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you my father we thank you bringing a student of the day we praise You Lord three mercies Lord we ask a special blessing upon all of us and especially the hip and ears and pecks this day would you give them strength to do in the various things they need to deal with and all of us Lord we ask that you watch your spirit upon us that would not comprehend the things that we're going to study to see in Jesus name Amen so this will be except for maybe sister Solange is out how I see that right Solange the launch scepter sister Solange this may not be reviewing she probably well kids are going to understand what I'm saying wait even if it wasn't or what r you i'm going to review a handful of prophetic truths that are in the public records and try to boil them down into an argument about the time of the end before we did obviously there's no way even if we were to served on time which i didn't that i could have got through a prophetic argument that when you put in place so I me to do a couple more tomorrow but this is the line Michelle Shazzer this is one line of Belshazzar to make a point and i'm saying that right here when he comes to the end one of the symbols of the conclusion of Belshazzar piece is the many many tackle your fair son that's written on the wall that we all understand equates to what when you get into the shekels okay so i'm saying i'm claiming and this is a matter of public record that Belshazzar was typify by nebuchadnezzar sister white directly says so and that his judgment and you can break it you can get real technical they were all given a warning message they rejected the message and the judgment was brought up on them the judgment on Nebuchadnezzar was the seven times amen and that Nimrod typify both of them and his judgment can be expressed in the scattering everyone knows that by what pardon me no no that's that's historical I'd make sense to me if you don't know it in Alexander his slops two babylons he tells us that shim executed Nimrod cut him into 10 pieces and send them around the world with the message you worship that he does this is what's going to happen you but that's that's the historical record and you know that's hard to you know nail that into this but this we have understood Belshazzar as among other things typifying which the 25 20s against the northern kingdom why what was the same Horseman question if this Bell Shazzer is 2520 his connection with the 2520 typifies the 2520 against he represents he's a symbol of the 2520 against the Northern Kingdom why no restoration no restoration that's that's the answer I'm looking for but it's not the way I when I would want to express but it's the correct answer this one here what's this 25 20 represented by Kevin Nebuchadnezzar so here there's a restoration okay right in 1844 there's a restoration stration so when brother Jonathan's is no restoration that's in contrast with this vocal what the way I want to express it from high logic is Kingdom what why do we quietly I claim that Nebuchadnezzar represents this 25 point in in terms of restoration cousin Lou stolen from seven years because he was restored after twenty-five hundred and twenty days run okay what's Belshazzar restored no now his kingdom was removed okay so what I'm saying here is Bill Shazzer is typifying the removal of the kingdom in 1798 and what kingdom was removed spiritual powers hazard was babbling this is spiritual Babel is a lot of connection there and I'm not very night what happened he done it they'll Shazza received the deadly woman okay yes everyone followed that so I'm saying here with Bill Shazzer then it's 1798 turn your mic on Joe I got you a homeowner getting picked up I had it on I didn't turn it up but it's what did oh it's me but now it's down to one bar we'll play it by ear the first time I turns it on hand to go okay so speak louder anyone know what I'm getting at what about one of our dilemmas probably not so much of the limit for anyone other than me is Jeremiah 21 25 12 someone want to read Jeremih 2512 Jeremiah 25 12 and it shall come to pass when 70 years are accomplished and I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation said the Lord for their iniquity and the land of the Chaldeans and shall make it a perpetual desolation so that's Belshazzar I she gets punished Quinn according to this verse when the seven years are accomplished our attention you're better sorry but pardon me editing your matters okay okay um you mentioned this before you left side when I love lobster before I can find it and there's two places where she says it is for but don't be so there's really two places which I'll says it differently and she relates to Jeremiah 2512 as the duration of the captivity so she says that these are plainly for telling the duration of the captivity or showing a period of time that should elapse until the children of Israel are restored but we weren't restored in 538 so my point is she says that Jeremiah 2512 applies specifically to the duration of time that elapsed the first captives until they were stored at the end of the captivity in 36 the power they were sort of the producer cyrus gives a decree in their able to go because that's the end assembly is she says this this prophecy plainly sets forth the duration of Iris's degree doesn't accomplish on the Bible ensberg processes it requires all three decree evil well yeah but she's bulimic with like that she said to the restoration of Israel okay that that is not a denial of the point that I'm trying to make you put it in the record everyone understand that he he's going to take her commentary on verse 12 and give it wiggle room to take it two years beyond 538 BC devices what I'm saying is is that right here according to the vs or dingbat one gets punished making babble in this Belshazzar okay and the night that Belshazzar got punished what was written on the wall many many chuckle you persons be far since this is a secondary argument if you want to follow this was there a 25-20 market 79 each yes okay so you're getting the king of bad ones getting punished right here spiritual battle in 1790 and there's a 25-20 mark right there as well so I'm not trying to attack where I'm going I'm not trying to attack the argument I'm 536 is not 536 at five thirty eight I'm trying to build a case that is a period time point in time the time here so and I'm not trying to overrule the spirit of prophecy with the x over x sirsa just we're trying to approach it prophetically you're trying to sort this out yeah or just give give them some prophetic application to go along with the history that were grappling okay so this here we know is divided into two periods of time but what is this me reason in the context of Revelation chapter 12 the wilderness and in prophets and kings sister white parallels this wilderness with the 70 years of the 70 years as a wilderness the 1260 is a wilderness so it's another classic wilderness number 44 40 and 40 40 days 40 years all right look what about 38 goes longing for you what about 38 you think 38 the wilderness well they rent them run a welder's to plus 30 days for you but the 38 specifically mentioned what I mean I think it goes on it's part of the point I just thought maybe but then that's outside the scope before my the point I'm trying to make here's the point I'm trying to make I need two or three witnesses to make a point right right so when you take the wilderness is whether it's a 70 red 1260 or a 40 we have discovered that there's always a little period of time down here this is what brother Duane's referring to right if it's a 1260 what's the period of time down here that specifically marked by promises 25 years of persecution ceases if it's the 40 days of Christ in the wilderness what's the period of time down here the three-test temptations at the end if it's the 70 question where's the 7d wilderness sin two weeks 70 weeks okay lost in the last week is you're saying the last week and so it's when it could cut off or are there is this little period here so what do we call this up what my g'nite all right okay a binding off period and what there are lots of things that we're discovering about the binding off but what was it one of them a while back that was something we struggled with it we finally came to grips with although we probably none of us really fully understand it is what is it department it's a point and a period so at the end of the wilderness is we're seeing a period of time that's emphasizing a period of time which is also a point in time everyone see that follow the logic time dilation for Albert Einstein's okay so what am I saying where am I going to you for my cry yeah you're so nice you're starting out the two years between five thirty eight by thursday or maybe more i'm not even threatened by what sister Tanya through into the mix and brother parminder is saying he's understood that to that and I'm sure you wondered about it I wanted about this before but haven't taken the trouble to look it up in history I couldn't imagine how in that time period Cyrus could come to Babylon and in 24 hours I've heard a river no one ever suggested he did you know there had to be some advanced work going on before he comes under the wall could take a while to build it would probably had to either build another channel or build a big pit to channel it into or whatever I just read the other day and one of the books I got at the house that describes that task but I don't remember where i read it I'll go home and look wait i sent i send a club sonya and I'm parminder have to ever have dug it out it was a couple years before so this is the case you've got the scenes that would you call that a seat yeah that's what she called it okay a see each day for two years till Belshazzar slain and then two years later we're to Cyrus but you have the dichotomy of in this 538 and 530-6 you have the dichotomy that you can see arguments from the scriptures are in Ellen White that both of them would qualify the time the end and we've always understood the time in the end is a singular point in time and now we're struggling over the idea which should switch and maybe it shouldn't be with your switch but that the time in the end is the binding off of a wilderness period and therefore prophetically it qualifies for a period of time the whole time the end in the end of the time democracy well I used to teach that because that's all that's how it was understanding it so i think it's become part of kind of understanding because that's what he's getting taught but 90-89 what times are obviously in due time is no longer that's right now but it was still the time of the end nevertheless yeah yeah but not know he's there were my ride on teaching the time in the end is always the end of the time prophecy latest but still could be a period of time that is the union is a time problem now he's specifically saying with what I used to be peaceful enjoyment of his almighty on fire no I'm not strict on now I'm just saying it could be the end of a prophecy yeah at the end of a prophecy that one we've come to understand what i corrected myself on that when it's the end of a prophecy which is enough fulfillment of a prophecy alright is not the fulfillment of a prophecy the end of a prophecy yes yes i can be my prophecy is a future event whether it has time attached it or not and when that event is a convoy HP engines fulfilled its yeah right right okay i guess yeah so there's also whether you're whether you've been aware of it or not and I'm this is the point i I'm not just adding on tended to throw this in the ink for those of you that have here when you're over at our house sometimes you've never looked at the first presentation on three sometimes we have one of those handouts from way back when and you see that the reformed lines the first time they were ever presented publicly they look naked compared to the way marks and the characteristics that we have on the reform lines now there was nothing on them so to speak so we we pretty much marked the time of the end based upon 1798 great how diversity three-fifths 56 and we began to build on that and I begin to teach made sense to me that in the reform line of Christ what's the time in the end the birth of Christ the birth of Christ okay and in connection with that one and get to the reform line of Moses what's the time in express words of Moses because Moses the typifying Christ but Elijah to provide cries right and Elijah is preceded by who Elijah Elijah typifies I'm sorry did I say I said line and who's who precedes Elijah love I jumped so and this works for us because there's someone that precedes Christ which on the bathroom John the Baptist and we're told directly that he's meant to provide by Elijah okay and Miller stupefied by Elijah so Miller John the Baptist in Elijah in the terms of Revelation 14 or what first the first angels message so who's Christ reckoning who's elijah second angel okay so everyone follow that logic so a Christ is the second angel in his history who's the first angel John the Baptist so we've come to that argument against what I talked for years on the maybe the time of the end at a time of Christ is John the Baptist the birth of John the Baptist now in terms of what we're saying here was the birth of John the Baptist the fulfillment of a prophecy yes yeah was the birth of Christ fulfillment of a prophecy yeah I have a question a year ago we brought that up and actually mark John the Baptist his birth as as the time of the end do you remember and then yeah that's what I'm saying is this this discussion came about I'm acknowledging that that's when it came to light we begin to rethink those things how many how how much before the birth of Christ was the birth of John the Baptist six months three months three months three it was three months okay so lute who typifies the birth of Christ John Bertha Moses but John the Baptist came three months before Christ who came before Moses stakes in six months it's once in the farm once in the spring is Isaac six motors yeah okay that's not my point they should know that each at what up and I know of this ring in the confusion and on it but none of you've got the strings and stand on your convictions relative but if John greasy is john is a fulfillment of prophecy in crisis of fulfillment of prophecy and john is the first message in christ is a second message and price has been typifies by moses and therefore Moses would be the second message and I find a lodging in his history in his history who's the first film Aaron Aaron okay so I when I thought about doing this particular part of this argument about this I was going to print something out there brother harminder has with together I will print it out and I'll put it online for those that are watching it has a very nice I don't know what you call what's that type of program that you use the people used to mix oh pardon me excellent XL is that what it is where he shows the fourth generation that Moses is born in the fourth generation if you've ever one to break that down how Moses is a fulfillment of Abraham's prophecy that in the fourth generation they're going to come out of Egypt will hand that out to you it's very nicely done but what did it harminder okay he may have cut and pasted it from somewhere your own work okay and but the question is is if Moses is a fulfillment of the fourth generation of Abraham's prophecy what is Aaron to be the third ibiza for generation you do the same generation they were brothers ok so both of them are born at the right glassy-eyed ok so they're both born in the right generation so they're both the fulfillment of prophecy that's all i want you to see if you haven't if you haven't thought that true if if Aaron is the predecessor of Moses prophetically and I really don't know how he qualifies well just about you were born before Moses yeah yeah I get that part he was 13 years before that's what's making me think three months and throwing me off six months it's six okay but in any case what am I getting at here is it can be the birth of Christ as a time at the end that doesn't make sense it's got to be the birth of John the Baptist and but both the birth of Christ in the birth of John the Baptist are prophecies but you can't separate those we can't separate those two entities because in Malachi what is John used to measure 1 he's the messenger that's going to prepare the way for the messenger of the Covenant there are eight they are a prophecy together not apart and the two women are cousins emit yeah they're connected together and you can't have the second without the first so the birds that probably hoped it to be understood as a time in the end I would try that divine symbol coming down with Elizabeth and you have a divine symbol coming up with Mary just like you have a device and will coming down under just like they have the divine someone coming down Osiris sister I points out that their nature will send upon the mind of de rious and it was an angel sent upon the mind upside you're taking it further than I was thinking to do but yeah yeah we put that in the record early on and not just that just is just a thought but you have de riot any other Cyrus Cyrus of course everything you have another derailleurs degree that is the second degree and then you have arteries are seized or Xerces so you have doubled the riot there and in my mind I thinking why is that yeah why is that but anyway what oh yeah I'm not going to go there i got i have 10 minutes or five minutes in 1798 if you can see the logic i'm putting out here in 1798 i am saying that the death of Belshazzar his deadly wound that's delivered by Cyrus is typifying the deadly wound of the papacy then follow that ok so I'm saying that this 1260 years sister Wyatt compares to the 70 years run and it's at the end of the seven years according to verse well that Babel is getting punished and I'm not trying to argue against 536 but what I am trying to say is when Cyrus execute spell Shazzer who are both there technically there I this is there and Cyrus is there they're both there who are they what was who was there is what nationality you mean who is Cyrus who are the beads of the Virgin 10.9 estates who's who becomes a six kingdom of Bible prophecy right here urias and Cyrus right here at the time of the end you mean the two more power the two more power and I just send them the Medes and the Persians are to profile USA right well France is a too hard power that delivers the deadly wound to the papacy and what did I just say to me the means of the Persians are also a torn power that delivered the deadly one to Bell shuttle and the United States is the 200 hours it follows in prophetic histories and six king of a Bible prophecy when the 15 in the Bible prophecy receives its deadly wound right okay but there's something about the relationship between the riots and Cyrus that gets plugged in right there at this point in time but in order to plug it in you have to see this a period of time instead of a point of time both we had this discussion we try to break it down where you're going to blow up the case they belong to a problem and one of the things that I realized two helmets in reading as per the boxing the times in and then I've challenged everybody other people look at it but when she says time to the end every single time I've read it every single statement it's always a period of time she says we live in the time of the end we now are giving a message in the time at the end of time at the end how she relates to it's always a period not not to negate that is a great hydration 356 is a period what does it say I don't remember I'm till I everything every time every forever ok I'm ready mom but because of time you can look it up if you want to a great controversially 356 but what arrives in 1798 first angels message and who's the first angels message will several people hope what we're talking about today I'm gonna tell the bathroom John the Baptist and Christ is follows as a second right right okay there there there in the same prophecy they're both there just as the riots and Cyrus are both here is Cyrus a type of Christ type of 2nd angels message so who'd be the third again outside to scope this study all right Oh first and second message so what I'm saying is that I be in if you look closely at what we've been looking at for years connected concerning the time of the end we first thought I first thought it was the birth of Christ with afterwards come to understand it's probably technically the birth of John the Baptist but I really don't think you can separate those two there they're a symbol that without the one the other one this isn't there to me this is when Cyrus is one of the historical figures that were looking at and in connection with the riots in Cyrus is a type of Christ I think we have a prophetic justification for great for bringing that argument into this application to along with the argument of the wilderness that at the end there is a binding off period time if you want to challenge and I don't think I don't think you can challenge I won't even bring it up all of these wildernesses have this little period of time that we've already come to understand is a point in time and a period of time so I don't have a problem trying to sort out these dates maybe 5 40 if we're going to worry about when the siege begins and the reason I think we need to worry about this one the siege begins and I and I'll tell you and I'll close with this I've made most of my points Duane's here he would may have some insight on it there may be others i'm not trying to lift anyone up I know / meanders look I emailed him on this trip about this when and this isn't anything special but when I first started teaching these 2 25 20s I noted something and I taught it for a while even though I didn't fully understand it and it was this that if you get into this history there is an argument about 7 23 and 720 to run and the argument swirls around the siege that took place that leads to the capture of Samaria and it's a three-year situation there's a three-year siege it's inclusive include see he knows the argument I'm not worried about the argument I'm just saying that there was a three-year history here that depending on which historian you're going to look at either going to end 723 or 722 right but when the Pioneers taught about 1798 they didn't put emphasis on what I'm going to say but invariably they address the three-year period because they talk about the general that came in to Italy in 1797 didn't quite get to take in the Pope captive until birthday returns in 1798 and take some captive in and what what's the next thing that the Pioneers teach invariably every time it's a pope died in captivity 1799 so I was noting about this particular 2520 that there there's this three year ? of the historians in here about the siege and there's three years down near being marked and one of the way marks of this three years comes after 1798 now this hasn't been resolved any more than 545 38 and 536 has been resolved but it's the it's the same history when you are considering that has to do with the fall down so you discuss this what was what was the one on the others to the left of 7 23 that line what was that I'm just saying that this is this is a three-year period okay it's done that's that I'm on some maybe some of you in here are seven month it's interesting because if I remember what we were saying correctly this morning poche is taken captive during that um 723 time period and does he died in captivity hats the thing I've searched for that that's where I gave up I found no evidence I don't search for that kinda stuff hurry up and I have find no evidence where and when he died he's at least taken captive which is yeah it'd be nice to see that I died a year later that would make because Jesus illustrates again from the beginning and that's what i was working office it needed to be there and maybe it is i can tell you what edson says about 723 okay talk quickly because we're close it's a three-year siege inclusive which begins in sometime in the year 723 it includes all of the year 7 22 and it it starts in 723 all of 7 22 and it ends sometimes 721 yes okay so that's higher manson yesss all right okay and it's an inclusive three years it's not three whole years but these touches it touches juniors on each anything I wanted so did anyone did anyone follow my suggestion here yep what I'm talking about here and all this is the time of the end is it we have justification for thinking it's a binding off period which we've already established at the point in time in the period of time and maybe what we're grappling with is not a discrepancy it's a clarification but I blue 82 that gets me Heavenly Father we thank you that we've been allowed the privilege to study such wonderful truths at this time in Earth's history we can't be certain at this point that if you do clearly set these things in place what would be the implications on them but we trust that you are leading because we've seen your hand in the work that you're doing in this school currently and in the past so we ask that you would give us the insight we need poor your ladder 8 up on us upon these subjects we ask a blessing upon the night's rest that we're all going to have an asset you awaken us refresh tomorrow to begin to every day we're thank you for all these things in Jesus say you