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you Heavenly Father crazy for this beautiful day and thank you for in sunshine and the nice weather that we've had and I think you that we have the opportunity to gather together and learn present truth I pray ler that your spirit will grant us wisdom and understanding and matters that were studying ants of you but for a special blessing upon brother Jeff is his big stress Jesus name Amen this message began in Daniel 11 and over the years when you got to the subject of the daily the message expanded particularly in the Daniel 8 where you start seeing the relationship between the transgression of desolation in the daily desolation and then it got into other places as the Lord directed but there's been a couple times such as it was about two thousand six then some people had a special burden to deal with Daniel 2 and identify that the stone is 144,000 but even though there's been that has subject has come up from time to time Daniel to was never really you know put in concrete that I understood but I understand i can remember that one time when it was being discussed and agitated or that it was being discussed that parminder and i were both in the same realm i don't remember exactly where it was but i could remember as he and i discussed it yesterday or today or whenever that i could remember some of his conclusions about it as we were looking at it but it was never something that was fully set in concrete and then once we began to consider that Daniel is from beginning to end illustrating the end of the world and that Ezekiel 21 gave us a very good key to see that Michael took a shot at Daniel to in the last camp meeting and since then there's been another view of Daniel to that's come up that's why in the last presentation we looked at the relationship of easy 21 and revelation 17 very briefly and so the way we're going to proceed through this is it at Sunday worship we're going to let Michael summarize how how he's under how he understood the transition patient the the part of this statue in here this is where where the discussions going on okay the feet to clay the iron legs and after he's put that in place just so weak so we see that one then we're going to move into what is now being taught and one of the and I've seen what's being taught but I never looked at it closely I seen it listen that's fine didn't it wasn't important to me when I looked at it last week to pass judgment one way or another on it because it was already being taught and I had enough other things to worry about but now for a number of reasons it's like we're being led to look at this very closely and usually what that means and we're not afraid of controversy of these kind of discussions usually when you have him when you're all said and done you find there was a reason that you were supposed to spend time in that particular area of prophecy there was something that God wanted you to see so we're not threatened by that but what I'm going to do there's 11 of what's being top there's one of their points of logic that they use it we're going to look at tonight just to put it in in place and it's that in the scriptures when you see pagan Rome anshan you see paid papal rome mention ok so we're going to we're going to look at that so that's fresh in our memory bank as we begin to proceed through this next week so let's go to Revelation let's look at those first and in Revelation 2 verses 12 through 29 I don't think we need to read it okay but we will reference it roughly revelation 2 verses 12 to 17 is / gomez 18 through 29 is Thyatira okay so one of the reasons I'm saying we don't need to go through every verse of this is because that would be what 17 verses and in no 17 verses there are so many prophetic symbols and truths that that isn't what I'm trying to glean out of here I'm trying to address the the concept that whenever you see pagan Rome mentioned you're going to see papal rome mentioned in connection with it and from my studies in the past every time you see one of these illustrations of pagan and papal rome there is a different emphasis of truth that's being emphasized by that illustration of pagan rome and papal rome and there may be more than one in this i'm not arguing that but for me what peugeot miss and Thyatira one of the premier things that it is emphasizing is that before the papacy takes the throne in the of the earth in 538 and rules for twelve hundred and sixty years there is going to be a falling away a compromise okay and that compromise and falling away takes place in the Church of Pergamos does everyone understand that okay and if you were going to have a historical figure that represented that period of compromise who would it be Constantine okay so eight there is a classic you can keep your don't keep your finger revelation but we're going to go back there go to 2nd Thessalonians chapter two in second Thessalonians chapter two in verse 4 most Bible commentators not just Adventists but what you would call Protestant Bible commentators will tell you that 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse for Paul is paraphrasing something out of the Book of Daniel did you know that so brother Permenter will you read verse 4 Bhupathi and exalteth himself above all things cool god they worship the vehicles City the temple of God yourself so keep your finger there and go back to Daniel 11 verse 36 you want to read that Ariane and the King shall do according to his will and he shall exalt himself I meant to find himself above every God and shall speak positive things against the Gulf girls and shall prosper until the indignation be accomplished that is determined shall be done so the characteristic of the papacy is that he's going to exalt himself above every God and back in second Thessalonians chapter 2 this is the characteristic that the commentators say that Paul is deriving from Daniel 1136 as he illustrates the papacy in second Thessalonians chapter 2 but as we move down through this this happens to be the passage in the scriptures where William Miller comes to discover that the daily is paganism okay let's back up now and brother pull up freed second Thessalonians chapter 2 vs. 3 4 & 5 5 let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that the may not sin be revealed with some edition who oppose a fin exalteth himself above all that is called God or that he's worshipped so that he has God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God remember he not that when I was yet with you I told you these things so the there's got to be a falling away before the papacy is revealed okay there's much to say about those three verses but we're keeping it simple just to try to cover the places where we see pagan Rome and paper room together sister Tiffany you want to read verses six seven and eight and now you know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time who might be revealed sister Tiffany grammatically it would be the subject of verse for the one that opposes and exalted himself above that it's about it when the papacy is to be revealed in his time upon me the man of sin the man of sin the son of perdition ok keep reading I'm sorry I have a habit of interrupting people for the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way ok the word letteth restraints there is a power that restrains the papacy from being revealed in his time what was the time the papacy is revealed prophetically 538 ok there is a a power that is restraining and it's translated here in the English as let he will continue to let until he be what who gets taken out of the way the power that's restraining this is where Miller comes to understand that the daily is paganism because it gets taken away in the Book of Daniel one more verse and then shall the wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming okay so what I'm saying that all much can be said about those verses but Paul is showing the relationship between pagan Roman papal rome that pagan Rome is going to restrain the papacy from rising to take control of the earth until pagan Rome is taken out of the way so when you bring this in the revelation chapter 2 / gamez is the church where this falling away first takes place in order for the Madison to be revealed and Thyatira is the papacy and what is the history of Thyatira I guess we can do just pardon me get your answering with the I'm saying history dates okay 538 1798 we we haven't really proved what I'm going to ask you here but what's the history of pagan Rome 723 723 pagan well well paganism sorry yeah pagan Rome 31 31 31 what bc why that's when you shall Oh Cassie the glasses even for a tire Daniel what 1124 Daniel 1124 he show forecast his devices against the strongholds even for a time okay and what what is a time how many days in a year okay so how long does pagan Rome rule supremely 360 years 360 years from 31 BC takes us to where 330 and what happens in 330 Constantine moves the capital from the city of Rome to the city of Constantinople this is when it's really in supremely but what happens in 321 first Sunday law by Constantine national policies followed by national room the kingdom begins to disintegrate this is where the trumpets begin to blow we're heading to this period and what is the date at this point to us what does this represent the taking away the falling away of 509 okay so anyway those are the dates we're dealing with but this this is what is this in in the terms of Revelation 2 permis what's this but here in Revelation 2 we're seeing pergolas mentioned in connection with Thyatira wherever you're going to see pagan Rome you're going to see it connected with papal rome yes okay how about revelation 12 i'm going to call this revelation to go to Revelation 12 this is a too big of a study to try to read everything but we can discuss the concepts we should already know in advance these this this relationship of pagan Roman papal rome is going to be used to establish the understanding of Daniel too okay maybe that understanding is correct maybe it's not correct I'm not saying one way or another but you need to you need to see that it'll be good for you to review this logic that we're reviewing right now so when we get there you'll be able to internalize the argument that's being made in Revelation 12 let's read verses 1 & 2 & 1 2 & 5 sister Allison of Revelation 12 and there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed eight round crossbars and she being a child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered and she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child to shout unto god someone very briefly and concisely explain those three verses for us I can point to someone or someone can volunteer the birth of yeah the power that's waiting to destroy Christ at his birth is pagan Rome and did Christ get caught up to the throne okay at his ascension his resurrection ascension so this is that history it's the history of pagan Rome and now what's the woman in verse 1 old testament church you got more to say about that okay well I think you need to take a step further it's not simply the Old Testament church they're both there yeah cuz then she flees yes okay well she has the wishing under her feet as she's close what's the what's I did that the moon's under her feet all the moon is the Old Testament decision no moon is the Old Testament dispensation that is the shadow shadow off the son of the you know Christ is the son right so it encompasses both ok so both of them so brother Henry read you read verse 6 and a woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days rebirth 14 verse 14 and to the woman were given two wings of a great eagles that you might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent okay so here in Revelation 12 we're seeing pagan Rome now it's not emphasizing the falling away first or the compromise of Constantine or Pergamos it's emphasizing that pagan Rome is the persecuting agent during the time that Christ walked among man which why would that be somewhere in here right okay but it reaches the point where the woman's fleeing into the wilderness this is 538 to 1798 right so once again when we see pagan Rome mentioned we see peg papal rome mentioned at the same time this is telling something different than this but line upon line there the same story yes ok so now though the only I don't have a handout I did send it it where Tyler wants to put it on the screen we're going to move to Revelation 13 now to make a point revelation 12 goes right into Revelation 13 and of course you know that but before we go to Revelation 13 brother tembo would you read verse 16 of Revelation 12 and the earth help the woman and the earth opened her mouth has swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth okay there's a there's a flood of persecution going on here but the earth is going to help the church the woman by opening its mouth what's that telling us for the cow that's the i guess the discovery of the new world yes that's the old okay that that's okay anyone got something a little bit more fine-tuned the net how is it that the earth opens its mouth the Constitution the Constitution of the United States the earth pieces the United States it speaks the Constitution and puts a wall of separation between church and state and it sets up a government which is not only opposed to papal rule but it's opposed to kingly rule ok it was a designed to prevent both abominations but it takes place right down in this history especially if we mark the United States being recognized as a country here in 1798 but now i'm in my co read revelation 13 verses 1 verse 1 and 2 and then i'll read this and i stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his Oran and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy and the Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth is the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and his great and great Authority ok this is the quote it's from signs of the times februari 819 10 and it's referring to these verses it says at the time when the papacy was robbed of its strength when was the papacy robbed of its strength 1798 at the time when the papacy was when at the time when the papacy robbed of its strength was forced to desist from persecution John beheld a new power coming up to echo the Dragons voice and carry forward the same cruel and blasphemous works this power the last that is to wage war against the church and the law of God is represented by a beast with lamb like horns so in Revelation 13 where's John F okay that's good but where's he at he's not send these are waves I see it and this is sand and this is the earth where's John he's right here okay at the time that the papacy is robbed of its strength he's going to see a beast over here in the sea and a beast over here in the earth and he's right in the middle and sister white is telling us that he's at 1798 okay this is the end of the papal Beast 1798 and the beginning of the earth peace yes you're standing on the seashore and you're looking out to the sea you're seeing one thing but if you turn around look the other way you're seeing the earth behind the sea so I contend that this is giving us a picture of John looking standing in 1798 and looking this way when he's looking this way in 17 898 what is he doing he look he's back into history when he turns and look this way he's looking forward into history because this is where he's at in 1798 yes yes okay so i won't go through it but the beast that he sees in the sea all the characteristics that make up that beast if you very carefully take them as they come in order you will see the kingdoms of Bible prophecy all the way back to Babylon but but you will see the various characteristics of pagan Rome also going backwards into history okay r is everyone familiar with that I heard one I don't understand the last cent receive it okay let me go to verse 1 let's just do it hey went in verse 1 he sees the beast rising up out of the sea and what's the first thing that beast is noted as having seven heads when did pagan Rome have seven heads faster he it when did he pagan Rome Wow okay let's go back even a step further ten horns with ten crowns okay was pagan Rome did pagan Rome ever disintegrate into ten kingdoms but what happens to those ten kingdoms in order to place the papacy on the throne of Earth and 1798 Rios what's three from 10-7 that's why I see at five thirty eight because that's when the third horn was permanent ok yeah all right I wasn't getting your implication so he's going as he looks back what's the next thing he sees in terms of a characteristic of this beast like a leopard ok who's the leopard Greece and it had what what's the next characteristic feet of a bear who's who's the bear meat of persia and it had what who's the lion battlin ok so i'm not saying this is all this being taught in there I'm just saying that John's here on the seashore and sister white says it's 1798 when he sees that the earth beast rising so when he's looking back and he sees this earth beast the characteristics of this beast are laid out how would you say that sequentially but backwards into history ok point being is this is probably not necessary to put into the mix but I want you to see that in Revelation to where we see pagan Roman papal rome and revelation 12 where we see pagan Roman papal rome one of the way marks that is being emphasized it's also being emphasized in Revelation 13 is 1798 okay so when we're talking about seeing pagan Rome together with papal rome in the scriptures we have two witnesses but this I'm saying is the secondary third witness that one of the characteristics about the relationship with pagan Rome and papal rome is it ends when 1798 alright maybe you're not maybe you don't because you don't understand the point I'm trying to make here it's not clicking for you but it should that's it will I think let's go to revelation 17 where we looked at the other night and sister Brittany I but no sister Kathy it's your turn you move backwards would you read a verse of revelation 17 first I have lost vs 9 10 note eighth note 9 10 and 11 10 and 11 I've lost my page sorry guess is it are you missing part of yeah it's disintegrated from body sweater 10 and 11 okay and there are seven kings fiber fallen and one is and the other is not yet calm and when he cometh he must continue a short space and the Beast that was and is not even he is the eighth and is of the seven and goeth into perdition okay so the last worship that we had we pointed out that in revelation 17 these eight kingdoms which are seven and eight that they're Babylon meta persia greece pagan rome and then papal rome takes us to 1798 and this word ah this is where John standing in verse 3 of revelation 17 if you remember he's carried away to the wilderness and he sees a woman she's drunk with the blood of the Saints she's already the mother of harlots so John's an agreement with himself in Revelation 13 1 he's in 1798 for the vision of Revelation 13 he's in 1798 for the vision of revelation 17 and he's in 1798 for the vision of Daniel 11 40 to 45 okay so this is where he is marked but in this in this expression here five have fallen by 1798 but in 1798 one is okay the sixth Kingdom and it's the USA so once again we can see in this history here the fourth in the fifth Kingdom that they're mentioned in revelation 17 together although they're in the midst of all the kingdoms of Bible prophecy but they are together and I want to point out that for another witness if you're looking at them together where do they conclude 1798 1798 this is one of the virtually every reference I'm saying virtually I think it's every reference in the book of Revelation when it's dealing with pagan and papal rome one of the things it teaches us is that it ends in 1798 okay now you're probably thinking why is that important but just let me give you an example not necessarily why it's important but a distinction what we're seeing here in Revelation 12 its beginning in the time of Christ okay probably put that in here right I know that you could put it back here and what 280 is it to bc 4 BC okay but in this history but revelation to it's taken us all the way back to 31 BC and in so doing if you correctly understand revelation to it's giving us these way marks here that aren't mentioned in Revelation 12 you follow me you can derive from revelation to these way marks when you bring the book of daniel and thessalonians you can see them in that history but this history it's not it's not referencing there follow me and in revelation 17 you can probably plug all these are in all these way marks but they're not really they're addressed it's a different subject it's the the kingdoms of Bible prophecy that are leading this down to here but here's my point in all three of these references in the book of Revelation the conclusion of Rome if you want to call Rome the fourth Kingdom under the definition that it includes both pagan Rome and papal rome that's what the Pioneers did they're calling this here the fourth Kingdom it's Rome they don't make the distinction that we make right okay but when you're when you're relating to Rome as one entity that includes both pagan Rome and papal rome one thing that is always marked is that it concludes in 1798 wrong right okay go to to Daniel 12 I don't know why I'm doing this backwards but every time I thought about it today for some reason I thought about doing it backwards so it off because this is a review and we're running out of time read verse whose turn Brittany read verses 11 and 12 of Daniel 12 the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up there should be a thousand two hundred and ninety days blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days okay so explain that for us sister Brittany um ok so the daily is taken away in 508 what's the daily in a general sense pagan Rome paganism good okay take it away in 508 you have 1290 years where does that take us to 1798 and where's the 1335 take us to 1843 okay so what do we understand this period of time from 5082 538 to represent transition the dailies taken away here but this is the preparation for and what is a very profound line of prophecy that upholds this is that the line of Christ because Christ is born and 30 years later he's empowered at his baptism okay and this is where the papacy is empowered and Christ gives his testimony of life for three and a half years and the papacy who is the counterfeit of Christ therefore called Antichrist which means in place of Christ it gives it satanic testimony for three and a half years right prophetic okay so once again we're not dealing with with this element of it here because this is this is a different different subject there you go but when Daniel 12 is speaking about this history which is pagan Rome and this history which is papal rome there is definitely a connection there's a relationship to them but where does the history of Rome end 1798 you what are you two look like you're dying to say something but you guys they quit we've got six minutes see history of Rome ends from the stone strikes damage but we're not there yet we're just we're just looking at pagan and papal rome also what connects them daily limit we're having ten agents yeah well that's what we're going next Daniel 11 30 31 and also verse verse 31 30 31 33 and 35 and that would be sister Tamina 30 30 Daniel 11 verse 30 31 then your mother can do verse 33 and 35 she has a German Bible okay then then Marco can do Gabriel fedun 33 and 35 okay against the holy Covenant so shall you do a shot even richer and have intelligence with them if mistake the holy Covenant who is verse 30 pagan Rome okay right here between verse 13 verse 31 it's going to switch the papal rome verse 31 is going to be papal rome go ahead sister to me okay the arms is going to stand up for his part who is his part here in verse 31 it's the papacy who are the arms it's the military might of pagan rome and it says that these arms are also going to pollute the sanctuary of strength what is that referencing pardon me 330 AD Rome ok and he's going to take away the daily what's that so we have three 3508 and they're going to place the abomination of desolation who's the abomination of desolation papacy when were they placed on the throne of the earth so here in Daniel 11 30 and 31 we're seeing these same way marks talking about the role of pagan Rome to place the papacy on the throne the earth sister Esther verse 33 and 35 and they didn't understand people should instruct many yet they should fall by this world and by flame my captivity and by story many theories what's that describing Oh strictly persecution for many days verse 35 now you can skip over that to verse 35 oh and some of them of understanding shameful to dry them and to church and to make them wide even to the time of the end because it is yet for a time appointed what's their zapper in verse 33 there's a persecution going on for many days after verse 31 tells us the papacy has been placed on the throne of the earth and 538 the many days is the 1260 years and it ends at the time of the end because it's a time appointed so in these verses were seeing the relationship of pagan Rome and papal rome and if you want to relate to them as simply wrong in its two phases pagan and papal when does it reach its conclusion 1798 okay Daniel 8 of course brother parminder has been going through daniel 8 but not very specifically on the part that that we're looking at here verse 11 and 12 brother Gabriel daniel 8 now who's that pagan Rome get a magnify himself to who who's Christ okay keep going what's different about that taken away then what we read in verse 31 and verse 11 of no 12 and 11 exalting sir and rum this means threw him through pagan Rome paganism is going to be lifted up and exalted what's the place of pagan Rome sanctuary the city of Rome when was it caused the cast down in the year 3 30 verse 12 how long the scripture tells us the papacy practices and prospers 1260 years ok there's some more references to the connection between pagan rome and papal rome in the scriptures but what I'm pointing is the reason the emphasis I'm putting on this is that I agree that whenever you see pagan Rome you're going to see papal rome there also ok evening we go we could go into daniel 7 and show it there and certainly going to be in Daniel 2 because you got too many witnesses that I've already established that when you see pagan Rome you're going to see the papal rome many things you can put in place about that but I want you to keep in your memory bank that when we see these two powers illustrated together one of the things that virtually every single time is marked ok not every way mark is mark in each of these lines but one way mark that seems to be there in every line is when Rome as the fourth Kingdom which is beat non-defining now as pagan and papal rome when the fourth Kingdom ends and it ends in 1798 okay so on sunday for worship Michael will give us a 45-minute presentation on what he is understood about here and it's different that what will go into afterwards so we're not going to make any Simpsons just because Michaels presenting it that it's accurate this will be the point in time where we have to start looking closely at these issues and working through them to rightly divide the word of truth and I'm positive for myself that I haven't settled all this for myself so I'm not I'm not performing the role here of a teacher that is trying to lead you to some understanding that I've already settled into I'm just introducing you to those subjects the prophetic subjects that are going to be part of this investigation sister did you pay up sister Cathy I wanna have a closing Heavenly Father we thank you for this opportunity that you give each one of us to come here and press together and to learn of your truth we ask Heavenly Father mostly that you teach us with your spirit that you give us an understanding of them that we may not only read them and see them that we may apply them in our lives and then it will change us so that we are prepared for the time of trouble such as no man can even pin we ask the only father that we take these things seriously I I ask myself and all of you rather than with me didn't you hope each one of us here that you give us a desire to walk closer and closer to you and Jesus name I pray the