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I want to do a little bit of a recap sunrise where we are so that we can keep things at the forefront of our minds for the next week or so I'll take the pencil yeah please so we've been looking at the threefold nature of man and we've seen depending on what spirit of prophecy quote that you use to the threefold man he's composed of the intellect the moral and the physical but it can also be understood to be the mental and the spiritual so he use these different phrases and what we said about the physical yeah it's not talking about the body that's the point I want us to see it's not talking about the body so this physical is not body it's not the body what is it someone said I think sorry okay the flesh had been tea stone 1 to 7 paragraph 2 I think she says the flesh fleshly a carnal blast is what it's the lower passion so you either calls it the passions or sometimes the powers lower passions or the lower powers so I'm gonna mark this as LP and the symbol that we're using for this is the heart we've understood the intellect or the mental and the picture that we're using for this is a picture of the brain so what goes under intellectual moral or sort of mental what kind of faculties or what kind of powers resides there we had understanding knowledge and a reason yeah there's a bit more but we went with that we haven't quite looked at the moral yet or the spiritual but I wanted to see that they're two different things so we've covered that and we've spoken a lot about what each of these two faculties of the being are and what they're not and we've read a number of statements to address that does anybody have any questions on those things that we've already looked at okay it's everybody's clear because this far down a study like this it's my experience that things are not normally this clear this soon because people have got preconceived idea they've got prejudices they've got questions that haven't been quite worked out but most people are not that happy about these things so I've you've been coy or whatever I do I think the leader of a group of thirty plus people nobody's got any question okay so question the point that being made that they can't ask this question without understanding this part of it but all else all I want us to see is that this is the lower passions and do remember we made a break here yeah threefold nature break can be separated into two parts so she calls this the lower passions or the lower powers and this must therefore be the higher powers so we've made that connection yes what did we read from 1 to 300 point 1 test mr. Church volume 1 do you'll remember that so what am I suggesting that you've all agreed is greed with the hidden treasure is what is hidden treasure parables it's approaching the scriptures in a different way it's not approaching the morally speaking if you look at it morally these this is just surface reading easy to see easy to understand what the scriptures are dealing with when it says don't be a bad person you know everybody can understand that even little children yeah if you stand up and fight against God's people what's going to happen to you if your name's Goliath you're gonna die yeah because people will take you down I mean it's a simple moral story don't war against God or you'll get into trouble it's easy to see but what we don't understand is the hid treasure of that story generally speaking yeah so who here would understand that the story of Daniel and Goliath is the story of Daniel chapter 2 did I say David and Goliath I say that David David in July is a story of Daniel - yeah we could we even if you even if it might strike you with something new based upon what we've said the premise that we're building this model upon would that begin to make sense yeah you've got a man who gets a stone throws the stone hits us this giant and kills him chops his head off yeah you can begin to see the similarities so I want to suggest that that that that would go to a story of David and Goliath and if you start looking at that in a bit more detail that would be here treasure it's not some secret information that you have to find in some other book it's not it's not that it's not some secret codes that no one else has ever invented or everything that we can see it's explainable it's understandable just a different way of approaching it yeah so I mean there's so much symbology there he takes up five stones smooth stones because they've been polished he only uses why he takes one hit to kill the man he hits him in the head not the feet yeah he chops off the head all the things that Goliath is wearing he has an armor bearer he has someone to help him there's so many things that if you start to look in the story that without too much thought you could begin to see what those things mean yeah so we've dealt with that and looking at these lower passions we know that this is the flesh so the flesh is the lower passions or lower powers how else does she describe it this is this is our same nature but she says this is corrupt when it's corrupt to me sinful everybody want to give it the dictionary definition yeah I mentioned this at the beginning of our class got class of 30 plus people and there are about three computers out okay so I'll go with that last definition it's less pure it's less pure so if I was talking about purity would purity have some kind of connotation to morality yeah and this is why when we first started people put the heart here because you can be good you can be bad you can be angry you can get two types of anger you can have hatred two types of hater hatred you can have two types of love yeah you can love lust or you can have have a pure love so this is why people have put this heart or these emotions in the moral place but we've moved it back to its proper position but it's something that's less pure so the Baba said it's also can be understood to be sinful so I put it here because it's such a big topic sinful nature and we read what are the things that we need to understand the Sabbath the nature of man and the testimony testimony of Jesus Christ yeah we didn't look at what the Testament of Jesus Christ is but obviously the Sabbath in nature makers we're focusing upon the nature of man so the nature of man is a big topic and we need to understand what it's about and what else have we said the purpose of a reform line what's the purpose of a reform line to restore the image yeah when we talk about the image of the beast how do we understand the image of the beast will break the two the phrase dad what is an image right like this a copy that to me the simplest way of explaining it it's a copy like a photocopier so when we talk about a copy or an image we should understand that it's identical it could be can we see that yeah it's an identical and say replica but I'm just going to use synonyms of the same thing it's an identical thing of the original yeah there's no differences can we understand can we conceptualize that yeah so when we talk about the image of the beast what is the Beast when we say it's an image of the beast or image to the Beast I'm not making the distinction between two two in the off what is the Beast with where do we get this phrase from revelation 13 the bridge familiar yes what is the Beast the papacy do all agree with that okay sister Anthony she you said the papacy sorry you said that keep quiet and you did it you broke your own rules so a long time ago the papacy was around yeah what happened to it it died yeah so the papacy died everybody agree with that okay I don't if people have got relatives grandfather parent may because for some of the Ark some of us older ones they died yeah so Sabbath's just gone we were talking about the state as a dead yes so my question is when someone dies do you think they really die or are they sort of floating around somewhere sorry okay so not into spiritualism we all agree with that we're not into spiritualism so here we are we're around I'll do it this way just to be safe because someone's going to pull me up on this 40 to 70 AD yes that's a big enough gap so I can hide by ignorant 40 to 70 AD paulie's ministry now and what does he say he says the mystery of iniquity what is already here yeah does already work what's he referring to was he referring to this year I heard of words of ladies voice it was oh yeah you can silent oh me I'm gonna come back in a minute my sister you said I heard a lady's voice someone say something the papacy so we were gonna say that's the papacy now I'm not sure though we not know that that's the papacy or not who doesn't know that that's the papacy okay so it's the papacy so my sister's straightened you out on that one so we're going to put the P for papacy does that cause anybody any trouble it's already working where is it working where is it already working in Rome in the church or in Rome which one sorry you try say the churches in Rome which Churchill you referring to my brother says the churches in Rome well okay so someone said the church what church will be dealing with eighty seventy his Ephesus isn't it yeah okay so the mission of nicholae is already working in Ephesus and Ephesus isn't in Rome at least it's not headquartered there yeah okay so it's working so it carries on and let's throw a couple of dates up 321 330 you all understand what those dates me okay then we get to 538 is that is this pate this P here is it's the same papacy or a different papacy same papacy same or different say this one here 538 st. papacy where's the papacy so my brother says the papacy is the union of church and state you will agree with that so he's saying papacy equals church and state yes or no rather Richard is not the room with that one who are you you smiled I've taking that to be a No no for now okay so brother Peters you said it's church and state what's the state here that's interested in to the church in Ephesus in Ephesus not the city of Ephesus the New Testament church you can identify through Scripture or even some story that that the state is now working in our church using political means to do that okay I don't think you could either so 321 what's happening 321 what's the papacy doing sorry nothing sister Allison the papacy changing the laws who changed the Sabbath direct Constantine Constantine to the church or estate he's a state it's not a church he's Constantine the papacy what is Constantine pagan rome pagan Rome not papal Rome so you have a church state relationship but Constantine the one who changes the law is not the church it's the state that does that yeah so I'm going to suggest and I think most of you agreeing that the papacy is carrying an all the way through 538 what's the papacy now doing its ruling supremely in Daniel 7 what's the image of the papacy it was the image that's due to the papacy and they'll horn yes okay so here's a little horn and it has eyes like a man and it speaks great things yeah so that horn is is a representation of the papacy and what is it sitting on right there head of the iron Beast yeah what's the iron Beast pagan Rome so you have a church state relationship but the papacy is running all the way through so here we are at 5:30 sorry 1798 what happens in 1798 sorry okay so what does that mean historically right I was the statement was he receives a deadly wound so the papacy loses state power how does it lose state power France France says I'm not playing with you anymore and I'm going to redraw my support from you yes okay so they take the Pope captive I think a year later what happens what is it what is the Catholic Church do sorry they just invent another Pope yeah it doesn't even miss a breath take one Pope they replace it with another so did the papacy die so the papers he doesn't die did you have your hand that okay so 1798 the papacy carries on different papers so you're the same papacy say papacy so if papers has gone on past 1798 yes so when it says image of the beast and we just wanna look at the beast where's the original beast I've gone all the way back to the mystery of iniquity here can you go can you go back further than this if you're talking about the papacy and maybe you could go back to 31 or something but thank you I'll do it I'll go to 31 can you take the papacy further back than that papacy why can't you take the papacy any further back than 31 ish sorry they who crucified Christ they crucified Christ who did Oh Kate is that so is that an explanation of why the papacy can't go further back than 31 I don't think it was brother Richard okay that would be 31 BC which would begin and the pagan Rome would end here so this Odyssey is pagan Rome it's Christian Church because before Christianity or papal ISM you get paganism the motif of the Miller right message to desolating powers Daniel 813 paganism and papal ISM so God's going to switch from a sacrificial system to a different system which we call Christianity and the switch happens we could put 4 BC 27 31 34 it's in this history here yeah so once God's church changes its mode of conduct Satan is going to follow suit there's no Christian Church that predates Christ yes we can we agree with that concept so the papacy is running all the way through so if we're gonna mark the papacy as the Beast now this is the system an Tunisia tell me where the Beast is I'm not looking at the copy of the Beast tell me where the original beast is I put I'll do this like like that you tell me where to begin and end the original beast sorry you guys speak that or even I can't hear you with the Wraith you don't know so how do you know that the IMP that the beast is the papacy revelation 13 doesn't say that in Revelation 13 revelation 13 just says I saw a beast until you the Beast is the papacy so you have to construct a model to do that you agree with that you can apply spirit of prophecy quote to it even but then taking the quite in the verses so if if that's your model you need to go tell me where the original beast is and we've all agreed that the papacy which is what you've seen the Beasties couldn't have existed before I put our foot 31 as a marker so where would you do where with the beasts tree if at the end of the world they're going to create a copy of it tell me for thinking or just tell me you're not going to answer us because I'm gonna wait otherwise it's right its first in the first week of Frost is going your brain said okay anyone else cuz you all agreed that that was correct rather Larry 321 so you're going to mark this as the Beast here the papacy didn't make a Sunday Lord 321 Constantine is not the papacy and yeah no but I'm just I'm just I guess I'm countering what you're thinking because you agree that the beast is the papacy so here it is the papacy is this papacy different to this papacy same papacy so why are you marking the papacy in 321 when the papacy didn't even do anything in 321 it's pagan Rome that did something yeah oh yeah but that's pagan Rome sister Alison you had your hand up okay so you're going to pull it back to 31 so here's where the original begins where there's the original end if you're going to make a copy of it okay so you're going to you want to mark it here so if this papacy here in 1798 the st. papacy in 1802 18 10 18 20 30 but it's the same papacy so if you've got the same papacy all the way through when did you get rid of that papacy to make a copy of the papacy or you've got two papers he's running along concurrently sometime in the future because I'll do it this way we'll start here and we've got the papacy running all the way through when you make the copy of it this is 31 when does the copying begin copying of the papacy give me a I don't know when you're gonna say that is in the counter-reformation middle right history well you give me those you can think of me a day give mini Ben he's given one we didn't explain where it was he said the fall of Protestantism and I said when would when he'd that happen counter-reformation or the Miller right history now I'm asking you when does the copy happen because he says we're going to make a copy of it and you've got a model that the papacy is running all the way through he never got you never got rid of the papers here so I'm asking when you're going to make the copy of it when is that 1888 90 11 okay so I'll put a date here and now we've got I put an image to the papacy so now we've got two papers he's running along yeah did we agree that we've got to pay purses everybody's agreeing with that sister Cathy you saying there's to pay purses tell me what the first one is called the original papacy where does the original papacy even live yeah okay so I'm just going to put 9011 because okay I put 90 levin so now you've got to pay purses tell me the difference between them no one's a copy of the other so where does the copy live so America is now the papacy now image means copy so now we've got a copy of the papacy yeah so the copy of the papacy lives in America do we all agree with that but we said beast equals papacy sin they saying the papacy lives in America so you got two papers here in America and you've got the papacy in Italy where's the headquarters of the original papacy Vatican City where's their headquarters of the copy papacy sorry so there's a big Church in Washington DC okay this is the church let me ask you another question revelation 17 verse 8 revelation 17 verse 8 says the Beast that was that is not we already did this what would happen to it she'll ascend out of the bottomless pit remember who do we discuss that yes so we're just we're just creating the model that this papacy never died just ran through and now we've got two of them at the end of the world yes please it clearly says the beast doesn't it did we agree with that so it says the beast that was was what was alive is is not he's dead and will or shall shall ascend where does this end mean right up what's going to rise up Robert why did you say resurrect so there's a resurrection that's going on so we already know that this model is incorrect don't we so tell me now when the papacy died so now sister all they've been saying the papers he died in 1798 but it doesn't he has loads of popes the next year the year after just gets a new pope nothing changes with the papacy papacy didn't die in 1798 sorry it just got wounded I say he got a wound in 70 beat silk cause it a deadly wound so if you're going to say that the wound wasn't really deadly then we have to tackle the issue that it doesn't really resurrect or Shila send out the botanist because the bottomless pit is what Hades isn't it Hades is hell hell is your coffin your grave so it really died did everyone agree whatever that beast was it that it really died yes so that yeah we all agree with that so if it really died when did it die so sister olivine says it's died in 1798 back here so P died here so if P died that's right okay I'll get let me change that you didn't say that you said B died oh the time to die a little bit before that 17 something okay a couple of years won't make much difference so what dies here shout out I can hear you sorry I can't hear you uh okay so we've got a molded at the beach dice but we've just agreed the papers he never dies so once the beast dies what takes its place a new manifestation of satanic power yeah so you're going to have to concurrently or does it get replaced when you say new brother Peter who is she who is she which church which church you said the church which church okay so I'm just asking with Church days no I mean is it God's church or Satan's church okay so no I'm asking I'm not asking as he divides up I'm asking you when it says the church definite article is that the Church of God or is that the Church of Satan so we say that the papacy is God's church it even comes out of God's church that's how you're reading that so so we're saying that the papacy comes out or was born out of God's church she's the fairy had your hand up Jezebel was never pure we'll do another one Daniel chapter 2 then we won't go there we're going to get distracted I'm not going to go there I'll read another passage to you great controversy three five six paragraph one second first second Thessalonians 2:7 the mystery of iniquity represents the papacy GC three five six paragraph one coming back to my original question if the beast dies and resurrects again whenever it resurrects is going to be a new manifestation or a copy of the original we agree with that but we've already agreed that the papacy never died do you agree with that the papacy never dies it was the church back here that infiltrated God's church and it's this church Church church Church all the way through do you agree with that and it's always been a church yes I don't think it ever lost Vatican City did it might have lost the papal States but it never lost the city itself it was there's always been a Pope there from the very beginning whenever you go to mark the beginning 330 ish yeah so if you're going to use that model can you say that the Beast is the papacy sorry you can't the beast is not the papacy because if the Beast were the papacy you get into so many problems when you when you try and construct this model because you're saying that somewhere along the line the papacy died and the papacy never died and if it never died then you're gonna have to pay versus running concurrently and you're going to have to construct the model that says actually Protestant America is the papacy which it isn't because that's the model that sister Cathy was going to build Protestant America is the place because if you would do that you would you have a three-fold union you and have a three-fold Union you say there's no such thing there's a false prophet or apostate Protestantism it doesn't exist you have a two-fold Union we agree with that no I don't think many of us agree because you've all got tucked away in your back of your thinking nice spirit prosti quote that says the Beast of Revelation 13 is the papacy the only reason I mentioned in all of this is why why are we even talking about all of this okay let me do it image what is the papacy is that a church or a God or a state what is the papacy that's right I didn't hear what you said both what so do we all agree that the papacy is the church and the state does anyone have an opinion the most people not know the papacy comes from the word Pope so that's going to say that the papacy is just a church I think brother Richard okay so let's just work with some simple models that we all know I had Jezebel which ones estate which ones the church so the church Jezebel is not the state the two separate entities Herod and Herodias same model the dragon the beast and the false prophet I swapped these around what's the false prophet revelation 16:13 dependent we've already discussed this so we've said that this is the USA and this is this Minister ministers 38.1 Kings rulers governors Kings rulers governor's a three form of governments in the world yeah so this is the world and this is the papacy I think what throws people is sometimes when we have the false prophet here we're going to make it solo me so postulate Protestantism but it depends what model you want to how you want to conceptualize that but however way you do it the papacy is not safe only Church yes okay when God created Adam he's Adam when God created John the Baptist when God created Jesus his birth dunk it they'll get agitated that his birth he was created at his birth he didn't exist pre-birth brother Larry you had your hand up I forgot I'm sorry definition of papacy the office of the Pope which is what my sister said yes the church so when he created or go with Adam then if we don't like how was this man put together just simply sorry image of God do it and do it in breath okay what was that breath was it just energy well what spirit God spirit does their holy spirit yeah no sorry what does the spirit of life mean but what is the breast of God me does it mean energy like a an electric shock to wake up the being brother or sister on the mean what is it then yeah but I asked what the Spirit of God exempt people started not answering okay so the character of God now he was created in the image of God he wasn't given the image he became the image so I want to define what images and I went back to the image of the beast and people are saying the Beast is the church so let me ask you this question then if the image is the church what was Adam is that them a church or not sorry so Adams of Adams a combination tell me the two things Adam is then oh I'm just jumping out of that I'm just actually I'm jumping out of that what is Adam someone said he's a church I'm asking if he's not the church what else is he sorry he's the state so we're going to make Adam estate so Adam can't marry God oh you can't say a demain something unless you're gonna tell because I'm not gonna tell you either brains if you okay what is Eve then he's a deceiver Church sorry so Eve the church and who's Eve Mary you're going to say Adam isn't make this a church state relations you hopefully not I can yeah but that's a different model that's like saying that cross can go everywhere on our line and I mean ultimately the purpose of all this is that they have a relationship with God isn't it on an individual basis maybe you maybe we can agree on that then if that's the case is Adam the church or state okay so add in the church and Eve the church so when Adam was created when he was put together not the details or the intricacies of complications what did what house he put together was he a beast when he was created okay I'll ask a different question so we've said here's Adam he's a church when out when Adam was put into life is that all he was just a church what else was he he said hold her under the ruler okay so when Adam was put together he doesn't run just by himself does he okay cuz here's his son Cain and Cain looks like this he's Cain a church it's Cain a church three so what's the difference between Cain and Adam sorry thou beest it he's the Church of God isn't it Cain he's came to Church of God when he was born until the day he died until the day he got kicked out into the Land of Nod before what I asked you was he the Church of God and in our chief he was corrupt Matthew 25 verse 1 then shall the kingdom of God Kingdom of Heaven be likened unto Cain and Canaan AVO isn't it Matthew 25 they ensure the king of Heaven be likened unto Cain and Abel do we agree with that one foolish one wise it's the Church of God I'm not saying they're only caught corrupt people in here in this church he's the Church of God isn't he Kane so when you have Cain sinful and you have ADD sinless a day the same what's the difference then sorry sin isn't a thing to have can't take your wallet out and say I'll give you some of my sin okay so what'd you say me do what is sin but they're both the Church of God but they're both the Church of God I'm asking you what is the difference between this model and this one and the only one you giving me is one as sin and one hasn't under grace so is there any grace here Church + grace yes or no so he hasn't got any great in him so yeah it doesn't have any grace okay so he has got grace when did he get the grace after sin now this is a model of Adam before he sinned how do we conceptualize when this he saying there isn't any difference okay I'll tell you what I think I think this was a combination of the church and I'll call it different things God the Holy Spirit and state when he was created he was one with God that breath that comes into him is not just electricity not just energy it's even not just his character he was born full of the Holy Spirit do you agree with that when Cain was born was he born as sorry he was born in the image of his dad so here's Adam when he's born if I do it this way maybe it's not a good analogy he was full his cup was full of the Holy Spirit when Cain is born what is his cup it's empty having done neither good nor bad and it's his job to do what to fill it up with the Holy Spirit so that he can then be in the same image as his dad was but the dynamics have changed this is the gospel we might say it that way so I want to suggest that when Adam was created it was a combination of what the human and the divine he was put together that way and as soon as you obliterate the divine would you end up with you end up with someone that looks like Cain or potentially Abel because it's a vacuum because your brain or your mind is there but it's empty and if you don't do something positive what's going to happen get filled up with seven demons that are worse than the original one yeah okay Adam is a church but when he was created he was a combination of human and divine when Christ was created what was he his birth this is this is not a foolish discussion about the Godhead when he was created what was he full of for the Holy Spirit he was a combination of the human and the divine this is not you it's not unique the way Christ was put together and constructed so when we talk about restoring I put somebody just said the image restoring the image of one god yes that's the purpose of the reformed light how is the image of God restored in you you just get bigger muscles more intellect what does it mean to restore the image of God in you what do you mean by that phrase so you filled with the holy spirit is that how we would conceptualize what it means to be restored to the image of God yes or no image of God means a copy of God let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus so you can have a copy of his mind so when you look at your mind in Christ mind what's the difference it's right if you if you if you fulfilled that verse nothing they'd be the same mind yes so to restore the image of God means you become a copy yes so are you really going to become a copy of God you're gonna be lucky little demigod sorry give me to Christ which Christ the born Christ and the born Christ his middle name was war Adam not literally Adam he was the second Adam so if he was a second Adam what did the first Adam look like identical because he was a copy of the original and the original Adam didn't look like this he wasn't some church on his own it was a church and Holy Spirit or Church state relationship if we copied him after the four he wouldn't be much use Willie because he'd be separated from God you're talking about his birth if Christ cop if Christ was created in the image of Cain with you and he doesn't even say that he was then you would have had this model so if you're gonna say that was he created pre-fall or post-fall what is post for Cain looked like like this that's super Church not for Cain one of the post Adam look like same thing there's no difference between Cain and Adam post the fall you're gonna use that analogy so Christ was created in the image of Cain you'd have to be forced to say that so when Christ was created in in him in a copy or the image of Adam it has to have been this one by definition or you start running into a whole heap of problems because then Christ was created in the image of Cain separate from his father and he wasn't he and his father Holy Spirit was one he would do nothing unless he checked with the Holy Spirit and if he asked the Holy Spirit a favor like can you go and destroy and kill that thing for me what would the Holy Spirit do right well someone said something he would do it if Christ said kill what the Holy Spirit do kill did he yeah here on earth 27 to 31 crisis kill when he kills sorry yeah well yes but my brother said well it says kill dos wine so because we don't want to make Christ the killer do we he killed the scribes the Pharisees he gave him a death sentence if if I said no so great I just say that so look Adam and Eve it's that all right sister Terry when he was created he has to be created preformed because pre-fall is a combination of the church and God man and divinity humanity and divinity he wasn't created that way at Birth Christ would have been in huge problems the problem is that each and every one of us face until we hit the age of whatever that age is 65 6 and 5 whenever the age that you come and you surrender to Christ before that you're in serious trouble because you create a debt that you have not the ability to pay back don't you don't we yeah you can't pay the day so if Jesus was born in this condition he would have created a death but who's gonna pay because there's no one there's no one to pay the debt so when he gets created when he's born 4bc don't don't get comfy don't let me confuse your back gradient he has to be created in this model not the model of Cain okay so if we have that and we talk about the restoration of the image of God does that then we come back and we say we're going to be the little gods what do we actually mean when we say restore to the image of God what do we because that's not a good way of expressing it what do we actually mean brother Larry we've discussed this already okay we're going to get back to what Adam had what do we call that that one word repent and repent means what go back not rethink because repaying you can't put the Rebeck into the it's not defined that you're defining it by itself repent is two separate words you can't say rethink because I'm going to ask your waters Ramin Rheem eens whoa go back hopefully you would have looked up with it as few days ago you should be looking up and confirming what we're teaching in class Rhee means to go back paint means to what think you should to go back and think like you used to think and how do you used to think you've got wash yourself a question what is you what you're going back to so you were was born in sin shape and iniquity here you are it says repent and this is the sin and this is Adam so when you repent you're supposed to go back to what you can't be you can't be going back to this because you're already in this so by definition you're going back to here remember we dealt with the dogs yes Philippians chapter 3 we haven't quite finished with that subject yet so you going back to this so when it talks about restoring the image be restoring the image it's not to be some like new God what is it if you're talking about images in the images the copy what are you going to turn into Adam you're going to get you're going to become a copy of Adam and what was Adam back here it was a combination of the human and the divine now we teach this over and over again when we talk about eating a little book yeah abiding me it just doesn't work with this model you cannot have abiding you can you haven't eaten anything you just don't build a model here that has the human and divine because it's separate that's what his problem is but he's the Church of God yes okay so he's got a brother his brother's name is Abel when Abel was born what did Abel looked like he looked like Cain didn't he born in the image of his father because the father cannot give this to his children after the sin problem we've never tested it before but the theory is if he had never had sinned when his children were created what would they been created in this image yeah church in humanity and divinity would have been combined so at Birth Cain would have looked like the human and the divine yes because that's what Christ looked like from birth it's not the only person is he is he John the Baptist greatest prophet that's ever lived when he was born was what sorry full of the Holy Spirit when he became a man or when he was born okay so you might say even in the womb okay so if we just did a reform line we form lines of dangerous because you can teach many different things in a reformed line and some of them look good but there can be quite erroneous if you were born here and you died here where do we die Daniel 10 at the end very good you die at the end because there at the end Daniel 10 did he die had no breath in him yeah this midnight when are you born again sorry no no I'm asking you about when Adam was created when he was born what was he full of it was full of the Holy Spirit when Christ was born what was he full of when John the Baptist was born was he full of so when you're born you can be born full of the Holy Spirit not half full it's full your cup is full right here so John the Baptist is who the forerunner Elijah yeah the person who's preparing the way you can do a triple application if you want it on it John the Baptist William Miller and us yeah so we're we're John the Baptist yeah so when we're born when are we born I've got born here so I'm saying we die at midnight close the probation when we will be born ok so we'll put 911 convenient place why would you put 911 ok baptism will go with baptism it's a simplest way to everybody agree with that yeah you're baptized into the kingdom of God so we'd say you're born what again why do we say again what is the again mean what's another way of expressing again that we just used it throughout this class ray or image yeah again so what was the if he says born again what is the original one then you could you could argue that your being born again as you the original one was your birth so you have to be born two times but really is talking about going back to this original thing isn't it okay so when you're born again at ninety eleven what you full of full of the Holy Spirit I don't know how many people in our movement don't actually believe that and worse than that the rest of us who do believe it don't even put it into practice so who's the bigger fool sister on the beam sorry sister olivine is the bigger fool because she believes it that you're full of the Holy Spirit here not putting it into practice yeah we should practice what we preach lest we be found to be hypocrites reprobate yeah we're hypocrites aren't we we spoke about hypocrites already so just want to make that point that you follow the Holy Spirit at birth if you're going to be created in the image of Adam so coming back to here so when he says restore to the image of God what should be really put the image of Adam if he can give me that license and what was Adam when he was put together at Birth human and divine it's a combination of the human and the divine ways a human being it's a church under the control of war under control or out of control because we leave a church to its own devices sorry no there you didn't say is you have an you leave a church to her own devices what is he you said she becomes the papacy okay so you have to have a state with this who's the boss the state so this is higher powers and this would be lower powers so the lower powers or this whole issue about restoring is get in this church and dragging it under some kind of control putting this right place so coming back to this one here image of the Beast I'm going to put image of the original because what happened to the original where I'm to the original it died didn't it what was the original humanity in divinity humanity divinity died and all you got left with is with humanity and where the end product of that if you want to see how bad it looks go to a glass darkly and have a look by the way when we talk about glass darkly what is the glass sorry a mineral it's not looking through some dark glass that we can't see things clearly it's a reflection of something yeah so make sure we're on the same page when he talks about first Corinthians 30 say we see through a dark glass three we see through a glass darkly it's not looking at something like there's something obscuring the way it's a reflection it's it's anyway that's a different subject so the restoring of the image of God is the restoration back to the original model and the original model was not a church that was left to free to do its own thing because that's the problem when you have a church left to do its own thing if that's the case can the Beast be the papacy it can't be the Beast is not the papacy so I'm gonna get emails and stuff saying you say the police is not the papacy in here the white quotes it it is the papacy and then I'll have to get my weaponry out and I'll show you sister other than white said it's not the papacy yeah so if we start throwing spirit prophecy quotes around there's like some kind of Defense and I show your prophets prophesy quote that defines the beast has not been the papacy and you showed me one that does define it is the papacy what are you going to do yes you have to go back and understand what those passages mean and how is supposed to construct them which is what I've tried to do here the the purpose of a reformed line is to create an image of the beast where you have a church state relationship I mean this whole thing image of the beast where they even get all that modeling from st. didn't invent it why she has 30 years of preparation why does he minister for three and a half years he's copying Christ why do a three-fold Union you know go back to the original four millennia untold millennia you're in heaven and your version of God is war what does God look like to you just a father yeah go back to spiritual gear story of redemption spirit prophecy if you want to look at what the what God looks like all you can see is the father because your best friend Jesus he's just sort of hanging around with you the threefold Union was it all fully out in the open it from the very beginning wasn't really it start best place to start it's right oh yeah I guess after the flood much here on earth Tower of Babel tower Babel is the clearest place you can see it Babel Babylon it's the dragon power it takes thousands of years before who joins the dragon power the Beast 5:38 the Beast and the dragon power come it's a two-fold Union takes another thousand years to get war threefold using Prostate policies to join them the development I mean they're all there but the revelation or the development of the threefold Union is progressive and there's so much foolishness in our even in our movement about the issue of the Godhead but people just can't get it straight when you can see that Satan has to mimic everything about God it just has to be done that way they're controlled by God so in the original you see God the Father then you seen joined by his son then you see the revelation of the Holy Spirit they've always been there but you get progressive revelation to Godhead and you get the save with the threefold Union so when we come to this subject about the beast or the image of God this beast is not it's not the papacy what is it sorry so I'm say Satan no it's not Satan it's a church and the state and now at the end of the world we're going to get a copy of the original so if you're going to go with that where does the beef begin does it beginning 31 because remember we had we had the papers here from 31 we had 1798 we had 538 333 21 and all the way through so the papacy when all the way through so if it's a combination of church and state now where would you mark the beast sorry 538 538 is where the Beast is created and then when does the Beast die 1798 all I want to suggest is when you get the definitions correct the model is simple the Beast dies in 1798 because the church state relationship ends and all we're going to do now is make a copy of the original yeah I'm gonna make a copy of the original the 8th revelation 17 the eighth is of the 7 so the 8th is the war it's the image of the Beast the copy of the Beast where is the beast what number is the beast 6 is here bye so when you run through the kingdoms Babylon medo-persia Greece pagan Rome what's the next one no because now you switch through a church you switch to a church we're talking about beast in revelation 17 pagan Rome sorry Babylon is a state me the Persia is a state Greece is a state pig a Roman state number 5 is a stake because what's number 6 not Protestantism it's the United States so what is number 5 we already did this sorry no that's number eight what's number five it's the 12 six they were in the 1263 it's the horns someone said France it's the European power the European nations the fifth head the Beast is the European nations and who's sitting on the European nations the papacy you have a church state relationship and with the papers he sits on a head what do you get you get a beast because this is the original beast and what's she gonna do again at the end of the world she's going to do the same thing Sunday law to the close of probation that she's Daniel 12:1 this is the National Sunday law you're going to get an image I don't wanna make a distinction between over two but you're going to get in the image of a beast here it's a copy of what you had here this was number five and this is number eight if you get the definition correct way back here the whole model is tidy in it and it works now this wasn't a discussion although it may have appeared that way it was not a study on the image of the beast or endtime prophecy but what I wanted us to see is that when we talk about restoring the image of God back to a human being it means going back to the original state of Adam and the original state of Adam was the human being that was full of the Holy Spirit state relationship it was a beast if we want to use that kind of phraseology and then ot people comfortable with doing that so I'm using humanity and divinity it's the same concept it's the same model so sister Alison's asking why the church is human and the Spirit is divine so you're saying that the human being is a spirit is a spirit and God is the church so let me ask you this question then go to Matthew 25 who's the bridegroom God or Jesus yes divinity and who's the bride the church so the church is the woman church's the woman the human being and Christ is the bridegroom the divine go to Revelation 21 New Jerusalem is is the bride who's made herself ready symbol of the church God is going to marry her yeah so God's going to marry the church and all of us are what guess we're all invited to the marriage yeah but we're not the bride at that level at that level we're all the guests yeah the church is a box yeah I'll do the Box 3d we did this already so here's the box it's got a door and how did you get to the door a path so this box is war the sheepfold the sheepfold we still discussing the sheepfold this is the church what's in the church what's in the sheepfold loss of sheep so the sheep are not the sheepfold the sheepfold is not the Sheep but this is the church and we're members of the church yeah so an individual basis we all Merry Christ individually so at that level we are the church but waste stones in the church or stones in the temple or the building we live least so the purpose of a reformed line is to restore us back to the original and the original was not a person out of control doing their own thing they were under strict regulations they can't just do what they want to do their boss says you do this and you do this and if you don't listen what's going to happen sorry you die no he's going to say bye I'm leaving it's servitude but you can break that relationship anytime you want anytime you want and if you break the relationship the Holy Spirit just says okay I'll back off I'll be draw just a similar manner okay so the question is why am I saying restoring back to the image of the church estate I'm saying restoring back to the image of Adam and Adam when he was created was a combination of the human and the divine that's the that's what we need to have we need to have the Holy Spirit restored back to us so we can come back to this model this situation and most of us say we're already there and sister olivine says she's not there she believes the lies teach you that you should be there but she's not there I'm saying if you use line upon line if you can if I can corrupt it that way you take one model and you develop another model it's the same model you have a church and a stay you have the human and the divine the human and the divine Adam is a symbol of the Church of God isn't he and when he was created he wasn't just given some energy some character the Holy Spirit dwelt within him and they communed one with another but after the fall things changed there was there was a definite change in that in in Adams relationship with God because the Holy Spirit had left him and it was symbolized by what symbolized the losing of the light the robes of glory that they had the roads of glory was not the Holy Spirit and it's not that crass or childish but it was a symbol of that so once that was Holy Spirit lesson they lost that been there in this situation and they're in serious trouble and this is a situation that we're in and the purpose of reform line is to restore humanity and divinity together and that's what the image of the Beast is is to restore the same thing Britta's an evil thing is an evil empire if you like true to the force yes it this is parable teaching it's comparing one to another and bringing them together and you're bringing two things that don't connect together which is I guess why you're struggling because people are saying are you saying this is some kind of church-state relationship some image of the beast or something but that's what parable teaching does it forces you confront you to reanalyze how you even conceptualize the truth the truth is that you need to have God restored in you and you can do that through this image of the beast subject what is what maybe escapes you and you you may I know the griot disagree is I'm saying here repentance takes you back to the condition of Adam before he fell and people in Adventism do not accept that just straight very few people would accept that sister Elissa and then we have to close les has been clear there are other things that we'll discuss which I mean able to summarize but the main purpose of the reform line is to restore the image of God for us to be restored back to that image and that image isn't some strange unique thing we're going back some people might say but going back to the old path we're going back to the original model the original model is well-defined the inspiration it's Adam here it's Adam as he was created at the hand of God and if we can remember if I can remember I'll give you another proof of that after camp meeting so you going back to this model here we're in this model unfortunately most of us have left it we've been here for decades messing around and the church has strengthened itself in a really toxic fashion to the degree not only did we find it hard to get back - Adams original position not only did some of us struggle with that you know this is difficult dying daily it's worse than that most of us don't even believe it and I mean most of us in the message most of us in the message from my experience both either conceptually ie they don't even believe it intellectually or experientially through their experiences they don't practice it we don't practice or believe an intellectual and a spiritual setting into the truth that what I've taught is true and in closing what I want to say is when you're born again it's 9/11 you're required to be full of the Holy Spirit and we need to put our theology and our experience together but it first comes to a place where you actually have to believe it's true let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray that you would be with us and guide us Lord as each of us are challenged not by what we have talked this morning but by the reformed line the purpose of the reformed line the mechanism of reformed line what it's given to us to do help us to see Lord that we are to restore your image in us each of us needs to understand what that means lord please help us to honor you and glorify you as we begin this encampment this holy convocation but maybe not lose sight of the real reason that each of us are here not to serve one another not to be served by one another Lord but that we might have the image of God restored in us may we spend time with you this week honoring you and meditating upon your word that these thoughts and ideas may be clearer to us please be with the speakers as they begin to join us this week and may their messages Lord be of such a fashion and manner that they would teach each and every one of us how to have your image restored in us this is our prayer in Jesus his name I mean