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dear father in heaven we ask for your spirits presence here as we open your word together we ask Lord that you can guide us and help our our minds to grasp and comprehend the light that you want to show us be with each one be with those preparing for camp meeting and all the different meetings and plans that these things will go according to thy will and we pray this in Jesus name Amen so we're gonna try to work together here we don't have all of our minds we need more people here to help us but we're just gonna do a little bit of a review so as you know last time we looked at the basic understanding of the chronology and there's a purpose for it so one of the things about the chronology is that we need to recognize obviously the dates if we're going to be dealing with prophecy if we have the incorrect dates we're not going to come to the correct conclusions and so I believe that you know how we've worked out different things which you don't have time to I want it to look at some things but we're going to look instead of it the things that I was planning to look at we're going to touch on them a little bit but we'll see what we can accomplish so first off I want to just review the prophecy of Josiah and this is in first Kings chapter 12 and 13 so in first Kings chapter 12 right at the near the end and it says in verse 32 and Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month now I've drawn this here this is in 977 BC and it's the eighth month the 15th day of the month and according to the correct biblical calendar that's November 22 in 977 now this was used two years ago for the prophecy of Josiah and the prophecy in Ezekiel four verse four to six so we find when we study in 2nd Kings chapter 23 that there's this fulfillment of this prophecy so this prophecy that's given is in the next chapter in first Kings 13 and it says actually I should finish reading the end of that because it says he had Jeroboam Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month like unto the feast that is in Judah and he offered upon the altar so which feast would this be that he's copying in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month the first fruits the last piece isn't table networks okay but this yeah well the last feast is Tabernacles on the 15th day of the seventh month but I would say that he's he's imitating the Day of Atonement right so he's imitating that feast the tenth day of the seventh month because that's really the principle feast in the fall right so he has a fall feast but it's later and and he offered upon the altar so he's actually offering upon this altar even though he's the king so he did in bethel sacrificing unto the calves that he had made and he placed in bethel the priests of the high places which he had made and he so he offered upon the altar which he had made in bethel in the fifteenth day of the eighth month so it's clear that he set aside this date and that he's actually offering on this date even in the month which he had devised in his own heart and ordained a feast unto the children of israel and he offered upon the altar and burnt incense so when you go to chapter 13 it's just continuing this story and it says and behold there came a man of God out of Judah by two the word of the Lord unto Bethel and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense and he cried against the altar in the word of the Lord and said o alter alter thus said the Lord behold a child shall be born unto the house of David Josiah by name and upon thee shall he offer the priests of the high places that burn incense upon thee and men's bones shall be burnt upon thee so we're familiar with this and we know that it was fulfilled and we find it's fulfilled in the 13th year of Josiah 350 years later and then 350 days later years later he's not born he actually burns men's bones on the altar it's in the 13th year of Josiah that this occurs he begins to to clean cleanse the high places on the 12th year and this would be at the beginning of his 13th year from what I understand so he began in his 12th and now he's in northern Israel and you can find this in second Kings 23 so I'm not going to go through that the thing is in Ezekiel he uses this prophecy to make a prediction in 592 he's here on the fifth day of the fourth month which is midnight and he makes a prediction and what he does is he uses I gotta get the right number of days in here this is 25 and this is 5 yeah is that right 25 5 I'm doing something wrong I need that's 5 this is 30 yes this is 25 that was correct okay never mind 25 5 okay I mean he's gonna make a prediction here and he's going to lie on his left side for 390 days for the Northern Kingdom and so if you go from 977 and you go 390 years because it's a day for a year a day for a year so you go 390 years this is gonna bring you to 587 right and then he's gonna go 40 days on his right side each day for a year for Judah so if you go back from here when this prophecy is fulfilled this is 40 years and so he's predicting this event five years before it occurs and he's using a day for a year prophecy to do so so he's predicting this event and this parallel is that we have Jerusalem destroyed in 586 this is a eighteen months later from when the siege begins to when Jerusalem is destroyed so if you look at this whole period of time from 977 it's 391 years and six months from the beginning of 977 and that's actually when the kingdom divides so if you count the kings of Judah you add up all their ages you'll find that it yeah okay when you add up all their ages you'll like how many of their reigns I mean so all their reigns it will come up to this number so that means from the beginning of the kings of Judah once the kingdom is divided to the destruction of Jerusalem is three hundred and ninety-one years and six months and so this becomes really significant Ezekiel is using the Year Day principle because he's lying on his left side for 390 days to represent these 390 years and on his right side for 40 days to represent these 40 years so he's he's not starting back here and doing a prediction year day he's starting five years before it ends but he's using the prophecy of Josiah to make this prediction and this is paralleling Samuel snow because Samuel snow at midnight gave a prediction based upon the prophecy of Josiah which and Josiah Lich's prophecy was how long fifteen days so some similarity there between these two yes right right so the year day principles confirmed but it's also seen here in the story of okay so what Daniel was saying is that he was using confusing the year day principle which was confirmed by the prophecy that Josiah Lich interpreted which is the prophecy in Revelation 9:15 right it's 9:15 of for an hour day in a month in a year so we should all be familiar with that but the point is Ezekiel is also using the year day principle and he's using the same period of time at least very similar right 391 years 6 months ones 15 days I don't know the significance of that yet yet okay the only thing I could probably say that this is 15 days as half a month and this is half a year so that's the only thing I could say about them but what that means I don't know I don't know about the day for a month prophecy or a year for a month you know but anyway this this is an important point because we know from here 977 gives us 420 490 years to Daniel's captivity right in 677 so this date 977 for the division of the kingdom we have lots of different ways we confirm it and this is one of them is the prophecy of Josiah confirms that this date was correct and you know so we're gonna move from that and we're just gonna go back to this prophetic mere in Christ week and we're gonna come back and see how these things are connected so I'm not sure when I'm going to be presenting this a camp-meeting I have to figure out how to present this the best way so I'd probably present this mirror but you guys see I've seen the mirror already but I just want to show you something so if I was going to do the red dealer year the way we look at it the seven years the prophetic week at the 70th week if I was going to do this you know the normal way we'd say three and a half 1260 days that's 25 20 but Jesus is crucified on what day 14th day of the first month and this 70th week ends on the tenth day of the seventh month when Stephen sees Jesus standing on the right hand of God and we know that it must start then on the tenth day of the seventh month so even in the symbolic 70th week and is this symbolic week it's not even that this would be how many days from the tenth day of the seventh month if it was 360 day year with 30 day months going to the 14th day in a month how many days would this be from the tenth when you have to do this right and then this would be right 12:56 whoops so even then I mean obviously it's still three and a half years but when you put it down in two days it still doesn't work two equally 1260 and 1260 it's 25 20 so Evan in this we're probably still thinking that there's you know a zero in our math and that this is really 25 21 you know if we we thought about it now when we did this the other way when I guess I can use this remember that we recount the 1260 days in literal days and we came to October 8th which was the sixth day of the fourth month or the seventh month pardon me and that was four days short right so this was 1260 so notice now the twelve twelve six twelve hundred and sixty-four is on this side where when I was doing the symbolic week of Christ's week it was on this side so now I flipped it over and it's here and I think this is important because in the symbolic week there's twelve hundred and sixty days here between the tenth day to the of the seventh month to the 14th day of the first month but when I go to the literal week it now tells me I can go this way and that's why when we then make this this becomes yeah this becomes how do we do that I have to think again about it what we did so this is 1260 so this is 538 and this ended up being short by 46 days for the 1260 here so this becomes 1798 and this becomes 1844 right that made sense and so then when we go back here this would be 723 and then to get 742 we'd have to add 15 days here does that make sense because this is the 19 years to 723 it's 1260 to 538 ad and then we have 1260 to 1798 and 46 years to 1844 and so now when we deal with this literal week our timeline on the bottom is going this way we're in this in this week the timelines going this way right so this is twelve hundred and sixty you know years well it's actually this chiasm is being presented now there's lots of things we already know we already know that that in Christ week this is earthly and this is heavenly but now on the bottom this counterfeit week going this way this is counterfeit of the earthly counterfeit are they heavenly because this is paganism papal ISM so we flipped them around and the thing okay what's the theme then of this counterfeit twenty five twenty of the papacy paganism and papal ISM what's the theme of it it's a counterfeit that's the theme right Satan is counterfeiting the work of Christ and so this is an important part of understanding the significance of what we're going to do here now you know we also put 70 AD on there which is the destruction of Jerusalem and I'm not going to do that now but we can put 677 and so if I put 677 here I come up with I'm going to do this this way twelve sixty twelve sixteen this is the 21st of ah've now the 21st of of is the obvious the the fifth month so this is the 21st day of the fifth month Thomas is the fourth month and this happens to be August 25th now this of course is 34 ad this is 34 ad and this is still 34 ad right in these dates on the top right so we're having so you know things aren't in proportion I could have moved them way over here but we can see that these these years have dates attached to them now the 742 had I think it was October 27th because it's 15 days added on there in 34 ad and this date here is the 25th day of the seventh month 25th day the seventh month right and so if you look at the number of days from here to here this is just 65 days right you're gonna have 46 days or years however you whichever way you're thinking in here does this make sense what I've done okay so now I have these dates attached to here and I'm trying to understand the significance of these dates now some of these dates we could see that this 25th day of the seventh month we know from any date in 27 ad to any date in 34 ad is two thousand five hundred and seventy days not 25 20 days and so that's symbolized in here this 25 seven right we can see the twenty two thousand five hundred and seventy is built into this so the fact that this ends with that date to me is significant but what I was doing and I don't know how to sort of present this but I was looking at these dates and I'm going to use this the program and try to go through it rather than just so I mean if you have your laptop you can go to i like the 360 day calendar converter so it's www 360 calendar com and then if you click on the calendar converter it gives you a nice calendar where you can see all the dates together you don't have to scroll up and down it has a bunch of weird calendars on it and there's some things I don't like about it one is his whole theory about the 360 day calendars is kind of ridiculous I looked at it extensively and there's 40 year cycles but he ends up having this contrived chronology to fit all of his ideas not based on reality so it's nice you know in a sense it seems to work except that it's not real so I try to avoid those types of things everything has to be based upon reality now what's that ww3 6-0 calendar all one word three six zero calendar com and when you go there you can click on it says 360 day calendar converter at the top of the page so I was looking at at these dates and I was trying to understand them and you'll see how I'm gonna connect it to the prophecy of Josiah so one of the first things that I that I do with these dates is I want to see what these dates could mean like obviously the 25th day of the seventh month doesn't mean anything it's three days after the Feast of Tabernacles so maybe that means something I don't think so but we have this date October 27th and so we're gonna look at this here so October 27th if we're gonna if we're going to start doing this what I would do is I would start adding and subtracting periods of time so I want to find some way in which this date connects meaningfully so it's fine you know you can bring numbers and you can play around with numbers and create dates and coincidences those always can happen but there has to be a meaningful story when we do this so when I write they're about 742 and your notes the addendum that I gave you there I say both Julian and biblical dates have no apparent significance when we look at these October 27th 34 ad and Tishri 25 the seventh month is Tishri history 25 can be written as 25 7 so I go through that about the 270 you know you remove the letters you add a zero but if we take the date October 27 on the Gregorian calendar in 742 BC so here's what we're doing we're taking this date October 27 and we're going in this Gregorian date - 741 because the way that this works this converter it'll say on the Julian calendar it'll now say - 742 but in the Gregorian they will use a zero year that's just the way this guy doesn't one of the things I don't like about it and you'll see that the date that's given is Heche van 15 now Heche van 15 Heche van is the eighth month so in that story of note what happened in 977 on the 15th day of the eighth month Josiah gives or this prophecy is given about Josiah on this counterfeit day of worship we find it if we take October 27 here in 742 this is the date in 34 ad but if I go to 742 and I take this date October 27 which is a Julian date not a grigory or a Gregorian date not a Julian date then this will give me the 15th day of the eighth months okay so all I've done is I've used this to find a symbol by looking on that that date October 27 in 742 symbolizes the date that we have here the 15th day of the eighth month in 977 BC yes just make sure my Maya you are saying that the October 22nd in 742 October 27 yeah yeah 2077 42 BC yeah is the 15th day of the eighth month yes it's the 15th day of the eighth month so and you'll see it says Hesh fan 15 there now sometimes and that's the Hebrew calendar sometimes the Hebrew calendar is actually correct for the date and happens to be in this year right so you know so it's not always a day off it's not always a month off but sometimes it is so in this case we can use this date hedge vent and so as a symbol October 27 is symbolizing this date up here so what's the significance of that well one is we're dealing with the counterfeit covenant which is the Satanic covenant and it's now when we look at the first date that we get that gives us the start of this the sixty-five years which has 19 and the 46 in it we have this date October 27 so you know it's kind of interesting by itself but it doesn't tell us a lot yet so in my notes I then go through and explain about this date so one is it is November 22nd in 977 so now we have all these numbers that people are gonna have to sort through and they're gonna have to turn it remember these different years and these different dates and these different calendars so it could be really confusing for people and that's part of the thing I have to figure out how to make it less confusing but in this story where we have this November 22nd connected with the 15th day of the 8th month to 977 BC and we're gonna you know come back to that but I'd then go through the prophecy of Josiah in my notes here so far and explained the prophecy so I explained this 391 years and six months and I also give a total of all the different Kings how long they reigned according to the scriptures and that's it's in my footnote 3 so all those things I'm gonna have to explain to people and somehow I'm gonna have to explain it in a way that they're not gonna forget and it's gonna make sense so I'm really gonna have to pray about this in how to do this so now I say when we go here in the next paragraph on page 2 of the addendum if we begin in 977 BC using the biblical calendar we begin with the Julian day number one three six four eight nine nine point five November 22 and we would then either add or subtract 391 and a half days so why am I saying this why would we add or subtract 391 and a half days because what am i doing why am I saying this so we're here we're gonna add a subtract 391 and a half days these these are years right but I'm doing a day for a year because this gives me the the ability to do that and I'm going to go to this date because October 27th brought me to this date and I'm then gonna say well if I have this date I want to know how this date is connected to other dates does that make sense or have I skipped a step for you because this you you get it okay so so here I had this date I'm looking at 7:42 and then somebody said well why am I looking at 977 all of a sudden well I'm looking at 977 because this date brings me to this date the 15th day of the eighth month okay what's that because October 27th in 742 is the 15th day of the eighth month and now I'm here and so that reminds me of this date and since this is the counterfeit covenant week this is the counterfeit day of atonement and I'm thinking of all this this mirror starts and ends on the day of atonement right in Christ week Satan is counterfeiting this work of Christ both his his is you know daily and also his day of atonement that's the that's the counterfeit paganism and papal ISM is counterfeiting both the paganism counterfeits the earthly papal ISM counterfeits the heavenly and here we see in northern Israel there's this counterfeit and so this 740 to date which is the beginning of this judgment this warning judgment predicting 7:23 and 677 right it's predicting the start of the 25 20s I find that when I look at this date on the week of Christ it leads me to this date but then I'm gonna does that make sense that I'm looking at this date now now the thing is why am I now all of a sudden doing this why am I now going to add or subtract 391 and a half days okay what'd ya see so you know I think I may have skipped a step but I was connecting this with the prophesy of Josiah which is a prediction and that prophecy of Josiah is connected to the Josiah Lich prophecy right and the Josiah Lich prophecy is the basis @midnight Ezekiel uses this Samuel snow uses it he doesn't use the zekiel he doesn't use Josiah but he uses Josiah Lich you understand what I'm saying so now I'm saying there's a prediction being made here in 592 BC and this is July 21st 592 BC - it's not just the fifth day of the fourth month it's the same biblical calendar and he's predicting distraught the siege of Jerusalem and ultimately there's a series of predictions that lead to the destruction of Jerusalem so it predicts his wife's gonna die he predicts that when the city is destroyed and escaped he's gonna come and tell him of it there's a whole bunch of predictions in there and and you can see these from last year in September I presented this somewhere in a whole bunch of presentations and it was also done at other times - in 2016 it was presented here it would have been if you want to look it up it's July 16th 2016 is the presentation the prophecy of Ezekiel 4 verse 46 if you want to understand it more and there's other places I presented account meeting in 2016 as well so so now I'm going to do this so I really need to sort of get people to understand why I'm doing it because to me it's really obvious yes sorry who gives the prophecy is Josiah that gives the prophecy no this is a prophecy of Josiah of desire is the disobedient prophet the disobedient prophets did the prophecy yeah the one who ends up getting eaten by a lion okay oh yeah right so so he gives this prophecy of Josiah for fill 350 years later and then it's used by Ezekiel so uses Josiah prophecy the prophecy of Josiah to then predict the siege and ultimately the destruction of Jerusalem right we can also you know go back to the story of Joseph and look at how this same pattern is it occurs in his dreams and predictions but now I'm saying that we need to add or subtract this period of time and to me it's kind of obvious that I do it because once I get there it brings me back to this prophecy and I can see that this 391 years and 6 months becomes 391 years and 6 days and so then I'm going to do this calculation so this may not make sense to people but I can either add or subtract and so I say here 15 days it's 6 months so it's a half a day part of me yes so I say if we began to 977 BC using the biblical calendar we begin with the Julian day number one three six four eight nine nine point five and that's November 22 so this is the actual date in which this prophecy was given about Josiah my second page the first paragraph we we would then either add or subtract 390 one and a half days to represent the 390 one and a half years when we do when we do the results are not completely favorable subtraction produces the Julian day number 136 for 5:08 which produces the Julian date of October 27th so it is interesting that when I do this I get the date October 27 so I shouldn't say it's not totally favorable it just gives me this date that I started on this date gave me this date and then I count these 391 15 days and it gives me the date that I just started out okay so that's good I mean but that's the subtraction okay while the Gregorian date is October 18th which I don't know what that means yet if we add 391 and a half days to November 22nd it produces the Julian day number one three six five nine five two nine one this date gives us nothing at all we find more interesting results when we use the modern Hebrew date for 977 BC so the date here the biblical date in 977 BC for the 15th day of the eighth month is November 22nd but if you were to go to that date 977 oops now my computer's locking up on me so if you if you go back to that date you'll find that the 15th day of the eighth month which is Heche van is the eighth month is October 29th on the Julian calendar I believe hang on yes what does it say it says yeah so October 13th on the Gregorian calendar and October 22nd on the Julian so if I now use the modern Hebrew calendar which is not the correct calendar but I use this counterfeit calendar right because remember we're dealing with counterfeit feasts we find that the Gregorian date is October 13th and the Julian date is October 22 and that is of course the 8th month and the 15th day fifteen to eighth month whichever way you want to write it does that make sense now the October 13th we know is Fatima day right because on October 13th 1917 at noon when the Sun was in its zenith there was this phenomenon that occurred that was predicted right you're all familiar with that and so that was at noon on October 13th but it's connected to October 22 which is a symbol of the tenth day of the seventh month the close of probation and this is the counterfeit of this and this is also a counterfeit right so you see how these are all tied together now if I do this then I look at that date yeah yes it's the it's the close of probation yes yeah so we also know that tasks lined this up with the close of probation now so it's connecting the counterfeit a day of atonement now there's also further significance on October 13th in that this is the date chosen by Miller for the close of probation in 1844 and I have the quote here from William Miller Lowe Hampton October 6 1844 and that's published in somewhere and I didn't have my footnote there somehow lost it anyway it's published in I believe January of 1844 store something in 1845 but he says in bold there I am strong in my opinion that the next which is Sunday October 13th because he's writing on a Sunday will be the last lord's day sinners will ever have in probation now of course we could read this to two ways he's just saying that it's the last day of a Sunday in probation so he's not necessarily closing probation on the 13th is that clear so you know I kind of state that he sits it as the close of probation but many people looked at it that way they looked at that that was the day of the close of probation so he so he's he's saying that the last lord's day the sinners will ever have in probation is the 13th of October so he's not saying the 13th of October is actually the close of probation it's the last lord's day or sunday that they will have before the close of probation but the thing is he's connecting the 13th of October in his statement in the close of probation right so we see the 13th of October connected with the close of probation even though he's not saying it is does that make sense I don't know if that's a stretch yes Sunday for him its Lord's Day yeah okay so that makes sense so we can see that October 13th has some significance connected with Fatima and connected with the idea of the close of probation the idea that probation is closing being connected here by William Miller and some other Millerites connected this idea that a close of probation occurred and I probably should put the quote there because we find that there is some quotes that I could have used rather than Miller's okay now let's look at 723 BC okay so this date 723 BC aligns with October 834 ad when we we put it up here so this is the 1260 days are ending here October 8th and that date on the bottom line is 723 BC in this counterfeit covenant week and that's the sixth day of the seventh month the only thing in in trying to look at this it's October 8th is September 30th so when we put it in 723 BC so Parminder may not know what we're doing here but what I'm doing is I'm taking these dates on the bottom and these are the dates in the actual time that Christ was living or you know the disciples are living and I can give you my addendum here so these so these are the actual dates and these are the years the that is symbolized by this structure and so I already went through 742 and you could probably read my notes there where I use and show what I do is I go to 742 BC and I look up this date October 27 and I find that it actually connects to the fifteenth day of the eighth month so in 742 October 27 is the 15th day of the eighth month and then I went to this and talked about the prophecy of Josiah and I showed that if I count this I use this prophecy of Josiah but I count the 391 years and six months and I make them 391 years and a half of a day and I count from here not the years but I just count the days from this date I'm going to end up with October 27 so I'm gonna say end up with the same date that I started with so that's you know you kind of missed it but if you if you I could explain it again later if you need to so the point is that I can take these dates I can put them into the years that they are because here this is in 34 ad but I can put this date into 742 BC and then I come up with that that date is the 15th day the eighth month and then I can go that leads me back to 977 because 977 that's where I understand the significance of this date and then when I add that I come back to October 27 by adding that date to the date here in 977 and then we looked at 977 instead of the biblical calendar which is November 22nd we looked at it on the modern biblical calendar the 15th day of the eighth month and when we did that we found that the Julian date is October 22nd and the GOG Orion date is October 13th and the thing that gives me justification to use an incorrect calendar is that this date is a counterfeit and so I'm now using the counterfeit biblical calendar the modern Hebrew calendar to produce these dates so and I have to find a way to explain this to people so that they don't think I'm just you know pulling things out of a hat yes calathea Canada France just say about yes yeah but to understand the significance of using a counterfeit calendar to get these dates now one of the things we pointed out is that that this is this is Christ's week and it ends and begins on the tenth day of the seventh month this 70th week so it's all about the close of probation but Christ's is not the counterfeit it's the true but on the bottom here we have the counterfeit lined up the counterfeit covenant and so these symbols are symbolizing the counterfeit work Satan's counterfeit covenant week so to speak and so to be able to do this I think is is significant that we can do this yes yes using this right it comes up in first Kings chapter 12 verse 32 and 33 and and then we see that that Jeroboam is offering on that day so if we look that up this the only time I could find that date in the Bible so it's the counterfeit day of atonement that he has set up so we then looked at 7:23 and we found that in 723 aligns with October 834 ad which is September 30th on the Julian calendar so so to explain that again I look at October 8th that's in 34 ad but if I'm gonna look at it in 723 BC I'm gonna take that date and I'm going to put it on in the year 723 and see what I come up with now I'm not putting October 8th I'm putting the sixth day of the seventh month I believe I did this early this morning so I can't even remember what I did let me see the can of it feasted it so okay so yes so when I put that on there it's September thirtieth on the Julian calendar I'm not even doing that all I'm doing is I'm taking this date okay and I'm looking at that date yes in 723 I have to be so I just didn't write it out properly so anyway the point is that that date is September 30th and September 30th marks the day of atonement here that starts the 70th week so that's all I can find from 723 it doesn't produce as much as 742 did but the point is that it's typifying the close of probation and that's what I'm trying so 723 typifies the close of probation or it is the close of probation for northern Israel and that date on the Julian calendar when I go to 723 is September 30th which is the same date I have that starts the 70th week which is the tenth day of the seventh month and that symbolizes is symbolized there 1844 so the close of probation and that's the main thing that we want to look at here is that this is all about the close of probation so somehow when I present this I have to bring that theme out understanding that Tess's presentation of October 13th she laid that at the close of probation and to understand how this relates to our close of probation so let's look at 677 now 677 is the 21st of ah've to 21st of the fifth month in 34 ad it's August 25th okay which I don't know any significance of that but if we go to 677 instead of 34 ad and we place that date the 21st of of and for those of you who have the program I'm just gonna do it here 676 and my Gregorian date but I'm gonna go to the of 21 and I use these because obviously the program uses that but that's the fifth month and you can figure that out pretty easily and when I do that I end up with some dates July 26th and August 2nd so there no there's no significance when I do that initially just put that date in there and now I started thinking about it well 677 is how many years from 977 because we're focusing upon this this date here 300 so all I need to do is I take that Julian day number one four seven four three six two point five and I change that three there into a zero I think I did the right thing no I probably didn't let's try this again okay yeah so I got ya so I'm gonna have to do yeah I turned the three and two is zero and I get hash van 15 which is the 15th day of the eighth month so when I take 677 and I look at this date in 677 it doesn't yield anything but then I say I want to see how 677 is connected to 977 so I just go back three hundred days subtract three hundred days not three hundred years but I'm doing a day for a year and when I do that I arrive at the date the 15th day of the eighth month so no apartment is looking puzzled a bit because this is this is difficult to present the people I have to figure out a way to present this that people aren't going to be really confused yeah from 977 but I'm just gonna subtract three hundred days not years oh so from that date this date here the 21st of off right so this date it doesn't mean anything it's it's a date in the week of Christ but 677 happens to lie on that date and so I'm gonna say well if I'm gonna go not six hundred three hundred years from 677 but I'm gonna go three hundred days right to symbolize the years I'm just going to subtract from this date in 677 which is the Julian day number one for seven you know for three seventy three point five yes it gives me the 15th day of the eighth month well in the year it would just be 678 right so the thing is it's not really it's going back three hundred days not three hundred years in the calculator but those three hundred days symbolize the three hundred years and then the date that is produced is this date so that means I've connected this date to this date this date to this date and this date to this date using the same principle now the thing is the significance of this date November 22nd is really what we want to understand because we know it's a counterfeit we've already connected it talked over 13th which is Fatima day right and that was yesterday and you know we've connected it in to October 22nd which is a close of probation so this is telling us something about the close of probation that's what we know the message is the story is but now I have to figure out how we're going to fill this in so and I start not sure really how to do it but if we go to October 13th yesterday so we're so we already well let's look let's look at it this way let's go here October 13th so now we're gonna go to this counterfeit calendar so here we had November 22nd and we now have this counterfeit calendar right and this counterfeit calendar I can go to October 13th and I can add 391 years in five days or six months as 391 days and a half right so if I go to October 13th in the Fatima story the event the phenomena occurs at noon right we all know that right and when the sun's out at Zenith if you read the reports about it so now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go to October 13th in 977 and I'm going to then add 391 days and a half so 97 so what's that for all 97 so yes but I'm gonna do it from October 13 1977 so before I did it from just the 15th day of the eighth month but now I'm using the counterfeit calendar here and I'm using the date October 13th but when I do that I arrive at the date November 9th okay so when I go from October 13th and I add 303 from noon so I have to go from noon and and by noon that means I actually have to take that point five in the Julian day number because the Julian day number is going to start it at how does that work yes they explained it here so it starts at midnight so I need to change the two point five at the end of my number to just the three so I get rid of the point five and I move it up 0.5 to get noon and then when I do that it'll show the time is noon and then I add the 390 one and a half days and when I do that it brings me to midnight on November 9 so the beginning of November 9th midnight so you're smiling there I know yeah now now the thing about this is we're saying that this is the midnight cry right now we should notice that the 15th day of the 8th month what's the 8th month in 1844 August and the 15th is the midnight cry now the thing is I daniel pointed that it's out to me now I'm sure I noticed it I'm sure I've noticed it a long time ago but I didn't understand how was that the midnight cry I couldn't connect that to the midnight cry but if I can connect it to October 13th and I know at noon yesterday I did this calculation and came to November 9th so so it's exactly from what I was doing the calculation figuring this out and I multiplied 391 or added 390 one and a half days to the time I was at it brought me to November 9th 2019 then you know you're there you're passing over the ground and God is giving you the light as you pass over the ground and I'm needing to emphasize this so you know here I'm doing sort of four presentations in this you know we kind of did it in an hour and we want to look at this a little bit on how this is gonna have to be presented am I gonna get four so I'm gonna have four slots to do this and in order to do it and in any time we're presenting things to people what is the thing that's going to help them accept and understand it other than just the holy spirit working up on their heart what are we going to need in a presentation to help them remember and to understand it accept it okay visual but we need a story because the story is what gives it meaning right because I can go and do a whole bunch of numbers tamina said that there's some guy who he went 2024 and he went to the tenth day of the seventh month on the correct biblical calendar and he found that October 13th is is the the date and what was the other one so you know he was saying well that's going to be the close of probation right and I think it's important that we we recognize how people can come up with numbers 14 that if he put the 2024 I see what's happening there yeah 2024 October 13th so it's Fatima Day in 2024 which he was saying is the close of probation that's going to be when Daniel stands up according to him is the tenth day of the seventh month on the biblical calendar and it's also September thirtieth which I have is the tenth day of the seventh month in 1844 on that week of Christ just you know this is September thirtieth 27 ad that parallels the start of the 70th week which is 1844 on this bottom line so you know that's that's pretty compelling he doesn't even look at the September thirtieth date I do but he just says October 13th that's the tenth day of the seventh month in 2024 but what's the problem with this sort of idea yeah there isn't really a connection right there's not there's not a story behind it and and it's not convincing it's not really compelling and there isn't a bunch of witnesses you know one of the things that's compelling about this is we've had Tessa's presentation and she's used lots of witnesses to lots of different lines lots of different stories and all these stories start to give the same date starts to pop up November 9th so as we look at this and we and what Parminder has been teaching us is as we pass over the ground there's light that Shawn from the past so what the events that are being fulfilled as we pass through them they shine the light I can't remember the words that are used but basically they reflect light on past events and those past events shine into the future right and this is exactly what we see and if we're gonna look at something that's the most the epitome of this is the cross of Christ in that all of the events of the Old Testament history the sacrifices and offerings Jesus died upon the cross now reflects light back to those events and those events now those types then point forward not just to Christ but to the events in the future and then we see here that we're now using the week of Christ to do that in a way that we couldn't have imagined and we're applying a day for a year in a way that is very very odd you know this isn't just a day for a year where we were taking a day and we're doing a period of time but we can see that those days those dates are symbols and that they symbolize the whole structure of the counterfeit and even the dates in in Christ week all also have significance symbols because we saw that when we were dealing with and and I'm going to have to deal with that too in the presentations I'm gonna have to deal with the extension of this where we go you know 1863 and 2014 right and then 2019 and and connect all those things so any thoughts or ideas on how we can do this how we can present this type of problem you know so that it's it's going to be understood now you had some ideas just about how to draw it for you what is it yeah I struggle when you overlay multiple dates from multiple calendars on the one line okay so for me it would be easier if there was multiple lines showing this is for Gregorian dates these are Julian dates this is the week of Christ just for myself know about anyone else okay that's that's helpful I I agree I I wanted to point that out and one more thing I wanted to point out is that sometimes we have to go this way and that way you know for example we can't well I remember you did the week of Christ okay how how is it literal years going backwards and literal days and you can do both frontwards backwards may sometimes the symbol works go in there like maybe to like an arrow is indicating the direction of okay good maybe I was just like a suggestion sigh it's much more clear because the visual that I think yeah my visual is not really very visual visual you know cuz numbers are not really visual those are kind of like Greek people you know you know there are some things that are visual a little bit maybe just you know you can put a cross in there because even when I have a number like that and I don't put across those things get lost putting that cross in there as a symbol people then see all that's the cross right yeah you know what I'm saying and I didn't even do that in this one and yeah the statistical probability that all those dates could line up in the way that they've lined up well I'd have to get no they're more bigger they're they're beyond astronomical they're just nuts because I try to figure out some of the stats I don't know how people calculate these visits it's very the world is so complex they cannot read I know it becomes it becomes how do you count because I've done some of the simple ones you know and I get you know the power of the heat and stuff and I figure that's enough you know and that's just looking at a few dates because you have to know what the what the odds are like to calculate odds you have to know what the parameters are to fit in to do your calculations now what's the odds of that happening it calculates another yeah okay just some mathematicians chatting a bit apartment or do you have any ideas and now that you've seen a little bit of the presentation here of what I have for me when you come to the conclusion are you saying 7:42 the marks are close of probation mm-hm the teratoma at 7:23 does young 77 and you're going to find that for all of them for the ones that start this I did I haven't actually gone through all the other ones yet okay so obviously you know I've looked at September 30th 1844 inside September 30th comes up a few times yeah I haven't dealt with well with 538 I haven't I haven't done any spans from that other than the 1260 brings me to the tenth day the seventh month right in a symbolic sense okay said that one does as well you know seven I 98 I have six well yet 1798 I have to work on oh okay you look fine so far so yeah every single one of those five is bringing you to the same point toes your probation so that's the theme that's running through this what I find interesting is that you've got Gregorian and Julian October 13th October second yeah and obviously that's connected to that serum that's the modern hylia calendar in if you go to 977 BC and you just use the date that the keeper calendar that's on there he gives you October 13th and October 22nd and so therefore it's obviously a coincidence that Miller he's gonna come up with October 22nd and ten days before which is October the 13th he's gonna save the close of probation yeah he's going to talk about the close of probation yeah which I have the quote in there I'll keep the you but that question yes now he's not saying October 13th is the close of probation nice it's the last Lord's Day yeah that they have in before the close of probation but he's connecting that date with the close of probation in that in that sense and there are other Froome mentions that there were Miller writes who were saying that the first day of Tishri which was October 13th was the close of probation for those people and there was no point to to give a message to anyone they was picking out the same day that you're picking up through this seems truly symbology through these offices but it's it's such a lot of information you know and that's where I have to figure out because they're not presenting us since I got four I know kind of a little bit what I have to present obviously I have to present the week of Christ in the simple way that I have in my notes and and then deal with that line of because that's what my notes deal with but then it will take two more presentations to really nail down this what we just talked about here as I can see yeah because all that is age 34 and age 34 is the close of probation yeah that's the year of the close of probation for the Jews and all those those three dates are all in AD 34 so I mean yeah it's I mean that's the theme the whole theme that there's two themes really in this it's the close of probation but it's also the counterfeit and so the counterfeit close the probation so it doesn't mean that our date is a counterfeit closing provision it's the actual close of probation based on understanding these lines and you know starting from October 13th when we give the midnight cry which is the 15th day of the eighth month in this symbol you know I there's just there's too much like even for my mind to grasp it I've been struggling with it you know for a few days so it's even easier for me but I still get confused about all the dates and numbers right there's a lot of dates and numbers which dates and numbers go to which which date you know which dates go to which year and so I'm gonna have to sort that out in my head but I have to be able to sort that out for other people as well if you had a table of the different calendar dates above and below for the line that's been done but an arrow of direction with yet usual days so that people can know straight away by looking what it's all about you think something like that yeah it would divide up that at the different dates and all that and I think yeah well like I think you know because on this calendar converter I mean it's nice when I look at it but obviously I mean I could take a snap of each date and show the calendar converter but I think it would be better to have a table of each of the dates and show how they how the math at least is done that people can refer to that but that's not that's not really so visual math isn't really a visual thing unless you're a mathematician mathematicians look at it and they it's like oh that's you know they understand what it is but for most people they look at it it just becomes a bunch of squiggly numbers of diets oh I'm just saying looking at the ones up there tenth I seventh for example and having a whole line of it and then okay I Julian calendar for example yeah it may not work in every single case little bit what Clara and what yeah okay yeah or summary of all the different dates that connect to the tenth day of the seventh month in some way just a little chart that's a bit more visual than reading the document but yeah I don't really know yeah because the way I have this written you know it starts to look really messy of all these these dates lined up and you know and I don't have all the dates there so it's really hard to write it all in now this helps I mean obviously the prophecy of Josiah and the span there I think because there's a story to it and people can usually sort that out a little bit yeah that one's easier easier to follow and that's why I use it because it definitely helps me connect that 15th day of the 8th month to these other dates you know so an individual way now I know you know ideally yes to go from white October 13 no come back like nine seven seven nine seven and eight for what date in in 1907 you're gonna be damned all of them my matches okay well I haven't tried that I dunno yeah yeah so when we look at the camp-meeting like there's this hundred and twenty six days and I can't even remember what we figured out so the last day of the kamini Oh June 10 10 6 leaves you chalked over training October 13 when I thought was going to be okay prediction before the close of probation what's the last date of the last letter of Samuel snows when it's published anybody remember it's three days before midnight so what's the date July 18th right and that date on the biblical calendar is the second day of the fourth month so if we go from the second day of the fourth month a hundred and twenty six days it brings us to October 13th I believe I don't know let me see if that's correct now what did it how did that work because it brought us to something yeah oh it was 120 days that's right it's 120 days from that and it's 126 days from yeah June 10th and June 10th is ok so we go from this yeah ok so yeah so then we could count it's a hundred and twenty days so if we go is 120 days work as a symbol from July 18th to then the prediction before midnight the last letter wasn't a biblical calendar the second day of the fourth love yes the second day of the fourth month and a hundred twenty four that brings you to that is yeah a hundred and twenty I'm going 120 from that to October 13 oh okay yeah so it's 120 days so you go here because this is in in this year right so whatever the date is but if you add 120 days to this it'll bring you talk to over 13th I can't remember but that's that's what happens anyway so that's from June 10th and that's 2018 okay and I have to go to Thomas sinteres also the fact that the date that assisted tas game the date was October 3rd and the camp meeting begins in June 3rd so have four months which symbolised yeah 120 days as well symbolize them well yeah so from time was to which is June 15th to October 13th yeah that's 120 days so if I take that prediction before midnight Samuel snow it at writing that that the last letter published last letter and I count 120 it brings me to October 13th now to me that sort of seems like information that is not as solid and I and that's where I always have a problem in presenting things like that because it becomes a little more obscure right and it's like it can just confuse people so sometimes it's better to leave those things out because it's not necessary but you know it's nice little detail to know especially if you were a part of it but it does show us that that all of this to me if we're going to look at because Parminder and I talked a little bit about it that there's some people saying that we need a prediction of when the prediction before the close of probation is going to happen right and so some people say well test couldn't have been giving the prediction you know for the close of probation because all the things we expect to happen haven't happened but but her prediction is predicted but after we see it then we can go back and look at it and say that it was predicted we just didn't know it was predicted right so as we pass over the ground which i think is the most important thing I've learned from Parminder ever is this this thing of passing over the ground and seeing that it reflects light on the past and it shines light on the prophecies in the future because this really helps us in so many different ways to understand our history both millerite history and the present history were going through and it gives us a framework in which to understand how God has worked in prophecy so so we can then have confidence because we have this information not just something that we're speculating on that sounds good that fits the news headlines but it's something that is we can we can actually believe this in spite of what we hear or see in the news right it's it's going to be a sure anchor for us and it'll help us to see what's actually happening and I think that for many of us you know as we go through this experience we're gonna see things that are happening that other people around us won't see because they don't know what to look for and then we have to be able to show them what it is that just happened and that's going to be that's going to be where the power is in the message besides the fact of our characters and and but there is something about this methodology in this this message that is going to lead people to see the truth in spite of what they see because that's I think the the delusion that comes upon people is you know this emotional delusion that comes from you know seeing what they want to see and so we have something that's more objective so I still don't know how I'm gonna do this but um and it would have been really nice to have everybody sit down and verify all my dates I hate going up there and making mistakes so I know you can help me a little bit with that so you can go through some of the stuff on here and just see what you come up with if you have time but yet today Sunday I'm presenting on Wednesday I don't know when else I'm presenting I might have to print up stuff as I go along as I'm passing over the ground then I can get the pages printed for each each study I'm not sure what's going to happen any final comments on this okay so well let's close with prayer dear father in heaven Lord we come to you thanking you for the light that has been shining along our path for so long but also for the brightness of it at the present we know Lord that there's many things we do not understand and many things that we do not understand because of our own neglect and we ask for forgiveness we ask Lord that the things that we are studying that so many people are studying and that you are bringing together through your guidance of your spirit that inspired the Bible and through the lines that you've given to us through inspiration through visions and dreams even though we never knew it we ask Lord that we can understand these things that we can delve deep into them one is for ourselves that we can have a confidence in the truths that you've given us and in giving this message to a rebellious house help us not to look at ourselves Lord but to look at your promises and the things that you you are doing and to have confidence in those things we also pray Lord for the people that are coming to the camp-meeting pray Lord that you can give the speakers wisdom and that your Holy Spirit can be poured out in a great measure we know Lord that there's been a lot of planning on people's parts and sometimes things can get in the way but we know Lord that you have provided a way that we can walk in it by faith be with each one here throughout this day be with us in their stuff in our study and we pray this in Jesus name Amen