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so just want to tidy up one - loose ends test me - the church volume 1 page 301 what's the thought that we picked up from there hey treasure need to search the scriptures as we're digging for here treasure and what am I suggesting that the hid treasure is three parables it's going through the scriptures the same words same stories same information there's nothing new there's no tricks but it's looking at the same scripture but not looking it morally but looking at it prophetically so once you start doing that what you thought you understood that simple version of the scriptures that you know we've been teaching our children for millennia now becomes different it now takes on a different meaning and no one's ever been able to figure that out or even seen it before two reasons they haven't make the yet made the effort to dig for that but the second reason is what what's the primary reason why we haven't been able to online do that before light upon light give up why because we were dumb all these hundreds of years where he'd suddenly just become clever the Lion of the tribe of Judah has opened it up and sealed it okay so it's the unsealing of the book that's been able to do that for us it's not some magical powers that we've developed or some rules that we're following suddenly it's not it's not as simple as saying line upon line because we've been doing line upon line for a long while they main the Miller rights may not have been doing in the same way that we have and then white alludes to it Christ certainly did line upon line as it was in the days of Noah it's been going around for a long time it's nothing new line upon line we may have refined it we may have taken it to a height that no one else has but the books have been unsealed not just that portion of the Book of Daniel the whole Bible has now been unsealed and that's what this hid treasure is I'm suggesting so that's one tea that I wanted this to it's all clear up the other thing is we left this hanging for a bit and I haven't addressed it because we've got three different answers the Marais vision 911 time at the end and this was taken form for SP 297 paragraph one I just want to have a quick look at that again so we can take that off so this was referring to what Bible passage Romans 7 yeah from about seven tonight I think we've read a few passages and Paul was alive once without the law then when the law came sin revived and I died so I've just sort of tried to show that graphically and I want us to real remember that sin is not a thing even though I've shown it is a thing and everybody spoke about some kind of bacterial or viral entity so here's sin and it's attached or connected with the law perhaps attaches in the right way they're connected they're intimately connected sin and law without the law sin doesn't exist yes you need law to make sin exist because we thought it just doesn't happen but sin is not attached to this person poor but when the law came sin revived so the law did something because when he died the law is the thing that killed him because sin was in him yeah so suddenly this sin enters into him he dies because the law is going to kill him so there's business tense relationship between sin and law they're partners and if they're outside floating around somewhere they don't do anything bro Sooners sin enters into you what happens the law starts changing its behavior and starts attacking whatever wherever it sees sin and if it sins in you it's just going to kill you yeah so let's treat sorry so I'm gonna put this on you're getting the list here let me let me just try to tackle this because I'm not sure if they're connected thoughts they are connected but not directly so let's go to 4sp note 297 because I want to know why we've got three different way marks that can go from the person when he's alive to when the person he's dead the Apostle Paul in relating his experience presents an important truth concerning the work to be wrought in conversion so remember what I'm sure we've done this in class I can't remember do we speak about the structuring of chapters of paragraphs about lead paragraphs lead sentences we've done that yeah I think we did so we just take this paragraph and we want to read the lead sentence the first sentence so what is a subject now so it's got something to do with conversion so wherever this way mark is we need to put starts considering about conversion here can we can we just see that just the way that she's gonna structure her paragraph he says well I was alive without the law once he felt no condemnation but when the commandment came when the law of God was urged upon his conscience sin revived and I died for SP 297 paragraph 1 he says further I had not known sin but by the law I had not known lust except the law had said thou shalt not covet c'mon were which was a danger life I found to be unto death the law which promised life to the obedient pronounce death upon the transgressor wherefore he says glorious holy commandment holy and just and good so someone's put the Marais vision and someone's put 911 and someone put time at the end so we'll work perhaps backwards would you want to talk about the experience of what he sees which one okay so okay so if you want to make the distinction between the Miranda Mauritian all I would say is they're connected in the way that the Curzon is and while he's just caused an effect so I don't mind which one we want to call it because it will still be the same remark one is what you see and what is the response that you have when you see it so I wouldn't put one is the beginning one is the end they put them at the same point yeah it's cause and effect is not as it's not so much Alpha and Omega beginning and end because at the same point it's everybody okay with that when we speak about the Mauryan them are our vision one needs what you see and one is what you experience when you see that thing yeah so okay maybe I didn't maybe I didn't pick up the one that you were okay because you want to make it the Marah cuz that's the experience that he's having here that's that's more accurate so second from last sentence the law which was promised to life sorry which promised wisely the B didn't pronounce death upon the transgressor has he just died so what condition is he telling you is in its right he's a transgressor so we can pick that up straight away yeah so we need to ask ourselves are we transgressors when we have the more experienced at 911 or a timely in a week found to be transgressors I won't write it down so that's the first thing is going to give us the clue and so the next one is I'm going backwards this is what after it says Romans seven nineties quoted Romans seven nine then he saw himself a sinner so he's a transgressor and he's there what a sinner okay so these so maybe I'm gonna write them down he finds himself a sinner which is the point that sister Tonya's bringing up here and he's a transgressor now I don't think I've I've labored enough on this point when we come across anything that's inspired whether it's Bible the spirit prophecy we have to see there's some rules or techniques that are always being expressed to us sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not so you need to I think you need to have an idea that there are certain techniques or things that are being brought to view when you read any passage and see if they're in that passage that you're reading so what am I talking about does anybody know what I'm talking about if you read up if you read a passage from inspiration you should be looking for clues so repeating and large so you should be looking always for repeat and enlarge it's not always there when often there is another one toots toots you all should spring to our mind all the time okay yeah and when I think that's that what that's what that is what one more we come up over and over again sorry I can't hear you okay so a : wit would either be a list which could be cause and effect or repeating life so we look at the grammar yeah I mean yes it would of course it would the problem with that is I don't even understand the full table other than if anybody here does yeah I mean we could we could memorize the rule that same people do that but you know this

there's all those rules I think

into how they work properly well I just admit that straight I read the road I think what does this rule even mean okay I know the wife teaching if I don't know the rules so another one that I think we should become familiar with is chiasm chiastic structures or mirrors the Bible is going to use this technique after now the white doesn't use it very often from my reading of her writings but the Bible uses it over and over again and what I think we've got a bad habit of doing when we think about William Miller rules is that we read a Bible verse we pick up one word and we jump somewhere else and we claim that the Bible's motion to interpret itself and we use that license to jump somewhere else based upon that logic that the Bible interpret itself but more often than not you can find the answer to your verse or to your problem in the verse itself and we don't spend enough time in the verse we should be looking at the verse in the English in the Hebrew and the Greek I think if it's not plain in the English because sometimes the sequence in or the order of the words in the English might even be wrong and unless you go back to the original you can't see what the problem is so Kyon's is a really good way of seeing what the Bible is saying about itself and it's going to teach you something it can do but I'm just thinking like a you know I wasn't a practical example about that hug and I'm gonna in that meeting into my time to give him the example so don't want to do that but I'm just saying these things here so as we come to this passage here because we've some ones mentioned about the issue of sinners is that what she's doing here so once you start thinking about it is she'd used in repeating in large go ahead tell us what it is CT for 61.3 as the monetise for the golden treasure in the earth soberness we persistently must we seek for the treasure of God's Word in daily study the verse-by-verse method is often most helpful but the student take one verse and concentrate his mind on ascertaining just thought that God has put into that verse for him and then dwell upon the floor until it becomes his own okay so what you've seen is I've done a bit more than that I've changed or warped that definition to make it more to make it different to what she said because she just said hidden big in forehead Treasuries line upon line methodology and I'm saying it's not just that because you can do that morally I'm suggesting that hid treasure is looking at the scriptures in the different way it's not just using like because we've used line upon line or proof text in for a long time but I think she's essentially that's what she's saying proof text in passage yes but I'm suggesting hid treasure really isn't that even though she says it hid treasure is actually looking at it differently because many people have you know the whole Bible commentary series does that it looks at verses and he breaks them down and they often come to wrong answers because they only look at those things morally so we've got sinners and we've got transgressors will work back and then we'll go to the very first sentence the Apostle Paul Ian relations experience presents an important truth concerning the work to be wrought in conversion so we've got conversion here so when would this be happening he's found to be a transgressor he found to be a sinner and it's the work of conversion so you can make it the birth the marah experience or 9/11 or time of the end grid you play where would you place that where were you in a place this person based upon the fact that he's he's he needs to have a conversion experience this person is this person has he had straight this one here it's man is he had a conversion experience it's right it would have to be at nine eleven okay anyone else someone said no so the so brother Richard say 97 is baptism in your converted before Tommy the end to realize that you're asking that the same principle that sister tongue is bringing on but it's not that negative where that takes place it takes beside the point where life comes and shows you that you were okay so here you are alive without sin and you're at 1996 yeah so you're happy going along doing sin your life here and yeah so this would be 1996 so we only become to her at the law at 9/11 I put 1994 you know I'm not making the point about the date itself pre 9/11 because yet that's the polarization of the message so is this person happily running along not understanding the law until he comes to 9/11 then he did it fake then he figures into the figures what's going on and then he dies who did you say that who did you say that to to God's people when does he say that so before 9/11 what do they do before 9/11 so that couldn't be 9/11 in could it yeah so what's the work of the Holy Spirit John 16:8 first the first work to convict of sin yeah so to convict of sin means what you're doing before you're sinning so you're now you're under conviction of sin so when you're under conviction of sin howdy howdy that conviction be placed upon you in this framework understanding the law the law came so there's something about the law that you didn't know about and then the law came and now you're convicted about this law and what happens the law tells you you're what urine you're under condemnation then you die yeah so what do you need to do once you die not much not much good for anything if you die so what you need to do you need to what you need to be resurrected so another way to express the resurrection process if she does in the first sentence is the work of the worker conversion the worker conversions the work of Resurrection yeah we can conceptualize that so we okay that it's time at the end yeah has to be time at the end the other point we want to pick up which is going to give us for free in this I'm suggesting we've got a repeating enlarge and repeating enlarge it we've got she's going to define to you what a sinner is so before I normally do that and let me ask who Hui who in here is a sinner one two sorry we're all seeing this so the rest of your lies which means you folks in as I guess okay so I'm going to take I'm going to take this out now because we're done with that I'm going to take for SP 297 so if you're taking notes or something this is time at the end we've all agreed on that sister teri and you're a sinner or are you a liar take good jokes now I'm asking what you think not what they think yes you are you're not sure what well okay tomorrow are us in there tomorrow probably who's as clueless in it tomorrow so brother Clayton's already planning this he's planning his day okay so I wouldn't ask a question then so this is serious here we are what's this start at midnight what was that no Midnight's total breaking what was the star okay church triumphant no it wasn't that it's all here restore the image experience all this kinda stuff what was a star indicating so it we can't remember that's where it's all sorted out that was that star was represented it's all sorted out by then yeah so here we are 2017 and I think if everybody's gonna admit to it but there's lots of sinners in this room yeah and some of us are scheming and planning already just to be sinners tomorrow yeah so you're going to be a sinner tomorrow and if you're going to boot do it tomorrow you can do the next day or next day or next day so here's midnight if that was the first that's tambien say it's um December 31st whatever year okay that's what Midnight's gonna hit so here we are on December 30th and you're still a sinner because you were yesterday no shouldn't you're sinner all the way what you're planning for tomorrow you can be a sinner tomorrow now you'll be your big doings forgiveness all the way your longer I mean it was not even if you're not even asking for forgiveness we shouldn't even be here should we well unless we say this is some kind of hospital okay so before we answer that question because I think it's a rhetorical question it's not even not even really asking its rhetorical you're saying I just want to work us through a bit of logic to see how we conceptualize this thing so December 30th you know the next day close of probation are you going to be a sinner tomorrow because your ass in there today if you were yesterday because you're a sinner right now sooner all the way long and it's whatever October the 12th so you only got a few weeks to go but you're going to do that you're going to be a sinner tomorrow but we're planning it today you're planning it we're saying we're going to be sinners tomorrow brother Maria okay so on December 30th we're going to use that verse and say we're not going to do that anymore just wanted to think about this seriously assembly 30th you're a sinner today your sin on December 30th because if you're a sinner on October the 12th you're going to be a sinner tomorrow upon the test to be to a thing is established it's in stablished fact that you're a sinner because you're a sinner yesterday we'll go to 2 3 you're a sinner today you're going to be a sinner tomorrow so on December 30 years what's going to happen you've got two options you're either going to be sinner tomorrow and be eternally lost or you're not going to be a sinner tomorrow and then you're going to be turn Allah saved do we agree with that just logic yeah ok so my question is I got it sorry I don't have a plate I have to pick on you sorry okay can you tell me why you waiting for December 30th not October the 13th or October the 12th why are you waiting to December 30th because if you had that knowledge then you would just ask forgiveness at the end of December 30th right if you had that knowledge of the 31st was the actual day if you don't then I agree with what you're saying but with this okay now you had the knowledge so you'd have it so you're saying you're saying you if you like sinning now no I'm just saying most people do and so if you know the day you would have a different result in a different plan than if you don't know the day what I'm saying I understand that so my question is from October the 12th a December 30th why are you doing why are you going to sit why you why are you a sinner today and why are you gonna be a sinner tomorrow and why are you going to stop being a sinner here why is this gonna be your last day no no no I know here's how I know because looking back that's why the way it's happened for me so if I go back through though last week I can't say I was perfect last week at all so learning my the future from the past I look back that's what I've done so I look for then it's pretty obvious so what's gonna here you're gonna look back to the 29 and you did sin today you're gonna look at yourself so with baseball yesterday experience I'm going to do the same today so what hope do you have for tomorrow very little so you're not going to stop trying to back the real so I'm saying the real leads you've only got two months to go and you've got no mechanism to get from here to here have you to go from a sinner to a saint what's the mechanism that you've got to do that because our brethren are teaching that you don't have the ability to do it is now isn't that the whole argument you don't have the ability to do it so what do you need because what what happens here at midnight the latter rain here's the latter rain has to kick in and the latter rain is going to come and do what it's going to wash you clean yeah because that's what rain does it cleans you so this theology is rampant in our movement agree with that yeah let me tell you why it's rampant they find a Bible verse second Peter since this is but this is a nice verse it's two to two to four twos second Peter so you tell me what chapter and verse to 22 this is why this is rampant in our movement before we read the verse what is a dog it's a Gentile it's an evil worker it's the concision the mutilators this one here we have to do we have to be careful with this well need to go back and tidy that one up as well it's a sorcerer they do the wrong thing so poisoner it's a whoremonger and they love to lie but it has happened unto them according to the true proverb the dog is turned to his own vomit again and the sow that was washed were wallowing in the mire so we know a dog is the same situation or the same condition as a wat where's our sow sow pigs and dogs are exactly the same yeah no difference between the two so there's no hierarchy between how bad a pig is and how bad our dog is because they're the same it what technique is are using here repeat and enlarge so a dog and a pig of the same thing so Maya is the same as vomit okay so beasts this dog when it says to turn I don't think it's in the Greek the word turns but let's let's take it in the English what does it mean to turn what word do we use when we talk about turning sorry repent repent Riemann's what it means do again or go back like going backwards and pen means to think so repent means what rethink have another thought not just have another thought but it actually means you need to go back and think like you used to think can we see that repaint means go back and think like you used to think so the point is you have to go back to it you have to decide what your reference point is so when the Bible says repent go back and think like you used to what is be used to what's that reference point here you are oh I rubbed it out here you are bad okay so here is time at the end and now it says I put repent here just based upon that man I'm not trying to do any sequence so when you say repent here it says go back and think like you used to how do you use to think on this line bad so it doesn't mean go think like don't go back and think like you used it because you're in this present situation so what is the use do in this context it's right before I give you you would say before you scene but someone says we were born sinners so I'm not arguing that point so what would be the reference point if you're currently doing all of this sin and it says repent means go back and think like you used to it has to be priests in pretty bad yes when when was when he's the pre bad position of situation where would you have to go back to or you have to go back to Adam the Garden of Eden okay so when so what condition was Adam in sorry I put God good sorry he was good yeah so let's make this a bit more potent I've put good this is Adam yes do we agree with that can you agree with the logic if repent means go and think like you used to think it's not talking about this because he's how you currently think you have to go back to how you used thing which is Adam what what because we've got it right here Kerr update your sinful nature all of this what nature was Adam in just take a wild guess okay wherever you even if you don't know what it means because we're not defining what it means we're that's where we're headed to you will agree his sinless yeah so he's got sinless and we spoke so I can't remember what passage it is the three things that we need to consider the I think you said like that the change of of man's nature yeah what passage was that I can't remember so there's a change of nature so the nature was sinless and then he changed to say Shh I'm sinless too sinful that sounded Christian teaching that's not anything radical so if it says repent and the last thing you're doing or the current thing you're doing is being bad so you need to go back and think like you used to think and if we were born sinners from the very beginning of our birth and I'm not saying we were all we were but if we take that premise that we've always been bad and your dad was always bad and your granddad was always bad you've got to go back and start thinking like someone the only place you can get back to his Adam so when you repent you gain from this way to this way and it says repent and what we say pink means pink where do we think so I'm just got to say in the mind in our brain yeah so thinking is to do with mind so when you're repenting it says go back and think like you used to think or go back and have the mind that you used to have and see that what mine did Adam had when he was created the mind of Christ let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus so when you're thinking again your mind that you're supposed to be happy now is the mind of Adam this one here this Adam here because he's your dad he's your father if we want to save the second Adam the first Adam I don't know if it is any different because if we're going to you if we're going to do line upon line or proof text in Adam and Adam at the same thing so the first adamant at loss Adam is the same so now for animega even yes but because there Adam they're the same person that's what I'm saying they're the same person they may behave differently at the end have a different outcome for sure but they're the same person because that's why he took on that name because Christ has got many different names hasn't he and these names indicate his job function in that particular story so if he says if he says I'm the second Adam what is Christ heading you Christ is telling you I'm in the Garden of Eden and my wife is there tempting me to do all of these things and I'm going to say what to her no yeah it is written yeah so he's gonna react what Adam did that's why he's calling himself Adam so either when we couldn't the first a second Adam is still the same thing so he wants you to think again and have the mind of Adam what minded Adam have this one or this one so when you repent the objective of repentance not only the objective the consequence of repentance is what sinlessness in which body in this body yeah this body that's been corrupted over 6,000 years of sin if you agree with what I've just written here and you stand in opposition to the majority of Adventism because adventism does not believe that and I suspect most of us don't believe it either we certainly don't believe it if we think we can run today because we did yesterday and we're going to do the same thing tomorrow and if we run December 30th you've got no hope for 231st justice no hope if that's it this is the model not this model if you have a trap the Adventist model that repentance is something different because we think repentance isn't this robber Jonathan this this spans and falls on the definition of repent so if repent is such an important thing you need to make sure you but you're able to place repentance in the correct place because if you put it in the wrong place you're doomed would you agree with that it's so important yeah okay that's like saying the cross is on every way mark if I say we're on the reformed line where is the cross someone's going to say here here or here I'm saying we don't have a reformed line if we're going to say that so we can say conversion happens every day but if I were to say to you I'm going to say where'd you put the cross and you can say you can put it everywhere it depends then up the response is the cross doesn't go everywhere on a reformed line does it yeah I can only get to one place to bear your cross every Mandy you are crucified any with the Lord so the crisis daily with you according to what the problem is yes but we but we also need to understand an experience of a Christian as a reformed line and the reformed line doesn't repeat Islam doesn't keep on coming down and doing something every single day the time of the end doesn't repeat on every way mark it still has to have a sequence so we could say that we're required to die daily and Paul says that which is this converting spirits that we're supposed to have every day but if you give me some time oh I want I want to factor that in as we as we just develop this thought a bit more so I agree with you but I don't know that that argument people and not saying you're doing it but people abuse that truth that truth people abused by saying I die daily but I want to try and I want I wanted to try to understand what that means but be yeah also same thinner we're told that we should never forget in our past so like the Hebrew mind they're going into the future they're rolling into the future they're going with our back in the future constantly not the past remembering where they're at and how they will retrieve or they were arrested by the Lord that they never repeat that history okay so if we're never going to repeat the history if we're never going to repeat the history that's the point I'm making because you're here at the time at the end and as you're going forward you're doing what looking back so I'm using that same technique that you're suggesting that you're supposed to go back and look here and once you do that you now have the mind of Adam yes and if you remain in that position yeah you don't have a conversion experience every day because conversion is a one-off thing because conversion means you change from one thing to another thing so when when it says that we need to die daily or have a daily conversion experience we need to understand what what that is per train and what that is meaning because this very thing here is is mitigating against that that that truth was wandering we don't have a timer the end every day there's a but we need to factor that in a sinner is a transgressor can we see that from this definition if we see it's repeating in large if you we haven't taken the time to read the verse carefully all I want to say at this moment is I've raised through this thing in about I don't know 20 minutes maybe we've maybe I've gone too fast because maybe you don't really see the implications of what this means most Adventists have got a broken model of of salvation I pray that we've got a broken model of salvation we know we all know that most people who watch these studies are what we call conserved bad ventus yeah the pharisees and we just totally reject the sadducees ocean of the gospel because they just got it all wrong you know that's that's our claim to fame we're adventist we read and study the spirit of prophecy so we know that they've got all of these things wrong but I want to suggest all of this is nothing more than a reformed line and if we're saying so I want to say this if we're saying we're all sinners we don't even understand our own reformed line if we if that's what we believe and I want to try to explain why I think we've always placed it at midnight for the priests yep because that's what they made you teach no more see that midnight we've got it here it starred that's what we just did December 30th you've got 24 hours and Counting to sort it all out because tomorrow they're not going to be any sin so we can apply those verses that are the same just logically it's it's it's a crazy proposition because what's you're teaching is no I'm not trying to teach the progressiveness of sanctification know the progressiveness of sanctification is not the complete story okay people think our message is too intellectual okay so let me let me put here progressive what I don't want to do is I don't want to fire fight it each thought that you have because I'll end up chasing myself around but it's to do.we grammar it's all to do with grammar because every because what I've noticed if you give someone the outline they shut down and they don't listen afterwards but give you the answer you won't listen to the explanation and giving the answer to somebody never helps them because they don't realize their utter lost condition in the way they think because but you ask any Adventist you say okay I want to come to your house and teach this Messi to say no no just tell me the answer just tell me the conclusion and if you do that you'll fall into the trap and you'll never help them you'll never help yourself or someone else if you just cut to the chase and say you'll tell us the conclusion of the matter Paul never does that he always builds up his case because not only did we do what the answer we want to know how we get the answer because it's the journey that's important it's not the place that we get to and and okay let me ask you this question why does everybody want to go to heaven for but look who you're sitting next to I mean turn around and look to your right look at the brother you're sitting next to and you think there's not gonna be any Sydney why isn't it gonna be any Sydney you think he's gonna he's gonna change and he's not looking at himself he's looking at the next person we would look at someone else thinking look at me any Sydney why isn't it going to be any scene in heaven we can't even function properly in this room right who tempted the tempter Lucifer's in heaven who's tempting him to sin no one Bible says you're tempted by your own lust we're now on autopilot if Satan died tomorrow do you think synthesis problem would stop away when Adam and Eve sinned who caused them to sin was it the tempter how do you know it's not the tempted that made them seen just go back to the story you can't read it in the Bible you have to go to spirit prophecy what have they already been instructed not to separate and Lucifer Satan where his name you're going to call him then didn't go to them and say by the way you need to separate they did that rebellion all on their own we don't need we don't need the temperature to sin we bring him into our equation because Ellen White's going to give you a couple of statements and say those can be nice there's no temptation all that kind of stuff but because there's a sequence of events that are going to sort out that problem and Jesus Godhead are gonna ensure that everybody who's got into heaven has already sorted out the mess here on earth because if the messages are sorted out here they're not about to bring you into heaven so it's just a closure look at that that's what that's that's fine so what's going to stop you creating nuisance Evan what's going to stop you doing that no but what stops it boo you're not answering my question if you're going to bring the scapegoat into it I'm asking you what stops it appearing the second time a rising why will sin not arise a second time what's the mechanism that prevents that right what stops self from rising again I die daily what stops it not resurrecting again does they have the ability to resurrect again okay so you're put you predicated that sentence with it is what about if I choose not to when I get to heaven the Satan's gone no in heaven when I get to have it that's right ten thousand years after Satan dies I choose to sin can I do that no but what stops me that's why what I want to say it's a mysterious thing what will stop me from sinning in the game mystery of godliness just like the mystery of so let me ask you a question now then why do you sin today is that a mystery okay I don't want to make it personal to you but people here have said that they sinned so my question is why do we sin today because you're suggesting it's the mystery of iniquity so that means you don't know why you sin and if we don't know why we've seen we don't even have an intellectual basis to sort the problem out okay so now you're saying the reason you seem today is because you choose not to put your will on his side so it's a choice so you take that model and bring into heaven no no that model I said the model that you have choice so you in heaven and for 10,000 years you've been putting your will and in agreement with the will of Christ but you wake up one day you say I don't want to do that anymore and my question is why my answer so you've got work out your own answer my answer is God's only gonna has let the people get into heaven that he like brother Clayton said he looks back and he says five hundred times five thousand times here on earth I checked them every day and they didn't do it based upon the past based upon these Hebrew thinking now I'll trust them for the future because he has no idea of does he when God says to Satan test job how does he know what job is gonna do how does he know Joe's not gonna flunk the test and fail okay so now we're saying he's going to use his miraculous powers and it's not even an argument then if if he knew that Satan would have said there's no point in doing it because you already know the future you can read the future that's not the reason the reason is not because uses his ability to read the future because then you don't even have any argument God chooses not to operate like that because if you chose to operate like that Christ would never have to come down there wouldn't have been any fearful risks of it of him coming down to earth so human being if you already read the future he doesn't operate like that what God knew about job that he wouldn't fail the test is based upon his past behavior not based upon his future predictive behavior I don't think we do bother Clayton did it because I would if I had that ability I'm suggesting the reason why God can say there's not gonna be any sin in heaven is not because he's predicting it he's saying it because the only people they're allowed to get there who are people who have got a pedigree or a reputation for not sinning here on earth and when does that happen in our reformed line people teach it happens here at midnight okay so what just happened is you've agreed with what I'm saying has to happen before that but as we went through the sequence the logic of it you disagreeing with that not not just you other people so that they will know that I don't want to make this between you and me okay so let me ask that is that it as I've everybody understood about repentance repentance happens pre 911 if we're okay with that I've spoken about that before because we're going to make 911 baptism need to repent before you're baptized will give a spirit prophecy quote to demonstrate that but the point I want you to make is when it says repent it means go back to the original way you think yeah I've seen your hand the reason why we picked that up is because we're reading second Peter 2 to 2 and it says what they've turned back so if they repented have these dogs repainted yes can we see that okay so what I wanted to see is these dogs that have repented actually and explained this is a problem about this thing because I put the concision here you remember I did that as I said we need as I warned you before we need to factor that in okay so let's think about this what was the dog doing before no before he was before he was eating his vomit so there's vomit here and then what's he doing not vomit and now what's he gonna do go back so here's the repentance here can we see that so repent means to go back and think like you used to think but is in the current place of no vomit so when's he gonna what's he going to go back to you going back to here hopefully we can see that he's going back to the vomit yeah so is that good it's a biblical one I'm not sure we would you mean by good I like it it's good for me I think that it's good for me if you say he's turned to his own vomit that means he's going back to what he used to be doing which means if he's going back to what used to be doing he can't be doing it now yes right okay yeah that's better one in the sow that was washed he's the sow was in the mire yeah but then it yeah that's the now he's been cleaned so we'll go with the cleaned one say he's been cleaned yes the dog has been washed clean do we agree with that so if you're wash clean that what does that mean in the terms of salvation you were saved yes these people saved Romans 3 9 no they're under sin so this concision or this dog is it this Adventist or this Adventist is this one can we see that so I'm going to move this from here to here but you have to be careful with this I'm telling you now you have to be careful so keep that in your mind cuz I'm not explaining that at the moment so you have to be careful about this dog that's gone back so I want it we need to just back to some other things in it but all I want to show us is this that you're here which you are and you are washed yes but now you're going to go back to your vomit ok vomit is something that you have is food that you've eaten yeah so I want to do systole simply hopefully won't be complicated so this was food what is food a symbol of doctrine e are we ok at just that level yeah oil water wine food it's all doctrine ok so what are these people here these people here going back to which doctrine not the old paths it's either going back to this these people are going back to their vomit because the vomit by definition isn't anything that's good they're going back to the old doctrine we can see that ok so when we think about the nature of man and sin what's the adventist position on sin when you put sin away right here when Jesus comes we'll do it that at the Sunday law when the latter rain comes that standard Advent is teaching what was the purpose of this reform line based upon that thought so Mike asking what was the purpose of reform I don't jump to any other don't jump to a need strange thought follow that line of thinking Adventist doctrine teaches that you get sorted out here at the latter rain what was the purpose of the reform line to teach you that it's earlier just at that simple level to teach you that it's earlier but what's happening to our movement we have a bunch of dogs who have come in and they're doing what they're going back to standard Adventist teaching which is what you've sinned until Jesus comes so if you want to understand what the Omega is about it's about people who are going back to standard Adventist teaching which is this you're a sinner until December 31st and it'll all get sorted out the next day this is standard Adventist teaching and the dogs in our movement have gone back to that teaching it's already here yeah does that make sense and we should know better if we understand I'm not saying if you understand the reformed line I'm not trying to I'm not trying to accuse people that unless I'm saying if we understood the purpose at least of the reformed line what we should do is realize that the purpose of the reformed line is to say we don't go back to these doctrines which your erroneous and this reformed line says it's the restoration of the image of God and it doesn't happen here sister to Mina yes so this is a negative one it's a positive one but it's the principle the principle of this is why I wanted to understand what repentance means because we would say repentance means go back and stop doing sin and repentance doesn't mean that repentance means go back and think like you originally thought it's just a standalone grammatical definition yet yes don't you go to Strong's or gummy to failures or go into no Webster's dictionary if you piece it together you'll see you'll see it you can go into a Wikipedia and probably even do it for you sorry Google if you go to Google to repent is how you I think it I think it's Latin it's not great wonder - I'm not all out so all I want us to see is that people are going back and if you're in this condition in this situation you're going back so I want to add one one caveat to this thing is it calls them dogs yeah so I want to say this once a dog always the dog once a dog always a dog so let's go to Matthew 13 because we want to stop talking about dogs for a bit we'll go to verse 47 we're going to switch from dogs to fish bit more benign verse 47 again the kingdom of heaven okay so before we go any further I shouldn't do this the kingdom of heaven what is this kingdom of heaven righteous peace and joy kingdom of heaven where is the kingdom of heaven in hurt in heaven keep your finger there we're not even going to go to the passage Matthew 25 verse 1 okay maybe we should move it to the right before go to Matthew 25 keep your fingers in Matthew 13 then say again doesn't say again then means it means again then can mean two different things what does then mean if you're in English then means after cause-and-effect sequential but what else does then mean at the same time or a different way of looking at the same problem then can be used two different ways when you read verse one you've got to work out what what the den is in this context does it mean afterwards or does it mean just look at the same thing in a different way which what does it mean in this but in this context the latter it means let's look at it in the same way so what we're going to look at in the same way Matthew 24 yeah we're looking at Matthew 24 Matthew 24 is basically divided into two sections what the two sections don't read the verses don't read the chapter or look if you don't know you don't know cuz you wouldn't see if you unless you have come across it before okay Matthew 24 so the first section is the disciples and what's the second one that's right okay so we'll put the time at the end and the local teachers at the time at the end is both the point and a period of time time of the end begins in 1798 Brits also the whole period after 1798 do you agree with that so in Daniel 12:1 when it says at that time what time is that the time at the end at that time down you're 12 1 because the only time you're going to go back to his verse 40 the time at the end so we've got the disciples and the time at the end so the time again you've got two options what are the two options you've got the time at the end 1798 1989 so you can apply it both ways you get the same answer so the way this is structured is it's 1798 yeah yes yes the whole thing is complicated but gee I'm just giving a sort of a brief overview so we can get some 25 so we can go back to 13 so it's in two sections but there's three really there's a third one in here what's the third one you'd only know this if you'd read desire of Ages 69 chapter 69 she gives you the clue you go from the disciples when the disciples finished history 8070 yeah maybe ad a hundred if you're going to take it to John so after Ephesus what happens what's the next step Smyrna and what happens in Smyrna persecution the beginning of persecution so when they persecute you what you end up doing no you do what you compromise you start poking missing and then what happens after you afterwards which is or the fragrance of affliction so Ephesus is this then you're going to get persecuted then you say enough of the persecution we'll compromise then you're going to get more persecution who persecute you the first time Satan does because you're doing good Cooper Cooper institutions the second time God does because you're doing bad whether you're good or bad you're going to be persecuted doesn't make any difference so what what this place is here it says Jesus jumps through the persecution specifically he's talking about the 1260 he says he skips to that because they can't handle at that pressure he doesn't want to upset them and make them sad Paul does the same he doesn't even really talked out in nice language so you've got three sections destroyed post 1260 time at the end but if she skips over there's Christ grips over that but we shouldn't and what you can do is really simply you just cut these three histories off and make them all repeating enlarging enlargements so you've got to do something about the disciples you can get some truths about the 12:16 you get this truth about the time in the end so here we are at the time at the end and this is miller right history 1798 - when you have to be able to see that Matthew 24 ends in 1844 doesn't end at the second advent ends in 1844 this is Daniel war no I Daniel 8 Daniel 7 then you said we Matthew 24 Matthew 24 Daniel 7 and we're not familiar with Matthew 24:7 14 verse 30 24 30 that's where the chapter ends the rest of it is just additional information Matthew 24 30 the story finishes okay so seven thirteen so we can does that make sense the cloud okay where do we normally take you we don't take it to seven thirteen where would we take it so um the cloud is Daniel 7:13 but where we normally take it not from the book of Daniel revelation not ten-second Advan where you see the second Advent so verse one seven read that can we are we all there now one seven that but no but that's that's 1844 no we're in Matthew 24 verse 30 yes it is but that is 1844 just a different application although all I wanted to see is that we can get this and we can make it Miller write history or our own history we can make that 1989 that was 1989 then you'd go to revelation 1 if you make it 1798 you go to Daniel 7 does that make sense I don't think it's new to most of us most of a civil understood that so when it says then where is the bend here yes this is the den then is the kingdom of heaven looking like this Miller right history looks like what ten virgins our history looks like ten virgins the parable of Adventism the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end but not only that if we did this if we made this 1798 and we made this revelation 1:7 would that be correct would that be a correct application 1798 to Revelation 1:7 would that be correct could you do that we agree with that so you can approach this either purely Miller right history purely our history or from 1798 into our history does that make sense yeah so the power blow the ten virgins can be applied how many ways just based upon that logic three ways yes if you can do that let me show you a standard you all know this this is early writings 55 because it's really right 65 the whole church knows this is nothing new yeah all right so this is what a reformed lie would do for you this is what a reformed line would do for you so we're here from 1798 to 18 to the end of the world and we're going to go to fifty five point one so fifty five point one she's going to take you to 1844 in 1844 here yeah we're in 1844 and we're just thinking about the third application for the parable of the ten virgins where do we normally place a probably the ten virgins when the terian time is winds at arian time April 19th yes April 19th 1844 tarrying time Terry time for us 9/11 but what's the tarrying time for adventism she's gonna tell us now does everyone stand the question because gonna have three applications for the probably different probably ten versions three applications oh can we can we do we see the logic wide it's three yeah because it's 1798 to Revelation 1:7 which goes from the beginning of Advent until the very end so reform like to teach you this and this is why I'm saying the dogs have gone back to the vomit because we no longer teach this in Adventism and it's not complicated to see I saw the father rise from the throne and in the flaming chariot going to the Holy of Holies within the veil then sit down this is 1844 we okay with that wicked is that is they context correct then Jesus rose up from the throne and most of those who are bowed down arose with him I did not see one ray of light pass from Jesus to the careless multitude after you rose and they were left in perfect darkness goes who arose with when Jesus did who is the people who are rising with Jesus ray yeah so could I say higher medicine would people understand it if I said that yeah so it's talking about people here on earth they arise with Jesus kept the rice fixed on him as he left the throne and let them out a little way okay so he's going to lead them out a little way and then he's going to raise his right arm and we heard his voice so now he's gonna speak to us where in 1844 his Goods been listen to what he says right here what does that mean so the carrying times begun when so tarry in time begins in 1844 can we see that then he tells you what I'm gonna what he's gonna do he's gonna tell you what's connected with that I am going to my father to receive the kingdom the marriage we're not talking about that keep your garments spotless and their little while I will return so here's the tarrying time your tarrying and what's the purpose of the Terry what you do in the power interruption so what the purpose of it is what are you doing your Terry in time keep your garments so what is it so let's do so here we are the carrying time give me all the tearing times that we've got now 444 911 and now we're just doing now we're doing this one October 44 so put that one in brackets so what should our reform line teach us that when you get to the tarrying time what have you already got you've already got your garment spot that so Wendy the spotless has happen okay so if it's spotless here yeah let's bring this back down to here no vomit so now if you're in this if you're in this period here where it's spotless yeah because you keep let me put it keep keep your garments spotless so if you're not going to keep him spotless what you're going to go to you're going to go back to your vomit you can start teaching the theology that you don't even have spotless garments here you never had that any spotless garment when you're gonna get your spotless garments here we're all the church teaches it so if you want to just do line upon line I don't know what you want to call that but she says in 1844 our church the Church of Adventism if you want to go and do it this way is on this larger line if it's that's how you will express it but the spotless garments were here which is 911 which is April the 19th which is at the beginning not the end sister Sarina yes but when we make our application we don't even have a midnight message it we're spotless without midnight in our line because we're using who's midnight at the pinna right one because that might sites all the way through brother Jonathan Paula so we do logic because I'm not sure that you said anything against what I've just said okay have a so we're now we're going to not put the carry in time at midnight yeah you start getting to a whole heap of mess when you start playing with those things I understand your logic cuz you're saying okay I don't want it I don't want to start doing this with the reformed line because I want to try and keep on track but if you didn't understand what his logic was it's this you've got April the 19th and you've got October the 22nd and what he's doing he's he's not marking Terry in time what's he marking what wounded you okay Jonathan's picking up COP and I'm not picking up COP I'm picking up Terry in time okay Terry and time is 9:11 and this is midnight okay so if you want to do this technique which is now coming up in our movement of what I've mentioned it's the number of times you get these things and you drop them which is what you make of people do and not just the make of people now it's other people are doing this as well they want to take everything and just drop it down if it happened here you just drop it down so you're going to take CEO P and bring it down here which is okay but now you're going to bring this experience down with it so now you're going to say spotless you gonna ask yourself the question what is attached to War the spotless is attached at arian time or is a spotless attached to the close of probation that's that's what your that's what his argument is and I'm saying the spotless is attached to the terian time which is here okay so this is waiting it makes a huge difference which one you're gonna go for because everybody agrees your spot is there but the argument is that you spot this here and your question is how do you know so now you can do a different way you can either start manipulating I don't mean in the bad way means you start juggling symbols and getting you because you can make October 22nd 19 there is nice logic you can do that you either do that but then we get into a technical argument but I've not approached it that way I'm approaching it from all of this other perspective to ask you if you're a transgressor here what stops you transgressing here and I'm saying just philosophically it does not make sense and this is just another argument to show that it doesn't make sense because people have gone back to the vomit to say that you're going to sort out the problem here and you can't sort it out today or tomorrow or yesterday or the next day but you can you can make October 22nd 9/11 but that was that's what his argument was so I would ask the squad question for us to think about sinners are we all sinners okay so are we all sinners yes okay so let's go to Psalms chapter one Psalms chapter one okay so throughout this we're going to pick up we're going to see repeating in large verse one unless it is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful so you've got other hand repeat enlargements there so how many many of you got how many groups have you got two groups one of the groups is called what so one is called lesser than the other one is called okay your con your God to the first one sinners okay so if these two groups one's a blessed and one's a sinner we can see that okay give me the other names for sinners ungodly and we haven't got sinners scornful right for which word wicked okay so now you tell me put your hand up if you're a sinner I'll give you before I do that let me put this then we intere true prophet false prophet and the foot and the Prophet is a messenger somebody's got a message so you've got a true message or a false message now put your hand up if you're a sinner so suddenly we've already converging the experience peg name okay so let me ask you a question sorry I don't mean to be facetious sooner okay what is correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not an expert on grammar what is sin no no is it a noun or a verb sin okay so it could be both yeah so I'm gonna say sin I'll call it a noun yeah because it names something and here you are oh let me ask you let me ask you just let me do this other box here a verb how many different types of verbs can you get I'd say because I don't know the more I say lots lots of different types of verbs give me two give me the two that I want sorry I'm gonna make it simple I'm gonna make it because if we do that I'm saying there's lots of transitive of good under they don't have to get Google at the first one I would just think he's doing yeah this is the one that we're all familiar with doing yeah the other one is being does everybody ant if like if I could just do verbs that simply yeah they're doing verbs and being verbs yeah so when we talk about sinners and you'll put your hand up do your sinners what verb were you identifying sinners to be being and Psalms chapter one is teaching you what a sinner is what kind of a verb a doing verb and he makes a huge difference so if I ask you what is sin sin is a no-no the transgression of the law Cyndi's they should doing verb you're gonna make it Bobby so doing verb not a being verb and this is one of the vomits that of Adventism are in that they think being a sinner is a state of being and this is a problem that you have because if it's a state of being so what is a being it's a person or something so I want to say being is nature it's what you are yeah okay no I'm not going to do that because I've run out of time so I'll explain that in a little bit a little bit better let me back out of that let me just say this if you're in this mess here and it's October the 12th and you're a sinner you're a sinner yesterday you're a sinner today therefore you're going to be as soon as tomorrow how can you confidently say that because you know being a sinner is a state of being unless now where God and you can tell me what you're going to be doing tomorrow because you don't if you don't know what you get unless you can predict the future and none of us can so if it was a doing verb you wouldn't know if you're going to be a sinner tomorrow so if you said that you sinner yesterday do you don't need to be God to do that you're a sinner today you don't have you got to that because you did it this morning but you're going to be a sinner tomorrow but then you know that you believe that being a sinner or sin is at this level it's a being you don't believe that sin or being a sinner is a and if you're in that situation then this being I'm being a sinner all the way here and I'm gonna be a sinner here state of being what has to change here you have to transition from a state of being a sinner to a state of being a blessed so you have to have a change of being and can an Ethiopian change his skin can you do that do Ethiopians have that ability leopards have the ability so what do you need to do need to have a skin grant graft someone outside has to do some surgery on you who's the great surgeon Christ is so now Christ has to take you under on the 30th you've got 12 hours to do it you could go into a theater and you've got to change your skin for you because you can't do it yourself this is the vomit that has entered into our movement this is a vomit or the doctrine of Adventism and our reform line was designed to teach us otherwise let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your watch care over us lord as we begin to unravel the reform line that you have placed before us help us to use all the faculties of our being both intellectual spiritual and even the lower passions lord help us to love to open your word to delve into it and when we are confronted with things that we don't like to see help us to have enmity against the seed of Satan that we might love your seed we asked and pray in the name of Jesus army