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p for another week we asked for you expect this morning to give this class we ask that you would forgive all of our sins Lord that we ask that you give brother Jack there was to speak that our hearts will be open to receive it we thank you Lord for your many blessings please continue to lead us and guide us we access their inner genius in theory brittany has everything written out on who's supposed to do what and if I remember right what I asked Chuck and Laverne to do one of their things was to show the various biblical proofs that the seventh-day adventist church structure gets passed by at nine eleven okay so i figured i would give an example of how I expect all of us to approach this these studies and that i would go ahead and start with that one with knowing that Chuck and Laverne if they watch closely they're going to get a heads-up because I'm going to cover the same material assigned to them but I heard mark say the other day eight references in the scriptures that we've already found that show that this the adventist church structure however you want to express it is passed by at nine eleven the church be passed by yeah and so I'm going to put up the ones that I know of and we can at least put them on the board before we address them all I'm I'm going to start with Josiah I won't get there until we goes over the key but so this note on Josiah is about the setting to do buddy on the board now yep the hypocrites in the parable of the ten virgins King Saul the Sanhedrin and Miriam what else don't I have what we're safe is it in in each of these stories in the scriptures Zechariah okay Zechariah the John's dad Sue Storm done right each of these stories identify that at this way mark the leadership is passed by that's what we were doing it we're taking the various way marks in the history of 1989 to the close of probation and instead of instead of looking at it what would this be horizontally we're going to look at the way marks vertically so we we get familiar wish my memory I know the hypocrites all Sanhedrin Miriam and Zechariah and their definitions what if they fit in the church being passed by but why is Joe Sylar what did he do to pass by the church he rejects the message of Daniel 11 40 pardon me why why does he go to war in the Battle of commish because he rejects the warning of Daniel 11 verse 40 and he ends up dying at Megiddo so Joshua dies Josiah dies yeah leadership the tooth passed by him right and the message of Daniel 11 verse 40 is 1989 Samuel died he dies right near the beginning of this just before Saul that marks the day began what is what Samuel died right there just before the death of Saul okay well when we get there we can include that but you said you had eight no the other one and Daniel struck dumb as well yeah but you're you're using second witnesses to these issues okay so I want to start with the key and I don't intend to go real fast and so what am i what I'm doing is is I'm given an example of how I mean we gave everyone in here except for today's guests assignments that they're going to do in this trimester in they have certain assignments to identify the characteristics of the way marks so I'm going to give an example of at least one way to approach this but this one happened in one day ok so let's go to Isaiah 22 if you was everyone in church yesterday yeah ok I'm going to try to argue that I think there's only really sick places in the scripture where you'll find the word key there might be a couple more if you add keys and I'm going to argue that the key that looses Islam in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 is the key of knowledge the Scriptures talks about the Pharisees for the lawyers removing the key of knowledge preventing people from coming in and that knowledge comes at the time of the end an increase of knowledge and that in Dan in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 the long drawn-out war between Rome and Persia was what Muhammad came to understand would be the key to his rise to power all right go ahead but it was inferred yesterday you think he was Islam yeah I just slip at the time what's up but I cited extreme that it was the won't daughter was an inference based on the four sections as long as long as is also the key was inferred that that's a key in each of these yeah yeah I saw that in his presentation I hit him up about it right after the sermon and and I knew that in the sermon he defined it correctly but there was a place where he said he Islam so anyway that isn't we're all in agreement on that that the the key in that brings Islam into history in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 was this long drawn-out war between Rome and the two-horned power Persia okay so at the Battle of Nineveh Battle of Nineveh and muhammad saw that coming he saw that King that that key because he sends a message to chose roses are you saying saying submit to me or whatever its I have I have your eyes miss a note in there so I'm gonna suggest that the key is the key of knowledge the knowledge is the increase of knowledge and that revelation 9 1 & 2 is typifying the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 where the increase of knowledge begins and that this key is what is carried by God's people through this entire history and that the key ultimately sister white if you run the key based upon the Church of Philadelphia and Isaiah 22 where we're going to begin her emphasis from what I can tell when she's quoting from either from the Church of Philadelphia is that the key is what opens the understanding to a change of dispensation ok so this key that you pick up in 1989 at the time of the end is what allows you to see the change of dispensation in 2001 and you have to see that the same way the Jews had to see the change from the earthly sanctuary to the heavenly sanctuary the same way the Miller i'ts had to see the movement from the holy place of the most holy place and that is the key of David all right that's the key of David so let's bust up isaiah 22 in 2 4 8 12 13 14 of us let's uh how many things is the key that was in the times of zila rice is now represented as the key of David in 1989 did I say that no I'm saying I'm saying that the let's let's just go through this let's uh so you see what I'm going to loop first keep your finger in Isaiah 22 but so you know what i mean by knowledge go to Luke 1152 woe unto you lawyers for you've taken away the key of knowledge you entered not in yourselves and them that we're entering in you hindered so I'm saying that knowledge is a key alright so go to Isaiah 22 now yep yep the key of knowledge is the words of Christ desire of ages 4-14 Isaiah 22 has 25 verses let's read to each beginning with Michael the version has a valiant vision what a little B now that thou art holy Ghana to the housetops thou are full of stirs and vultures a tumultuous city enjoys city they are slain men are not slain with the sword north daddy map what's the word burden me prophesy ok this is the prophecy about the valley of vision what's the valley of vision this is Adventism and bright isaiah 22 it's going to define it for you there's two two main players in there there's cheb nuh and Alaia kim volley burden is probably the valley of vision is the vision of Adventism yes and you can do you understand that by the context of isaiah 22 because Sheva is going to be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord he's going to be cast out as a ball into a far country and in like him is going to have the key of David placed upon his shoulder he's going to be a symbol of the philadelphian church in the millwright history but this is a crisis in in Adventism and in a crisis what do you do demonstrate demonstrate your character so in verse 1 what has happened to Adventism and this is worth noting but when you get to the subject of Saul verse 1 what have they done what do you do on the housetops you worship the Sun and the moon and the stars when they were on their house tops in the Old Testament they were worshiping paganism it's probably all of them complies some of it is associated to is fornication but on the housetops is where they did those things okay so mark versus three and four all vibe rules are fled together the unbound by the actions all that are found in dr been together which a flight from five therefore said I look away from me I will weep bitterly labour not to comfort me because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people now I don't intend to get into real detail about Isaiah 22 I just want to put the key in place but I'm going to tell you some things that we already understand about this without proving it as we go along how many of the rulers of the Adventist Church all of them ok so this applies to 911 if you see it and who are they bound by Islam The Archers ok how does this bind them to flee they reject the warning message that's represented in Islam and what does it mean that they're getting bound together to be yeah they're getting breathe again but there's both classes the wise and foolish virgins all get bound together there's a binding up that's going on with the wise and the foolish that's the word Angela the archers are the archers of Kedar in the scriptures the archers the ones that carry the bows is Islam so they're they're not seeing this message of Islam and they're getting bound together in this crisis or they end up wrapped up in spiritualism like King Saul did and then they're contrasted with verse for their contrasted with Isaiah what's he doing he's weeping he's dying and crying in this history but he's Miller in the dream oh you might put him there but i'm thinking more in terms of of Ezekiel 9 but is that where Miller is where are you sweeping and pull that because of the scattering well Miller's also we be in the book of Revelation John weeps yeah well but anyway what justice thing about the archers pens is being bound she says that the third angels message is that what does this work not in respects to what this is telling us here there's a there is something to be learned about what the morning of the third angel and coming in their order is saying about the archers and how they're being bow and the third angel binds both groups signs both groups yep yeah we understand the spoiler because the spoiling of the daughter might be other spoilers is rule yeah yep so we understand the number of force aggressive fall beginning with Vanessa so Manassas the main 11 heroes mark and fr the out justice is also marking the lunatic activity by the spoilers because it's a pretty yeah but this is kind of a an overview they say I I don't think you can place this at a point in time yet because you should go down to the chapter it it's it's a commentary on october 22nd 1844 the Sunday law unless United to go it says they're bound together so that means that 9 11 11 passed by both the wise and the foolish are bound together in other words they're bound at the same place well I think the binding you go to verse 25 it says in that day said the Lord of Hosts it's referencing the day that takes several verses to describe and go back to verse 20 it says and it shall come to pass in that day that I will call my servant alya Kim here alya Kim is replacing cheb nuh and cheb nuh in verse 17 it says behold the Lord will carry the away with a mighty captivity and will surely Coverly he will surely violently turn and toss the like a ball into a large country this is the spewing out of there to see at the Sunday law law and in the next two verses it says I'll drive the chef nuh from thy station and from thy State shall he pulled me down and it shall come to pass and that day the Sunday law that i will call alya come okay and you you know that it's the Sunday law because in verse 21 it talks about clothing him committing the government into his hand and then in verse 22 it says in the key of the house of David will I lay up on his shoulder so he shall open and nancial shut and he's a shot none shall open that's October 22nd 1844 which is typifying the Sunday law so the this also applies the opening up of the place where evangelism take place this is the message to the to the Gentiles that the door is open yep okay so five and six raised a damn problem in a pretty damn you know practically breaking down the walls and I'm crying to the mountain and even bear the quiver with chariots and even bear the quiver materials out being and horsemen and Kurt uncovered the shield what's all that mean what's the day of treading down Sunday law ok sister Laverne truly does the Sunday law yeah because the papacy tread down Jerusalem for 12 years that's good he discovered the covering of Judah all right sister broen yeah you have seen also the reaches of this video baby that they are many and you gather together the waters of the lower pool and he have numbered the houses of Jerusalem in the houses have you broken down to fortify the law tomorrow your we read sure and you have numbered the houses of Jerusalem no she read that verse 11 he made also a ditch between the two walls for the water of the old pool but you have not looked unto the maker there uh neither had respect unto him that fashioned him long ago amen and in that day in the lord god of Hope called to weeping into mourning and to baldness into dirty with sackcloth so what's happening here in Jerusalem oh yeah even by the first 12 it's the day of atonement yeah but what's happening before you get there well they're doing something with the pools of water and they're making conduits and they're digging ditches for water was it a good idea know what it's in contrast to what sisters no it's in contrast to what the Day of Atonement you have not looked unto the maker thereof neither had respect unto him that fashioned it long too long ago right instead of looking to Christ they're doing their own works they're trying to save themselves you know there's the alkyl pool in Isaiah 7 there's this is the lower pool it seems like it's there was no there was there was two pools if you get into the history in Jerusalem and that brought water the end but the water was brought in by a water source outside of Jerusalem and I think the lower pool maybe silo um I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure it is well it has a kya had to build a conduit between for the sieges yep I think that's what this is talking to you yeah that is what this is talking about right but what are they doing wrong here they're doing something wrong they're trying to save themselves that so the group that's being condemned here are in a save yourself mode instead of looking to Christ the one who formed the pool long ago all right this is Adventism and what's a situation in Adventism at this time they're surrounded by enemies there's the papacy is this is that the gate the marginal reason regions really toward the gate be wet Titus okay so the first row says in that day is the Sunday law right he well he's called for morning in sackcloth in the Day of Atonement so that's the sunday law in the sense from october 22nd 1844 to the Sunday law if you if you get it we're supposed to be in the Day of Atonement all that time verse 13 and behold joy and gladness slaying oxen and killing sheep any flesh and drinking wine let us eat and drink for tomorrow we shall die and it was revealed in my ears by the Lord of hosts surely they sing it with thee shall not be purged from you to a deed I said the Lord of hosts and the word purged means plant element tell me what lie now this is the same thing that samuel was told by God about the sons of Eli and their sin does not encourage first so what's it saying okay that did this is a pronouncement against the wicked in Adventism this quiz the same testimony of is it Joel where is it that all that they're eating but they're not satisfied they have much but they I've blown upon it because in verse 13 they're eating and drinking and it says tomorrow we shall die it looks like to me they've made a covenant with hell but yet they're they're relying upon their temporal prosperity 21 says in verse 13 what are they doing that it's a for instance it's a form of religion that has what kinda religions they're celebrating right so what they're doing is they're it's a it's will worship sister white calls it will worship the number four is Mark there where 113 slain ox killing sheep eating flesh drinking one because before I do you mean the fortuner same ox and sheep eating fish and so they're eating something in drinking wine counterfeit we're not eating the flesh and drinking the blood eating the flesh of the Son of God there they are heating but they're not eating the little book okay sister Heather thus saith the Lord God of hosts go get the unto treasure even unto Shem know which is over the house and say what hast thou here and who passed out here that thou has viewed the outer Sepulcher Sepulchre here as he that he with him out a Sepulchre on high and had and that Greivis and habitation for himself in a rock so who's chef nuh he's the one that's over the house of Adventism leadership that would be Ted Wilson yeah the whole leadership I'll test the top of the heap okay but leadership in what's he doing he's built yourself a separator in the rock in the high places like they decorate all the bones of the prophets in the old days the worship now he's grown or girls this isn't grievin grandpa the habitation of himself in the rock he's he's emphasizing his death 80 years and years ago we came across Isaiah so he's dying right here and he's going to make himself Seliger we came across this years ago and if you go into at the seventh-day Adventists dictionary in the commentary set I mean there's only a certain amount of historical artifacts that have ever been found about anything but both alya Kim who's the next persons that were going to see in here who's a faithful man what like him seal is found and they found cheb his grave with his a moment so both of those things are and you can in the seventh day adventist Bible Dictionary you can see a picture of them so both of these things are preserved there's 22 marks 14 alaia kim which is he a seal that was preserved and this is the mark of chef miheer it's on a grave digging his own grave it's marking the fact that he's going to die he's going to be passed by because he was partying during the time of the investigative judgment so he has been to leak with hell yeah he's made a covenant with death okay so um sister Tanya we're all 17 and 18 right yeah behold a little carried away with a mighty captivity and most surely comedy you will surely violently turn and toss and toss me like a ball into a large country there shall all die and there the chariots of thy glory shall be the shame of thy Lord's house and I will drive wait wait wait what's he gonna do to him he's gonna violently what carry them away turn and toss t like a ball yeah but don't don't look at that what happens to the lair de cien they get spewed out of the mouth of the Lord that's what's happening to him he's being tossed what's the far the large country loves ba ba ba ba okay that's what it means to be carried the away in 17 with a mighty captivity it's the it's the Babylonian captivity but at the end of the world that Babylonian captivity is going to end in the close of your probation and there's there's no return from that captivity right desire is that during this time is Isaiah the first of all the messengers Jeremiah's if not all these guys he's very no there's not like good I did it's not pertinent to nailing down the keener sister Karen fire fire away from thy state show he pulled me down and it shall come to pass in that day that I will call my servant Eli come the Sun what's happening in those two verses a new class is being raised by replacing the leadership when does that take place well this 911 he's being clothed with the righteousness of Christ he's gonna get the Rainmen being closed there yeah well this is also Zechariah three ok boo but then what I'm looking for probably all that is true is that the transition between the former leadership and the new leadership is put in place I don't think it's 911 when is it it's the Sunday law so sunday law this is about the Sunday law this is when Zechariah's dumbness is removed this is when the church becomes a church triumphant is well this is when Zechariah speaks yes but where he's really is that what it like him is has raised up God of raising okay so that I wasn't going by that I'm going by the church triumphant that's cool the light comes means what god is he raising up and dil kya means the Lord's portion so he would have already portioned you out and raised you up one of the King's name it was raised on like praise wasn't raised up HOA Kim's name was liking first yeah please do he wasn't it Joachim don't match up with the Sunday law but so this so John when when Zechariah's asked when John's born at the Sunday law then Zechariah John is neat like him right John is a like him that's right but the message of John is tied to his name that's why he's not Zechariah what is the message of John is tied to his name all the messages haven't a name ok mr. white has a name that I agree with that but what is really not so much a definition of John's name I don't think what is what's connected with John's name at the sunday long chain it's changed his name was changed they want to name him Zechariah and they say no we're going to name him John so what's up marking the Covenant of the takes place at the Sunday law right and what what's John mean gracious God's beloved of God that's what Daniel was home to drop down to meet each other but he says that your most beloved got a question of if you're laying that at the Sunday law time period and you have to somehow mariya of the fact that at verse 12 in verse 20 and verse 25 it also in that day so you have to be specific because it's obviously speaking about that same day and all of them would have to fit in that day and if we're saying the Day of Atonement in verse 12 this is time period of mourning I don't know how we completely and it's it's you don't it in that day is when the transition between chevre and Alaia kim takes place but the whole chapter 22 is talking about the crisis that leads to the Sunday law and how these two classes classes are developed and manifested in that crisis so one day is between 9-11 into Sunday life as a day no according to what Tyler was saying it's it's from october 22nd 1844 until the sunday lots these four generations mation yeah well the crisis in edmond tis amok Tober 22nd 1844 and it closes at the Sunday law in Adventism and then it moves into the world that's right but we're careful about labeling the day of the Lord is as a point and I'm wondering why we're not no we don't care for David Lord is progressive yes oh so you're saying in that day when you see that in the Bible you can count it as a progressive well it depends on context sometimes the Sunday law is a point in time sometimes it's the Sunday law crisis but but what's going on here for sure it's emphasizing the transition at the Sunday law and we know this because we know that October 22nd 1844 typifies the Sunday law and the blessing that is about to be pronounced upon alya kim is marked with october 22nd 1844 all over the place this is where the message to Philadelphia is derived from Zin these next couple verses whose turn Karen and I will commit thy government and to his can and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem into the house of Judah and the key of the house of David will I lay upon his sober so he shall oh and he shall shut and then show open okay that's October 22nd 1844 that's the Sunday law it's joseph in Daniel close and those two places because the same sitting there what they both got close one got a chain gotta accept the same layout because it sounds like the same thing they're being closed with the row they get a chain they get a girdle they're wrong what time period rellenos on before that yeah that's why I'm asking but here he's he's going to be a father to Jerusalem and Judah so Jerusalem and Judah have to already be developed when student when Judas develop from 9-11 to the midnight cry wins Jerusalem put in place didn't I cried to the Sunday law that he's being he's not being closed with Christ's righteousness here what's he being clothed with he's been given cheb nose robe cheb nuh was the leadership oh and he's I will clothe him with die robe the Lord speaking to sheb nuh right now he says I'm going to cost you into a fall far country and I will drive verse 19 I'll Drive thee from nice station and he'll come to the pass in that day cheb know that i'll call it like him and I'm gonna give him your row time you meet a point what I wasn't here and recasted Daniel Kidd said a scallop roll yeah but the scallop rule it's not yeah yeah yeah I know she looked it up a night night I disagree when she said that I thought that can be raised I looked it up but it was this works calla there is not as purple and purple is a sign royalty that's appeared over tau is and so what's your point well there the guy's been given committing the government you're on a rule the robe of government is pearl and so when does Daniel get his his groin you've been marking it where it's wrong then yes well not necessarily those guys there at the midnight cry forgiving a roll of I'm saying you'll get you because people at the midnight cry that's the first cruise and it's a progressive event it goes through the midnight crying till the Sunday law so well we can't we can't take away every single linear thought and always give it its a progress of it there's points along the way that we have to be firm about so maybe we've misapplied the point we don't understand you have peace that not a bit make another Roman no I don't think that long I just think we need to be more careful with our obligations we are being careful I that's what I came in I agree with her and I agree with you but you need to match with uh about being careful but this robe I'm not in disagree with you but what were you saying about these two gentlemen in the discussion but who's the first guy cheb no Jenna Jenna should have been clothed with the righteousness of Christ and so therefore this thing symbol is being passed on to a lie account it is the righteousness of Christ because without it either one of these men are not going to be fit for anything okay maybe but that's totally secondary what this is the transition from this is about leadership this is about a leadership that rebuild in the time of a crisis and they're being set aside and the new leadership being put in place and shirt genuine leadership is going to have the righteousness of Christ he's made the third ruler remaining dental given the row but so that may be played by the handwriting was on the walls I was he talking about yes he starts it been a crime he rode with that but you're saying Judah and Marissa yeah okay way to say we got some hands in the back sister Karen I'm in verse 20 it says that in that day that I will call my servant but that doesn't necessarily mean and then in the next verse and I will clothe him with dyro as drinking it with dye girl but it may not happen at all when all at once what point it might be progressive when he receives the call he he goes forward but he may not be closed until a different point well one of the keys for me is the day that it's talking about us when chef knives cast into a far country as a ball and that to me is Laodicean being spewed out of the mouth of the Lord at the Sunday lon little brother tyler um and I never knew Isaiah 22 is going to be this hard to get through all right but this is okay and with the ropes I don't know if this is an important detail or not but here we're marking and I she had 22 were marking that cheb nut and Alliant em our marketing leadership change a leadership change bus Daniel marks a wise version and felt a shower marks of foolish version I don't know if that if you need seven is a fully surgeon or you could say it like that too then then you know there's only noise a fool because he's making a covenant with Helen dad just the right says the foolish virgins are Laodiceans I guess so somebody's closed at nine eleven Joseph is close to nine up closed at nine eleven and then we have Daniel clothes at the midnight cry and we have a lie account to Sunday lies out how we're saying it or do we not know well the leadership passed by it 911 and this scenario has Alya can getting a robe of ship nut at the Sunday law that's how it looked right yeah she's so then my question is is that this wasn't the theme I wanted to dig out but we can hang in here for a minute Sedna is over here and then chef nuh is part of the passing by at nine one one is that correct yeah the crisis it's going to manifest our character that began in October 22nd 1844 I don't have a problem with that 911 is where the rubber meets the road that's worth that's where we have a change in dispensation fact 1989 it's where it begins but 911 is where the temple cleansing begins so if 1909 his word begins how does the deadly one of the famous II applied to the passing by of the leadership of Adventism 1989 they forgot they forgot the old pass they were presented with the message that is the key the collapse of the Soviet Union so then they reject it and this is this a type of the deadly will do the papacy to forget the old pass the deadly wound was being healed because they were accepting your celebration and other things which is going right on with a Catholic plan well they're participating in the healing you're saying yes yeah but you guys are son pardon me the healing is not full till the sunday all right yeah until it has Egypt the third obstacle so the sort of ear espect above those little it's the crisis in Adventism they began at the proclamation of the third angels message in the history of the Miller Rights is still on the table by the time we get to 1989 the issue is still the same the Sunday law this is this is what sets the progressive set of developments leading down to when the Sunday law finally arrives and the church has been in crisis well sister wife in 1851 wrote that they were and become layer to see it 1989 to 911 the message of Daniel 11 40 to 45 causes of shaking but it's the shaking in the present truth group that is this center point of the world we're looking at what we're looking at now from 911 is the midnight cry there's a shaking from the midnight cry to the Sunday law there's a shaking and from the Sunday law to the close of human probation there's a shaking but the the shaking for Adventism begins at 1989 it's been shaken since October 22nd 1844 but in regards to the effect of every vision of Ezra 79 in 1989's when you start so guys some of you guys don't see some of you guys don't see but there's hands that go up behind you so I'm interrupting your Tanya a key that opened could that would apply more with what i was saying sister white says the key is what allows you to recognize the change of dispensation this is the key of knowledge the key of knowledge but if you don't accept the the increase of knowledge in 1989 you're not going to have the key in 911 to see the refs yeah he's next you gotta raise your hand if you want to get in line okay this keep knowledge is to keep house of David this is how he was saying just the same yeah pretty generally that's how what Miller's rules work okay so what I was thinking is that chetna was clothed with the robe and he would have he would have had to have had the key as well and he's the key and the row is getting passed on to the like him at the Sun why would he had to have the Kaimuki the leadership should have been able to unlock the prophecies and understand the message before anybody else should I was so much better this is why he's not allowed today she had increased they should have had they should have had the key you're saying they had the king it should have had and had the key or two different sang to us as they did have the key but they weren't using it the scriptures were there they had all the room the voice of all the prophets had already been Speakman it now it's scriptures at one level maybe the key but the key is the knowledge but that comes from the scriptures wrong yeah but because thou has rejected knowledge so okay maybe they had it but they rejected it but I don't think that's what's being lit but I don't think that necessarily that chef de had the robe he's being told in Brazil what you could have had is going to be given to someone else I don't think he had to roll myself yeah he had the robe of leadership it says though it says a verse 15 thus saith the Lord God of hosts go get the two unto this treasure even under cheb nuh which is over the house he is leadership yeah but I don't think he might have been over the house but I don't think he was clothed properly because his would yeah you're you're worrying about the righteousness of God oh no I'm just saying I'm just saying it the Lord is telling him since you're the leader you should be clothed properly and you're not closed properly and so what you could have been clothed with I'm gonna pass it on to someone else yeah because it was offered 80 90 refuse to give me your shirt give me your shirt so I can do an object lesson all right give me your shirt see that's what verse 21 says I will clothe him with thy robe okay it's his shout it's cheb his robe he had the robe of leadership okay rom I'm noticing that the clothing 2 is given by two evil kings and in this last place it's given by God isn't that who's giving it to her the to you kids well Pharaoh gay josah' it's the clothing and then they'll shatter oh yeah i know the clothing so it's a different maybe that's why you're no we're not putting it on at the Sunday law because of the robe we're putting it at the Sunday law because of verse 22 mmm Isaiah 2222 as a 12 to 22 Isaiah 2222 is what marks October 22nd 1844 oh that's what Christ whenever changed his clothes to wear Christ went in and changed his clothes he's a photo on the linen garments go on for the Day of Atonement yeah so you see I was looking for another witness to this to what to the changing of the closes sunday by when you've got you okay I'm saying I don't understand and appreciate right yeah cool all right anyway in terms of referencing this prophecy to a point in time Isaiah 2222 allows you to mark October 22nd 1844 because sister white the Pioneers we all understand that the door was opened into the most holy place on that day and the door to the holy place was closed and we know that October 22nd 1844 is typifying the Sunday law so Isaiah 22 is more identifying the Sunday law than October 22nd 1844 was there a change of leadership on october 22nd 1844 yes what was it it went from those who had denied the message behind into the ones that follow Christ into the most holy from the Protestants to how what do you call how do you call it sabbatarian Adventism all right okay so it's it's typifying that change of leadership so who was chevre in the millerite movement he's a Protestant who is he like him you're right yeah it who's turned to read brother jason has a nature place and he shall be bird glorious throne to his father's house and they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father's house the off-screen and the issue all vessels of small quantity from the vessels of Cubs even to all the vessels of dragons since has to do with the vessels that are brought back a minute blanket out of babylon under king cyrus and end of daraya stand under Artaxerxes something to do with a logon as a symbol God's people that swing but John verse 24 what's verse 23 what's he like him going to become a short leash what's at courses in many places what's a nail in a sure place in Christ hey that's a good time and we walk that's a good time yeah he's going to be sure place is something that's going to be noticed yes it's everybody knows where the nail is in the sure place it's between washes and orange you catch your clothes on a big ego bottoms it's noticeable you guys are all talking off the top of your head is there thus saith the Lord for what a nail and the sure places 98 right she's falling Miller's real she's using her Bible morning and now for a little space grace hath been showed from the Lord our God to leave us a remnant to escape and to give us a nail in his holy place that our God may lighten our eyes and give us a little reviving in our bondage it's 90 and this is the same story connected the coming out of Babylon right that sets our understanding of the mid neck trying our time period yes so what's the nail in this year sure place here and Ezra 98 as a nail so grace is given to them to leave us a remnant to escape the little space is called a moment in the north lamar yeah and also and also to give us a nail in his shirt in his holy place under that rock when the overflowing scourge is coming you're there for just a little bit right descending all your hidden under that rock and then for just a moment I thought what he says and then the overflowing scourge passes over and then you're free well the first mention is basically in the sanctuary the nails is what holds things together but then it also talks about the fact that the wife of jail then jail Haber's wife to conil and ten horns into the ground you talked about the book of Judges well the nasher place has to be at the Sunday law okay then own the sure place has to be on october 22nd 1844 it has to be when Ezra comes out of Babel and it has to be the Sunday law okay it's fastened in his sure place brother Tyler read verse 25 in that day he's now he's losing his computer so and that day saved the Lord of Hosts shall the nail that is fastened in a sure place be removed and be cut down all in the burden that was upon it shall be cut off for the Lord has spoken oh so this nail gets removed at the Sunday law well i think i think what it's telling us is that somebody's probation it's the opener shut door so open and shut door right so some of the doors closing on some of the doors opening for others because we already got double to shut door verse 22 ah the close of probation yes this is that you can hear that father's glory yep it's a good thing it's basically done yeah hire you it's a good thing and then it's over like I said after you're getting for a moment under that rock then you're done he whose fastened as a nail in a sure place no resident know who's fastened in the in verse 23 he likens fastened as an ill in the sure place but at the Sunday law the nail that is fastened into sure place will be removed you don't be part of it in it becomes part of you okay so all all I want to get out here is the key let's go to revelation 3 6 through 10 we left that we left debris all along the way all right I think mark was pretty close to it probably there what it's it's a transition between leadership chevre and Alaia Kim and and the Protestants had been the covenant people they had been the nail in the sure place but they're cut down at the very time that he liked him the Miller i'ts becomes the covenant people in show dog yes and so there's a nail that's getting cut down and removed while there's another one that's being put in the sure play and Ezra I'm remembering correctly it was something that to see it was something that shone like to their eyes yeah the change it was a visual thing yeah it's a change of dispensation you got a moment to see it move in and be part of it perhaps on to Revelation 2 it's in your notes written revelation 3 6 through 10 and I guess it's my turn of course verse 6 is on previous church but he that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches and unto the church and to the Angel of the church in Philadelphia write these things saith he that is holy he that is true he that hath the key of David he did open it and no man shudder and shutteth and no man opener I know thy works behold I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength and has kept my word and it has not denied my name behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and or not but dual i behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee because thou has kept the word of my patients I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation which will come upon the world to try them that dwell upon the earth we're going to i went to verse 10 what I'm only thing there is that I want us to see that this passage in verse 7 is derived from Isaiah 2222 commander is there's no marginal reference eyes 822 at all of my level there isn't mine about Jenna he wasn't a king he was a treasure treasure is always bad guys Jesus Judas did he got the bag Judas was a bad guy cheb no was a bad guy and what's his name was living in the where they kept the money that that Nehemiah had to throw out Tobias Tobias you can't always be a bad guy so he places and was alike and he's taking the treasurer position and he's a good guy so there's one time that he's a good guy yeah and the guy that replaced Judas in theory I guess you could say might have been the treasure but when their mark is a treasurer they're pretty much a bad guy was Judas ever good no is it marking a difference between what people think and what dork p yeah what the King dick solvent you replace them with David ok we very read Luke 1152 further Michael read two verses of Matthew 16 we're looking at the key what phase you will know I'm on Matthew 16 verses 1 through 22 and it may not seem like it but we're dealing with the key okay we're not even getting close to the key that we want to look at 16 Matthew 16 verses 1 and 2 and we're going to go all the way through verse 22 the Pharisees also with the Sadducees came and contain desired him that he would shew a sign from heaven by the way sister kathy brown dug into the dictionary and pointed out for me and for everyone else that wants to know that the correct pronunciation of sh e w is show shoo the show SH yes a day you know says know why he says your shop to see how it's working just as a song and since you're white says just take the God get our rings okay Don all right anyway don't matter don't sign verse 2 answered and said unto them when it is evening you say it will be fair weather for the skies red keep going mark University yeah 3 and 4 and in the morning it will be fair wear them to be for the sky is red and Lauren o ye epica you can discern the piece of the sky but you cannot discern the same of the times a wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after the same that I shall no sign be given them tip but the same of the Prophet Jonas and he left that the department right and really decide overcome to the other side they had forgotten to take it Nancy appendix taking and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees in lb sentencing so I got a comment question oh so the hypocrites are the Pharisees and the Sadducees and they carry with them 11 that Christ is telling us to take heed to be aware of and what's the what's the leaven that's the question was the levy false teachings counterfeit bread so this this thing is 11 has to do with the four generation yeah everybody tells you there but they can't de Sam the sayings of the times and the reason they can't discern the signs of the times because they're not using the proof text method a line but because they rejected the key right the key of knowledge has been rejected right right so they have now 11 to offer instead of the key of knowledge yep they were offered this you met at 1989 we're yes everybody's the key arrived in 1989 that's right so did you finish go ahead sorry mr. Brolin do you not yet understand neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets each other these are the seven those of the four thousand and how many baskets he took out this is too this is marking this is a dolt a double what that'll take you putting great twink both the miracles of feeding the 5000 and a 7 2014 it is getting them to understand about there is a how do they say this there's a Freudian slip here that they're the disciples are in it's because you have good in red they're still this is the literal and figurative this is the literal in the figurative what's the literal net figurative the fact that they're arguing with Jesus over that they don't understand the leaven or the or the real bread from heaven they they don't get it I think it's real fresh they think they're take the issues about literal bread physical and not but not the spiritual okay now move to the next pod there's too many too many minds in here sometimes okay so what are you saying about Elijah sister Tanya Elijah what are you saying from Jezebel he stopped under the tree of Jennifer you fell asleep and he was woken up twice and he's that twice would the mana before he took over his journey of his forty day fast of other people here defeating the four thousand and the feeding of the 5,000 is the two feedings of Elijah you were there for that right I don't know yeah Christ verse 9 is the crisis legality and verse 10 is what order are these being placed in verse 9 is the fighting of 5000 s that's John 5 going into John 6 okay and the other one is hey it refers you to Matthew but did he feed the 5,000 first and anymore and pull the other way around what I want to know you fed the 5,000 first he's referencing something twice there he says how many baskets you to go said nobody's pointment yeah that's good did you look at the you're looking at all what I did but you're not seeing the symbol I'm you asking nobody bosque de DT guys talk to the remnant yeah the next verse literally says okay so who's turned to read during the middle right Stein you know we were talking about the extra Calculon there was an extra campaign that actually part took place in a church on to place for seven days and he became before the first day of the first month but it was including during that time and he began in April on 12 or April 70 to the 25th and in the second camp meeting which was an Exeter to that took from August 12 to 15 or 20 was what the store to reference for that okay breed read we got to get to we have 10 minutes to get to the end of a few Bible verses okay who's turned to read did you read Duane no I just did you read already okay how is it that you do not understand that I spake it not to you concerning bread that you should be aware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees of your rights in that verse right then understood day how that he made them to beware of the leaven of bread but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees so he's there now aware that it's this bread that Christ was referring to yep when Jesus came into the coast of Syria vilified he asked his disciples saying whom do men say that I the Son of Man em and they said some say that our John the Baptist some Elias and others jeremias or one of the prophets he saith unto them but who say you that i am simon peter answered and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven so here's the bundle his disciples that they should tell no man he was Jesus and price so there's a contrast he of the team the hypocrites who don't discern the signs of the times in between Santa more than the one the hypocrites that don't discern the signs of the time so they don't distill 911 and here you've got Peter who does the same and what was 911 it was a sign it was a sign they're asking for a sign but they can't see the sign that's in front of them because they've been eating the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees rejected the key and once offer the key but the key is 1989 so the Levin has been being consumed by the Pharisees up to 911 this is why they can't see the Sun keys in the plural and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven ok no the keys are the voice of all the prophets we were identify the key is a long drawn-out war and now we're saying no no no no when I'm with the key that brought islam into history was the long drawn out or that typifies 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union in a 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union The Book of Daniel was unsealed and there was an ink piece of knowledge and the increase of knowledge is the key 1989 is the key that brings Islam in history as was the Battle of Nineveh the key that Muhammad SAW muhammad saw in advance that key to the scriptures where the key is a long time our well he's in the history of the in the history of Revelation 9 that key is in time but one sixth is the longer on us water it allows Muhammad to see that he has an opportunity to come to power which he takes that opportunity and does the key is the knowledge keys the key is the knowledge one thing at a time one thing is knowledge about this long drawn-out water is almost coming that's me okay I haven't thought this through but I'm going to say it anyway the key is the increase of knowledge the key is the word of God and the Word of God defines itself as 24 Zechariah it was the law and the prophets for the Miller writes it was the old and new Testament for us it's the Bible in the spirit of prophecy okay so he's going to give these people the disciples of 911 the keys okay but the key is the increase of knowledge at the night at the time of the end and Muhammad represents someone that understood that knowledge not the two parts but he understood he understood the time at the end he made a prediction you're going this at the Battle of Nineveh you need to submit to me because I'm going to rise into power here he could see it coming let's pardon me farrell for told him joseph oh yes Pharaoh neco understood the key he may not have understood it but he was used as the spokesman to present it to Josiah and Josiah rejected the key of knowledge I intended to get there we understood the key that unlocks the Scriptures or he understood how to unlock the scriptures I don't know anything what is the key knowledge go go read Luke 1152 for us we've already read this Luke 1152 you lawyers from you've taken away knology in denying yourself we're in the key of what knowledge the key of knowledge did Muhammad have let me read this this is from your eyes myth we're about an ending thoughts on Daniel revelation page 495 a star fell from heaven and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit while the Persian monarch contemplated the wonders of his art and power he received an epistle from the obscure citizen of Mecca inviting him to acknowledge Muhammad as the apostle of God he rejected the invitation and toward the epistle it is thus exclaimed the Arabian profit that God will tear the kingdom and reject the supplication of chose Rose placed on the verge of these two empires of the East Muhammad observed with secret joy the progress of mutual destruction and in the midst of the Persian triumph he ventured to foretell that before many years should elapse victory would again return to the banners of the Romans at the time when this prediction is said to have been delivered no prophecy could be more distant from its accomplishment since the first 12 years of here at cleos announced the approaching dissolution of the Empire so the key is not the war it's the knowledge of the war yeah it's the knowledge the sergeant's now saying it's the war it's not an analogy that's completed that's super it's not the Battle of Nineveh is the key that allows the smoke to come out of the bottomless pit to understand that is is to have the knowledge to have the keys there are there still are like two different keys and what are those ones a political and ones and well the political interaction between these kingdoms and the others the prophetic understanding external the church events the political understanding of these kingdoms is not what Slade on like um shoulder no that's not yeah I'm the other is acute not give me knowledge okay we were still in Matthew you got the elders these priests and scribes and be killed and be raised again the third day ok so in Matthew 16 you have the Pharisees and the Sadducees asking for a sign and the disciples are warned about the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees Jesus gives them a reminder about what the true bread is and then it jumps into Jesus asking them who men say that he is here it is right after Peter gives the right answer and what happens to peter is told in flushing but another what happens to Peter it changes his name and we can place that at 911 on a lot of witnesses right yeah the right after its ate his face dreams I'm sure that he's not ready to take on that yeah 911 those people that acknowledge 911 there's two classes in there okay Peters representing both classes right then and there he's representing someone that understands who crisis and someone who doesn't understand who Christ is well verse 22 he's partaking of the leaven of the Pharisees right and what he's been warned not to do he's now doing so in verse 18 what's Christ going to build this church upon on his own right and I will and I say also unto thee that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it sister I says Peter was not the rock on which the church's family so what's the rock Christ she says the rock is himself wrong body for us Romeo Cruz okay what is that rock okay you're closer it's the foundation stone right here at nine eleven the foundation okay what was the foundation for the middle right history Daniel Lee it's that chart isn't it all right okay what produces this chart the rules the method of studies so what was the key to produce this foundation College miss Miller's rules of those rules is the key is the key and what was that how did Miller get that key the your day principles now that is but how do you get it Gabriel gave it to him but what did he give him who does he represent who's another represent someone that understands the the increase of knowledge it's all tied together right Miller under he's the symbol of those that understand the increase of knowledge in his history he uses the increase of knowledge to build the foundation but the Foundation's built before 911 yeah but that's the point one of the points that I saw I was trying to make installation and the those that squeeze the grapes into the cup of his hand it that's a proof that workers get 1989 to 911 is the correct way to study the Bible and you are making a point in one of the things that sister white marks the most of the way Marcus remarks the most is the the formalization of the message message so what's happening is that this great sis been squeezing the feels is a confirmation what is between 11 in regards to the key the rules that were built upon there is line upon line and now does anyone have the quote or sister right references five of William Miller's rules and says we would all do well we'll just tighten it move it although so what did you find it you know that quote yes we did okay some of you do father miller type in father miller because there's something that that we recognize in europe i don't know if you guys heard about it yeah and it you got to put it in the record you ready read it to us dos or engage message are searching the scriptures on the same plant at father miller adopted in the what ok when the angel comes down out of heaven on august eleventh 1840 he has William Miller's rules in his hands because that's what's going to build the foundation at that point that's the little lower composition prophecy you want to pray brother Michael that's the key above yeah don't that's the little book that's not where you were going today no definitely father thank you for these classes today and thank you for strengthen us and guiding us as you promised please forgive us our sins and watch all the stress to this day it would my glorified your name Jesus