The Baker Letter pt. 1




Publish Date: 1/31/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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so in our morning class we're looking to study it's a great controversy chapter 38 and 39 but in our afternoon class we're going to be studying a different topic because not everybody comes to both classes last trimester the main theme or the topic for that for those studies was the nature of man now most people don't study the nature of man when they approach this subject about nature their focus is upon the nature of Christ and what I try to do in that trimester was to actually avoid dealing directly with the subject of the nature of Christ because I thought it'd be more profitable to work on neutral ground that I thought would be less problematic less controversial it turned out that I was wrong that subject became a very controversial subject and even though I tried avoiding it in class time I did get drawn into making some comments about Christ's nature so what we're going to be doing this week we're going to be looking at a document it's manuscript release number 13 I think it's 1002 so if you've got an some kind of application or something or a device we're gonna begin at 13 Mr page fourteen point one six thirteen mr fourteen point one the manuscript itself begins in thirteen point one pages before this but that page is a commentary by the manuscript compilers to give some background information when it comes to the subject or the nature of Christ this is the passage that most people go to it's caused a lot of heated discussions in Adventism now being told that in French this hasn't this has been translated in French but it's called the Baker letter that could be back Johan so we're not going to be reading page 13 which is the commentary that precedes the document itself they give some historical background of who baker was oh we really want to know is that the manuscript itself was written in 1895 I and it was a letter to the husband and wife it addresses the baby so what would I do we're just going to go through the paragraphs and as we study we're gonna of course address as much as these passages directors to the nature of Christ it's also an exercise a practice to see how we approach the Spirit prophecy full of the case I saw you so I'm assuming most of you haven't read this document before don't go through so soon so soon loser tsukumo hahaha and so it's gonna be fresh from any of you so you want to see how we go about reading the skirt prophecy if you don't have a copy of the document there's one just by the door it's there's some spare time I know see ya phone every bad copy copia I don't see everybody have a copy no it's good one person said you know poopy yeah put your hands up if you don't have one someone can get just one this dumb this fake copy say pretty okay so in your document it's the French and English in the original it's 19 page document and all I've done so far is just giving us the first one two three four first six paragraphs of the document so what we'll do is we'll read the first paragraph in English first and then in French then we'll go back to the beginning of the paragraph and just reread and make comment have discussion as necessary depending on the information that each paragraph contains become auteur my favorite good company - a plan to supervise the sister Judy could you read the English I love was you need idea one only out brother David could you read the French here I don't cross them we're in we should be 14.1 okay you don't we worried I had a message for you and was presenting that message you were cast down and discouraged I said to you the Lord has risen we speak to grow and serve Baker you are considering you your work has almost a failure but if one soul holds fast to truth and injures until the end your work cannot be pronounced a failure if one if one mother has been turned from her disloyalty to obedience you may rejoice the mother who follows on the note on due to know the Lord will teach her children to follow in her footsteps the premise is to the promise instant fathers mothers and their children this dear children received from a Eden and inheritance of disobedience of guilt and death the Lord has given to the world Jesus Christ and his work was to restore your well the moral image of God email and to reshape the character chef Gary sir Baker Polynesia party review jeremy search for the present present a visit here but he wasn't in ecology use each user yama opportunity public affair is the curve you consider able to call a comment on Pascal and shake and shimmy member socotra verity repair huge telephone would have a mystery because I ate the policy and shake see you may I tell you Tony the royalties there will be soft with Jewish we are the not continue hakuna to loosen up congresses also as she was it was the from SFA prepare some may even say shava shava CEO that dominated the disabled sauce the capability it more the senior I do need a montage she's released this also is on earth AIT the lady tree not imaginable juju column do only the character so let's just do a quick overview of this paragraph the mock give us a quick overview of what you picked up in this paragraph I know marketing you were so good to our holiday I feed mother sir don't care let's pick up Korea s own backyard own country show that damn it feel so Nicky take a look good as a super I can Christopher new yellow Simon Sonia impartial America soon cover anyone else they can do at home this manga if we try and raise our voices because it doesn't get picked up on the Michael for us to see normal or let me confirm open up so she gets in Cuenca parents MMO note or he didn't you and it's like a commandment from God seekers are each week so so parents opposed that said is their advice it will not be a failure just tell me when you finish I gotta finish okay anyone else can know cuz I bet you seems like something parent related parent to families maybe I miss reading but it seems that trying to give the reassurance of Adams struggle every of the news that's to host the LA neutered that don't Christ in a possibility or to Christopher said the simply Lee the HIPAA do we do much the concrete sukekiyo only Donna magnesium sister right I know Thomas could you feel I'm here so it's a promise that a Christ give to the families soft shall offend do the movies education appointed during service to draw the parents I would have the bad education of the world a world to bring them back to the educated to God education too many AHA restore some emergency Pena so in order to restore is imagine inverse and to be able to a guide them and to form is a self character to blackness in research education any other students were a lazy I don't read you a stooge on it you junkie brother yup lecture she tried to encourage a couple discouraged okay we all cool I shall put luckiest Usagi kavagi and she make a power about it with with failure of bajalia vehicle assured that dama and she said if the failure of the world oh we do this place don't Casilla Allah speedily check the dough yeah you do less 1200 crystal that mean you was a baker and sister Baker you don't have to be discouraged looks a PDF to a couplet become Napa bizarre the Deku hajeck and not to be discouraged also children in marijuana peppers wanted food ecology with a video season fall because we have to focus on the work of the work of Christ well to bestow everything the super calluses you who love decreased Aikido has to be to choke now and it's an example that shows us that in the practical life so in the life of sister and for the background and in the life of Moses everything can be stopped also its it an example new musica de la vo the last summer Baker is Ollivier dutiful persona imperfect citizens of Tetris to him okay so as we begin to read your column come on CLU I want us to become more familiar with using certain techniques and in one of them is not to add too much poetic license to what's been written so they borrowed - you do not get caught by a teacher I thought uh Sookie's lttle is it fair to try and read critically so I put into words I've got parents in parallel don't carry people the first question I want to ask no I didn't give you the introduction just by the compilers compiler but someone said brother and sister Baker or the parents so the first question I would ask is are they the parents don't let me I guess don't you ever put this so take my money / home quickly so we are not sure about it because it's not going to an exam or quiz found so it's quite precise here that they working with parents can you speak if you if you can speak English speak English please don't don't speaking fake if you can speak English ok so you said that you're not sure don't but then you developed a case to say that you are sure you pay our would you assume the recommendation here is about dear children I know we've seen honorable policy altitude kiss soon don't be Pavano now what come on there soon kisses oh these are fun but it's about the work they do and make sure she's not provided for and the question is what about it's more about the parents allow her come on there so it is local shopping ok so that's what that's the purpose we want to see how we can make deductions about what is actually being spoken of Bret Michaels I think that has been the mother didn't wait to fail Esther she come let this one get away she so in first place here a presenter case of a person who's discouraged the person de quoi she is Neshoba cure don't let this person who is discouraged it's a system a camera yeah I dig in there and who's discouraged let me solve it okay so cut so the cop oh you got the husband and wife they're both discouraged and after she comes our another okay so what's their work brother and sister Baker's work what's their job to educate it's really how do you know what I know how do you come on little secret your work erase it or need you can would you just tell me what you think know what someone else thinks a pasta Sydney's awful what's you I don't know what you're making I wanna know what you think know what people think so you think that the children dr. peppers cursory cell phone okay so this is a relatively easy paragraph I think and we've got at least three or four different understandings of what this paragraph is saying I'm sure if we were if we just done a devotion don't you circuses I don't know he does so we'll just read this passage and go on to something else and you think you understand what's being written critique you know and so we're not sure who the parents are often continuous ambassy or dukhia sulla power who the children are key soul is off and what the job function of these the Baker family are often go to new could net bound me possible a professor and you could provoke you between us I couldn't I'm not saying someone's right and someone's wrong but I'm saying we're not in agreement soda factory octoly cure his ocean did something awful innocent on that car so the first thing you should do is should alert you to the fact don't come you'll just assume that welfare play on food secure but we were the between us we are read differently and let me put it in a stronger fashion we don't even know how to read some of us because we miss reading relatively straightforward paragraph that's good new a little Amanda paragraph you can see more clearly and you know we might say it's all about people's opinions in new Puyo kizasi oh this will clean your day job birthday there's enough information in here first to be able to make some common deductions Malaysia Basquiat Sufi some more therefore my son Oh sometime I got a booty like no conclusion well I have to make one assumption that it was translated correctly in French no one complained in your cooler so happy because you got your faucet so it's not a problem with the grammar in the frame no Castle and I've got the best one problem gamma G cannot force it okay so now let's try walk through this paragraph I know my super organized so the first thing is she's a it's a letter to this couple don't quote he says in the night seasons she was speaking with them in the vehicle you want a new and lawfully and that she had a message to give them and now they're me so what's happening in this in the first two sentences it gets the best dealer don't see you look for me of crime she's happy innovation so I think you could pick that up just from those first two sentences if you're not familiar is when they occur to me she uses the phrase and it is laughs that gives you the clue what phrase is that in the night season that phrase in the night season is a reference to the vision that she has I love is okay now you know how would we know that come on a sudden or obviously I assume that you would have read it before you would have picked up some things but you also need to know some historical background maybe even echo Co your cortex what is the end this is written in okay linear select either a Tiki 1895 so it'd be useful if you knew so the teacher would savvy from 1844 oh this is hot cut with respect to visions oh well that's directly vision when's Ellen White's first nation see Carla coming up we still deal in white 8044 oopsie oh come on kata and how long did he has visions for yoshu Scott okay so it was a trick question knocks it in get some pho from the Charles you said something sound could you two 1863 for the completion it's not 1863 so we've got 40 years and that takes you to 1884 wait is this like a climax Adam and in 1884 it sit down said that and the White has her last public vision feeling like that was super bleep yeah and all the visions after that it could clearly so I present that a visions that she has privately so they look and I was so creepy which she calls as in this phrase in the night season hello number don't if you don't the Lundy so that's just some sort of historical background it's just that we're hearing 1895 sockets like Gaza and this phrase night season is set of cars Lila Pradhan angry he's a reference to these visions that she has at night by herself she a stinker and I be so careless to eat up sketches so he's speaking to this cop oh ok pal don't know and why he speaking to them if well about them the described history yes why do they are not found in Milan lucky to see some mr. sentence before don't climb wrong they discouraged it's so de cuisine so this there under some discouragement so the Lord tells her to speak to them and what they discouraged about me control of the Cosmo so they discouraged about their work the result of the work you are considering your work as almost a failure come it's gonna shake you so whatever work that they're doing okay cause what I like is I think this their work is a failure know what cover I don't see thani sheikha is they work of failure yes my Mawlana Sheikh no no because she says yeah but if one soul hold fast to the truth so what is their work no can you go clear my earth one right missus actually I don't know in a nice yeah speak louder they present the truth the quiz until everything so their job is to present the truth I see the cocktail of unity if you had a husband and wife team don't suppose it Cheney keep a good Maggie a farmer whose job is to present the truth if we say what would we call them I Nakamura only that bit I severe sentence trick profits missionaries any what educator suture do teachers on senior if you get he talks about one soul holding fast to the truth about the dynamic is a caution ability so I think I would agree the their missionaries Michael and gospel workers what is that friend everybody go so we called the missionaries buddies up you don't do me sooner huh and it says if once old holds fast to the truth insolence Akasha Allah and it says that they work according to their thinking so no I'm Sookie he's not a failure but almost a failure nipa and it shook me what clue does that give you go get some food uncle oh come on send your mom if I says your work is almost a failure you're an evangelist come on fujio's recovery right you cannot see the results on okay sit down what results would you be expecting to see okay the Digita someone change their life okay k soldier love the view so okay so you've got people who are converting under their ministry there is not a failure looks a little cleaner it's almost a failure miss Ganesha so you know it's about numbers so what's that make you said she let downs and recopied take a look so they haven't had many people talking about buku that son who are being converted under their ministry tsunamis there so why wanted to say look so good I might over you is that you can build up a comprehensive model called bhakti Lima day just by careful reading she's done a yo lecture I don't do that because she gives you the clues that you need to have so they've had limited success in their evangelism is upsetting me she says to them even if you only had one person who was converted it would hold fast to the truth because then your work I love not be a failure so they must stop thinking that it's almost a failure because they're working on a numbers game it's gonna shake let's go it's the best you know completely shifty so it talks about one soul holy faster truth lookin father did you notice that caution everything as long as that work it or that person induce until the end maybe did you tell us up so what she alluding today the person that you helped induce to the end goal of son Kirk it's all kinda do justice cannot some it doesn't be that will induce me it's a viscous up with your duty does anybody not know what it means to persevere really agree with that so as long as the person persevere to the end I'm telling one person then he won't be a failure me consider a common issue he says it in the same way just before that which he says holds fast to the truth in Villa mentions the Madan to Katya on this zone or sacral ability hope start and you and you carry on holy fast to the end don't go psycho shareability who a perseverance character and if that happened she says your work cannot be pronounced a failure and you don't go food coming up about it cause you should call me financing do we agree with that so far as guru said that consciously see and now she's gonna give an example of this but now if I do not examine of how powerful this concept is okay quite a simple safety of his soul so the one person that she's referring to join so who is that this is the mere you know it's the mother fits in there so she gives a specific example then if you he'll if you help just one mother because it is a service consumer to do a work and that's all you ever achieved your work would be a success eventful time for serve I can give she's a sick thing why did she give you that example what what is the next point that she makes look what and done set example okay they don't go question fair she begins the sentence by saying it in one muga hey come on stop cause I'll make a move see see in there we could change that sentence to because oh no she said come on SOPA Baskar what I just told you is true so because you get because Oscar if this one person wasn't a mother she said Sonny didn't man what would happen she has children I let this off for anyone else she will transmit so she'll transmit her face and that was Mendonca flop into a children enough form so even if they just touched one person the MC is so good not to see that one person would then go ahead and touch someone else to you look so the mother look no mere how can we see is not is not sister Baker welcome pravakar like Marilyn - on Batgirl because the mother is the one person that sister Baker has touched that's going on Nancy said Uncle Albert atishoo so we dealt with that sentence if one mother is turned from disloyalty to obedience isolated eternity value be some they should be happy use your head yet oh are you so what's important to pick up from this principle of evangelism and okay look why I am okay planful tiller assuming he deserves you can see the leaf oh she's awesome because I think often wave fixated about numbers as well that's cause you're positive no single some access your boy like a cotillion no one brother Chao so what concept did you pick up can you don't look as if you are one of you the God wants to teach this couple the weaken understand when it comes to missionary work go inside she like the dirt for me sooner so the influence of one person we spread the key we whispered and how how that one person do all that work here come our sector so unique we tell you to circle aya what must we do for that one person gets good English for sample said so well what we do is we K but it says that if we have this one person and we teach them thoroughly something because no I'm sure Keiko shows now that's a work that is not a failure do come on just about any shake it if it's just one person exists only consider because we get into a bad habit then if we spread ourselves around and teach many people let's go see you can lure Christian professor and give them a surface understanding okay no I said pessimistic that we've done a great work new ones I would look at me for you encounter and this principle is totally opposite is so classy classy it's far more important to focus upon one person Olivo Cooper example told us to forget is this your pincher and thoroughly trained them so that they hold on to the truth he orderly follow me I said Khushi Allah very clear and and that's why we have such bad results it's the only support I can reduce up to normal well move everything down both of this church and as a movement I laugh Wow I need use me you'll see I'm talking because we've taken that bad habit into our movement as well because that will appear sitting on the couch I can and what I mean by that it's a good video pastilla is we think that by watching lots of videos and posture oh well you did what you do and understanding lots of information got to do that for my son somehow everything's gonna be okay oh what'd you find yeah oh thank god so good bhiku free is that many the people who have left our movement no a lot of information it could what could the person you only say oh you need more who said look would that for myself but what they didn't really know was the truth mr. Kim knows six OKC person the quickest of the muscle everything he's already pulled principle we can pick up from here so the next Center she talks about you'll train up her children in the way that she's going then he quotes from Acts chapter 2 verse 39 so she talked about the promise if I'm gonna do that for mess is to the fathers and mothers and their children on this Akasaka message I'm not fully barely Mary full it's awful this is another important principle now in this context also context to now you can see that it says acts 239 it's not in the original I added that in Italy she does you do so what you need to see Wow is that she's paraphrasing the Bible verse and I said that she wants you to understand let me double check that I think it's in the original is oh okay is in the original I knew what some of them aren't some of them some of them are some of their not it is individual guy okay so now we've covered that me now she's going to change direction let don't make knives i see those lirik soon so now we're gonna come to add optional issue since these children and these are for receive something from adam what you get your sources that them so what is it that they've received from Adam okay so the first thing I want to pick up is the word inheritance what is inheritance something that we say from our parents oh you okay with that definition it's gonna stumble kamek said it's something that our parents bequeath to us and almost all the time when you were using heritance it's when your parents died - yeah most you don't get that while they're still alive let's go oh no I lost his love you so in this context also called extra now it's not really dealing with the death of Adam it's saying whatever Adam possessed Adamic there whatever he owned he gives money to his children is awful and what she's done is she skipped hundreds of generations it resulted in her soon probably actually I I don't think it's actually hundreds it's sudden how many is based not hundreds no questions if I Massey says you did something me and she's gonna go from Adam did that to the children or something so his Adam well I don't like Adam and here's the children if I student awful and whatever atom possessed they will inherit or they will possess oh okay just once okay them a then it's off for another cutie no and then she needs three things or sweet at least that was show them so the inheritance that they receive is war nearly tasks it's almost canotary Tasha disobedience I know there's a big chance I could get them and so let's just quickly go through those I know my solos will have been awesome Oh Adam had all of these three things I've a to say for sure and then Adam he's gonna pass them on to his children he founded consummate Isis on front and he uses the word inheritance yeah Isla Mujeres Tasha is that technically accurate it's called a sister doofus so technically in the way we would use inheritance no let's move okay so some people say yes and some people say no no yeah the person killed me so you said no why not

what you do so gifted child would

one let's go see okay no it's enhances and you said yes my sister a Marylander do we do uh y-yes spiritually we have so far to the gym - I know sir in every times we must try speaking English so translating frame okay okay post-keynesian for was sewer Lolita Jennifer spiritually physically most physical spiritual brother Bob and you said the inheritance is usually given what you die if you - I don't need pass this on while he was living okay so that's the point I wanted this to see he said okay so I went with parents they repeat what you say inheritance usually is given to children when the parents die mm-hmm don't let me touch it donation event minor motif at home was awful Adam when he was living me I don't can't be lonely be there with passing on inheritance to his children I cost me a Sunni because justice awful okay so even though it uses the word inheritance it's not technically correct I know I'm M said it is literally exactly in the way the way leads the world inheritance so don't lose it it isn't saloon because he she's trying to use these concepts that uses a concept and she's building upon a literal model hello Bertie Savannah Delhi Kahana he owned a watch illa illa illa illa dilamuca and he's gonna keep that watch if I go they said until he dies just customer in the washer we passed on to his children yeah I don't care some look over across the Nelson that's how we do new using heritance in his literal sense those are some City I said okay she's making a spiritual application of symbolic application and you can open up in Africa so somebody and she say whatever nature Consuela not sure whatever condition Adam had Consuela called is soon cut opposite when his children are born Oscar say so far and now Nikita they will have that either we born with that condition if so then that corrects that we do so even while he's still alive mem see little I'm coming for you we under how many children he had we know without you know seven pack on beyond our foyer you brew the children they had had the same inheritance me to let some

are you married - and otherwise

gonna use this principle of inheritance Illinois very decisive received attention and she's gonna talk about when we are born if I do love school knew something we are given things by our parents know they should decide to turn upon the power and the literally would be this watch don't own a little have suffered says move when they died me consumer brand a spiritual symbolic McDonald spiritual assembly whatever condition they're in the conditional they will pass that on to us it won't let cosmetic on so after Adam Saints I've kind of preciate at them he has a condition of disobedience guilt and death you know you said country soul under dissipated and then when he's children aboard I love Scalise is often a key Allah he will give them that very thing that he has he loved my cosmesis chose many people today disobedience now what's interesting so keep that deadly so is that before he's children are born me have one and it's also sits or fall before any of them are born I've Roland it's also do can just is awful what happened to Adam good sweetie purse it will hide them right now he couldn't he can't die before he has the children okay so let's look look so here we are in co-founders beauty to inner spiritual mind that I Demi Moore when the Garden of Eden Oh she'll don't live there now so here's Adam don't watch see Adam you know and he's happy because he's full of war luckily blender full of life really plunges here and when we talk about being full of life it can't eat plenty what do you mean by being full of life any fear of God you have to explain it means spiritual and physical physical he's a lie we got that doctor so physically RV would II mean spiritual maquettes go to read about his betrayal it's right the glory of God you'll have a larger character of God the countdowns a Jew so if I were to put the Holy Spirit like my sister said a seizure Minnesota's become mythology he was full of the Holy Spirit did you speak you don't see this very clearly in the book of Genesis donation is another why you POC wears a clear a passage that you'll say this phenomena happened this phenomenon happening Kelly no possession of you Leclaire move is a phenomena surpassing when he names and Bible verse babu chapter of Genesis we are in Genesis the stop-motion answer and I've seen in this story in this story you see the breath of God coming into him the voice of the view becomes a living soul and we're speaking about the Holy Spirit about the centerpiece someone made about physical life in spiritual life I'm not asking you for another passage of scripture demonstrates this in a clearer fashion than this passage here the monster legends are so quickly you have to be English it's right there okay okay okay someone else said that as well sister Lisa don't go an idea polynomial is anymore did you don't play at what a video lambda V successful nation says is equal 37 okay so why would you say is equal 37 but you choose a concept that's good tragically blender video 12 I go new so classy neither can concept Loyola Supra which is Kat Von D such as cream so I would go to Zico 37 and his equal 37 makes this concept really clear is it Canseco so concept will attract Elmo because before the breath of life comes into this madness suit the effect on them and he's on the ground well when you think literally speaking confer is he literally alive or literally dead okay he's literally dead here so some breath comes into him and then he comes literally a lie yeah kinda Telenoid that's how that story runs its income second sector east Ravi Buddha and then we simply impose upon that there's not only literally alive but he's spiritually alive I'm saying it's not that easy I don't think to see that it's a deacon silly fad or see a professor deliver Brickley go to Ezekiel 37 know what Russia was anything concetto you can see it much clearer because in ezekiel 37 by the way is ezekiel 37 the story of the creation of adam no it's not it's the story of the creation of whom the church or Eve yeah because it's bunnies not earth but it talked about these dry bones and the dry bones get turned into a body so in Genesis it's soil you don't love this it's a seed like Tara at Ezekiel 37 needs to bone if the game concept let's see early zoo when you get the same person that's dead and then comes a lie if you yeah I like you he says in the passage that these bones are a symbol of war though it's a somebody from the church which verse is that process we will discuss in degrees which verse sister respite you know what burst are you looking okay you tell us when you find the verse you agree with that sister okay boast 11 basic concept it tells you that these bones are the house of Israel so you know that the bones are a symbol will be sorry it's the in the history of Ezekiel so now it's going to make a symbolic application of a literal story here we go to the same sequence of events if a fair if a person so when the breath goes in the neck and they become a living army Kaname if you want you know that they went from death to life superseded oh yeah but it's not literal death I mean it has to be symbolic so what that serve aleikum so that really reinforces the truth that it's the holy spirit here that's within this person yes okay first liability contradict our sillies not experience it does everybody agree with that it's good to monotonic on it so now so this is Adam here after she got them know when he's created a sickness then what happens oh she does it if I see him disobey he disobeys his disobedience this will be so he's gonna disobey if I this will be you huh and then what happens you know sweet good superstition so his atom ostrich disobey but see Adama question this will be awesome right what does he look like I was like wow he's unhappy he's dead physically literally or spiritually so if we've identified from Ezekiel 37 his spiritual life is having the Holy Spirit in you don't go any more spiritual spiritual my Sunnah no me no takers on ethical concept limo huh and he's gone from life to death a like Duncan Ely then what's inside him no Christianity nothing he's empty yeah because the Holy Spirit here cooler Santa's free now which was this breath dongsu flow that was in him here when he was live is no longer any hair completely miracle serum over them and we haven't got to genesis 3:15 yet another internet podcast and he doesn't have any children you know they poco don't follow but what does he have because Khilafah his disobedience disagrees and the day of death love allah mohammad yes and does he have guilt yeah what produces that Gil let's Kia podría said capability he lost the glory of God in a pendulum out did you it was naked okay let me ask my question differently so the deal is based upon knowledge don't collected by Beauty buzz this selection is also what produced that guilt in him it gets care for jury said killed by Billy told me but what produces it mcclewsky up quadri selfish a fright same relationship the sentence of okay don't treat that process season finale I can't member name with this person but he was a construction worker in America and he was part of a team that was I think doing some demolition work the demolition and he had this big metal pole he loved a good girl and I can't remember what he was doing but I think he was pounding something into a horror it was a some college was it railroad she was doing some railroad with Phineas Gage okay so there was this worker they was Phineas and they were doing some kind of demolition work I think it was that and he had this pole in his hand and there was an explosion and the pole hitting me through it I think he's I went through his brain and I think actually went the other side went right through so anyway he survived this because but afterwards he became a different person and one of the things I notice about this man is when he would do something bad what would he not experience do with no experience guilt why why can Adam experience guilt Phineas Gage cannot experience guilt sorry because it is conscience psychosis so the only reason Adam experiences Gil is not because of some external force that comes upon him so the power little do you know Fox expertly okay so someone could go to Phineas Gage and that someone would be the holy spirit or you says you did really bad then what would he say because II I don't care I'm not bothered so good Matt bhakta and Wade say don't you feel guilty you know it's not your problem and they say no if you got children well you've seen children you know you can have this problem with children you want them to feel guilty by Sonic and they don't create kiswa koop abdicate your shoes they have no remorse no I need to do with their conscience it's alive so I just want to pick up this the reason he can have guilt is because he's given a conscience see that's gonna do need consumption and the conscience in that monster has two roles two parts to it the first part is what for me artistic one discern so that's knowledge someone said about knowledge yeah so he has got knowledge and it makes you feel did you buy so the conscience conscience has to have knowledge and he has the ability controls and he has the ability to make you feel bad so he's here he's disobeyed this'll be yeah and he's feeling guilty so what do you know about every single one of you when your children for you ever become a Christian what do you know about yourself guys have you still remember when your children come it was that you're born with that near Becca before you ever become a Christian I've remembered what are you in possession of with that opposites under which is the conscience so everyone is born with a conscience to know the American concerns if we're born if we got inheritance of guilt we must have a conscience okay Nano so he receives day sweetie La Silla and here we say dad spiritually the holy spirit and physical physique because he's not able to be sustained from the tree of life so every child that's born I'm fine he's born with this we did I call it this nature no second fuckiní never expected returns you said not natural now before Adam has his first child I've look at them and listen coming off home and this is what he's gonna get to them do you know is this what Adams nature is yes is this his experience an experience some people saying yes is everybody saying yes indeed we belong to Jesus we yes okay so here he is dead loved one hour and then we've got genesis 3:15 as the only the children yet excuse on father no children yet so what's JC 3:15 about the founders unanimous of promise past present or future result you are some people saying present and some people saying future she immediately takes effect immediately so that plane feel me just mark who said that that's good okay are you gonna finish your sentence takes effect immediately so okay so you say present though I said my sister so so you're saying both you said both as well so it's present and future don't say pizza if you do when Jesus speaks the things happen no cuz she's your pal unless shoes that are you know okay present a future both don't come pathologies that point family just Genesis three feet Jesse 3:15 says seed genetic like a snoop Anderson awesome posterity what seeded is referring to the campus to details will appear appearance the children everybody agree with that please don't fall - no they don't let go of it so now yeah so he's talking about Adams children that's a new pump the so I would say it's talking about you they who doesn't understand what no I didn't hear you I said who is the seed and sister Manuel I said it's the children man you like this silly so far and we just read here oh it's the children I think I don't know maybe five and a half thousand years later so I'm saying the children are you Jacob is often a slew all the children we agree with that some known that God is alone now I wanna bring up the reason one library on this point like it is because one thing that we get accused of during the shows the follicles democracy is by making up her own application see the concept because do we take bible quotes and we manipulate them and people say you know I'll have to do that you know some photo is there fell so low in my argument Matthew people say what is my argument right yeah okay so okay I'm gonna say yes we are now but what's my argument what's my argument say yes we're allowed so I'm gonna say yes we're allowed I still can't come ideas that come on you'll sell me Kelly so now give up food you're weak but what's my license to do that are you allowed to do that who thinks they're allowed to do that okay so I've got my own interpretation okay that's so much you can call it as ugly a word as you want to call it manipulation I'm gonna manipulate the word manipulate or three more and I'm saying would you do that atif aslam insisting in this example what is the manipulation don't exempt can you don't let me before we go to this example I want to just cover the principle they don't develop blue I'm saying we get accused I get accused for manipulating inspiration I love and I say I'm allowed to people say you're not allowed to some people not doing anything so I'm asking you the question will you manipulate and I'm using that horrible word that's what people that's the kind of phraseology people use do you think you have the license to do that okay okay so my sister said yes and you said no don't go myself do weird you know so if you're a prophet situated seriously wouldn't you and if you do something it's the only thing that you take this in the Bible the oxygen effect of and constitutes that the whole digital chips of concealability via no shell said also Jesus did it awesome so Jesus did it and someone said if you're a prophet you can do that also make a different application okay like that yeah if I do not because you're disabled sister next you had your hand up no I'm asking because when he says to the mom when he says see no sweetie Jesse 3:15 who is the saint hey don't class posterity don't you nice okay the children of Adam Lisa followed them safe Cain Abel and then you can go to all the way down because they're all children of Adam because it says we're children of Adam so if we wait if we jump forward a bit and we say Genesis 13 16 someone read that and when he talks about seed in this passage got a new promotion to La Source with massager who's this seat GSXR mas no it's not about Abraham no I'm asking who is the seed that's being spoken up here and the seed here is an atom the seed of the children I'm asking who the seed are in the verse so much less if I planted easily so far the children going to say the same thing so if you're taking notes you could go to 22 17 you can go to 26 for Vince's scat you can go to 2814 and you can also go to Genesis 32 12 or the game they're all Genesis Coupe de has your name now 13 16 I know how Christ says no we're not gonna read them just write them down 22:17 26 for 2814 32 12 and you can go on and on you can go to you now jump into Exodus you go to Exodus 32 13 and all of these are going to be talking about this seed to sow love our solar system else so we talked about seed who is the seed you know one of these passages I know I saw the kids had similar to supersize young children know all about the children now I live in more Sundays on phone okay believe in God yes so these are talking about all the prosperity the posterity of Abraham let's undo that posterity now when Paul comes along go pull out it's insane what's he gonna do let's go out there huh with this seed a victim because in the Old Testament the see they're all these children that we've just spoken about so if you go to Galatians Susanna don't galacto chapter 3 he's gonna take these Old Testament passages and he's going to turn them and use them differently he's not going to apply them in the way that they were applied in the original context so brother Charles mentioned the Jesus did this but Jesus isn't the only one who did it Paul does it a lot of times in Galatians 3:16 so someone read it in the French I look laughter possibility unity yes super steady t come sister she said the procedure may come do sir yeah that was to be projection so he says now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made now you look how we twist this come on Salam he then gets into the grammar if I come here he says he did it say seeds as of many but as of one may come to know so he says he's a singular seed he did some moss and who is the seed he said he's Jesus now do you think that's what he's talking about in genesis 3:15 or in a story of Abraham in Genesis Exodus you read carefully look at the context and it's not simple easy autopsy's my local context but Paul is gonna make an application further filling up you consume to make his point professor plum so I'm asking what gives him the license to do that is your food look like it gives them the authority to kill authority to stand up and say I'm gonna go to Old Testament passage so it gives your bed not to do another change the context shows you look okay he's faith so it's just faithful can do that so I've got faith I can do that then sir doesn't your face the Spirit of God if you go to Spirit of God in you you can do that gree with that let's see if I've got a spear of God in me I can go to Jenny Galatians 3:16 she's you this because you're much bronies don't get like plus it and I'm going to say that seed in this movement so move as an example talk example would you agree with that sorry on that color mix it up luckily spur of God I can do that you just saved the undersea let's be the Jew don't you prevail so if you've got a match on tonight for Christmas don't go keep on see Chinese P if you have the Spirit of God it's God to speak and that equality we Derek speaking God spake in early this morning Natalia lecture the family did you see people's words in my mouth and I speak them back that's the spirit of dogs missa parantha mabushii my surely what was missing a speedo juror my argument meet one is the poor sick Apollo does this frequently he takes Old Testament passages before to the physician and you poison me the present-day application don't stop resolve in a different way since I saw chief a long time and if you are living in that time period period on why would you not ask him will give you the authority to do that because we don't question it now we don't question him now why did you fish at infested if you want he talks about the seed of Abraham Abraham type the word see no more in connection with Abraham and you'll get all of these passages it's your heart to see he's referring to this concept and in all of these in the original he's talking about Abraham's children don't know this in that last text about this is just like it is here to commercial ah no this passage is gonna make an application and say is Christ Bruce simple abso monster behind or realistic so in Genesis ya genesis 3:15 you can argue that this would be Jesus but since the manual has said it's not Jesus it's the children dr. Dodgson sy cancer fully mykelti's looking sociopath this is your man your daddy says she said this is awful but Paul doesn't take you to genesis 3:15 he takes you to Abraham me but never called you back oh dongjun this place is my country and Abraham this is not talking about Christ and the power that the people see the same as Paul makes it to be no Khilafah something they must assume opononi alarming please so you've just said well I've said he made an application something I think that's what you just said he made an application or come from Kentucky let's do not sing keep that feeling lucky castle because that's what it is he's using those Old Testament passages says do not service them in his own context to make his own point there's some quad core textbook important one and I'll ask him wild by what authority did he do that and why should be Authority so now the problem is we stand back 2,000 years later someone would try not do me long to talk and you're going to say well he was a prophet he can do that you know but when he was alive was he considered that kind of a prophet that kind of a person because the Churchill he was a heretic that's good news for second sit down a turkey when he writes the book of Galatians that's not the Bible because that's just a letter that he's writing to the church in Galatia it's just to let you live a p-wave now turn that into the Bible it makes no point I want to bring up the point I'm making on this issue is that when we say Losco new today make application which is different to the application that other people have made in the past you so don't defend is that because I see do we have the right and the license to do that it's gonna look - it's absolutely fair people say we don't if your son you talk to me you have to decide whether or not they are correct it I knew this you will know I run out of time but sister Alyssa what see that get a hand up don't think that I get nervous then are ye Abraham's seed see with the kids that don't cluster multiply maybe just little apple mess so it seems to bridge sighs Singapore lively district on oh yeah we're in the Baker letter back look at the first paragraph and the first part was just an exercise on how we read practices they're just an example don't you listen we spoke about the children inheriting three things we're gonna see is that when they inherited this from Adam Adam wasn't in this condition I definitely but I said condition when he had his children because you got jay-z's 3:15 and he has the children here he's on a plane and when he has the children you know stealing is not fun he's receives the benefit of genesis 3:15 you know what sue needs be affectionate but cancer so just want to make that point so will is just a super which will finish off tomorrow tell me now and if you have opportunity you can read through these paragraphs think about what these paragraphs are teaching and also we're looking more moaning is great controversy tomorrow afternoon is this subject that I should be checking that committees to become your disagree with me on the first day epicycle suffers till now and if I'm a convict you'll accomplish of the common girl so my damn music much we'll come back to it tomorrow let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness listen to our simple double deal we ask and pray that you would direct and bless us that we might honor and glorify you to know reachable if she helped us to remain faithful and true ignore list if you daily wear and to have a clear understanding of your word yeah well you know Jesus his name we pray