulses were awakening within him silent and absorbed he seemed to be studying out a great problem the mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior and this is why he was 12 years old and what I want to insert in closing is that the mystery of that relates to this movement is encapsulated within the prediction before midnight October 22nd 1844 is a type of midnight and the work of Sam was snow and those that even preceded him was needful for the understanding of October 22nd 1844 not downplaying any of the word Miller did without Miller's work it's like the the pioneers would have been building in the air God needed that foundational work in order for us in order for the pillars and the structure to be more sturdy and as they progressed on playing on the unconstructive construction as they went on they saw that one section was not as reinforced as it needed to be and so I said worked there and another set worked there in order for it to be a grand a grand structure that we can know look back on and marvel at how gods hunt was in the building of the final work so as we cover the prediction before midnight I'm hopeful that what we will see is that God is giving us the instruction and information that we need to meet the crisis that is before us because what Ravi and Penny on pictures if we go towards that blindly it's a dis our souls will faint under the pressure of what is before us what Ravi Anthony on picture is is far more grim than word can describe it's a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that said time so up to the point of midnight what is to transpire would have never happened preceding midnight so all those horrific histories that we have Hitler the Holocaust the world wars one and two and any other grim history that we can call to mind none can compare with what will transpire under the symbols of raffia and Pena so we need the prediction before midnight in order to have our souls safeguarded we need it in order to do our Psalm 91 says dwell in the secret place of the Most High so we should can abide under the shadow of the Almighty shall we pray to close Heavenly Father your love for us is is constantly being put before us through the messages that you send to us wherever so thankful for history and how closely related it is with future events and present times I ask forgiveness for our sins I ask that you give us clearer mind discerning minds mines that are intrigued minds that are inclined to study because your word says that your people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and because they have rejected knowledge you will also reject them that they will no longer be priests unto you and for us who are professing to be among the class of priests we ask that you allow us to be fortified with the knowledge needful to remain in that class of people we thank you for the prediction before midnight and the various ways that you are allowing us to see it we thank you that even in the history of the first angels message we see the component of the very end that which was pictured as the time when you were to arrive through your Sun I thank you for all the histories that Miller write the Miller writes time period teaches us and I ask that you'll help us have it always in our minds watch over and keep us I beg in Christ's name