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amen so far just a recap of our two weeks together we began with Fatima then we went to Acts chapter 27 which led us to the 273 and the story of Pyrus we traced his life in two distinct sections two parts pyres in Macedonia and then pyres in Italy then we went to the Kings we lined them up with the king of kings of the south in our history which took us to Stalin and the history of World War two we then overlaid our lines four limbs over the top of one another identified 2016 and began a study on the mode of warfare 2014 was yesterday's study recognizing the mid points and a reminder also because it will come up again and become relevant shortly that 2016 is a way mark symbolized showing in the Miller act history by the camp-meeting at Concord August 1 itself midway between Boston and the beginning of Exeter so just before I begin today's study I want to I just want to add a little thought I've had a few people come to me or overheard a few people that have been really challenged by the last few days study in particular the study on the two streams of information and some have acknowledged that in their information bank they've had things wrong and the importance of getting 2016 right and where they haven't hadn't done that in 2016 last fall trimester I presented three studies to an acts 20:7 and the third on the line of the Magi and I've never believed that those weren't somehow connected I just wasn't sure how and I like to suggest that they are very much connected and it wasn't a coincidence acts 20:7 leads us to the prediction before the close of probation the magi study shows us our experience at the prediction before the close of probation I won't redo this study but just to refresh your mind an angel comes down at the time of the end hovers over Jerusalem Ella white said the Watchers on the walls of Zion were asleep but there were other Watchers and she identifies them as the shepherds and the Magi and then she says that other Watchers are represented by the five wise virgins watching for the Messiah's coming we identified that the five wise virgins are the Magi the Magi representing the priests this angel bypasses Jerusalem and goes to the Shepherd's on the hill and the Magi in the east these Magi attend to baylin's fourth Oracle and the Old Testament Scriptures there's an increase of knowledge in this time they see a flash of light which we marked as a formalization of the message and then a star descends we identified that as 9/11 they begin their journey they're studying all through that history they descend all of that and come to Jerusalem we marched Jerusalem as the prediction before the close of probation it's here they learn of Bethlehem but what is their experience at Jerusalem self doubt they left those gates discouraged doubting their prehistory I would like to make the application but we can see that in this last week as people doubt there experience in 2016 the years before and what they've put in their information bank what I want to say to encourage us is the only people that aren't discouraged at the prediction before close of probation because of these self-doubts are the wise priests there are no foolish in this history so if you have been discouraged or have had to rethink some prior information and I'm not talking prior prophecy everything they did in this history was right but if you do have self-doubt the only ones that do otherwise virgins you see a star twice in this history it descends at 9/11 and it descends at Jerusalem 9/11 was an external event it was there to give power to a prophetic message I would like to suggest that we are to expect a sign to give power to a prophetic message and that star leads them all the way to Bethlehem where they see baby Jesus they fall on their knees and they're humbled in the dust I've had to rethink my information Bank too and this for me has given me courage so we've considered in the last 10 days together we've considered our pray history from 1989 on multiple levels how rich that history is for us we've looked at 2014 looked at 2016 and what I want to look at next is with all those studies we've looked at the what raffia now I want to look at the when what was the sign before 1989 that the church was to recognize what sign did they have 1979 the beginning of the Afghanistan war Afghan war of 1979 they had how long 10 years in our study of the information war we didn't stop at 1979 we went back another ten years what did that take us to 1969 ARPANET the invention of the Internet we can mark a ten-year 1789 to 1799 what is that period this is the French Revolution ending with Napoleon and 1799 1799 the French Revolution ends Napoleon Bonaparte dismisses the Revolutionary Government and Pius the 6th dies in captivity 1789 the French Revolution begins and the US Constitution is ratified and they mark 1789 it's the beginning of US government under the Constitution when we looked at World War two did we have ten years before our time of the end can we mark 19 29 1939 beginning of World War two 1929 ladder and treaty and the setting up of three dictators what about 1919 Treaty of Versailles officially ending World War one what else happened in 1919 sorry Bible conference okay 1919 is also the Treaty of Versailles in the first time a US president and a Pope meet what about 1909 we'll get to that one 1939 just to backtrack 1919 Treaty of Versailles World War one officially ended Germany is under a Bolshevik Revolution communist style government and they form the Catholic centre party which becomes a key player in coalition governments it's at Catholic center party that Pope Pius the 12th is able to use as a negotiating tool to go into an alliance with Hitler 1929 the ladder and treaty and Lucy Lucy's vision her called to consecrate Russia but told it will be too late Stalin's cult of personality begins he's without rival the Great Depression begins with the Wall Street Crash Hitler's Nazi Party begins to rise in popularity in a quite a meteoric way over about three years pucelli has appointed Cardinal Secretary of State second to the Pope and pius xi founds the Vatican Commission for Russia and the Pontifical Russian College where students were trained for the clandestine Evangel eight evangelization of the Soviet Union 1939 world war ii and pucelli is made Pope Pius the 12th 1979 the beginning of the Afghanistan war we also marked the FISA Court being set up in the case of Smith versus Maryland which set the precedent for government surveillance the fights are caught enabling them to do that Fatima gave us this early history 1789 1799 but then it gives us 1809 we have three time of the ends on this board 1989 1939 1798 the only one that doesn't come at the neat end of a 10-year period I would like 1798 I would like to suggest that with the scattering of the papers it is telling us on giving us a different points from the either to either ones which are showing us the regather in of the papacy a pope is taken twice captive twice in this history 1798 and 1809 1809 Napoleon frustrated by Pius the seventh neutral stance during his war with Britain and acts as the papal States declares Rome a free Imperial City declare Roma free Imperial City the pope places balls of excommunication on the church doors of rome for all who participated in the annexation including napoleon himself so Napoleon annexes the papal States from the papacy and declares Rome a free Imperial City in retaliation the Pope excommunicates Napoleon and everyone who aided him in this act French troops seized Pope Pius the seventh and imprison him so we see the excommunication of Napoleon and the taking of the Pope captive again in 1819 Marcantonio pucelli arrives in Rome to study canon law Marcantonio pucelli this began the work of three generations of Canon lawyers who by the third generation that family had resurrected the papacy he is by 18-49 the personal lawyer for Pope Pius the sixth his son Francisco Bocelli drafted and negotiated the Lateran treaty his other grandson Eugenio Pacelli drafted the code of canon law and negotiated it in Germany and became Pope Pius the 12th between the latter and treaty and the code of canon law this is what resurrected the papacy it all begins with their grandfather Marcantonio pucelli 1849 is the next crisis that hits the Catholic Church Roman Republic is declared amid a revolution and the Pope flees taking his lawyer with him mock Antonio Bocelli declaration of a Roman Republic we haven't listed 1989 in detail it's at time of the end and alliance with between Pope John Paul the second and Reagan it's a fall of the Berlin Wall an invention of the World Wide Web there are three dates missing on my line 20 1829 and 1830 9 in 1879 on enough testimonies this doesn't bother me 1999 the Russian apartment bombings bring Prime Minister Vladimir Putin into the spotlight he has already cultivated the image of a strong man saving Russia from the Chechnyan terrorists before he ever becomes president he becomes president late in 1999 and I said with Fatima they had a 10-year period to take down Russia before they have a strongman leader and it was about to get a lot harder 1999 Trump begins his first presidential bid which we know he does not follow through with 18:59 is the only validated American Marian apparition a dull breeze is told quota gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know of salvation go and I will help you she dedicates her life to traveling on foot starting Catholic churches and monasteries and furthering the Catholic Church in the United States using Mary 1889 it's the birth of Hitler who becomes the first beast 1899 pucelli is born who becomes route path for 12th sorry not born he becomes a priest ordained a priest and I hope in our last study to show 1899 as the time of the end for the counterfeit for the beginning of modern Babylon to counterfeit time at the end we have 1989 they had 1899 19:09 the general conference session in Ellen White is 81 years old the last session she attends and we know the prophetic significance of that conference 1949 the USSR develops nuclear weapons it becomes a nuclear power to rival the United States sorry USSR develops nuclear weapons on the 29th of August 1949 the Soviet Union conducted its first nuclear test codenamed RDS one other Semipalatinsk test site in modern-day Kazakhstan the device had a yield of 22 kilotons after its independence from the Soviet Union Kazakhstan closed the test site on 29th of August 1991 exactly 42 years after our ds1 was tested on the initiative of Kazakhstan the United Nations proclaimed 29th of August as the International Day Against nuclear tests in 2009 on the 29th of August 1949 the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb it came as a great shock to the United States because they were not expecting the Soviet Union to possess nuclear weapon knowledge so soon previously the United States had used two atomic bombs on Japan to cause them to surrender during World War two the impact that the possession of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union had upon the United States or that it caused Americans to question their own safety and President Truman responded by revalue reevaluating the United States position in the world and for the United States to build up its conventional and nuclear weapons to halt the spread of Soviet influence around the globe 1959 also in 1949 Pope Pius the 12th excommunicates anyone who is a member of a communist party anyone who speaks in support of communist theology or writes in support of communist theology so you see the excommunication of Communists and through this history after 1945 up to 1950 it are the what is happening is the papacy is beginning to work with the United States to counteract Stalin 1959 you have a new pope 1958 he steps in 1959 he announces his plans to restructure the Catholic Church beginning at the Second Vatican Council Second Vatican Council announced you also have the second meeting between a pipe and a u.s. president 1919 1959 also in 1959 the third Fatima Secret is delivered to the Pope Pope John the 23rd reads the 3rd Fatima secret that speaks of judgment if not dedicating Russia he reads it this believes it and refuses to follows Mary's instructions to release the letter you have the Pope reject Fatima he rejects the third secret Fatima and Lucia 1869 marks the first Vatican Council where they bring in papal infallibility this Second Vatican Council causes a split within the church one portion leave start their own you could say independent ministry this split is healed and they reunite in 2009 Second Vatican Council split is healed 2009 you have in the year previous and new US President Obama and you also have Medvedev in Russia so 2009 Obama tasks Hillary Clinton with resetting the US and Russia relationship in 2009 Hillary Clinton presents of the Russian Foreign Minister with a packaged reset button this marks a two-year attempt which I would suggest send in 2011 to reset US and Russia relations this is the reset button sorry depending on your thoughts of information warfare how significant you might consider the next point I consider it quite significant 2009 Donald Trump joins Twitter we laugh and I can understand why but this is a mode of warfare a few weeks ago his lawyer Giuliani in a statement to the press said that the reason that Donald Trump is so vocal about his beliefs on Twitter is because he knows that if he is impeached if they try to take him down the only people are going to save him are his own people sounds like a mild statement but what he is saying is if you try to take me down I'm preparing civil war because if they try to take him down in the common people he thinks the common people can save him what he is expecting and preparing for is to have a group of people ready to fight back and that will be violent it's very much planned I'm not suggesting that these events are repeated in 2019 I just wanted to mark a pattern we know 1939 time of the end we marked two periods of ten before it we know 1989 time of the end we marked two periods before it the French Revolution has been established for a long time 1909 1919 established for a long time all were doing is filling in a few gaps we're going to spend the rest of our class this morning and this afternoon's class looking at 2019 also 1949 I'll make sure I haven't missed anything 1949 is the formation of NATO and in response to that the Soviet Union forms comic-con 1949 Germany is officially also divided into East and West designs where the three Western zoned moons merged so we're going to do much of what we did yesterday in more detail with 2019 when we looked at 2014 and we applied some dates we look at what brings us to 2019 I wouldn't mark a couple of other things in 1989 and 1999 1989 Lucia says the dedication of Russia has been accepted meaning that they now believe the king of the south is defeated you also have the publication of Krishna's midnight speech and that's something we're going to talk quite a bit about in the future 1999 is the publication of the book Hitler's Pope it's the only way that we have a clear view of the beginning of modern Babylon that man John corn will had access to Vatican archives that haven't been disclosed since and hadn't been disclosed before him it is our one looking-glass into the history clear looking-glass into the history of Pope Pius the 12th and Hitler I would suggest it's an important read if you have the time if you have your devices if you want to turn to great controversy chapter 11 I'm going to just scan and pick up dot points so I hope you might not be able to follow but just so you know where I am we're traveling to 1529 and this is a four ninety from 2019 15:29 is chapter 11 of the great controversy it's the diet of spires I'm just going to read through this chapter to scanning dot points Ellen White says one of the noblest testimonies ever uttered for the Reformation was the protest offered by the German princes of Germany at the died of spires in 1529 the courage faith and firmness of those men of God gained for succeeding ages Liberty of thought and of conscience their protest gave to the Reformed Church the name of Protestant it's principles are the very essence of Protestantism at the died of spires they're given a name Protestant name given a dark and threatening day had come for the Reformation notwithstanding the Edict of ORMs declaring Luther to be an outlaw and forbidding the teaching or belief of his doctrines religious toleration had thus far prevailed in the empire god's providence had held in check that forces that opposed the truth so from 2014 to 2019 you have god's Providence's holding in check the forces that opposed the truth Charles the faith was bent on crushing the Reformation but as often as he raised his hand to strike he had been forced to turn aside the blow again and again the immediate destruction of all who dared to oppose themselves to Rome appeared inevitable but at the critical moment the armies of the Turk appeared on the Eastern Front or the King of France or even the Pope himself jealous of the increasing rates of the Emperor Emperor made war upon him and thus amid the strife and tumult of nations the Reformation had been left to strengthen and extend so what's protecting them in this time period the armies of the Turk Islam the king of France the King of the South or even the Pope himself I would suggest a civil war inside the papacy at last however the papal Oren's had stifled their feuds that they might make common cause against the reformers next paragraph second sentence said Melanchthon we are the execration and the sweepings of the world but Christ will look down on his poor people and will preserve them one ninety-nine point to as a compromise it was finally proposed that where the Reformation had not become established the Edict of roms should be rigorously enforced and that in those whether people had deviated from it and where they could not conform to it without danger of revolt they should at least effect no new reform they should touch upon no controverted point they should not oppose the celebration of the mass they should permit no Roman Catholic to embrace Lutheranism this measure passed the diet to the great satisfaction of the Popish priests and prelates if this edict were enforced the referent Reformation could neither be extended whereas yet it was unknown nor be established on solid foundations where it already existed Liberty of speech would be prohibited no conversions would be allowed and to these restrictions and prohibitions the Friends of the Reformation were required at once to submit the hopes of the world seemed about to be extinguished the re-establishment of the romish hierarchy threatening she says in the next paragraph one 99.4 that the temptation that that faced them said let us embrace peace let us seize the olive branch Rome holds out and close the wounds of Germany two hundred point one halfway down could the Reformers she says could the Reformers have pleaded that they were innocent of the blood of those hundreds and thousands who in pursuance of this arrangement would have to yield up their lives in Popish lands they would have been to betray at the supreme our the cause of the gospel and the liberties of Christendom let us reject this decree said the princes in matters of conscience the majority has no power so the church and state unite after a period of restraint and a decree is enforced liberty limiting the liberty of conscience but the princes protest giving them their name we read this protest in 202 point 4 we protest by these presence before God our only creator preserver Redeemer and Savior and who will one day be our judge as well as before all men and all creatures that we for us and for our people neither consent nor adhere in any manner whatsoever to the proposed decree in anything that is contrary to God to His Holy Word to our right conscience to the salvation of our souls GC 2o 4.1 first sentence the declaration had been made it was written in the memory of thousands and registered in the books of heaven the result of this 205 point for the Reformation was to be brought into greater prominence before the mighty ones of the earth the Avenger evangelical Prince's had been denied a hearing by King Ferdinand but they were to be granted an opportunity to present their cause in the presence of the Emperor and the assembled dignitaries of church and state to quiet the dissensions which disturbed the Empire child v in the year following the protest of spires can vote to decree at Augsburg over which he announced his intention to preside in person 2:07 point - halfway through the paragraph this is Luther quoted I am overjoyed he wrote that I've lived until this hour in which Christ has been publicly exalted by such illustrious confessors and in so glorious and assembly thus was fulfilled what the scripture says I will speak of thy testimonies before Kings 200 8.4 second sentence I'll begin at the beginning God's faithful servants were not toiling alone while principalities and powers and wicked spirits in high places were leaved against them the Lord did not forsake his people GC - a 9.1 next paragraph one of the principals most firmly maintained by Luther was that there should be no resort to secular power in support of the Reformation and no appeal to arms for its defense next paragraph when powerful foes were uniting to overthrow the Reformed faith and thousands of swords seemed about to be unshift against it Luther wrote Satan is putting forth his fury ungodly pontiff's are conspiring what you see is a league formed persecution a decree - 10.1 from the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world in the great Reformation there was holy calmness the servants of the Lord set their feet upon the rock of his promises during the struggle at Augsburg Luther did not pass a day without devoting three hours at least to prayer and they were hours selected from those the most favorable to study in the privacy of his chamber he was heard to pour out his soul before God in words full of adoration fear and hope as when one speaks to a friend I know that thou art our Father and our God and thou that thou will scatter the persecutors of their children for thou art thyself endangered with us all this matter is lying and it is only by thy constraint that we have put our hands to it defend us then Oh father - 10.3 two paragraphs down God did listen to the cries of his servants he gave to princes and ministers grace and courage to maintain the truth against the rulers of the darkness of this world saith the Lord behold I lay in Zion a chief Cornerstone elect precious and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded the Protestant reformers had built on Christ and the gates of hell could not prevail against them when had they built on Christ prior to this history they had already built on Christ and when the gates of hell came against them they couldn't find anything on them Acts of the Apostles 68 point 1 the principle for which the disciples stood so fearlessly when in answer to the commands not to speak anymore in the name of Jesus they declared whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God judge ye is the same that the adherents of the gospel struggled to maintain in the days of the Reformation when in 1529 that German princes assembled at the diet of spires there was presented the Emperor's decree restricting religious liberty and prohibiting all further dissemination of the reformed doctrines it seemed that the hope of the world was about to be crushed out with the princes accept the decree should the light of the gospel be shut out from the multitude still in darkness Levites and eleventh-hour workers mighty issues for the world were at stake those who had accepted the Reformed faith met together and their unanimous decision was let us reject this decree in matters of conscience the majority has no power this this principle we in our day are firmly to maintain the banner of truth and religious liberty held aloft by the founders of the gospel church and by God's witnesses during the centuries that have passed since then has in this last conflict been committed to our hands the responsibility for this great gift rests with those whom God has blessed with a knowledge of his word we are to receive this word of supreme authority we are to recognize human government as an ordinance of divine appointment and take to obedience to it as a sacred duty within its legitimate sphere but when its claims conflict with the claims of God we must obey God rather than men God's Word must be recognized above all human legislation a thus saith the LORD is not to be set aside for thus saith the church or a thus saith the state the crown of Christ is to be lifted above the diadem's of earthly potentates against a decree you have the lifting up of an ensign banner that was given to them has been passed on to those who have been blessed with the knowledge of God's Word but that knowledge comes with responsibility this protest gave them the name Protestant she says 64 Oh 3.1 she says they felt that God had called them to give the gospel to the world and in doing this they were ready to sacrifice their possessions their liberty in their lives are we in this last conflict of the great controversy as faithful to our trust as were the early reformers to theirs 15:29 heralded another important event and this was the restraint of the Ottoman Empire this is a siege of Vienna Sullivan the Magnificent had before this time conquered Eastern Europe and what he decided in 1529 was it that it was time to take on the West he marched his army into the West but was stopped at Vienna this was his first defeat in battle an unsuccessful sage due to torrential rain on the journey was largely largely responsible for holding his progress his army at one stage having to spend a few days in trees above flood water so Solomon the Magnificent begins his campaign against Western Europe but he's stopped at Vienna it's his first defeat what about 220 $17.99 end of the French Revolution yes so it's just nice nice said you have a 46 times your time period so Luther's first 1529 thank you the coup of 18 to 19 Vermeer in the year 8 of the republican calendar theses they're counterfeit calendar is generally taken to mark the end of the French Revolution and the beginning of Napoleon Bonaparte's dictatorship you have Napoleon and the setting up of the dictator the end of the French Revolution which we also spoke of yesterday the regime which Bonaparte was about to bring down was the directory a committee of five which had been set up upon the fall of Robespierre the reversal of military fortunes in 1799 and 10 years of revolutionary upheaval prompted plotters to revise the Constitution in a more authoritarian direction in Napoleon the plotters found their man as well as nearly continual warfare until 1815 citizens he announced the revolution is established on the principles with which it began it is over you have the reforming of the Constitution in a more authoritarian direction where does a 1 5 1 take you 1:51 will take you to 1868 only two times in US history has a president being impeached the second was Clinton in the late 1990s the first was Andrew Johnson in 1868 this is the first presidential impeachment why was Andrew Johnson impeached Andrew Johnson became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln his sympathies whether were with the south causing him to block any attempts by the Senate to give freed slaves the right to vote or to stop the former Confederate southern leaders from taking back control of state governments On February 24 of 1868 something extraordinary happened in the US Congress for the first time in history the United States House of Representatives impeached a sitting president Democrat Andrew Johnson now Johnson faced trial before the US Senate if convicted he would be removed from office but what really caused his impeachment was the firing of someone he shouldn't have this was his Secretary of War Edwin M Stanton on February 21 Andrew Johnson is impeached first reason is for firing someone that Congress said he did not have the right to file why was Clinton impeached perjury and obstruction of justice Clinton perjury obstruction of justice and also connected with those two things was an affair and allegations of abuse reading of Andrew Johnson the House of Representatives formally impeached him on February 24 by a vote of 126 to 47 they charged him with a violation of the tenure of office act and bringing into disgrace ridicule hatred contempt and reproach the Congress of the United States it was then up to the Senate to try Johnson his trial began on the 4th of March and continued for 11 ruling weeks during that long period the president's enemies had time to reconsider the Stanton dismissal many of them were impressed with Johnson's good behavior during the trial and he took action to save himself he promised to enforce the reconstruction acts and to give no more speeches attacking Congress before this time he was very vocal against Congress and those he saw as his enemies regularly attacking them in his speeches he well also appointed a man well liked by most Republicans a John Schofield as a new Secretary of War may 16 of 1868 he escaped removal from office by just one vote for the remainder of his time in office he continued to veto reconstruction bills also continues to clash with Congress for his remaining time in office and he's voted out in the in the end of 1868 so you have two presidential impeachments I would suggest that the first in the second equal the third one firing someone he shouldn't have it's what is currently being investigated for James Comey second for perjury lying under oath it's already expected third is for obstruction of justice already expected connected with that is an affair and allegations of abuse we have notes if they could be handed out for our next point by the way against Andrew Johnson there are 11 articles written for his impeachment nine of those articles relating to his firing of his Secretary of War nine of eleven articles just find that interesting one two six takes you to 1893 this is one five one and this is a one two six we know there were Sunday laws in this period this being five years after 1888 1893 marks the Chicago World's Fair in a Sunday we're going to read through this together I haven't included all that I'm going to read in that in those notes just the highlights the majority of what we're going to read is in there there are a couple of other parts I was just trying to keep them a bit more condensed but I want to look at what happened in 1893 with the Chicago World's Fair and this is found all in the Pioneer writings this is by eighty Jones 1893 the Chicago World's Fair notwithstanding the fact that in 1829 and 1830 the Congress of the United States adopted the Sunday Mail reports written by Honorable Richard AM Johnson in which it was declared that if the sunday act then demanded should be adopted it would be difficult for humans or gas city to foresee how rapid would be the succession or how numerous the Train of measures would follow involving the dearest rights of all the rights of conscience we're not quite your notes yet the 52nd Congress in its world's fair legislation in 1893 took this dangerous step by interpreting the law of God declaring in effect that the fourth commandment was not only binding upon all men and nations but that it required the observance of the first day of the week in his writings he includes a quote by Philip chafe it says secular power has proved a satanic gift to the church and ecclesiastical power has proved an engine of tyranny in the hands of the Senate and he says top of this article he dedicates it to the more than 350,000 citizens of the United States who signed their names to a petition on page 4 this report is addressed and respectfully dedicated and it's titled that tivity of the republic if you turn to your notes starting at the top of page 1 February 1863 there was begun an organized movement by religious combination composed of the evangelical churches of the country to get the government of the United States committed by direct legislation to a recognition of the Christian religion and a national adoption and enforcement of Sunday as the Christian Sabbath or Lord's Day they proposed first to accomplish their purpose by an amendment to the National Constitution declaring this to be a Christian nation and so placing all Christian laws institutions and usages upon an undeniable legal basis in the fundamental law of the land the next couple of paragraphs are in your notes I'll just slip these in in 1888 he's going back five years senator Blair introduced a bill to secure to the people the enjoyment of the first day of the week commonly known as the Lord's Day as a day of rest and to promote its observance as a day of religious worship so what eighteen Jones is doing here is his bringing up two dates 1863 1888 in his lead-up to 1893 and the 25th of the same month introduced a joint resolution to amend the National Constitution so as to establish the principles of the Christian religion as the religion of the nation these two pieces of legislation embodied the wishes of this religious combination and immediately there was a strong effort made all over the country to secure the passage of the measures especially the bill establishing and enforcing the observance of Sunday because of all these facts the American Sentinel takes no part in this Sunday opening campaign our position is just what it always has been we do not and never did care the scratch of a pen whether the world's fair be open or shut on Sundays we do care and always have cared more than can be told whether this question should be decided by legislation and whether the government should thus be surrendered into the hands of the church power against this we have always protested and worked with all our might both before and since it was done 1893 80 jones on the back of this history is called to speak before Congress I'll just read a little not in your notes of what he says to Congress he says my point is that this subject of whether the gates of the World's Fair shall be closed or opened on Sunday is a subject with which the national government has nothing at all to do is entirely beyond its jurisdiction in any sense whatever there are three distinct considerations and elicits those he said not only is there so on that point but if the Constitution had not said a word on the subject of religion there would have been no power in Congress to touch this question but the people have spoken the Constitution has spoken and denied the right of the United States government to touch this question and has reserved that right to the states or the people not only did the Constitution do that but it went farther and actually prohibits the government of the United States from touching this question this lack of power should have been complete and total without the prohibition because the powers not delegated are reserved but the people went farther and not only reserved to this power but expressly prohibited Congress from exercising it so the point is arguing before Congress is that this violates the Constitution the problem was that Congress had announced to those speaking that they could argue their points but they were not allowed to use the Constitution as an argument that expressly forbidden forbidden the any arguments being supported by the Constitution so here a tea joins is knowingly objectively ignoring that request so mr. der Brau speaks up and says your objections are simply constitutional a tea join says there are some others but the foundation of all is the unconstitutionality of it those who stand the petitions here and those who worked for the movement in this capital knew that it was unconstitutional when they asked for it he says later in this article we have never used and never will use as severe language in telling Protestants that Sunday is a Roman Catholic institution as Papists are themselves using in telling this same truth here are paragraphs from editorials which appear in Cardinal Gibbons organ the Catholic mirror September 9 and 23 of 1893 I've included excerpts from September 2 9 16 and 23 there were four editorials so what happens in 1893 when the Protestants are stand up and demand this Sunday legislation regarding the World's Fair is that while the seventh-day adventists protest and 80 Jones protests against the unconstitutionality of it the greatest argument comes from the Roman Catholic Church in three in four editorials that they publish in their paper the Catholic mirror the official paper of the papacy within the United States so what we read following is actually the Catholic response to this Sunday legislation and what it is is an epic takedown of Sunday as being anything that the Protestant world can hold to what they do in these four articles is make an an argument and unequivocal argument that Sunday is a papal institution it cannot be found in the Old Testament it cannot be found in the New Testament and that the Protestant churches if they wish to hold to Sunday should come back under the thorough authority of the Catholic Church what sparked this was the editor of the Catholic mirror received a paper from the from the international religious liberty Association so the Chicago World's Fair 1893 we're also going to mark the International religious liberty association this is what the adventist church set up to fight against these Sunday laws it is set up in 1893 and this association is the biggest is today the biggest religious liberty Association in the world they still speak before the United Nations they are no longer strictly Adventists they did in the in the 1900s they on started accepting any and all religions so one of the pamphlets from the International religious liberty Association finds its way to an editor of the Catholic mirror and they publish four editorials this eighty Jones says are the open challenge of the papacy to Protestantism and the demand of the papacy that Protestants shall render to the papacy an account of why they keep Sunday and also of how they keep it starting your third paragraph down these paragraphs are now not 80 Jones this is what was written in the Catholic mirror beginning September 2 our attention has been called to the above subject in the past week by the receipt of a brochure of 21 pages published by the International religious liberty Association entitled appeal and remonstrance embodying resolutions adapt adopted by the General Conference of the seventh-day adventists the resolutions criticize and censure with much acerbity the action of the United States Congress and of the Supreme Court for invading the rights of the people by closing the World's Fair on Sunday I have a few paragraphs here not in your notes that I will just mark dot points they speak of the Adventists as the only body of Christians with the Bible of their teacher we can find a no warrant in its pages for the of Sabbath they compare that with the Protestants of the world who also claim to use the Bible as their cherished and soul infallible teacher by their practice since the appearance in the 16th century if they then asked why Protestant pulpits that they then make the comment that Protestant pulpits ring almost every Sunday with loud and impassioned invectives against violating this Sunday Sabbath and that the Catholic language is quite strong on this point to the point of rude they then say our purpose in throwing off this article is to shed such light on this all-important question for where the Sabbath question to be removed from the Protestant pulpit the sects would feel lost and the preachers be deprived of their Cheshire Cheese that our readers may be able to comprehend the question in all its bearings and thus reach a clear conviction the Adventists therefore in common with the Israelites debt derived their belief from the Old Testament which position is confirmed by the New Testament endorsing fully by the life and practice of the Redeemer and his apostles the teaching of the sacred word for nearly a century of the Christian era what they're saying there is that the Advent Escape the right Sabbath as it is shown in the Old Testament the New Testament and for the hundred years after Christ in the setting up of the Christian era fourth paragraph down last paragraph on page one the Protestant world has been from its infancy in the 16th century in thorough accord with the Catholic Church in keeping holy not Saturday but Sunday the discussion of the grounds that led to this Union unanimity of sentiment and practice for over 300 years must helped toward placing Protestantism on a solid basis in this particular should the arguments in favor if its position overcome those furnished by the Israelites and Adventists the Bible the sole recognized teacher of both litigants being the umpire and witness if however on the other hand the latter furnish arguments incontrovertible by the great mass of Protestants both classes of litigants appealing that their common teacher the Bible the great body of Protestants so far from clamoring as they do with vigorous pertinacity for the strict keeping of Sunday have no other recourse left than the admission that they've been teaching and practicing what is scripturally false for over three centuries by adopting the teaching and practice of what they have always pretended to believe an apostate Church contrary to every warrant and teaching of Sacred Scripture to add to the intensity of this scriptural and unpardonable blunder it involves on of the most positive and emphatic commands of God to his servants servant men remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy no Protestant living today has ever yet obeyed that command preferring to follow the apostate Church referred to than his teacher the Bible which from Genesis to Revelation teachers no other doctrine should the Israelite since the seventh-day Adventists be correct both sides appealed to the Bible is their infallible teacher let the Bible decide whether Saturday or Sunday both be the day enjoined by God one of the two bodies must be wrong and whereas a false position on this all-important question involves terrible penalties threatened by God himself against the transgressor of this perpetual covenant covenant we shall enter on the discussion of the merits of the arguments wielded by both sides neither is the discussion of this paramount subject above the capacity of ordinary minds nor does it involve extraordinary study it resolves itself into a few plain questions easy of solution question one which day of the week does the Bible enjoin to be kept holy question two has the New Testament modified by precept or practice the original command question three have Protestants since the sixteenth century are bathed the command of God by keeping holy the day enjoy by their infallible guide and teacher at the Bible and if not why not to the above three questions we pledge ourselves to furnish as many answers which cannot fail to vindicate the truth and uphold the deformity of error I'm skipping their arguments Bible arguments in these quotes most of their Bible arguments but if you wish to go through and read them yourself they make a very strong argument for seventh-day Sabbath the next article is September 9 conformably to our promise in our last issue we proceeded to unmask one of the most flagrant errors and most unpardonable inconsistencies of the biblical rule of faith last however we be misunderstood we deem it necessary to premise the Protestantism recognizes no rule of faith no teacher saved the infallible Bible as the Catholic yields his judgment in spiritual matters implicitly and with unreserved confidence to the voice of his church so to the Protestant recognizes no teacher but the Bible all his spiritualities derived from its teachings it is to him the voice of God addressing him through his soul inspired teacher it embodies his religion his faith and his practice the language of Chillingworth the Bible the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible is a religion of Protestants next paragraph it is impossible to realize a more severe penalty than that so solemnly uttered by God himself in the above text on all who violate a command referred to no less than 126 times in the old law the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament are formally impressed on the memory of the child of the biblical Christian as soon as possible but there is not one of the ten made more emphatically familiar both in Sunday school and pulpit than that of keeping holy the Sabbath day in one instance the Redeemer refers to himself as the Lord of the Sabbath as mentioned by Matthew and Luke 1 but during the whole record of his life whilst invariably keeping and utilizing the day so today he never once hinted at a desire to change it his apostles and personal friends afford to us a striking in some instance of their scrupulous observance of it after his death and whilst his body was yet in the tomb Luke 23:56 informs us and they returned and prepared spices and ointments and rested on the Sabbath day according to the commandment hence the conclusion is inevitable that of those who follow the Bible as their God the Israelites and seventh-day Adventists have the exclusive weight of evidence on their side whilst the biblical Protestant has not a word in self-defense for his substitution of Sunday for Saturday we again beg leave to call the special attention of our leader to the 20th of the thirty-nine articles of religion of the Book of Common Prayer it is not lawful for the church to ordain anything that is contrary to God's written word that's Protestant Book of Common Prayer at the leaf they say we have studied and accurately collected from the New Testament this isn't in your notes every available proof that could be adduced in favor of a law canceling the Sabbath day of the old law or one substituting another day for the Christian dispensation we have been careful to make the above distinction lest it might be advanced that the third commandment was abrogated under the new law any such plea has been overruled by the action of the Methodist Episcopal bishops in their pastoral 1874 and quoted by the New York Herald of the same date of the following tenor the Sabbath instituted in the beginning and confirmed again and again by Moses and the prophets has never been abrogated the Bible in their Sabbath the next paragraph down the Bible and the Sabbath constitute the watchword of Protestantism but we have demonstrated that it is the Bible against their Sunday Sabbath we have shown that no greater contradiction ever existed than their theory and practice we have proved that neither their biblical ancestors nor themselves have ever kept one Sabbath day in their lives the Israelites and seventh-day Adventists are witnesses of their weekly desecration of the day named by God so repeatedly and whilst they ignored and condemned their teacher at the Bible they have adopted a day kept by the Catholic Church what Protestant can after perusing these articles with a clear conscience continued to disobey the command of God and joining Saturday to be kept welcome our which command his teacher the Bible from Genesis to Revelation records as the will of God the history of the world cannot present a more stupid self Stella fiying stultifying specimen of dereliction of principle than this the first proposition needs little proof this is their argument for Sunday the Catholic Church for over 1000 years before the existence of a Protestant by virtue of her divine mission changed the day from Saturday to Sunday we say by virtue of her de my divine mission because he who called himself the Lord of the Sabbath endowed her with his own power to teach he that here with you here with me commanded all who believe in him to hear her under penalty have been placed with the heathen and publican and promised to be with her to the end of the world she holds her charter as teacher from him charter as infallible as perpetual the Protestant world at its birth founded the Christian Sabbath to strongly entrenched to run counter to its existence it was therefore placed under the necessity of acquiescing in the arrangement thus implying the church's right to change the day for over 300 years the Christian Sabbath is therefore to this day the acknowledged offspring of the Catholic Church as spouse of the Holy Ghost without a word of remonstrance from the Protestant world they then not listed in this article they go into the Council of Trent discussing the Council of Trent oh I'll just read a short excerpt their pretense for leaving the bosom of the Catholic Church was for apostasy from the truth as taught in the written word they adopted the written word as their sole teacher which they had no sooner done than they abandoned it promptly as these four articles have abundantly proven they then quote from the Council of Trent this is a quote the Protestants claim to stand upon the written word only they profess to hold the scripture alone as the standard of faith they justify their of revolt by the plea that the church has apostatized apostatized from the written word and follows tradition now the Protestants claim that they stand a prong upon the written word only is not true their profession of holding the scripture alone as the standard of faith is false proof they do not observe the seventh day but reject it if they do truly hold the scripture alone as their standard they would be observing the seventh day as is enjoined in the scripture throughout yet they not only reject the observance of the Sabbath enjoined in the written word but they have adopted and do practice the observance of Sunday for which they have only the tradition of the church consequently the claim of Scripture alone as the standard fails and the doctrine of Scripture and tradition as essential is fully established the Protestants themselves being judges back to the bottom of page three thus it was the income inconsistency of the protestant practice with the protestant profession that gave to the catholic church a long sought and anxiously desired ground upon which to condemn Protestantism and the whole Reformation movement as only a selfish ambition ambitious rebellion against Church Authority this is back to 80 Jones so he's saying that this inconsistency shown in 1893 as they lobby for a Sunday law that gives the Catholic Church a long-sought and anxious desired ground on which to condemn Protestantism in the whole Reformation movement and in this vital controversy the key the chiefest and culminating expression of the Protestant inconsistency was in the rejection of the Sabbath of the Lord the seventh day enjoined in the scriptures and the adoption and observance of the Sunday as enjoined by the Catholic Church and this is today the position of the respective parties to this controversy back to 80 Jones it made it it may be asked why did not Rome come out as boldly as this before why did she wait so long it was not for her interest to do so before when she should move she desired to move with power and power as yet she did not have but in their strenuous efforts for the national governmental recognition and establishment of Sunday the Protestants of the United States were doing more for her the Catholic Church than she could possibly do for herself in the way of getting governmental power into the hands of the Catholic Church who gives government governmental power into the hands of the Catholic Church Protestantism this she well knew and therefore only waited and now that the Protestants in alliance with her have accomplished these awful things yet once rises up in all her native arrogance and old-time spirit and calls upon the Protestants to answer to her for their observance of Sunday this too she does because she secure in the power which the Protestants have so blindly placed in her hands in other words the power which the Protestants have thus put into her hands she will now use to their destruction is any other evidence needed to show that the Catholic mirror which means the Cardinal and the Catholic Church in America has been waiting for this then that furnished on page 21 of this leaflet I'll skip that does not this show plainly that the statement of the Methodist Bishops the mirror all these 19 years has been keeping for just such a time as this and more than this the Protestants will find more such things have been so laid up and which will yet be used in a way that will both surprise and confound them going to mark those four articles in the Catholic mirror showing that the power that the Protestants in this action gave to the Roman Catholic Church in a moment we're going to review and then close I want to mark one other thing in 1893 and that is an economic depression in writing with that was the rise of populism in 1893 you'll also have Ellen White addressing the controversy over calling the church Babylon that's an interesting discussion but we'll stop now and just review so at the beginning of our class we began by looking at the hit that hits than the number 10 and all we did was pull up dates that we'd already established in the last 10 days looking at 1989 the time of the end 1939 the time of the end we actually have four time at the ends on this board 1798 but it's marking a scattering 1899 people time at the end 1939 but marking on external events king of the north king of the south we marked a time in the end 1989 time of the end for for us with 1939 we'd mapped back to periods of 10 years 1919 to 1929 1929 to 1939 we'd already marked 1969 to 1979 as a 10-year period 79 to 89 as a 10-year period 89 to 99 as a ten-year period also we did then was fill in the gaps the great controversy session of 1909 sorry General Conference session of 1909 1949 the division and into east and west of Germany the USSR becoming a nuclear power the formation of NATO and comecon 1959 Second Vatican Council announced we have 19 and 59 as the first two meetings between Pope and a u.s. president we also have the Pope rejecting Fatima and the secret anticipating them going into a scattering period was will c69 invention of the internet 79 Afghanistan war the FISA Court and Smith versus Maryland setting the precedent for government surveillance 8 1989 we've been studying in this movement for 29 years 1999 Putin becomes president Trump attempts his first begins his first campaign 2009 the heel in the split caused by the Second Vatican Council is healed reset button on Russia and US relations that lasts for two years and Trump joins Twitter just marking a pattern of this period of repetitive period of 10 years we then wanted to look at 2019 we looked back at the 490 which leads us to this date to 1529 this is a diet of spires chapter 11 of the great controversy and the protests of the princes they are given their name their name is Protestant a league was formed against them by church and state this league had been held in check the years previously by what we can see it's Islam the King of the South and the situation of the Catholic Church itself these issues are resolved in 1529 for the formation of this league this marks persecution a decree the lifting up of an ensign also the siege of Vienna as Solomon the Magnificent attempts is to to take on the West and he fails they are essentially restrained 1799 we marched Napoleon becoming dictator and the end of the French Revolution 1868 was the first presidential impeachment the first of two Andrew Johnson this was for firing his Secretary of War we looked at the second briefly Clinton's impeachment for perjury obstruction of justice leading to an affair and allegations of abuse you can combine all of that and see what Trump is currently facing we then spent a fair bit of time in 1893 we wanted to see what was going on with the Chicago World's Fair and we saw that eighty joins lists three dates they were key in his memory 1863 1888 1893 the formation of the International religious liberty Association the largest religious liberty Association in the world today the for Catholic mirror articles that came out essentially in defense of the seventh-day Sabbath but were reclaiming their right to to change God's law and essentially calling the Protestants to recognize this and come back under the Catholic Church also finishing with marking an economic depression and the rise of populism we're going to come back and finish this study this afternoon at 3:30 3:30 yes 1798 and 1989 are at time of the ends but marking the ten-year period 1798 isn't okay and I would suggest when when we're looking for patterns in this history we were looking for the seat and we're not going to find a seat in this history I think there's reasons that it doesn't fit the 10-year period but we're also marking 1899 which I haven't yet established in 1939 when we when we did that study of Second World War yes I was I wasn't lining them up okay so they're like progressive because you're stopping the top one line I just didn't fit yes any other thoughts or we will finish with prayer okay if you'll kneel with me do your Father in Heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for this new day Lord for the sunshine and and the beauty that is around us I pray Lord that you'll bear with each had bowed as we consider these things as we weigh them in the balances as we do our own searching that you'll bring us into unity and a knowledge of your truth lord I pray that on your your guide us in these studies that you'll lead out in these meetings I pray father for our loved ones but it's in this message and outside that we might be working for their salvation and those Lord that are considering that you also work on their hearts and rhymes brought in faraway places who are watching and following the progress of events I place all things in your hands and pray that you will continue as you have for 29 years to guide and lead this movement in Jesus name I pray amen