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I mean it's the tamina can you remind us what we were discussing this in this morning's class we were the church control is depending on what you're speaking about it can be the world and we were demonstrating that by the 2300 your prophecy and then we were also showing how my gives us the template which we can apply out to the aquaculture model over it and this is our template for us today and as we applied to or as we look at certain groups like the priests of the rice in the leaven the workers or the 140-foot them you always have to apply the template to it and there we saw there that the Sunday law there's no closer probation but rather that you have to apply the entire model to one group we also talked about the early rain and the latter rain and how in the early your character needs to be sorted out and uses a strong language there of charisma well in the latter rain it's more public evangelism and we were also talking or considering about why we called the line we have up front the 144,000 talking about different aspects there brother Philip what were the controversial issues we that got brought up that these people have issues with or concerns about or questions one of the best I remember was mine yes not the best the most I remember I remember people or we tend to have this confusion in regards to for example how can we say that in the line that you have drawn there there is the harvest the harvest for the 144,000 is way after the Sunday law the Sunday law it seems that probation is still open you know and what we thought for a long time that probation for adventism Moses but already even before the Sunday law so we then I think you started showing us that the harvest that what I remember is that the story of the 144,000 does not end until the second Advent and there that line that we have drawn dairy is directly extracted from the spirit of prophecy without making any application Ellen White says that for example those have who the latter rain is given for those who will pass through the great time of trouble which is the one today 44,000 so it she talks about the latter rain after the Sunday law but then in the same time we used to teach that the engineer 44,000 has to have to receive that rain way before Sunday law and by the time of the Sunday law dirt line so to say it's already ended so I think we try to grapple with this this apparent contradiction or miss application on the misunderstanding it's related yeah cuz you take good notes just crease combination the close of probation at Sunday law what exactly Sunday law represents for the priestly lights as far as probation since the test I owe your own or what your recollection was just it just cuz we finished castle almost mid-sentence because we were over time anyone else was at other points if 2014 is come and gone salvation or conversion at that point okay I would do record I'm not going to put that one down because I'm gonna find steer away from that but the book as an overruling General thing I saw there was a conflict that a lot of people were seeing potentially with how do you how do you recognize that the priests are the 144,000 at one level but when you look at that though with the way it's modeled down and the work that God's doing at each time for the different groups whether it's the two priests the Levites are the Neth anims when you look at the different groups there there seems to be a struggle for for several people including myself one level of how them the priests are 144,000 and but you're using different models apparently and and and what does that mean I'm using different models apparently no you're using different there's different there's different models you're you're actually showing the experience that God making the priests go through first okay but just because the priests go through the experience they go through first doesn't mean that they're not part of 144,000 I guess clarification on that would help anyone else the one point that you were trying to let that didn't listen to everything everybody said but the point that you are trying to bring out was that if the priests and the Levites were the church and we could then have no problem with them being 144,000 you asked why we would have problems if it was just the priests themselves being 144,000 I don't know if that question was really ever clarified for everyone I don't know if everybody really I know you tried to emphasize it a couple of times but it's the idea of the church in the world then trying to distinguish what that means and in my understanding it seems that we use the world the term the world differently in different lines are in different illustrations and that causes a bit of confusion okay the other problem defining the world just generally or in it all in line so it was my intention to go through the quotes or spirit or by velocity of prophecy that talk about the 144,000 maybe we would do that another at another class so when we talk about 144,000 what do we know about them tell me some things that you know about 144,000 you can either look for it now or just things that you you have a pre out there pre-existing knowledge about virgins they're virgins the 144,000 they're virgins they don't die when you say they're virgins what does that mean virgin what does it mean for you well if we were taken literally we just say they're virgins but in this context it has to be symbolic of something to do with the purity of their relationship with the church that they they don't follow they don't follow the woman you know the the harlot right so they're faithful to God's church say they do it they're pure in their in their religious belief the other doctrine is pure I'm gonna change the word pure to undefiled okay that's better there's also 12,000 from each of these tribes though they're not the actual tribes of Israel so today's twelve tribes and twelve thousand from is twelve thousand and it's not the original if I can put it that way yeah I don't think that's it I'll just put that yeah cuz Dan's not there and you have Levi in the list though it's not usually listed as so we'll put Levi no damn dad and what else this is another idiosyncrasy well you have Joseph Jody that's it even though Joseph and you have Joseph and Manasseh right so you don't have Ephraim named as a name you know Joseph named I believe instead of you for you if I remember correctly that Ephraim is missing believe so but Joseph is Ephraim because he's listed in Ezekiel 37 is the same so they leave ice added dance taken away and Joseph is used instead of Ephraim so then the sort of idiosyncrasies about those 12 anyone else want to comment about these virgins how'd you get a virgin is the first fruit yeah oh you okay so I put first through have the character of God where'd you get that in requires extra virgin I'm starting to accept the point I've won four thousand yeah sorry this is what so our revelation 14:1 says that they have the father's name written in their forehead okay so they've got the name of God yeah I think one says they're virgins the reason they have the name of the god the name of Jerusalem and the new name of Jesus because that's the characteristics of Philadelphia and Philadelphia is the history of the virgins so we need to repeat that history no so much revelation 14 they have the name of God the name of the New Jerusalem and the new name is God so it ended under the portal great god generation aligned in the new name of Christ is that what it says in the verse the name of God the name of the Jerusalem the CDs and the new name of Jesus am i doing something like this yeah and if you go to Philadelphia that's the characteristic of Philadelphia so they are Philadelphia and Philadelphia is the history of the term originates ok next let's read those verses we've got revelation what in Revelation 3 someone else can find it they've got those verses 3 to 5 in Revelation 3 revolution 3:12 okay say someone can read those and they sung as it were a new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man can learn that song but the hundred and forty-four thousand which were redeemed from the earth these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they which follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth these were redeemed from among men being their first fruits unto God and to the lamb and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God and revelation 3 which mercy is in Revelation 14 which is which is directly with 12 okay you tell me the two verses that you want to put together they read them both remain 214 one just says they have the name of their father okay so it doesn't say the other basic one this is why sells it revelation 3:12 yeah him that overcometh will i make a pillar in the temple of my god and he shall go no more help and I will write upon him the name of my god and the name of the city of my god which is New Jerusalem which cometh down out of heaven from my god and I will write upon him my new name are they right east age 15 paragraph 1 the 144,000 were all sealed to perfectly united on their foreheads was written God knew Jerusalem and the glorious star contained in Jesus's new name and our happy holy stay the wicked were enraged and would rush violently to lay hands on earth to thrust us into prison when we would stretch forth the hand in the name of the Lord and we would and they would fall helpless to the ground so that's three 12 and she's connecting this to 144,000 and you and what's that telling it for me it's telling that we need to return to the old path if you want to be it's also saying for me that we need to repeat the history of the ten virgins because the Philadelphia is the history of the middle rights and they fulfill the ten virgins it's all set in other polls here in the next verse says they follow the lamb with so every goes insist white has a quote that when the age of Revelation 19 comes down those who follow the lamb wherever he goes they're gonna receive power from that angel so an angel revelation 19 comes that's the one hundred therefore for tongue can't be before that so you don't be time to food four thousand nineteen eighty nine no yeah it says the receive power from that angel I've got that you said they caught me before that yeah too strong okay brother Finnick wake you place for the Delphia in the middle right history well I never thought about the exact years or dates oh just gotta top of my head I would say 1798 to 1844 but then if I think better I know that Leticia started about 1850 so Philadelphia might extend to 1850 Sardis I think 1798 to 1850 yeah I would say well then will you need service in there from 1798 so Philadelphia would be from 1840 1850 so 1842 by 1840 you could also because I'm not sure if you put it in the whole period of the first and second angels message that 1840 to 1844 if you include it in there or if you start it from the midnight cry I'm not sure where the way we can go with you guys we think well I snow nice pony for the tourist manifestation at the Pecos and that's why I always put in that period that's where I've always placed it and it continues until the church becomes late to see it whether that's 1851 or 1850 okay so if we if we said 1850 just mocking the cha is 50 51 it's in that history so you did 40 to 50 brother Philip so yeah that that might make sense because I know the apostate Protestant churches or service so if you want to mark the mineral rights movement but starting from 1840 because that's when the glorious manifestation starts you could say sister Tamina I want to say 1798 but why do you want it finally why because we are starting the church frowned at the time of the end we're starting Ephesus at Christ's birth so I kind of in place and saw this way can you place itís already previous to 1788 UK I thought so so by Tyrel ending society sees an overlap it's the way you better begin Silas I'm not sure if this is an application they can't we apply status to the providers who are leaving Europe by attire to go to the glorious land so your place it in 1600s but we didn't Mayflower 6020 no I'm saying to 1600 not 17 or 18 so in its way into this history only 200 years the same that's we have mock sightings yeah let me tell me but sergeants are the ones who are coming out of buying Tyra and actually like the other Protestants they come out though they're not living they're gonna get where they are they're the people and the glory side you're gonna mock wait I don't mean geographically I'm making time so you gonna mark even much you've got em up United States nearly 200 years before France comes a bit same and you're comfortable yeah brother Philip yeah I rethought my ideas about Sardis and Philadelphia and I think this relation between Sardis and Philadelphia is the same relation as we have between legacy and Ephesus and you need a site they're overlapping like I know we used to do this there are two churches in the same thunder - God is progressively the divorcing Sardis well it's having a covenant with Philadelphia so I think it could still put Philadelphia in 1798 well Sardis is being progressively divorced in them as and the bending of that divorce would be 1844 when the second angel you know gives its message and at the same time that's when Philadelphia entries into covenant just as in our time I think bootiful the second angels message you can say the summer when the second angel is empowered that's when the I think the God has fully ended his covenant with the Protestant churches okay now I got that body so you want to do this Philadelphia yes so on it's the way you will begin solid I would start I'm not sure because I for example like maybe we can enter at Aria in 1773 because that's when the persecution cease and we can start Sardis there I'm sure I don't know we're sure it starts at least as bad as far back at 1798 maybe even before well it did I don't I've never thought about starting it earlier than 1798 why because I have the 1260 and in 1798 and that's Thyatira so you know that's the painful church and so you have a new power arising in 1798 and you have the now the Protestants come to view the twenty five twenty has ended it's a gathering of these northern Israel spiritual Israel and so even though persecution ends in 1773 I don't like you you make the northern or the southern northern so in 1798 the northern northern Israel is being gathered because they're scattering a period has ended but it's not literal Israel or spiritual is real not literal Israel so so those are the reasons I would put it in 1790 the persecution issue doesn't stop Thyatira it's still there it's still the power the papal power still there it's just my first thought about it I've never thought about putting it earlier any questions so sister tomato if you go to revelation 6 verse 9 when you up that after persecution stops because those people were slain so will you say it 1773 don't you mean and brother Daniel you handle that's why I got a wetback it makes sense for me love the author begins in 1840 because the parable of the ten virgins we can mark beginning in the cohort and you know that this going for is 1840 so I think Philadelphia can begins in 1840 and goes to the shuttle or 1844 our little but sister white has a quote 18 mr1 93.1 and she's been addressed that today we have these three churches living like symbolized so it's kind of the three churches of Revelation Sarge's Philadelphia noxian 18 Emma 193 point one or what a description I want a description how many there are in this fearful condition so the faith the fearful condition is the lady seeing condition she's going to quote from revelation 3 from 14 onwards I think I honestly entreat every minister to study diligently the third chapter of Revelation four entities portray the condition of things existing in the last days so he carefully every verse in this chapter for through these words Jesus is speaking to you revelation 13 sorry we know we have four seals for horses and three Susan have four trumpets three walls and we don't have any of the churches but actually revelation to try to get you that - I don't know what you're talking about it so revelation - you have four churches and in Revelation 3 you have the three last churches and here sister White is saying that in the third chapter of Revelation where you have three churches which representing the condition of the things exist in the last days so it seems like they're living during the same time I mean the same timeline so I don't know if I could say they all begin in the same and they are happy together I don't think this is I don't know why I think are you there is the test hopefully I meant in 18m I think if you go to the next paragraph just the two next census just gonna sing in the third of Revelation two classes of churches members I brought you will say where we met next sorry one in three point three is another nexor there are souls were there are souls who are striving to keep themselves in the love of God the third of Revelation two classes of church members are brought to view Christ Himself declares in his servant John thou hast a few names even in sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with me in white for they are worthy he that overcometh ok ok that is that your evidence ok so I think so 193 paragraph 1 I'm gonna go to 192 paragraph 3 the paragraph before it says give heed to this message and this message begins in verse 14 these things saith the are men the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know thy works and it goes all the way to verse 18 I believe 14 to 18 yeah we grew agree with that yeah verse 14 to 18 yeah it's 2014 to 2018 we have attention it's 2014 okay so the next paragraph since the test it says okay we were already I've read it out to you brother Daniel saying study diligently chapter the third chapter of Revelation and therefore he says there's three Church experiences all at the same time and I'm asking you surely seems to be speaking about the one Church this is the Kathy you have any pudding you brother Greg while your radiance is the Kathleen had you read 193 paragraph one only not all those three churches in Chapter three and there's some more I'm asking and you read it sister Alyssa now one night three paragraph one I'll give you a second brother bop unit making a comment no I'm just seeing that that this first paragraph is speaking directly to to delay over scenes yeah one nine to paragraph three exactly when you which paragraph you French use of the first one one ninety home I'm not in the first program you were a one ninety one point one no brother Daniel took us to one ninety three point one yeah I read one nine two paragraph 3 which is just verse fourteen to eighteen and then she says what a description the description is the one that she's just spoken about you know how many are in this condition the one that used to spoke to the map sister Kathy just ladies here well Gregory but says study carefully every verse in his chapter for through these words Jesus is speaking to you and if you read the whole chapter it covers all three of the churches so therefore I would deduce that it includes all three even though the context of most of what she's talking about his Labor's here regret it makes paragraph down she starts talking about she continues on with light of saints I'm just gonna say that it's so glad to see you I disagree with brother Gregory he said he just spread the one sentence a study every verse okay sister ELISA I don't like this tell me what you think about the verse the paragraph what's he talking about here carefully immerse every verse in this chapter we know that there are parallel kingdoms we know god relationship while intern answering you need you tell me finishing okay it's good Bravo Gregory no comment yeah I mean just I was just reading that even the previous verses as resentence it says I'm innocent rate every ministers to study diligently the third chapter of Revelation Oh wearily I was hey yeah yeah you know it'll yeah yeah for a nerd has betrayed the condition of things existing in the last days so the third chapter tells us of how it's going to be in the last days and then she says to read carefully every verse the chapter so come on e you put it together it just seems like it makes sense that it's all three okay because in our level at the end all three coexisting at the same time yeah that's a weak net brother Daniel paragraph three talking about charges it's paragraph three yeah brother Philip sky create father Gregory and how that I would add there when she's done he agreed with in the back the fact that she is actually telling that all the third of the third chapter the whole from the third chapter of Revelation applies in the last days and we are to study all of it every verse as you said and I would add that when she says the last days those are I think we could say that's the time of the end 1798 so we could say ok from 1798 to the end of the world that's the period of Revelation 3 and that's valid because in 1798 you have Sardis we have Philadelphia and in technically service is kind of the same as loud this year so you can you can find out the CN because mineral rights called the other churches allowed to see it you know so they're kind of coexisting even in the middle right history all three of them and for sure in our history so I don't see any why wouldn't we apply in the in the latter days on how to sing right you I'm not sure but in one 92.1 I'm talking about episode 1 92.1 okay leaving the first love represents the spiritual for many have fallen dust in every Church in our land there is nee needed confession repentance and reconversion last two sentences Christ is humiliated in his people the first love is gone the faith is weak there is need of a thorough transformation so that's Ephesus is that which first Oh nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou has left thy first love leaving the first love represents a spiritual fall first love is gone faith is weak that is the test I get I get the point but what point that she's saying that when I study the whole thing and take spiritual lessons all that but just because that church isn't necessarily that time doesn't mean we don't call it spiritual lesson I'm not sure how we then say that we're in the time period at that church for me that's all because I think she would take every one of those churches and make a spiritual lesson it doesn't make everyone okay this is in 1798 easy really is that what people say okay I think I heard someone say so yeah I said that the expression that use it so okay so how are you reading this one 90.3 she's bringing in Ephesus I think she's just bringing in spiritual lessons from all in the churches but that doesn't mean that that church isn't that dispensation Brava Daniel I know she matches Ephesus but when you go down she mentions specifically chapter three and I don't know if we can avoid this mortal valera nah sorry Callie oh no I gave you two options I don't know I told you for me makes sense beginning in 1840 because of Matthew 25 living poor but it also has this in my mind because it seems that okay brother Larry I'm picking up the two words last days you go to Acts of the Apostles five eight five paragraph one and she's going to tell you that but that portion of the prophecy of Daniel related to the last days and then she quotes Daniel 12:4 Daniel 12:4 says the time of the end so I'm picking up last days then a 12-4 puts us at 1798 that's let me see it so we're gonna fillet this here back in 1798 okay I know what you say is that good proof read theater know why wife that good proof well I think that when it comes to you know that the discussion that that I've heard so far is that people are reading into the text things that that aren't there Blackwall well to say that they're all at the same time just because they these churches are all in the last days okay that doesn't mean doesn't mean that they're contemporary because the last days is a period of time so and and each of the each period of time can the messages to the churches can apply to each of those churches because they can apply to individuals but each church has its place and you'd have to have Sardis and in Philadelphia based on other statements in Spirit prophecy and when I look at other places where she talks about reading the whole chapter of Revelation 3 she still is focusing always on Laodicean for the group that she's talking to at that time so she's writing to the in the time of the dispensation of late Asiya yet she's using illustrations from Sardis from Ephesus from Philadelphia to teach us lessons so she's making applications of those things anyone else so brother Daniel where's all the good people in they decir where are all the good people in ladies here so you study meet the right any those who hear the voice and open the door now they're back people who open the door they're not good people are they it's just that in all the other ones it will say things like ok so where are the bad people in Philadelphia then but then you're gonna say you finding some good people in labor seer it's just the fact that he counted you to do something and the fact that you repaint doesn't make you good say sorry but doesn't make you good it just seems Philadelphia is all good people and they decide they're all bad people so if everyone's bad how you gonna do anything how you how's anybody gonna do anything if everyone's back so it it seems to me obviously lost my place on this thing the this is talking about ladies here as a message to the church in the last days which is I don't think 1798 I think it's 1850 and on within this history there's a message to the lady see in church which is all bad and she's going to tell you how you became bad because she lost your first love and then she so that's one three one nine three paragraph two and then she says there are souls who are striving to keep themselves in the love of God and then to demonstrate that that in later said there are good people she's going to have to go to another church to tease out this other group of people hence she's going to go to Sardis so it seems that in Sardis there are these two groups good and bad we can see that that's the paragraph he took us to 193 paragraph three agree with that and if we were to do what people are suggesting wherever you're going to start Sardis that in Sardis there are good and bad people so the bad people in Sardis have been represented as in a lady seeing condition totally dead and there's another group who when it says a few names even in sardis which have not defiled their garments and they walking in why they're worthy it seems to there seems to be a characteristics of Philadelphia so it seems to me that she's going to use Sardis to create two groups of people in the latest in dispensation coming back to the argument about overlapping here that brother Philip brought up I think there's some legitimacy in the argument because inside this it's it I'm suggesting from based upon what he said Philadelphia's insights are this they're a group of people who are having that experience and and when would they come up the suggestion is 1840 you said the gathering of the Virgin's the glorious manifestation of the power of God sister Elissa second in 91 I need which gave me the image that maybe Ephesus but these are the good people in each church dispensation that there other experiences but there's still okay so 192 paragraph two we didn't read that one it's not talking about in the framework of Sadducees it's talking about the framework of Ephesus once you leave your first love you fall into the legacy condition that's due to your pointed out if you're in Ephesus why would you go back into Lewis yeah unless there's a continuum maybe if you were in laodicea then perhaps hearing through all the other sensations and Ephesus okay so if we're okay with Philadelphia here I think this is 1844 there's a question mark of where we're going to mark Sardis Rick's revelation 6 we know that we can line up the first 4 seals first of all churches revelation 6:9 and when he had opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God for the testimony which they held they cried with a loud voice saying how long O Lord holy and true dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth the white robes were given unto them so were replacing 9 and 10 1798 or pre 1798 sorry pre and brother Larry says at what does that mean sorry how long that's from my understanding some 1798 to the close of probation oh that that phrase how long or one 370 98 I read the six filled with the Ziegfeld this is the sixth somehow the sixth field seems to have an application the earthquake the moon the stars fell from heaven might have a might start to apply from 1755 from the great earthquake but maybe it's maybe i'm applying it wrong and then we have the falling of the stars and so forth until all these signs until the coming of Christ so he's the tomato I was gonna find out some of the 60s says sound looks to me like the dark day moon was red and told us to start we were discussed at the beginning and so you're gonna put the pizza 17:55 Terrence quick was 55 so what I'm saying that's fine but you but you're willing to put this bitch seal after the sixth seal if you're going to use that logic what 140 put it after the six cuz she was seventeen seventy three seventy seventy three exalter 1755 so let's say if the sixth film starts at seventeen fifty five and they're sequential technically the fifth seal must end the certifies technique so I get what you said so you put it after the six starts okay I understand birthday Hannah Felicia 6:16 6:16 and ted to the mountain the rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne from the wrath of the Lamb the great day of his wrath is come and who shall not be able to stand it's a period of time 17:55 to the second Eggman some witch tucked in there not in sequence just a question I don't know why maybe asking a wrong question but sometimes I think it seems to me that we apply things literally sometimes and sometimes spiritually in Revelation for example in trumpets we have a star falling out of heaven and they say spiritual and now is a star star falling from heaven please Ron you know earthquake in Revelation 16 spiritual or maybe no one'll ever revelation 11 and then here you say earthquake Lisbon earthquake is 1755 so so maybe you should be consistent Isis the alibi it's gonna use 612 479 I don't know maybe right back okay so people want to put the fifth seal pre 1798 there's a cry a loud voice how long our lord there's sound not judged it's all about the judgment isn't it there's a loud voice that talks about judgment let's fill it 6:10 there's a loud voice that's crying for how long okay I don't know what how long means but it's time yes about church yeah so there's a cry with the loud voice there's time and there's judgement yes I mean isn't that first angels message right we why we say that's pre first angels message sister to me they seem to have all the components of it has time element a loud voice and judgment that's an application okay that's a that's an application maybe is it I don't know because it's it's they're asking God how long will your theory from judging yeah one the first angel says the judgment please come by midnight where is calm doesn't mean it's here today it means it's coming 46 years time yeah ladies the pyramid you do some number of like forty six and seven what he says how long so the average judgment is come it's not talking about here isn't 1008 if we don't understand the grammar otherwise clear on that the middle rights were talking about eighteen forty four forty three and these people are saying why are you waiting for which you sort out the problem straightaway no it's a the type of the first angel I'm not sure it's the same as the third first angel like if this is the first angel maybe per minute census 70 minute because you cannot preach the judgment before 17 years so you're how long's are gonna last you just can make the special after because he's off to the persecution we agree with that so what shall I say is an application yeah so so basically there God could have judged them but he chose not to and he they are kind of upset and saying hey like wanting to judge now how long will you turn he could have judged a hoodie yeah it's everything I do without telling anyone well not then but do not say in 1844 yeah yeah so hey 1798 and they're saying wait how long and he says not yet it's in 1844 it wouldn't make sense for them to ask when before because they would have probably known technically then that SIL even the deal on the Angels the angels are crying I know they're asking a question how long and God sends an angel and tells them yes I know what I'm saying and I agree they could have couldn't have asked before because before they there couldn't be any judgment so the first time we were they couldn't legitimately ask for the judgment in 1798 right because that's when the judgment could have come first okay so based upon that I'm gonna argue that the fourth seal ends in 1798 and the fourth Church ends in 1798 not free let's fight IRA but if we're okay with that first of all line up with the first lecture Keys first of all seals and then the fifth Church means what yeah what a stylus me pain till you asked the name if you ask sister this is book over there we'll assign it means history of this ER you are strong what is solace me remnant okay so so that's gonna give strong sit in it as well so it's the ones who escape which is God's people and we're going to go to either moment hammer they can escape from slipperiness because we're these people escaping from from Babylon yeah they were escaping from Babylon yeah you suggest which verse they're escaping from Babylon what is Babylon please God the papacy the this all depends then your deafened 41 right didn't say pabulum it doesn't say yet it isn't still bad it's it's tough it out it don't need it times another thing that alone yeah yeah probably the answer should have been thinner to know yep so what it does 11:41 know 11:41 is not the time at the end I know they'll escape without a Babylon so we'll identify who Babylon these but they're escaping out of pre 1798 oh no Meah relations brother Daniel now you're gonna give me the verse okay so I lost someone else sir I lost someone else program this test whether this is the tamina the escaping I'm saying where they scape and frog someone said Babylon and say who's Babylon he said the papacy I said can I reverse this shows me whom who that you can prove that papers in Babylon ah yeah revelation 17 based in revelation 17 ah no I said the woman is the great city James linear relation 17:5 dwarven in hydroponic for his mystery babylon oh yeah so they're escaping out of Babylon so when do they scape out of Babylon they escaped out of Babylon right the second dangerous message reservoir sister Kathy when they escaped out of Babylon give me the day 1798 we've got 1798 they're gonna leave United States has just risen up and there's a cry that says leave Babylon we're not going to say leave we're gonna say escape okay so that's the escape me and their reign why they read for persecution because they're a lie because humanity was created from red earth and when they were created from red earth and they formed this body the person's name was red and we don't call it red we call him Adam so this is red this person which is the symbol of life and their life in 1798 and really agreed they're not alive yeah they're not alive today when did they come alive 1844 okay so we'll go with 1844 so we'll go to this line here 1844 where is this one no no that's a bad luck to be funny where did wearing this story it's an agricultural model so it's a bit trickier where would you place a lie rather fill it in this line which way lot 9 mm it's a 911 yeah because 1844 would be either this one or this one yes so you're placing like why not 11 because that's where indices he's planted in first dies and then springs up because this is where it germinates yes okay so the germination of the seed is like the new birds and 911 is what yeah back in the Millerites so this is 1840 so in 1840 okay you can mark life yes the movement comes alive so they're dead here and then they're going to come alive so I'll just put some 1840 I'll just obviously use this so there would be 84 teeth we did this so there would be the red and red says what life but are they really alive they have a name that says you're alive what's the name that says you're alive Sardi's that's their name it's actually it's one of the few weeks says it told you what the name means societies means like but it's code it's coded red so here's life but they're not really life they're dead so let me ask a question brother Philip it says they're alive but they're dead so which group of people claim to be alive but they're dead you mean that's history low in our history the judgment of the judge or the living what's living little in our spiritual or symbolic symbolic symbolic because here they say that they're living literally but they dig okay so they're dead here and they're gonna come alive here brother Daniel what is this alive stuff that's going on here 1840 how can they suddenly come alive the prophesy of Ty be fulfilled we call that what well you have a message it is connected to time what makes it with you what do you call it yeah that's typeset input your favorite phrase the midnight cry okay okay the midnight Christ 1844 okay with that and this makes him alive and what church is our life you just took it the chapter 3 remember Philadelphia so we've got Philadelphia here so we can mark Philadelphia from this concept of dead and the life okay with that connection okay so we're going to put one more layer on top of this the dead and the life what makes them come alive no not time prophecy sister to Mina what makes them come alive what makes it come alive don't go to use don't go there easy crew yep what makes our come the rain when you said we're in the agriculture month oh we're here what the way here what makes them come alive so I'm going to put time here if we've got time the time here that he's talking about is not the moment of the time prophecy that that's what makes them alive is 1843 that's what he meant when he said time there's now the time prophecy what did you mean Nate I'm sorry I misunderstood you day brother Finley what used to what makes them come alive to do sense them so the age of Revelation tape yeah okay so I think what makes them come alive I guess this is what sister to me no men it's Islam the message of Islam makes you come alive okay so we can mark that life right here 9/11 they come alive with it's the message of Islam that brings life to you so if you go to is equal 37 so we're now in Ezekiel 37 they're dead and they're our life if we okay with that that's where you wanted to go the breath comes in so is equal 37 is the story about whom the person that's dead and then it comes alive okay God's church the bones sardis okay so this is a secret 37 so you've got ezekiel 37 okay before we do that this read what does this read take us to Adam so this is Adam are you okay is everybody okay with that if you if you check the original were Adam means you'll see that it means read because he was it's actually made from red earth because the earth means red he means red but we don't take it that way we use the word ruddy which means you're red because you've got the blood flowing through you and the blood is life yeah we okay with that so you have the imagery here of Adam but we're gonna go back to Ezekiel 37 souks way so it is equal to 37 he's talking about bones and all of this creation story who's Genesis chapter 2 so in Genesis chapter 2 I think it's verse 17 maybe the verse before or maybe they've even the verse after it's around 2:17 I think oh no not to 17 it's 220 220 yeah it's 2 to 2 so this talks about the 21 and 22 and the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and he took one out he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof and the rib which the Lord had taken from man made he a woman and brought her unto him so I like to always make a comment on this is the fifth rib that he takes out it's the rib that covers the heart sorry okay so if we're going to use these equal 37 and overlayer on here because you get this imagery what's being created here this is Eve yeah this is the creation of Eve and he he threw up and what she being created for so she's going to correct be created then she's a wake up she's gonna be ready like this terrible army with banners and we could go to another passage that she's made herself ready so that she can marry Christ so this is all about the preparation to marry Christ if we can understand that so all I want us to see is we had two stories now which which overlay one on top of the other one is talking about the creation of Adam when the with the theme of sardis red and one is talking about the creation of Eve the bones so it's got two separate stories one is creation of Eve one is creation of Adam and they're happening at the same time indicating at least on one level there isn't any difference between Eve and Adam when it comes to their relationship with God one story indicates one one concept or one modern one indicates a concept or another model but there happens at the same time so if you put them together you had the union of man and woman humanity and divinity because you can make that application but there isn't any difference between men and women when you see that when he's talking about a bone than one he's talking about red because it happened at the same time so we've marked 1840 as Philadelphia we can mark 1850 when it switches to lay the seer all good all bad and the assadist he's there some people that are good some people that are bad in Sardis so the only other question is where we remarked Sardis and based upon this modeling I would suggest it be 1798 we haven't actually defined where it would stop but if we're going to use the slider of parallel kingdoms it comes to its end at the close of probation maybe that would be in the spring or maybe in the summer depending what I think going back yeah so I've left the 1844 because my ignorance actually oh I want you to pick up one point in the length in the last five minutes going back to virgins because I think of my question answered and the way I wanted it to what is a virgin a virgin is what so that will be crass someone who hasn't slept with anyone yeah that's what a virgin is someone who hasn't slept the only one and I want to suggest a virgin is a woman not a man we okay with that and so this virgin who hasn't slept to it if you haven't slept with anybody anybody what does it mean that you cannot have what can't you have if you don't sneak me someone you can't have children and why is that important that you can't have children because then you become the final the last generation so when you pick up as to pick up that symbology so we've picked up virgins but what other virgins do we have in Scripture we're not going to call them virgins what other one do we have okay who's a eunuch we'll go with Daniel he's the obvious one there are others so we'll go with Daniel so what is a eunuch what is a eunuch okay so eunuch so it's a historical thing is a man first of all we're gonna take some man it's a man who has been castrated they used various means to do that but they work in the king's court and they're castrated so that they don't play around with his wives so a eunuch is a man and the Virgin is a woman and you see once again the same story here there isn't any difference between men and women they can't have children and they can't have children they're both virgins or they're both eunuchs they did they're just different names for the variant groups historically speaking when Jesus he's talking about the ten virgins he's talking about bridesmaids I don't know I think we all know that they're bridesmaids that he's referring to and when it talks about Daniel being a eunuch these are young princes but they both are in the same situation they've none of them can have children which means that Daniel is a symbol of the final generation and whenever you see a virgin it's a symbol of a final generation so we've picked up virgins they don't die which means they're going to be translated they're from the 12 tribes and I'm not sure if you know exactly what all of this is referring to that the 12 tribes are not the normal twelve tribes that we consider Levi's in here Dan isn't do you serve her if we can use that phrase the backbiter they're the first fruits they've got the name of God Jerusalem and the new name of Jesus so just from all of that I'm suggesting that these characteristics not every single one of them but we can mark that the final generation I'm saying the synonymous with 144,000 based upon that idea of these virgins it's God's church that's why I've got Adventism here because they were expecting the Advent and they're the firstfruits and they don't die which means that they're going to come up right into this history at the end and all I've done is I've taken the concept of the last days brother Larry brought that to our attention actually apostles and the last days at the time of the end and so here we are at a time at the end all the way to translation is the story of the hundred forty four thousand so that's my defense of this these these titles for this line we then spoke about these churches and how we address them I didn't realize we'd have so many different varying views I thought there was a reasonable consensus so hopefully now there is some kind of consensus that we can mark I think quite accurately the beginning of Philadelphia the end would be when a decir comes in so this is 1798 and it goes to 1844 wherever you gonna mark the spring summer or fall of 1844 and the thing that makes Sardis all those people come alive which he's marking Philadelphia it's the midnight cry it's the message that's dealing with time so I misunderstood brother Daniel when he said time I thought he meant it's a confirmation of time it's the confirmation of time which is the 2300 day which makes them come alive and it's built upon revelation 9 that time prophecy so does it makes you alive is time it's the midnight cry they become Philadelphia and it's the message of Islam that's connected with that yvaine let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray for a blessing Lord guide us and direct us in the meditation of your word we ask that the blessing that we so desperately need and that which you desire to give to us is the message that we will actually receive Lord you have promised us that your word will not return unto your void may this experience that you promised us be fulfilled in our lives we want to thank you Father for all that you have done for us over these past two weeks it's only an eternity that will realize the enormity of the great work that is that has been done in the studies and devotions that you've given us over the past two weeks Lord as we consider the message of the midnight cry we want to ask that you would guide and direct us and help us to settle in listen into the solemnity of the time period in which we live bless us we pray in Jesus his name Amen