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amen and in terms of what we're doing here Theodore wants me to go back into the 391 his material one more time which I want to do but I don't know that if I put these other things in place for our consideration if I can't be sure how far we're good it's not like I have an outlined program so that's still on the agenda what I want to do is put the presidents in the line the beginning of the United States the Civil War French Revolution and the 391 also put it all in place out and see what we can find out about it so I'm going to keep moving forward and I don't know when we'll come back to Theodore stuff I hope to do it before I leave because I hope to have it in my head before I leave where I can teach it it helps me if I go through at one time but when we do it it would be a simplified version and one of the things that Theodore forgot that he emailed this morning about in terms of October 13th we're looking at October 13th in terms of a way mark and if I think we're saying it's the midnight cry but we said it was the miracle of Fatima so we've had Fatima up here we've had I don't know if it's prediction but Daniels conviction that on July 27th that's something the message couldn't be proclaimed so you got July 27th back here pointing to this and then October 13th it's one babble infill yeah what year 539 October 13th 539 BC and of course the midnight cry in the middle right history is comes into connection with the second angels message which is Babylon has fallen is fallen so the fact that that Babylon fell on October 13th 539 is connecting with the the content of the midnight cry second angels message so this here way back when the notes that you do have the other words are still printing out right when I was trying to wrap my mind around the French Revolution in the connection that had with 1798 I start putting the dates and that's why this this is this way and and I decided to send it this way because I'm hoping some of us will continue this study so this first page for me this is the way I did it I had 1788 and I intended to go look more deeply in 1788 and and put things in here in the next page of 1789 and then 1790 that's why it's busted up that way it could be on less pages but it was my own working notes all the way up to page and I didn't put page numbers in it sorry yeah there are page numbers you're right okay that what I was on page 17 this is just a timeline of Napoleon okay the one that I cut and pasted no doubt from some website also something that I was going to develop further but Napoleon Trump the connection there that's the the logic of this so I thought I'd bring this in there's some things that I that have been jumping out at me now remember Tess is describing this whole period from here to here as the reign of terror everyone remember but I'm saying technically the reign of terror is from here I don't think this contradicts anything that she says it's from here to here so you know this can be a fractal of this whole history if you just want to if if you want to stick to her label of this being the reign of terror but what's what's jumping out at me is that this begins on July 27th and ends on July 27th so wherever we line this up in our history and and you can see over here this is the the diagram that Tess had where she said the French Revolution has a secondary application if you remember that was on the board at the same time that she had these four and what what she was saying over here is that the French Revolution can be lined up with the Civil War and her justification for laying it out the way she did she says this is 911 and this would be 911 so she's identified in 1789 as 911 and the justification for doing that is if you go five years into the French Revolution halfway through five and five and you started 220 half way through in 1794 takes you to 2014 and with the civil war if you start at in 1861 take to 1865 it's divided by two to two and a half two and a half probably if you want to be more technical but it's got the same structure and here in 1863 if you go one hundred and fifty-one years into the future it brings you to 2014 so she's she's using these numbers to identify this is 2014 and therefore the logic is as the starting point of the Civil War and 1789 is going to be 911 if that's valid that's valid that would make this 911 yes okay but one of the things I'm that I've been considering and you can consider it to and see if this is crazy or not and and I'm just going to put this up here for your consideration we have in the prophetic record to July 27th that are connected together in Revelation chapter 9 and they're predicting a hundred and fifty year period that's followed by a 391 year 15 day period so if this is 2019 November 9th 2019 then there may very well be some kind of projection here of 391 years the days and whatever 15 days would equate to if you project the Year ratio down to day ratio or maybe it's 391 and a half or maybe it's nothing at all but you see my logic is that you with the French Revolution power the the reign of terror taking place and then Robespierre head coming off both on July 27th we already have July 27th July 27th in the 5th trumpet which and you have a hundred and fifty years in here that's the logic don't know what to do with that but I wanted to put that up there we're waiting some people were asking for in the chat yesterday for the notes that I had on the president's and I'm sure that Tabo has more developed notes he's the one that took that and started to develop and he's been presenting that and from what I understand he was presented and in Canada here who I mean has been up there so if you're going to look at that closely I would get his hizmet his recent material and he may have better notes than what we're printing out here the notes were printing out here the notes that I did in camp meeting and they weren't too detailed but it did give you the list of the general conference presidents and a list of the the kings of Israel and Judah and it had that logic it had a point of reference where I can make the logic that I want to make at the camp meeting but if you're gonna get into the president's then you probably ought to access tableaus material or maybe I'm not sure if blessing in Zimbabwe has has presented this and put it on the web but he's teaching the same thing and when all this began to come to light ah like people weren't weren't aware that that as this message came to light that there was other areas around the world that weren't right here on site when this message was opened up and they were a little bit slower in responding to the message in a positive way okay and that's part of the reason that I was a little bit hesitant about worrying about putting Daniels presentation out on the web I didn't want the zeal being confronted with this with these people that are in the valley of decision given them any extra emphasis that you either accept this message or you know we're on different teams but at this point it seems like everyone has come into unity on the on this thought from what we're hearing around the world everyone that we had any concerns about so that would be something that you would expect in if it was the midnight cry message but the difference was in the middle ride history it arrives in one campground I mean it's developed on the way there people knew about it before exeter but the history we point to was exeter and it even if it if it gets put in the public arena from this point here this is a bigger campground the whole world in Exeter so it needed a little bit more time to sink in so some of the things that that I want to put in place for as we consider this the president's all right in it's once again I'm not going to draw any conclusions but I'm going to point you in some directions this is the notes from the camp meeting you probably already had it Bronwen was bringing up yesterday that sheath the things that we ought to line the Civil War up with the end of the world and basically we need to line it all up okay and I agree with her but one of the things that that I want to put in place here is the president but I want to make sure that we're seeing the president's and more than a singular way and what I mean by that is we came to understand that this President Bush the first was the being represented in Daniel chapter 10 okay this is the time of the end yet three she'll stand up and the four she'll be far richer than they all are than they are however it expresses and the next one that stood up was Clinton right correct me if I'm wrong as we go through this Bush the second Obama and Trump so we have the Lord lettuce we used to teach and understand that the time of the end was a singular point in time but before we got to Daniel 10 and began to see this stuff here with the 45th president yeah well begins at Daniel 10 doesn't it begin in Daniel Chen you got to have the up Daniel place in a certain position to get this message that Gabriel's giving to him but Daniel 10 Daniel 11 the it's not it's opened up to him here in Daniel 11 but anyway before we get to that point in history where we're beginning to understand the 45th president in this the Lord has opened up that the time in the end is more than a singular point in time and were already settled into the idea that the birth of Aaron the birth of Moses is the time of the end in that history the birth of John the Baptist the birth of Christ time then in that history so we could pretty easily see that Reagan and Bush go together to make up the time of the end in that history and we can count yet three she'll stand up in Persia but the force shall be far richer than they all are okay so we had that in place but what I've been identifying here recently and I and I want to put it in the record because I think it's valid this is a symbol not a problem it works we need to stand on up but also Trump Obama Bush Clinton Bush Reagan and I'm gonna say Jimmy Carter and what that does is it gives us seven thunders okay now I don't know all the things you can do with this with seven thunders but I'm gonna put Carter here and Reagan Bush the first Clinton bush ii obama and trump and what seems relevant or not relevant but it seems to be there for me is that you have i mean i don't know how many of you remember it i don't remember it that well i was there i heard stuff after the fact actually but carter comes out of nowhere you know he's a he's a governor of georgia isn't it he was a but really nobody in the political scene or in the united states knew who he was he comes out of nowhere he's a certified globalist okay planet earth is more important to him than planet america and he's always been that way which is okay this is I'm just telling the fact and he knows nothing about finances okay he's going to take the economy of the United States correct me if I'm wrong Jim you're the economists in here he's gonna take the finances of the United States downhill when Reagan comes into office I think the interest rates were up over 18 percent at that time period due to his economic bungling but he also gets himself in a mess in Iran and this is this is the the point I'm getting at we all know about that and in Reagan he's another thing I know about Reagan I don't know if everyone here knows this so when I say this part maybe people are going to resist this idea but I'm I'm sure this is valid but Reagan's letting them know the Iranians know that when he when he gets signed in as a president I he's coming in he's gonna clean their clock and he's going to get the hostages out and sure enough is when he's inaugurated they're released they don't want to deal with Reagan because they believe him but if you go back into that history you may not be aware that one of the the campaign things that Reagan was using is he was identifying Carter as a globalist and he was he was arguing against the influence of the globalist in the government of the United States so he had an argument that was directed against globalism you know it's a sort of Trump you know Trump's I don't know if Trump's ever said it but Trump is pretty much got the mentality out of the United Nations he's been doing stuff like that you either either carry your own weight or we're gonna separate so Trump had this the same anti-globalist attitude that Reagan had I don't know if people know that but it was part of his his campaign does anyone does anyone remember that is it before our time I don't remember it from hearing him saying it I remember it from studying about it after the fact but the other thing is this is the point I want to make when Reagan is inaugurated he puts more globalist in his cabinet positions than any president in history okay so he came when he was campaigning against globalism but the men that he put in surrounded himself with after he got elected were globalist so I just you know to me Ronald Reagan so it contributes in my mind to the idea that Trump is going to follow a globalist President Obama that isn't going to be effective with finances and that even though Trump is going to be anti-globalist he in reality is the one that's going to bring the United States into a global relationship with all the kingdoms of the world so this the beginning and the end and the way we're applying this this would be the the way we're applying it now where we're lining up the the presidents and the presidents of the General Conference and we know that the the last seven kings of Judah the last seven kings of Israel in the seven thunders this is a would be a valid application from the logic that we use of the seventh under and therefore you would have all these prophetic ideas that you can be looking at the beginning illustrates the end and in the front what I'm emphasizing with Carter and the Iran problem and the discussion about globalism and then then someone that comes in that turns the economy a different direction and deals with Iran same thing with Trump he had a globalist anti-globalist position but he's going to get end up in bed with the globalist more than any other president he inherited an Iranian problem from the previous president and in it it's worth noting in my mind that the Iranian problem is accomplished through the State Department whether it's Hillary John Kerry are now Pompeo it's it's the connection of this government with the world and in this history here I guess I completed here 89 79 we have the connection in 84 of the State Department with the papacy when Reagan appoints an ambassador and I'm saying that in here in this history you got a proxy war beginning in Syria and I don't know how I don't know how anyone I get I don't want to get wrapped up into what's it called there was the Infowars into the conspiracies propaganda machines but I don't know how anyone can think that it was it was a good idea to give a billion dollars cash to Iran okay I don't get that one and it's not like the other side's denying it there it's not like Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are denying that they did it they just don't think it was a problem okay so Trump thought it was a problem and he deals with it not just the billion dollars cash but that that treaty they'd signed and he broke it so I'm saying there's their similarities everyone see those similarities okay and then there's also similarities down here because Trump is going to be let's put him in 2016 November 9th he's elected in 2016 anyone remember when it was that he was what year it was that he was in Russia for the beauty pageant because he was only there one day and it was November 19th or November 9th I'm sorry okay so November 9th the implication here is that hey let's be let's be serious or I'll hit to me it's serious okay I don't get it I don't we're using Pyrus and his Wars the lines that test put up there to show that there's collusion okay and that's okay I can see it I agree there has to be collusion but my point is in those other Wars there was actually secret treaties okay a secret treaty is much more than collusion okay collusion is it's not not even something that you can prosecute over so the implication is is that the that something went on back here between Trump and Putin Russia some kind of collusion I'm thinking it's the collusion is the is aa've the wrong word it has to be something more significant okay and the the the inference prophetically is is this may very well be what the brushings bring out into the news like Khrushchev did about Stalin on his midnight presentation you remember that that line of thought because it's pretty clear that they're Democrats in the United States if they can take control of the house next week that they would try to impeach Trump but it's not positive they're going to take control of the house and it doesn't if the political people are accurate they're not going to get control of the Senate so even if the House of Representatives brings impeachment charges against them they hand it off the Senate the Senate has to ratify it's at a senator isn't going to do anything it's going to be dead in the water so if we're going to see something over in our history that would line up here with some kind of serious threat to threaten Trump to be removed from office that comes from something that happened in Russia on November 9th 2013 that motivates him to implement martial law become a dictator shut down the press then it's got to be something pretty drastic I would think that's hidden back here and so what was I gonna say with this okay so we're heading to tooth out no no this this proxy war was where I was going with this maybe okay I lost my thought I'm gonna put November 9th 2019 here and come back to this thought cuz I lost it but there's another one about the presidents I want to put in place and this one I'm putting in place not just for what we're saying about 2016 but for what is being implied about 2020 okay so I you can help me with this one Trump is elected in 2016 which means and and I had tests put this on the board in one of her presentations and Obama was elected in 2012 and 2008 and Bush ii was elected in 2004 and 2004 Clinton would be 1996 in 1992 and who's before Clinton Bush the first 1990 no 88 and then Reagan would be 84 and 80 and Carter would be 1976 I'm saying upon the principle that we are have now seen that the presidents of the United States are a symbol of Bible prophecy that each of these elections are way marks maybe all the way back to George Washington okay I'm not threatened by that but this is the last seven president okay so what I what I'm saying is I know some of these histories have ii witnesses to being way marks that we are already aware of and some of them I'm saying because their elections associated with the presidents that you've got one prophetic witness that these dates are way marks but I'm saying that at some of these dates we already have second witnesses to them being way marks so they're established as way marks and one of them is an easy win for us 1996 okay we already have that in this movement that's when the message is formalized right that's when the Patriot Act is written so this one's a way mark this one's got to be a way mark because this is the election of Bush he's going to sign into office in 1989 so it's the this is the little interim of time here that allows us to see both of these presidents at the time in the end of 1989 okay definitely that's a way mark I argue I taught not that it matters that I taught but I argue that this is a way mark and I still think it's valid this is the hanging chads right and for two weeks the United States stops dead in its tracks and all you hear about on the news you don't hear anything out but about the Constitution they're talking about all the what the Constitution means and what what I understood by that what I for me I recognize it right off the bat even before I knew what was coming I said the Lord here based upon the fact that he is dealings with men is always the same and when he's going to bring judgment there's first an investigation and in in what he was doing here is he was taking the last generation of the citizens of the United States he was taking them back to the first generation of the history of the United States and giving them a crash course on the Constitution because the Constitution was about to be overturned and they were going to be held accountable to the light that was given to the first generation of the citizens of the United States and if you're like me and you went through public school and in your to get your graduation gown you had to pass that one class on the Constitution government but you had to have that one Constitution class so that's the only time you even look at it is so you can get that cap and gown and then you forget about other than some some people that were Poindexter's but do you all remember that ok so that's it that's the mentality of the people in the United States we looked at it once briefly when we were seniors in high school at the time period when we were probably partying because that we were seniors in high school getting ready to graduate we never thought about it again but the Lord brings this back to the forefront of all the citizens of the United States for a crash course and education of course because what's going to happen in 2001 9/11 Patriot Act now the Lord is going to hold the citizens of the United States accountable for not recognizing that their constitution is being overturned if not fully overturned it depends on how you relate to it I mean some if I think the logic of test is that the Constitution is fully overturned here at 9/11 even though there's still way marks to bring it to put it fully in the grave so I'm saying that this is a way mark is a big a big deal in Bible prophecy and this one we knows away mark right 2016 November 9th the 45th final President of the United States is elected so upon the testimony of two or three these are all way marks okay every one of these is way marks and what I'm saying is what that does this line of presidents do you follow my logic that if you got four of them here that our prophetic way marks even if you cannot explain why the other ones are they are way marks because upon the testimony of two or three of things established therefore 2020 is a prophetic way mark it something has to happen prophetically at 2020 that's what I'm trying to put in the our thought process here and okay I guess what I was trying to get at when I go back to here is it these lines of test that I'm going to remind this up here if you're all willing and even if you're not willing I'm going to do it I've said a couple times I think this is it's true if you're gonna if you're going if we're going to accept the premise that this message is the message of the midnight cry if we're going to accept that the message that's finally getting coming into focus on October 13th is the midnight cry then I would argue based upon Miller eyed history this is the message everyone takes up this is this is the message so therefore we're going to have to be framing our presentations in the context of this structure okay and if we're going to do that then we're going to have to become familiar with some of the building blocks of this structure so I want to go back and remind this up a couple things here I hope I didn't leave the one piece of paper I want now I got right here home and it's speaking to this the reason I'm putting these up here this is this is the presentation where thethe test has 2019 and then she's got these lines going back with the the numbers I'm gonna do it over here it would be nice if I could do it here but you'll get my point because we I think we have to I I don't think we understand clearly how Trump's going to what's gonna happen to trump in 2019 you know that there's things there that just seem contradictory to me or I get the prophetic logic but I don't know I it's not clicking in me how it happens that's why I'm talking about this election next week if they're going to impeach him then that would tell me if we really had confidence that he's going to be a peached in 2019 that the Democrats have to win the House of Representatives next week be better if the Democrats won the House and the Senate but they're acting like they don't have a chance for the Senate but maybe something happens tomorrow that blows all the Republicans hopes out of the water and they take both okay but the only reason I'm saying that is it's if they're going to impeach them you think they have to have these control of the house better House and Senate so if that's not the case if it for some reason the Trump wave continues and they don't take control of the house at all or the Senate then the the if this is still accurate then the weight of evidence goes back to this collusion that the Russians must have really have some dirt on Donald Trump that's really and you know that Muller is holding off some findings until after the election whatever that is I would think that if he had some really smoking gun he would have for been forced even though he denies that he would do it before an election he would have been forced to let it out but doesn't seem that they're saying that do you know what I'm talking about everyone up to speed on Muller and his his work okay so here's 2019 and at this point when Tess is showing us this she hasn't led it she never did lead to the conclusion of November 9th 2019 we did that for her right so I'm saying that she's also saying November 9th 2019 yes and before I get there let me let me remind us of one more thing this would be good to be right here okay so I'm gonna move this over here in my way of thinking this is the Trump line okay he gets elected and he's in Russia all on November 9th in 2013 2016 and 2019 were expecting November 9th the impact Donald Trump again right but this line down here you may know I know that I've said this before in your presence and it may not be that important and it may have went over your head and/or even if it is important and I lost the cap it's established in this movement and it was way back even before the blessings were involved the blessings were just getting involved so it was a long time ago because I remember where the who wrote the article a sister from Germany that when the children of Israel entered the promised land they go through water okay and in this this principles developed therefore when that when God is moving his people from Europe to the United States they go through water so this is already established that that's part of getting to the glorious land is you've got to go through some water and in this glorious nine you got across the ocean okay not the Jordan River so that's already in the record so when Theodore gives us the date back here in 1493 BC I think it was when they enter the promised land ancient Israel when they enter when literal Israel enters the literal glorious land it's on November 9th of 1493 BC the point being is the entering of the promised land by literal Israel is typifying the entering of the promised land by spiritual Israel in the history of the United States so when test points out that in 1620 the first time the pilgrims see the glorious land is November 9th there's a connection there and then when we find that March 4th of 1789 the date that the Constitution is put in force and the first President of the United States is put in force when Theodore can demonstrate that March 4th corresponds to November 9th 1789 we're seeing November 9th as a a symbol of the glorious land if we can say it that way and here when when you transpose 1493 BC into AD it comes to 1492 I know it's not a big deal but 1492 Columbus sails the blue this is the starting point November 9th in this regard for the glorious land even the opening of the door to find the glorious night we're not talking about the Vikings all right I'm talking about Columbus so then you get you get to Plymouth Rock on November 11th but they see it on November 9th Constitution November 9th and then you get down to this history all November nights you can see November 9th has to do with the glorious night ok so when you go to this that I want to put back in the record she didn't have this one she may have known it but I'm gonna put another one in here that wasn't in her notes and that is an idea in her and her presentation she marks the date when Rome declares war on piracy because Pyrus has broken a treaty when the king of the north declares war upon the king of the south if she's laying out the these how do you say those words the that war diet do that diadochi wars okay so the point in time in that history when the king of the north declares war against the king of the south is 2300 years earlier and it brings you to how would you do that - its 280 something and it with the transition from 82 BC I don't remember but it squares up with what she taught us if you if you went back if we had a screenshot of that does anyone know it I'm gonna put 281 but I'm telling you out front it isn't 281 because you know that 281 and 2019 comes to 2,300 and you know what the transition from 82 BC it isn't going to work that way okay but it works with what she taught us probably 282 okay that this is where in those wars that cheezer's and as the point of reference the king of the north first declares war upon the king of the south and if I recall don't hold me to this it's because they went into this this Bay that they had agreed not to go into remember the the and they had broke a treaty okay so there was a broken treaty and there was a broken treaty last week Trump broke a treaty that was made back here by Reagan Reagan enters into a nuclear treaty in this history that I'm saying typifies this history with Russia on nuclear arms back here Trump just got out of that treaty a week or two ago and you'll notice it's not a big deal no one's saying much about it because there's bomb bombs being sent around and there's people murdering the Jews in the synagogue and all these other things and you got the elections coming up all this smoke screens taking place and no one's paying attention except people that are studying prophecy perhaps and you know that that the day before yesterday I'm sure it wasn't yesterday that someone went into a McDonald's in Alabama with a gun and started shooting and that there was someone there that had a a gun and shot the guy and stopped him did you know that degree that the thing that that is interesting to me about that is the only place you're going to learn that from his Fox News CNN MSNBC these other propaganda machines they don't mention it they don't mention it because it doesn't play into their narrative I guess about you know the argument that it would have been nice if someone in that Jewish synagogue had a gun could have stopped the guy before he killed them all that's not playing into their narrative but had that guy not been there in the McDonald's with his concealed weapon who knows how many people would have died with their big macs okay so there's a propaganda war going on and you if you if you're willing to see you you can see it's coming from both sides and we're in the tight we're in a time period of history if my argument is is that there's things happening so big and and fast that the things that are going on behind the scenes are the more important things and by and large everyone's missing him that that breaking of the treaty was significant okay so she takes us back here to so what we're saying here is that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning so the history back in these dates here if you have a justification for bringing it to here it's telling us that these history will be repeated on November 9th 2019 correct we're out following that logic so where she takes us back to his 1529 and if you go from there 490 years you've come to the same point in time they're all coming down here to November 9th 2019 all she said was 2019 but that's the dire of spears and I didn't have my camera wide enough but it says there's a name given there you know this story tell me this story to mean okay so the word Protestant a name that's given to the Christian Church is given here therefore in this movement we always wonder when and where or if this movement is going to get a name it's saying that in November 9 2000 19th there's going to be a name given to this movement and it'll be by God's providence evidently okay but also it's saying that there's a protest going on against some activity right here right and there's a league formed that's a good league right okay so I don't know what the implications of that are but you follow the logic this is where we get named I'm gonna put king of North versus King of South named slash League probably other stuff that should go in there then she had 1774 and she uses half of the 490 which is to 45 yes no I'm saying that's when the king of the north declared war on the king of the south that's what I understand from that history just be sure because raffia is the king of the south well I don't care how you put it that's how I put verses but I'm just saying that this is where the war was declared also had on the 1529 the restraint of the Ottoman Empire good Islam and the Seas of Vienna okay where'd you say that's the end of the yeah Teodoro logic the end of 391 you'll have the restraint of this language 1840 the 391 prophecy that ends in 1840 you have the restraint of Islam yeah I'm I'm just thinking about whether I'm willing to put 1840 up there I know I just think that it would happen in the end of the prophecy of between anyone nothing yeah I get that and but Islam was restrained here as well in Vienna there's a decree there and I can't see it a decree in an enzyme what's a decree just what they pardon me persecution 15:29 the diet is spires so the Kings making a pro Catholic decree okay we're going to get all busy over here Pro Catholic decree 1774 she's taking and cutting 490 in half is that okay to do is it in Daniel 9 we never do that it's it's 70 weeks and we take that last week but we never cut the 490 in half to mean it don't sit next to Theodore anymore I think we can do it in half of because we're doing it with the other ones we're doing it with the 151 the 126 the 25 20 and the weak like you're saying so I think it's valid but you need to think that through that's right pardon me because I don't know but 1774 if you come back to 245 years as the First Continental Congress okay and what's the First Continental Congress it's when you have your first seven presidents that are leading to the Articles of Confederation where you're now going to have 10 presidents so this is this is tying the story of the presidents in but it's suggesting what that there's going to be probably a Constitutional Convention here isn't that what would be the implications something something happens here that I'm going to put constitutional convention and I'm saying that be this has already been identified from other lines that this has to take place and we know that it has to take place to have Sunday law but as the Brethren particularly in Africa have been opening up Daniel 11 they've got lines of prophecy that show that there's a convention that gets marked even if you didn't want to argue that you have to have one because the Sunday laws an amendment it's in there in prophecy so this is just another way to be marking that everyone okay with that okay the next one was a 1868 and that was a hundred and fifty-one years and that's the this is where it gets interesting in terms of current issues the first president is impeached and you got to remind yourself and peach does not mean removed it just means charges are brought against him and it was Andrew Jackson for firing his Secretary of War and tests was telling us inferring at least that it's probably because he fought fired Co me I don't think they're going to impeach him for firing coaming but they might try to impeach him if he fires Rosenstein and the other guy Mueller but doesn't look like he's going to do that so but it maybe doesn't need that maybe it's just marking impeachment and nothing to do with firing okay so there's an impeachment here and this allows you I think it allows you to once you have an impeachment here to bring all the impeachments of every president that's been impeached into play which you've got Bill Clinton and Nixon would have been impeached but he resigned before they had opportunity you Jackson yes that's what it says Andrew Johnson Jackson impeachment it's interesting the different the different characteristics of Jackson Clinton Nixon that seemed to kind of connect okay Nixon gets in trouble because he's going in and trying to get information behind the scenes from the Democratic Party which they all do but he did it in a legal way so that would could lead you to think that one of the things that could lead me to think if this is valid a valid consideration here that they're gonna find that somehow some way it was Trump and his machine that got into the DNC servers that they're talking about I don't really see the evidence of that but who knows which propaganda machine are you listening to okay so anyway impeachment we see that right and this one to me is this is a critical one prophetically because it's impacting how we're looking at the election next week what are the implications if they do take the House of Representatives and the and the Senate and you hear you hear these Democrats some of them are just open in your face about it and the other ones aren't but the other ones aren't because they know it would cost them politically if they were in your face but you know they're just chomping at the bit to get rid of them that I mean it that's what it looks like to me okay so our it might be into political in here okay eighteen eighteen ninety three now this is one that I'm not sure I thought she was gonna do something with this that she didn't do I'm not sure she knows what I'm gonna suggest you can do with this or she just ran out of time or whatever but 1893 is the Chicago World's Fair and and she pointed us to the statement by the Catholic Church to where the Catholic Church is saying to the Protestants the fact that you want to pass Sunday proves that you're not Bible based that you are bowing down to us and it does so that that would what that teaches down here to me is that there's somehow some way that the Catholic Church is not oh it already has the ascendancy over the Protestants in the United States but the Catholic Church it's going to come out in the open and say you are you're following us you're not following the Bible and to me the logic there is that the the 11th hour workers that currently have a genuine experience with Christ are going to be forced to evaluate why they keep Sunday they're going to begin to be awakened to the issue of Sabbath and Sunday when they see the Catholic Church making such bold claims as they did back at this Chicago's World Fair in 1893 and that is a hundred and twenty-six years to their so I get that one there's something that happens here Chicago World's Fair they were trying to implement the Sunday law and then they didn't allow any of the heavy equipment they I mean they kept the affair open but it was a Sunday law there yep but it was a Sunday lot but it wasn't right they didn't allow the equipment it was open but they did a lot a lot of things going on yeah well what I mean by that is it when we point to here to midnight we're saying it's a Sunday law but it isn't just like 2014 it's a Sunday law but it isn't and at the World's Fair they were implementing Sunday observance but they didn't meet the full characteristics of the Sunday law because they weren't persecuting anyone for keeping Sabbath and it and it was just in that one locale and and it creates this controversy so it perfectly fits here brother for and and 1863 and years 51 in the future and if you go 151 back from the 1863 you go to 1712 and if you look what happened in 1712 all right count to three events which are significantly you're not listening to this presentation you're googling go ahead so it's New York City's slave insurrection where the slaves they had an uprising in New York and then they were shut down and okay you're gonna have to square that up with 2014 go ahead okay and where's the slave insurrection in 2014 go ahead what's the next characteristic and if you go above hundred and twenty years back in 1789 from from 1784 sorry you reach 1574 and the fifth war of religion against the Huguenots begins in France 220 so I was thinking of just making symmetrical probably there are more things there like I'm sure okay we're gonna move on until you get that totally worked out the sister tamina I left it out yeah okay yeah I left it out but how am I gonna put it in there all right I'm gonna put it right here 1799 Napoleon becomes dictator right pardon me okay all right what's next 1893 I got to go to 1909 pardon me and that was 1919 1909 is the last General Conference session that Ellen White attended and she did so when she was 81 years old and there's a lot of characteristics from that history that you can line up with midnight and that is how many years 110 half the 120 okay obviously running a tea room here so I'm going to go down to here next date is 1909 is 1938 and what's that 1938 is the night of broken glass was that on November 9th tamina so this is also on November 9th and this is where open persecution begins against the Jews right it's 81 yeah yeah they're already getting persecution that wasn't physical persecution and attempt at dictatorship is that workable then in 1956 1956 here gives you 63 years I'm getting myself confused in terms of this structure in 1956 would be 63 years and it was the midnight speech this is the one I was referring to about Khrushchev midnight speech and I'm this is where Khrushchev at midnight comes out and opens up all the dirt on Stalin that he kept hidden through the years and this is what begins of the philosophical justification for the Soviet Union to begin to collapse all the people what what did she call that the this something about a cult what's the expression the cult of personality of Stalin is exposed what are you shaking your hand head for I mean you're from the one of those former Soviet bloc countries what is it that you're seeing that is no other numbers oh yeah okay all right so okay 1989 1989 collapse or I mean the kind of we think about how you say this anymore so cult of personality exposed is does Trump have a personality cult going on okay personality cult I don't know what that's that's what is being implied here right that of November 9th there's some kind of dirt that comes out on him that destroys the people that have been wearing their maggots everywhere is that how you say it maggara Mogga I'm going to be the exposure would it be that or the exposure of Putin's paralleling Stalin how did you I and I thought it was about Trump but but I could have missed miss no I both you're saying the president of yeah that's what I thought is it yes she's using the Russian Revolution this typifying our revolution if we're calling this history of revolution and that there's going to be dirt that comes out at midnight that exposes makes everyone throw their hat away right and you also have their the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 that's thirty years of what does that mean I'm just gonna get rid of this this is the the Trump November ninth line that I'm removing what's the follow the Berlin Wall in 89 for us pardon me yeah it was November 9th again well I mean what what is that history identifying down here just the date the movements 30 years old that be internal God looking either I'm looking for all the input and I'm not looking for any one thing I think she was saying that the yeah in the terms of this movement so you're saying the collapse of the Berlin Wall the taking down the Berlin Wall in 1989 is identifying when we as priests publicly take the message to the world or to the levites Nick but I'm saying I get that but I think it's got to be an external involved to that wall I just yeah that's what I was seeing if anyone would get there is that we've taught from the beginning that there's three walls in Daniel 11:40 2:45 that have to be overcome the first one is to provide by the Berlin Wall 1989 the next one is the wall of separation of church and state in the Constitution and the next one is the wall of national sovereignty that has to be removed when Egypt is conquered in order for all the nations of the world to be brought under the control you mean here what does that mean I don't know I don't know what that means either so yes going back but I want to wait - you're finished with this particular line before I said okay I'm gonna if you don't mind I'm gonna I'm gonna stick to a foundational idea that here the Sunday law is where the wall of separation of church and state is that's Daniel 11 verse 41 he enters also into the glorious land but we know that that is it takes place at the midnight cry - with the first Sunday law so it's got to take place at midnight as well at some level so the Berlin wall would typify that at some level - so I'm gonna put Sunday law - meaning on the waters judgment on the nation at midnight you have the handwriting on the wall and so you're just you're just nailing down another connection with the wall and what is the wall that it's written on here I don't know we have been in the record that in the seven last plagues everyone's giving in marriage and doing their regular occupation they don't even know that probation clothes Wall Street so 2004 okay so I handwriting on the wall finances Wall Street do you have a second witness to bring Wall Street into it no yeah you do you do the it's it's pretty simple that the two characteristics of the United States are economic and military strength and at 9/11 the those planes hit the Twin Towers that are the symbol of the economic strength of the United States they hit the Pentagon which is a symbol of the military strength and the other plane went in the earth because it hit the earth Beast so it's already a component of the United States the finances so to put Wall Street in there with this wall I don't have a problem with the because we know that we asked the the Pope to help us out of the financial problem that we have to put us on a more temporal to give us more temporal prosperity so we know that we don't have the Pope the people of the United States want to return to temporal prospect return so they're wanting him to help I don't know about that but okay two thousand four five years where did we get five years two thousand four fifteen years okay half of thirty good for you and what was that foundations so there's foundations over here a foundation of work now I want to discuss some things here after Jim about this he said it seemed likely that something would come out that would make all the mega people abandon from a nose it didn't seem to square with the fact of his re-election in 2020 if every an abandoned it doesn't seem to square with the fact of a civil war either god I think that you can see both sides of the Civil War are are getting their guns together right now so this would kind of imply if this cult of personality gets exposed that there's a unity that comes into they hate Trump side you know that people join us off yeah there that's that's my that's why I'm putting this in the record I think all these lines are valid okay but to me they produce some some things that I don't know that they're contradictions but they're they're things that make it hard for me to square that's what I'm talking about this election coming up it seems to me if all of this is valid that certainly you could go to Las Vegas and bet some money that the Democrats are going to take the house okay but who knows in the Trump time period if that lose your money so but one of the things that I see about this is there some internals and externals so you we have to be able I would think to sort out the externals and internals and some of them have probably both maybe all of them have both and we haven't seen them but if we were going to put this all into one statement about what happens on November 9th 2019 what is that statement Trump's going to become a dictator is that what we're saying that starts in November or that starts on November 9th is that what we're saying that this is marking a period of time that begins at November 9th you begin your presentation is she not lining this is 911 right here right is not this here 1794 November 9th no we're okay so 1799 see you're saying this is 2014 so then there's a preparation that takes you to here pardon me say it louder for the record okay the logic that you're expressing the visual you can do that but remember when tested it she says that the French Revolution is has to her has two different applications so we just pulled this application in over here and that's probably why she has them separate it's because she sees that that problem where where if November 9th 2019 in this structure here which she drew on the bottom under the French Revolution the Russian Revolution the German Revolution it's is she not identified 1789 as 9/11 I mean she doing it on this line me is she not doing it on this as well I believe so and she's she's teaching I don't know if it's if it's true I want to teach it too but it isn't something I've settled on that the Constitution is fully overturned at 9/11 was the Constitution fully overturned to 9/11 yeah maybe at one level it's now it's Roman law yeah but if if that's true then combining this with what Parminder is saying that United States actually equals the Constitution it means that the six kingdom of Bible prophecy prophecy actually ended on 9/11 because the United States which is the sixth kingdom is the Constitution is the Constitution is overthrown at eye level there's no Sun there's no United States that goes on till the Sunday no actually I remember he thought and I agree that when the sixth Kingdom ends there's not gonna like that the geography and the population of the United States and the economy will be going on but what the the ending of the kingdom means the ending of the foundational principles right the Constitution and if that's true it means that it ended there okay then that would mean 9/11 begins this period of time and how could you put it on a line as far as having a convention Constitutional Convention yeah what would be the purpose of that that would be a big marker and that would be the complete overturning of it I think more so than yeah it's a progression for how their poor way at it but it's still there perhaps you have in current history you have Putin and anyone that's willing to see can tell that the elections that he's accomplished his last election was all fake so you could have a constitutional convict convention a fake election in our history to put a you know the Constitution it could be all a propaganda maneuver like Putin did his history yeah I mean I don't know I'm not arguing this early but if this is 911 where is November 9th is it here or here so you're gonna say that this is 2019 yeah okay that's what she said so are we going to disregard the distinction here between July 27th and July 27th which is actually the reign of terror she's saying this whole thing's the reign of terror okay as a title fine but in reality in this history that she's using as a template the reign of terror is down here at the end of this period of time and it's bookend by two prophetic way marks which seemed to me to be putting a important emphasis on that period of time if you do that and whatever you do to here you're going to be destroying heard structure I think because if you're gonna move this over here she's saying this is a preparation time period and we're saying this is a bloodbath maybe that's just another factor to you what's another fractal to use with the freight rain return because we were really to try to feed me pattern there maybe we can use another fractal for the rain care and preparation and then the white cap maybe her conclusions are completely wait wait wait wait Jana burn everyone out to understand what he's saying I'm just saying gathering of the 1793 maybe is another fact of this just like she did here with friends and marshal wall we have to come in to effect at some point cause in that in a way as a suspension of constitutional rights and President Lincoln did do that this is lining up with this when did Lincoln here okay so he's he's my my argument is that's the center he suspends habeas corpus here not at the beginning at the end which is the middle which we're saying is here and that's what this line is saying to dictator here and by dictator we have the spirit of prophecy saying active despotism in more than one passage despotism is a dictator so we know there's a dictator coming but this line here is putting it at November ninth and what she's saying is maybe martial law comes in here and I'm saying if martial law comes in here you have your dictator here not here we from 1789 when begins the French Revolution down there in November night actually it was March 4th right that you can that two-thirds says it can show this November nine down there in the last line 1789 yep that's actually map March 4th yeah yeah yeah and you're complicit November night if you get 230 which is the pan off 2300 days you takes you to 2019 so you have a 230 from there to check out the 90 and that's November 9 okay okay just some weird thing if we use the line stuff if we use the lines that's just a light rod she brought some numbers she brought not sister white sorry she brought some numbers and if you add them look at this one 490 plus no you want to add these oh no no we're not going there we're not going there we're trying to finalize some thoughts what's your point here what's your point here you have because you have another number of pointing to 2019 okay is there any one that is has any question marks about 2019 a 2019 I think we're satisfied on what I'm trying to do here is not to prove or disprove 2019 I'm trying to take these lines that's we're already put in place and take the beginning history and bring it to the end and see if what we're understanding squares with what we're identifying is 2019 and I'm making an argument that I I see something that doesn't seem to fit for me in the reign of terror that begins on July 27th and ends on July 27th there's something here about this if there was no other July 27th to deal with you'd still have it established upon the testimony of two but there are plenty July 27th in this one perhaps is I'm marking a period of 150 years or 150 days um I have a question regarding July 27th it's a date of Islam but somehow in this we still haven't seen Islam in in much and much yeah but I was laying a point we do see them yeah we do but it's not we're not making originally when we started talking about making a prediction it was about Islam and we we haven't really made a prediction about Islam yet specifically you know what I'm saying no I don't know if you're done but I just have one clarification okay go ahead it doesn't take very long it's just that you said that I you know the Israelites cross the river River on November 9th in 1493 they didn't cross the Jordan on November 9th it's just in that year we have an inversion of the Julian and Gregorian calendars from the year that you mark the when the Mayflower in 1620 they have an inversion of the calendar so November 22nd is November 9th on one calendar so in the Gregorian calendar and then it's inverted but there's another thing I know it's confusing but if you go from the date they actually cross the Jordan River which is April 29th 1493 and you account in April 29th yeah April 29th 1493 and you count not 391 and a half days but 193 and a half days it comes to November 9th and I've used this 193 I haven't shown any you know I haven't done extensive things with this yet but this one nine one ninety three point five is a substitute in some of the lines for the 391 point five and the chance is that why it's not how it's backwards inversion of it and the only reason why it happened is accident that dent Lee wrote it that way and one of the titles of my papers when I was you know saving it and then I just thought I would use it how is this a correction well it's not know that we're doing it okay - but November 9th is correct connected with the Jordan River in a couple of different ways but it's not just that they crossed the Jordan River on November 9th it's not just that they did or they didn't they didn't they crossed on April 29th but it's in that year that we have November 9th is November 22nd and that's a kind of a long explanation you'd have to go but I'd have to go through and explain how I connect November 9th was with 1789 okay because I do the same for the terms of this presentation we'll leave that off ok just but just don't have that I'm teaching that they cross the Jordan no no you just your penis as long as people know that let me put one thing up here and what we didn't do where I wanted to get to and we didn't do this and this is where we'll start in the morning so you can think it through if all these numbers these patterns of numbers here whatever we call them sim what you call them yeah for the their luck time symbols or you had a all these patterns in time the beginning points are speaking to November 9th then we have to sort out are they speaking external or internal or both and we have to come to grips with with what the implications are because I'm having a I'm having not a concern about the that turns the message upside down but I don't think we're seeing something here about the the reign of terror and it seems to to firm in there when we're using the French Revolution and I think we need to use the French Revolution because the French Revolution is connected with the American Revolution - they're too closely connected and they're connected with the beginning presidents which is speaking to the end presidents they're just woven together and the in your notes one other thing that I would have pointed out here but I'll do that tomorrow there is a seven-year period in here three and a half years to here and then from 1793 there's a three and a half year period to take you to 1796 I believe and sister wipe references the 1796 so you have also woven into this the number seven divided in half and when you go into revelation 11 which is dealing with the French Revolution that's how it's portrayed there I know the French Revolutions ten years long but in Revelation 7 you're going to see three and a half and three and a half so there's still things about the French Revolution that need to be recognized and put in place but does anyone am i being out of line for making this notation here about the end of this period of time do you see the issue no I wasn't the past couple presentations yes I'll restate it identifies 1789 to 1794 in her structure as the reign of terror or as the Revolution then there's a period of preparation till 1795 and then this period of white terror is the counter-revolution okay she has revolution preparation counter-revolution and for this revolution she calls it the reign of terror I don't have a problem using that label but the reign of terror is actually one year and it's at the end of this period of time right here and it begins on July 27th 1793 and it ends on July 27th 1794 and it's one year but the fact that it begins with the July 27th and ends with the July 27th we know of a time prophecy of a hundred and fifty years it begins with the July 27th and ends with a July 20th seventh I shouldn't have that in there it's probably confusing people but that's what I'm speaking about it seemed to me like July 27th is pulling Islam into this history and it's marking more specifically the period of the reign of terror than simply this five years from from her class she had the the July 27th was when she used a revolutionary calendar which is a benign temperature which was that November 9th okay so one year so it was the same date but it was a different calendar so even if you went to do it that way you'd be the 9th of Thermidor to the ninth well we wouldn't put November it's it's 11 9 it's not November new what you would do it that way to satisfy you Theodore but I think you would do it November night because November 9th is the date that has been yeah as marked and promote promoted but yes you're right she she's doing the 11th of Thurman the ninth the ninth of Thermidor which on the French calendar was eleven nine and we're transposing that into November nine if transposing is the right word she did it she did it for thee where you've got the 2019 she did it for the 1794 yes yes so so she didn't put down the eleven nine for the 1773 I know that's my point that's what you're saying yeah I'm saying that but it it was July 27th so it's the same day and the French Revolution or the the reign of terror began on to the July twenty seven seventeen ninety three when Robespierre took power and one year later on July 27th Robespierre is executed and the reign of terror ends so the reign of terror was exactly one year between July 27th of July 27th and she's calling this whole period of time the reign of terror which is okay but I'm saying technically in this history she's going into it's the final year and it's bookend by July 27th which we can transpose into November 9th November 9th but we have another prophecy in the Bible that begins with July 27th and ends with July 27th it seems to speak to the necessity of figuring out what that means this is tying in the study of x27 you have another 27 there and when you speak them about a year and you're pointing out a euro it reminds me of that this is 360 biblical days which ties back in maybe the the image which was 360 I don't know the measurement all maybe any other comments shall we pray Heavenly Father we we thank you for the light that has been opened up and we ask that you continued as lead us in our growth and understanding of this light we realized that around the world now the brethren we work with are coming on board with with these things and that this message is going to swell and swell and swell all the way to the second coming we ask that you would help us all to be I'm faithful to this message and that should help us all have an experience that's an agreement with this message and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen