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you amen you all all have this from today right I don't know that I wasn't too concerned about identifying the way marks that are happening in front of our eyes right now until we pulled all this information together but it's it's you know the if you were forced at gunpoint to say is October 13th the midnight cry parallel line you know Exeter camp meeting in Miller ID history or is October 10th or whatever variables that you want to put in to what's happening in our history history to me the evidence right now would be October 13th and what this is is this is I don't know why Bronwyn did this we had evening worship at our home the other night and I guess after this she she was inspired to do this and this is a kind of a similar type thing to Lois we're did with the genealogy in Genesis and the genealogy in Revelation and based upon Lois where's genealogies then in the past we did a genealogy breakdown on Islam in the Bible where you take the names you get the definitions of the names and when it's all said and done you you create a a run-on sentence with the definitions of their names and whether it's the genealogy Genesis revelation or Islam the definition of the names of those tribes tells us their story whether anyway so she went home and she just searched the publication signs of the times review and Herald for dates for October 13th so anytime sister white had a publication review and Herald signs in Times she looked up October 13th and she read him but she didn't she just summarized she the title of them because it would be too much information to include all these various publications so that's what that's what this is so this is just another emphasis on October 13th if you follow what I'm saying the things that sister who I got published on October 13th through the years in the publications as defined by the Ellen White cd-rom if you go into your smartphone and look on it and the the publication's that are under that the category publications in there anytime there was one published on October 13th that's what she did so I guess I'll read this first few paragraphs the following two references are the only ones that specifically play sister white on October 13th okay so these are the ones that they're speaking about where she was they may be significance because she moved from east to west she attended a camp meeting it was a Sabbath day the holy spirit rested on her and the people there was happiness and her refreshing I'm open to additional insights and Corrections so I think it's interesting that the two places that sister white you know speaks about her here and now on October 13th are two different dates but she's in the Rocky Mountains both times okay sister white cross the Rocky Mountains westward where she stopped for a period of rest from fever and the shock of her husband's death she continued to her son it's in Oakland California intended and spoke at a camp meeting in Sacramento and then on October 13 1888 seven years later she crossed the Rocky Mountain Mountains eastward to attend the general conference in Minneapolis that's the spirit rested and not only on her but on that people also so okay so she's she isolates these two is significant and then by the order of the years these publications you can see 12 publications where she references octo 4:13 and you know she starts with the first one is 1874 1881 1885 so they're there in order and then I'm not going to read all of it but it's the title of the first one October 13th 1874 is the temptation of Christ and then she gives a little bit of summary of it so I'm gonna drop down to the page to the bottom where's what she's doing is what Lois we're did with Genesis and revelation what we did with Islam she takes the summary from the titles of these publications and creates a run-on sentence which would represent October 13th that's the premise of this and I get it that this isn't the strongest prophetic argument that's going to be out there about anything it's kind of like just sort of icing on the cake sort of stuff so here that I'm on the bottom of page two this paragraph is created from these titles we're now in the time period of the temptation of Christ you may choose to travel in the downward path of Samson or in the path of the pioneers of the Protestant Reformation the revolt results of genuine conversion will be shown by Harold Lee and heralding Isaiah's warning copying the pattern of Christ and manifesting a spirit of sacrifice and the work for this time if you search the scriptures you will find the truth and it will have its power in the heart we are counseled to not over work but to make the present truth message short for our listeners each watchman is to be thoroughly converted in this closing work with the duty of forgiveness upon him so that's just an interesting take on things that were published on October 13 in the context of our October 13th this year being the midnight cry so what I want to do the theater is put I'm sure Theodore's you know I got a haircut on Friday or yeah Friday and in this hair salon it's got one of these big pictures of Albert Einstein and I'm - no way I'm comparing Theodor with Albert Einstein but it's a big picture you know one of these murals but it's it's one of these pictures where it's got an OK for just his head you know big head of him but all around it it's got all these mathematical equations where you know on his face a little bit of it around and where you can it's implying he has all these thoughts you know running through his head and of course I had to look at it for quite a while while she was cutting my hair and I was thinking you know that's that's my problem with Theodore you know he's got these chronologies and stuff in his head and they're floating around there and he he understands them yeah I can tell he understands him correctly you know but for me to internalize his information then spit it out in a simple fashion where I understand it and I think the people that would hear me spit it out would understand it is a whole different story so I want to lead back into his material and try to spit it out in a simplified fashion but I want to back up either even further than you might expect and I want to make a throw something else in the mix for this movement and this this school here before before Cathy and I went to Africa long before one of the things that one of the problems that the people that were trying to organize some of these various groups around the world what they were seeing and they specifically spoke about it I wasn't seeing it so much but Parminder and and tableau we're seeing a lot of it and and we'd had discussions about it is that in a lot of these places where this message is taking hold there's a phenomenon happening if that's the right way to say it where it's the young guys the the young the youth that are taking the message and they're wanting to run with it and it's causing a real problem because there's other people there that are already been in and say self-supporting work already been doing this type of labor for some time and as the one class tries to organize and manage the work the young people are wanting just run with it and if the young people don't get there their way about those things then they there's a tendency to start saying well you you oh guys you're not keeping up with the message and they're starting to be there was starting to be friction to the point that they've been discussing these things and you know how do we do it it's part of the reason that we're trying to get some help into Africa to where you can manage these things you don't want to lose the you know the situates finished by an army of youth but if you read the whole sentence what does it say rightly trained ok uses so there's got to be someone training them it's not just you turn the youth loose to run hither and yon and so when this came about that's I realized that some of that's been going on here ok I'm we went to Africa we've seen some of those conditions understood it was happening and then you can come back here and and we've been confronted with even a little bit of this phenomenon right here and now so I'm gonna put it in place it it seems to be something that's happened across the board and one of the things that I worried about when this not worried about thought about as Tessa's material came to light and the F and the aftermath that we've been dealing with with this message and I'm not I think I'm not saying that I'm not making any accusations or criticisms at anyone about anything that I'm gonna say here but there seems to be a little bit of a discussion about well is is Tess Samuel snow or it was Daniel Samuel snow on October 13th and no one ever said that and no one's even I'm not won't even say anyone's inferring it but that's their you know some of the we're just trying to lay out what's happened and sometimes it seems like some people are being deaf to to guard sisters Tessa's position or whatever and and from my point of view I've never had any of that I'm just trying to put the points in place and move forward but what I've realized now and this is this is the reason I'm leading into this I didn't want to lead into it without having a background logic for it I'm seeing that this is different than Samuel snow and it's in its the Lord's design that it's different and what I mean by that is Samuel snow you can go back in that history and Theodore does it well when he goes over Samuel snow if you get if you're careful about his understanding he was the one that was understanding almost everything in advance even if it wasn't getting marked down he was he was understanding the disappointment and stuff so he he was a singular guy that was being used to put together a message and he didn't understand the message that well all the way up to the end you know yeah he was he had the right message the Lord was using him to put the right message together but he was making mistakes in his application all the way along but still he was the one that was seeing the history correctly but he was a singular guy and my point is is I don't think it's happening that way here I'm pretty sure that what the Lord is doing is is he's trying to demonstrate that the midnight cry message that was to provide by Samuel snow is being put together by a group of people even if someone like Tess is the the the cutting edge on putting together the basic lines the structure there that everything comes together on I what clicked for me with something one just one point to see I can illustrate this one of the things that Parminder pointed out he and I know this mutually in Italy the second time I had no reason to talk about how I used to oppose time setting okay it was it was just talking about past history I was purposely talking about the history of 1989 to 2001 because I was in under conviction I was pretty much the only person that been there and it was my responsibility in testimony about that history and I'd have to go back to the sermon and look I don't know what kind of logic led me into why I'm talking about opposing time prophecy so strongly through those years but that brought our meander going up there and he wasn't planned he stole me directly he wasn't planning on doing that but because I said it he responded and what he pointed out which is accurate from that point on in this movement around the world then people putting some whether they felt free to start considering time prophecy or it was just a line in the sand that the Lord is gonna start leading people to recognize these things but that's when it all started and from that point on people start grappling with various lines that are pointing you know to 2019 2020 2021 any and Beyond there's people that are seeing lines up 2025 2026 but what Parminder pointed out is that test is already studying this stuff and when did she start studying it in December 2016 it gets opened up in Wales okay and initially when it gets opened up in Wales about Russia I'm the one out there giving public commentary on what happened at Wells because the very next weekend we were in Holland and I was teaching what happened in Wales and typical of myself I forgot the details so I was out there for quite some time telling the story about what happened in Wales and I was saying you know chow had to presented all this stuff and then I the people that were there reminded me know you know it really wasn't tchau tchau tchau tchau had some lines but the conclusion about Russia he was unfinished and we all said around there there was Parminder and Mangin and Emma and Tabo and myself and Chava - and Kimberly I think that was maybe there was another person or two I don't remember but it's like it's after meetings all day long it's at 11 o'clock past midnight past midnight and it's there that it all come together about Russia if so it was a group it was a group development and so I left there next week and I'm giving shower to all the glory so to speak but then we realized that was a group thing that brought that light so wasn't one person it wasn't a singular Samuel snow from that point on evidently death starts studying this stuff plotting away that's December 2016 and so in Italy we have this this discussion and then everyone starts looking at time prophecy and Parminder point is that when we he doesn't say it this way perhaps but once the movement has the mentality that it's okay to consider these things then we realized that the Lord has been putting together this thing behind the scenes for a couple years so you can see the Lord had his hand in this but what I'm saying is Parminder and myself the people in Wales they are players along the way along with tests so when when tests finally gets here I've already mentioned this providential why Heidi and Theodore here so Theodore's here to give a second witness a confirmation to November 9th from a totally different not line upon line approach from these calendars and then you got Daniels activity and in his expectation of something happening on October 13th and him for some reason noting that he he gets his conviction on July 27th and when I'm when I'm looking at these things I'm seeing July 27th I can't get away from July 27th you know that those are two dates in the prophecies of Revelation 9 it's the beginning in the end of the reign of terror if I can say it that way it's the beginning of the State Department in the United States so if you remember when I started in this and then I turned it over to Theodore I was dealing with July 27th and we never have followed on in July 27th and I intend to get back there this is kind of the introduction heading back to that direction so what I'm saying is is it unlike Samuel snow I'm I'm if you didn't get it yesterday I hope you got it I'm assuming you all did George what George is thrown in the mix yesterday George seemed in for those people that are watching this this class online you have to include in this class don't just go from Theodore's presentation and to this one you got to throw George's presentation at Lambert Church into the mix and if you were following his logic he may not have been using logic that I've been putting in the public record but I've been putting in the public record in regard to time setting for some time now that in what I did at the camp meeting that aber Abraham is the first point of reverence for covenant people and he was tested on time and so was Moses and so was the time of Christ so were the Millerites therefore we should be but what he added to the mix which i think is based upon that structure is at least a couple things he's he's noting where numbers become symbols if you were following that did you notice he I don't know that he missed it maybe he just didn't want to put it in but he told us when Jacob you know covenant for his wife for seven years that it was called a week so they're saying here's here's the Lord introducing the idea of symbolic time I don't know if he use those words but if you read carefully that passage what else does it say when Jacob worked for her for a week what was it was as a few days okay so you've got seven a week and three right there in the beginning and then he shows us later on that it's the gathering and the scattering so in these coveted histories that we've been putting in the public record for some time he he's confirming all that but he's showing us that it's not until the right before the event happens that the message on time comes to the surface and I suppose you were all looking at it - if you were lining up the Miller ID history about in in those lines you got William Miller but you have Josiah Lich who would be the would be Josiah in the history that Theodore lays out in the Ezekiel study and then you would have Ezekiel being Samuel snow they're lining up those histories are lining up with Miller right history and they're in there addressing our history anyway you can't leave that out right he gave enough witnesses that right before the close of probation that's when you're told win okay and that's speaking to of the here and now my point about all that isn't his study which you need to look at my point is is that this message is coming together by a group of people it's not a singular Samuel snow that there's just no way around it in my mind when when I went to Canada before we went to Africa there's a brother up there that taboo he's one of the main guys up there in Canada and he pardon me Colin yeah I didn't know if I want to put his name here but it's okay it's okay anyway at the end of the meetings there's nothing negative about this so it's okay to put his name in yeah I couldn't think of it the other day I can always remember his wife's name it's a familiar name to me anyway he's at the end he shows me these the his conviction that the the presidents of the United States go along the same line as the presidents of the General Conference and and I'm looking at it and I remember way back when in this class at the end of a class that subject came up two and a half years ago and we could see it we can see hey this is this is there's a logic to this so we we'd already I was involved with a little discussion after class once way back when where I could see the logic in that but it never got carried on so we get to Canada Colin's been carrying it on so I have a little bit of familiar with familiarity with it and tabo's already probably heard it from Colin but I guess maybe he's been not paying attention to it too much or maybe he also wanted to see my take on it so I looked it over and he'd taken it further than we got in this classroom and I says hey this is this is interesting stuff give me a copy of your notes so I took a copy of his notes and then I never did anything with it but from that point on Tabo started grappling with it and by the time Tabo gets to africa that's what he's teaching in africa dabo's convicted about these presidents but more than that the first place where we meet up with Thabo in Africa is Zimbabwe and we get there to this camp meeting in Zimbabwe and one of the main if not the main guy there a guy that has lots of articles in our newsletters he's doing a presentation and on his own initiative he's come to the same conviction about the presidents and that's what he's teaching ok so this this line has come up on the other side of the world from you know without any and I asked around was there any interaction between Canada and Africa on this subject that is that why he's teaching the same thing and there wasn't so that contributes to what we're we're grappling with here I hope I hope you're understanding it when you're talking about Tess's lines and what Trump's about to do and if you didn't catch it last week you know in the the idea of Infowars okay and I know I had some resistance to what was going on here but my resistance was is that I didn't think one stream of info warm was war was any safer than the other stream I think they're both dangerous at one level if they're going to manipulate your your understanding but you have to watch them in order to pay attention to the events that are taking place in order to know that prophecy is being fulfilled but in the recent week the people that are the pro Trump errs until they caught that bomber you know they were they were saying you know maybe this is a Democrat that's doing this you know to turn the election upside down and make it you know making self-inflicted wound to stimulate the Democrats to go out and vote and then they catch the guy and he's a he's a Trumpster and then that day was it yeah it was Sabbath this anti-trump guy goes in and kills all these these Jews in the synagogue but in my point is this is if you were going to look at Infowars you could see what's happening right now and you you might be able to say it it looks like there's this purposeful smokescreen happening right now because in those purposeful smoke screens there's things usually that are going on behind the scenes so you could say who's orchestrating what's been going on in the last couple of weeks in the United States with this Caravan with the Bombers now this mass murder and a synagogue who's orchestrating this and even if it isn't the liberal info war line or the conservative it's Satan and if you didn't catch it within the last week when a Trump broke the the nuclear arms pact with Russia that should be ring a bell with what tests was was sharing broken treaty war is coming and even people that don't understand that line out in the the secular world they're saying you don't break your those kind of treaties except you're getting ready to go to war and you're not hearing anything in the United States about Trump getting ready to go to war with Russia but if you listen to the Russians they've been saying it for some time that the United States is is drawing us into a war I'm so I'm just saying what we're understanding about this message the external it seems to be taking place but it's hard to see because everyone's distracted about an upcoming election and all these things that just keep happening you are seeing this a lot of people would support that the build up military they are now that's it's all happening anyway so my point and all that is I guess that this message is coming together from a lot of different personalities the Lord uses a lot of different people not just a singular person and I want to put that in the record and then I were and I'm doing it believe it or not this is an introduction I don't know how many of you have watched Tabac extend I don't remember the details of this study but I want to point you back in your mind if you remember it or you can go look at it if you've never looked at it there's a study that we did about the Year Day principle and I think that was the title of it the year Dave year day rebellion or something like that and I pointed out that in that the foundation of the foundation of the this understanding of the Miller rights was the Year Day principle and that if they were going to us as Adventists or the Millerites when they were going to teach these time prophecies they had two verses in the Bible that they had that were their primary verses numbers 14:34 you're gonna wander in the wilderness for 40 years each day for a year for your the time that the spies were taken out the promised land and then easy kill for six and my argument one of my pieces of logic and that was is that those two verses in numbers and Ezekiel are the the two witnesses to the validity of the year day principle which the Millerites needed to put their message in place that says and we still use that as Adventist if we're going to teach someone about the 2300 year prophecy we're going to have to go to those two verses but I went a step further I says we never teach in Adventism that those two references of the Year Day principle are identifying full-blown rebellion okay full-blown rebellion at the beginning of the covenant relationship with ancient Israel right there when they come out of Egypt full-blown rebellion that year day principle is part of that story and then Ezekiel 4:6 had they kept the Sabbath Jerusalem would have stood forever but they're in full-blown rebellion so Jerusalem is going to be destroyed not only that if you take the even though it's the first time Jerusalem is destroyed you have the prophetic license to say okay that's the end of ancient Israel therefore Ezekiel 4:6 is identifying the end of the covenant people and he in numbers 14:34 is the beginning so you've got the beginning in the end of ancient Israel you have rebellion and what's associated with it is the year day principle of Bible prophecy which is the foundation of the millerite movement okay so from there what we did with that if you're and I hope this is what we did this is how I remember it we went in to millerite history because in 1863 one of the one of the lines of prophecy and I'm making the assumption that everyone in this room is pretty familiar with this message in 1863 there's a lot of fulfillment of prophecy that identifies 1863 as a way mark it's it's probably the most secure way mark that we have is seventh-day address though Adventism doesn't even know it's a way mark but when you go look at all the things that you can line up with 1863 one of them is is that James and Ellen White lost their youngest and their oldest son as they approached 1863 and it was a fulfillment of the curse upon the man that would rebuild Jericho okay when you go in the Bible there was a curse on who is gonna rebuild Jericho he was going to lose his youngest son when the foundation was laid it may be when the gates was set up it's one or the other and his oldest son when the gates or the foundation was laid I don't remember the which would switch but when you come to the time period of 1863 you can see the the youngest son dying when they begin to discuss an organized church and you can show an organized church is the gate and then you can see the oldest son dying when he's laying upon the freshly published 1863 charts and he catches pneumonia and dies and that's the foundation so you can see this story about rebuilding Jericho so my point is 1863 at one level is Jericho okay so in the Year Day rebellion of ancient Israel they were rebelling about going in the Promised Land which means conquering Jericho that first rebellion for ancient Israel is associated with Jericho and the last rebellion is associated with the destruction of Jerusalem Ezekiel 4:6 Sunday law so the logic I was trying to put in place back then is that in our history the rebellion that establishes the year day principle in ancient Israel is repeated in modern Israel with 1863 being the rebellion of Jericho if I can say it that way and then 1863 what's getting set aside first and foremost is the 2520 okay so when we get down to our rebellion where we're we're where we are repeating a seventh-day adventists the rebellion that comes right before the struction of jerusalem then i would suggest that we would have to also be in rebellion to the 2520 so at that point that gave the logic in the study to go in and show that even the theologians of Adventism identified that the very first reference of the year de principle is in Leviticus 25 and 26 and when you see that when you see the the structure of the land resting every seventh year and the Jubilee cycle in Leviticus 25 and then you see the blessing and the cursing 's in Leviticus 26 and you realize that Miller was right he wasn't he wasn't looking at the Hebrew of what is translated as seven times he was looking at the context of Leviticus 25 and 26 and this was even if he didn't understand fully what he was doing that's what he was doing and here we are at the end of the world and we're being confronted with the twenty five twenty again and we're in we're in rebellion to it so what I'm saying is that the rebellion that's taking place here at the end has to do with rebellion that was typify din ancient Israel and what's associated with the rebellion at the beginning and end in the ancient Israel is a year de principle and what comes to us here at the end is a rebellion of Jericho when the 2520 is getting set aside and when you see that in 1863 and it takes you to 1989 suddenly you're getting confronted in this message with the number 126 and the number 151 and here we are at the end of the world and the rebellion that's taking place just before Jerusalem is once again it's wrapped up in the Year Day principle it's wrapped up in time and so I so I wanted to put that in place because the reason I want to put that in place is when I get to the point where I'm going to repeat Theodore's lines I want to carefully go through if I can and show this the the very elements of time that are in those lines okay the story of Ezekiel which would be the first mention of the 390 one and a half that we know of is followed by revelation 9 okay and it's already been put in place here in our studies but I want to remind us of that in Revelation 9 when you're looking at the 391 what some of the things it's teaching us okay one of the things I'm saying it's teaching us that we have to grapple with is that it was Julian and Gregorian calendar okay that's part of the testimony is that the Millerites have shown us when they come to understand that message that we're going to have to grapple with Julian and Gregorian and rabbinical and biblical calendars okay so that's a testimony there and also I agree with Theodore although I've always hoped that he was wrong but if you were if you've caught what he said the other day I mean he's totally right there was a time where I went to London have we had meetings in London and I went two days early so that I could go into the London Museum and get in their Ark archives and look and see if there was anything that actually would got recorded on July 27th 1449 and I spent a whole day in there looking through their archives and it's really difficult to do because if you're going to go back into the newspapers of 1449 in those kind of archives you don't go look for July 27th 14 49 because if something happens in the world in July 27th 1449 it doesn't get recorded in a newspaper for two or three months later because what took place on the other side of the world they're not hearing about it on the television or on internet it takes it's getting reported out you know two three months out you're you they're telling you this happened in July 27th and I still don't really understand what a bank holiday is but in England in Europe they have things called a bank holiday so I only got one day because then the other day was a bank holiday it's not a I don't know what it is but the museum was closed but it's a bank holiday whatever that means in the end the point is is that I've never found and I've looked and I know people that looked I mean there's never been discovered anything that actually happened on July 27th 1449 okay which is the end of the hundred and fifty year time prophecy but it's the beginning of the 391 and 15 day time prophecy so I kind of hope that theater is wrong that there is actually a piece of history that comes to light you know did but the reality of it is is at this point he's not wrong and therefore that history is also teaching it's not only that we have to grapple between Julian and Gregorian but it's teaching us that way marks can be way marks simply by a date if the date can be established it can identify a way mark without any direct specific historical evidence to line up with that way mark and and that's part of what we have to acknowledge when we grapple with these calendars that he's bringing in that sometimes these dates you know what is it June 15th 2017 what is that okay hey what happened on June 15th who said do you know what I'm speaking about how are you have you been following along this class well enough where the the 390 one and a half days comes to a conclusion in 2017 15th yeah so the 2070 from 2017 it comes to June 15th 2018 on the Julian and we start I get that but what happened in the Gregorian and and then June 15th on the Gregorian we just count 120 days yeah but what happened what historical event happened on June 15 2017 when it is the same and they on the fourth yeah that's that's my point is we have to come to an understanding that in the Miller right understanding of revelation 9 they were willing to stand upon the idea that a date was marking away mark without an event to establish that way mark and I know that we've we challenged Theodore a little bit in here about you know why are you picking that date well because it works all right it does no but maybe if you bring all the 390 ones together then it would be November 9th up line of oh no I'm saying isn't that what we're doing with you know you got you've got lines of prophecy with November 9th that have a history to here at the beginning that come to November night and it's speaking it's identifying things that you can expect to happen yeah all right know what will happen I mean we know that may be fulfilled but I get the point oh wow you may hear your point but all right but don't miss my point is that in Miller ID history one of the the lessons that I think we can derive as they were using the Year Day principle but they were grappling between calendars and they put in the record that it's okay to mark a way mark by a date without an event to uphold that yes okay follow me so I covered George's input did everyone everyone was in church yesterday right did you did you get the same conclusion about that that I was getting cuz he didn't say it unless he said it in the afternoon when we weren't there is that the evidence line upon line is is that you don't get the year day month opened up to you until you're right at the end okay so the fact that it's opening up me and another thing just I don't know I won't say the weather this is valid or not but it seems to make sense to me and I'm not talking about a literal number 144,000 or anything else but the Lord is about to make up the number of the priests if midnight he's going to have a priesthood intact foolish priests on the wrong side wise priests are intact so in the terminology of am Adventism he's making up the number okay do you follow me and then you can show that up a line of prophecy that corresponds to that event is Gideon where he's making up a number okay so there's a number being made up you can you buy that at just a simple level without you follow me so what I'm seeing here for me is that right at the point where he's making up a number right before the close of probation if we're gonna put in in context of George presentation that the issue that he's inserted is time setting and this issue is so such a what was George saying absurd not absurd wasn't it but he used what preposterous this is such a preposterous idea for seventh-day adventists you know there's been there's been people Cathy and I've watched all the people that get close to this message and jump ship we may not remember them all now or their name so we've watched it happen through the years and we know that lots of them have been sitting there waiting just waiting for an excuse to say ah there's no I they're really in darkness this proves it they're really out in left field now they have this preposterous idea that they can take all their setting time and it isn't just brother Jeff in disagreement with brother Parminder now brother Jeff is disagreeing with himself okay that they've got all all the evidence they need and we as seventh-day Adventist know there's never going to be another message hung up on time so at the very point where he's making up the number he's brought in the subject of numbers of time setting and I'm seeing that this issue is what is sealing them off preventing them in preventing that other class of ever connecting with this message it's there's a logic to it with the way the Lord works it seems to be valid if you understand that most seventh-day Adventists are naturally they've been naturally trained to oppose time setting there is groups and adventism that have set time all the time for a long time but I mean generally speaking that's not the case all right so did that that went faster than I thought any questions if you go to the last plagues God's refused the danger our just in the last play yeah where George started it's the last plague he gives a day an hour but a fourth playing he starts speaking about time he starts it wasn't just singular so he's there's even in the end but the plagues how how long do they last you're just talking about days okay even if you want to focus on the last one but he begins to introduce the subject of time there that that that was really a cool observation in those lines so where we are is scary and I don't know maybe no one liked the idea but I tried this once and then Nathan had me fix it the next day but it never went back up there what's the date today the 28th so that'd be 29 30 right the 31 days in October and then 9 that's 12 and 365 is 377 my second is that it pardon me ok did you print out Theodore's no I sent you went after that after I sent you that Theodore sent me his email and I forward it to you and said print that out yeah why don't we do that and and get started Theodore sent me an email this morning where he has the the various lines cleaned up from where we were the other day and I that's what I was going to do I'm gonna I'm gonna go through his lines in a way a simplified way you know he gets the chiasm x' in him and stuff like that and I get lost I don't mind putting the chiasm x' in after you've looked at the singular line in a simple fashion but when they're all up there together and he puts all the the various dates I'm gonna treat those dates as ok this is established now ok so we can put the one date we want to put on that way mark it's established and we don't have to put all the other ones where we can just look at how the lines correspond with each other and I think he has that prepared for us and I didn't look that closely because it was was late and what I intend to do with those lines so you know where we're going in this introduction is I intend to take Tessa's revolution lines and put them up there and then tie in the American Revolution and the presidents that's a long time ago we were there when we got to the the Trump understanding and we seen there was seven presidents followed by ten presidents to get to George Washington and we started grappling with that and what we were grappling with is that 1789 wasn't just the beginning of the Constitution in the first president it was the beginning of the French Revolution and then we seen the connection between the two and we know that sister white talks about the French Revolution being repeated so maybe maybe Tess's line is just exactly how it's supposed to be but if you remember her line in her revolution preparation counter revolution you remember how she had him structured I'm not not going to try to change that structure at all but in the beginning of the French Revolution the whole period in the revolution that leads to the preparation and then the counter revolution do you follow what I'm saying she calls the whole thing the reign of terror but in reality the reign of terror is at the very end of that first block of time and the reason I want to focus in on that is that's where you have July 27th at the beginning of the reign of terror and at the end of reign of terror and I and I want to see if there isn't some kind of prophetic connection with July 27th and I thought sister Kathy emailed me something that she showed me but she didn't she emailed me something else and here's what I thought that she I'll tell you this I'm sure July 27th is something that we have to wrap our mind around because the things about July 27th if you remember where we started into this study after Parminder left and I took over my point of reference was July 27th at that point I did not know that Daniel had got this conviction on July 27th and at that point I did not know that on July 27th this year that the State Department passed the Potomac Declaration okay so an Tunisia came up and she told me that after one class she said that on July 27th the Potomac Declaration was passed and Antony Jie was just speaking off the top of her head in that at that time in a good way saying it as she's telling me about she says I think this was the Justinian's decree okay Justinian's decree is 5:33 and it comes right before 538 and it identifies the pope of rome as the head of the churches in the corrector of heretics okay so I got her logic that was easy enough and she sent me the references to the Potomac Declaration and she had about four or five links and I took two of them I looked at them all but I took tonight that's one of your handouts you have that and the one is just describing the Potomac Declaration Potomac Potomac declaration but the other one is talking about how what's this guy which is named Pompeo said his name Pompeo how he's expecting the Pope to be the the moral authority that implements this declaration and it's a primarily islam is the argument to make this declaration about blasphemy laws okay so after that declaration that's not follow this we see this an Tanisha does and off the top of her head if I'm correct if I'm not correct if you knew about this what I'm gonna say then you can tell me but I'm pretty sure it was off the top of her head she says I I think this is the decree of Justinian just because of the prophetic logic and then Cathy goes and she looks at this more deeply this declaration and it comes it's point of reference that as the law comes from the Napoleonic or Napoleon era the Napoleonic Code of 1804 but the Napoleonic Code of 1804 is based upon the decree of Justinian in 533 so an Tunisia evidently just from her understanding of the prophetic structure suspected that this was a decree of Justinian in our history and then Kathy traced it down and you never emailed me those links what you emailed me was about the Potomac the stone because I pointed out to her also when they were building the Capitol building in the United States the Pope of Rome census sent this great big chunk of marble over that they could use in the in the Capitol building and the Americans took it and threw it in the river okay they didn't want anything to with Catholicism but here we have the Potomac Potomac declaration at the end of the world and were lifting up the Pope okay right the very river where that piece of marble went at the beginning on the 18 I don't know when they built the Capitol building so you see the logic and and she's going to send us the links where we can where we can see this connection so I'm saying July 27th when brother Daniel comes under conviction that on October 13th the midnight cry message is going to be put in place or whatever his conviction was and for whatever reason he he says I'm gonna write this down for myself so he has it you know stored on July 27th that that's where he came as a conviction I'm saying there's evidence about July 27th being away mark and July 27th for me connects with July 27th 1789 with the formation of the State Department wasn't called the State Department back then but it is now and this disconnect with the French Revolution okay this this history and there's there's you know direct connection with France in the French Revolution the the biggest hero of the of the American Revolution was John Paul Lafayette a Frenchman okay so I have the dates here 1793 July 27th Robespierre Robespierre how do you rub spear he set up in power and the reign of terror begins and the reign of terror goes for basically one year I mean there's all kinds of blood being spilled but the actual reign of terror goes until a Robespierre dies himself when he's overthrown one year eleven one year later on July 27 so you got in this initial history you got July 27th in 1789 1793 1794 we got July 27th down here where the decree of Justinian is being put in place and where we're recognizing that on October 13th the midnight cry is going to come into history and that is connected with what July 27th 1299 and July 27th 14 49 which is the prophecy of revelation 9 150 years followed by 391 years and 15 days prophecy that leads you to where August 11th 1840 okay and this here how do you do this now is it 1840 Times notes 2001 2001 times 360 equals 723 60 is that what it is divided by 1840 equals three 91.5 therefore therefore this 391 prophecy is connected with 1840 and 9/11 right in 1840 and 9/11 and I'm not I'm not sister ELISA came up and when to chastise me a little bit in the camp meeting about me saying that the foundations were laid in 1840 1842 but they were I don't care what what brother Parminder is pro teaching and what I told her was this most the time that people come to me and they have a something they've learned from Parminder that appears to be contradicting something that I'm teaching not at this point I'd say all the time not most of the time it's it's simply understood that Parminder is taking a symbol and he's applying it this way but it's still okay to use that same symbol and apply it over here so my response to her was you know you need to handle that one with Parminder but if he's showing a foundation laid from 1844 through 1850 so be it but it does not deny that you can demonstrate that this is the symbol of the foundation of millerite history and you've got a bunch of witnesses to support it when Cyrus's is vacillating on his desire to let the jews go back to jerusalem and rebuild the temple an angel comes down named michael and gets his head on straight so that he lets him go back and so when that angel comes down then the foundations are laid in Jerusalem you got tons of witnesses when Jesus is baptized he's gonna pick his initial disciples which sister white says were the foundation of the Christian Church so when the symbol comes the divine symbol comes down in 1840 the foundations are laid and you can show quotes you in the context of spirit of prophecy where this represents the foundations of the millerite history it's not a denial of Miller's rules symbols can have more than one meeting so there's a foundation of work right after 1840 a foundational work after 2001 and it's talented it's telling me I hope it's telling you that this prophecy is connected with both of these and I think if you were going to put a name on this prophecy what name would you put on this prophecy for this if you were going to symbol is this what would you name it Josiah and it's just simple to see I think because what did okay I see a hand that's a breeze anything if it's what oh what am I gonna share if you can write numbers 14:34 do I need the numbers are just 1434 for 1834 that's the year the preschool numbered and then your dad's to hear what yep here they print phony numbers yep numbers for yeah okay and then 0 4 0 6 that's is equal 4 6 right next to it oh no oh oh and then 0 4 no yeah 0 4 0 6 ok 4 6 and you add yeah but I want your justification for throwing two placeholders in because it's Ezekiel 4:6 you know you cannot make it but it's not Ezekiel 46 okay I get it that's cool so Josiah he became in Goa back next table he became a subject of this movement if you do remember what we understood about Josiah and that prophecy we didn't understand it the way that it's illustrated in Ezekiel the Theodore's been putting in place what did we understand about Josiah does anyone remember first off I'll ask Daniel the Daniel is has tunnel vision about one symbol so what do be under what's one of the things that we understood about Josiah know just about Josiah no okay you're not getting me we came to understand that the last seven kings of Judah were the seven thunders and that Josiah was one of them and of those wicked Kings he was the only one that even tried to do a reform now we understand that he lines up with a General Conference president named Pierson the same one before the end and the only one that tried to do a reform that's just a minor thought but he connects in that way but when we understood the story about Josiah we understood that he was the fulfillment of the prophecy of the disobedient prophet that came in cursed Jeroboam you remember this study and what happened to the disobedient prophet he wasn't supposed to go he wasn't supposed to do nothing but go home right and where does he die pardon me so who is he in the study who do we come to understand he is the usa it's false prophet know that they the false prophet was the prophet that sent his sons and said go bring him back to eat and drink with me and he'd been told don't eat and drink with him the false prophet apostate Protestantism was the one that lured the disobedient prophet back to his home he's who's us he's Adventism okay and adventism was broken away from apostate Protestantism in 1844 you know for lack of a better thing you know but this is important I won't go there maybe I'll go there in a minute but when he ends up dying where does he die this is Adventism that dies and the reason that they die is because they return to the methodology of apostate Protestantism they're eating and drinking their theology right that's what we came to understand you remember way back when this is the prophecy of Josiah but where does he die it's because he's eating the methodology of apostate broader Protestantism that he gets to the point to where he doesn't know any longer know what the lion is or the ass and what's the lion in the ass that king of the north and Islam adventism goes back to apostate Protestantism accepts our methodology eats their food and is incapable of recognizing the two primary points of reference and end time Bible prophecy Islam and the king that or do you all remember that or did you never know here that it was before your time okay so what I'm saying is in this movement you can check it out in Habakkuk stables I'm sure that it's in there we came to see Josiah fulfilling this role and he's doing a work of reform you know the disobedient Prophet says there's going to be a Josiah raised up he's raised up 350 years later and he does this work of reform and he wants to have a Passover and if you haven't settled into this I want to point out Theodore said it a couple times but I've said it to people after the fact and it doesn't seem like it's clicking but it should click you should get this in your head I think at least it makes sense to me I don't know how many there is but I'm gonna say there's less than 10 Passover's that are marked in the Bible and you you know you configure in Christ's time period you've got most of them right there but they were to keep the Passover but there's only certain Passover's that are specifically addressed in the Old Testament so there's really not that many Passover's that are in the scriptures that are there for a history that you can put with the way mark of Passover do you follow what I mean so there's so few Passover's that the few that there are there they should be of significance okay then one of them for us is 2nd chronicles 29 and 30 then 1 have a Passover but it took them 16 days to get ready so they couldn't have a pass / so they're going to have that Passover in the second month we know that one that's a significant Passover but another one is is Josiah's Passover okay so in order to do the Passover celebration what did you say I have to do he had to repair the temple okay this is this is already in this message and when he repairs the temple when he begins to build the temple can you say it that way when do we begin to build the temple well we 2001 the Millerites in 1840 okay the Foundation's are going to be late so the the building of the temple is associated with these two dates which is about the 391 which is Josiah but Josiah he's got it he's got to clean the temple up and what's his high priest fine the law of Moses and some people like to keep it just at that level that's what the Bible says but what did he really find found the 2520 because he realized that they were they were under the curse of moses and he in sackcloth and ashes he repents but he knows it's too late he's the fifth from Zedekiah you know he he knows they're already at the end of the road therefore what did we do with that in our application we put the discovery of the 25 20 after 2001 was it didn't it come after 2001 2005 did it come in 2005 you think so okay that in the twenty five twenty it's rediscovered in 2005 but we're talking about Josiah what are we saying about Josiah that this would be typify and when the work of the temple reparation for Josiah but building the temple for us is underway and we discover the law of Moses yes you're all with that logic okay so that's what we used to teach when we would teach that but remember we would teach things but we were going a thousand miles an hour and never never spending a great deal of time at any point in time or really developing it out but what I wanted what I want to show you here now is one of these things okay this is three three hundred and ninety one and a half years in Ezekiel yes so 391 years six months is that right but this one in revelation 9 is 391 years and 15 days okay so what's the difference between this and this year ones a half a month you've given me a grammatical answer when I'm asking you a math question and you're the math guy do you want what plus five months and 15 days 180 hundred seventy five hundred and sixty-five so one hundred and sixty five days but if it's a day for a year if you go to 1840 and you treat that as a day for a year where does it take you to two thousand five when the law of Moses is discovered as typifies by Josiah are you seeing that okay so Josiah is probably how you would that's the name you would put on this that's what I'm saying and what is Josiah mean foundation Josiah means foundation foundation foundation yes okay and and that's other than this little math thing that's all old news or you know it's already in the public record but we've we've forgotten it and what Theodore's done for us with Ezekiel is put it in the context of this 391 and a half and it's it's very profound okay so I haven't looked at these yet he sent them this morning I'm not going to try puttin him on the board I'll put them on the board tomorrow what he's simplified it out he says but when he says sometimes and I look at it maybe I don't think it's so simple maybe you do but the the punchline for me what really nailed this down the other day is Theodore had shared with me directly and then I watched them in a couple camp meetings over the past couple of years I want to point something out out to what I'm saying about this this element of time that's come in and it corresponding with to the point in time when he's making up the number of his people and that this is the doctrinal stumbling block that is going to sever off anyone that's in the valley of decision about this movement and finalize the wrong choice for those people that have left already I really believe that I believe it in the sense also that the last shaking was going to be on the nature of Christ you could show that prophetically and it came okay right on schedule and it didn't just come right on schedule for me it came right in the same geographical place where I was educated on the nature of Christ was in Eatonville okay and Eatonville became the point of reference for that argument here at the end so for me it was the beginning and the ending of my so-called public Labor's and we're in the context of sister white saying those people that are studying prophecy recognizes that the doctrine of the Incarnation is invested with the soft light and that's at the end of the world and that the Sabbath was invested with a halo at the beginning of Adventism therefore you have a beginning and an end and the doctrine of the Incarnation is the end doctrine causes the final shaking the final shaking arrived right on time it was a tip typify by the holy flesh movement sister white came to understand about the holy flesh controversy while she was in Australia and when this all started we were in Australia and we started hearing about this coming out of Eatonville you need to not put part bender stuff on the web he's teaching error so there's so many things that that were confirming that that was the final doctrinal shaking and and here we are now what I'm saying is this number issue time setting whatever you're gonna label it it's it's binding it all off as the Lord's making up his 300 he's making up the number but I will point out that even though I'm probably I'm much more vocal publicly about my inability to follow Theodore's presentations and and and maybe it's not me maybe he just needs to learn how to teach a little bit better let's just put it at that level maybe in here and I'm saying this I got about a guy that is a university professor so he's I haven't ever been trained in teaching and he has I've never got a paycheck for teaching and he has so I gotta you know qualify what I'm saying but I've struggled with following his logic but I've always I've always got it I've always got it from the very beginning when I would the first time that I started interacting with him and watching him public they so at this I want to point out that when the final two personalities that left here left whether you recognize it or not their protests was being raised against Theodore in this classroom and it was an unreasonable protest it was a satanic protest and I would I'm arguing that it was none of us really knew what it was about but but God knew that this secondary witness to what tests put into place about November 9th it had to have this secondary witness and in advance of that happening Satan made an attack to try to prevent that Avenue of testimony coming and I think I'm trying to say that that what we're understanding about the calendars is serious information important information and that Satan even made an attempt to undermine that and we weren't even aware that it was happening and it was happening at the identical time when the people that were opposing that we're starting to manifest that they held the Catholic understanding of original sin and that the nature of Christ so the final separation the final shaking has taken place I'm thinking and here we are in agreement with Georgia's logic yesterday that just before you get to the close of probation just before you get to the destruction of Jerusalem that's when the Lord is going to tell you when okay so I want to put that in place and then tomorrow I'm gonna try putting his lines on the board in the simplified fashion once we understand them in a simplified fashion then I don't mind bringing his secondary chiastic structures into it we should understand those but what I want to do with it is tie it into Tess's revolution lines and the reason I'm going there I'm telling you in advance is July 27th okay to connect it and connect it with with what the State Department is doing now and even if we even if we're at the point that say that you know the message of the midnight cry and I'd no one's saying this that's Tess's message period okay no one's saying that what I'm saying is it isn't that the Lord it still has layers of truth to put on on top of that and there's something about the French Revolution that I'm not sure what it is and the presidents that's yeah let me put this in place at the same time that Tessa's is putting her lines in place this idea of the presidents go ahead okay the ideas of the presidents is coming into fruition at the same point in time so let me tell you something that when I was illustrated in the campaigning I put the presidents of the United States on top in the General Conference Presidents on bottom but if I would've did that visually it would have been easier to see that it's 2019 okay but you may not know it but there's an argument against that says there was 20 Kings in Israel in the Northern Kingdom and I've never bought into that argument and I just never did because when I started looking at the Kings for myself the number 19 fit because I seen the number 19 at the beginning of the twenty five twenty and it just there was a logic to the number nineteen and you can go into the the chat rooms that discuss this you know the Jewish the Christian chatroom was there 20 Hebrew or 20 Israel Kings or 19 and I'm just very briefly going to tell you the justification for why there's only 19 okay the the reason that they'll say I tell you that there's 20 is there was one King that there was just denied my premise there was a guy tip knee I'm gonna just call him a guy he goes in and he slaughters all the the Kings family and the King only one family member gets out joash okay but he's only he slaughters them in within seven days he's dead okay because they're the the people realize his conspiracy and they're gonna kill him and he goes into the palace and burns it down around himself but there are some people that are marking the kings of Israel that they will include him and if you do that then they're 20 kings of Israel therefore everything that we're saying about nineteen Republican presidents it comes tumbling down Jim Barry's valid it's it's Tiffany he yep Zimri reign for seven days what did me that reign for seven days you got that now I think it's Tiffany who reigned at the same time as armory after Zimri killed those in any case all rise again here's the logic that I want you to see it's in this history that this guy slaughters the king and seven days later he's dead and some people will say well he was a king all right and this is Jeroboam one here the first one and I'm saying the seventh one is a hob so this is the seventh this is the first so you're going to have two three four five six but some will throw in this seven-day guy in here okay and I'm saying prophetically you know it isn't right because you can show and we've did it repeatedly through the years that this here is the seven thunders this is 1798 this is 1844 a hab is confronted by Elijah and sister Weitz's Miller was typifies by Elijah okay so in the history of the Miller rights in this time period here apostate Protestantism has rejected the message of Miller and it's identified as the false prophet the prophets of bill the priests of the Grove at the very point in time where Miller eyed Adventism is being identified as the true prophet we put this in the record for years therefore based upon this how solid this is okay a hab has to be the seventh king in the seven thunders therefore including one person in here that was around for seven days is a hook a hook to hang your doubts on if you choose to do it you can do so and if you if you do so then you can argue that what we said about nineteen Republican presidents is inaccurate and therefore Abraham Lincoln does not timpa Phi Trump and all kinds of things begin to crumble I also like the fact that you're bringing in July 27th because for me it was there was a little bit of an imbalance 'no sin the propaganda machines that are being used and to me that just balances out the the information that we're going to be receiving this is a base upon the conversations that we've had me in you yes so when you're saying that you're leaving off part of the story why everyone's heard our conversation no we're not there that the unbalanced beam I don't like the way you said it the unbalanced being conservative we can't should be listening to either one of them we but what I'm saying is July 27 late opens up the State Department it shows us that the the propaganda machine comes from all directions yes okay but in order to do that for me then you have to go into the French Revolution where the first Protestant reformer dies on January 21st at a certain spot in 258 years later the King of France that killed that first president reformer although it's a different King of France he dies on January 21st same place so January 21st becomes associated with a spot and Hillary signed in as the leader of the State Department on January 21st 2009 in the time period of the proxy war that's been typify by the proxy war from 79 to 89 and she john kerry and now Pompeo are all accomplishing this whatever is represented by July 27th 1789 the role of the State Department and therefore you have both the liberal and the Republican influence at the State Department and they're both doing dirty work okay so that's what what you meant by unbalanced I just don't want to alienate anyone shall we pray Heavenly Father you've opened up a great deal of light here in the recent past and we wish to be able to begin to pull some of these threads of truth together and we have not very long a couple weeks of class to accomplish that work in we ask that you'd continue to give us direction and guidance as we attempt to pull these things together and as we attempt to simplify some of the more complex concepts mathematical concepts that we can all be prepared to go out and teach these things it appears that there is smoke screens in the the world going on right now that are preventing most people for from seeing things that are going on behind the scenes we thank you that your prophetic word is giving us some insight behind those curtains but the insight is scary not only do we have a limited amount of time but we have a great work to do here on planet earth we ask that you to let this message have the impact on each of our experiences that you've intended that we might become fit vessels to carry this message to planet Earth and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen