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how many in the great controversy chapter 19 light through darkness it's been a few days since we've come together so maybe some of us may not remember the point that we were getting to the point that's points that they've been that have been made we spoke about what it means to be a prophet and we mentioned that in the maybe the last three or four classes we read our class notes what is a prophet so I want to come out of that study now hopefully we have a better idea of what it means to be a prophet that there are these two degrees have been a prophet one that you get trained up as a teacher one where you get special illumination dreams visions etc the way we've read it in those documents that you'll have the transition seems to me at least to be seamless she doesn't she glides from one to the other the way she even uses the term special illumination can be used as dreams and visions but it can also be used as people opening their Bibles and actually understanding what that what those verses mean in a specific time period the period or the reform line in which they're in so we finished up in the great controversy around page 347 346 so that's where we got to maybe and maybe even around page 346 what she's going to do is develop this thought about the servants not fully understanding what their message is and we pick that up if you recall from 343 paragraph 2 so in 343 paragraph 2 halfway into the paragraph which is going to make the following statement but no man however honored of heaven has ever attained to a full understanding of the great plan of redemption or even to a perfect appreciation of the divine purpose in the work for his own time men don't fully understand the work that God has given to given them to do and they don't comprehend this work in all of its bearings drop down to paragraphs 3 4 4 paragraph 1 even the prophets who were favored with the special illumination of the spirit I understand this to be dreams and visions even they didn't fully comprehend the importance of the informational the revelations that they're given so she talks about revelations that's a special illumination that they're receiving Peter comments on this in 1st Peter chapter 1 next paragraph and then I want to go to 3 4 4 paragraph 4 3 4 4 paragraph 4 though the finite minds of men are inadequate to enter into the counsel of the infinite one or to understand fully the working out of his purposes yet often it is because of some error or neglect on the pot on their own part that they so dimly comprehend the messages of heaven so what's that first part telling us the first part of the sentence I'll ask a different question right the question I want to ask now is what does the word yet in this sentence mean we can all see it there in that sentence yeah what does that word yet mean what's it doing there brother Larry this sentence is it a positive analysis of what's going on or a negative one okay so the the tenor of the sentence is negative there's a problem so in the midst of this problem she puts this word yet so how are you seeing what this what what this what they say they were yet he's doing it is showing that even though the last part is negative the first part yet seems wherever grabbed at the same time okay so you're going to go with at the same time so now explain what what's what what she's trying to say if you're going to do that so men aren't able to work out the council's of God but at the same time it's because of their own errors or neglect rather greatly despite the limitations of men they can still know the messages better than they do that whole sentence that's just my prepare phrase that's all Satan yeah well just the power to come yeah well the Nathan that's what you can commit I think that this is saying that even though men men's mind are finite and the can't read into the purposes of God if there weren't neglect are errors then they would be able to attain understand his purposes because Lord gives light to to those who obey this is Rachel I kind of thought of it as like because even though men's minds are finite yet because of error neglecting their part they even even less comprehend the messages than they could that makes does that make sense sister the city should you say I think so okay say it makes it so I'm not asking for your comment and just asking in fact what he said makes sense well I I think it does simply because I was thinking similarly but I don't know if it means that as everyone else but as long as it make sense to you I'm very worried about you brother Daniel I think it's saying that the reason the people don't ascend the masses of heaven is not because they are they have finite minds it's because they have error or a neglect I think that's what this statement does that make sense say okay the reason people don't comprehend the messages of heaven it's not because they have a finite mind it's because often they have some error or neglect of the Tyla the original question is what is the word button I mean what does the word yet mean I had one before that we know people with me yet whichever whichever quo is the one what warrior what's the first part of the sentence what's the first part of the sentence they're dealing with I was going to break the sentence into two parts and there's this yet that divides it I want to say yet is but I guess there's a lot of ways you can kind of say that about but yeah okay so the first part so Carla started writing for rubber Daniel this but you don't have to follow through with that it's just that there's a limitation on how much humans can know about what God is gonna do Fritz for the first sentence okay that's it oh and then there's more they do the but even even though that is the case that you can only know so much humans know even less sometimes because of error or neglect on their own part to fully get to the level of comprehension that the Lord has a louder they can't even know of the revealed well anyone else wants to make a comment she's ready okay okay I enjoyed that two different ways but they're they kind of mean the same thing um I'd say it yet means even so for one second tennis ball even tell us what we where we are gc3 for 4 point 4 3 4 4 point 4 3 4 4 point 4 that was like pigpig oh no you even doubt no no even so even so is that differently even so even though okay even so where besides this okay so go me that babe so what she says before yet is its own standalone fact like that's it's cuz its own thing but she's saying that might be true on its own I'm like if you just read it like that but she's clarifying more for you about what she means by that she's not just leaving it by itself she's connecting it to a thought so she's really defining what she says in the first part of the paragraph so what's the first part like what does it mean yeah the we might have that we were created with finite minds we have finite understanding okay so we have limitations so if I say this you're not God you are weak limited and then so even though that's true even what even so even though even so uh-huh whatever whichever way you say this even though even though this is true this is the bottom line and the right what is the bottom line that you can that you there you don't have to be weak or that's not that's not enough of an excuse okay so even though you're weak and limited the not like God you're human even though you're human even so that's not what the problem is the problem is what which is what what's the problem so I'll put sinful Mara because that's the connotation is it this error is whose fault is it the thoughts of a human being because they're human no that's the point that she's making I think brother Dale you summarized it quite well this error this problem that that's on this side is not because you're human and often we make that argument I'm only human not my fault don't blame me and she's going to counter that by saying just because you're human that's not an excuse for having these errors or having these problems it's all about neglect he says on their own part even though you're human yet you can't blame the problem because of that because of your humanity so I like that thought not infrequently the minds of the people and even of God's servants are so blinded by human opinions the traditions and false teaching of men that they are able only partially to grasp the great things which he's revealed in his word what she's telling us in the first part of that sentence from a Tyler he says not infrequently the first man we've given not infrequently the first part just not infrequently in the minds of people or pass up past that not infrequently the mines PV even the even God's servants are blinded politicians how far you want me to say just wait I would I didn't want to be prescriptive about it and that's part of the sentence what see what's he's setting up without making it I'm not trying I'm now I'm not trying to draw out what she's saying in the center's but what kind of picture is she drawing him yeah she's she's saying that there's two groups of people here the work I I see her saying the minds of the people is just the world and then I hear her saying even the servants of God meaning the church I know her that's people that's why I wanted this to see that there's two groups and the people you speak into the world they're blind and if we remember in the document that we that we read of about the Prophet what is a prophet do you remember we were what we read I can't remember I think it was in the present truth document where she spoke about the purpose of nature there is remember that is that that that perception we read what was the purpose of nature what is nature whose from little what is nature so we see it's the book it's a book of God yeah so we read that nature is not it's not a problem with nature but nature isn't doing its job it's not working so what does God do instead so he sends people to helped those who aren't going to use nature to do to learn of him he'll do it through a different mechanism he sends these people so not infrequently the minds of the people are so blinded by human opinions and traditions and the false teaching of men that they can't understand aunt grass or they carry parsley grass the great things which he's revealed but it's not only problem with the people or the world his servants also have the same problem and she's gonna bring this she bring this point over and over again in this chapter but it's really important for us to understand not only in its historical setting but also in our own experience and most of us have been over attending the classes or watching these the classes online that sister Tess has been doing and we can see how this plays out that we have opinions we have traditions we have ideas not only them but also the servants do as well the servants then get wrapped up in their own problems and the reason we do is because we're human is that right no it's not because we're human we don't get wrapped up in these problems because we're human that we don't have divinity that's not what the problem is and the mistakes and that when we get tripped up where we stumble and fall is because of our humanity it's not because we're just human we believe got a comment or thought about that because so often we excuse things that go wrong because you know what we're only human and ice no I don't think we've done it yeah and we done have we done the definition of whether you're finite or whether you're an angel I don't think we have that we will pick it up in the great controversy later on if we haven't done it but for those of us who are aware of what I'm talking about what the characteristics of these people who are supposed to be the servants I'm going to call him servants that distinguish them from mere mortals the characteristics have been an angel with death there's four of them I have mentioned them before but I don't I don't if we're very explicitly we have discussed it but why that you may have read the passage yet I think it may be chapter 22 but I could be wrong so pick up one someone purity power authority wisdom listen all right and glory did you find the quote 35 5 question 3 5 5 okay yet so it's it maybe even the next chapter so we haven't we can get to there yet these are the characteristics of an angel this is what I'm going to say is a inspired or biblical definition of an ad it's not the only one and so we've got to hat we have this one and it's in comparison to just the human and their humor we ready gotta work page 13 is one week Cherie and fee balls right I make is it cool so we could have a quick look found the book we hurry is it this so straight it's not people it's not feasible so the wait earring and fallible he says not infallible said that were lady today so the reason we get into problems is because we stopped being after what I said servant say I'm going to change this to Angel because I'm pretty sure the context is Angel's we stopped me age when we come human and this isn't like this isn't the humanity where she says though the finite minds aren't adequate to enter into councils of it's a holy of the infinite one that they can't understand things that's not what the problem is the humanity that we talk about here is weak purring and fallible is because of these other issues because there's the neglect upon our part to dimly comprehend the messages of heaven so she's got these two groups the people and the servants and the servants are supposed to be these angels we do know that don't we revelation 14 they're angels they're not matter men women they're not human beings they symbolized has been angels and the reason for that is what is as given on the board so we're all these people are blinded by human traditions for stations etc so whose fault is all of that that you're not an angel that you're a human at what's reference three five five so I'll read this to us the fact that an angel is said to be the herald of this warning is significant by the purity the glory the power of the heavenly messenger divine wisdom has been pleased to represent the exalted character of the work to be accomplished by the messenger and the power and glory that were to attend it and the angel slight in the midst of heaven etc so we've picked up the characteristics it's an angel and what excuse do we have from from behavior then of our mistakes we justifiable excuse if you go back to three four four we have to have some otherwise there's not much there's not much hope for us isn't it yeah I'm asking I want a good argument to say we have to have some so that we can get let off the hook that means you can't blame us what's what's hardly face when people attack us well I attack you will show these things there's no excuse first thing do you say there is no excuse the realvalue eyes because if we're talking about traditions like beliefs that have been passed on through generations it's like there's no yeah you I didn't for example if I was I was born Adventist then if I I was embedded with her or invited in bad with the wrong doctrine since I was born in that vintage church maybe you know I'm not responsible for that until I received a light but anyone sister Sue Ellen right we're blinded by human traditions I'm asking that's not a very good defense because she's attacking you for this he's saying she's saying there's no excuse for this so I'm trying to find an excuse what's our argument to defend us against this attack over Tyler what argument that we developed in our movement to the lass of the hook I thought initially I thought you're talking about what the first house or the first part of them says you are finite you know you're a human that's not an excuse but you're so what's the question I don't fully understand she saying you're probably we make all these mistakes is because of neglect and since the Brittany said sinful me like I work with that and it's not only the people I mean they can legitimately have those excuses because if they didn't have that excuse they wouldn't even need up because makes you would have done its work but so we're not worried about then but it says even us even we've got all these problems with blindly that we've got all these things so I'm saying what excuse can we offer to me gate the accusation that's coming like you aren't profitable servants what excuse can we offer over Nathan so we've got two problems got two things going on obviously we've got this reformed line and this is the line of the Angels if I can say it that way and these angels have got all these characteristics power purity wisdom and glory but God's got a problem because these angels are not real angels they're us and while they while they're represented as this when does when did the Angels come in power impurity power and wisdom of glory when they come there when do they first come on the scene with those characteristics okay let me say something a 911 okay so when's that when they when they first given their mission first angels message this is not a trick question I use aren't born which way might come a time at the end so if we go at a time at the end these Angels have got all of these characteristics here the very beginning which means when Jesus handed them a scroll the scroll to the angel first angel and said go down to earth and do your thing they've got no excuse have they but we've got another line that comes underneath that which is the line is brother Nathan Nathan said of the fourth generation and what is it about the fourth generation we got killed yeah we got killed by our parents so I'll do it here is the force the extends a little bit back we were killed here okay whilst we're here I just want to pause for a moment and I just want to make a point so this this this way mark here when you get to the fourth generation what way mark what when is that brother Theodore in our line in your history 1957 okay so this is 1957 that's the book questions on doctrines so some was asked brother Theodore a question he doesn't know yet because I'm I haven't told him the question is why is 1957 the beginning of the 4th generation why is it that and not something else what what is it in that thing that does it for us because it's the end of the third generation and the third generation is it given that answer to that person as well so what we want which answer do you want right one a better one like it's the end of the third I'll do that one is well but that I didn't think they'd be happy with that one I think what the fourth generation always follows precedes the time at the end I don't know that Branston right now life when disappeared the darkness begin it with the fourth generation so explain that explain how the period of darkness begins here and not before connecting with 1957 so simply I mean well yes simply if you get into me know beneath it so you're saying darkness does that yes okay why did no talk with people why does not this heating at 57 well because there's still light before 57 okay so if I still some light just like if I understand what you're saying you've got first second third yeah and then I've put forth yeah I you a this was light the other thing the lights going down well the third generation is the one that really gets rid of that light it removes all light because of its methodologies that it's the books of the new order it removes all possibility for anybody following in the fourth generation to even understand any of that light so that is in God's Word they've they've removed in a progressive series of steps the ability to understand God's Word God's words been totally distorted okay so I'll just given the three dates that the only place yeah I you're saying yeah there's literary right she says they become illiterate so there's something unique about the third and you're saying it's in this history so they do what order okay it causes them to become a literate they can't read it anymore if they've lost the ability to understand God's Word so we we destroy our ability to read in there so generating specifically and reading is to do with light yeah it's a by tone you get to hear there is no light and that's why you're marking darkness in 57 well with the book questions on doctrine it's the end of that the books of a new order in that by then I mean it's a symbol obviously but by then nobody has the ability to understand light unless they have special illumination right they have to eat the little book if they're going to ever receive light again it's a time of the mo that allows that to happen so I'm hoping my brother is like that correct no I like y'all to that question he answers the question why we mark darkness here cuz I think normally and maybe I really do it publicly because maybe we only all appreciate it cuz normally we say the darkness stretches sort of ad infinitum somewhere in a sort of like a hazy thing we don't normally think about when you say darkness and then the reformed line and we already learned from early writings what we learnt from only writings so it goes all the way through the darkness doesn't suddenly end here yes and also the darkness isn't just stretched backwards it's a kind of a definite point so if this is time at the end this was 89 this would be 57 and we could mark darkness here and the darkness continues on but here light comes generation still and all of this is in the fourth generation okay so I wanted this to just do that together because sometimes you know we don't think about this darkness you know because we think it's going all the way back but when you when you when you see that then you can begin to see that there are some people here in this history when they bundled together in these companies that they do have light and these those people who were going to be I'm not going to go over that said we've already done that so the excuse that I want to offer you to make you feel better is even though we're these angels the reason we make mistakes is because we're the fourth generation you know there is actually there is no hope for us the only hope is that the angel comes down and we become the angel we grow we go to this preparation preparation all of that but in the midst of all of that we have to get to grips with who and what we are and it takes time for that to happen in real life so even though it sounds like an indictment here the way she writes it like you that excuse we have to realize that we started off in a really bad place and it's not that easy to get out of that position it's not perspective so when I became an adventist back in the you know 82 and we started a Bible study group and we started studying the ladder rain and all this stuff that we're studying now back then it was hard to even like you could have a an inkling that maybe there there has to be something that happened that you have to think God has to prepare people but you have nobody telling you this and it and you sort of think maybe you're a little loopy or something to even think that way because everybody's looking to the church somehow to do this but you read in the spirit of prophecy these little glimpses that there is going to be this movement that starts in a sense out of darkness and all this light is going to come and yet you're supposed to have all this light because you're seventh-day Adventists and it doesn't make sense and I think that's if that's the excuse that's the excuse I would give myself way back then when I was you know a young man it just nobody was telling you this even though you could see it in the spirit of prophecy that's why this movement made so much sense hopefully everybody understood what they were saying and the other problem that God is facing is when he said there wasn't anybody to tell us that buddy that person who's this person here they also add this person here as well at one level and so they've got a learning curve to go through for themselves and remember we discussed this in Matthew 13 when I say this what do I mean what is this that we've discussed in Matthew 13 servants the service and the plants you don't become a servant by first being a good plan they live together you don't graduate to become a third angel after you've passed the second angel they happen concurrently and if you don't if you don't become familiar with that you can't see that this fourth generation person who's dead has to become alive and at the same time they have to be doing this they have to do both at the same time and if you don't you get into problems sister Tamina took some time to show how darkness came in and I know from the prayer meeting studies that there's a group where people who have light before darkness but how did you get the point now here that people are having light before the time of the end when there's darkness I was I wouldn't say how they doing it I was just observing that there is that there are people who God is using who looking up to him she doesn't explain what that looks like they don't they're certainly not angels and they certainly don't have a message but they have God's approbation upon them his favor because they're not sort of in the mire and just one other point with respect to this that you've got the angel coming down and you've got the dead person coming alive we can conceptualize it and remember they're the same person so what I want to do do is tie up that mechanism of how you actually rise up from this death like condition how you actually shed yourself or shed these traditions and the human opinions how that happens to me a nice place to go to would be Ezekiel chapter 2 and chapter 3 because in his equal chapter two and three what is happening there we're all familiar with that we could go we could go to Revelation 10 but I went to is equal to and three what is what is going on there yeah in the context I want to frame it in look in this discussion not we all know what is equal to 3 is about eating the scroll know that we know we understand that but I wanna I want to run that storyline into this storyline I want to say is equal 2 & 3 is a biblical story about what we've just spoken about that's what I want us to see so I'm just gonna pause for a minute an angel has purely power wisdom and glory so we don't have any excuse to say we've got finite minds but we're also the fourth generation and then they've got plenty of excuses because it's not even therefore it's all these people's for what hope did we have we had no hope but we can't be this angel after we've graduated to some know death some position on the lines that okay now we've got our act together we can be angel they happen concurrently we can learn that from the story of Matthew 13 the third angel isn't a graduate hasn't graduated from the second it happened at the same time so I wanted to explain the relationship between the angel and the fourth generation from Ezekiel two and three brother Theodore well Ezekiel two is he's given a message he's told to stand up on his feet and he's give a message to a rebellious house and in Chapter three he has to eat this role so he has to eat this book and then he has to have an experience because of this book and it also says that people aren't necessarily going to understand what you're gonna tell them and there's some interesting stuff in Chapter three - but he becomes a watchman he has to develop he has to develop the character that he needs to do this work so we'll pick up two words experience and development which is all about progression so I like that story in the context of this because when God says eat my words that's this you know you're just going to regurgitate what you've been told without mistake isn't that correct I mean what comes in comes out so you're not going to make any mistakes if you've been given that information that's what we've learned from Deuteronomy 18 18 isn't it Deuteronomy 18 18 he says I will put my words in your mouth and that's in that verse it doesn't talk about Eaton's in a little book doesn't even say eating it is a HCS says I'll put my words in your mouth you like a puppet I can ventriloquist so when you open your mouth it's not even you speaking it's God speaking but it looks like you so that's all this but we know in this story is that you're two and three that it's the eating of the book and the speaking or the giving of this message that develops an experience that this person is going to have we can go to this we can go to the same place in Revelation to a revelation 10 you think you have the same thing it's when you speak it out that you get this experience and this experience is really this growth but when you when you read those three passages that were just done deuteronomy ezekiel and revelation they don't say as you're getting this experience you're going to stumble once or twice make some mistakes because you're a fourth generation human and you're not a glorious angel it doesn't give that narrative it doesn't give it from that perspective but i want to say that is what is that is what's happening in fact if you read Ezekiel three towards the end you'll see that he actually gets quite angry and if you see that anger I don't think it's righteous indignation I think he's actually human passion he's like furious and then what does God do it and if you're familiar with without reading the verses per se what what happens when he's like fuming so it gives you the snow he'll eaten the skull his Eagle Scrolls during his mission in these bigger areas some of the spirit the Spirit comes upon him and current relaxes calm down let's make it righteous so you see humanity rising up and yeah I think I think he actually cooks the food on the side he doesn't eat the dung and he says cook it on human dung because I'm gonna make it look badly so I'm not gonna do that he said okay we'll switch to cows dung but they're the priests poo is right there so until his bloody thoughts I'm gonna ask them a random question would you hide your hand that pump sorry okay we'll ask a random question I gave you three books chapters what were they one each they can hear the first wonder what you know no Bible packaged Easter Bunny Oh Deuteronomy maybe that was the second one was Ezekiel I saw the third that's easy revelation okay and all of these are eating's so what should we do with that if it says eat eat eat we're 18 they think this paper eat remember I could say that since I'll put my words in your mouth and I'm saying that's eating and we okay with that what what would you do with that you put my top of each other normally yeah that's what we've tended to do in the past yeah we've put one on top of the other okay so I've done it in is it actually chronological or does gonna say I mean it's in chronological chronological order with respect to the book but even historically is so it's in order giving you that so what the way marks we're gonna do the way marks and we'll put it into way mark Euler does everybody understand this is just a random thought because we're talking about the angels and humans we can during humans this is why we've got traditions because we're working progress by the way if you've seen the presentations from Italy if you've seen the broad work that rather than you had put up before where you have these four lines priests Levites Nathan um's 144,000 you see differences between the priests and the Levites just for that level one of the big differences is this thing that we're talking about that's why it's so important to see that's why I'm laboring this point is what's problematic about the priests is that we're angels all the way through and what is it that you know about angels if we could say all of that and encapsulate into a single thought they don't make mistakes the messages pure has power wisdom all the way through but the problem is God's got to deal with these dead people us and this is what makes this is what's different about the priests and the Levites when he deals with the Levites when he goes through their line you have similar dynamics but we're talking about the church triumphant and the church triumphant began when so this has become a controversial subject of the of a shaking in our movement of where we begin the church triumphant and sister Tamina says 1989 okay so why is she wrong why is she wrong what's the definition of the church triumphant the travel they triumphant without going you it's no different what does it mean that their triumphant doing the victory will gain the victory and how you going to define what gaining the victory is what does it look like what's the church militant don't give you the clue we entail so the problem is everyone knows the militant church's got wheat and tares and we say we've got plenty of wheat and tares in our movement therefore we can't be the church triumphant that's the logic when I'm saying tell me why she was wrong so because of that but we say no no no no this is angels this is a line of angels we're traveling all the way through the difficult that the weak that we have to internalize and explain is that this is the church triumphant and we're in this transitionary stage which we call priests different symbol where there are we in tears who are in this time period where your church is triumphant and what is a very easy proof for that which story could we go to praise Li prove that you have to have we in taste in the church triumphant at least at Bisley this this stage the building of their I would go with the building of the Ark to me it's a really easy one to see because when you go to the building of the Ark it wasn't eight people building that Ark there were hundreds of people building their Ark and those people came for varying reasons one of the reasons was filthy lucre they were in it for the money and they had no intention of being benefited by this project and Noah didn't say can have your resume your CV I don't what you call it here to check if you're a righteous person he just said give me your guild qualifications if you're a competent carpenter that's all I'm looking for I'll take all your energy in your effort and you help which is all good so it's okay at this stage for that to happen when you build the church trying to strengthen is this Ark that's being built but you've got good and bad workers there but there comes a time once the ark is built where of all those dodgy carpenters gone they've all left they're on a different project now everything set up now the animals the Levites however you want to call them when they come in and they join the requirements for them are different they can't be these fourth-generation types these people have got human traditions and all those all that baggage they have to come in under different dynamics under a different situation and it's that one that context the Ellen White's highlighting when she says the sinners in Zion have been sifted out the church triumphant is the opposite of the church militant and the church when it's got good and bad people there for the church rabbit hasn't got any bad people it's that end that she picks up on and in fact in some of her passages and we've addressed this because we got accused of this she goes so far to say the church - is in heaven and you can develop this argument to show that because when does humanity get taken out of a human being right there in jacobs time of trouble and it's then that will join the church triumphant that's in heaven once we're not we're no longer human that we're angelic or immortal when in what when mortality is taken out so it's not an argument that people have it's an application that she's made and we just take that application bringing it all the way back but with one caveat we say the history that we're dealing with here where we're dealing with priests has got good and bad carpenters God needs every one every one of us in here so we don't want to get rid of those foolish carpenters we want to keep them otherwise that arc wouldn't get built and we okay with that that's why this is him I'm labeling a point and I want us to see that is when we look at the arc the movement it looks bad it looks bad because we've got some bad people they're bad carpenters if you like but also these beautiful angels are actually human beings that were killed and destroyed by their parents and they need a lot of re-education and it's on-the-job training and when we can see that I think it explains and if not I would venture to say everything but at least a lot of what we see with our human eyes that there's just bad carpenters who swear and drink and they put their music on when they're building the ark disturbing us all but they've got other people who are actually genuine but they've got a lot of transformation to go through look ugly because the art looks very beautiful the people that feel there are no problem MA let's put these in order oh sorry sister demeanor until you thought that online comments on method thirteen and says the service reader will look at the field and counted as worthless because it needs to read into tears on it and this sees the entire field is worthless but it isn't like that thought so both the same thought the message isn't bad the arc is perfect that field is not worthless it's a treasure mine and he's God's kingdom and the fact that there are tears there shouldn't disturb us the fact that the way of choked they're struggling to grow shouldn't disturb us where do you wanna put this we'll do the easy one revelation 10 I'm in the right line 1840 I'm not going to ask brother Daniel it's gonna give me some doggy guards up okay no you won't that's the worst thing you row okay so you want to say 911 you always like supporting are you loving no you won't say it was they're giving different one okay go to their brother Dan yo and puts out of our misery what is that there's my opinion yeah you're one yes okay yes okay I see forty nine eleven okay with that yes um this one okay so we'll do 1989 but if we went to the Miller right line because remember all of us we've got to concepts I'll do it with the Sunday law concept I've got Sunday law close of probation and the loud cry looks like what a swelling but it's also a way mark so we have those two things that we have to contend with so Deuteronomy 18 18 is 1989 but it's also 18 18 and not 1798 is that 20 years and the reason why that's important to see to know is why why do we is that 20 years become a prophetic symbol yeah so 25 years before the twenty years begins takes you to what year 25 years before the twenty years begins I'm deliberately making it confusing 1773 so I'm not going to give the date but I just do this 25 20 so you've seen that happen and what does he say here he in 25 years so he says in 25 years so you can do these things you've probably seen LD Jeff do that you all had because you were here last Sabbath - stammers ago when he did that so why it's 1989 while it's 1798 it would also be oh let me do it this way though that would be 1798 then that would be 1989 if I keep both lines there but in this history we'd say its 1818 which would correlate to what for us so we've put 91 will go with 91 just to keeping pace with the studies that sister Tess has done at two years we were to do that it's 20 years two years that would that be good why do we go from 22 to two Bible verses you give me one brother Philip how you get from 22 to even if you don't ever give me a book if you don't know if you don't know the chapter and the verse if you don't know you don't know I don't know what I don't know what people's knowledge base is so I'm not if you don't know then you just don't know sister Kathy how'd you get from 22 to the Bible verse so tell me the mechanism now no okay but you do remember sir I mean you do know but you don't remember brother Larry okay you can salt it I saw a consultation their eyes a 613 brother Greg another one revelation 11 13 easy to remember they're both the same verses and what we looking at brother Tyler I want to get from 22 to our tent a tape so this is the symbol of the remnant did everybody do anybody not understand what I just did because I rushed through it assuming that we know if you don't know just put your hand up and I'll do it again slower okay so all I picked in picked here because you said 91 92 and then I said well since the test put 91 because you wanted to make these two years so I went for the 91 I'm not saying I'm not just creating the 92 and then I said by the way remember LD just did 25 20 like that so I said this 20 years comes into this it's this is 20 years milah right this is two years I'll say priests no I'll say 144,000 so you've got to twenty years and two years everyone can see it's already you know we just knock off the zeros in the olden days but we've got but we've got a more sophisticated logic so I'm saying what is the logic that we're going to use we're going to see that the number one tenth is a symbol of the remnant and we can pick that up from these two Bible verses they both have a tenth in the verse in fact there is another one but that I should remember bro-down but both these give the number 10 and 10 equals room that's the key that's the clue and they're just the Bible verses that do it so I'm saying it's not it is not numerology this is proper kosher staff the in the line of the remnant which is us the line of the remnant it's 2 and the line of the mirror eyes it's 20 so I just want to make that point if you're ok with that I'm not denying the 1992 he's in there but the 91 is a good day and it works by paralleling these two really nicely so what about Ezekiel so we've got Oh since the test put the time at the end but I'm going to put the increase of knowledge okay this is the increase of knowledge so we've got the increase of knowledge and we've got the empowerment what way market what way like is at the empowerment in public the first in the agricultural cycle sister Brittany with it not cycle with the agricultural model what would that be the person the first sign of the plan sister ELISA sewing machine sewing the see they're all correct answers I do it you one more ring for moraine so I put four moraine here and here I'm gonna put Preparation sister test so we are only eight under the first danger right we're only eight under the first danger well here we're into the second that if you take our line but not a 911 it's the second age of the right in our time all right then all be under the first angel the digital would be yet part of the logic for that is that the Miller right line is only the first angels message that 46-year 1798 to 1844 is the first angels message it is confusing we just said some day ago today right you just said some days ago that the first stage of pants then begins a second now you're saying go for succeeds it's all about playing the number the middle right line is just the first angels message it has all the components of the three angels messages in there our history is the history of the third angel just at that level I think it's an fender ball or what you want to do or your sister has if we're saying we're eating under the first angels message and then the second come I'm suggesting we're supposed to eat because then we're to give the message he sequence to give them as a Jonas to give the message the same as in from 1989 to 9/11 we're doing the work so we are getting baptized at 9/11 but once you're baptized you're supposed to get other people on board it's not about you anymore and now it's about getting other people in okay does that make sense if we start I did that this one ten minutes we were tied up in that alone I don't know if you've done this before they just haven't seen it but I know that Ezekiel - once - okay yes the second sentence what you want to do he say they're equal yeah or at least at the same spot very cool sure proof taxi okay but every set I only set you up - I know you already set me up but I mean the context of the passage because this is not you don't gonna do that now are you know if you're not gonna do that waiting taking you there you can't do that I mean I get that from the logic of your your diagram but in the passage you know Chris supporting evidence and I think that the whole is yeah supporting evidence yeah which passage you going to Ezekiel to one let's get to Zika - okay let's hurry up there's no go slowly is equal to one we have a morning class doing okay he's equal to one and he said that to me son of Mary stand upon my feet and I will speak unto thee standing upon his feet and he later in Ezekiel 37 if you overlay those two things he stands on his feet when the with the breath comes maybe that's consistent I get that so your 911 II yeah both Nathan anyone talkin track fifth day fourth month I love it here well why Billy Graham over to you now then then then that day come on go then but no I don't know why you're saying it Thank You chapter one in the original oh in the okay they tell me that there's no Bible splits chapter six Alexis one narrative okay that Greenup answer there are no chapter divisions hey brother Tyler that's fair okay it's very carry on it I don't know and I don't know if is that sufficient enough bit more information no I'm the oh no my point is my point is is that is to use the lack of division breaks another chapter breaks a good enough answer to take it away from Ezekiel 37 where we have artist but we know that that symbol of staining confit is consistent with walk with what I mean you stinking - beat me you know you said consistent with waiting I do it with nine alone consistent we done them because of is Yuka 37 yes and the problem you're gonna find is that you're assuming that your version of his equal 37 is correct bolster this one so we're proof text in in a risque fashion it may be much safer I'm suggesting seriously to stick within the context of the passage and if you read through you know that is equal to is at the same time as Ezekiel one there's no indication in the ghost past is equal to kids are quite future I'm deliberately not asking brother Theodore because you act because you have to go through Ezekiel not with the chapter breaks even though they may be they may be helpful in some way but with the vision breaks and the division aren't all in sequence or whatever so if we just went with the vision breaks so carry on then then he's right okay that's good little books and pin it in for us because that doesn't mean much to some of us don't wanna I did that one for you first of the first month is not 11:50 the fourth month is midnight okay so I'll put midnight or 2014 for us 2014 so nearly so sister test what history if you could you talk about angels is 2014 which angel history we took in it which history we second we're in the second while go be the second because the third is just that all of our line so I'll go with the second if so then if that address these whatever question that you're asking so it's so I've got the second here then I got the first here and I've got preparation here so yeah the your audio OD or the ugly I want to do is let's go to the agricultural model since the shaquita the agricultural model I've got preparation I've got for Marais what's this one this is the latter rain so just these three you can see that they've given an awful lot of information you eat in the book three times and they're it's three specific Ebates they're not the same event but the first one is you eat the book at the time of the end we can argue that it's decrease of knowledge but we keep them together the vein you eat the book again at the former rain and that's still not enough you need to eat the book again at the latter rain so that's just a really simple overview when you start looking at the implications of that and how we impacts our experience when we start looking about the interaction between a human being and an angel and what's going on and what's about to happen once close of probation happens all the sinners in Zion are sickly now and we have what we don't think is the classic understanding or definition of the church triumphant it begins to explain it through this concept of this progressive eating so if we're going to do this in order we have Deuteronomy then revelation then Ezekiel and wise now let me let me ask a different question you're eating here what's the purpose of this eating what does it do they're all gonna speak when they do it in the context of what the passage when you eat and you start speaking you're given a message so it doesn't say you've given a message what does it say in the passage speaker's words what's everyone gonna know there's a profit so this one's dealing with the profit revelation ten when you eat tastes sweet and then you have these bitter experience what is that bitter experience about disappointment so I put this appointment then we're going to have to reevaluate that I'm suggesting when we start thinking about disappointments cuz at 9/11 we actually conceptualize do we have any disappointment what is not what is 9/11 so I just want to I put that one I'll put it in quotation marks because that's what we normally say to disappointment so I want to say it's wrong but I'm saying to question it what about Ezekiel sorry what's it what's he's message to 7 dias so this is a message to SDI's and sorry thank you and this experience that he's having what is it if we're gonna say this one is about a disappointment so if we're gonna argue that what's this one what causes I finally I thought use the word his disappointment cause if you're gonna say they're equal what causes his aggravation we spoke about it a moment ago you know I pointed it out we know once he eats he's gonna do this thing and what happens to him sorry yeah he's angry what's he angry about who's not listening to leadership nice house yes da and he identifies what the FDA looked like now what's the what's the sit what some what some word that he uses but identifies what they like it's rebellious so all I want to suggest is that when you take the different eating's put them in their order put them into a framework that they each as you describe me the different experience that we're gonna have this one's I think it's easy to see a profits raised up here at the very beginning of this movement without that we don't even have a movement this one is an interesting run if we're going to mark this at 2014 interestingly brother Daniel told us that this is the Sunday law and it's a Sunday law going to Stas the eating of this book in the speaking produces an experience and it produces an experience of anger whatever that means and there is angry because the people that you're speaking to have been identified has been rebellious so they're rebellious here if they're rebellious here what's it's telling you beforehand but they're not rebellious I'm not trying to bring progression into it I'm saying you just take a singular way mark the rebellion is identify this coming here not before and more often than not remarked rebellion at 9/11 don't we that's where we mark it but if this is correct and brother Graham says you pick it up a fifth day of the fourth month then the rebellion of Adventism is not at 9/11 the rebellion of Adventism is here at 2014 and 2014 is what I'm going to say the ceilin what way mark is this you're not going to know what I mean but if I point it to this what way mark is it Midway and what is Midway in the line of Christ the cross ad 31 and AD 31 on the cross we've already discussed Matthew 24 why do we have Matthew 24 what's the context of Matthew 24 why they even have that discussion because it's Matthew 23 verse 38 the temple is left unto you desolate he's just told the people that this house is rebellious it's a desolated house so this is not 911 this is 2014 specifically and when you go there you're going to have some head-to-head clashing because they're gonna come back at you aren't they cuz their foreheads are Flinn and you have to have a diamond point and what you're gonna mark on their forehead this diadem that you're going to use which is under your forehead it's not just this like a forehead like a sheet like head-butting this is like a horn that scribes something on their foreheads so just want to mark that point it's this one the as a movement we really want to pay attention to if we're marking this at 9/11 with all this evidence that we have what is it teaching us do we have a disappointment here or not and if it is what was that this appointment at 9/11 Oh what what it wasn't and last question then we're closed i'm not saying we've got an RT that I'm just directing us to this for us to consider to be marked in the close of probation close the probation is Daniel 12:1 that's my standard answer 12:1 is not 1141 it has implications I understand that I just get cautious about using terminology we have been really careful about it on the line let's pray our Heavenly Father we want to thank you Lord that we can during as we are with all our preconceived ideas are wrong thoughts that you can use us father but not only do you use us but you will look at us not as we are today but what we can become what we will become if we remain faithful and true you truly see the end from the beginning you see what we will be like at the end these beautiful glorious angels father help each of us in our humanity to rise up to be those people that you desire us to be long as we see the explanation of that upon a line we realize that we are the fourth generation and we ask and pray that you would help us to correct all of the things that we have imbibed from our parents father as we consider the eating of the little book and how it impacts this line this movement throughout our history we want to be guided and strengthened by this truth father we ask and pray is we eat this book through the preparatory stage the first angel in into the second one it actually truly means to us and what these things can teach us we thank you Lord that you're continuing to be with us and guiding us and that you have promised that you will never forsake us we thank you in Jesus His name I mean