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you I mean so if we can turn to Christ object lessons begin from page 70 in power chapter 4 page 70 7/0 yes actually before we do that let's go to page 62 chapter three first the blade then the ear co p co wale sorry christ object lessons christ Khafji lessons page 62 so I just want to read through the chapter together so that we can try to come to some common understanding of just just get familiarity with what these passages are teaching I'll see we spoke this morning about Ezekiel 9 and Matthew 13 so we've been having some discussion over breakfast and lunch about maybe our lack of understanding of what these chapters are teaching us and how I should apply them so from page 62 who are we all together do we want to read one paragraph each is that okay with people or yeah so if you don't have it in front of you then just just let us know so we'll skip you if you don't all have it okay the parable of the sower excited much questioning some of the hair is gathered from it that Christ was not to establish an earthly Kingdom and many were curious and perplexed seeing their perplexity Christ used other illustrations still seeking to turn their thoughts from the hope of a worldly kingdom to the work of God's grace in the sole way see quoting from Ellen White Sorry Sorry it's one of the Gospels I mean I sure it's mark mr. Schiller yeah mark chapter four since mark chapter 4 just want us to realize the context of this picking up from verse 26 goes to 29 26 229 and he said so is the kingdom of God is if a man should cast lean into the ground and should sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring and grow up he knows not how so what does it mean he know it's not how ok so if he's not the one who's in control of how it grows who is the he just in the context don't make an application of who it looks like it's God or someone in the context of this sorry so which man it's right the sower can we you'll see that it's the so it's the man that does the sowing and if you go back to the beginning of the chapter it says the parable of the sower excited much questioning so this sower is the same sower can we see that so this sower that she's talking about in the first parable the parable of the sower where is that that's right mark chapter 4 verse 2 and he taught there many things by parables and said unto them in his doctrine hearken they went out a sower to sew so it's verse - yeah yeah beginning yeah it says verse 3 they're very obvious least beginning of verse 2 because he's gonna start speaking in parables so the sower in this section here is the same person and would this be God or would it be a person why would it be a person yeah did we all say that this Rolla vania must be a human being because he sleeps and primarily he doesn't know even how these things work how these things grow so we want to pick up these three book three markers it's the blade the ear and the four corner in the air or three steps and then what does he do he sews he sleeps he doesn't know how it grows then what does he do that's right I don't know what you think yeah it's he's doing that yes so we can see that the person who styles is the person who reaps even though Jesus will tell you one souls and one reaps in this context it's the same person all the way through okay someone want to carry on the seed is Christ does not sleep okay so that explains what we said a moment ago the husband and he puts it in the sickle because the harvest has come can be no other than Christ so how you going to reconcile that with in the plain reading it says he put it in the sickle when contextually the same person he puts in a sickly the same person who sowed that's what we just said and now she's saying something else because if you read the next but he says here at the last great day will reap the harvest of the earth 3 he who at the last great day will reap the harvest of the earth the same thing that brother Mario read 62 you read sixty two point three yes yeah the husband who put it in the sickle because the harvest is come can be no other than Christ it is he but the last great day will reap the harvest of the earth but the sower of the seed represents those who labor in Christ's stead the seed he said to spring up so into spring and grow up he no it's not how and this is not true of the Son of God Christ does not sleep over his charge but what is it day and night he is not ignorant of how the seed grows how do you reconcile those things we understand that the one who sews and the one who doesn't know what's happening is a human being she says it's Christ who's going to reap at the end of the world we saw presents an old-school Libra in crisis so it is in his and in the passage it says immediately he put it in the sickle verse 29 we got from verse traces torogai it's the same person okay and you're thinking so first a human being does that work and then Christ has that work is that what you think sister wanna be there before I could do the same person that be this sewing that's the same person might be directing so Christ is working through human agent you so you've got in front of you passage so how do you read it when he says the husband who police in the sickle because the harvest has come can be no other than Christ he it is through at the last great day will read the harvest of the earth but the sower is someone else so Christ did not literally come down and personal done Christ therefore we would have had to see Christ literal Christ eighteen forty or whenever the development of life time dear sister shmeller it is he who at the last great day will reap the harvest of the earth so that sticks out to myself the last great day when is that and that's when it's our last notice the last great day I mean in the period of the place it would be when probation closes which is midnight and that is also the harvest so you're at midnight that we just say yeah I'm just emphasizing that the priests line okay so you're at midnight yes and that's the great harvest that's the last great day and who's the one that's bringing them sorry who's the one that's reaping the week who is because I see it as the so and the we prayer the same basically since the Reaper a human being or is it Christ at midnight because that's the context that you just okay you don't have to be humans but they have perfectly reproduced the image of Christ so there's notice there's no distinguish between Christ and his people they are one is that what you think I think that's yes sister Olivia said that so I would say I would do second what's this other being said and say that the Incarnation has been divinity and humanity has taken place and that's what's happening at the last great day so you're saying that humanity and divinity become one at that point when you harvest days and when you that affected yes monoi yes a visa perfected up but when the sewing happened the ability and humanity isn't perfected that was the sewing I'm talking about the reaping no I got that at the reaping you said he's perfected inventing divinity so I ask the question is it not perfected at the sewing because not everybody then finish it's perfect but it's not complete because not everyone has because what why is Christ still holding back the four wins then not until every servant is sealed because not all his servants are sealed the Levites haven't come in and they're in other words so this is I haven't come in at midnight either yeah they haven't bad so used to aniline at the priest yes you helping Levites into the story okay sorry I won't bring in the Levites well you can if you want to keep you didn't initially up so you can't not even now but you need those reports so at nine eleven you don't see these people are biting in him humanity and divinity combined at went 9/11 to sully yes but we know that the church isn't going to be triumphant until its triumphant now but they're still tears isn't there there won't be any tears at midnight okay that's fine yeah but the people who aren't is yes they their humanity divinity the combination it's are they more perfect at midnight than they are at 9/11 because what I'm trying to say is that Christ says let them both grow together until the harvest so there's still tears that means it's not perfect the church is not perfect even though it's even though it began to beat the church rather than eleven I agree with that it hasn't reached the full fulfillment is making sense when Mario's brother linked evolution 14 let's begin at verse before we do that rather Luke I was just saying of repeating in larger I mean they're quite a bit less emphatic yes sixty two point do a to okay what was the last one with four sentence which is written we're reading sixty-two point three three paragraph still adjust the Bible yeah yeah yeah so the top of the first sentence from 62 point three the husbandmen who put us in the sequel because the harvest has come could be no other than Christ and then the next sentence says it is he who are the last great day will work the harvest of the earth is that not just being a bit more specific of death but that's just repeating what she's just said and specifying this at the last great day the harpes will come that's when he's okay so she's saying the harvest is the last great day yeah it's not just she just saying that's like the final one when Christ returns in the clouds or two ripped everyone people you're reading it like sister tessie's Dom yeah he finally said that's what you're doing yeah he says that before that it's mad at midnight but in this final great day it's Christ that's what I'm saying since all that being said no revelation 14 verse 13 and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yeh saith the spirit that they may rest from their Labour's and their works do follow them when it says from henceforth what is when is the henceforth 1390 leaven a really great at start 11 mistranslation verse 13 just how you understand that verse you place it when 18:44 know in your mouth the history of the third angels message again yep yeah I would say 911 why why because that's the beginning of the priests history that's when the call was made to the priests I suggest let's see do those from 1911 who don't die isn't it yeah but what kind of death is this is it gonna make a spiritual death yeah okay it's pretty lame you died before 9/11 will you continue being dead to self from 9/11 and you're living is or should be in the Lord for to me to dice to live is Christ and to die is gain is that how you read verse 13 in this primary context that it's from 9/11 not 1844 that those who died under the banner of the third angel 1844 really wanted angel is anyone is there any one third angel it's not to the time at the end which time sorry you see like that you know that their name but that dispensation right okay so I will talk from 1989 people who are blessed with the ones who don't die spiritual death okay I will skip over this verse but I think it's really just saying if you die under the banner of the third angel you come up in a special resurrection that's the blessing Li and you will see maybe I'm wrong on that yes guess what you agree with me now I can see how it can be that as well but in our history it's dying yeah if you can make it our history but I would have thought that was in the time period from when the first angels message I rotated it doesn't affect what I'm saying mr. chase yes so what's that what are the blessing would there be because you can you can see Jesus coming no in the first resurrection in the special resurrection otherwise you're just going to come up with everybody on you please for the righteous that day under the third problem mention of the third ginger also those who might say something funny maybe I thought this was kind of like standard obviously not sister taste sister teri you have any comments on this they said that with 11 verse to Daniel 11 verse 2 is that not correct you'd be more cryptic than I am [Laughter] ok this is what the Mario's think I knew you're gonna do that do that in the Dead diet and you that's what you're doing bless you God blessed are the dead who die in this time period they don't die in another time period I think maybe I think we're reading too much into that I don't think the living dead or dying or anything like that he just said that he says if you're gonna die it's best to die in this dispensation then the other ones maybe I'm totally wrong you're probably right I'm probably I must be totally wrong we're going to we're gonna get diversity thing cuz if you anything and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of Man having a nice high head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and reap for the time is come for thee to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth and the earth was reaped another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven he also having a sharp sickle and another angel came out from the altar which had power over fire and cried with a loud and cried with a cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle saying thrust in thy sickle and gathered the clusters of the vine of the earth for her grapes are fully ripe the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth and gathered the vine of the earth and cast it into the grain white press winepress of the wrath of God the winepress was trodden without the city and blood came out of the winepress even unto the horse bridles by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs I will to you brother Mario speaks a little more to what I was trying to to say it says the same person that has that sharp sickle no it represents that that person as an angel and so I'm saying it would have to be the third engine as we're seeing all these angels so not in the way we're understanding no it is the work of it is just showing us the work of the third in there harvesting everything that's going on there it's not like we are seeing these this person and then another angel because then if we would line it up like that we would have to have this person sitting on the troll then another angel with a sickle and both of them are doing our work of reading when we understand the role of Christ dear and as it says in Christ object lesson that the sword presents those who work in our labor and in Christ's stead and they are the ones who are sowing and reaping so the angels are converting in my mind they are conversing in with them at work not the angels but it is in my mind it is justifying the work that is going on is suing under reaping by those who are laboring in Christ a sister olive a whose first big thing isn't it murders passage now his was he switched to verse 18 I know you didn't okay I'll give you another verse verse totake whose verse 13 and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle you're saying that you don't saying that's Jesus that's not the second Advent here this is one light that means it's not hey no just look like him he's going crayon he's King yeah that's not gonna deter her she'll get around that one as well well then oh uh mr. Levine move you're just backing her up there's no client - oh you think that it's not Christ I'm saying that it is the work of the mighty angel of revelation 18 you can't read the earth in the New Jerusalem what are you going to read the reaping has to be done before if he has a sharp sickle in his hand he's doing a work of reaping so if it is heaven or his second coming what the second coming as we place it on the land for decreases at midnight so therefore it see that we're going to be looking for a literal Christ and will be no Levites no eleven don't work on nobody just decreased and and are you even so as we have seen it with the work I was brought up this morning as we were looking at with the field and the parable of the intimate ears and with the latter in and when we thought so every through the cabinet in editing the public record that the latter a began in 2014 which is right name the harvest I cannot conclude that it is little Christ's literal second coming one minute sexist it says go to Revelation 1 verse 7 tell us who the he is Christ which literally this is this one is Christ is this Christ or not or a human being it's so it's Christ in verse seven coming on the cloud there's Christ in Daniel do I uploaded Danielle seven yeah but it's not it's not me extrude its Christ not someone in his stead in verse in seven thirteen or whatever is that's that's Christ not Christ not someone in he's dead I knew seven what I'm seeing that in Daniel 7 when the Millerites thought that it was Christ come into the earth it wasn't Christ was with the code yes it is great programs going in both peoples also representing the minarets so therefore the point I'm making is yes we understand will not I'm speaking for me cuz I would be totally wrong yes I understand that Christ there is a literal work that is being done in this in in they have enough heavens but they also believe that that work has to have a correspondence on earth whatever it is that happens where she's correspondence here in Daniel 7 yes between Daniel 7 explaining the son of man on a cloud going from one place to another on earth and he saw the vision of Christ and their understanding no was clear to know that it was not his second coming pedir but that it was that he was moving from one dispensation to the next so they work in heaven Alex it's correspondence under who's the son of man I'm trying to figure out Christ's octave next in sixty two point three she says if this is Christ and this is a human being who works on his behalf so I'm saying how do you reconcile that so if you're going to bring this so I went to Revelation 14 and I was asking Oh sister olivine has said no this is not Christ its Christ someone in Christ's stead yep so why does she make the distinction in sixty two point three it doesn't it just says an angel and what makes the distinction she says the first name Jesus Christ and then she says that Miller and his associates were doing the work so even though she makes that distinction she's giving us that series a combination or an incarnation between humanity and divinity that Christ is yes it is Christ that has taken the work in his hands but he's using you agents so why does it make the distinction here that human beings don't know anything and that he says this is not true of the Son of God because we can't meet judgments of ourselves Christ did the same thing he made the point that he's not the one that is making many judgments are making any judgment his father and then his father commits the judgment being committed to him as a month not as a spirit not a god what does a literal he won anyone else second Corinthians I would work of reconciliation is the work of sewing and growing and development not the work of let's just say that God it was combined in Christ carrying all this work of salvation it's just the same that God has committed this work has committed this work to those who know who are represented the swords artists or she said you agree with which she says she says that yet the sower represents those who labor in he stayed but that's not the same as the Reaper that's what she says you see this is the test and then brother Richard sorry I still can't get past it there's a distinction because the soul also has Christ in him doing his work but I thought we said it's on stage that when when you're cut by the sick on you're dead and we can bring that down the line and say that it's like a spiritual death or you know it's just got to put off till the future are you referring to Revelation 14 or this passage here or combining the two at the very end of the world and the second Advent would verse 15 and 15 be Christ 14 14 14 14 15 because their harm is is one second what do you say why why why not you this she can I can't why because it's saying that the earth it's dealing with an a harvest that is taking place on earth Jesus comes to us so here's the earth there's a cloud and he's gonna come and read the earth no literally I'm so weird to look that Jesus brethren very deep trouble Jesus is lonely not midnight no this is not Revelation 14 is not dealing with well in my mind it's not dealing with the literal coming of Christ it's dealing with if sickle is not a literal sadistic rhythm message and as I said I see the angel of Revelation 14 on the code as the in love 186 an issue right I'll share what don't eat me while we cover this much I believe answers to the question of who Christ is representing there we understood from classes learning that we can be represented either as the bride or the guest depending on context and a relook at the parable of the the parable of the wheat and the tears the ones who harvested who sought to harvest were the servants and the Reapers were assigned to man so if we look at the parable of the wheat and the tares you can see a representation of who this who Christ is representative primarily I think there's no reaping aspect that that's God's people also Christ he does come and literally reap the world he does literally haven't read the world yes you've come he said he doesn't it did we got it he got to take us to heaven so he comes and gets us that's a part of the reaping process okay the hallways he's finished dude right well yeah we said when he gotta come get us reaping is also a part of reaping is also picking up was taking it is removing it to another place i garnets big garden when you when you gather the green and you place it in the garner you're not taking into heaven they take anything to the kingdom of heaven yes the kingdom of heaven begins at 9:00 a.m. but carry on stinking cuz as far as he's going to the reaping part I mean odd Christ take us to heaven and everything's gonna come back here and all that sucker with that part I think the distinction at least that I'm seeing in here Christ also tells us what will we bind here whatever is going to be bound in heaven so we have the literal responsibility of sealing of the people by the words that we speak they seal people so that's the the work that God is given to us as his people and the work we declare heaven is gonna approve of that so I think we have a part in this binding or reaping asperity it's the privilege of one you see it's one name of son 59 okay another thing I'm basically using your lesson to answer the piece of or the truck so if you deny this you're denying all of what you talk from thoughts on amount of dressing paid six paragraph one how it was the streams and new teaching to the rabbis and when the disciples approached Christ and ask him to explain the parables to him one of the state one of the your response to that was asking us who Christ was I mean I'm sorry I'm so in context of this who Christ is represented before that you've been very quiet I said for you're gonna catch for the close-up - you're looking you can't wide what I mean looking at cockfight and smiling I don't know oh boy what does that say worker the third day hopefully his work yes legs and then see them buying that is to select the wheat from the tares and seal or bind the wheat with a heavenly God are these same two reversible mind the whole intention I think that is okay this is sister teri then 14:14 and i looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle so you saying that's Christ what you saying that is second adds that literally okay verse 15 and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and reap for the time is come for thee to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe what's that executive judgment isn't it it's ready every if it's right then try not to use exactly joking what's actually happening here like do it as a story what's happening it's time to pick the fruit what what's that fruit in 15 is to wait in the test well the harvest is the end of the world the whole world is ready to be raped I could you just tell me what's happening he says thrust in thy sickle and reap so what's he reaping that's what I want to know wherever it is it's right we know that but what is he reaping in verse 15 no life people that have died in verse 13 you've got people that are alive in verse 12 okay so you've got people so they're people yes okay so you've got a living person and you've got a dead person so they've been reaped are they good or bad people I'm good so these are both good people okay here is the patience of the Saints here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yeh say to the spirit that they may rest from their Labour's and their works do follow them and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle reap for the time has come for thee to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe see that's what you've got here yeah and you're saying this is Jesus with a crown 16 and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth and the earth was raped verse 17 and another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven he also having a sharp sickle and another angel came out from the altar so that's three angels and the Son of Man is that right yeah which had power over fire and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle saying thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth for her grapes are fully ripe so what's that sister Terry the harvest of the vine so there's some wicked people now alive or dead alive because they're gonna go through the winepress these are life living and there's another angel who's got his sickle as Christ hath his sickle and who's this angel if that one is literally Jesus so this was literal and this one is now now you're gonna begin to struggle only you know because now you say these are plagues and the problem with that my guess is that the plagues are already done and dusted if we would if we were just to run these sequentially the verses maybe we wouldn't sister miscellaneous collections chapter 14 talked to ministers just the pagelet of 1888 crisis then made unto you wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption we are laborers together with God and crisis by your side you are yoked up with him he's leading and guiding such a worker is as sharp as sickle in the harvest field he does not use his god-given powers and debating that is Satan's line bla bla bla so what's that saying doing the work of Christ by our side you think that's what that's says the work of the worker or is the work of the sickle so the worker is the sickle so this sickle is who the worker Maria 30:13 MO 18 mo 59 no no what I'm going to do from 2.1 just repeats this but I want to read from 2 it says the words uh price of a lyric application in this time watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord code but notice that if the Goodman of the house had known in what watch he would have watched and would not have suffered his fellows to be broken up therefore be also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh Holden is a faithful such Holden is a faithful and wise servant whom his Lord had made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season this is that servant whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing verily I say unto you he shall make him ruler over all his goods and then the final part says then let everyone to whom the Lord has given light for his light from his word be sure that he makes a right use of the life of that life let them be guarded that he does not presume to feed the flock of God with food that is not appropriate for him the point that I want to pull out from this for the time the point I want to put out pull out from this is that God has been over his host wars and I am and I'm tidying the repo with the one that God has made her with over his host war it's a very unhappy this check those four they'd have to be understood literally this the executive judgment again when we literally see him in the cloud but surely probation is closed here so close of probation and then we've got the second Advent and this is Jacob's time of trouble seven plagues your question is obviously it is symbolic but it's you've got Christ with his crown and his sickle indicating a shift of judgment but it doesn't necessarily have to be coming back at this stage literally just beginning a work of judgment so you're going over to assist all of these and it's not the second Adventist even being portrayed here wait you told me I'm in trouble because Oh didn't think that did I say that yes well I perceive good okay well I think you're hungry you're mixing the literal in the symbolic so that was a trouble that you I because you can get that so I'm just trying to rethink it okay and you finished your point yes can you summarize what your pointless point being that it's not necessarily literal but it's indicating shift of judgment from investigative to executive probation is closed the third angel has done its work we're ready for the place so you're marking verse 14 as happening here where do you mark I used to market here into the matter 30 minutes ago I thought here Christ leaves the most holy place comes out changes his garments put his hands on the scapegoat and travels to earth and then happens here that's what what I J's copyright revelation 6 conquering and to conquer I gotta crawl no I this is it's right there on that chart 1850 there are two harvests of the earth here is one of green and one of grapes here is one at the first month they say yes and it's representing the grid and the grid the winepress is trodden without the city and you pointed out and all of us know that is the seven last plagues therefore it he's there and that harvest had just begun so therefore how can he be at his second coming dear when when the type of the with the two harvests which is the another productivity nothing where he appointed all that the Millerites were a representation of the grid of the grain and we are representation of the grapes because in the seventh month which was a end of the harvest the grapes would have been gathered in while in the first month the grain was gathered in and we do the plagues of Egypt and we know with the pentacon but in our history we see we do that when we do when we do information I belong the typification unweighted with the two classes in the church the church then would be representing the first food they would be represent the green let's just stop there they I think we though this one is vines yeah it says it in the passage so this is the vine or grapes or the vintage this is bad is that you say ya know how they're not back what I'm saying what you saying that there are two types of harvest announcing their harvest of the vintage is the harvest of the world not the literal a bit literal coming of Christ they harvest without to be gathered only comes to tea whenever that is the harvest of the world is that good or the bad people I don't think that the grapes are the but who are they I believe that they're the person that will be martyred so that the good people who are martyred that's so this is where I'm staying with my talks so I'm not going to be having my guards up to say that it is not bad or that it is not bad but I am saying that that angel there that that's uh nickel this one here yes but it is not that it's a second literal coming and then c'est la vie sickle our system and the sickle is the message and it is a messenger and I are therefore there are two types of harvest you have the green harvest and you have the grapes why not the beginning one at the end I believe that the grapes can represent the great multitude and the greens can represent those that are within the church when you say they can yeah you say they do remember that this is my mind my my interpretation it's and I always be corrected so this is 144,000 or the priest I wouldn't say that it is all the as you pointed out I am doing with the concept yeah yeah and the great pace the world is the great multitude and it would include those from freestanding event well yes and the priests those who died I'm saying those who died yeah not not bad people and the Levites those who died in the Lord and this happens first this happens next it happens first up next because of the church but not necessarily because of the hundred and forty-four thousand but then I do believe that they winter than 44-thousand is comprised of those within a church and so when they killed or they rape the trunk down outside of the city by now outside of the New Jerusalem literals okay okay anyone about study we 30 that's right oh now that they call me in one of our studies in Wales and you were drawing the conclusion that they're being foolish because they thought they were doing the work when they were just the instrument mm-hmm and isn't that what we're looking at now Christ is a rape bow and a sickle he's doing the work but he's using us the same way the king of the north was the instrument God's hand that one responsible for the work that was happening weren't you can you think's historic means not doing that I think she's saying that they're the same thing in this passage the son of man and the sickle and actually look saying that oh we probably have you had that no did you just roll over inside that the Vaughn is good yes agreed it doesn't vest Montaigne said it directly greats not the vibe because it says the finest put in the one pressed the wrath of God so how can that be good yeah shortened their their trodden and I believe that these things are what their trouble I'm sorry 63 though it's but it's the wrath of God anyway it's because is the wrath of God I believe that this thing's being trodden causes got to respond against the trenors yes my god isn't doing the training yes remember and seeing that those aspects are not clear I can't defend what is not clear in my mind now I will you saucy to explain it to confuse you but I'm clearing my mind that that angel there that where we were brought to is not the literal coming up second coming of Christ and that it is representing the work that maybe thirty in jail are doing and that it is yes that it is Christ working its people okay manuscript release 311 sites 3m are well it says here mr3 one 150 point one so if you type that in CD ROMs tree yeah it's coming out this the other way but I have Mr 3-1-1 yes come up both ways 50.1 says this the harvest of the world is to be reaped through the heavenly instrumentality cooperating with human agencies 50.1 is that working okay yeah Emma we have to be rid one one what any said yen 50.1 I'm starving I'm sorry what the word says before you read it is this saying what sister ELISA said for 18m off she said the sickle was the human agent in the hand of God okay so read into it the harvest of the world is to be read through the heavenly instrumentality cooperating with human agencies in proportion as the agency is increased under the superintendency of holy messengers from heaven will be the extent of the harvest wreath that's a big sentence right there I see it both that's what I believe this thing any comment so let's read on a bit further then sixty three point one then who's next just a so as whoever the whoever isn't who wasn't that person okay so it's just testers before you read it just going back to the paragraph before it says it's no other person than Christ and just wrong they've been saying even though it says it's not Christ so even though it says it is Christ it's actually still human beings working in conjunction or cooperation with Christ what's the solution what is not right what's the conclusion the conclusion is they even though it says it's only Christ it's not and that's correct is that correct when Magnus up beside it sister Levin says it's correct okay when it says even though it says Christ it's not Christ so it's like the [Laughter] again the instrument but the instrument it's similar to what what apartment I said and he said the Bible is a livable it needs human instrumental instrumentality so it's the Incarnation it's the human come it's the human if the human combined will be defined the human agent it's like when we read about that maybe three four nature of month and she said that the law of passions are false whereas in the body what it cannot do anything rebel against the law of God so that's what I'm saying we cannot do anything in none of ourselves with God Christ working in and through us to do the work so there is a distinction that needs to be made it is not us that is doing the work what he ate it is also gives you money again anyway this year early writings fourteen point one sorry we go back to this thing I was writing fourteen point one I'm going to cut halfway into the paragraph the living Saints one hundred forty-four thousand in number knew and understood the voice while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake then God spoke the time fourteen point one halfway through when God spoke the time he poured upon us the Holy Ghost and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory God as Moses's did when he came down from Mount Sinai 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united on their foreheads was written God New Jerusalem notorious star containing Jesus his new name and a happy holy state the wicked were enraged and would rush violently to lay hands on us to thrust us into prison when we would stretch forth the hand in the name of the Lord and they would fall helpless to the ground then it was that the synagogue of Satan knew that God had loved us who could wash one another's feet and salute the Brethren with a holy kiss and they worshiped at our feet so I'm not gonna making a comment but I don't know why she introduces washing out each other's feet in the middle of the hundred 44,000 except unless you begin to understand sister Terry's presentation because he doesn't make any sense to me why you got the foot washing ordinance they're in the midst of the greatest thing that's happened on earth the great controversy so there must be something there soon our eyes were drawn to the east for a small black cloud had appeared about half as large as the man's hand we which we all knew was a sign of the son of man we all in solemn silence gaze on the cloud as it drew nearer and became lighter glorious and still more glorious until it was a great white cloud the bottom appears like fire rainbow was over the cloud while around it were ten thousand angels singing the most lovely song he says that literal or symbolic sister Allah be I definitely asked her I know it's Mario's fault I lost his do you think even answer so I'm asking is this literal or symbolic I'll read it again sooner eyes were drawn to the east for a small black cloud had appeared about half as large as a man's hand which we all knew was a sign of the son of man we all in solemn silence gaze on the cloud as it drew nearer and became lighter glorious and more glorious till it was a great white cloud the bottom appeared like fire a rainbow was over the cloud while around it with ten thousand angels singing a most lovely song he says this is the first thing you tell me okay so if it's symbolic then we can apply in different dispensations midnight cetera but it could also be literal okay so and upon its at the son of man he's here was white and curly and lay on his shoulders and upon his head were many crowns his feet had the appearance of fire in his right hand was a sharp sickle so that also then would be literal if it's a literal Second Coming and we can make a symbolic application in his left to silver trumpet his eyes were as a flame of fire which searched his children through and through then all the faces gathered paleness and those who God had rejected gathered blackness then we all cried out who shall be able to stand is my robe spotless then the angel ceased to sing and there was some time of awful awful silence when Jesus spoke those who have clean hands and pure hearts shall be able to stand my grace is sufficient for you and this our face is lighted up and joy filled every heart and the Angels struck a note higher and sang again while the cloud drew still nearer the earth then Jesus his silver trumpet sounded as he descended on the cloud wrapped in flames of fire he gazed on the graves of the sleeping Saints then raised his hands raised his eyes and hands to heaven and cried awake awake awake ye that sleep in the dust and arise then there was a mighty earthquake the graves open and the dead came up clothed with immortality 144,000 shouted Alleluia as they recognized their friends who had been torn from them by death in the same moment we were changed and caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air we all entered the cloud together and were seven days ascending to the sea of glass so is all that literal always that's literally happened at the second Advent but perhaps some of that a symbolic maybe it's not a real cloud and maybe it's not a real sicko or real trumpet or anything all the experience is there can be used in a symbolic sense as well I'm not negating that that can't be the literal second coming but I am saying that it can it doesn't mean that it has to be confined so revelation forcing going back to that she's quoting from there so that can be the literal second coming or it can't be because that's dangerous because he's quoting from that passage well if you put it in that way yes what I leave it there thank you Mary I was looking at the communication after this small-clawed as the size of a month and my mind went back to Elijah in my Elijah an old carbon and when he prayed for rain is that small cloak as the size of a month on him and it brought green and so I am Telling that that typification here not similar I'm using that symbol to say it can be used I know on our report lines the different we marks like we can put it at 911 where we have the cloud and the rain comes midnight cry so while while for me me typify the various remarks on our reform line and how Christ conscious people like green are capturing how we can also see the same literally because I'm not sure sister why she's doing something there unless you're probably she's combining symbolic and literal okay we'll go back to read the passage in the next couple of minutes the parable of the seed reveals that God is at work in nature the seed has in itself the germinating principle so the test was very sweet in this a principle that God Himself was implanted yet if left to itself the seed would have no power to spring up man has his part to act in promoting the growth of the grain he must prepare and enrich the soil and cast in the in casting the seed he must tilled the fields but there is a point beyond which he can is he can accomplish nothing no strength or wisdom of man can bring forth the seed can bring forth from the see the living plant let man put forth his efforts to the utmost limit he must still depend upon one who has connected the sowing and the reaping by wonderful links of his own omnipotent power person there is life in the sea there is power in the soil was a lesson in tonight power is exercised a turn the showers of rain must be sent to give moisture to the thirsty fields the Sun must impart heat electricity must be conveyed to bear the seed the light which the creator as implanted he alone can call for every seed grows every plant develops by the power of God as the earth bringing forth her birds and the garden causing the things that are sown in it to spring forth so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth as I have 6111 as in the natural so in the spiritual sowing the teacher of truth must seek to prepare the soil of the heart he must sow the seed but the power that alone can produce life is from God there is a point beyond which human effort is in vain while we are to preach the word we cannot impart the power that will quicken the soul and cause righteousness and praise to spring forth in the preaching on the word they must be the working of an agency beyond any human power only through the divine spirit will the word be living and powerful to renew the soul unto eternal life this is what Christ tried to impress upon his disciples he taught that it was nothing they possess in themselves which would give success to their labors but that it is the miracle-working power of God which gives efficiency to his own word and we just read if you go to the end of the past paragraph who's ever reading next will read sixty nine point one 61.65 when the fruit is brought forth immediately he putteth in the sickle because the harvest has come Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ where all who profess his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be would be sown with the seed of the gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripened and Christ would come to gather the precious cream so throw ask one question someone said that Christ coming is at midnight yeah where is it say that - of God's people say so what could find that God's people didn't heard that step I think that's it that's it is that so delivered so it's in the choice in the great controversy GC 636 paragraph two it is at midnight that God manifests his power no not that one for the deliverance of his people he's at it that doesn't say he's coming disease that's GC 360 what you saying prevalent I had review and Herald March 27 if you and how will read that to us we've got finished quickly review and Herald March 27 March 27 1894 paragraph 10 the company demos be coming across to me as it were if not when all are sleeping so if we do a reform line like this and we say midnight midnight cry so we're saying the second Advent is that so how you were so just 144,000 where's the second Advent here or here anybody it's here isn't it and this is midnight isn't it so if this is midnight why do you say the second Advent is here because if that was the second Advent what would that be - second Advent just I'm just saying that that's what that depending when he comes back for each class so my class values are saying that cuz if we if this model is 144,000 and you're saying the second and who know you whoever sign second adamant is here such the ascites coming is here then what's happening here what it wouldn't be the literal second event like literal literal just innocent but I brought a return that pointed out early and early on and hurry for day like for the he gathers the green for the for the garner so he it's like your ball nine field so he you're still on earth but you know he's doing a sufficient work are three minutes with the first resurrection or here there this one so that's when Jesus comes because they're not going to resurrect early come so you've got the second Advent marked here so why do we place the second Advent here is mine though Jacob here is going to be face to face with crises fight in him you understand that but that's the way you see Mar Amari yeah so as I said that Christ's second return was gonna be just rough paraphrase is midnight antitype so that don't second Advent yes yes we don't do that hey that's not a second happen Jerry's not bringing this up is because you're saying while you're applying or what this seems to be pushing it this way so when's the harvest of 144,000 that cloth I believe the harvest begins for the hundred and forty-four thousand is simply that it begins for difference here I'm just continuing until here yeah we'll stop there on that time so what's the conclusion this probably Jonathan yeah knock this no not a problem for me but I was just I was tired so yeah I'm struggling as well because I thought this was really typically straightforward but the more you look it the more you realize it isn't straightforward that's that's it that's that's leading the gate in the grain and the grapes the issue is that this is this a second advent or not because Ellen White seems to infer that it is here and she seems to infer that the if that was the case then the reaping must happen here mustn't it but all of our models teachers everything is here yes I'm saying all of our models go to here isn't it the reaping really the real reaping at the second coming when Jesus really separates wheat from the tears it's happens for the second camera but it really separates them the one goes to heaven the other one dies and then they never join again okay we've got till Wednesday to have a look how we're understanding these things Chris I think we all seen things the same way or you can understanding what we're saying that's great Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray for a blessing Lord as you can see there is so little that we understand in these passages that we've read from we ask Lord that you would give us wisdom to go back into these pathogens have the clearer understanding of what your word is trying to teach us be with us bless us and guide us to this end we pray in Jesus his name I mean