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dear on my father thank you for this day thank you for this time that we could come together and learn more about you in this class we ask that you would bless it and bless the knowledge and help us all to retain these things and understand it we pray for sister Tanya she seems to be getting worse and ask that you would intervene there warning help her help to get better if it's more than your well and we ask that you would do the pre vets now in this in this test they're having give them strength and help them to to feel better when we asked for their comfort we pray for the meetings this weekend that they would go according to your will and that it would be a blessing to everyone there and like everyone would learn and grow further than you we thank you it was all the syrup terrain as we do study that yes true okay what we've been doing is taking time to really focus in on the very various characteristics of the way marks that have been identified as the Lord has opened up Ezra 79 in connection with Matthew 25 and Ezekiel 1223 I think this being the Sunday law this being the midnight cry which is the first day of the first month appreciate the fifth month this being 911 the tearing time first day of the first month tarian time midnight cry door closed and we've been going through we're trying to go through and consider doing broad sweeps this way nailing down the characteristics associated with each of the way marks and I'm trying to give an example this week of what I expect about your term assignments so I've been going through this waymark showing the biblical references that we found so far that identified that the seventh-day Adventist Church is passed by a 911 so we've spent time with Josiah and identified that in spite of the fact that he's a good king I'm in his rejection of the warning message from Pharaoh Nico he ends up dying at Megiddo down in here down in here actually close the probation but the Battle of Megiddo or the Battle of Kirk car commish is typifying the battle of the king of the north and king of the south and Daniel 1140 and he represents the leadership of the church that rejects that warning message and when he goes into battle he disguises himself and he dies by the archers and this connects us with King Saul another king who also disguises himself and goes to the witch of endor where he comes to his end and he also was killed by the archers and we took time to show that the archers in the scriptures are the mighty men of Kedar it is Islam the prophecy of Josiah is put forth by the disobedient profit in first Kings chapter 13 and because of the disobedience prophets disobedience he dies between the lion and the ass the ass the symbol of Islam 2nd angels message the lion the symbol of the king of the north first angels message so the death of the disobedient prophet is the beginning of the prophecy of Josiah and it and Josiah dies by rejecting the message of the last six verses Daniel 11 has represented in the battle of car commish but he dies by the archers hands that's Islam so his death is marked with the same two attributes that the death of the disobedient prophet is marked with because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning and he is connected with Saul probably on several levels he's a king or both kings they both put a disguise on when they come to their death they're both killed by Islam in the sense that they're killed by the archers arrows but with the disguise we understand that the hypocrites is a word for actor they were both disguised they were both being actors psg es the hypocrites being a component of the parable of the ten virgins sister Weitz's the foolish virgins are not hypocrites this testing process here is the testing process of the foolish and the wise virgins but they're although there are only two classes when sister white comments on the parable of the ten virgins she marks a third group of people that are hypocrites they're not involved with the testing process testing process begins at nine eleven we'll have more evidence of this as we look at Miriam who dies here at nine eleven the testing process is what's going to develop and then demonstrate who's the foolish virgins and the wise virgins but the hypocrites aren't even involved with the testing process they're the ones that are disguised so we've dealt with these three I want to go back to King Saul now and put one other thing in place and I and we won't read these on page one of your notes i'll just give a comment on them First Samuel 28 particularly in verse 8 I think its first samuel 28 8 where Saul dies by the archers hands I think that's why I was emphasizing that or maybe it's because he disguised himself someone want to check me on that and then in First Samuel he's disguised himself so that's the connection between him and Josiah 1st Samuel 1611 through 23 if you want to check me on this this is where David is anointed okay and we're saying that I'll even put the final way mark in this with the close of probation okay there are five primary way marks that are produced by Ezra 79 and Matthew 25 the time in the end 1989 911 the tearing time the midnight cry the closed door at the Sunday law and the close of probation down here and we have found that at each of these way marks there is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit we haven't dealt with it in this presentation but in other presentations that's been established this line here is the increase of knowledge that takes place at the time of the end this is the time of the end and at the time of the end according to Daniel 12 The Book of Daniel is unsealed there's an increase of knowledge so this is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit at nine eleven the sprinkling of the latter rain begins but at the midnight cry there is a double major of the Spirit at the Sunday law there is a full-out porn and of course it is the power of the Holy Spirit it accomplishes the seven last plagues so we see each one of these way marks there's a manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit but it's an escalation of power so what's this got to do with anything back to the death of Saul we find I believe it's in First Samuel 1611 through 23 that David is anointed before the death of Saul so we're going to put this the increase of knowledge David's anointed and we're going to show that David is also anointed here and David is going to be anointed here as well and that is found the first anointing to correct me if I'm wrong is First Samuel 1611 through 23 the second anointing is second Samuel 2 1 through 8 this is where Judah annoyance David and then in second samuel 5 1 through 5 this is where Israel annoyance David and of course in other studies we've already shown that this period of time is represented by Judah and this by Israel this is the priests this is Levi's this is judah this is Jerusalem st. 475 sweat take care to Aegon but I think that it's in second samuel 1 2 128 this but what's second Samuel 50 so everyone follow what I'm saying so the subject of the anointing of David is is part of this story and the death of Saul is what initiates the second anointing of David so let's go into Ezekiel 29 now the thing about Ezekiel 29 I don't have in front of me the the class assignments but one of us one of us is to go over Ezekiel 29 yeah it's Britney okay Britney is going to deal with this so as we deal with the anointing of David its relationship to the death of Saul it's going to connect in with another important subject and that's Ezekiel 29 Ezekiel 30 because we know that at the first day of the first month the Egypt is given to the king of the north the Horn of Egypt and the first day of the first month in the Miller I'd history the horn that was given is the Protestants of the United States church they have rejected the first angels message on April nineteenth 1844 and the second horn of the united states the state aspect is conquered on 911 but this is the first day of the first month this is what allows us to put this in place so in Ezekiel 29 verses 1 through 3 Michael you wanna read that 12th day of the month the word of the lord came unto me saying son man said that based against pharaoh king of egypt and prophesy against and against all Egypt speak and say thus saith the lord god behold i am against the Pharaoh king of Egypt the great dragon that life and the midst of the rivers which had said mine river is my home and I have made for myself now if you jump forward to chapter 30 I'm just going to point it to you i won't i won't try to go through this but in verse chapter 30 is the judgment against egypt ok and beginning in verse six if you count the cities that are going to be judged that that make up Egypt you'll find that there's ten cities the only way that you can do that though is if you use your marginal reference and realize that in verse 6 where it says from the tower of signing that it really isn't same from the tower of Syene it's same from Migdal and Migdal is translated as a tower from Migdal to cite Syene these are two cities in Egypt what I'm saying is is e Ezekiel 30 is a continuation of Ezekiel 29 it's a it's a prophecy about Egypt and in verse 4 Bezique of 30 it's isn't he and the sword shall come upon Egypt and great pain shall be in Ethiopia when they show when this slain shall fall in Egypt and they shall take away her multitude in her fault foundations she'll be broken down this is the judgment of Egypt and as you go through Ezekiel 30 carefully you'll see that there are ten cities that make up Egypt that get judged and those ten cities all the prophets agree with one another the ten Kings of revelation 17 those are the ten toes of Daniel to those are the ten tribes of psalms 83 this is the global Confederacy at the end of the world and what I want you to see in verse 12 and three of Ezekiel 29 that it's dealing with the king of Egypt the ruler of this tenfold Confederacy of evil and we know that that the country that is the preeminent power is the United States and we know that this is a difficult presentation because in Daniel 11 40 to 45 the glorious nine is the United States and verse 41 the king of the north the papacy conquers the United States is a Sunday law and then in verse 42 and 43 the papacy conquers Egypt so some can stumble over this thing why are you saying Egypt is the glorious land but it's a progressive fall and when the United States is conquered in verse 41 according to Revelation 13 11 it speaks as a dragon okay so here Egypt is the dragon in verses 1 through 3 so even when the United States is conquered at the Sunday law it simultaneously begins to fulfill its role as the king of Egypt I think sister I got escaped thing with our yesterday and she has done very question and the best way that I explained it was through revelation 17 through the five are fallen one is but that one is then this one that comes after for a short well as the ten Kings but I question after this the one is no he's incorporated into the tent King so you sure the flow of how America it's the one that's used to bring these taking together but he's one of them so he doesn't disappear he's just how those two rules the the political element of the United States is identified identifying the United States as the king of Egypt but Egypt is made up of ten parts but the financial attribute of the world in the United States is represented by ships and when you go into the ships in the scriptures that there is one premiership that is noted and it's the ships of Tarshish so when it comes to the financial structure of planet Earth at the end of the world the premier financial ship is the ships of Tarshish and you can show that this is the United States when it comes to the political structure of the premier king of these ten Kings is the United States 08 we're saying unlike the unlike we would have said six months ago probably or a while back that this reference to Egypt here is a reference to the comprehend of the United States because if you go to verse well before we go to where i was going to take it just so we know that egypt of the United States just from basic logic go to verse 15 it's still speaking about Egypt and verse 15 says what brother chuck in chapter 29 chapter going on go ahead and read 14 and 15 so we can contact I'm sorry and I will bring again the captivity of Egypt and we'll throw them to return you to the land of pepper into the land of their reputation and they shall be there a base Kingdom and it shall be to taste this of the kingdom's neither shall they exalt itself any more about the nation's for I will diminish them that they everyone home that they shall no more rule over the nations so what is the kingdom that rules over the nations and exalts itself it's Egypt the United States and sister right says the United States the this is a paraphrase but this what she says the united states where the greatest light has been given will become the place of greatest darkness ok the basis of kingdoms at the Sunday law so keep your finger in Ezekiel 29 but sister Laverne read revelation 13 11 when the United States is no longer the sixth Kingdom about policy but it becomes incorporated into the seventh kingdom ah is it is it not really at that point anymore it's no longer a premier unless you said component where is it still the king at that point I don't I don't express it that way the way I express it makes more sense to me is it the sixth seventh and eighth kingdoms of revelation 17 are not really describing three distinct kingdoms they're describing how the threefold union of modern Babylon comes into distance so there one third of the final kingdom which is the sixth Kingdom of Bible prophecy and I'm coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake into that ok the United States can speak as a dragon okay and in verse 2 of Ezekiel 29 who's the dragon it's Egypt Egypt is it Bruce to reverse 33 verse 3 okay so we know the United States is going to become a dragon speakers dragon here but we're saying that back here it's already Egypt it's being conquered as Egypt in fulfillment of Ezekiel 29 and we use the history of the Miller eyes the first day of the first month the Protestant porn was conquered okay on April nineteenth 1844 the United States is made up of two horns a 911 the political attribute of the United States was conquered but what we identify is even though the Protestants were conquered on April nineteenth 1844 it's not until October 22nd 1844 that sister white identifies that those Protestants that refuse to follow Christ in the most holy place and continued to direct their prayers to the holy holy place at Satan pleased with the deception begins to answer their prayers so it's here at where the door closes that it is manifested that the Protestants are under the control of Satan even though they were conquered back here so that's Miller right history were saying Miller at history is illustrate in our history the United States was conquered at nine eleven the horn of Egypt is given to the king of the north at nine eleven but it won't be manifested openly until the Sunday law and so let's read a brother Dave read verse 17 brother mark 18 sister trimmer tear Murray 19 it will just go down of Ezekiel 29 will go down through the end here but beginning verse 17 of Ezekiel 29 and it came to pass seven and twenty year in the first month in the first day okay this is taking place in the first month and the first day of the month which Ezra 79 identified as the tearing time in the middle right history and therefore it's 911 in our history go ahead sorry to interrupt you in the first day of the month the word of the Lord came to me saying son of mud Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon code is our me to serve a great service against iris every hand was made bold and every shoulder was peeled yet hard he no wages nor his army from Tyrus for the service that he had served against it therefore thus saith the lord god behold i look at the land of egypt antonetti a quick rezar king of bad one and he shall take her multitude and take her spoil and take her prayer and it shall be the wages for his army for I've given him the land of Egypt for his labor wherewith he served against it because they rock for me say the Lord God brother Paul first 21 musica 29 that day I caused the horn of the house of Israel to bed forth and I will give thee the opening of the mouth in the midst of them and they shall know so here were when we're dealing with the death of Saul we see that on the first day of the first month which in our history is 911 that the United States as symbolized by Egypt is given to the papacy but once you get to the verse 21 it says at that same time he's going to cause the horn of David to butt forth and what is it in the scriptures that causes something to bed for this this is the sprinkling here that begins at nine eleven right okay so this story of King Saul dying here and the three anointings of David ties in to the conquering of the United States the second horn of the United States and of course this ties in with Manasseh in the last seven kings it it connects with several lines that we're not dealing with so there's no doubt more that can be said about that what is it psalms 142 and if it isn't 142 then we'll pass by this but i don't have it my nose so can't be certain someone 42 it's know how about some 134 nope see you apart you the budding of the horn of David yeah i was thinking about us i say someone 132 132 17 yes and of course we could read let's read from verse 13 and you could read earlier in this but verse 13 of Psalm 132 it says where the LORD hath chosen Zion he had desired it for its habitation with that verse you can go through and bring up many many passages to identify when the Lord chooses Zion when does the Lord choose I am 911 he's good he's going to rebuild it right here so he can lift it up as the church triumphant at the Sunday law so verse 13 is putting you in this history this is my rest forever here will I'd well for I have desired it I will abundantly bless her provision I will satisfy her poor with bread i will also clothed her priests with salvation and her st. shall shout aloud for joy there will i make the horn of David to bud I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed his enemies will i clothed with shame but upon himself shall his crown for flourish this is this whole history I'm sure because when it says he's ordained a lamp the lamp that's our gains that the Sunday law the church triumphant so this is from here to here the anointing of the Horn of David takes place on the horn of Egypt is conquered on the first day of the first month so this passing by us all is a key too many lines of truth that uphold what we're teaching about the midnight cry but let's read now from desire of Ages take a new component desire of Ages page 232 this is a really important passage in my mind so you did the first paragraph brother Michael this is the passing by of the Sanhedrin we have leaders ninja girl I received Christ he would have honored them as his messengers to carry the gospel to the world to them first was given the opportunity to become haraldsen to Kingdom and grace of God but Israel do not the time of visitation the jealousy and distrust and the Jewish leaders had ripened in to open hatred and the hearts of the people were turned away from Jesus when was the time of their visitation but the yeah how long was the time for he shall confirm the covenant with many for how long when does the week begin at his baptism ok so the time of their visitation that they didn't know was from his baptism until the stoning of Stephen ok so all the prophets are typifying the end of the world when is the time of visitation that Adventism doesn't recognize 911 so paid crystal recognize the same vivid times they don't recognize the signs of the time hypocrite so ok so if the leaders would have understood this he would have chosen them to do what honored them to do what to be the messengers that carry the gospel to the world when was the gospel going to go to the world at the Sun at the Sunday law the stoning of Stephen ok but they didn't recognize the time of your visitation next next paragraph brother Chuck the same danger den rejected Christ message and what a ban upon his dead therefore Jesus departed from jerusalem from the priests example the religious leaders the people who have been instructed in the well and turn to another class can complain his message and to gather out those who should carry the gospel to all nations ok so hmm the Sanhedrin gets passed by at some point in time and he turned to another class and the other class is going to do just what the Sanhedrin lost the privilege to do they're going to be the ones that carry the gospel to the nation's so the Sanhedrin an obvious tipa fication of the leadership of the seventh-day adventist church at the end of the world so there's the possibility that the passing by of the Sanhedrin is typifying the passing by of the seventh-day Adventist Church at the end of the world but maybe that doesn't happen in every history so sister Laverne let's read the next paragraph and alai alai was rejected by the ethical authorities in the days of Christ so it has been rejected in every succeeding generation again and again the history of Christ withdrawal from Judea has been repeated when the Reformers treats the Word of God they had no thought of separating themselves from the established church but the religious leaders would not tolerate the life and those that bore it were forced to seek the middle class who were logging for the truth in our day a few of the professed fathers of the reformers were actuated by their spirit you are listening for the voice of God and ready to accept truth in whatever caused it may be presented often those who follow in the steps of the reformers are forced to turn away from the churches they love in order to declare the plane teaching of the word song and many times those who are seeking for life or by the same teaching pledged to read the Church of their fathers they may have ended over us so how many times does something have to take place before it's established to refer to two or three so this passing by of the Sanhedrin and turning to another class has happened in every succeeding generation therefore it's established that when the anointing of any history I don't know if it's diarrhea that that when a reform movement comes into existence there's a class that were had the privilege of being God's messenger its messengers in that particular history but they get past five every time they get passed by so the Lord has to turn to another class so what we want to do is figure out when and where they get passed by soberly David would you read the next quote from desire bitches 141 with the calling of John and Andrew simon Philip and Nathaniel begin the foundation of the Christian engine on direct two of his disciples to Christ then one of these Andrew found his brother called him to the Savior was then called and he went in search of how many disciples are there so who are they like what is their the five wise virgins but where where do we place them in a reformed love movement where is the foundation laid in every reformed in this 911 the cold this is the foundation but in the time of Christ what where is this that's the pop this is his baptism and in these five wise virgins what's the distinction between them two of them were disciples of John and they're used to go get the other disciples right so these it's a these two disciples get the other three disciples to make up the five disciples so we just read that the Lord passes by the Sanhedrin and turns to another class where was Jesus selecting the other class he was already selecting the other class before his baptism he already had selected those first two disciples that were disciples of John and he knew that they were going to be part of this foundational work okay so where is the Sanhedrin come to its end in our history 911 okay because now he's going to put the foundation down and what is the foundation in our his it can mean a lot of things the truth on this chart these charts are that are foundational were returning to the old past but in the context of what we're looking at here what's the foundation okay but in the of what we've just been reading all right the five wise virgins okay he's he's the foundational work here is the development of the five wise virgins in contrast with the five foolish virgins it comes in here and 911 the San he is passed by does that mean that the Adventist Church has become Babylon no no it means the leadership light has in every other succeeding generation it rejected it's calling to be the messengers of the gospel to the world at the Sunday law so the Lord has to turn to another class okay we we discussed yesterday let's remind ourselves that if you can show it each of these way marks and we can a manifestation of the Holy Spirit okay the seven last plagues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit the cake the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit of the Sunday law manifestation of the Holy Spirit the doubling of the of the Spirit at the midnight cry they're sprinkling at 911 and the increase of knowledge are all manifestations of the Holy Spirit but when it comes to David when he was anointed the first time back here he was says he was given the Holy Spirit from that time onward is what it says in the scriptures but what happened to Saul when he was given it do you remember that an evil spirit took control of Saul so it says so if we're going to mark the first annoying that David at 1989 with the increase of knowledge as we should what happens to the Sanhedrin at the time the end well we read that call yesterday I think what point that do the evil spirit take or go to First Samuel 16 First Samuel 16 and you can read it because you forgot it 16 through 20 3 11 through 20 30 Samuel 16 verse 11 through 20 30 k and Samuel 7 to Jesse out here all by children and he said there are many thiet the youngest and behold he keepeth the sheep and Sam you're set up to Jesse send and fair to but we will not sit down till he come hither and he said I brought him no bring him in a brought him in now he was running with all the beautiful countenance and good word to Luke too and the Lord said arise anointed for this is he then Samuel took the horn boil and anointing them in the midst of the Brethren and the Spirit of the Lord came upon david from that day forward so Samuel rose up and went to Rama but the Spirit of the Lord departed from Seoul and an evil spirit from the Lord told an assets but when David was anointed at first paint that's my coach it and small severed said unto him behold now an evil spirit from God trouble t let our Lord no command thy servants which happy for me to seek out a man who is a cunning player on a half and it shall come to pass when the evil spirit of God is upon thee that he shall play with his hand and thou shalt be well and soul said at his service provide me know email that can play well and bring him to me then answered one of the servants and said behold I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehem 8 that is cunning and play and in mighty valiant man and a man of war and prudent and mutters and the common person and the Lord is with him wherefore Saul sent messages up to Jesse and said so ascend me David Ison which is with the sheep and chassis to can ask leading with bread and a bottle of wine and he kid and sent that by David his son untie soul and David came to Seoul that stood before him and he loved him greatly and he became his automobile and salsa and j sec let david icke really stand before me for he had felt fever in my side and it came to pass when the evil spirit from God was a whole soul that David you can have and played with his hand so soul was replaced and was well at the evil spirit departed so so from right here David's anointed at the time of the end in 1989 right and saw the Spirit is removed from him and then there is a contra via there's a contribution to bottle of wine a loaf of bread well that's a different story but when when samuel was going to anoint David I don't want to deal with this story about at least didn't put it in the record Saul was sent on a journey right to go find something remember that story when Saul is going to be anointed and he he gets a prophecy along the way that says that you're going to meet a couple min and they're going to give you so many loafs of bread and the bottle of wine and there's an ass involved there's something about these three characteristics to ask the bread and the wine that we're involved with the anointing of Saul and here they're involved with the anointing of David to go ahead um if if at that point David receives the glory and they lose it and worry the polar spirits okay um and the Holy Spirit who or the evil spirit goes into the Sanhedrin er saw at this point want that neglect the everlasting gospel in that time period for the Sanhedrin it's like they never even had a chance yeah no um they haven't have chats back here but what so right here here we see once the anointing of David takes place and the spirits removed from Salt what goes on in here and give me a second witness for it what goes on in this issue but it what does David do in this history we just rent you deserver he plays a hop why because it's a whole evil spirit who does so okay so solid David her put into connection with one and one another and what does David do please don't if someone plays a heart what do you someone's playing coppers what is music it's an experience is it okay how about a noise isn't it annoys and what is the noise and this experience do between David and Saul because of the shaking it's a they do with it the fams Jeff doesn't it causes shaking yeah I mean it's all feeling good for a while but before you know it he's turning he's throwing a spirit David yeah okay what's this issue from nineteen eighty nine to nine eleven it's Ezekiel 37 okz it's daniel 11 40 to 45 and that message makes a noise and it causes a shaking David's making a noise it's causing the shaking shaking in this history without have any reference to their fantasies take a hot that's the papacy it does out here you know just thinking you really see the noise and the shaking do you know what we mean by that in Ezekiel valley of dead dry bones Ezekiel 37 Ezekiel's first message is going to bring the bones and the sinews together it's going to cause the noise there's David Blaine music it's got it it's going to cause a shaking there Saul throwing the spear but it's not until nine eleven that the Army is lifted up and it's not until the midnight pride that they're brought out of their graves okay so what happened to them and his church back here at 1989 the leadership brother Tyler you're saying they didn't go through the everlasting gospel I mean if not it's anywhere it seems that way to you what precedes although we haven't shared it in this particular deployment a plowing there's a plowing that goes for each of these okay the plowing who dis red mark you read read Hosea 1012 so David's clouding those common irritation well David's plowing here but I'm entering Tyler's over the place as you know what I'm saying is that in this time period was all tore through his three steps to the end he still had the chance but the fact that David being plowed just takes him on you know because it makes more and more mad the fact that David's he can see it every time he plays his music it sounds good but then it gets irritated about okay Hosea 1012 study yourself and righteousness repin mercy break up your fellow ground for it is time to seek the Lord took a common room righteousness upon you okay so there's a plowing that comes to this point then the seed is sown and the rain is given what's the seed at 1989 Daniel Daniel 11 40 45 is to see what's the ring it's the increase of knowledge there's your fears of people are stunning okay it's the increase of knowledge that prepares them to stand here at 911 what's the plowing that leads to this it's the testing process that evidently saw fails right here okay and then then the rest of the structure is going to be tested in here it's scary that there's so few of us that understand this but it it is just a copy they're not they're not passed by even though it looks like all well salted that chance cuz Dave's already anointed but he wasn't passed by necessarily he was still looking he was still he anointed he had to go all the way till he died I mean the baby's here so anyone that gets under the foolish virgins right here where did they die they die down here the death the death is relative death of the physical body but the death of the Spirit is when they make a choice you know what happens to the balls heart right here so but when does he died Sunday long today but once your heart's a heart of stone you're dead and dead and what was he from here to here what was he pardon me foolish here's everything hey food you full of poker that's not what I'm yet he was in a coma you know if you're no coma you're not making any choices one way or the other you your dad brain did okay so where were we I want necessarily be brain dead okay after 20 connect after after David was anointed it's all still had an opportunity to be saved he just aw it was already he was in the process of being passed by but that doesn't mean he had to be lost what does he failed and was passed by fully enough okay if we want to take this out into a long drawn-out discussion if this is Judas from here to here he coveted three times with the Sanhedrin the last time is where experience his the whole evil spirit took control of him could he have repented anywhere along the line sister white says oh but dandy Paul God allows us to show our character just like eval Satan the she'll be scared it gives us time to manifest it yeah that's what we are for everyone to see so I don't know if this is what you're getting what word your answer was but that would mean that whoever is represented by solid whether it's the structure as a whole or a small group of the structure was they received theirs their evil spirit like Judas dead at a 1989 and they're not even in that point of time from nineteen eighty nine to nine eleven that's what they're not even a perhaps you could you could look at one way that way that this brother sent me an email this morning I don't know if you're a question I don't know that he's looked at the answer yet about where do we apply the 120 of Moses's like both yeah I see and my answer to him was as you can show that the 120 years of Moses life goes from here to here to the Sunday law Oh Abraham's yeah in but you can also show that Abraham's hundred and twenty years those from here to here when it comes to fractals you have to apply them by contact so you're saying the same thing man yeah all right where are we we're saying what we're saying is the Sanhedrin as represented by Saul and Josiah they become hypocrites they're passed by right here because now the Lord in his day and age in a t27 he's already selected two of his disciples that are going to go out and bring the other three that are going to be the foundation he's already doing his foundational work back here okay the foundation gets laid here but the foundation that he selected is isn't isn't put together according to what we read in desire of ages until the sanhedrin's passed by by his baptism they're already passed by part of the part of the work from nine eleven twelve was to cast their demons there that's a spiritual castellated and there between 9-11 and the midnight party or two classes one class is easy ungodly food and in essence they are possessed by an unholy demon you know in some sense maybe not fully but that's what's taking prism and it's progressive but they're always a chance for love to repent and receive the true bread which would cast a demon which would claim them is that note was taking place and many many more tonight 11 david is marking the increase of knowledge he's the one that's the rain that's able to cast their the demon with a harp or so and he has these priests is going to this three-step process where he's able to have that demon which is this false doctrine that's plaguing it's my cast out of him but you know you can see that it was points where he sees it but he just rejects it and it met 11 it's complete without look yeah and where are we seeing what marks in our history Saul's closed the door of his religious village of endo when he goes to Witch of Endor but in our history oh it's spiritual formation okay when they adopt spiritual formation in September of 2001 Saul has went to the Witch of Endor this three-step testing process is over David was anointed in this history but now there's a second step of David's anointing heading to the third step and here the house of David is lifted up as the church triumphant and there is actually an even greater anointing there right okay want to do a little bit with the foundation here he's choosing his foundation here and at one level it that is the work of the everlasting gospel it's to select the five wise virgins rest with the five foolish virgins this is the foundation of work probably probably take it right up to here in this history when you're looking at the 3-step as this one two three we know there's a one two three in here but in terms of where the foundation of work comes in you can probably go from here to here this is the the gathering together of the five of five wise virgins which is the foundation so whose turn to read who's david neumark tara me ok take this first big paragraph on the bottom of page one and then tara marie can do the conclusion on page two here is our work to know our special sins which caused darkness and feebleness and punches are quenched our first love it is worldliness it is selfishness now is it oh is it sorry it is it the love of self esteem is it striving to be first see if it was it is she identified it she's asking is she saying we have a responsibility to know what our personal problem is is it the sin of essential sensuality that is intensely active is the sin of the nickel Lien's turning the grace of God into lasciviousness it is the misuse and abuse of great light and opportunity and privileges making posted claims to wisdom and righteous religious knowledge while the life and character I'm inconsistent anymore whatever it is that has been padded headed and cultivated is because long overmastering may determine effort to overcome LC will be lost it is these cherished stings important important god that make enfeebled mortal courage and leave you to choose to walk apart from God well you retain a miserable heartless oh word form once the soul was all of 0 with love of Jesus but all is is this is changed the great head who moves in the midst of the candlesticks will never be without the church there would be faithless ones who will go from us because they were not of us there will be pasta seas but nevertheless the foundation of god Stan sure having this seal the Norton knoweth them that are his there will be of these of those who are evil who hold the truth of unrighteousness who are sensual who are controlled by the master worker and all evil we will have to be separated from the church so the foundation of God standing sure it has the seal upon it but it's also told that the Lord knows them that are his so did the Lord know the two disciples of John even though they were before he was anointed he knew they were his he he knows who the wise and foolish virgins are and the foundation are those that received the seal of God okay so next paragraph brother mark I know thy works and I waiver and I patience and how their cards not be of them which are evil and I must write them we say they are apostles and or not and I have fun and I spend them liars this label of purifying the church is a painful work but one that must not be neglected if the church would have they can't the commendation of God but repaired because there has left I first love here is plainly presented before us our work as members of The Church of Christ if we are faithless we shall lose the crown of life and another will take it for in the dropping out of the faithless the places are supplied by the faithful if we refuse to let our light shine for the master if we do not do the works of God others will do that very work which we may have done and could have done but refuse to do okay so in every reform movement where is the foundation put down was that was the foundation of the temple put down during the history of the second decree or the history of the third degree easy to trick my brother the foundation of the temple was built during the history of the first decree the temples finished in the second that foundations always laid there what was the foundation of the Miller I movement it's this chart where did the chart come into history between the 1st and 2nd angels messenger between the second and the third between the first and the second the foundation is always laid there ok so in these two paragraphs sister white is talking about the foundation of God and in the context of it being the five wise virgins what are these two paragraphs talking about talking about two classes of worshippers right and it's given the attributes of more attributes of the foolish virgins that is of the wise in this history where the foundation is being set forth go back to the paragraph that David read and where it's bold faced at the bottom of that paragraph it says there will be faithless ones who will go out from us because they were not of us what does it mean they'll go out from us they were there with us but they weren't really of us but they were there with us how are they there with us but eating the break like Judas was there with the disciple like Judas was there with the disciples and what what what what does Peter distinguish about the disciples went why did why was Peters name change to Peter in the first was he recognized my life or heroes II recognized the Messiah okay so there's a group of people that profess to recognize 911 but some of them aren't really of us they go out from among us okay and the next century says there will be one apostasy okay so in this history where he's laying down the foundation there's going to be two classes of worshipers and one class are going to be apostates but the Lord knows who are his there's going to be those that hold the truth in unrighteousness what's the truth the truce associated with 911 and then she goes in and she quotes from the Bible he says she knows our patients what it says I know by works by labor and thy patience what's patients marking when are you being patient during the tearing time and in the tearing time it says if the people that are being patient they can't bear the that are evil they can't bear the foolish virgins and you've tested them which say they're what do they say their disciples apostles what is an apostle it's a messenger that's sent okay you've tested those that are being sent around the world with messages professing to be messengers of 911 but what does the scripture say and sister White's quoting they're not apostles they are liars okay so in the time period of the foundation there's apostles there's messengers that are liars and who builds their foundation upon line Isaiah 28 the drunkards of Ephraim and they're making not a covenant with the Lord they're making a covenant with death also the stony ground it's also the stony ground here is lots of lots of stuff hey but what this in this time period what does she say this is this is a labor of purifying the church okay because they've left their first love and if they if we turn away from our first love we lose our crown on someone else is going to take it okay second Timothy 219 is the passage sister white quotes that the foundation sure so what have we just said here that about the Sanhedrin being passed by I don't have a d in there for money it is for many days it's this I just put this up today well the last time I was in here did say okay who's worse me for misspelling it or for him recognizing it was miss Beldon not saying anything for many days so the Sanhedrin is passed by at nine eleven at Christ's baptism he begins to work of laying the foundation the Sanhedrin has been typifies by Saul and Josiah they're the hypocrites they're the ones that are pretending to be God's representatives upon earth seventh-day Adventists so the midnight cry message here where's it going to be given this is totally off this is totally out of context when the midnight prime message is proclaimed here where are you going to take it to 70 hours well they'll honest target do the part of the horsemen okay would you take it to a general conference session no why they've been passed by how ridiculous to think that the midnight cry message is supposed to be taken to the general conference when they've been passed by back here because this is this is in a matter of taking it to any conference this is a matter of being lifted up as those that understand the crisis it takes place when the United States begins to push for a Sunday law but only those who've used it know what I'm inferring here know what I'm inferring but there's too much to do with with Miriam right here Miriam dies in the first month okay so we're going to say the Miriam who is Miriam who is she related with okay so Moses Aaron Miriam what do they represent church and mary's church why because search represents the priesthood is idea the most starts at stake okay political leadership lit tick Cole alright and religious so when we say Miriam dies right here what are we saying the church has been passed by when she died yeah okay and where it is Moses died he dies in the death right here where's Aaron done and who's Moses replaced with you mean to Josh Moses was fun who's Aaron replaced by yeah what is what does Eleazar me help her go to God's help her who's God's help her pull this and so together they represent the church in both its political and religious authority when Miriam dies here the Lord now is in the process of raising up Miriam over here another church okay the church triumphant this is really great is she represented the leadership that dies with a whole of Adventism I don't know kind of a the whole I don't know what that means no one of the only reason that I thought it was because I mean errands the religious leader the whole the Adventist Church in this history is progressively being passed by it and at this time period from here at least to hear even when you think of the people coming the honest hearted all the way to here what is the church made up up up to here waiting tears it's the process of removing the separating the wheat and tares so she's representing the church militant and this is the process of changing the church militant the church triumphant but you know it's hard to it's hard to get real detailed about to get what's who gets passed by but as represented by Josiah and soul and Miriam dying church structures to Sanhedrin but specific what does it mean is everyone get a paycheck from the General Conference passed by no way okay you got Nicodemus you've got Joseph of Arimathea where you going to say something um with Joshua and in the user they're both like you're saying they're both leaders or like Michael saying they're both leaders so are they just two are those different lines of truth you know because if the church structures passed by there Moses and Aaron are obviously church structure you know at that point is that just another line of truth that's being shown I don't know what their choice you take this in Sanhedrin and uh and Pharisees or whatever they were passed by and then when Christ was resurrected he was bringing in he was given the commission to his church but there were many who come out of the Jews yeah there are many priests believes so basically the majority of the Jews and the priest didn't die just because they had to be careful of the jealousy of the Jews just to come see in the Galilee in the mountainside where he gave him the Great Commission I didn't I remember your question um Moses and Aaron seem to be religious are they part of the church I did try the church structure or not okay there are symbols here of a progressive removing of the tears of bringing to a conclusion to church militant and turning it into the church stripe and it's progressive here there in some way the church structure Miriam I would say is the church structure but we know from the first day of the first month in the first day of the fifth month that year the Lord is raising up and cleansing the tabernacle but in that study we realize that he cleanses the priest first the Levites second it's a progressive purification there's a different leadership from 911 because from 9-11 to the midnight cry we're not looking at the seventh-day Adventist structure we're looking at the testing period is specific to the wise and the foolish yep and Moses an iron a part of the wise and foolish so they're not part of the structure them even though there are some in that structure that are that have not been passed by they don't come into play totally with then cry therefore the focus is on all the people that are called 911 and within that God appoints a leadership structure and some of them are not they were pointing themselves and this is the separation process that is placed between 9-11 the midnight cry and Moses now into symbols of the political religious leadership in that structure there's going to be a rebellion against the leadership in here as represented by the rebellion of Korah Dathan and abiram and this rebellion in here is not against Saul Saul's already passed by it's it's the it's a reformed light it's if you understand that all the reformed lines are sacred then you understand that the Lord is selecting leadership in the reform lines outside the Sanhedrin and if you accept that the reform lines are sacred then you have to acknowledge who is has been selected in this history and in your rebellion against that you're repeating the history of Korah Dathan and abiram so Miriam's Miriam's marking the passing by of the Sanhedrin Moses and Aaron that are destined to die here are representing stree okay we still have to do more with Miriam but we won't when we look at Kadesh berrabah and massa but we haven't got time for that seems like there was something else there who prayed Tyler yep Paul you want to pray yeah my father thank you for this time of probation you've given us that look at our own lives to say to see what is our problems and come to you please take care of us to stay please continue to lead us and guide us and forgive us for where we fail and help us to be overcomers of us attorney Jesus you