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I'm a you log it simple just going to take the loop at a time 911 we all know that Samuel dies in 911 right yeah so do these three keen 911 we have both the religious yeah what I realized is this this is the four generations of Adventism right and what I noticed about it is it is very detailed these aren't just these aren't just mild inferences 1840 you're gonna have a in this history there's gonna be a prophet raised up Samuel sister white if we're going to get tested I want to point this out when we're gonna get tested at 911 with the four generations and you take note that the testing process begins when the angel comes down and the four first generation of Adventism begins when the angel comes down the place where we're told that here at the baptism Jesus gets to John's disciples and three others of the foundation of the Christian Church this allows us to put the very beginning of the fourth generation right here in this history we know it I'm just going to give you some brief thoughts so you can see that I mean that these histories represented by these men are the details it's detailed Kathy and I were going through the details of this history by no Josiah attempts a reform that's never going to work this is the history of 1888 you should you get the point yeah it's all is up going to the Witch of Endor this is the weeping for Tammuz the false madarame and of course a table he's going to go to car with Sunday law in here at Samuel Samuel begins his ministry when Eli hophni and Phinehas are removed that's the Protestant church in set-aside Adventism beginning so that being said when this history comes together at nine eleven we're going to repeat this and usually an injustice you start walking it through you know that a habit with the Sunday law he's going to go to midnight he's going to go to midnight cried he's going to go to Sunday law so there's going to be this practical development of these worth generations but nevertheless these were generations here are going to go in here and I'm saying it's very detailed about who these these men represent okay the other thing that I want to throw in and then I'll be done something though it's kind of cool I think Parminder maybe have recognized it already maybe not from this point of view but he's certainly teaching it he identifies that this ten year whore and I agree with him that leads to 1989 this is the last call for the Adventist Church they needed to see in this proxy war between Russia and the United States and Afghanistan that the dynamics that are going to do lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 that they're happening this is their last chance to wake up to the prophetic narrative there's always light before the time of the hand that's marked so this was the light that was given the final light that was giving them given them because it's a ten year or which is a symbol of a testing process they build a test so by the time you get to 9/11 you have this statement that every aspect of that man is Church is he dead okay but sometimes when we're doing that we're talking well that's the leadership getting passed by a Parminder was teaching it there at the camp meeting here which is accurate is the whole Adventist Church is totally dead 100% in this history 1989 to 9/11 and and the proof text for that is in this final generation 90 as part of the report generation four generation begins back here in 57 questions on doctrine there's a period of darkness their final wake-up calls in this war Adventism and then right here Elijah is going to go to a table and says it's not going to read except by my word for three and a half years you remember that story hey what's he saying he's saying the only rain that comes in this history is the rain that comes through Elijah period he sent this message that comes into history in this time period is the only rain any other message in this time period is meaningless and there's some people along through this history that are going to accept this message and drop out along the way some are going to follow through to 911 but it's it's identifying that at this point an Adventist Church is totally dead they have no rain whatsoever their only opportunity to wake up is to accept the rain that gets formalized in 1996 and they're coming to here and here he's gonna meet Obadiah and say go gather go get a hub we're going to Carmel over here and then this process begins but I want you to see you test it out these guys that die they are the four generations in this order Samuel Josiah Saul and a house which we already know the four generations but this puts a level over it now that has a great deal of detail it's been a week since with come together and then if you've had opportunity to either review the material or you'll forgotten almost everything that we're spoken about if you like me you've probably forgotten most of it so probably take about lesson or so maybe for us to get back into the thought process and the direction in which we hedid so I just want to review some of the things that we've discussed in our class so far so we've seen the purpose of reform line is what yeah its restoration to restore the image of God in humanity and when you can begin to see that you can begin to see why when Ellen White is commenting on the parables I would attend Virgin's parable of the marriage feast she then begins to separate us into two different classes how does she describe God's people two different ways who do we represent who do we represent in the story of Matthew 25 3 the virgins but who else do we represent that's right okay the one that gives the clouds just thinking about the bride yeah this theme about us being the bride and the guests has to be factored in and at first it might seem contradictory but I think God has to do that to show us the multiple roles that we have when we enter into reform and then we're going to be restored they both had these different themes about them so when we did this idea of restoration what they will be taking the guests or the bride we were taking the the theme of the bride wasn't it the restoration she's got herself ready so let's just um go to revelation 19 verse 7 let us be glad and rejoice and give honour to him for the marriage of the lamb is come and his wife hath made herself ready and to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints so that's revelation nineteen seven and eight and I'm suggesting that that those verses are dealing with a reformed line they talk about the restoration of the image of God in the bride she's now made herself ready I don't think we've done this in class perhaps we haven't but when he talks about the fine linen she's a righteousness of the righteousness of the saints we could go into Ezekiel chapter 9 couldn't we because the man in Ezekiel chapter 9 with the ink horn has also is also dressed in fine linen do we know that yeah it's just do we need to read that was everybody familiar with that yeah so I would make the association that that man is someone who's made themselves ready or some people would infer that but that's not why I'm trying to suggest in Ezekiel 9 you've got six men haven't we and they're all in white linen so we can either take the the concept or the idea that these five men will go with this one the one with the inkhorn because he's in fine linen here's what he's ready isn't he yeah so this one man he's ready because he's already in fine linen and you could go through the passage and when they begin to gather you can develop an argument that it begins wearing a reformed line maybe we should go there if we're not sure sure let's go to Ezekiel 9 they're all closing five linen all of them are the reason why I distinguish between the two is because what we'll go through the passage briefly is a good nine he cried also in mine ears with a loud voice saying cause them that had charged over the city to draw near even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand and I beheld to expend from the way of the higher gate which life toward the north and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand and one man among them was clothed with linen with the writers inkhorn by his side and they went in and stood beside the brazen altar the glory of the Lord of Israel was gone up from the cherub whereupon he was to the threshold of the house and he called to the man clothed with linen which had the writers inkhorn by his side just check-in something I think in the passage you only says the man with the ink or has linen guys true quickly said yes I think it's only him that's identified this one having lynnie so this couple of things I want to pick up I think this begins at nine eleven and then he says how people see that where there's this gathering of the six men as they enter into Jerusalem so it's that gathering that I would pick up his mark in nine eleven but I want to pick up a couple of other things from verse one after the comma it says cause then that had charged over the city so how do we understand that charge over the city and you'll see that yeah so these people are the leaders and the city is Jerusalem and we understand Jerusalem is is the church so if we call this the SDA church so the first thing we want to see is that these six men are in charge of Jerusalem now if you're in charge of Jerusalem where would you live you'd live in Jerusalem wouldn't you yeah in verse one he cried also in mine ears with a loud voice saying cause them that have charged over the city to draw near so where are they living there living outside of Jerusalem so if you're outside of Jerusalem what would that what the implications of that be but you're in charge of Jerusalem right okay so I want to say I'm not sure that we can say judgment the fact that they're not part of that they're not living there but they're they live in okay now don't take it literally the prophetic implication of this is what that even though they're in charge of the city which means they're the leaders they're not part of that city so they're living in a separate place I want to say I wanted to see that there are two groups so we've seen this in Matthew 24 mark 13 Luke 21 where you're supposed to separate from Jerusalem when you see the sign of the armies of Rome surrounding Jerusalem yeah so by the time you get to this page you know just from the word gathering I would suggest that this would be 9/11 and if anybody else has any thoughts on that or they disagree or you don't have any thoughts let's go - oh you you take you game from the vs. EQ 911 last verse and behold a man with and the man clothed with linen which had the inkhorn by his side reported the matter saying I have done as thou has command hast commanded and you're suggesting what so do you think nine eleven verse verse eleven you take verse eleven is 911 okay I think I'd disagree because if you go back through the verses they've already killed everybody destructions already happen so even though you could mark this something about 911 that there's something going on I think there's a connection there but I don't know that you could say that that's occurring at 911 but there is I I don't know I understand all all about the gates I haven't I've tried to look at it but I haven't come to any conclusions all I want is to see here is that this story is showing us that by 911 there's a separation so one thing is there's a separation that we can see the other thing is the people who are separated are these six men who are the leaders of the church and this is nothing more than the same story that I guess he's over on that board that we teach all the time that the leadership were bypassed the time at the end they died at 9/11 and that there are now new leaders raised up even though nobody recognizes that their new leaders because they don't live in Jerusalem so I'm suggesting that these people even though the man with the ink corn he's in white linen what's that indicating righteousness ready so he it's readiness I'm not trying to back away from the fact that at 9/11 you supposed to have your character spotless and your garment is clean so I'm not trying to say that that's not what this is portraying but what I wanted to see is that the five and the one man aren't symbols of people who have necessarily got themselves ready they're people who are bringing judgment we can see that from the story yeah okay so my understanding is that these clip these people all of them they've symbolize or represent the third angel this is the third danger that brings judgment what can we see in the passage that would indicate that okay so if you go to yeah early writings page 118 paragraph 1 early writings page 118 paragraph 1 I then saw the third angel said my company names your fearful is his work awful is his mission he's the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares and see though buying the wheat for the heavenly garner these things should in gross the whole mind the whole attention so what's the work of the third angel okay you just read what it says there it doesn't really help we we just read because we could all just read it I want to do so the first work is to select then as if everybody's going front of them then to seal then it's right okay so you fell into the trap it's not then it says or doesn't it yeah it's not three steps it's only two it's seal all bind yeah 118 paragraph one I then saw the third danger said my Compton Angel fearful is his work awful is his mission he's the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares and seal or bind the wheat for the heavenly gana I'm saying that the third angel has got to two tasks to do the first task is to select then the second task is to sealed or bind two steps so we often use a different word for selection but if you haven't if you've got dictionaries up what would you see to select choose most of time we would think about choose so if you're going to choose it means obviously you have a choice so there must be at least two things that you've got you're going to choose one or you're gonna choose another and in the context of this passage is talking about wheat so if it's we where does that take you to take you to Matthew 13 go to other places bring will take you to Matthew 13 if you're thinking about the idea of choosing something so you're going to choose the wheat and you're not going to choose the tares so its selection of wheat and tares selection of weak until you're going to choose one or the other so as soon as you're going to do that what's it what is it indicating that the third angel is maybe I should I think what I'm doing is I'm I'm going back to the prophecy school in assuming everybody was there and we all know what happened so in keep your finger in Ezekiel let's go to Matthew 13 I shouldn't assume that everybody's kept up with the prophecy school studies because they may not have Matthew 13 beginning at verse 24 pick up from verse 26 but when the blade was sprung up and brought forth fruit then appeared the tares also so the servants of the householder came and said unto Him sir this not thou sow good seed in the field from whence then hath it tares - the enemy has done this and in verse 28 says we'll bow then that we go and gather them up so there are two things that I want us to see here in verse 27 the servants go into the field and they find out what that there's wheat and tares so at least they can go and observe that there's two different things so that's connected with this idea of selection they're going in they can see there's two separate things then what are they asked permission to do in verse 28 do you want us to go and select them to go and do a work to deal with one group in one way and one group in another way so I'm suggesting straight from this idea of selecting and choosing that these servants have to be by definition the third angel we can see that connection yeah so this idea of selection and choosing bringing in Matthew 13 when we come back to Ezekiel 9 what's the man with the ink corn doing to go to verse 4 and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof so what do we see in verse 4 did we did you pick it up when we're looking remember when we're looking at versus what did I say that we should always try and spot I mentioned two things repeat and enlarged and and kinds of patterns to see if it's structured in a certain way to pick up so did we see it will be looking out for them and are you looking out for them anybody say something sister Kathy yes yes so the chairs are coming from the enemy and who put the who put that plant in there the enemy did okay so the enemy has done that work and so that means that the enemy must be in Jerusalem is that how you see that so if you go to work well well I'll pick up the point in a second so we're in ezekiel 9:4 so where do you see if you're gonna bring these two passages together then let's do it that way so this is the sister Cathy so you've got wheat and tares in Ezekiel 9 where what others wait what what are the waiting is equal 9 you see in verse 4 it's in verse 4 so sort of sister Cathy only cuz you hold until the minute ago Andy could you volunteer the minute it's only in the verses so with you what the identification or the symbol of the we in verse 4 decide and crying those people who sigh and cry and who are the tears name let her do it yeah the symbol for the chase yeah so it's not it's not just about his people it says dos so it's the people who do the abominations brother Larry I wouldn't yeah but you had you had that for something else I was asking what we saw in the verse did we see anything in the verse and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city the meat of the city then what does it say okay the myth of Jerusalem so what do we just see from that completely Elijah its be finding what the city is its Jerusalem but now you've got a doubling yeah so the doubling also helps you to mark it as the second step or second angel which I'm saying again is the second witness for 9/11 oh did you Fu said something and the O in the verse itself in the midst thereof yet oh okay I'll set a mark marker mark I guess that's nice marker mark so we've got that the bride is restored and the restoration is indicated by the white linen and we've seen that ezekiel v 3z could nine we've got five and one the angel with the ink horn he's ready to do his work we've seen that they're the leaders of the church we've seen that they don't live in Jerusalem and we've seen that they're a symbol of the third angel because they're selecting well the man with the ink horn is doing a selecting we can see that yes and then when it says to seal in to bind can we see that the seal in the bind is the work of the five men over here I think it's going to be all six that do that work how why would you think all six do the work yeah sorry I didn't see your hand it's this pillar that's yes that sounds nice so this would be Jesus and this would be the disciples to five disciples also a symbol of the five wise virgins you could do that and that's at nine eleven isn't it so verse five and to the others he said in mine hearing go after him through the city and smite let not your eyes spare neither have you pity slay utterly old and young both maids and little children and women but come not near any man upon whom is the mark begin at my sanctuary then they began at the ancient men which would be for the house so it seems to indicate that the only the five do the slaying the one doesn't but in verse 2 it says that every single one of them had a slaughter weapon and behold six men came from the way of the high gate which life toward the north and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand and one among them so I'm suggesting that it is even the five and the one one level are the same person because they're both connected with the slaughter weapon one of them does the marking and one of them does this and five of them do the slaying so how would we connect slaying with sealing or binding how would you make that connection can we make that connection but are you saying yes sir how do you make that connection once you're dead you're sealed okay once you're marked you sealed okay so you're picking up the idea that there when they kill people it's the work of cutting or reaping in Matthew 13 I really agree with that so can we see the connection between the two chapters that's all I want is to see that this is a symbol of the third angel Barbara Johnson okay so we're going to pick up now the idea that there's the investigative judgment and there's an executed judgment or an executive judgment upon in how you want to do understand that so if I were just to put investigative judgment here and executed judgment here we could see that you're going to investigate you're going to select and choose to make a decision and then you're going to seal and bind or you're going to execute so this is the killing or the reefing and this is the investigation when we think about investigation often we just think about these two steps but connecting with the investigation is the decision if you go to a real court case I think there are three steps in that you investigate you decide and then whatever bate whatever that decision is then stomach's gonna bow it you can see that yes it's the pronouncement is this is the this is what's going to happen to the person and then it happens in some stories it happens really quickly happens almost immediately okay yeah maybe I don't know if it happens quickly okay okay I'm not I'm not on doing that that's not that's fine if we're saying that if twice means quick I'm okay with that so we're in the selection time period now and then we're going to go to the reaping stage so in this statement early talks early writings 118 he only talks about the wheat but you think you need to go to other passages to show us that the reaping first is dealt first the tares are dealt with and then the wheat are dealt with but all we've just looked at in this passage is the week so what I want us to see is that these people are not part of Jerusalem now I don't know if you want to consider yourselves part of Jerusalem or not maybe we do maybe we do if it goes to Matthew 13 and we say here's the field what is this still the symbol of the church so is this church this church is it the same Church the city and the field yeah so this is the SDA church or is it this movement how how do we look at this right I didn't hear you I stood in here sister Kathy I'm sorry okay so you think it's only the movement yes if we're going to place if we're going to do Matthew 13 just a movement so this is not this one mr. boy what you say sorry nothing you just smiley was the church bypass tonight yeah we know they teach the leadership was not bypassed at 9/11 were they I want to make this distinct I said a few minutes ago I think they died at night not I think they died at 9/11 they bypassed at the time at the end are there not yeah so we want to make that distinction the other day you're speaking that we love I think people in here you okay there might be day that 911 but they weren't killed by these angels were they it's not the Angels that have killed them spiritually dead so if they if they're already spiritually dead why do you need to slaughter them what is this slaughtering the symbol of so in the final it's a final completion it's finishing it all off it's not that I don't think is an indication that they're spiritually dead when it talks about that the killing of them it's the final put in a way of that group of people if we were to think about Saul so we will play souls they're here Saul's here he dies here 911 but is the house of Saul all fully sorted out No why not it's his son is still ruling post-911 so the trend tribes have not joined the two tribes David's house so David isn't in full control of the church in its completion he needed this still needs to be a work that's done so even though the house is fully wiped out and dealt with or Sully's here David he's now king he hasn't got complete control of everything so there's still the work to do so coming back to Matthew 13 are we saying that this church here and Berea great okay with that okay so her point was that in Matthew 13 so let's come back to Matthew 13 verse 24 another parable put he forth unto them saying the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field so you need to mark you need to know where you mark that good seed being sown and you'd have to go I think to Jeremiah chapter 4 I think verse 3 or verse 4 I think it's verse 4 during my four for now verse 3 3 4 3 for thus saith the Lord to the men of Judah and Jerusalem break up your fallow ground and so not among thorns so if you're going to tie Jer Jeremiah 4:3 and Matthew 24 so Matthew 13:24 what you're saying is that when you sow that good seed all the thorns have to be cleared first and he connects you with verse 3 Jeremiah 4 it says what to wake up break up the fallow ground which was hosea chapter 10 verse 12 so there has to be a work of preparation that's done before you can sow so I know we haven't done this in class so she's indicating that this is the breaking up and this is the sowing yes and when the sowing is happening what's being sold wheat and tares yes yeah so two different people are doing the sewing but they're both been sowed here so this field is a symbol of the SDA church or justice movement at the level that we're understanding it here it just has to be this movement it can't be the SDA church Guinea was the enemy at nine for parables they want to know the second one anyone else the D where do we place the enemy and he thought the enemy is that well that is that what your question was yes elder Jess what I'm you're asking if anybody else has got any comments and the other thoughts No so it's when the men slept that the enemy does his work and we will replace that sleeping okay so you know a general level we normally place it at ninety level where you where you fall asleep and we get that from Matthew 25 yes but you check into the details of it they don't sleep technically straight away to his hour after hour passes the Sun is already set and they sleep later on yeah so the wheat in the tear are sown here and if we're going to use the symbology here to mark 911 then we know that this church is what not the SDA church it's the church triumphant isn't it though these calls Jesus causes people problems because we have taste in the church triumphant you have wheat in tears you've good and bad and people just can't conceptualize that that could be in the church triumphant because Ellen White says we are now the church militant and she's only defined the church militant and has a good or bad people in the wheat and tares however you want to describe it it's this admixture of two groups and our definition of the church for Anthony something different so most of most of time as an eighth youth if you see it that way when he talks about the church appearing to fall then it doesn't fall what church do we normally apply that to we normally applied it to the structure don't we sorry the structure has already been swept away past 10 16 years ago and Counting expenditures just market 9/11 so now we're saying that this statement where it says it appears to fall but it doesn't fall so this church is not the seventh-day Adventist Church this is this movement yep bo Tyler so when did the seventh-day Adventist church should not become not be the 7-day advantages because it was sometime in the past when is it so when you go to John 3 1957 before Jesus was born okay so if you're going to make it 57 and we've got 89 here I know you can't see it here waste Davies gonna be raised up because if they're not the church God doesn't have a church here on earth so defective as it may appear to be that it is it's still the apple of his eye I would suggest way back here as we know Satan you try to war against it you know directly but yet he found a lot more he was able to do a lot more destruction he might claim for himself within so the devil's been trying to plant himself a mother God's faithful so he's the church the structure always the church is the individual good people in the church so that means this isn't the church then because you said you agreed that the field was the church so either the we is the church now I understand that model but in this model if you're saying the field is the church then in that field you've got good and bad people because this isn't this the argument that we're having about the church transfer people saying it's got me the church triumphant because you've got good and bad people in here in in what in the church so that means the definition of church isn't just good people but are they in the church or they're not in the church it's just the similar than L did yeah what does that mean yeah but what does that mean you say there's always a remnant okay so what I think you're saying is if did you say woman you said the remnant yes yes so you relation 12 so if you're saying this is the woman and then you Li it seems to me that you defining remnant like this but you're making them existing at the same time and my understanding is that when it talks about a remnant it's not existing at the same time so I'll give an example of so say okay so we're still getting back to the remnant so you've got the remnant and the woman at the remnant and the woman coexisting there at different times the way you just suggested it seems to be what yeah so that's what I've just drawn here you're saying this is the woman in the remnant so there's this good group of people in the church and you seem to identify that this group of people here are the real deal and the rest of it isn't but I don't think it's I don't think that that idea of remnant is modeled that way because if you go back to seven last kings of Judah when they're going to get taken into captivity if you went from a NASA to Zedekiah is this the church so this is the church and there's good and bad people in there so the church isn't just the good people it's the good and bad people then you have 70 years of captivity and then you get to the medo-persian Empire and if a thousand people were entered into this were their their church was a thousand people then thousand people go into captivity what comes out of that I'll put 10 and we'd call the 10 the remnant they're not coexisting at the same time there wasn't this remnant here the remnant are the leftover after all there's trouble this happened all I'm saying is the revenant is the leftover of what you had originally it has time built into that because in Revelation 12 the woman is the history is the woman in the 1260 here this woman here she goes into the 1260 and what's left over isn't much what's left over is the remnant which is the Adventist Church when you think about remnant yes but I don't think you can use the phrase remnant to do that that's what I was saying and I was going back to the model that we used in here in this model because we're usually Matthew 13 so if you're gonna use that model then the church is what has to be I don't mean the seven-day event he structured but he has to be the structure doesn't it it's not the individual plants in that and that's the distinction that I want us to pick up here about the bride and the guests sorry in the church Judas isn't anointed he hasn't had his feet washed he's not part of the organization I'm saying did this field here this field is talking about the triumphant Church it's this church okay yeah this movement yeah okay that's that's fine it's this movement because it comes into existence at 9/11 because we're here yes so is this field this field here is different to the city in his eq9 just want to make sure that we're making that distinction did we go with that that this isn't the church triumphant that's going to get cleaned out some people are saying yes some people are saying no they don't live here so this Jerusalem is it the SDA church or is it this church triumphant there's got wheat and tares in it based on the logic of 911 very confused okay yeah that's why I thought use brother Richard you had your hand okay and so that's that's that model that's just being developed that you agreed upon Thanks yeah so you can say how we've just sort of suddenly shifted from this model to this model and we said this was the Adventism and this was the church triumphant it seems to be I think you're saying there at one level there they're the same model but another level when I was saying they're different is that what you're saying confusing probably Jonathan but elders yeah how DJ but one thing that I've learned from your presentations is last week is that the Adventist Church structure and all the citizens in that structure by 911 are dead so if when that ceiling angel goes through you don't have to even I mean he will consider them but there isn't any of them that are going to get a mark because none of them are sign-in crying they're totally settled in and comfortable with the abominations that are taking place so the only citizens that would come under consideration are the ones that are that come in after 9/11 but it doesn't deny that the Adventist Church has already been taken a position among those that aren't sighing and crying today they've been judged prior to that so to speak about the levites them ones that are still in there that they have the lots that are trying to be faithful to the structure being misled that need to be be be be let out it's it's based upon I think they answered about is based upon what I said this morning when Elijah comes in 1989 and says there will be but it's saying there will be a message and some people follow it through past 911 so also there's going to be a message after 9/11 that will awaken some people that were in this structure and they will come out the levites but they're technically sister teri sister shamila rhetorical question who's they visitation is it the church triumphant or the SDA church so I'm just questioning what the diversity means well you gonna prepare to say who eats who's being visited sister Schumer what do you think the church is no I asked what do you think you just told you what's on the board okay so if we go to thoughts on the mount of blessings page six as you're finding it I just quote from Matthew 5 verses 2 & 3 see introductory thought for that chapter he opened his mouth and taught them saying blessed are the poor in spirit for this is the kingdom of heaven Matthew 5 verses 2 & 3 don't go to Matthew 5 go to thoughts on the mount of blessings page 6 these people who are poor in spirit to mean that you're poor indicates that you're destitute and what spirit is this because in the King James it's lowercase I think it's this spirit the Holy Spirit because if I were to say to you you're poor in spirit what would what would that mean or how do you understand what a spirit is sorry okay I'm saying it's the Holy Spirit upper case even though it doesn't indicate that you Matthew so they're destitute of what of the Holy Spirit Oh something strange in you these words fall upon the ears of the wandering multitude those who are destitute of the Holy Spirit such teaching his country to all they have ever heard from priest or rabbi they see in it nothing to flatter their pride or to feed their ambitious hopes but there is about this new teacher a power that holds them spellbound the sweetness of divine love flows from his very presence as the fragrance from a flower his words fall upon his raised his words fall like rain upon the mown grass as showers that water the earth so Psalm 76 72 verse 6 these people that are poor in spirit what's the symbol for them they their moan can we see that the Damone grass they've been cut down he's words what have his words his words Damone grass or his murder or his words the rain yeah his words at the rain that fall upon the mown grass so his words are the words that come to the people who are destitute of the Holy Spirit all feel instinctively that here is one who reads the secrets of the soul who yet who comes near to them with tender compassion their hearts open to him and as they listen the Holy Spirit and talk to them something of the meaning of that less in which Humanity and all ages needs to learn in the days of Christ the religious leaders of the people felt that they were rich in spiritual treasure so what's that it's lay the seer the prayer of the Pharisees God I thank thee that I am not as the rest of men expressed the feeling of his class who's his class the Pharisees class and to a great degree of the whole nation so that's saying the whole nation is ladis ear so these people here are poor in spirit and they lay the seein's yeah because they're destitute of the Holy Spirit and they never realized it but in the throng that surrounds Jesus there are some who had a sense of this spiritual poverty so even though they're fully dead they understand that something's wrong and she then goes on to talk about Peter and his experience so Peter is of the same class he's going to compare it to these people who's destitute and yet he has a sense that he needs something so in the multitude gathered about the Mount there were souls who in the presence of his purity felt that they were wretched and miserable poor and blind and naked she quoted revelation 3:17 so you know that there lay the scene so these people in verses two and three for Matthew five there later scenes everyone's are later seeing they're all dead but just the fact just because you're dead it doesn't mean that you cannot have an awareness of your death and that you desire to change so this is these Levites that are going to come out so even though everyone is dead they realize that they have a need so I want to suggest here in Ezekiel 9 because we just we just bridge between zq9 and Matthew 13 and when we did that we went from the SDA church to the church triumphant I think you can apply both parables either the church triumphant as well as the church the SDA church because there are people here who are sighing and crying yeah so they're a sign and crying because of the loss conditional this or the problems that are in the church and I think he's talking about this group of people the Levites the Levites know there are a problem is a problem in the church they may not have a recognition that they're in the same condition as everyone else that they're just as lost as everyone else but they know that there's a problem so and then if someone said this I think you can apply these passages at both levels but you need to know when you're doing it that you're actually applying it with one Church and not another in vice versa otherwise you get begin to get problems so I'll give another example of that if you go to her back chapter one before we reads from Habakkuk chapter one when we were in Ezekiel and it talks about Jerusalem what is it actually talking about in its original setting but that Jerusalem that it's talking about I'm not asking the application because this is what brother Jonathan was saying sorry so this is Nebuchadnezzar so I just want us to see that when we talk about the third angel here who is this who are these five men who are going to slaughter them because I've just made that the third angel you saw how I did that but in the real story who is it that's Nebuchadnezzar isn't it Nebuchadnezzar is this these angels not angels these five men so that's the distinction that's been made here someone he's going to now mark them and only the bad people are going to be killed and wiped out and the good people are going to be saved if you go back to the original history how's that distinction made who was saved and who was destroyed killed or taken away to Babylon it was all the famous rich wealthy people wasn't it and who was left to in the land it was the poor yeah so you can begin to get this idea of the poor in spirit everyone's in a mess but some people are going to be saving some people on so I think it's important to see in the original context what it's dealing with so even though it's nobody Kaneda that's going to be in destruction it's gonna bring bring destruction upon which church at that load would it be the SDA church wouldn't it but when you make an application you can apply it both ways that's all I want us to see from that story in the back of chapter 1 the reason why we're looking at this is that even though you're a dead lay the see and fully dead can you still complain and say this church is in a bad situation yeah you still have a recognition of that so it depends on at the application that you want to make because in this story I think this is the church militant that's being dealt with and God's going to clean this church up everyone that is against God the tears in this story although those who do the abomination they're going to be killed what you're going to be left with is a pure Church so this is the destruction of the church militant as it transitions into church triumphant it goes from the SDA church lady SIA to the triumphant Church Ephesus do you agree with that what what is different to what you just said than what I just said fiction upon what Church no but you said the church I'm talking about is at the SDA church should this movement when you said the church because you can't say either one what application were you making then triumphant Church let's wait to back up one because I'm not sure if I fully understand what you've just said verse one the burden which Habakkuk the Prophet did see Oh Lord how long shall I cry and thou will not hear even cry out unto thee of violence and thou will not save versatile hooli who is speaking here okay so it's her back ik but but this is the parable yes it's not really her back eat that speaking Habakkuk is representing someone so who's he representing those that are sighing and crying yeah Habakkuk I don't if we did this in class if this is Manasseh Amman Josiah and we go to all the way to Zedekiah where is Habakkuk yeah it's in it might be just before Amman because I think his ministry is a bit more than two years but it's before Josiah this is her back ik here and then connected with her back aku's the other Prophet Zephaniah Zephaniah H comes just afterwards so I think it's him prophet and king she tells you that Zephaniah this is some kind of overlap but here's F an ayah so you know that this is the time period where the churches have been warned that it's going to be destroyed so the people who are complaining what they complaining about the complaining about the legacy of Manasseh and the work that Amman is doing aren't they yeah the whole culture in the church so this whole problem that's going on here is in the SDA structure these people who are whining complaining and moaning so that's what I wanted to pick up from a back ERK verses 1 to 4 there's this complaint that's been made by people who are dead not alive and the prophets are voicing the atmosphere or the culture that's going on so that's I guess I'm answering the question that you said if they're all dead which is what elder Jeff was saying inland and they are all dead how on earth are they crying and what would they be crying about because if they're all dead the implication is they're all enjoying themselves just the fact that you complain doesn't mean you're saved I guess that's what I want us to see yeah just because you complain that there's a problem does it mean you're not part of the problem you can recognize error but not accept the truth so in our movement the tears Judas does Judas say that let me do it right what you just said you said you recognize error and do not accept truth okay so so think about let's go to Judas does Judas recognize the error is that a question or a statement okay does he accept the truth okay so did he accept the truth or not according to the model you just said what truth did he accept or reject that Peter accepted he accepted that he was the Messiah he believed that Judas did so he accepts the same truth that Peter does he rejects the definition of a kingdom of the kingdom did John reject the definition of a king when he when his mum says can they sit on your right hand were they rejecting the definition of the king and the kingdom so how can you how can you accuse Judas of rejecting it if it hasn't even been fully revealed to them and we've been a bit hard on Judas and soft on John because there are they asking us are they asking the same thing so if they're the same men they're both accepting the truth and they're both rejecting the error okay so now we're saying it's to do with a heart and I guess that's what I wanted to bring us to that when we talk about these people here who recognize that there's a problem you can recognize all the problems that you want and you can accept the truth all you want because I would contend the Judas if you did a list he accepted all the truths that John did the intellectually that there's no difference between the two the only difference between the two is what that truth does to that person where it resides and the impact it has upon them so when we come here to to this model Matthew 13 I think we're pretty fixed that the application that we want to make here is this is the church triumphant yeah and we're going to make that application because we're going to see that seat so in here is at ninety eleven it's a seat so in here is at nine eleven it's that it's at that point that the tears are introduced and if the tears are bad people they're bad people in Adventism all the way before that yeah so this is this is a specific application where we want to understand this because now we've introduced this structure here of 1989 to 9/11 that this is the church triumphant this movement so when we think about the wheat and the tares have the tazed accepted the truth and rejected the error okay so we have to define accept so have all of you accepted the truth so accept the truth yes at the simple level have we all accepted the truth basic understand without defining what accept means we all accepted the truth so did the tears accept the truth because we know that Judas did and we know that the weak half so when we think about the church triumphant everybody's pouring into this movement because they're all accepting the truth and rejecting the error so what is the error that they're rejecting about what truth are they accepting so this truth and there's no air ative to deal with no I'm saying they reject something we reject have you rejected some stuff error I mean we have rejected error that's in this church what do you mean by truth okay so the church says there are no lines as an example the church says Islam isn't in Bible prophecy is that an error that you have to reject to accept the truth that or accept the lines so I think there's a case to be made that you have to reject a lot of error that's in the church to accept this truth last point then we need to close because yes we can start introducing that and we're going to reinforce it I just want to summarize because because we're behind time what I want us to see is that when we talk about the first secular third angels message is we understand that this is a symbol of the third whatever church they're dealing with and at least at that level this third angel is already ready at 9/11 it's made itself ready this person has because it's all in white linen at 9/11 so we can make a case about a moral case if you like but these people have sorted out the problem with sin in their lives so they're ready to do a work of judgment but more than that why I wanted to see is that all of this is to do with and we'll take this put a bit here it's all about work it's a work that needs to be done and these people are ready to do the work so when we looked at this I wasn't trying to suggest that these people are perfect in a moral sense that's not the case that I want us to see but the work begins and the reason the work begins if you go to Revelation 9 1978 is because they're ready the white linen is indicating that they're ready and they're ready out here at 9/11 to do this work to do this work of first selecting and then binding so this is one of the arguments that to show that the investigative judgment here happens at 9/11 not further along the line because they're ready to do this work and the work actually begins to be prosecuted here so that's why I wanted this to see here is that the third angel isn't part of the problem they're part of the solution yet they're outside of what's going on you see the same thing when you go to Matthew 13 that the servants are outside of the field they're not part of the field are they no so it's if you've got the wheat and the tares here and we're saying this is the church the servants are over here therefore the servants are not part of the church but are they if these are real people there aren't they out there in the church when we look at parables sometimes we can make wrong applications by not following through with with the logic of that so we haven't quite finished this I think we need to tidy sum things up but what I wanted to see is that when you think about wheat and tares when you think about people who are in the church who are dead we'll go with the dead people in the church everyone's dead but they're still sighing and crying want is to see that you can sigh and cry and you can still be dead because they understand something about the truth and they've rejected the error acceptance of truth and rejection of error does not make you a wheat you can still be a tear at that level you can still be dead so I want to just say this in closing dead people can do what accept truth and we saw that really clearly thoughts on the mount of blessings page six dead people can accept truth so the fact that you're here accepting all of this truth doesn't make you alive let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness you'll watch care over us we ask and pray that you would guide our thoughts and our hearts this day as we try to honor you and serve you lord help us to meditate upon the thoughts ideas the study that we have had this morning please help us to understand what it means to be a week what it means to be a tea what it means to be a life and what it means to be dead as we consider the nature of a human being how we are constructed help us have a clear understanding that we might be transformed from dead people to live in people is our prayer in the name of Jesus amen