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okay let's pray amen okay so what I try to do is simplify the lines as much as possible I try to put only the dates which are significant and I try to make them chronologically able to put them in chronological order okay so the first line it's a historical line it's established by chronology meaning if we won't find these numbers in the Bible but if you go in the Bible it's about it's the line of the king of kings of Judah you can see here the lines of the kings of Judah you won't find these numbers in the Bible but you should go and search it out and add how much every King reigned this first 120 years is the period in which the kingdom was United right we know that during rehab Rehoboam the kingdom was divided between Rehoboam Jeroboam and we have three kings here Saul David and Solomon each of them 40 years which are up to 120 years then the kingdom is divided and from the moment the kingdom is divided to the moment Jerusalem is destroyed you have exactly 391 years and a half 391 and a half years okay and these 390 one and a half can be seen like three hundred and ninety years and then there's one year and a half which is the siege upon Jerusalem the siege which led to the destruction of Jerusalem was one year and a half and I think on Tunisia I'll show you that tree is 390 years are those three hundred and ninety days of Ezekiel okay the Ezekiel lays on his side three hundred and ninety days this is three hundred that those be a day for a year this is three hundred and ninety years okay you will notice as we go down that for example we have three hundred and ninety one and a half this is half a year and then we have three hundred and ninety one and a half a month it's not half a year right that I usually I like to use the three hundred and ninety one and a half symbol and that half can be half a year can be half a month or can be half a day as it is here 391 i this should be this 291 days and a half a day okay this is half a day okay so the second line this is established by prophecy right by Miller right history by revelation 9 is the line of the first two woes we know July 22nd 10 is 7th $12.99 the first woe again we have five months right in Revelation 9 which is a hundred and fifty years which lead us to July 27th 14:49 and just an interesting fact there's nothing which has been discovered to have happened on this exact date we we put it here just for the structure you know we know that I think in four years Constantinople is going to fall but oh I think no I think in great controversy I may be wrong in great controversy remember Josiah leaf says that their causes raises up on July 27 1449 I may wrong but anyway what I wanted to emphasize that sometimes we have some dates which are uphold the structure but they may not necessarily have obvious meaning to it or may we may not be able to find this meaning in the beginning historical you know anyway 150 years and then we know 391 years and 15 days which is a year a month they in and out right which leads us to August 11 1840 and now I like to call these the lines of the two international committees okay and I'll begin with the most recent one the 2018 one which is called Sola feeded that's why right here so la Vida these 2018 committing you can see here in this structure of 2018 committing many prophetic symbols and I know we have yet to learn the meaning of these symbols but you we can't help but see how many here have nine eleven July 27th august 11 120 391 and a half like only if you put this in a bucket and see them all together you already start to see a theme now let's go and show the history this I don't have my notes here because I I didn't write here this is closed with the Sabbath and this is the beginning right okay because I used to write it here but I'd I didn't want to overcrowd this so this is yeah this is the close of the Sabbath okay and the Sabbath closes here at 9:00 11:00 p.m. on June 9 okay and if On June 15 right the the committing ended right okay now can I have my notes you cannot just think because I yeah yeah I just heard that okay so these these the clause of the Sabbath here creates a structure of a hundred and twenty six days from this point to this point see you have six days and then June 15 June 15 yeah that's our if the second day of the first one that's when the church against China in our history yes 50 and 1080 Chinese tariffs were put in place and what is this in the second day of the fourth month which is is the last day the date of Samuel snows last letter okay yeah okay fourth month okay yeah I remember yeah because we have we have June 15 they're also now in July 27th okay brother Daniel looks back at June 9th okay and says maybe because here the message was presented in Europe which is you know the see in Bible prophecy and he says maybe in 126 you see here six days and 120 okay I didn't run wanna ride the total because I didn't want to overcrowd this but it's six days from June 9 to June 15th and then 120 up to October 13 and he says maybe on October 13 somebody's gonna get up and we're gonna have the midnight cry presented on the earth which is the United States okay and this prediction is made on July 27th which is important because here we have July 27th July 27th by the way I forgot to mention it is very important this underlined there you see the dates underlined in red these are Julian dates okay so these are Julian this is Julian this is Gregorian when you don't see it underlined is Gregorian day okay so it's important if you have three Julian date these days and death you know the rest of them they are Gregorian dates and it's important because if you look at this I'm just coming back of it if you look at this line you have the Samuel snow for some reason he didn't take into consideration the transition from Julian to Gregorian okay because here the 150 what did I say sorry just silage okay so here the 150 years are bookended by two dates which are Julian okay but then he doesn't take into consideration the transition if she if he would have taken you know this date would have been almost 23rd okay but he doesn't take that into consideration its August 11th so it's interesting that the mistake as Parminder was saying the mistakes of the mineral rights are becoming how do you say way marks or you know prophetic symbols you know in our reform line so he did this mistake but now we say okay if he did that maybe we can also play around the calendars and we use also the Julian and see some significance his mistake was that he should have added 13 days here or twelve sorry twelve days his mistake was a mistake of calculation yeah a calendar calculation yeah but his conclusion was correct yeah any seems to have been fulfilled to this day that's also the interesting ones make sure August 11th 1840 is not an incorrect day yeah I didn't want to I didn't want that to get three it's not like yeah it's not an incorrect date you know it happen Ellen White says it was an exact or fulfillment or wonder or something exactly being a wonderful prefer figment of prophecy yeah so it's it's clear to me that it happened on that very day but that's what I was trying to emphasize that even though he did not foresee these change the Lord fulfilled it you know he worked with these our human beings are weak human beings anyway so coming back to here yeah he also if he had used the biblical calendar would have come to the correct date and that shows that the biblical calendar also comes into play okay that is interesting if he brought the theaters saying that if he has he he would have used the biblical calendar he would have come to the correct date which is August 11th right and what did you say after that the biblical calendar can be used as well yeah send up Julian be going yeah yeah and that shows we can use biblical calendars have three calendars here sister and Tanisha is gonna talk about them yeah Gregorian Julian and Biblical okay so coming back to this line right June 9th this is the always forget the beginning the close of the Sabbath I'll just write it here closer to the Sabbath at 9:00 11:00 p.m. so you have the symbol of 9/11 see how old almost all the symbols are connected with Islam 9/11 July 27 August 11 what is this August 11 we we see it here but what is what is it to this structure if you if you see here everybody understands that we have 126 from here to here okay is that clear to everybody how much is half of 126 63 okay so August 11th is the exact half the middle day the midway between here and here you have 63 until August 11 and 63 from August 11 to October 13 okay so it's a Midway symbol okay so it's it creates destruction you know 63 is important because we know sister tests also used 63 in her presentations they have 66 63 and 126 also symbol 120th symbol but what I've noticed is that the numbers the dates are somehow symbolic of Islam I don't know what what significance what's what what does that tell us but 9/11 July 27th August 11th 391 and half they all about or they're all about this so Daniel did this prediction on July 27 he wrote it down and said maybe 126 years from when the committing when when the when the message was presented sorry days 126 days from when the message was presenting was presented in Europe here or there on the sea you know he was connected this with the angel of revelation 10 which has a foot upon the sea and the food upon the land and say here is the food upon the sea and maybe 126 days after this he's gonna put the food upon the land which means that the message of Dominica is going to be presented in the United States and now I think this is a the tricky part for most of the people like if you I think you everybody understood if you go 126 days from here you go to October 13 okay that's what his prediction was October 13 which was a Sabbath okay now what I would how I would present things to you would be the following way we we already I think everybody has this date established November the 9th 2019 in our mind right I think we kind of start to understand what what that means for us and that is a very big significance I would say what if we just subtract from November 9 2009 teen subtract 391 and a half back go back and we reach October 13th so you can see that October 13th is established by two structures this is going forward 126 from June 9 9/11 okay 126 and this is going backward from November 9th 391 and a half which is the same symbol as this and they all meet here on October the 13th right so for me that the structure clearly established that October 13th has a significance okay we may not know all the details we still have to learn about that but it's clear that it has some significance okay sorry midnight is the beginning of the night mm-hmm yeah this one point Philip captured indirectly I was using ginseng that's the day when time same message was reached and I was using privilege of tan which there is this ceiling of time so I was safe that's the single time yeah you did you have different ceiling of time you need a lip so it was usage of ten but I was counting you're counting wrong please count it ordinal which is fine yeah just it starts on June 10th that's number one but if you start Cardinal from June ninth you still have June 10th is number one and that's even better because you have nine eleven here yes so yeah okay now this this was this year okay 2018 and now our brother Theodore thought well how about go and see this if we find the structure in the last year's international committing which is sola scriptura okay in 2017 and we know that this last year's committing ended with the sermon of elder Jeff on June second okay which is the end of the Sabbath right oh sorry the beginning already the beginning of the Sabbath is Friday evening okay and so this is Friday June 2nd Friday he starts the sermon on 7 11 p.m. and ends it at 9:00 11:00 p.m. so we see we see here another 9/11 we have 9/11 here then we have a 9/11 here you see them 911 911 what this is the closing this is the opening of the Sabbath yes so and the sermon as you can see it was two hours which is a hundred and twenty minutes long so you have here another 120 minutes marked okay 120 minutes here is 120 days this is 120 years up here and this is 150 years people may be bugged by this you know because there why is this 150 years this I have yet to learn but I would suggest what if we out out go and research what happens 120 years from this like try to go 120 years from 1449 or 30 years forward from this it's 13 29 and see if you find some significance that would be interesting to make up with all of them 120 I didn't find any I didn't have time for this but maybe there is some okay so Friday towards the end of the this Sola scriptura committing and on Friday evening the Sabbath begins and what's the 60 the 6d okay the 6d here six days they parallel these six days and it's the previous six days of the committing because this was towards the end of the committing right and you have six days here so if the previous days of the committing and this is and June 2nd in this year in the biblical calendar is Pentecost okay so you have maybe I should write in here so this is all June 2nd is all Pentagon so you have the symbol of 120 which we know is connected Pentecost right 120 in the upper room the symbol of 9/11 we know at 9/11 around the angel descended the events of the days of Pentecost started to be repeated so we have all this symbology you know about Pentecost 120 126 it this is also interesting you can say this is 126 though it's this is six days and this is minutes 120 minutes so you cannot really add them together to get a 126 but you can see a 120 and a 6 like you see here 120 and a 6 ok so then the interesting part the the I think only if we look at this history only if we look at this the half this half of the line I think we can all see this is pretty significant you have Pentecost 120 minutes sermon sends of 9/11 you're just just having this not thinking about that so now what if we say okay we have 120 here as we have here and here and maybe here let's add from this point 391 and a half days and see where this goes to okay and that's what our brother did you know and he was led to the date of June 28th but this is June 15th Julian remember this is underlined in red June 15 jul 2015 13 ball and see that it also appears here and this is the beginning of the hundred and twenty here though this is Gregorian we have to keep in mind that this is Gregorio not Julian so you have June 15th here June 15th here but this is Greg that is Julian like likewise this is Julian this is Gregorian okay anyway and this is the second day of the fourth month which is the publication of the last letter of Samuel snow okay so we're in in Gregorian I'll just try to use another color that date here this day notice that obviously when you add 391 that's more than a year you start in 2017 right and this is gonna be 2018 okay so it's we have to keep this in mind okay so this date June 15 which is June 28th remember when you convert from Julian to Gregorian just add 13 days okay at 13 days you get June 28 which would be let's see around here gorian jeju-do no from Julian to Pretoria you add if you have June 15 Julian you can't you go to June 28 drop Orion okay so this would be June alright I'll just I'll just write this j28 yes I was thinking here - right 15:32 any so this is this and between how much time is this between this and these 13 days right the exact number of days which is between the two calendars okay so I know this part is probably kind of complicated but as I said for me this line would be established even if we didn't have this this is like another interesting part you add this and you go to here and you have the same symbol June 15 June 15 the second day of the fourth month of publication summers notes letters but you know I think this is very it's replete with a lot of prophetic numbers and symbols and I don't think this is yeah then you say that Julian dated June 15 2018 all right that way mark is June 28 yes 2018 so if that's the case the second line on the love below June 15 second line on the bottom okay on the left here in 15 the second way more yes so shouldn't you 28 be that way mark also know this this June 15th is Gregorian what is it apply there oh that does this this is underlined this is good Julian so just imagine they should be here but there this one is shifted thirteen days okay because of the difference between the two calendars okay any other questions yeah oh sorry yeah j28 I don't know how to that Jane 28 June 28 okay probably Theodore's already put this made this observation but I realize it for what you're saying and don't do anything with it it's just a minor observation on your second line from the top the time prophecy of the sixth trumpet 391 years and 15 days it begins on July 27th and it ends on August 11 if you drop down to the next line between July 27th and August 11th you have 15 days you don't have the 300 in anyone here's what you got the fall did you see that oh that's interesting okay where's this yeah yeah and where there's July 27th to August 11th aha okay you have 15 days there but the line above it from July 27 14 29 to August 11th you have 391 and 15 days but you start with July 27th and end with August enough well that's an interesting point I also counted ordinal II from July 27th August 11 to 16 days so this line I count out ordinal eternal yeah but you could do that but there's a reason why because it's connected to Samuel snows letters from his April 3rd to April 19th 216 days so there's a line up there but the symbol there in 15 days Cardinal so normally that one that lines counted ordinal e because that's the way it was counted by Daniel okay so an october are you about that oh yeah if ever I should mind everyone on October 13th we have Fatima that I Oracle of Fatima and on October 13th babble on film and on October 13th we have this presentation in laboratory which was Terry and Lambert means I don't know illumination in a minute yeah so Lambert okay anyway if there are questions all right artists go ahead go ahead you know or add their thoughts like if not that I'm gonna hand it off switch it over to hand yeah okay you can we pray again please amen okay so hopefully I won't be long I will look in the Bible so we're first in Ezekiel chapter 4 verses 4 & 5 it says lie thou upon the right side and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it according to the number of the days that thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt to bear thy their iniquity for I have laid for I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity according to the number of the days 390 so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the house of Israel should break verse 6 let's read verse 6 as well and when thou hast accomplished them lie again on the right side and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah 40 days I have appointed thee each day for a year okay so what is written here is the literal experience of Ezekiel he began if we look at Ezekiel chapter 1 verse 1 we see that this entire experience happens on the fifth day of the fourth month 592 BC 390 days from that point takes you to the tenth day of the fifth month 591 BC then 40 days later takes you to the 20th day of the sixth month so that top line is just the actual experience of Ezekiel fulfilling the instruction the Lord gave to him in the six months we understand though that when we're looking at it prophetically we we integrate the 40 days into the 390 which was not represented for it to look something along this mine this is years so in the Bible in verse 6 it says that it is to be reckoned a day for a year and this is the reflection of that information so the three hundred and ninety days have been turned to prophetic years which amounts to three hundred and ninety years which extends from the fifteenth day of the eighth month 977 BC to the tenth day of the tenth month 587 BC and this is the siege so these two prophecies run like the 2300 the 2520 they have different starting points but they end at the same time yes and when you're putting down 590 to 591 977 all those states are confirmed if I was trying to just get it straight in my mind from these R's chronology or where are we getting those dates Theodore is that right so when I'm teaching it myself I will just say Theodore said it's 592 BC I believe it's calculable it's just that you have to know how to use the program's he uses yeah but as far as the basis of the chronology it's the Bible there are some chronologist who agree so even some Adventists chronologist give July 21st 592 BC for Ezekiel's first vision so I'm not the only one but as far as the kings of Judah that at most Adventist follow Edwin feel who rejects many of the Bible verses as being inspired so if you follow the Bible it's it's very simple to do if you follow Google searches you'll be really confused just for these days I'm accepting on faith in his name's Turner is that what we're doing well I do a whole study on it where you can go through and check it so if you don't if you don't check it you have to accept it on pain yeah I'm willing to accept it on faith that I'm saying as we're trying to learn lines is that what we're doing for these dates we're just trying to simplify what he shared with us because I'm not a chronology so I'm just explaining as I understand it the information he shared but you know he's our primary reference the only calendar that he uses that I understand is the Torah calendar books the Torah software but that's the only one that I can use but he used multiple ones the math classes I had when I was a kid so I don't know how to explain what I'm gonna say but there used to be and this is simple this is a geometry or anything like that but there used to be math classes where it would be two plus two equals four but they got you to the level to where it was two plus nothing was there but the answer was four so it made you figure out that the two plus had to be a two okay so it's not simply Theodore's chronology it's the fact that when it's all said and done when we take as chronology we're arriving at a conclusion that fits with all the prophetic structure we're dealing with so we can we can not only just accept it on faith because it's Turner but it works and the fact that it works is approved unto itself but if we were trying to teach this and get it to a week and write our own little notes when someone asks us in public what chronology are we using aware we basing it on what do we say the Bible for me I'd say yeah you could say you're basing on the Bible but I would say that if if they have the desire to get into that level he did maybe he said it more than once but he did the presentation in Canada where he goes through and teaches wasn't it in Canada I didn't Canada also did the class here last September where he gives all the the logic for his biblical calendar and such and it's in the public record that's what I'm saying and we're accepting that by faith for our dates as a movement could you have two to have this up on the board and straight you know what I'm saying is his tests and others but Tessa's presentation gave us November 9th 2019 and we're all saying Amen we get it some of these other people around the globe were coming up with 2019 from other areas but he's come up with 2019 from the chronology so when you're saying we're accepting it by faith yeah but we're seeing that it's he's got other witnesses that are are saying this is valid and I'm not expecting if we only have a little bit over a year to finish this message this message is going to go on a more simplistic fashion we're not going to be teaching everyone the details of the biblical calendar we have to understand it by faith for ourselves but I don't think you have to worry too much about happen to argue all of the adores logic when you don't have that aptitude because that isn't the testimony the midnight cry goes with a an impelling power with it and anyway just one point on that so when we deal with the date like 977 BC for the dividing of the kingdom that's based upon our understanding of the twenty five twenty so if you have 490 years of transgression that start that ends with Daniel's captivity then you have to start the King Saul's in 19 and 1097 there's 120 years for the kings of the United Kingdom of Judah or of Israel so 977 the kingdoms divided so we've established it based upon prophecy and also upon just plain counting the dates and the ages and the reigns of the kings but it's it's in the record and it's in detail but also just in simple ways it's presented as well so it's totally consistent with what we've already taught there's no disagreement with anything that we've taught Amina there's not a single Bible verse for it so people can ask this how do we come to this day and you say because we lose use line upon line because we use that methodology it's a different methodology that all the others have so I wouldn't be surprised and also when we look at chronology that we have you have anything else - what a scheme your voices what I'm asking you as a teacher or as a group here is that what I need to do then is go home and take those dates and just assume they've been ironed out writing down my lines don't worry about checking them is that what I'm asking I mean is that what is that what we're doing here are you done that's what I'm going to do but you may not feel comfortable doing it which means you're gonna have to go home and you're gonna have a prettier truth Theodore's stuff and get it settled in your head I don't have to okay we're accepting it as a movement you all these dates Philip Alexander I'm sorry yeah regarding Barnes yeah I don't have a problem either I trust there coz but we do that many much more are more more often than we think we do trusting other people's logic for different things it's not necessarily wrong but if you want to be rigorous and check it I think it's brother Jeff said there are enough materials on the Internet and I'm sure brother theater would be happy to explain everything every day or the day you know what I mean have all your options and different people will be condemned to convinced by the one thing I think we're missing perhaps it's something that Parminder and I have a little interaction over is it okay so we settled into November ninth 2019 we're going to accept that Tess's lines theodor second witness that's all well and good but that's not really the message the message is it's a we've got just over a year to finish what we're supposed to do in probationary time the message is about what are you doing today what are you doing right now so if the 2019 doesn't settle into you to where you're under that conviction then you're missing the point all you're doing is gathering information there's there's something that what I'm saying with Parmenter and I when I understood it it just blew my mind probation is gonna close a little bit over a year and we haven't finished the organization we're taking up and he's got the attitude larsen control maybe we don't understand organization the way we're supposed to so Hume and I had this little back-and-forth but I think it's after you get 2019 in your head the message really comes home about the here and now okay so that line having been explained I'll do this one the 15th day of the eighth month is located once in the Bible and that is in first Kings chapter 12 verses 32 and 33 32 33 first Kings 12 and Yoruba one more day in the feast in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month like on to the feast that is in Judah and he offered upon the altar so did he in bethel sacrificing up onto the calves that he had made and he placed in bethel the priests of the high places which he had made so he offered upon the altar which he had made in bethel the 15th day of the eighth month even in the month which he had devised of his own heart and ordained the feast on to the children of israel and he offered upon the altar and burnt incense one of the things that will be observable is that each of these lines are deduced from a passage of scripture so this is second this is first Kings 12 verses 32 and 33 and we need this understanding to for me it helped me to understand why brother Theodore did this because I questioned that first the use of October 13th but even that has a biblical footing and I'll explain in a few so um there's a prediction that is given based on first Kings 13 that predicts Josiah and the work of reformation that he used to do this was fulfilled 350 years following this prediction and then 40 years following the work of Josiah we had the siege which lasted up to the destruction of the temple on august 7 586 BC the tenth day of the fifth month but in 586 it's not August 7th it's August 7th and 7080 okay so that's this as Philip had on that board a separation between the calendars I also thought to do that so the Gregorian is in green the Julian purple and the biblical in black but the biblical can be identified irregardless because of how it is written so this line helps us to explain this and the action that has been taken here which Phillip explained briefly when a skillet I asked if it's from junior to Roberto you asked 30 days is that what happened because Dario house from Gregorian chant Junior you add there two days I'm sorry you're asking you which year they're agreeing in the boy yeah it depends on the year that you're in no no put those dates back I'm not sure what you know but not in 977 BC okay that's now now there's 13 days of mark in 1840s there was 12 days apart every time all you do is that yeah it drifts every every hundred years it changes one day for energy which year it matters what year because she doesn't want to know that he wants to know even if it matter if it's true or what or one day he wants to know which one do you take an ad depends if you go back in the BC days the Julian calendar has drifted so that they've crossed paths they actually cross paths so that they're the same date in about 200 AD and as you keep going back they diverge the opposite way so when you go to 1492 BC there are 13 days apart but they're reversed kind of do that span out yeah it's strange so yeah look was it Philip was kind of at least from my understanding making it sound like it's an airtight rule you can use anywhere you can try to over simplify things units not that it's for this it's 80 from 1800 to our time it's 13 and subtract 13 did you know Julian is 13 days behind so if you add 13 days to the Julian you get the Gregorian got it okay sorry it's okay I lost my train of thought but that's fine um okay so the 15th day of the 8th month these are its corresponding Gregorian and Julian dates and when I found that Theodore did during the camp meeting and that's what helped me to understand this as I I said before was he just added 391 and a half days to this and he came to November 9th a year following this and it provided a structure in my mind because I need some other anchorage and that was it to validate this that is reflected here another thing he explained that camp-meeting was that he took the symbol of 391 and a half years and symbolized it as days and that's how that's his premier argument if I understood him correctly for using this here and then transferring it over to this particular line we're on noon of October 13 he did a calculation which brought him to midnight November 9 2009 teen which anchors this particular remark and provides a chronological support for the information we received in the month of earlier in October so it's really important what you wrote up there that if you take 15th day of the 8th month and 977 BC and you look at it on a on a regular calendar converter it will show you that that's October 22 on the Julian calendar and October 13th on the Gregorian calendar an October 22 we know as a symbol of the close of probation and the 15th day of the eighth month even though that's a rabbinic date that is symbolizes August 15th which is the midnight cry and then we have October 13th tied to that as well so it ties the midnight cry with the close of probation and ties it to October 13th a clarification though is that's the rabbinic calendar in 977 so if you look on a calendar converter that's the that's the information it will give you the actual biblical date in 1977 if you follow two correct calendars November 22 so it also uses November 22 as a symbol of the close of probation and the midnight cry so I know that's a little bit confusing but the point is you need to erase biblical and put rabbinic okay okay so it's the rabbinic calendar in 977 okay so Bronwyn when Phillip restate what he just said in this reading what I said but you know I have no idea I can okay the biblical calendar is the calendar that Theodore has identified as correct when we were using in this classroom there's fresh and biblical calendar that's Theodore's calendar he said that she has those three dogs up there that she's filling in number three there and she's showing that in each of the those type of calendars that in 977 they would express October 13th or October 22nd or the 15th day of the eighth month and he was correcting her saying the 15th day of the eighth month the third line is not his biblical calendar it's the Rabbinical counter but if you're going to put his biblical calendar up there then you would have a fourth calendar and it would equate to November 22nd so it's saying deffenbaugh in 977 pardon me November 22nd in which record in the biblical in the building but the energy doesn't sound like a billion Julianne so if you take the biblical calendar and you find the 1538 month it will give you November 22nd if you Julian cow okay okay that's where you always lose me but in any case what you what is showing is that the starting point for Jeroboam ceremony in 977 as with it for days that we can associate with that date and as we move those way marks along they bring all four dates with them in the prophetic lines what's November 22 November 22 is October 22nd is October 13th is fifteen day of the eighth month yeah it's a Julian date explain it - I didn't do what do we use here we applying it at the beginning of the line to the left where it says I see where they apply but what are we saying November 22 are we putting that now somewhere down the road yeah November 22 is a date it symbolizes the midnight cry and the close of probation associated with the midnight crime it's used to other places I run into November 22 quite a bit when was the falling of this was it over 1300 the falling of the star November 3rd I get his for four things ever don't ask him where it occurred okay Tamina and then Phillip November 22 is the Julian one which one would be the Gregorian date it'd be November November 13th he's yeah because he that's the same year you'd have the same spacing but the actual date that Jeroboam offered on the altar in Bethel and the prophecy was given was November 22 97 BC on the Julian calendar that's the correct actual date that he did that the other ones become symbols when you use the rabbinic calendar you get these other symbols but it's not the actual date so the Rabbinical day were actually using the biblical calendar in that time and the rabbinical is just we take a calendar to the rabbi's invented like 2,000 years after that we just span it back to that time and see we get this yeah another thing that I think needs clarification is that because I've seen for example biblical equals November 22nd 97 7 I actually outright biblical slash Julia because there is you have the biblical date and you transform the biblical day to the Julian biblical days don't sound like that that's not November is the name of Julian or Gregorian month in a biblical or rabbinical they're not the names of the month are either Jewish or just for its month second month third month so that sometimes creates confusion when you have a date you have it in biblical rabbinical whatever Jewish calendar and you have a special some special name to it it's not it and then you transform that to modern calendars which are Julian or Gregorian and you get these different days but we have to take into consideration this and at one point that you said and I think some people might have means that the 15th day of the eighth month the rabbinical calendar if you just take the 15th and the eighth I think that's what should be said and it transformed that to our Gregori in 1844 it's eight month it's August 15 days 15th of August so that's how you connected I think 15 August and October 22nd but that's it's I don't know how kind of conversion is that's that's interesting prophetic a prophetic calendar prophetic interpretation so you got Gregorian Julian rabbinical and biblical October 13th is the same day we're talking about the same day but if you use a Julian calendar it's in another language it's October 22nd and another it's a 15th day of the 8th notes at the same day is that correct yeah so we got a point but it's just labeled as a different language you have different calendars so November 22nd is October 13th but we're using we're saying they're both Julian they're both Julian but it's not the same day so November 22nd is not the same day that's the actual date that he was in Bethel offering on the altar the other ones are just taking that rabbinic calendar that you see when you go to any calendar converter and you put in the 15th day of the eighth month and 977 BC it'll tell you that it's October 22nd on the Julian and October 13th on the Gregorian but that would actually be one month before it actually occurred so the blue line is different information that's the real that's yeah the other ones are symbols they are symbols that are created November 22 is the actual date if we're gonna look at it in history but the date in the biblical calendar is still the 1530s now 1578 month but the 50th day of the eighth month on Biblical is different that the 15th day of the eighth month in repeating that that people have to make a decision because the first Gregorian and Julian is the just the conversion of the Rabbinical to those two calendars it's it's the you convert from black to purple and from black to green and that's it and then down you go into biblical calendar and which is the real one which it's also the 15th day of the 8th month but I know from the mineral history that they are different actually the names are the same you know but the the 15th day of the month in rabbinical is different than the 5th yeah that's it and then she write it in red you know in 1538 month right him read under the biblical their 15th day of the eighth month and that's being converted into the Julian date they would be the seventh month 15 but you wouldn't worry about that you don't teach it to people because it because because people are asking the questions the first three lines were all about converting to the same day and then when you put the date on the blue line which is different information and you try to line it up there this is what everybody because we're all focused on what is the the conversion date for the same day and then you added different information well let's look at it this way we know that the Bible tells us it's the 15th day of the eighth month and already that's a symbol which we can use for the midnight cry correct because that's August 15th if we were just to use it as a symbol it's not it's not August 15th on any calendar but we also can take that 15th day of the apes month which is a symbol and we put it in a calendar converter and it'll give us October 22nd and October 13th on the Julian and the cog Orion calendars but as somebody who's been who's looking at the biblical calendar if you want to know what date that was it's November 22nd but that's because it's a different calendar the Millerites used that a different calendar then the Jews did in 1844 so there's two different or three different Hebrew calendars there's probably even more because people create their own calendars trying to figure it out so all you need to do all you're really showing people is you just want to show them the symbol you don't they don't necessarily need to understand all the calendars you know what I would I would just separate I'll just make a table with two columns one biblical and one rabbinical and underneath the biblical you make the conversion we become we have biblical Julian biblical River gorya and then rabbinical Julian rabbinical Gregorian you get so you have this form you'll have for conversions all right but the way that it's I don't want to say but maybe it's a good idea just to make like a table and have biblical and rabbinical and there it's the same 15 day of the eighth month in biblical real pinnacle but we know from in the mineral history that a date from biblical even though it's the same number yields different dates were from biblical to rabbinical you know the beginning of the year 1844 is rabbinical is different which one is it in rabbinic on 1844 March 21st is the first day the first yeah anyway it's different than April 19th so like likewise we have here we would have two calendars to rabbinical and rabbinical and the same date which is the 15th day of the 8th month yields different dates for biblical and rabbinic oh and we transform that date for converted to two Roman calendars to Julian and the Gregorian okay and then you have underneath the first line like blue Union so why aren't we just determining the correct date period that's what I did originally but then I found that when I put in the rabbinic it became a symbol and it produced all these these numbers and and I couldn't ignore it and that's because when I did the week of Christ I found that the biblical and the rabbinic both produced evidences that supported our conclusions and they did it in different ways and so I have to accept that the rabbinic can be used as a symbol that's about you yeah that was okay I'm asking don't idea because it's why just yeah why can't we just why don't we just take the biblical correct date and leave it at that I'd like to you'd like to but the millerite history told tells us that in the time of Samuel snow in the development of that message they were grappling with a variation of calendars therefore millerite history's gonna repeat to the very letter in our history we're gonna have to grapple with a variety of calendars so there is a historical point of reference for this struggle that we're in now they used more than two they had to go from Julian to Gregorian and they were going carry I to the pinnacle and they were least using for and what we have the difference is that we've come to a conclusion that there is one calendar that is correct as we're calling it the biblical calendar so and then we've seen after the fact that some of these secondary dates that are produced from the these variations actually are dates that line up with prophetic way marks so we have the evidence that yes there is a stream of truth here with these calendar variations that as students of prophecy we are required to internalize doesn't mean that we have to get to the level and of understanding that Theodore is that I don't believe it means that I'm not just trying to give us an excuse for not studying but we have to acknowledge that this is a valid concept that the line of the tribe of juda is confronting us with that has been typify Din the millerite history one is the Gregorian or dead it's just gonna be November 13 so I think now it's just more camp so I should do that for every single date yeah we're actually gonna do that on a website that you'll have that converter when you put in a biblical day it'll tell you the rabbinic day put in the rabbinic and cetera so that's going to be a calendar converter website that we're going to create it's going to do all that for us Lord willing right yeah soon like in a couple weeks within a couple of months really take time that's the plan why nobody else can do it nobody else has but now they do so what well yeah yeah somebody else are out there you think you can do it for us yeah it's done properly okay that's what I'm saying okay so this is what helped me to understand this calculation here moving on to this last line Ezekiel 20 verses 1 and 20 and he came to passed in the seventh year in the fifth month the tenth day of the month that certain of the elders of Israel came to inquire of the Lord and sat before me this is just to locate the biblical date the tenth day of the the fifth month thank you verse 20 and hallow my Sabbath's and they shall be a sign between me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God okay so what was done one morning class was that Ezekiel 20 verse 20 was turned into a year 2020 and the tenth day of the fifth month was converted to Julian which is July 18th on the Gregorian it's July 31 before the class ended Daniel had asked brother Theodore to calculate three hundred and ninety one and a half days pre that point of time in order to get the beginning date he did that shared it the next time he was before us and the date he found was June 22nd 2019 126 days previous to that takes you to February 16 2019 but or 120 days previous to this date takes you to February 22nd 2019 the structure of the 126 or the 120 preceding the 390 one and a half days has already been explained on that side of the board I'm just giving the force witness to it and this lines up with the letters of Samuel snow last night Philippe had suggested to me to put it the line beneath lot but because I've watched the trimester and I saw how brother Theodore laboured with these particular way marks I never thought it necessary to put them on the board and then I had a better excuse elder Jeff knows it so he'll just do it but either way I have the information in mind by delegating what anyways carrying on I appreciated one of the presentations I sat through with elder Jeff where he used the information of Genesis 15 the the sacrifices and how some of the pieces were divided into halves and some were left whole and he brought out the point that these sacrifices could be understood as prophecies which there are passages in the spirit of prophecy that can actually support this point when we look particularly on the line of Christ and his life that's a side note but the 1:26 has been divided down the middle and it has yielded 63 days to the left and right of the midpoint which would take you to April 19 2019 on the Julian but on the Gregorian that's me second 2019 and all these dates are of prophetic significance to us and I'll explain them briefly and then hopefully I can sit down okay February 16 is when summer snows first letter was written it was published on the 22nd of February June 22nd was when his third letter was written it was published on the 27th of June May 2nd is when his second letter was written and this is observed as the true Passover the false being April April April 13 April 13th wait what she's doing now is given you the dates of Samuel snows publication okay I'm sorry February 16 is when his first letter was written February 22 this is all 1844 February 22 is when it was published June 22nd is when his third letter was written June 27 is when it was published there is a hundred and twenty six days spanning from February 16 2008 from February 16 to June 22nd and midway between that is April 19 2019 I shouldn't have said that part but anyways that in that's Julian Gregorian it's May 2nd which is another of someone's news letter dates this is the second letter that was published we are yet to identify what it was written and not pass over and this would also be the midpoint if you look at it as a corresponding date to the April 19th which would have it here but I didn't put it there so it's not in order to not have it cluttered yeah that's because this is is good you got now Samuel snows letters are all marked his first letter and his second letter May 2nd but it's marked as a symbol by converting from Julian to Gregorian in our history Julian in our history Julian April 19th is Julian May 2nd is Gregorian because all these dad's in our industry are Julian look let me suggest one thing and they have you you can pad your stuff it yeah with Roman numerals mark the four letters different color you want the public do you want it written when it was written or published yeah 1 W 1 P 1 e 2 W 2 P but she's doing with 2019 2020 but what she's putting on there now is the corresponding dates in 1844 right I'm gonna explain that I'll explain oh yeah this one is one his sign explain them the Julian Gregorian aspect of it so in 1844 those dates are all grigory when we bring it into our history those dates are all Julian dates so when he/she has at the bottom April 19th 2019 that's a Julian date and that is the center of a chiasm from the writing of Samuel snows first letter on February 16th to the public to the writing of his third letter on June 22nd the center of that is April 19th in millerite history April 19th is the center of a chiasm which I never noticed before but in our history April 19th is May 2nd which is the publication of his second letter and the date that we started with July 18th is the publication of his fourth letter when we lay over all these lines that Philip did dealing with 2018 and 2017 well especially the 2018 we find that it matches Samuel snows letters perfectly every single thing every writing and publication is matched on on that with Samuel snows letters and that that's an impossible thing to happen by chance as I've done the math and so but the point is that we now see that Samuel snows letters are and this is the thing that alder Jeff pointed out that to him was strong evidence is that we don't just have the structure of the kings of Judah and the prophecy of Josiah which and Ezekiel's prophecy but we also have Samuel snows letters exactly replicating these histories and that's the most important thing because it's something that brings all these structures together in a way that shows not just that their structures but it also gives us the significance in the meaning so that we can place these events more solidly than what they mean in our history and that's where we're going to be studying trying to understand exactly what all this chronology means and it's Samuel snows letters that give us the key Britney I actually can't remember why more why we're but why we're converting the 1844 to now like what is now the anchor point is Ezekiel 20 verse 20 but the tenth day of the fifth month that in Julian is July 18 2020 in a mission and then he calculated three hundred and ninety one and a half days previous to this point of time which brings up these different dates that correspond with Samos snows letters whether the date they were written on or published on except in our history they're all Julian gates we're in millerite history they are all Gregorian names and the thing about Samuel snows letters that maybe there's other lines we haven't seen but the line that she has up there on Ezekiel 2020 the fact that Samuel snows letters correspond to that it's already been noted with Samuel snows four letters that his first letters marking the temple dedication is his second letter is Passover his third letter was Pentecost and his first letter didn't necessarily have a Feast of the Lord but the content of the letter is in the midst of the week that's the title and the subject so it's talking about the chiasm of the cross so you can take that history and bring it into our history because what's happening Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning we're at the point now where the temple is being dedicated first first way mark so it's it's speaking to our history now about what's going on and and my argument is as the temple gets dedicated just before midnight okay so and Samuel snows letters ended three days before midnight they ended on the 18th midnight was the 21st so it's it's I don't know it's a it's but it's it's a confirmation that what we're understanding about that history being parallel in our history is it's airtight it's it's scary yeah so were you label it snows letters sometimes see you have both written and published other time dear missing so does that mean either we don't know those dates support the dates aren't rolling no they're all relevant it's just too much detail yes sometimes we don't know though we don't know everything miss Imus knows letters everything do you know when they were written we know but what we don't know and a second was written ok ones we all know but then there's another variable in there too that's worth noting it's what which publication where they published it was that the signs of the times or or Nitron they're the midnight cry there's still a lot of light in Samuel snows but what I'm hoping that Anthony Jie and Philip will have on the board for us when we come in from Germany tonight is Samuel snows line underneath the lines that that begin the three lines that began in Italy we now have three right one that ends plus two means one that ends on November 9th 2019 and one that ends on July 18 2020 yeah there's an alliance but two are in Italy yeah yeah and leave room between them so if we want to we can show that these this chiasm of sixty three days it doesn't just appear in one line we want to be able to show that it's appearing in more than one line these lines are also you need four lines up there Samuel snows letters and then the other three lines further cramming into them okay my final observation oh sorry Tamina what does it mean that Seminole publishes the letter in his own confess and not with the no he doesn't publish them in his own printing press not this not these no no only his the true midnight cry but that's just published by the midnight cry publishers it's he publishes in with the midnight cry which is Joshua V lives the publication ok sister Christy and then my final thought and elder Jeff will crate suppose you've got why do you have it in red is that biblical is the red blue and red is that biblical this yeah you've got so is it should that be blue yes the dead blue you should have done the one in in black and white and blues but what is you've got that you've got to be biblical and rabbinical yeah mm-hmm but I just used this to show it's the same day same same day same date but but okay but they'll produce different results it's okay final thought an observation on my part is that when sister tested her presentation she used a series of prophetic periods the 490 the to the 2300 days the 126 to 151 she have the some of them and maintained the wholeness of others and what I've found through brother Theodore's calculations is that another prophetic symbol has been used to authenticate November 9th 2019 and that's through the 391 and a half so this is another witness to the information we have received recently Heavenly Father we thank you for the life that you've opened up and some of it is complex that causes us some distress and trying to get it into our memory banks but we can see that you're leading we can see that you are bringing the history of planet Earth to a conclusion and we want to thank you for allowing us to be among those that are grappling with these truths and we ask that you let this truth sink into each of our hearts and minds to to understand the bottom line that we have just over a year - to do what we have to do in probationary time we thank you for this opportunity to thank you for the way you've been leading in Jesus name