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our Lada and father we're thankful for today we're thankful for your many blessings we approached her through knowing that without you we are incapable of doing the things that are assigned to us we present our minds before you now Lord and we ask that URI the Spirit of Truth will condescend and direct each of our thoughts to the end whereby truth may be hard I ask again for forgiveness of our sins so that you may have access to our thoughts to the end of instructing us watch over and keep us and for those that are on well I ask that you restore them in Christ's name Amen good morning everyone okay this morning we're going to cover the concept of the prediction before midnight for some it is a new concept and for those who were exposed to it December of last year it came as a new revelation but what I've been realizing is that the Bible teaches this principle and this is something that we're going to cover for those who haven't who weren't here December and no not December who weren't here in March when Sabo did his presentations I'm not going to do it as he did it I'm going to aim at going from a biblical standpoint to prove that the principle of God is to tell his people what is to happen before the event in actuality happens and that's why the prediction before midnight is telling us it's telling us that before the waymark midnight there is a prediction or a prophecy that is made and all through the Bible we see that principle and it is my hope that as we go through the study this morning we will be anchored better on this concept of the prediction before midnight okay so on in our notes we have a series of scriptures we're going to go through them and we're going to discuss what they're telling us we begin in Isaiah 41 verse 26 and all the scriptures are in the notes so it is easier to go through Elissa can you begin yeah there is none that heareth your words what do we get from this passage of Scripture Larry um by way of for notation I took these quotes these Bible verses from the book prophetic Keys by Jeff so for those who want to have want to expose themselves more to the concept that he was sharing through using these passages of Scripture you can look there and it's under the caption the Alpha and the Omega which is the beginning and the end we go to Isaiah 42 verses 8 and 9 Mario and my glory not give to another neither my praise to graven images behold the former things are come to pass and new things do I declare before they spring forth why do we get from this one a second witness but there is something in it that I want us to see I didn't highlight it purposefully there are new things that he declares on what does the statement after the colon say before they spring forth I tell you off them so before the event comes to pass God tells you off them as a precursor of it coming and this is what the prediction before midnight is suggesting but only in the context of our line it's okay brother Bob sigh Isaiah 41 verses 2223 that they may see and know and consider and understand together as to handle the Lord have done this and the Holy One of Israel have created it produce your cause saith the Lord bring forth your strong reasons say if the king of Jacob let them bring them forth and show us what shall happen but some show the former things what they be and we may consider them and know the latter end of them or declare us things or to come show the things that are to come hereafter and we may know that ye are gods yay do good or do evil and we may be dismayed and behold it together what do we get from this one and all these passages of Scripture are just reinforcing the thought that God declares the end from the beginning but with each that we read we get different insights as to how he goes at this work and in in the passage of Scripture Bob read it tells you that it is through viewing the former things that the latter things are understood or known and throughout the throughout our time together this morning I'm hopeful that as we look at the various reform lines or the various narratives of the Bible will discern that God is showing us the things that are to come to pass and it will give us a better understanding of the concept of the prediction for midnight so in the passage it says let them show that the former things what they be what the former things were that we may consider them and know the latter end of them or declare us things for it to come so you have history you have present and you have prophecy being suggested in this passage of Scripture alone and as we go through we'll see that prediction and prophecy are synonymous they mean the very same thing they suggest the very same idea next passage of scripture Isaiah 40 verses 18 21 and 25 through 228 anti suzi or what lightness will be compared unto you have ye not known have you not heard how did not being told you from the beginning have you not understood from the former from the foundations of the earth who then will he like me or shall I be equal lift up your eyes on high and behold who was what created these things that bring it out their hosts by number we call it them all by name names by the greatness of his mind for he that is strong in power not one failing myself our Jacob and speak about Israel my way is hidden from the Lord and my judgment is passed over from my god I shall not known I shall not heard that the everlasting God the Lord the creator of the ends of the earth fainteth not neither is weary there is no searching of his understanding why do we get from this one and that which we need to understand relative to God has been told us from the very beginning it brings to mind you turn on me 29:29 with you'll cover as we go down yes look and uh political are interested great omnipotence on this handset Oh God no one can be smarter than he is no one can be more powerful than him and one of the things that the scripture teaches is that what shows you to be God is your ability to tell the to penetrate the future it's not your knowledge of the past that determines you being divine it's really your ability to to handle or be able to predict the things that are to come in the future and when we look at the past things as it is that God said that has happened it wouldn't be entirely insane to believe what he says is gonna happen Isaiah 45 verses 19 through 22 Sharmila I'm sorry I have not spoken in secret in a dark place of the earth I said not on to the seed of Jacob seeking me in vain I the Lord speak righteousness I declare things that are right assemble yourselves and come draw near together neither are escaped of the nations they have no knowledge that set up the word of their graven image and pray unto a god that cannot say tell you and bring them there yay let them take counsel together then have declared this from ancient time who have told it from that time have not I the Lord and there is no gladness else beside me I just God and a savior there is none beside me look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none else what are you getting from this one only he can save but in context of prediction and the things that he declares are right so as we understand the declarations of God as they appear in the scripture if we rightly understand it we cannot be in error is what the Word of God promises and he tells us that he has declared these things from ancient times and he is who is responsible for the knowledge that is that is within the earth and all the passages of Scripture if you read equally as T's 1 verses 9 through 11 it tells you that the things that were are the things that will be and God requires that which is passed and the Bible says in verse 11 that there is no remembrance of these things with this present present generation and there will be normal of these the things that know are happening with the generations to come and that's why God requires the past because we we tend to forget and tamina sent a quotation in the group this morning about less we forget and there's an entire series about that has that as a heading unless we forget set of periodicals that we had received last trimester I'm coming Cheryl but the concept is that humanity is prone to forget and that's why this the the Sabbath commandment says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy because of our tendency to forget so history is needful and from history we can trace what is to come in the future yes sure you can't download the religious downloaded them ok equals est is one verses 9:30 to 11:00 and we normally accompany that with Ecclesiastes 3 verses 14 and 15 okay Isaiah 44 verses 6 through 2:8 and beside me there is no God and who as I shall call and shall declare it and set it in order for me since I point at the ancient people and the things that are coming and shall come let them show unto them be not neither be afraid have not I told thee from that time and to credit nearby witnesses is there a god besides me yeah there is no God I know not anything amen and this is just reinforcing the thought before and it may become sin on somewhat redundant but we need we need these principles in order to go forward yes Larry and it brings to my mind of the spirit of prophecy quotation that says that the three angels messages they have their location and their order in history okay so we're at Deuteronomy 29 verse 29 Nathan the secret things belong unto the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever that we may do all the words of this law so the secret things are whose and those things that are revealed are whose and the kind that okay we'll cover that concept as we go forward but then verse verse Amos 3:7 tells us an additional see that the secret things don't always remain with God he shares them with a certain class of people um Doreen surely the Lord God will do nothing but he'll reveal of the secret of his servants the prophets so the secret things belong unto God Deuteronomy 29:29 but in Amos 3:7 the Lord says that he will do nothing but first but reveal his secrets on to his servants the prophets and for an example of this we'll go to Genesis 18 verses 17 through 19 should I hide from Abraham that thing which I do seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him I know him that he will command his children in his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that's what she had spoken of him so Abraham was told the things of God and the first thing that the Lord said unto him was shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do and it's it goes directly in line with Amos 3:7 so do we understand the Khans these passages of scripture have been suggesting to us what do we understand from it the combination of everything it's just one concurrent thought running through so once it is that you captured it in one or two verses that's fine that's the entire thought that's running through the passages that we're shared we're just anchoring the thought that God declares the end from the beginning in essence but that's how I would express it how would you express it reveal on our Lord reveal the future events to those people before time okay the word prediction means our foretelling a previous declaration of a future event it also suggests a prophecy it is a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future and I find that the definition of prediction and prophecy are very much similar I have listed seven examples of predictions made in the Bible I have seven and I'm going to allow you the opportunity to add to that list I have Genesis 3 verse 15 I have the birth of Isaac I have the 300 years of captivity I have the seven times I have the removal and rise of the empires of Daniel chapters 2 7 8 and 11 the work and life of the Messiah and the end of the world I didn't capture them all so I'll give you the opportunity of doing that so yes the four hundred years of captivity sorry what's the common reason why because he loves us so much he wants to tell us these things so that we can be ready man and I like that thought before we list on the board did I put it down in here Thanks could someone find papers and prophets page 52 paragraph 2 and someone else Patriots and prophets page 53 paragraph 2 and why brother Larry said is really important because he suggested that God tells us of these things to the end of warning us and keeping us within the straight and narrow way and when I looked at this passage of Scripture it was in context with Genesis 2 verses 16 and 17 whoever found the spirit of prophecy quotation let me read Genesis 2:16 and 17 first for context because last night when I read it I wrote it down as I had the question is this a prediction it says and the Lord God commanded commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die our first parents are not left without a warning of the dangers that threaten them heavenly messengers open to them the history of Satan's fall and his plots for their destruction unfolding more fully the nature of the divine government which the Prince of evil was trying to overthrow it was by disobedient to the just commands of God that Satan and his hosts had fallen how important then that Adam and Eve should honor that law by which alone it was possible for order and equity to be maintained well he's actually in the notes um 53.2 well they were obedient to God the evil one could not harm them if need be every angel in heaven would be sent to their house if they said fast they repelled his first insinuations they would be as secure severally messengers but should they once yell to temptation for nature would become so depraved that in themselves they would have no power and no disposition to resisting and further down in the passage it says the Angels had cautioned Eve to beware of separating from her husband while occupied in their daily labour in the garden with him she would be in less danger from temptation than if she were alone and all I'm suggesting through this is that there is a prediction that is made but it is accompanied with a warning similarly nor history one of the things that I've found throughout the Bible is that God is warning his people predictively for lack of a better expression he's warning us against a horse and he is allowing us to see that this course will tend this way and inevitably it does it's like a parent instructing a child if you touch that pot it will burn you and while it seems as if the it's it's just it's a normal casual kind of common example but that's what God is doing in a more divine way he's telling humanity that if you take this path this will be the end result and we have the seven times as a prophetic example all through Leviticus 26 we see God see if you do this the blessings are these but if you don't do this seven times will fall upon you and we understand the seven times to be a prophetic symbol of the two thousand five hundred and twenty year time prophecy so tied up with the prophecy are the predictions that are that run through the Bible is a warning that God is giving to his people against their sinful nature and against the course of sin you had a point this is before Genesis 3 thing mm-hmm where God says good day thou hearest thou shalt surely die see saying that's a prediction in type yeah and a prediction is the prophecy yeah that's right saying I'm just comparing it with great controversy 5:07 list as to what's this all this is foreshadowed in the first prophecy I will put enmity between thee and the woman - ah Satan I said it's ahead week ok when you look at the definition of Prince what a prediction is where did I put it it is a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future it is also a prophecy it's a previous declaration of a future event a foretelling so connected with that warning was a statement about what what would be the probable result of them taking that course of action and that led to what is found in genesis 3:15 so it's it's in my mind a prediction in type of what was to be the consequence of that action but I don't deny that the first I don't know how to describe it I would say legitimate prophecy of Genesis is genesis 3:15 anti Susy you had a thought it was going back on what you said really but I sort of in the gospel crisis calls us friend and you know well we have our friendships you know we take to share our secrets with our friend and so I just thought how you know intimate God is with us when I was feeling these things I thank you for I can't believe I forgot that Bible verse let's go to John 15 verse 15 and it marries nicely with Amos 3:7 and Genesis 18 verses 1732 nineteen fifteen fifteen Rises please next to read Genesis 15 verse fifteen sorry John 15:57 you know it's not what is what is not to it but I have called your friends for all things that I have heard of my father I have made known why does this tell us hmm and prophets are our friends of God and the reason you are friends to him is because he tells you the things that were made known to him by the father and it that is Samuel snow and John the Baptist yeah it is two classes and it's said and it suggests to me that even within this movement there are divisions there are those that are in the category of friends of God and there are those that are servants and it does not mean that the servant in my mind it does not mean that the servant is incapable of you know attaining higher it just means that you are around call or excuse me than those that are actually handling the secrets of God I find that to be very exciting okay so we just went there because he had shared with us that God tells us of the things to come to the end of warning us against a course of action and we saw that the first place that he did that was in Genesis 2 verses 16 and 17 where he says don't eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because in the day that you do that you will surely die because he wanted to know God's secrets he wasn't allowed okay so we were before Larry took us there we were listening the predictions in the Bible I had genesis 3:15 up to 7 the end of the world so I'm going to put 7 the end of the world and you're going to list from here next next look music really next there are many that I left out come on captain 18 map those resurrections three days and then the resurrection okay let's stop there you know when we were about whom the Brethren from Jamaica can attest to this when we were back home one of the things that we we were taught Heavenly was the binding off structure as it related to midnight to midnight cry and all our understanding was confined to those two Leah marks and when I came here last trimester I was in the class but I wasn't in the class Anna levy knew that I was just an empty shell here I barely heard a word I've said the entire time I was here because I deliberately shot him from my mind and when I was struggling and there are nights when I would go to bed with a lot of thoughts I literally was having a fight in my mind as to what to agree with because I did not at that time agree with what was being suggested here relative to the Omega of apostasy and I remember there was a night I I went to before going to bed the thoughts came to me to listen to the quorum date and a baron and the rebellion that happened with them and I listened to it and I'm like it sounds like it just sounds like something I would not say on camera but I said and that started having me say okay I probably should listen more in class so I said okay I'll listen in class starting from this point on and then Tablo came and share the prediction before midnight and to me I was like okay Lord I'm settled that's it because the prediction before midnight answered because nothing else here could uproot my understanding of the binding our structure and point be in between because that's where we receive the prediction and our capable of going forward to to meet the proclamation to the king that wakes up at midnight and this is something that we're going to cover but what he shared with me allowed me to see that it is true that there is a prediction before the event what was not true is the placement of it and I found that to be the problem with majority of the understanding that came from that end of the argument the concepts were true the placements of them were what was off and that posed very big problems it's kind of like the serpent saying he shall not surely die for God knows that in the day you eat of it you're going to be as God's knowing good and evil and that's the very same thing that God said before he he he said okay we're going to drive man out from the Garden of Eden because there are now as God's knowing so what Satan told them was true but he misconstrued the truth and that's what made it error you just need a percent to be off and that's enough to change the shade of truth and once this change it is erroneous so I particularly I'm in love with the prediction before midnight because that's what if if if double came for no other reason than to have me come out of confusion then his mission was accomplished because had that presentation not been done truthfully I don't know who could have convinced me otherwise because everything that that was what I was struggling with most keenly the prediction within the binding nothing was on in that structure save the prediction before midnight and I'm hopeful that as we continue on through it we will we will prize it just the same now there's a principle of first mention what is upper water the principle of first mention tell us the first mention establishes what it means like that's what it does where the first reference from the word midnight Exodus it's in the exodus 11 verse 4 and we're going to read the entire chapter of Exodus 11 because in Exodus 12 there is the fulfillment of these words of Exodus 11 so even in the print and even in the instance where midnight is first mentioned you see the principle of a prediction or a prophecy that precedes midnight are the events that are associated with it we are at where in Exodus 11 Luke could you read it please how many firstly it's all in the paper and the Lord said unto Moses yet will I bring one plague more unfair and upon Egypt afterwards he will let you go hence when he shall let you go he shall surely thrust you out and all together speak now in the ears of the people and that every man Muro of his neighbor and every woman of her neighbor jewels of silver and jewels of gold and the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt in the sight of Pharaoh's servants and in the sight of the people and Moses said thus saith the Lord about midnight will I go out into the midst of Egypt and all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sitteth upon his throne even on to the firstborn of the made seven days behind the mill and all the firstborn of beasts and there shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt such as there was no market nor shall be like it anymore but against any of the children of Israel shall not that dog remove his tongue against man or beast that you may know that the Lord doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel and all these thy servants shall come down unto me and bow down themselves unto me same get thee out and all the people are follow thee and after that I will go out and he went out from Pharaoh in a great anger and the Lord said unto Moses Farrah shall not hearken unto you that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt and Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh and the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart said that he would not let the children of Israel go out of his land and then why do we see here what is God doing he shown the separation what else he's telling Moses what's going to happen in great detail from beginning to end and we'll see it says that yet will I bring one more plate one plate more upon fear and upon Egypt afterwards he will let you go hence when he shall let you go he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether let's go to Exodus 12 verses 29 through 234 and this is the prediction and we're going to see the fulfillment of the prediction within the time period of midnight 12 verse 29 through 234 and it came to pass that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captain that was in the dungeon and all the first one of cattle and Pharaoh rose up in the night he and his servants and all the Egyptians and there was a great cry in Egypt for there was not a house where there was not one day and he called for Moses and Aaron by night and said rise up and go and get you forth from among my people both he and the children of Israel and go and serve the Lord and as he has said also take your flocks and your herds as he has said and be gone bless me also and the Egyptians were urgent upon the people that they might send them out of the land in haste for they said we'd be all dead men and the people took their tow before it was leavened and their kneading trots in bound up in their clothes upon their shoulders okay so the details that God foretold in exodus 11 the fulfillment of these events are seen and a snippet of it is seen in Exodus 12 from verses 29:30 34b urgency and haste with which the Egyptians asked the Israelites to live and the the urgency and he stopped was utilized in asking the Egyptian the Israelites to leave Pharaoh asking them to leave just short of the event of the death angel going through all these things are told to Moses before a chapter before in Chapter 11 that's great I have a question deserves Exodus 11 6 and 12 30 that great cry that's referring the loud cry right so one of the the ultimate reason for suggesting it is that by rule of first mentioned midnight is found first in the in Exodus 11 verse 4 the entire chapter of Exodus 11 is predictive it's telling Moses what's going to happen detailed Lee ordered what is going to happen I'm going to come I'm going to slay the firstborn Pharaoh will call you and have an ask that you leave and these are the things that exactly happen and we saw that through what Clayton read in Exodus Alexis 12 verses 2930 234 now the concept of midnight as it relates to Kings has been studied in this movement for quite some time and we have had the understanding that the Kings wake at midnight that's the understanding that we have correct the Kings wake at midnight let's look at this concept Nebuchadnezzar on midnight the first reference of Nebuchadnezzar waking well the only one we have is Daniel chapter 2 and we are familiar with that story he has this dream he calls in the soothsayers astrologers the Chaldeans and the wise magicians and says tell me my dream and they were unable and he sent forth a death decree but the understanding is that he awoke from his dream at midnight and one of the things that was being used was that you cannot prove that there is a prediction before midnight because all Kings wake at midnight so that put us enough a very bad spot how can we prove otherwise how can our understanding of the prediction before midnight be upheld when we have the Kings waking at midnight but let's look at Daniel chapter 1 verses 1530 to 21 and we all agree that Daniel chapter 1 happens before Daniel chapter 2 correct now not only by way of placement but the events of Daniel chapter 2 followed shortly after the three years that they were being trained for service but look at what the Bible says in Daniel chapter 1 verses 1530 to 21 please next 3 cherrylle end of 10 days their countenances appeared fair and fatter in flesh then all the children which did eat the portion of the Kings meat the smells are took away the portion of their meat and the wine that they should drink and gave them pulse as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel that understanding in all visions and dreams now at the end of the days that the King had said he should bring them in then the Prince of the eunuchs brought them in before another cognizer and the Keaton commune with them and among them all was found none like Daniel Hananiah Mishael and Azariah their fourth stood they before the Kings and in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the King inquired of them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realms and Daniel continued even unto the first year of King Cyrus the the portions that have been emboldened what does it say as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams was this before or after he appeared before Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 2 it was before so even in even the argument of it having to be out after the point of midnight that we are settled in our understanding of visions and dreams the Bible from Daniel one I'm going to tell you the exact verse because I I took it out just allow it to look neater Daniel 1:17 in Daniel 1:17 it tells us that Daniel already had understanding in all visions dreams before his appearance before the king in Daniel chapter 2 yeah it Daniel chapter 1 we see this before Daniel chapter 2 when it is actually brought into utilization you hadn't well they brought to the king in Chapter 1 as well he has understand it agree with you Pharaoh and midnight so we have the concept of all Kings waking at midnight from their dreams and we have Pharaoh Pharaoh by way of title means came so fare is the king of Egypt and in Genesis 41 he has a dream and we associate his dream and him waking from that dream as a type of midnight so the history of Genesis 41 happens at midnight but in Genesis 37 verses 5 through 2:11 I should have even put ok who's next to read Britney could you read Genesis 37 verses 5 through 211 in Joseph's dreams a dream Tobit his brethren and they hated him get some more and he said unto them here I create you this dream which I have dreamed after behold we were binding sheaves in the field and lo my sheaf arose and also stood upright may behold your sheaves stood without and made it obeisance to my sheaf and his brethren said unto him shalt thou indeed reign over us or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us and they hated him yet more for his dreams and for his words and he dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brethren and said behave I have dreamed a dream more and behold the Sun and the moon and the Eleven stars made obeisance to me he told it to his father and to his brethren and his father rebuked him instead of to him what is this dream that thou has dreamed shall I and my mother and my brother indeed come to come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth and his brethren envied him but his father observed the same also Genesis 40 verses 8 let's read verses 8 3 to 14 Angelia so this is the the narrative that relates to the butler and the Baker and the dream that they had carry on and the chief Butler told his dream to Joseph and said to him in my dream the whole applying was before me and in the vine were three branches and it was as though it butted and her blossoms shot forth in the cluster Sarah brought forth bright grapes and Pharaoh's cup was in my hand and I took the grapes and press them into Pharaoh's cup and that gave the cup into Pharaoh's hand and Joseph said unto Him this is the interpretation of it the three branches are three days yet within three days shop there will lift up thine hand head and restore the unto thy place and now shall deliver Pharaoh's cup into his hand after the former manner thou hast when that was his Butler but think on me when it shall be well with thee and show kindness I pray thee unto me and make mention of me in Pharaoh and bring me out of this house and in Genesis 41 verse 10 from verses 10 through 214 it says Pharaoh was wrought with his servants and put verses 10 through 240 inside Genesis 41 you're welcome Pharaoh was wrought with his servants and puts and puts me in ward in the captain of the guards house both me and the Baker and we dream the dream in one night I and he we dreamed each man according to the interpretation of history and there was with us a young man and Hebrew servant to the captain of the guard and we told him and he interpreted to us or dream to each man according to his dream he interpreted and it came to pass as he interpreted to us so it was me he restored on to my office and him he hanged then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon and he shaved himself and changed his raiment and came in unto Pharaoh so the whole point of sharing this narrative of Joseph is to show that he to light Daniel was verse or had examples of handling dreams even before the event that is marked as midnight happened and that's what the prediction before midnight is for us Boaz and midnight we're in Ruth chapter 3 verses 7 through 2:14 and this is bolas Boaz dealing with midnight Larry cookie free boys had eaten and ruffles and his heart was married he went to lie down at the end of the heap of corn and she came softly and I covered his feet and laid her down and it came to pass at midnight that the man was afraid and turned himself and behold a woman lay at his feet and he said who art thou then she answered I am Ruth thy handmaid spread therefore thy skirt over thy handmaid without are a near kinsman and he said blessed be thou of the Lord my daughter for thou has showed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning and as much as thou follow us not young men whether poor or rich and now my daughter fear not I will do to the all that thou required for all the city of my people does know that thou art a virtuous woman and now it is true that I am like near kinsman howbeit there is a kinsman near then I tarry this night and it shall be in the morning that if he won't perform unto me the part of a kinsman well let him do the kinsman part but if he will not do the part of a kinsman to thee then will I do the part of a Kinmen to thee as the Lord liveth lie down until the morning and she lay at his feet until the mornings and she rose up before one could know another and he said let it not be known that a woman came into the floor Ruth 370 14 but in verses 135 Naomi instructively tells Ruth what to do and you find out what is what is pictured here was basically was told to her before it actually happened and we're in verses one through two five Tyler said under her my daughter shall I not seek breasts for them that it may be well with me and now is not Bala as our kindred with who with whose matings that was behold he went no it barely tonight in the thirteenth floor watch thyself therefore an anointing in put died arraignment a ponding and get me down to the floor but make not thyself known unto the man until until he shall have done eating and drinking and it shall be when he lieth down that thou shall mark the place where he shall lie and natural growing they may cover his feet and lays me down and he will tell thee what thou shalt do and she said under her all that thou say unto me I will do ok so at the very beginning of our time together we covered a series of scriptures that tell us that God declares the end of a thing through the beginning process and we saw that these are distinguishing marks between God and His people we saw that though the secret things belong unto God he takes time to make them known unto his servants the prophets he says in John 15:15 that he calls us no longer servants but friends because to his friends he shares the secrets that his father has told him and then we we looked at the principle of first mention and we saw that in Genesis 11 God tells Moses in detailed chronology on order what was the transpire engine in Exodus 12 he tells him the event that was to cause them to be sent out of Egypt he tells them how they were to be sent out of Egypt and we see in Exodus 12 from verses 29 through 234 that it had with terrible exactness we looked at the principle of midnight as it is within the movement about Kings waking up at midnight we saw that Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 2 woke at midnight but even though that was the case Daniel who interpreted the dream to him was already versed in all visions and dreams before the event happened the same with Pharaoh and Joseph Joseph had already handled dream interpretation before his encounter with Pharaoh king of Egypt Boris the the near of kin truth was had an encounter with Ruth at midnight and all that happened there was already predicted or told the truth through her mother-in-law so already we see through these various narratives that God tells us the things that are to happen with great details and greater detail is added as we as we near the event and we'll see that through the line of Christ but is there anything that we don't understand before I move on and seek to wrap up this thought thanks regarding how do we do we have a verse for the rule of verse mention or I know we say that not made it up I'll just won the award originated from how do we how do we stamp that has like an approval or do we you know I'm unsure on that point I'll find out and I'll tell you Larry besides that point we we have you have and we got you till the end from the beginning yeah so we the first mention something just going to be the precursor for understanding everything else and I believe it it also holds true in the concept of the foundation how it is laid determines how the entire structure is um its constructed whether it's faulty or whether it is it is sturdy hinges on the the foundation work which to me is the is the first encounter that well the first the first part of this the entire structure is the foundation no for those who are building when you build a foundation before you can build the foundation you need to know the whole thing what's going to be placed on that foundation so that foundation is the right size or the right strength to be able to hold up what's going to be there so that that kind of plays into the kind of the rule the first mentioned because I mean in order for a foundation to be laid there there has to be the whole understanding of what that foundation has to support Larry does that help you I understand the rule of first-mentioned I'm just not hot because we call it a rule correct so usually a rule is derived from something I just don't know where it's derived from oh I'll seek to find that out tell you and we read from Isaiah 45 verses 19 to 22 and it says of God that he declares things that are right and one of the things that I've realized is that God's Word is true and it is by his spoken word that he is basically judged for lack of a better expression and I find that even with us or words determine how we are how we are reacted to and God wants us to trust him and the first way we can trust him it's by believing his word and when you look at the account of Cyrus and the fall of Babylon in Isaiah 21 you see where it is said Babylon is fallen is fallen that's the first place that that phrases is found and do we know that Manassas who killed Isaiah do we know that Manassas who killed Isaiah or mercy okay only some no I was looking for the Cartesian I read it and I had a feeling that many did not know I'll find it and I'll share it with you but the whole point of the matter is that before a point but long before Babylon was even a world superpower God predicted its fall and not only did he predict its fall he tells you the nations that would be involved in the fall of that particular world power and that to me is another sign of God predicting what is to come before the event actually happens also in context of Christ when you read when you read the Passover visit I came there when you read the Passover visit desire of Ages desire of Ages chopped page 78 paragraph okay let's turn to the back of our notes it says for the first time the child Jesus looked upon the temple he saw the white robed priests performing their solemn ministry he beheld the bleeding victim upon the altar of sacrifice with the worshiper he bowed in / while the cloud of incense ascended before God he witnessed the impressive rites of the Paschal service day by day he saw their meanings more clearly every act seemed to be bound up with his own life new impulses were awakening within within him silent and absorbed he seemed to be studying out a great problem the mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior and this is the very first account we have of Christ having understanding of his mission and when we go to the story of the baptism that's did I put it here the two last paragraphs on pay on the second-to-last page desire of Ages page 112 this is just after the baptism it says John had been deeply moved as he saw Jesus bowed as a suppliant pleading with tears for the approval of the Lord as the glory of God and circled him and the voice from heaven was heard John recognized the token which God had promised he knew that it was the world's Redeemer whom he had baptized the Holy Spirit rested upon him and without stretched hand pointing to Jesus he cried behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world this is a Louie Mark of 9/11 none among the hearers and not even the speaker himself discerned the import of these words the Lamb of God a pond upon Mount Moriah Abraham had heard the question of his son my father where is the lamb for a burnt offering the father answered my son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering and we find this in Genesis 22 verses 7 38 and in the ROM divinely provided in the place of Isaac Abram saw a symbol of him who was to die for the sins of men the holy spirit through Isaiah taking up the illustration prophesied of the Savior he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and the Lord and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all but the people of Israel had not understood the lesson many of them regarded the sacrificial offering much as the heathen looked upon their sacrifices which is as gifts by which they themselves might property it the the deity God desired to teach them that from his own love comes the gift which reconciles them to himself so at this point when John the Red John the Baptist says behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world the the language of that expression is all bound up in the event of the cross but yes they missed it but the truth of the matter is that it was in public reckoning even before the event itself transpired God had told it long before in the passage we read from desire of Ages page 78 there is something really keen that is there in my mind paragraph five partyi paragraphs five and six so after God was able to after Christ after the mystery of Christ's mission was opening up to him he went in we know the story he had the series of discussions with the priests / rabbis in that little classroom and it says here Jesus presented himself and this is while he was 12 Jesus represented himself as one thirsting for a knowledge of God his questions were suggestive of deep truths which had been long obscured yet which were vital to the salvation of souls while while showing how narrow and superficial was the wisdom of the wise men every question put before them a divine lesson and placed truth in a new aspect the rabbis spoke of the elevation which the Messiah's coming would bring to the Jewish nation but Jesus presented the prophecy of Isaiah and asked them the meaning of those scriptures that point to the suffering and death of the Lamb of God the doctors turned upon him with questions and they were amazed at his answers with the humility of a child he repeated the scripture the words of Scripture giving them the depth of meaning that the wise men had not conceived off if followed if a statements that Christ that Christ spoke were followed the lines of truths he pointed out would have worked a Reformation in the in the religion of that day a deep interest in spiritual things would have been awakened and when Jesus began his ministry many would have been prepared to receive him so the knowledge was there and had the knowledge been received it would have made the mission of Christ far easier and this was from 880 so the con that which I'm I'm hopeful that you see before we look at Miller right the Miller writes history and the prediction before midnight is that before the major events happen God tells us about it and it denies the thought that there is no light that is to be hard before the events of midnight if that is to be agreed upon then we are denying many scriptural evidences more than that we are denying the Bible itself because that's what the Bible is made up of that's how God proves his divinity that's how God proves his God ship what God is from the verse that we already Amos where it says that surely the Lord God will do nothing and that's you know I mean that's that's something that cements my belief in the fact that God does not destroy he does not he does doesn't do anything except he believes what he's about to do to his people because he loves them so the mineral rights under prediction before midnight and their prediction before midnight is October 22 1844 and we know that as we fractal it down or midnight becomes a type of October 22 1844 but there is something that I want us to see and that's how I understand our prediction before midnight to be and this is our closing thoughts we are on the I should have numbered these pages there are six pages in total I believe okay so Miller writes on the prediction before midnight is the heading and we'll be taking our references chiefly from prophetic faith of our fathers volume 4 but before we do that in Miller's in Miller's work volume 2 yeah lecture 8 he covers the three wars so the understanding that Miller had on the wars is funding that lecture and one of the things is that what I've found is that what Josiah Lynch did was that he he basically refined the argument of Miller he it wasn't it wasn't that it was untrue the concepts were true but what I've found is that throughout throughout the Miller writes encounter with this PBM you find that it is the act of refining a message that was already in circulation at that time and in the context of Josiah leach what he did was he just he did that work to the concept of the wars particularly the second rule in order to come to August 11 1840 and that's needful to understand because we know that 9/11 is represented by two symbols the symbol of August 11 1840 and April 19 1844 so I wanted that to be inserted first that the idea that was published 1818 August 1 1840 was really a refinement of the idea of the wars that was already in circulation through the works of Miller okay so let's read let's read the first paragraph Alisa again in the 1843 days nor was the active leader joined by the succession of Abel and scholarly ministers of all faiths who searched meticulously into the historical political and astronomical basis of all the Miller's positions these scholars write about the number of important revisions or developments chiefly on the dating and position of the cross and the 17th in the 70th week of the 70 weeks thus to perfect and establish his platform and these revisions published in the tournament of the sign of the times and midnight cry became the accepted and standard position of the movement as the 1843 phase came into came to it parents on the other hand the initial the initiation and leadership of the seventh month phase was at first in other hands than Millers or even his close associates though old soon came to support it um yeah there's some very fancy words used to there but in essence all that it's saying is that Miller's work was studied and it was revised or refined for a lack of a better expression but the the authenticity of his work was not compromised it was just improved upon and that's what Josiah leach did and that's what summer snow did Sylvester bliss George stores there are a series of men that were listed in this work I have their names you have Sylvester bliss just silage Joshua V Himes Nathaniel Southard appleís Hills Nathan whiting and others were instrumental in revising the Jewish year of 1843 so the understanding that we now have that the Rabbinical year is what's marked at March 21 sunset of March 21 and the first day of the no the first day of the first month in rabbinical time is the sunset of 21/22 of March 1844 but they revised that unsolder carat reckoning was more accurate and so they came to the conclusion that the beginning was actually with the sunset of April 9 18/19 so they are one set of men that were used by God to refine Miller's understanding or improve upon it and Josiah which did similarly with the wars but that's all that he'd say that Miller had had had scholarly associates who studied his works historically calendrical ii and astronomically and then they came to the refined and improved understanding that built up into the seventh month movement of 1844 mario next in 1843 fears Villa started with a rather commonly held a t-33 lead for the cross at the close of the 70th week but his associates after long and painstaking research provides his position to an ad 31 cross dated in the needs of the the 70th week based on better evidence and no meeting the specific demands of the prophecy however it is to be noted that the joint beginning date of the two theorem is 17 weeks and 2,300 years was always 457 BC the minaret position on this point never very cold the movement either in the progressive 1843 or the 1844 climate the placement of that beginning point of prophetic time a 70-year of other Xerxes was regarded as fixed unchanged and was never seriously challenged by Friend or Foe during either phase I need to see while this is true with the 70 weeks while it is true with the 70 weeks that's how it was with the determination of the tenth day of the seventh month and as Theodore covered it may 3 of 43 Miller published an article that suggested an ottoman or termination of the the feasts that relate to the second Advent when you look at the other passages that have put there it's basically showing that Miller's arguments were revised Miller's arguments were revised oh I like this quotation millas arguments were revised and improved upon that's basically what's being proven here it's the same thing with the 33 AD understanding that he had it was commonly held at the crucifixion was 33 ad that was painstakingly studied and revised and the true date is 31 ad and it became the the accepted date of the movement following that I'm sharing that the next paragraph says Miller's first recorded declaration concerning the Year 1843 appeared in his early statement of faith dated September 5 1822 it was without particularization argument or evidence regarding the beginning date of the 2300 years or the relationship of this longer overall period to the lesser 70 weeks of years it merely anticipated the second advent in a general way as coming out the close of the 2300 years on or before 1843 so the entire idea of Miller I wouldn't say it was it wasn't I wouldn't say was unfounded but he wasn't anchoring home specific dates and that's why when the 1843 charts were done was done it was a tip if out of determination being 1843 because he was basically estimating like Angelia in when she sent out the the invitation for the hike yesterday she said we're leaving around 2:30 there was no definite time she wasn't fixing us at leaving 2:30 she was saying around that period of time and similarly that's how Miller was making his determination he wasn't definite he was more he was more supposing he wasn't definite ever really until they were pushed to do that because the fact that no man knoweth the day nor the hour and that didn't correlate so he was pushed in order to actually put an actual date because he wouldn't put a date in his writings up until that point there was a book by J Edwin partl called biblical hermeneutics and it's the fourth rule of interpretation it means that the idea that God indicates the truth that stands in his mind will not change later on so I think it's just been done for ages we can I just took it yep nice responding to that this is something else but I found the quote where you were wanting to find work Manasseh and killed Isaiah thank you found you on Herald July 8 1915 some review and Herald July 8 1915 paragraph 2 & 3 that says this Manasseh shed innocent blood very much so he had build Jerusalem from one into another that second King 21:16 and then the very next sentence is one of the first to fall was Isaiah and the whole point of sharing that was to show that Isaiah in Isaiah 45 he predicted Cyrus and the work that he was to do and if if he died in the period of Manasseh let's say hmm let's put let's just be rough and go to 677 we're being very rough so let's say that Manasseh at least yes let's do it to 6 27 because we understand that following his capture he was reformed we have accounts of that so let's say that we want there is no year after 677 to put the death of of Isiah right and then in six or seven we have Babylon coming into supremacy being a world dominant power but we know that Babylon received the the power this if Babylon received its power its seat and greater authority from the assyrian nation and it received this within the year 626 625 so if 6-7 at least 70 years would have passed since the death of isaiah and we have the prediction in isaiah 21 in isaiah 47 and we have it as well in isaiah 45 events relating to the fall of Babylon long before Babylon even became a superpower it existed but not to the end where by the the prediction Isaiah made could be fulfilled so even before the nation was a world dominant power there were predictions that it would have fallen the way it would have fallen and such a like just to anchor home the point that god tells us of the events before they happen not while they're out happening I don't remember who cause there's this I found it funny when it was first said newspaper prophets like the the news comes out and at that point they have their prediction but God doesn't work that way he tells us of the things that are to come before they come to pass and that's what shows our relationship with him that's what allows us to be shown to the world as Friends of God and not servants of him so the concept of the prediction before midnight it's not new and it should not be seen as strange or something that cannot be understood if that's our standpoint then we are we're setting ourselves up to believe similarly off the Bible because that's the principle of the Bible that God declares the end of a thing from the beginning of it before it actually comes to pass okay so those lines one was for Mom of this one was for Christ and one was for the Miller rights I was going to use the 911 for each of those lines to show that a prediction is found within the space of time from what represents 9/11 in those histories and what represents midnight in those histories but I'm already over time and Julia so could you pray to close thank you for this time together Lord we thank you we praise you for the opportunity to to come together to study your word or a pretty photo that as we look into sunset and projection before midnight and all these truths that you are bringing to our attention I pray father that you will lead and direct us Lord as we study that you will open our eyes you see wonderful things out of that well be with us today so we go about our day protect and guide us and may we may we have a part of your joy with us today father that we may shed it on others in your name we pray