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so when I welcome you all to the class it's going to take it's gonna look at we've probably gonna have some teething problems some problems because of the translation issue the dynamics are not that easy to get to get to grips with so you'll probably take us a couple of classes to get used to one another the difficult bit will be when we have to interact with each other so this morning our translator is going to be sitting and not coming up front so we'll see how it goes if that works well if not then the translator will have to come up as well we're gonna see how that goes I'm here for just over a week and I'm taking the morning and afternoon class and the idea is that I'll do a different subject in the morning in the afternoon so you'll notice that there aren't any desks so it's a little bit difficult with your computers please give feedback very quickly so that we can make any change you experience for all of us I hope it will be where should they sit right where should they all the shoes and should be sitting at the front so when you come into the fascism I think there's a post today it says all the sugars come to the front and all visitors and start with me at the back we do have power sockets but if you can try have your devices can be charged so I know some of you are relatively new to the message when I mean you I mean maybe last two or three years and over the last three years there have been many changes in our movement you now those changes have troubled many people but those changes are under attack and people are using justification but because we've had some changes that the fundamental truths that we talk from the very beginning we have in this movement moved away from one of the things that people are really questioning now what I mean now I mean over the last 12 months is the subject of fractals now if everybody understands what fractals are and how they were but we're not going to do a study on fractals Brook I want to express it this way and I'm sure all of you are aware that we currently teach that there are three groups at the end of the world priests and levites and the Netherlands now these are just symbols they're not little priests or little Levites in any fashion they're symbols that describe God's people and from 2014 and onward we began to realize based upon the light that Ezra 7 gave us that there are these three groups now this concept of having these three separate groups which is now under attack through the excuse that fractals are not real is it is a dangerous development in our movements the reason why it's dangerous development is because there's not been a fundamental change in our thinking now the white teaches us that Daniel 8:14 was the central pillar and foundation of the church and one of the most fundamental principles that we get from the 2300 day prophecy is what what is what what is one of the fundamental things that we should understand from the 2300 day prophecy with the people don't focus on they don't talk about so most people are going to go to the 2300 days and go to the end and they're going to say that it's judgment in 1844 but I think most people are comfortable with that now you may not be aware of this but the way Daniel 8 13 and 14 are taught nowadays for a long time has changed from how the Pioneers would teach this now it all depends upon the one's understanding of the daily and if you understand the daily as being Christ ministration you have to change or modify your understanding of Daniel 813 that question and there's a subtle change from duration to the end and because we're so indoctrinated in this philosophy even if you don't believe that it's all about the endpoint then it is about duration you'll still see the span of data that people give is that it's about judgments because we're so focused upon what happens at the end and one of the things that we've learned in this movement that we should have learned from this movement is that we need to focus upon the beginning and not only upon the beginning or upon the events that transpire through a reformed line or through a prophecy so I want to suggest with someone else who's going to give a different answer the one of the most important things that we should have understood from the 2300 days and it was a bit tricky when I say judgment here cuz I put it here and who said judgment I think has you see the face who dick I'm product when you say judgment what did you mean so the beginnings of judgments are dead would you so I was right to put it here because I think that's what you were thinking the border that they need to understand that then when they speak they have to speak loud enough for these little microphones in the ceiling we have to pick up mics and if we speak quietly people won't hear it and though it's being translated but it's still useful for people to hear directly so if we were to go to Isaiah 28 verse 17 I know that this is not a reformed line I'm not trying to express that this is reformed lines but it is a line of prophecy in Isaiah 28 17 so if you just read it in the French probably the easiest way of going so I say 28:17 talks about a theme concept of theme what is the theme of verse 17 don't read the verse to carefully because she won't pick it out what's the theme of verse 17 I'm saying this thing is not judgment right 25 the thing is not 25 20 our guest you're not probably picking up what I want to see why one asks history repeats history repeats okay so that's good principle that you get that history repeats but what I wanted to see in verse 17 the theme is the construction of a building all the imagery there is about building something and there are three important things that we should understand from Bible prophecy one of them is construction and what the other two marriage and agriculture so we've discussed this before in many classes and if you see that both themes it really helps you really helps that anchor you in your study of a particular verse so what I wanted to see just from that verse it says judgment is laid to the line so what's interesting about that verse is that people will put judgment here at this way mark but the verse teaches otherwise the verse actually teaches this way mark would not be a way mark of judgment it'd be a way mark of what now in the verse it would be a way mark of righteousness because the judgment is not an endpoint it's a theme of the whole line and that's why someone said the 2520 because this whole theme is a theme about judgment so if we can see that the judgment here is not identifying the endpoints but it's the whole line now we've got the start point more 57 in the ends in 1844 and what's the most fun the simplest way to break down this this time prophecy this one this one way like that we should put in here yes so the way mark is a t-34 so once we put a t-34 and you have these two dispensations now what is the 2300 day teaching you teaching two groups I know he's taking two groups he's teaching the order of the two groups so first is the church and then it's the world and this is one of the most fundamental principles that we should have understood from the 2300 days it teaches that judgment first comes to the church and then to the world now everybody knows the history of a t-34 but we've forgotten this theme that the foundation about Nick ISM is all about judgment but it's judgment in two phases and just this light on its own open so many truth to us teaches us about the sequencing of public evangelism as an example he teaches about who wished focus on first now this is nothing new but this fundamental principle is now under attack not by people outside the movement by people inside the movement remember in our last trimester I said we've all got to beat auditors you've got a seat you've got enough you got approached a problem and you've got to stand outside of that problem because did you get too close you lose objectivity and it's extremely difficult to to do that because many of us are in a hand-to-hand fight and so we're part of the problem and what we have to do is we have to mentally separate from that experience and come out of that and try and look at things objectively it's very difficult to do that because people become passionate and they lose objectivity so what I want is to see is that the problem that we're facing in this movement and not some things about new developments or new truths so I said it's about fractals but this isn't really fractals in the way that most people understand fractals but I'm saying the argument is is all coming out to these fundamental truths people in our movement no longer believe that there's judgment that happens in the sequence the sequences first the church then the world and they quote all of this and I don't mean they do it deliberately I think people don't actually understand what they're fighting against but they cope it in complex language and what they end up doing is they say we stand on the spirit of prophecy and they do and they'll accuse people like me or standing on logic which I do any troubles people's so when we make statements that we have to wrestle with a line of prophecy this is the concept this is logic and we have to take that logic that concepts take in spite statements and get them to work together so one of the things that I and others have been accused of is the importance of either the line or the inspired statement people are now using that false premise to say that they stand on inspiration and they won't stand upon the wisdom of man or on logic and I've argued for a long time but we can't understand inspiration independent of a line because the lines direct us way to place these inspired statements and how to use them and apply them so an example of a public evangelism so you get a book safe this will fake this with the book evangelism so people take this book now and they say we can apply it everywhere we want to because Ellen White doesn't give us an anchor point it's not a ready it's a fallacious argument because otherwise didn't even create that book but what we do is we have to take those statements about evangelism and we have to find hooks and those hooks are these way marks so we know where to get that book and to hook it on no people are going to manipulate that idea that logic and say that the lines are now controlling inspiration now if you want to argue that way everyone's free to do that but I want us to see I'm speaking to a wider audience here but this is a manipulation of what we teach people are saying that the lines Trump inspiration and the reason they say that is because I would express it in a simple way but you've got these hooks and you've got this inspired statement and the line will go rate you and where to put the statement the line itself was created from inspiration in the first place all we've really done over the last three years if you think about it if you're taking this number one here and we've just split it into two parts 1a and 1b and we've chosen to call these people these two groups the priests and levites and we've kept this name the same 11th hour workers which is a statement the other white uses for the world but because we chose to use priests and levites here now we're into the realm of the sanctuary we can't use the symbol of 11th hour workers so we've been directed through the book of Ezra did you choose a different symbol for the world which is nothing in and so you've got these three groups and when we're dealing with these three groups we just take one principle the gods dealing with many is always the same and that means will itself is under attack because people no longer actually really practice that they claim that they believe it and when you bring all these principles together it can be encapsulated into a single concept which we call fractals now we can approach the subject of fractals from a different way in the easiest way that you would do that I would suggest would be to go to Revelation 14 you go from verse 6 to 11 the three angels messages and you can see fractals built into that into those passages very easy so what I'm saying is the argument that's been that's beginning to rage in our movement is based upon this principle of a rejection the judgment is on a line it's not an endpoint and even though it's not expressed that way that is what the argument is about why don't you see this then what you know even it every way mark what are you required to exhibit you're required to exhibit righteousness and we know that that concept is under attack if you follow the classes it's based or predicated upon the principle of the nature of man that subject the nature of man he's built into the 2300 day prophecy because when you discuss the nature of man it's dealing with the nature of sin and how we supposed to overcome sin in fact do we have the ability to overcome see and you can encapsulate all that study into one word which is righteousness God wants us to be right not wrong I said 2817 talks about that subject then the subject of judgment judgment is progressive every waymark judgment with it will be seen with it will exhibit itself and people are rejecting that concept because they want to push it all to the end and you and I may say that we don't accept the new view of the daily and I'm saying the dos people are now fighting against us they've gone back to the new view of the daily even though they will never accept that premise and the reason they're gonna do that is because they want to get all of this truth they want to get this line which has been expanded out and they want to condense it into a single point and what they want to do is they take you singular point and they say you have judgment and you have righteousness all at the end and this is a fundamental tack attack I could say upon our message but it's an attack upon the 2300 day prophecy now the reason I say it's an attack upon the daily is because if you're going to do a study on the daily I've got daily and this is not technically accurate if I put an equal sign if I were to say if you're thinking about the subject of the daily which has been rejected what is it connected to what what could we put here to say that the daily and this other subject are the same subject of the daily what is it all about most people even say paganism which is a reasonable answer but I don't think it addresses what the issue is so my question is too difficult I think because people don't know where I'm going and what I want to say either daily is nothing more than the twenty five twenty in disguise they're the same subject and if you want to know why the church rejects the twenty five twenty it's because it's forced to do that to be logically consistent when the twenty five twenty hit this church around 2005 they were forced to reject this because they've rejected the daily decades ago and the day leaves nothing more than 225 20 so I'm saying there are people in our movement who are now attacking the daily because what they're doing is they're taking the 2300 day prophecy and they're like a Constantine er they're squashing it all up to an endpoint and what they say is this they'll take a spirit prophecy quote or a Bible verse and I don't know the percentage but the vast majority of the time when you take a prophetic subject and you go to inspiration Bible spirit of prophecy their focus is going to be where focus is gonna be on the end but our focus is where it's at the beginning and this tension has been bubbling under the surface in our movement for a long time and different people that have resolved that issue differently so I think we're all familiar with tree of life ministry so they've been around for a while now what's their way of resolving this problem have they resolved this issue they picked a word times typology so they've resolved this problem by using typology so what are they saying about typology how they have they resolved this problem because there's a disagreement between inspired statements and what we teach is there is isn't there you have to use logic and other I'll say it may be more obscure spirit prophecy quotes to defend what we teach so it's not just pure man's wisdom as we're accused of but they don't believe that and said they'd use typology to resolve that problem so what would they say they say that each way mark is a type of another so what they've done they go to a reformed line and instead of going from one reformed line to another so we'd have the Millerites to our line and we would classically teach them this was the type of our line so this would be type an antitype what they teach to resolve this issue is that within our line you can have way marks and you can go from type to antitype you have to wash yourself the question is this legal are you allowed to do that are you like to go into a singular reformed line and take way marks and say that one way mark is a type of an way mark that happens further along the line so you have to decide that because you know what my answer is this is illegal you're breaking rules when you do that the rules go for light a line and you go we discuss typology you can't do typology this way so that's how they resolve it they've got a sophisticated argument to resolve over that issue now the problem that they have is they don't even follow their own rules in our morning class I want to try go through the great controversy chapters 38 and 39 as much as we can go through those chapters now we've all with the rate we've all read the great controversy so you have a chapter in the great controversy and what's the structure of those chapters and it's pretty consistent I think it might even be 100 percent how does other white structure these chapters have you begin a chapter in the great controversy one person shout out so we can get translated right if you got the title the title is gonna direct you then what okay the chapter number yes right so the subtitle inner directed by wants to see what how he structure this introduction how does she introduce the chapters she uses a Bible verse or a couple of verses so she's gonna anchor that chapter using the specific Bible verse now when she comes to chapter 38 in chapter 39 which are the final warning and the time of trouble so how would we express what the final warning is because we don't use that phrase the final warning what was the statement that we use the loud cry another one not not the what were the words off what is the final warning Sunday law the Sunday Laurie's revelation 14:9 11 third angels message so I will say it's a third angels message so she's going to introduce chapter 38 with the third angels message and connected to that she's going to give the second angels message because she's going to direct you the dis chat tur when you get the second angels message in the third day of the message what she's trying to teach you what should you know as you approach chapter 38 if you're going to introduce this with the second and third angels message not the first angel what happens when you get the second and the third joining together yes so not the verse but what what do we call that so this is the empowerment so you know that the third angel a chapter 38 what's the subject it's the empowerment of the third angel so you can get all of that information just by understanding the selection of verses that she uses as an introduction to that chapter so we haven't even read the chapter we haven't even read the verses but can everybody conceptualize and see that yeah she's Kalu talk about the second third angels message because it's the loud crowd the third angel it's the empowerment and so as we read through that chapter we should understand that it's all about the empowerment of the third angel does anybody have any comment on that okay say if you see Powerman of the third angel and it's called the final warning we may not have read it recently but I think we will we'll have read the great controversy what's the time frame of chapter 38 when the Charles was the timeframe of chapter 38 okay you can't say after 9/11 because 9/11 isn't in that chapter so I'm assuming that we have some kind of working knowledge of what the chapter is about what where is where is where she where is chapter 38 in history we can't say our history because at the end of the world on in a generic sense which is very specific about where to place this is that is that you asking me back cuz I'm I've seen the great so you that sound like you asking me not allowed to ask me questions that's one of the rules of class so when I ask your question you give a statement you have to give a statement not asked it back okay so you're right chapter 38 the loud cry of the third angel the empowerment of the third angel is the Sunday go this is one of the big problems a big stumbling blocks the people have with our message now as I say tree of life have overcome this problem with type and anti-type because they've got sophisticated arguments by the way if you I said I introduced cost that we need to be auditors so when people come up with a study what you need to do is you need to be able to work your way through all of the clever language they're complicated statements and work out what the point lis what what was the very novel the point of what they're teaching so I'm saying this till I say that this type was what way mark what way might will be put here so we've put 9-year evan here and what way mark would be put here so we've put midnight here and this is all to do with what subject revelation 18 so they say that the angel of Revelation 18 didn't come here is going to come here and the reason they're gonna argue this is based upon this kind of premise what's the fallacy in their argument because it all sounds good the still don't they'll tell you and they last year these provocative questions which you won't get to answer where was the glory of 9/11 and if you want to be you know honest and frank about that you'll say that it was hidden and you know that's our excuse if you like because you can't really see any glory as it would be described in inspiration with that kind of language so they say that was a type we thought going to be moved here to midnight and that's their that's the premise of all their argument and the reason why this is important to see is if you go to chapter 38 while the verses that Ellen White is using here what the verses so it's Revelation 18 it's the same territory so can we see that they're using this eg was back revelation 18 and otherwise talking about Revelation 18 if you say this is Sunday law unequivocal about that and here if he's revelation 18 we used to teach when we were grappling with all of this that there was a Sunday law here we used to teach that and what did we call that Sunday law recorded the Patriot Act we never called it a type we never used that word type we said it was the Patriot Act and then we saw that there would be a Sunday law at midnight cry and although lead to the ultimate Sunday law that has been referred to here and then when midnight came then we said oh there's gonna be Sunday laws here so if this is tight this is the antitype I knew and there wasn't a real Sunday lawyer this is their argument it's all going to be shifted over to here because revelation 18 didn't really come down here it's all being shifted over what's the fallacy in their argument I know you've probably not thought about it before and I don't normally run a class by critiquing other people's material don't think it's particularly productive want to make a point is that as you come to class now please try messed up did you need to be aware of what the point of what is being taught and if you're not careful you get lost in the details so I think I've given you enough information here the YouTube editor tell me what is the fallacy in their argument and I don't know what people can't see it as well are you thinking about this all of these things that I've just discussed they're all the same subject issues the people use different language they express themselves differently but it's the same issue and the issue is what we've done here rejection of the 2300 day prophecy rejection of the daily or the 25 20 people rejection all of these fundamental truths as they come now at the end and they're saying they will not allow the light to direct them they'll stand separate to a line and they were expressing like this obviously but they have enough wisdom to take an inspired statement and to know what to do with it now you might think that's a dangerous course to pursue but I'm to ask you we're gonna try and talk about this more Alan White says this is at the Sunday law so you need to show me how you move this because that's what the argument is how do you go about moving and Alan white it's not even a slightly it's a whole chapter and we are gonna get this and essentially move it to 911 and everybody say in this is illegal to do that Tree of Life get around this problem how how do they get around it my sister had to get around it by typology they've got to use typology to get around it they say whatever Ellen White said here it's here and if you want to bring anything before that it's just the type and types me they didn't really happen they're not real so what's the fallacy in their arguments for the Maurice push everything in the future okay now I don't think that's that's that's a problem in their argument but they've got fundamental glitch fundamental problem because they're using this concept of typology to justify getting spur of prophecy quotes and moving them into the past the other always not you have to say that yeah closer to us you go you expand that who said Colin's probation for the shop you go speak louder cousin I know the man's voice but no no that's not what I'm saying they do I really want to try and actually portray what they're teaching they're gonna take us for a prophecy quote like this and so are we and each of us individually you have to come up with it with a solution to a problem that we face because we're saying the empowerment of the third angel is not the Sunday law it's a pre Sunday law experience and week marking it a 911 and they're saying that just didn't happen the a who didn't come down and their argument is it when you see the wording of the verses you can't pinpoint Ebates the show that those words were fulfilled then they're gonna use one and William mythos rules that says if you don't see the fulfillment here what are you supposed to do you look elsewhere and if we're here 911 then you can't see where you're gonna look elsewhere into the future so you can look in the future and so they're going to develop this argument so they say copy here at 911 it's here at midnight this type an antitype and I'm saying there's a fundamental flaw in their argument and what what is it brother lately okay I'm not sure if they believe that I think they do I think they believe it maybe not in the same way that we do that I think they do know you cannot be righteous now okay so what you doing is now you're falling into a trap because you've heard their statements and their comments and you pick some details and your cat and you're using key phrases that they've used and kind of like using like a shotgun technique and throwing them at me but what I want is to see is the way we approach the problem shouldn't be like that I want to try and approach the problem methodically and it's not easy to do that so let me tell you what I think their problem is where's Allen white anchoring this chapter revelation 18 verses one two and forth at the Sunday law what is that Sunday law okay so we can put the USA here very specific that's a way mark so let me ask you a question is that way mark that way mark it's good it's not so is this the culmination or the antitype of what's going to happen at revelation 18 yes so I would say that this would be the antitype but Ellen White's not going to use that kind of concept and I'm saying it's wrong to use typology in a reformed line but let's go through with their logic so here's this 144,000 9 and so we have to extend the line and now we've got the Sunday law here got 90 Levin midnight and Sunday law so this statement where do you have to hook it you have to hook it here at the sunday law don't you because that's where otherwise placing it so you have to have revelation 18 here and this would be the anti ties now typology is the wrong way is the wrong language to use so we'll put a big cross here because people get confused about this don't think that I'm teaching typology because I'm not I'm trying to show you how people approach problems and you might think that the discussion we're having in our movement today has moved on from the arguments that we have with tree of life as an example but there's nothing new Under the Sun and if she's reciting the same argument we new language can you now see what the problem is what is there what what is that the the problem in their argument speak loud they forgot the time so if I think I understand you correctly when they say that this is a tie and this is an antique oi is this really an aunty toys this can't be an antitype Kenny because Ellen White tells you what the antitype is is this one here so what they're saying that you can't get revelation 18 here and they're gonna shift into the future according to their own logic this is illegal to do that what should they have done they should have said it has to move from here to where for the Sunday law wherever white places it because this is not an anti-type this would be a type and you have to do this you have to bounce Revelation 18 and this is now the antitype so I want us to see how however clever people's arguments are and they might throw you a complex question little walk question that you can't answer one auditor is required to do it sit through all of the details and don't get lost in that and understand what the fundamental problem is so their fundamental problem is that they see that this is the span this is the way mark that Ellen White has used chapter 38 and they said nine eleven therefore is an example or a type of that and then what they're done they're called midnight the antitype because they're fixated about the binding of as you will know but they've stumbled on their own sword because if they're going to use this concept of typology they would have got have to go all the way to the sunday law which is what I did here you destroy your whole line so their argument about movie from 911 to midnight even though on the surface he may look reasonable it's illogical and it's a direct attack upon this whole message because what they've done even though they don't realize it is that this push everything to the sunday law where Ellen White places it now there are people today in our movement who've been shaken now they're not going to use the phrase of typology but they're doing exactly the same thing they're getting Ellen White statements and now they're saying we won't allow the lines to direct us because you've otherwise said this statement is here it's here but you get to the same place we're tree of life will end up taking you so if you were following a classic last trimester I made a providing provocative statement and made many and one of them you know before I say this people look take this as an insult if you call someone a tear or something they say it like this is some kind of insult and I don't know why people think that because all it is is a prophetic symbol of an experience that you're having there's a positive one though there's a negative one and everybody understands that because our brethren who teach this will say that we have a fourth understanding of prophecy but the language that they use is false prophets and if someone called you a false prophet or they say in this that you don't have a correct understanding of endtime prophecy and if you go to stand up and be a teacher you're best off sitting back down and not doing that because if you do then you're a false prophet and the terror is the same thing but because people object to that what they want to do is not used line upon line anymore go speak loud how can we know without making any mistake how to place a quotation of it except one man no son so in our movement if you go back I'd be a few years all the people that are being shaken now everyone agreed good you take this statement and we can apply a 911 there's no objection to that now maybe the arguments that we used were not robust arguments was then maybe there were strong arguments and now people are challenging that and so now what we're required to do is go back and tried defend this in their more robust systematic fashion and you've got two choices you either do that and it's not easy because it's not that easy to say just get this and we're going to show you really convey ends and now you can put it in ninety Levin or your Tony cube argument is what what's your attorney to choice if you're not going to do that great trust what the line says you can't say you trust what the line says I'm gonna say whose line are you talking about anything wet my light rod the richest light oh brother marks like whose line are you gonna trust because what you just said is it's too much hard work the giver robust defense so what I'm gonna do is just go back to the position that we were a few years ago where we all agreed and I'm happy there and as soon as you do that you're going to be accused of doing what following man's because now you've got two men I'll say two men and they've constructed two different lines now they may all look the same but they're different lines so if you're going to go through the exercise or going back into this information and defending it you're gonna just say I trust in the movement the movement has been correct all these years which is what I think people meant when they say they trust the lines people going to argue those lines were constructed by men so it all becomes about man worship which is all false because we address that last trimester didn't we I know obviously most of you in here we went to a passage the address this in a really nice way to remember what that was if you watch the presentations on desire of Ages because chapter 50 we won't turn there but we'll really afterwards I know white says you are required to be able to distinguish between the voice of God and the voice of man and she said if you don't know the difference what is your condition correctly you're lost yes you're not sanctified by the truth if you can't least thing you between the two the problem is the voice of God needs to be found where where'd you find the voice of God inspiration and I'm going to say in the mouth of a human being and we used to teach that didn't we let's go to Deuteronomy 18 now before we never used to go to Deuteronomy 18 we'd go to easy 2 2 is equal 3 revelation 10 and we can read you from the 18 18 and it tells you where the voice of God is found and I don't know why when I say it people think it's ugly maybe it's because I paraphrase but I don't think I'm saying anything different if you eat the little book and you speak God's words his voice the voice of God is in the mouth of a human being it's not in inspiration in the sense that is in chapter 38 of the great controversy you can't do that and people are going to object to that wrongly and I'm saying everybody who objects to that no longer believes Deuteronomy 18 18 who will read that it's absolutely crystal clear I would suggest God puts his words his voice into your mouth and then you should speak them back what you can't do is just read chapters everybody used to be on this on board on this issue but because people no longer accept this methodology they're going to say that you following man so I've addressed I show you a tree of life fundamental problem is and today people who are arguing who navigated apparently successfully through that shaking I've actually fallen more than over the same issue by the expressing differently now what people say is that the lines and the phrases that the phrase that people are using cannot Trump inspiration now I probably admit that I think I use that phrase early that concept probably came from me but it's been manipulated because when I was saying that what I'm saying is that a human being you and I we have no ability in ourselves to be able to get a spirit prophecy quote and know how to apply it correctly now you might have some personal devotion but that's not always supposed to be doing because here we read in jewelry 1818 what is the context of this verse when you have this interchange with God it's about the raising up of war the raising up of a prophet now if you will do your private bible studies by yourself you can come up with what you know any kind of doctor you want to and that's fine because you don't cause anybody any trouble Bruce didn't you start getting into a prophetic message and you start sharing that in whatever capacity with it's from here or a one-to-one Bible study at dinner table you have suddenly become what your sudden hope you're not for life you've suddenly become a prophet because the Prophet is someone who takes the Word of God and shares it with someone whether it has predictive qualities to it or not is irrelevant you speak God's Word makes you a prophet so you can't just read these statements and do something with them you could do it for yourself and you get into a mess if you want to and that's fine but you stand up and try doing that then the dynamics have changed and now you stand as a prophet and this is another manipulation I can only think it's deliberate because not only i but others that have labored individually and publicly to clear up this issue when you're a prophet of the Living God and he put his words in your mouth when you just regurgitate those words you cannot make mistakes to me that's just common sense but people argue that we make plenty of mistakes and I'm saying the reason we make mistakes is because when those words come into our mouth we are not combining our frail humanity with God's strong divinity and that's when the mistakes happen if you keep your humanity dead those statements won't come out wrong it's when we try and do things in our own strength though we end up making mistakes and that's not an accusation I'm just saying that factually and I think that's a reasonable position so when we start taking these statements now we're standing this prophets then you better know what you're doing and one of the things that we've been chastised about in some of the comments that was made this may said the same thing she said I just trust the lines so I know I said we know which lies you gonna trust what he really meant is that she's gonna go all the way back to the time of the end and see how the Lord created this reformed line and everybody was in agreement on this and that's what she meant I think now at the end people are objecting and the way they're objecting the language that they use is different it all comes down to one common issue No loosing that common issue is what everybody's problem same live with that same what Christ like oh yeah I want to say let's go to Exodus 20 which is the begin of the Covenant I would say the problem is here when battens covenant and I find the inverse by brother Maurice Oh we're not going to read the verse I'm saying the fundamental problem that everyone has got and if you don't see you're going to be confused forever in the day and the problem is I don't want to stand out and say it because it sounds like a moral ugly dirty argument he sounds like I've got a problem with my brother and I'm saying this is the prophetic argument and what's at the foundation of all of these issues anybody going the word I want to see in this in this verse is jealousy that's what's at the bottom of all of these arguments people are jealous people are vying for power position wherever you are it's always been the problem with human beings and that's what I think is at the crux of all of these issues and the reason I don't like saying that is obvious because people say I think you shifty from a prophetic to a moral framework it becomes personal because it becomes about an individual what you need to see before it's too late that is what the issue is because by the time you see jealousy being exhibited or you begin to feel it it's too late because you're at the end of the road so what is to really think about that as you go through this trimester not just issue about jealousy is that you need to see through all the detail what the real issues are tree of life have sorted it out using this phrase on phraseology typology what the latest catchphrase is the the lines do not Trump inspiration trop means being charged or form rule yeah they don't control so when I say you get me statement and you can put in this white place people tell you the right places to hook it here and we've said for a long time now the right places to hook it here and that people are coming back in questioning that and if you're questioning this I'm saying in a in a forthright fashion you have come off the platform you're not in the movement because the movement is represented by the platform and you no longer able to this thing between the voice of God and the voice of man and you expose yourself to great danger when you're doing that now I'm not saying people should not study but they're studying to confirm and help people or they studying because you no longer believe what you used to believe and you have to work out where you are in this struggle so that was just a brief overview of what I think are the fundamental issues that are raging in our movement now the details would be the nature of mine would be is the Church Babylon or not but these are just words that cover up underlying issues and the fundamental one is jealousy but when you go from that one to the next one its how do we relate to inspiration do we say inspiration is as it's red which will end up leading you to the place did you like to talk about typology or you have no reformed line and if you don't have a reformed line you attack the central pillar and foundation of Adventism the 2300 days jealousy the same problem originated in jealousy yes it's that's what this whole arguments been about any questions so in our movie class I wanted to we're going to be going through chapter 38 chapter 39 so please read through those chapters I'm not sure I need some feedback if you want them printed out in French so today if we can have it you can ask the class some kind of dialogue about how we're going to move forward and our classes have to change their tone because it can't be a diet a monologue me preaching to you an introduction but you're gonna have to start talking more any questions right Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy towards us help each of us to be able to understand the arguments to understand the issues and we need divine wisdom to try to understand what the real issues are we pray for that wisdom and we thank you that we can all be here for this trimester honoring you and worshiping you we ask that you would guide our studies they could bless us in Jesus His name