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and have a quick review of what we've done so far in our homework or assignments right I'm just sticking around so I thought I said Monday okay so who wants I presume you've got your documents in front of you he wants to have a go at explaining number two it's a very reasonably happy with number one the revisions yeah yeah I had a look about I've read them all most of them weren't there weren't any substantial changes it would just all tweaked a little bit I was expecting a bit more of a change from most of them but there were very minor changes just one thing when you're submitting your documents via email could you please ensure that they're in Word format not PDF and I know not everybody has a computer so I think some people doing it via text message which I guess I'd have to try and get around but could you just label them in a way that's meaningful to me as opposed to highlight homework or something because when I'm getting twelve documents it gets a bit hard keeping the track of what's going on so if you can just sort of say assignment two or revision of assignment while of something like that something that's I can understand what's going on so make sure we go rather mary did you did you submit an assignment yeah no yeah okay that's why I don't have you know didn't have it brother Jonathan yes explain how what's like what we asked you to do what's the question how I understood it is wise to my angel yeah he's that work that everybody's understanding to demonstrate that the age of the revelation Ted is the first angel yes yeah so how did you go back doing that I started making a list on one side I did Revelation 14 6 and 7 I showed the characteristics on the other side revelation 10 mm-hm when I showed what they have in common what is the repetition what is in for me an enlargement okay go with the repetition for example the revelation 14 and Rose is flying into heaven and the revelation 10 angel is coming down from heaven so he needs to fly as well he needs to come down so he's flying before him if he comes down he's flying isn't that do you like that to throw the beans I take that as a no attachment oh it's a worldwide message why do you tell people worldwide yes and this is the word worldwide the angel of Revelation 14 is saying with a loud voice the other one is crying with a loud voice now boys boys sister texts loud voice is that is that um a good thank you lucky so it's what about equaled went to Revelation 18 verse 2 with a strong voice say like that no look okay so I can find that carry on which ones loud voice yes now you just say the boat a loud voice okay sorry that's his loud voice and that says lag which is up okay strongest say okay so Revelation 18 verse 2 says it as well strong was yeah indeed cried mightily with the strong was yeah so you say it parodies the same greek word so that would be the second with me okay okay so creation creation yeah that was that it's the thing they have in common okay they may the ones that you saw can you do that just because he's a both took back time just because they but one says but they're totally different times are they it's different budgets didn't play with that you do with that property on things he says the hour of his judgment he says our that's time and it says time should be no longer that's different although they're talking maybe I thought maybe about the same event okay anyone else got anything it hasn't gotten to the spirit proxy quotes yet how is anybody else done it I'm not ending it in this exact same way but any other parallels or was to be see last year the book was to be see Lunger they tie off the end they've both got open books well little pin book is comic-con that's it so you're saying yes he's got an open book and he's got an open book for the delegate what I did I just compared the text I just compared revelation 14:6 with the revelation 10 revelation 14:6 and 79 see that the angel has a book in the San Juans so that was for me enlargement or it's not a repetition because we don't see it in revelation 14:6 it's a further information it's only that he's just gone to the Bible verses your because you're going to other information but when the Bible ready think else that you can see do we would agree with this one ones in heaven and one's coming down no the test this one's an a just flying in heaven and this one's the name is coming down Robert Johnson's argument was that's the earth and he's flying in heaven he must have come down from heaven yeah this is good he's come down to earth he must have been coming from heaven what was his argument now we have him circling the glory we could have just come straight down it sounds silly but you can just go straight okay yeah usually 14:6 - verse two I think she said that with your echo in her please speak up deliverance we came to echo what he said so even before that she's saying it's not the same Oh Jonathan saying it is but had you at least come from just lift up his hand to heaven so you can't be in hip-hop cosplay heading this universe about ten five I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven is that what you're saying yes I couldn't bear this one assistant he says he came down from heaven in 1310 one the only thing I'm saying but it's if it's not the same I don't mind is the processing coming down he needs to fly he's flying down to heaven yeah what I'm saying is he says he's flying in the midst of heaven I think and here it says he's flying down from heaven yeah so my point is they both fly wherever they fly to but it's different why don't you go with us today okay sister all the way know what you love it sister I love because you just call on me suddenly not because of what he said okay so he's in heaven and he comes down from heaven I think that's what jumped insane and he's got a worldwide message he's got a worldwide message he speaks with a loud voice he speaks with a loud voice he speaks about creation he speaks about creation is that which depends how good you want to do the job I guess that's what he did it that's diode he just picks away he did it that way no one else did it that way I don't know what Mary Jo gage Mary didn't give me his assignment so know what he did it's right that he just typed that out now from the board I saw him so okay so he says strong voice here but there's lots of associations here so I'll take that one out because that's a I'm forbidden to give grades apparently is to education crazy unless you fail anyone else okay so do you think that's a good way of approaching it yeah yeah so what anybody okay brother Luke well how does that prove it's the first angel what's talking about same things okay I think that temple feels so good but I thought it's nothing more for a founding you're looking for cooking the Heaviside thing I could have done that one is that what you're asking yeah okay okay he's talking about the same thing honey okay really so why didn't anybody able to do this I used the same most of the same oh yeah this proxy quotes no he'd gone to them he's gone to word association so that's not only did but that's his initial premise let's look at the words is that what we're supposed to do yes yeah so I thought that was a really good way of starting off yeah okay so he did that this was all ten one it is it all ten one no it's not all thing one one go through all of this is in it okay so it's not like this to 30s or something I was looking at okay but where's all these these four points coming the first is first one that's one world Weiss the creation is the world one is I mean anyone do you want to exceed six eleven and worldwide is 11 and now boys the Lord was is three great is that everything one three six eleven my I like that anyone else with the Bible verses without the spirit prophecy quotes brother Luke I use the loud voice the same one use the same knology yeah anything different okay they fight because they've got already so I have a special message for what they want any a proclamation without oh boy yeah tell me what if he stay for not the site very soon no tell me something different to what Jonathan's put up oh that's what I made okay okay so probably don't think they did visually the same thing I demo deke dude I made it with collars this was green and then I did a corner with then part which is enlarges revelation 14 are you with the cut I couldn't read the different colors really contrast it oh okay anyway that was this then I showed that we have in Revelation 10 the angel we have a description of the tent and angel-like clothed with a cloud rain walk on set basis on feeders pillars that was enlarged meant for me Angelus looks like okay how do you like this a manger that's the hope that's that that's where the assignment it isn't that assignment is to know that it's the same angel so he just go through the Bible verse first yeah so it's the description so the description and is so what's this angel go did they say anything about this angel he's never nasty in culture like a description of you know doesn't give any information and this one gives you a lot of information yes okay so we won't list them out but there's a number of wells the revolution okay so there's this book and there's nothing here anything else seven thunders are soon up he speaks and he speaks as well yes yes so he speaks the gospel and what he wouldn't he say so this he speak the seven thunders the angel yeah I'm asking this he speak the seven thunders are a so Hussein to seven thunders then he's she's saying he's not I'm still asking her really someone else I think so okay so you think it's someone else decision mother you're saying it's the same it's the angel or someone else someone else um is probably Jonathan if the verse says after a year and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices seems to me like it's someone else stir up the V anyway I can use the confusion that we have okay so before the quotation just a verse itself is it the same person had you show service just using the verse which bursar we as you take your mic where's it say cried twice no that's the same person hi I'm the principal backyard given Oh sweetly

but this would make the ancient the seven thunders I'm not saying angel is the seven thunders I said that it's his voice yeah so what what what do we know for sure he says and he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roar it so we know that yes so when he speaks he sounds like what sounds like a lion and then what happens and when he had cry like a lion seven thunders after their voices decides to be like his stops crying and then you hear the seven thunders saying something so he speaks then the seven thunders speak yeah so let's just do verse four and when the seven thunders had uttered their voices that's in the plural yet I was about to write and I heard a voice from heaven so there's another voice is that the angel so there's another voice saij don't right so there seems to be three different people speaking the angel there's seven thunders and another voice we will agree with that was there anything else that you'd picked up before we put up spirit possibility to not address that yeah them in then this angel says time is no longer so he speaks once and then he speaks again yeah and this angel tells John to eat a little book and it's going to be sweet and bitter and she says to John again that he had to prophesy once once again that Arizona never speaking oh okay you say yeah that's it boys from this one another voice they start riots and then we speak again is and the voice which I heard from heavens pick onto me again so to speak again is the boy with the other and from heaven each verse see things okay so this isn't the angel this is the one from heaven and eight little bookies who I enjoyed this sickening did not seem wise which speak I mean this is from heaven as well and this one prophesy again that's so the IU doesn't know John oh no no that's not correct that in verse nine it says and I went unto the angel and said unto him give me the little book and he said unto me take it and the angel said he said unto me but it's heaven heaven no not there in verse 8 I'm the voice which I heard from heaven speak on to me again and see go and take the little book ship and then read verse 9 and in verse 9 decide and he said unto me mister here is a danger yes so you say who says this one to me all the Greeks that's happened yeah take only one you have any tool what verse is that Murthy this is verse six mercy than the voice which I had heard from Kevin take onto me again was it Toy yeah oh that's verse six yes Hussein at Buell so this is the age of not heavenly angel the angel says this one this is verse 6 in verse 7 were indicted the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God shall be finished as he hath decadence over coffee it's about the same person speaking yet okay so now we're in verse eight now what's happening why it's from him and speaking again so the voice from heaven says is that all it says take the book didn't tell you what to do with it no I'm saying it's the angel yes and I went unto the angel and said unto him the angel yes give me the little book and he said unto me booster heat engine so we all agree to the angel yeah so this one now it's the angel please open the book take it an 80-hour panitch I'll make my belly bitter but it shall be in thy mouth liters honey took the little book out then just hand and ate it and it was as he said it was and he said unto me thou must prophesy again before many peoples who stir he so then the angel speaks again this says prophesy again is that what you got through all the vs. okay so let's do this one name because we've got three people speaking spirit property quo you said I'll find it and this reading it over that's the record so we could make it over as well I'm reading sitting in my remains at one bar graph for 971 yes is that 17 mo7 duck-sized 7dc 37 BC mm-hmm nice 71 wine for let's read that and you think this is they tell us well yeah well that's why I was rude you need author after these seven thunders uttered their voices the injunction comes to John as to Daniel in regard to little books he liked those things which the seven thunders uttered these relate to future events which shall be disclosed in their order thank you stand in his lot at the end of the day John sees little book concealed and Danny's companies have the proper place in the first second third range of messages begin to the world the unsealing that little book was the message in relation to time you see if you can fight something on that let's go through a proxy quotes now someone else is the test the spear policy quotes to show that these angels are the same angel maranatha 18 18 did everybody have this one it's the same quote if you give us the original one then is cut off from the end this is message of warning but the original says message of warning Sawa okay second selected message 107.3 that we're up and one or 8.1 special selected messages 103 well no one was so very point three English when we do referencing if you try and make the effort to but least go back to the original one as opposed to compilations just so they're all kind of trying to be on the same page unless it's not that straightforward the message of Revelation 14 proclaiming that the hour of God's judgment is come is given in the time at the end the end of Revelation 10 is represented as having one foot on the sea and one foot on the land showing that the message will be carried to distant lands the ocean will be crossed and the islands of the sea will hear the proclamation of the last message of warning to our world did everybody use this quote everybody yeah and the for your peril paragraph okay so just to test what whitey ways is to protect just write this run it through different the work through the message of Revelation 14 is proclaiming that the hour of God's judgment is calm okay and then she switches to the angel of Revelation 10 so it's the same thought the same message just just drawing I currently watch everybody agree with that is that the logic everybody used yeah yeah it says the message of full team is given in the time at the end run-on sentence and the angel revelation 10 is showing what be showing that that the message the same message is now going to go worldwide yeah of jumpin how do I know I'm missing a part how do I know that the message of Revelation 14 is the first angel eyes are not meant in the second area you know his name yeah my answer to death yeah well there's a good answer it says the message of a revelation 14 there are three angels how do I know it's for the second or third okay I mean that's the or of God's judgment in school so this says the message of 14 is in the time at the end and then it says clean thanks Taj Mahal and the same message is given in tenth I've paraphrased that obviously badly but it's that way it's a yeah so the question is how do you know it's the first angel in 14th and it says because of the afraid that comes after it the hour of his judgment is come which is verse yes because seven and I saw another angel flying seven you're logging in from these children is calm okay so it's seven yes yes I have some minor additional point that says this message goes to the islands of the sea which I just looked at my friend self announcement you see that the first angels message then the gospel workers for seventy programmed to also go silent of disease so gospel workers for seventeenth paragraph two seven zero four seven zero enough to say read that the time has come went through God's messengers to scroll is being unrolled to the world's particularly flower the time has come went through God's messengers the scroll is being unruly to unroll to the world the truth contained in the first second and third angels messages must go to every nation kindred tongue and people it must light in the darkness of every continent and extend to the islands of disease and we see the islands of the sea salt on the first port and what is that it just shows that this first angels message is worldwide it even goes to the island do to see it's just a matter of Kerala plastic maybe just an additional point as well yeah yeah that's what he said he's got he's gone through to SM picked that phrase up and found it in gospel workers so you wanted to do the metagraph and the angel which I saw stand upon the scene upon the earth lifted his hands she's gonna quote verses five and six this message announces the end of the prophetic periods the disappointment of those who expect to see our Lord in 1844 was indeed bitter to those who had so ardently look to his appearing it was the Lord's it wasn't the lord's order that this disappointment should come and that heart should be revealed so what you saying that Sisk evaporating on revelation 10 but the only reason I continue so he says this message what is this message in this paragraph now the same ethic in the first paragraph it's something about so this message would be revelation ten five and six which is also the same as revelation 14 in the preceding revelation 14 verse six yes so when we've just highlighted fourteen fourteen six and seven is speaking of the hour of God's judgment is time in the time of the end and then at the angel of revelation 10 is also the same miss it's the same message but on a broader scale it's just so it's the arrival and the empowerment that however brief reading that which says this message Mr sair is that how you read it she said that verses 5 & 6 go back to Revelation 14 verse 6 so this message is the message of Revelation 14 verse 6 of this message here in this second paragraph is the same message in the first paragraph you say know what is what is the message in paragraph 1 14 6 and what's the message in paragraph 2 this is where disagreeing with you they saying this message is not revelation 14:6 the message that she's referring to is just that last bit that there should be time no longer people defend your positions you can't say I caught a good boy so 107.3 says that the those who are one in the same it says a message of Revelation 14 6 and 7 that's where it talks about God's judgment and then it says immediately after and the angel of revelation 10 is that's how I'm reading it that the angel of revelation 10 is the angel of revelation 14 that's how I read it no one gives us that information the question is when it says the message I'm asking what that message is the sister Sara saying the message is time she'll be no longer she's a separate message that's what that's what she's saying and the third period at the so I see that as I don't know exactly what the end of prophetic periods to be but I'm I don't want to yes I did I would say 1798 what is 17 okay the end of the prophetic periods and that would also for the in line with Jesus paragraph versus time of the end to end of prophetic periods is in time at the end if we didn't study on prophetic periods it was makers 677 457 and 508 and Old Lace would take it away okay so 18:53 just to be you just say understanding with another right they can read the prophetic period what about the how do you know it's that's the use in that place in the 2300 what about the 2020 so 80 79 that is the 25 20 2300 day sorry that's one of them yeah but it says this message now sees the end of the prophetic period okay thanks Bobby Johnson I think in their first paragraph letters 107 paragraph 3 3 talks about that both messages 14 and 10 are worldwide and in the second paragraph I think the message is time is no longer so that's why I think this message refers to Revelation 10 56 before they this 7 BC met the nine seven one paragraph for the last sentence says this unsealing of the literal was a message in relation to the time so what does that mean if the unsealing of the little book was a message in relation to time that means it first means as messages our message to late into time okay and therefore the the revelation trans message is dealing with time it is a non same time is no longer and it is announced in the time they the difference with while Shyamalan says the first angels message is to arrive at the time of the end but the first angels message is not the time of the end what it arrives at the time of the end and it is a message in relation to the time I mean also in early writings everywhere we got so dividing are you agreeing with sister shamela or disagreeing with it I'm agreeing with her that it is missing a message okay so when it says the message in paragraph two is the same message as paragraph one yes because they are the same it's the same and they were just repeating and enlarging yes you can't do that cuz you already agreed with it you buuuut back down too quickly before you got to the other big help okay so develop your argument said probably don't get it then he can say you were alright wait I thought you were reading 7bc 971 to prove that the angel speaks the seven thunders no I he's given up that one yes they did so because this describes the answer in my mind so is it correct wasn't the board victory at the moment yeah so the the answer is not speaking the same thunders I am not backing down from the stuff she caught proving it okay but that's not any longer our fine no you are you were talking about the SS no longer the point remember that we had gone on to second is in 1 or 7.4 a 1 or 8.1 is confused because you what took us back to the same paragraph yeah the last say yeah but he thought you're going back to this issue but you know so you can't be coming back to this issue yes so what's your argument now that the message she says the unsealing of the little book was the message in relation to the time okay so therefore the first second and third in the messages are the first angels message which arrived at the time of the end when knowledge shall be in pieces our message relation to time okay did anybody get that some people are understanding that you need to go a bit slower let's go to it we read 1798 at the time of the end what's what's this angel saying now it's an unseemly oh I know that but it to be a sign attack so he's saying he's gonna speak a message about time do we all agree with that how do I know that he speaks message about time how do you know that the unsealing of a little book was a message in will to obtain okay so let me ask a different question when is the message unsealed okay so we've got unsealed we've got a reference to that so we're gonna put TN one one five paragraph three but we've got Bible verse okay so you stand your 12:4 and he can go another one starts Alicia okay so we're going that one down you 12 for now the book begins to be unsealed so that we got the NCD now what you say since the unsealing undeliverable was the message in really Ashanti right okay so the unsealing is a message about time so whatever the first angels doing we've already proven that the first danger comes here in 1798 that was assignment one we will agree with that and when he comes he's gonna give a message that's about time yes that's right do we would agree with that's where he's messages and so what is he saying about time no it's not same timings no longer is he here is he saying man is covered it's in the oil judgment is come okay so it's a message about time and what is what is it about time that it's right it's time for judgment could we say it that way and when is the judgment so he's speaking here when is the judgment 1844 is that we will agree with that either way I don't mind I think what is b44 I'm not making that and you said it took one argument so no that was okay that was just to show that the reason I did that is because by the way I won't take you to 1884 I won't do that because so that's why I put 43 there because people if I 144 people say that error right yeah that is that that's what I mean that's why I'm saying I'm going to forget for bring you to the customer 44 so when he says he is time for judgment when it's that time in 1844 it's time for judgment in 44 we can say that did we agree with that so he speaks the message about time and he says it's time for the judgment in 44 okay and this is Daniel 8:14 so he's going to give that message so now carry on your point so therefore he is telling as I said that he's enormous in Italy if it is a message relating to time and the revelation 10 the same time sorry no longer you read it from 7 BC 97 1 have you finished with that one yes I just wanted the last sentence paragraph for the unsealing of the little book was the message in relation to time 20 says the message what is this message they said the message it's the first dangerous message in paragraph 7 she goes on to say this time which the angel declares with a solemn oath is not the end of this world's history neither of a probationary time but I should proceed so okay so let's let go down to seven we'll read that again this time where is it so where we're picking up this time from 7 BC 9 7 1.7 we're paragraph 7 it says this time so what time is she referring to in this power bonus is it I mean back what the first thing there but she's not tying it in with the second Whitley Revolution Tim don't you saying in the paragraphs itself where does it say this time which time is she referring to or the time of room after 7 nights at one point for the unseen of the little book was the message in relation to time is that the only place she's going to talk about time as we go further back because he begins the section begins in 3 yes then we've got to 4 it says yes so tight this is the first time times introduced yes yes then no it's the first time fallacies here introduce the rest of it is not dealing with time she said this special I've given to Johnny which was expressing in serotonin or the delineation of the events transpired on that it for a second and second angels message it was not so then she goes no she's going back to the time of paragraph four to do so when he says time it's not talking about he's come here on time talking about the time here isn't it it's time that's that they're in not this one no yeah that's not the time of the end I see time again you see tiger which paradigm we have in 1.6 when see the last sentence okay it's represented by the angel standing with one foot money proclaiming with the most solemn oath that time should be no longer okay so we read verse four so let's go to verse 5 then the books of Daniel Revelation are one what is a prophecy the other of Revelation 1 a book seal the other book open John heard the mysteries which the thunders uttered but he was commanded not to write them so some people pick this up in in assignment 1 and some people didn't but you're already everybody's one and I was hoping everybody would put this into their assignment this paragraph here why is this paragraph important I can't remember who did it because it's highlighting that there why I know it's a repeat energy one is of it open one is up so one is that common jury okay but if somebody said quite specifically the Book of Daniel has been sealed okay now you can unseal Daniel and you don't unseal Daniel by getting light on Daniel how'd you unseal Daniel by the revelation the revelation unseals it and then it's something specific in the revelation that unseal Daniel and that is what what is what is this specific thing that unsealed Daniel where's the unsealing happening which chapter 14 and 14 is whoa yes or if you just wait to one it's the everlasting God so it's the everlasting gospel that unseals the Book of Daniel yeah so what we did this morning about a reformed line which is the gospel it's all about prophecy if you are no understand prophecy the tool that you use or the key is the gospel the gospel is were unlocks or decodes prophecy yes so has all of the Book of Daniel being unsealed tonisha my sister it's only the book of daddy bill unsealed when does the unsealing occur okay does the Bible say it gets its being unsealed it says its unsealed it's sealed till the time at the end therefore at the time being it's unsealed yeah so if you want to put progression in there I don't mind I'm okay to do that but when does it happen time at the end so we passed the time at the end so has the Book of Daniel being unsealed yeah so if we were living in 1987 had the Book of Daniel being unsealed a portion of it had yeah that portion whatever it had to be nicer than what was that that's right what been unsealed by 8 1987 Daniel 8 had Nick dan you hated been unsealed right back here so what's left to be unsealed Daniel 11 is left to be unsealed okay so how you gonna run steel down you the 11 brother Larry bro revelation okay what what specifically you have to use in revelation to unseal it you have to use their the everlasting gospel to do that sorry beginners question why why do we need the three majors message specifically or the gospel to I understand that and then in Revelation we see Daniel unsealed and quite specifically or maybe I just don't get the connection at the moment okay but you agree is something in the revelation that's going to unseal it so the question is you go to those 22 chapters and you've got to work out where'd you unseal Daniel so you can go to middle write history for sure to do that can't you because middle I usually shows you it's revelation 14 and it's Daniel 8 so you can just see it there it isn't in an obvious way how could you see it in a as a concept or a principle or as a theme why would you need the gospel to unlock prophecy as opposed to something else yeah how does that answer him because he couldn't be any it could be any word in Revelation so that would mean it'd be revelation one because there you see Christ so that would mitigate that committee against it being the gospel because that's in 14 the gospel is and you see Christ in one do I send my question so my question is we know that the revelation is what open door unlocks Daniel so which part of the revelation would unlock it we have a lot of circumstantial evidence from all that we've done here is that we know Daniel is unsealed here in 1798 and we know that an angel that's hold the everlasting gospel is the person who comes down and he unseals it so we know that in Miller I hate sue that's what happens it's 14 that does the unsealing so my question is why would it be the gospel that as the unsealing and not a revelation of Christ or am a rare fish you know however way you want to look at all the trumpets why is it the gospel that does the unseemly it's the same gospel that was declared and even when God said to the serpent I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise the and thou shalt bruise his heel genesis 3:15 here was the first promise of a savior who had stand on the field of battle to contest the powers of Satan that prevailed against him Christ came to our world to represent the character of God as it is represented to his holy law for his law as a transcript of his character Christ has both the law and the gospel the angel that proclaims the everlasting gospel proclaims the law of God the gospel of salvation brings men to obedience of the law whereby their characters are formed after divine similar - is that all - it maybe was just too fast and I could follow everything since all the bacon it Sicilian that we did last week with proven arrival of the first dangerous message like the time of the end you're asking is the same thing that is being brought once we get the concept of why the first Indian message arrives at the time of the end it is the same thing that will give us the answer as to why is it that it is the everlasting gospel are the 1st 2nd and 3rd in terms messages that are simply because none yet also to me it is similar like this series and it churches before you do that before you go to also explain conceptually why why is it the gospel is that what is what is required to unseal prophecy not anything else so I've not any other type of information but the Trump is not going to unseal it no it can't so why is it only the gospel can do the unsealing because it it's Christ as we are proving that other European on the mighty angel is no less a personal study Christ and it is Christ that I don't know how to it's the line of the tribe of Judah that prepared to take the mikado open so it is the Christ revealing so then you're gonna say it's prevailing that's where she went the fact that me would say get you acted like a revelation fight to do that work no I mean what she was in love of God I think it already seen of the world because when Johnny he saw alum I didn't have been slim and that's the unrealized even gospel from our brother Larry did brother lately ever since I came in today Valerie if I'm understanding is correctly the first second third angels message unlock the Book of Daniel because of what it specifically speaks about judgment of sin righteousness and judgment that's what those individuals experienced all through that history sin righteousness and judgment was led them to 1844 so that history of death of Revelation 14 unlocked Daniel 8 is that correct okay so then in in my mind Daniel 11 will be unlocked in similar manner as we are now repeating the history of the first second third angels message that history of Daniel 11 will be unlocked to us that makes sense yep probably Nathan while we defined our lasting gospel as the organ Christ and developing and then demonstrating to us the worshipers to polish the prophetic message and then we understand prophecy to be a delineation of events leading down to the closed door so similar to I agree with what Larry said that as the everlasting gospel is unsealed to the people they understand that it's a testing message it's a message that's separating two classes of worshipers and that's helping them understand where they are in prophetic history that leads them to to the closed door taste I understand that that might be the journey that you go on while Daniel is Babel has been unsealed but I don't see how that is what unlocks Daniel because I don't read anywhere that Miller studied revelation 14 and then study done that wasn't his method of studying was it no so how do we say we say it understanding them you mean it no not the it Daniel that you said how it unsealed Daniel what was that you mean revelation 14 because he's not studying revelation 14 that you you're incurring yeah he's he's not he is living revelation 14 he is revelation 14 he is that angel it is he that angel that opens the Book of Daniel is the a Jew maybe I'm looking too literally that it just kind of sounds like philosophically I don't care ever seen that we have come full circle and I get my point uh price and I said that general healing with time because you say time was no longer well that's the whole point because that's what sister shamila was saying that they're the same time which is what you were saying and press the bus okay wrestling to say it's two different times two different times yeah okay so maybe we haven't bottomed it out but we know that Daniel Irving is unsealed where the time the end I mean in which chapter four chapter what rightly yeah revolution for it to you it's revelation 14 unseals Daniel 11 yes really agree with that sorry William Miller in speaking about William Miller the servant of the Lord says prophecies which were a long dark into the minds of the people of God we're both my question I'm answering not living with the fourth revelation 14:10 father was my question how is it that if the everlasting gospel is it is the revelation 14 6 to 12 is what all things if that means and that was my last question was my last question it was my last patient by magenta this message is the same message my last question was what unsealed Daniel 11 that's my last question and what's the answer revelation 14 revelation 14 until they well no revelation either it's any three told you so much positive now you will get another option revelation 18 that until yeah yeah why can't revelation 14 why can't revelation 14 unseal Daniel 11 because it was good enough to do it mate it was good enough to do it for Daniel 8 why can't it do it for Daniel 11 not him done time either Elam because he's not hinge on time yes you go to many places in the script in spirit property she says revelation 14 is at the end of the world yes what she specifically says revelation 18 is it's going to be in our time in in terms of it's a repeat it's a repetition of the second angel which is revelation 14 revelation 18 to repeat in the second angel okay so revelation 14 is going to unlock Daniel eight we agree with that so what's going to unlock Daniel 11 are you sure now yeah everybody agree with that the hell is that right six reads revelation 18 points to the time wind as the result of rejecting the threefold warning of revelation 14 6 through 12 the church will have fully reached the condition foretold by the second angel and the people of God still in Babylon will be called upon to separate from your community so revelation 18 points to the time when as the result of rejecting the three-fourth warning of Revelation 14 when was revelation 14 rejected right there on that lunch from 1798 to 1844 was the first time that that message was rejected amen okay with that yes so she tells us revelation 18 points to the time when that would be our time that's how I'm reading it it's a source correct more than 170 there wasn't one surveyed one seventy three point six so let me suggest this the it's revelation 14 that unlocks Daniel 11 but there's a problem revelation 14 not the verse is not the chapter itself there's a problem with it or we have a problem with Revelation 14 what the problem that we have with Revelation 14 is God's people what we misunderstood about Revelation 14 okay so do we know 1490 lemon and it's clear on that yeah they're pretty reasonably clear on that I think it's not just you I mean all of us yeah he's mark of the beast yeah what about 14 6 & 7 and we all pretty clear on that first angels message comes in 1798 you know an abundant amount of information on that so I suggesting that advocates are okay with this one and okay with this one and what we've got a problem with is this one Revelation 14 verse 8 which is the second angels message there's a problem with the second areas message that we haven't understood or comprehended the information is there but we just haven't been able to do with it what is verse 8 about I've seen we are knows Babylon is fallen but what's he talking about what's the historical context of it the church's rejection of the message which church right I chased her sister Lisa listen it's the Catholic Church okay so someone saying Catholic is home safe Protestants now no but I mean now we're not now this is revelation 14 verse 8 who's this reat who's this message targeted ad that's right this is the Covenant people this is a target it is not talking either at the dragon on the Beast it's aimed at God's people isn't it yeah this statement you do agree with that yes yes no covenant-keeping people that had just gone into one of those systems they don't really come out 42 years ago 46 years ago that one's so Babylon is falling is now a celebratory message who's they which one's middle history so I think it's a celebration statement but who they talking to when they make that yeah to their church like who the church the Protestant church the world anyone else of jante to trust talking about Protestantism yes so let's pull up the passage it says that robbers are you got it it's a letter 98 1910 your Study Bible L&T white study by 98 1900 you're lucky I thought the GC quotes but go hit with this one okay it might be a GC but it's a long one I just want to give you this yeah are the specifically speaks about Protestantism it says and the Protestant world has taken the child of the papacy to be regarded as sacred in the Word of God this is called her fornication God has a controversy with the churches of today they are fulfilling the prophecy of John all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and she goes on and tells us is turning to source Protestant he's another one found it caiman are you remember it was form dc-dc look they caught the cup receiving us she lost what does that mean you lost you don't want anything about churches toilet experience not more on fun dc3 eight nine it's route 9 we thought we said to be at nine point to create to not three eight nine I've got three eight nine yeah it's the same chapter anyway no it's great night great night the send the second dangers message of Revelation 14 was first preached in the summer of 1844 and it then had a more direct application to the churches of the United States so would just stop there GC three eight nine paragraph two so it was targeted at God's people and there's been a great misunderstanding of all of that so here we are at the end of the world and Revelation 14 is gonna is what's the new unco door unsealed Daniel 11 why is that because the revelation 14 is the everlasting gospel one two three but what's the what what does revelation 14 need help with it needs help with this one here second angels message and where's you're going to receive that help rubble Eric revelation 18 so revelation 18 is going to help revelation 40 which is going to unlock Daniel 11 would you remember it well if you like yes yeah revelation 18 is going to empower a revelation 14 which is the language that we normally use the empowerment of the message and what needs to be understood or unlocked right or decoded is a second angels message it's this one here the second angels message if you print this way it's the test at the end of the world it's a good test at the end of the world and you can describe that in different ways so we'll describe it one way sing righteousness okay number two what does that mean to be righteous that's part of what we discuss in our morning classes so I'm going to ask what way and say oh how so if we talk about righteousness what does it mean to be righteous when do we become righteous and how do we become righteous okay so if I just used all of that about righteous this what would it be dealing with we went back to this board if we're dealing with this issue wouldn't it be under sin under grace yeah is there a total confusing you're not computing in our church about how you put away sin are you doing the same problem so when I'm saying that 18 is gonna help 14 is gonna unlock this and the problem is about the second angel we all experience that if I start asking you what is the nature of man we're not sure how it works how it operates if there's someone talking about willful sin or hidden sin can we stop sinning can we not stop sinning is it our nature is it not our nature with physical we don't even understand all the dynamics of how to deal with this issue here number two step and number two it's just another eight expressing the second angels message yeah so you couldn't you could describe this another way now we have a discussion in our movement then if this was 911 and this is midnight where does the second angels message arrive so is it here or is it here or is it here where do you want to place it now you must escape your attention but now all of this is opened or open for discussion of when the second angels message arrives so now we're not in the evening our movement we're now discussing the rights and wrongs of where the second angels message arrives so there's utter confusion on what on the second angel yeah we're not understanding what the dynamics of our history is on what we're supposed to understand I'll give another example if you take wait I'm talking about confusion yes it is because we're linked we're all confused about what's going on so if we did this 1840 to 1844 what would this way might be I won't so no that doesn't help you 8 444 now this is way mark 42 yes so if I put term May 42 we'll do what we mark in there so remark in the charts so if this was the first this would be the second this would be the third if we were going to use that as a temple cleansing yeah so the chart the 43 chart becomes a symbol of the second Test second angels message yes can we conceptualize that it's nothing new so if you zoom up on this chart here I think we did this in class what does the chart look like did we go to bat it to them run through that in class did that somewhere else so we'll look at the faulty three chart how's the forty-three charts structured if you were going to draw it out simply how would you do it so I would do it this way there's a central column can we see the central column here what's it listing it's all chronology all dates yeah and then the white we described it as what the chain chain of truth with the links so all that's on this side is one it's just figures that line up with these days with animals and they all line up then you've got some calculations up here and then your gain you've got some more figures down here but all of these figures are all lining up with these days so the structure is here you've got this central column and what is this central column what is that central column 25 20 if you look in the chart you'll see it yeah so both charts are structured the same way this one is actually boxed in same central column they both take you to the same place from 677 677 to 1844 1843 the structure in exactly the same way into the same chart but what was this chart of visional or a fulfillment of sorry this is the backup - and her backup - is what what does it say make the vision plane my tables so what vision is being made plane here what vision is being made plain here 25:20 the chart is the twenty five twenty everything else is just links in the chain the chart both charts on the twenty five twenty so now you know in 1863 why they have to replace the charts when they get rid of the twenty five twenty you have to get rid of those charts because the charts are the twenty five twenty yeah and you can see in a when it talks about Habakkuk chapter two so we obviously we haven't done his posture you might not know where is Habakkuk in history where is he right now where is he got use the historical critical method ology don't tell them that we do that in class okay the trouble there's a timeline here's a bucket and Zephaniah he's just after with no point looking in your Bible you studied before the historical my Bible gives me if you're talking about this time yeah what I wanted to know you got working knowledge be where it's place where is he well you know these canonical chronological big tables it tells you where the prophets are revelation yeah that's right so you think he's before Joe what year is Joe right no Jodie 7:21 we've been able to prove that frequently okay so Habakkuk and Zephaniah a just after Manasseh and before Josiah okay back it can't be before part of Josiah even though people say that in their car because you mean the commentary on that because if you look at his language and what he's saying after Manasseh because master would have killed him if he had been around there and he's a little bit before or around the same time as Josiah is if it is in between these two yeah but I'm a going rate for two years and back it's probably look around for longer so all I'm saying is he's around this time period here and what's he saying was what God telling him what is the vision that he has to write the twenty first we do that Babylon is Shamim oh wait no the seven sevens back here it's here we did a car isn't it isn't this the vision that he's talking about it says right this vision about the destruction in Zedekiah's right yeah yep five eighths ago every date we put it but it's this one that he's pointing to yes so the twenty five twenty is dealing with war the destruction of God's people isn't it yes so we take this and bring it here and bring it into our own time so now you begin to see why you want to reject these charts why you want to direct this chart because what the chart telling you talking about in the destruction of the SDA church and we want to bury that information so we don't want these charts around so this chart is the second angel similar the second angel we've got this whole issue about righteousness which nobody seems to understand we what else did we talk we look at we we're not sure about who actually is being called out and targeted here when it talks about the second age in the middle right history does many things we don't understand about it and the other thing we don't understand about the second angel the most important one is this I think for us probably here's 1844 what's this third angel yeah everybody can see that third angels message when there's a third angel let's do its work what would this way mock me Sunday law yeah where does Ellen White put 18 verse 2 she puts it she puts it right here at the Sunday law 83182 2 & 3 it's 3 what 3 18 3 is this formula mean four is this funding oh sorry and I'm not asking what you think I'm asking you what I'll wear and then white will place it if we go to Revelation so if you go to great controversy I think chapter 37 38 talks about the loud cry of the third angel when it is loud cry just an angel to Sunday look isn't it so here's the Sunday law it's a loud cry of the third angel the mouth cries our third angel is when it gets empowered when Babylon - falls Babylon Falls at the Sunday look yeah it's all complete by then she's going to bring you here but we say so this is number two second angel Babylon is fallen but we bring it here at 911 so you know however you approached it over and over again the problem with the gospel message with understanding Daniel is all tied in to the second angel there's a misunderstanding about the second angel in millerite history there's a misunderstanding about the second angel in our history and revelation 14 is the everlasting gospel then to unlock Daniel 11 you need revelation 18 to be clearly understood which is going to empower Revelation 14 this is a shamila said or the empower of Latian 40 because revelation 40 is going to decode or unlock Daniel 11 that's why we need revelation 18 and it's all about the second angel that's why in Revelation 18 it says the second angel paint who you ask because there's so much confusion on this subject if you ask people where you placed verse 4 ask any Adventists where would they tell you come out of my people I mean these unanimity on that there's no argument about verse 4 the argument is where you put verses one two and three that's where the argument is because that's where the confusion is because no there's no there's not an understanding of the second angel why I don't know why - essentially punish those Saints who is the Chaldeans B&R okay so that's Habakkuk chapter 1 verse 5 that bitter and hasty people this was Babylon the Chaldeans of Babylon the Babylonian that's Nebuchadnezzar extreme is referred to so whose Babylon at the end of the world ya gonna use Rome to come and destroy us we're running out of time Oh so before we pray and over with your assignments I've read them all they're all reasonably good we've had some discussion maybe you've got a little bit of opportunity to revamp them or hand them and if you haven't handed them in yet and we'll pick the study up again on Wednesday Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we ask and pray that you would be with us and guide us lord help us to have much greater clarity on the work of these angels and what they mean to us individually and as a group we ask for your blessing father in the precious name of Jesus I mean