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Publish Date: 10/02/2018
Speaker Name: Tess Lambert
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amen yesterday our we looked at information as it relates to our form line particularly as it relates to the mode of warfare and the breakdown of the Constitution we looked at the two streams by which information reaches us through the media we're going to come back to this subject in probably beginning tomorrow and see particularly what information warfare looks like at the Battle of rafia so today's class is more of a preparation for what I want to begin tomorrow I'm happy for today's class to be a little bit more relaxed if there are other thoughts you want to share I just before we begin today's subject I just want to note a couple of things perhaps you've already picked up but I just want to make sure that they aren't they aren't passed by when we looked at the lines of Pyrus we saw that there's four battles to combine the lines we see if sis Heraclea asked ulam benevento and we noted the battle of ipsus it's 2016 the battle of heraclea is our loud cry ask ulam is our close of probation it's commonly known as raffia then event him second Advent if we're thinking of the line of the priests or pallium and what we noted about these four battles in the line of Pyrus is that this one is won by elephants elephants elephants and elephants which is what took us to what brought us to looking at 2016 as a an example of what this warfare will look like in each of these battles the problem with looking at a war a couple of thousand years ago if this is what was looked like back then but when we bring this to world war two it gives us another perspective so we saw the first was the invasion of Poland the beginning of World War two in 1939 then we marked August of 1940 this is when the relationship between the king of the north and the King of the South begins to be broken down what we marked next was 1941 this was Operation Barbarossa when Germany invaded the Soviet Union so the king of the north comes against the key the king of the south 1945 end of World War two and what we noted with World War 2 if this structure is what we didn't have was for individual battles instead what we had was a series of invasions Poland was an invasion 1941 was an invasion in 1945 was an invasion as they descended on Germany what we noted was that we then had two fronts of world war two what begins first is the Western Front what begins at rafia is just the Eastern Front and we noted that the Eastern Front looks like the Western Front so war in the West precedes war in the East one of the reasons I wanted to to review this point is first of all so that we can see how this how this lines up the west and the east of these invasions but also so that we can see on this line August 1940 is different it's not an invasion and it isn't identical to these other three considering that this is the battle that we are closest to I thought that we should just if I make it a little clearer what we're looking for August 2 1941 it was financial we understood that Germany could not wage war without its trade agreements with the Soviet Union and when it invades the Soviet Union in 1941 some of its supplies wouldn't have lasted through the first day if they hadn't already been delivered from the Soviet Union between these between the August 1940 and 1941 so when the Soviet Union cuts trade to Germany in August of 1940 the situation was dire but we understand it only lasted for the one month I just wanted to note that while we know it elephants at each one of these battles World War two gives us a different perspective particularly about this battle here between the north and the south this was trade and financial this being pirates and Russia I just wanted to note then one other thing about these lines Panem is a way mark on our forum line Rafi R is a way mark on our forum line Heraclea is a way mark on our forum line what about oopss so if I can do it up here we understand we understand about midnight midnight cry July 21st August 15 21st of July just 2014 and this is midnight here the loud cry begins the next way mark we have is August this is Exeter and the loud cry which people are already suggesting is 2018 this is the swelling of the loud cry all of which leads you to October 22 I want to read you a quote from a pamphlet by Joseph Bates he says at midnight a cry was raised this is 21st of July or for us 2014 the bridegroom is coming go ye out to meet him then all the Virgin's arose and trimmed their lamps we have already shown that the towering time for the bridegroom by the prophetic periods were six months beginning the 19th of April down to 22nd of October 1844 the midnight of this dark stupid time would be about July 20th we know 21 snow gave the true midnight cry in the tabernacle in Boston at this time and it was received by the virgins in a different light from what it ever was before he says he had been trying to make people believe it before but without effect because it was generally believed as we had been taught from 1840 that the midnight cry embraced the whole subject even beginning back to the French Revolution and some were old enough to believe it had begun in the days of the Apostles but now it began to move with rapid progress God was giving the light by his Spirit I will remember some that I conversed with who related the wonderful manner in which they were moved upon to examine this subject before they had heard it at midnight in the dead of the night of the tarrying of this bridegroom the cry was raised which caused great agitation and excitement looking with unparalleled interest at definite time tenth of day of the seventh month or October 22 1844 a camp meeting was held in Concord New Hampshire somewhere about the 1st of August here as we afterwards learned the cry resounded throughout the camp on the 12th of August and other was held in Exeter so what Joseph Bates is marking is the 21st of July about the 1st of August where the cry resounds throughout the camp all leading to August he marks August 12 and we know that that Samuel snow reached in the night of the 14 I'd like to suggest August first is 2016 which would make it a way mark 2014 to 2016 is two years 2016 to 2018 is two years the 21st of July to August 1 is 11 days August 1 to August 12 is 11 days if you're willing to mark the beginning of the camp I suppose on the back of yesterday I just wanted to see 2016 for the significance that it is 2014 politically we saw with that mode of warfare was preparation just preparation for a battle at 2016 so it has to have some meaning for us and and that's all I want to note with with that ok I missed a point back here so we'll just go back to this for a second why did the Soviet Union cut off Germany's trade in a orga STUV 1940 what led them to do this there was a couple of reasons first of all Germany was falling behind in its payment but what I think was is particularly relevant is that Stalin was worried that Hitler's war with the West might end more quickly than he wanted as France had just signed an armistice Stalin was again convinced as toward the end of August Stalin was again convinced that Germany would face a long war in the West when Britain improved in its air battle with Germany and the execution of an agreement between the United States and Britain regarding destroyers and bases so in early August of 1940 Stalin's worry is that this war in the West is going to wind up sooner than he wants because what he's trying to do I this time he's awakened his enemy to prolong - first of all ferment and then prolong this war in the West as long as he can this is how he awakens both sides both Hitler Britain everyone that he sees as a threat to himself and in August of 1940 it looks like that war is going to end too soon and Germany's going to come out too strong so I'd suggest his Putin worried that Trump is doing too well he has to do something it relates to relates to information relates to trade relates to financial to make sure that this war doesn't wind up too quickly and Trump doesn't get too strong they're the only two points I wanted to bring out before we head into today's subject what we're going to look at today is 2014 and this isn't particularly new we know that there's been a lot of good solid studies done on 2014 I just want to introduce another thought in preparation for tomorrow and the classes that are coming we understood that we have a 1 to 6 that takes us from 1888 to 2014 but 2014 is also Midway as we read that joseph bates laid out for us it's midnight because it's Midway so you have April 19 July 21st in October 22 and this is a midpoint so when we do a 1 to 6 from 2014 to 1888 I would suggest this is a midpoint prophetically can we see a midpoint in 1888 I haven't printed notes but I will write I will write the references on the board 1884 is Alan White's last open vision in Portland Oregon her first open vision being in Portland Maine 40 years previously in 1844 so in 1884 in 1844 in 1884 Ellen White's last open vision the church no longer has that luxury it's in 1884 review and Herald November 25 1884 review and Herald November 25 for those of you that have your devices 1884 I just want to note a couple of things she says in this year and I'm beginning from paragraph 24 what she does sorry paragraph 23 she says those who are engaged in proclaiming the third angels message are searching the Scriptures upon the same plan that father Miller adopted in the little book entitled views of the prophecies and prophetic chronology father Millar gives the following simple but intelligent and important rules for Bible study and interpretation and then she proceeds to list rule number one to five she says the above is a portion of these rules and in our study of the Bible we shall all do well to heed the principles set forth I just liked that year the particular one I want to note is review and Herald November 22 1892 so for 1884 I'm marking her last open vision and she also brings up william miller's rules and gives her seal of approval and mentions those studying the third angel's message in this correct methodology 1892 paragraph 7 she says let everyone who claims to believe that the Lord is soon coming search the Scriptures as never before for Satan is determined to try every device possible to keep souls in darkness and blind the mind to the perils of the times in which we are living let every believer take up his Bible with earnest prayer that he may be enlightened by the Holy Spirit as to what his truth that he may know more of God and of Jesus Christ whom he has sent search for the truth as for hidden treasures and disappoint the enemy the time of test is just upon us for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ the sin pardoning Redeemer this is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth for it is the work of every one to whom the message of warning has come to lift up Jesus to present him to the world as revealed in types as shadowed in symbols as manifested in the revelations of the prophets as unveiled in the lessons given to his disciples and in the wonderful miracles wrought for the sons of men search the Scriptures for they are they that testify of him what is she marking in 1892 the loud cry the third angel has already begun the time of test is upon us she also talks about the lifting up of Jesus I would suggest this as an ensign we understand that as a midpoint July 21st is a midpoint is between April 19 or 9/11 and October 22 or our close of probation Rafi Oh what about the one five one this takes us to 1863 what is 1863 in the middle of 1863 is the middle midpoint of the American Civil War begins in 1861 and ends in 1865 1861 Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus this is pretty much British law changing to Roman law 1861 beginning of the Civil War and the suspension of habeas corpus I'll read you a quote from Abraham Lincoln he says now therefore be ordered first that during the existing insurrection and as a necessary measure for suppressing the same all rebels and insurgents there aiders and abettors within the United States and all persons discouraging volunteer enlistments resisting militia drafts or guilty of any disloyal practice affording aid and comfort to rebels against the authority of the United States shall be subject to martial law and liable to trial and Punishment by courts martial or military commission second that the writ of habeas corpus is suspended in respect to all persons arrested or who are now or hereafter during the rebellion shall be imprisoned in any fort camp Arsenal military prison or other place of confinement by any military authority of viruses or by the sentence of any court-martial or military commission marking this is 9/11 the Patriot Act the breakdown of the Constitution I would suggest the beginning of what we see in this line the beginning of a dictatorship which is pretty much what Abraham Lincoln set up in 1863 this is the midpoint of the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg this is the turning point robert e lee's invasion of the north is halted and it marks a turning point where the north began to triumph and you have the gettysburg address so what I would suggest between 9/11 and rafia is this overturning of the Constitution the setting up of the new form of this dictatorship and also of of the dividing of the United States into these two separate factions all ending in 1865 with the end of the Civil War and also the assassination of Abraham Lincoln what begins as one dictatorship here we see both in multiple lines which I'm hoping to do in the next coming days we see both the death of a dictator and the rise of a dictator at rafia in Abraham Lincoln is assassinated so a1 done the 126 down the 1 5 1 what about a 220 takes us to 1794 what is that in the midpoint of sorry 1794 is the midpoint of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1799 marking revolution 911 close of probation 1789 marked the beginning of the first US government presidential election and the Constitution goes into effect so you have the beginning of the Constitution I would suggest paralleling the end of the Constitution the beginning of the end and it's ratified by Congress 1794 as the midpoint marks the change from the reign of terror to the white terror 1799 gives you Napoleon and the setting up of a dictator so France is overturned from 1789 to 1799 paving the way for the rise of Napoleon there are other details in this history what I want to suggest particularly when it comes to these two ropes pierre and they split between reign of terror and white terror that the french revolution has more than one application i can what i want to bring out is two of those applications and that will make more sense when we do that but in this application it's showing us the overturning to the rise of Napoleon the last one I want to look at as relates to 2014 and will spend most of our time here because I love this one is 15 20 for the 490 few mark of 490 from 2014 15:21 is a diet of worms we're going to read some of the account of this in the great controversy chapter 8 if you turn to GC one 50.5 oh sorry GC oh just to find that okay GC 1 for 5.2 the attention of all parties was now directed to the Assembly of the German state states which convened adverbs soon after the accession of Charles to the Empire they were important they were important political questions and interests to be considered by this National Council for the first time the princes of Germany were to meet their youthful monarch in deliberative assembly one 46.2 about this time the ball declaring Luther's excommunication was published and this coupled with the representations of the legate induced to the emperor to yield he wrote to the elector that if Luther would not attract he must remain at Wittenberg I just want to scan through this chapter chapter 8 okay back in one four five point two I missed the pillar bid I wanted there it said there were important political questions and interests to be considered by this National Council for the first time the princes of Germany were to meet they youthful monarch in deliberative assembly from all parts of the fatherland had come the dignitaries of church and state what you have two coming together here is all of these dignitaries of church and state the princes of Germany mocking this assembly one for 9.1 the legates address made a deep impression upon the upon the diet there was no Luther present there was no Luther present with the clear and convincing truth of God's Word to vanquish the papal champion no attempt was made to defend the reformer there was a manifest a general disposition not only to condemn him and the doctrines which he taught but if possible to uproot the heresy Rome had enjoyed the most favorable opportunity to defend her cause all that she could say in her own vindication had been said but the apparent victory was the signal of defeat henceforth the contrast between truth and error would be more clearly seen as they should take the field in open warfare never from that day would roam stand as secure as she had stood one 60.3 talking about Luther I'm just trying to pick up sorry does that say Church understand yes thank you church and state one 60.3 just trying to highlight passages in this hop in this chapter though I would recommend you read the whole chapter eight of the great controversy to see the similarities it says the stood this righteous man upon the shore foundation of the Word of God Luther is now that to present his case the light of heaven illuminated his countenance his greatness and purity of character his peace and joy of heart were manifest to all as he testified against the power of error and witnessed to the superiority of that faith that overcomes the world she's marking the greatness and purity of his character the peace and a joy of his heart and we mark the new heart at nine eleven one sixty three point three the response of the leadership yet Charles had deliberately rejected the truths presented by Luther Owen firmly resolved to imitate the example of my ancestors wrote them on up he had decided that he would not step out of the path of custom even to walk in the ways of truth and righteousness so what you have here is presented before the leadership is two paths and it decides on the path of custom and the path of his father's because his fathers did he would uphold the papacy with all its cruelty and corruption thus he took his position refusing to accept any light in advance of what his father's had received or to perform any duty that they had not performed so he will not accept advanced life she says there are many at the present day thus clinging to the customs and traditions of their fathers when the Lord sends them additional light they refused to accept it because not having been granted to their fathers it was not received by them so there has been an increase of light above and beyond what was given to the father's she says we're not placed where our fathers were consequently our duties and responsibilities are the same as les we shall not be approved of God in looking to the example of our fathers to determine our duty instead of searching the word of truth for ourselves our responsibility is greater than was that of our ancestors we are accountable for the light which they received and which was handed down as an inheritance for us and we are accountable also for the additional light which is now shining upon us from the Word of God so she doesn't discount the light that was given to the ancestors to the father's that's been handed down as an inheritance but now there is additional light shining from the Word of God and it is our responsibility to accept it 164 point 1 said Christ in the next paragraph of the unbelieving Jews if I had not come and spoken unto them they had not had sin but now they have no cloak for their sin the same divine power had spoken through Luther to the Emperor and princes of Germany and as the light shone forth from God's Word his spirit pleaded for the last time with many in that assembly the gathered leadership as Pilate centuries before permitted pride and popularity to close his heart against the world's Redeemer as the trembling Felix paid the messenger of truth go thy way for this time when I have a convenient season I will call for thee as the proud a group of confessed almost without persuaders to me to be a Christian yet turned away from the Heaven Sent message so had child v yielding to the dictates of worldly pride and policy decided to reject the light of truth so here the leadership rejects and they reject because they cannot accept that any new light would be given to them great controversy one six eight point one God had provided a way of escape for his servant in this hour of peril now that Luther's life is threatened a vigilant I had followed Luther's movements and a true and Noble heart had resolved upon his rescue it was plain that Rome would be satisfied with nothing short of his death and only by concealment could he be preserved from the jaws of the lion God gave wisdom to Frederick of Saxony to devise a plan for the Reformers preservation with the cooperation of true friends the electors purpose was carried out and Luther was effectively hidden from friends and foes so 1521 this message goes to the leadership you have the gathering together of church and state you have with this rejection and this gathering also a threat on the life of Luther so to preserve him there is a hiding and a towering time luthor goes into hiding it's interesting that he is hidden both from his friends and from his enemies and i would suggest we have friends in the levites that were yet hidden from in this period it's interesting also one six eight paragraphs three two paragraphs down she says that while his enemies flattered themselves that he was silenced they were astonished and confused by tangible proof that he was still active a host of tracts issuing from his pen circulated throughout germany he also performed a most important service for his countrymen by translating the New Testament into the German tongue from his rocky Patmos he continued for nearly a whole year to proclaim the Gospel and rebuke the sins and errors of the time so if this hiding and tiring time a time where nothing gets done the Bible is actually translated into the tongue of the people the message is packaged in a way that it can then be taken to the world yes how do you show that that that is 1521 1521 yeah why didn't everything already I how do you show that this what you're reading is happening it didn't say it in the courts did it I think it's just - Dora cool okay I've lost my place okay so at the same time this going into hiding and tearing also presents the Reformation with a new type of crisis and we will read that in one six one eighty six point two this is the Reformation carrying on while Luther is in hiding he says that she says a few men deeply affected by the excitement in the religious world imagined themselves to have received special revelations from heaven and claimed to have been divinely commissioned to carry forward to its completion the Reformation which they declared had been but feebly begun by Luther in truth they were undoing the very work which he had accomplished what are they saying was feeble the beginning of the work if this is 911 what they're marking as feeble is 1989 to 911 somehow this work they're saying was weak and now they need to step in and fix it but Alawite says that they're undoing the very work which Luther had accomplished in this time period she says one of these prophets claimed to have been instructed by the angel Gabriel a student who United with him for suka studies declaring that he had been endowed by God himself with wisdom to expound his word others who were naturally inclined to fanaticism United with them the proceedings of these enthusiasts enthusiasts created a no little excitement the preaching of Luther had aroused the people everywhere to feel the necessity of reform and now some really honest persons were misled by the pretensions of the new prophets so while Luther is in hiding you have fanaticism enter this new movement and what they're particularly suggesting is that that earlier period had been but feebly begun by Luther and this is what drives Luther out of hiding now Wittenberg this is one eight eight point us one eight eight point two she also says one eight six point three that the preaching of Luther had aroused the people everywhere to feel the necessity of reform and now some really honest persons were being misled by the pretensions of the new prophets so there are people also being following these other other men and being misled in one 88.2 she says now Wittenberg itself the very center of the Reformation was fast falling under the power of fanaticism and loll and lawlessness this terrible condition had not resulted from the teachings of Luther but throughout Germany his enemies were charging it upon him in bitterness of soul he sometimes asked can such then be the end of this great work of the Reformation again as he wrestled with God in prayer peace flowed into his heart the work is not mine but thine own he said thou will not suffer it to be corrupted by superstition or fanaticism but the thought of remaining longer from the conflict in such a crisis became insupportable he determined to return to Wittenberg so what Luther then does is he comes out of hiding to confront this new form of fanaticism and these new new prophets as Ellen white terms them can we say the parallels with 911 or do I need to go into we can say that so at here we say Luther before the diet the gathering of church and state leaders clinging to the traditions of their fathers the hiding and the towering time we see men claiming Luther's beginning work was weak that they need to fix it fanaticism enters and Luther leaves from his hiding to confront these new prophets yes brother Tyler also in 1521 I want to note one other incident the year before a Suliman the first also known in the West as Solomon the Magnificent becomes Sultan of the Ottoman Empire he's the tenth and long reigning longest reigning Sultan reigning for 46 years under his administration the Ottoman state ruled over 15 to 25 million people while he does in 1521 is begin his attack on the west by taking Belgrade in 1521 Solomon personally led the Ottoman armies in conquering the Christian strongholds of Belgrade and Rhodes as well as most of Hungary before his conquests were checked at the siege of Vienna in 1529 so you see this Islamic attack on the West and I want to mark the response of the world the fall of Christendom major strongholds Belgrade and Rhodes spread fear across Europe as the ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire to Constantinople was to note the capture of Belgrade was at the origin of the dramatic events which engulfed Hungary it led to the death of King Louie the capture of Buda the occupation of Transylvania the ruin of a flourishing Kingdom and the fear of neighboring nations that they would suffer the same fate so we also see on this fear of the nations with Islam comes the fear and again we're marking this as 9/11 15:24 as the midpoint 1524 marks the German peasant war this was the largest revolution or public revolt before the French Revolution in Europe it was a widespread popular revolt by the peasants from 15 24 to 1525 it failed because of the intense opposition by the era struck our stock recei slaughtered up to one hundred thousand of the 300,000 poorly armed peasants and farmers many of these revolutionaries were Protestant with our kind of coming on the back of the protestant reformation claiming that if all of this was true that men were created equal and that they should be given more rights more influence and more freedom and the Anabaptists played a significant role in this insurrection Martin Luther never condoned it he stepped back and saw it as evil and wrote the pamphlet against the murderous thieving hordes of peasants any condemned to the revolution but what you have here is the lower classes rising up against an embedded aristocracy and considering what we looked at yesterday I would suggest they wanted to drain the swamp this is the beginning of that that revolution it has often been seen as a precursor of communism and socialism the result of this was new Protestant churches because of this crisis caused by the peasants war became more conservative and more under the total control of the elite so you see also this rise in conservatism Luther's innate conservatism was reinforced by the result and he reinforced the elites domination of the new church and theology so what these causes is a crisis point in in the revolution and what they described as the beginning of its its splintering you also have internal problems where Luther Swingle II and Erasmus begin to disagree so the first major internal break within the Protestant movement what context was Eddie entering oh sorry the first splintering in the Reformation within the leadership which we can note with path of the just etcetera division beginning to occur 15:27 is the sack of Rome and the end of the Renaissance in Italy well it happened under charles v what he what his trouble was was that he could no longer pay his army and the soldiers desired payment so what they the proposal they gave to him was that if you won't pay us then you need to give us room to sack and pillage and left with little choice with a whole army of very angry soldiers the the generals led to them the army into rome and they pretty much decimate the city on May 6 the Imperial Army attacked the walls are the Gianni Cola and Vatican Hills the death of the last respected command authority among the Imperial Army this is the army of charles v caused any restraint in the soldiers to disappear and they easily captured the walls of Rome at the same day the Pope Clement R flees to safety Charles v was greatly embarrassed by the fact that he'd been powerless to stop his troops striking against Pope Clement the 7th and imprisoning him Clement spent the rest of his life trying to steer clear of conflict with the Emperor avoiding decisions that could displeased Charles but making the Pope Paulus without any qualms and without conditions Clement agreed to cede the worldly and political possessions of the bishopric of Utrecht to the Habsburgs many feared at the time and sense of a repeated sack of Rome that coupled with the Pope's virtual imprisonment compels the Pope not to grant England King Henry the 8th and annulment to his marriage with Catherine of Aragon the Emperor's aren't in doing so the Pope pacified Charles v and incidentally as a by-product this is what sparked the English Reformation so this mark this event marks the end of the Italian Renaissance the population of Rome at this point in time going from about 55,000 down to 10,000 the army only left when there was absolutely nothing nothing left to pillage many of those people had fled but an estimated 6,000 to 12,000 had been murdered and the problem is after they left then disease sat in with the unburied bodies in the street this siege and pillage lasted for eight months until the food ran out it's in commemoration of the sack and the guards bravery in their attempts to defend the Pope that recruits to this Roman Swiss goddess worn in on may 6 every day every year the anniversary of the sack of Rome prior to 1527 Rome had become arguably the center of the Renaissance but that ends in 1527 the capture of Rome and the occupation of the Imperial Army caused massive economic dislocation and much of the city's wealth was spent on ransoms or stolen Rome was devastated by the sack and its aftermath in one year going from fifty-five thousand to ten thousand people the economy was in ruins the Colonna family revolted in the papal States and established a virtual independent principality following the end of the occupation of Rome a plague decimated the survivors Rome was in a state of collapse and the sack had set the city back by a century the Renaissance in Rome ended which was the end of one of the last census of the great culture that had been flourishing prior to this time what you also mark in 1527 is the anabaptists formulate their beliefs and persecution begins and again I'm marking this as raffia with this defeat of the West and also the beginning of persecution against the unab Aptus it's interesting to note that both Roman Catholics and Protestants alike united to persecute them so you have this this coming together of Catholicism and Protestantism to persecute the anabaptists resorting to torture and execution in attempts to curb the growth of the movement the Protestants under Zwingli were the first to persecute the anabaptists the first martyr in 1527 they were deemed too radical and therefore a danger to religious stability by both Catholics and Protestants this continued persecution in Europe was largely responsible for the mass immigrations to North America by a mish Hutterites and Mennonites so this is when you see the earth swallow the flood and people flee begin to um this is responsible for the people fleeing for the United States the New World Boreas land yes sorry what did you say do the Anabaptist release he said they release in 1750 27 they formulate their beliefs they formulate they think yes get it all under one sparking that the the persecution by Catholics and Protestants that was the end of the study on 2014 what I wanting to note is the midpoints particularly why I wanted to do this study was that in a future study it's going to be important that we see that from 9/11 to raffia is the French Revolution and the American Civil War you'll see why we need to understand that in a in a future study do you have any questions related to this or thoughts all right so we still have half an hour left so I just want to put one other thought in place am i all right to rub this out when we think of the study on the counterfeit what was suggested was that as we see the beginning of modern Israel so at the beginning of ancient Israel beginning of modern Israel beginning of ancient Israel end of ancient Israel beginning of modern Israel and of modern Israel that we can also see the beginning of modern Babylon and the end of modern Babylon in in these histories that we're looking at as it relates to World War two Fatima Pope Pius the 12th what I'm wanting us to consider is when can we see the papacy receive its seat there was a pattern that seems to appear when looking at the diadochi wars and if we can wind back our our information bank to before we saw Pyrus and Demetrius as king of the north and King of the South back to our traditional understanding Daniel 8 Daniel 11 understanding of our four generals king of the north king of the south so who is the king of the north among our four generals that would be Seleucus I want to look at the beginning of his empire and this is a line we've already drawn up already addressed I just want to add a couple more points we understand but the fourth diadochi war began in 307 BC and this is we're marking at the time of the end we also saw that in 311 BC the third died oke war ended with a peace treaty between our three of our generals not so Lucas but lysimachus Cassander Ptolemy and Antigonus Cassander lysimachus Ptolemy and this is with our faith general that we looked at Antigonus and demetrius is some why does Antigonus want this peace treaty one is because over the previous years he hasn't been strong enough to defeat the other three and the other reason is that Seleucus after the Battle of Gaza which is around 312 BC in that history I'm not exactly sure 312 313 so Lucas and Ptolemy unite they just defeat Demetrius at the Battle of Gaza and this frees up Seleucus to go back and retake Babylon he had been given Babylon but he had lost it again when Antigonus came up against him and he fled so in 311 BC Salukis heads back to Babylon and retakes the city and this sparks the beginning of the Babylonian war that went from 311 BC to 309 the war over Babylon this was a series of battles Westar Lucas who'd retook Babylon in 311 and then Antigonus and Demetrius come against him they retake Babylon and then they tend they fight over the city for this two year period the fight final outcome in 309 BC saw salukis victorious and began the solution Empire this is the beginning of the solution Empire marked when he has his seat I need to leave room in 309 what he does in 309 is defeat defeat Antigonus by marching on his army and taking them in the early hours of the morning when they weren't expecting it and he was able to strike a definite below Antigonus then retire retires west and gives up babylon when we looked at our lines of peyer's we overlaid it overlaid this history through i7 with 1939 19:39 you can mark it as the beginning of World War two or as time at the end both occurring in that year when did World War one end why do we still consider the Korean Peninsula to be at war the reason is that a peace treaty is not the end of a war November 11 1980 all nations had agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were negotiated On June 28 1919 Germany and the Allied nations signed the Treaty of Versailles formally ending the war so I probably shouldn't have used the word peace treaty but an armistice is not the end of a war agreeing to stop fighting does not mark the end of a war we can mark the end of World War one two ways it's generally marked in 1818 but formally it doesn't end 1918 but it doesn't formally end until 1990 and that Treaty of Versailles which is a peace treaty this being world war one being world war two at least ostensibly this is warfare history network at least ostensibly World War one ended first with the cessation of armed hostilities between the warring powers at the famed 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that is November 11 of 1918 the official or diplomatic end of World War one came later at the Treaty of Versailles June 28 1990 1919 the previous quote was from America's library a government website so between 311 to 309 you have a two-year period and then you have three oh nine two three seven a two-year period to our time at the end in between these two dates 1920 1919 and 1913 39 1919 and 1939 you have 1929 and this is the Lateran treaty after World War one Ben Aventura Cerreta Secretary of State for extraordinary ecclesiastical Affairs discussed the Roman question in Paris with Vittorio Orlando the Italian premier and presented to him a solution composed by Cardinal gaspari that would have attributed to the enclosed Vatican the character of a sovereign state this is in May 1919 so the question comes up in 1919 with Cardinal Cardinal gaspari a solution composed by Cardinal Gaspari this is a powerful Cardinal not only does he oversee the writing of the Lateran treaty but he mentors is pretty much Pius the 12th swath during nearly all of his training he oversees the writing of the Lateran treaty and the writing of the new code of canon law this led to a projected Concordat in Concordat in May of 1919 but all of this got delayed in June 1919 with the fall of Orlando's cabinet so this is the the political controversy going on in Germany after World War one and when they're still in kind of a national state of revolution and that puts an end to the discussions in 1919 Italian Catholics found it under the leadership of dong loogie stirs oh the popular party Rocco - Alfredo Rocco declared in Parliament it does not seem to me impossible to find a point of agreement which conciliate the teachings of the Holy See concerning the complete independence with the domestic and international needs of the Italian state June 21 1921 so over this period you have this debate over whether or not it should the papacy should receive a complete independence with its domestic and international needs and independence from that of the Italian state over this period of time the relationship between the Vatican and the Italian state continues to improve you can see that with the official state mourning of the death of Pope Benedict the 15th and the blessing by pius xi all of this debate in the italian parliament led up to the Lateran pacts of 1929 which set up the Vatican City as a fully independent and sovereign state concluded a concordant regulating church state relations arranged a financial settlement abrogated the law of guarantees and definitively and irrevocably terminated the Roman question as stated in article 26 of the treaty so in 1929 you have the seat in 309 you have the seat this is something that is debated over a 10-year period you have a 10-year period and then another ten-year period 307 BC is the time of the end in our study of the diadochi war and it lines up with also with 1939 but also with 1989 in 1989 we can see a different conflict being entered into and what I don't want to mark is two completely separate wars but if we can picture that cold war morphing it changes form over time what do I I want to suggest is when we think of this history of the Alpha it's a perfectly good seat for Nazi Germany we have to cut off this see this rise of the beginning of beginning of modern Babylon from the end of modern Babylon this seat does no good once it changes beasts this seat is for this beast Nazi Germany but if it's going to take on a new beast the United States it needs a new seat 1989 marking our time of the end the conflict hasn't ended it didn't end in 1989 it changed form it didn't end in 1979 either but it changed form it morphed from a Cold War into a proxy war what America failed to see was that this war was not ending it just kept changing in its form American and British diplomats and spies within Russia speak of the time before 1989 when their homes and hotels were bugged and they were closely followed by members of the secret security services particularly GRU and the KGB intimidation tactics were used such as their homes being broken into and evidence left of the intrusion to intimidate such as stepped on cigarette butts etc over 1989 to 1991 these practices ceased all across the former satellite states of the Soviet Union but in Russia it was noted that they continued as if there had been no change through 1991 1993 94 etc there was no change 1979 it morphs from a Cold War into a proxy war and again with the end of the Cold War in 1989 it changes again I'll just mark it as World War 3 so when does the papacy receive its seat for modern Babylon for the beast that is the United States for the lamb lake beast New York Times writes January 16 of 1984 five years after 1979 five years after 1989 I'd like to note that in 1979 the Pope is welcomed for the very first time to the White House and is called our new friend this is the beginning of the relationship before Reagan ever comes into office between Pope John Paul the second and the American government this is the New York Times article 1984 the United States and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations today for the first time in 117 years the step announced here and at the Vatican this morning was described by spokesman for the Reagan administration as intended to improve communications at a time when pope john paul ii has become increasingly involved in international affairs but it touched off strong criticism among Protestant groups as well as some jewish and civil liberties groups who criticized the move as a violation of the separation of church and state senator ernest Hollings a Democrat of South Carolina and a candidate for his party's presidential nomination said he would oppose elevating the Special Representative to the rank of ambassador he said it's in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution and sets a bad precedent the White House spokesman Larry speaks and John Hughes the State Department spokesman spokesman said there was no violation of the separation of church and state because the United States was recognizing the Holy See rather than the Roman Catholic Church itself what they're going back to is 1929 and saying it became a state power so if we recognize the Catholic Church we're not recognizing a church we can now recognize it as a state power he goes on to say mr. speaks the United States holds Pope John Paul the second in high esteem where respect to the great moral and political influence which he and the Vatican exercised throughout the world we admire the courageous stands it takes in defense of Western values so they are recognizing his moral influence even though they're trying to pass this off as recognition of another sovereign state the United States of America this is the official government proclamation of this act the United States of America and the Holy See in the desire to further promote the existing mutual friendly relations have decided by common agreement to establish diplomatic relations between them at the level of embassy on the part of the United States of America and the non suture on the part of the Holy See as of today January 10 1984 so in 1984 the papacy now holds nun suture and the United States has an embassy within the Vatican I would mark that as a seat it's interesting in 1984 you see this change from Italy from the old world into the new world and in 1984 the United States steps forward and Italy steps backward in 1984 the Italian government and the Vatican alter this ladder and treaty and Italy ceased to be a Catholic country so in 1984 Italy declared themselves no longer a Catholic country Catholicism no long their official religion the annual payments made by the state to the Vatican as was established in 1929 were placed in a fund that could be accessed by multiple religious bodies that numbered 10 as of 2013 there was also no longer compulsory religious education in Italian schools so you see this transfer of seat where it's no longer Italy that's at this Catholic country under the ladder and treaty that is amended and now the United States establishes this diplomatic relationship the seat of 1929 and the ladder and treaty was all well and good for the beginning of modern Babylon when it's trying to write a different beast but this history the end of modern Babylon requires a different seat within the United States I would like to suggest that seat was set up in 1984 do we have any questions on that subject yes it's dead to me what is the word of embassy now future or what does that mean the Catholic word for an embassy they don't call themselves embassies they how caring word but it is essentially just a Catholic embassy okay but you could erase the number just for Daniel we'll do an extra double anything else yes if if you could put a line down there and just follow along I think you'll get the point in 1980 Reagan's elected following a very liberal president and the embassy in Iran is taken captive but the Iranians know that when Reagan takes office he's going to go in and clean house so when he's elected they released the prisoners okay so 1980 leads in 1984 I'm just saying you have a relationship of a liberal president leading into a conservative president with Islam being part of the issue 1984 is a way mark that you've just established that the diplomatic relations are set up but it's also a presidential election so back to 1984 up closer to 1980 yeah 1988 is a presidential election that gives us the justification for identifying the time the end with two presidents Reagan is still president in 88 but Bush gets elected in 88 he's going to sign into office in 89 so we have both of them in 1989 what I'm saying is these presidential elections are way marks in 1992 a presidential election you're getting to two strung out there we have what we're talking to we sometimes identify in 1992 as the increase of knowledge but it's a way mark that we often refer to repeated it that's okay 1996 we have an election the presidential election that is a way mark we don't talk much about the year 2000 but the year 2000 is a crash course for the people of the United States on the Constitution because they're about to be judged on the Constitution so they have the hanging chads of the elections put on hold while the Lord read instructs all the people of the United States about the Constitution that's about to be overturned 2004 is a presidential election where we mark the beginning of the foundation most people don't aren't aware of it but in this room Parminder Cathy and I can give testimony that the the shaking that began with pathala just began in 2008 in London which was a presidential election that's where it began it was hidden doesn't come to the surface tell later 2012 we're marking as a way mark so what you were starting with at the beginning here making a case about 2016 being away mark upon the testimony of nine consecutive presidential elections 2016 has to be a way mark and I would suggest the conclusion there is is that 2000 that 2020 must be some type of prophetic way mark no no I'd like to see more thank you okay well um we'll kneel in prayer if dear father in heaven thank you Lord for our blessings thank you Lord for the light of truth that poured upon your people father in those early years that were not frail or weak and has continued to shine ever since I pray Lord that we'll go from strength to strength we'll understand your light father from that time and as it continues to unfold I pray Lord for our loved ones our friends our families those that we are trying to reach with this message Lord that in your time in your way their hearts might be touched father I pray for a correct understanding of these things both for myself and for the other heads bowed and those watching at home that um we will will have a firm hold of what the future holds for us and what our experience must be now I pray all of these things in Jesus name Amen