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you prob in heaven where I just want to think about the TV to approach it very annoyed that you forget it's an authority hayward that as we listen to these things that your Holy Spirit would impress upon our hearts and our minds I apply these meaning to our lives daily so that we would be a reflection of you to the world I just try or that it's on intellectual understanding that a deeper conviction that we would see how soon your coming and surrender all board to take hold of these streets show the world that when I determines what i was going to do for their worship this week before we take off on thursday i knew i had three nights and I blocked out three things that I thought would go together and I did the last thing first last night and I'm going to do the second came right on time but I'm kind of doing everything backwards from what I originally thought the best logic would be two approaches so if you want to end those backwards take one and heading backwards same here i emailed this to you Tyler thank you tomorrow evening I want to go through and show in a prophetic way why the Book of Daniel represents the first angels message The Book of Ezekiel represents a second angels message in the Book of Jeremiah represents the 13 business a fairly new tomorrow is prayer meeting we really have to raise tonight huh okay well anyway that that's neither here nor there at this point then that's probably what I will do for first time I get back but when i get to the point where i'm demonstrating that the Book of Daniel represents the first angels message will go through its it's a matter of public record it's not it's not a prophetic truth that many others have picked up and taught but you can go through and show that Daniel chapter one has the characteristics of the first angels message in it Daniel chapter 2 is the the second test the image chest Daniel chapter 3 on many witnesses in the spirit of prophecy represents the third test to Sunday law so in Daniel chapter 1 2 & 3 about the first second 13 message of prophetic level and then a Daniel chapter four you have William Miller's dream being second dream being typifies by Nebuchadnezzar second dream in both cases whether it's Nebuchadnezzar or Miller it's the 2520 then in chapter 5 you got the fall of Babylon which you can plug into the Miller right history and a lot of ways and the place where I had never had a problem with it but the place that didn't seem there seemed to be something missing in my mind that was there was Daniel chapter 6 Daniel the lion's den it was easy enough to identify that as the Sunday law crisis at the end because Dan was thrown into the pit with the Lions and there's a seal placed upon it but as as the emphasis is the directions been changed a little bit to start recognizing that there might be a great deal more light associated with marking Daniel chapter 9 as the time of the end I've come to see that to Daniel chapter 6 is probably as we've bought the Sunday law crisis but it's it's something more than that i'm going to suggest that it is actually the actually Daniel being thrown in the lat lines and is the sealing up of the Book of Daniel and when that line did open up that is the unsealing of the Book of Daniel and that it is this truth that motive that enlightened Cyrus to his role and therefore Daniel chapter 6 is the unsealing of the Book of Daniel and the increase of knowledge and that's what we're going to at least look at tonight in connection with what what I presented last night and what for the perimeter was following up on today so this is this is of course available for everyone this is prophets and kings 550 15 seven will take one paragraph yeah it's on the net to where I meet will be Tyler has it but we have I'm sure we have enough for you are going to are innately admin terrible so I will just read one paragraph at a time and probably I might use interrupting along the way but maybe not so much I'll start I in Bob even bawlmer interrupt myself before I even start you may not or may be aware that a long time ago we did a presentation on what was it called it was about the Sabbath it was about the parallel history of ancient Israel and the the Year Day principle being illustrating a rebellion in in both the beginning and the end of ancient Israel there was pardon me the Year Day principal okay in that presentation one of the lines of thought that we put in place is that a Sabbath is a sign okay but we also put in place it the 2520 is a type of a Sabbath and therefore it is a sign and so there is prophetic evidence that the 2520 is a sign at one level ok so you it's we're seeing that if if what I'm going to contend here that the destruction of or the death of Belshazzar and the destruction of Babylon is actually an illustration of the time of the end it's nice to note these first paragraph what such a white says about the approaching army of Cyrus as he coming to slay belle schadler ok the advent of the army of Cyrus before the walls of Babylon was to the Jews a sign that their deliverance from captivity was drawing nigh more than a century before the birth of Cyrus inspiration had mentioned him by name and had caused the record be made of the actual work he should do in taking the city of Babylon unawares and in preparing the way for the release of the children of the captivity through Isaiah the word had been spoken Michael thus saith the Lord the two is anointed to cyrus whose right hand I have Holton disabuse before him to open before him to to leave gates and the gates shall not be shut I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight I will break into pieces the games of grass and cut in sunder the bars of iron and I will give the the treasures of darkness and hidden riches for secret places the thalamus know that I the LORD which called me by name by thy name and the God of Israel the unexpected entry for the only of the Persian Conqueror to the heart of the bubble a new capital by wild the channel of the river whose waters in each other side through the inner gates that he carries security he'd be left open and on protecting the Jews had abundant evidence of the literal fulfillment provides a prophecy concerned the Sun rose above their oppressors and this should head back to them an unmistakable sign that God would strengthen here designations in their behalf we separately linked with a proxy outline manual I loves capture a full as it was so at the fall of Babylon it's two witnesses here that it's a sign and she's even inferring that some people see it and some people don't when she says it should have been to them an unmistakable sign and if this is typifying the time of the end at the time then 1798 one of the 25 20s is concluding and 25 20s as a Sabbath are assigned so that was the minor point that I was making here blue heron artists he is my ship and shall perform all my pleasure even singing to Jerusalem thou shalt be built into the temple die foundation so she'll be there I had racing us in righteousness and I will direct all this way he shall build my city and he shall let go by Catholics not for price no reward says the Lord of hosts lower these are holding prophecies upon which the exiles have opportunity to base their hopeful speedy deliverance the writings of Jeremiah is in their reach and in these were plainly set for the length of time that should elapse before the restoration of Israel from Babylon in 70 years on accomplished the Lord had foretold through his messenger I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation save the Lord for their iniquity and the land of the Chaldeans are more making perpetual desolations during when I 25 favor will be shown the ground unit in answer to bourbon prayer I will be found of you safe the Lord and I will turn away your captivity and I will gather you from all the nations from all the places which I have driven you safe the Lord and I will bring you again into the place whence I cause you to be carried away captive often Daniel and his hands on over these and similar prophecies outlining God's purpose for his people and now as a rapid course of events the token the mighty hand of God at work nominations Dannel gave special thought to the promises made to Israel his faith in the prophetic word let him to enter into experiences foretold by the sacred writers a lot can be said about that yeah I'm arguing that you know at first application is typifying millerite history increase of knowledge the point I'm getting to when we get to Daniel six and the prophetic faith there is the faith that's talked about in tobacco to the just shall live by faith and the other class doesn't but if you recall tiffany's prayer to open this use saying that we need to bring these truths into our experience and here Daniel is he not just having an intellectual understanding of these prophecies he's entering into the experience represented by the prophetic word as we're supposed to do after 70 years be accomplished at Babylon the Lord had declared I will visit you and perform my good word toward you and causing you to return I know the thoughts that I think toward you say the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end then shall you call upon me and ye shall go and play unto me and I will hearken unto you and ye shall seek me and find these when ye shall search them with all your car Nick there's a dilemma that we're struggling with perhaps the Lion of the tribe of Judah is going to sort this out for us but we mentioned it last night do we end this the 70 years in 538 with fall of Babylon or do we ended in 536 with the booty call coronation of Cyrus if that's the right way to say it when when he takes the throne and so you got some passages in the scriptures and the spirit of prophecy that if you want to approach them you know in a antagonistic way you could do so for instance it said what she was just reading it says at the after seven years be accomplished at Babylon he's going to cause them to return they don't return at the coronation of Cyrus so it's that's after you had the emphasis there's after I guess of the way you look at it but there's some of these contradictions it would be nice if they were resolved and I'm acknowledging them I'm i'm standing on Jeremiah 25 12 and saying well you can at least see the time the end is the destruction of Babylon but I'm not going to argue that the seven years technically as we understand it into a couple years later I don't know how to resolve that at this point but we're not we're not avoiding where knowledge ended shortly before shortly before the fall of Babylon moved out from daniel was meditating on these prophecies and seeking God for an understanding of the time the series of visions was given hamish concerning the rise and fall of kingdoms when the first vision was reported in the seventh chapter of the book of daniel and interpretation was given yet not all was made clear to the Prophet Michael Vick tations much trouble make me wrote of his experience at the time and my countenance changed in me but I kept the matter in my heart through another vision further light was thrown upon the events of the future and it was at the close of this vision that Daniel heard one Saint speaking and another Saint said unto that certain st. which speak how long shall be the vision daniel 8 13 the answer that was given unto 2300 days then shall decide should be cleansed verse 14 filled him with perplexity earnestly he sought for the meaning of the vision he could not understand the relation biscayne by the 70 years captivity as for tone through Jeremiah to the 2300 years that in vision he heard the angel visited declare should elapse before the cleansing of God's sanctuary never let me know Europe you for a second the reason I have that bold face maybe maybe I'm maybe this isn't it's provocative as I think it is but if Daniel 6 and the light that we're getting from this passage to plug into Daniel sick is sick is supporting the idea that at the fall of Babylon the time of the end has arrived and therefore its mark in 1798 history it's easy enough to see that William Miller was grappling with these same things to 2,300 years and the seven years but the beginning of Adventism in the middle right history is illustrating the end of Adventism in our history and if you remember what brother parminder was teaching yesterday he showed that the seven years typifies the 1260 years and it typifies the 2520 they're interchangeable symbols ok so in Adventism today the same struggle is expressed here he Daniel's trying to understand the relation of the seven years with the 2300 days but if the 70 years can also be understood as the 2520 the people that are losing their way and Adventism are losing it because they do not understand the relationship of the 2520 and the 2300 this is the same dilemma that Daniel is typifying for us that he's trying to solve and he's representing the students of prophecy that are trying to enter in the experience of prophetic faith okay he's seeking to get it right the angel Gabriel gave him a partial interpretation did when the Prophet heard the words the vision shall be for many days he fainted away I Daniel fainted he records of his experience and was sick certain days afterward I rose up and did the King's business and I was astonished at the vision but none understood it city gunman still burden in behalf of Israel Daniel studied anutha prophecies of Jeremiah they were very plain so plain that he understood by these testimonies recorded in books the number of years were out the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the Prophet that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem's Daniel materials does anyone anyone see any you probably see lots and you probably cannot guess what i'm asking here but I'm going to ask it anyway does anyone see in that paragraph something that is a very special thought about Jeremiah I'll tell you what it is it's to their very plain they're very clean what's very clean for advents sister wife sister white and what does sister white called the writings of jeremiah the testimonies to the church okay so here you're seeing illustrated that he's taken these prophecies and he's typifying those that are using the spirit of prophecy which is very plain to bring them to life and the only biblical writings that sister white identifies with the words that testimonies to the church is jeremiah sister Janina with faith wounded under sure word of prophecy daniel pleaded with the Lord for the speedy fulfillment of these promises he pleaded for the honor of God to be preserved in his petition he had identified himself fully with those who had fallen short of the divine purpose confessing their sins as his own I set my face unto the Lord God the Prophet declared to seek by prayer and supplications with fasting and set cloth and ashes and I prayed unto the Lord my God and made my confession firstly for saw Daniel had long been in the service of God and had in Alden of by heavens as greatly in love yet he now appeared before God as a sinner bargain for judging the great need of the people he loved his barrier was eloquent in its simplicity and intensely earnest here he bleeding although the gray and red Falls are keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him and to them that keep his Commandments we have sinned and have committed iniquity and have done wickedly and have rebelled even by departing from my press precept and from thy judgments neither have we hearkened unto thy servants the prophets which they spake in thy name to our Kings our princess and our fathers and to all the people of the land poor Lord righteousness belongeth unto d but unto us confusion of phases as at this day to the man of Judah into the inhabitants of Jerusalem and unto all Israel that are near and that far off through all the countries whither thou has driven them because of dead whispers that they have trespassed against thee to the Lord our God belong Messi's and forgiveness though we have rebelled against him o Lord according to all thy righteousness I beseech thee led by langer and I fury be turned away from thy city Jerusalem thy holy mountain because boss sins and for the iniquities of our fathers Jerusalem and I people have become a repro to open our pocket now therefore o our God hears the prayer of thy servant and his supplications and close that I face to shine upon that sanctuary that is desolate for the Lord's sake oh my god in climb down here and here overnight eyes and behold our desolation and the city which is called by thy name for we do not present our supplications before thee for our righteousness but for thy great mercies O Lord here o Lord forgive Oh Lord harken and do the fern on for thine own sake oh my god for the city and thy people are called by thy name heaven was bending low to hear the earnest supplication of the Prophet even before he had finished his plea for pardon and restoration the mighty Gabriel again appeared to him and called his attention to the vision he had seen prior to the fall of Babylon and the death of bowel shazar and then the angel outlined before him in detail the period of the 70 weeks which was to begin at the time of the going forth of the commandment to restore and to read and to build Jerusalem Daniel's prayer had been offered in the first year of Dharma rice the median monarch whose generous iris had wrested from Babylonia to septa of universal rule the rain of death mariah's was honored of God to him was sent the angel Gabriel to confer and to strengthen him upon his death within about two years of the fall of Babylon Cyrus succeeded to the throne at the beginning of his reign marked the completion of the 70 years since the first company of Hebrews had been by Nebuchadnezzar from the GGN hope to god there's a discrepancy that we're talking about and I'm not you you have all all my permission to stand upon that statement but the fall of Babylon is typifying the deadly one of the papacy in 1798 to focus we may find I don't know this but we may find that this history here is one of these illustrations that we call time dilation where it's a period and a point and in this history between de Reyes and Cyrus there is a history but a point there's already logic that we've employed whether we understand you're not but the 17 years is one of our illustrations were we where we show binding off because there's 70 years and at the end there's a little bit of time of two years 538 25 36 and that's the vine not be already associated switch fighting off which is where we apply the point in the period argument yeah we went through and showed that the seven years is a wilderness and at the end of every wilderness there is a period of time mark so this would be a little bit different maybe not I agree with your point but this is a dilemma that we're in working through this now the next paragraph is the paragraph I want to get to in the reading for my point so the lib did the deliverance of Daniel from the den of lions there's no one out there with you Gabriel right this okay the deliverance of Daniel from the den of lions had been used of God to create a favorable impression upon the mind of cyrus the great this is my point last night in the fall of Babylon Darius takes the throne order ious and thereafter Darius is going to throw Daniel in the lion's den his mighty deliverance is going to be the light that awakens Cyrus to his responsibilities and I'm saying that that would fit in to the increase of knowledge okay that takes place at the time of the end when the prophet Daniel is unsealed from the Lions Den because the prophet Daniel I one level is representing a book of Daniel that's sealed up could represent Judah or Christ I'm just saying it because he was thrown in the lines of dense knives representing the Babylonians the bad boys that were no longer allowed to force together to continue to keep the Jewish people and captivating as it came to an end of that time period and I missed second witness to that yep the deliverance of the day of Daniel from the den of lions have been used of God to create a favorable impression upon the mind of Cyrus the Great the sterling qualities of the man of God as a statesman of far singing ability led the Persian ruler to show him marked respect and to honor his judgment and now just at the time God had said he would cause his temple at Jerusalem to be rebuilt he moved upon Cyrus as his agent to what discerned the prophecies concerning himself with which Daniel was so familiar and to grant the Jewish people their liberty so the deliverance from Daniel is what the Holy Spirit uses to awaken Cyrus that leads him to understand the role that he's playing but leads him at the prophetic level to continue on with this increase of knowledge that goes throughout a reform line history and test history the micro laughter as the Kings are the words for telling more than a hundred years before his birth the manner in which Babylon should be taken as he read the message addressed to him by the ruler of the universe i girded thee though thou hast not known me that they may know from the rising of the Sun and from the West that there is none beside me as he saw before his eyes the decoration declaration of the eternal God for my Jake for Jacob my servants servants sake and Israel hina life I have even called me by that name I have surname the Builder has not known me and as he traced the inspired record I have raised up in righteousness and will direct all his ways he shall build my city and he shall let my captives let go my captions not for price no reward his heart was profoundly moved and he determined to fulfill his divinely appointed mission he would let the Judean captives go free he would let them restore the temple help help okay so we haven't had a good we don't have a problem typically in this group of seeing Cyrus's the time of the end ok could you got you have witnesses here that this is the end in seven years which is to find the end of the 1260 so Cyrus has taken the throne here time to the end we don't have a as we said last night saira simples have more than one meaning and Cyrus can have more than one he can symbolize more than one way mark because we know that if this is the time to end by the time you get down here where the first message is in power then the angel comes down that Cyrus is typifying that too because in Daniel Kim when angel Gabriel struggling with him and then Michael comes to prevail that's an illustration of the empowerment of the first message represented by Cyrus yes so different subject and then we'll get back to this I'm sure everyone knows it the fall of Babylon is progressive yes okay so from August eleventh 1840 with the empowerment of the Miller right message when the Year Day principle is confirmed the Protestants are begin to be tested first and on April nineteenth when they turn away from the first angels message and the testing process moves into the Miller rights but on April nineteenth 1844 when the tearing time comes the first disappointment the second angel arrives which is the fault announcing the fall of Babylon okay who's who's experiencing the fall of Babylon in that particular history who's it when they're saying Babylon is fallen who's being marked as becoming part of Babylon first yeah they're becoming the daughters of Babylon according to the Miller rights right so when although they have rejected the first 19 1844 when does their the final conclusion of their fall where is it marked in that reform line on october 22nd 1844 right i mean that's it it's progressive and from from the tearing time until the door closes the miller rights are calling people out of those fallen churches and some of them are coming up coming out all the way until the door closes in october 22nd 1844 right and that's when sister white sees those people what praying the state praying the state so them so in the illustration of the fall of Babylon and that history she tells us plainly it's progressive it reaches its conclusion in that history on october 22nd 1844 everyone with me on that and in that sense when Bill schetzzer dies that is the conclusion of Babylon right there so that's the climax of the fall of Babylon in the story Belshazzar in chapter 5 right so how is it what happens on october 22nd 1844 in terms of the doors the door to the most holy place is open schools once closed ones open ok kid could any human being open those doors no so there is another level where Cyrus he's coming in on the very night that the fall of Babylon takes place to slay Belshazzar and how's he get there he goes through those doors that no man can open and no man can shut it so he's East also illustrating the conclusion of that reform life and this is acceptable why because symbols can have more women meanings forget that one why is it also acceptable mrs. price Cyrus represents Christ edge acceptable that's that's the second argument that's not the one I'm looking for it's this if Cyrus is being marketed timely and what's the main mark as the beginning of that reform movement so it's okay that he's illustrating the end as well right because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning yes okay so bear that in mind because that was my point earlier which I doubt that you could follow we have been teaching for some time the Daniel chapter 6 is a literal illustrating the Sunday law crisis okay where the Lion of Babylon modern Rome is going to throw God's people into a testing process that that is identified by the seal being placed upon that's that two more that pit that he's thrown into that's where Daniel is sealed therefore he's illustrating the end of a reform line where the door closes and those that are sealed receive the seal and those that aren't you are consumed by the king of the north lions yes but I'm also saying that that Daniel in Chapter six is also a symbol of the time of the so I'm making the case about Cyrus being a symbol of both the beginning and ending of a reform movement in order to give some justification for the idea that although we have taught and in gang knows chapter six that this story is an illustration of the point in time when the seal is placed and when is the seal place the Sunday law crisis but I think we can also see it as the time of the end so let's just go to Daniel chapter 6 and see if that makes sense for you and before you ask a question are you following the logic anyone not following the logic you're not following the logic then it your responsibility to ask questions okay so what what aren't you following here you get on the spot huh no it's I'm missing the point what's the purpose no I don't find any videos to reform lines are the kind of reform line or understand what I mean no I'm missing to say what's my point yeah this is serious not just to not understand what's the point of what I'm what I'm the overall thing I presume yeah I'm trying to make the case that when Belshazzar slain at the fall of Babylon and we arrived at the first year of Darius that this is the time of the end because in Daniel 9 1 and Daniel 11 1 the first year of Darius is marked and I want to provide the justification this very well may be an illustration of the time of the end and it be the time of the end for us in 1989 in order to provide the conducts to identify that the king of the United States in 1989 is George Bush the first and that there's three were kings and the fourth gives far richer okay I'm not sure I'm realizing that you know this is this borders on sensationalism when you're starting to do something like this but it's not inconsistent with what we're understanding that there going to be a prediction made from those that are involved with this message and it may very well include that through probably through the activities of Islam this final king of the Medes and Persians is going to be put in place and you can see if you could see the logic of it right now if something like San Bernardino happened even even in a bigger way here in the United States the people in the united states are going to disregard all this philosophy of the democrats and republicans and they're going to look for someone that has the guts to deal with to do with it and there's only one guy out there right now that is acting that way and he's so so we've seen in the prediction Islam would be involved but maybe this is part of the prediction okay so I'm just I'm trying to make that set up that logic it one step further was what i was saying earlier about that Daniel references that's people the line and a desk of our precision you know Babylon and in Rio Persia which is I'm Cyrus to represent the United States at a spiritual level you know we can see that the paper she was trying to produce you could get people but they received a deadly moon and the United States came into the picture provided the land where they could come and restore the sanctuary store the worship of God according to their conscience you follow my magic up to the last point yeah that's what I'm saying to I don't have a problem seeing the at one level prophetically the lines in the den or Babylon boat but what I'm saying here we're not going to go to we're over time I'm just I'm to summarize and you can check it next worship will come back to this you know this story okay disregarding the fact that how many governors were there in the story chapter 6 there were three how many priests princes is it princess anyway there's two categories of people there's a hundred and twenty in there three and of those three primary people which was Daniel first angels message you don't want to miss that it's because that's where we would go next time is to try to show why Daniel is the first angels message and the first angels message arrives win and the time the end okay so I'm trying to put all those things in place so there's in this history there is Daniel who at some levels can represent the Book of Daniel and he's thrown into a lion's den and sister tanya is at least partially inferring that this would be spiritual Babylon and spiritual Babylon leading up to the millerite history would have been the papacy of the dark ages and what did the papacy in the dark ages do with all the books of the Bible they seal them up in engine Babylonian Lions Den okay but there and what it was it came a point in time where Daniel is the then is unsealed and Daniel is taken up out of ya and I'm suggesting that that's the unsealing of the Book of Daniel and as a secondary argument for that we just read that it was this miraculous deliverance that is the light that the Holy Spirit uses to lead cyrus into a deeper study of the prophetic until he can understand his role I mean so that's that's the point i went to put in place I think it's pretty pretty easy to see that so at a deeper level of the first angels message has to be ate the whole three angels messages within the first yeah that's Daniel chapter one right just roll the fourth angels message l has all the three angels message within that if you cannot have the second one area when you say fourth angels message and it takes a little bit of time to define it what it means what the fourth angels message means to you I'm sure means different to other people the prophetic pattern ordered to mean one combination yeah anyway I'm trying to get done a son who hasn't prayed in this setting how about well but I'm sure really I brother Gabriel Heavenly Father I thank you for the study we had at the end of this day and I ask you to help us understanding these precious students and open our hearts and our minds today we might understand and receive more light on these topics help us to accept these truths and share them with our rhythm and I ask you also to be with each one of us as we reach did night rest so that we may begin tomorrow refresh and with new energy ask in Jesus name