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you Heavenly Father we thank you for this day for this opportunity to come study in peace and lord I ask that you will send your Holy Spirit to guide us to instruct us this morning make no tonight words unto us as you have promised father we also want to pray for one of the members of our church we ask that you will be with him and that your light will dispel the darkness and that you will forgive him of any iniquity and that you will like Christ's presence be known to have this day in jesus name hear the gospel is going to the Gentiles 8034 so for us what is the gospel go to the gym hub the Sunday law okay so but here Michael stands up when Stephens getting stoned so what else is is closed the probation ok so you there's two I'm writing too high on the board so at one level if this is 911 when Jesus was baptized and this is the Sunday law what is the cross here I mean that crime but at another level if this is 911 where Jesus was baptized but this is the close of probation what's did Sunday luck okay so who at in a t-34 who's chosen to be the representative of those that take them the message to the gospel song salt okay Paul so so you gots all here but what we're looking at is when is it thats all is converted and I just in this line here I midnight cry and in this line 27 to 34 he's converted down here you know I every line is converted that when after the don't worry about every line you know here he's converted right here yeah right his his Pauline was a t-34 with the stoning of Stephen actually would his speech before you whatever at the stoning of Stephen is where he's converted and so after this way mark and we're saying that he is a Levite and where do we say the Levites the finishing of the gathering of the Levites takes for that difference right here at the Sunday law final right so what's the problem his conversion takes place after the gathering of the Levites in that line of thought in that line of thought okay everyone get that that we're dealing with an illustration of Saul Paul that takes place after this way mark but we're saying then he illustrates those that come in during this time period the Levites but the reality of it is he's converted he's prepared to take the message to the Gentile after this way mark doesn't matter where you put her here here okay you got to get it does the Sun it was written on top he's confession false after the Sunday law where the middle line the Levites are converted on the neck right a Sunday law if you're worried about his conversion you're not going to get the point double brushes result it's progressive is it's not just a point yeah but that isn't the point but if that's if that's what you're going to focus on you're missing the point and that's okay falls outside the boundary line okay okay um with Esther alieta a four and a foreign side of the midnight cry didn't we have something I don't remember doing something like that at the Sunday law something right before in something right after what that was taken Wow there would be a work of four here for the priests to pour here for the levis when the court here for the eleventh hour workers but but that's just a progressive binding up that time right but here's my point she's not getting Kathy's is saying she don't get it and maybe you're not getting I'm trying to raise a a dilemma for us okay and the dilemma can be answered but you have to answer it as it exists okay and what I mean by that is we're using this history here 27 to 34 in 911 to the Sunday law or 911 to the close of probation however whichever fractal level you're going to deal with but we're focusing on this one because we're dealing with the priests and the levites and we're saying that because Paul is the one that takes the message to the Gentile he got to be Levi all right he's a Levite but the prophetic pattern shows him getting converted over here and at this point the number is made up of the Levites but we're placing him over here after the numbering of the Levites is finished why cuz you're saying because that's when he was activated it was a levantar worker no he's not eleventh-hour worker I'm he definitely he's the one that is selected to be the messenger to the 11th hour workers I'm not denying that how how do you fix that do you get it now that's all I'm worried this is heavenly yes there's something I am understanding why he if you take eggs are 79 Thanks arrestors eight actually you if you need to recognize a 911 the priests the levites on the net the names are being called and so they are they're called 911 but they're not displayed until they go in there like priestly viton in the 11th hour worker okay do you think she's getting my point because I don't you're not getting it the way you just spoke about me be all true at all but that isn't the point the point is is if you're going to teach this if you're going to teach that Paul is a Levite that carries the message to the 11th hour workers and be consistent with what you're already teaching the Levites are made up in this history and then you deal with the levant our workers but this pattern and this pattern teaches us that Paul who is the symbol of the Levites that take the gospel to the 11th hour workers he doesn't even become converted till over here after the Sun below after the time of the Levites so do you have an answer for them yeah I have an answer but you guys all have the answer to but if you don't acknowledge this problem then when you teach it you're someone's going to challenge you and it's going to blow you out of the water and here in front of a bunch of people it's going to make you look like this message is weak I think we have the answer but you have to know the problem first in the what we were reading yesterday I'm it says I thought it was his conversion at midday and what we were reading on page okay yeah this is part of getting to the answer you jumping ahead I'm winning this to see the problem first do you see it good brother Gabriel they know what we're talking about yes ok sister Brittany I see the big dilemma but it's the same issue with Esther the top line is chronology and then and then we applied it prophetically but maybe we're missing something I don't know point of time okay okay can you put a cross here yes here yeah here yes so symbol has to be determined by content and the context of the story of Saul to Paul his conversion is absolutely crystal clear that he's a symbol of those that take the message to the 11th hour workers so by context you can do just what Christie was doing you can go back into the story and you can show that even though in reality he's raised up after a t-34 in the stoning of Stephen that nonetheless he's a symbol of the levites of those that are going to carry the message of the gospel the message of the Gentiles so who who is it when we get done with this reading a day that's going to go ahead and write an article on this for the newsletter right away I'm thinking it's either Michael or Britney or Christie or gym Christine knows us so just he's the priest of home I guess he made a decision what are you raising your hand for my brother I wanted to add it but oh go ahead because we understand line upon line where we do if you just look at the board the midnight cry is parallel to the Sunday law which is 34 so therefore at the midnight cry 34 ad the characteristics of 34 ID and thus then what follows that is the conversion of Paul that happens right in the time period of the Levites yep so how do you write the line that what you got you're not getting maybe even you're not getting it that is the answer Christie's got part of the answer I knew that I understood there was an right from the start what I'm saying is when you write your article if you don't explain this for someone yet that's going to stumble over it then it's an incomplete article you have to explain why you are using Paul who's marked after a t-34 as a symbol of this history it's got to be part of the story yeah in the article and so then you can go in and you can start using the the fractals to prove it or using the context of the passage in acts the Apostle where sister white gives you the symbolic evidence to place him in here so how do you Ellis trait a line that you use them to get your all right there can you draw a line with the revised line or the fractal line captures right here if you at the big level this is the Sunday law okay right but this here is also the Sunday law so this here this history here can get plugged in in here or you can get plugged in in here so when Saul if you're if you're doing the fractal where this is 34 18 and Saul is getting converted in here where is he getting converted that's what Michael was just saying you have it you can address it at the fractal level the structural level but then you can address it at the contextual level by the writings of sister white which build right on top of that yeah i think that the contextual level is what forces you to be able to understand the structural level because you have all this context that screams it's the midnight cry and then you're like oh what's going on and the explanation is the fractal it allows you to see what contextually is already there oh the content what's the classic context that allows you to place Paul here that you Michaels just referring to at his conversion what happened false foot it's pressed upon his heart forever at midday Krusty what happens in his conversion doll that happens but that's not it what's that what's the easy one for us Saul Saul so it's placing it right here yeah okay and he's been fighting against what he's been part of the persecution of the priest history because he's a Pharisee so anyway we need someone to write this up so you can go in the newsletter great let's write it you want to write it Brittany she is ready right now what she needs to be done without other article yeah we're getting we're getting by the way I got another not a complaint but i'll say complained cuz that's easy to understand that the people aren't hearing so it's either I have to repeat all your questions and all your comments or I have to repeat whatever you read or you have to start projecting your voices or are some kind of improvement needs to be made on the green again this is a it's like commercial grade it's loud I'll be honest you're editing the video it's in credit I've actually did too i wondered maybe it's the people's computer yeah it's sooo on my eye of headphones and I stick it on and I have to turn the volume on my computer down to like 20 so that I because it's too loud for me to even here so when you have brother Gabriel soft voice you're picking it up yeah who you picking up like Jim zipper when he unzipped his coat the other day hey I get it to the am I know what's the charge so that's a yes it goes on there that has a good computer like for instance Britney or something when you listen to it you can hear it all okay so it's okay so that the people of South voices do need to speak up to enunciate because it kind of blends together have a soft four criteria I speak hello I can tell you enough you just talk it your ear hitting 20 decibels so it's okay so it's their computer it's there a problem so Brittany is going to write this up and it needs to get in the rectory and that's the other thing that's what letting into the so-called complaint is that there's people now on a regular basis and if you hear from two or three people that means that there's 20 or 30 people that have the same conviction but they're unwilling to contact you and there's been several people now that are saying where are the newsletters oh no i've been getting goals and everybody has their probably nine nine or 10 articles that are coming through the mix and we've been able to edit three or four on the fifth and sixth we've just been swamped with okay so so what I'm saying is this when you write the article you have to address this the Paul's conversion whether it's progressive or a point in time and some people sister right scizor their conversion is a progressive time period summits instantaneous that's not the issue the issue is as it is on this side of that way mark you have to explain what you're using someone in the time of the gathering end of the Gentiles as someone that's called as I that has to be part of the article I i can write this article pretty is too busy but if you put a lot of 70 80 34 to 70 AD you still have a period of grace there yeah if you're going it's out that yeah and the destruction of drew what's the destruction of Jerusalem the Sunday law so I mean yeah if you carry it out you you have all I'm saying is you have to explain it it can't be just not addressed if you're going to deal with this story that's a good explanation what she just says I think a really good just by the line of history because now you have history showing you that 70 80 s close relations soap or into the Sunday law to there for 30 40 has to be something preceding that and that line of thought what happens to Israel here at the Sunday law Jerusalem's destroyed but the rest of them are wet pushing Terry they're scattered yeah they're scattered is they're scattering at the Sunday law yeah yeah so I mean yes there's all kinds of prophetic characteristics that you can bring to show that that's a day of the Lord you know 70 AD is very perfect parallel to 586 BC which is very clearly the day of the Lord the destruction of Jerusalem a lot of the same prophecies even applied to that so yeah thanks Mari mid there's presentation on the last three kings he nails that thought that Michael just said down perfectly that 586 BC is the day of the Lord oh well ask him to write an article well he's out he's out of contact right now for 12 days since some obscure place and he's got other articles he's writing this is this is brittany and Michael I guess Michael and Brittany copy it edits it or Michael does this part of it and Brittany does the part on acts of the Apostle if you look lost up but there's a lot of this history they kind of overlap each other before they kind of me slower is almost like a chain got their classic endures an overlapping someone ok we're on 85 I think your body language says you don't want to hear anything right now about ready no no I'm staying warm you think it's holding no no I'm comfortable does anyone remember where we should you last we already read though with the street oh yeah last year let's start in the last three we're kind of get our mind back on it while saw in solitude at the house of Judas continued in prayer and supplication the Lord appeared in vision to a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias telling him that Saul of Tarsus was praying and in need of help arise and go into the street which is called straight the heavenly messenger said and inquire in the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus for behold he Prayuth and has seen a vision in a vision a man named Ananias coming in and putting his hand on him that he might receive his sight Gabriel and a nice could scarcely credit the words of the angel for the reporter reports of poor souls bitter persecution of the Saints at Jerusalem had spread far and wide he presumed and to expostulate lord I have heard by many of this man how much evil he had done to thy Saints at Jerusalem and here he has authority from the chief priests to bind all that curve on my name but the command was imperative go thy way for he is a chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and Kings and the children of his well bring into the direction of the angel and Aniyah sought out the men who had but recently breathe it out threatenings against all who believed on the name of Jesus and putting his hands on the head of the penitent suffer he said brother Saul the Lord even Jesus that appeared unto thee in the West Alchemist has sent me that thou mightest receive thy sight and be filled with the Holy girl and immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales and he received sight forthwith in rows and was baptized in jesus gave sanction to the authority of his organized Church in place all church and place a sullen connection with his appointed agencies on earth Christ in now a church as his representative on earth in to be to it belonged the work of directing the repentant sinner in the way of life many have an idea that they are were responsible to Christ alone for their light and experience independent of his recognized followers on earth Jesus is the friend of sinners and his heart is touched with their whoa he has all power both in heaven and hell and on earth but he represents the neelys affects a respect that means that he has ordained for the enlightenment in salvation of men he directs sinners to the church which he has made a channel of light to the world I'm it's a really powerful paragraph mini have an idea that they're responsible to Christ alone it's like I just need jesus healed right to me yeah I can just do it without anybody else's yes but this isn't true and not that he won't direct but it says independent of the recognized bottoms in here so so you can you need to have Christ in a relationship with him alone but not independent of God's chosen message this is this is how that leads is it me oh when in the midst of his blind air and prejudice saw was given a revelation of Christ whom he was persecuting he was placed in direct communication with the church which is the light of the world in this case and a nice represents Christ and also represents Christ ministers on the earth who are appointed to act in his stead in Christ's stead and a nice faith touches the eyes of saw that they might receive life site in Christ's stead he places his hands upon him and he and as he prays in Christ's name Saul receives the Holy Ghost all is done in the name and by the authority of Christ Christ is the fountain the church is the channel of communication so what's the dilemma here of the last three verses this is a very significant thing there's a brother the brother that wrote the overview of what's going on in Africa is getting ready to go and do meetings in another African country he's written me an email question a few days ago and then he resented I really wanted to understand this before Jesus think he's going to Uganda it could be wrong and the Kyle tell you what the dilemma is there's some there's some that are involved with this message it was little say in black and white even though they know it it's not black and white they shouldn't go to 70mm church okay so is that true yes yes well yes and why is it true and it's not true it's going engineering hall to go where you're not called we go see that that's kind of a cop-out not a cop out it's kind of a position of good doll but because for us that are in this work and we are teaching this message publicly to assume that my experience is the same experience as someone that is living in a town and is a member of the seventh-day adventist church in that town and they don't have any public forum so no one's calling them from this city or this country to come speak they still have a service to render to the Lord and for me I get invitations to go speak here and there so my witnessing is involves witnessing at the public level and for me to apply my experience on someone that's living in and does not have a public venue and they're living in a little town and there's a seventh-day Adventist Church there they have a different question to resolve than idea would be an arrow it's a narrow side and it's not even true because I if I take that position I know full well that if I got an invitation this week to go speak at this seventh day adventist church over there I go yeah if I got an invitation but that's the thing about a pot someone in the public arena they're getting invitations they don't have the dilemma of trying to figure out how they're going to fulfill Ezekiel two and three and take the message today I'm in this church because they're getting invited to go here and there but for the little the little old lady that's a following this message in a little old town that has one seventh day adventist church and she knows that she has to give the message to seventh day adventist to tell them all you're not supposed to go to adventist church but you're supposed to take the message to adventism there's a computer yeah so how do you work through them I mean so much past tense every seventh day of it is I'm not every but the seventh day adventist that read these last three paragraphs would argue that the seventh-day adventist church is hot what is the church his organized Church yep it has the authority given him is that why do we think otherwise because our teaching here doesn't necessarily have to be a structure was talking yeah that's a different thing why no where's why don't we meet our tents we're supposed to be in our tents and what does that mean which love it in Israel you want to apply an answer what does it mean you have to be you can but we're supposed to be studying and digesting this so that we can take the message out that's not part of it but the clouds comes down at nine eleven the cloud doesn't move to the Sunday law you're supposed to be in your tents but what is Ezekiel two and three and Jeremiah 15 tell you that you're supposed to be doing when your nutrient your 10 studying give me they said ian is eating the little book the depo how do you get the forehead of Flint go into that spot to go into the house of Israel but but my am when I when I participated in that Bible study with stas from my former church I was told that you shouldn't be doing that and now that is is after yeah what's that verse after you Titus 310 00 there's comes a time that you can express your feet from 16 ty go to Titus she's right is your right to yeah they're either both rider both wrong no no you're both right but they're in this agreement with each other Domino area of time Titus Titus 310 oh yeah Titus is right before the book of Revelation and it's not right before the book of Revelation that's Jude Titus is right before Philemon the other hardest part a manlady gross and heretic after the first and second admonition Roger okay since evidently that's what she was referring to if you're going to labor with someone after two or three times you reject them but people don't do that all the t's right in the room it is this a a one-sided command and titus 310 and by that i mean after you reason with the heretics two times you reject them it is that what you're supposed to do that's one side but the other side of it is if you continue to go back to the heretic over and over again is that disobedience yes okay so if it is what happened what are you opening yourself up to it's your choice your seasonal work to leave but it could also be that ok if you're doing with some money you're dealing with the same matter like one or two times and he's not getting it I guess you let me go buddy each time you're dealing with something different than what you do it before it's like Mary Magdalene demons what the thing is a hairy hair take the preface is that it has to be a heretic that you reject if I deal with you Tanya what's over an issue 5 or 10 times their takes some of this ok also won over the same you should get us all yeah I keep dealing with you I shouldn't actually no I understand that's what I say don't you so hard yeah you move on so that people maybe just bends and extending that if that person then comes to you and says let's talk about stuff what it's different if they don't hey I'm not even necessarily different after all has this hair took you where I shouldn't go to them anymore and then they come to me and say you know when I come down here talk to you no thank you tell your repent of your position if you want to repent of that foolish idea fine then we can have a discussion but your rejection of them is there hope that that from your rejection the Holy Spirit is going to convict them of the seriousness of their error that they might repent but until they show the fruits of repentance for them to come and try to draw you and how I got all kinds of people trying to draw me into foolish discussions and if if they were successful if I had to answer any every one of those foolish charges that's all Satan would have to do to us is bringing foolish charges foolish questions continuously and we never do anything for the orbit answer fiendish questions well what the the individual he's talking about he show you with him and then he wasn't getting any brought in an Adventist theologian to discuss so just like outright made it clear that he wasn't going to repent of his didn't see I'm kostadin otherwise I could see continuing study with him he was more open but he didn't want to let go of anything okay so that's here one issue but there's audio sister Wendy writings he doesn't agree with sister White's writings all right you have your film game yeah let him go because he's gonna pull you down there's other people yeah okay that's just one part of what we're discussing here what there's some people did just like to debate yes that's right and Ellen White says is a sin to debate you have to discern that and let it go away she says something like that no way uh-huh we're not ghosts in the book Ellen White says I think the Pharisees were trained in the art and debate ok so it's an attribute of a Pharisee yeah but it's not healthy but that isn't really what we're dealing with what I'm trying to do with here you're talking about the little lady in the little town right yeah i'm talking about us teaching you shouldn't go to an adventist church I don't teach I don't believe that's accurate even though I know when people teach it I understand what they mean by that you shouldn't go into a church where errors being driven home by the force of the wheel sister white says so but in the same passage she says unless you're bidding to go that's see you tonight that's a caveat yeah that's right so there is times when you're supposed to go to a seventh day I'm going to church eat that is teaching here and driving it home by the force of the wheel what about a seventh day evidence church that is teaching truth and isn't forcing anyone to do anything and I'm saying truth specifically because I have went to seventh-day Adventist churches that they teach truth but they don't want anything at all to do with present truth yeah but they're not teaching error they're teaching the old admin is true are you not supposed to go there yes you are if you're bidden to go there are you in to go to churches to die I would if I think you kind of circumstances yeah you don't have to be biddin to go there you know that's right I say I say that you know for each individual person the Lord has to leave them where they're supposed to go and it's not up to someone in this message to say where they are allowed to go where they're not but I know / I think we're not worries marshal truth the truth I'm not wake up personalities you guys but if they're not recognizing the message of the hour that is Eric Wright as partial truths the truth president no no truth is always just rude and the present truth is just more true that rise in truth is truth in the context of the time of it your name is Eric if they know they're not a swisher home air if they know the present screw they're not preaching that's true okay we got it thank you many weeks is Yahweh are behind sister will start with sister Christy well I got a question supposing I mean if they don't know about present truth they're teaching the truth but they have no idea they've had no interaction with anybody and the present truth to me that's the perfect opportunity to fulfill Ezekiel 23 walking go in there and giving present truth yeah but to teach you just wake apke but to teach that you shouldn't go into seventh day adventist church closes the door to that possibilities and that's where you get the good dog so right okay i'm not going into any adventist church because yours there could be churches that are teaching the truth that are hungry but they haven't had any yeah I didn't answer even if you don't get the good doll you're you're closing the door that's open it doesn't necessarily have to be like a doll part okay Kathy then Michael okay sorry it is those people those honest hearted people in those churches that will come in and be a Levite yeah that's what that's that's exactly what it is they're up was there more Levites than there were priests yes okay that some reason that that is in there but they don't come in in this history by 12 disciples and seventy disciples okay from the lines of prophecy teaches that the Levites in some way are a bigger group of people not only just that Levite was a people priests were people within leave they were selected Levites and the Levites that come out have been illustrated by those that came out of the Fallen churches in the Miller I'd history and there was a bunch Michael then Brittany on the point that I wanted to say is that we have different kinds of Adventist churches and everybody's aware of this you got the rising um what do they call that church the emerging church we have these emergence those the church is to stay away from it in my mind because they got digital drums and guitar and they'll this is coffee in the back and cheese and eggs and meat and served on the counter this church I grew up in and this church is an Adventist Church they're not an Adventist Church there there sunday keeping church that just worships on Saturday so the point is that that kind of church that for me is a very clear distinction that's where air is being driven home about all even the state of the Dead everything everything's wrong they're not even okay so so that that kind of church I can see for me anyways is it very clear stay out of there but there are churches I've spoken with lazy specifically it was like it's just made my husband and and we don't know anybody else except for the little trip that we have and it's not this drums in rock and roll church you know it's it's just a little church probably teaching truth it they teach the Sabbath they teach the right views of many different doctrines of Adventism but they missed some things but they don't drive it home either you know that I can't say for sure which is what but you get in a point there the decision is clear to me about what you're saying those churches that are like clearly stay either you wouldn't go to a party or a bar then don't go to that church but there's other churches that are they dress the same they have health reform have all these different things they just know maybe a militant again parent can always be to see me no of course appearance is deceiving but but but the point is if your pastor standing up there and he's giving other boys the point isn't that the point is that's why are you going there yes what is your weather is your purpose is not to go in your own will and your own strengths to fulfill Ezekiel two and three you have to carry a message so he's saying there are some Adventist churches where the environment for you to present the message is still open and to teach not to go into Adventist churches black and white means you just close those avenues yeah let's just do i sir i'm going in order britney you haven't raised your hand Oh for me I sang it like not to go for the little old lady who lives in that town I think we're implying that that could be like we're supposed to be seeking out for these potential churches that seek truth you know I'm saying I don't know how to explain it like for those churches that do preach truth but not present truth the conversation that we've been having is implying that we're supposed to be going out seeking for these churches but that to me sounds like we will be going in our own strength into me if we don't know where those churches are then I think those churches in their time will come in at the midnight cry that's one of the purposes of the midnight cry we're not to like go and seek for them unless somehow they the people in those churches find out about us and contact us and say hey I want to study unless you're back to go to those churches that's I I don't think that's I wasn't intending to imply that we have to seek out the churches in teaching truth I'm dealing with the idea of whether we should teach that we don't go into Adventist churches to make it such categorically yep just period okay so but but I also mentioned and I think this is you may not be getting this in a ministry like this we are we're under a different environment than a typical person that is supporting this ministry because we do get invitations to go speak here and there and so we we don't even think about well where am I going to go teach this message because someone's inviting you on a regular basis so our experience is not the rule of thumb for that person that believes they have a responsibility to share this message with adventism that's off all by themselves in an area there that little church in their hometown maybe a celebration church and they should maybe if it is they shouldn't go in there then they have a bigger the number they have to find a place to witness to add Minister we're not resolving all that I'm talking about how we teach about whether we go into Adventist churches so those knows people in those towns they're permitted to seek out Adventist churches that aren't teaching error and then a witness to its biblical God sister right how well did Jesus yes they persecute you in one flea said God flee into another and you will not have gone over the Land of Israel to the Son of man cometh okay you're taking a message all the prophets agree you're taking it to the Adventist Church when this one closes its door to go to another one when the house is adorable wait a second in order Tanya than you I I read first store she said that we are not to forsake in the Fellowship of our brothers and sisters at church and I believe that there's different parts of the world like in Romania people are still teaching the old truth yeah you have some churches that have kind of gone quite liberal in it but I believe that there are still church is seeking it and wanting to know the truth in any no sister why says that these the truth is to go to all parts of the world it is not it is no time now for us to lay off our burton the message must be get before our churches well how are you going to do this if you don't go in there and you try to seek out to see what stole might be looking for the truth even in these really particular churches that are they look like they don't even look like seventh-day adventist but if the Lord beads you to go seek and look you were to do that yeah those churches where air is being taught you even then maybe bidden to go in there individually to reach out because it might be individual seeking the truth there there's a few people that are in this message still because years ago and we didn't know at the time that we got invited we got invited to go do a series of meetings at a church in Phoenix isn't 10 Arizona it wasn't Phoenix what's in a big city council Scott no wasn't Scottsdale suit it's Phoenix no it wasn't Phoenix it's the biggest city there it was not Phoenix yeah it was is that it when where they had this stadium type yeah no it wasn't Phoenix I don't I I would know it if I heard it it was not Phoenix ok when we doesn't matter when we figured out we're going to will be sure to determine that it is a suburb of Phoenix but the guy that came here yes so it might the point is is when we got there it was a full-blown celebration church full blown and I'm sitting upon the particular pappadeaux it records this oh but waiting to go up for the nonsense that they were doing to open up the worship our I mean dancing and swing as they leading the congregation through a song that they have hand signs so we ended up doing the presentations and there's people there that are still in this message but had I known that this was a full-blown celebration church in advance I mean I may have turned it down so if you're bidding to go that's one thing but those kind of churches you got to be bidding to go but those other churches that sort of we should be moving in and trying to share if we have opportunity we we know of a lady that came to this can't last camp meeting that she just got dis fellowship and she's now going to a different church where she's trying to find an opening wedge where she can share this message and she was disfellowshipped over all things the daily so I mean it's happening within this message and you just if you're fortunate enough to have another place to go to but we know I know of another woman that has pretty much been not kicked out or anything but she's been shut down so many times is she she really doesn't have anyone to worship with so there must not be a variety of places for her to go to so it's really kind of sad okay brother Jim but it you've also made the distinction that your reason for going is to share the message not just to sit in the pew oh yeah but are you going on your will or are you going on a leading more that's what people that's what prayer comes it was it Tucson might have been Tucson that's in Texas no it's not tuned Arizona Tucson a big city yeah it is it's Tucson Phoenix and Tucson showed up on yep there's no he doesn't matter it was two sons so I wasn't lying selected particular if I was wrong it on matter what does bidden me too cold yeah yeah but they were bidden it comes in right as a whole we're technically called to go to the take the message to the Adventist Church Pope isn't there like some sort of distinction between that kind of bidding and in actual invitation biddings you know I don't know how to explain now that's a distinction I'm making everyone in this message has been bidden to take the message to adventism but when you're in a ministry like this it's unfair to use your experience as the criteria for those people that are in the ministry because you will get your own specific bins biddings to go somewhere that a typical person is not going to get so do they make the bidding distinction Thursday the note the people outside it's what my understanding on this is similar to tie is my answer and Michael was touching it it there's a quote where sister right speaking about the Sunday law crisis says that God's people will be in in the time when celestial glory and the persecutions of the past are blended there's a quote that has that in there she says God's people will be led by light that comes directly from the throne of God ok in the Sunday law crisis when the celestial glory the latter rain and the ensign are there and the persecutions are going on the 144,000 are going to be directed by the Lord to go here there but you can't participate in that glorious time period if you don't have that variance before it gets here ok so the tie where you return the Lord's tie what churches you go to witness to our part of the Lord developing your character where you can follow his voice and his leading it if you have to make a decision where you're going on Sabbath and you've got three or four churches to choose from and you know that none of the conditions that those churches are perfect but you have to go because you gotta fulfill Ezekiel two and three that you need to go to the Lord in prayer and see and know that with confidence that he sent you here or there it's part of the it's part of the preparation for the Sunday law crisis no need to hear the Lord sweats and that ties in with what i wanted to say because he said how are you going in your own strength or is it according to god's strength and the only way that you can know that is individually answer on the end the only way that you can know that is if every morning like sister white says you fall on your knees and you say lord i consecrate this day to you and that you leave me and the whole you know we understand or we should understand this that that's how you know and listen to the Lord's voices through prayer okay there's one other point in here and it's different but it's one of the points that is probably most important here in declared from the third paragraph from the end there it says thus Jesus gave sanctioned to the authority of his organized Church but there was a new organization after the church has been pacified well the limit let me yeah I be like that's not what we're talking about I want to say they didn't even the same thing that the Jews were the the organized Church in the time of Ananias but they had just been passed by to a new organized group of people so in this time in this time a Jew could say well that's the that's the that's this was established by Moses yeah that's the point yeah the adventist church understands that it is the organized church on earth what is our justification for thinking otherwise was pacified when was it passed on okay so has is there an organized Church after them it's Adventism still set up dad okay buddy there is an organization are we understanding that this message it is George it will be a movement we're understanding that this message in this movement is what's being discussed here is this movement organized it is what's organized me I don't know I think you're using a different definition of that word than he is trying to use yeah do we have examples of the industry structure of an organization taking place but organizing taking put yes okay what are the examples a very stripping established pardon me now you're talking about I'm talking about in the biblical record that is illustrated from 9-11 of the midnight ride in the Sunday law do we have biblical lines that show an organization a work of organization that takes place yep the 70 here that were chosen to jail with hidden the early Christian church did it was there the 12 disciples they replace number 12 right okay there and there's 120 there that are with them they select deacons is there another witness to that they send out people to minister to the other places but is there another witness to that the Miller rights okay a win from 1840 Ford 1863 5000k there's an artwork of organization that goes on at the beginning of modern Israel is there any other way esra esra those an organization he's the leader and he calls he looks at the people and then he calls the Levites in even numbers another one point numbers them he organizes them is there another one you're all for some reason avoiding the classic one Parliament's Moses he has his yes laters Moses organizes by pins down okay so in this movement has there been in organization izing that takes place there has its going on right now it is it's going on right now is it by the midnight cry it will be done but it's not done yeah what is it weird you learning organization giving it your mouth full structure everything else that's what they're thinking when they say that okay it's my necklace there they're thinking what well i joined it with using that term and hearing the comments there they're saying everything related to this movement there does seem to be organization you got a school you have structure out of schools versus other schools their top made up so okay so brother brother Wesley he raises up a in different ministries I'm ministry in Brazil with a school that is similar to this but brother Wesley he determines that the seventh day is not the Sabbath the first day is the Sabbath okay well how do we I do we have a system to where we can remove him from our church organization and replace it with some other Brazil in the nose and 70 cases so i am replacing we do okay on the class isn't that what it isn't why was Saul sent to Ananias what was an enticing to teaching he's good the present truth message of the hour he had he had to come under the authority of that message this is being illustrated in here but where is there any authority in this movement that for example there's a guy that's in this movement most people think he's in this movement and over the direction he's going seems to be the wrong doctrinal direction how do you how do you publicly say if he continued on how would you publicly say this guy is not part you separate from them just publicly say that okay wish nobody would see the other ministries we separated they separated we separated and they do there to tell you okay so this is a bad example let me change it we run out of time let me give you a nether there's no position to terminate but go yeah there's no authority to terminate that's my point is their authority to baptize people and if there is when you lead them through a baptism baptismal preparation what is it that you include that they need to acknowledge that they understand it's pretty prophecy in their 70 adventist we function through the authority of God's truth shirt so you just take out an abacus baptismal Val you can go to the book that the Sunday mentis hands to you when you become a member of its 27 or 28 yeah but that is that's wrong is it go but yeah I think it is where you go to the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and let that movie what does sister white say about baptism in terms of when you're to baptize someone when fruits of conversion they have to show the fruits of conversion how do you know if they show the fruits of version say no the present truth really that's just that's ahead understanding the fruits of conversion here's here's here's my point you go to a prophecy school there's people there they that you've never met before you're there you're the speaker but they want to be baptized while you're there and it's the first time you've ever met them how do you know that they have the fruits of conversion so there has to be a system in place to where the people that live in that locale can understand that this person that wants to be baptized actually understands that not only the message of Adventism but the message of present truth that's got to be part of it and that they've actually shown the fruits of conversion and if they don't show those fruits do you baptize him you know what if I marry can you marry someone sure come here legally narrator float on this matter since I be shown that much as the loss of the cause of God and not giving the workers through thoroughly instruction as to how to do their work in a most thorough manner free from the work of eccentricity extra eccentricities and the peculiar traits of character of the worker that a wrong mall shall not be given to the character of others who embrace the truth if all elder elson can with these experience and with the blessing of God to this important work to teach from five to ten men out to labor in a thorough correct manner then wherever these men shall labor they will give to other the same lessons that have been given them and the cause of God will be in a much more favorable condition every year if one half of the strength and time expended and sermonizing had been devoted to thorough systematic training of those who act any part in the work there would be much greater success attending the efforts made by the workers and the cause of truth would send higher by fifty percent then it stands today in many conferences in America this work should be taking hold of it as it has never been done with your two for God will bless the efforts made in this direction God is not pleased with some who have felt calm then to enter the harvest field their own souls are defiled sin and God will not work with them and he will not bless them they are not diligent students of the scriptures they have no vital connection with God in our curse to the cause of God they mar God's work wherever they touch it they need the converting power of God a cleansing of the soul temple they need to understand the scriptures they have a runaway of a few discourses but that is all we want special efforts made in this kingdoms to give the sacred work of God the divine Mumbai educating and training workers before they shall go out to labor for others letter 85 1880s a visit from the unpublished ones so what's the point basically what we're talking about people these and out and being an organized work what it means to have an organized work that's that's secondary who determines who Olson is who determines that Olson in your letter is the man to do the training is the school to do the training and if there is someone there that's in opposition to it do you have the spiritual authority to discipline them that's what that's part of the authority of the church right disability members because because here if in fact that we got a close in the third paragraph from the bottom thus Jesus gave sanctioned to the authority of his organized Church though the Jews thought they were the organized Church but here this is the Christian Church and when we bring this history to our history the Jews are the seventh-day Adventist Church and we're saying that we're the Christian Church that's been organized have we been organized because if we haven't been organized we're not at the place yet to where we can even fulfill this Saul can't come to us to receive instruction it's not ready for the Levites that company because there is not a church triumphant an organized Church in place so is it I think so was in James house there for the three days that he was fasting and praying and Ananias came to james house to meet upward that's not that's not that point yeah so at the midnight cry that look you're pointing to the midnight ride that organized Church has to be in existence before the midnight crime so okay we're in the first stages yeah lord willing it in organizing all good near the end of those stages but yeah getting close we're closer to the midnight cry than we are to the beginning of the organization so this needs to be addressed in your article the organization part right English said that between 18.4 and 1850 the mill rights were organized is that what you say yes they never did anything any external evangelism till they came to grip with the message of the hour of the of the the pillars and it wasn't until 1849 1850 that sister might begin giving information about going to the Gentiles and one of the purposes of the 1850 chart was so that they would have a tool to go out and do evangelism there was not no external public work from 1844 to 1850 and the beginning of Adventism will reflect the end of Adventism there's some kind of organization that has to go on here but the real the real dilemma in my mind is the teeth the teeth if you really have an organization that has to have teeth to enforce the authority of the organization and I don't mean like the Catholic Church but you have it it's not if it's all every man does his own thing without any kind of discipline or control then it's not really or so you talk about accountable there should be somebody an authority i would have a cat not necessarily somebody but there has to be a jerusalem yesterday yeah we won't wanna King right no power no kidding it needs to be like a counselor conference right the G this struck the structure in an organization that God ordains is the structure that's been established like this system sorry not not if you can follow what I'm saying it's I'm not saying I'm saying that the way they are you saying the way that God would organize a church is perfect in the admin asst structure that's how God would organize the church because that was his church and sister white says that that is the trouble so the church we're not saying Adventism has been denominated so those who are the church triumphant our truth okay we never got as far as I when you get because once you get to this level then sister white sit pardon me well yeah but once you get to this point she says we are not to enter into any new organization this would be apostasy from the church that true that's what's trying to touch on since there's you gotta have a real strong logic to be making these claims in these steps thank you got spirit of prophecy quotes so this is a cliffhanger for today I guess so so then that vision from a train depot that we have like three people can testify the sister why I said it where there was a big shaky and there were no more leadership at all in the structure but then there was one light-year what my you're raising up and eventually okay that can't have anything to do with this because the organization that we're talking about has to be in place before the midnight cry yeah and that's the Sunday law Heavenly Father we thank you for the time that we've been allowed to study here this morning and we didn't quite finalize our thoughts on salt and Paul but we do want to get this study in the public record I ask that you give Brittany wisdom as she pulls these things together and if we need to finalize our thoughts on how this direction of organization challenges some council in the spirit of prophecy tomorrow please allow us to finalize it we pray for our brother that is having a struggle currently asked it in our church family as that you bless him with light and peace and as we go about our particular task today we asked you to give us wisdom and discernment to do things in such a way that they would glorify and honor you and we thank you for all these things in Jesus name you