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gracious father we would like to come before you we would like to begin doing our Vespers and our prayer meeting we would like to ask that throughout this time but you please help us to have an attentive mind and to be able to focus on the things that you would like to teach us and we would like to thank you for this week so far and thank you for bringing us here safely where we ask that you just bless us in accordance with their will and it just doesn't and we pray amen Heavenly Father we come before you at the end of this day to thank you for the fact that you have brought us safely here that no problems we encountered during our work we thank you for the privilege to live in these momentous times thank you for this moments of prayer and fellowship we ask that the presence of your Holy Spirit may be with us making each mind may God brother Parminder as he leads out may you drive out Satan and his angels and every distraction from our minds may be we be focused to gain a richer experience in you thank you for everything in Jesus name Amen when early writings page 241 the Advent movement Illustrated you should have notes for this it may not be notes there any longer I'm afraid but we just reading straight out of the chapter begins page two four zero and then movement Illustrated we've been looking at this for a number of weeks just willing to read the first three sentences of the first paragraph so a number of companies that seem to be bound together by cords many in these companies were in total darkness Their Eyes Were a directed downward to the earth and they seemed to be no connection between them and Jesus but scattered through these different companies were persons whose countenances look light and whose eyes were raised to heaven I'll just read a bit further that's I want is just to come back and comment on those three beams of light from Jesus like rays from the Sun were imparted to them an angel bade me look carefully and I saw an angel watching over every one of those who had a ray of light while evil angels surrounded those who are in darkness I heard the voice of an angel cry fear God give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come as we've gone through our prayer meetings and hopefully I haven't directed us too much but we've all come to a common understanding of what these paragraphs are saying it seems to me that we'd all come to a consensus on those first three sentences but I've had some feedback from a brother and he's either I don't make it sound too strong but he's objecting to the conclusion that I we came to for the first three sentences so I just want you to read the three sentences carefully our graph 1 2 4 0 paragraph 1 verse 3 sentences and then read the next two basically yeah it'll take you to the end of the paragraph so I think there are five sentences here if I counted correctly so while I'm just waiting for people to finish up I was just really out allowed to gain for the camera I saw a number of companies that seem to be bound together by cords many of these companies were in total darkness their eyes were directed downward to the earth there seems to be no connection between them and Jesus but scattered through these different companies were persons whose countenance his look light and whose eyes were raised to heaven beams of light from Jesus like rays from the Sun were imparted to them an angel baby looked carefully but I saw an angel watching over every one of those who had a ray of light while evil angels surrounded those who were in darkness heard the voice of an angel cry fear God give pray to him for the hour of his judgment has come now interestingly this brother who's objecting to this I went through this study in the group setting and he was there 18 months ago and he didn't object then it's watching the prayer meetings now he may not even remember that we went through the study and he's listened to the things and he's disagreeing with the conclusion so I want to I want you to tell me what what this first paragraph is saying how we read most of us have already been a pre-meeting so you know what my thoughts are to figure out what he might be objecting yeah so I just want I want us to just refresh our minds or reread to say how would you understand this first paragraph without me saying remember we did this yeah well I I don't know what he's objecting to but the only thing that I could see that somebody might read differently is that the number of companies that were bound together by cords doesn't mean all the companies were bound together by one cord there could be different companies in each ones bound together by cords but that's the only thing I can do differently than what we had said originally okay agreed maybe the companies are just denominations maybe they're family units he's up he's not worried about any of those companies it wasn't that point but okay so that would be something I think people could object it no that's the only thing I can think about what the companies would be but I would argue that we can define the companies as being churches because when you read down further on remember what they said there were leaders or ministers right under various coming so I think you can hang so huge company could be very gathered by cords so each company is bound in it together OHP and now we're picking these companies bound together but it may be the whole all the company is not bound together yeah we could argue about it's the only thing that I can see but bound together we could say and all of them are found together and I can find B cord or what yeah that wasn't the point that that's the imagery that we had so there's something else where did we begin this passage well we had it with the proclamation of the first angel so that would be another place where he's placing because I can't remember exactly where we placed it because we have different so how would so obviously the last sentence I heard the voice from angel quite there go give direct into the our judgment leads come around 21 1798 okay so you could stop sentence first sentence in 1798 yeah well oh you mean like the I saw a number of companies that seem bound together by cords yeah is the whole paragraph I wouldn't put them all at that point cuz it's just talking about that moment here's the situation and in the first angels message comes to that group to those people at that in that time period Felisa yeah because you have the darkness go going through from the time of the end still there's darkness does he objecting to that okay he's saying the first three sentences begin here at the time at the end and in our prayer meetings we said that the very sentence was the experience pre time at the end that these people are in darkness there are some people who have light and then the first angels message comes why would that be a major point oh I'm not saying to make a point I just like everyone to be on the same page I really if we can get twenty people of their own volition without being roped into it to agree it seems to me that we can have confidence that we're coming to the right conclusion but I'm not seeing some major deal but I just wanted to want us to tidy that loose end up it's clear that they had their countenance is mighty been looking up to Jesus before this beams game so we can say this before so you have a great trip I mean have you okay you had so that's a lot remember how we do okay so that's the logic that I use that we'd split this paragraph into 2 feet 2 into half three sentences two sentences means with light from Jesus and if you remember we did light and then what voice to remember that there's a light in the voice and the reason that that becomes important is because later on you see a voice and the light just to help us to guide us that we that we're on the right channel so women so we marked beams of light this light is this message there's a connection between the right and the voice then the first angels message comes down so the first angel comes down so it's those first three sentences before I place them pre 1798 so just want to make sure that everybody still agrees with that they can see it and the reason the reason that people might struggle on that is because there are people who have light and the reason why I guess brother Theodore was saying is it that big a deal and the reason that I'm I introduced it as I guess a big deal is because if you're in this company and you'll bound together and most of you are in darkness and one of you is in light it's only the person in the light here that's going to receive this light that gets shed from heaven so if it means that if you're in darkness here you don't even have an opportunity to receive the first time whose message that's the point that I will I read in here but if this all begins here then it's not quite the same by the theater there has to be people with light during the period of darkness I mean we know that there is and there's people looking for light so you couldn't say that all of a sudden at the time of the end it's the first time that anybody's looking for light or that they have light but I still think that the time in which it's talking about is after a moment of the time at the end there has to be people in that condition before the first angels message is given so it can't be after the first angels message is given however you look at it it has to be a precondition before the message is given and then the implications of that is only this person here is going to receive the first angel and and that's what kind of trips people up or they find it difficult to accept I'm assuming people go to Miller and to say you know Miller was 16 here a day you didn't believe it may have been even underneath you as an atheist but at least the day is here by the time he gets to this history and you know what possible like this man has because he seems to get his life later on that's the argument that people use but you have other stories which will we'll talk about you know there are the examples that people are searching free time at the end deist if you look at Miller's early life he is still searching for truth that's one of the reasons why with his belief system part of that is his journey he doesn't have light yet that's my argument this this man is a righteous man fact right that's it's it's a boy it's about what that person is going to be not about what his belief system is at that moment because that's what this illustration is all about that person goes all the way to the other it's not there's no darkness you know receiving light it's the people who that have the light who received the light and that's the way I read this and he's that great he answered a portion of my question wait another question of my question way so what would your question oh that if people who that there have their in light during the time of darkness those that you portrayed that way if those are people who are like are they living up to the light that they have you know even though it's a time of darkness there is no feel like that they have sincerity and he basically answered that let's think of some people some stories if you can work in your ember your second question okay so hold it your second question yes right even Paul often you know he was everything that he was good I'm guessing I don't know exactly but he may not even be born then oh he may not have been born that early if he was he was a very young babe he may have been a little bit older a little bit younger than Jesus listen to me no the Magi so if we just go with the Magi someone else Simeon and Anna so someone else someone else okay so I guess look that that would be now forgotten Zechariah and Elizabeth if you're gonna do it is that crying Elizabeth I guess we'd put Joseph and Mary so there's quite a lot of people before the time at the end actually maybe you've got some other names Noah ran out of space there there's lots of people Daniel Daniel Shadrach Meshach Abednego I've put those three I'm not sure if they're around that light name then I don't know but I'll well I'll put them in parentheses because we don't know anything about them it's what above the Roman pot yeah yep Josh and Josh weather son unknown Joshua and there's a whole bunch other lesser characters but no activity so I'm just gonna put captivity here because there's a lot of people Moses's mother Jacque Abed okay so there's just so many people that would the more you think about it so I think the sister this is Eddie you saw opens our Bible up so I think it's a well-established truth that there are these searches for truth searches for like here and if you just take Moses his mother is an example her parents they don't talks about the mother mainly she's the one that's going to receive this light you know primarily you could even put Pharaoh's daughter there I guess I don't if you'd be happy to do that Pharaoh's daughter would be here someone a seeker for truth and then sorry the oldest of Israel it just it just goes on and on in the extroyer there's lots of people in each story so it could be it might not even me if we're happy with the Magi then it opens up a Pharaoh's daughter even her father Moses his I guess you'd call him his most his grandfather not technically but he's opened the the the palace to this stranger and you get I think you get the idea that he what he actually knows he's a Jew I don't think it's that hard to that I don't you can keep it a secret because the facial features they're no he's a semi but he lets so many things solve ride because rotors gonna become the favorite of the court so there are lots of people so hopefully that's okay my brother to him okay so let's quiz through this if we're okay with that the arrival of the first angel then paragraph two the empowerment of the first angel someone read that paragraph paragraph to some of those who were in darkness received the light and rejoiced others resisted the light from heaven saying that it was sent to lead them astray the light passed away from them and they were left in darkness those who had received the light from Jesus choice joyfully cherished the increase of precious light which was shed upon them their faces beamed with holy joy while their gaze was directed upward to Jesus with intense interest and their voices were heard in harmony with the voice of the angel fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come as they raised this cry I saw those who are in darkness thrusting them which side and with shoulder then many mature SH the sacred light broke the cords which can find them and stood out separate separated from those companies were stopped they just gonna back up two sentences if you picked up the sentence as they raised the cry yeah if let me go run back weak says their God give glory to him for the Army's judgment has come from that point to the beginning of the paragraph the glorious light rested down upon these companies and then he go takes you the first angels message again just those few sentences what things have we learned from that that may be new to us a different way of thinking about things what key points did we pick up okay so that's an important point that we picked up here only those in the light we see the first angels message but here too dynamic is different everyone has now got access to this light I'm leaving like that also I'm going to put all so that's an important point that we picked up everybody has an opportunity now what else did we pick up I'll say if if they if they rejected the light that was sent to them then they went right back into darkness okay so if they reject the might they they're left in darkness so they never got out of the darkness they'll read their being they start this all the way through they remain in darkness if they don't accept the life but they have an opportunity now one more point okay so this angel that comes here has remained all the way through and now it's the angel and the people so we picked up that we picked up that point the angel runs all the way through this history the other people join the angel and this is the period of the increase of knowledge so maybe I'll do it this way so after the first angels message then there's two sentences those two sentences as they raise this cry dota in darkness they push them and then what happens the chords are broken who breaks the chords they break the chords themselves so this is an important aspect to consider they break the chords but they are you break the chords after there's what what are we want to call it this fight between them persecution so this persecution and the courts are broken all of this is happening with that what we've called 1e or empowerment of the message first make a first angels message then there's another section same paragraph as they were doing this men belonging to the different companies and revered by them passed through some with pleasing words others with wrathful looks and threatening gestures and fast on the cords which were weakening these men were constantly saying God is with us we stand in the light we have the truth I inquired who those men were and was told that they were the ministers and the leading men he rejected the light and were unwilling that others should receive it so this gives us the idea that the companies are churches so what do we call this the work of the enemies so we've got the work of the enemies there anything else that is of significance what is the work of the enemies well they fastened the cords that are weakening so the work is to keep all those people who wanted to leave when this light shining upon them to retain them in their in those companies so they that they couldn't escape yeah the enemy's deception I'm gonna put rejection you and put deception but they're deceiving who had the handsome didn't notice it before but in this reading here it says as they were doing this men belonging to different companies and revered by them passed through and when I look at the word passed through it to me unless I'm reading more into it it suggests that they were passing judgment on them they're actually judging these other people what does it mean Nick for it to pass through because for sure you can make that application but I don't think that's what it went amazingly and the intellectual reading of it passed through with a great what do you think that means when they pass through I just sort of meant going around them there's different companies and they're passing through just talking I think it's lovely if this was a company then brother Graham would wander around all of you and say come on folks don't listen to these wicked people who are leaving us we need to remain firm and truth and the foundations of our faith we need to be kind of like going around and consolidating everyone keeping them happy keeping them in place so he's passing through the midst of you Rachel could it also be going from one company to another not just within one it could be I think it would depend upon the context that we're thinking of here because if we're thinking about Miller right history I'm not sure what influence the Baptist had with a Methodist and what no I don't know if a Baptist minister would actually have any influence with a presbyterian congregation yes yes if I think in a company could be twenty churches he'd be passing from one church to another for sure yes sir I'm with you mate yes so it's not just one local church in Little Rock this company it's a whole denomination potentially which could have many many churches right there though so as they're trying to these chords are broken and they're tightening these chords we're starting to strengthen these chords that are weakening so this would indicate to me that I mean they're not keeping in the people who have left because they actually want them to go so they're not wanting them around but what that means when those people leave it also has an influence upon the others so they have to come in and then try to you know keep the other people in that group in the country so I mean you see that same type of work now there's even while some people are being kicked out they are tightening the cords around the others that are left they don't want them to be influenced and also leave sister shaquita what are these cords the different messages so and called equals message is that what you say yeah brother John you mean part of a group that will you mean we've seen Association membership is that we are st. change that to membership is that how you see that yeah but Larry what is what these cause what is a chord yeah core is something that's gonna hold things together so I'm saying that it could be a type of relational ship okay is membership a good substitute for relationship yet membership brother but I'm thinking that it means it means they're they're common doctrines which could be false doctrine because they're in darkness so I'm saying it's fault those cords either finding them itself is of a message which is which is not a good message his message top three yeah but is that was that his definition is you saying a doctrine ease message or he's at separate thing being bound by these chords and they're in darkness I would think that it to thought the chord itself is the false doctrine that's what they're bound by they're being bound by them and those are weakening because some people are not obeying those they're not following the message anymore and they're leaving because the ones that are still there how can they reach iton accords unless they're reaffirming their their their doctrinal position okay so I'm just checking these message doctrine or that is that two separate thing I think it's two separate things because their doctrines are stuff they've been hanging on to for a while a message seems to be something that is new oh but you could have an old message I guess so I don't want to force it into something that you just like to make sounds similar adopting in the message well I let it be message /dr and whatever that does fine I prefer the word doctrine that's why I wanted to make that's why works make them the same yeah sister - Nina so what that means cord she says this is faith and the same faith clusters people together right what is it fight what what fight causes people together okay you stick to faith things aren't together you can see your face breath finish is pleasing words Watson looks and threatening gestures it's that's the code if I say brother Philip you're really nice that's the code yeah I think they they use this kind of I don't know the word in English they you know insulation flattery yeah they try to reason you know they try if they they try to win them emotionally if because they cannot win it's harder to win them intellectually the easiest way to end emotion with pleasing words okay so you don't think yeah so wearing wearing my format is a little bit different to yours and they fasten the cause which you're weakening you okay with that that bit last part of the first sentence faster and then it says these men were constantly saying we add the light we had the truth so the cords are not the light and the truth no it's the way are the placing words and the wrathful looks the tightening of the cord as opposed to the cord itself you taught in the code Pharisee al heresy to tighten the code of let's keep it dr e because he states neutral I don't wanna make them look black bag and and so membership let's do the membership one what's that the doctrines fine you know look you know our doctrines are good you know they've they've been established over a thousand years we know they're right these new people don't trust them that's the doctrine what about the membership why do you want to leave the safety so they safety if you remain in the Ark you don't want to leave the boat cause you're being in trouble so that's that membership so both of them could be this called the membership and the doctrine any other point by the emotions which here which is what pleasing words wrathful looks okay next paragraph two for one paragraph one so we're not going to read all of this I'll read it it's fully sure I saw those who cherished a light look upwards with ardent desire expecting Jesus to come and take them to himself brother George waters ardent mean the word ardent strong sister Cathy ardent okay hopeful you said strong strong hopeful desire you there yeah okay ardent if it's if it's strong don't read it out paraphrase because it's complicated fierce so fierce is strong so with strong desire ok hot burning ardent they expect passion that will go with that passionate with passionate desire they expect Jesus to come and take them to himself soon a cloud passed over them and their faces were sorrowful I quite the cause of this cloud and was shown that it was their disappointment the time when they expected their Saviour had passed Jesus and come discouraged settled upon these people so where are we now so at the first disappointment so we're at April 19th 1844 and there's a cloud and what's this cloud doing disappoints them so I I asked what did it say that game what'd you just say I asked you what that what is this cloud do know what it says mr. Endres that what he says I think it's the other way around explain a little bit more so the sir Oh beloved I would say that I'm looking up cherishing the light all the sudden the cloud comes over blocks it looking upward expecting from Jesus to come then so soon a cloud passed over them and their faces were sorrowful does it say the next dress he said that you were disagreeing this one okay so I'll greet the two cloud Wednesday soon the cloud passed both of them and their faces were sorrowful I acquired the cause of this cloud and was shown that it was their disappointment so what does that mean well I think the disappointment the cloud is the disappointment Howdy's caught by the disappointment I remember watching the kid especially Charlie Brown where this one character would constantly be in a bad mood and there would be a cloud with rain I hope this figure is in but a cloud and literally you know it did filters or blocks light and and they didn't they didn't have them they didn't understand the message correctly so there was some darkness there but it wasn't complete darkness but the cloud I think represents represents their their their lack of complete understanding of the truth and it could have been received yeah I guess you could see this as you said that the cloud is blocking the Sun the light but I can read it in a bit different way over there and you see it passes over damn it doesn't mean it stays over them just as if it would lead them in some direction in this term I might the pillar of cloud in the children of Israel says the cause of the crowd was this disappointment so I could see that that cloud could build them into the midnight cry you're saying this cloud is positive I could see it's going to lead them some way I could see both I'm sure this is the cafe you got a deal with that it's so bad Felicity's not even gonna give you the time of day III see that the first sentence issues is describing their strong passionate desire expecting to see Jesus and a cloud coming he didn't come and now there's this analogy of the cloud which is representing the disappointment so they were very you know ardent passionate but now he didn't come and now there's the opposite of the cloud we serve the cloud of Jesus that's cloud so we are we okay that first you get the disappointment and the disappointment causes the cloud not the cloud causing disappointment what oh no I think that's why I said but maybe it's the disappointment about is the effect yeah yes yes just wanna make sure that the card is not something positive it's not something that God sent it's not moving along with them it's a symbol of their mistake of their disappointment and there's lots of people happy the leaders are happy about all of this yep the ministers and leading men who I'd before notice rejoiced and all those who rejected the light triumphed greatly while Satan is even angels also exalted everyone's happy okay so Passover settles upon them yeah okay with that brother Philip if it settles it's not moving okay so cloud equals what and and disappointment okay now the second angel comes oh by the way I didn't say this I wanted to if we're if we're okay with this and I don't think it's a stretch we could tease this out if we spent time doing this two four zero paragraph to which we've called the empowerment of the first angel this demonstrates our or confirms our understanding of Revelation 14 revelation 10 I would argue for a relation ten will be placed at one II lots of people are joining in it becomes a large body of people who are now doing this work and it says it's the first angel so if you overlaid revelation 14 revelation 10 on on this you can show really in a simple fashion that revelation 10 is the first angels message without much effort if you're willing to just put that straight on top and look and just go last part of that paragraph and their voices were heard in harmony with the voice of the angel there's this large group of people who now are going to be joining in so I think that's an important part to see we've done the disappointment too for one paragraph to rival the second angel then I heard the voice of another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen remember it picks up voice and in a moment it's going to talk about light so for me it's bookending or having a chiasm for the first and the second angel the both of the both the arrivals of the first and second angel I think this is a proof I think a relatively good proof to show that the arrival of the second angel is at the disappointment is that that way mark just using that heard the voice a light shone around those desponding ones and with ardent desire is appearing they again fix their eyes upon Jesus there's these burning desire coming back so a number of angels conversing with the one who has cried Babylon is fallen these United with him in the cry behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him so the lights through the clouds gone there's no more cloud here and we're still only at the disappointment or the arrival of the second angel so we're still only here and now the clouds gone because it was a symbol of the disappointment and then it says angels come down and what did they know so this one says Babylon is fallen is fallen and these one say what behold the bridegroom cometh so these two angels or groups of angels they do what it says and they unite with him in the cry behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him the musical voices this angels seemed to go everywhere exceeding bright lighting exceeding bright and glorious light shone around those who had cherished the light which had been imparted to them what light is this there's been in party to them this is the people where do we see this light that was imparted to them first angel midnight cry second angel so we've got three different answers goodnight cry hit the Cathy not cry why it's a it's the midnight cry don't know why it wouldn't be with where's the last place we saw a light revelation to go back to the beginning of paragraph 2 4-1 paragraph 2 then I heard the voice Babylon is fallen a light shone upon those desponding ones so the last place we saw light was here the second angel which is before the the midnight cry an exceeding bright and glorious light shone around those who had cherished the light which had been imparted to them so maybe my question wasn't was misleading it brings light in two different places it says then an exceeding bright and glorious light shone around those who had cherished the right which had been imparted to them so there's light maybe I'll maybe I'm going to call it light one and then there's a glorious light now I'll just call it light and then there's glorious light can we see there's two lights and this glorious light is only imparted to those who receive the light here the light is the voice and there's a secondary light here if we're okay with that so I'm suggesting that that light is speaking about that had been imparted to them is the light of the second angel you're only going to receive this message behold the bridegroom cometh if you accept the second angels message we're implications of that does that habits have for us today brother George I'm going to put to eat here so it's language that we we're familiar with so you can only get that if you accepted that what implications does that have for us so I step back and make a a build up of questions before we do that yeah okay give me these two white marks in our line for priests everyone 1990 Levin in this I'm gonna sit though that's a midnight or 2014 okay so six try and write you're looking you have to be back yeah so if we say 2014-2018 to give us coverage and we'll call this a summer he doesn't say in this passage so I'm Annie Bobby in now after all the implications I read it to us while you're thinking about it and exceeding bright light shone around those who would cherish the light which is being imparted to them oh you won't you won't receive the light of the seconds empowerment you could that midnight ride in you that we say all right certain midnight okay so you want cherish or you want or even receive that light if you haven't cherished 911 so that sounds really sort of you know what's the big deal when brother George set said that but how many people who have left our movement have trashed 911 and they've have moved the second angel has called it some kind of type and you know however they want to get out of it there is in some shape or form they denigrate that way mark and it's pretty clear if you want to be partaker of 2014-2018 history this work this great light you need to have accepted 911 and hold it and held on that this was the arrival of the second angel if you move the second angel from 911 you forfeit your right to be part of this great work so it's a really important implication which i think is a really not I mean it's just tucked in one sentence here and you'd easily miss it if you didn't think about it so I think that's really important for us to see so we're going to make a break and if someone wants to make a comment just on this bit here ventilate nothing with darkness running throughout the history it seemed if the thought occurred to me that when their armies desire for Christ wanes with their disappointment that that allows more darkness in a little bit that I create the clouds and then their desire reappears and that like the light penetrates does anybody have any prayer requests