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so the current assignments need to be handed in by Sunday the sunset Friday that's why yeah I remember you sunset Friday so I can have a chance to look at them over the weekend and the next one is going to be looking at 1840 revelation 10 so will formulate during this class what the actual assignments going to be but it's going to be connected to the idea that to show or demonstrate that this angel that comes down is the first angel so that's that that's it might be a bit broader than that but that essentially what we want to look at try and demonstrate so hopefully with proved the first angels message arrives in 1798 and when it arrived in 1798 this is revelation 14 verse 6 is yes we're okay with that so if we read the words of Revelation 14 verse 6 it says there's this gospel message that's going to be given to the whole world so is the message given to the world as a fulfillment of verse 6 the way we understand it so we're gonna say takes time to get around is that how we explain it so how do you explain what so we say regardless of what the words of the verse a we're going to be teaching something different we're going to sort of give our own interpretation or little spin on that or what whatever we're we're gonna how do with Heather because the word say the whole world and we're saying actually it's not oh well in 40 it came the impetus the validation of the Year Day principle that's when it goes to the world that's me now I teach so if we were to read the verses written which say 14 verse 6 is in 1798 it be 1840 okay in perfect okay we'll just imperfect me it didn't come into its full perfected fulfillment until when where's that I mean cooperation down here close your debate then you've got one yeah we can you speak up a little bit oh sorry you know you've got repeat what you say but they didn't hear how can you say that it's perfect fulfillment will come as a qualification down the line and you 12:1 that we went to be perfect fulfillment of Revelation 14 verse 6 is Daniel or what I can't remember what led 479 says why that's there is anybody remember so the burden state is that well is it okay oh yes people saying it was a week only so it says it's a worldwide message so if that's the worldwide message here and we're saying in Revelation 10 that's a worldwide message how how we relate into these two chapters in this way what explanation are we give into what's going on okay so there's an increase of knowledge so you want to put an increase of knowledge here the verse says worldwide so we're just going to ignore that and just say it wasn't really worldwide we do we do recognize what we teach is different to the church don't we well no we tried to skirt around it we try to say it's not and whatever but we teach different stuff to what the Church teaches I think they've been talked about that they talked about this is at the end of the world oh I don't think they even recognize or begin to deal with this issue so I'm asking us how we deal with the issue I mean I don't know it's 14 million people don't have 14 million people think or guess or something differently from asking how we think revelation 14 verse 6 he says worldwide and in 1798 the whole argument that what is our argument is in our argument to say that it's worldwide here that it's not worldwide here isn't it if we didn't have that it kind of wrecks our message isn't it the procedure has all three angels messages and therefore you see the progression in the first say flesh that out explain what that means the first angels message it is has all three hundred messages in it so I'm just saying within the first angels message they seem is showing the how God is gonna accomplish okay because everybody understand what he just say so this is the first thing just message I barely understood what I said I barely understood I see I'm trying to flesh it out of my brain okay so you say one two three like that yeah yeah they put some way marks and dates on that for me the first just for the procedure do you think first day just got all it's all contained in the first angel right well 1798 be the first angel or a 19 right April 1984 or second agent thanks girl this is the first angel only this yeah alright but you let me explain how all three are in the first a so tell me when the first time you with message ends I don't believe it ends oh it never ends I think all three angels messages go all the way through but I do you agree with that all three angels messages carry on all the way through what do you mean by ends then it terminates it doesn't exist anymore and that is not doing anything is that what you mean by end or we just saying that this is joining thank you in 1798 okay so okay there's the end some way it doesn't go on forever in the day because it's the kathy said the ends are here then she said maybe it doesn't I didn't rub it out do you at your great must in some way okay so where do you want to end it wherever you want it I mean wherever you were in the sense that the first animus doesn't exist anymore it's not doing anything I wouldn't agree with it in essence but I would say ending the work that the first angel has come to do intend to close the process okay you undo the same thing that's what I always say so the first angels message ends here but what's this makes pain but is this connected to the first angel I don't understand what you do saying the eggs back here then what's it that what was this meant to show the probability it's going to say Q because he's saying it ends here right yeah so let us look at the first time unit begins here no runs all the way through here if we agree with that I wonder brother tiny doesn't so what you've done is you've got a line that goes from here to here then you're 12 1 so is that I've done that correct I guess I would have to be seeing it yeah okay tell me what that one you say in from I was thinking I'll be the second angel within the first it just in what way Mach you will pull here that that's total probation 1798 that one would be so second is just what way might date or ever on it okay don't worry let me actually get really nice let's come back here I lost brother Larry's question what's happening for bit Stevo Valeri Luke chapter one I can only ask a different question there it's not for PC I don't know what the date is but it's the end for the 438 rottens no it's not I'll do the birth one because it's not that straightforward will do for BC you know at the end of 400 I'll do that calculation for BC Luke chapter one okay birth of Christ so what way mark is that like when you're the Christ line but just just the white mark itself yes yes Christ I always call it the birth of Christ okay so what's that that's fine with the end as well so what happens it's time to the end normally increase of knowledge doctor had come in a quick what not lead is a me crazy for a Christ er yeah well if he's been born I mean and you would be the increase that the Messiah has arrived sister Tess 1798 you robbed the first angels message it runs all the way to Daniel 12:1 yeah so that would be number 1 2 3 we'll be marking here what happens here because we've got one a here now that's what sister Catherine would say and your breakfast you punch so problem rich is what we're going to do now you're going to start it in 1798 or four BC or another thousand years back at the birth of crop might exist only the way we were destroyed you see you go here for I hope you along to the like you said the first time you've met you've got all three components in it you're sent it to 1798 so I put 1798 and then you said then you say Daniel 12:1 you said this is the first danger it never ends until you get here so the question is when did it start so you'll put a start here so what's that then if that's not the arrival of the first how can he arrive twice just trying to do something man upon line you making it one big line now you need I don't put forward busy up there no you put Daniel 12:1 1798 ok let's go to here what line is OK no if I do it there you'll get confused let me put it randomly here 1798 when does that line end do you want to do line upon line 18:44 then how can you put Daniel 12:1 here close of probation or say 1844 typifies the close of probation also often W run this first angle all the way through one to three steps you say so the third it ends here you say you can optical line of hormones so you show me the line so it began it's right here it's three here and so you didn't tell me where the - well said okay don't worry because one two three ends here you say but that's not line upon line 1844 is the closing probably that's not 1844 it's super far bone so does that mean the three goes here not here it is a three in 1844 but not three here we we can show that don't believe I can't remember but it's I have to probably look at some notes that I think we have done there had a three there okay if you have a three here rather don't think there'll be three here is that connected to this one here this way no so help us at Lee it's a it's the 1798 is to is to first in the arrival of the first angels message and the widow right time then the right time ends in 1844 and then we are a new line we also have a arrival of the first and of course the second so remember this isn't that wasn't representing one two and three angels that was just representing the first angel because that's where he said it was the first it's not the first second and third so that we know that because it although this is the first angel so you're saying one two three first angel one two three first angel because the reason why I'm making that point is because if you're going to say one goes to three and Daniel 12:1 you're not doing line upon line you're doing sequential history and as soon as you're doing that then I'm going to say the first angel measured actually arrives here not here so that you don't end up having line upon line if you if you make the connection between this one and this one does that make sense because they're in individual discrete histories yep so when does the first angels message finish its work okay Miller right line this line here April 19th 1844 shimmer cessation Wexler yeah I would agree wait so what as soon as the second angels message comes in that's when the first angels end and when is that nineteen are they not one message so they would continue their run parallel with each other until I don't know you just said it would do it until the second you just said okay thinking about what I said and I don't think because I believe that there are threefold message so they would so tell me when the first finishes they at the end which would be when my scholars even so I'd say the Sunday law before before the before 12:11 the Sunday law isn't that the close of probation oh yeah I would say this Sunday would so the first day Becky just carried off Blake to victory club Larry I think it is on April 19 to 1844 when a second yes message arrives I could like take anyone else everything I was looking so much she gave me some word and they helped me think about what I was saying the way I understood it she says the first and second angels messages are still true for this time and I saw parallel with this was followed the third angel proclaiming has warned with the loud voice after these messages said John I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lightened with his glory in this illumination the light of all three messages is combined that was my reason for saying the first angel runs all the way through and if I'm understanding that pair of that correctly Valeri yeah I was gonna get with that I believe that too but I believe that it also has been on April 19 1844 segmenters arise as this work up until the third angels message arrives and then they're combined and repeated from 1989 so that message the first then is being repeated see baby that you want it out it's right a certain degree of which bits you don't agree with I don't know if it stops that's it maybe I mean hunger whenever it's occasion am I thinking well no if it stops per se or in I get the point of saying it ends to the second is there a bound off it stops whatever sage helping it nd I said uh like what do we mean when we say that we put the lines separate okay but you're say stopping in the two different things tell us in your mind what is between the end and the stop is the way I'm I'm what I'm saying is that when I hear the word in just like it's done but the first angels are convicts of sin so say egg means done I would have stopped me no way no that's not what I'm saying I'm saying I'm thinking and and stop are the same okay right when I hear that he may not be saying in the way I'm interpreter saying he may not mean that it doesn't exist anymore so what do I hear in that's what I think what if egg main tears like it's over in just the end of something it doesn't continue on stops yes exactly finish yes finishes his work you agree with that just I could give any sum that you finished your work Larry I agree with the Eco stops and Andy close finishes works but in my mind I've always thought that the first angels message did its work and tell you put nineteenth and then the second angels message dis worth up until turn a message right and then I understand that then they're repeated in our history this air opening - not get there when it's the meeting up there you may you don't understand even what's going on or you haven't come to a decision in the first one worry can be the second one I think I'm just thinking about this after the first angel arrives we have an increase of knowledge somehow it needs somehow there is an ending of the first angel because how else do we market time of darkness before 1989 which is also a time of the end so somehow I understand that the first angel it's just stopped doing it that makes everybody because that's the question that I asked back here even though I didn't express the the same properly then if you've got first angel arriving here how can it arrived here I can arrive here I can get so many arrivals if you just carried on through history so you agree with that never comes again and that's the point maybe I was gonna hook up on there it never comes again to whom that's why I was unsure about the just using the term in when I say it ends I'm thinking that what do they mean about the same in but the way he said it is something I agree with does the first day use message when is it when is it end for you probably don't think I'm intended to say the end is somewhere in here for Xun of me I'm intended to say April 19th as well they say he's saying the same thing about Larry same thing he ain't an April the night they finishes its work see great still agree with him Jaka grew a tail on the thought yes it's fine I'm gonna use the in that way I agree for the toilet you said 1840 I was I wasn't thinking about the dispensation after 1840 I agree with with April 19th okay the message has never has never stopped I mean in Revelation 14 City says that the angel had a everlasting gospel to preach to every nation tribe kindred and tongue and that everlasting gospel began you know in the Garden of Eden when the Lord cursed the serpent and it's been going on throughout all of history but people have forgotten the message that you know that the Lord unseals that you know the testing message that he provides for their salvation at at some point there's a backsliding and the history repeats itself so the first angels message comes again but it never really stopped the little orders has to reveal more light relative to that time here to that Reformation that reform line and just continues on throughout all of history until until close the probation where he doesn't have to test people do you think this this one doesn't stop just carries all the way through exactly how you get multiple ones in because that generation pass by you have another reform line and and you got people that have forgotten that message that came so he asked to introduce it again and who's that one appointed that one who's it been applied to to that generation and this one it's about generation separate generations right so aids they know well why does it have to end brother time they're probably gonna think it ends for that for that generation when you only get the first thing those mess at once you don't get another stab at it at some other time and so it ends and these aren't really angels so I think that should be factored into the mix that this is just the way God works with people you know this is the work that God's people are doing yeah but we learn from from that message we can learn from those message of another generation so it it didn't disappear and we just leave it there it's not for us we do line upon line okay and how do we deal if we say it runs all all the way through how do we deal with the quote from Ellen White that that where she says that not not up to the time of the end first no she said the the presented message not start with the end cut this message part of the gospel we preach okay so this means to me the the first angel second good third angels messages just pours maybe let's say a specific time but then all those things bring the power okay the Bible says all those things are written for our hour and so what does that mean all of those histories are for us yeah but does that mean this angel has just been running through history forever in the day I think it's talking about I miss it has to be line upon line okay so that means it starts and stops starts and stops starts and stops in discrete steps yeah he said how you say so you don't you've seen when it started here it just carried all the way through never stops because you say angel there but we only use the term angel in connection with revelation 14 and revelation 14 brings Miller right you know Adventist history and focus for us but when we're doing reformed lines we don't mark first angel we could say first Angelus the first message for that mercy for that generation but in reality it's just the first step of a three-step testing message the first step of a three-set testing 3-step testing message for the Millerites was the first angel as we call it so it's it's the it's the one you just call it one foot that the light from that message doesn't stop shining ever for whom doesn't it stop shining for whom doesn't it stopped raining no but for anybody so in the line of Christ that light at the first angel does it carry on shiny for that generation all the way until ad 70 or 80 30 what is it continues to go through the whole it does but those people that reject the message and therefore you know they can't they don't continue receiving that lasso they're shut out from that light oh sorry somebody had and my question is that is it a new message so when it starts and ends would it become a different message that's what brother Jonathan said it's our you know again you said it becomes it is a different message did you until 1798 you can't even get this messy right you know okay no because what I just what I wanted to say is the message for them before the Millerites or for the disciples is a different message of them for us today maybe it's it yeah a little bit different first angels so the first angels message becomes it's no longer fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is coming every dispensation is is that correct to say that so will change in each history is that your understanding no because the first angels said it says well it says but the Miller writes for example in the first angel they had a date August 11th 1840 we don't have that date we didn't predict the date in the first angel so it's it's the same component Islam I agree on that but it's a little bit different so I understand it you pray with that I didn't even understand it I don't know what you meant by August 11 1814 how is that the the minarets had to deal with August 11th yes we haven't had to deal with with August 11 it's not say nothing important was sorry for our time so you saying that it's because we have the Islamism in our history it's become a component in our history as well 9/11 so we can parallel it to our history it's not going to be the exact same you know over it's not going to be the exact same details but it does parallel with their history August 11 later yeah it's it's not the symbol is the same yeah the symbol is Islam we have to deal with the Islam they had to deal with Islam yeah yes there is no for example there's no pressure anymore in Europe so how do you deal with that so that there's some varieties so the messages are saying that some things have changed some of the details of the message yes I would say so and so I would say it's a little bit different for the disciples first time so the principle is the same yeah that's what the historical setting is different with the detail history is not the same the disciples are deemed that first I've been reading with the second acting totally different Ebates but the principle behind each one of them is the same sister all the being second selected messages one mostly for us - okay and it's what you really but the east message has its location not effect nothing should be removed okay so the proclamation of the first second and third angels messages has been located by the word of inspiration not a peg or a pin is to be removed no human authority has any more right to change the location of these messages than to substitute the New Testament for the oil the Old Testament of the gospel in figures and symbols the New Testament is the substance one is as essential as as the other the Old Testament presents lessons from the lips of Christ and these lessons have not lost their force in any particle what the passage that you had predicted it was 1888 you know four point three hilarious hey just wanted to share a quote on quote from great controversy it's like jeweled is the first paragraph it speaks about similarity in every Wickham reformatory movement unlike someone's would find it very controversy three four three four graphics so each reformatory movement is yeah and she says I striking similarities in the characteristics 9mr 291 paragraph 2 291 Lane in part 9 mr 291 perfect it says this present truth for this time comprises the message the third angels message succeeding the first and the second and succeeding means to follow and order it's not as good as all things I believe everybody created those being in order is that the same sequential so my understanding is in this history here a sequential one two three and then you get another history independent of this one which is not running sequentially one two three then you have another one back here one two three over all these history start starts and stop starts and stops start and end you have one two three in each one they're all unique little packages then we bring them line upon line that's how you understand it I presume brother nice and yeah so it's not I don't hear anybody is denying that we don't greenlight from here but that one that hit this generation isn't testing us we're being tested by our own different unique number one this is same we had the same characteristics but it's not the same tape so they be tested on the first Advent and we're not we all get tests from the first dagwon so that's Ottomans are saying and and that one stopped some wearing that history or not do we agree the one-stop somewhere in this history if this is I'm gonna I'm gonna put 1798 to 1844 so two or three people have said the first angel stops here April 44 so I'm not asking if you agree with the date but you agreed does that really great that it stops somewhere in that history doesn't just carry on the special that given to Jonathan expressed in the 700 was a billion nation of the things which would transpire on that the first and second math angels messages it was not best for the people to know these things for their faith must necessarily be tested in the order of God most wonderful on advanced routes would be proclaimed the first and second angels messages were to be proclaimed but no further life was to be revealed before these messages had done their specific work this is represented by the angel and she ties in with preposition 10:1 but she says that no further life was to be revealed before these messages don't do specific okay so that's not going to quite tell us that they happen sequentially but this is like the the first quote says that each has their location and not that that location is set by God okay but you could do this even though the right history oh yeah you know stages message runs all the way through second angels message runs all the way through but each messages here that are specific work yeah you had to work here and how to work here I've located them and they've got a work to do we love not live there then what the inspiration was like I usually don't first time job simultaneously I look at you in a second so that's like this I've located them correctly no because then the first thing there you have it continuing to a certain point what this first thing they'll have a specific work and that is defined in all we see the everlasting gospel so each message has a work to do and combine the messages I would like to combine the messages even or history yes we like to combine the message in the middle right history it's right can I throw to first in a second you can't combine any middle right history so if you saucy text question you answer can you insane we don't combine them I know you do I'm asking you can you combine the messages in the middle right history generally not movement that if you don't get too personal here we can buy the message in the middle right history generally we don't we supposed to okay so we'll have a look at that sister not now but it says in Revelation 14 followed another angel so what does that mean the following comes after we did not so it's not joining the first one yes it follows that they joins but because once when someone's following someone do they do they leave that person somewhere and they carry on going okay it's how you define follow that's why I'm trying to colonize me come after so follow must be all the way than it I'm not necess it means how you may define the word follow that's what I'm asking I don't ask a question I don't know if you can define it just from the lip on the paper all the Greek world itself the word followed and I'm different attacks right ii lawyers than that and the third policy second when you can't define it just by that phrase the word followed because he could mean this one they've got concurrently justify some additional information the first angel ends right there where the second one begins you can't say that the third that that you can't have a third without a person a second because there it is not there if you're locating them on the line and you put the three right there where the second one ends and you cut off the one where the second one begins then you can't say that you think you can't have a third with that person a second because there you have a third without a first with that right there that's saying you have a third with better without a first is it yeah okay so because you're saying the first one ends so let's hold that for a minute for a second and third angels messages arguing steps as we I'm saying if you make three steps towards me the first step that you make does it stop or does it continue in making the other two steps it stops yeah it stops okay no it stopped manuscripts for T 1890 1890 by the way when it says in manuscript forty as opposed to the manuscript release M RMS this is should be cleaning you up this this is unpublished he's part of the unpublished body which is now available online or often it's in parentheses it's part of some published work they take you know they've got a bit of something and they publish it later on a compilation of something but if it's a mess and not mr it's indicate he's unpublished korea so she's just going to talk about the first angels and the second angel and the first angel isn't laid aside okay the work for this time is represented by the first second and third angels flying in the midst of heaven the first angel has his message the second follows the first and bears his message but the first is not dropped it loses none of its force as the second is proclaimed so also with the third you can find it also in 1888 939 three so what does that mean 1888 939 paragraph three same exact same is that cool okay so what this is all telling me is that maybe we're not we're not all clued up on the same page about how to repair our reformed lines work what is the second angels message now what is the first message it's sin righteousness then judgment do you agree with that what is this telling you number one what what does it mean so sin is gonna be dealt with so you have to deal with sin and once the sins don't wait then what happens righteousness and righteousness so I'll catch you in your words you said then you agree with that one then - so you do sin then you do what I shouldn't say you do sin you deal with sin then you're righteous you accepted Christ righteousness you're not righteous people that was after pass the time so you go to Revelation 19 verse 8 just read that to us thank you that Edgar here was right you'd be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints you miss the word a thing for here or they got my linen is the righteousness of the saints all fates or not that righteousness okay so what does that mean which is the rightness of the saints so I'm thinking about that one let's go to Philippians 2:5 so I'll give you a second thing I know you Philippians 2 drug is a connected thought to five-story Philippians 2:5 let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus so the mind that Seenu will do this one before we go to Revelation the mind it's in you what kind of mind should it be and whose mind is it it's our mind isn't it it's our mind it's not someone else's mind yeah but your mind your own mind is supposed to be like Christ mind so wherever his mind was like your mind is supposed to been the same the same thing that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who ever mind he had we're supposed to have the same kind of a mind but it's not his mind 19-8 well for me nineteen eight I mean if you're if you're looking at the context at this point you know the marriage has occurred and and Christ has you know accepted the bride and and and at that point you could say that Christ and his bride are one so so there would be no separation between the righteousness of Christ in our own it would be the same thing okay so let's go to another model then let's go to we don't turn there let's go to Matthew 22 because in Matthew 22 get the bride you're the guest and you've got a marriage road there isn't them which isn't the bright road but it's rut a road and whose robe is that it turns it was given let's talk so it's we've got them all of this is our robe as a guest so this rope here it is her robe I mean in the literal it's her wedding dress isn't it and the wedding dress of the bride isn't the clothes that the groom waist it's her own unique clothing okay so once it would be her righteousness well women he said this is the righteous of the saints it's Matthew 22 it's the wedding government of the guest today they only I have possession of it because it's it's a symbol of what a symbol of God's people at this point in time after the mentioned the road yeah okay so it only works after the marriage you're not saying it only word September but that's the context of this verse okay so when is the marriage the beginning of the end of whatever it is the picket the beginning the revelation 19 she's made herself ready must be at the end now she's ready wasn't ready at the beginning all right yeah so let me go to another one this is the early writings 55 yes I want us to understand the relationship I was trying to just go to these two here I wonder I wanted to us to understand the relationship between revelation 14 and revelation 10 because this says the worldwide message and this says worldwide and they're two different chapters two different things and we talk about them being different in our message we never make this worldwide we always make this some kind of local affair but the verse does not teach that so I want us to see why it doesn't teach that and why we approaching this verse differently the church approaches this verse correctly and we don't we approach it in a and I say we don't do correctly all day we wrote it in a different way so I just want us to recognize that was where I wanted to go but we got sort of drifted along a bit and so we're now we've got two stages how do we understand what these angels messages that even doing first so what's the relationship between them so we want to understand a little bit about that because we're not sure they brother nation and maybe a couple of others have said you can't have a third without first in a second which means the first must be going on right till here must they must run parallel to one another concurrently there was a is there miss 41 that the one that poverty gave us that one year so that one says they run parallel with that which is president or something like that that wishes to follow so so I'm trying to sort out how we see these verses these messages so I went to something that I thought was relatively simple sin rightness and judgment so it says for God give Him glory now just fear God which is because with sinners so it says come out of sin and be righteous come from the position of being sinful then you'll become righteous and then brother Nathan said you don't become righteous no you're right it's not your righteousness its Christ's righteousness and I'm saying it's not because the Bible revelation 19 says it's your garment it's the bride Garman 2:22 says it's your garment Philippians 2:5 said it's your mind and early writings as this one 55.1 earlier I said 5.1 this is here 1844 1844 he's when the marriage process begins he goes not if not married not even married yet he says wait here I'm going to my father to receive the kingdom keep your garments spotless so if I were to say to you well you're a parent you say to your child keep those garments spotless or keep them clean what's that inferring already they're already clean so it's do you got two things you've got your Garmin and it's already clean it's already spotless and we know that our government is our righteousness whether they're filthy rags or whether they're not it's our righteousness and these ones are already spotless here in 1844 right here early writings 55.1 so I don't like all these people problem but what I'm trying to say is this that you cannot exhibit righteousness while you're still doing sin you just it just doesn't work to agree with that because if you were doing that if Christ allowed you to do that what would he be committing in Romans seven if you're familiar with Romans seven first couple of pages sorry adultery you'll be coming he'd be would be committing adultery and you won't do that he won't commit adultery if you're still married to another man and who's the other man the old man of sin is that Madison the Madison has to die for you to remarry so unless this one is dealt with and out of the way you can't move to this step so that's why we teach youth our message I think or we should be proud well okay I think we do teach it that the first and second angels messages run sequentially not concurrently they don't overlap does anybody disagree with that regardless of what the date is the fact that the first has to end for the second to pick up we'll go with that one it Miller right yeah because it gets complicated when we come through our line or so even better right one is the everlasting gospel is given in this message the answer is a three-step testing message so that does that mean there are three steps we need to pass from one step to the next it's not it's not sequential it's concurrent as you're saying is it is it a currently concurrent would be that there are it would change from one to the next ah Keith um we won then you go to let us I think that's sequential concurrent means they run together at the same time sorry yeah so sequential is is that correct what I'm asking is is it correct to say they're not sequential but they're concurrent wait I'm saying if you take this concept here you can't be dealing with sin to be righteous at the same time they can't happen concurrent yeah I understand that so they have to be sequential just in principle they have to be sequential we go with that never take this one home okay I'm gonna take this one home yeah but you understand the point that is the same thing I just bought just put that on the line those are the three steps where he's drawn out I get the concept yeah absolutely that thing okay I won't you race it I'll keep it I'll just move those to the rest of board so we're saying it's not worldwide in the verse but it's worldwide here we agree with that let's move we'll move back to this bit yes so how we going to deal with the issue of worldwide in revelation 14:6 how you how you going to address that to someone okay so what if I said this that repeat and enlarge sowhat's repeating and what's enlarging yeah so we start with 14 and it's going to get repeated where the message is going to get repeated in 10 and it's enlarged so it's 1 2 wherever but is it 11 11 versus so we just did the whole package here so what about if we begin with the premise that revelation 10 is a repeat of 14:6 and it enlarges upon it would that help that's right everybody agree with that disagree why wouldn't it be the other way around because even in Revelation 10 its identified as the empowerment in the first angel so you see is being empowered so they miss the same messages now going forward if they're mixing that answer attention how maybe my question is how are those English names and output the the environment like I said I stood the first question understand the second one if 10 is an enlargement or I'm sorry yes so if Tim comes first in the reading but it's an enlargement of a purse that comes later then logically I think that it would be empowering and everlasting gospel message how what is it this so you don't meet you you've got personal you've got to frame your questions so that can be sundar stand them which I'm struggling stone but part of why picked up is revelation 10 becomes comes before revelation 14 so my response to that is you can't structure revelation in some kind of sequential order it just doesn't work that way so that kind of reflects your question but doesn't really address your question okay generally ever simple yes if you see in Revelation 10 the angel comes down with an open book and this open book is full of Daniel and we know that when the first danger arrives revelation 14:6 mogul Daniel is still unsealed it needs to be unsealed it's still sealed it needs to be unsealed so there you see how that you first have to answer let them then it's open if that like what's he talking about tomorrow I agree with you tomorrow ok so we can see that hopefully that revelation 10 is a repeat an enlargement of Revelation 14 yes so when we deal with revelation 14 what's it essentially saying in Revelation 14 verse 6 what's what's the concept behind that what's it teaching us who's the angel to begin with okay I can't hear you sorry God's people you guys think God's people he's God's people these guys messenger okay so I'm gonna say God's people so if the first angel is God's people who they given the message to to the world yes but we know that when we think about the Gospel message who does the message have to be given to first has to be given to God's people first we would agree with that so let's come up with some Bible passages for that or some concepts or some principle some ideas that's right judge must be the house of God Bible verse anybody know first Peter so we've got judgment it's first for God's people so we've got first Peter 4:17 anything else it's a concept I don't ever buy before to that but then we like you quickly yeah God has a specific people on the planet like for example Israelites the purpose of the Israelites was to be an example to the Gentiles but the Israelites heads would have their life so to speak okay but that doesn't tell us a spinning there's going to come to them first fish if they they have to be an example obviously yeah I can accept as a principal but I need to harness my sister I can't hear you sorry we live 24:47 when Christ was talking to the disciples you have to shout right yeah it's Isis

good 24:47 and that repentance

and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations beginning at Jerusalem Matthew 24 47 Oh Luke 24:47 thank you Romans 1:16 Romans 1:16 for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for this is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth to the Jew first and also to the Greek so if we're going to do Romans 1:16 will do Romans 2 as well 9 and 10 say the same thing to the Jew first and also to the Gentile to the Jew first and also to the Gentile my sister I like this one Matthew 10 5 and 6 go ahead and read that these twelve Jesus sent forth and commanded them saying go not into the way of the and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not the gold rather to the lost sheep of the house of El Cid link tor and Fon okay okay and you said unto me son of man go get thee unto the house of Israel speak mark with my words unto them for they are not sent to a people of a strange speech and of an hard language but to the house of Israel okay so I'm gonna put a little after it with this one because he doesn't quite say the older on that one sister for you can night for okay and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set the mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof okay so what's that saying to go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem that is connected with first Peter chapter 5:17 the work of judgment judgment must begin in the house of God sorry but in that whole chapter he doesn't go part does it go past Jerusalem see is it just all in Jerusalem this is beginning it with the ancient men in the chapter verse six at the hmm but it's the only Jerusalem no it's not going to be so they teach ya the dragon is gonna happen to so I'm getting awkward absolute on that one and I'll put six on six with me anywhere else I'm gonna have their hand out yeah we know okay got a Asterix okay is it fifty and what's that FS we just have a number versus would fifty wait one yeah it's different stronger versus would mrs. Crowl cry aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a trumpet show my people their transgression in a house of jacob jasen and of course that's the chapter talking about the sabbath in verses 13 you'll notice is it is there some pattern here the ones that have got a streak the ones that done what's the pattern Testament New Testament oh why is that who's getting destroyed here Ezekiel Isaiah yeah they're all pointing to Babylon's coming to destroy you all of these passages but only these ones it's the dispensational change the whole dynamic is is different now because this one is teaching the end of what the end all of this is talking about the end of Jerusalem its destruction but all the New Testament ones are talking about what it's talking about dispensational change from the Jews to the Gentiles yeah so that's why you're noticing that none of these are marked in all these are marked it shows this change okay and it came to pass when 70 years I accomplished that I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation says the Lord for their iniquity the land of the and we'll make it perpetual desolations of course that's not the whole history but we know that Jerusalem got punished first and then by 12 you know yes if you want to take that put that in the bracket because it okay that won't work why because in this New Testament one it's gonna look like this nothing I'll tell I'll do in a minute anymore Bible verses okay yes so that one will work 15 so - sorry Phoenician one who says I'm not helping you already comes to the juice this is your mother the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings onto the moon he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound to complain the acceptable year of the Lord and their vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn to point on to them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they might be called trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord that he might be glorified is that Jerusalem again yeah okay there's one which talks about the light of the bunch of the Gentiles remember which one I think even that one doesn't give a sequence and say the Jews first and then the Gentiles do we do any other any other way we're going to get Jews first then the Gentiles story the woman at the will sit on the 2300 day prophecy begins away 457 - 1844 and what's this way mark here that's right crucifixion of Christ okay 34 so how long is this period this one why are we making this distinction juice end okay so I want to change that so this is to the church and then what to the Gentiles or the world so because I'm gonna find a spear a prophecy quote to demonstrate that just type in 1810 you'll find it and think you I think you'll find it with 1810 so the 2300 days one of the things that it should be teaching us is about judgment first judgment occurs with God's people and then it goes to the world till he teaches that so we've got enough passages here hopefully to show us that judgment must first begin with the church and then the world did everybody agree with that if we found it No different if you know X 13.3 so it's x11 1.3 that's what that can be fun ok yeah so I put in some great country oh those home first 100 words ok don't you say of 30 for our every specification of the prophecies is strikingly fulfilled and the beginning of this 70 weeks is fixed beyond question ops BC 457 and their expiration in AD 34 from this data there is no difficulty in finding the termination of the 2300 days 70 weeks four hundred and ninety days having been cut off from the 2300 there were 1819 remaining days remaining after the end of for the 90 days it in other than 10 days rescued resources is that what you want no see see 410 the 70 weeks for for nine hundred 490 years were to pertain especially to the Jews the expiration of this period the nation sealed his rejection of Christ by the persecution of his disciples and the Apostles turned to the Gentiles a t-34 first 490 years or 2300 days have been ended eighteen ten years would remain so its first to the Jews then to the Gentiles so we've got many Bible passages that teach us and we've got a easy structure to remember that teaches us this first the Jews then the Gentiles 303 gc4 10.1 so we're going to apply this principle and we're going to bring it into revelation 14 and revelation 10 in this repeating enlarge so let's go to GC GC 3 6 8 paragraph 1 I can't remember if we've done this in class just stop me and I can't remember if we've done this in class what I'm going to do now have we done okay brother 538 1798 this is the 1260 yes what church is this by Pyrrha I've really agree with that everybody know that yeah there are two women involved in this history where they located so one of them is in Revelation 12 she good or bad it's a good girl okay the other one is located revelation 2 verse anybody know without looking revelation - okay so it's an easy one to remember - 20 yeah so what we picking up from revelation 2:20 Jezebel okay so this one's bad her name is Jezebel another one now the Bible verse so - with me verse there's lots of virtually we could pick but we want to blow on her name verse verse verse verse nope revelation 17:4 five or six five Babylon so these are the two women there's a good one in this bad one who named Jezebel and the names of Babylon we okay with that so we'll close here where is Babylon brother Jason where's Babylon now we're gonna freeze if I if I if I gave you this cloud yeah and I said tell me where Babylon is the hint of it no we're here this is the turns Babylon is here yeah so we're in Babylon tell me on the map where are we I'm not okay you're not on the map hello question your world you're okay pretty good stuff anybody disagree anybody got another opinion Europe is Babylon probably Jason say is that what you say why are you looking why we do you look surprised you said in here looking like that oh no I said it but I'm just wanted location system showed up with race Babylon you see it's in you did throw up the draw I map the other day it's in the kind of Middle Eastern area so you're saying this is the Middle East so this woman in revelation 17 is they've been in the Middle East it's near that yeah between the Mediterranean and Middle East in the Middle East somewhere that's where she lives yes anyone else delicious okay Rome right that's where her seats in run her seats in Rome it's not in the Middle East which period of history is that but here this one here is this history here yeah agree with it yes I'll take away that okay so you just want to make this road yeah projects it will come to me slow quick quickly why are you saying Europe and not Rome I figured that because we do the faces but I'm trying to help you remember and I'm saying that that's all ugly in my mind you got what doesn't add up and he said okay hey exactly since the test is my so what is it okay you tell me what we want we want the kingdom she wants the kingdom not the capital where is she sitting brother Richard where is she sitting city on seven years right honest scarlet colored Beast which is a symbol of is wrong okay a kingdom which Kingdom if you sitting on okay okay if you're not sitting on Europe yes she is we did we did that yesterday yeah she's sitting on Europe isn't she she's got the armies on the so this is thyatira sardis I'm going to put Silas beginning like that you okay what it's ty tyramine okay so it means another way of expressing that is it's a fragrance of affliction Church is an affliction and it smells like it's been afflicted it's this sweet savour Sardis will decide it's mean and he can also mean to come out yes that which we made it was the wrong way saying that which remains its the remnant remember we did the 110th it's all about the remnant this is gonna be people talking about Rome it so they're going to come out of Rome that's going to come out come out of what that's right okay look okay yes sorry cut yeah but it's going to come out or revelation 18:4 them revelation 18:4 they're going to come out of Babylon revelation 18:4 is what message brother Nathan okay fourth angels which is the second force that fourth angel is the revelation 18:4 so you saying it's the fourth angel he's not what the middle right say this is Pallavi know there are easy Bevin is throwing a to do for its attorney we teaches a third angel don't we yes I think yes we do okay but they all I'm saying is they're putting it here whatever the engine that is certainly not the first it's whatever that means to you so where they're coming out of Babylon with Babylon so if they're coming out of Europe where they go into great we're going to the USA so what is UX a symbol of its TARDIS which is here in 1798 first angels message comes down what's the first angels message saying no what's the first angels message saying sorry come out of her my people is that what the first angels message saying come out of her my people and come we're come to the United States best place to be yeah come to the United States come out of Babylon because the United States is now the Church of God the Church of God was in Europe and it moved house from Europe to America America is I'm gonna say God's house obviously it's the glorious land the land that he lives but it's where God's church is now located here in America after it was located in Europe I don't have time to answer questions on that front at a time okay so we haven't quite got to where we want to do but I want you to I want to you at least have a first attempt now launched off into our study we want to find out the relationship between Revelation 14 and revelation 10 I've told you or inferred that it's a repeat in the largeman give them a little bit of history here to show why this is local and this is going to become worldwide I don't if I gave you this spirit prophecy quote do that give you three six eight paragraph one where'd I put that or did I just I thought I thought I did I thought I read it out but I didn't say it so I'll give you GC three six eight paragraph one you're going to need that in your assignment I would think maybe some other passages so you want GC three six eight paragraph one you want to understand a little bit about this so you need to flesh that out and develop a bit more we'll do it again in closed to show the relationship between this one and this one so what I want to show me is that revelation 10 is the first angels message as a minimum and then maybe a bit more on top of that this is homework and what day is it today Wednesday is Sunday okay is that too early I can buy next Monday then because we're going to break up in class again yeah is that Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday morning there's five days two additional ones so we've got the we've got there you've got the review a memorization is not an assignment who's been to college here this is this is not a this is not a he wouldn't like pre-college level she's like high school this is very easy immediate college you're doing five six hours of homework a night aren't you it's up College Jessica can I repeat the whole book so the homework is this the Holbrook is this I want you to prove to me that revelation 10 is the first angels message so prove that then I want you to show me what the relationship between these two chapters is why we talked about this one being different to this one you'll need to incorporate this idea here about this is identified this something local and local work being done here because 14:6 is to the world and you're going to need gc3 6-8 to help you along so try and do you got one student collapse there it's got so bad get it done for Monday so I can if you did it by Sunday I could review it for Monday we could talk a bit more about it but drunk it was for Monday so if we can do that then if there's bits and pieces that we haven't understood or we can refine them I'll give you more time to do it but have it something ready for Monday so that we're all thought about this looked at gc3 six a work something out because all over come to Monday and we won't have moved on yeah so what if I can't just say think about it because you won't think about it so they've given assignment to do you'll be how you'll have to think about it father God we thank you for your watch here over your people Lord we want to have a clearer understanding of your word of how we should approach you we want to have the mind of Christ within us Lord we know that everything that we are our whole being is centered and focused around your work how you feed us clothe us and more than that father how you want to change us Lord as we experience the everlasting gospel not only in this class time but also in our personal devotion we thank you Lord that you through the mystery of the Incarnation have found a way to save your people may we experience this revival and Reformation in Jesus name we pray amen