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dear father in heaven we invite your spirit here as we open up your word together as we look at a summary of the chronology of the Scriptures we just ask for understanding and we ask Lord that anything that we do not understand that you can reveal it to us we pray this in Jesus name Amen so how many of you have ever tried to go through the entire Bible or any part of the Bible and figure out long stretches of chronology like the chronology of or the genealogies of the pre-flood world has anybody here ever tried to do that ok so I remember I interesting I can't create a chronology of the sons of Noah of young Abraham and I found out that actually Abraham died and Shemp son of Noah was still alive yeah yeah and you wouldn't think when you read the stories of yeah so what you find is that in doing it you learn a lot I mean there's a lot of things details that you notice when you start to go through chronology on your own an ideally you know we should have like a whole semester where we just study chronology together we figure everything out and you know that would be the best way of doing it because you're going to you're going to would learn a lot that way and I have to do a lot of it on my own which you know if I had other people helping me it probably would have went a lot more quickly now we're going to turn to page 11 in your notes here so we're just going to really skip over some of this quickly but here we have and Phil this is what you would have done you would have taken as you see here we have a chart where we have the ages of the patriarchs when they had their sons and this would be in Genesis you would find this list easier using my what's that yeah no not that one births of the patriarchs page 11 in the nose yeah and so you have this genealogy of the patriarchs in chapter 5 of Genesis and so obviously we can't go through them but the basic principle is that you have Adam is created and then it says that when he has Seth he's a hundred and thirty years old and then when Seth has Enoch II Seth is two hundred and thirty five years old wait hang on 105 years old and you would add those together and give you two hundred and thirty five and you would just continually do this now there's an important point if you were gonna add them up and just have your total work out to the number of years of from and this list here this is going to go from Adam to Jacobs birth what what assumption would you have to make so let's say I have you know I have a son and I'm 18 years old and then he has a son and when he's 18 years old and his son has a son when he's 18 years old and then they has he has a son when he's 18 years old so you got four or five generations depends how you count of it count it what assumption I would I have to make if I'm saying that I just add eighteen for each generation that's how old they were right so you wouldn't have you're assuming that they're not having the Sun on their 18th birthday but if the total is going to add up you know 18 so here so I'm 18 and then there's 18 18 18 I think is what I had and then when this one's born and you would add those all up that's yeah so that's that's right eight sixteen thirty-two yeah seventy-two it would be ninety if I had one more so this is 72 so we're assuming in something like this if it's going to add up to 72 years you would have to assume that each one of these people had their son born on their 18th yeah and if I what's that on the anniversary of their yeah yeah you'd have 28 months more which is like more than two years right I don't know yet so so some people say well and also how old how do they count their ages like Adam when does he turn one years old is he when he's born as he one is that his first year and he just counts his first year starting from oh he's not born when he's created do you count that whole time that's his first year and then a year later you would start his second year and so when you say he's a hundred and thirty years old has he completed a hundred and thirty years and is somewhere in his hundred and thirty years or is he just starting his hundred and thirtieth year right so people have to decide how do we do that do we assume one or the other right because we normally will say I'm 50 years old that means I've fulfilled 50 years and now I'm in my 51st year but we don't know like the Bible doesn't say how they count that now the other thing is we know by the fact that Methuselah died in the year of the flood this can give us a clue so how old according to the chart on page 11 how how old is the world when Methuselah is born yeah you can't already have a running total on the second to the left column so you 687 most right so you got 687 and how old did Methuselah live to be anybody know 969 everything if you add these together you get this sixteen hundred and fifty-six now if you were to add up the years to the flood we will find when our facts ad is born that's on that list about halfway down and he was born two years after the flood right and Shem was five hundred and two years old when our fact Senate was born does that make sense this is actually a little tricky thing because when the flood occurred Shem was five hundred years old but the point is when you look there at when our fax happens born so I don't actually have the date of the flood here but the date of the flood would be sixteen fifty six so when I add this together and we have how many generations from Methuselah to the flood so Maloof Methuselah is blonde and he is Lamech and Noah and yet it still comes up to the correct number so this would be the year of the flood I don't know if I'm going too fast explain this but when you do that and you look at this you'd have to say that the way that this is being done is that the Bible writer is averaging the age by giving you the age of the patriarch when his son is born plus or minus six months does that make sense so that he doesn't have to specify you know he was so many years old in so many months so when it says that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born that means he was plus or minus six months of 130 years that that makes sense to you and so it's meant to be added as a total and this is an important point because the Bible is wanting us to understand this chronology for what reason what's the purpose of the Bible all this chronology all these ages all these genealogies yes Heidi history of what that's prophetic message and how it affected people that's okay so whose genealogy is this passes what's that nice Christ genealogy so this is the line of Christ and so God is giving us this chronology in this genealogy to want is to place the events of the Bible in in relationship to each other but it's really the line of Christ that's that's what we're studying when you're studying that all these different people in the Bible and so the stories and the events that are mentioned are not the ones that normally a historian would always deal with they're the ones that God is dealing with because they relate to the gospel to salvation to Christ who he is where he came from and so this this total are these numbers they're given for a purpose now sometimes we'll see that there's a symbolic significant there's a there's symbolic purposes with some of these numbers and dates but there is also structure that happens and the whole premise of this these notes the structure of prophetic chronology is that I believe that the chronology the Bible is not random that there's a whole structure that goes right from Genesis to the end of the world that is set up early on in the Bible you know and I don't have time to go through all of that right now but it's not it's not random what God chooses to tell us and what occurs in the Bible is not some random collection of dates and ideas and names it's all serves a purpose so that's how you would deal with this so we know that from creation to the flood is sixteen hundred and fifty-six years that's the number that's given now I say that the flood occurred in the year twenty 391 so if you are well I guess I'll put it here 2391 BC and this is what we call a M that's in the year of the world and this is the you know BC before Christ so if I added these together and I shouldn't do it this way I guess I should do it I shouldn't say it's 2391 it's the year 2390 but 2391 overlaps so the year 2390 is a fall to fall from the fall of 2391 to the fall of 2390 and when I add these together I get this date oops do their own I get this I get 40 46 and when I do this so I'm using the years annamund I and the years BC and when I add them together I have to actually subtract one year to get the total BC years because one of these years the year is counted twice because this 16 hundred and fifty sixth year and this 2390 ahthe year are the same year right so when I add them together I have to subtract one so the world was created in 40 45 BC Daniel 11 verse 42 45 right we also have the number 45 and 46 so technically that year 40 45 starts in the year 40 46 because it's a what's that that aside the end from the beginning we both lost president yeah I know the same the same mechanism which makes these 46 going to 45 yeah was employed in the middle right history to make a 45 going to 46 yeah that's interesting yeah I assume yeah so this is my chronology and it differs from Asher's chronology so everybody knows that usher has a chronology that's 4004 and Ussher's chronology is kind of weird because he chose this date and made everything fit that is he had a general idea but he believed that the Jewish year started on the automata Kanak so it started on our calendar I'd be like September 21st but bet when you go back in the past with the Julian calendar it was actually October 22nd was the spring equinox at that period of time so or actually October 23rd I think so October 23rd so he has the first day of creation is October 23rd but he had to also have the spring equinox fall on a Sunday because he knew that the weekly cycle was still in effect so he had to choose a year where the spring equinox fell on a Sunday or the automata leak nuts fell on a Sunday and then he has a 365 day year that has an extra day added every four years so he was using this type of calendar that was theoretical basically an Egyptian calendar with 12 months of 30 days each with the extra leap days added at the end of the year and there's no evidence that that was ever used by the Jews and pretty sure it wasn't now he tries to apply that to the story of the flood and we tried to work it out with that and it doesn't work so you can't actually have the flood in a 365 day year because there's and we're going to look at that really quickly to the point is that when we we talked about the first day of creation in in ushers is on the evening of October 22nd begins the 23rd right because it's in sunset and so some Adventists like that idea that it's October 22nd that he has in the evening for the creation of the world so they kind of think well that sort of verifies it for them but the thing is they don't realize the calendar he uses isn't supported by the Bible at all and the whole idea that the autumn equinox starts the the year is kind of crazy so maybe Crazy's a kind of strong word but it's just you know now we would we wouldn't have that kind of idea nobody would support that idea but back when usher was doing it it was almost fashionable like the way he was doing some things were not other people were doing them he wasn't he didn't sort of create these arguments and then we know William Miller added a hundred and fifty-three years to this to get 4:157 because he wanted to have 1843 to turn out to 6,000 years and this is the thing that I try to avoid so there is nothing in my chronology that is contrived or trying to fit a system and and it may seem like somebody reading it on the surface they may think that I had an agenda that I sort of tried to make things fit but actually I have to change a lot of my views just to have the facts fit the way that the chronology works and I think this is an important principle is that we because almost every chronology that I've looked at that is not like a mainstream chronology even them they have an agenda their agenda is to make the Bible a mess chronologically but people have all kinds of schemes you know two hundred and fifty one year cycles Jubilee and sabbatical cycles that they and and they will ignore barefaced facts about chronology to make their chronology fit or work and I found that God's system is much more complex than the simplistic ideas that man sort of contrives and then when we look at his whole picture of chronology we see a structure that's derived one from a chiastic structure but also it's multiple complexities within it that all works into a unity it's kind of like creation everything that God does there's a design but that design is not simplistic it's rather complex but when you see it that structure it's God's fingerprint and this is how I would know then that a chronology that's derived from the Bible where you accept the Bible as it's as it reads but also that you don't ignore facts of history documentation things like astronomy you know some people will just completely ignore any astronomical evidence for dates in the Bible or they'll come up with little contrived things where you know God doesn't count some years in the Bible because the Jews are in apostasy so we're gonna leave those out you know or the biggest thing I find is that you'll you'll see new systems of chronology every time somebody wants to have 6,000 years and in the future a little few years from now so back in the 80s we had a lot of people ending the 6,000 years in the 1990s and then once you know the 90s were over people were starting to push them into the 2000s and they would always just cut years out in their systems of chronology to make it fit because they want to have the world and 6,000 years from creation not realizing that the 6,000 years is actually 6,000 years of sin and we don't know exactly when sin first came into the universe so it's not 6,000 years from creation that we were to count 6,000 years from the fall of Adam and Eve so you know and when that was we don't know but even then God may have extended the time which is what I believe happened I believe six thousand years has passed but there are ways in which we could tie it in with what we believe about reformed lines and so forth so I know that's kind of a long explanation around that but I'm gonna show you and I'm gonna draw this out here a bit what I want to do is do a really quick overview of some of these things so we have the pre-flood world exists for one thousand six hundred and fifty six years right so that's our first period or first epoch that we have now we know of course there's 120 years from Noah receiving the blueprints for the ark and we gave it preaching so you know that's but that's the part of that ethic that's the reform line that occurs so what would be the next period of time and I'm gonna skip over this the chronology of the flood the only thing I didn't note before that when I worked it out I had the door of the ark closing on October 22 23 91 BC and so that's the beginning of the year twenty three ninety BC that's on page 13 it's the third date there and that was not by design it just occurred when I used my logic on how to count the year of the flood based on Noah's six hundredth year of life and to put the calendar that's on the preceding page to line it up with the the moon's moon cycle so whether that's correct or not I don't know I could be wrong about that but I thought it was an interesting feature and it's also a Sabbath and also every day that the Raven and the doves are sent out isn't on the first day of the week and so those weeks are the actual weeks of creation if this chronology is correct so I just thought it those are little details that if I hadn't have done all you know the work of working it out I wouldn't have I wouldn't have noticed them right so it was important that I I do things in a detailed way and there's some chiastic structure you'll see on page 14 the two hundred and fifty day periods that most people just completely ignore and there's also a chiastic structure in the story of the flood itself which is on the bottom of page fourteen there now the next part is the securing of the children of Israel but to get to that we have to get to Abraham and so you do the same thing with Abraham and if you go back on this on page 11 I believe it was we have this so I have the flood there and I go all the way up to when Jacob is born but the important date is when Abraham is born so Abram is born in the year 2000 and 8:00 a.m. so here we got 2008 a.m. and a Mun die and how old was Abram when he left her and so we could look in Genesis chapter 12 and it would tell us does anybody know offhand he was 75 years old okay so he was 75 years old when he left her ran so that makes it 20 83 and 20 83 when he leaves her ran there's four hundred and thirty years of thus adjourning of the children of Israel and we find that in two places Exodus chapter 12 verse 40 and it says now the surger nyan of the children of Israel who dwelt in Egypt was 430 years we discussed this before and it's also in Galatians chapter 3 so this 430 years began when Abram left her an so what we would do is we would add 430 to this and this would be the date of the Exodus so this is when he leaves her ran and this is the date of the Exodus now that date of the Exodus the Exodus this is a.m. right so this isn't BC this is a.m. and from the creation of the world now notice it's just seven years shy of a twenty-five twenty I don't know if you notice that but you know if the Exodus had just been seven years later it would have been twenty-five twenty years from creation yes symbolically so it's now it's interesting well we know that's the Exodus and then there's another forty years that they wander in the wilderness right so we got the wilderness and then this would be twenty five fifty three years and this would be the crossing of the Jordan and then we have first Kings chapter 6 verse 1 and it says and it came to pass and the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel in the month Ziff which is the second month that he began to build the house of the Lord so where would you start this four hundred and eighty years that's in that goes up to the lane of the foundation of Solomon's Temple where would you start it according to this passage the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt first King six verse one after Etsy the witch crossing of the Red Sea Exodus 20:5 okay so people would tend to put it here at the Exodus so whether you put it at the crossing of the Red Sea or whether you put it when they leave remnant Ramsay's that's where people would normally put it now God brought them out of the land of Egypt but when were they come out of the land of Egypt I know it might seem it like a distinction but God brought them out of Egypt but when were they completely out of Egypt so could we possibly place it at the crossing of the Jordan River and if not why not and if why why would we do that help us regulate that okay because because by the first it doesn't tell you because if you say okay let's say it's 480 years after Exodus after the crossing of the Red Sea but then you see the events meats mismatched like other things then you know while Bobby's not there let's try the crossings over the short yeah and then that fits that's right okay so this is what I did so my assumption was it's gonna be the Exodus now in doing that when I started to work out my chronology so one is I have to work out a chronology of the Exodus itself what day of the week did events occur and then look at the moon cycle and figure out when the first day of the first month was and lay out the calendar for that for the different years to see which one's the Sabbath lay on the correct days because one of the things that we find is that the fifteenth day of the second month is a Sabbath in the year that they leave Egypt and so there are some years there definitely you cannot get the Sabbath to lie on the correct day so those years would be excluded from possibilities and I could not get it to occur for the if I went from the chronology that I had and and how I built the chronology because I didn't start from the creation I actually started from the destruction of Jerusalem and worked my way back so I went through the kings of Judah which took a long time it took a couple of years to work through that would have been so much simpler if I just knew a few things about it but I had to work everything out read everything that everybody wrote now I put up here that you know we have this is the period of the patriarchs so I'm just gonna come back to that in a second so I just wrote this up here and that's including the 75 years for Abram so if you would add that together you'd get this 20 83 and then we have this 430 years of thus adjourning so you got post-flood patriarchs and then you have thus adjourning which is 430 years and then you're gonna have the 40 years in the wilderness and then we're gonna have 480 years so this is the period from first Kings 6 verse 1 and this you know if we add this up then we would find how long it was till the Lena fountains foundation of Solomon's Temple from the creation and to find the lane of the foundation of Solomon's Temple is actually not that difficult if you accept the Bible chronology of the kings and you accept the archaeological and astronomical evidence for when Jerusalem was destroyed then you're gonna get within a year of that so you're gonna know within a year now there's some things when it says that the four hundred and eightieth year I had tried using it the four hundred and seventy-nine years assuming that the four hundred eighty a--the was counting ordinal II so the four hundred and eightieth year but I came to the conclusion it's four hundred and eighty years not 479 right so there's it was always really happy with that until I started looking at a bunch of other evidences so I'm not gonna have time to go into that but this is the way that I would do it is I would look at the different ages and the different spans so the Bible gives us different spans and then you try trial and error to work through these various spans now the way I would do it here from from this is I would say well this is in the fourth year of Solomon's reign and so Solomon reigned for forty years so I had three hundred and sixty years to the dividing of the kingdom so here the kingdom is going to be divided and then I have the period from the dividing of the kingdom to what event would you try to mark then I guess I didn't here destruction of jerusalem now on page 32 of your notes you have this diagram written out like this but I'll show you how I finally ended up doing the kings of Judah and Israel once I had figured it all out I worked through like reading all this different stuff trying to figure out how you would count them spring to spring and fall to fall but I found I have this chart here and it has on the left side the kings of Judah riobamba by JC Oaxaca fat and basically what I did is the Bible tells you how many years they reigned but there's a couple of complexities one is Jehoshaphat and Jehoram have a co-regency and in order to figure that out that they reigned together for two years it's kind of complicated you have to use a bit of math and you have to look at about four or five different verses to actually figure out how long they reign together but the Bible plainly tells us that they reign together for a period of time it just doesn't say they reign together for two years and so I have to take that out of the total but basically I just have the total even the two that reigned for three months jehovah has in jehoiachin i just counted him as three months and so i find that the total is 391 years and six months for the kings of judah the kings of judah is a single dynasty that's the sons of David right now the kings of Israel are a little bit more mixed-up and more complicated but the thing is the Bible is giving me the genealogy of Christ and it's giving me a total for the kings of Judah that if I just add them together I will get the total number of years now you remember we have Jerusalem is destroyed in 586 and we have the temple is rebuilt under dryest is decree in 516 remember we had these periods of years and we had 597 was the captivity of Jehoiachin and 607 was the captivity of Daniel and we had 677 for the captivity of Manasseh and these start these these four events are the four seven times and these start periods of 70 or 140 years that end in 457 the point is why was there 70 years of captivity why is the 70 70 years 70 years why is the Babylonian captivity 70 years do you remember the reason according to 2nd chronicles 36 verse 19 to 21 and Leviticus 26 verse 34 and 35 my rest of the land had to rest okay so if it rest for 70 years how many years did the land not rest 490 right so we know then there's a period here of 490 years and it just so happens that the chronology of the Kings shows that this would be 1097 which is and this is 977 this is the hundred and twenty years of Solomon David and Solomon Saul David and Solomon right that's 120 years and that means that the kingdom was divided in 977 and this foundation of Solomon's Temple was laid here in the fourth year which would be 10:13 and it would be completed seven years later in the year 1006 BC and if you go from the first temple to the second temple is 490 years and this to me would confirm that this chronology is correct because you have 490 years of the kings and once you have the Kings once Saul is anointed they make their sons and their daughters basically either slaves they take some of their land they tax the people and so the people do not observe sabbatical rest of the land and it's because of the kings and that's why the first is an attack on the kingship because the kingship is the reason the main reason or the main excuse why they're not keeping the sabbatical rest of the land and then the next one is begins you know the wild beasts robbing you of your children the siege of Jehoiachin and then the final siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 we along with the temple and so the four seven times leviticus 20:6 are all relating to this history of 490 years but the fact that there's also 490 years from the dedication of Solomon's Temple or that not relieve the dedication but when he completes it to the dedication of the second temple is a strong evidence that this 490 years is not a chat not it's not random it's by design but if I made this moved any of these you know year or two over that whole structure would fall apart but the thing is the structure exists from the 2520 itself and it's confirmed with this other structure and then we know also that this is a period of 490 years that's divided in six times seventy because this is four hundred twenty years and one times seventy which is a sabbatical cycle six and one and then also we find that with this 490 years from the building of the temple to the destruction is also four hundred and twenty years which is six times seventy and then we have 70 years here so it's the same structure again it's a sabbatical a weekly cycles six times seven the x + 1 times 76 times 70 plus 1 times 70 and then Daniel he has a vision that 70 times 7 which is also 490 years so it's based on this earlier structure from leviticus 20:6 so this this structure here comes from Leviticus 26 it's part of God's fingerprint so I say all that just to say that once we get to the destruction of Jerusalem we had this period of the kings right so we had five so the siege starts here or the destruction is here and this is when the kingdom is divided and so the period of the kings of Judah is 391 years and six months and if you go from here and you count from here its 391 years and six months so that means the chronology that you have in the Bible is just a simple straightforward chronology the thing is this it just comes from taking the 25 20 as we understand it without you know even dealing with the 25 20 year periods just dealing with Leviticus 26 even it's not even really the 25 20 just using that that principle that the root Land has to rest for 70 years but it gives me the correct number of years for the kings of Judah so 391 years and six months so it fits perfectly so that to me would be an indication that it's correct so one of the things that I always want to point out is that I didn't get this to work out this way and then make everything fit but even if I had tried to I would have to been a real genius to get all these standard kind of dates to work now some of them are a year different but I was using the Bible to get it to work in this kind of structure so I couldn't manufacture this even if I'd wanted to and that's the nice thing about these complicated systems that God has in his design is it's hard to to just make up you couldn't just like somebody who has a very simplistic you know every 251 years as a cycle or some Jubilee cycle but they ignore all the facts of history those are easy to do you can make up any kind of system you want and fudge things you know say that well those years don't count because they were in apostasy so I'm going to take those out but this is rather hard to just manufacture and it keeps becoming confirmed in other ways so that once you see the structure everything falls into place so we have the destruction of Jerusalem then this period of time is 391 years we'll just leave up to 6 months because it doesn't really affect the addition and then Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 and so if you add this all up together you'll find you get that total that we had at the beginning so this is 13 1920 so it's yes 40 46 all those added up together so that means the beginning of the world was in 40 46 although the first year full year of creation is 40 45 because it starts in the fall somewhere in the fall and but you know it doesn't start on the autumn equinox that wouldn't make sense but I mean it's possible there's no reason to do it okay is that makes sense so you can see that's the whole basic chronology up to the destruction of Jerusalem and then I'm just counting 586 BC to give me 446 years the number there that up to the time of Christ this would be just for 46 BC so Jesus was born in 4 BC in the fall of 4 BC so this would be a few years after Jesus was born but it's just that's just the date BC so the way that I do it is every time you'll see lots of people have these enou Mundi dates you know so when they have 21 or part of me 25:13 is the exodus and if I just take 40 46 and I subtract 20 so this is a.m. this is BC and I subtract these I'll get 15 to 33 for the Exodus right so that's the year of the exodus is 15 33 BC now I want you to turn in your notes and just turn back a little bit so there was some interesting facts when I had worked this out the story of the exodus so this is on page 24 I have the calendar there for the the the first six months of the Exodus so that's you know you can see the second month the fifteenth day is a Sabbath and there's another date in here now for you the printout it's not color coded so it's kind of hard to see but and I have an explanation of all the dates there's this chronology of the exodus when everything occurred but on page 25 it was interesting that there was a solar eclipse in 1533 the solar eclipses happen every year so they're not you know that unusual but it's unusual to see one because solar eclipses do not cover much of the geography ography of the earth when they occur so lunar eclipses you see them all the time but solar eclipse is even though they happen every year we don't see them that often because you have to be someplace where they're going to happen and but this one in it's it's rare you know in Egypt to have like to have a solar eclipse in the same place the same country and exactly the same location is rare depending on the size of the country because the United States is going to have enough solar eclipse next year they had one last year and they're gonna have another one next year but it's going to be a long time till they see another one again um but even then if you were living in one spot you're not going to see a solar eclipse probably ever again in the same spot now these solar eclipses that happen in 1533 when it occurred on page 26 about 1/2 way down it says there's this total solar eclipse seen over most of Egypt it was at 6 p.m. on May 9 1533 BC the totality lasted about three minutes and occurred 25 minutes before sunset and you can see on page 25 there's a diagram from the NASA site showing the path of the Eclipse and the time that it occurred Universal Time and there you see the Red Sea now this this part of the Red Sea is what we call the Gulf of Suez and the where I put that marker there is basically about the place where they crossed the Red Sea it's actually it's about a 15-mile stretch maybe 10 miles 12 miles where the it's very shallow and it wind could cause you know it'd be have to be a miraculous wind but it could cause the water to go down enough for people to cross and it wouldn't be very difficult to cross there if that occurred and the whole topic Rafi is exactly like the Bible describes there's a place where the Egyptians could trap the Israelites between the mountains and the sea unlike the place they knew the Gulf of Aqaba that you know some people choose so and this is also the traditional crossing site makes sense The Times work everything but the point is that this eclipse occurs in my chronology working out the travel times at the time they cross the Red Sea and a solar eclipse to the Egyptians would be the end of the dynasty and the Pharaoh at that time was second I Rita who forty years before Apophis who had been Pharaoh had left disappeared and forty years later which is at the time shortly before secretary Todd died Apophis gave him some kind of message of doom this is the Egyptian account of it and he ended up dying and two weeks before that his son died so it actually gives describes the account perfectly and there is a chronologist named Gerard Garret o a French Egyptologist who has documented all this chronology in extreme detail in the most boring way imaginable and like a true Frenchman can you know not very colourful at all but he shows all the all this chronology in the Bible all the history that is being missed by Standard chronologiste because they put the Exodus at the wrong time they put the exodus in the 12th century instead of the 16th century so you put it in the right place then all the dates and all the events line up with the Bible you put it in the wrong place and nothing works so but the thing is it's quite interesting heat I noticed later he had the exact same eclipse and having it at the same thing at the time of the crossing so his chronology is exactly the same as mine when it comes to the Exodus so he puts the 40 years there just like I do and he puts the this righted the day of the or the Red Sea crossing right at the evening of the Eclipse of the solar eclipse and that was the last king of that dynasty secretary taw is nephew or somebody or uncle or somebody ruled for a couple of years until the new dynasty started but they didn't actually have another farrell per se so and that would make sense so you have a solar eclipse the Pharaohs the Sun God he's eclipsed the people are gonna want a new dynasty they're not gonna just want a new Pharaoh and so so many things in that history fit so ideal in in chapter 5 of these notes I deal with that 391 years but one of the things on page 29 I have here and this is actually gara gara toes working out of the period of the judges and I've worked through it a little bit the period of the judges the fact that I have that 480 years I just kind of except I don't have to figure out the period of the judges because I have a nice span and so you know I kind of accepted that the period of the judges are going to work within there and but he has has it all worked out and he has all the Bible verses how long each of the judges reigned and so he has a total of 480 years from the laying of the foundation of Solomon's Temple to the period of the judges beginning so you know with the death of Joshua so I think it's pretty interesting that we can do these types of things and yes on page 32 I had I have that same list at the bottom of the page now I will kind of want to shift gears a little bit and I'm going to kind of I'm going to go back on to the story of Abraham so in the story of Abraham how old was Abraham when he left a heron and what year of the world was that so what year and a Monde I did Abraham leave her Ann what year did the 430 years begin so 20 83 so here you have 20 83 BC and you have Abram he's 75 so this is her Ann and how old was Abram when Isaac was born so normally you know we'd look at all the Bible verses but does anybody know how old Abram was 100 years old yeah 100 so he was 99 when God told him indeed he's gonna have a son by Sarah and Sarah laughed so Abram was 99 and then it was he was a hundred yeah and so this would be 21 whoops I'm going backwards so this is 23 I'm part of me this is a.m. so I need to add on so we got to deal with the BC later I'm dealing a.m. so 23 a.m. had 75 years to that that be 2168 right is that correct or or is it 58 oops oh I'm adding 75 nevermind that's why it's wrong 25 so so this would be 20 108 there we go here that was wrong so 20 108 so this is the birth of Isaac and how old was Isaac when he had jacob and esau does anybody know I should have the Bible verses here so this would be what's that 60 when Jacob is born is that what your eyes yeah 60 do you know what the Bible verses I know it's in Genesis it's one of these verses let me see here yeah it's Genesis 25 26 and after that he can't came out his brother and he took hold on Esau's heel and his name was called Jacob and Isaac was threescore years old when she bare them so he was 60 years old and so this is Isaac 60 and this is Jacob and Esau and I dealt with this before but I'm gonna do it in a little bit more detail so we have Jacob and Esau we know that Jacob gets married and there's two periods of seven years so this is the seven years for Leah and seven years for Rachel but to know how old he is there we have to know a couple of things so first we have to know that when they enter Egypt so this is the entry entry into Egypt how old is Jacob when this happens it's in Genesis chapter 40 46 I believe we're 45 verse 6 he see porty gee it's in 47 they got a wrong verse written down here I can't find the verse offhand but we find that he's 130 so it's just so Jacob is 130 and does anybody know how old Joseph is 39 and we know he's 39 and there's seven years of plenty and there's seven years of family we should know these verses should have them memorized I'll find it here so yes Genesis I had the right verse Genesis 45 verse 6 some reason look at it right oh I see why Janus is 45 verse 6 he says for these two years hath the famine been in the land and yet there are five years in the which there shall neither be earring nor harvest now this is Joseph speaking to his brethren and he reveals himself to them so when this occurs shortly after that Jacob comes into Egypt and Jacob is 130 years old we have yeah in Genesis 47 verse 9 Jacob said unto Pharaoh the days of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty years if you and evil have been the days of the years of my life so it says he's 130 years old and it says in Genesis 41 46 and Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh the king and Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh and went throughout the land of Egypt so we know that Joseph is 30 here so if you go seven this is two and five he's then 39 just had the seven with you to the thirty now that also means that Joseph is born here because if he's 30 years old here we know that he has to be born and his dad is 91 so we're gonna have Jacob 91 Jacob's gonna be 84 here marries two women and that means he was 77 when he began to work for labor so this is pretty standard nothing here that I'm showing is unusual anybody who studies the Bible pretty much is going to have this there's some people who have some different views because here we have the - he gets married to Leah and Rachel and he's 84 some people try to get him married at the end of the seven years but we run into some problems with that sort of chronology so they just just make that assumption I used to make that assumption but basically he gets married to Leah here and then a week later he gets married to Rachel and all their children they're 12 12 children are born here and then we have Benjamin born about five years later so there's 11 sons and one daughter who's born in this period and that's possible to do when you have two wives and two concubines I had an aunt and uncle but they had seven children in six years and that's just with you know one woman so you got four women to have 12 children in seven years is definitely possible so so that's when they were all born they're all born there and Joseph was born then when Jacob was 91 so he's born at the end he's the last one born in that period of seven years and you can find us when you read the story carefully it's possible to find out so this means that here this is a period of 30 years but we we also know then that there's seventeen years when Joseph has his two dirt dreams so these two dreams there's seventeen years from when Joseph's born to when he has his two dreams and if he's thirty years here and we find from the Bible that there's two years when the butler and the Baker have their two dreams there's two years from when he interprets their two dreams and he stands before Pharaoh so means he's 28 over here so how many years from when he's sold into slavery till he interprets the two dreams of the Butler and Baker so if he's 17 years here and he's 28 years here how many years is there there so 11 years so he's gone 11 years so this is a period of 11 years here this is a period of 11 years it's not in proportion this is 17 years we also find that Jacob died when he was a hundred and forty two hundred and wait he was a hundred and forty nine years old I believe is that correct we should have a list of that so Jacob you know I don't think that's right 147 that's right 147 years old and this is a period of 12 years so there's 17 years here and this is when Jacob is with Joseph in Egypt here Joseph is with Jacob in Canaan this is a transition period so Joseph gets sold into slavery and for 22 years he is separated from his family right so this is a period of 22 years and then at the end of 22 years he's United and he gets to spend 17 years again with his father so this is a chiasm 17 1111 17 these this these 2:11 sr22 together obviously and some went from when joseph has his first two dreams to when those dreams are fulfilled he's 22 years and so there's all kinds of doublings in this history we have Abraham Oh Isaac both go down to Egypt and they both run into somebody named Abimelech king j --k eat isaac has two sons so they're twins so that's a doubling when Isaac is 77 he begins to work for Laban for two periods of seven years and he gets married to two women when he's 84 and then he has two concubines and then he has Joseph and the his son Joseph has two dreams and then 11 years later he interprets the two dreams of the Butler and Baker which he interpret which two years later leads him to be stand before Pharaoh interpreting Pharaoh's two dreams so you got the Pharaohs two dreams and then you got two periods of seven years and then you have the final period of 17 years so these seventeen years are doubled the seven years are doubled there's two periods of two years two periods of seven years there's all kinds of doublings in this story and the basis of this has to do with exodus or not Exodus but Genesis 15 so let's go there and this to me is the important thing in understanding the Covenant when God makes a covenant with Abram you know he first calls him out of early Cal DS with his father he travels with him they settled in her ran for a while till his father dies when his father dies he finally you know leaves his father's house and he begins to journey and that's the journey niz for 215 years him and his family his sons there's a journey in Canaan and then they enter into Egypt and they sojourn in Egypt for another 215 years but let's turn to Genesis Genesis 15 when God's making this covenant with Abram this is before Isaac is born we don't know the exact year that this occurs so it's not occurring just when he left he ran because he actually this occurs after he's already freed lot when lot was taken captive so this is a few years later maybe five years later after he left her and nobody knows for certain but he's wanting Eliezer to be his heir and God says to him I'm the Lord that brought the out of the erlich Aldi's to give me this land to inherit it that's verse 7 and he said Lord God whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it and he said unto Him take me a heifer of three years old and a she-goat of three years old and a ram of three years old and a Turtledove and a young pigeon so he takes these animals he cuts them in half except for the Turtledove and a young pigeon so he has a ram a goat and a heifer or not a ram yea Ram is a sheep goat and the heifer and the two birds so these are split in half and then he keeps the birds off the carcasses and when the sun goes down in verse 12 a deep sleep fell upon Abram and lo an hour of great darkness fell upon him and he said unto Abram know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and she'll serve them and they shall afflict afflict them for hundred years and afterward that nation whom they shall serve will I judge and afterwards shall they come out with great substance and thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace thou shalt be buried in a good old age but in the fourth generation they shall come hither again for the iniquity of the amorite s' is not yet full so we have a whole bunch of things in there one is we have this dividing and Ellen White says that this was given as a sign to after generations so I have a question how does you know God's gonna walk between these go between these carcasses as a burning lamp and a smoking furnace now how could God walking between two these carcasses that have been cut in half how could that be assigned to after generations so this is a covenant that God makes with Abram how is it assigned to after generations can we see that what happened so what what is the sign what what would be the sign well if we go from here to here we know that this is 215 years right and then we go over here to the Exodus and this is also 215 years and so what we have is a chiasm what was given as a sign was a chiasm that is when they make a covenant they cut an animal in half usually just one animal and you walk between it both parties walked between it if you break the Covenant the the idea is that what happened to that animal will happen to you if you don't keep the Covenant that's the idea of a covenant right so here God is giving this as the Covenant this is the sign and the sign is the chiasm because there's nothing about what happened back to Abram that can be assigned for after generations but this can this is something visible that we can see as a sign for us so my argument is that the chiasm is the symbol of the Covenant does that make sense what I'm saying because to me it's the only way I can make sense of what what Ellen White said so now we have this chiasm and this this chiasm it's always describing here like this is canaan and this is egypt and we're gonna deal with this a little bit more but one of the things we can see well we have the Exodus here in 1533 but if we are gonna do the math here and we wanted to look at this date you know we could just take 40 46 minus 2083 and then we would get the date BC think that's right 1973 6 minus 3 is 3 14 minus 8 is 6 1963 is that correct did I do that right yeah that's okay you can't see that so I got this math here that looks correct to me so 1963 BC is when Abram leaves her ran and then I could just add to here to find this date here I would just add 215 years so this would be 2178 well I have to subtract 215 years I always do that so subtract 215 years so 13 that's 8 4 there we go 17:48 that look correct it should be 1748 and then I want to find this date so I need to subtract another so this is 17 31 BC and so I want to just deal with this a little bit yes settle for four oh four six four oh four six - its 1943 no because I have to move the one over you're doing it the other way around 14 minus 8 is 6 okay so so we have 1717 31 BC is the end of this chiasm here so we have the chiasm of Joseph and that chiasm of Joseph is the transition from Canaan to Egypt and then we have this four hundred and thirty year chiasm and that chiasm is also Canaan in Egypt and that chiasm ends in 1533 now see where this page so you can find that on page 18 of your notes we have the chiasm of Joseph it's just in a little more detail a lot neater than I wrote it on the board and I have the date Jacob's death at one hundred and forty seven years of age is 14 17 it's 17 31 BC that's the date BC so you got all the dates there Joseph's births Joseph sold into slavery all the dates are there so 17 31 BC and and this becomes significant so one of the things that was in evidence that this chronology was correct so again I didn't like make it try to fit I also have the 200 on the page 19 I have the 215 years in Canaan laid out which is pretty standard chronology like there's not a lot of people who disagree with this the a.m. dates so we have these dates a.m. and the 215 years in Egypt are listed on page 20 at the bottom I also have the dit the birth dates of all the different sons of Jacob and the different wives that he had these children with so and then on the next page the page 21 the fourth generation it says they shall come out in the fourth generation and I went through this before I think with you just really briefly but one of the reasons we know that there's only 215 years in Egypt and not 430 is that if you added up the ages of Levi Kohath Amran and Aaron they would not fit into 430 years but they do fit nicely into 215 years so if that's the 4th generation you couldn't have four generations of people living about you know a hundred years each having kids and that fit into four hundred and thirty years but he can fit into a period of two hundred and fifteen years so I just wanted to go over that and I want to deal with another idea so I'm gonna go over here so if we look at the story of Joseph Joseph is a parallel to who to what New Testament figure Christ why is that does anybody know why we parallel them the 30 years yeah that's often so we got 30 years and 30 years for Jesus and Joseph till they begin Joseph begins his work and then Joseph has a period of seven years of plenty and seven years of famine now Jesus is thirty and what does he begin seven years right not three and a half years on earth and three and a half years in heaven and then he closes probation for the Jewish nation so this is also a period of plenty where he confirms the covenant with many for one week yeah the ten brothers yeah there's all kinds of parallels that we could use but the main point here is these two periods of 30 years and then this period of seven years that follows but this is also seven years now is now this period of seven years is divided into periods of two and five years right so if you look on the other board there there's two years and then they enter Egypt Jacob comes and then there's five more years for the famine so the same thing happens to Jesus so in 34 ad we're gonna have two years here in five years here but these two years are gonna be 504 years long and this is going to be twelve hundred and sixty years long and this is the persecution of Christians by pagan Rome and this is the persecution of Christians by papal Rome so this is if we divide this by two what do we get five hundred and four divided by two 2:52 just cross out that zero and 1260 divided by five it's 252 as well right so this is two times 252 and this is seven times or five times 252 so this whole period here is seven times 252 so this is a simple 2 to 5 ratio and this is a period of seventeen hundred and sixty four years from thirty-four ad to 1798 which is simply you just take 1798 and subtract 34 right so this is a period of time and so this is jesus's period of famine comparable to this period so this period is obviously 252 times as long as this now when we go back to here to the exodus I'm just gonna move this over a bit does anybody know in the Exodus how long they wandered in the wilderness was 40 years right and then how long after they crossed the Jordan did it take them to conquer the land anybody know this is not a well-known fact so I don't expect you to know but it's actually two periods of seven years there's seven years for them to conquer the land and then seven more years for them to rest from their enemies of course we saw this over here and over here right but if you go from here to here remember this is 215 years right from here to here if I take 215 and I subtract 17 I get 198 and then I'm gonna add 40 which would give me 238 and then I'm gonna add 14 what's the number that I get 252 so from here to here is 250 two years where that is 238 so this is 252 years from here to here so when this chiasm ends we have a period of two hundred and fifty two years till they finally because now they're in Egypt and then they leave Egypt but until they actually get the land of Cain and completely is two hundred fifty two years so that's kind of interesting and I'm gonna have to use this board here so now this list line is probably the not enough room to really do it properly but we had 1798 we had 538 I'm just gonna put over here 723 BC so this is a period of twelve hundred and sixty years and twelve hundred and sixty years right and we had from 34 ad so there's five hundred and four years here how many years is here what's 1260 - 504 anybody know seven hundred and fifty-six years okay and this whole period from here to here is seventeen hundred and sixty-four years right because and this is twenty five twenty times two this is twenty five twenty times five and so this is twenty five twenty times seven and so if I go here from 34 ad and instead of going forward 1,700 to sixty four years I go backwards seventeen hundred and sixty four years what date would I come to so I take 1764 - 34 and it gives me 1730 and then I have to add one because there's no zero in the mass where there's a zero in the math but note so I get 1731 so what does this bring me to 1731 and what year is that so if I'm gonna add 25 20 or going to subtract it from here our 20 2,250 to the exodus was here in 1533 and if I subtract from 15 33 54 years so this is so this date over here is 1414 79 I know this is a little bit weird but this is 14 79 BC now how many years is it from 1479 to 723 I'm going a bit overtime here you start to see any patterns emerging so when we have that you know this is the story of Joseph and it ends with the prophetic mere right this is a prophetic mirror we have 252 years until they conquer the land and then there's 756 years and then Hoshi has taken captive and then there's 756 years to the end of the Jewish nation the close of probation so this whole period here is this is three times 252 and then this is a period of two times to 52 in a period of five times to 52 and that's if my dates here are correct the thing is I figured out the dates before I noticed any of this this part here so what we see is this overall structure right from the story in Genesis we have a structure that goat brings us all the way to 1798 that is the sign that's for after generations that's symbolized by the Covenant so this is the fingerprint of God this is all about the Covenant and it's all built into this chronology the key that unlocks it is the 2520 as you can see 252 which is one tenth of a 2520 and so this is why I think this chronology is important it shows us many many things this is just kind of the basic structure of the chronology but we also find significance or meaning in in breaking this chronology down so in a week we're going to go over some some details of some of this chronology and I'd like you to look at the notes a little bit if you can the that I have prepared if you have specific questions on chronology that's what we'll do next Sunday which will be at 9:30 in the morning and that'll be the last class that I do until camp-meeting and I don't do any after camp meeting so let's close with prayer unless you have a question what dear father in heaven I know we spent a lot of time going through these things and I just ask Lord that you can help us to remember them to understand them and all the knowledge that we've been receiving through the time that we've been here in the school can be a bit overwhelming but we know Lord that you brought this understanding to our attention for different people's needs not everyone is going to want to understand the chronology but Lord we ask that we can at least have affirmations that it's true and that we can take the parts that we can use I pray that you can be with each one each of the students and help us throughout the rest of our time here together and we pray this in Jesus name Amen