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you this is the I trust everyone has it there's one up here on my desk I must've handed these out this is the the web search that sister Kathy pulled together it start has a couple other things in it but this Potomac Potomac declaration on July 27th this year you can read down through here how it it comes from the Napoleonic Code of 1804 and the de poliana code of 1804 comes from the decree of Justinian in 533 but it's also a restatement of a United Nations document that came seventy years earlier and and that's in here as well so it's connected back go back that way to what's 1948 to United Nations anti-blasphemy position it's not just anti-blasphemy but that's that's what I'm calling it what I'm saying is if you're following the logic is that on July 27th of this year the external was this action by the State Department and we already gave a handout earlier last week that shows that Pompeyo the State Department is you know putting lifting up the Pope of Rome as the moral authority to implement this it's because it's a restatement its first time State Department ever made a declaration like this but it's a restatement of a United Nation document so you're seeing the connection between the United States the United Nations and with the State Department being the focus and I'm saying that State Department started on July 27th 1789 so it is definitely a this number we've already been looking at it's definitely a way mark that's connected with the 391 and years 15 date time prophecy of Revelation 9 so you go back 70 years to a United Nations position they're restating it here and it goes all the way back to the decree of Justinian at 533 which comes five years before the papacy is put on the throne of the earth and there's a Sunday law in 533 or 538 so this is this is pretty significant history but it's associated with July 27th that's why that's up there we're going to look at July 27 1793 July 27 1794 this is technically the reign of terror and over here I'm going to put on the board sister Tessa's revolution lines and she calls this whole history here the reign of terror and I'm not so sure that the Lord doesn't want us to focus in on this last year of this because its bookend with July 27th and July 27th this is when Robespierre is put in power the reign of terror begins and then he is executed a year later on July 27th also in these notes these are just some things I'm girl I was grabbing March on page 5 of these notes the Syrian war begins in 2011 ok and then on the next page six and seven you have Daniel's statement about July 27th which would which I'm saying is the internal when he can't comes to recognize or believe that on October 13th Parminder is going to present the message of the midnight cotton cry at Lambert or here at the school one or the other and he's you've got his what do they call it screenshot that shows that that that he actually came to this conviction on July 27th and what I was saying yesterday about Daniel I want to say again I think what the Lord is showing is there several personalities that are being used to contribute to the message of the midnight cry he's emphasizing that it's not a singular Samuel snow and there's there's a reason to pay attention to that where we're not particularly in Africa as an example in Africa there's a really sharp individual and he really is and he's put some some thoughts out there in in Africa about identifying certain people as this Miller right person or that Miller right person a variety of them and most of those people that are being identified even if they're actually fulfilling that role had a minor sense they're young people and there's just something you got to know is dangerous about taking a young person and start saying you know your your Fitch or your snow okay so I think the Lord has given testimony that he's using a variety of personalities to repeat the work of Samuel snow such as George I'm amazed at what George put together on the sermon and he didn't he didn't take time to nail it all down and yesterday Daniels Daniel pointed to the premise of George's sermon that when it comes to the Passover plague that's when the time was given but George showed that the the time becomes an emphasis in the plagues leading up to the Passover yeah that's the that's the perfect point in time but the plagues are short together anyway so it's not a denial that it's at the very end that the Lord opens the time but in the fourth plague I think he's he's saying that you know tomorrow at at noon or something so he starts bringing in time into the plagues even before you get to Passover and I don't know I mentioned yesterday how many have actually looked at Habakkuk stables and I'm sure on Habakkuk stables but if not we did this study I'm gonna mention even if it isn't on Habakkuk stables but on Habakkuk stables or other places we've shown that when it comes to Enoch Methuselah and Noah that that's the three angels messages and and he didn't George it and take time to to dive into that he may understand that but if you take Enoch and then you go in to the testimony of Enoch in the New Testament you'll see that he's the seventh from Adam which I mark 1798 William Miller he has the same message as William mount Miller the judgment hour message Enoch does so he's the first angels message and then the word Methuselah that George pointed out means when he dies it shall come it's a there's a couple words that make up Methuselah and one of them has to do with a spear that's that's thrown and when you trace down the very etymology is that the right word of those Hebrew words that make up Methuselah the part of it that's about this spear that's thrown you can trace down into the the seven times the the Hebrew that's translated seven times in leviticus 20:6 and the second angels message and the the latter rain you can tie all that in with Methuselah and so he didn't George didn't put this in place Noah's obviously where the door closes he's the third angels message but this this study about Enoch Methuselah and Noah as a matter of public record so I just want to remind us that the logic of it is is that Methuselah didn't die the day that they got on the ark Methuselah died in the year that the flood was going to come so the the logic is is that the prophecy of Methuselah was in his name and you knew that when he died that you were at the year the time period of the flood so when he died within a year minimum maybe less but within a year you knew if you were following prophecy that you were at the point in time when the flood would come once again taking right down to the very end of time when Methuselah dies it's right before the flood and his death is saying okay this is when so what George was used to put in place is it's evidence that the Lord is using a bunch of people to pull these things together so and I and as I said I don't think those references what we handed out yesterday those references from sister White's publications on October 13th there that's pretty profound stuff - the way you way it's strung together but all I have I haven't went back and looked at Tess's presentations what I have is some screenshots that I took so those of you that let me show you something before we get there to make a point those of you that have that her presentations down in your head when I put this the revolution lines on the board if there's any details I'm missing you can you can correct me and we can get it straight right from the start one thing that I then I find a little bit interesting is that in 1789 July 27 you have the State Department started and that takes you back 490 years to July 27 14:49 and we understand the four and I need to be a probationary time and if you go to here in 1782 you have the introduction of the Great Seal of the United States the seal that when they have an official document it's on to anyone who has an American passport has the Great Seal that's $12.99 okay so this is the seal of the United States this is on it it has the eep eep lura bus unum expression it's got the the eagle with the if you got a dollar bill look at you look at it you can figure out what the Great Seal was and therefore right here and I'm not so sure about this in 1785 but it makes sense to me you have a couple things and one of the books I had that grew legs is ecclesiastical megalomania is that in your book case is okay ecclesiastical megalomania is written by a Protestant theologian and politician the guy was a theologian and a politician he he was the whatever you call it that the head guy that runs a political person's you know they're more than that when he was campaign manager will work but he was more than the campaign manager he was the head guy for Ron Paul in Texas for a long time so I mean he's he was a legitimate political guy if you know who Ron Paul is and he wrote this book ecclesiastical megalomania ecclesiastical meaning Church and megalomania means the the disease at youth when you think you're God okay so that's the premise of the book the church that thinks it's God and it goes through in it it lays out Catholicism's political and economical structures and compares them through history it's a really good book every seventh day adventists know this but he makes the case and he does it really well if you go if you go back into the 17th and 18th century in his book he does and he goes back into famous authors like Mark Twain okay I think is one of them he quotes but some of the other other ones that I don't remember I don't know the famous were little e off there's well enough to pull him out but he pointed out that in that time period of in the United States it was common and these authors gave evidence to it that everyone spoke about the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism and they would they would go to they would write about cities where you could have a city let's say you had hot springs and had a railroad track coming through the middle of it and on this side of the railroad track was the Catholic side of town and on this side was the Protestant side of town and they would they would be commenting than on the Protestant side of town it was clean it was orderly it was prosperous it was healthy but as soon as you crossed over the track it was just the opposite poverty existed and it was it was dirty and rundown so this used to be common knowledge in that time period where even the famous authors of that day noted it you wouldn't say anything couldn't say anything like that now because it wouldn't be politically correct but his point was his argument was is the difference between the Protestant and Catholic side of town and his very premise this is his big argument in the book was personal property rights what the Constitution established was personal property rights the Catholic Church does not allow for property rights neither communism or socialism when you take it to the the bottom line of socialism communism there's spin-offs of Catholicism and one way or another they claim ultimate control of property and he argues very soundly in this book that when the Protestants arrive in the United States what's built into the Constitution is the ability for the Protestants of the United States to own their own property and because of this then they have a conviction that they need to support the Lord's work they need to manage their property where they can have money to support the Lord's work and that was the distinction between these these two entities so I'm not so sure about this here but in 1785 is a law passed I forget the name of it as they're as they're heading towards the Constitution which provides for the first time for the colonists in the United States to own land but also in 1785 they introduced the dollar as the standard of currency okay their monetary standard so 1785 in the midst of this week because you have seventy weeks here and here you would have a week and it begins with the seal and it's about the United States and in the middle of it you have property rights or the introduction of the dollar but both of them are significant and this is it like in July of 1785 that for what for the law but I'm talking about the dollar the dollars in July is adopted so I don't know but if you're getting my point if we're going to relate to this as 490 years based upon Daniel 9 then Daniel 9 has a week at the end that Christ confirms the covenant with many for one week and this is the confirmation of the Covenant with the United States here in 1789 they're going to break this covenant when you get to the end of the world but they are the glorious land they are going to be the defenders of religious liberty until we get to our history so I wanted to put that in place okay so yes it's if you have a dollar bill it's the it's the adoption of the Great Seal which is if you have your passport it's on every pass American passport it's the eagle with the the twelve arrows 13 yeah yes which is one week to 1789 and then over here what's that March of 1789 is when the Constitution March fourth I think is established or you know and the first presidents put in place but we're looking at the significance of July 27 okay so going off this screenshot and there's some brightness in it this is the German Revolution that she has first okay and if you remember she has a period of preparation that's gonna occur in these revelry revolutions and then she has what I guess she settled on calling a counter-revolution revolution over here this would be the German and this would be the Russian and this to me is the when it comes to line up online marking November 9th this is the one that really hits me between the eyes is when you put these revolutionary lines up there this is the French but this is this is the one that I'm I'm thinking at minimum there is some added light that we need to see because in her presentations she puts the reign of terror from here to here and I'm saying technically it was down here okay so you got a preparation here and so the base upon the testimony of three we draw our conclusions down here about the Trump revolution if that's one way to say it everyone remember these lines okay and she had she had a secondary French Revolution up here that she lined up with the civil war in the United States which is okay we can look at that as well Lord willing but based upon the testimony of three if the preparation time period for the counter revolution is valid then there should be a preparation time period there that's the logic and this German activity begins in 1918 on the 30th of October the Russian the 8th of March of 1917 and the French Revolution 1789 and that's at the the Battle of the Bastille is for most historians mark that I I don't know that she mentioned that I don't remember she prob we did and then from in hair what she had was this whole history is the reign of terror and this is I don't think it's a problem calling this whole history of reign of terror so I'm not saying that she's wrong okay but she went from 1789 to 1794 five years it's 89 that's five years but I think she put four years in there no it was over here okay since she put four years over here because she has four years up here when we put all the details in and four months over here okay so she she's seeing a number four in this period of time so what I would say is that this is actually the reign of terror and it's from July 27th 727 to 727 1793 to 1794 not that all of this doesn't lead up and put together the the in the environment for the reign of terror but the July 27th focuses this focuses this in I think where we have to take a look at it and what she was saying is that up here this revolution remember she's calling this first period of time a revolution and she kind of I don't think she was settled into that before she got here it was in front of us where she came to the conclusion okay we'll call this a revolution in this a counter-revolution just so he can make a distinction between the two this revolution this one here ends on November 9th 1918 this revolution ends on November 9th 1917 and this one ends on what is it that the 11th of Thermidor how was a ninth of Thermidor and Thermidor is the eleventh month in the French calendar so you have eleven nine on the French calendar and what's that equate to quits - this right here so July 27th can also be what November 9th okay so what the conclusion down here when I don't know I'll just put USA rather than calling it the Trump revolution because it's not just about Trump right the conclusion here is that on November 9th without putting the date a year that this first revolution period of revolution in the United States gonna come to a conclusion we have we know what date where what year we're going to put on up and I'm just using the the prophetic logic at this point and just put in November 9th and I write here in in my screenshot right here in the French Revolution it says decree and I can't read the last part decree on the press ok decree on the press so I'm gonna put Press is the pressing issue I'm amazed I'm amazed that for if you were watching it at all for four or five days the press was saying that and and they got confirmed that this guy that sending out bombs is doing it because he's been motivated by Trump's activity and it's clear because all the bombs are going to Liberal Democrats okay but then on Sabbath you have this nutjob go in and kill all the Jews in the synagogue and he's a Trump basher okay so they don't change their their their their position that's Trump's fault too so whether it's a a Republican whack job or a Democrat whack job the press is going to blame it totally on Trump so you and of course he's blaming it on both cases on the press so I'm not taking sides here I'm just thinking in the next few months we're gonna realize that the civil war already started that it's it started as sister Tess put in place back here in the in the lead-up to the election with the info war and all that but I mean the actual push and shove of the Civil War yeah I think is under way okay over here in in this history that starts the Russian Revolution you have strikes protests I don't know so much about strikes and protests but protests we got protests starting down here in our history you know no no I'm not late is that one you want to put his two thousand I think we have to get into the the other lines to use if we're going to uphold Tess's application we got to get into the lines of the the Wars of Pyrus so I'm not I'm not locking it down at this point I'm just taking this screen shot and trying to put it all in place this here in history in the Russian Revolution was called the white terror and I don't know what that means if it's about talking about some kind of up uprising in our history that's going to be with skinheads white terror or something like that but even if that's not what's being implied this was also called the white terror in this history so it's giving you a second witness that these periods of time are prophetically accurate even if we can't draw any conclusion about what white terror is speaking to down here but it's tying these two together you follow me end up four years in the four years and this up here was four months and this began on 5 January 1 5 1919 and it was a short civil war that went for months and I don't the light here was right there on my screen shot so I don't know what it says above that ok 5 1990 that's a fine I'll just spell it me okay so four months so there should be a four down here right if we're going to put a prep here then we have the right to put a four there and in here and you guys can help me on this one she has a line where she's got the 25th 26th of October which is the seventh or eighth of nor November okay okay so and that's taken Unwin Oh leading to the ninth okay so she's talking about the an escalation that takes you to so but she has Lenin under there so Lenin abolished it and then in 1917 he releases it agreed okay so so the decree of the Free Press isn't here in the French Revolution it's it goes in in the Russian Revolution okay so I'm gonna put press here for this whole history it's an escalation escalated attack on the press but the decree is on November 9th given that though a time that actually I did get from that there's actually a time when did you shut down yeah I think that she she made a valid observation that the first thing a dictator has to do is take control of the press and we've already not documented but it's documented that the the globalists in order to take over the world have made an effort for the last hundred and fifty years to take control of the presses so I mean that's a that's an established principle so they're they got to shut down the press there's another thing when you talk about her presentation on the wars you know with Pyrus and onward and before she said anything whether you're aware of it maybe some of you in here like Brittany and Bronwyn will remember better than I we've had articles that we put in the newsletter from the either Tabo or the Brethren in Africa where they're they're dealing with the history in Daniel 11 after we understood that Russia was the king of the south and they're going into some of these Biblical histories to uphold what we're understanding about raffia and Panem and one of those articles I remember reading and I'm pointing to you guys because you've probably read them for editorial analysis one of them went in and showed that virtually before every war there's something that happens do you remember what it was treaties are broken and that's part of her presentation on these wars that she does lines with and last week Trump broke the nuclear treaty and it would be a be one thing that he that he broke the nuclear treaty with Russia king of the north King of the South but that nuclear treaty that he broke was put in place by Reagan and Reagan is typifying him in several different ways so what the conclusion of those the author that put that together was is that when you see treaties broke and it means they're you're getting ready to go to war okay and it's kind of scary because it's it's a treaty over nuclear weapons okay if you're getting ready to go to war you're breaking the treaty over nuclear weapons so all I'm all I'm throwing that in for is it I think it's valid to see at the beginning of a dictatorship the press is taken over but also at the beginning of the war your treaties are dissing 'old and she that was part of her her lines any of the thought on on this no okay so brother Daniel wants to put 2016 here perhaps is that what you're suggesting because you mentioned that that's when it begins the process the what the program no I don't know if they began there they when did the protests you know the antia and that they were still happening in Obama's and Obama's they had the Occupy Wall Street and although I know what I don't know 2014 I don't know that it's that it has been clearly documented and if it's been clearly documented I don't know that we can trust the new source but the inference out there that you hear over and over again is that these protesters protests have been financed by George Soros okay that he pays for it to bust these people in they don't even live in the cities where they're protesting I don't know if that's valid but that's the story that's out there but that was going on with when Obama was president so the protest would have started first search is saying that the origins of the Tea Party actually started back in 2009 so so the Tea Party which is the the justification or the supposed justification for the ante fuh to come and so the Tea Party is probably a better one to pick because it's lining up with the Boston Tea Party party at the beginning of the United States and you're saying it was organized in 2009 February 19 2009 anyone put any input on this because the Boston the CNBC referenced the Boston Tea Party of 1773 when he made this comment on it so he had the initial thing was tying it back into that so the Boston Tea Party was in 1773 when the reign of terror began quit okay 20 years before good could that was I don't know anyway of what we put if if strikes in protests are 1917 right it is that what you have in your notes that's what I have on this screenshot but maybe that was for now I'm sure that was the Russian Revolution strikes and protests yes so would it be valid to point to the the beginning of the Tea Party because I know the the justification for the other the backlash is that the Tea Party people did it first the Tea Party are the people that support Trump there they came together as a political group and they began getting accused of being militant and aggressive but in relation to what and Tifa has done that isn't a valid accusation okay there were some people pardon me anti anti-fascists there I don't know all the the roots of them but I think they're like that an extension of the anarchists that had been out in the political arena in the world for the last 40 years or so since the 20s and 30s okay but in go ahead yeah she's in 2009 I know I'm just telling him I'm trying to give him sup what the mindset you would assume that 99% of the Tea Party people would vote for Trump that's all I'm serious even though they but Trump was on the scene then - when did Trump decide he was going to run for president the first time was 2000 okay so we would have called the Tea Party anti Obama and why does that logic fit because he he was a tax guy and the Boston Tea Party was a protest against tax they're taxing the tea so they threw it in the water was a it was a protest against taxation it which is one of the characteristics of these Biblical histories that support what we understand about Daniel 11 I've been reading about a little bit about the Constitutional Convention and the tea party that started in 2009 is now connected with promoting constitutional conventions to make a man that's on the Constitution yeah I would think that that's there that that would be one of their they're the religious right yeah even if there are just one aspect of the religious life right and the religious right is going to push for an amendment are you raising your finger cuz you want to talk you're just trying to get exercise it okay all right so do we need to put a date in here okay we don't need to bet that's the tea party and but this is open for correction if we if we want to that's cool that's cool because it's ten years to 2019 okay but this history here and this history here if you go into the French Revolution I'm pretty sure most of the historians are going to say that it's at the the Bastille what do they call that but they call it Bastille Day when they celebrate it now but what happened that was the history of Bastille didn't they storm the Bastille no no that was wasn't that before I just saw yeah and that's what they showed okay so that is the women's March huh yeah it was all these women gathering at me thing and then they went in yeah there when we were first studying this the connection between the French Revolution and the russian revolution that has some parallels there that are really profound but isn't the but still wasn't it where they kept the weapons yes okay so the first the women went out to the king's house that was outside of Paris and they protested and it's called the bread protest or something like that the protest of bread and then they went back into Paris to where they keep the guns the the Bastille and they took control of it and the point is is in the Russian Revolution when that was going on there was a place that was an armory and the the Russian soldiers that were protecting the armory were all women okay so you had armory armory women women there's connections about the beginning of the Russian Revolution than the French Revolution that just blow your mind in prophetically saying this is the arrival of the king of the south into prophetic history and this is the end of the king of the south and prophetic history and it really fits so armory I don't I don't know if we want to do this I don't want to also I mean the right to bear arms in 2009 maybe September 12th was a big March and it was the right to bear arms freedom of religion and taxation government and it was a lot of women but it wasn't the women's March the women of march was different okay all right so I I'm putting that up there not necessarily as this way mark what I was saying is as I remember that the the beginning of the French Revolution there's things that lead up to the Bastille and one of them the women first go out to the king's house and then they go back in so there's and the reason they're doing it is because they're starving to death and and if the queen is is partying down so there's a whole environment here that contributes to this so maybe this is just the environment that's going to contribute to this way mark whatever this way mark is all right so but what I want to look at is here it's I would suggest that what we're understanding about November 9th 2019 has to be the end of some kind of activity that's been typifies by this year that is the reign of terror based upon July 27th to July 27th ok and up here you have a little period of time with Lenin taking control of the press and finally a decree against the press probably pointing to a decree against fake news here what is being labeled as fake news any other insights on that what yes I'm gonna put away mark here you the King loses his head what's that a kingdom bow king or the head of gold Daniel chapter 2 and here the King of France loses his head marking the end of a kingdom and that is what's happening here the the end of the royalty of France is being replaced by Robespierre and then it's going to transcend into this Republican government that is Napoleon and it's in 1789 now that I'm thinking about it I think it's in 1789 correct me if I'm wrong that they come out with their Declaration of the Rights of Man in France is that not what it is not not correct and that's important when do I whenever it comes in i think it's 1789 that they have their declaration in the same year we have our declaration of independence and what's at least one of the things whenever it does come out one of the things to note about the Declaration of the Rights of Man is it ended the feudal system that was the end of the feudal system in European history and everyone know what the feudal system is okay so the now the the the peasants are no longer property of the king so to speak all right it was 1789 so you have two declarations here one in the United States and one in France and France typifies the United States and at this declaration you have a beginning of a a nation and an end of a what would you call the feudal system a end of a a system the end of a system okay and in this system ends and the head of that system was the kings of Europe but wasn't just France it was all over Europe but he's gonna come to his full conclusion down here as a king so that would mean you would need not need but you may whenever your starting point here is you might see the end of some system I don't know what that would be am i lining the tea party up with what no I I'm not necessarily the lining it up but I'm using the beginning of the United States as a justification for grabbing the tea party as a symbol of the end of the United States but maybe that's what we should do is that if this is the way mark there and somebody said when the Boston Tea Party was when was it 1773 so back here this would be the tea party if if I'm understanding your question or your observation okay so in 1773 Jesuits abolished and the Boston Boston Marathon Tea Party and here Samuel snow presents the message in the midst of the week all kinds of things about Boston right this might be on left field but the Boston Tea are the not the Boston Tea Party but the tea party one of their issues was what you guys call Obamacare and that was in October 29th 2009 if that was the bill was crafted and I don't know that's the end of a system that but it's yeah it's end of once it's the arrival of abomination October 29th 2009 that the House of Representatives crafted with the bill was crafted 29th Obamacare I don't know and the on December 24th the Senate passed an alternative health care bill but I don't know that's his system and it is connected to the one of the OP the main objections at the Boston Tea Party had or not the Boston Tea Party but the tea party had to Obama was this change in the medical system and it's Alma this is probably a stretch but it's almost a return to futile because it comes under the umbrella of redistribution of wealth okay and and the feudal system was that there is an elite class that distributes the wealth is that a stretch kind of baby okay so we're saying that maybe the system came to an end there is what do we call a typical our health care here free-enterprise health care comes to an end marketplace which would speak to this history here because if you're gonna if you're going to accept the premise that this is 490 based upon Daniel 9 and the last the seven years the the last week of the seventy weeks in this history is the Great Seal and in the middle of the dollar bill and property rights in the middle and then the Constitution it's consistent with the role of the United States having the ability to force everyone to to buy or sell except they have the mark of the beast' money is a characteristic of the United States so for the free market to system to be impacted that way in 2009 maybe the system that was typify by the feudal system right that's what we're saying Theodore and Jim one of the things about that I understand my limited understanding of American politics but the medical system wasn't really the responsibility of the national government right was it it was taken away from the individual states under Obamacare and that individuals so that would more parallel a feudal system where you have all these independent fiefdoms and now wasn't taken away from the state it's taking away from individuals well okay individuals but even but the state the individual states had so there was only one state that I know of and it's the state up in the North East was it Romney that was the government governor and he'd implemented in Massachusetts there's only one state that had a so who regulated medical care like the regulations of it was that of federal well states might regulate and regulate medical practices right that's what I'm talk--i they weren't providing I know insurance that I'm talking about is the regulations and so for the federal government or whatever you call it to come in and then interfere to me that was an interference of the the federal government over the Independence of the states yeah that's one of that the states rights issue yeah that's what I which is understood the issue of the Civil War as well do you guys call it the federal government here yeah okay some additional context on the tea party if you look it's interesting if you look at the spark of the Tea Party was Rick Santelli on February 19th on Chicago futures exchange and he went on a rant and the Chicago's futures exchanged is considered to be an icon of capitalism as if he went on a rant about how this as an attack on capitalism and so if you look at what was an attempt Obamacare the whole taxation issue and how there's a shift and with what they're trying to do with Obamacare and you're saying that was when February February 19th or nine but it was on the I think a significant day it was on the floor of the Chicago's future so that's because your problem Chicago this that's how you spell Santorum Santelli Santelli Santelli okay spell it for me yeah you ll eyes okay Chicago anybody can watch it it was Chicago what is it costing futures and so there's evidence that free enterprise free market system is under attack here and the Tea Party comes up in protest of that the same way the Boston Tea Party protests it against the taxation that was coming from England Brahmin then Kathy I think it would be important to go back and find Noel de Rosas lines that he did dealing with this so that we can see where it was placed maybe it was a couple of years ago at least because he placed these on the line before yeah he did he put the but but he put the maybe he put the Tea Party but he put the Boston Marathon attack well we have it we have it here on file is that going back to the Tea Party and their connection with the constitutional convention movement they held a mock constitutional convention in September of 2016 and they invited legislators they pay for all their expenses and their funding their donations have quadrupled since 2016 and since that mock convention 27 states have now put forth for our calling for constitutional convention that the tea party today or the religious right which the tea party is a component of in when we were first presenting this message in the 1980s and 90s the 1990s it was called the Christian Coalition okay in that history we went back and we demonstrated that the the roots of the Christian Coalition was the national reform movement of sister White's day and age and so that while I'm saying is the Tea Party and this movement for an amendment it's it's the extension of the national reform movement and you can type in national reform movement in central White's writing and she's going to say the national reform movement is the third angel's message and she even rebukes Adventist pastors for not emphasizing that the national reform movement is the third angel's message and we used to we used to teach out all the time and when was it that the national reform movement started 1863 1863 I had in my head it was 1888 and Tabo was teaching this for enough different reason in Africa and I said are you sure it's not 1888 so he went back in and he got it it's 1863 the national reform movement begins which sister White says is the their work towards bringing in his amendment is the third angel's message and is you track it through down to our day and age the Tea Party you don't even hear tea party so much anymore do you at most you're gonna hear religious right but they're the ones that put Trump in office and they're the ones that are going to lead out into a minute in an amendment to the Constitution for Sunday law and most Adventists aren't aware of that of what that the Sunday law comes through an amendment they think it's just a law there's a difference between a law and an amendment right yes okay but it's an amendment that's coming so there has to be a you have the Constitution that is your point of reference for all your law and you can pass a law and it can be it can exist in the society for years it can be enforced but if someone challenges that then it in and it makes its way through the court system it'll go up to the Supreme Court and they're going to compare that law with the Constitution and they're going to say yes it agrees or no it doesn't so a law is something that can float through society until it's challenged and that may or may not stand an amendment to the Constitution is a law that becomes part of the Constitution then and there and most being in order to do that you have to have a majority of the states of the United States is it just simple majority I think it's a simple majority you have to have 26 states that agree to have a convention is it a simple majority correct me if I'm wrong 34 so it's 2/3 okay so two-thirds of the states have to say yes we agree to sit down and have a Constitutional Convention and then they sat down and they they vote in this amendment the problem the scary part of it is what what Adventists always guess about it is when they finally get the Constitutional Convention up and running they're gonna do it for this reason they're going to want to put in an amendment in for this reason but once the convention is open they can do anything they want so then the Sunday law comes in and no one was expecting it and bam it's a done deal that's that's the conjecture about the Constitutional Convention so when you see the tea party raising its head here you could because it's a Christian right you can trace it back to the 1888 time period when sister White's talking about the National reformers the national reform movement and it's illustrating in our history and it was it was active she was speaking about it in the 8th Post 1888 time period accurately label this and my time we would need to take the beginning of America which is where the Boston Tea Party started this civil war of America and now our time lay him on one line and then cut the lines like tested and stacked those three lines and I don't think we'll get an accurate wait mark there and unless we do that first I agree I'm I'm that's what I would intend to do in this is that discuss this until we're done discussing and having in our head and then go back into the the president's study because the president studies gives you the connection between the American Revolution and the French Revolution it'll tie it in there and you can begin taking the the characteristics of the beginning of the American Revolution here and putting them in place and knowing that like in 1789 what do you have you have the first president George Washington which is November 9th 2016 the last president you know it you tie it in that way but you have to tie in I think the French Revolution with it can't be separated that's what we're looking at here based upon these three revolutions so anyone that has any more insight about what we should consider in these way marks put it in the record now I see a few hands raise your hands again so I can see all the hands ok sister Chrystie sister ELISA and who who oh and Bronwyn okay sister Christy at the Tea Party in 2009 you had over a million people and that was in my mind the start that that was paramount that the journalists that they were reporting incorrectly they were not telling the truth on TV so people were they no they weren't how do you know how could you trust the TV because I I took our daughters to protest this is back Montello so you thought it happened we saw it happen and they said they were like two or three thousand people when there was over a million people so the news and we watched it literally on TV after the protest and they said there were some the CNN and some of the other we're saying there were five thousand people seven thousand people and it was documented that there was over a million people and it was peaceful because they were saying it was gonna be very dangerous because unlike Panthers were there there was one black panther there was no violence it was clean so it was a it was a Christian environment but that's when the press was saying that I mean they weren't they were not telling the truth on air back then what does that mean well I mean because you talk about the press and oh yeah baby yeah that would almost sound like that you're providing the justification for for Trump shutting down the press here well I think Obama put into place a what was it where he said that it propaganda he put in in a log the administration can't be prosecuted for using propaganda messages executive order where the administration cannot be prosecuted for using propaganda against American people executive order 126 sister Elissa we're gonna suggest that maybe the 2009 to 2019 is the counter-revolution stretch simply because I'm bringing into my recollection in 2001 afterwards push I remember their vm trying to look it up right now I remember there being a strong statement that he made against the press you know it seemed like it was a lockdown on what the official story was of the bombings and anybody who ain't countered to that was opposed and shut down entirely removed from being a reporter I remember that being missing okay now maybe what you've seen has some some merit maybe not I don't know but I wanted just to be clear as I'm understanding it correct me if I'm wrong and these these labels are not set in concrete but as I understood it test says this history here is the revolution and this history over here is the counter-revolution so if we're going to use the same terms we've got to use the same terms even if they're even if they're only terms if you're saying the counter-revolution begins in 2001 if that's what you're suggesting then you're pointing to this history here and we got to find out what the revolution was I just sing a switch Bronwen and then Brittany I really think it would help to lay it all on one big line like she did I really think it just started America leading the way of marketing Oh like so are you pushing that we need to do that right now I'm saying there we at the point in our side what we're not deciding that this is no decision is it this is discussion here this is notice is no I'm just saying we we need to see it laid out correctly first okay sister Brittany yeah there was she noted there's a brief period of time in between each of these revolutions that leads to the to another uprising which is rocking phone you know you have 14 years so pardon me between Rafa and fonio you have a preparation of time of peace let's stay like this 14 years in Daniel Evans okay so you're saying that this is raffia yeah and then you got to expect 14 years before you get the knot not literal years but you got to expect a period of time before you get to Pinilla I think that's not funny you think it's over here yeah but a kid preparation machine yeah there's a I would say they to me this is one of her strongest arguments okay because you've got November 9th November 9th November 9th and and she didn't even say it was based upon that logic that when she was done everyone ran up and said Oh November 9 2009 teen the group said it for her that logic was strong so we can at least start it does is everyone settled with some of those ideas over there that we can move away from it now and looked at the beginning and we don't have the notes prepared for this I might have them with me the beginning of the United States because the beginning of the United States should illustrate the end of the United States that's the premise right okay so I'm certain that the story about the president has to be part of that because it is the story about the the 45th president which we've came to understand and the 19th Republican president it's about one of the lines that is being impacted at the end of the United States is the president so you have a period of seven presidents ten presidents and then in 1789 March fourth I think you have the Constitution begins to function and you have the first President of the United States George Washington so we would probably have to extend this out a little ways because there's going to be what does this tell us right there what does that tell me I don't know about anyone else some people would argue in fact I think Tessa's logic is is that the Constitution was overturned at 9/11 she may not say that Parminder and I had a discussion about it and I said that's that's the inference that she's at least putting in place and he said yes the Constitution was overturned at 9/11 and I get that the Patriot Act is the changing from Roman law so from English law to Roman law but that was written in 1996 so I mean you and the only reason I'm saying that is this this overturning of the Constitution is progressive okay we've always understood that so it's we've we've taught for years that when the Sunday law is enforced the Constitution is overturned and I'm not dealing with the the symbolic Sunday law 2014 but we know the first Sunday law in a series of Sunday law marks the midnight cry okay sister White says if we'd understand how the Sunday law comes in we but have to look at how it came in in the early history she goes to 321 with the Sunday law by a Constantine ID that's the midnight cry and it leads to the exaltation of Sunday the downplaying of Sabbath and ultimately it leads to a point where you're forced to observe Sunday and persecuted for keeping Sabbath that's 538 that's the Sunday law so from the midnight cry to the Sunday law you could say at the midnight cry you got your first Sunday law the Constitution to destroy but when you get to the Sunday law it's definitely overturned but these way marks are teaching about at minimum the progressive destruction of the Constitution right am i right the Constitution is identified in the spirit of prophecy as a symbol it is the the glory of this country this is the glorious land she says the Constitution is the glory of this country because an enshrined separation of church and state religious freedom so for me this has to typify the way mark where the constitution is overturned if this is where it's put in place it's got to typify the way mark where it's dead in the water but I've just said that I really don't know where to place that do we place it in 1984 when there's an ambassador appointed to the the Vatican and none of the none of the Christian churches in the United States protest they all say Amen in the secret alliance that we understand leads to the collapse of Soviet Union or when they're writing the Patriot Act in 1996 or when it's enforced in 2001 where do we put it the word the revolution in America and then our current revolution our three major ones and I think you would have to place it where Abraham Lincoln did the corpus so if we could lay out the first one in the middle one this is this is what this history that's why I wiped out the presidents this is the history that you're speaking about I agree the first one yeah this is the American Revolution 1776 the Constitutional Convention it leads to the Constitution here so you've got all kinds of dates that you're gonna have to put in here and consider and you should but I just took one to make my point if this is when the Constitution is put in place then it should be typifying when the Constitution down here is fully removed at the end of the United States I'm upholding your your principle that means all of these things that we can identify the correct ones the way marks that lead up to this history that the American Revolution we should see Illustrated down here and to throw in the Civil War in the middle not a problem that's the first Republican president you should put that in there but you also should put in there the French Revolution you can't separate that out and the French Revolution is the beginning of a revolution that is ended in the Russian Revolution so they all got to go in there that's the point of reference over here we started that's I'm saying that the presidents are part of that the first seven presidents they're coming together a called the constitutional convention they're having a convention and get together because we if you're going to be a government you have to have a set of laws you have to have a constitution so they come together to write the Constitution that's why it's called the constitutional convention it takes a couple years and because it's a convention you have to elect a chairman to manage the convention and that's where you get these first seven presidents they're the ones that are leading out in this convention and when you get to the end of that period of time they introduced the first Constitution it was called the Articles of Confederation and it makes a distinction between those first seven presidents and the next ten presidents and we've already demonstrated that when in the past and I'd have to think it think through how we did it but to agree with what you're saying so you can see that I'm this is the articles of articles of confederation I'm gonna guess it 1784 but I don't remember okay this this begins now you have ten presidents that have a constitution and it leads to the constitution in 1789 so we've already said seventy seventy seven seventy yeah eighty-one are you sure they're Articles of Confederation Daniel and sent to the States for ratification it was ratified in 81 in March of 81 okay March of 81 to March of 89 this is you have a constitution in place you have ten presidents in this history and you have seven in this history then that finally come up with the Articles of Confederation but it's going to get reworked to be the Constitution although they're very close the 1777 is when the articles were ten presidents not eight not years is when they were sent out in 1777 right a were all we're finally ratified in 1781 as a corporate yeah everyone agreed all the colonies agree they got four years so all I'm doing now is I'm trying to make a point when we began doing this way back when when this light of the president came up I do to show you what we've already put in the record based upon what I was saying that this is the beginning of the Constitution and the Sunday law has to be the D Sunday law not the midnight cry Sunday law these Sunday law this has to be the dead end of the Constitution based upon that idea maybe it's wrong then this would be the Sunday law and this would be the midnight cry Sunday law we put that in place and what we pointed out is that this here this history of the midnight cry the Sunday law is the transition from the six kingdom of Bible prophecy to the seventh and this the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy is these confederation of ten kings so right here we've already marked that this very word articles of confederation is identifying some kind of agreement that that marks the midnight cry and begins the process of the ten Kings coming together and we've pointed to this very word Confederation so all I'm saying is that we have began this work of laying out this history and bringing it down to the end world a long time ago and we were including with it the fact that you have the Declaration of the Rights of Man in France in that history in France typifies the United States it's you got to include France and that Bronwyn Cathy so you can start laying things in there and seeing where works did they all ratify it mm-hmm all states all thirteen states no no it may be one I'm sorry yeah and so million starts it's the midnight cry is it okay to have the midnight cry at midnight consider woods midnight all right but the cries I know who Cathy another interesting number is in the election of George Washington only 10 out of 13 colonies voted so it leaves you 10 and 3 okay I want to I want to bring read something to add to this that you don't have but you can look it up on your devices if you wish to read along it's great controversy 287 I got to be before that I think but I it's great kind of versatile to 87 it's about the French Revolution and now I'm going to throw some one other thing in the mix here as we close it's not July 27th its January 21st Frances the first had gloried in being a leader in the great movement for the revival of learning which marked the opening of the 16th century he had delighted together at his court men of letters from every country to his love of learning and his contempt for the ignorance and superstition of the monks was due in part at least the degree of toleration that had been granted to the reform but inspired with zeal to stamp out heresy this patron of learning issued an edict declaring printing abolished all over France this is Frances King Francis the first he's going to abolish printing Francis the first presents one among the many examples on record showing that intellectual culture is not a safeguard against religious intolerance and persecution France by a solemn and public ceremony was to commit herself fully to the destruction of Protestantism the priests demanded that the affront offered to high heaven in the condemnation of the mass be expediate 'add in blood and that the king and behalf of his people publicly give his sanction to that dreadful work the 21st of January 15:35 was fixed upon for the awful ceremonial the superstitious fears and bigoted hatred of the whole nation had been aroused so the Catholic Church is manipulating the King of France to bring out bring about a persecution and the King of France has already shut down the printing presses Paris was strong with multitudes from that the superstitious fears and bigoted hatred of the whole nation had been aroused Paris was thronged with the multitudes that from all the surrounding country crowded her streets the day was to be ushered in by a vast and imposing procession the houses along the line of march were hung with mourning drapery and altars rose at intervals before every door was lighted was a lighted torch in honor of the holy sacrament before daybreak the procession formed at the palace of the king first came the banners and crosses of the several parishes next appeared the citizens walking to and to and bearing torches the four orders of Friars followed each in its own peculiar dress then came a vast collection of famous relics following these rode lordly ecclesiastics in their purple and scarlet robes and jeweled adorns a gorgeous and glittering array the host was carried by the Bishop of Paris under a magnificent canopy supporting by four princes of the blood after the hosts walked the King Francis the first on that day wore no crown nor robe of state with head uncovered his eyes cast on the ground and in his hand a lighted taper the King of France appeared in the chamber of a penitent appeared in the character of a penitent and every altar he bowed down in humiliation nor for the vices that defiled his soul not for the devices that defiled the sore soul nor for the innocent blood that stained his hands but for the deadly sin of his subjects who had dared to condemn the mass following him came the Queen and the dignitaries of state and also walk into and to each with lighted torch I'm gonna skip over a little bit one paragraph just so I can get to the end of this terrible had become the darkness of the nation that had rejected the light of truth I'm arguing that here this is speaking to the nation that the end of the world that has rejected the light of truth in the United States that we know stupefied by France on several testimonies the grace that bringeth salvation had appeared but France after beholding its power and holiness after thousands had been drawn by its divine Beauty after cities and Hamlet's had been illuminated by its radiance had turned away choosing darkness rather than light they had put from them the heavenly gift when it was offered them they had called evil good and good evil till they had fallen victims to their willful deception now they might actually believe that they were doing God's service in persecuting his people yet their sincerity did not render them guiltless the light that would have saved them from deception from staining their souls with blood guiltiness they had willfully rejected okay skipping one more paragraph again and again the procession halted at the places of torture upon reaching their starting point at the Royal Palace the crowd dispersed and the king the prelates withdrew well satisfied with the days preceding and could crach elating themselves that the work now begun would continue to the complete destruction of heresy the gospel of peace which France had rejected was to be only - surely rooted out and terrible terrible would be the results this had this possession this slaughter took place on January 1st 1535 we read that then she says on the 21st of January 1793 258 years from the very day that full that fully committed France to the persecution of reformers another procession with a far different purpose passed through the streets of Paris this is 227 to 230 I'm sorry again the king was the chief figure again there were two molt's and shouting again there was heard from the cry far more victims again there were black scaffolds and it's going to describe that the king nor was the king - only victim near the same spot two thousand and eight hundred human beings perished by guillotine during the bloody days of the reign of terror so she's okay I'm there's all I'm what I'm putting in place here is that in the reign of terror which is the king this final King of France in 1794 is it 1794 July 27th no this is Robespierre okay he's going to lose his head in 1793 the King 1793 the King of France but it's going to be on July January 21st 258 years after the first Protestant reformers are executed by the king of France - against the Protestant Reformation but it also is on the very day January 21st 1535 and I'm there's one other passage that I don't have here that should be there but she emphasizes strongly that the spot where the first reformer is executed on January 21st 1535 is the same spot where the King ultimately loses his head On January 21st 1773 leading up to July 27th 1793 the reign of terror probably spelled that wrong it's not you just said it's 93 okay you're you're saying my speech not my writing okay 93 so what is that six months later the reign of terror is going to begin Robespierre is going to be put in place and one year later on July 27th 1794 17 January 21st January January toward that's my point what I'm trying to put in the record is we close here is January 21st okay and it the emphasis that sister white puts on it on the very same day and the very same spot so I know that we were closing out trying to lay out the history of the United States but I wanted to at least put it in the record before we proceed in this that I'm arguing January 21st we got two witnesses here it has to do with the persecution of the Protestants and then the French King in that history so I found it interesting that Hillary Clinton was sworn in as a head of the State Department on January 21st in 2009 and I'm not just pointing to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry because it's Pompeo now that's the one out doing the Potomac Potomac declaration hey since it's a state department in a general sense they're the ones that have connected to Rome anyway so does everyone follow the logic that we're trying to work upon here we're taking Tess's revolution lines and we're using these three witnesses to deal with the Trump Revolution here at the end but this Trump revolution will have been illustrated by the American Revolution so we're going to have to go back to the beginning of the American Revolution and because Trump's the last Republican president we'll go to the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln and bring the Civil War in just like tested in in the screenshot I'm working from over here she had up here the French Revolution she says the French Revolution I think has more than one application and she did the French Revolution up here without any preparation in it and she put below at the Civil War so we're not denying anything that she's she's done and I don't know where this will lead us necessarily but we can't get away from I can't get away from the conviction that 391 years is part of the story because of July 27th and it brings in all kinds of other things about prophetic application and any other closing comments shall we pray Heavenly Father is we grapple with these prophetic truths we realize that we are in the the culmination of the nation of the United States the end of it that we're about I don't know how far we are into this revolution that leads to the overturning of the Constitution to the implementation of martial law civil war but we can see those very circumstances taking place the beginnings of them now and we understand that as you get close to the close of probation that you clarify not only that it's going to take place but how and when and you've done that and we are trying to bring our understanding into agreement with the light that you've given us that we can be better prepared individually and better prepared to give this final warning message as this crisis only escalates from here we ask a blessing upon our days activity and we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen