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so yesterday we were talking about the relationship of the unsealing of the Book of Daniel between down you chapter 8 and Daniel chapter 11 yes I've got the reminder okay I meant to ask you about that before class so we'll do this and I'll try and do it as we as we go through the class so you've got the daniel day in daniel 11 what unseals Daniel 8 book of Revelation where do we read that was the spirit prophecy quite that we had and tell me no one can remember mr. shamila sorry it's not how is that what you think talk is okay right talk to you anymore driver Jonathan how do you know the book of Revelation unseal the Book of Daniel maranatha one seven threes that were going to go to one was it let's I think that's better let's race tonight don't people decorate tonight because I wouldn't have had that on my computer and I think I read it to you well folks when he didn't use only yesterday the Book of Daniel is unsealed in the revelation to John and carries us forward to the last scenes of this Earth's history not sure why it's not there testimonies to ministers one one five paragraph three so we know it's the book of Revelation that unseals the Book of Daniel and how do we know it's revelation 14 Daniel in his lock to bear his testimony which was sealed until the time of the end when the first angels message should be proclaimed to our world these matters are of infinite importance in these last days or while many shall be purified and made white and tried the wicked shall do wickedly and none the wicked shall understand how true is this sin is the transgression of God's law and those who will not accept the light in regard to the law of God will not understand the proclamation the 1st 2nd 3rd angels messages Book of Daniel is unsealed in the revelation to John and carries us forward to the last scenes of this Earth's history no one else ok so what else so we know that the Book of Daniel wasn't completely unsealed in middle-right history deals one more portion to unseal and what's that Daniel 11 how do we know that it's very possibly quite for that GC of Pablo laughing of babbler a time brought to view in this prophecy he's declared her sins have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities she has filled up the measure of her guilt in destruction - and destruction is about to hold upon it but God still has a people in Babylon he was going to show us that she talked to her sentence room on the last sentence these announcements United with the third angels message constitute the final warning to be given to inhabitants of the earth come out of her my people Oh hence the movement symbolized by the angel coming down from heaven inviting the earth with his glory we cry mightily with a strong voice denouncing the sins of Babylon in connection with his message the call is heard come out of her my people these announcements uniting with the third angels message constitute to find the warning to be given to the inhabitants of the earth agree with that is that proof to show a search what's the question we say what's the question that we're I'm asking right you see that is unsealed in our history yes so will this do that I think it's GC sorry it's that quote where it says the 11th of dan has almost reached their fight their final fulfillment where's that I think the work the words out we have no time to lose the work while disturbed for the spirit of war 1914 point to the world is directly the spirit of war the prophecy of the 11th chapter of Daniel has nearly reaches complete fulfillment soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place it's not memorable at least at the thickener okay so memory bus you have no time to lose trouble as times are before us the world is third with the spirit of war soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place the prophecy in the 11th of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment much of the history that has taken place in the fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated in the 30th verse of power is spoken of that shall be grieved and returned and have indignation against the holy Covenant and so shall he do she'll even return and have intelligence with them to forsake the holy Covenant which she reads she quotes verses 31 to 36 onward scenes similar to those described in these words will take place we see evidence that Satan is fast obtaining the control of human minds who have not the fear of God before them that all read and understand the prophecies of this book for we're now entering upon the time of trouble spoken of in Daniel 12:1 so does that prove that the book or the portion of the Book of Daniel that's still sealed or needs to be unsealed is Daniel 11 the last six verses I think it best to because they understood up to verse nine and the rest needed the unsealing they didn't understand it whose thanks by the way will the Millerites no rights is not understand the last six Pierce's and that's been until since 1996 Nando's really understood it's like you face your point thank you finish your point did I leave something I think because your wife sniffs doesn't understand that well he did he he didn't understand up to verse 39 you're saying yeah with the world birthday it is he he had an understanding of it but some identical Christianity well I think you think your eyes Smith up to verse 39 he had a fairly good understanding you know not I didn't have everything right thanks but after but after verse were forty and on he really messed up what is he beginning to mess up sister Terry was that where he starts with Turkey he was offered there earlier yeah so you first 36 and the King shall do according to a Luther King since the papacy but he thought it was Turkey other so if there is changed into a king why does he do that I think he did it detectives it Rebecca I think was the news that changed his mind just look just the news reports what was happening over in the in the world I think God's witness persuade him and any followed he's been Jellicle world what they were saying but I see any verse folks say how many paper inverse sources current people I think usable webinars for over forty thirteen years he wrote salty and at the time of the end shall the King of the South who fucking sound booth pinging this out let's give yourself aggression it should be named know who you rights they know three Smith yeah France you got to to me look weak ever talk to me think the girls know it's this America you say something boys was he did he think it was the he didn't think he thought the king of the north is Turkey got a monkey making yourself I'm losing my answer was France but okay who's the king in verse 36 Raisa how about you right Smith changes it to a Cade since if we could make it a king it would all work out you know yeah so who's he who's he making that King Lister yeah so that's France a key he's gonna get 36 to 39 and totally change over that 36 years old so in verse 40 since that time to the end child the King of the South put to him whose to him it's no it's the king of verse 36 contextually the king of verse 36 so the him would be whom they'll be France so Egypt and France are going to have a fight did they yeah and then and then the king of the north which is hope turkey needy sister this is turkey shall come against him hunt for him Frances he's gonna France with a fight with Egypt they dilemma frightfully turkey does that happen it all happens yeah okay so he doesn't have much of an understanding no mercy document oh I know he's our premier Bible spotter that the majority most of the pioneers did not believe did not go along with this that would that wasn't the accepted view by the majority of them and that changed with your air Smith who was not who was not a pioneer at all so okay that was just a sight for you this do you proof text we've got to show that the Book of Daniel here he's about to be unsealed Brad Johnson you had your hand up I don't know other proof takes but the principal is in the time of Jesus but if Daniel gave light in the time to mineral rights but if Daniel gave light and so in our time there must be a portion of the Book of Daniel which right and then Daniel gave Layton his time as well he did get arrested by he's understood by the by the books the number of years so he'll tonight and another might like his day and then I was Christ and Christ and then the military decided we have three witnesses really he McDaniel is a person yeah as it has recovered yeah because he's the books he's open are some other books yeah but he'd been Daniel open light for his day as well what would look about the judgment in the time that time the prophecies were fulfilled anything else okay that's what I was thinking we did that this morning didn't we okay mate oh this is a pretty thick outer only sealed till 1798 that's a little bit late has to be served to both so what how do we do that this morning where did we go to this morning sir yeah so your eyes connect do you remember so we say Daniel chapter 1 verse 1 Daniel chapter 1 verse 21 yeah so that's the point that sister test is making even though she meant of specifically made that point she's going to in verse 40 there's two time at the ends yeah so you can also see two time at the ends when you realize that Daniel is good literally which is what I think the point that you're making the brother Johnston said three times or the third one is inferred but once for the Jews ones for the Millerites and then for us when you said he did it for his own dispensation and you can see that in chapter one and when he does it for his own dispensation where does he take you to this is the test when he does his own dispensation he brings light for his own generation where does he take you to home early on for you the time of the end yeah he brings you to the time of the end in his time period he almost gives you the time at the end for the Jews but not quite it's more like the empowerment yeah cuz I don't think you can mark no I don't think you can mark the time of the end from the Book of Daniel for Christ's line no commenting on it since the Sunda prophecy of them what you wouldn't make a difference today how would that know seventy seventy weeks are determined for life beautiful what does it take you to do before 18 and 27 yeah but that's not let us look at time in time the endings for BC oh right right I don't again I'm thinking in other prophecies the time the end of the probation for the Jewish no because what we aren't then they forget out we did the time at the end this morning remember one one and one twenty one and this is five 36 or 37 and then you ask and this is 606 will 607 yeah Rotato is gonna make you 607 yeah so this is 70 years that's what Daniel chapter 1 is marking so he brings you here to the time of the end so we did that in the first assignment we showed that the first year of Cyrus chapter one the third year of Cyrus chapter 10 is the time of the end so he does it that way and go to Daniel 11 takes you to the time of the end middle right history 1798 and then there's one more that's going to bring you to 1989 so you need a bit more information to do the design of Christ's own you because the focus is a little bit different what information do you need to the line of Christ to find out what the type where the time of the end would be how would you get how would you calculate the date all those windows go to us yeah so you have to know how old the priest has to be when they're in the beginning in ministry yeah and I dr. what book that's in maybe someone can find that but that that you need to know that piece of information so once you device you go you know X 30 you can just go back 30 years you get to 4 BC yes virgin yes but how you could tie it back to the virgin you could tie it back to baylin's prophecy you can tie back to difficulties but I don't eat they didn't give you a time and no one would know that virgins is giving birth freely they don't really know that yeah so Daniel 11 is unsealed by revelation 14 revelation 14 needs a bit of help and it's revelation 18 that's going to give that help or he's gonna I think this is Tamila said it's going to empower Revelation 14 yeah she used that phrase I think it's that sounds quite a nice way of expressing it empowers the everlasting gospel and then we spoke about the problem is with the second angel there's something funny about the second angel which is why it's under attack and we spoke about that yesterday yeah where do we see confusion on the second angel okay so yeah it's its arrival but I mean in what way the first way I'd say is it's the message of Babylon so there's going to be confusion on this so it gives you a clue there so we've got a problem with that it's part to do with Babylon what else did we say there was a problem second angels messages what it's right sanctification or righteousness sin righteousness so we don't understand about sanctification when are we sanctified how we sanctified all the mechanics of sanctification so there's a problem there what when and how do we become righteous so there's confusion on that issue what else the message to the church that it doesn't want and a big one the twenty five twenty yeah the twenty five twenty is the big issue and the reason you know or we should know that the the church rejects the twenty five twenty years why is there but widely rejecting it because it's predicting the destruction yes it's predicting their destruction how do let's predict in their destruction leviticus 20:6 how'd you know the chart is leviticus 20:6 aquage to 25 20 or 25 trains in videos 26 my sister what you said i didn't quite see how the bracket of a yes treaty with um the vision that was to be written nine tails was the one off the fall of Judah in 586 under Zedekiah so remember that yeah so it's the fulfillment of the vision of Habakkuk chapter two and her vision of Habakkuk chapter two is found where in Habakkuk chapter one so let's just quickly turn into backing chapter one and have a quick look at that look at some verses in there so the twenty five twenty becomes a big issue because everybody wants doesn't want to hear that the church is about to be destroyed yeah because the church appears to fall but it's not gonna fall yeah all these verses that come in to our understanding or misunderstanding perhaps we should say so Habakkuk chapter 1 verse 1 and so one can go ahead and read that yeah do your huge shower home the Prophet did see Oh Lord how long shall I cry and all it not here even cry all entities of violence and all we cannot see why does did you just that that's fine three just first one and chapter 2 verse 2 he says write the vision and make it plain upon table so the vision that's going to be made plain upon table is the vision of chapter 1 yeah so verse 1 says the burden which her back at the prophet did see what's he seeing he's seen a vision so what is the burden so burden is a vision good vision or bad vision bad vision okay so let's go to Isaiah chapter 15 so Isaiah chapter 15 verse 1 the burden of Moab 2 chapters 17 verse 1 the burden of Damascus 2 chapters verse 1 the burden of Egypt 2 chapters verse 1 the burden of the desert of the sea two chapters verse 1 the burden of tyre so if you go back and check all of those chapters and I just found it interesting it's 2 chapters all odd numbers is yes 21 is a little bit different as well 21 is going 83 times 22 has gone in there the Birdland Valley so a burden is swap if she's not contextually it's it's like a pronouncement of judgment that's about to come to destroy these places like a while yes so this is a pronouncement of judgment so the vision of Daniel sorry of Habakkuk chapter 2 is a pronouncement that destructions about to happen good message or bad message bad message so let's read something about that prophets and kings 387 paragraph 2 prophets and Kings 387 paragraph 2 are we there tell me when you there begins we must cherish 387 paragraph two you there there's a longer Bible quote which is a guy she quotes the back of chapter three so he says we must cherish if you're if you're on the cd-rom he says I don't know six seven lines they says page three eight eight say that in your thing and then it says the next slice is before him which is quoting her back at 2:20 yeah but back up to 20 something about restoration just straight there then it says this actually no let me go let me let me let me read the paragraph so the we got some context we must cherish and cultivate the faith of which prophets and apostles have testified the faith that lays hold on the promises of God and waits for deliverance in his appointed time and way the sure word of prophecy will meet its final fulfillment in the glorious advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as king of kings lord of lords the time of waiting may seem long the soul may be oppressed by discouraging circumstances many in whom confidence has been placed may fall by the way but with the prophet who endeavoured to encourage Jew during a time of unparalleled apostasy let us confidently declare the Lord is in his holy temple let all the earth keep silence before him so some extreme restored because John to come back to 20 then it says let us ever hold in remembrance the cheering message the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak and not lied though it Terry wait for it because it will surely come it will not tarry the just shall live by his faith vs. 3 or 4 so what message is this good message or bad message Britt its verses 3 and 4 and verses 3 and 4 he's the vision that he's adding chapter 1 which is the burden of her back ik sorry it's a double-edged sword isn't it I don't know what side you're gonna stand on this argument so I'm the cheering message for one group and it's a burdensome message or a pronouncement of judgment for another group and that's what we're required to give this 25:20 is a double-edged sword double-edged second angel are we okay with that yeah so one level it's a bad pronouncement and the L and the another level it's good by the way when I don't if we've done this and called when it's a packet when does heat when he's ministering we did yeah we did do it yes they didn't we so here's Manasseh Ammon and Josiah and that we just super found and cut around it here so if you drop down to the next paragraph after the Bible reading Habakkuk was not the only one through whom was given a message of bright hope and a future triumph who else is given to it who else were given to without reading no Zechariah Jeremiah it's ray who'd say I said Isaiah but he would have been killed I said one day as well as of a present judgment during the reign of Josiah the word of the Lord came to Zephaniah specifying plainly the results of continued apostasy and calling the attention of the true church to the glorious prospect beyond his prophecies of impending judgment upon Judah apply with equal force to the judgments that had to fall upon an impenitent world at the time of the second advent of Christ and you don't even have to work it out you know there's no sort of line upon line or trying to she just tells you straight the impending judgment upon Judah applies with equal force to the judgments that are going to come upon the world at the time of the second Advent yeah so she's telling you straight so you have two prophets Habakkuk is here and Zephaniah is here so they contemporaries and this is a Takaya let's go they don't want to go Matthew 24 verse 34 Matthew 24 verse 34 no not yeah Matthew 24 verse 34 actually in fact you seen all of them so you can write will read Matthew 1 so if you're writing the notes it's Matthew 24:34 mark 13:30 and Luke 21 32 so it's Matthew Mark Luke it's 24 34 1330 and 21 32 says virtually the same thing in all of them 3 0 13 3 0 and 21 32 verily I say unto you this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled I read it from Mark very less saying to you that this generation shall not pass till all these things be done Luke verily I say unto you this generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled so all saying the same thing what how do we deal with this verse will do it what do we say about this it's one of our key verses that we use 24:34 Matthew don't know never read it before what do we what do we do with this first why are we so interested in this first you're cold someone switched off the AC it's put on top just on the wall the to pick up the last generation yet this is one of our proof takes to say what with the final generation of the generation will not die that sees all of these things so one of the arguments that we have to do solve were my way through is what all the things are that all things we fulfilled all the things be done till everything's belief afield so we have to work out what that is but we kind of get through that last part of the verse and we say that this is the this is the definitive versus shows final generation yeah is that do are we familiar with these verses yes that's what we do let's go to back to prophets and kings I want to show you something I can find it okay let's go to the top of the chapter when chapter 32 Manasseh and Josiah this is page three eight one paragraph one okay before we read the Spirit prophecy quote let's just go to the Bible back at chapter one verse one we've read the burden which her back at the Prophet did see so he sees this vision of destruction burning some message of renown pronouncement of judgment and any verse - Oh Lord how long shall I cry and thou will not hear even cry out unto thee of violence and thou will not say who is Habakkuk representing it's like a union you call him shop stewards here like a union rep yeah who's he representing she's representing God's people which ones okay so it's in that time period what's their complaint persecution so they good or bad bad sometimes someone says bad someone says good so let's have a read of it carefully - Oh Lord how long shall I cry and doubt will not hear even cry out unto thee of violence and I will not save who's speaking here so no the God's people in that time period the good or bad people good people everybody anybody sign the back brother to the back what sure okay let's go to I don't go to verse 3 because the bus is too easy let's go to Ezekiel 9 9 verse 4 does that help is that yeah that helps why does that help now nominations and they're good people who it grieves them that there's the problems yes because what they they're crying about the abominations yeah so let's go back to verse two check it think this another verse I want you to don't you would be really cool so what we're trying to prove we just gave the diversities estab some fun you just trying to see what this vision is I wouldn't I want to see how we read the verses okay so we're done verse two O Lord how long shall I cry and thou will not hear even cry unto thee of violence and thou will not say all the auditory the reason why we're looking at easiest cousin Matthew 24:34 gonna show you talking about Matthew 24:34 now that was that's a reason so these are good people complaining yeah who they complaining to everybody agree with that okay so I'm gonna have their hand up I'm just looking for another verse Joel 1:14 that was the one I was looking for Joel 1:14 keep your finger in Habakkuk Joe 1:14 same it's the same story what year is Joel written in 721 jz7 2007 21 you see John Wood John the trip Java where he Joe won ôt I heard John Ringo 140 okay so this is after the destruction of host shear 14 not John one Joe yeah we heard John several this is that wonderful thing goodness gracious not bad no the year yeah 727 21 GC 308 way and the date is he worked at 720 BC she said 718 years what deal what's the date that she's doing that you see throw in foie gras for what you know that but to read that day okay 1780 so submarines the we're in the year 1780 and then what we're going to do yeah so 25 minus seventeen 80211 plate 720 and I think you have to add a 1 on to it are you doing how are you okay so I said so fast I'm sorry I asked we wait to the book of Joel and we're going to John 1:14 marigo 1:14 sanctify your fast called us on them assembly gathered the elders and all the inhabitants of the land unto that into the house of the Lord your God and cry unto the Lord alas 15 for the day for the day of the Lord is at hand and there's a destruction from the almighty shall it come so it says to cry unto the Lord so I just picked up that word crying which is the sighing and crying of ezekiel 9:4 c-could 94 and it's the same crying of Habakkuk 1 - Oh Lord how long shall I cry all these people are crying for different reasons so in Joel they're crying because the day of the Lord's coming and in Ezekiel their crime because the abominations that are done in the house of in Jerusalem and her back irks they're crying for the same reason so I asked a question when was Joel will written because it's important for us to know when they when these prophets and ministering so I put her back here maybe little bit before Amman but it's around the time of Amman to Josiah but it's before Josiah and it's important to know these things I I think it is and then Zephaniah his contemporary is in the reign of just like he says that directly we would just read that so that's all of that so then I asked when he's Joel written and Joel we've got in 721 BC and the reason we know it's 721 BC is if we read GC 308 paragraph 1 so I'm gonna read that if they've got it up just a dog day since the time of Moses no period of Darkness of equal density extended duration has ever been recorded the description of this event has given by eyewitnesses is but an echo of the words of the Lord record by the Prophet Joel 2500 years previous to their fulfillment okay so she says Joel was fulfilled in 1780 and she says Joel was written two and a half thousand years before so you do 1780 go 2500 years back and you get to the Year 721 BC thank you 728 you appreciate 721 BC so this is just after the destruction of Hoshea yeah I don't know how you do the calculation because it the disruptive of a 300 Manasa is 723 721 so you've got 723 21 this is when Joel's written so what what is he predicting so now he's predicting the fall of Judah it's already certain it's going to happen how do we know it's go back it's going to happen it's certain that's right would it well you guys si not the first but what he predicts a vial of Judah and III but why is you did in a form they followed this at the sins of the mother who did it the same thing because they did the same thing why did you do gonna fall we're in 723 721 where Joel is given giving 721 but it's connected to 723 what 723 25 20 so you know connected to 25 20 the hold of Judah why should go back to 4 when did 25 20 begin 65 years 677 these are chillies backwards Isaiah 7 742 the story begins in 722 which is a 65 year prophecy it takes you to hear a 742 what's happening not the big houses vegetable warning not all the details there's a fight happening and what does Isaiah say in the case if you don't believe you're not going to be established and he doesn't believe because what does he do he gets here it's not from Egypt I don't think from Syria and no idea to get help from Syria he likes the look of their their altar yeah and he gets a copy of it and puts it in the sanctuary because that's what's gonna help him so by time you get to 723 destructions gonna happen do you know their fate is already sealed and this is how many years 46 years 46 years marks war and no that was restoration and and the destruction of the temple yeah so destruction as well as a rebuilding so here when he gives this he's already marking it destructions happening how can we share it's the destruction John 2:20 says destroy this temple we took 56 years and I'll rebuild it in three three days you can just do it straight from that you can go to the right history which is 46 years this is what is building a temple week that was getting built in the middle right history FD a temple and that was going to be called Babylon okay yeah they do you call it that they called the Protestants Babylon but they called them in Babylon by the time in 44 it's 36 also super explicitly is that you said right so it's a sign yeah so who do you think she is marks a building and the destruction of a temple yeah so even before the time at the end what do we already know the structure is already going to happen you can't avoid it is unavoidable the fate is already sealed for this Church Adventism it's already done how do we know that how could you share I'm not asking to prove it just sort of maybe a you know an idea a concept could you go to someone say by the way before before you even get tested before they ain't you even arrives you're going to be destroyed what's the logic for that this is the test which time you're going to go for give it how can I take this home for Israel before the time of the end that they're going to be destroyed yeah but I want a story I've asked for a specific reason time of the end for BC what would you say speak louder they'll pass by it for me you've got a telescope they aren't it is a bit about the story the angel comes down and once the place I'm going to announce the birth of Jesus any hovers over the temple and there's no one to tell he can't share the message so he's actually heading back actually heading back to heaven to announce that there's no one no one on earth and no one of God's people he can tell when he spots the shepherds and he's able to announce the birth of Christ so he has already bypassed the temple Jerusalem and the leadership but it's worse than that because who's studying the message before the star even arrives the wise men are they're already studying baylin's prophecies because that's how they know this what when they see the star they know it's the fulfillment or what the Ellen White calls does she called it a harbinger yeah so they're already studying beforehand there are also other people's like you have Simeon and Anna yeah so they were studying as well yeah because it just sounded like to just didn't study it with just daily part I'm making is that the ones that you know that we're gonna announce the time at the end because depend on how you're going to see what Anna and Simeon do they don't mark his birthday marking something slightly different and you know most people don't even go there what they're marking because it's 40 days later I think it is that they're doing it and there's a number 40 so there's there's different things that they're marking even though we could just say collapse at all time at the end but they're not really the time at the end I don't think because they're not marking his birthday 40 is significant there but we know for sure that the wise men are already studying the message and if they're studying the message what do you know that the leadership are doing I'm gonna suggest that they are studying they're studying a mess they don't want to see what's going on they'd only hear about it but there's there's a bus in the air I mean they're not as ignorant as they claim to be remember the story Herod says you're not as ignorant as you pretend to be you know something goings going on they do they heard the message from the Shepherd's and they were aware of that yet they ignored it and they spoke against it actually but I'm not even talking about that just that look that the what happened I'm talking about the prophecy itself because if you go back how do you know that because if you go back to Moses this time there is no sign there's nothing there but again everybody knows something's going on so why does Pharaoh want to kill all the babies who told him who inspired Pharaoh to kill the children yeah exactly they everyone knows but the Jews are studying a miss not miss miss how would we say it was no way been the wrong way for the wrong purpose so they're not gonna accept how it's going to work out so all I wanted to see is right here before the time of the end the fate is already sealed for adventism and I don't think we teach our message that way we teach it like all there's still more time it'll be okay you'll leave I don't worry and we don't give it the force and the potency or the punch that should have to do the fate of this church is doomed and unless you go in and rescue people they're gonna die because this message because it's reform is taking so long 28 years or something count and count in we just think I'll wait to see that it's all okay but we we must get out of this time issue sister Anthony Shippensburg I know your focus is on the time of the end but I have a quick insertion if it follows the time of the end but when Christ was made that trip to the temple at 12 years old the spirit of prophecy said that had they listened to his instruction he would have been better received 2781 he started his ministry things would have moved ahead and he would have been accepted so Ellen White does this all the time she says like it's a potential for it to happen if they had listened if it you know if they like there's an option if they got an option did they actually have an option because he got he's going there and he's speaking to the leaders I mean I don't know exactly who the priests are but maybe Caiaphas is you know a high-ranking priests then being groomed to become the high priest and maybe he's the one he's speaking to he says you know all these lambs are about in the Book of Isaiah and they say no no we don't actually we have no idea what lambs are all about because that's what the correct that's the dialogue isn't it he's asking about what the lamb means and they've got bit clueless about what the lamb is and they won't ask him they won't ask him you tell us how it is and so because they don't ask they don't receive so he's not gonna tell him who the lamb is we left him possibly out for themselves and they refused to so did they have a chance had no chance by the time they twelve you got it's already too late because the only demon-possessed aren't they yeah yep don't just pop up but the demon-possessed now say the only demon possessed how do we know the demon possessed Mira quit playing okay he's 12 years old oh no not them okay but yeah but white tigers don't you say they're fully demon-possessed yeah soul King Saul when's he demon-possessed the beginning middle or end of his reign right it's right the beginning isn't it Dave is just anointed he's anointed he gets he becomes demon-possessed and they come up with his foolish plan he said of praying to God you know let's have some music like musics gonna solve the problem why don't they have to have music to solve the problem prophetically Babylon 3 because it's a message because music is a message it's a noise isn't it yeah peace and safety but it's important that there's a message it's about to come who's gonna get the message babies they get gives the message isn't it Ezekiel 37 I think it's verse 7 and verse 8 what happens 7 & 8 there's what there's a noise owner and shaking there's a shaking in the kingdom between two rival factions yeah the shaking in the kingdom back two rival factions I ever saw or David because right then what I saw no more than that he knows he's bypassed by whom he really knows that but he knows David is the man that's going to take his place he'll he knows that who told him that I don't think time you does dizzy tummy doesn't tell so like that's I was scared yeah so Sam you skate must be the demon I would think the famous is killed that my thinkers isn't a day something back to you this angel represented symbolizes that class of faithful men who obedient to the promptings of God's Spirit I mean teachings of his word proclaim this warning to the inhabitants of the earth this message was not to be committed to the religious leaders of the people they had failed to preserve their connection with God I can refuse the light from heaven therefore they were not they were not of the normal described by the Apostle Paul what do you brethren are not in darkness it's the reference I like that quote that okay everybody said that they should call she bought my teeth you have a thief we are the children of life and the children of the day we are not of the night nor of darkness this is from spirit opposite property 104 feet 199 so you for XP 199 if what the what's the context of that she's saying that God could not give the leaders the leaders ever what history I mean what history is for SP 199 they've nested revelation 14:6 and 70 is that Miller is Miller history yes she calls directly revelation 14:6 that's the Apple Parker is that right because I like that crazy oh it's it anybody got their hand up say something oh sorry yeah one second is their problem for sp1 oh no $1.99 I didn't want paragraph they're saying the point of Saint Marie on the computer point three one nine 0.3 and is that exact middle right history you know even it's quite a motivation fourteen be sure this little write history okay so yes a it must be that's why I was wondering about how this yeah so is she what's the primary reference point is it Miller what history then she takes us back which worse a twits paragraph or in she's applying it to the history 196 at the time of Christ's first act then the priests and scribes of the holy city to whom were East instruct entrusted the Oracles of God should have discern the signs of the time and proclaimed the coming of the promised one promise the prophecy of Micah designated his birthplace Daniel specified the time of his Advent God had committed these prophecies of the Jewish people either therefore they were without excuse if they did not know and declare to the people that the Messiah's coming was at hand they're ignorant was the result of sinful neglect strong statement right yeah it is God did not say the messenger says the palace is the King so the Empress emblems of philosophers or to schools the rabbi's to make known the wonderful fact that the Redeemer of men was about to appear upon the earth the Jews of building monuments for the slain prophets of God or by their day deference to the great men of the earth they were paying homage to the servants of Satan absorbed in their ambitious strife for place and power among men they lost sight of the divine honors proffered them by the king of heaven with what profound and revenant reverent interest to the elders of Israel have been studying the place the time the circumstances of the greatest event in the world's history the coming of the Son of God to accomplish the redemption of man is she talking about his birth yeah I'm just yeah but is she talking about his birth when she says all of this or why were not the people watching a writing that they might be among the first to welcome the world's Redeemer but lower Bethlehem two weary travelers from the hill of Nazareth traversed a whole length of the narrow street the reason I ask that is because before she gives Micah is the birthplace then Daniel 9:25 it says the time of his Advent but 9:25 doesn't give you his birth they were supposed to be studying prop that's right Kishan where she talks about that I always wondered why does she make reference to not I'd seen these should have known the time of his birth an asura seen here they should have been studying if obviously God had given them science yes it is so we think it's not just you need to slow it down you know you need to study all Old Testament history and typology they knew who they should have known because they don't know he's going to come as a priest so they're not looking out for the 30 so they don't know the year all of these things they should have realized and understood and in studying the place that we are the the time so there must be something and the circumstances the circumstances the star their stuff they could have known and Alex it very plain that they couldn't know they they could have been the one welcoming rather than the Wiseman from the east they they could have been there awaiting what what are the circumstances of these birth wrong yes and what that write specifically about robe what's happening the tax a sisters get the initiative note all of the stuff that we're supposed to note and which we're trying to get up to speed about they're required to know all of those things not just the place the time but the circumstances so therefore it is in many ways that support the razor of taxes five so much to the day because it says the greatest events of the world is history we should we should be a way to be prepared for the greatest events in our time in our history as well I mean and you look at what willowy we're a road we have said they better should have known and should then shoot him out in the world the United States and the papacy are gonna conspire to bring down the Soviet Union we should have been announcing that four years ahead of time sorry and he wrote that in 1957 1957 question doctoring she said sister there would have been Pharisees that knew that their leadership had made a league with Rome just like we do today yes and they don't do anything about it well they expose errors in the church but they don't necessarily want truth yes yes I was just looking at the paragraph so it talks about the celestial messenger the Pallas over and in one ninety-nine point we little bit loud they won't catch on the money and I job is it's the earth to say you are prepared to welcome Jesus that you can discern no tokens and expectancy so I hovers for time wherever the chosen city in the temples speak a little bit slower sorry each of the people contact me they say they can't hear it is too fast but even here is the same indifference in paragraph one ninety eight point two it says in amazement the celestial messenger is about to return to heaven with the shameful tidings when he discovers a group of shepherds who are watching their flocks by night so they were already bypassed but in one 99.1 I think that's where she ties it into nila right history where she says oh what a lesson is this wonderful story of Bethlehem how it rebukes our unbelief our pride and self-sufficiency how it warns us to beware lest by up revealing difference also fail to discern the signs of the times and then for no not the day of our visitation it is unto them that look for him that Christ is to appear the second time without sin unto salvation so she's bringing that into our history to make memory with Oryx you it isn't that's what I was going to bring what is it they visitation no 911 each she making 911 Denise asked me to put all the time at the end and she makes it that's why I was asking before we got to when it says to weary travelers traverse the streets of Nazareth it says with what profound and reverent interest should the elders of Israel have been studied the place the time the circumstances of the greatest event in the world's history the coming of the Son of God to accomplish the redemption of man so we would normally in place that the baptism or 911 but it seems to me she's referring to his birth which could you says in the next sentence because then she talked about the two people the two weary travelers from the hills of Nazareth we always pick up how many people now at the time of the end two presidents two Persian kings what other two presidents there's more than that Christ and John take some then you had another possessor Annabelle Belshazzar father son our the mug this and now this and at least now you've got another one but lower Bethlehem two weary travelers Joseph and Mary oh you know one with utila we just look he big - and she's she's hiding up now over any summer with Noah oh those although it down because I like those I always forget them who we've got John and Christ Cyrus Darius the bullet us and Belshazzar Aaron and Moses Aaron and Moses now I'm Matthew so lower and the feel of the two angels the two in the reading us son and Mary but at the time of the egg to president says it breaking and push yes we had only this one two three four five six seven that's quite not okay to the eastern extremity of the town finally seek in the place of the rest and shelter for the night no doors are open to received him in a wretched hog will prepare for cattle day at last find refuge and the savior of the world is born so the greatest event seems to be the time of the end in this context at least then heavenly angels are sent one nine eight an angel visits the earth to see who prepared to welcome Jesus but he can discern no tokens of expectancy he hears no voice of praise and triumph that the pillars of the Messiah's coming is at hand the angel hovers for a time of the chosen City in the temple where the divine presence was manifested for ages but even here the same is the same indifference the priests and the pomp and pride are offering polluted sacrifices in the temple Ferris is the with loud voice he's addressing the people are making boastful prayers that the corners of the streets there's no evidence that Christ is expected and no preparation for the Prince of life in amazement oh did you pick up it says they'll be offering polluted sacrifices in real life that they polluted no unclean alley I mean that they've been probably inspected yeah for the wrong water and doing what having seen in your life and working for God so when you got sin in your life when you're working for God if the polluted sacrifice it's pumpkin pride yeah filthy lucre the Mazal intercessor messenger was about to return to heaven with the shameful tidings when he discovers a group of shepherds who are washing their flocks who must this angel be so he must be the first thank you immerse in him he's come down from heaven and as they gazed into the starry heavens are contemplating the prophecy of the Messiah to come to earth longing for the advent of the world's Redeemer here is a company that can be trusted with a heavenly message and suddenly the angel of the Lord appeared declaring the good tidings of great joy the earth is lightened with his glory celestial glory flooded all the plane the numeral company of angels were revealed as if the joy were too great for one messenger to bring from heaven a multitude of voices broke forth in the anthem which all the nations of this age shall one day sing glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men that's 9/11 know why he's here do 9/11 so that's your glory and she's highlighting the fact that they should have made his burgers but she's saying the time of engine is of paramount importance and that we should have been able to design this end of the time this is the wonderful story of Bethlehem how it rebuked her unbelief our pride and self-sufficiency it warns us to beware lest by our criminal indifference we also fail to discern the signs of the times and I think when we did the first paper he was rather Jonathan I can't remember what reference he used but it's evangelism 6 1 3 but I think he used another one the problem that God's people face all the time I'm thinking that not only that we mark our glory at 9/11 but there's also worry at the time of the end it's the greatest glory apparently do you mean about that arriving of the entrance six one three paragraph one of choice thickness though it's that one what do you say it 6-1 Frenchman we've got eighty six one three so what does it say the court no I don't have given the same thing today in 1897 you remember corner yeah this one is eighty two hundred you want me to read it yes many are doing the same thing today in 1897 because they have not had experience in the testing message comprehended in the first second or third angels message there are those who are searching the Scriptures for proof that these messages messages are still in the future they gather gather together the truthfulness of the messages but they fail to give them their proper place in prophetic history therefore such in a danger of misleading the people in regard to locating the messages they do not see and understand the time of the end or when to locate these the messages talking to about here Adventist Post Miller right go back one paragraph it begins with what you've got it in our day as in Christ it all day as in Christ's day there may be a miss reading and misinterpreting of the scriptures is that deliberate or accidental right so will be not may be by which we Spurgeon humming humming evangelism in fact this is maybe you've got so many talks I'll put look okay I don't know which ones would be the original one but will or may the only point I was gonna ask is when it says there's miss reading and the misinterpreting is that deliberate or accidental from what we've already read before it's malicious it's malicious that they deliberately reading and he says it just says it here they gather together the true sense of the messages but fail to give them their proper place in for any history I hear is one percenters back there are those who are certain scriptures for proof that these messages are still in the future so they want to not have an understanding of the time at the end they want to push it into the future and they're searching the scriptures to prove that it's all about the sermons the event his church and the happenings of 1863 feeling tension yes just dropping back if the Jews had study the scriptures with earnest prayerful hearts the assertion would have been rewarded with a true knowledge of the time and not only the time but also the manner of Christ's appearing has almost the same as what we read just before when it says the place the time and the circumstances she has the same thing here to knowledge of the time not only the time but also the manner of Christ's appearing so when so the manner of Christ's appearing what is Matt what is he is appearing that she referring to the birth or the baptism the birth so she wants us to know in our day as in Christ's day is amiss reading the scriptures and we need to know the manner of Christ we need to know what the time of the end looks like you can find it in the scriptures it's mine 11 that's under attack but who's she talking about here the context of what you talking about is the leaders yes free time of the end and now you know we talk about timing and the whole church is following through with it the same issue sorry and that's what I would just say so so we know the leaders are passed by before the time of the end us and then as I was in City mention earlier so the three hundreds message with John the Baptist Christ and the disciples who that wasn't reached leadership at all that was reached the Jewish people which which they rejected they were given another chance but that makes me leave where was the trans message for the leadership Oh Batman is if you ever bypass by the time of Christ very what was there three angels message and the messages for them I kind of just makes me wonder probably told a thing we'll stop controlling with Nana yet we talk to the last 15 minutes a lot about the leadership and they've passed Biden obviously that's as the leadership for us today so how does this change our relationship to the church or should it change maybe more you know what I'm saying what I'm saying I think these issues is bubbling under the surface then you know we really do not want to address this issue what is our relationship to the church I think would beginning to see the implication in the context of this someone radically other day I don't know is further Tiger I think for so long the Millerites they refused to address the issue it didn't want to address the issue of their relationship with the church so they just kept on putting it to one side and saying we're not worried the back church membership what we're part over what we're not part of real Christians and we'll just leave it there and we just talked about 9/11 or wherever they we want to talk about they were not addressing the issue of their relationship with the church until they were forced to do it circumstances made them do that yes you think we are at the point so what is it what is generally our relationship to the church I mean we consider ourselves as evidence seventh-day Adventist is it correct there was an outbreak meet my daddy ship you how into this fellowship you but I lit the RBG I was just gonna answer that in how did Jesus relate to the priests now Jesus was a true Jew he was a TV was truly following with what they hidden believing and how do you like the Jews wanted to kill him and a little bit worse than they want to do the church wants to do to us for our beliefs how did Jesus relate he and he did he did reach out and he tried to tried to correct them and but very eventually some of them did come back we had Joseph McCarthy and Nicodemus well he got his death but then it says later on many of them victim later Jesus still tried to reach them you know although not not as a whole group that even knowing that they were bypassed I'm sure he knew them but he was very clear about that really and but I guess we need to take our example from Christ sister olive a brother in Jamaica I let our central to the conference's those who have to defend xx belief should not be able to participate in the churches should not have any active part a memory of me was taken off the choir on this a lot because of her belief there was another guy he was wavering and he requested baptism and he had to first say we publicly acknowledge his belief in the 2520 and say that he will never study with us again and he would never have anything to do with those are from where we are there was a church crusade where the members those of the crusade they were walking the church rooms looking for persons with 2520 belief to throw them off the church property another member of our group was threatened that they would call the police on them and actually treatment that if that person how dare we they probably would have shot him so what is the relation like the hold of the church yeah that's that's your experience just to give out our experience our conference knows what we do Oh has to know what we do nothing we just keep on going so I have a totally different experience Larry follow Justin say my understanding of our relation to the church and this time period Isaiah 58 verse 1 it says cry aloud spare not lift up my voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins and then also Isaiah 62 6 I've set Watchmen upon the walls o Jerusalem which shall never hold their peace day or night he that make mention of a lower kita not silent so Jonathan are you is you guys are taking a message to the church right yeah that's what I said our local church our pastor knows what we doing he knows that we believe in the charts and the 2520 stuff and we shared everything almost everything with him we our conference knows what we do what are you telling on that there passed by picada you have to tell a pastor so so how do you know you'll pass by or do it just tell them the message now you have to tell it is possible I probably say no we can't say that because that they're not passed by until they make that choice that they're gonna reject this truth thank you that'll do it I mean you try to to reach those people isn't it I mean I think are you talking about individuals so close this 100 up to second Corinthians yes last Bible verse plays on this point so we saw this morning that there's no difference between an SDA in the world they're all the same and on this side there's no difference between an S the end of the world they're both the same yet because this is God's people come out of her my people and what the Advent was what was these group what these group done come out of Adventism agree with that get this all separate yeah 2nd Corinthians chapter 6 these people here the concision did they believe in our message they live in our message so it says here verse 14 be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what Fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion has light with darkness and what Concord hath Christ with Belial or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel and what agreement hath the temple of God with idols and they got idols adventism we just read that didn't we polluted sacrifices so ye are the Temple of the Living God as God hath said I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their God they should be my people wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you and will be a father unto you and you shall be my sons and daughters saith the Lord Almighty Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to have a clear understanding Lord of the importance of our reformed line as we can say the Lord the work that you bring to view at the time of the end help us to have a clearer understanding of those who have not accepted and those who continue to reject this truth and Lord may we reflect upon our own behavior our own thoughts our own fears our own concerns and worries lest we find that we get removed from the household of God please be with us and please bless us we pray in Jesus his name