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I'll let many of us here today so I want to do something a little bit different maybe we can have a more of an interactive class let's sound okay okay let's go to Isaiah chapter 46 okay so if we will read one verse each one two three four five we read two verses each Isaiah 46 is thirteen verses the six of you choose three two verses H the last person can read one verse okay go ahead look around he boasts stupid their idols were upon the beast and upon the cow your carriages were heavy loaded they are a burden to the weary beasts they stoop they bow down together they could not deliver the burden but themselves are gone into captivity hearken unto me o house of Jacob and all the remnant of the house of Israel which are borne by me from the belly which are carried from the womb and even to your old age I am he and even two more hairs will I carry you I have made and I will bear even I will carry and will deliver you to whom will you liken me and make me equal and compare me that we may be like they laid with gold out of the bag and weigh silver in the balance and hire a goldsmith and he maketh a God they fall down yay they worship it may I bear him upon the shoulder they carried him and set him in his place and he standeth from his place shall he not remove the a one shall cry on him yet can he not answer nor save him out of his trouble remember this and show yourselves men bring it again to mind o ye transgressors for I am God and there is none else I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things but are not yet done saying my counsel shall start calling a ravenous bird from the east the man that executes my counsel from far country yay I have spoken it I will also bring it to pass I have purposed it I will also do it hearken unto me so stop artists that are far from righteousness I bring near my righteousness it shall not be far off and my salvation shall not tarry and I will place salvation and vayam for Israel okay so I'd like a brief overview of what is this chapter dealing with what's the idolatry that he's got establishing himself as that's right if you will what oh okay sorry choking anyone else I think it is also here showing that as a result of their idolatry that was revealing God was warning showing that destruction was coming he was living like you see that it says calling our revenues were from the east not executed my concern from a far country yeah purpose proposing I what's that well if we go ahead and do a lineup online study on this it is which verses is 11 why is it aside from the east if it's the king in the north check I call himself but she's Cyrus he said he was Babylon come from what did you say that premise before you started labeling things but I said then it was I know she said it was I thought he knew said it was and I was saying that this destruction destruction yeah so I was gonna say punishment buddy decent prices so you're saying destruction so destruction and I have said she where'd you find this destruction and you said verse 11 can you say this was king of the north so he disagreed with she's saying this is what you saying this is not who it is why it is oh you wasn't arching verse 11 and you said it was not that's fine and if it's Cyrus he said its destruction so what would you saying it would be or you green that it is destruction punishment okay yeah that's the wrong with Cyrus to destroy yeah you will go with what aunt Anita says first then come back to brother Mario so if there's everybody agreed that it's Cyrus not Nebuchadnezzar or you can't tell you're not sure really wait to say babbles in a bistro I already had a peek at 47 because in the 47% and that was what you say then what's my question so I inside the clue what my question the last question yeah so I said how do you know if it's Nebuchadnezzar oh no I said anybody got pinyin and you say okay just make you to understand that logic what do I think had you Hanna yeah the only thing I wanted to say is there's one we see Bell and Nebo and as far as I remember at least Nebo is Babylonian God and in my device in my phone it says the idols of Babylon and and what makes sense to me that verse 11 it's talking about destruction of Babylon so you agree with anything for sure so what you what is his chapter about rather Jonathan how I understand it it is about how Babylon did at the beginning how the gods of peddlin idols of peplums just failed and then he reminded Israel about the least only God and he shows he explains why his ok so what we say there's many good backing out of that ok so you pay me 60 respect Anisha ok but I ask the question is this destruction and you said it was when you say destroying who are you referring to ok so we knew so in verse 11 this destruction is destruction of Babylon she went to 47 in you're saying 45 this one that we go read verse 1 for us to cyrus whose right hand I have Holden to subdue nations before him and I would lose the loins of Kings to all come before him the to means beats and the gate shall not be shot it's everybody on the same page we were together on this so far I've got pictures well should you say that's an issue since isolation you said I wanted to believe not only is a destruction the restoration of God's people right far back 44 so how do we bring this into endtime prophecy this story that we've got we did with is 45:46 we didn't reach 47 right the focus is 12 and 13 that's what you want to focus oh my I didn't have any intention hot you believe that hearken unto me ye stout-hearted that are far from righteous this I bring near my righteousness it shall not be far off and my salvation shall not tarry and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory so what's that mean well associated with the fall of fatherland is the secondly those messes which we have so I was I was wondering if your intention is to shoulder with in this history we are called upon to me right what does that mean these idols anything else yes the emphasis seems to be at the last repeat in line with Flores 13th however if there is the first seven eight nine verses that are spent dedicated to discussion about of those outside of God who have to carry themselves on beasts who have them sent in places but God does what He wills and he there's none other life except tell me what the story is seems to me that it's don't look at the Bible cooking for the Bible we read the Bible verses just to look at the story and that's in connection to the church universities or connecting diversity verses to the last verses don't you way the collection give me the narrative of what you've seen saying that these idols is there nothing to him who's he saying that Israel so you seem to be saying that initially with some kind of disagreement - I need you to say I'm trying to say I really said kippis affirming or disagreeing with what she was saying either one I'm trying to see what what the connection is between them if you disagreeing what's the disagreement if you're affirming what's the affirmation maybe a little both there's just seems to ten verses dedicated to calling out his people on their idolatrous ways and then the last two lines yes I do see that that's the second angel the repeating enlarged of righteousness of twelve and thirteen for the judgment to you not make the connection between those two parts you get this chapter and split it into two but you seem to be doing what's the connection I guess I'm looking for that if you read the verses you're gonna get and that's not just tell me what this what the connection between the addala tree and the last nurses are to a hard-hearted fleshing it out myself but the in order to truly be God's people and to be righteous we cannot have any other gods before him so it seems that the emphasis is to eliminate you know to call attention to these others being needless and being a burden on the people others who okay sister Sarah you go up as a at 46 I'm sorry like strength Anisha you agreed that you can split the chapter into two like she did first thing I was gonna split it she's saying idolatry and then hard-hearted people that's what she did and I think I think why I don't know what you think you tell me what tell me what the verse ii stack the chapter who say because first most of the chapters all about idols and then at the end you said oh maybe we want to go anybody's about righteousness I was just looking at it in context of I understand that but tell me about why is he talking all about most of chapter with idolatry and all of that make the connection you've got Cyrus Lee 45 who's gonna save the people then 46 there's all of these Babylonian idols then that last party says the people who were hard hired 12 and 13 is this God's people she's the sheriff saying yes he's that he's that what you're saying he's looking for another verse he said he just say ok you can't you starts the

is 12 or 13 and God's people or not

and never plays salvation in episodes do be finding in that explain why so 45 is cyrus 46 most of its idolatry then it says some stiff-necked people in israel their 47 is the destruction of Babylon so what's the connection that's what you have still made the connection yet how do we know that it is talking about wealthy people in the chapter in the chapter he's talking about idolatry in the chapter isn't it instability as well sorry they say 33 and verse is bull yeah I was just sticking on verse 4 you said for H he said 3 I said 3 and 4 so it's a help us research that ok hearken unto me o house of Jacob and all the remnant of the house of Israel which are borne by my net by me from the belly what does that mean from the belly right yep can we see the repeat and I say belly and room and even to your old age I am here and even to 4 hairs we know what for meats yeah do we know that gray hairs Jorge's will I carry you I have made I have made and I will bear even I will carry and I will deliver you so it's bad God's people record with that anyone else the connection I want to say chapter 46 I don't know what 46 is I don't know how other chapters Albert verses will tell you what 46 he's saying just if you see if he take me to another chapter I want to know what that chapters then we'll end up chasing ourselves I just want to know what 46 he's saying what was the connection it's all about idolatry God speaking to her okay we've got faith of his people when he just told me the theme as opposed to the verse what was what is chapter 46 dealing with is that he's giving them here of what of their captivity their deliverance in spite of their stoat heartedness their stiffness he said that he has he has he he made them he created Israel and he will keep he warned them and he will lead them to hurry that means he will always be their God even so he was just in my mind declaring himself as their God here where are we in every fool annoying yes sir oh sure where are we in the reform line probably on any reform line because they're all the same I just wonder if I'm going to be that right so I'd like to ask I'm just asking was I'm the period I would say she's the teacher that asked so where are we on this line beginning our and what you just tell me where we are my older I can put line just tell me or you can come up and do it we're at nine eleven so here 911 tell me why bright 911 two-cylinder the disposition of 911 I don't mean us in this room I mean chapter 46 you know that that's what me how many 46 okay I would because sorry does it talk about either second okay I'll put it up neither them so we're naughty lesson okay so tell me why were 911 so this is Isaiah 46 tell me why that's a 911 for the sixes talk about idolatry in Isaiah 46 is talking about God is declaring the end of efficient Israel the beginning of patient is alive and it enough it ending of it what so is that the end that that's the beginning yeah that is what I'm seeing it so this is the end of ancient Israel this is the the big boys did all the way around yeah so this is the end and this is the beginning yes yes or they Jonathan what are you asking the question or you know you are to my question no okay so my question is where are we in a reform line in Isaiah 46 I would say 911 as well because this sounds to me like if we read 4 5 6 & 7 2 sounds to me like the image of jealousy which is the first generation which we market 9/11 then in verse 9 we have remembered a former things of old it sounds to me like return to the old path and it's dealing about the fall of Babylon or yeah that's to me like second angel is the Sarah you must have caught up on that yeah I was thinking also got 9 this is verse 9 I think what the birds have been verse 9 and fall of Babylon which is chapter 47 is w safe what is everyone yes I put chapter 47 and I was just thinking of that verse 13 I've been near my righteousness and my justice which place 13 sister channel smiley right what has been say one thing is that the same thing I've first not okay yeah anymore I've seen you hang that well in first there are two it says my salvation shall not to bury and then least a doubling of salvation there so that's the second angel yeah so you've got some second angel oh so you want to put the first 13 as well since she wouldn't have you credit for you able to catch up we're in chapter 46 and we've read the chapter and I asked people just to make some comment on it so people made began to make comment on it here it was where we are then Chloe took us back to chapter 45 or someone took us forward to chapter 47 so it made that connection and I'm asking where are we on the reformed line father Lowry just referred to or thinking about verse 13 that is talking about Jesus chapter 13 is Jesus no I mean verse 13 that's right yeah I made the game so if I Stettin yes and that it's about his love he wants to show everybody that he that's what he want he wants and revealed to mankind his love righteousness that's him he's coming to his people so early well he came to his people at night okay oh sorry I said you need to say yeah I see that verse 13 is in fact the whole chapter is speaking about the second angel speaking of Babylon righteousness righteousness verse 13 we've got verse 13 from the public yeah and also the words how is there oh that one girl for carry here you go Terry hey Laurie brother Larry that sister Alissa we were I was getting that from us I found where she quotes Isaiah 46 13 and then she quotes about the Messiah coming and they can paint your a prophecy game Pop's their Kings 96.2 so I've picked up the word righteousness when you said that and I thought PK 6x2 696 paragraph 2 okay so we're in chapter 46 Isaiah 46 and we just want to understand why is there 46 he's talking about and I've asked how do we go about placing where Isaiah 46 it so Mary you had your hand up on this you agree with what we asked your part number doing what he asked you wait we'll replace it no okay I'm thinking that we are listening from there is some detail tell me where we are first then second engine so we're here in 2014 but people are still nervous the least exciting there say with it the level of where it toots up we're here I'm not signed off mm unfortunately my mind any reason why I'm saying that is because of the detail that is given here deliverance that is coming so you say we're here between them I'm asking what what you say in this book so we're here with the stories I don't know you told me I'm asking you you say 2015 is PBM two-way marks come on now under the dispensation of the so here you want to do this is that what you want me to do yeah we're in that it's okay where are we in real life today on the line yeah in real life where are we on this one line in real life here and we passed that yeah and we passed that so we're here so you're saying Isaiah 46 yeah he's present choice we're right here yeah so Isaiah 46 he's in the year 2017 plus or minus a bit when Isaiah 46 is right here because they're all saying Isaiah 46 was 16 years ago and you're saying no Isaiah 46 is present troops right here okay so we're midnight midnight cry now wait they know I'm not going to let you do that you're just making it up that's called making up as you go along you should have got no hand cuts an anchor that's why cuz maybe love this is wrong only this is wrong isn't it brother Mario so wrong isn't it there right yeah you just said it was a lock you said it's all goes here said it's all wrong I guess I guess we have to stretch out the passageway you say I asked you didn't you say we're here and now you want to say you're saying we're actually anyway no we're here so that's all wrong little wrong so make sure that you said that of a Larry the Jason Robert Jonathan it's just this shoot Cheryl sister Schumer all wrong you're we're here sister Alissa you'll say all of them are all wrong we're here with this little wrong because they said ninety Levin 911 911 only through 911 so he's still saying they're all wrong except one of them so jealousy is correct and the other ones have to be shifted and move too long if you're going to do that but you say it's all here unless you're saying they're all like that you said you gave me to you both to witnesses to give me yes but she Devon yes calling her a bonus Brooke from the east which I ain't had initially associated with 911 because for some reason I was thinking that that had to do with Islam the coming from East the man that executed my counsel of an executed tells me executive judgment and then the trouble from verse 7 so I've got execute well if you've got allergies so you've got the word trouble and you've got the word execute that's it 46 and we're going to put it right history what is it so we're gonna please it it's all here at no yet in the building back to version so we're nine there 46 go said you just got some news people Ryan Deiss 8 which I'm all I'm asking is just for some commentary so we will try to understand where no I need sorry toph where I say at 46 is and we've got three separate answers one two three um sister and Tanisha go for it my sister I'm with you I'm on your side I add it I guarantee them on your side but if I could cover it up as I put my dot first and I'd say were your thought is until match up and where we are they are body speaks and you are there 46 tomorrow well here earlier we explained why just tell me where it is my teaching technique isn't a good teaching technique if you're taking people who don't know what they're doing so I do try it emphasizes if you're given tables come to read a passage or something or they explaining you need to ask them or if you're doing it for them you need to tell them what what the passage is about so that they have an anchor point so when they hear the words then they know the cue to say okay this is what this verse is to teaching if you read it first you'll have to read it tell them what it's about and then you're almost certainly gonna have to read it again because they didn't understand what the passage was if you do it the other way around you can only get away with all with single reading so that's why that's my logic and I recommend it it's a good teaching technique so tell me where it is first and then tell me why you said it so if we're all friends here be separate I think it's go for which one you want to go for if it is miss Florine name you know before so if it's before 9/11 where so I'll give you a couple away Knox because it's you didn't tell me where I was going there because it's somewhat predictive I would put it at the formalization elements so you're saying I there 46 is here and the reason I'm saying that is because these names happens in what is Dublin and if we're doing just Isaiah 46 without blending it with 47 46 has to be before the fulfillment which is what was the fulfillment in 47 is the fulfillment okay so you're saying 47 here is 911 so this is beforehand see that logic she's saying it's a prediction the prediction is Bob loves enough for here at 9/11 so he must be before that so she says she's gonna go with the formalization 96 concerning the fall of Babylon default Babylon is progressive so if she uses that argument that 47 is the downfall of Babylon okay I can see the logic but I would say it's a progressive and we and when we mark the second Angels minutes the arrival of the second Internet and 9/11 was before must be progressive what is all that me you saying she's wrong was that explanation to say that she's wrong or an expression say that she was right this is wrong but could be that my explanation as wrong as well okay but that was an explanation to say form of Babylon is progressive therefore she's wrong what's the logic to say because it's progressive she's wrong how I understood it was that she says okay the downfall of Babylon is in verse at chapter 47 okay and therefore chapter 46 is previous to chapter 47 therefore it must be previous but I would say that the fall of Babylon is progressive and we see in in verse 11 of chapter 46 that God already decided to do that okay mr. Kerry are you up to speak okay so you have to speak yeah where are we chapter 4 waste chapter 46 in our line now you have to speak up sorry okay so they've got 9/11 here do isaiah 46:9 11 this jealousy returning fall of Babylon righteousness carrying time glory all of that probably where did you see Islam ravenous bird from the east picking up East no we didn't you want to put that me in a word use the word East which is verse verse 11 eighth you can applaud birth in those three okay so let's have a think about this thing just a short thought sarah said it 10 minutes ago why do we market every there someone said in verse 13 yeah it says not I just put down the I didn't I'm just putting four I mean a market area time entering time in nine eleven I see that but it says shall not tarry I think we're gonna put it where you want a great thing just raise it if it isn't that the same languages Habbakuk and then we we mark the st. airiness have a book to it says that there is a character wait wait for it and this is and this is saying that his salvation will not the same time someone read the base that's right okay you shall speak and lie though it's hairy wait for it because it will surely come it will not tarry it will tarry and it will not time it says both you go and keep recording well I guess that could be the difference from the former and the latter I just picked up the white area creating reform lines I don't think it's an easy business so we can see that it isn't that V isn't that straightforward you can pick up symbols and you can come up with different answers so let's try and have a think about what's going on here we're in 46 and we'll go to verse 11 calling a ravenous bird from the east the man that executed my counsel from a far country yay higher spoken it yay I will also bring it to pass I had purposed it I will also do it so what's that saying mercy Devin let's pick up a couple of points what's he doing right calling bot so he calls a hungry bird from the east he goes corner rappers bird from the east from okay what have we got there is the test sister and Tanisha can everybody see that so we've got a repeat and enlarged I'll give you a second to have a quick look is everybody it's everybody locked in what they repeating the largest who hasn't done that Robert Jonathan hasn't who else hasn't there's repeating a large he's trying Tanisha said he was repeating in large I also say the first two sentences but up to the colon since is repeatly Lodge so brother John said he can't see it who else can't see it though it's 11 after the colon anyone else everyone else has got it yeah okay sister Sarah let me put here so I've got a hungry bird from the east yeah hungry bird from the East is that and two things here then what's to repeat and enlargement of that in any order you want to ignored according it unless you want to put so the ace of the four country sister so the man is the hungry bird so the man is the mr. bone so the man is the bird anything else what about the hungry or the ravenous every book anyone else calling a ravenous bird from the east the man that executed my counsel so you want to put Cole equals execute and then you've got a ravenous bird just a man don't you say so you say and you say in the East is a far country let me say mr. Schindler yes as I said I couldn't see the calling okay besides the details can you see repeating guys probably because you can see it now so now we're just dealing with the technicalities so what do you disagree with all agree week do you agree with that one okay do you agree that the bird is the man some yeah so he's the man the hungry bird or just the bird which what you disagree with this okay son I'm the bird I would say is the man and then we have a description of the bird meaning it's a hunt it's a hungry bird and we have a description of the man and it doesn't he execute something because we see the calling for me I don't see a repetition of the calling because he calls the bird and this means he calls the man and it doesn't make sense to me that call equals what did you write there execute counselor cetera I'll give you second brother Luke the man executes my counsel would he not have been told Council to give us he's executing someone's counsel so that would be calling us both so what does it mean calling a Romulus bird rule that means say God says come over here so what calling is yo he says come over here and what does it mean to execute my counsel was it would execute me anyone right deliver to do to punish that's different to what tarik sister Terry saying it stop it's not just to do yeah as opposed to punish thinking in the context it means do my counsel and what's council prophecies or he's will or his command could be say command so the man that does God's command so you got the man that was God command and the other one is calling the ravenous bird so what what's the ravenous bird doing okay even is he hungry I thought he's going from one place to another he's being cool is he not some doing the the word or doing the will yes the door execution is an execution the word word execution just means do you say counsel what do the command we okayed that that's what that means execute that counsel means do the command and what is call me so this call me to give it come on yeah I think I think you're looking at the definition yeah so if you're publishing that means you're telling someone to do something you're giving the command and he says do the command so is that reasonable if you if you see like that yeah steady weight the same they say no no before but now I'm saying execute counsel means do the command and call means give a command yeah he says I'm gonna command the bird and he says the man does the command is that how you read that the man does the command is how you read no yeah yeah and then goes back to the beginning and it says give a command to the bird what did you say cold I've got getting a lot the pattern below we said hungry is to execute bird is the man and East is

regular was clear

I wouldn't have a problem seeing it the second way this way that's why you saw it originally but now the sisters at the front they said no they want to do it this way I can see also the first one and they're given like from word definition that is the defensive that one gives it and one receives it another if I if I change that to my and I God's doing that and God's doing that easily and this one God's talking to the bird and then this one goes talking to the man the man is doing God's will in the bird is doing God's will okay maybe we're essential and that but maybe we're okay so yeah I have spoken it I will also bring it to pass what does that mean I have spoken it I will also bring it to pass I have purposed it I will also do it and we've got a repeating guy today yes random that we just still open the Bible we should do a finger it came to Isaiah 46 probably this good hunters probably then let's do the second bit after the colon yeah I have spoken it I will also do it but it's or bring it to pass I purposed it I will also do it how do we do that one does the time show me the I put that one comma that one where's the break ok so I've got 2 semicolon like that is that what you say that how it looks does everybody can see that yeah ok so the first part is spoken you say spoke next part yes I put pass next one purposed do and the repeating enlarges well to speak it is to purpose it to bring it to pass is to make it do everybody okay with that yes yeah past present or future I pretty tight with that yes both I gave you three options you said both past present a few tip back switch to both is it okay so you say this is the past and the future sister Terry I have purposed it why would you put that oh he's saying that's prison well it says okay let me stop here before we move any Kobus you got me that video person in there okay so this is what this is what it needs to be done yeah the day what wait is it the man from the east is gonna come that's what's that's what's gonna happen so what's all this about what's the purple what what is all this the last part on the verse compared to the first part of the verse give me a synopsis of the first part of the verse I have a word or a short phrase I see prophecy so whatever this is it's someone's gonna come and do what that's right I didn't hear what you say I didn't hear what you said sorry yeah but in plain English this man's going to come and do what you know wait what kind of man is he he's what ravenous so what has ravenous me hungry so if you're hungry what's he going to come and do okay so the first part of the verse is saying a man's gonna come and eat so we're not asking to say what is going to eat it's going to come and eat so I want to say this is a man comes and eat I want to pick up two thoughts on that it says a man but what is a bird a bird is an animal isn't it but it's just an animal or a beast and the base is a symbol of Kingdom so just want to make sure that at one level it's of individual and another level it's a kingdom can we see that so if it's a kingdom and a man what is the man can we make that connection so we'll change that to a king is everybody okay with that so I've got here a king comes and eats so you know I'm not trying to put more and more deep I don't put more and more details you really make sure that we understand that so this going to take the word King out so we've got a man coming from the east so that's the first part of the verse and what's the second part past present or future past depends on what what are you looking at that's my question I'm asking you in contextually what I'll be looking at through intentionally what are we looking at what is the context of of not this we're not in the tanks past present or future but what are we looking at the man who's going to come and eat that's what we're looking at so I'm asking contextually we know it's this is the subject the man who's going to come and eat so the context of all this back end is it past present or future when I say it what is there it the man eating so is the man coming to eat is he coming in the past which means he's already come is in the present which means is all you're eating or is in the future meaning is going to come and eat sister tastes you had your hand out ravenous means ravenous means what a bird of prey so what do we want to change ratios hungry even to rage look how we are K we'd hungry then but yeah no but it is easy because it says ravenous yeah oh we got proof takes no yeah it says ravenous but in the meaning it also says ravenous so ravenous when you look it up and know cuz in the word Hebrew it has two two meanings to literally fly down there to swooped upon or a bird of prey but when it says a bird of prey says bird bow and then ravenous okay so these Strong's 101 this is the text so if you would this to will discover this because maybe should then at the beginning she said we haven't used strong as much if you if you will go into Strong's and they just pull it up to make sure I get all the structure correct so we're in verse 11 after that for my computer so that and we're looking at the word ravenous okay so sister Thirsty's first argument I guess there the word ravenous isn't even there it says calling the bird of prey yeah because if the word ravenous isn't even there but I've got is it fifty eight sixty one yes fifty-eight 61 so you've got 58 61 and it's going to say from 58 so it tell you from so if I can tell you when you go to Strong's you'll tell you it's prob something or I'll tell you it's um how's it phrasing that's a yeah if like I say from something or it will say primitive root a primitive root is like the root word so if I think it'll give you that information then the information it will give you it's normally a semicolon after that then it's going to give a definition of what that word means and this means or Hawk or other bird of prey so here it says a bird of prey and then it'll give a colon with a - can we will see that so the colon with a - everything that's after that it says bird foul ravenous and in parentheses bird everything after that is not a definition those three things there are what the King James translators chose to use for that word 56 58 61 so if you're going to be really technical about technically we should everything after that you shouldn't really be using because they're not definitions the definition is before the definition is a bird of prey everything after that was what a Madge stood up and said I think this word means this in this verse and I think it means that in that verse but the actual definition is a bird of prey that's really it is and often often we use after the I don't know what you actually called this Coleman and the data the Neath it's got technical name I don't know oh yes yes it's in the basin that I said it's been that long look Strong's because it's on the computer II won't tell you that yeah did you get the original book and he told you how the book structured he tells you that that's how it operates it's been so long since I've used to book it yeah it tells you the book so then it says from 58 60 0 to 58 60 now he says the primitive wrote it means to swoop down upon or literally and literally or figuratively so there you can see it's got the colon and the dash and he says fly or rail so fly around isn't you can't use those definitions the definition means to swoop down hence if you go to brand driver Briggs it says - scream - shriek - dark greedily to swoop upon to rush upon - dark greedily 5860 one in brown driver brake says bird of prey is swooped up so this is the bird that swoops so we have to change all of that it's not hungry bird is it it's a swooping if you go to Isaiah 35 voice 9 I say 35 one second the word ravenous is there's a Hebrew definition for it and it means the violent one breaker it also means destroyer a tyrant Isaiah 35 verse night no lion shall be there nor any ravenous beast shall go up there on it shall not be found there but the redeemed shall walk there yep so what you doing with that okay go to Isaiah 39 verse 4 Ezekiel 39 verse for you now we're going to hurry Bible verses skin to each other we mark another line 39 verse 4 so you've got same thing unto the ravenous bird of every thought and now you'll see that they're actually split the two together this fit them out so you've got birds which means just the bird any kind of old bird 68 33 and then you've got ravenous 58 61 which is a trouper bird so the word ravenous itself you've got two different meanings for 6530 which is Isaiah 35 verse 9 means a violent one a break or a robber or murderer and in Isaiah 46 the abuse is not there 46 is the same as 39 verse 40 but your argument is that the word ravenous itself means what someone who's violent who does break in yeah at least bro out someone says some he talks about sleepy attacking so if you had the Tachyon or swoopy no easy yeah the definition is because in the word there's an eight ravenous bird is to separate English words which have been yeah it's a singing it's a singular Hebrew word and in the English it would just say ravenous bird or religious said a hawk that could have viewed the whole they could have named a particular bird but they didn't so you have to split it out into two types of two words you have to have what kind of bird it is so it's a singular word in the Hebrew so it's not hungry you have to take that out don't we I take a nice attacking or swooping boat and this recognition wants to say it's a destroyer what's the word that what's the definition that you says that it's one Greek a violent breaker a robber did you wanna do I'm gonna leave like that okay okay so we're in 46 we're done the verge oh no coming back to here you past present or future 9/11 of what same as what okay let's just stick with it in 11 first this part of the perverse is it past present or future we were located suture yeah so God's gonna speak something that's going to come to pass which is I think people I think I think sister aunt Anita said it's over here or here so we say why because it was a prediction yeah so if it's a politically something in the future so that's why people have got either past or present and the future because you're speaking here about something that's going to happen but the speaking isn't isn't the context is it the speaking isn't the tense because the subject matter is this isn't it so is this one happened in the past present or future but it has to be spoken about in the present or in the past depending on how you would get that are we okay with that so can I take this out and say this is in the future we may come in to eat no we can't say that a hungry man coming to it yes we have to well don't we know which that's what a bird of prey does he eats yeah other birds so a man comes and attacks if we keep if we do that did you say angry I'm worried about using that kind of phraseology because it's it's a different context even though the English word is ravenous Genesis 1511 should we go to the rule of first mention Genesis 15 11 jaiswal and when the fowls came down upon the carcasses Abraham drive him away oh I know under the patterns yeah they're sweeping down to eat dimensions how did you get to what we they first mentioned what is that what will you know that's the first mention of 58 61 okay so you've got to 58 61 you look to the first mention of that what does that mean apples to oranges here degree Matthew 24 28 wherever their carcasses and the Eagles gather together so what what sense is 15:11 going to do i guess you could protective a swooping down to eight because what else are they gonna do on the carcass right okay so you will pick up the the concept they've come in they come in to 8:15 11:00 the birds the ravenous birds are coming to eat the carcasses so the Lord first mentioned does that apply to using the first of the Hebrew word as as opposed to using the first of the English word that the KJV is using you can use that for both overlooked knees like I always out that know the rules properly the front of the Strong's no it's something you will do more for me first make it so can you use can you use Greek and Hebrew prophet ila can you use the first mention of a Hebrew word is the ruler first mentioned so we can do both so the first machen in the English is what Isaiah the word ravenous is is the one that UK but in the context ravenous bird is is is Isaiah 46:10 33 times all I wanted to say is whatever happiness birds do they eat then they they eat beasts yeah so a man comes I put a tax if I think I might I think maybe we can put eat because that's what makes it that's the purpose of what they do they come and eat so are we okay they were in the future yeah okay so let's get some context then contextually who is this person this man who comes from the east and attacks and eats things we've all established what we already established because he's a beast and he's a man at the same time based on the man so therefore he he must be mr. king so it's a king he's gonna come from the east and he's gonna do what attack and kill and eat what because won't what a ravenous birds don't eat his prey I'll do it that way sit pray Peoria who is this person who is this king that comes from the east and that's all of this work everybody okay that is Cyrus yep this yep so this is Cyrus spiritually could it be Christ well if we get them little first then we'll work out if it if we'll although it's the spiritual yeah so you think this might be Christ okay so how do you know Cyrus will there Isaiah 45 he mentioned Cyrus so he's gonna Kim's gonna come from the east attack and kill and eat does that say Oh gonna kill these prey who is his prey babbled on how do we know he's Babylon are we okay with that Isaiah 47 the destruction of Babylon so we have to what find out here we are in our line we've got Cyrus which he and Hugh Cyrus the meat of Persia so the birdies neither Persia the mani Cyrus he's gonna come and do what kill Babylon so where are we now every I carry that so we're here at a time at the end so if we're at the time at the end whose Babylon which time at the end you want to go for 1798 with the time of the end ok so you'd like to 1798 who is Babylon he said it was a joining thing why is it ok why is it time with the end must be me yeah he said it was I mean Cyrus it's me to purchase a type 4 of United States and babylons type 4 papacy and papers you could get gets killed like that yep sister Sara doesn't like that I like that I'll be ok then it's time at the end let's just agree with that it's time yet how do you next time at the end how do we do that this is to Mina as you later time to the end where it's violence we know it Cyrus why is all this happening at time of the end sister to Mina when she says she doesn't know then we lost someone else okay brother Mary Sarah Sarah okay so you've got the end of the 70 captivity how is that time of the end well you have to tie that with symbolically with 1798 with the fall of the people I'm here I break her with that I was saying that you tie it with 1798 with the fall of the papacy Terry tip-up I heard a lady's voice who was that oh ok sorry if we look in verse 1 and 2 we have those idols again and it says they were upon the Beast sounds to me like past they were heavy burden I read somewhere and in verse 2 it says they are gone into captivity during that time so maybe we could do this this is artaxerxes Darius and Cyrus sweetie crease three messages seven thunders seven kings the begin the 2200 ace is at the third decree it ends at the third angels message and we've got seven thunders we've got seven Kings we've got three decrease three messages and so therefore we can say that we've now got a pattern here that gives them this is the time of the end then we have 70 year captivity and this is the 1260 and otherwise it's going to tie up these two passages so maybe someone could find that great controversy the same place right say 60 okay so plonk of quickly find that versat I think it's great controversy 356 are often shows typify france which typifies the united states so that's what are you sure yeah okay I think we're gonna that type maybe we'll pick this up so I think we've seen that it's not that easy to you can get lost in the in the details about putting play putting things in a line that we had all these different places but if you just step back and look at it simply especially if you go back into the history it really helps you to locate things a way stopping you to locate I hopefully we can see Easter where we've got the time again but we're not even at the time at the end are we we're not even here yet so I know someone said time at the end but we're not actually at time at the end because it's future so we're somewhere here in darkness somewhere here in the captivity in fact in real life this is Isaiah and Isaiah is under whose reign mostly Manasseh so in Isaiah 44 so your way back seriously back here in the first generation and you're looking forward to say what's going to happen but at least the minimum we're in the period of darkness and he's prediction about what's going to happen at the time at the end so this is the time of the end so everyone was making I guess the fall of Babylon over here or the fall of Babylon over here but Babylon Falls here at the time of the end doesn't it yeah Babylon Falls at the time of the end remember this no you can't do that because monastery's over here in this if you're going to take this contextual line but now you're going to make you're making Manasseh here I've used Manasseh in a different way does that make sense because Manasseh would be time at the end and we're already back here so if it was then that would mean that we're in hit this history somewhere here here if when NASA begins to rain here and Isaiah is in he's doing his ministry during the reign of Manasseh it was somewhere over here juggling these lines is not that straightforward okay so let's pray it's really gone a bit over time so it was just a simple exercise to say how we read verses and how we structure them Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray that you would be with us bless us and guide us help us to honor you Lord in what we do and what we say Jesus his name we pray I mean