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amen so I would like to start before I go back to these lines and make a very very short review of what we discussed in the morning I would like to start with two things the first one is maybe just like a an advice but I don't know usually there's this tendency and I also have this tendency when I go and open a book and I see all these complex mathematical formulas cramped together in one page the first thing you think oh you panic and then you don't understand anything so it's too hard no but if you just take it step by step just look at the first line you know isolate just the first line and try to understand what it says and then go to the second one isolate that connect to the first and go on through the page you would make sense of it so you look here you see wow she's so complicated okay you know don't do that you know just look at the first line just forget about this okay when you look just take one by one you know connect between connect up words and you know step by step go and understand it I think this is very important so that we don't panic or something I when you see all these complex structures I try to simplify but it's I we still have to show something so that's why it looks like this okay that was the first thing and the second thing is I wanted to remind us of something that has already been shared in the committing that is under the process of understanding is finding patterns in something you remember this the process of honor if you want to understand something you you actually cannot understand something unless you are able to find patterns and our movements until let's say 2018 has understood mainly patterns in events like we had we looked at the prophetic events and we have seen that there are patterns in between them we have seen there's event one two three and then event one two three one two three these are prophetic events and then we isolated it this and said well this is this looks like a pattern you know it repeats and then we put this line upon line one two three one two three one two three and this is how we obtain the lines actually the Bible presents them like a continuous stream of events you know most people don't see any pattern but we did this now these events obviously happened at some point in time but and until recently until I don't know 2012 but when did it get into public record really in 2018 or into the focus of the movement we did not see many paths we saw some patterns in their timing but not so many but recently we started our just right here events recently we started to see patterns in time and we have date one these are not events their dates and obviously their dates connected to some event because we don't pick random dates right but we are talking about the date more than the event date 1 day 2 day 3 date 1 day 2 day 3 and so on and then we made prophetic timelines and I like the name of the booklet that brother Jeff published in 1996 prophetic timelines because there are timelines okay it's not only like so it seems that subliminally the Lord was putting the time there you know from the beginning you know we just didn't see it but their prophetic timelines so did you want do you understand this the significance between finding patterns in the events and finding patterns in their timing these are events these are dates like April 19th October 13th and so on and we measure the distance in days okay time of the end it's too so both actually both of the how should we call it foundational publications or materials for our message and movement actually have time in not only in their title but in their theme okay and yeah I thought it I think this is interesting okay now I draw something here I think this should help people so there are when we study these we use all these calendars actually there are three here just biblical or actually sorry for biblical rabbinical and Julian and Gregorian but I draw Julian and Gregorian two times just to make it easier to see so for example what we have to remember is that when we see a biblical date or a rabbinical day the biblical calendar in rabbinical calendar are quite similar you know they begin in the spring I want to go into all the intricacies of how they're different you know rabbinical is can start earlier but okay I don't want to go into this we know from Ezra 7-9 the some differences between them but the point is we have two jewish calendars and two Roman calendars that we use right and we usually convert for example when we hear the date October 13th we cannot say October 13th is because I hear this expression sometimes is is the biblical date for whatever event October 13th it's not a biblical date because October name October is a name of the Roman month right it's it's a the conversion of the biblical date whatever that is to a calendar either Julian or Gregorian so when you hear the expression July 21st 590 something BC is the biblical date for when Ezekiel lays on his side what at what that actually mean or should mean is that when you take the biblical date in that year and you transpose that to julienne or Gregorian it's July whatever because the biblical date they don't sound like July August you know they sound like the first day of the seventh month or they give the name of the month like the month of Tishri the amount of whatever okay so I just wanted to make this distinction so that's interesting okay yeah okay that like that okay okay so now we can we can move on oh and my point with this patterns in time is that these are patterns in time okay so you can see here lines time lines really they're really time lines in the truest sense of the word okay in our observation about pagan Roman people robbers correct to say that the Rabbinical is literal Jews and the biblical spiritual Jews i yeah because that the first thing I thought was the same like should be parallel this is biblical pinnacle so rabbinical would be paralleling with Jews which would be Julian in a sense because it's little Rome okay what the I probably could it just make you comment above dates because you kind of touched on this but the way I would express it like some people say well what's the real date yeah real date okay well the thing is that day existed in time how we label it there's no right or wrong way to label it so these are conventions that have been established to help us place these things but God has created them to be also become symbols because of their use and they actually help us see the patterns so you know the biblical date is not the real date either you know it's just it's just one calendar that God is given now if you're gonna say what's the real date you would have to say the Sun and the moon and the stars their orientation and that specific time that is God's calendar it's the sky but these just tell us you know when we could say the sky looks like this on such and such a day but but it's it's sort of aside the point but but we have no way of knowing you'd have to know astronomy to know the sky and you know if we said the Sun was in this location and the moon was here and the stars were here and the earth was here it would be too confusing this is definitely easier than learning astronomy yeah so the calendars are just human approximation of how the sky looks like basically they try to formalize the the way they see stand Sun Moon stars the cycle of the earth around the Sun the cycle of the Moon around the earth and they try to make it as accurate as possible and the Jews did not only did they try to integrate their feasts in they're calendar and that's why they're a bit different okay yeah so now on this board you have four lines the first three are in chronological order this is 2017 2018 2018 2019 2019 2020 you see and this on the bottom one is Samuel snows letter letters okay the structure of Samuel snows letters and we will see as Ellen White says in great controversy striking similarity right between these three structures and you can already see that the first three already have at the end three hundred and ninety one and a half so you can already have right right at the beginning that three witnesses for this so I'll just make a review we don't already dealt with the first two this is the history of the first international committee in 2017 we have six days of committing and then this is a Friday evening in which Sabbath begins on nine eleven p.m. elder Jeff gives a sermon 120 minutes long right we have the number 120 here which ends at 9:00 11:00 p.m. okay and if you count a Hut 391 days and a half from this point from June 2nd which is Pentecost in this year in the if you look at the biblical calendar June June 2nd Gregorian is Pentecost is it clear okay for everybody do if you have questions please interrupt me because we might want to make sure that everybody understands so this is Pentecost and we have remember hundred and twenty in the Bible which is connected to the Pentecost 120 people in the upper room so we have also 911 which is again connected with the Pentecost it's the time when the events of the day of Pentecost starts to be repeated in our generation and then 391 and a half leads us to June 15 2008 een and now I have noticed an inconsistency in consistency because I use the same conventions here this should be in blue this when you see blue its Julian date so I'll just do this in blue okay sorry about that so it leads you to 2018 if you want to calculate the Gregorian date which we would write in black you add 13 days it's June 28th okay but we mark June 15 we write it in blue it's Julian okay and this is also Julian because it's in blue just to notice the pattern of colors okay good now we will not understand so well the significance of June 15 until we get through these other two lines now let's move in this second line the line of the other or the second international committing both of these it's interesting that both of these lines begin when like the nine or rather I should say the nine eleven on both of these lines marks the end of the committing or our almost the end this is Friday but it's the last day okay so this is the ending it's not the Sunday was the last day for which was the last which one was last full day Sunday okay okay it I may be wrong okay and the only so in this the second line 911 p.m. June 9th this is the end of the Sabbath this is Saturday evening okay this is Friday evening the beginning of the seller this is Saturday evening so it's interesting that you have a probably we could draw a line with Alpha and Omega the beginning of the beginning of the Sabbath of the first international committing is a 911 and the end of the Sabbath of the next international committing is of 911 okay so we could sure see a pattern here 911 beginning on Sabbath 911 ending of Sabbath first international second international okay exactly oh yes I even remember cuz I was there and I was looking at that I was looking on my phone and I was thinking how nice would it be if the sermon attended by 11:00 and when he said Amen I looked at the clock and I saw 911 and somebody from the audience shouted it's not 11 it's like yeah if the sermon ended now I can testify I looked at the watch a knife it was 911 okay the prayer actually ended on 911 not a sermon we prayed and then at the end of prayer I look it was you ugh ooh the pray was this year when he said that's great it was so here the okay we say okay so here it's the beginning of the prayer okay so yeah so you say here's the beginning of the prayer right ordering so it's like Midway okay let's consider and in here you know the message of the midnight cry which Daniel brother Daniel understood to be the message of finding patterns in time because I like this expression better was given was first given in Europe right which is the see and brother Daniel thought that maybe a hundred and twenty six days which we know it's a prophetic symbol we have we used this symbol maybe one hundred and twenty six days from this point would lead us to the point where the same message would be presented in on the land on Unitas in the United States yes Drina day and so that Peter ended ten say I just saw that the first in Sola scriptura the first idea was that it would end on June 15 that was the original thing then it was changed oh no why did the changes okay so can you repeat that time and make sure I did the Sola scriptura the 2017 sure exception okay the sole Athena and then a tenth of June yes okay 10th of June Saturday night it was no no so this was actually the last meeting of the committee the last prayer when we get that straight we will put it on the line yeah okay after the meeting you come and I'll modify everything and we'll get it straight okay let's do this structure so coming back to our brother Daniel he was thinking oh maybe you know 126 days after this made this point in time the message the same message would be presented on the land in the United States and he actually noted this he wrote down make made a note dated July 27th so you can actually see his note that in July 27 he looked back the International Committee looked back on of June 9th added 126 days and said notice that it led him to October 13th notice that it's a Sabbath and he said well maybe somebody at Lambert Church would present you know this message in that day okay and we have this 120 which we can divide again with oh sorry 126 from this to this point to this point but I chose to divide them 120 and 6 so it can actually fit the structure above okay although this is days in this these are minutes okay but nevertheless you have the same pattern of numbers okay the pattern of numbers is the same now you see another date here which is August 11 and as I said you already especially this line I can see it's very much looks like very much like trumpet trumpets Islam woes you see all these dates July 27th is the beginning of the first war and this ending of the first war August 11 the end of the second woe 911 ok you know the beginning of the third woe 391 and a half the length of the second woe so we have all these how many one two three four at least four maybe they're more these four numbers here that are specially connected with the three woes okay so I would this this to me looks like a theme of this line so on October 13 our brother here brother Theodore thought what about adding from October 13th from this day 391 and a half days where would it lead us and he made the calculation around noon so if you add 391 and a half days this leads us to November the 9th 2019 midnight because if you add half a day right from noon it would lead you to midnight if you would add full days they'll lead you to noon from noon to noon you understand but because you add 391 and a half they would lead you to midnight you would be 12 hours you know late or forward and this is significant this is very significant we know why okay we don't need to explain now why so people having trouble with this I would say just do this you can actually confirm the significance of October 13 two ways you can one way is just to go from June 9th to here 1:26 and you have all these structures and by the way August 11 here is the midway between this point and this point you have 63 days and 63 days okay and that's August 11 which is a date how do you say connected in Islam so that's so you can go forward and you'd reach here or you can go backwards from November the 9th which is already established and reach here so you can have actually two ways of confirming to witnesses that if you want October for October the 13th now yeah if if you're gonna except the logic that daniel was led to follow through it's based upon the angel of Revelation 10 coming down put one foot upon the land one foot upon the sea but that angel typifies the angel of Revelation 18 so on the beginning of the second line that you're dealing with you have 9/11 and in the middle you have August 11th and at 9/11 the angel is putting his foot on the sea and August 11th he's putting it on the earth here but whether he is or not you can see you can see those very histories where the angel came down and did that very thing at August 11th 1840 and 9/11 yeah so it's the it agrees with the logic he was being led to follow to look to October 13 and I would I said there are four four things that would connect this to the history of the trumpet I think they're actually six because we have another one prediction Samuel snows prediction and we have another one angel of revelation 10 this prediction was based upon the logic of the angel of revelation 10 and we know that when Josiah which is prediction was fulfilled the angel of revelation 10 came down and that was on August 11th 1840 which is obviously different which you have August 11th here so you can have also these confirming points that would actually you know lead you to look into that history you know and find significance from now I hope I can explain this so everybody can understand it I think people usually are familiar with the seminoles letters they should be you know there's this heard about it I don't know if we have them memorized personally I don't have to memorize that use notes - because I don't memorize things usually but if you go to Ezekiel chapter 20 yeah yes oh I forgot to sort yes you want to connect yes thank you I forgot to connect this because I told you'd you as we go down you'll find significance for this June 15 okay thank you the June you see June 15th here do you know what date is D June 15 so exactly that's the trick okay this you see it's written in black it's Gregorian but nevertheless because yes I think it's almost out so it's yeah so people might wonder well how come we just can take a date and use it as a symbol like isolate it from a history and use it as a symbol you know well we do the same with July 27th and August 11th well these are very established symbols okay we find them in a mineral history we're used to them and we find August 11 they say what is so interesting is the midpoint of this one 26 days and this is where the prediction was made and we have this 911 so we use all these how should I call them time stamps like like a time stamp which looks like a prophetic symbol you know we'll and we use them to mark you know another prophetic symbol or event and draw some significance out of it and would you be bothered if I would find some significance for August 11 Julian here I don't know if there is any significance but all I know it's all also August 11 it doesn't matter if it's Julian or Gregorian so much it's the idea is that it's that oh it's August 11th okay so I just said that randomly I don't know if August 11 Greg or Julian has any significance but my point was that people shouldn't say oh we use you use here Julian because you like it and use your Gregorian because you like it we do this you know we because we isolate the symbol from the calendar you know this this is a symbol look at it as you know because when we see nine eleven here we take this as a symbol it's not like it means something in regards to Islam or you know it doesn't have really in reality probably nothing to do with 9/11 2001 but we use their timestamp to draw some significance for our lines okay when Theodore presented this there was a point in time where Brittany was up talking Department or about it up on the stage and I was up there in forget the conversation I've mentioned it before but her mentor was seeing the strength of it but it was still confusing and he made some kind of comment like this isn't line upon line and and at that point if they can know this is line upon line so we're showing it line up on line but there is a way that Theodore did it where if you take those top two lines yeah the second line connects with this first line in it's a bit more difficult for us to see but all I'm going to say is that what if you were going to connect them if you were going to do it in a you know just one line those first two lines the thing that you would could that would connect them is the Julian June 15th and the Gregorian June 15th and my point is is that's the connection between the prophecy of revelation 9 July 27th July 27th is Julian but August 11th 1840 is Gregorian so you have in the three hundred and ninety-ninth year 15 day time prophecy you've got this Julian Gregorian connection that's already accepted at Adventism and the June 15th is that same connection if we're willing to say exactly exactly if if you this line this June 15th here is about here is June 28th I don't know how can can I draw it so this and these are 13 days apart because that's the difference between the two calendars one is Julien well I just wanted to say that if you take this line imagine me taking this line and put it just chronologically out place the end of it here so they overlap in this time period okay so that was how it was initially laid out you'd say this is a chiasm it is not because it's one two one two okay the chiasm is one two two one okay so that's why we placed it like this because it's not I don't think it's a chiasm you can find chasms in this but anyway okay so let's go here is it clear now with June 15 okay ezekiel chapter 20 and i'll just read one or two verses this is the chapter where we take or wanna chapters where we take from the Bible the the verse which says you know hello my Sabbath so they shall be a sign between me and you this is from Ezekiel 20 the vision of Ezekiel chapter 20 it's given in what date you can see it in verse 1 and it came to pass in the seventh year in the fifth month in the tenth day of the fall of the month so it's 10th day of the fifth month and then it goes on with the visioning if you read it the vision is about how the people would want to inquire of the Lord and the Lord because of their apostasy doesn't want to be inquired by them they he doesn't want to respond to there he kind of seems that he he passed them by and he he said he has these two mentions at least two mentions of Sabbath in verse 12 and verse 20 in verse 12 it says moreover also I gave them my Sabbath's to be a sign between me and them that they may know that I am the lord that sanctified them and then in verse 20 and hallow my Sabbath's and they shall be a sign between me and you that he may know that I am the Lord your God so these two verses say the same thing you know God gave him the Sabbath to be a sign and what brother Theodore did which some people found a bit troubling is that he went at Ezekiel 20 20 and he connected that with year 2020 you know that's you know for Adventism that would be like craziness but even for some of us this might seem like a stretch but we already do that Deuteronomy 18 18 okay we connect that with ear 18 18 and we already I don't know if it's established but for a long time we used that chapter in the verse of the Bible to draw significance out of it 911 25 20 all these you know and this would be 2020 just like a doubling 18 18 19 19 20 20 so Ezekiel you go to Ezekiel 20 20 you go to your to the year 2020 and what he thought is well let us look and see what is the tenth day of the fifth month which is the day that the vision was given in 2020 you see here tenth day of the fifth month I've written in in red the biblical dates biblical calendar this is the day Ezekiel received the vision and in Gregorian is something else you know you add 13 and button Julian is July 18th and why is that significant well because if you go back 391 and a half days and you stay in Julian all this line all this line is in blue which is Julian okay and if you go back you hundred and ninety one and a half days you will be led to June 22nd 2019 okay this is 2020 this is 2019 spear that okay and then if you just go back and follow this structure with which is a hundred and twenty and six because we have this year one twenty and six okay you will find out all these dates if you you see if you go back from John June 22nd 2019 126 days February 16 then six days February 22nd and this is very interesting because remember here we marked August 11th as the midpoint of the 126 okay what is the midpoint of this 126 on Julian because it's all Julian it's april 19th which we know is a significant date you have here August 11th you have April 19th here okay that is interesting and okay this is February 22nd July July 20 July 27th or July 27 its lining up with April 3rd yeah cuz I didn't write this here so you you lined up everything here and this is the corresponding dates here well I did like some kind of a trick or actually you did some kind of a trick here because we want it to also mark the significance of or or this date in Gregorian April 19th is May 2nd Greg Orion you see this is blue this is black and I just made two arrows like as they being only one point actually they're not two different dates but it's probably I should have just make a slash and May 2nd Gregorian okay but these dates what's very interesting is that the dates that this that harshness the dates that result when you apply this structure this structure to year 2020 beginning or ending actually in 22 July 18th which is the tenth day of the fifth month they you would obtain the exact dates in which the letters of Samuel snow were written published written published in 1844 so in 18 for Derrick rig Orion here down here you have the letters of Samuel snow they are in black okay the dates are in black which is Gregorian so here is one W one written one published one published it was published two times to publish three written for published so you you have we have all these dates and they all line up February 16 February 16th February 22nd February 22nd April 3rd April 3rd you see it April 19th April 19 okay and we know this is significant in October Oh in in the year 1844 okay May 2nd it's meat and what is what actually was amazing about this study is that we first saw the structure of one I should probably draw the structure separately so it's do you mind if I erase these two lines because I think it's everybody oh just doing so the structure is this just the structure you have 1:26 and then here you have 6363 this is 126 and this 391 and a half so this is just the structure okay and the first time we saw this structure is here in the second international committing actually also here but this is more clear okay and then brother theater applied this structure to ear to the year 2020 2019 2020 and he ended the structure here on the tenth day of the fifth month which gives us 2020 you know it's Ezekiel 20 which was given in 10th day of the fifth month okay and when you apply that structure in year twenty twenty nineteen twenty twenty it would yield these dates of Samuel snows letters but this actually led us to find out that the same ER snow letters had actually have that structure we didn't know that before you know we just viewed semi loaded letters and we didn't find any kind of or maybe there was we found some patterns but not this pattern in the timing of Samuel snows letters yeah with any second is the same I know we had that chiasm but we didn't have this this pattern before you know so now we actually can see that from the time the first letter was written or I should say maybe the time maybe should say the time or the first letter was published to the time where the third letter was written is exactly 120 days okay because I didn't write them here because I didn't want to clutter but they're actually the same structure we have 100 yes February 22nd June 22nd first published third written 120 days let's see this is 120 days here up okay so it's the same timing you have six days here six days here oh yes correct this there isn't three three ninety one and a half okay it's actually all in the same year you know so here the three hundred ninety one and a half here we only focus on the dates not the years when we when we have this structure okay because here is 2020 you start in 2020 and you go 300 391 and a half which is more than a year obviously you'd go in 2019 but the letters of salmon snow did not span two years you know so but the dates match okay did everybody understand it and if you go three hundred three hundred ninety one point five days from June 22nd you do get July 18th and 1845 so say let's go get July 18 1845 if you go 391 and a half from June 2nd June 22nd you get to my 18th in 1845 you just okay right so it's a structure holds again not for the year but for the date yes okay everybody'd everybody understand that that's interesting so there all kinds of the word interesting a lot sorry interesting sorry it's more than interesting yes it's for for a long time I I didn't have time to do it but I just wanted to calculate the probability of all this happening you know and I have a feeling that if you calculate the probability of everything that we have in time happening you'd get a probability that is lower than the probability that the theory of evolution is actually correct so then if you get that it would mean that actually makes more sense to you to be an evolution is than to reject this really okay but that's a side note so I just wanted to strengthen Jessie just point it's not just interesting it's really for me or you want to say something go with me the first I was gonna say so the second line from the bottom and you have all this is 2019 and from here to here that you go to any planet here okay so Sam is no it's letters as I understand are the history of the mid-thigh pride right yes so what we see when we have to expect and all these things in 2019 that something happens and that we see some kind of manifestation of the midnight message coming into which means maybe we're not even in the midnight cry as we think work I mean go alright don't get me wrong but not to the level we will reach it next year it's not the same experience that happens with the priests gonna happen with the Levite yeah so you say you're going throw nothing maybe I would say yeah the priests I'm not drawing that conclusion but that's that's probably the logic that we would have but then midnight has already passed them after anyway I think that you because I thought about this also I think that for sure it has they have this was this has the the theme of woes this has the theme of sudden the development of the midnight cry I think everybody can see that so we're gonna start to visually chew right I don't see that we know the November 9 is where did you find a proper turn into October change is the close of probation where where is it here on the board it should remember 9 no no no no get it look at the line that will be the last when it would because real assembly law it would be the perfect Sunday the hours it would be something yeah I'm saying is we know that November in my night is the close of probation for us so you're suggesting that least if a man talk to me that crime November night would be yep so--but I don't know if I make things more confusing but this is somewhere here okay and anyway as I said you only take the dates so you eat this date this the pattern of the dates is already confirmed by two witnesses this and these I don't have I wouldn't have a problem if I'll take July 18 2019 here and it would still be before November the 9th ok and it they would have you have all these dates for the development of Dominica just a thought yeah what I was going to say before she opened up that can of worms is that imac ability different point approach this is uphill november 9th it's a second witness to what tests establish from november 9th but it's that pattern is too profound it's to have been humanly invented so that the fact that we don't quite understand the implications of it at this point it's too early to understand the implications we're seeing yet lauren is put in November 9th through the lines that test rot he's give a second witness now with a numerical pattern that is beyond profound we're just now coming to grips with this pattern here so we should expect to have all the the conclusions to what it the implications of it are right here now I would think and just to lay over the top of the development of the midnight right here in 1844 the publication of and the writing of some of his letters corresponding actually to Jewish important Jewish ceremonies like or actually in when the temple was dedicated in Ezra chapter 6 it was the date in the dedication of the temple if you transpose it to Julian if this date February 22nd this is where Jews kept their Passover and they kept their Passover differently then or they used a different calendar that then the Millerites used to predict October 22nd so the the calendar of the meteorites showed as being over May 2nd and May 2nd is the publication of the second letter so the publication of the first letter is on the first Passover and then the publication on the second letter is on the second pass over you know and June 22nd the writing of the third letter is Pentecost and the write the publication of the fourth letter is three days before midnight which is July 21st so for sure you can see some significance with the Jewish ceremonies and the dedication of the temple here which we could bring in our line I'm just reading here just I never looked it up before but it just says here that July 18th 1845 there's in william miller's memoirs page 332 and 333 that his apology and defense is referenced what does it mean reference like I mean that's what they say they quote from it and then they say July 18th 1845 William Miller memoirs so this is a letter that was written July 18th 1845 that's called his apology and defense so he wrote apology and defense that July 18th of July 18 18 4 as well says here I haven't double-checked it though which is 391 and a half days from June 22nd okay yeah that would be very very sick you know about the Bollingen defense right he wrote like a autobiography of his life or his experience right who is Right see okay I thought he wrote but the apology and defense is a letter that he wrote and it just says here that the date is July 18th and I'm trying to confirm okay but the point so point being is that you know we we've only just started to study it exactly and there's many more things we're gonna find out with some of these days yeah that's what I wanted to emphasize it's maybe it's too like we have to bring like William inners rule says bring everything together on this subject before you draw a conclusion without making a contradiction so we don't even know what everything means here okay so we didn't even bring it together yet so for sure I don't think we are now in the position to make a clear conclusion on these subjects but we can see some glimpses of the theme that this is talking about sister Andrea now that we're getting because we're coming you know we're coming into the approachment or Roth for us as the priest and the fact that time is a test is it that the Lord was leading us here because he led us to line upon line right we're just parallel in the history of Christ mr. Moses in history of Noah all these prophets a minute old but now it seems that God is being specific with dates you know like you know main night main second ago even though the same as the letters has been at a recent for the past but is it because we're coming to a close that God is giving us like is this going in line with exactly that's what I want to say your husband presented this thing in the inner sense and it's the same thing that's happening the middle history when they were coming close to October 22nd they received the date October 22nd even 144,000 Ellen White's vision when they were coming close to the Second Coming they received the day and the hour the second coming and Ellen White says is they're passing over the ground they see prophecies fulfilling in their ground on the ground they don't see and I don't know yet what the ground means sorry oh yes bleach also 10 days before August 11 heat he pinpointed the exact day so we are 375 days away not 10 days away but we still have to do a lot of work until that point do you have something that you have to do on this tomorrow to recap this I think that I should comment on a few things okay don't don't mess up my clarity I kind of said it now both have the party name and when you get that I'll take it over from there yeah obviously kind of remar happened a little bit in a different way try got a few things that I didn't correct now and Arthur you've got all insights that now that everybody understands it on this man must understand some of it though right people must understand some of it they may not know all the details I sense this class I don't know about people watch online this class is miles beyond where they were a week and a half yeah yeah let's pray Heavenly Father we humbly come before you in this evening at the beginning of this worship time and this study and we stand in admiration and we're in wonder but the way you number all these days and the way you line everything together Lord we are such so weak and erring but we can see the working of your hand with all the calendars and all the events we never thought before that the timing of of these events would have this pattern within it but we thank you now that as you said you do nothing until you'd discover it to your servants the prophets we thank you for the fact that you have discovered it to us before you do it we also ask for clarity on this subject I know many life many more lights will come many ideas and we ask that we all would come to unity and clarity upon this subject as soon as possible we ask also for a blessing for every one of us please help us be determined and have a method and a good way of study so that each can be part of the work of finding jewels to this great and wonderful shoots thank you for everything and we ask for a blessing as we go back home and we go to rest and may bring us back together tomorrow morning safe thank you for everything in Jesus name Amen